Barchar: (I just had the idea of a merasmus voice pack for mvm)
Barchar: ("Greed is good. I'm giving you a bonus DUCKS")
: ((I want it
Barchar: (It's not all meramus, it's the regular announcer lines but Merasmus interrupts them)
: ((The announcer has lines for when only one person is left
: ((Merasmus gets really damn happy if it's just Soldier left
: "nah" [] disconnected.
Barchar: ( i dunno if this is new lines or just re-used old ones but here ya go)
Barchar: (This + my bonus ducks hitsound = ALL MERASMUS ALL THE TIME)
: ((Merasmus has the literal best voice in the game
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Barchar: (He's basically the best part of the game, period)
CryingEevee OOC: ((i had the merasmus announcer, bonus ducks hitsound, and MAGIC crit sound))
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Barchar: (that's a lot of merasmus)
Smash: (( Merasmus is hilarious
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Smash: (( fucker got involved with the Japanese mafia
: ((A literal quote from merasmus here
: (([ill do magic for pokemon cards]
: (( [please i need pokemon cards to pay off the japanese mafia or theyll break my legs]
Barchar: (Wait what?)
Barchar: (That's an actual line?)
Smash: (( Fuck my quote, please make that a topic of the day
Barchar: (Like, in-game?)
: ((No, we did that
Barchar: (oh okay)
: ((Merasmus texted that to Gaster asking for his daughter's cards
Barchar: (I remember US doing that)
Barchar: (yeah)
Barchar: (I thought you were saying it was ACTUALLY in the game or something)
Barchar: (and that it was just a referenceyou made because it was pertinent)
: (I wish
Smash: (( I thought that was in game too
: ((I wish merasmus had that fucking line
Smash: (( Damn son
: ((No, he just needs 40 thousand dollars to pay off the japanese mafia
: ((Which is why he opens up a carnival
: ((But he puts the Carnival of Carnage on some indian burial grounds
Smash: (( yeah, I remember
Barchar: (And ghosts)
Barchar: (oops)
: ((So the tf2 mercs have to fucking fight for souls
: ((So he can pay off the japanese mafia AND not get killed by ghosts
Smash: (( I thought they fought for ducks
CryingEevee OOC: ((that halloween was good, but that was the start of when they messed up getting halloween cosmetics))
Smash: (( BONUS DUCKS!
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: ((I fucking love halloween cosmetics
: ((Particularily one of them
: ((We all know which one
: ((Heavy is chicken
Smash: (( Heavy is burb
Barchar: (i like halloween cosmetics. I don't like restricted halloween cosmetics\)
: ((I play on halloween servers
Smash: (( Heavy, well now lay egg... in your mouth...
CryingEevee OOC: ((many servers remove the restriction though))
Barchar: (I would but I don't know good enough ones)
Barchar: (or anygood ones really)
Barchar: (I DID know one but idk wtf happened to it)
Barchar: (it just doesn't exist no more)
: ((The Gravity Bong is pretty good
Barchar: (It was just a straight up fuckin' around tdm server, which is fine with me)
Barchar: (It's why I like tf2, myself. Objectives are just the bonuses to the fun of fucking around)
: ((Lets all talk about how we're Tf2 hipsters by saying our favorite tf2 weapon
CryingEevee OOC: ((the only haloween cosmetic i got that i actually care about at all is the hundkopf. i gave that a voice deepener spell for general medi-wolf))
: ((I get joy out of the blutsauger to an insane degree
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
Barchar: (MY favorite tf2 weapon...)
: yee haw
CryingEevee OOC: ((favorite ONE weapon?))
CryingEevee OOC: ((that's hard))
Barchar: (Tide turner. It's only my favorite because of what it does with others, but)
: hmm
: ((See
: Scorch shot
: because idk
: ((I fucking love syringe guns
: ((They have a higher burst DPS than a minigun
Barchar: (Laharl is arrayseven)
Barchar: (Wiat no he cabn't be because he's not a fucking idiot about overwatch)
: ((And after you get used to leading the syringes and can land them reliably
: ((Hue
Barchar: (God I hated his fucking overwatch video)
: ((Arrayseven is a fucking dumbfuck
: ((Stock bonesaw is outclassed
: ((By everything
CryingEevee OOC: ((i guess the old BFB where you only lost speed for double jumping?))
