: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (неу
: ((I thought you said Ultra))
Smolapeño: (hi darling!!!
: ((Hello))
: ((hi daeling!
: ((And Guppy's Collar had to bail me out once
Smolapeño: (daeling
: ((*darling
: Master Chef's connection timed out.
Elo: ((Gtg
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Azalea: -She sighs, and leans her head back on the couch.-
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Elo: ((Few minutes
Nobody: Nobody stares at Azalea from across the bar, hands clasped to his chin.
Elo: hugs her when she does the shoulder thing
Azalea: -She hugs back.-
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Azalea: -Looking at Nobody during the hug.-
Elo: unhugs, but stays leaned
Nobody: His ^_^ mask is adjusted, as he waves.*
Elo: to the untrained eye he's staring directly ahead
Nobody: Ignore that Asterisk
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Elo: but he's sleeping without eyelids
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Azalea: "Why are you staring?"
Nobody: "I'm spectating! I heard if you watch people they'll do interesting things, although I shouldn't watch you. If you do interesting things you'll get killed, and that would be bad."
Barchar: (DAE ling?)
Nobody: "I shouldn't be watching you, i'm just a terrible person like that."
: passed out in the bar again, but he awakens. "O-oh, um, hhhhi."
: ((shut up flame
: ((::P
Nobody: "Hello!" The iEyes on his table turn, one of them remaining centered on Azalea and one on Schyro.
Azalea: "...Yeah alright then. hello, Schyro. Been awhile since I've seen you, I believe."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Yyeah, it's been a whwhiiile.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Hhhow are yoyou?
Azalea: -She shrugs.-
Azalea: "I had to kill someone with Elo yesterday."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Oh...
: And Wally.
Azalea: -Yes, Wally too. But I'm in character.-
: ...Ah
: Well I sound like a douche
: ((...and steven
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Back[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He's on his phone.[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Othhher ththan that, hhow are ththings?
Azalea: -She shrugs again.-
Nobody: "All my friends are dead."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That explains a lot."[/color]
Azalea: "Been better."
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ththaaat's good, Aaazalea, and, uh, mmmy condolelences.
: aza "How have you been?"
: Fuck
Nobody: And he's immediately back to his constant cheerful tone. "It's fine! They've been dead for really long, all because of president gardner, he's such a strong man, you know!" He says, clasping his hands together.
: ((Azazel*
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ththaaat's stilll not good.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Have you tried seeing a therapist?[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Fucking hell[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Aand, uh, Iii've been okayy.
: ((I'm gonna join a ZS adventure
: (( http://prntscr.com/d385dh
: ((Ooooh, exciting
Nobody: "Nope! Therapists are all for President Gardner, and if I see one, they'll say i'm strange, and strange ones die!" He says, clapping.
Azalea: "That's good."
Nobody: "That's how smart President gardner is!"
Azalea: "You always seemed stressed, and stuff. Glad to see that it's less so."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Well the therapists are obviously terrible because they haven't helped gardner at all."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Iii'm alwaways stresssed.
CryingEevee OOC: ((azazelea))
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] But not as mmuch.
Nobody: He titters, clapping.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Aalso, ththis Gardnnner guy is a pipiece of shhhhit.
Azalea: "That's improvement."
Azalea: "Also, seems like a bit of a tyrant, than a president."
Nobody: "He can't be a tyrant, he's a president!"
Azalea: "...Yeah, sure."
Nobody: "We all elected him, because he was so smart, and we've never unelected him because he's smart!"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Hhe's defffinitely a tytyrannt, he's not smsmart, jjjust an asshole.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Then is everybody in your timeline stupid?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hey, you guys want something with no context?))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Yes[/color]
Nobody: He gasps "I'd like to believe i'm rather smart! I'm very smart, not smarter than President Gardner, but smart!"
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Azalea: -She sighs, a long sigh, while getting more comfortable on the couch.-
CryingEevee OOC: (("hitler was the final boss because there was a rumor he was still alive"))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"In comparison to the people who are around you who are also stupid?"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"In your timeline."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm not calling everyone here stupid."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i just had a thought))
CryingEevee OOC: ((nobody goes into the kingdom hearts world, he gets turned into a heartless. then nobody has a nobody))
: name it read it tune it [] disconnected.
: ((hah
: ((What if then he becomes a ghost))
: ((Nobody has no body with a nobody))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]And he has no friends[/color]
: ((I've never played kingdom hearts but that sounds accurate enough))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]So he also has nobody[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Nobody has nobody, no body, and a nobody[/color]
Nobody: He had one friend
Nobody: Until you all killed Poppy
Nobody: good going there
: ((You can't say you all))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It was set up[/color]
: ((I wasn't involved))
: ((I did nothing and watched))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]So this joke could be made[/color]
Nobody: Okay, B killed Poppy.
: ((robin has an oc named poppy and i was really confused for a second
: ((RIP poppy
Nobody: Poppy Gardner, Nobody's only friend.
: (("hitler was the final boss because there was a rumor he was still alive"
: ((that is probably wolfenstien
: ((ive never even played it
Barchar: Barchar tried to make him not do it
Barchar: but the fucker wouldn't kisten
CryingEevee OOC: ((that no context was about persona 2))
: ((kistening is a skill
: ((oh
Azalea: "I now realize that I dislike having to be in public places while relaxing."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Anyway yeah."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm standing by the idea that either everyone from your timeline is stupid or insane."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Everyone from your timeline is either stupid or insane*[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Or both."[/color]
Nobody: "I'm not stupid, or insane!"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That's what stupid people say."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I've heard insane people will admit they're insane though."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But maybe stupid insane people deny they're insane."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Mmost lilikely? Thhey've all been brbraiiinwashed by ththat awful mman in power.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Actually I guess that makes sense."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Eeeven ththe smartest cannnnn fall under ththe chaos cccaused by an unfffit ruler.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nobody: He's just tittering at his spot, wringing his hands.
Azalea: -She's just looking around.-
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally enters through the anydoor, and promptly makes a beeline towards the bar.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
: name it read it tune it [] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Hhhi.
Azalea: "Hey there... Wally, right? Wally."
: [i][url=http://i.imgur.com/yZ2eaNw.png]Clara[/url][/i]: she also walks in
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
Azalea: "And the other."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Oh, um, Iii don't ththiiink I introduduced myssself... I-Iii'm Schyro.
Azalea: "Hello."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"She's Clara."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm Sean if anyone doesn't know."[/color]
: [i][url=http://i.imgur.com/yZ2eaNw.png]Clara[/url][/i]: "Hello."
Nobody: "I'm Nobody!"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc][s]"Yes you are."[/s][/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He meekly waves to Azalea.*
Azalea: -She waves back, a bit.-
: [i][url=http://i.imgur.com/yZ2eaNw.png]Clara[/url][/i]: she walks over to the couch, sitting down
Azalea: "Hello, Clara."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Azalea: "And It's nice to meet you. And Sean, and Nobody."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Same."[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He waves meekly to Nobody.*
: [i][url=http://i.imgur.com/yZ2eaNw.png]Clara[/url][/i]: she looks at Azalea. "Nice to meet you, and, uh, you are?"
Azalea: "Azalea."
: [i][url=http://i.imgur.com/yZ2eaNw.png]Clara[/url][/i]: "Ah."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He gets up, and walks over to the couch, sitting down.*
: waves.
: ((Donald Fap and Hillary Cliton
: ((Donald Rump))
: ((donld dump
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Donald Trump[/color]
: ((Donald Grump))
CryingEevee OOC: ((donaldo trumpet))
: ((donald duck 2016
: swood_ [] disconnected.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Donald Trump VS Paul Atishon: https://images-1.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2NvcmQuc3RvcmFnZS5nb29nbGVhcGlzLmNvbS9hdHRhY2htZW50cy8yMTQ5MzI4NjE1MjQ5MDE4ODgvMjQ0MjU5MDE1NzIxMjIyMTQ2L0N0bnNmOU9XQUFRem5jZS5wbmcifQ.PZDS1MTtb4u8zXw9AlxorKTxE8c?width=400&height=199 [color=red]]][/color]
Azalea: "...There's a lot of people now."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Yeah."[/color]
Burgrillpants: -And since he hasn't eaten since October, he exits the attic. He's just a short Burgerpants in a bartender's outfit, with a finger missing on his left hand. He tries to sneak to the bar and not be noticed, but he's fucking orange.-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
Azalea: "And a cat."
Burgrillpants: -He freezes.- Uh, h-hey.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Hhhello.
Azalea: "Hey there."
Burgrillpants: Uh, d-don't mind me, I'm only here to eat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Allllriright.
Azalea: "It's too late, I'm already minding you."
Burgrillpants: Just... just ignore me. [sub].....A-and don't kill me please[/sub]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay."[/color]
Azalea: "What was that last part? Couldn't quite hear you."
Barchar: "Most people don't kill other people for no reason."
Azalea: -She's only 15, she can't be that threatening.-
Barchar: suddenly
Barchar: barchar
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He's 13 so same.[/color]
Azalea: -Well actually, she has a gun holstered at her hip, so being threatening would be fair.-
Burgrillpants: -He yelps. He was mostly afraid of the big robot and the kid with a fucking gun. And then the ghost that startled him.- J-jeez, don't do that!
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay."[/color]
Barchar: "It's not really under my control."
Azalea: "...Okay, well, you're kinda a... pussy."
Burgrillpants: ...Was that a pun.
Barchar: "You're not funny Azalea."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Wwas ththat a fufucking pppun.
: That one red cat walks in
Azalea: "I'm very funny."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
: "That was an offensive pun"
: "but nontheless hi-larious"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Now there's even more people."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Two more."[/color]
Burgrillpants: -He grabs his burger, but falls off the barstool in an attempt to get off it. The burger's ruined, too.- Shit!
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay."[/color]
Azalea: "You alright?"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh whoops."[/color]
: goes over to help Burgrill up. "Yyou okay?"
Azalea: "I thought you guys always landed on your feet..."
: "..."
: ((I'm sorry you're making it too easy))
: he hops onto Sean's shoulder
Burgrillpants: I'm f-- -He backs up.-
: steps back, pulling his hand away.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
: "hi"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm guessing you won't hurt me."[/color]
: "I don't feel like doing that so"
: "no"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Good."[/color]
Azalea: -She's watching the exchange between Burgrillpants and Schyro.-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Wait, that means you sometimes do?"[/color]
Burgrillpants: -He pushes himself up, and runs away. He's not dealing with another Mettaton, no way. ...He left without food, rip.-
Azalea: "...He'a gonna starve. Should someone bring him food?"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...[sub]D-dddid I fufuck up?[/sub]
Azalea: "He's*
: "well"
: "yes"
: "if I have to"
Azalea: "I can."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Only if you have to?"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"And have to as in what?"[/color]
Azalea: "But I feel like he doesn't like me."
Grillby: ......Look, I'll make him another burger, someone bring it up to him.
: "don't worry"
Azalea: -She gets up, walking to the bar counter.-
Grillby: -He sets a burg on the counter.-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...Okay."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He's tense.[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
Azalea: -She takes the burg.-
Azalea: -I assume he ran to the attic.-
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: "oh"
: "bye"
Barchar: "I'll do it."
: he hops off and leaves the bar
Burgrillpants: -Yep.-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Alright then."[/color]
: name it read it tune it [] disconnected.
Barchar: nvm i missed azalea
Azalea: -She heads up there.-
Barchar: eh, it works, actually.
: cleans up the mess, so Grillby doesn't have to.
Barchar: "...Wait, no-" she clears her throat. "ANYWAY, you're fine, Schyro."
Barchar: "He's just jumpy."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] O-oh....
Zer0: ((this is a test of/a character that i may/or maybe not use. [color=#a01212]0[/color]))
Azalea: "..."
: ((cool
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Neat[/color]
Barchar: (A wise choice with him/though his pattern of speech might/get old 'fore too long)
CryingEevee OOC: zero
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]one[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((two))
Barchar: (Zer0)
Barchar: (The 0 is important)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]just like gaben[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]we can't count to three[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have the 0 in the actual name, it's just i acidently pressed enter))
Burgrillpants: -He's mostly just afraid of another Mettaton, especially since this one looks more threatening.-
Barchar: yes, but 'he's just jumpy' is easier to say
Azalea: "Hello?"
Burgrillpants: -truA-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]you ok[/color]
Burgrillpants: -He cracks open the door, peeking out.- H-hello.
: ((yes
Azalea: "I've brought food."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]ok[/color]
Burgrillpants: Oh, uh, thanks.
Zer0: ((i am aware of/the challenge of speaking like/him, it will be tough))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Brb[/color]
Azalea: "Nice to meet you, by the way." -She hands him the burg.-
Burgrillpants: Y-yeah, you too. -He takes the burg.-
Azalea: "Why do you stay all cooped up in the attic?"
Azalea: -She attempts at taking a look through what part of the door is open.-
Burgrillpants: -She can see a box that he made into a bed, a lamp, and a few things scattered around.- ...
Azalea: "Don't even get a bed? Mattress, at least?"
Burgrillpants: -He whispers this.- I, uh, really don't have the fondest memories from a certain robot and that red guy down there reminds me way too much of him.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Burgrillpants: The box is comfy, I put stuff in it.
Azalea: "The red guy is a nice guy, but I understand."
Azalea: "Also, I assure you that a bed is more comfy."
Azalea: "Or at least some padding."
Burgrillpants: It's three layers of pillows.
Azalea: "Ah. Well that's fair."
Azalea: "Goodluck, I guess."
Burgrillpants: Thanks.
Burgrillpants: And, uh, thanks for the burger.
: Yazan [Yazan] disconnected.
Azalea: -She nods.-
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Azalea: "Thank Grillby, I didn't make it."
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (hi yaz
Yazan: hello
Burgrillpants: Tell 'im I said thanks.
Barchar: (Heya yazan)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Back, hi Yaz[/color]
Barchar: (I quite like haikus/though stopping in the midle/of a sentence is)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He remains apparently addicted to his phone.[/color]
: ((Hello, Yaz. Are you planning to RP? Cause I need to know what to do with Azalea, cause I'm using her now, with being in Rev))
Barchar: (kind of annoying/but that's just my opinion/not everyone's)
: ((I didn't want to make stuff up))
: ((do you remember/when i made the m!a to/force haikus on you?
Azalea: "Will do."
Azalea: "Goodnight."
Yazan: I don't know
Burgrillpants: G'night.
: ((Alright.))
Muffet: (And you fuckin' did/and I took it like a man/until i got bored)
Yazan: it doesn't really matter though
Azalea: -She walks back downstairs, and heads to the bar counter.- "He said thanks."
Grillby: -He gives a thumbs up.-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Test[/color]
: ((Okay.))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Internet is being a fuck[/color]
Azalea: -And she goes back to the couch.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((you know, zer0 does have times when he DOESN'T speak in haiku. although those are usually short sentences such as "need healing" or "duel"))
Barchar: (Internet is a fuck)
Barchar: (I don't remember any of the rest)
Barchar: (And what do you mean 'it doesn't matter' yaz?)
: curls up on the couch, tugging at his hair with two of his hands.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Zer0: ((slagged. i disappear. your mistake.))
Azalea: "...You good, Schyro?"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] .................Iiii scscared him, ddddidn't I?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally decides to exit, going through the Anydoor.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Bye."[/color]
Yazan: doesnt really bother me if Bread does something with Azalea
Azalea: "Indirectly. You just reminded him of another Mettaton, I assume his, or something."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Oh.............
Barchar: (Ah)
Barchar: "Relax, Schyro."
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh yeaahhhh, i just remembered how we played borderlands 2 once, flame))
Azalea: "So you're not scary, just whatever he is reminded of is scary."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...S-stttill...
Azalea: "Still what?"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Iii ststill, iiindidirectly, hhurt him. Iii feel bad abbbout it.
: Jake: [color=#ffaa00]test, how's this[/color]
: ((jake, from state farm?
: Jake: [color=#ffaa00]yes[/color]
: ((its good
: Jake: [color=#ffaa00]thank[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((jake from steak farm?))
Azalea: "Well, yeah. You're allowed to feel bad, but it's not like you actually tried to hurt him. It's like if you witnessed a murder, you will feel bad for the victim, but you didn't kill them."
Azalea: "...Well, that's not the best analogy. I think you get my point, though."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Yyyeah...
Azalea: -She lies down on the couch.-
: ((Guys, my new Adventure Time AU
: ((Jake The Dog From Statefarm
: ((Ten outta Ten))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]But who's Finn[/color]
: ((That's it
: ((Nothing else is changed
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]aw[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]still tho[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]gg[/color]
: No wait
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CryingEevee OOC: ((that implies that you also have state farm in it though))
: Finn is Flo
: From Progressive
: ((finn from progressive
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]What are some colors that give off smartness[/color]
Nobody: green
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]One other[/color]
: ((grey
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Thank[/color]
: Autumn: [color=#bfbfbf]how's this[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((legends say, march 3rd in the year 3333 at 3:33 AM in the bermuda triangle, tri shall be rise to his final form))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I can confirm that legend[/color]
Azalea: "..."
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It's on a tuesday, too[/color]
: ((thats good
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What's up?"[/color]
Tri: Shit son
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Nnnnoththing.
: swood_ [] joined chat.
Azalea: "Not much."
: ((yee haw
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi Meme[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay."[/color]
: ((hi
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What do you guys do?"[/color]
: Jake: Show some goddamn respect!
Azalea: "Not much, honestly..."
CryingEevee OOC: ((ohey, plug isn't spoopy anymore))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i think it was earlier today))
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Um. Iii mean, Iii woworrry about liliterallly everyththing.
: ((spoopy?
: ((time for my playlist of 90+ trumpet remixes
CryingEevee OOC: ((it was haloween themed but not anymore, swood))
Azalea: "I breathe."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"No, obviously you're a fish and you've been dying this whole time."[/color]
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Azalea: "Some people don't breathe."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I know. I'm joking."[/color]
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
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Azalea: "..."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
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CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm, wander aimlessly, or pray to the old gods which almost never goes well))
Dewt: Wander aimlessly
Azalea: "Why does this clothing have to be so uncomfortable." -She's wearing what seems like light armor. She hasn't changed since she got back from that fight.-
: ((praise kek
: ((duh
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Armor is usually uncomfortable."[/color]
Azalea: "Yes, I know, but it's not like it's metal armor or anything."
CryingEevee OOC: ((you know what? i'mma risk it and praise the sun))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What is it made of?"[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i need a number between 1 and 4))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]\[T]/[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]3[/color]
Azalea: "Kevlar, some metal plates in some places."
: ((2
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]DID I DO IT[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((HUGE SUCCESS))
: ((pi
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Maybe you're just not used to it."[/color]
Azalea: "I don't think it's meant for girls, it's mostly uncomfortable on my chest."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Then that makes a lot of sense."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm pretty sure you're not going to be fighting anything soon, you can go change. There's a bathroom."[/color]
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"You probably know that though."[/color]
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Azalea: -She opens a pocket that held the fairly large metal plate on the chest.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((ohhhh joooooooooy 6 of plague and 2 of scales))
CryingEevee OOC: ((at the same time))
Azalea: -And takes that out, dropping it onto the floor.-
Azalea: "Well that's much better, should have don't that earlier."
: Done*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That works too."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((huh, i got through it completely unscathed))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It's obviously the power of tri[/color]
Azalea: "But still uncomfortable. And I'd change, but I'm spending time with Elo. He kind of gives off a lot of... stuff from himself, and I'd rather dirty this than my normal clothes."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]You've been blessed[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((and now since i'm playing the class that starts with low health and gains health from killing enemies))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i've got quite a bit of health))
Azalea: "Elo. He bleeds a lot, and that can get all over me."
Azalea: -To note, the outfit is stained with blood in some places.-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Ew. Why don't you just wear clothes you don't wear often but are still comfortable?"[/color]
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Azalea: "Well because I was also just in a fight."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That also explains the blood."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That also explains the blood."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Both of those do."[/color]
Azalea: "Yeah."
