Keys: ((He's a common sigh on /r/Fivenightsatfreddies
Fellby: ((i meant in our subreddit
Keys: ((Ah
: ((I think that, if he makes sure to not break the rules like he has during another chance, it should be alright. If he comes here and starts breaking rules, he gets banned. Whether or not he gets that chance, I couldn't care less.))
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((Note, haven't read much of his posts))
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Smash] joined chat.
Syphon: Hi Smash
Burgrillpants: ((hi smash
: ey b0ss
: ((hello smask.)
: ((Fuck))
Smash: (( hey...
Syphon: smask
: ((Hello smash*
Syphon: Are you okay?
Barchar: (majorasmask)
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Smash] is now [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Smask].
Burgrillpants: ((fedorasmask
Burgrillpants: ((you ok smash?
Syphon: The ellipse is frightening
Smask: (( I really don't know
Syphon: ellipses*
: ((alright))
Syphon: oh
Burgrillpants: (oh
: ((What wrong?))
: Whats*
Smask: (( I wish I knew what I wanted, I guess
: ((try yee haw
: ((what do you mean?))
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
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: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Smask: (( cuz like,I have no goals, I have no problems, I have no reason to be depressed, but I am, and I shouldn't
Fellby: ((let me guess, you feel stuck?
Smask: (( maybe? I'm progressing in life just fine.
: ((On the topic of the "No reason to be depressed" and "I shouldn't"))
Burgrillpants: ((i mean the cause of depression is a lack of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain
: ((The thing is, if someone is clinically depressed, it doesn't matter))
: ((Wow that sounds bad))
Burgrillpants: ((what he means is it doesnt matter whether theres a reason or not
Barchar: (Yeah, uh, you should prooobably rephrase)
Smask: (( it makes sense though, thanks for the blunt answer
: ((Sorry))
: ((I'm bad at social))
Smask: (( no no, seriously, thanks
Smask: (( I like straightforward answers
Barchar: ( probably not actually helpful. You may think it is but it's not really.)
Barchar: (Get checked. Get meds if you need them. Hope it works out. That's all I can really say)
: ((What I meant mostly, is that, you don't need to feel like you're being selfish by feeling sad even though what you have is good))
: ((I think that's worded much better))
Smask: (( I really don't want to resort to medication...
Burgrillpants: (^ and ^^
Burgrillpants: ((that was to flame and bread
Fellby: ((There's no shame in taking medication
Barchar: (Look man, if that's what you need to keep yourself [i]not[/i] depressed, don't shy away from it)
Burgrillpants: ((exactly
Barchar: (But your best bet is to actually go to a doctor and figure out if it is necessary)
Barchar: (Maybe you're just having a shitty day)
: ((I take a medication. Aderall, for ADHD.))
Smask: (( I know, but I'd really rather not... I'm not big on intaking something to function, that's just me.
Burgrillpants: ((get it checked out if this persists for more than two weeks
: ((And honestly it has helped me so much.))
Burgrillpants: ((i take two different meds to function, one for depression and the other for adhd. yeah, swallowing pills sucks, but its worth it
: ((With focusing on stuff. Getting work done.))
Fellby: ((dude, people take meds for physical illness, right? And there's generally no shame in that, right?
Barchar: (They don't make meds to humiliate you, man, they make them so that you can live happily, or at least happier. There's absolutely no shame or problem in needing it. In the slightest.)
: yee haw
: ((Not like most people you meet are even gonna know, and if they did, what does it matter? Most people don't care, and the ones who do, fuck em.))
Smask: (( I know, it's not outta shame, and I have no problem swallowing pills. swallowing is a random skill I have. I just, don't want to take them.
: ((Ahh))
: ((Yeah, that's understandable. Could dump the contents onto a spoonful of sugar))
: ((If it's powder))
: ((Or try something else, whatever suits you.))
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: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Barchar: (Pills do suck, if that is your specific issue. But yeah, there are other ways to get them without that method)
Burgrillpants: ((i know theres a patch for an adhd med
: ((I don't have a problem with taking pills as long as I have them with a drink
: ((I take a lot of pills
Fellby: ((off-topic, but i read through ultima's posts again
: ((Alright.))
Burgrillpants: ((and?
Fellby: ((I'm still saying yes, but it's like, uh, a tick above "no"
Fellby: ((if that makes sense
Barchar: (makes total sense)
Burgrillpants: ((why, if i may ask?
Smask: (( I have nothing against meds, I have no problem in the methods of medication needing to be taken, I just don't want to take them.
Burgrillpants: ((ah
Burgrillpants: ((well i mean
Burgrillpants: ((take them if you need to to function
Burgrillpants: ((after being prescribed ofc
Fellby: ((Mainly, I'm lingering on the fact that he told a friend about it. While this could be a lie on his end, if what he says is true, it means he got advice from someone.
: ((Is it just the thought of putting stuff in your body that you feel shouldn't be there? Or you just don't like it and don't know why?))
Fellby: ((however, if I were to let him back, it would be on a very, very tight leash.
Syphon: Of course
Fellby: ((Also, in his first post he might not be bringing the character Ultima back. I don't know if this holds true now.
Smask: (( I dunno, latter
: ((As I said, if he gets a second chance, we make it clear that it's his last, and will be banned if he manages to fuck up again.))
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Syphon: Do you feel shouldn't [i]have[/i] to take medication, and that you want to feel good naturally?
Barchar: (Psychoanalysis with Cards Against Undertale)
Smask: (( I guess?
: ((yee haw
: ((CaU-MD))
Module: [[ Guys, Smash just doesn't feel like living on pills. It's a big concept to some that isn't a choice made over night. Just let them think about it in their free time ]]
Fellby: ((Exactly, but talk like this can help.
: ((Alright, lets see. Smash, do you want to talk about this right now, or take some time to think on your own time, without us trying to help. Or maybe just talk later, or not at all.))
: ((Because I think all were doing is trying to help, and if this isn't, just tell us.))
Smask: (( I appreciate the help, and it's the most help I've gotten from ANYONE, but, it's really not doing anything for me.
Burgrillpants: ((ah
: ((that's fine))
Smask: (( Now I feel like an asshole.
: ((Why?))
Module: [[ Just think about it in your own time, do some research maybe and if you think of something just tell us. ]]
: ((and most importantly, yee haw
: ((Cause you certainly are not an asshole, and what you said is helpful))
Burgrillpants: ((you dont have to feel like an ass for venting to your friends
Smask: (( what I've said had no bearing or benefit to anyone, anywhere
Barchar: (If you understand your feelings even just a little bit more, it was useful)
: ((worries m80
: ((is ok'
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: ((Hey, I have an idea))
: ((What do you want to talk about that isn't all of this stuff))
Fellby: ((We could rp, if you like.
Module: [[ We were RPing to be fair before the whole Ultima thing ]]
: ((oh yeah, right, this is an rp group))
: ((talk about yee haw
Burgrillpants: ((sorry
Burgrillpants: ((i just felt it should be brought up
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fellby: ((It's okay. It was an important thing.
Smask: (( it's alright, sorry for interrupting.
Barchar: [Guardian, are there any publishing companies in Gaston?]
Fanta: is still in the bar
Burgrillpants: ((nah, i interrupted first, s ok
Howdy: so is she
Smask: (( no one publishes like Gaston
Barchar: (...Laharl, are you here? Can we do Ca2tale?)
Gaster: [I don't think so?]
Module: [[ You didn't interrupt, you got us off of a discussion that really over-stood it's stay ]]
Barchar: [Damn.]
Burgrillpants: taps the two fingers on his left paw on the table.
Fellby: is in the bar.
Syphon: He exists.
Module: "Well, I probably stabbed someone last night"
Module: shrugs, "I'll find out when someone tries to sue me"
Burgrillpants: scoots away from Module.
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Fanta: is still rubbing the spot her left horn was
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Module: "What, I'm not dangerous 99% of the time, I just stab people who try to kill other people/me and people who try to rob from me.... other than Runner because I still kinda owe him for not helping him for a few months"
Hywel: "Hurts?"
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Gaster: [I suppose you're going to have to keep on looking]
Syphon: "Also if you're going to scoot away from someone just with the information that they stabbed a guy."
: [yee haw]
Syphon: "You should probably scoot away from this entire place."
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Barchar: [Either that or that'll be the first new landmark in...whatever we're gonna call my area]
Barchar: [Though I feel like adding 'business owner' to my list of duties is gonna be a bit much]
Burgrillpants: ...
Fanta: "Yeah."
Module: [[ Laharl is sick, but he might have a back up plan ]]
Burgrillpants: ((oh no
Barchar: (Oh shit)
Gaster: [unless you get someone else to run it for you]
: ((Burgrillpants is just the bar timelines burger pants right
Fellby: ((no
Fellby: ((i'll let mv explain
Burgrillpants: ((storyshift bar timeline
Barmetta: ((where this guy is from
Burgrillpants: ((but there was a shift in certain npcs
Keys: ((As of now
Barchar: [But who]
Keys: ((I'm giving permission for someone else to narrate Ca2tale
Fanta: grumbles
Keys: ((Until I stop sneezing blood
Burgrillpants: ((LAHARL OH MY GOD
Syphon: oh no
Barchar: (Nah, it wouldn't be the same without you)
Keys: ((It's fine, it's just a sinus infection
Burgrillpants: ((IS THIS A NOSEBLEED
Keys: ((Sinus infection
Fanta: ((No, zs is making his brain bleed
Module: looks over at Hywel, wondering when the fuck he got here and how he missed him. He rubs his glowing eyes a bit, but he looks back at Syphon, "Y
Keys: ((Blood and pus is slowly oozing out of my nasal cavity if you so wish for a description
Syphon: y
: Triple six, five, forked tongue [] is now It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes [].
Burgrillpants: ((oh god
Fellby: ((eeeeewwwwww
Syphon: ew.
Module: "Y'know, it's scary that you're right in that case"
: ((Okay))
: ((So its burger pants but with fellby's role))
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s's connection timed out.
: Grillby
: Fuck
Fanta: lies her head in his lap and grumbles
Burgrillpants: It's not the stabbin' on its own. It's just a stabby robot is exactly what I came to escape.
Syphon: "Oh yeah."
Burgrillpants: ((yep
Hywel: "It'll be fine."
: ew
Syphon: [sub]"I mean[/sub] oh."
Module: "Don't worry, I'm a stabby cyborg, and only the stabby part sometimes"
Fellby: ((well, i mean, fellby is a grillby
Module: grins.
Fellby: "I prefer to burn people myself."
Burgrillpants: ...You didn't. Uh. Kill an entire area of people,did you?
Fanta: "It hurts like shit."
Fellby: "Not that I recall."
Fanta: "And now I look weird."
Syphon: "Er."
Hywel: "You look as sexy as you always are."
Syphon: "Now's a good time to tell you I've technically killed god twice."
