Barchar: because the last time he tried the stuff from a demon/demon-like entity, it went so well
: 4 Days [] joined chat.
Vidar Leyline: ((back
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: -wakes up
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: -retcon. He returns from ikea with a surplus bed size
: [url=]Akane[/url]: She's at his house, eating... Something.
: Vidar Leyline [Vidar Leyline] is now Jäger Leyline [].
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: [url=]Viridi[/url]: -She's in Jager's living room.-
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Hey Akane I got a new be.......
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: what are you eating?
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "What? This is turkey.
: [url=]Viridi[/url]: -She's got a tape measure and taking measurements all over Jager's house.-
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: ....what are you doing?
: [url=]Viridi[/url]: "Taking measurements."
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: for?
: [url=]Viridi[/url]: "Home improvements,"
: [url=]Viridi[/url]: "Your house is way too... not natural."
: [url=]Viridi[/url]: "And I can fix that."
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Sorry wasnt expecting anyone larger than mettaton here
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Who's Mettaton?"
: mehp's connection timed out.
: [url=]Viridi[/url]: "Pink robot guy."
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: hes tall
: 4 Days's connection timed out.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Tall as me?"
Barchar: (Why is Akane's text purple now?)
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: shorter by 2 or 3 feet
: Fellby [] is now Akane [].
: ((Because my phone is weird
: ((too much red
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: so I guess we need to....
: smirks, "Raise the roof?"
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: [url=]Akane[/url]: "It would be better for me, I've gotta sit all the time..."
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: ....Yeah...that joke went over everyones head
: [url=]Akane[/url]: She's wearing tiger skin now.
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: okay. We can remove the 2nd floor then
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: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Hi[/color]
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Don't you have stuff up there?"
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Just bedrooms and bathrooms. but Ill bring the masters to the first floor along with the guest room
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Oh, okay."
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: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Loni and Azalea can stay in the guest room whenever thet visit. t
: (hi darling!!
: [url=]Schyroton:[/url] hi
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: finishes her turkey.
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: goes and feels her tiger pelt
: [url=]Akane[/url]: It's soft. She's actually got one covering her breasts and one hanging at her waist.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: No hakama today?
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Barchar: "So, Jager, what's been going on with the rest of our little family?"
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Didn't feel like wearing it."
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Going to putting trophies up at all around here?
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Are you okay with that?"
Vidar Leyline: Loni is mostly with Azalea these days. Doven less....blood thirsty
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Nah Im a hunter too
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Alright, cool."
Barchar: "Good."
Barchar: "I'd get all curious about how much of Doven was me being gone, but nah. Probably just a coincidence."
: 4 Days's connection timed out.
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: Question....akane would you be interested finding a means or power that could make you my size temporarily
: [url=]Akane[/url]: "Oh, that'd be interesting."
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: believe I love your large size
Vidar Leyline: hes not too keen on me though. Doesnt think Im the real Jager
: [url=]Jager Leyline[/url]: but somethihg we can use
: ((Gotta drive home now
: ((np. gonna do some work
: Jäger Leyline [] disconnected.
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: Jäger Leyline [] disconnected.
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: (imma play some town of salem)
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
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Module: [[ Mind if someone joins, Ult? ]]
: (not really)
Module: [[ DamnDudeReturns is my name on ToS, I'm bored as hell after just waking up ]]
: (I'm UltIMa647)
: (oh hey we're still friends on it)
: (would ya look at that)
: (now how do i join you)
Module: [[ I never delete friends, and I never remember who was in the one or two games I did with you guys. ]]
Module: [[ Want me to host the party? ]]
: (sure)
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: (ayy ce)
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
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Module: [[ Check ya invites ]]
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Twelve: ((hi ce
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: (now how do i check invites)
Module: [[ Notifications ]]
Module: [[ bottom right ]]
: (send it to me again then i don't have it)
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: (anyone else wanna join town of salem)
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: ((back from school
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]I'm a few eons late but I found an english word with the n sound[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]the squiggly n[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Meñu[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have been captured by the 2007 era memes))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Although meñu is a spañish word, in spañish it doesn't have the squiggly liñe, so it's prñounced different[/color]
: ((you're right, it looks better with the squiggly n
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]proñounced[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Oh hey, oñion too[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]And cañyon, I suppose[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Module: [[ This has been the greatest game to be dead D2 ]]
Module: [[ Nobody in the game knows any of the rules ]]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]ñice[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]I still have regrets from playing ToS[/color]
: (welp)
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]When I was the fuckin killer or whatever[/color]
: (rip me)
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]And I made my death ñote my kill ñote instead[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]So I killed someoñe and it basically said 'hey it's this motherfucker right here'[/color]
: (rip tri)
CryingEevee OOC: ((i didn't find town of salem fun in my time playing it))
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: (i'm haning out till the end of the round unless you want to go to another round dd)
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] disconnected.
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Twelve: Tri
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Yee[/color]
Module: [[ Are you dead too now? ]]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Twelve: Do you want to
Twelve: Do a thing
: (yee)
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]What is this thing you speak of[/color]
Module: [[ Who were you? ]]
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=]unregistered hypercam 2[/url]))
: (william phips)
: (couldn't get a good name in fast enough)
Twelve: a rp thing, tri
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((could you be more specific?))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Well it's obvious they're ñot being specific because is secret[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]So yee[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Twelve: what
CryingEevee OOC: ((24))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Just a second I don't kñow what the hell happeñed to my glasses[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i put them away))
Twelve: i wear contacts
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Ño I kñow where they are[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((vision is overrated))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]But they are dirty as fuck[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Ñot sure why[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((vision))
CryingEevee OOC: ((is))
CryingEevee OOC: ((overrated))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]I am a few inches away from the screen trying to type this[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]I enjoy having a good back[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]So I'll have to shut that down CE[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]While I clean these heckin glasses[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: (fuckin)
CryingEevee OOC: ((let the bodies hit the floor))
: (name)
: (why)
: (im phips again)
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Cool I don't have the worst posture in the world ñow because I can see the damn screen[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Ñow wait[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]When you say an RP thing do you mean ñew characters[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Or just RP[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: (([s]hey guys, let's all pick a universe and all make characters based in that universe /s[/s]))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]That's[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]That's called añything that isn't an OC[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: (dead again)
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He's lounging around in the bar.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm not understanding your logic tri))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Okay, before I explain my logic[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Elaborate uñiverse[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]What you mean by that[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Wait, I see what you mean[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((for example, undertale counts as a universe. steven universe counts as a univer4se))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Didn't focus eñough on the based in part[/color]
Module: [[ DD's curse ]]
Module: [[ Must be first to die no matter what ]]
: (#worth)
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]>#[/color]
: Twelve's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((➤#))
CryingEevee OOC: ((➠#))
Module: [[ > ➤ ]]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]>➠[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((hold on))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i found a certain latin symbol))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]yes[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((Œ))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]it's an E with a backpack[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((it looks better off of sparp))
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: Twelve [Twelve] joined chat.