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh, i actually heal when killing instead of just gaining max health))
Azalea: "Last part is that I just don't feel like getting up."
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Fair."[/color]
Azalea: "Normally I'd just take the stuff off, but were in a public bar, and that would be weird."
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Also I'm 13."[/color]
Azalea: "I'm 15. It's not like I'm just wearing nothing under this, but it's just light under clothes."
Azalea: "And it would still be weird, I think."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh, okay."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Probably yeah."[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Azalea: -She sighs.-
Azalea: "Now I want to go and get into comfortable clothes but I don't want to at the same time."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He takes out his phone and scans the metal plate.[/color]
: Youmu Konpaku [Youmu] joined chat.
Youmu: (Am back)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Wb[/color]
Azalea: -It's a standard bullet resistant plate, rated up to .357 magnum.-
Youmu: (... Not gonna bother catching up.)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]You know, there should be default styles for roleplays[/color]
: ((yee haw
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]As in the felt, classic, etc[/color]
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: ((hi youmu
Miyu: [So I think Jay's about to attempt to murder me.]
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc][who's this, and oh.][/color]
: [yee haw]
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: Sean [] disconnected.
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc][is there anything i can do?][/color]
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally enters the bar through the Anydoor, and recieves the text soon after.* [That's why I left, didn't wanna risk it.]
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Miyu: [Might need some help carrying an unconscious Jay in a little bit]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc][proooobably can't do that but good luck.][/color]
Miyu: [She's lost all her DBZ powers, and as far as I know my sister is back to being a regular human, so I can probably win if her murderous alter-ego tries shit]
CryingEevee OOC: ((huh. i should've known a game with batman arkham style combat would be much more playable with an actually good framerate))
CryingEevee OOC: ((because now i'm doing wayyy better than before))
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Miyu: [She's my sister and all, but I will clock her for her own good]
: waves to Wally.
: Radio is cancer
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Why am I getting messages?"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"From people besides the ones I know and usually talk to on my phone?"[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He meekly waves to Schyrotron.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]schyrotron[/color]
: [yee haw]
: ((dammit
: ((the robomechabotatron
: ((Schyroton: hello am schyroton the robomechabotatron
: ((t key's right next to r rip
: ((is pl
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (dude robomechabotatron is a wander over yonder reference
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: swood_ [] disconnected.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He shuffles over to the couch.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Does it just...happen?"[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *And sits down, leaning back a bit.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Like an autoconnect to a main chat?"[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: nods.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Neat."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Brb[/color]
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Since he doesn't really know any people here, he decides to talk with Commodity, since he can probably strike up a conversation with him about this current situation.*
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
CryingEevee OOC: ((DEATH blood stains the ground beneath your corpse))
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CryingEevee OOC: (("choose your opponent!" hmm let's see, my choices are: 2 of dust, 2 of dust, and 2 of dust))
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...It's going fine> He's still been kinda tight-lipped since the 'incident'
: ((2 of Dust sounds like the most fucking badass playing card
CryingEevee OOC: ((well the suits are dust, skulls, plague, scales, hell, goblins, mages, and i think minotaurs?))
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm, let's see, 2 of dust, or 2 of dust))
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He shrugs a tiny bit.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Back[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"So Schyro why do you come here?"[/color]
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: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
CryingEevee OOC: ((and for the final battle of the crucible, 2 of dust, and 2 of dust))
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] I-iiit's, um, kiiiiikind of a lolong story.
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh d00d, 4 gold gain cards, 2 40 gold cards, a 13 gold card, and a 7 gold card))
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...Did you actually just ask?>
CryingEevee OOC: ((half of my supplies are eaten by sand worms and then i am ambushed by bandits, gooood))
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Maybe.>
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I can listen."[/color]
Miyu: [My nose is broken]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He wasn't sure if Commodity could hear him while he was speaking to Jay, so he had avoided any affectionate nicknames, at least for the time being.*
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh, but i gained more food than i started with))
Miyu: [Jay has a damn good right hook even without powers]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: {Ooh, ouch. What happened?]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: [Oh.]
Miyu: [I got sucker-punched by an alter-ego]
CryingEevee OOC: ((>lose five max health))
CryingEevee OOC: ((>i'm playing the fate that gains 2 max health per kill))
CryingEevee OOC: ((>nothing of value was lost))
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Haven't recieved a response yet, so... Uh, meet anyone new? I said your name to someone in a conversation.>
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Miyu: [This hug has been going on for a while, and i've got a sense of dread]
Miyu: [If I don't reply in 15 mins tell Shoe Jay's alter-ego killed me and i'd like a revive so I can whoop her ass]
Miyu: Got stabbed right as she sent that
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: [Mmmhmmm.] *He decides to go into his mindscape, since there isn't much going on in the bar, at least anything that he's interested in. HHe swaps out two of the recliners for a sofa, a reclinable sofa, to be exact. He sits down on it, and leans back a bit.*
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Um.
CryingEevee OOC: ((should i pray to the old gods at some random altar i found?))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]yes[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((number 1-4))
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]3[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] W-wwwell, uh... ththe reasonnn I come here is bbbecause it was thhhe first plplace I ffelt safe inn.
: ((pi
CryingEevee OOC: ((huh, 3 worked))
CryingEevee OOC: ((thank))
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... S-So, uh... Any music artists you like?>
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]of course it fucking did[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i got a blessing))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Huh, alright."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((tri, are you an old god?))
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((and by extension, am i an old god?))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]yes[/color]
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] W-whhhy it's ththaaat, Ii'm, um, gggoioing to spppare you.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Well thank you for sparing me."[/color]
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: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...Never really bothered with music too much.>
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Yyou're wewewelllcome...
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But also, you look and sound constantly nervous so I'm not completely sure about that."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"About feeling safe.[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]for fuck's sake[/color]
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: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
: sighs. "..................................................Iii am conststannntly nervvous but Ii'm not beiiiiing abbused by ananyonnne here."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"So it's just a part of you and it doesn't have to do with this place?"[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Yyes.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay." He looks like he wants to press a different topic but he doesn't.[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...Doctor Who.>
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Why's your voice like that?"[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ththe vocal trannnsmitter was mamade that way, aaafter the peperson who ffirst built my body fofouund out ththat... well.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Found out what?"[/color]
: imitates Sean's voice perfectly, minus the glitching. "Iii can do ththis."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Woah."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He looks genuinely surprised and interested.[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... R-Right, forgot about that... Sorry.>
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Wait, but why's that a reason to glitch your voice?"[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... U-Uhm, any, erm... Braile books, maybe? I mean, I'm pretty sure those exist...>
Miyu: Is currently bleeding out on hardwood flooring.
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Becauuuse I used iiit to sssave myself frfrom cccertain puniiishmements.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Did you ever try to undo it?"[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Onnce on my ownnn, and it huhurt.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ii can turnnn it off, but it's rereallly weird to hehear my vvoice without it.
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"They designed you to have pain too? I assume for the punishments...but then why wouldn't they just program you to do what they want you to do?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm, cultists, they want my blood, should i offer my blood or refuse?))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It's the tri society[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Offer your blood[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... What was your sister like?>
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]And the final form of Tri will be stronger[/color]
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
CryingEevee OOC: (("may the dark one bless you"))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]That's what I told them to say don't worry[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Well, ththe thiing is, Ii'm not a rorobot that wwas created as a rrrobot.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *It's been a bit more than 15 minutes by now, but he's too involved with Commodity at the moment to remember that he should probably text Shoe.*
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"So you were made to be as human as possible but look robotic?"[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: (("the player inflicts triple damage against foes who are stunned" huh, and my blessing has something to do with the number 3))
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: -an Avian like person enters the bar, still having human like features, two arms and legs and facial like features, but with two large wings wrapped around him acting like a coat. Hes rather short at 5 feet, and he is wearing a standard looking garb of sort
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Any fond memories of her?>
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi."[/color]
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...Can we swap topics?>
Yazan: Hello
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]rip[/color]
: Yazan [Yazan] is now Nikodemus [Nikodemus].
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Nno, I... um, h-hhello.
Nikodemus: Hello
Nikodemus: Whoa
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Woah?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: big golum -points at Schyro
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Robot."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Not golem."[/color]
Nikodemus: robot?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Probably."[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Yes. He robot. Not golem."[/color]
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I human."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Me name Sean."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Robot Schyro."[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods, mumbling a small "Sorry."* <... Friends, maybe?>
: waves.
Nikodemus: I take it you have some sort of mental illness or speech problem Sean?
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"No."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I thought uh, you did."[/color]
: ((HAH
: ((I snickered
: Elo's connection timed out.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I hershey'd[/color]
Nikodemus: Nah
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay cool."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Sorry."[/color]
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i kitkat'd))
Nikodemus: So, where am I?
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Grillby's, a bar where people relax."[/color]
Nikodemus: waved to Schryo
: ((i 3musketeer'd
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Shit[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Why the fuck didn't I do three musketeer'd[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I'm a disgrace to trikind[/color]
: ((rip
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Nikodemus: ((is Miyu on the floor of the bar?
: nods.
: ((no
Miyu: Nah
: ((Nope
Nikodemus: a bar?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Yeah."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I mean I'm 13 but."[/color]
Elo: is on the couch
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Rules are different here I guess."[/color]
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Nikodemus: I take it I'm not in Levos anymore
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Probably not."[/color]
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Nikodemus: Cool
Nikodemus: flaps his wings and floats over to Sean
Nikodemus: so whats happening around here?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Just conversations, people relaxing."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Nothing big."[/color]
Nikodemus: sounds boring
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Yeah."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"It really is."[/color]
Nikodemus: I was wandering around Levos and came across this door thing
Nikodemus: led me here
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Iiiit's betttter ththan chaos.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But if you talk to some people they'll tell you they've done mass genocide."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"So it's surprising how calm it is."[/color]
Nikodemus: genocide? whats that?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"When you kill a lot of people."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Then when you add mass it's a LOT of people."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Like, millions, I think."[/color]
Nikodemus: ...
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... H-Heh, sorry I'm not talking much... N-Not that good at coming up with things to talk about...> *He readjusts his position on the sofa a bit.*
Nikodemus: doesn't sound very nice
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But don't worry, I'm not dead yet so it's safe."[/color]
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: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...>
Nikodemus: ....so is there anything worth exploring here?
Nikodemus: I was out on an epic adventure
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I don't know actually. There's an outside, and a lot of rooms."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ii mean, ththe wholle unnnderground can be exexpllored.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But it's really cold outside, and I assume the rooms are pretty casual."[/color]
Nikodemus: underground?
Nikodemus: whats that?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...Underground?"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"It's below the surface."[/color]
Nikodemus: surface?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But I didn't know I was underground."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Yeah, like, there's a planet, and the area around it is the surface."[/color]
Nikodemus: you mean Skies?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Below that is underground, because the surface is just ground."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Wwwe're undergrground right nnow.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...Uh, sure."[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... D-Did you have any hobbies?>
Nikodemus: I don't follow?
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay, just a second."[/color]
Nikodemus: This is a floating island right?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He orders a hamburger.[/color]
Nikodemus: looks out of the window
CryingEevee OOC: (("who dreams about taking a shit with another guy?"))
Nikodemus: is there an edge close by?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He walks over to Nikodemus and points to the bun. "This is the surface."[/color]
Nikodemus: okay?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He takes the bun off and points to the meat. "This is the underground."[/color]
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Nikodemus: uhhh
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Nnno.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"The entire burger is a planet."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"So we're at the meat."[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He said this kinda quietly, so it might not have been audible.*
Nikodemus: scratches his head
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ththis isnnn't a flfloatttttting island.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I guess all planets are technically floating islands."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"But no."[/color]
: pulls out a sketchpad and draws a rough diagram.
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CryingEevee OOC: ((i need a number 1-4 but it doesn't have to do with the old gods or cultists so 3 isn't guaranteed to work))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]hmm[/color]
Nikodemus: stares at the diagram
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]2[/color]
Nikodemus: that makes no sene
Nikodemus: sense*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"You probably just haven't seen a planet then."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Draw a floating island."[/color]
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
CryingEevee OOC: ((and it's only afterward i see, 3 is huge success when 2 is normal success))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]srs[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]y'know what[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]always pick 3[/color]
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]evidently i've consumed the world[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((alright, i'll say whenever it's a failure or huge failure))
Nikodemus: takes the sketchpad and starts to poorly draw something
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]and everybody is obeying the tri[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... S-Sounds more like a necessity than a hobby, but I'll take it...> *I assume Commo's on the sofa with him, right?*
Nikodemus: you know what? it'd be better to show you
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Probably yeah."[/color]
Nikodemus: how do I get back?
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Go through the door."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: (([s]in this universe tri is the strongest god and i am an incarnation of him[/s]))
Nikodemus: well lets go -grabs Sean's hand and leads him to the anydoor-
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"If someone were to have entered after you then you would have to go through the history, but nobody d---alrighty."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He follows.[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh, and then an eldritch abomination is summoned))
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]i've awakened[/color]
Nikodemus: enters through the anydoor and leds Sean into a cave,
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Wow...neat."[/color]
Nikodemus: Well we have to leave this underdwelling first
: follows, mostly because I assume Niko still has his sketchbook, but also out of curiosity.
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Nikodemus: runs ahead through the tunnel
Nikodemus: still has the notepad
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He continues following.[/color]
: is running behind the two.
: a bright light leads to the outside of the tunnel, into a a bright blue sky. There are a number of floating islands in the distance
CryingEevee OOC: ((so, i knocked away the item the summoner was using to control the eldritch horror, so then it attacks him and the summoner's minions come through a portal to assist their leader and attack the horror, and in the chaos i slip away))
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]gj[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((AND i loot a magical artifact))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]more gj[/color]
: the island they are on is grassland, with a few trees and a cave, but the edge is close by, and then its simply sky
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He stares wide-eyed.[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Pretty."[/color]
Nikodemus: flaps his wings and floats off the edge
Nikodemus: weclome to Levos
Nikodemus: don't fall off the island
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Iiit's nice.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I won't."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Wait, so you know that cave, right?"[/color]
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Nikodemus: you mean the underdwelling
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Er, yeah."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That's considered underground."[/color]
: if the two look down off the egde, theres nothing below them but clouds
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Because it's below the surface, which is..." He pats the grass. "this."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((wait, when did i lose my weapon?))
Nikodemus: weird
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]o no[/color]
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Elo: ((Time to play more Undertale: The Happening
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"It does make sense though, right?"[/color]
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Nikodemus: come on I'll show you around
Nikodemus: flys off
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He follows, unless he flies away from the island.[/color]
Nikodemus: did, and unless you can fly, Niko is not followable
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...I can't fly."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((also if i thrust my shield towards a projectile that isn't a musket shot))
Nikodemus: ohhh yeadd
Nikodemus: yeah*
CryingEevee OOC: ((it reflects it))
Nikodemus: flies back
CryingEevee OOC: ((including fireballs))
Nikodemus: sorry I forgot
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"It's fine."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Is there any way people that can't fly can traverse?"[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Or can everyone here fly?"[/color]
Nikodemus: Humans have a hard time getting around here compared to us Avans
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Nikodemus: theres not a airship nearby
Nikodemus: an*
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Um.
Nikodemus: I could carry you
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally fiddles with his thumbs a bit, trying to think of something to talk about.*
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Iii can cacarrry you, iif you'd lllike...
Nikodemus: not him though -points at schyro
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Can I trust you 100%?"[/color]
Elo: https://images-2.discordapp.net/.eJwFwVsOhCAMAMC7cADKo6B4G4IEzWpLoMaPzd59Z77qGZfa1CHS5wawn7Pw2PUUHrlV3ZjbVXM_py58QxbJ5bgryQSbPIbgo8NgfLImGHCI3ji7-oi4JLOsER76EL-kOzX1-wMFYyLT.ah05vBU27WOZVLE1NwRd2Od2VFs?width=400&height=102
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Wait, you can fly too?"[/color]
Elo: https://images-2.discordapp.net/.eJwNyVEOgyAMANC7cACKLbDgbQgSNNOWQM0-zO6-vd_3mHucZjW7ap8rwHbMImOzU2XkVm0TaWfN_Zi2yAVZNZf9qqwTlkQ-BIrog6O0uOAAvSeHiBRjTC_3L7j5zfJh27mZ7w8EsCLJ.APWPVvDZEkep50prRTD6S3bCx84?width=400&height=103
Nikodemus: is only 5 feet tall
Elo: https://images-2.discordapp.net/.eJwNyMsNwyAMANBdGACbX1SyDSKIRElshB31UHX39h3fxzzzMqvZVYesANshledmRXmW3mxn7lcr4xBb-YaiWup-N1IBl0NMKSw-JgzZYULwMQb0_l_uhS56zPDQSfwmO6ib7w8DkyK7.zx5ea2e-elAH2RqfH9gLy7p2f58?width=400&height=103
Elo: https://images-1.discordapp.net/.eJwNyMsNwyAMANBdGACbXxuyDSKIRE1shB31UHX39h3fx9zzNKvZVYesANshledmRXmW3mxn7mcr4xBb-YKiWup-NVIBl0NMKTx8TBiyw4TgYwzow5L_u7iMTw83vYjfZAd18_0BBT8izg.utwYMhXKYV-p8cjZM32EfGDngrs?width=400&height=103
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ssort of.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Neat. Sorry other guy, but I'm gonna have to go with Schyro if you don't mind."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((*ded*))
Nikodemus: we got about a click to go
Nikodemus: can you fly that long
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"A click."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Is that like, a comparison to a click of a mouse?"[/color]
Nikodemus: klick*
CryingEevee OOC: (("ok, that's what i'm gonna do next time i get off a plane, i'll say 'what realm is this?'"))
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Iit's more hhhhovering, and iit's lilimited power, but assssuming that's ununder fiiifty miles, yyes.
Nikodemus: if not I can get a ship
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh boy 6 of scales))
Nikodemus: or wait
CryingEevee OOC: ((when they're buffed up))
Nikodemus: over here
Elo: ((THAT'S IT?!
Nikodemus: flies over to the rear of the island and theres an old large cannon there, rusted up
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"That is a cannon."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Okay, nnno. Abssssolulutely not.
Nikodemus: Yeah, humans use these to get around
Nikodemus: its also really fun
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"It's old and I feel like I'd die."[/color]
Nikodemus: opens the rear breech of the cannon
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"By falling into the endless pit of misery."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ii mean. Ththe diammmeter of thhhe barrel is also fafar too smalll for me.
Nikodemus: good it'll fit you Mister Robot
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
Nikodemus: all I got to do is aim it to the home island
Nikodemus: and you'll land in a safety net
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I mean, I guess if it fails I'll probably be saved."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'll try it."[/color]
Nikodemus: grabs the rear of the cannon and starts to turn it
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Iii don't trtrust gettting shot out of a cannnnnon.
CryingEevee OOC: ((so instead of trying to survive in the short run, i decided to risk this run for more unlocks which is maybe better?))
Nikodemus: it'll be fine, humans do this all the time
Nikodemus: we falcons use them for quick deployment too
Nikodemus: is falcon like btw
Nikodemus: hence why we're so fast
CryingEevee OOC: ((>an old man comes up to me asking for food for orphans))
Nikodemus: yeah I'm a Peregrine
CryingEevee OOC: ((>i'm starving, i have no food and my money disappears whenever i heal because of a curse, leaving me moneyless))
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ii'm neithther. Ththe cannnon looks like iiit weighs ababout as mmuch as I do. Mmaybe less. Ii'll gladlly use my ownnnn enhahancemennts.
CryingEevee OOC: ((>the old man says the children will go hungry after i decline him))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]By the way, CE[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((>have you SEEN my condition, old man?))
Nikodemus: well okay, but watch out for gusts and high winds
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]What are you even playing[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: Sean>
Nikodemus: ?