Burgrillpants: ((essentially: bp is grillby is bratty is rg01 is nice cream guy is muffet is catty is rg02 is gerson is burgerpants
Burgrillpants: ...On a sorta murderous rampage?
Module: wonders if he should include taking part in a battle that might or might not have exploded a drug addicted timeline a few months back.
Syphon: "Kinda, but it was because everything was enraged because god was awakening."
Module: didn't throw the bomb, so he isn't gonna include it.
Fellby: wasn't aware of this.
Module: Slarc 1 BTW
Syphon: "Nonetheless it would be considered a murderous rampage."
Fellby: made his first appearance after slarc one.
Burgrillpants: ...
Asriel: -He looks around.-
: Tyler walks into the bar.
Module: did more of the 'RUN THE FUCK AWAY' during that time to be fair, a lot of shit was happening.
Syphon: "Hey."
Fanta: "My head is disproportionate."
: "Hey."
CryingEevee OOC: ((so a triangle, a meme, and an eevee walk into a mind-fuck))
Burgrillpants: waves, distracting himself from this.
Burgrillpants: ((hi nathan
Syphon: bleh
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
: ((yee hi
Syphon: Also, I should say
: It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes [] is now subatomic penetration rapid-fire [Tyler].
Syphon: I feel obsessed with...regulation, I guess, and I don't know why
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm))
Syphon: Like, I drum on my legs to songs, and lately I've been trying to tap each finger the same amount as the others
Tyler: He sits at the couch.
Syphon: I didn't really find that weird but now I'm trying to rest my hand on my desk the same amount as the other hand
Barchar: That's probably not really anything
Barchar: Just behavior. We like things to be 'right', in general
Asriel: -He looks towards Burgrillpants, considering he is a familiar face to him.-
Module: "I mean, I'm 99% I'm not a genocidal maniac, I guess it just depends on perspective for the last 1%"
Syphon: Oh, good
Fellby: crosses his legs and orders a scotch.
Burgrillpants: ...I'll take 1% over 100%.
Syphon: It just feels uncomfortable trying to regulate specific things
Burgrillpants: turns to the kid.
Runner: He built the bomb, but he wasn't the fucko that threw it.
Fanta: closes her eyes
Asriel: "Hi."
Tyler: he unzips his backpack and shuffles through it
Fanta: sighs
Tyler: and takes out a golden key
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Syphon: "What's that for?"
Burgrillpants: Hello.
Tyler: "My apartment."
Syphon: "...Oh. That makes a lot of sense."
Syphon: "I'm mildly disappointed now."
Burgrillpants: puts his hands on his lap, notably missing a finger on his left one.
Tyler: "I thought I lost it."
Module: turns to Tyler, "So you came in here, sat down, and randomly decided to look for your apartment key?"
Tyler: "No."
Asriel: "I haven't seen you in a long time. Even though you aren't mine."
Tyler: "I came here to deliver a hypothetical war request letter."
Syphon: "What."
Tyler: "The system is back up again."
Syphon: "Ohhhh yeah."
Syphon: "I still don't get that."
Asriel: "...Hey, you're missing a finger. Did something happen?"
Burgrillpants: I could say the same. And uh.
Burgrillpants: Yes.
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
: I gtg to bed, gn
Fellby: ((gn
Syphon: Gn Meme
Burgrillpants: (gn swood
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] disconnected.
Asriel: -He hops off the couch, and walks over.-
Asriel: "It's nice to meet you."
Syphon: "Can you explain that?"
Burgrillpants: Nice to meet you too, little buddy.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Fellby: "Say, I don't think I introduced myself to you."
Tyler: "Nope. 'Cause I don't understand it either."
Syphon: "Who do you work for?"
Burgrillpants: Oh, uh. No.
Asriel: -He extends a hand to shake.-
Fellby: "The name's Fellby."
Burgrillpants: shakes Asriel's hand first. "Burgerpants."
Asriel: -He leta fellby and BGrillP talk.-
Tyler: "Jules Scarce."
Syphon: "Okay, can I see them? I need this explained."
Fellby: extends his own hand.
Jules: "no, you cannot see 'them'" He says as he walks into the bar.
Syphon: "Oh hey are you them?"
Keys: Clipboards
Jules: "Yes, sure."
Fellby: ((
Burgrillpants: (
Barchar: (I apparently don't have a clipboard)
Syphon: rip
Module: [[ ]]
Barchar: (So I'm going to use what I know I had as a clipboard recently enough)
Tyler: "And, Tyler."
Barchar: (
Barchar: (wait)
Jules: "One more time you slip like this, I'll kill you."
Tyler: i just realized
Tyler: I typed 'and, tyler' as tyler
Syphon: rip
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Tyler: rip
Syphon: "..."
Tyler: this breaks my act completely
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [Tyler] is now subatomic penetration rapid-fire [].
Syphon: "Can you explain this to me?"
Barchar: (
Syphon: "The war system?"
Syphon: Nice meme killed my heaphones
Syphon: Memes why
Jules: "No."
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Jules: he and Tyler walk out of the bar
Syphon: "..."
Syphon: "Damn."
Jules: tyler gives Syphon a sort of 'help me' look as he walks out
Syphon: He nods in acknowledgement.
Module: grins, "What did ya expect, really?"
Syphon: "Nothing in particular."
Syphon: "I don't really expect anyone to be or to not be an asshole."
Syphon: He goes through the anydoor history.
Burgrillpants: ...Nice to meetcha.
Keys: ((Frisky just fucking got all the roles in ZS removed
Fellby: "It's a pleasure to meet you too."
Syphon: I assume that's a bad thing
Module: [[ ..What? ]]
: (( I don't have the reverie role
: (( anymore
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((wtf is fellby doing in my tomodachi life game
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Fellby: ((he and barchar are creeping on groose and pearl
Syphon: From the notif, I read 'wtf is fellby doing in my sandwich'
Barchar: ("Lookit those losers")
Fellby: ((WHAT
Burgrillpants: ((do not ingest fire unless you are blowing a fire elemental
Barchar: (Fellby: "I am your sandiwch." *whips out dick*)
Frosk: [i]Sweatdrop[/i]
Syphon: He tries to find Tyler's timeline in the anydoor history.
Fellby: (("The secret ingredient is spicy sausage"
Frosk: rip frosk
Keys: ((Tangy fucked up
Keys: ((And everything is blowing up in their face
Keys: ((They've got six people asking for their roles back
Barchar: (big fucking shock)
Barchar: (Can Tangy just get offed in a coup or something soon)
Barchar: (Put someone not shitty in a mod role)
Barchar: (not like irl killed but demoted)
Fellby: ((I suggest you friend who you like from there and start to pull away.
Keys: ((I'm slowly integrating myself
Keys: ((A big character of mine now has a house that people are rapidly visiting
Burgrillpants: (('i am your mod' 'i didnt vote for you'
Keys: ((If I can get a couple people to move in or some shit we'll qualify for a room
Keys: ((And then, if Tangy keeps fucking up, I can take the entire place with me to another server
Keys: ((And people will follow
: (( i.e. pulling a jay
Keys: ((I'm exactly pulling a jay
Syphon: Bloo, does he find the timeline
Barchar: ('I'll make my own Zebraspace, with blackjack, and hookers!')
: no
Syphon: "Aw dammit."
: (( What would you even call it
Syphon: "Well I'll have to wait until he or Jules comes here to be able to do anything."
Syphon: Donkeyspace
Burgrillpants: ((camelarea
Fellby: ((horsezone
Barchar: ecapsarbeZ
Burgrillpants: ((whoreszone*
Barchar: we have the not-tangy
Barchar: ecapsarbeZ
Barchar: The name of the shitty escape game where you escape from a copyright friendly arby's
Fellby: ((gdi why did i think "five night at arbys"
Barchar: 'u wake up, an find urself in the 1 place u never wanted 2 be...arbeZ'
Barchar: 'there is no dor only what u can find. can u ecaps arbeZ?'
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Barchar: (that is pronounced, or course, 'ar-bee-zee')
Fellby: orders a scotch.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Syphon: But the a isn't like the a in arby's, it's like the sound in AAAAAAA
: (( This fucking Radio guy
Syphon: So AAAAAAAArbee-zee
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
: (( One of the most snappy people on the goddamn server
Syphon: He sits on the couch and fiddles with ice.
: (( Needs to just fucking stop
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire's connection timed out.
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Barchar: (GLaDOS is trying to steal chell's man)
Barchar: (out of jealousy I assume)
Burgrillpants: ((pffhah
Barchar: (Should I let her try?)
Burgrillpants: ((yes
Fellby: takes a drip of alcohol on his finger, letting it flare up.
Fellby: ((yes
Burgrillpants: Oh.
Barchar: (Engineer: "What the fuck pardner")
Burgrillpants: T-that's pretty neat.
Fellby: "You like that party trick, huh?"
Barchar: (I have told GLaDOS to tell the engie 'L-let go of chell, baka')
Burgrillpants: Yeah. 's cool.
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [] joined chat.
Barchar: (I may subscribe to Caroline as Chell's mother but you know what her secretly being tsundere for her is also hilarious)
Fellby: "I can do lots of tricks with fire."
Burgrillpants: Nice.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Barchar: (Engie showed up)
Barchar: (He's entertaining this)
Fanta: ((I hate the new negan in twd
Barchar: (OH MY GOD)
Fanta: ((But this episode is cool
Fellby: ((BARCHAR NO
Fellby: ((muffet likes to interrupt confessions in my game
Burgrillpants: ((barchar: *busts in* CLAMJAMMED
Barchar: (Yeah okay he didn't go for them)
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Syphon: Hi Frisky
Asriel: "..."
: Module [Module] disconnected.
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [] disconnected.
Burgrillpants: ((hi frisky
Fellby: "Hm... you know what? Get me a fireman burew, please?" Grillby hands over a bottle, which fellby takes a swig from.
Keys: Tangy ragequit.
Syphon: rip
Burgrillpants: Holy fuck.
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Smask] joined chat.
Syphon: Hi Smash
Burgrillpants: ((hey smask
Fellby: flares up and begins to sparkle.
Burgrillpants: That's beautiful.
Fellby: "Why, thank you."
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Barchar: (Can I just say fuck slide puzzles)
Barchar: ('cause fuck slide puzzles)
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((lol i've only used a slide puzzle once
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Burgrillpants: ((fuck slide puzzles
Barchar: (I've just started using them because I don't know what food anyone likes and i have tons of them)
Syphon: fuck slide puzzles
Barchar: (but mostly just fuck them)
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]((testing[/color]
Syphon: Neato
Burgrillpants: ((noice
Syphon: [url=]Noice[/url]
Barchar: (He has)
Barchar: (three colors for that one character now)
Barchar: (Yellow i the title, blue in the name, red in the text)
Barchar: (all the primary colors, right there)
Fellby: ((.... why is muffet hanging out at asgore's place
Fellby: ((pearl and professor oak are there too
Barchar: (Selling him food and/or sex)
Smask: (( im a primary color guy
Smask: like it?