Twelve: Tri
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Yee[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((yes))
Twelve: I meant new characters but it can mean "just RP" if you explain further
: 4 Days [] joined chat.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]I meant just RP as in like[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Ñothing special[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Añyway I have ño ideas[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((you know what, i need to tie up a loose end, who's in bar?))
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He's there.-
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]oh shit[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]that is exciting[/color]
Twelve: ok
Twelve: i will converse with my managers
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]wot[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Oh so[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Thanks to Rev and particularly roulette time I found my lucky music[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Or at least lucky song[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]So I got that down[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]What did your mañagers say[/color]
Shadow: *shadow, who's been asleep as per usual looks a bit more see through than usual. and by a bit i mean completely. as in like you can see the couch through him*
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He looks at Shadow.-
Marilyn: you make me remember this
Twelve: My managers said
Twelve: 'Sure just don't fuck shit up mate🔥'
Shadow: *he's still asleep, and slowly getting more see through*
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]sure what tho[/color]
Twelve: I will get to that in like an hour
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]but[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]there wasn't a yes or ño question[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]or i wasn't aware of oñe[/color]
Shadow: *more and more. he's hardly there now*
Twelve: You're just not reading correctly
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]this doesn't surprise me[/color]
: 4 Days's connection timed out.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]what do i ñot understand[/color]
Twelve: PM me
Shadow: *he's completely gone now*
CryingEevee OOC: ((welp, shadow faded back into the darkness))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]oh[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]that was[/color]
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((honestly meant to do that for a while))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]less intense than i expected[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]just pure sadñess[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]miñimalistic but effective sadñess[/color]
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "..."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He feels like he should have done something.-
: Module [Module] is now ??? [???].
: [color=#8d1010]Var[/color][color=#4b4848]ik: [/color]((i still have another loose end but not one i can do anything about yet
: ((Evil
: ((The grey looks like a link
: ((it does
: ((It would be even worse if you underlined it
: (how does i do day abiliy)
???: [[ Sun ]]
: Laharl/Entropy [] joined chat.
???: [[ Upper bar ]]
: (([color=#8d8d8d][u]Like this[/u][/color]))
: (strange nothing that lets me do that with my day ability)
: (there it is nm)
: 4 Days [] joined chat.
Twelve: she walks in
Miyu: Hasn't left the closet.
Female Asriel: She's been checking on her hourly
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He's either in the closet or getting in the closet.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Hi Twelve."
Miyu: She's been trying to keep him out of the closet.
Twelve: "Hi."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Miyuuuu..."
Twelve: "I swear I have a name other than Twelve."
Female Asriel: She puts him in there
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Pleeaasssee..."
Shoe: He texted her and asked if she wanted him to break the news
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "What is it?"
Miyu: She tries to escape
Female Asriel: Not with this gote
Shoe: [If you want me to do the honors I can]
Twelve: "..."
Miyu: [Just give me a while Shoe]
Shoe: [k but he's gonna get in there soon]
Miyu: She just curls up a little further
Twelve: "Frisk."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -This one basically just tries to hug her kind of in tears.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Hah."
Twelve: "I went to another timeline and someone called me that."
Female Asriel: She stands behind him
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Fisk and Frisk."
Twelve: "One."
Twelve: "Letter."
Miyu: She's been crying, and has basically been an antisocial wreck since she got back.
: (rip dd)
???: [[ Jailor: "Role" Me: "I'm a former Exe and Current Jester" Jailor: "I'll let you live" ]]
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Miyu I was so worried..."
???: [[ Proceeds to almost get lynched the next day ]]
Twelve: "..."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i wonder how many times versions of each undertale character has been rped here))
Twelve: "So apparently I'm one of those."
Twelve: (( too many
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Cool."
Twelve: ((to count, that is
Miyu: "...Sorry..."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i mean like, how many frisks, how many asriels, etc.))
CryingEevee OOC: ((mettaton alone is at like, 4))
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Nono it's okay you're okay..."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "I missed you and I'm glad you're back..."
Miyu: "..."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He's holding onto her.-
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "I'm sorry I couldn't help you I'm sorry,.."
: ((why am i watching the breed judging videos from the westminster dog show
: ((oh yeah i wanted to see the dauchshunds
???: [[ [s]Because you're racist when it comes to dogs[/s] ]]
Twelve: she sits down next to Fisk
: ((it's weird
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He leans since he is the shot one.-
: Short
Miyu: She's not responding, looking almost guilty.
: ((i feel the standard dauchshunds have longer legs then the mini dauchsunds
: ((proportionally, i mean
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "I love you..."
Miyu: " you too."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He whimpers and gives a short sad bleat, but it's also a slightly relieved bleat.-
Twelve: she chuckles at this
Barchar: she's still in the bar.
???: [[ "The larger one, has longer legs than the first one" ]]
???: [[ "Personally, I can't believe it" ]]
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "What's so funny."
: ((no, it's like
: ((if you took a mini and made them the standard size
Twelve: "Heh."
: ((it'd probably still have shorter legs
: ((granted i think minis are bred to looke more petite so
???: [[ I was guessing that's what you meant after saying proportionally, just I need to have a short laugh about the original message ]]
Twelve: she is still amused at being taller than him
Miyu: "..."
: Laharl/Entropy's connection timed out.
: ((i also can't get over how fucking small some of these minis are
: (one more game dd?)
: (o you left nm)
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Whaaat?"
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He bleats again."