CryingEevee OOC: ((hand of fate))
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Yeah?"[/color]
Nikodemus: points to the cannon's breech?
Nikodemus: I'll fly ahead and make sure you'll land safety
CryingEevee OOC: ((and i'm DED))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh, yeah. Thanks."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]rip[/color]
Elo: ((*ded*
CryingEevee OOC: ((but i got plenty of unlocks, which is all that mattered since that was endless mode))
Nikodemus: Mr. Roboto, go ahead and close the breech and aftter he gets in and pull the cord behind it to fire
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He gets inside.[/color]
Nikodemus: runs and flies off the island, disappearing in the distance,
Elo: ((Holy shit guys
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh boy, i got a card that's MANDATORY in the deck))
Elo: ((Senigrade has a tulpa
: does so.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]What[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((and it's called "the lich"))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Isn't that delta[/color]
Elo: ((Yes
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Woa[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Elo: ((He made a tulpa called 'Delta'
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: the cannon fires, sending Sean out at high speed quickly catching up to Nikodemus
CryingEevee OOC: (([sub]i don't know who senigrade is[/sub]))
Elo: ((Delta fucking warrior
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He screams the whole way.[/color]
Nikodemus: screams, "SEE? FUN RIGHT?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc][i]"NO"[/i][/color]
: rockets off after him, making sure to stay underneath Sean in case he falls.
CryingEevee OOC: ((well that was a fun hand of fate session))
: it's like. rocketing off and then hovering after the initial propulsion.
Nikodemus: darts ahead
: the group is quickly approaching a large floating island, with a spiraling city with towers on it
: sean appears to be approaching a small cap between the main island and a small one floating next to it
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He's internally freaking out so he doesn't fully process this.[/color]
Nikodemus: returns and grabs Seans shoulders with his bird feet
: notices, and grabs Sean at the same time Niko does.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He tries to control his breathing before he speaks.[/color]
Nikodemus: starts flapping and is well capable of holding sean
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...Can I...not do that...again?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: the group slowly approaches the island as they land on the main island. the cap has a large safety net over it
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Nikodemus: gap*
Nikodemus: what? it was awesome
: let go.
Nikodemus: lets go
: lands after the others.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I didn't die but I felt like I would the whole way and that overrode the apparent awesomeness."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Okayy. What's funnn for you mimight not be funnn for otherss.
Nikodemus: Bah I do that on a daily bais
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: basis*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I do that on a never basis."[/color]
Nikodemus: oh oh, let me show you around, this is my home town
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He nods.[/color]
Nikodemus: we can see the city, the elder and the island
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm guessing the elder is the leader of the island."[/color]
Nikodemus: Yeah, hes Sciroco
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Can I call him Skyrock?"[/color]
Nikodemus: sure I guess
Nikodemus: he has a good sense of humor
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Cool, because that sounds like Skyrock."[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He lays down on the couch, curling up a bit so he doesn't poke Commodity or something.* <... I-If I fall asleep, can you wake me up, please?>
Nikodemus: runs around, hes annoyingly fast
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He tries to keep up and fails.[/color]
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: has long enough legs to almost keep up.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: the group enter the city and theres a number of other Avans there, falcons, they are all around 5 feet tall
: most are staring at Schyro
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... True... I'm, uh, gonna leave for a bit... Got some, uh, stuff to take care of.>
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Elo: stayed behind, on the couch
CryingEevee OOC: ((huh, the oc sheet was so underused it wasn't included in the nutshack variant of the chat desc and is just gone in the current chat desc))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]rip[/color]
Elo: ((Oh nooooooooooooo
Elo: ((How can we possibly live without the beloved oc sheet
Elo: I assume Azalea probably told Loni that he was not quite dead yet
CryingEevee OOC: ((i was just bringing mention to it, it's not like i as saying "hey, this is gone, bring it back"))
: looks to Sean, and helps him. And then when people stare at him he screams internally.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Thanks."[/color]
: nods.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He exits his mindscape, and goes through the Anydoor.*
: they whisper among themselves, but the word ,"Golum" can be heard
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It only slightly annoys him that they're not saying robot.[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Nikodemus: reappears
Nikodemus: Come on slowpokes
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm a young human what do you expect from me."[/color]
Nikodemus: runs into a large spiraling tower
: its a ridiculously long spiral staircase to the top
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh come on."[/color]
: picks Sean up, walking fast, faces passed, and i'm towerbound.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi DD[/color]
Nikodemus: flies to the top
Nikodemus: ((hello
: ((hi
: propels himself(and sean) part of the way, though he easily climbs the rest of it.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai DD))
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: once the group makes it to the top, theres a single room up there, a bedroom with a kitchen and what not.. Theres an Avan there standing
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Brb mobile[/color]
Scirocco: oh hello there Nikodemus
: Sean [] disconnected.
DamnDude: [[ http://prntscr.com/d39vvz ]]
Scirocco: I see you brought some friends
: sets Sean down.
CryingEevee OOC: ((clipboards))
CryingEevee OOC: ((nanomachines, son!))
Nikodemus: Hey there pops!
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Hhhhello.
Scirocco: -is an elderly looking Falcon- What brings you here?
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Scirocco: I can't say I've seen your kind around here before, Artitects aren't usually seen outsude
Scirocco: -said that talking to Schyro
: Sean [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Back[/color]
Scirocco: -walks over with a cane and taps Schyros leg with the cane,
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Are you Skyrock?"[/color]
Scirocco: No I'm Shirley
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...I'm, um, nnnot frfrom thhis worlld. I... mmmostly cacame becauuse, uh, yyyour son acccidentalllllyntook my skketchp-- -He flinches back.- Iiii'm sorry...
: name it read it tune it [] joined chat.
Scirocco: oh excuse me, my eyes aren't so good
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: hes not my dad
Nikodemus: We all just call him pops
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay Shirley. I'm also not from this world."[/color]
: (( did you mean: [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Scirocco]volkswagen scirocco[/url]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] .........Sssorry...
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm Sean."[/color]
Scirocco: I'm Scirocco and don't call me Shirley
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay, sorry."[/color]
Nikodemus: ((no that Scirocoo
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] I-Iii'm Schyro...... s-[sub]ssssorrry...[/sub]
: (( obviously
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Scirocco: I take it you are from another dimension?
Scirocco: perhaps the Rick Astley dimension?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Timeline, but sure."[/color]
Scirocco: I once was trapped in the RA Dimension
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What's Rick Astley?"[/color]
Scirocco: A man that promised to never give me up
: the red cat crawls onto Sean's shoulder
: again
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Hhhe's a sisinger. A-aand no.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi again."[/color]
: "hi"
Scirocco: I had to fight my way out with nothnig more than a sharpened end of a interspace tooth brush
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Huh. Is that an effective wespon?"[/color]
Scirocco: -starts laughing but coughs about-
: he lightly pokes Sean a few times, looking at Scirocco
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: "can I just call you 'rocco'"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Cat, what's up?"[/color]
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Scirocco: Sure why not
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: "alright, cool" he looks at Sean. "i have a name, you know"
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I don't know actually."[/color]
Scirocco: I've traveled to a number of other timelines
: whispers to Nikodemus. "...M-mmmay I hahave my sketchppppad back?"
Scirocco: believed I was the only one until now, seeing what Nikodemus brought home
Nikodemus: uhhh
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Nikodemus: hands them back
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Nice to meet you by the way."[/color]
: "my name is"
Scirocco: Oh likewise, so you know, just be careful around here, don't go falling off the edge, no one has ever returned past the clouds
: takes his sketchpad back and stores it in his chest.
: "liquet"
: "now you know"
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Scirocco: The Owls and Eagles are friendly, but the Ravens, Crows and Vultures....not so much
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'll be careful, I'm a cautious person."[/color]
: http://i.imgur.com/RHP5y3b.png
Barchar: (I come back and see 'Nikodemus')
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Barchar: (The only other place I've seen that name is, like, so far what's seeming(?) to be a big bad from the dresden files. What's going on)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]RP in another timeline[/color]
: "or you can just call me 'cat'"
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Scirocco: so are you two part of the prophecy?
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...What?"[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Whhhatt?
: "wha"
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: Yeah theres this cool Prophecy about a stranger that comes from another world that will connect two worlds
: name it read it tune it [] is now barbershop pole arm!Hellcat [Hellcat].
Nikodemus: (is not part of Dresden files
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hmm, I guess that could be one of us."[/color]
Scirocco: well if that is true, you should go see the Island
Barchar: (I mean, I know it's not)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I've seen two."[/color]
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Scirocco: -laughs- No no no
Scirocco: Nikodemus, be sure to take them to see the Island
Nikodemus: Surely you can't be serious?
Scirocco: I am serious, and don't call me Shirley
: ((hah
Nikodemus: and Scirocco laugh
Nikodemus: come on you to
Hellcat: "ok, Shirley"
Nikodemus: two*
Barchar: (Who are these airplane quoting losers)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay, this is pretty neat."[/color]
Nikodemus: jumps out the window
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm part of two prophecies."[/color]
: ((excuse you the title is airplane! and theyre birb people
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Nikodemus: flaps his wings and lands softly in the middle of town, yelling, "HURRY UP"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He follows.[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Nikodemus: ((they kind of look like the Ritos from Wind Waker basically
Hellcat: he's still on Sean's shoulder
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Except with less windows jumped out of.[/color]
Hellcat: (( [i]Airplane! (1980)[/i]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He pets cat along the way.[/color]
: grabs Sean, sliding down the banister using his heels.
Hellcat: "ah jeez"
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: runs off down a path way that leds to a cave tunnel
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i can think of 3 bird people species off the top of my head, avians from starbound, rito from wind waker, and the chozo from metroid))
: follows, helping Sean keep up.
: the group exits to the end of tunnel onto a little slab of land
: past that is simply edge
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Is this THE Island?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: Hold
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc][s]Edgy[/s][/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He stops.[/color]
: the slab of land disconnects from the island and floats around the side of the island
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: it moves around and eventually stops,
Nikodemus: Here we are!
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Neat."[/color]
: a large face its engraved into the wall
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
: the wall of the island*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Who's that?"[/color]
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
: the rock on the island breaks off and moves its face forward and opens his eyes, in a large booming voice, "GREETINGS"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Woah hi."[/color]
Hellcat: "what"
: the face appears to be turtle like
: is spooped. He jumps back, not having expected this.
: "What brings you here young Nikodemus? Have you brought me carnies?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He waits tensely.[/color]
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Nikodemus: Nah, they are from a different world or something
Nikodemus: Pops said they might be part of the prophecy
: Master Chef [Halo] joined chat.
: Master Chef [Halo] is now Ant [Ant].
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
: ((yo
Ant: (( Ayy ))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi Ant[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I may or may not pass out[/color]
Ant: (( don't pass out ))
: ((rip
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Trying to not[/color]
: "Did you come here to connect the two worlds?
Hellcat: (( I'm pulling my
Hellcat: (( "This is a demo and it's completely different from the actual thing" move
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Um, n-nnnot intetennnntionalllly?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"We can totally do that but it's not why we came."[/color]
: "Its is said that the stranger will fix our two worlds, by breaking through the rift and connecting
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...Okay, I don't understand that but."[/color]
Ant: walks in
: "Human, perhaps you are the one
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Woah hey really? Uh...wow."[/color]
: "I can grant you a power that can help you in your quest
Hellcat: he's still poking Sean
Ant: "Hi people"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He still pets cat.[/color]
: "Power over fire"
Hellcat: miaou
Hellcat: "excuse me"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Ant may or may not be alone[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Rip[/color]
Hellcat: "I happen to know a lot about fire"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Ohhh niice."[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Hellcat: he spits a flame
Hellcat: literally
Hellcat: "i can do more"
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Why do you think I'm the one?"[/color]
Grillby: -He's in the bar.-
: a large claw approaches from the the side of the island and stops before Sean's head
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He stays still.[/color]
Drakon: "hey ant"
: Elo's connection timed out.
Hellcat: "why though?"
Ant: "How have you been, Drakon?"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: so kind of energy flows through the claw and to Sean's head, "call it a guess. Here in this realm you are now connected to the element of fire
Drakon: "All of my college applications got rejected so"
Drakon: "pretty good"
Nikodemus: some*
Hellcat: "excuse me"
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Ant: "Oh...shit. I kind of forgot that school was a thing to be honest."
Elo: ((https://youtu.be/5mjqQxqUREI
Elo: ((I love this series
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh man this is cool...thanks island."[/color]
Hellcat: "fire is lit, am i right"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He smiles widely.[/color]
: "My name is Salrish
Barchar: are ant and drakon in the bar?
Drakon: "I was either going to some bending university or"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay, thanks Salrish."[/color]
Drakon: "art school"
Drakon: yes
Barchar: She snorts. suddenly brabcrab. "Many people would say you're lucky for being able to do that."
: "Find the other elements and find the path to the other world"
Drakon: "I actually have no use for college"
: "Or don't, see if I care"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I will, probably."[/color]
: "Just give me back that element when you are done"
Drakon: "I'm 20, trying to---"
Ant: "I don't either really. Actually...I don't think my timeline has many colleges."
Drakon: "oh shit I do have a use for college"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Got it."[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
: the Island moves back into its original spot
Nikodemus: slab of land*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What about Schyro?"[/color]
Drakon: "I don't actually have anywhere to live"
Drakon: "I just sleep in shopping carts near Downtown"
: Salrish moved back into the rock
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Oh."[/color]
Nikodemus: So yeah that island, a big floating turtle that we live on
Hellcat: "you live on a"
Hellcat: "a floating turtle?"
Hellcat: "oh my"
Ant: "Oh. Well I could build an extra room onto my place...as long as you don't mind Penelope turning your stuff into cats. "
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Oh.
Hellcat: "that's pretty cool"
Drakon: "Who the hell is Penelope"
Barchar: (Hellcat: "What's this old myth-slsh-discworld bullsht)
Nikodemus: come on lets go see Pops
Drakon: "Is she going to college"
Nikodemus: runs off again
Hellcat: "what the fuck is this"
Barchar: "Tiny girl. Turning into a wtich, I think."
Hellcat: "myth/discworld bullshit"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Alright." He follows.[/color]
Ant: "Yeah what barchar said"
: also follows.
Drakon: "well"
: on the way back, theres an Avan on the edge of the island, yelling, "BEHOLD!"
Drakon: "I'll be getting all the pussy then"
Drakon: "so sure, I don't mind"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...?"[/color]
Ant: "Or there's those to space people who are turning their ships into apartments or something- that pun...was very bad."
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"What am I beholding?"[/color]
: he is dressed in black, "IT IS I. THE EDGE LORD"
Hellcat: "aaaaaGH"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]fucking[/color]
Hellcat: "and I thought I was bad"
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Okay, nice to meet you."[/color]
Barchar: (It's Reaper)
Nikodemus: Just ignore him, hes a loony
Barchar: (BTW Yaz have you seen Sombra yet?)
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Nikodemus: ((yes
Barchar: (She's kinda great)
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
Barchar: (ARG was shit, but the character is good)
Nikodemus: (is she out?
Hellcat: (( 2/10 shit arg
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]What happened with the arh[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]arg[/color]
Barchar: (Nothing.)
Barchar: (Absolutely. Nothing.)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]ok[/color]
Drakon: "ok so"
Drakon: "I'm going to brute force my way into art school"
Hellcat: "no"
Barchar: "Ooookat."
Hellcat: "please"
Ant: "...are you going to fight the art school?"
Nikodemus: Quickly we must leave before we get sucked into a flashback!
Hellcat: "die"
Barchar: "Have fun."
Nikodemus: runs off
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He follows faster.[/color]
Drakon: "Yes and no"
: follows.
Ant: (( An anime where drakon has to fight the entire student council at an art school: Paint la Paint ))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"This is insane."[/color]
: the group returns to Scirocco evenutally, ditching the Edge Lord
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Hi, I have fire now."[/color]
Scirocco: So did you find what you are looking for?
Ant: (( Wait no....he fights them all with a pen: Quill la Quill.))
Scirocco: oh?
Ant: "...should I be concerned?"
Drakon: "I'm going to"
Drakon: "you'll see"
Barchar: (An anime about bumpy landscapes)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I guess that"s what I looked for."[/color]
Barchar: (Hill la hill)
Scirocco: Salrish granted you a gift? do you know how to fight?
Ant: (( An anime about people named william: bill la bill))
Scirocco: it requires skill and total control to use, martials arts will help you with it
Ant: (( A Tarantino anime: kill la bill
Barchar: (An anime about the last wishes of dying people. Will la will.)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Sorta."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Not with magic."[/color]
Scirocco: well I'm sure you'll figure it out. Figure anything out?
: ((an anime about pickles. dill la dill.
Drakon: "so"
Ant: (( A hentai of Kill la Kill simply titled Fill la Fill
Drakon: he projects something onto a wall in the bar
Hellcat: (( oh my god
Drakon: it's Microsoft Outlook
Scirocco: about the prophecy?
Drakon: on Windows XP
Ant: (( *drops mic on accident but plays it off as intentional*
Barchar: "..."
Drakon: "I'm going to flood their emails with this image"
Barchar: "This is. Awful."
Elo: ((Kill of la hill
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I have to find elements and open two worlds I think."[/color]
Drakon: he projects [url=http://i.imgur.com/AFvNPfQ.png]this image[/url]
Barchar: (An anime about farmland. till la till.)
Drakon: "Then I'm going to go down there and yell at the staff and harass them until I get in"
Ant: "Drakon. This is the opposite of art."
Barchar: "...This is."
Drakon: "I'm a fucking robot"
Barchar: "I don't know what it is."
Drakon: "I was fucking programmed to do art"
: ((an anime about sopranos, trill la trill
Ant: "Did...did you fail the captcha on all the applications...? "
Scirocco: do you believe in the prophecy?
Barchar: "Clearly. Not"
Drakon: "oh my god"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm already sort of in one so I don't see why not for this one. It's just so different here."[/color]
Ant: (( The 4kids version of Kill la Kill: Bully la Bully ))
Drakon: "I can't say I'm not a robot"
Barchar: "You can lie, Drakon."
Barchar: (Annoy la annoy)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It's high moon[/color]
Ant: gets out their own image "Now [url=http://imgur.com/mScqVEg ]this [/url] is art"
Barchar: (It's 11:59 you pleb)
Barchar: (Okay now it's high moon)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Wtf[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Fucking tablet[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Why you do this[/color]
Barchar: (It actually became high moon as i typed that)
Scirocco: -taps Sean's heads with the cane- "No, Prophecies are just total crap, idiotic legends made by the superstitious who rather just hope someone takes care of their problems than actually do something about it
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"..."[/color]
Miyu: [I'm gonna do it]
Miyu: [I'm gonna break up with these two]
Miyu: [This is probably going to end badly]
Barchar: [Good.]
Barchar: [Just get it over with.]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Uh.....okay."[/color]
Scirocco: well thats enough fun for today, I should go to bed, you guys are free to do what you like
Drakon: "I'm gonna make art right fucking now"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Oh..
Scirocco: -walks off to the counter mumbling, "wheres my prune juice
Barchar: "Good luck."
Nikodemus: Ha
Drakon: he takes a drawing tablet out of nowhere
Drakon: and takes an Expo marker
Drakon: and starts scribbling all over it
Ant: "Drakon..."
Nikodemus: ...so what do you guys wanna do now?
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
Drakon: "SHUT UP"
: shrugs.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'm tired."[/color]
: Elo's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: I'll take you back home
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"And dazed."[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Thanks."[/color]
Drakon: there is an image on the wall now
Nikodemus: come on lets find the cannon
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"...Aw man."[/color]
Ant: (( A woman is suing to stop the presidential election ))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]kek[/color]
Drakon: http://i.imgur.com/hid19KO.png
Nikodemus: leads sean back to the anydoor
Drakon: "HA"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"Thanks again."[/color]
Ant: "...how...that's not expo marker....how did you?"