: Module [Module] joined chat.
Fellby: ((neato
Fellby: takes out a mirror and admires himself a little. "You know, I don't see myself sparkle that much."
Burgrillpants: Hm.
Burgrillpants: ((niiice
Syphon: [url=]Noice[/url]
Fellby: "It's a shame, really, since I look wonderful."
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]*enters the bar* Hello, could I by chance trouble you for a refreshment?[/color]
Syphon: "Hey."
Burgrillpants: shrugs, an awkward smile on his fuzzy face.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]*waves* Cheers.[/color]
Grillby: -He's right htere.-
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Asriel: "..."
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [] joined chat.
Asriel: -He feels the comments Fellby are making might be a bit egotistical.-
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Smask: [color=#fffffe]*takes a seat* I'm not much of a drinker, just a glass of tea will do just fine.[/color]
Syphon: rip
Smask: rip so damn hard fuck me
Burgrillpants: ((are you over 18
Smask: (( I'm 22, and already wasted my whole life
Burgrillpants: ((damn
Burgrillpants: ((youre older than me
Burgrillpants: ((i'm 19 years old and i've already wasted my entire life
Barchar: (You're only 19?)
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]*takes a seat* I'm not much of a drinker, just a glass of tea will do just fine.[/color]
Burgrillpants: ((i turned 19 within the course of cau
Barchar: ()You always seemed older)
Smask: (( someone has to be older than me
Syphon: Also I'mma ask again
Syphon: Where's Yaz
Grillby: -He makes Xeo a cup of tea. The scent of cinnamon wafts through the air.-
Keys: ((In Korea
Burgrillpants: ((yazan, who used to come here, is 26/27
Fellby: ((i don't know
: (( isnt yaz like, 26
Syphon: Ah okay
Burgrillpants: ((how old did you think i was flameo
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]Thanks! *takes a sip* much appreciated! I was rather parched.[/color]
Barchar: (I dunno)
Syphon: "By the way, who are you?"
Barchar: (at least in your twenties)
Burgrillpants: ((almost
Fellby: -The glitter starts to fade.-
Burgrillpants: ((give it 10 months
Keys: ((everyone other than DD and Friskyt
Keys: ((How old am I
Barchar: (18?)
Syphon: 17
Burgrillpants: ((17
Burgrillpants: ((bruh i mentioned smol was 17 when she started did you think that through
Keys: ((Huh.
Keys: ((Well, might as well get it out
Burgrillpants: ((i mean when she started cau
Keys: ((I'm 16.
Burgrillpants: ((oh
Syphon: woa
: (( ok
Fellby: ((Huh.
Barchar: (I don't think I was there at the ti-wait, really? wow)
Syphon: neato
Burgrillpants: ((i thought you turned 17 already
Fellby: ((I would have pegged you for a little bit older.
Keys: ((No?
Keys: ((I mean
Keys: ((I lied about my age once
Syphon: wait that means you started at 15 probably
Keys: ((Cause I was paranoid
Burgrillpants: ((i know you mentioned being 16
Barchar: (I mean I guess me being surprised at somebody seeming mature when they're young is somewhat hypocritical but still)
Module: [[ Now, for the challenge of have people been listening to my actions, how old am I? ]]
Burgrillpants: ((flame youre 14
Syphon: 18
Keys: ((I know this answer so i'm sitting off of it.
Burgrillpants: ((dd youre 17
Barchar: (i know you know my age)
Fellby: ((DD i thought you said you were 17 at some point
Smask: [color=#fffffe]Oh, where are my manners. I'm Xeo. *he has a British accent, it's thick, but also smooth enough to understand just fine, wearing a red leather jacket, long crimson red hair with lightblue tips* (( also, did not expect that))[/color]
Burgrillpants: ((i know dd is under 18
Module: [[ 17 is correct, although I turn 18 in Jan ]]
Barchar: (The fact that you know my age is why that was even a thing)
Syphon: ag
Syphon: ah&
Barchar: (neato)
Syphon: ffs
Syphon: "Syphon, nice to meet you."
Module: [[ I started at late 16 for here, and I was out I believe the day I had my birthday ]]
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]likewise[/color]
Module: [[ ...And I'll probably be out again at that time this year ]]
Burgrillpants: Name's Burgerpants. Nice to meetcha.
Module: [[ Damn you competition season ]]
Fellby: ((I'll probably be out on my birthday
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [] disconnected.
Burgrillpants: ((i know my birthgay was celebrated in this group, and it's the same day as ce
Fellby: ((I'm gonna be turning 21 on the 27th of november
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]cheers, I'm assuming that's a nickname of yours.[/color]
Burgrillpants: Yeah.
Fellby: "One of the Burgerpants I know goes by Charles."
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Burgrillpants: Huh.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]interesting.[/color]
Syphon: Brb
Fellby: "Dunno if that's his birthname or not."
Fanta: ((So I have a cut on the inside of my arm I don't remember getting and it hurts like a bitch
Smask: (( I assume his real name is Fry
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Sailor Laharl, Guardian of CaU's connection timed out.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Sailor Laharl, Guardian of CaU [Keys] joined chat.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Burgrillpants: ((sucks
Burgrillpants: ((i hc felix because of felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Fellby: "I mean, I was born Alexander."
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Smask: (( I say Fry because of the obvious pun, he's a fry boi
: Fellby [Fellby] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Fanta: is still in the bar
Burgrillpants: I mean, I was born Felix, but 's not like anyone really calls me that.
Asriel: -He gets up, and goes over to Fanta. Is Fanta on the couch?-
Fanta: yep
Fanta: minus one horn
Fellby: shudders a little. "The only one who really called me that was my father."
Asriel: -He just... plops down onto the couch, lying his head in her lap.-
Burgrillpants: Ooh.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Fellby: "Yeeeaaah."
Asriel: "I don't wanna go to school tomorrow."
: Module [Module] disconnected.
Frisk: -He's looking to Asriel.-
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: "Why not?"
Fanta: pets him gently
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s's connection timed out.
Asriel: "..."
Asriel: "I guess I'm starting to let things get to me."
Fellby: "It's fine. It's ten years in the past."
Fanta: "What happened?"
Asriel: "Just Th bullying."
Asriel: "It's just that."
Asriel: -Fanta's mom instincts are probably picking up that's it's not just that.-
Fanta: "What else?"
Fanta: is now worried he struck out
Asriel: "...Nothing else."
Fanta: "You sure?"
Asriel: -He nods, about worriedly. Seems like something happened, and he mostly doesn't want Frisk to know.-
Asriel: -Mainly because he keeps glancing at him.-
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fanta: "I know something's up.. you can tell me."
Asriel: -He just shakes his head.-
Fanta: looks at him with that mom face of 'cmon i know you're hiding something tell me'
Asriel: -He whispers,- "Can we go somewhere more private?"
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fanta: nods and takes his hand, going to the backroom
Asriel: -He follows. He very quickly kinda tears up a little.-
Fanta: "What happened, dear?"
Asriel: "U-uhm... the bullying got really bad."
Fanta: "What did they do?"
Asriel: "Used... physical means, recently, out of school..."
Fanta: "Oh no.."
Fanta: hugs him
Asriel: -He starts crying, which is very silent for him, as he hugs back.-
Asriel: "I didn't w-wanna tell Frisk, I-I don't want to make him m-more worried..."
Fanta: "You should tell him.. he can walk you home."
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Asriel: "He works..."
Asriel: "He'd have to get out early, I don't wanna put him through trouble..."
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Fanta: isn't sure whether to teach him to beat the shit out of them or just walk him home herself
Fanta: "What did they do?"
Asriel: -He has every single one of the souls of the monsters.-
Asriel: -He could beat the shit out of them if he wanted to.-
Asriel: "They pushed me to the ground and kicked me... it didn't hurt that much, but..."
Fanta: knows this
Fanta: "You want me to walk you home?"
Asriel: "...Can you?"
Asriel: "I dunno if the school will let you... you're a monster, they hardly let me in..."
Fanta: "Hmm.."
Fanta: "Maybe I look scary enough to get let in."
Fanta: "Or I can just wait outside."
Asriel: "That's why they don't like me. They think I'm scary."
Asriel: "The adults, anyways..."
Fanta: "You're not scary."
Fanta: "You're adorable, I have horns and fangs and stuff."
Asriel: "You still look good."
Asriel: -He smiles.-
Asriel: -Then frowns.-
Asriel: "What happened to your horn?"
Fanta: "It got punched."
Asriel: "By who?"
Fanta: "And then it exploded, and I hit the wall."
Fanta: "I don't even know."
Asriel: "Oh, okay..."
Asriel: "Well, um. I'm not sure what to do."
Syphon: Sorry to break the beautiful blue train, but gtg
Syphon: Gn <3
: ((ACH))
: ((Gn))
Fanta: "I can come tomorrow and see if they'll let me in as your mom or something."
: Syphon [Syphon] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fanta: ((TRI
Asriel: "...They won't believe you. They'll freak out about another monster."
Asriel: "...Maybe do worse... I don't want you to get hurt."
Asriel: "I wish I had my mom and dad..."
Fanta: "..."
: ((Have you seen that movie))
Fanta: hugs him a bit closer
: ((Unstoppable))
: ((Yeah that's us))
Fanta: ((
: ((
Fanta: ((Dammit wrong meme
Fanta: ((
Asriel: -He sighs, hugging closely.-
Asriel: "You remind me of her..."
Fanta: "I take after her."
Asriel: -He nods.-
Fanta: "I'm sure it'll be fine, they wouldn't hurt me."
Asriel: "..."
Fanta: "I don't want you to get bullied."
Asriel: "I haven't told you of what happened when we came out from the underground, have I..."
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Smask] joined chat.
: ((Hello Smesh))
Fanta: ""
Burgrillpants: ((hi snash
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Hi snatch
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Smask] is now [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Snatch].
Asriel: "I was basically tackled while we were walking to the closest town, by some type of officers..."
Fanta: "Oh no.."
Asriel: "Frisk managed to convince people that I shouldn't die, mostly talking about me being a child..."
Asriel: "I don't know how they'll react to an adult..."
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Fanta: sighs
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Asriel: -He does also.-
Fanta: well if anything that made her internally wanna go more as a fuck you to the humans
Snatch: (( I am currently out-punning a sans right now, sorry if I'm distracted
Asriel: "..."
Fellby: ((no problem
: ((If it ever comes to fish puns))
: ((Say))
Snatch: (( that's a fishy set up
Keys: I just got invited by a muffet RPer
Keys: To an ERP in ZS
: (("If you could find a better fish pun expert, let minnow."))
Fanta: "I dunno.."
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Asriel: "Thank you for being concerned though..."
Fanta: "If they keep doing it, tell me."
Muffet: ;)
Asriel: "Okay... I was thinking that I could use slight force to stand my ground, but they would use that against me... to make me seem violent or whatever..."