: ((i feel like i know too much about daucshunds
: ((this one looks like they took an irish setter and kinda squished it
Twelve: she pokes him
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh d00d ava's demon update))
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "seriously what.
: ((... is that a brindle? neat, looks like brindles are getting more breed recognition
Twelve: "You're cute."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Am I really?"
Twelve: "Yes."
: ((actually, this dog looks a lot like mine, only with longer hair
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Scale of one to ten?"
: ((welcome to chime liveblogs a dog show
Twelve: "T--ele--..."
Twelve: Ten is like, the bane of her existence
Twelve: And Eleven died in front of her eyes
Twelve: "...Thirteen."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Thirteen?"
Twelve: "..."
Twelve: "Yes."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Surprised you didn't say Twelve."
Twelve: "..."
: (brb)
Twelve: "Are you rating me now?"
: mehp [] disconnected.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "You get a twelve."
: Laharl/Entropy [] joined chat.
Twelve: "Out of ten?"
: ((
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Out of nine."
Twelve: she smiles
: Ofna [Jay] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
Twelve: brb
Jay: // ohi
Twelve: "Hold on."
Twelve: she gets up and leaves
: Twelve [Twelve] disconnected.
Miyu: "..."
Shoe: [I'm ready whenever you are]
Miyu: [No]
Shoe: [Ok cool cuz I ship it]
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He nuzzles into her.-
Miyu: She doesn't stop him staring down at the closet floor.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "...What happened in there, Miyu?@
Miyu: She doesn't answer.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He whines a bit./
Miyu: You're frankly way better off trying to get the story from someone else.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "How do I make you not sad..."
Female Asriel: "Her friends tried to kill her."
Female Asriel: "And she doesn't trust me anymore."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He whines again,-
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "...You trust me right?"
Miyu: "...Yeah?"
: Ofna's connection timed out.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Oh... thank goodness..."
Female Asriel: She sighs
CryingEevee OOC: ((0/10 too many eyes))
: ((this is going down in history
: ((if you wanna be a batter number one
: ((you'll get chased by a guardian who weighs a ton
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He slightly sways in his hug.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((what))
Miyu: She starts to stand up, going to push the closet door open, bringing Asriel up with her.
: ((I have bad experiences with Enoch
: ((Fuck enoch
: ((fat fuck ronald mcdonald
: Enoch is a shit boss
: Fuckin damage sponge
: ((enoch is also a shit waifu
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
: ((I didn't really have a problem with any of the OFF fightas
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
: ((I offed Sugar by just poisoning her
: ((HOME on the other hand
: ((Sugar was wiping the floor with me
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He follows.-
: Twelve [Twelve] joined chat.
Miyu: She looks for Fanta
Twelve: she walks back into the bar
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Welcome back Twelve."
Twelve: "..."
Twelve: she sits on the couch, silent
: ((oh shit i just thought of another lyric
: ((if you wanna be a batter number one
: ((you'll have to murder your wife and son
: You got the new moves!
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Something wrong?"
Female Asriel: She's behind the two
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He bleats again.-
Miyu: She walks up to her, keeping her head down. "...Can you...uh...tell Jay i'm okay?"
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -It's less and less sad each time.-
Twelve: "Well."
Twelve: "I, uh."
Twelve: she seems hesitant to continue her sentence
Female Asriel: "Sure thing."
Miyu: She nods, rocking back and forth on her heels.
Female Asriel: "Asriel is so cute right now."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "...Wha?"
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "..."
Female Asriel: She pets the boy, giving Miyu a look of 'not now please'
Female Asriel: "Your bleats."
Miyu: She shrugs. She probably won't actually say it.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -Say what./
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "It's because I'm nervous!"
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He blushes.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((not my shed not my problem that's what i say))
Female Asriel: She chuckles, and walks off to Jay's house
Twelve: "Nevermind."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Whaaaat?"
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "...The bleating probably sounds stupid."
: ???'s connection timed out.
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: ???'s connection timed out.
: Laharl/Entropy's connection timed out.
: Akane [] joined chat.
: Akane's connection timed out.
: ??? [???] joined chat.
Shoe: He poofs behind fellby
Twelve: "..."
Miyu: "...It's fine."
Twelve: "Nothing."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He jumps a little.-
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Come on, what is it?"
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "...Really
: ?"*
: Miyu She nods staring at the floor.
Twelve: "...I got kicked out of school."
: Akane [] is now Fellby [].
: ((hm
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He smiles a bit. Then kinda crónicas down so he can look at her face.-
: crouches*
: ((lots of black and tan dachshunds in the smooth category
Miyu: She is now staring at Asriel.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Wow[/color]
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He gives her a peck on the nose.-
: ((i don't think i see a single dapple either
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Oh, I didn't see what asriel said[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]So I thought crouches autocorrected to spañish[/color]
Azzy: ((Spanish is bad))
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]rood[/color]
Miyu: She doesn't sneeze. Just raising an eyebrow.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Are you happier?"
Azzy: ((Too many tildes))
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He kisses her nose again.-
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Now?"
: Laharl/Entropy's connection timed out.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]it's a romantic language so of course[/color]
: ((i feel like the smoothhair dachshunds are livelier then the longhaired ones
: Muéstrame tu polla
Twelve: "And it wasn't even my fault."
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]sadly i kñow oñe of those words[/color]
: ((Raise your hand if you know what that means
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]can i raise my hand a third[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] joined chat.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He raises an eyebrow.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Really now?"
: ((What of it do you know
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]tu is you[/color]
: ((okay, hm, i think i see what some people mean by that a lot of purebread dauchsies have weird things going on with their back legs
: ((Well that's right!
Twelve: "Yes."
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]yey[/color]
: ((Muéstrame means "Show me"
: ((So it is "Show me"
: (("your"
: ("Cock"
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]ok then[/color]
: ((oh my
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]are you sure that's show ME, though?[/color]
Twelve: ((chupar el peñe
Evelyn: ((Bread if you encountered the Mexican Cartel you would be fucking dead
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]it's conjugated in usted[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]unless i'm a fucko[/color]
Twelve: ((i'm sure there's more accents but i'm too lazy to put them
: (( this dog's legs should not be doing that
: ((And this is why we don't spell pollo with an a
???: [[ Objection ]]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]pollo is eggs yes[/color]
: (("Torpical cock"
: ((No it's chicken
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]ah shit[/color]
: Tropical*
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]i don't kñow my foods well[/color]
Twelve: ((you nerd
???: [[ Actually no, that's correct ]]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]i'll have you kñow if i was a ñerd i would've gotten that right ñot wrong[/color]
Twelve: "It was another person's fault."