: takes Sean back rather than doing the cannon shit
Nikodemus: what about you Mr. Robo? you going to?
Drakon: "I'm an artistic robot"
Nikodemus: wanna look around a bit?
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]"I'll be back when you need me. Bye."[/color]
Nikodemus: Bye bye
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Bye.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Um.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]He rushes out the anydoor.[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I fucking[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Stsyed awake[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Yee[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Time to dlep[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Gm[/color]
: Sean [] disconnected.
Nikodemus: (GN
Barchar: "THat's, like, a half-decent wallpaper."
Nikodemus: looks at Schryo
Barchar: "Which, considering what most modern art was like? You're a cinch."
: Sean [] joined chat.
Nikodemus: leaving too?
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ccan you plplease stttop calling me Mr. Robot? Iii hahave a nnname... i-iiit's Schyro...
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Shit wait[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]<3[/color]
Drakon: "Well fuck you too"
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Okay gn[/color]
Hellcat: <3
: Sean [] disconnected.
Nikodemus: Hi I'm Nikodemus
Wild Card: *He walks in* "Hello bar I'm stuck going to"
Ant: "Are you the one I heard tried to drug someone?"
Barchar: "You're not stuck to do anything, cliche Mc-Ican'ttihnkofacodenamenotinvolvingcards
Nikodemus: ....don't think I told anyone my name so.....
Wild Card: "Good burn. really cut deep on that one."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Oh...
Barchar: "You'll bleed to death within the hour."
Wild Card: "And who brought Hiro Hamada here? Clearly no one explained to him what really happened with Ari."
Nikodemus: Well if you're going back hime, I'll join you
Barchar: "He came here himself."
Ant: looks around "Hiro Hamada? where?"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Um. A-aaanyway, um, Ii'd rathther not stttay, I'd lilike to go bback. But ifff you come baback to thhhe bar in a ddday I'd be hhhappy to.
Barchar: "Of his own free will."
Nikodemus: flies up and lands on Schyros's sholuder
Nikodemus: sure
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Hheh.
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Wild Card: "Oh god. Why?"
Nikodemus: Levos is always full of adventure
: goes through the Anydoor.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Hhello.
Barchar: "Why does [i]anyone[/i] come here anymore?"
Ant: "Wait...[i]I'm[/i] Hiro Hamada?"
Barchar: "Because there are people the care about here, mostly."
Nikodemus: Hello there new people
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Barchar: "Hi, new person."
Barchar: "Hi, not new person." she nods to Schyro
Wild Card: "How many robots are there?"
Barchar: "Uh..."
Barchar: she counts on her fingers.
Barchar: "Like, 5 that come here frequently?"
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Ant: "I look nothing like Hiro Hamada!"
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Wild Card: "Any that would be willing to trade their parts for stuff?"
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
Barchar: "Absolutely not."
Elo: is still on the couch
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Nnno.
Barchar: "Well, GLaDOS might actually."
Barchar: "You'd have to ask her."
Wild Card: "Like...GLaDOS from portal? Nah I think I'm good."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] Ii mean, I hahave one ollld part that Iii have layyying around, but it's nonot in gggood condidition...
Barchar: "Yes, that G
Barchar: LaDOS."
Barchar: "She's actually pretty alright."
Nikodemus: is a rito like person, btw, about 5 feet, is a falcon
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He enters the bar through the Any door, and sits down on the couch, looking a bit stressed and tired.*
Nikodemus: flaps his wings and lands next to the couch
: jolts at GLaDOS's entry.
Literally Satan: [Yo fucko's give me phone numbers]
GLaDOS: [url=http://orig01.deviantart.net/b6d1/f/2012/012/a/6/human_glados_by_chigeng-d4m3afe.jpg]this her[/url]
Barchar: [of whom]
Nikodemus: Hello there crazy lady
Barchar: ['Cause I can give you PLENTY of phone numbers]
Literally Satan: [Just give me phone numbers]
Literally Satan: {Yours works]
Wild Card: "Oh. that is not how I was expecting GLaDOS to look..."
Barchar: [you have my phone number. You're texting with me. Right now.]
Literally Satan: [I can't fucking see it]
Literally Satan: [Post it]
Hellcat: oh my god
Hellcat: are you using this for the ZS adventure I'm doing
Ant: gets a text just before his phone turns into a cat and runs off
: Yes
Shoe: [1-800-597-3248]
GLaDOS: "It was a humanoid body created when Aperture intended for me to not kill them all."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He lays down, closing his eyes and sighing quietly to himself.*
Ant: "Well. I think that's my cue to leave"
GLaDOS: "But then I did."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...Um, b-bbbye...
Shoe: [(785) 273-0325]
GLaDOS: "But then I started coming here, and my normal body was inconvenient."
Ant: waves before chasing after his new cat
Nikodemus: flies over and lands on the jukebox
Barchar: [109-2184-2984-9284-1023-6793]
Wild Card: "So...do you not kill anymore or...?"
: goes over to Wally, a bit hesitantly. "Um... a-aaaare you okayay?"
Literally Satan: [Thanks fam]
GLaDOS: "Only when somebody annoys me greatly, in general."
Barchar: [That's all one number.]
: ((Slar
Nikodemus: swings his wings over and makes a cloack
Glamor: [font=glamor][1-800-867-5309][/font]
: ((What happens if I call those
: ((With my actual phone
Barchar: [you find out whose it is.]
Shoe: [(318) 336-9613]
Wild Card: "I'll be careful then."
Ari: *Walks in*
Hellcat: (( http://i.imgur.com/P4wLBXC.png
Elo: ((Call them and find out
GLaDOS: "I'd have to somehow bring you into Aperture anyway."
Nikodemus: looks at Elo
Nikodemus: someone messed you up
Elo: is just sitting on the couch, his flesh occasionally twitching
Elo: "..."
Ari: "Hiya everyone except for [i]'Wild Card'[/i] who can go fuck himself with an infected syringe."
Barchar: "Hi Ari."
Nikodemus: Hi there
Wild Card: "I feel like that insult was grossly specific"
Barchar: "Cliched the Codename over there is trying not to get killed by a muderbot."
Ari: "I feel like your face is grossly....gross...."
: Ant [Ant] is now Ari [Ari].
Barchar: "But it's nothin' personnel, kid."
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...H-hhi...
Ari: plops down on the couch
Tyler: walks in
Tyler: pissed
GLaDOS: "Although I do have this." she pulls up a replica of Symmetra's gun. "Which I haven't been able to use becasue NOBODY TOLD ME WHEN IT WAS OCTOBER 31ST"
Ari: "TOWEL!"
Wild Card: "who the fuck is Towel?"
Tyler: "Some fucking robot just came to my school and started throwing cans of paint at everyone"
Nikodemus: is starring are the random people here
Shoe: [(318) 787-2651]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
Wild Card: "Would that be the aesthetically displeasing machine that left a little while ago?"
Ari: "Wild Card you sound like a pretentious fuckboi"
Nikodemus: So how'd you get that way?
Barchar: (Ytou mean A E S T H E T I Cally displeasing)
Nikodemus: lost a bet ?
Nikodemus: said to Elo
Barchar: "Did you just say 'fuckboi'?"
Tyler: "My name is Tyler."
Ari: "What of it fuck- uh...fuckgirl sounds wrong...uh...wait shit...."
Nikodemus: ((wheres Chime?
Wild Card: "...how do you spell that?"
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] ...
Ari: "What fuckboi?"
Barchar: "I mean, I don't see how it sounds more wrong than the distaff counterpart."
: ((idk i hope shes ok
Wild Card: "Know uh...this guy's name?"
Barchar: (Youmacon)
Ari: ((*no not know wtf
: kinda just... leaves.
Nikodemus: ((she been off for a few days?
: ((OH right
Barchar: (Yes.)
Barchar: (Because she had to pack and then had to be there)
Ari: "Well fuckgirl sounds like a prostitute"
Nikodemus: Guess you're deaf too
Barchar: "My girlfriend is a prostitute."
Ari: "oh"
Ari: awkwardly sinks into the couch
: ((Slar sent me real numbers
: ((I just called
: ((The westboro baptist church
: ((A pizza hut
: ((And a strip club in my town
DamnDude: [[ http://prntscr.com/d3acx0 ]]
: ((With my phone
: ((NICE
Barchar: She snorts, nodding. "Probably the correct respose."
Barchar: (How is any of that nice)
Barchar: (Pizza hut sucks, the westboro baptist church [i]really[/i] sucks and...)
: And I just got the fucking megolavania number
Barchar: (Well, the strip club would be great is Laharl wasn't asexual)
: ((i like pizza hut
Barchar: (I [i]like[/i] it but it's not good)
Hellcat: http://i.imgur.com/FtLizm6.png
: ((its actually like my favorite pizza
: ((I'm also underage
: ((So it got really wierd
: ((Fast
Hellcat: Miyu [Tidus] [Level 16] - Today at 10:27 PM >Do I remember anything?[br]a - Today at 10:27 PM You remember being on a train
Barchar: (Well, I disagree with your opinion)
: ((o yeah
Hellcat: (( http://i.imgur.com/ofkxKss.png
Barchar: (I dunno what it is about them but I just hate pizza hut)
Hellcat: (( The ICA: intelligence central agency
Ari: (( The internal combustion agency
Hellcat: (( Or the internal combustion agency
Elo: ((What did you say to the strip club laharl
Barchar: (The Icky Crack Agency)
Barchar: (They just show their butts to people)
: ((ice cream association
Hellcat: (( All of these names are great
: ((I hung up
Hellcat: (( The ICA is the Ice Cream Association which is in turn blowing the FRI under their desk
Ari: (( I Cry Alot
Barchar: (The False Reading Institute)
Ari: (( Internally Crying Always
Barchar: (Aslo, why the fuck is a's profile picture the valve missing texture)
Barchar: (just)
Barchar: (why)
Hellcat: (( That's me
Hellcat: (( You fuck
Barchar: (oh)
Barchar: (Why is your profile picture the valve missing texture)
Hellcat: (( I didn't have another picture
Hellcat: (( so i was like "I'll just make a purple and black checkerboard"
Ari: (( gtg gn ))
: ((gn
Hellcat: ((gn
: Ari [Ari] disconnected.
Nikodemus: looks around the ar
Nikodemus: bar*
: is there.
Nikodemus: it got quiet
: nods.
Nikodemus: so uh....
Barchar: "Happens."
Nikodemus: who are you?
GLaDOS: is fiddling with her gun, looking disgruntled
Nikodemus: Crazy lady
Barchar: "Barchar. Leyline. Hi."
Nikodemus: Nikodemus
GLaDOS: "The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. Or GLaDOS."
Nikodemus: Nikodemus Falcone
Nikodemus: flies over to Glados
Nikodemus: whats that?
GLaDOS: she looks at him. "A gun."
GLaDOS: "Laser, technically."
: leaves, gn
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: can I see?
Nikodemus: goes straight to grab it immediately
GLaDOS: "No."
GLaDOS: "Wait." she pulls a little tube of ammo out of the side. "Yes."
GLaDOS: "I'd complain about the possibility of you breaking it, but I can make more."
Nikodemus: begins to try to open it and pry parts out from it
GLaDOS: He can snap off the prongs, and from there it's not too tough to get it apart.
GLaDOS: "Oh, that was your entire purpose here. Okay then."
: Smolapeño [Smolapeño] disconnected.
Nikodemus: hows it work?
GLaDOS: "Well, there's a trigger, and when you press it and it detects organic life within range, it projects a laser."
GLaDOS: "Or would have ahd you not just broken it."
Nikodemus: points it and pulls the trigger
GLaDOS: it does nothing, because she took the ammo out and Niko broke the fuck out of it already'
Nikodemus: eh
Nikodemus: seems like junk
Nikodemus: tosses it aside
GLaDOS: "It wasn't junk until you broke it."
GLaDOS: "Also, I took the ammunition out so you didn't murder anyone with it."
Nikodemus: murder?
Nikodemus: I'd never do that
GLaDOS: "Perhaps not intentionally."
Nikodemus: flies over and lands on the top of the couch next to Glados
Nikodemus: you know what a Peregine is?
GLaDOS: The door opens, as P-Body toddles over and hands GLaDOS a new gun. "Thank you, orange."
GLaDOS: "As in, the Peregrine falcon? Yes." P-Body leaves.
Nikodemus: tries to catch it first
Drakon: he just appears next to GLaDOS
Drakon: "hey"
GLaDOS: "Hello."
Drakon: "let me tell you something"
Drakon: "Black Mesa was better"
Nikodemus: Hello there
GLaDOS: she manages to get it before Niko.
Drakon: and he just fucking runs away as fast as he can
GLaDOS: "I am apparently popular now."
GLaDOS: "..."
Nikodemus: Black Mesa?
Nikodemus: maybe you're popular because of your good looks
Drakon: he is heavily biased towards Black Mesa
GLaDOS: "The wrost."
GLaDOS: "Also, if you're attempting to flirt with me I'm taken."
GLaDOS: "...That. That is a strange sentence to hear. Wow."
: barbershop pole arm!Hellcat's connection timed out.
Barchar: What, was Drakon made by Black mesa or something?
Nikodemus: is only 5 feet tall btw
Nikodemus: oh by how?
Nikodemus: who*
GLaDOS: she doesn't give a shit. "His name is Jason Scott, and he is infuriating. In a perplexingly good way." she inserts the tube into the new gun.
Nikodemus: if he is infuriating, then why be with him
Nikodemus: sits next to her
GLaDOS: "That's a question I ask myself every day, find no answer to, and yet know full well there's a good reason."
GLaDOS: "But I'm not likely to 'dump' him. It's possible he might me."
Nikodemus: well maybe its high time to drop the zero and get the hero
Nikodemus: thumbs up himself
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
GLaDOS: "You are tiny."
GLaDOS: "And presumably less scientifically interesting."
Nikodemus: sooo?
GLaDOS: "And I don't much like birds."
Elo: ((http://i.imgur.com/4zX1Ru4.jpg
Nikodemus: ....I'm a flying anthromorphic Falcon
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Nikodemus: and I'm cuddly
GLaDOS: "You are not, however, a time traveller."
GLaDOS: "And I'mnot much of a cuddler, in general."
Nikodemus: doesn't really look that old too btw
GLaDOS: to be frank, that's something of a lie. Robot see, robot do. "Also, you're still a child."
Nikodemus: I can be though, I'm a great adventurer
Nikodemus: I'm not a child
GLaDOS: "How old are you?"
Nikodemus: I'm 15
GLaDOS: "Tht is a child."
Nikodemus: No!
Nikodemus: I'm a man!
Nikodemus: er.. Falcom!
Nikodemus: Falcon*
GLaDOS: "You are under 18. Which is, by definition, a child."
Nikodemus: maybe in whatever world you live in
Nikodemus: pokes her cheeks
GLaDOS: it's metal.
Nikodemus: ....
Nikodemus: youre a construct
Nikodemus: ?
GLaDOS: "Robot."
GLaDOS: "The term is Robot."
Nikodemus: lays down and rests his head on her lap
Nikodemus: Really?
GLaDOS: "Automaton if you must be fancy about i-why."
Nikodemus: whats a robot?
GLaDOS: she reaches down, and puts Niko back up. "A robot is a being made of metal, programmed for a task."
Nikodemus: there was that Robot I talked to earlier, name was Schryoton Robot
GLaDOS: "I don't believe that's his last name."
Nikodemus: grumbles after being moved
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Nikodemus: something like that
Nikodemus: if you're a robot, why do you look like a human
GLaDOS: "Becuase that was how this particular shell I'm inhabiting was designed. Mcuh more 'relatable' than that hulking mass of wires and metal that I usually inhabit.
Elo: still staring, secretly asleep
Nikodemus: starts poking her face
Nikodemus: can you feel that?
GLaDOS: "Yes."
GLaDOS: "Please stop."
Nikodemus: does it hurt
GLaDOS: "No."
Nikodemus: pokes faster
GLaDOS: "Please stop anyway."
Nikodemus: is it annoying?
GLaDOS: "Immensely."
Nikodemus: so that mean you like me then
Nikodemus: because you like annoying things, like that Mason guy
GLaDOS: "Jason."
Nikodemus: Lason
GLaDOS: "And though I can't quantify it, there's some difference between his brand of annoying and regular annoying."
GLaDOS: "This is the latter."
Nikodemus: This isn't a ladder
Nikodemus: is this me poking you
Nikodemus: this is*
GLaDOS: "No. Latter. With ts."
GLaDOS: "It means the second of two things."
Nikodemus: so what type of annoying do you like
Nikodemus: is still poking
GLaDOS: "The kind of annoying Jason is."
GLaDOS: "Which is not this."
Nikodemus: how is he annoying?
Nikodemus: stops
GLaDOS: "I am not going to give a 15-year-old tips on how to seduce me."
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
Nikodemus: how about a hug?
CryingEevee OOC: (([s]oh god the orange[/s]))
GLaDOS: "No."
Nikodemus: wait you like sciency stuff right?
GLaDOS: "Yes."
: Elo's connection timed out.
GLaDOS: "I swear to god if I hear the words 'potato battery' this gun is getting a test run."
Nikodemus: how about this? -pulls out an abacus"
CryingEevee OOC: ((who's number 13? i haven't memorized their number and their username.))
GLaDOS: "Oh. Just centuries old mathematic devices."
Barchar: (Yax)
CryingEevee OOC: ((yax))
Barchar: (Shut up)
Nikodemus: (Yaz's evil twin brother
Nikodemus: Yeah I use this in math class
CryingEevee OOC: ((Zay))
Nikodemus: leans into her
Nikodemus: its cool right?
GLaDOS: she pushes him upright again. "It's archaic."
CryingEevee OOC: ((or more accurately Nazay))
Nikodemus: puts it away
Barchar: (Nazaytown)
Nikodemus: okay about this
Nikodemus: pulls out a glowing crystal
CryingEevee OOC: ((Praw_emalf))
GLaDOS: "...Interest temporarily garnered."
CryingEevee OOC: ((Htavrals))
Barchar: (Coo EeveeGniyrc)
Nikodemus: its a garnet but it harnesses energy
Nikodemus: through kint....genet.....kitic...energy?
GLaDOS: "Kinetic."
Nikodemus: I don't know, I go really fast in the air with it and it gets energy
GLaDOS: "Interesting."
Nikodemus: if I throw it, it blows up
Nikodemus: when it hits something that is
CryingEevee OOC: ((CardsAgainstOrange))
GLaDOS: "More interesting."
Barchar: (It's more of a cream color)
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((eh))
Nikodemus: here -grabs her hand and places one in it-
Nikodemus: throw it and see what happens, this one doesn't have much power
GLaDOS: "Alright." she tosses it at the wall.
Barchar: she catches it out of instinct. "Fuck."
: it blows with a small detonation
: it'd light blow her hand off
Barchar: she grumbles, reforming her hand.
Nikodemus: likely*
Nikodemus: whoaaaaaa
GLaDOS: "Entertaining."
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh yeah, yaz. i thought you would like to know that in my pokemon emerald randomizer nuzlocke, you're a goldeen))
Nikodemus: ((....
Barchar: (Why a goldeen?)
Nikodemus: ((story of my life
CryingEevee OOC: ((i caught a goldeen and someone told me to name it after yaz))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i mean, you're a pelliper, flame))
Barchar: (...but)
CryingEevee OOC: ((there's not much reason for the names))
Barchar: (I mean, I guess the original character has wings, but)
Nikodemus: I got another one
Nikodemus: if you want it
CryingEevee OOC: ((tri is a pupitar))
GLaDOS: "Mmn. No, thank you."
CryingEevee OOC: ((bloo is a vape-oreon))
Barchar: (Bloo's played a Vaporeon)
CryingEevee OOC: ((time is a shedinja))
Barchar: (...Technicallyu I've also played a Pellipper but it wasn't here and you don't know about it)
Barchar: (That...feels fitting, somehow)
CryingEevee OOC: ((ikr))
CryingEevee OOC: ((laharl WAS a dratini but he died))
Nikodemus: do you like exploring Ms. Glados?