Barchar: (I like him well enough but that fucking overwatch video is jsut)
Barchar: (ugh)
: ((The blutsauger
: ((Is like comeback:the weapon
: ((You thought I was a crossbow quick fix pocket medic hiding behind my pyro buddy eh
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
: ((Fuck you i'm a BLUTSAUGER quick fix pocket medic
: ((And I see three enemies that are on fire and near dead from my pyro pal
: ((And i've got a syringe gun and know how to use it
CryingEevee OOC: ((you quick fix pocketed?))
: ((Quick Fix>Medi gun
: ((Imo
: But uber
CryingEevee OOC: ((i feel about the same, but it's not great for pocketing))
: "nah" [] joined chat.
: ((It's less for pocketing and more recovering from fights
: ((I'm always in the same games with the same pyro
: ((So we're basically a fighting machine
: "nah" [] disconnected.
: ((And I know that his big problem is going from one fight to the next, he'll never win a fight if he isn't at full health at the start of it
CryingEevee OOC: ((actually, the revenge crits shotgun for engie, i love that.))
: ((The Panic Attack is so satisfying as well
Barchar: (southern hospitality pardner)
: ((Am I a fucko for using the Eureka Effect
Barchar: (yes)
CryingEevee OOC: ((nah))
: ((And just using my Rescue Ranger to heal my buildings
Barchar: (But you're OUR fucko)
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*walks into the bar, older, with some great in his looks* Hey grillbz, cream soda please...[/color]
: ((I'm sorry but I really fucking like setting up my teleporter around corner
Barchar: (I'd think that with the UE you'd want to be able to move them)
CryingEevee OOC: ((unless i was defending intel or something, i was a mini-sentrineer))
Barchar: "Hi Smash."
Barchar: she is no longer asleep
: ((ANd telefragging people who walk past it using the right click
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*grey, but great works[/color]
Barchar: (Okay that's fun)
CryingEevee OOC: ((didn't they make the UE able to pick buildings up?))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hey, been awhile[/color]
: Yazan [Yazan] disconnected.
: ((Yeah
: ((Now you just get less metal from pickups
: ((And you kinda have a bit of a reverse jag effect where your buildings don't build as fast
: ((It's the thing you use when you want to play gunslinger engie
: ((But you don't wanna be useless
CryingEevee OOC: ((hey, gunslinger can be good... sometimes. if you get it right. you can get revenge crits easily at least))
: ((My motto with gunslinger
Smash: (( I'm pretty sure if you want to be evil, you gunslinger engie
: ((Is to treat it like chores
: Gunslinger engie is fun on turbine
: ((Yes, engie, you can go outside and play with your mini sentries
: ((But first you need to put down your dispenser, clean your room, and put up a teleporter before Dad comes home
TheTinyDeskEngi: alrighty then!
: ((Or you use the pomson, short circuit, and gunslinger
: ((And put on The Law and The Dictator
: ((Cause if you're gonna be the fucking fun police you might as well look the part
TheTinyDeskEngi: *sets shit up and plays with his tiny sentry* yippe-kiyo!
: yee haw
Fellby: ((So we just went to the makeup store to pick up a birthday promo
: Frisky Whiskington [Hitsky] joined chat.
Fellby: ((Mom was amazed by toofaced's chocolate palette
Fellby: ((That thing smells like chocolate
CryingEevee OOC: ((anyone know any games with very customizable magic?))
: ((Magicka
CryingEevee OOC: ((aside from magicka, since that;s mostly fun with friends and none of mine own it))
: ((If I felt like it
: ((I could go into my other accs gamebase
: ((ANd install Magicka
: ((ANd then give my new acc permission to play it
CryingEevee OOC: ((maybe i should play some more nethack or IVAN. those roguelikes have pretty cool magic-y things))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*pulls out a cigar, sets his thumb on fire, lights it, puts out fire, and begins to smoke*[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Oh thank fuck i have bars
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((ohai slarv))
: ((Jay isn't dead
: ((Does Miyu still get a coke
Literally Satan: By the way, the word heorse is now replaced by Whores
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "That was really unnecessary."
Literally Satan: That's how dead the horses are.
: ((I wannna see zebraspace
Smash: [color=#fffffe]what was unnecessary?[/color]
Fanta: ((Miyu's still on 3/5 then
Barchar: "The thumb thing. You could have just."
Fanta: ((Also who changed the topic from satan
Barchar: "Lit it normally."