???: [[ Spanish III has told me bread is indeed not wrong ]]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]ah, huh[/color]
: ((I know
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]is it an irregular verb[/color]
: (("Muéstrame" uses -me
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]oh i see[/color]
: ((Or whatever the person who is getting a cock shown to them's thing
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]ohhh yeah[/color]
???: [[ I was thinking Muéstrame would have to be incorrect, because it's reflexive, and you're asking them to show you their cock ]]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]i thought it was usted because i haven't learñed that word yet so[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]because -e is usted[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]but i understand that ñow[/color]
???: [[ Me/Te/Se/Nos/Os in front of/attached to a verb like that usually means it's reflexive ]]
Evelyn: [color=#ffffff]Why are we talking about Spanish[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]why ñot [s]you uncultured swiñe[/s][/color]
: 4 Days [] disconnected.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "..."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Huh."
Twelve: "..."
Twelve: she leans onto him
Twelve: trying not to crush him
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -SHE'S NOT THAT MUCH BIGGER THAN HIM GODDAMNIT.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He smiles.-
Barchar: (did you know that you can make line breaks in parp?)
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] [br][br][br][br]Yes.
Barchar: (I just learned this yesterday and I'm glad it exists because the lack of it bugged the hell out of me)
Twelve: actually i didn't
Barchar: (but the letts br in brackets)
Twelve: plan for her to be five feet tall
Barchar: (like [br] this)
: 4 Days [] joined chat.
Barchar: (You can use multiple ones for [br] [br] actual parahraph breaks)
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "So."
Twelve: she was originally going to be 4'6
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -H lies in her lap.-
Twelve: i am silently trying to decide if she should really be that height
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]also for some reason if you do (br)(/br) it[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]does ñothing[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]dunño why they even made that happen the but[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]then[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]but oh well[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]like this[/color]
Twelve: (( it's because you don't need those closing tabs in html line breaks
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]alright then[/color]
: Some
: ((BODY
Twelve: "..."
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Gtg[/color]
: Kass: [color=#f0d648]Gn <3[/color]
: Kass [] disconnected.
: ((gn tri
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He enters through the Anydoor, and prompt;y plops himself down on the couch,feeling drowsy like every growing boy should.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He's just kind of. Lounging around.-
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] joined chat.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He lazily waves to Fellbz.
: waves back.
Shoe: He's right behind fellby's head
Barchar: "Hi Wally."
Barchar: "And Shoe."
Evelyn: [color=#ffffff][br]ah i see[/color]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He lazily waves to BarChar, not having talked to her in a while.
Evelyn: [color=#ffffff]I finally know [br] how to do this shit[/color]
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] To be fair, he hasn't either.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Shoe: "Fellby turn around so I can shove glass in your face."
: Laharl/Entropy [] joined chat.
Barchar: she's been gone for weeks so hey
: looks behind him. "Huh?"
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] disconnected.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: ... He doesn't really know what else to do. This is usually the maximum he does with people he's talked to but doesn't totally know yet becausemhe has no idea what social skills are.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] joined chat.
: Should I watch watamote
: I heard it's good
Shoe: He shoves a glass shard into fellby's face, it just vanishes on contact as he learns Recharge
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... Oh."
: Heart swap*
: We gave fellby heart swap
: [url=]Wally[/url]: I watched a bit of Watamote, from what I've heard it's pretty good.
Shoe: "New move."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: The main character is pretty much a female Wally but more perverted and a bit of a tsundere
: There is not a single part of that sentence
: That I don't like
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Yeah, I can tell."
Barchar: "What."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Ardis shit."
Shoe: "It's not shit."
Shoe: "Shut your whore mouth."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "I know, I know, it's just..."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Emotionally taxing."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -A cigarette rests between his fingers, slowly smoldering.-
Shoe: "How exactly?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... You saw what happened yesterday."
Shoe: "I saw a lot of people not getting killed."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Yeah. But I walked away, Shoe."
Evelyn: (("I saw a lot of people getting emotionally scarred but at least they're not dead am I right"
Evelyn: ((I thrive in the sound of silence
Evelyn: ((Actually no I don't
Evelyn: ((I thrive in a pool of grape kool-aid
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He doesn't know if he should feel good about being a complete coward and not going to rev or feel bad about being a complete coward and not going to rev.
Evelyn: ((Wally should feel good, he's not going to get scarred for life
Shoe: "I don't understand these 'feeling' things."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Obviously."
Barchar: "Yeah, you're in that category of gods and god-like beings."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He just shrugs. He's low-key eavesdropping because he has nothing better to do.
Shoe: "All I can deduce is yall are pussies."
Evelyn: ((Fellby: Look what you've done to me, Shoe! I used to be whore, but now I'm fucking demons and am emotionally scarred for life! I'm even tempted to make dad jokes now! [Br]Shoe: I didn't cause the fucking demons part, that's just you [br]Fellby: I couldn't help it, they were just so damn hot
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He would softly mumble "I mean, so are you..." but he doesn't want to get hurt somehow.
Barchar: "Not making the cat pun."
: takes a long drag from his cigarette. "I could make a pot calling the kettle black joke here, but I'm not gonna."
Barchar: "You're setting me up and I'm not taking it."
Shoe: "I figure if I say it enough people will stop making it."
Shoe: "That joke evolved before the wheel."
Shoe: "And has never gotten any funnier."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... Now i'm just wondering how old the word "pussy" actually is."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He quietly mumbles to himself [sub]"And yet, the Garfield movies were still made..."[/sub]
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Miyu: "..."
Shoe: "Well, if you look back to sanskrit, you'll find that slang terms for vagina were a thing long before the advent of Jesus Christ."
Female Asriel: She's back home
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He's still trying to cheer Miyu up.-
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Yes, but was pussy one of them?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "We are specifically talking about pussy here."
Twelve: "..."
Miyu: She's just sitting silently on the couch.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -With comfort.-
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -Although, he's more comforting hims of at this point.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "You know what I don't get,"
Twelve: "Huh?"