Nikodemus: (rip lahaharlarlalh
CryingEevee OOC: ((and now he's reincarnated into a prinny (swablue)))
Nikodemus: ((are there any good cartoon/anime movies I should watch
: Elo's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((and MV is a scizor))
GLaDOS: "Not particularly."
Nikodemus: wanna visit Levos? its my home
CryingEevee OOC: ((also one of my most powerful pokemon is a raticate with a silk scarf))
Nikodemus: moves closer to her
CryingEevee OOC: ((he's named after a friend of mine: blisterboy))
CryingEevee OOC: ((should i replace supersonic with surf, or water pulse with surf))
Nikodemus: hes short and young looking, but has one of those stupid smiles that people like on him
GLaDOS: she pushes him again. "Not particularly."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'mma replace supersonic))
Nikodemus: (have fun
Nikodemus: ((oh wait, I misread that
Nikodemus: ((I read, "Imma play supersonic:
Nikodemus: come on, it'll be fun
: Glados can likely tell something isn't right with what he said about his age
CryingEevee OOC: ((wait, i just realized. this meganium i'm fighting i could totally catch because it's in a pond in a town, which technically, i haven't encountered a pokemon in... eh, i already have one))
GLaDOS: "I doubt that."
GLaDOS: "...
Barchar: gd "Are you even fifteen?"
Nikodemus: Yes I totally am!
GLaDOS: "Really?"
Nikodemus: darts his eyes back and forth quickly
Nikodemus: yy-yyyes
GLaDOS: "This could not be more of an obvious lie if you tried. Right."
CryingEevee OOC: ((you almost got perish songed, flame))
Barchar: (I heard)
Barchar: (it sounded strangely like we are number obe)
Nikodemus: crosses his arms and makes a grunting noise
Nikodemus: doesn't look at her for a minute and stays quiet
GLaDOS: she enjoys the silence.
Nikodemus: secertly extends his wing and taps her opposite sholuder from him
Nikodemus: does so repeatedly
GLaDOS: "...I am looking right at you, you foolish child.
Nikodemus: FFFINNeeee
Nikodemus: stops
Nikodemus: So do you eat or sleep?
CryingEevee OOC: ((i caught a shroomish))
GLaDOS: "No. Though occasionally I do shut off my secondary processes, in something vaguely related to sleep."
Nikodemus: lays down but is barely not touching her
Nikodemus: do you dream?
CryingEevee OOC: ((any name suggestions?))
Nikodemus: ((Edgelord
Nikodemus: ((no wait 421
GLaDOS: "No. In fact, I still perceive my surroundings, just dully."
Nikodemus: can you do that now?
GLaDOS: "And even if I did dream, electric sheep would not be involved."
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/d/d8/285Shroomish.png/250px-285Shroomish.png]this is what i caught btw[/url]))
GLaDOS: she narrows her eyes. "Why."
Nikodemus: ...I just wanna see what you look like
Nikodemus: when you sleep
Nikodemus: never seen a robot sleep before
CryingEevee OOC: ((i got it. Toad))
Nikodemus: ((Zit
GLaDOS: "Exactly the same as when I'm awake. Except my eyes are three quarters closed instead of only half.
Nikodemus: ((like from the toad fighting game
CryingEevee OOC: ((no, toad from mario))
Nikodemus: ((Battletoads
Barchar: (Battletoads isn't a fighting game)
Nikodemus: but you can sleep and awake up whenever you want?
Nikodemus: ((beat em up
Barchar: (Unless you count that you're fighting with the game)
GLaDOS: "Yes."
Nikodemus: ((well you can fight 2nd player
Nikodemus: thats cool
Nikodemus: what other cool things can you do?
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Nikodemus: seems rather interested in what Glados has to say
GLaDOS: "I can flood a room with deadly neurotoxin."
Nikodemus: whats neurotoxin?
Nikodemus: is it a drink?
GLaDOS: "A toxin that attacks the brain. Exactly what it says on the tin."
Nikodemus: what tin?
CryingEevee OOC: ((Yaz is evolving!))
Nikodemus: ((I am?
GLaDOS: "It's-it doesn't actually come in a tin it's a metaphor."
CryingEevee OOC: ((yaz is now a seaking))
Nikodemus: ((AR AR AR AR!
Nikodemus: oh
Nikodemus: why would you need to be able to attack the brain with a deadly neurotoxin?
: Elo's connection timed out.
GLaDOS: "To kill it."
Nikodemus: why would kill the brain?
: Youmu Konpaku [Youmu] joined chat.
Youmu: (... Night.)
Nikodemus: ((evening
: Youmu Konpaku [Youmu] disconnected.
CryingEevee OOC: ((got a chinchou))
GLaDOS: "For science."
Nikodemus: whose brains do you do that to?
CryingEevee OOC: ((i shall name it.... er.... vorb?))
GLaDOS: "Well, it was scientists. But then they died."
Nikodemus: were they annoying?
GLaDOS: "I tried to do it to...one of those scientist's daughter, but she...did not die."
GLaDOS: "Oh, yes."
Nikodemus: gulps and looks a bit nervous
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
GLaDOS: "Far more than you are
Nikodemus: oh
GLaDOS: "I can't do it in this room, anyway."
Nikodemus: so that means Im the right kind of annoying? like Bason?
CryingEevee OOC: ((wait, my bag is full? i thought that mechanic was removed in gen 3, guess i was wrong))
GLaDOS: "No, you're the wrong kind of annoying, just not to a 'neurotoxin' degree."
Nikodemus: Yay! -goes and hugs her-
Nikodemus: ......-realizes what she just said as he started to hug her-
GLaDOS: "You're lucky this isn't to a neurotoxin degree, either."
Nikodemus: kind of just holds there
Nikodemus: ......what is to a neruotoxin degree?
GLaDOS: "Hm. I probably couldn't give a specific level. But this is probably a 6 put of 10, in closeness."
Nikodemus: ....
: Elo's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: ....so.....should I stop?
Nikodemus: does Hason do this?
GLaDOS: "Yes, but [i]Jay[/i]-son has also earned it."
Nikodemus: stops
Nikodemus: how do I earn it?
Nikodemus: sits on next to her
GLaDOS: "By being the right kind of annoying." she shrugs. "When it comes to him, my thought process tends to become very...[i]human[/i]. And thus, much harder to explain."
Nikodemus: but Im not Human
CryingEevee OOC: ((caught a castform))
Nikodemus: does that mean you hate me?
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh d00d a lucky egg))
GLaDOS: "I do rather dislike birds."
Nikodemus: stoops down, and looks sad
Nikodemus: 's ear tuffs go down too
GLaDOS: "Nothing personal, but one did try to ear me when I was a potato."
Barchar: Eat*
Nikodemus: potato?
Nikodemus: you were a potato?
GLaDOS: "Long story."
Nikodemus: I got time
Nikodemus: shakes his head and looks up at Glados
Nikodemus: or do you want to sleep?
GLaDOS: "...Yes. I need to sleep. Urgently."
Nikodemus: okay, I should too
Nikodemus: lays down next to her again
GLaDOS: "In fact, it could happen at any mome-" her eyes abruptly widen, before nearly closing.
Nikodemus: places his head on her lap
Barchar: Barchar walks over and moves him.
GLaDOS: she subtly nods to her.
Jäger Leyline: -texts BC- [Get home, I got some special plans tonight for us ]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i just got a donphan. i think i'm going to name it RIP-tire))
: [color=white][magical][/color]
Barchar: [Sure.] she heads off.
: [color=white][do you need a mighty wizard to help][/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((ohai laharl))
Jäger Leyline: [Nah not tonight
Barchar: [God do know I know like half your spells rifht]
Barchar: You* not god
: [color=white][i got new ones scream fortress just ended][/color]
: [color=white][okay jager thanks for replying][/color]
Barchar: [And there weren't any new spells in it]
Jäger Leyline: [maybe next time]
Barchar: (Now I'm imagining the M!A spells in actual tf2)
: ((My favorite spell quotes
: ((Are Bonkum Invisio
: ((And Staffus Attackum
Jäger Leyline: [We're breaking the house in tonight, just the two of us[
Runner: [Did I hear you need someone to break in to a h-nope you mean sex nvm]
Runner: [I'm gonna go steal Lua's pillows]
Barchar: [KK have fun]
CryingEevee OOC: ((personally, the only spell quotes i like is the scout's. i don't like the other classes))
Barchar: (They all say the same things, you realize)
CryingEevee OOC: ((i mean the way they say it))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i know the spells are the same))
Barchar: (Oh, also Yaz, bc is like an actual official goddess now. It's changed basically nothing except saying her name three times fast just annoys her into going there. Because. Magic or whatever)
The Editor: That was a three second gag I came up with and i'm happy it's true
Barchar: (I was like 'alright we're doing this now' )
Nikodemus: ((sure Jager is helping boosting that ego of heres
Barchar: (Yeah, that huge, burgeoning ego. )
Nikodemus: hers*
Jäger Leyline: -is completely fine with it too, cuz he gets to go around and tell people hes dating a goddess
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Elo: azalea probably took him home
Nikodemus: watched him leave
Nikodemus: then moved back to sleep next to Glados
CryingEevee OOC: ((so, i found a castform in the wild. and the pokemon the weather facility gives me? ledyba.))
Pleinair: "..."
Nikodemus: does the annoying head on her lap thing again
CryingEevee OOC: ((sweeped may with yaz))
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Barchar: fellby has now Fucked death, been in a relationship with a goddess, and married a demon
GLaDOS: she """subconsciously""" brushes him off
CryingEevee OOC: ((TRI IS DEAD))
Barchar: (You're about to disappear in a poof of logic)
Literally Satan: And has satan as his father-in-law
Barchar: (why the fuck did we start joking you and try were the same person)
Barchar: Which makes God his grandfather!
CryingEevee OOC: ((i honestly can't remember))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i think it started all the way back in xyzzy? or at leastm charat, i think.))
Jäger Leyline: -has fucked death, is getting married to a goddess, and has a fire elemental boyfriend
CryingEevee OOC: ((i don't think it started in sparp))
Barchar: He's Fucked death?
Nikodemus: ((how good is Yaz the seaking?
Barchar: I knew jukon banged blonde, but did Jager?
Nikodemus: ((didn't he? with blonde?
CryingEevee OOC: ((actually one of my better pokes, yaz))
Nikodemus: ((oh yeah Jeska did
Nikodemus: ((better be
Barchar: Or, jeska, yeah
CryingEevee OOC: ((welp, time to find something to fill tri's slot))
Tri: Oh no
Nikodemus: ((have you played Pokemon Uranium CE?
CryingEevee OOC: ((no, it was taken down by the time i've heard of it))
Nikodemus: (I downloaded on the wikia page for it
Couch: Is still pretending to not be sentient.
CryingEevee OOC: ((welp, Vorb the chinchou will replace tri))
Nikodemus: (that couch has seen some shit
Barchar: it better
CryingEevee OOC: ((i hope i find a wooper so tri can be reincarnated into dewt))
CryingEevee OOC: ((laharl, would you happen to know if in gen 3 it's better to just have a poke with EXP share or to equip it with a lucky egg and swap out in battle))
: ((Lucky Egg multiplier doesn't apply until sixth gen when swapping out
: ((Stick with EXP share
CryingEevee OOC: ((ah, thanks m8))
Barchar: (Jesus Christ it's 3 am no wonder I'm having trouble staying aeake)
Nikodemus: ((go to sleep
Couch: It's waiting.
CryingEevee OOC: ((sleep is for the weak))
Couch: One day BC will be distracted.
Couch: And it can escape.
Nikodemus: is asleep on the couch
: High Priest Laharl [] kicked Billgee [] from the chat.
: Billgee is so glitched
: Wallable too
: High Priest Laharl [] kicked walllable [] from the chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((give a me random pokemon, i can probably find art of it with fur tufts. even if it's something that shouldn't have fur tufts))
: ((Seel
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=http://orig07.deviantart.net/3f79/f/2008/132/0/c/seel_and_dewgong_by_tarunarei.png]this has both seel and dewgong, but seel has a fur tuft[/url]))
: ...
: Okay, okay.
: Unown.
CryingEevee OOC: ((welp, i'll TRY no guarantees on this one))
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((nope. unown is an exception))
: I win
CryingEevee OOC: ((again. give me another one))
CryingEevee OOC: http://orig13.deviantart.net/daeb/f/2007/054/4/6/gijinka_pkmn__unown_by_elginive.jpg
: Alright, hm.
: Deoxys.
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=http://img09.deviantart.net/dec5/i/2016/001/2/b/pokemon_x_undertale__deoxys_x_mettaton_neo__by_enderleit-d9mc8oj.jpg]this isn't what i was looking for, but this needed to be shared[/url]))
: Whaaaaaa
CryingEevee OOC: ((you win another round))
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=http://pre01.deviantart.net/35d0/th/pre/i/2014/287/9/2/kawai_deoxys_x_meowth_by_seoxys6-d82vg5m.png]unless you count this[/url]))
: 2-1 Laharl in the lead.
: New rule:
: No space pokemon
: In specific, no noodles like Unown and Deoxys
CryingEevee OOC: ((fair))
: Hm.
: Golurk.
: Or golett
CryingEevee OOC: ((welp, that's laharl 3 CE 1))
CryingEevee OOC: ((there's not much golett and golurk to even look through, well, compared to the others))
: Alright
: Yanmega
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=http://img04.deviantart.net/0094/i/2014/184/b/0/gliscor_zoruaxyanmega_clutch_by_shadow_cipher-d7p38lw.png]i found yanma if that counts for anything[/url]))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and i could only find yanma with fur tufts, not yanmega))
: Close enough
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
: Nikodemus's connection timed out.
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
: Nikodemus [Nikodemus] joined chat.
Nikodemus: wakes up and lays back down on GlaDos
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((Hola))
Nikodemus: (mornin
: ((Welcome back Yaz, haven't seen ya in a while
Nikodemus: (yeah something happened
: ((Ah, gotcha))
Nikodemus: (was gone for awhile
: ((I can see that))
: ((Playing Ghostbusters, huh? Cool
Nikodemus: (it was 4 bucks
: ((Well I mean yeah
Nikodemus: ((makes me wanna rewatch the original
: ((Yeah
Nikodemus: (not the shiity remake though
: ((I don't really like the remake because it doesn't really feel like Ghostbusters
Nikodemus: (it looked like a remake cash grab by sony
Nikodemus: (and it was
Nikodemus: ((never saw it thoug
: ((Yeah
: ((I don't understand why they had to make the cast women though
: ((Like
: ((What is the point
Nikodemus: ((that really didnt bother me tbh
: ((Yeah, it's eh
Nikodemus: (but hollywood loves to be PC
: ((Yeah
Nikodemus: ((or "progressive"
Nikodemus: (it was the blatant disgard for everything Ghostbusters and the attempt to make it a "women are cool men are dumb" stunt
: Nikodemus [Nikodemus] is now Yazan [Yazan].
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((Yeah
: ((Basically, the feminists are gonna like it
Yazan: instead of just making a good movie
Yazan: hey bread
: ((I think it's because of the large feminist crowd at the moment.))
: ((Hey Bread
Yazan: hell the feminist didnt like it
: ((Hell they could of used some of the original cast or some shit
Yazan: many thought it was demeaning becasue of the 1D characters
Yazan: thats why when it came out everyone shut up about ulit
Yazan: it*
Yazan: there was nohibg to defend
Yazan: is sombra out?
: ((bop))
: ((Wow))
: ((Nope*
Yazan: seems like ppl are excitesld
: ((But she has more arg stuff since yesterday, and may have new stuff at blizzcon))
Yazan: forgot about the dumb ARG stuff
: ((That's because good arg stuff came up))
: ((And the more people who solved the puzzle, the more the LumeriCo website got fucked))
Yazan: Lumerico?
Yazan: Ow lore?
Yazan: shadow moses?
Yazan: Psycho Mantis? Metal Gear?
: ((It's a company from Overwatch))
: ((Something something Omnics))
Yazan: think blizzard will turn OW into more than just a team based shooter?
Yazan: spin off games and what not?
: ((President of the company was like, doing illegal shit, and then his Emails were leaked by Sombra))
: (([s]sounds familiar[/s]
: ((Also, maybe))
Yazan: Sombra is Edward Snowden confirmed
: ((Hell, Blizzard's done it before, with Hearthstone))
Yazan: ((btw that starcraft ghost game looked good
Yazan: then they canned it
: ((Watch as Bread and Yaz have another argument that lasts four hours over Mei
: ((Blizzard are fun killers))
: ((No I agree with Yaz now))
Yazan: Mei is op
: (("The Meikoning: Part 2"
: ((Cool
: ((Unless the player is shit Mei is too good at just fucking literally every Hero but themselves))
Yazan: its weird though, I haven't been playing much but when I do, there are few Mei players
: ((Bastion is starting to crawl into the meta))
Yazan: its like Blizzard wants Mei to be like a poster child, but the community won't accept her as such so they keep buffing her
Yazan: but the community is like, "I WANNA BE EDGY LIKE REAPER OR FAT LIKE ROADHOG
Yazan: which is weird because ppl who do like her are all about how THICK she is
Yazan: but then ppl say shes not fat
Yazan: then tumblr is like,' NO SHE IS FAT
: (("If our Elsa clone isn't your favorite she sure as hell will be your least favorite"))
: ((She is not fucking fat gdi))
Yazan: and I'm all like," Its not healthly to be fat though
: ((Never post that on Tumblr))
Yazan: and tumblr is all like, "FUCK YOU YOU WHITE CIS SCUM
: ((Also Mei isNT FUCKING FAT))
Yazan: and then I say, "Actually I'm black"
Yazan: and then they go, "WELL YOURE A SELLOUT THEN
Yazan: and then I'm all like, "Oh you calling me an uncle tom muthafucker?
Yazan: and then they shut up because there afraid that they are actually racist
: ((These are the reasons why I prefer))
: ((Not using social media))
Yazan: yeah
Nikodemus: -is at the bar, lying down on Glados' lap
Jason Scott: -The fuck you say.-
Jason Scott: -I'll have you know.-
Nikodemus: -is napping-
Jason Scott: -Okay well that's fair.-
Yazan: is cuddling up though
Nikodemus: -is, not me-
Jason Scott: -He walks into the bar.-
Jason Scott: "Glados did you power off again?"
Yazan: is a 5 foot humaniod Avian Falcon. Has human facial features too
Yazan: nk -damn it, Niko does
: Yazan [Yazan] is now Nikodemus [Nikodemus].
Jason Scott: "...I'm just going to assume that you did not adopt what looks like a child, because that is not something you would do."
Nikodemus: yawns and gets up, looking at Jason
Jason Scott: "Good morning?"
Nikodemus: Who are you?
Jason Scott: "Jason."
Nikodemus: Mason?
: ((Nicodemus: Oh god, get the machete away from me!
Jason Scott: "Jason."
: ((Nicodemus*
Nikodemus: Lason?
: ((Shit
: ((Nikodemus*
Jason Scott: "Jason."
Nikodemus: Bason?
Nikodemus: wait, I think Glados talked about you
Jason Scott: "How old are you?"
Nikodemus: looks to be rather young
Nikodemus: uhhh...I;m 15
Nikodemus: darts his eyes back and forth quickly
Nikodemus: yeah...15
Jason Scott: "Are you lying?"
Nikodemus: lets out a long, " Nooooooooo" while his feathers ruffle
Jason Scott: "Okay, so you're lying. What, are you like... older or younger?"
Jason Scott: "In going to assume younger."
: Im*
Nikodemus: I'm totally 15!
: ((What if he's actually fifteen
Jason Scott: "Then why are you being so suspicious?"
Nikodemus: ((then Jason is a White CIS Scum that needs to check his privilige
Nikodemus: I'm not! You don't know what you are talking about Hason!