: ((Me
: ((No seriously set replacements
: ((Horse is now Whores
Smash: [color=#fffffe]no point in beating a dead whores over it...[/color]
Fanta: ((K
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "I..."
Barchar: "Wha?"
Colton: "You know. Beating a dead whores. The saying."
Fanta: hasn't spoken to the child
Colton: "Like the Whores that have been terrorizing me for the past month?"
Barchar: "..."
CryingEevee OOC: ((only the spelling is replaced, actually))
Barchar: "That's...not...the thing?"
Barchar: (Laharl never once said that)
CryingEevee OOC: ((it seemed like that))
CryingEevee OOC: ((horses still exist))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Seriously, what's with the long face? you look like a depressed whores.[/color]
Fanta: "I recall colton being attacked by whores on numerous occasion"
Barchar: (And they're called whores)
Fanta: ((No
Fanta: ((All horses are gone
Fanta: ((In the entire multiverse
CryingEevee OOC: ((ok, now THAT is too much))
Barchar: "Horse. Horses. It's not-it's not whores. No W."
Literally Satan: [Hey BC]
Literally Satan: [I killed all the horses]
Fanta: ((You destroyed the core
Literally Satan: [So they're now whores]
CryingEevee OOC: ((slarv, are you implying that all horses in the multiverse are connected?))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]know what's fun? going out into the wild, letting lose to the fresh outdoors in nature and riding whores bareback.[/color]
Fellby: senses innuendo somewhere.
: yee haw
Fanta: ((By the pulse hor'Cie
Fanta: ((Which you destroyed
Fanta: "You just said what I said"
Fanta: "Whores"
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-She wanders in.-[/color]
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Sadako [Sadako].
Sadako: ((
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I don't see what the problem is. whores are great, they're what made this world what it is.[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"..."[/color]
Fanta: "Whoress terrorized my child"
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"What on earth?"[/color]
: I just realized certain pokemon would be a whole lot different.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]maybe you should have had a professional help you with the whores.[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"I am not gonna ask."[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Ask what?[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"About your whore problems."[/color]
: What the yeehaw did you just fucking say about me, you little yeehaw? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Yeehaw Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on reddit, and I have over 300 confirmed yeehaws. I am trained in yeehaw warfare and I’m the top yeehaw in the entire yeehaw armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another yeehaw. I will yeehaw you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Yeehaw, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that yeehaw to me over the Yeehaw? Think again, yeehaw. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Yeehaws across the Reddit and your Yeehaw is being traced right now so you better prepare for the Yeehaw, yeehaw. The Yeehaw that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your yeehaw. You’re fucking yeehaw, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can yeehaw you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare yeehaws. Not only am I extensively trained in yeehaw combat, but I have access to the entire yeehaw of the Yeehaw Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable yeehaw off the face of the yeehaw, you little yeehaw. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “yeehaw” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking yeehaw. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn yeehaw. I will shit yeehaw all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking yeehaw, yeehaw.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I'll have you know, I never have whores problems.[/color]
Literally Satan: [Hey wanna know my favorite show]
: Smolapeño's connection timed out.
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Suuuure."[/color]
Literally Satan: [Bojack Whoreman]
: [yee haw]
Sadako: gets a drink, with cherries in it.
Fanta: she bought a new kinky movie for hywel a while back
: Smolapeño [Smolapeño] joined chat.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Shirley temple?[/color]
Literally Satan: [Also, is it just more]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Don't be fooled. This Shirley's dirty."[/color]
Literally Satan: [Or has My Little Prostitute dropped a lot lately]
Sadako: ((save a whoress, ride a cowboy
: I'm gonna go play tf2
: yee haw
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Kay, hey grillbz, I'll take a clean shirley[/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Grillby: -He gets smash a non-alcoholic drink.-
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I'm trying not to drink alcohol as much nowadays... *sips* and like an idiot, I switch to smoking.[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Well, people do tend to replace one addiction with another..."[/color]
Mantis: Try vaping.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*inhales a puff with his cigar, and slowly exhales* ... nah.[/color]
Sadako: ((huh
Sadako: ((turns out tomodachi life batter really likes popcorn
Smash: (( I feel like I'd get addicted to that game
: Frisky Whiskington [Hitsky] joined chat.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Sadako: ((hey mv
Schyroton: ((hi
Sadako: spears a cherry with her fingernail.