Shoe: "Pussy is an english word, so around the 1200 times."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Miyu, so you want anything?"
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] disconnected.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "I don't get how it's possible that I met you while you were twelve."
Miyu: "I'm fine."
Twelve: "...What do you mean?"
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Well you're only Twelve for one year, right?"
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "And the first alternate timeline i stumble into has a twelve year old who is named twelve."
Twelve: "..."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Are you sure?"
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "I mean I guess that can go for..."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Literally anything,"
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "But still."
Twelve: "...So."
Twelve: "Apparently Eight was the eight experiment."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "...What?"
Twelve: eighth*
Twelve: ffff
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Huh. Okay, so the wheel came before that."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "...And you're the twelfth?"
Twelve: "Yes."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He nods.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -And holds her hand.-
Twelve: she smiles
Miyu: She nods.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He sits in her lap.-
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [Evelyn] disconnected.
Miyu: "..."
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Easy access hugs."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He leans on her.-
Miyu: She nods.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Aaand."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He pulls out one of those little bags of tissues from a pocket a
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "In case you don't wanna use my shoulder for whatever reason."
Miyu: She nods again.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He leans back into her, and hums, placing the tissues to the sidexa
: Side m.*
: Since
Twelve: she is now 4 feet and six inches tall
Twelve: i have finalized my decision
Miyu: Asriel is probably taller than her, so.
Miyu: She's just sort of being used as a pillow.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "..."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "No wait..."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He gets up, and picks Miyu up.-
Miyu: She squeaks a little.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: small onion girl
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -Poke.-
Twelve: she pokes back
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He sits down and places her on top of him.-
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "I will be your pillow."
: ((I hate how a lot of puzzle games depend on resolution
: ((Fuck man
: ((I also hate games without much resolution options
: ((I'm playing the witness
: ((I really hope that I get this months Epic Drop from Loot Gaming
: [url=]Wally[/url]: yeah i hate how they're unpplayable at 640x480
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He slowly pushes her away slightly. It was a tactical push. He can use both his arms to poke now.-
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: -He arpas his arms around her.-
: Wraps*
Miyu: She closes her eyes, dozing off.
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "I can change forms two if you ever want that. Between this one and... kinda edgy big one."
: [url=]Asriel[/url]: "Oh goodnight."
Twelve: Oh fuck
Twelve: She has no clue what Fisk is trying to do.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He pokes rapidly with both hands.-
Azzy: ((I'm smol now))
: ((it's true
: ((Small Azzy
: ((Adorable small Azzy))
: ((Not that big Azzy isn't adorable
Twelve: she jumps, trying to move away
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Are Twelve and Fisk in the bar?
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He gets up, his hands still trying to poke as if she was right there. He's laughing a bit.-
Twelve: yes
Twelve: "Why."
Twelve: "How could you."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "How could I what?"
Azzy: ((lemme get pic))
: 4 Days [] disconnected.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He spectates the two, resting his head on the back of the couch.
: 4 Days [] joined chat.
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -She slowly creeps towards Twelve.-
: ((Aaa
Twelve: she
Twelve: 10/10
Twelve: "No."
: ((That's adorable
Twelve: "Back off."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -If Twelve knows anything about cats.-
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -She should know that him lightly wiggling his rear end is a sign of him getting ready to pounce.-
Azzy: ((:3))
: ((You're cute and fluffy
Twelve: she is right about to fucking run
Azzy: ((*floofs dad*))
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "...You aren't afraid right?"
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Twelve is a frisk, right?
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "I'm... in not like, actually making you afraid right? Just playing along?"
: I'm*
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He stub his cigarette out and lights up another.
Twelve: twelve is a frisk, yes
Twelve: "You're not."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Okay good."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He pounces, and if he gets Twelve, he tackles her back into the couch. It doesn't hurt, since he didn't do it hard, if he manages to get her.-
Twelve: you have successfully tackled Twelve
Twelve: she yelps
: [url=]Wally[/url]: brb
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He falls into his side next to her on the couch, and bites her ear a bit. Very, very lightly. He's obviously trying to act as much like abnormal cat as possible.-
Twelve: she just
Twelve: lets this happen, slightly overwhelmed. "I have just been tackled."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: "Mmhm."
Twelve: and she tries to slide out of it to try and rapidly poke him back
Twelve: "You're not going to get away with this."
: [url=][color=#525252]Fisk[/color][/url]: -He can still get poked, but he clings onto her.-
: Laharl/Entropy's connection timed out.
Twelve: she pokes
Twelve: and tries to slide out again
: Robin [] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Am back
Twelve: wb
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Hey chime, are you alright with rping the Matsus for now?
: ((Eh, I guess. It's been a while so i'm probably kind rusty.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Alrighty.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Feeling bored because of the fact that he doesn't really have many people to talk to in the bar, he checks his phone, and looks to see if any of the Matsus are online.
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] Hey, looks like he's taking a break.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He decides to talk to him, thinking he might as well catch up.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [hi]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [oh, hello! how are you doing?]
: ???'s connection timed out.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [good I guess, don't really have many people to talk to at the moment. how about you?]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [I've been fine, just doing some training.]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [sounds fun]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [how're your brother's doing?]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [*brothers]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [They're doing pretty well doo]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [*too]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah, that's nice to hear]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [anything they've been up to?]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [Hm.... Ichimatsu was talking about trying to get a job at the pet store.]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [oh, cool, I hope he gets it, it sounds like a nice fit for him]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [even if he's just there for the cats]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [oso's talking about working out]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [there have been some very buff women walking around recently]
: [url=]Ten[/url]: She shuffles in.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [like, women with muscles? that's interesting]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [yeah]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He looks up from his phone, and meekly waves to Ten.
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [which is weird because i figured he'd be more into the cute petite kinda girl]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [yeah same, didn't know he was into that]
: [url=]Ten[/url]: she waves back, sitting at a table
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [although then again I guess todo would me more into the cute girls or something]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [oh definately]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [so, how's choro been doing?]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [good, i think. he got a promotion at work so that's cool]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [oh, that's nice, what's his job again?]
: [url=]Ten[/url]: she looks to Twelve for a second, gets up and quietly leaves
: Twelve's connection timed out.