Jason Scott: "Well if you're older than fifteen you should probably not cuddle with other people's significant others."
Jason Scott: "But like, if you're young, it's a lot less weird."
Nikodemus: She said that you annoy her
Jason Scott: "Yes, this is true."
Nikodemus: unwraps two wings that were wrapped around himself
Nikodemus: so why is she dating you?
Jason Scott: "Because she doesn't care. Plus, mutual benefits. I get medicine, she gets to test my abilities."
Jason Scott: "And when I'm not annoying, I'm quite the nice person."
Nikodemus: well
Nikodemus: she says you're the right annoying
Jason Scott: "I am the right annoying."
Nikodemus: how do you be the right annoying?
Jason Scott: "Dunno, but I'm doing it."
Jason Scott: "Wait you've distracted me, how old are you?"
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: I'm 15!
Nikodemus: his feather ruffle again
Jason Scott: "But you sound like you're lying."
Jason Scott: "And your feathers keep doing things every time you say that."
Nikodemus: wraps his wings around himself, crosses his arms, and turns away from Jason
Nikodemus: Hmph!
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Jason Scott: "I'm estimating like, 12."
Jason Scott: "Less, maybe."
: ((If only he had a birth certificate
Nikodemus: mumbles. "......maybe"
Jason Scott: "So twelve? Eleven? Ten?"
Nikodemus: just sticks his tongue out at Jason
: walllable [] joined chat.
Jason Scott: "I will decide on Ten."
Nikodemus: NO! I"M NOT TEN
Jason Scott: "Then how old are you?"
Nikodemus: I'm twelve!
Nikodemus: There you happy?!
Jason Scott: "Yeah."
Nikodemus: fine I answered your questions
Nikodemus: now answer mine
Jason Scott: "Okay."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally starts to wake up on the couch, stirring a bit... Seems like he forgot to go home last night.*
Nikodemus: How do I be the right type of annoying to Glados
Nikodemus: Hello there
Jason Scott: "Why do you ask?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He groans quietly, and lazily waves in the direction of the voice*
Jason Scott: "Because I don't know, I assume it's just my personality. Also good morning."
Nikodemus: beccauuuuussseeeee
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Jason Scott: "Because why?"
Nikodemus: I want her to like me
Jason Scott: "For what reason? Just because?"
Nikodemus: because shes pretty
Nikodemus: Who are you -to Wally-
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He quietly and nervously mumbles "W-Wally..." He seems shy.*
Jason Scott: "So you like, want her to be your girlfriend?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *he was quiet enough that they might not have been able to hear him clearly.*
Nikodemus: uhh.... I've never had a girlfriend before
Jason Scott: "Well, yeah. You're only Twelve, gotta wait a few years."
Nikodemus: Hello Wally I'm Nikodemus Falcone
Nikodemus: I'm a Peregine
Jason Scott: "And find someone who isn't taken."
Nikodemus: ....well I don't want her to be my girlfriend
Jason Scott: "What do you want?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Since he just woke up, his mid-back length hair is quite messy, so it's covering his face and making him effectively blind, at the moment, though, he's quite thankful for it.*
Nikodemus: ....to be friends?
Jason Scott: "Well, you don't really need to be the right kind of annoying for that."
Nikodemus: is a 5 foot tall anthromorphic Falcon with human facial features
Jason Scott: "She's, uh... Friendsly enough."
Nikodemus: but she keeps pushing me off
Nikodemus: does she push you off of her?
Jason Scott: "Well she's also not the most friendly."
Jason Scott: "She's got no compassion."
Nikodemus: said she uses Neurotoxins on the brain
Jason Scott: "Little compassion, anyway."
Nikodemus: so wally, what brings you here?
Jason Scott: "Yes, that is what Neurotoxins are for."
Jason Scott: "Also, your hair looks like it hasn't been cut in years."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"... U-Uh... S-Stuff's happening at, uh, my timeline..."*
Jason Scott: "Did all the barbers die?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He mumbles to Jason "W-Well, I-I guess I haven't g-gotten a haircut i-in a while... I-I like it l-long, though..."*
Nikodemus: flaps his wings and flies over to Wally, landing on the top of a chair next to him
Jason Scott: "...Did all the running water die?"
Nikodemus: sniffs
Nikodemus: I can smell it
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"H-Huh?"*
Nikodemus: stares at it,
Nikodemus: actually I'm pretty sure I can see lice
Jason Scott: "Do birds eat lice?"
Nikodemus: what? Not
Nikodemus: no!
Nikodemus: points at his eyes
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Since they're looking so closely as his hair, they can probably see that it's quite tangled, and such.*
Nikodemus: I'm a falcon, got an eye for detail
Jason Scott: "What? I though birds ate insects."
Nikodemus: is still human like
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"I-I don't f-feel any..."*
Jason Scott: -He was more being cynical.-
Nikodemus: well.....back home, spiders are a delicacy
Nikodemus: we cook them up, but there aren't many bugs in the Skies of Levos
Jason Scott: "Anyways."
Nikodemus: well most don't feel licce
Jason Scott: "There is no lice."
Nikodemus: ...ohh! I know
Nikodemus: we can go to Levos
Jason Scott: "I think your eagle eyes are broke."
Nikodemus: we can go to the waterfa-
Nikodemus: flaps over to Jason and stares him in the eye
Nikodemus: Falcon, I'm a Falcon
Jason Scott: "Yeah, yeah, same difference."
Nikodemus: you better get it right Mister
Jason Scott: "What, are you in a war with eagles or something?"
Nikodemus: Do I look like a 7 foot tall bird?
Jason Scott: "No, you're pretty short, actually."
Nikodemus: thats because I'm a Falcon, a peregine to be exact
Jason Scott: "Also can you give me some personal space, geez."
Nikodemus: turns around and flies to Wally, wing smacking Jason on the turn
Jason Scott: "Hey, why'd you do that?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He just kinda stays silent, since he's not involved with the conversation at the moment. He absentmindedly fiddles with his hair.*
Nikodemus: -theres now a feather in Jason's mouth
Nikodemus: Accident
Nikodemus: So Wally as I was saying
Jason Scott: -He spits it out.-
Nikodemus: theres a waterfall back home if you need a bath
Jason Scott: "...Bats are better, anyways." -He says this while getting up.-
Nikodemus: Bats? those freaks?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"I-It's fine... J-Just hasn't b-beeb brushed in a while..."*
Jason Scott: -He nods.-
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Jason Scott: "I'm going to leave, if Glados wakes up just tell here I was here and then left."
Nikodemus: Wait
: ((Nikodemus should meet Muffet
Jason Scott: "Yeah?"
Nikodemus: you haven't told me how to make her like me
: ((Muffet: "I agree with your way of cooking."))
Jason Scott: "Just be yourself, I dunno."
Jason Scott: "And if she asks if you want to test say no."
Nikodemus: why?
Jason Scott: "Cause you value your life, right?"
Jason Scott: "No point in risking it."
Nikodemus: uhh okay
Nikodemus: ....so how are you Wally?
Jason Scott: -He heads out.-
Azalea: -To note, she passed out on the couch yesterday, because Elo did. She didn't want to just leave Elo there alone.-
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"G-Good enoughm
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ..." he fiddles with his thumbs.*
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: who are you?
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Nikodemus: where did you come from, where did you go?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"U-Uh... T-The any door, to, uh... T-This bar...?"*
Azalea: -She wakes up.-
Nikodemus: wheres your home? are you part of this whole underground thing?
Nikodemus: Hello -flaps his wing at Azalea-
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods a bit.*
Azalea: -She mumbled a bit. It vaguely sounds like a greeting, as she pulls herself up into a sitting position.-
: ((Where is your home?))
: ((-nods-))
Nikodemus: has himself perched on the top of a chair like a bird
Azalea: "...Uh..."
Azalea: "Don't know you, and hey Wally."
Nikodemus: so.....wanna get shoot out of a cannon?
Azalea: "..."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He waves meekly to Azalea.*
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Or, at least, the direction her voice came from. He can't really see.*
Nikodemus: its a great way to travel back home
Azalea: "That sounds like a terrible Idea..."
Azalea: -She rubs her eyes a bit, and gets up to stretch.-
Nikodemus: I do it all the time
Nikodemus: come on it'll be fun
Azalea: "You have wings."
Nikodemus: so
Nikodemus: the humans used them to get around before
Azalea: "So?"
Nikodemus: they didn't have a problem
Azalea: "...Sounds like a dangerous way of travel."
: walllable's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: Nah
Nikodemus: what do you say Wally? wanna go?
: walllable [] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ... *He shakes his head, hearing the conversation. "I-It's in another timeline, a-anyway..."*
Nikodemus: Yeah those anydoors make it quick though
Azalea: "..."
Nikodemus: .....
Nikodemus: so do you two know each other?
Azalea: "Sorta."
Nikodemus: dating?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"I-I, uh... D-Don't wanna go back r-right now..." He nods somewhat at the question... Then promptly blushes, shaking his head desperately.*
Azalea: "Uh, No."
Azalea: "I'm already in a relationship with someone else."
Nikodemus: oh whose that?
Azalea: "You wouldn't know her."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"S-Same... G-Gonna break up soon, t-though..."*
Nikodemus: ....
Nikodemus: you guys seem sad
Nikodemus: wanna go have some fun?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He shakes his head, fiddling with his hair absentmindedly.*
Azalea: "Life is sad. So sure, lets go have some fun."
Nikodemus: Okay then
Nikodemus: flies over to Wally and uses his feet talons to him up by the shoulders
Nikodemus: pick him up*
Azalea: "Okay then."
Nikodemus: starts flapping and tries to carry Wally to the anydoor
Azalea: "...You realize he shook his head right?"
Azalea: "Put him down."
Nikodemus: oh come on Wally! It'll be fun!
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He flinches a bit at being picked up, and starts squirming somewhat. He shakes his head somewhat, seeming to prefer relaxing.*
Azalea: -She rolls her eyes, getting up:
: -*
Nikodemus: flies through the anydoor with Wally regardless
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He squirms a bit harder, trying to get himself down."
Azalea: -She goes after them.-
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He has an annoyed look on his face.*
: -the three exit to a floating grass land in the middle of a large blue sky
Nikodemus: welcome to Levos!
Azalea: "Put him down, come on."
Azalea: "He doesn't want to be here."
Nikodemus: puts him down
Azalea: -She sighs.-
Nikodemus: come on, it can't be that fun being cooped up in that place
Nikodemus: here, theres all sort of adventures
Azalea: "Some people like to relax."
Nikodemus: just uh, don't fall out the edge
Azalea: "And I'm done with adventures."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He mumbles meekly "I-I'd rather just relax... T-Too much going on at m-my timeline..."*
Nikodemus: then sight seeing!
Nikodemus: I know some pretty places around here
Azalea: "How about."
Azalea: "No."
Nikodemus: whats with you two? its like all the fun was sucked right out of you
Azalea: "Is everyone that is from here dead?"
Nikodemus: how about an airship ride? its perfectly safe and they go fast
Nikodemus: ...No....
Nikodemus: theres the Avans
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He shakes his head, getting some dirt out of his clothes. "I-I, uh, just W-Wanna relax..."*
Nikodemus: the Owls, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, Crows and Vultures
Nikodemus: well I'll get an airship and you can just look around, I'll pilot it
Azalea: "I come from a place where all that survived is me and my brother. Not to mention, that it took years to actually escape from there."
Nikodemus: okay....what does that have to do with now?
Azalea: "That's why it seems like all the fun was sucked out of me."
Nikodemus: flaps his wings and hovers for a bit
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"I-I'm just A-And introvert..."*
Azalea: "Now, it's still there, don't get me wrong."
: (( *an
Nikodemus: here, you have no burdens or worries, you have a chance and opporunity to forgot about those things for awhile
Azalea: "But I woke up like five minutes ago, and I'm pretty grumpy."
Nikodemus: enjoy what is here
Nikodemus: hold on
Nikodemus: flies away quickly
Azalea: "And I have a friend who is basically a zombie who I need to take ca-"
Nikodemus: returns a minute later
Nikodemus: hands both of them some fruit
Nikodemus: here Lamorberry
Nikodemus: its really sweet, grows in the high altitudes here
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He takes it, getting his hair out of his face so he can actually see, and inspects it.*
Azalea: "Dows it have caffeine or something?"
: -its a red round fruit, similar looking to an apple-
Azalea: "Ginseng?"
: -its been washed-
Nikodemus: Ginseng? Nah we use that in our tea
Azalea: -She tries it.-
Azalea: -A very small portion.-
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He observes Azalea, preferring not to try something from someone who took him here against his will.*
: -if she likes strawberries, she'd love it-
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: At this moment, he pops into Wally's head.
Nikodemus: has a smile on most of the time
Azalea: "...It's alright. Kinda tastes like a big strawberry."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He starts
Azalea: "Not the biggest fan of those, but hey."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
Nikodemus: pulls out of and eats it himself
Nikodemus: see? not so bad
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *he gives the fruit back, mumbling "N-No, thanks..."*
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: "...Anyways, I guess it is pretty up here."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He snickers, wagglign his finger.
Nikodemus: frowns a bit and his feathers go flat
Azalea: "Doesn't excuse you for practically kid napping Wally though."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
Nikodemus: ignores Azalea's comment
Nikodemus: so how about I get an airship
Nikodemus: and we take a ride around?
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He tuned into Wally's hearing.
Azalea: "Yeah, sure. Will anyone freak out that I have a weapon on me?"
Nikodemus: weapon?
Azalea: -She has had a pistol at her hip the whole time.-
Nikodemus: I don't see a weapon
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"I-I'd rather j-just go back, please..."*
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: "...Okay, I assume you guys don't have guns here, so I'll just keep it on me."
Nikodemus: I'm not forcing you to stay, you can leave Wally
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: More snickering.
Nikodemus: I was just hoping seeing the beautiful skies here would change your mind
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: theres a number of floating islands in the distance of the big blue sky
Azalea: "..."
Azalea: "How do these float?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"O-Okay..." He starts to shuffle back to the Any door.*
Nikodemus: wind?
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: ....
Nikodemus: bye Wally, come back anytime
Azalea: -She sighs, and sits her hand through the fur on her head.-
Nikodemus: well if its just you Azalea
Nikodemus: follow me
Azalea: "I need like, coffee or something."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... About my arm, you perv.> *He mentally snickers quietly, and goes back to the bar, flopping down onto the couch.*
Azalea: -She follows him.-
Nikodemus: runs annoyingly fast behind a boulder
: -theres a comically large rusted cannon there-
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He snickers as well, leaning back in a recliner.
Azalea: "I'm not running, so you can go as fast as you want, but you're gonna have to wait fo- he'll now."
Nikodemus: you can use this to fly around
: Hell no*
Nikodemus: I tested it eariler -opens the rear breech of the cannon-
Azalea: "Bullshit."
Nikodemus: works perfectly
Nikodemus: Sean used it
Nikodemus: said it was awesome, closest thing to flying hes ever been through
Azalea: "If I don't make it, you're catching me."
Nikodemus: well duh
Nikodemus: I'm going to be flying right beside you the entire time
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He enters his mind scape, flopping onto the sofa and laying down. He looks tired already.*
Azalea: "Fine..."
Nikodemus: points into the breech, "well come on
Azalea: -She reluctantly gets into the canon.-
Nikodemus: this will wake you up
: Cannon*
Azalea: "Doubt it..."
Nikodemus: closes it and turns on the delayed firing egg timer
Nikodemus: darts off in the aimed direction
: 1 minute later the cannon fires, sending Azalea flying out at high speed, gliding through the sky
: shes quickly approaching Nikodemus
Azalea: -She's just closing her eyes, not screaming, but also not enjoying this.-
Nikodemus: open your eyes! You're flying!
Nikodemus: is flying besides her, keeping up with her
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... S-So, uh... Guess you're wondering why I'm staying here for now, huh?>
Azalea: "You didnt give me goggles, you dip!"
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: ....oh yeah
Nikodemus: thought your eyes could handle it, sorry!
Azalea: "Also why didn't you just carry me across?!"
Nikodemus: after awhile, he catches he and flies her around
Nikodemus: well because it wouldn't have been as much of a rush
Nikodemus: I mean sure I can top 250 miles per hour
Nikodemus: but not carrying you
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
Azalea: "Well I don't care."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: "This is safer and less worrying."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: is carrying her to an upside down bowl like island with a tall spiraling city on it
Nikodemus: enjoying the view?
Azalea: "Yeah, mostly."
: below them at the bottom of the sky is purely clouds
Nikodemus: wanna do some free falling?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... That's nice to hear, her sister getting stabbed by her sister... Guess I got lucky, huh?>
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: "No?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
Nikodemus: lands her on the city island
Miyu: Is currently going through an emotional trauma of getting stabbed to do in a hug.
Miyu: No more hugs for Miyu
Nikodemus: this is my home town
Azalea: "Okay."
Nikodemus: wanna meet Scirocco? he is the village elder
Azalea: "I guess?"
Nikodemus: grabs her hand an leads her into the village,
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: -She probably gets pulled a bit, and follows.-
: -theres other Falcons around, about the same hieght as Nikodemus. the buildings are made of adobe
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: -they look at Azalea
Azalea: -She looks at them.-
Nikodemus: leads her to a large spiraling tower with a spiral staircase
Nikodemus: come on, to the top
: many mutter, "Why does that boy keep bringing strange things back here"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *he nods a bit.* <... Personal experience?>
Azalea: "Surprised you guys even have staircases."
Azalea: -She starts to head up, after glaring at some of the people.-
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: gets to the top
Nikodemus: oh this city wasn't ours originally
Scirocco: yes it belonged to the humans
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
Scirocco: -is an elderly Falcon, hunched over a bit
Nikodemus: Hey pops
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Scirocco: more guests young Niko?
Nikodemus: Yes trying to show turn her frown upside down
Azalea: "Hello."
Scirocco: -he walks over with a cane and squits at her
Scirocco: trying to find yourself a girlfriend Niko?
Nikodemus: blushes ," What!? No,
Azalea: "I'm already taken."
Nikodemus: shes already with someone!
Azalea: "He totally tried though."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods a bit, wanting to switch the topic for him.*
Scirocco: laughs, "Kidding, Niko why don't you go and get me some green peppermint tea?
Nikodemus: uh okay -he flies out the window
Scirocco: well we have 10 minutes before he gets back,
Azalea: "Yeah...?"
Azalea: "Nice to meet you by the way."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... A-Anything you were into as a kid?>
Scirocco: Oh the pleasure is all mine, are you enjoy Levos young lady? Has Niko been too much to handle?
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He says, joking.
Azalea: -She shrugs.-
Azalea: "He kinda dragged someone in here with me, but he went back to where we were."
Nikodemus: ((commidy is a male?
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Azalea: "But yes, this place is very pretty."
Nikodemus: ((the pic looks like a lass
Scirocco: oh he can be quite a handful
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: Yes, he's male. And you're not the first one to confuse it.
Azalea: "Yeah."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He snickers quietly.*
Scirocco: but hes a fine young Falcon, his heart is in the right place
Azalea: "Seems nice enough."
Scirocco: most in his situation usually don't grow up to be so nice
Azalea: "...Yeah, heard mutters of people wondering why he was bringing in "Strange things.""
Azalea: -She stretches again, still seeming a bit tired.-
Scirocco: hes the village's wonder kid, has the tragic backstory, you know the one in those two bit stories where the kid loses his parents and he becomes something blah blah blah expostion expostion
Nikodemus: exposition*
Azalea: "I've heard that one before, yeah."
Scirocco: hes likely trying to imprint on someone too at the moment
Azalea: "...Disnt know he was a subject of that though."
Azalea: "Like how?"
Scirocco: well he calls me Pops
Scirocco: then says the how village calls me that
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Scirocco: ......which they do, but tthats not the point
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He can just barely see that Wally is holding a book called "Conversation starters from the subconscious"*
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: That'd be awesome if he wasn't blind
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...Why does this sound like a middle school assignment?<
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He's reading it, mostly because he can't consciously think of anything.*
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Uh... O-Old assignment I had...?>
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: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He plays a sad violin.