: ((Set replacements
Schyroton: ((i finished my cosplay 20 minutes ago
: ((The word Horse is now Whores
Barchar: (Satan rekt the horses so bad)
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Alright, some real shit...[/color]
Barchar: (That now the word 'horse' has been entirely replaced to everybody that isn't aware of what happened)
Smash: [color=#fffffe]let's get some honesty in here...[/color]
Schyroton: ((holy shit
: Schyroton [Schyroton] is now Sherry Noble [Sherry Noble].
Barchar: [Satan that is not how words work]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Hm?"[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]How much money, would someone have to pay you, too sell out... and fuck a whores.[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"... I'm married."[/color]
: Sherry Noble's connection timed out.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]So not much?[/color]
: Sherry Noble [Sherry Noble] joined chat.
Barchar: "So are a lot of people that go to brothels, darling."
: Sherry Noble's connection timed out.
: Swood_ [] disconnected.
Sadako: crosses her arms. "You really think I'd betray my husband like that?"
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I mean, shit, Tom Cruise is married, I wouldn't doubt him selling out.[/color]
: One time I got a headshot
Smash: [color=#fffffe]To be fair, I don't even know your name.[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"The name's Sadako Povaglia."[/color]
: Sherry Noble [Sherry Noble] is now Nyxem [Nyxem].
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Smash, shoulda meet me last week, I was a heavier drinker.[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hitsky] joined chat.
: ((Are we just bringing in all our gijinka OCs
Hitsky: ((I highly doubt PMD will be today))
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Mmh."[/color]
Hitsky: ((Actually, nah, it isn't happening
: ((You know who I should RP
: ((I should RP Manic
: High Priest Laharl [] is now High Priest Laharl [Manic].
Sadako: ((i need to rp sadako's husband someday too
Manic: ((Quick
Hitsky: ((No))
Hitsky: ((/s
: Lily [Lily] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hello[/color]
Nyxem: ((manic? the green drummer hedgehog?
Sadako: ((hey tri
Manic: ((Emerald!Manic, Infernal!Manic, Fatal!Manic, Paint It!Manic, Spirit Electrum!Manic, or Final Vega!Manic
Nyxem: ((hi try
Nyxem: ((emerald
Lily: [color=#daffdb]mfw[/color]
Manic: ((Or should I go with Vile, from one of Manic's side-stories
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]Hey Tri[/color]
Manic: ((Shit no emerald is stupid
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]No PMD today[/color]
Nyxem: ((*tri
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sorry if I was the reason[/color]
Nyxem: ((then fatal
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]Nah[/color]
Barchar: (what are you talking about laharl)
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]Just don't feel like it[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ah okay[/color]
Manic: ((Basically
Manic: ((You guys know what Nuzlocke is?
Barchar: (es)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes[/color]
Smash: (( ye
Barchar: (Yes*)
Barchar: (And the webcomic)
Manic: ((Manic is from a very, very, long series of pokemon stories written by well, a man named Manic
Barchar: (from which it was spawned)
Manic: ((It's one of the leading Nuzlocke 'comics' out there
Barchar: (I should reread that. And a petty nuzlocke comic. That was also good)
Barchar: (The only thing I remember about my time with the real nuzlocke comics is the nuzleaf)
Barchar: (and a joke where the main character liked trumpet songs)
Barchar: (because he was from hoenn)
Barchar: (And a character from unova i think being annoyed)
Smash: (( I'm an asshole, and played nuzlocke yellow version, and got a mew
Barchar: (cheaterrrr)
Smash: (( if it's a glitch, it's not cheating
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thank you for not calling a glitch a bug[/color]
Manic: ((Theres also uh
Manic: ((lets see
Smash: (( that's my game Philosophy
Manic: ((Der Gnizalb!Manic, Dark Stars!Manic, Argent Ante!Manic, Sacred Spectre!Manic, and Ascendant!Manic
Manic: ((Although most of those are just Vega!Manic with different teams
Manic: ((Because each manic is from a different nuzlocke run
Nyxem: [url=]A 6'4", metallic person enters the bar, their gear spinning slowly. Their movements are somewhat robotic, stiff and stopping suddenly.[/url]
Barchar: "Hey Nyxem."
Nyxem: Hello again.