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [well, he was a waiter but he started work as a clerk for our government. He's helping the mayor out now.]
: Twelve [Twelve] joined chat.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [oh that's neat, I hope he doesn't get overworked or anything]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [pppf, his job is to make sure the poor mayor doesn't get overworked]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [5000 people live here and he thinks we're all his kids]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [good point I guess]
: 4 Days [] disconnected.
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [last mayor did a good job too]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [the town's nice, at least. I've lived in worse, at least from what it seems like]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [yeah, for a bunch of people from various timelines, we're pretty peaceful]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [i mean, i literally live right next door to a death forest, so i don't have to worry about robbers]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [I mean jyushi could be a pretty good guard, in a way]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [and if something big does happen we've got at least 100-ex military people, powerful magic users, incredibly buff women and a guy who is ten feet tall and made of metal living in this timeline]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [yeah there was a death chaos god or something in my timeline and he almost killed a person or two, not really the best place to live in, at least for someone like me I guess]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [i'm pretty sure the short green girl who lives across the street from us was trained to single-handedly take over a planet or something]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [but she's pretty chill, i think she lives with someone who's a werewolf]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [either that or he's just scruffy, idk]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [it would explain why she gets antsy on nights of the full moon]
: Twelve [Twelve] disconnected.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [yeah, I don't blame her]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [how's the training been going?]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [pretty good]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] -He sends a picture of a primarina.-
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [Bishounen grew up big and strong]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [oh, nice]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [is choro awake?]
: [url=]Karamatsu:[/url] [... surprisngly, yes]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [oh, huh]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He checks his contacts to see if he has Choro's number.
Choromatsu: -Probably-
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He decides to talk to him, wanting to get to know him a bit more. He wonders how he should start the conversation, hoping that a simple "hi" wouldn't be awkward, or something.
: 4 Days [] joined chat.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He hesitates for a few seconds, then types his greeting. [hi]
Choromatsu: [hi]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [how's it going?]
Choromatsu: [i'm kinda sleepy but it's going good]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [anything you've been up to?]
Choromatsu: [not much, just work]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah, how do you like it?]
Choromatsu: [well, it's a lot of paperwork, but my boss lets me listen to music while i do it. plus i'm helping people]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [what kind of music do you like?]
Choromatsu: [don't laugh]
Choromatsu: [but pop music]
: Twelve [Twelve] joined chat.
: Anthony Fantano: [lol]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [everyone has their preferences, I don't mind]
Choromatsu: [but it's like, girly]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [I mean, it's catchy most of the time, so I can't really blame you]
Choromatsu: [the girls are cute too]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [they can be I guess, yeah]
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Choromatsu: [there's something about a girl with that amount of energy]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [I'm more into electronic music but I guess in a way these days pop is pretty much a sub genre of electronic]
Choromatsu: [yeah]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [any games you like?]
Choromatsu: [haven't really had the time to play any]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah, books?]
: Twelve [Twelve] disconnected.
Choromatsu: [I've been reading one at work when i've got downtime]
Choromatsu: [it's about a man who builds an underwater city]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [oh, that sounds interesting]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [what's it called?]
Choromatsu: [rapture]
Choromatsu: [someone keeps telling it's related to a video game]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [ah, I should check it out sometime]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [it's a sci-fi book right?]
Choromatsu: [sorta]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [I like sci-fi stuff, my favorite book is probably hitchhikers guide to the galaxy]
Choromatsu: [ooooh, might check it out]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [you might like it, it's a sci-fi comedy, it's really good]
Choromatsu: [thanks]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [no problem]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [any TV shows you're into?]
Choromatsu: [not really]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [movies?]
Choromatsu: [same, sorry]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [don't worry about it, I'm not really the most interesting person myself]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [all I do most of the time is sit around and do nothing because I'm too shy to talk to anyone]
Choromatsu: [aw :c]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [it's wierd, I'm more sociable when I'm talking to someone through text or something, I'm guessing it's because I don't have to worry about taking time to respond to stuff or what the tone of my voice should sound like]
: [url=]Wally[/url]: [I'm feeling pretty tired, and I don't wanna keep you up, so I'm probably gonna head to bed]
Choromatsu: [okay, gn]
: Shit yes more games added
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He puts his phone away, and goes home, ironically enough for someone as lazy as him, the place he spends the least time at.
: More shit to spam laharl
: I have two spare copies of guacamelee
: I already gave laharl one and I have two left
: Last december I had 150 games I have 307 now what the fuck happened
: [url=]Wally[/url]: shrug
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: [url=]Schyroton:[/url] sorry i passed out last night
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: dont worry, yee haw
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Barchar: crab still exists
: existing intesifies
: (Also btw, Nuka World really REALLY sucked
Barchar: (What? Nuka World was pretty good imo)
: ((Really? Its get through the gauntlet and if you don't like raiders and kill them, it just flat out ends
: ((I mean you can explore the park still, but it didn't feel like there wasn't much in it
Barchar: (Well, yeah, if you take that route it's an anticlimax)
: ((That means if you don't like raiders, the dlc is worthless
Barchar: (But if you go through the dlc it's pretty good. Certainly better than, say, dead money or honest hearts)
Barchar: (Yeah but that's like saying 'if you never do the dlc content the dlc is worthless' )
: mehp [] joined chat.
: (ayy)
: ((I mean they could have made a whole quest and about stopping the raiders and making Nuka World into a trading hub and controling it or something
: ((Not, oh you don't like raiders well kill them all, and well youre down
: done*
Barchar: (There's certainly untapped potential, but what's there is pretty strong if you do it)
: ((it didn't seem like there were any side quests either
: ((het ultima
Barchar: (That's because you killed the raiders and left. There aren't many, but there are some, and they feel pretty quality over quantity imo)
: ((I mean I walked around, find the hubologists, the haunted house, the tarzan guy and more
: ((I reloaded and started doing the raiders quest but couldn't do anything with them because I already owned all the settlements
: ((so I killed everyone
: ((and then all the traders were naked after I freed them
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Azzy: ((hi))
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Twelve: ((hi))
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: ((but was there yee haw?
: no
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: (only 2 more babs to recruit in fe fates)
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: (brb going to friends house)
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: ((So I got a new play today and there's a character called shade
: ((I am shade
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??: Someone steps into the bar, and sits down.