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Azalea: "Alright."
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: ((My phone died, now on PC waiting for it to recharge))
Scirocco: the point is that hes up so something, like when a spy is trying to find and kill the other spy
Scirocco: wait
Scirocco: no....I'm getting lost
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He chuckles quietly, "secretly" skimming the book... He's not doing a good job at hiding it.*
Scirocco: wait were we talknig about the Prophecy?
Azalea: "...Maybe?"
Azalea: "I honestly don't know."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
Scirocco: theres a prophecy about how the stranger will connect the two worlds together
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Scirocco: not sure what is means, do you believe in prophecies?
: ((Switching over to mobile))
Azalea: -She shrugs.-
Azalea: "Eh."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Scirocco: good prophecies are rubbish made by superstitious people
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... I forget all my dreams, for some reason...>
Azalea: "I don't really believe in that type of stuff either."
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Azalea: "But hey, if it's true, maybe I'm the stranger."
Scirocco: dangerous beliefs and put you into dangerous places, like the time I was trapped in the Rick Astley timeline with nothing but a sharpened interspace tooth brush
Nikodemus: can put you*
Barchar: don't you touch her rekt astley timeline
Azalea: -She laughs a bit.-
Scirocco: I has to walk 15 miles through the snow while defending myself against the horde of Rick Astley!
Nikodemus: had*
Azalea: "Now how did that happen?"
: ((Have you headr Astley's new song?
Nikodemus: ((not yet
: ((It's actually really damn good
Azalea: -She looks around for somewhere to sit.-
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: ((Rick Astley - Dance
Scirocco: I was a young adventurous Falcon jsut like Nikodemus, just without the tragic backstory stuff
: theres a chair
Scirocco: I found the anydoors a long time ago and wandered around
Azalea: -She sits in it.-
Elo: is live
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He skims through the book some more.* <...Where is the worst place you have been stuck for a long time?>
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He has half a mind to say 'your head' for a laugh, but he figures thats too far.
Azalea: -She's uh, not in the bar.-
Azalea: "Ah."
Scirocco: ....as much as I enjoy telling my stoires, I believe you have somewhere else to be
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...Are you getting these out of a book or something? You know exactly where.>
Nikodemus: flies back in
Azalea: "...Ah, shoot. You're right, he's probably going to be worried..."
Scirocco: perfect timing Nikodemus, take this young lady back home
Nikodemus: oh okay Pops
Nikodemus: come one I'll fly you back
Azalea: "Alright, thank you."
Nikodemus: grabs her hand and leads her to the outside of the island
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ... *He nods slowly.*
: but wait! Theres a falcon standing on the edge of the island, he says, "BEHOLD!
Elo: ik
Azalea: "..."
Nikodemus: .....
Azalea: "What's this?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He'd probably laugh if he said that to him.*
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: <...>
Azalea: "Pfft."
Azalea: "I get it."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: ((Okay yaz got me with that one
: ((That's hilarious
: he flings his black cape around and disappears
Nikodemus: yeah he does that
Nikodemus: lets go
Azalea: "Okay then."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *he nods.*
Nikodemus: flies her back to the anydoor
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: "Are you coming with me?"
Nikodemus: sure
Elo: stayed home
Azalea: "Cool. Nice to meet you, Niko, by the way."
Nikodemus: theres someone I'm need to talk to anyways
Azalea: "...Is it alright to call you Niko?"
Nikodemus: Yeah you too.......
Nikodemus: sure
Nikodemus: whats your name again?
Nikodemus: Anailya?
Azalea: "Azalea."
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Nikodemus: Illnailya?
Azalea: "You doing that on purpose?"
Nikodemus: doing what?
Azalea: "A-Za-Lea."
Nikodemus: A-sa-E-LA
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: ((Does Nikodemus want to work at Starbucks))
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods, deciding to stay silent.*
Nikodemus: (he'd be perfect for the jorb
Nikodemus: enters through the anydoor
Azalea: "okay, repeat after me:"
Azalea: -She follows.-
Nikodemus: hey Wally!
: http://imgur.com/LSnlfht
Azalea: "Ah."
: We've infiltrated
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He's in his mind scape, so he can't tell that Niko is there.*
Nikodemus: goes back to the couch and sits next to Glados
Elo: is on the couch if azalea brough him there
Azalea: "Elo?"
Elo: "Yeah?"
Azalea: "Just making sure you're okay."
Nikodemus: lays on her lap again
Azalea: -She sits by Niko, and beckons Elo to come over.-
Azalea: "..."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Azalea: -He thinks she's kinda getting the imprinting thing now.-
Nikodemus: (she thinks shes*
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He exits his mind, glancing around to see who it was.*
Elo: he kinda slowly comes over
Elo: "U-um.."
Azalea: "Hmm?"
Azalea: "Had a good rest?"
Nikodemus: hey there Mr Zombie
Elo: nods
Azalea: "Don't call him mister zombie, call him Elo. That's his name."
Azalea: "Thank you."
Nikodemus: Okay Mr. Elo
Elo: "H-hi.."
Azalea: "He's one of my close friends."
Azalea: "I'd introduce you to Loni, if she was here, but she's at home."
Nikodemus: He your boyfriiend?
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ... *Since he doesn't seem to be needed anymore, he goes back in his head
Azalea: "No, Loni is my girlfriend. She isn't here."
Elo: rejected
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Azalea: -Well, its true.-
Nikodemus: Glados? are you awake yet?
GLaDOS: "Yes." she pushes Niko off again.
Azalea: "...I think she's a robot."
Azalea: "Oh."
Nikodemus: ....did you sleep well?
GLaDOS: "It is physically imposssible for me to 'sleep' poorly."
Runner: [Lol you guys have a big fuckin nature goddess right?]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Elo: leans on azalea, looks like his wounds are closing up somewhat, so it doesn't hurt as much
Nikodemus: dream of electrical sheep?
Nikodemus: electric*
Runner: [Bet ya I could steal expensive endangered fruit from the trees and sell it without her knowing]
GLaDOS: "No. You didn't even know what a robot was, how the HELL do you even get that reference."
GLaDOS: "But I do not dream, and even if I did sheep would not be a factor."
Nikodemus: ...you said it yesterday
Azalea: -Yeah, she's pretty sure she knows what Scirocco meant.-
Shoe: [Do it]
Nikodemus: see, I'm smart
GLaDOS: she sighs. "No, you're not."
Nikodemus: frowns
Azalea: "Hey, uh, GLaDOS?"
Nikodemus: ....I meet Bason eariler today
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Crap, I think I forgot to factor that Jay could just come in here...>
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
GLaDOS: "...[i]did[/i] you."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: he said that you have no compassion
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Barchar: there won't be enough left of her for it.
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
GLaDOS: "He and I met when that was actually the case, and he worked with me to fix that."
Elo: just stays leaned, happily
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Huh, really?>
Nikodemus: and said that annoying you is the best way to win you over
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: and not you do tests with you
Jason Scott: -This is very not what he said.-
Jason Scott: -The tests yes.-
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Fair point... That puts me at ease, at least...>
Jason Scott: -But not the annoying part.-
Nikodemus: may have misheard
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
GLaDOS: "I somehow doubt that. In fact, why don't I go talk to him?"
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: okay
GLaDOS: she gets up and goes to get Jason. "Jason, this weird kid is trying to flirt with me and is saying that he talked to you. Is that true?"
Jason Scott: "Wh- uh, you know he's twelve, right?"
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Jason Scott: "He just wants to be friends."
Nikodemus: followed her
GLaDOS: "No. No, that is really not the case."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Yeah, that puts stuff in perspective... Wow.>
GLaDOS: "I mean, him being twelve, yes."
GLaDOS: "But not the 'just being friends' aprt."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
GLaDOS: "He keeps trying to pull a you and sleep in my lap."
Jason Scott: "No, like, he told me that he wants to be friends."
Barchar: (HEH, SMASHED)
GLaDOS: "He also told me he was 15."
Jason Scott: "Well, yeah. He's twelve. He lied about his age, I think he was nervous."
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
GLaDOS: "Look, we're getting caught yp on the wrong part here. What did you actually say to him?"
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Jason Scott: "about what?"
Nikodemus: pops said that you should always give a pretty lady a complement when you first meet them and be confident
GLaDOS: "About me, but also just in general."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: is standing next to her
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Jason Scott: "I said that you lacked a good amount of compassion."
Jason Scott: "I also said that he should be himself."
GLaDOS: "Well, that is more accurate than saying i have none like he said you said."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He shrugs.
Nikodemus: where are we?
Jason Scott: "Why did you let him follow you into here?"
Nikodemus: flies around the room
GLaDOS: "Because I doubted I'd be able to convince him not to come."
Nikodemus: gasps
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... Are you able to see in the mind scape? Or do you use some kinda imaginary 6th sense of some sort?>
Nikodemus: Glados I just figured out the solution to your neurotoxin problem
GLaDOS: "Problem?"
Jason Scott: "No, she makes it."
Jason Scott: "Purposefully."
Nikodemus: yeah in how you said you can't use it unless you're in a BIG room
Nikodemus: or whereever
GLaDOS: "I can only use it in here."
GLaDOS: "And generally would only want to."
Nikodemus: so that whole being a robot thing
Nikodemus: can you like change parts out?
GLaDOS: "Yes?"
Jason Scott: "..."
GLaDOS: "Yes."
Nikodemus: you could like totally but a neurotoxin thing inside you
Nikodemus: and like kiss people
GLaDOS: "...."
Nikodemus: and deliver it through that mannter
Nikodemus: manner*
GLaDOS: "That's..."
Nikodemus: or maybe like a dart gun -makes a figure gun and points it around-
GLaDOS: "I'm tonr because old me would really like the idea, and it's still somewhat seductive, but also i don't particularly have anyone I'd like to kiss of death."
Jason Scott: "Well, that's a good idea in concept, but then GLaDOS would have to kiss several people."
GLaDOS: "Jason is lucky I allow it to happen with him."
Nikodemus: she could also just breath it out I guess
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Nikodemus: and be all like Ça pique, n'est-ce pas?
Jason Scott: "What?"
GLaDOS: "It stings, does it not?"
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
GLaDOS: "But why would I speak in French."
Nikodemus: shrugs
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Nikodemus: I watched some movie where some lady said that to a man she was killing
GLaDOS: "Ah."
Nikodemus: she totally kissed him and he died
Nikodemus: thats where I got the diea
Nikodemus: idea*
GLaDOS: "I. Will file this away, for future use."
GLaDOS: "But I don't see how it could possibly become relevant."
Nikodemus: yay! -claps-
Nobody: "And that's why I wear a mask!"
Nobody: "If you wear a mask, nobody can kiss you to death!"
Nobody: "I followed you through the door."
GLaDOS: "oh."
GLaDOS: "I probably should have expected that."
Nikodemus: darts behind Glados
GLaDOS: she points the symmetra laser at Nobody. "I request you leave."
Jason Scott: "Clever kid. Using the fact that Glados likes weapons to try and create a better relation between yourself and her."
Jason Scott: "Much smarter than what I did."
Jason Scott: "Which was basically keep trying the same thing until it worked."
Nobody: He just cocks his head. "That's a neat gun! It looks new! Not like the ones President Garnder uses."
GLaDOS: "I created it a few weeks ago."
GLaDOS: "And then never got to use it BECAUSE I MISSED HALLOWEEN. Urgh."
GLaDOS: "This should not be pissing me off this much."
Nobody: He stares at the gun.
Nobody: And adjusts his mask.
GLaDOS: "...Seriously, though. Leave, please."
Nikodemus: he is here to hurt you
Nikodemus: only criminals wear masks
Jason Scott: "...That's not true."
Nobody: "I wear a mask because i'm nobody!"
GLaDOS: "Only criminals and those with terrible deformities."
Nobody: "If I was Somebody, i'd have a face!"
Jason Scott: "He's wearing a mask because his face is pretty fucked up, I think like
GLaDOS: "Which he is in the latter."
Nikodemus: ...well they do when they are about to commit a crime
: Think."*
Nobody: He starts to sort of, backpedal back to the door slowly, waving.
Nikodemus: .....well okay
GLaDOS: she just lets him go, putting the gun away.
GLaDOS: "Anyway, he's trying essentially the same thing you did. In fact, the [i]exact[/i] same thing you did."
GLaDOS: "Unofrtunately for him, it will not work tiwce."
Nobody: It'd be hilarious if you actually shot him
Nikodemus: looks up at Glados like a puppy would
Nobody: That mask would literally just bounce the beam off
GLaDOS: it only affects organics, so it'd probably latch onto Niko or Jason
Jason Scott: "Aw come on look at his face."
GLaDOS: "...Unfortunately, attempting to look cute will bring you no results."
Jason Scott: "You could at least not be your cynical sarcastic and pessimistic self to him."
Jason Scott: "Wait a minute."
GLaDOS: "Jason, I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not to entertain the delusions of a child. Or at least I don't aprticularly want to."
Jason Scott: "Do you have parents, kid?"
Nikodemus: No
GLaDOS: "You could probably somehow convince me, but not with your first attempt."
Nikodemus: I grew up on the skies of Levos
Jason Scott: "Okay so, secondary question."
Nikodemus: they made me tough
Jason Scott: "Did you want parents or something?"
GLaDOS: "...Oh good lord I see where this train of thought is headed."
GLaDOS: "Through barricades and off a cliff."
Nikodemus: What?
Nikodemus: What makes you think of that?
Jason Scott: "Well you're clinging to Glados a lot."
Nikodemus: so?
Jason Scott: "And you're only twelve. And you said not to be like, for a relationship."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... I'm gonna peek through the any door quick, just to check.>
Nikodemus: ....
Nikodemus: ruffles his feathers
Jason Scott: "Okay so you have chosen the literally worst robot for that job."
Jason Scott: "And it so happens that robots boyfriend is he second worse choice."
: The*
Jason Scott: "I'm pretty sure if we got a child..."
Nikodemus: ....
GLaDOS: "I had a daughter once. She killed me. Twce."
Jason Scott: "...Yeah,"
Nikodemus: well I won;t kill you
Nikodemus: wait I mean....
GLaDOS: "Don't make any promises you can't keep, Nikodemus."
Nikodemus: I couldn't even hurt Jason
Elo: is still leaned, his breathing orifice whistling a bit
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He exits his mind scape, and gets up, peeking through the Any door. Whether it peeks into GLaDOS's lab or not is up to you.*
Nikodemus: and he seems like a pansy
Azalea: "So."
Nikodemus: hits Jason, and it doesn't even hurt
Jason Scott: "Ahah!"
Jason Scott: "Pansy, that's funny."
Jason Scott: "Also you hit me earlier."
GLaDOS: "He hit you? Why?"
Jason Scott: "'Unintentionally.'"
Elo: "Y-yeah?"
GLaDOS: "And she probably couldn't have killed me tiehr, without portals, missles, and a stupid little ball."
Azalea: "Wanna talk about something?"
Nikodemus: well I have neither portals, missiles, or a stupid little ball
Jason Scott: "Because I called his eyes eagle eyes."
GLaDOS: "But he's a falcon."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Is Azalea talking to Wally?*
Jason Scott: "I know."
Jason Scott: "It's an expression damnit."
GLaDOS: "And trust me, in here, you can find all three of those things."
Barchar: (Headcanon: The personality core creation is actually somewhat automated, so even after all the scientists died production still continued, as the machine wildly grabbed at anything it could make a core from)
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He waves meekly to Azalea, presuming she's talking to him.*
Barchar: (Which is why the personality cores in 2 and the lab are so weird)
Jason Scott: -He sighs.-
Nikodemus: hoovers for a bit
Jason Scott: "Look, we'd be terrible parents."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *And that she's in the bar with him.*
GLaDOS: "We shouldn't be allowed near children."
Jason Scott: "We'd forget to feed you, and probably accidentally get you killed."
Nikodemus: I can feed myself
Jason Scott: "I'm insane and she's a miser robot."
: Murder*
GLaDOS: "Maybe not even accidentally."
Nikodemus: So?
GLaDOS: isn't particularly stingy
GLaDOS: "So go find two people that aren't awful to annoy into parenting you."
Jason Scott: "I'm more than sure you can find better than us."
Jason Scott: "Like literally anyone."
Jason Scott: "I'm pretty sure a child would be a better parent."
GLaDOS: "[i]Barchar[/i] would be a better parent than me. And she would be a terrible parent."
Nikodemus: like who?
Jason Scott: "Anyone."
Jason Scott: "But not us."
GLaDOS: "Literally anyone."
Nikodemus: frowns
GLaDOS: "Maybe try to win over Gaster or Mettaton. They seem to adopt kids like a junkie does drugs."
Jason Scott: "Pfft."
Nikodemus: chuckles
Nikodemus: thats funny and I don't know why
GLaDOS: "Because you're trying to make it seem as if we have the same sense of humor to endear me toward you, likely."
Nikodemus: I am?
Jason Scott: "Come on, kid. I'm sorry, but we really, really can't have a child."
Nikodemus: Huh I didn't even realize
Jason Scott: "This lab is the opposite of kid friendly."
Nikodemus: I dunno it looks fun
GLaDOS: "The last time kids came here, I killed them all with neurotoxin."
GLaDOS: "Well. All but one."
Nikodemus: ....
GLaDOS: "Biggest mistake I ever made."
Nikodemus: you regret doing that?
Jason Scott: "Ahe regrets letting one live, is what she was implying."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He exits the bar, although it seems like he's only leaving for a minute or two.*
ONFrisk: The anydoor slides open, and a figure steps in carefully, looking around the quiet bar. "..."
Nikodemus: that meeans you're not so bad rig- .....oh
Azalea: "Heya."
Barchar: "Hi."
ONFrisk: "Okay, that's a...little wierd." They say, glancing at Azalea.
Jason Scott: "Yeah again, not the best influences here."
ONFrisk: And then the rest of the bar.
GLaDOS: "That's the one that killed me. Twice."
Elo: is there
Nikodemus: ....
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He re-enters, but stops behind ONFrisk, just kinda freezing up... He doesn't know what to do.*
Elo: kinda slinks a bit more behind Azalea
Azalea: "Why?"
Barchar: "What's weird?"
Nikodemus: you don't very dea -gasps loudly- YOURE UNDEAD
ONFrisk: They don't notice Wally, and just walk forward. "Door in the middle of the woods."
GLaDOS: "No, I'm a robot."
Jason Scott: "No, she's a rovot."
GLaDOS: "I got revived."
: Robot*
ONFrisk: "That leads to a bar."
Barchar: "Oh."
Azalea: "Oh."
Barchar: "Yeah, that happens."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He doesn't say anything, seeming nervous.*
Nikodemus: ....well alright
ONFrisk: They look at Wally behind them, jumping back. "Woah! Sorry! Didn't see you there."
Nikodemus: I guess I'll just go wonder into the dangerous wilds by myself....alone
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
GLaDOS: "Have fun."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He flinches back a bit, then mumbles "I-It's fine..." His voice sounds quite quiet.*
Jason Scott: "Sorry, kid."
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtbct2jzLBU >
Jason Scott: "I'm sure you can find someone."
Nikodemus: slumps down and heads to the door
Nikodemus: can I have a portal thing though?
GLaDOS: she looks at Jason
Jason Scott: "What are you looking at me for?"
GLaDOS: "Consult."
ONFrisk: "I uh...wow." They're glancing at Azalea oddly every few seconds.
Jason Scott: "Not like the portal gun would work."
Barchar: "...Why are you looking at Azalea like that?"
ONFrisk: Error 404, goat.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ... *He just kinda awkwardly stands there, twiddling his thumbs.*
Azalea: "What?"
GLaDOS: "There's also a miniature black hole in it."