Asriel: "I think anyways..."
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Asriel: -He closes his eyes, leaning into Fanta.-
Fanta: holds him
Asriel: "I'm sleepy..."
Burgrillpants: ((you mean a betta fish pun expert
Fanta: "Mmhm.."
: ((Fuck))
: ((Beat me at my own game))
Burgrillpants: ((you have to scale the ranks, because that missed opportunity was below c level
: ((You should start a grouper something))
Asriel: "Goodnight..."
Fanta: "Goodnight."
Burgrillpants: ((a school, mayhaps
: ((I need to sleep))
: ((Goodnight.))
Burgrillpants: ((goodnight, my buoy
Snatch: (( I won
Burgrillpants: ((NICE
Fanta: takes the gote to frisk after a while
Barchar: (Muh buoy. This peace is what all true warriors strive for)
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Fanta: and heads back home to spend the night with colt
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
Ant: (( Yo ))
Burgrillpants: ((yo
Ant: (( That is a lot of orange ))
Fellby: ((guys i need six names
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]*relaxes at the bar*[/color]
Fanta: pokes her head into his room
Fanta: ((Lyner
Fanta: ((Misha
Fanta: ((Aurica
Fanta: ((Jack
Fanta: ((Bourght
Keys: ((Clever
Fanta: ((Claire
Fellby: (9okay thank you these are gonna be instance names
Fanta: ((Your instances are now the cast of ar tonelico
Fanta: ((Minus krusche because fuck krusche
Snatch: (( John, Johnny, Johnson, Jon, Jo, and JoJo
Burgrillpants: ((JOOOOOOOOJO
Burgrillpants: ((jonathan, joseph, jotaro, josuke, giorno, jolyne
Snatch: [color=#fffffe]^[/color]
Keys: ((Randy, Randi, Randall, Rande, Rando, and Randie
Snatch: (( Ed, edd, n' Eddy
Fanta: ((Eeeee eeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeee and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
Fanta: *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fellby: ((guys i don't need THIS many instance names
Fellby: ((but i will keep them in mind if i must piss off my teacher
Ant: (( Regina Falange ))
Snatch: (( aye, bee, cee, dee, eie, and eff
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Name all your instances off of your crush
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Burgrillpants: ((one, two, three, four, five, six
Keys: ((Pleinair, Plenair, Ploonair, Plipair, Plintair, Picklair.
Keys: ((Top waifu
Ant: (( eins, zwei, drie, fier, funf, sechs ))
Fanta: ((Forlief and forleif
Fanta: ((Oh
Fanta: ((That reminds me
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Ant: (( Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, and Bob ))
Fanta: ((
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Ant: (( I hope it being bad is the joke. ))
Ant: (( I couldn't make it through that. ))
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]*enjoys tea*[/color]
: I have a headache rn
Fanta: ((Its a good meme
Ant: (( At what point does a meme stop being ironically cringy and just become real cringey tho? ))
Snatch: ((me and you both
Burgrillpants: (frisky get rest
Burgrillpants: (snatch get rest
: [color=#e00707]B[/color]o[color=#0715cd]s[/color]s [Snatch] is now [color=#e00707]D[/color]i[color=#0715cd]o[/color]! [Smash].
Fanta: ((If it's real cringey it's even more ironic
: No
Ant: (( I guess? ))
: I'm not getting rest
Smash: (( You thought I was snatch, but it was actually me! DIO!
: I don't need it
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
: [color=#e00707]D[/color]i[color=#0715cd]o[/color]!'s connection timed out.
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
: [color=#e00707]D[/color]i[color=#0715cd]o[/color]! [Smash] joined chat.
Dio Brando: KONO DIO DA!
Ant: (( I started watching JoJo, then I saw how many episodes there are already and decided I didn't have that kind of time ))
Smash: (( I don't blame you
: it's worth it
Smash: (( it is
Fellby: ((yo i checked my schedule, i don't have work tomorrow
Dio Brando: BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!ts worth BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!t but BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!ts understandable
Ant: ((10/10
Ant: ((100/100. Best meme. Best meme.
Smash: (( good Dio Right there
Fellby: ((however, on wedenstady i have work from six to ten thirty, so along with school i can't do dreamtime
: Module [Module] joined chat.
Dio Brando: NO also aw damn
Fellby: ((However, I will take the time to look more into the dream-quest of unknown kadath and see what i can incorperate
Ant: ((I just remembered that I drew a thing last night that wasn't shit.
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((anyway
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Fellby: has finished his bottle of liquor.
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]so, how are the lot of you doing?[/color]
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Fellby: "I'm doing pretty good. My halloween costume's finished."
Burgrillpants: I'm okay.
Ant: walks into the bar
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]What's Halloween?[/color]
Fellby: "Oh, not you too!"
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]not what?[/color]
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
: My headache is getting worse aaaa
Fellby: "You're the second person I've met who doesn't know what Halloween is."
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]well, who was the first?[/color]
Fellby: "Schyro. Close friend of mine."
Ant: sits on the couch
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]oh, well, simply put, I simply have never had part, or heard of such[/color]
Fellby: "Well, basically, Halloween is a holiday where people dress up in costumes, and kids go around collecting candy."
Ant: ((is everyone else in the bar?))
Fellby: is indeed within the drinking establishment.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]*chuckles* That sounds ridiculous and random, why would anyone do that?[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fellby: "'Cause it's fun."
Ant: "Hey everyone."
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]granted, it does sound like an enjoyable experience.[/color]
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Burgrillpants: waves.
Ant: "Has anyone seen Entra?"
Burgrillpants: ...No.
Fellby: "... Um."
Ant: "Damn it."
Fellby: shifts uncomfortably.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]cheers, and whom are you speaking of?[/color]
Ant: "She sold my corpse to the fucking Devil again didn't she?"
Fellby: "... Well, I saw her last night?"
Burgrillpants: ...
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]Sold to the what?[/color]
Burgrillpants: just leaves.
Ant: "The devil. Oh... I don't think we've met. I'm Ant. Like the bug."
: Burgrillpants's connection timed out.
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]Xeo, like the... um... I suppose I have no follow up. Anywho, what's 'The Devil'?[/color]
: Ken Mone [Ken M] joined chat.
Ant: " you...not know what bugs are?"
Ken M: ((hey hey hey
Ant: (( it's fat albert? ))
: Ken Mone [Ken M] is now my favorite guitarist is Tom York [Rick Sanchez].
Xeo: [color=#ff0000]is that what a devil is? is it an insect?[/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] joined chat.
Rick Sanchez: ((fat yes, Albert no
Burgrillpants: (hi b
Ant: " devil do I explain this?"
: Burgrillpants [Burgrillpants] is now MV [].
Rick Sanchez: ((aw man I was expecting my name to anger Radiohead fans))
Rick Sanchez: ((None here?))
: not me
Fellby: ((i only listened to radiohead once and i didn't like it
Smash: (( what's a radio head?
Ant: (( I have listened to like one radiohead song. And I only know the names of a few guitarists in general ))
Rick Sanchez: ((you're physically hurting me
Rick Sanchez: ((good job
Fellby: ((then again i'm not a fan of the cure either despite being told that i would like it
Ant: (( I don't need to know other people who play an instrument in order to play an instrument ))
Rick Sanchez: ((how about the newly released Bowie songs?))
Smash: (( well that backfired
Smash: (( didn't he die?
Rick Sanchez: ((yeah
Rick Sanchez: ((New stuff just came out though
Fellby: ((haven't heard it
Ant: (( I had not heard of this ))
Rick Sanchez: ((It's easily album quality though
: hm
Smash: (( ok
Rick Sanchez: (("Killing a Little Time" kicks serious ass))
Ant: (( I feel like a poser ))
Fellby: ((sweet, i'll write a note to myself to look into it
Rick Sanchez: ((don't worry I'm a poser too))
Smash: (( then stop modelling
Rick Sanchez: ((ayyyyyyyyyy
: ayyyyyyyyy
Ant: (( >you're physically hurting me ))
Smash: ayyyyyyyyyyy
Rick Sanchez: ((I pretend to be a Radiohead fan yet I haven't yet heard Thom Yorke's "Shart from a Rooftop" vol. 2))
Ant: (( I pretend to know things about music, and then...don't ))
Fellby: ((how mad do you think my dad would be if i said "let's go to hooters" on my birthday
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: ((yo I just came up with some šŸ”„FirešŸ”„ rap lyrics))
Ant: (( I don't know your father ))
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((idk
Smash: (( psh, i've been to Hooters on my birthday
Fellby: ((he knows i like girls but i wanna see how far i can gay it up
Ant: (( Gay it all the way up ))
Smash: (( my mom and aunt took me
Rick Sanchez: (("sharted from the bottom now I'm here"))
Fellby: ((i KNOW i can't gay it up in front of the relatives
Smash: (( and I kept eye contact the whole time
Rick Sanchez: (( Fucking legend
Smash: (( my mom was like 'what are you, gay?'
Fellby: ((eh i might just go to the sushi bar
Fellby: ((they're getting more authentically japanese
Smash: (( I said 'no, I was raised to be respectful, you should know that.'
Rick Sanchez: ((my parents still make me go to church and I saw a guy there who was supposedly openly gay))
Ant: (( The food is probably better at the sushi bar ))
Rick Sanchez: ((whether he's gay and still going or not and everyone thinks he is I have to feel bad for him))
Fellby: ((i know it is, i'm a sucker for their tempura rolls
Ant: (( Boobs are great and all. but sushi tho ))
Keys: ((Okay so theres this 'cheap chinese knockoff place'
Smash: (( I'm about to die again, damn you phone
Keys: ((That people say they don't like
Rick Sanchez: ((Don't crucify me for this, but I've never had sushi.))
Keys: ((That's bullshit the food there is fresher than a fucking subway
: ((rip dio
: ((ive never had sushi with fish in it
: ((Pussy is great and all, but Dio tho
: ((/s
Ant: (( I won't crucify you B, I'm just going to hope it isn't your fault))
Rick Sanchez: ((hwell
Fellby: ((start off with smoked salmon or eel, those are cooked
Rick Sanchez: ((the thingarooni is
Fellby: ((oh and tempura
Smash: (( mmmmmmm, eeeeeelllll
Rick Sanchez: ((I don't deal with that unamerican weeaboo shite.))
: MV's connection timed out.
Ant: (( I think california rolls are a decent gateway sushi ))
Rick Sanchez: ((Dirty damn commies))
Fellby: ((oh right those too
Smash: (( did you know, eel blood is poisonous?
Ant: (( I did not ))
: MV [] joined chat.
Ant: (( There's a chinese restaurant near my neighborhood called Tasty Joe ))
Fellby: ((
Smash: (( wtf
Ant: (( wtf is that ))
Fellby: ((it's a martini
Fellby: ((called "finding nemo"
: just put a swedish fish in your martini
Ant: (( oh wait that's just a sweedish fish ))
Ant: (( Why did my brain go: "holy shit it's a goldfish with alcohol poisoning" ))
Rick Sanchez: ((y'know I'm starting to get the suspicion that some of the people in this chat might be gay sympathizers))
Fellby: ((Noooooooo
: MV's connection timed out.