: wanders in, rubbing his eyes.
??: He's just some random dude in a tux, dressed up like he's on a fancy date.
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: takes note of him, but doesn't pursue.
??: He checks his watch, and sighs.
??: And just goes up to the counter. "Can I get a soda to go?"
Grillby: He nods. "What kind?"
??: "I dunno, coke."
Grillby: -He gets the man a coke.-
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??: He nods, and heads out.
??: Stood up af
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Poor guy..."
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: [url=]Literally Satan[/url]: [Aight, just rebuilt the soup store]
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: d
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: [url=]Tess[/url]: She's got her head down at a table. [sub][url=]*Sigh*[/url][/sub]
: [url=]Tess[/url]: Just got her mask pressed up against it. [sub][url=]*Sigh*[/url][/sub]
: [url=]Tess[/url]: Actually nvm [sub][url=]*Sigh*[/url][/sub]
: [url=]May[/url]: There's a gunshot from the anydoor
: [url=]May[/url]: And it opens, to what looks like an anydoor.
: [url=]May[/url]: May's on the other end, backpedaling into the bar and basically rapid firing at something.
: [url=]May[/url]: That something is a very, very big. Like 15 feet tall, green-haired ghost girl in a hospital gown, throwing green fire and giant crosses.
: [url=]May[/url]: She shoots about two more times for good measure, her gun clicks, and she decides 'fuck it' and locks the anydoor
: [url=]May[/url]: "..."
: [url=]May[/url]: She just presses her back up to the anydoor, breathing heavy.
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: Sous chef scott is the best
: *someone takes over for ramsay*
: *he presents eggs*
: 'These need more seasoning'
: "Fuck you"
: *goes to season*
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Barchar: "..."
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: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] -He fell asleep.-
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He's in the bar, lounging on the couch.-
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: [url=]May[/url]: She settles down, bringing a head up to her forehead and wiping away some sweat.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Hi
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Barchar: Hi
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...Ar you alright?"
: Are*
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] Hey
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: [url=]May[/url]: She pulls the safety up on the still smoking handgun, checking the magazine and sighing. "Mostly."
: [url=]May[/url]: "I don't know why I keep ending up in this bar."
Barchar: "Hello."
Barchar: "The lovely company?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] He mumbles something in his sleep.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "N-no... no coke..."
: [url=]May[/url]: She realizes she's out of bullets. And wishes her goddamn outfit had pockets so she could carry more than one magazine around at a time.
: [url=]May[/url]: She slams her only spare mag in the cartridge, which she was holding in her other hand. And rolls her eyes. "I mean, the place is nice."
Barchar: "The high quality food and drink, then."
: [url=]May[/url]: "That's nice too. I'm not saying it's well, a problem ending up here."
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: [url=]May[/url]: "I'm just asking why every fourth door I open either goes into hell itself, a giant demon eating someone, a room full of ghouls, an endless drop onto spikes, death, all of the above, or this bar."
: [url=]May[/url]: "Or i'll get lucky and it'll just loop back to another room."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He enters the bar, rubbing his eyes and making a beeline towards the couch.
Barchar: "Bad luck?"
: wakes up. "Mmmh?"
: [url=]May[/url]: "I have honestly no idea at this point." She says, going to sit down at the couch as well.
: [url=]May[/url]: She glances over at Fellby.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Oh, I fell asleep..."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He glances to May, hiding most of his face with his hair.
: [url=]Wally:[/url] [sub]"... Uh... H-H-Hi..."[/sub]
: [url=]May[/url]: "...Hi." She says, crossing her legs on the couch and letting her handgun sit at her side.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Hey."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: ... He decides to stay silent, too shy and nervous about saying something wrong and embarrassing himself to say anything else.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "This place is much better than any of the places you listed."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...Is there a reason you don't just stay here?"
: [url=]May[/url]: "There's a reason."
: [url=]May[/url]: Ingame: if you stay in a room too long, every single enemy in the entire map will start moving towards your room.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Ah, well. That's unfortunate."
: [url=]May[/url]: "Infact it
: [url=]May[/url]: "It's almost been five minutes, so."
: [url=]May[/url]: She walks over to the anydoor. "Seeya next time I either die and walk in here, or go through the wrong door."
: [url=]May[/url]: And she's gone, followed by the noise of general gunfire and demonic wailes.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Alright then."
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: [url=]Wally[/url]: He slumps down a bit, and crosses his arms, sighing to himself. <... So... How's it going?>
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He just decides to lay down, resting his head on the couch,and trying to relax, mostly just thinking to himself.
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: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He sighs.-
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He seems kinda stressed.-
: ??? [???] joined chat.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "You okay there?"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...Not really, to be honest."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Need to talk?"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "I'm stressed out, kind of depressed, and don't know how to get my mind off it,"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...Yeah."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He mostly just seems tired and a bit lonely. He's used to it, after many years of not really having anyone to interact with, but it's still kind of discouraging, in a way.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Alright, talk away."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...I just miss my daughter. And I'm worried that Tommy efforts to find her are in vain."
: nods.
: My*
: [url=]Toriko[/url]: TOMMY?
: [url=]Toriko[/url]: WHERE?
: [url=]Wally[/url]: i love that album
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Its been years... do you think i should continue searching?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "I, personally, think you should."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Yeah... me too. Searching for one timeline out of the infinite is difficult..."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: <... Uhm... What was your childhood like, if you don't mind me asking...?> He's at least trying to talk about something other than generic small talk topics.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "I'm surprised I haven't been killed yet."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Well, you must be doing something right."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "How so?"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "I haven't found her."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "I've got nothing left."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "I meant... more of the "not getting killed" thing. Sorry."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "I've been to several timelines that nearly killed me, or were just... not fun to be at."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Have you ever seen a real Siren?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "No."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Pray it stays that way."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Alright then."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: After a few minutes or so of awkward silence, he just decides not to speak any further, guessing he doesn't want to talk. He feels a bit of a pit in his stomach, but he just writes it off as him being tired.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "They lure you in with a vision of what you deeply desire in life, and then kill you."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Oh dear lord..."
: Just watched the first episode of watamote
: Twelve [Twelve] joined chat.