Elo: [sub]"W-what are they doing.."[/sub]
ONFrisk: "...Uh, thought there were only, y'know, three goat guys."
Barchar: "Azalea. The person you keep glancing at."
Jason Scott: "...True?"
: .*
Barchar: "No, there are quite a few boss monsters."
: Not a question
Azalea: "Heck if I know, Elo."
GLaDOS: "And he seems inclined to tear things apart."
ONFrisk: "Uh...yeah, okay." [color=red]You don't remember her.[/color]
GLaDOS: "So, if he tried to do that, he'd unleash a miniature black hole, killing him and possibly everyone in his dimension."
Barchar: (What?)
Nikodemus: looks around to see if there is a portal gun near by, or just a gun for that matter
Jason Scott: "Yes alright."
GLaDOS: there is not.
Nikodemus: please??????
ONFrisk: [color=red]You distinctly remember there only being three of them, did Toriel and Asgore have another kid or something?[/color]
GLaDOS: "No."
Barchar: (Oh, that's Flavor text chara)
Jason Scott: "Sorry, kid. Just... too dangerous."
GLaDOS: "I'd rather you not destroy everything."
Nikodemus: Sad face
ONFrisk: They're glancing around awkwardly, not really getting this situation.
Nikodemus: puts on a sad face
Nikodemus: heads out
GLaDOS: "Well, that was unpleasant."
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Jason Scott: "I feel bad."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ... *"U-Uh... S-Sorry for bumping into you... I-I'll go..." He starts to shuffle towards the couch.*
Azalea: "Are you just going to keep looking around like that?"
GLaDOS: "Same, even though I know full well it was the right decision for many reasons."
Jason Scott: "Hey, you feel bad, that's good."
ONFrisk: "...Yeah? Sorry, i'm kinda confused."
Jason Scott: "Hope he does find some people willing though."
Azalea: "Hmm. Alright them."
Nikodemus: enters the bar and looks around
Azalea: "I should really go change out of this..." -She's still wearing the blood stained outfit.-
Barchar: "Hi."
Azalea: "Hey, Niko."
Nikodemus: Hello
ONFrisk: They sort of, stroll over to the counter, digging into their pocket. "I uh, don't really know the currency of bars in doors in the woods."
ONFrisk: "Do you accept G?" And they place G on the counter.
Nikodemus: flaps over to the jukebox and perches on top of it
Azalea: "Gold."
ONFrisk: And after assumedly getting a drink, they go over to the couch, glancing at everyone else on it.
ONFrisk: "This is a big couch."
Nikodemus: .....
Barchar: "It's infinite."
Nikodemus: looks at BC
Barchar: "Get closer and you'll see it stretch."
Couch: Don't move. Don't move. Don't Move. Don't Move.
Nikodemus: glares at the couch because he thought he saw it move
Nikodemus: stares with such intensity
Azalea: "Hey, Niko, how'd talking with Glados go?"
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nervously glances at ONFrisk, hiding most of his face with his hair. He seems shy.*
Couch: [i]help[/i]
Nikodemus: wait.......the couch
ONFrisk: They glance at Wally as well, not seeming shy, just a little awkward. "What's up?"
Nikodemus: is staring at the couch like an animal would its prey
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"... N-Not much..."*
Barchar: "It's a couch."
Azalea: "A very comfortable couch."
Couch: if Couches could sweat it would.
Nikodemus: flies over to the couch and stares for a minute
ONFrisk: "Huh, that's neat."
Nikodemus: .....I've got my eye on you -pokes the couch-
Couch: No response, it's piss-scared
Nikodemus: flies back to the jukebox
Azalea: "Anyways, I asked you a question, Niko."
Barchar: "Why are you threatening an inanimate object."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods slightly, twiddling his thumbs.*
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Nikodemus: goes back to normal
Nikodemus: .....
Nikodemus: uh....whats happening?
Azalea: "I asked how your talk went."
Nikodemus: oh they threatened to kill me if they ever saw me again
Nikodemus: you know, the normal stuff
Azalea: "What?"
Nikodemus: they told me to leave and that I would end up dead if I hanged out with them
ONFrisk: "...What."
Azalea: "...Er, alright..."
Nikodemus: she said shes killed like, a dozen kids too
Nikodemus: using a deadly neurotoxin
Azalea: "Well that sounds bad. I assume Glados just didn't want to hurt you."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"... S-Sounds familia- Oh." He's played Portal before.*
Nikodemus: well I mean, she said me equals dead
Nikodemus: if I see her again
Nikodemus: something like that
Azalea: -She shrugs.-
Azalea: "I'll keep you safe.-
: "*
Nikodemus: Okay
Nikodemus: how?
Azalea: -She kind of regrets saying that, after realizing she's said the same this to Elo and Loni and now is keeping three people safe.-
Azalea: -She shrugs.-
Azalea: "However I can I guess."
Nikodemus: eh I'm good I think
Nikodemus: I can fly at 250 mphs
Nikodemus: like anything can keep up with me
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *"I-I'm sure she's have something..."*
Azalea: "Well, alright."
Elo: is keeping quiet
Nikodemus: besides I've out flown everyrthing thats attacked me
Azalea: -She feels bad for Niko, and is showing that, with a frown.-
Azalea: "Mmhm."
Nikodemus: stays perched on the jukebox, kicking it to make it play music
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
: the jukebox plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBUOWTrn9xs
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He twiddles his thumbs, feeling nervous.* <... Hey, Com... Know any conversation starters?>
Azalea: "Do you have a house? Maybe I can visit one day, we can go do stuff."
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
Nikodemus: Nah I live where ever I want
Nikodemus: kind of like true freedom
Azalea: "Well, I guess just ask if you want to go do something with someone."
Azalea: "It DOES get very boring here."
Elo: "..."
Azalea: "...But I do need to take care of Elo."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ...
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Nikodemus: Thats cool
Nikodemus: I can take care of myself
Nikodemus: don't need nobody
Azalea: "No, but I mean it would be nice to hang out."
Azalea: "I don't need to take care of you."
Nikodemus: oh yeah totally
Miyu: [I broke up with one of them and they hate me now]
Miyu: [I just. gotta. get the other one]
Azalea: "Plus uh... it's fine to want someone to take care of you."
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: [... Which one?] *He's currently still on the couch.*
Nikodemus: What?
Miyu: [Fay]
Nikodemus: where'd you get hat idea?
Nikodemus: that*
Azalea: "Kinda got that idea from you saying you don't need nobody."
Nikodemus: yeah cuz I can manage on my own
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: [Ah... Kinda worries me a bit more, then, at least for my situation.]
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Azalea: "Well, Scirocco said you had... a tragic backstory kind of thing."
Azalea: "Just wanted to make sure you were alright."
Nikodemus: tragic backstory?
Nikodemus: what?
Nikodemus: ohhhhh
Azalea: "Lost your parents, I thought he said?"
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Nikodemus: yeah hes joking with you
Nikodemus: he does that
Nikodemus: quite the prankster
Azalea: "But he also said you were like, imprinting."
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Nikodemus: and you believed him?
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Azalea: "Yeah."
Azalea: "Guess I've just been in the same boat."
Azalea: "Or, at least from what he described."
Nikodemus: ....o
Nikodemus: oh
Nikodemus: ...yeah you did say that you lost your partents
Nikodemus: parents
Elo: "..."
Nikodemus: sorry about that
Azalea: "Yeah. I kind of... really wanted them back at first. Later just wanted any parents. And I feel like stuff would have been better if it weren't just me and my brother."
Nikodemus: ...well scirocco is just pulling your chain
Nikodemus: like he does wtih that Rick Asten story
Azalea: "Yeah. I guess."
Azalea: -She nods."
Nikodemus: like how one minute you're told about being all part of this great prophecy
Nikodemus: then being told that its nothing but supersitition
Azalea: "Do you have friends?"
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Nikodemus: well theres Scirocoo
Nikodemus: and the Island
Nikodemus: maybe that Edge lord guy
Azalea: -She gets up, and walks over, and extends a hand.-
Nikodemus: but hes a loony
Azalea: "Well, were friends now."
Nikodemus: grabs it
Nikodemus: ahhh
Azalea: -She shakes his hand.-
Nikodemus: shakes it back
Nikodemus: OH no!
Nikodemus: I gotta get to work
Elo: ((I hate lilith
Azalea: "Oh. I'll see you later."
Nikodemus: mail ain't gotta deliver itself
Nikodemus: dasvidaniya don't get any on ya
Nikodemus: flies through the anydoor
Nikodemus: (going to bed, gnight
: ((Night))
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: ((hello
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: ((wow ok
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: ((its
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Barchar: (MY LIFE)
Barchar: (IT'S NOW OR NEVER)
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally is currently on the couch. He'll probably head out in half an hour or so.*
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: ((yee haw
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Youmu: (... Anything relevant happen... Im not going through logs.)
Barchar: (to you? Not really)
: ((Why are you using ellipses OOC
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: http://prntscr.com/d3iu2g
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: ((...yee haw~
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Elo: "H-hey you wanna go do.. something?"
Azalea: "Like what?"
: http://images.firstcovers.com/covers/flash/a/and_then_they_fucked-75360.jpg
Elo: "I dunno.. wanna play some games?"
Azalea: "What type of games?"
Elo: ((Name a good original xbox game that doesn't have a better version on the ps2
Elo: shrugs as best he can
: (( hotline yee haw 2: wrong yee haw, yee haw fortress 2, yee haw infinity eveolved: hard mode
: (( AdVenture Yee Haw
Elo: he grabs his arm and pops it back into place after dislocating it trying to shrug, wincing
: (( The Binding of Yee Haw: ReHaw
Barchar: (Halo.)
Elo: ((I have the remake
: (( yee hawlo
Elo: ((And I couldn't find halo 2
Azalea: "You alright?"
Elo: "Y-yeah, it happens.."
Elo: ((I found a 10 dollar xbox and I need games to justify this
Azalea: "Well, uh... I just don't know what to do."
Azalea: "There isn't much."
: (( 7 Grand dad port to xbox is pretty good
Elo: "W-wanna go do stuff in the snow?"
Azalea: "Will you be alright?"
Elo: "I think so.. I u-use ice magic."
Azalea: "Alright..."
Azalea: -She gets up.-
Elo: gets up as well
Azalea: -And she heads out into the snow.-
Elo: does so as well, not the best at walking but he can do it, kinda
Azalea: -She sits in the snow.-
Elo: is magicing up some snow things
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: ((yee haw
Azalea: -She is watching.-
Azalea: "Having fun?"
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Youmu: (This is rp you dolt)
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Barchar: (Hey. Don't be a dick.)
: ((This is yee haw you yee haw
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Elo: playfully throws a smol snowball at her
: ((Excuse me?
: ((Who are you referring to with that?
: ((^
: ((^ haw
: ((I'm rather curious on that as well
Youmu: ((Person who asked why (we) were using "elipses in ooc"))
Youmu: (... And I am not in the best of moods rn.)
: ((I'm asking because Elipses are a writing tool use for signifying delay in speech
Barchar: (He was askingwhy YOU, specifically, were using ellipses in OOC.)
: ((And you were using them in OOC.
Barchar: (Out of character.)
: ((yee... haw...
: ((And you replied with a dickhead comment calling me a dolt.
: ((That's kind of rude, y'know?
Youmu: (... But this is IC? with elipses used for ooc chat as per rules -,-)
: ((These are not ellipses
: ((..These...are...ellipses
: ((You are going to treat everyone in this chat with respect, and not throw names around like a cock gnobbler.
Youmu: (That woukd be a habit. Sorry.)
Youmu: (*gobbler)
: ((I meant what I said.
: ((I was effectively calling you a dickgnob.
Barchar: (Nooo, in parenthesis is out of character. ooc.)
Barchar: (IC is In Character. Not in parenthesis.)
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Nobody: Ayo saying ayo
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: ((yee haw
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally wakes up from his short-lived nap, and starts to sit up, yawning.*
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: ... *He decides to go back home, going through the Anydoor.*
: ((siivagunner keeps dying and coming back to life
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Barchar: (He's as tenacious as loss.jpg)
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: Sean [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi[/color]
: ((yee haw'
: ((haw yee
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I'm perfecting my NU team because apparently that's the only one I want to use[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Laharl, can I fight you and you can give me advice on what to change?[/color]
: I'll make an NU team
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Thank[/color]
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: mr
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]skeltal[/color]
: we did it reddit
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Brb[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Back[/color]
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally enters the bar through the Anydoor, and makes a beeline straight for the couch.*
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
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Smolapeño: (hi darling!!!)
: ((hi darling! and everyone else
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: ((yee haw
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (yee hi
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: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Just one thing Laharl[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Wouldn't Ice Beam > HP Grass[/color]
Barchar: (Hi MV)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi MV[/color]
: ((HP Grass and ice beam can be swapped out for eachother
: ((The big thing is that grass lets you hit water types
: ((And ice beam lets you hit grass types
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Ah alright[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Thanks[/color]
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (yo
Hellcat: (( hi
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi Bloo[/color]
: ((yee haw
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Time to tri this improved team[/color]
Barchar: (So, I'm playing the thousand year door)
Barchar: (And this poor fucking buzzy beetle just gut belly-flopped bvy flurrie, crushed by the background, and hit with a stage prop)
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: I remember PM
: I played thousand year and watched Chuggaa play all three games
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He nods a bit, and lays down on the couch.*
Barchar: (I've watched him play all of them, I think)
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Barchar: (I've played some of 64, more of super, and more than super of TTYD)
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Barchar: (Uh, the first and last were/are emulated)
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He shrugs a bit.*
: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]: He shrugs mentally.
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: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (yo
: ((yo haw
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *Wally decides to enter his mindscape, and appears in midair above the couch, flopping onto it face down.*
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: *He says, his voice muffled.*
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Brb[/color]
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: eBrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr
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: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Back[/color]
Hellcat: http://entropy8.com/
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Should we tell Ultima the results rn[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]We said we'd have them by yesterday[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: ((hold on what are the results
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]6 votes for back, 5 for not[/color]
: ((fuck
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Which really sucks[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I don't like seeing it that close[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Not because I want one more than the other but because I worry something might happen[/color]
: ((i don't like being beaten out by one vote
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Ok, here's the thing [color=red]]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I didn't realize Chime was gonna be out this long. [color=red]]][/color]
Elo: ((Mv if jay's down for it and bread doesn't wanna finish his segment you wanna do rev tonight?
: ((sure, why not. might make me feel a bit better about the situation
: ((May I also join?
: ((im okay with that
Elo: ((Sorry, wally is in bread's segment
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: ((Oh right
Elo: ((The party will be back together soon
: ((Alrighty
: swood_ [] disconnected.
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: ((you can definitely spectate
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: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... I-I feel like I should decorate this place more... Any ideas?>
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
ON!Toriel: Maybe she'll show up later
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
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: [url=http://imgur.com/4ZRkxdn]Commodity[/url]:
Barchar: (oh thank GOD)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]?[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Rip[/color]
: ripperoni
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]This is why I haven't played platinum in a while[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]That*[/color]
Barchar: (Thankfully I could just reload my save and it was in the right place)
Barchar: (But god i almost had a heart attack)
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... O-Oh, right...> *He decides to put a lamp down, and a wodden floor in the general vicinity of where everything is.*
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Elo: ((So pokemon platinum has absofuckinglutely awful berry mechanics
Elo: ((You wanna stop playing the game for a bit? Haha fuck you say goodbye to all your rare berries
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
: [url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/243914457489604609/243940124260302848/IMG_1548.JPG]Schyroton:[/url] (hi ce
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Hi CE[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]So should I tell Ultima the results?[/color]
Elo: ((Go ahead
: ((say we didn't take something into account(chime going to youmacon), and say we'll have the results withinthe week, and that we apologize for the delay.
: ((chime didnt vote
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Okay[/color]
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]: <... I'm gonna go back for a bit. Gonna go and check on Miyu, or something.>
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
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: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Barchar: (Neither had I, I didn't realize we'd made another strawpoll)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Well now it's 7:5 anyway[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]So if chime votes no it's 7:^[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]wow[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]7:6[/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: [url=http://i.imgur.com/OZZxkSn.png]Wally[/url]:
: ((oh.
: ((it's still close.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Unless some people who want to vote besides Chime haven't yet[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Before I tell Ultima, we should make sure everyone who wants to vote has[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]So I'll ask that now[/color]
: I'm abstaining
: I'll tiebreak if need be, but for now.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Elo's connection timed out.
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Brb[/color]
: ((I'm not sure.))
: ((I guess I'll vote if it's close))
: ((it's pretty close rn
: ((Hmm. What's winning?))
: Yes
: ((unfortunately, yes is.
: ((I'm probably going to abstain.))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]That's fine[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Someone link me the poll
: Elo [Elo] joined chat.
: I'm gonna chuck in my vote.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]It's the topic[/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]It's the topic [color=red]]][/color]
Elo: ((Bread you wanna do rev tonight, or not
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Well now we do have to wait for chime[/color]
: ((Sure))
: I can't really say Yes if MV isn't saying yes, since MV is the pivot of this whole deal
: ((i've been against his return from square one
: ((It's tight))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I mean, why would we be voting then[/color]
: ((because some people think he's actually changed and not just begging to cone back.
: ((I wish we could sensor words on this platform))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Well yeah, but if the deal depends on MV and MV says no then why are we voting[/color]
: Censor*
: ((some people want to give him another chance.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I understand that[/color]
: Elo [Elo] disconnected.
Barchar: (Because on the off-chance he is better, it's dickish to just exclude him because he did something dumb when he was dumb)
Barchar: (We've all been dumb.)
: barbershop pole arm!Hellcat [Hellcat] disconnected.
Barchar: (We've all done dumb things.)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I don't think I'm getting my point across[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I'm not just asking why are we voting[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]That's only part of the question[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Why are we voting if MV is the pivot of the deal and they say no[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Then the answer would just be no[/color]
: ((because some people dissagree with their opinion))
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]Okay nevermind[/color]
Barchar: (MV isn't the boss of this chat. They don't have the only say on who we allow and don't.)
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I hope I'm not trying to come across as a dick[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]wait[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]I hope I'm not coming across as a dick[/color]
: My point was.
: ((i know i'm not the boss of this chat, or this issue.
Barchar: (It's not like we're just bringing him back like nothing ever happened, unless he proves that he's actually genuinely changed then he's on a really short leash)
: That R2 related manners are related to MV, and as such, MV's word holds a bit heavier in my pinon.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]ohhhhh[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]okay[/color]
Barchar: (No, I'm not angry at you MV)
Barchar: (Because you haven)
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]i misunderstood then[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]sorry[/color]
: ((its ok
Barchar: (haven't been at all bad with the fact that a small majority of us are willing to take him back)
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I've already given my opinion, but because it seems like most people want him back, I'm going to ask one question. [color=red]]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]What gives you any reason that's he's changed and that he isn't just trying to seem better in our eyes? [color=red]]][/color]
: ((We can't tell.))
: ((It's only text.))
: ((To be fair, I don't act like I act here in real life.))
: ((i've honestly been a bit upset but i understand that you guys are willing to maybe let him back.
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]If he hasn't changed, then he won't be allowed here[/color]
: Sean: [color=#7d90cc]And if he has, then that's good[/color]
Barchar: (Exactly)
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I mean, I've already shown twice that this is a major possibility from his PMs and the whole concept of the post. [color=red]]][/color]
Barchar: (If he's just gotten better at acting, then we can kick him out for good when he inevitably messes up)
: ((i mean, i know i have massive trust issues and issues with holdong grudges.
: ((I think a misconception, DD, is that you said we WANT him here. I feel it's more of a privledge to him, rather than us wanting him to come here.))
: ((He wants to come here. We are allowing, or not allowing him.))
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]He's broken an important rule multiple times, plays stupid back then, and somewhat plays stupid now. [color=red]]][/color]
: Schyroton [] joined chat.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Where does the 'Allowing' change in that line of events exactly? [color=red]]][/color]