Smash: (( boi
Rick Sanchez: ((no not you you're fine
Smash: (( I'm not gay, I'm just willing to jerk off a guy if I really had to
Ant: (( I have a great relationship with "the gays" ))
Smash: (( quote that shit
: MV [] joined chat.
Ant: (( Some of my best friends are "gays" ))
Rick Sanchez: ((Smash, would you demand money?
Smash: (( my father is gay
: i'm full not straight at all
Smash: (( why would I demand money?
Rick Sanchez: ((So that it's not gay duh
Keys: ((I am an arrow, but I hereby put my opinions on guys to the Watsky Song 'Going Down'
Fellby: ((it's not gay if it's prostitution
Rick Sanchez: ((If you demand money it's not gay, its business))
Fellby: ((ppsstt it's totally gay
Fellby: ((it's gay business
Module: [[ It's only gay if you like jerking off the other guy ]]
Rick Sanchez: ((business is just fucking people in the ass might as well do it literally))
Fellby: (( ;)
Ant: (( It's only gay if you don't say no homo ))
: Module [Module] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
Rick Sanchez: ((poll:
Fellby: ((it's not gay if you're on the moon
Rick Sanchez: ((can womenfolk be the gay?
Fellby: ((yes
: yes
Ant: (( But how gay are we talking? ))
Smash: (( what if you're willing to go to gay lengths for someone, but you just like vagina too much to give it up?
Rick Sanchez: ((BEING the gay
: it's called something i watch in hd
Ant: (( On a scale of Tyler Oakley to Ru Paul ))
: I would fuck people in the ass
: And in the pussy
Rick Sanchez: ((Ghirahim
: mettaton
Smash: [color=#fffffe]^ all of the above[/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((Ghirahim is the superior fabbastard and you know it))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]^ yes[/color]
: [I]Agender āˆš Doesn't Fucking Care Who They Fuck āˆš Glass āˆš[/I]
Fellby: ((funnily enough i consider ghirahim somewhat ace because [spoiler]he's a sword[/spoiler]
Ant: (( If one is gay and I am friends with them does that mean I have the gay? ))
: only if you own them
Rick Sanchez: ((psssh have you ever even SEEN an asexual sword))
: fi
Fellby: ((all the other swords that don't have spirits in them
: at least one aegislash
Rick Sanchez: ((fi is a kinky waifu and you can't convince me otherwise))
Smash: (( no joke though, I think I've said this, but I do have 2 gay fathers and a sargent mother
: ((Huh, I didn't know that
Keys: ((I'm not a vegitarian because I love animals
Rick Sanchez: ((She doesn't have arms, it's like the bondage is done for you already!))
Keys: ((I fucking hate plants
Ant: (( If I buy five chocolate bars instead of just getting one and getting change for a five dollar bill because the guy selling the chocolate bars is cute, do I have the gay ))
: maybe
Smash: [color=#fffffe]^yes[/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((you might have the gay
Rick Sanchez: ((did you want to squeeze his ass?
Ant: (( No
Rick Sanchez: ((was he vaguely feminine?
Ant: (( No? ))
Rick Sanchez: ((son
Rick Sanchez: ((you have the gay
Ant: (( k ))
Ant: (( What even is this conversation? I feel like we need an ooc for the ooc ))
Rick Sanchez: ((better run along nicely and chemically castrate yourself for Jesus))
Ant: (( (( We're in too deep )) ))
Rick Sanchez: (( ((honestly this OOC has become its own roleplay)) ))
: ((rip))
Rick Sanchez: (( (( ((How meta are we going?)) )) ))
Smash: (( what if you fucked guy in the ass, gave them a reach around, preceded to blow each other, all while dressed as Spider-Man, would they be gay?
Rick Sanchez: ((no
MettatonSEX: (( (( (( (( ((this metta)) )) )) )) ))
Keys: ((Only if you cup the balls
Ant: (( No. Spider man could be anyone.
Rick Sanchez: ((Spider-Man is a national hero and deserves your sexual respect
Ant: (( Also it means you indirectly had coitus with mary jane ))
Keys: ((Or Petra Parker
Keys: ((With a strapon
Rick Sanchez: ((Petra makes me
Rick Sanchez: ((rock
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: ((hard
: ayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Smash: [color=#fffffe]ayyyyyyyyyyyyy[/color]
Ant: (( Do I have the gay if I have a confusing fluctuating gender identity? ))
: sometimes
Rick Sanchez: ((that's called attention whoring
Fellby: ((possibly
Rick Sanchez: ((also gay
Rick Sanchez: ((super fucking gay
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]and it means your gay, and even more gay at times[/color]
: do i have the gay if i'm dating someone who only is sometimes the same lack of gender as me
Ant: (( Or I'm always gay? But just a different gay at any given moment? ))
Ant: (( sometimes
Rick Sanchez: ((Heisenberg's Unstraigh Principle))
Rick Sanchez: ((you cannot determine the sign of the gayness and the absolute value of the gayness at the same time))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]What if you Fuck 5 guys at once, but you secretly keep imaging, and wishing they were girls with strap ons, are you gay?[/color]
SmolapeƱo: (am i gay if idk my gender)
Ant: (( maybe? ))
Ant: (( Maybe to both ))
Rick Sanchez: ((Only if the inaginary strap-ins aren't lubed))
Rick Sanchez: ((that one goes for all of you))
Fanta: ((So til dmx is a type of cough syrup
Smash: (( I'm dead
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Smash: (( 1 %
: it means youre getting a free burger
: cya smash
Fanta: ((I learned this after azzy's bf said how much he liked dmx
Smash: (( I love you all, no hobo
Fanta: ((And confusion ensued
Rick Sanchez: ((which incidentally is where the term "ass burgers" comes from))
Fellby: ((yaaay we're not homeless
Rick Sanchez: ((bye
Ant: (( cya
Ant: (( Are you gay if hobo? ))
Rick Sanchez: ((Only if you're a gay hobo
Ant: (( also most importantly: does bruno mars is gay? ))
Rick Sanchez: ((only his voice
: [color=#e00707]D[/color]i[color=#0715cd]o[/color]!'s connection timed out.
Ant: (( If one got called bruno mars by random street improv actors at an amusement park, do they have the gay? ))
Rick Sanchez: ((fun fact
Rick Sanchez: ((communism is inherently gay because they want everybody to have the same
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: ((same in Latin is "Homo"))
Rick Sanchez: ((Marx busted for perpetuating the gay agenda))
Ant: (( so twins are gay because they're the same. ))
Rick Sanchez: ((exactamundo
: only identical twins
Ant: (( yes only identical ))
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Keys: What about homophones
Fellby: ((funfact:
Rick Sanchez: ((fraternal twins are a lie perpetuated by the commies to make you think some twins are ok))
: Homo sapians
Rick Sanchez: ((oh frisky you're in for a ride
: We're all gay
Fellby: ((our species name is homo sapiens sapians
Fellby: ((gid frisky
: we're all homo
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Rick Sanchez: ((Ironically, you misspelled the "sapiens"))
Ant: (( Is baseball gay? It's just a game of balls and sticks. ))
: DD comes in
: And just
: Slowly
Rick Sanchez: ((Which is Latin for "wise"))
: Backs away
Fellby: ((hello dd welcome to gay
Rick Sanchez: ((WAIT A SECOND
Rick Sanchez: ((you're not gay are you
: What
: Are you talking to DD
: Or me
Ant: (( "not all of us are dyke enablers" - comment from r/anime ))
: 'Cause I'd fuck anyone
Rick Sanchez: ((all of you except ant
Rick Sanchez: ((we already know Ant has the gay
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I consider myself straight [color=red]]][/color]
: is it gay if it's agender
Ant: (( Only if you are also agender
Rick Sanchez: ((no but it doesn't count as love either
Rick Sanchez: ((unfortunately you're incapable of human emotion sorry that must hit hard))
: i'm indifferent towards that
Rick Sanchez: ((I'm basically Ken M-ing OOC))
Ant: (( Is it gay if you're favorite character on star trek is sulu. But the new one ))
Fanta: ((So apparently dmx gets you high
Rick Sanchez: ((nah
Keys: ((Is it gay if you like TTG
Rick Sanchez: ((that's just the feeling of him giving it to you
Rick Sanchez: ((THAT IS VERY GAY
: is it gay if it involves anal
Ant: (( Is it gay to be a homophobe? Homo is in the title.))
Rick Sanchez: ((No, that's called being "ghey"))
Rick Sanchez: ((anal is gay unless it's feminine poop))
: but girls don't poop
Ant: (( Do transgirls poop?
Rick Sanchez: ((no no no feminine poop
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: ((what's a transgirl
: no, they're girls
Rick Sanchez: ((Optimus Prime's fuckbuddy?
: yes
Ant: (( Yes. Does Arcee poop?
Fellby: ((no she's a robot
Fellby: ((robots cannot poop
Rick Sanchez: ((wait hold on
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Rick Sanchez: ((why girl have butt
Rick Sanchez: ((if not to poop
Fellby: ((it's nice to touch
Ant: ((What if it's a gay robot? Oh who am I kinding. Robots are for dudes.
Ant: ((*kidding
: a dude robot made for dides
: *dudes
Rick Sanchez: (( ((So mettaton)) ))
MettatonSEX: ((exactly))
Rick Sanchez: ((they call those scrobots
Ant: (( ((yes)) ))
Rick Sanchez: ((Short for scrotally enhanced botulinum exotoxins))
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Ant: (( Is it gay for Optimus to [i]really[/i] wanna put his energon ax in megatron? ))
: yes
Rick Sanchez: ((is it gay to fuck a pig on live tv because otherwise terrorists will kill the princess?))
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Ant: (( No. Terrorism has to be stopped at all costs. ))
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Only if you like fucking the pig [color=red]]][/color]
Ant: (( But what if you hate turrrrists more than you like fucking the pig? ))
Rick Sanchez: ((is it gay to put landmines into goat's asses so when terrorists screw them their dicks blow up?))
: no
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Then its a win win [color=red]]][/color]
: thats called justice
Rick Sanchez: ((what if you put in the land mine with your penis))
Rick Sanchez: ((is that the gay
: thats slightly gay for a good cause
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Only if you like shoving your hand/dick up sheep ass [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((excuse me
Ant: (( ((I don't know how to top that. holy shit)) ))
Rick Sanchez: ((we aren't talking ram ass
Rick Sanchez: ((we're talking gote scrote
Fellby: ((fuck the landmine
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Gay actions are only gay by enjoyment [color=red]]][/color]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((turn the landmine into an anime girl and fuck it
Fellby: ((or anime guy
Ant: (( is it gay if your hand is a dick and you shake hands with it? ))
: my favorite guitarist is Tom York [Rick Sanchez] is now Talking Gote Scrote [Rick Sanchez].