Twelve: Hi
: [url=]Wally[/url]: how'd you like it?
: No anime should make it literally difficult to watch someone fail so horribly
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Is that a good thing or a bad thing
: It's a good thing
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Of course, what do you think they made me see, Fellby?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Your daughter."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: it's a good anime, i like this anime
: Twelve [Twelve] disconnected.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "And the only reason I'm still alive is because I was lucky enough to encounter someone who was trying to past them. They can't affect you if you can't hear them, and he was wearing ear plugs."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... Wow."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Very lucky. I badly scratched the person, too. He forgave me, because the magic those things have cause you to go crazy, and make your number one priority to get to them,"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "So... needless to say, stay away from those."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Will do."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Been to plenty of timelines with a toxic atmosphere."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "I can't decide if that's better or worse than the Sirens."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "At least the sirens show you something nice before they kill you."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "At least atmosphere doesn't eat you.0
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "True."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "And... What they show you isn't that please tell,"
: Pleasant*
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Mmmh..."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He sighs again.-
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He doesn't really seem to be making any attempt at conversation. He's just kinda, laying there, on the couch.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...I should talk to people here more. Make friends. This place has been my choice of a nice resting place so far."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "You should. You meet a lot of interesting people in here."
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Azzy: ((hi))
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Hi
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Yeah... maybe I'll feel better too."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "There's not much I haven't done anymore."
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: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Mmmh."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He sighs once again.-
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: [url=]Wally[/url]: ... He just debates whether or not he should just go home. He hasn't really been doing anything with anyone, so as far as he's concerned, he might as well just lay in bed and do nothing.
Azzy: ((*snugs dad bread*))
: ((*Snugs back*
: 4 Days's connection timed out.
: [url=]Wally[/url]: ... He decides to do just that. He silently gets up, and leaves the bar, heading home.
: ((Fucking hell Paintball masks are expensive
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "..."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "So how are you?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Me? I'm pretty good, I guess."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Yeah?"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Well that's good."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "There anything to do right now?"
: ((fellby: *lifts leg up* me
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Not really..."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "No? I suppose this place is a bit... calm."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "For the most part, anyways."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Yeah."
: lights up a cigarette.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He leans back.-
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "What do you like to do?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Uh, well, outside of my normal... hobby... I like watching noir movies."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Hobby?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... Sex, honey. I'm an incubus and a prostitute."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Ah."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -Not the weirdest thing he's heard,-
: [url=]Wally[/url]: He enters his house, and glances around at his empty living room. He never really got to decorating any other part of his house other than his room. Hell, his kitchen doesn't even have any food in it. He's not even sure if the place has running water, for that matter.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "It's a good job for me, I think. I am going to say it's not for everyone, though."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Hey, I don't judge. If it makes you happy, who cares."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Pays well enough too."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "That too."
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: [url=]Wally[/url]: hi slar
: [url=]Wally[/url]: and/or azzy
Azzy: ((We're both here))
: 4 Days [] is now 3 Days [].
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He slides down to the side, so he's in a lying down position.-
: leans back, legs splayed out.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "..."
Azzy: ((Im still smol))
: ((Yeah?
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He's still looking to Fellby.-
: takes a drag from his cigarette.
Azzy: ((It's much better for pillow hugs))
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...Hmm. Wouldn't pure tobacco be easier?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Mh, this is better, actually. Loose tobacco would get everywhere."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "One can debate that everything that is getting burned up in that cigarette is dirtier,"
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Pure tabacco is not nearly as bad for those with lungs to breathe in. Probably cheaper as well."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... True."
: 3 days to go
: [url=]Wally[/url]: until what
: Something beautiful
: The truth will be known
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Alrighty
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He sighs a bit again,-
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Plus, it's not like you can't roll it up one you'be bought it."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "True... "
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "...Sounds kinda rude. Just a suggestion."
Shoe: He poofs in in a sombrero
Shoe: "Fellby you've sucked a lot of dicks right."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "Yeah?"
Shoe: "Theoretically."
: [url=]Wally[/url]: Wally's currently in his bedroom, doing nothing.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "..."
Shoe: "What would happen if you sucked really hard on the hole."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "On a hole?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "How hard we talking."
Shoe: "On the dickhole."
Shoe: "Hard enough to do something interesting."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... A prolapse?"
Shoe: "That's possible?"
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "I think?"
Shoe: He's got a turkey baster
Shoe: "Well ok then."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "I know an asshole can prolapse, why not a dickhole?"
Shoe: "Thank."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "... Wait."
Shoe: He starts to poof out
Shoe: "Wut."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "What are you doing?"
Shoe: "Leaving."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "..."
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "No, with the turkey baster."
Shoe: "Science.#
Shoe: He poofs fully out
: 3 Days [] disconnected.
: Robin [] joined chat.
: [url=]Fell[/url][url=]by:[/url] "..."
: is now worried.
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: "Well then..."
: [url=]Asriel Dreemurr[/url]: -He taps his hands against his thigh.-
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: ((hey
: (hi darling!!
: ((hi
: ((i walk into shoe attempting dick prolapse
: Schyroton [] changed the topic to ""I know an asshole can prolapse, why not a dickhole?" Fellby 2027"
: Aight so I found that old ignorance is bliss video we all watched in 2007
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: And I can't get over how much I like Peach's hair in it
CryingEevee OOC: ((𝒢𝓇𝒶𝓃𝒹))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i don't think that first letter is a g actually))
: It is
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh, ok good))
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: Also. When do things get too anime
: Cause i'm watching an animation where I legitimately can't tell anyone's gender
CryingEevee OOC: ((ok that might be too anime))
: ((oh my god
: I can only tell specifically by voicew
: (my little brother gave me a batman lego set i'm so excited
: (he made sure to give me a set that included robin that's rly thoughtful)
: Also ZS is doing some wierd shit again
: ((which one should i get
CryingEevee OOC: (([font=saturn boing] boing[/font]))
: 'You're so cute I don't know what I should call you. Brother, Dad, or Sweetie'
: I'm gonna leave it at that.
: The blue looks nice
: (the pink is cute
: ((i already have the purple btw
CryingEevee OOC: ((¯\_(ツ)_/¯))
: ((i was kinda leaning towards red myself
: ((i'm just deciding before my tax return comes in