Rick Sanchez: ((what if you fuck something whose name is masculine in Spanish but feminine in French?))
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]When in France, y'know? [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((surrender?
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Yes [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((wait actually
Ant: (( Are they french or spanish and are you fucking them in france or mexico? ))
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Rick Sanchez: the flag of the gay is rainbow right
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Take in the culture of the natives [color=red]]][/color]
Ant: (( because anything mexican is gay ))
: MV's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: ((NO
Rick Sanchez: -didn't say that-
Fellby: ((yes, rainbow is gay
Rick Sanchez: ((and rainbow all blended together is white
Fellby: ((and come on would that really be out of character for him
Rick Sanchez: ((the french flag is therefore the gay flag all blended up))
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Are you trying to tell me Japan is a bleeding gay [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((therefore the french blend up gay "people"))
: MV [] joined chat.
Rick Sanchez: ((therefore you take their advice and it's not gay))
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: (( ergo concordantly vis-a-vis hetero, Q.E.D.))
Ant: (( ))
Rick Sanchez: ((not gay
: european
Rick Sanchez: ((wait a second
Rick Sanchez: ((but the Europeans are all gay socialists))
Rick Sanchez: ((so the gay and not gay cancel out))
Ant: (('s asexual?
Rick Sanchez: ((therefore attempting to fuck something which has a feminine pronoun in French is socialist))
Rick Sanchez: ((and therefore gay
Fellby: ((but consider this: the universe contains every known color on our visible spectrum
Fellby: ((aka a rainbow
Fellby: ((therefore the entire universe is gay
Ant: ((oh shit.
Rick Sanchez: ((wrong again, space cadet
Ant: ((but most of the universe is black. And black people are straight
Rick Sanchez: ((The only light in the universe is white, because white is the brightest color and light is bright))
Fellby: ((what about the black guy on six feet under
Fellby: ((he's not straight
Rick Sanchez: ((all the other colors are just paint))
: but ant youre black and you're confirmed gay
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: (( ((this is the hardest unlogic exercise I've had in a long time)) ))
: ((this is glorious))
Ant: (( But I'm only half black and I look Mexican. And as we've established, Mexico is gay
Rick Sanchez: ((p sure ant isn't black
: so you're at least half gay
Rick Sanchez: ((looks more dark green to me
Ant: (( yes at least half
: ((that was beautiful))
Rick Sanchez: ((if he were black we wouldn't be able to see him
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]What matters is what color ant is on the inside b [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((this is night mode remember))
: MV's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: ((Any other questions?
: MV [] joined chat.
Ant: (( ((this might be my favorite tangent we've gone on)) ))
Fellby: ((i have a question
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Because 99% of aliens are gay, just ask the mexicans [color=red]]][/color]
: is it gay or european?
Miyu: [I think i'm identifying with a gorilla]
Rick Sanchez: ((gay = european - socialist
Miyu: [Cause I want this Harem-be gone.]
Fellby: ((why isn't mario and luigi: partners in time not brought up when people talk about dark things in the mario series
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Ant's connection timed out.
Rick Sanchez: (( that question is pretty fucking gay))
: /Go graze on your own ass hair
Rick Sanchez: ((but more importantly
: -Entropy
: Aka Laharl
: Aka Asswipe
Rick Sanchez: ((it's because in that game Mario and Luigi aren't black))
Fellby: [i'm sorry i don't think we sell that at the barkery]
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Because they're italians, meaning theyre gay, and the gay flag is a rainbow [color=red]]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Rainbow != Dark [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((no that's silly conspiracy bullshit it doesn't work like that))
Fellby: ((but the shroobs attempted to murder everything
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]THE RAINBOW ISN'T DARK CHIME [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((yes but
Rick Sanchez: ((mushrooms make people high and see colors
Rick Sanchez: ((therefore undark
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]OBJECTION [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((OBJECTION
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]GAYS CAN'T BE BLACK, SO THE RAINBOW CANT BE DARK [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((ERGO
Rick Sanchez: ((RAINBOW != DARK
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]BUT IS HE FULLY BLACK AND FULLY GAY? [color=red]]][/color]
Keys: ((WAIT
Fellby: ((dark chocolate is gay because people despise it just because it's not their taste
Rick Sanchez: ((wait a second mv
Rick Sanchez: ((is that bisexual erasure
Rick Sanchez: ((not cool
: bisexuals are under the blanket of gay
: as are pansexuals
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]THERE IS ONE MORE THING WE ARE FORGETTING [color=red]]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]HOW DOES ONE FUCK A PAN [color=red]]][/color]
Ant: ((GUYS WAIT! Ru Paul: black...but gay?
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((you shove it up your ass dd
: you fuck the pan with lube and consent
Ant: (( panflutes are easier to fuck. they have holes ))
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]HOW THE FUCK DO I ASK A FRYING PAN CONSENT [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((NICELY
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]CAN I COOK THE DINNER ON IT [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((THAT WOULD
Rick Sanchez: ((HEAT THINGS UP
Ant: (( Impossible
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]WE NEED PROOD, MV [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((IT'S BLACKFACE
Rick Sanchez: ((FUCKING RACIST
Ant: (( (( I love how fucked this logic is )) ))
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]HES REVERSE MICHAEL JACKSON [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: (( SCRUB HARDER
: MV's connection timed out.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]HE WAS BORN WHITE [color=red]]][/color]
Ant: (( Uncle ruckus is gay confirm?
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Ant: (( Is trans illuminati or lizard people or both? ))
: MV [] joined chat.
Rick Sanchez: (( ((leave with your dignity intact slarv)) ))
: godammit ant you figured me out
Ant: (( I figured ME out
Rick Sanchez: (( ((we've reached double OOC shitposting levels)) ))
Ant: (( ((You've heard of RP hell. Meet ooc hell)) ))
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Before anyone says theyre apart of the illuminati you gotta say who the president is [color=red]]][/color]
: *pulls up hood on illuminati cloak, hiding the reptilian features i have before running away*
Rick Sanchez: ((WAIT
: right now it's barack obama
SmolapeƱo: (i'm dating a lizard person neat)
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]OF THE ILLUMINATI SMART ASS [color=red]]][/color]
: *told
Ant: ((Can charizard go squirtle if he tried hard enoguh?
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]OBJECTION [color=red]]][/color]
Ant: ((enough
: it's called tucking
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]THAT IS WRONG, FAKER [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((Charizard will Squirtle if I try hard enough))
SmolapeƱo: (i hear a rhythmic thumping is someone in my dorm building fucking)
Ant: ((Gil is illuminati president
SmolapeƱo: (help
Rick Sanchez: ((go ask
Ant: ((If you join is it gay?
Rick Sanchez: ((It's not gay
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]HOKY SHIT ANT'S IN THE ILLUMINATI [color=red]]][/color]
Rick Sanchez: ((If it's a threeway
Ant: (( Hail triangles and shit
Fellby: ((if they get too noisy play frozen songs
Ant: (( (( "horky shit )) ))"
Rick Sanchez: (( ((Tri: "you called?")) ))
Ant: (( Frozen is gay
Rick Sanchez: ((no
Fellby: ((i knew a gal who played the version of "love is an open door" where hans is singing to himself when she heard her next door neighbor jacking off
Fellby: ((and "all by myself"
Ant: (( Male snowman getting impaled is gay
Rick Sanchez: ((the only "gay" ship is elsanna
SmolapeƱo: (how do ppl fuck on these twin xl beds they're tiny)
: ((play caramelldansen
Rick Sanchez: ((it's not gay if it's incest
Fellby: ((they are very determined
Rick Sanchez: ((my dad taught me that one
Rick Sanchez: ((Did illuminate take chat?
Ant: (( You can keep chat. for now. ))
: Talking Gote Scrote 's connection timed out.
: Ant [Ant] is now IlluminANTi [Ant].
: Talking Gote Scrote [Rick Sanchez] joined chat.
: Ī”
: MV [] is now IlluMageVaati [].
Rick Sanchez: ((that's a delta you scrub
Ant: (( The illuminati has no room for posers ))
: ā–½
Rick Sanchez: ((let's just declare OOC hell ended
Rick Sanchez: ((newfags can't even triforce))
Ant: (( Yeah. I'm out of bad logic jokes.
Rick Sanchez: ((we really hit our peak early and just died out tbh))
Rick Sanchez: (( ;)
Fellby: is thinking about gay stuff.
Ant: (( Play of the game: "We're not talking ram ass; we're talking gote scrote"
: IlluMageVaati [] is now Schyroton [Schyroton].
Rick Sanchez: ((Now
: IlluminANTi [Ant] is now Ant [Ant].
Schyroton: enters the bar.
Rick Sanchez: ((Imagine Schyro being locked in a room and forced to listen to a reading of our abomination))
Ant: is still on the couch
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Schyroton: ((oh no
Rick Sanchez: ((basically his Room 101))
Schyroton: ((honestly he'd 1. try to break the recording, 2. try to break out, or 3. turn off his auditory sensors
Schyroton: Hhey.
Ant: "Hey. Have you seen Entra? Is she ok?"
Schyroton: Um. Iii don't ththink I hhhave?
Rick Sanchez: ((According to all know laws of sexation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fuck.))
Schyroton: has but he left and has no idea
Rick Sanchez: ((gn, gotta go write bee movie erotica
Ant: "Ok. Thanks anyway"
Schyroton: ((gn b
Ant: (( gn B. (Bee)
: Talking Gote Scrote 's connection timed out.
Schyroton: Ssorry I couldnn't hellp.
Ant: "Nah she's probably fine. I think she sold my body to satan"
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Reon.kkll.. [Fanta].
Fellby: "... Oh."
: Reon.kkll.. [Fanta] is now ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN].
Schyroton: ...Oh.
Ant: "I think I'm more worried about Alki. Cobalt still has them...where ever the hell she's hiding"
ReoN: ((I just managed to fix my 100 dollar pair of headphones
Schyroton: ((nice
ReoN: ((I am not proud of how i did
ReoN: ((But i did
Ant: ((Duct tape?
ReoN: ((No
ReoN: ((Much, much worse
Ant: ((human sacrifice?
Fellby: ((so um
ReoN: ((There was too much ear wax in the right earbud, and it got built up on a film behind the mesh
Fellby: ((apparently stephen king wrote some stuff for the cthulu mythos
Schyroton: ((OH
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel's connection timed out.
Cobalt: *[i]She enters the bar[/i]*
Schyroton: ((also nice
Schyroton: ...
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] joined chat.
Ant: "who...the hell are...[sub]oh my god[/sub]"
ReoN: ((It was nasty
ReoN: oh there's a robot in the bar
Schyroton: two robots, minimum
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
ReoN: is scheming
ReoN: schyro has a speaker right
Cobalt: "Of course you're back. You always. fucking. come. back"
Schyroton: he certainly does
Ant: " are you....?"
ReoN: plays
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
ReoN: lives in the internet, and is therefore a meme queen
Fellby: -The god-awful song gets Fellby's attention and snaps him out of his gay daydreams. "What the fuck?"
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Cobalt: " is not how I saw this going down..."
Schyroton: is desperately trying everything he can to turn this off.
Ant: "What...the fuck is that?"
Schyroton: resorts to muting himself.
ReoN: an australian tts voice rings out from the tv
Cobalt: "Oh thank god."
ReoN: 'The robot is funny'
Ant: "Yeah uh...we're having like...a moment. This the dramatic reveal."
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Cobalt: "Let's just, I dunno, ignore it?"
Schyroton: shows his phone, Ć  la Celty Sturluson. [THAT WASN'T ME ARE YOU THE ASSHOLE WHO HACKED INTO MY SYSTEMS]
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Ant: "Yeah...sure...uh...did Alki make you that body?"
Cobalt: "Oh what, like I'm incapable? I FUCKING KILLED YOU!"
ReoN: shoots burnt toast at schyro
Schyroton: is hit in the face.
Cobalt: "Aw fuck it the moment's gone. I'll just...come back later"
Cobalt: *leaves to kill people at a later date*
Fellby: "... Alright, bye."
Schyroton: [WHY]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Ant: (( I need sleep. gn ))
Fellby: defiantly eats the toast.
Schyroton: ((gn
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
ReoN: 'Because you are humorous'
Schyroton: [I mean I can be but don't do that and don't hack into my body! Of all things! Don't do that!]
ReoN: raises schyro's hand
ReoN: slowly raises his middle finger
ReoN: and puts it back down
Schyroton: [GET OUT OF MY BODY]
Schyroton: The next text visible is a long string of GET OUT, three pages long.
ReoN: 'No'
Schyroton: would be screaming if h had his volume on.
Schyroton: [i will pay you to leave]
Fellby: stands by Schyro's side. "Get out."
ReoN: 'K'
ReoN: 'But'
ReoN: 'I have money'
ReoN: 'I want a body and yours is pretty ok I guess'
Schyroton: [NO.]
Schyroton: [This body belongs to NO ONE except ME.]
Fellby: "You can't have his, it's taken."
ReoN: 'Well untake it'
Fellby: "He can't."
Schyroton: [I literally cannot untake it.]
Schyroton: [If you want a body, maybe ask someone nicely, and don't invade the most personal part of my persobal space.]
Keys: ((Gay
Schyroton: ((or european
: Fellby [Fellby] changed the topic to "gay"
ReoN: 'Too bad bitch'
ReoN: turns out all the light sources but flamebois and schyro
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Fellby: "Oh, goddamnit."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Schyroton: turns his volume back on. "Jjjust plplease, leavve my body. Ththat's allll I ask."
: Sailor Laharl, Guardian of CaU's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((Yag
Schyroton: ((naeporue ro
Fellby: ((yaaaaaaaag, ah
Schyroton: is fucking pissed.
Fellby: is also fucking pissed.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel's connection timed out.
: is also fucking pissed.
Hoopa W.: is also fucking pissed.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] joined chat.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Fellby's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
SmolapeƱo: (why did everyone die..? did i mis something?)
: SmolapeƱo [SmolapeƱo] disconnected.
: Keithton, Human Dragon-Knight [Keithton] joined chat.
Keithton: ((I noticed I haven't been around. My apologies. I've been made super busy again, what with class 'n shit.))
: Keithton, Human Dragon-Knight [Keithton] disconnected.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((everyone passed out i think
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] joined chat.
ReoN: ((>go to check out the new system profiles
ReoN: ((>some fucko has a giant spider tulpa
ReoN: ((>posts reference pics
ReoN: ((>what the fuck
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel's connection timed out.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] joined chat.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel's connection timed out.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [] joined chat.
: subatomic penetration rapid-fire [] is now inanimate sensation [].
: inanimate sensation [] disconnected.
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] joined chat.
ReoN: ((And thats two times today I woke up dissociated
ReoN: ((This is
ReoN: ((Weird
Fellby: ((are you okay?
ReoN: ((Yeah, but I woke up unable to see or move for a while
Fellby: ((yikes
ReoN: ((I think im gonna be awake now
Fellby: ((shoot i didn't know miis talked to themselves sometimes
Fellby: ((or did i and was i not paying attention
Fellby: ((... yeah now i remember Miyu saying "I think i've got this life thing figured out" to herself.
ReoN: ((
ReoN: ((I didn't know this could happen while waking up
ReoN: ((This doesn't sound like it, though
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] disconnected.
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] joined chat.
: ((yee haw
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] disconnected.
Barchar: (All by myseeeeeelf)
Barchar: (aside from chime)
Fellby: ((yo
Barchar: (ALLLL BYY MYYSEEEEELF-ifweignorethepersonhere)
Fellby: ((*fades into the shadows*
Barchar: (Jack Chick just died)
Barchar: (I feel...conflicted.)
Fellby: ((wait really
Fellby: ((wow
Barchar: (On the one hand fuck him, he was a nutjob)
Barchar: (but also he was kind of an amusing nutjob, and feeling glad that somebody died feels bad no matter what)
Fellby: ((i get you
Fellby: ((anyway jasper, in my tomodachi game, is now watching her son skateboard around in a 9,900-dollar dress
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Barchar: (...what the fuck-why would you even buy that dress)
Fellby: ((i didn't
Fellby: ((he made it, so i gave it to him
Barchar: (Wow)
Barchar: (Wasn't Jasper with Gaster?)
Barchar: (Jaster?)
Fellby: ((yes
Fellby: ((his name is onyx
Barchar: (Apparently Gaster's son carried over the CaU gaster children's fashion ability)
Fellby: ((it's the jewel dress, which considering what his mother is...
Barchar: (Onyx is a murderer)
Barchar: (Did you name him Onyx or did the game seriously give him a gem name itself)
Fellby: ((I named him onyx because the game gave him the name "John"
Fellby: ((and considering I already have a John Cena
Barchar: (You can't shatter me)
Barchar: (drt drrt drrt drrrr)
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ReoN: ((Me and azzy discovered super mario sunshine is a rip off of undertael
Fellby: ((Bowser was asgore all along?
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ReoN: ((Bowser is asgore and peach is toriel
ReoN: ((And their son is secretly the main antagonist
ReoN: ((Behind a secret identity
ReoN: ((Plus you know that boss in gelato beach episode 3
ReoN: ((It dissolves into what?
ReoN: ((Thats right
ReoN: ((Sandy dust
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Yes, I remember the part in Undertale where Asgore became a giant in a hot tub and we he had destory it [color=red]]][/color]
ReoN: ((Hotland is literally corona mountain
Fellby: ((that was a fun fight, but not as fun as the one where you had to pull off onion-san's tenticles.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I also remember the part where Super Mario Sunshine was a game cube launch title and Undertale literally came out last year [color=red]]][/color]
Keys: ((The joke [sub]your head[/sub]
ReoN: ((What's a boss in mario sunshine?
ReoN: ((A fish
ReoN: ((What else is a boss in undertale
ReoN: ((A fish
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I had enough of the unlogic last night [color=red]]][/color]
ReoN: ((What is a boss in mario sunshine
ReoN: ((A robot
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I've had enough unlogic for a month [color=red]]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]At least [color=red]]][/color]
ReoN: ((Guess what else has a robot
ReoN: ((Fuckin undertale
ReoN: ((There's also a hotel in both
ReoN: ((And ghosts in the hotel
Barchar: (There's no ghosts in MTT hotel)
Barchar: (Mettaton is never seen in the actual hotel)
ReoN: ((Mtt is a ghost
ReoN: ((There is a statue of mtt
ReoN: ((Close enough
Barchar: (But there's no ghost in the statue)
ReoN: ((It is safe to say mtt has been in the hotel at least once
Keys: ((Bobsplosion is my new favorite youtuber
Keys: ((Who wants to guess why
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: (('Ey
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel [ReoN] disconnected.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]hola [color=red]]][/color]
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: ((yee haw
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Barchar: (~simple food that's simply the best~, arbEZ.)
Barchar: (I'm remembering this resteraunt name in case I ever need to have an Arby's expy)
Barchar: (to be...not very good)
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Fellby: ((for some reason, everything tastes mediocre there
Fellby: ((it's not bad, per se, just... not good
: ((I like chick fil a better
Fellby: ((i was talking about arbEZ, not arby's
Barchar: It fits Arby's too
: I know
: ArbEZ is mediocre
Fellby: ((i just find all fast-food chicken disappointing
Barchar: The sodas in arbEZ
Barchar: are fucking awesome
Barchar: but everything is is a 5 at best
: Chick fil a isn't fucking disappointing
: It's pretty damn good
Fellby: ((i've had better chicken
Barchar: I like chick fil a
Barchar: I don't like the company attitudes, but the food
Barchar: is p good
: Yeah
: I've had better chicken
: But it doesn't disappoint me
Fellby: ((oh yeah and the only chick-fil-a in the state is located within a university food court so
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fellby: ((but i found kfc disappointing too soooo
Schyroton: ((hi
Schyroton: ((sorry i oassed out last night
Fellby: ((it's okay
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: ((yee haw
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((yee haw
: ((yee haw))
: ((yee haw
Schyroton: ((i think theres food
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
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: (( so I ended up having to scratch a lot from my arc
: inanimate sensation [] disconnected.
Keys: Donation machine
Keys: Takes 56 coins
Keys: Without jamming
: ((yee haw
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Schyroton: ((there was food but my dad thought i was asleep so my dinner was a handful of fries, a miniscule slice of pizza that wouldve been better if they left out the parmesan, and a sleeve of town house crackers
Fellby: ((rip
Fellby: ((i have dinner now
Schyroton: ((and it was five guys too
Schyroton: ((they know i love five guys
Schyroton: ((im just pissed honestly
: ((i love five guys
Schyroton: ((im not a burger person but the hot dogs
Schyroton: ((and the fries
: ((i like all three
: ((I dont live near a five guys
Schyroton: ((and i was denied my split down the center weiner
Schyroton: ((im suing my mother /s
ReoN: ((What the fuck is an arbEZ
Schyroton: ((knockoff arbys/zebra backwards
: ((The nearest Five Guys is like
: ((bootleg arbees
ReoN: ((Ah
: ((Seven miles from my house
ReoN: ((We aint got those, we have zaxbys
: ((zaxbys is ok
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] disconnected.
Schyroton: ((i could walk to the nearest five guys but 1. im not putting Effort into myself 2. i'd have to walk 3. i'm broke
ReoN: ((My high school debate class has eternally put me off from chick fil a
: ((Zaxby's is 24.5 miles away from me
ReoN: ((They revere that shit
ReoN: ((It's objectively the best food
: Hah no
ReoN: ((That was a shit class
ReoN: ((Every event they had was at chick fil a because it's got more christ per chicken
Schyroton: ((bruh the best food joint is pizza hut followed closely by five guys and wendy's
: Honestly Five Guys is better than Chick Fil A by a long shot
: ((Pizza Hut is shit
ReoN: ((Taco bell is my favorite fast food
Schyroton: ((i like pizza hut
: ((It used to be good
: ((But now it isn't
Schyroton: ((im a very texture oriented person
: ((The only people who come to my Pizza Hut now are the employees
Schyroton: ((pizza hut is soft
ReoN: ((The best food joint near me is a fancy brazilian steakhouse
: ((Wendy's is pretty good
Schyroton: ((can you ship the pizza hut to my house i live at [ADDRESS]
: ((I like the chili
: Syphon [Syphon] joined chat.
Syphon: Hello
: ((Hey Tri
Syphon: Can I just say I like every restaurant
: Bitch
Schyroton: ((best food place that isnt a chain near me is a publick house in a nearby village with amazing mozzarella balls
Syphon: Seriously
Syphon: I like every single restaurant I've gone to ever
Schyroton: ((oh also miller's ale house
: Even the ones on Chef Ramsey's show
: Lol
: Oh okay
Syphon: I've totally gone to one of those restaurants
Syphon: Because I [i]am[/i] Chef Ramsey /s
Schyroton: ((but you're nathan not gordon
: If I die
Syphon: It was all a facade
: It will probably be me dying in a dirty ditch
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Schyroton: ((i like how you say "if" as if you might be immortral
: I am.
Schyroton: ((news flash
Syphon: Aren't we all
Schyroton: ((you're going to die
Schyroton: ((it's inevitable
: ((news flash
: ((yee haw
Syphon: Frisky I think MV plans on assassinating you
Schyroton: ((no
Schyroton: ((i like frisky
: ( Ķ”Ā° ĶœŹ– Ķ”Ā°)
Syphon: [s]sure[/s]
: ((yee haw
Schyroton: ((theyre nice most of the time and not a total dick
: That's 60ā„… wrong
Schyroton: ((i'm just saying one day their heart will cease to beat
Syphon: And that's 60% wrong
Syphon: to frisky
Schyroton: ((well here's the thing:
Schyroton: ((wait fuck wrong pic
Syphon: rip
: ((tbf saying that can sorta be seen as a threat if you sat it out of the blue
: ((say*
Syphon: It wasn't out of the blue but of course
Schyroton: ((
Schyroton: ((heres the thing
Syphon: hue
: ((indeed it is
Syphon: ...Holy shit guys
Syphon: I just found an expert
Schyroton: ((i was trying to be funny but forgot i didnt copy it
: I'm a lying cold-hearted bastard MV do not trust me /s /s
: ((yee haw
Syphon: >/s /s
: That was sarcastic on the sarcastic
: So it's true
Syphon: now here's the problem
Syphon: that can either mean a lot of sarcasm
Syphon: or negation
Schyroton: (("black bix is as cold as viv's heart" -slarv 2016
Schyroton: ((*box
: It's negation
Syphon: Okay so here's a thing
Keys: ((I like this gem
Keys: (('Steelix is now depressed!'
Syphon: Hi Laharl
Keys: (('So am I what else is new'
Keys: (( -MV
Syphon: 'I'm tired from being Korea.'
Schyroton: (("i'm bolivians you permission" -ad
Syphon: Okay so here's another thing unrelated to the first thing I was going to and eventually will say
Fellby: ((alright, back
Syphon: Hi Chime
: ((yee hi
Syphon: So you know how people mess up words and sometimes do the letter to the left/right
Schyroton: ((i feel the best in character quote is "LET'S FUCK THESE ASSHOLES!" "...absolutely not"
Schyroton: ((see: dloqwy
Syphon: That's understandable and all
Syphon: But
Syphon: How do you mess up by doing one letter to the LEFT, and the next one to the RIGHT
Syphon: I don't understand that
Syphon: Like one time bread did slaeb
Syphon: If it was slaec that would make sense
Syphon: But what
Schyroton: ((bread is a master of typos
Syphon: True
Schyroton: ((though never forget three shits of mercury
Schyroton: ((or shit in the shame corner
Syphon: and what came out of yesterday, chime do you want to take a shit at it
Schyroton: ((i typo shot as shit far too often
: ((those are pretty crappy typos
Schyroton: ((urine a lot of trouble fir that one
: haahhhahaha
: all my jokes are
: well
: shittt
: Shitty*
: see even my grammar is shitty
Syphon: Shittt works too
Syphon: It's just shit
Syphon: Strained out
Schyroton: ((shitty evolves into delcatty right
: glad to know you agree
Syphon: Delshatty*
ReoN: is heating the oven to the temperature of the sun
Schyroton: ((thank u
: I am both pure piss
: And shit
ReoN: meanwhile things are happening in another timeline
Schyroton: is still very cautious considering his body got hacked into.
Syphon: He's still alive
Fellby: ((forgive me, i am about to do something dumb
Syphon: You are forgiven
Syphon: Unless it's irl then pls
Schyroton: ((as long as you arent doing the bullshit i pulled at age four go for it
Keys: ((I'd tell you not to do something dumb but I can't say shit
: ((do it im curious
Schyroton: ((nor can i really but please try not to hurt yourself
Fellby: has arrived within the interdimensional establishment that serves alcohol and various other beverages and food. Upon this, he casts his gaze about, but the kitchen is shielded from the grasps of his vision. Upon this, he decides to go about his business and sit upon the couch, which was profane in its offenses against the laws of physics.
Fellby: ((there
Schyroton: ((ah
Syphon: ok
: ((yee haw
Syphon: i don't see how that was dumb
Syphon: He wakes up. "Hey."
: yee haw too, thanks
Schyroton: Hhello.
Schyroton: ((that brought a smile to my face
Schyroton: ((because it's purple prose
Fellby: "Hi."
Fellby: ((YOU GOT IT
Syphon: What's purple prose
: SmolapeƱo [SmolapeƱo] joined chat.
Syphon: Hi Smol
: ((hey smol
Schyroton: ((TVTROPES HAS ENHANCED absolutely nothing in my life haha
Schyroton: ((hi smol
SmolapeƱo: (heyo
Schyroton: ((<3
: ((yee hi
Fellby: ((i'm like, halfway through dream-quest of unknown kadath and i forgot how purple lovecraft wrote, he may as well been writing with a gel pen
Schyroton: ((purple prose is writing in an excessively descriptive manner
Syphon: ah
Syphon: I don't know why I don't look these things up, I like asking for some reason
: You remind me of my friend
: He asks questions all the time
: When learning
: brb
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] disconnected.
Fellby: ((peridot wants to set fellby up with me
ReoN: ((I'm gonna bring scp-999-j into lewdspace
ReoN: ((There's an asriel rper there that needs memed on so hard
: Line it up line it up line it up
: And hit me with da pussi
Syphon: Brb
ReoN: ((What should I pull out of my speedi
ReoN: ((*speedo
Fellby: ((a cd of eurobeat
ReoN: ((šŸ‘Œ
: A dildo
: Not just any dildo
Fellby: "So how's it going?"
: The live dildo
: Miyu had
ReoN: ((I'm really tired and wanna sleep let's hope I can actually move when I wake up
ReoN: ((and see
Schyroton: ...S-ststttill kind of unnnnerved.
Fellby: "I get that."
Syphon: Back
Syphon: "Wait, did something happen?"
Schyroton: would sharply inhale if he could. "...S-sssomeththing happened, yes."
Syphon: "...Well, what was it?"
Fellby: "Some... AI ghost bullshit."
Schyroton: shudders as he speaks, "Iiit hahackedddd into mmmy body."
Syphon: "Oh shit. But you're okay?"
Syphon: "Physically?"
Schyroton: Yyyes.
Syphon: "Okay, good. Well considering it's a ghost I can't do much about it sadly if it happens again, but hopefully it won't."
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Schyroton: Ughh...
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Syphon: "Literally all I can do is throw magic talismans at it."
Schyroton: ...Ccan you prevvvent anonothe invaasion of my bodyy?
Syphon: "...Uh...maybe...lemme think for a sec."
: ReoN.kkll.Preciel's connection timed out.
Syphon: "...No, I can't, unless possession counts as a status effect. But I could try to scan it."
Schyroton: Welll, aat leleast we know thhat isn't an opoptionn.
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Syphon: Hi Bread
Fellby: "Now we need to figure out what is"
Syphon: "Or unless the possession is via magic."
Syphon: "But that wouldn't work when you're already possessed."
: ((Hey there.))
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: ((hey
: "For a second I thought you were eating the raw ribeye"
: "And I was like"
: "[i]quiet voice[/I] why though"
: -Frisky
Syphon: Wait, isn't that ability Lunala has just Multiscale
Syphon: Shadow Shield
Syphon: ...And Full Metal Body is just Clear Body
Syphon: Gamefreak
Syphon: Srs
Fellby: orders a whisky.
Syphon: "Also, on second thought they might be unscannable."
Syphon: "So really I'm not sure if I can do anything to help you."
Schyroton: Wwwell shit.
Syphon: "But it's a lot of ifs."
Fellby: "Well, I don't know how this scanning thing works, anyway."
Syphon: "I don't know either but I do a thing, a bot comes in, and it scans whatever I want it to scan."
Syphon: "Dunno if that works on ghosts. Never fought ghosts before."
Syphon: "I think."
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: ((yee haw
Fellby: "So it's kind of like what... whatever that cyborg's name is now does."
Syphon: "I guess so. Might only work for things in my timeline."
Fellby: nods.
Syphon: "Mind if I test it?"
Fellby: "Go right ahead."
Syphon: He holds his hands out and closes his eyes, releasing a soft green breeze. After a little bit, a bot strolls in through the anydoor and stares at Fellby.
Syphon: Scanbot: "F-"
Syphon: It explodes.
Syphon: "WELL SHIT."
Schyroton: grabs a table.
Syphon: "...Er, sorry."
Fellby: "That was more violent then expected."
Syphon: "But that answers that."
Syphon: He goes around and collects the exploded bits in a dark orb.
Schyroton: Y-yyou did what youuu couould.
Fellby: "At least you attempted to help."
Syphon: "And on a positive note, there's still the other two possibilities."
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Fellby: "True."
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: "yee haw"
Syphon: "Hmm?"
Fellby: looks at the mysterious cowboy.
: ((it was just a prank bro
Syphon: He finishes picking up all the exploded stuff.
Syphon: "Huh. Thought I heard something."
Fellby: "Yeah. Reminds me of like... Clint Eastwood, or something."
Syphon: "I don't know who that is. But you heard it too?"
Fellby: "Yeah."
Syphon: "Huh." He starts looking around to no avail.
Syphon: So he shrugs and sits on the couch.
Fellby: orders another scotch.
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Syphon: Brb
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CryingEevee OOC: ((vee, eevee))
: ((yee hi
Fellby: ((hey there
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