Manic: ((Theres also the uh, joke manic run
Manic: ((Which i'll just show you in a screenshot
Manic: ((Yes, that run is canon
Manic: ((Yes, that run is fucking canon
Manic: ((To the Manic Saga
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hello, apparently Nyxem.[/color]
Hitsky: ((mv do you have a fetish for robots and metallic people
Lily: [color=#daffdb]are you fucking[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]do you not know this[/color]
Nyxem: ((yes
Hitsky: ((we have confirmation from mv themself
Nyxem: Hello to you.
Nyxem: ((im p sure ive mentioned it here
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fuck[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]What[/color]
Hitsky: ((tru
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*finishes cigar, grabs new one, and lights it off grillbys arm, then smoking it*[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait, nevermind[/color]
Barchar: (So MB)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]MB[/color]
Manic: ((MegaByte
Barchar: (MV's dream man is a really big robot)
Barchar: (So)
Barchar: (Mettaton)
Nyxem: So who may you be?
Barchar: (verything makes sense now)
Sadako: ((smol you must become a robot
Barchar: "Barchar Leyline."
Nyxem: ((no shit sherlock
Hitsky: ((no MV's dream lover is smol iirc
: Lily [Lily] is now Verum [Verum].
Verum: Oh hey, he teleports in.
Nyxem: ((flame said man for a reason
Smolapeño: (maybe i already am a robot irl)
Verum: "heya."
Barchar: "Resident omniscient ghost girl that occasionally says she's a goddess."
Barchar: (If so you're a damn good robot)
Nyxem: Oh, hello.
Hitsky: ((smol pics /s
Sadako: barely blinks. She's seen people teleport before.
Barchar: (We saw a pic of her)
Verum: "so, uh..."
Barchar: (Wearing the neckwear headwear)
Hitsky: ((I KNOW
Hitsky: (("/s"
Fanta: ((Finally got shit working
Verum: "i kinda destroyed multiple timelines by accident."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I'm Smash. I was a happy go lucky guy. And now I'm lucky go happy. make that whatever you want it to mean.[/color]
Hitsky: ((I saw it
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"... What."[/color]
Manic: ((Neckwear Headware is amazing
Barchar: (We need neckwear headwear as an item in ca2tale)
Manic: ((I fucking love neckwear headware
Hitsky: ((Smol is cool af
Manic: ((Bitch I already beat you to that
Barchar: (FAIR ENOUGH)
Nyxem: ...What.
Manic: ((You get it from LS's shop in waterfall
Barchar: "Oh."
Barchar: "Good job, Verum."
Barchar: (Well)
Verum: "you see, it took me a while to realize that for every timeline i help, a new timeline is created where i don't help. so i tried to solve that."
Barchar: (That...makes sense)
Verum: "so it worked. a new timeline wasn't created."
Verum: "but also the timeline exploded."
Verum: "so there's that."
Nyxem: Oh my god, you idiot.
Manic: ((Miyu also has an item from one of the fallen kids in her possession
Manic: ((But uh, you'll only get it from the Miyu date
Barchar: "Oops."
Fanta: ((I still need to show it on an actual top hat
Manic: ((So you won't be getting that one until Pacifist
Barchar: (Date incentive. Nice.)
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Welp."[/color]
Fanta: ((With a feather boa
Barchar: (We need to do Ca2tale tonight if Frisky isn't doing pmd.)
Barchar: (I mean maybe anyway)
Verum: "it's the biggest mass murder that's ever happened. i think."
Fanta: ((Also, mv, the schyroish character is done
Verum: "so that sucks."
Verum: "on a positive note i'm back."
Nyxem: ((nICE
Fanta: ((In my head, at least
Barchar: "Eh. This dimension had all it's natives killed anyway."
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Well, I heard on the grapevine there was a mass murder yesterday..."[/color]
Barchar: "Other thna me and Guardian anyway."
Fanta: ((She's different in a lot of ways, but there are many similarities
Verum: "i still feel bad though."
Nyxem: ((o
Barchar: ('She' seems like a rathe large one)
Verum: "dunno how many people were in those timelines, or what they were, but i guess they're gone."
Barchar: "Shame."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]whatever[/color]
Sadako: ((pringles, in his sleep: "I'm going to take over the world, starting tomorrow."
Verum: "...whatever?"
Barchar: (Remind me why we astarted calling mobius spongebob again)
Sadako: ((me: *considers deleting my pringles boyfriend*
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
Sadako: ((frisk
Manic: ((Frisk
Sadako: ((*frisky
Verum: Hi Meme
: Yee haw
Manic: ((Btw tri
Barchar: (Frisky, why did you start calling mobius spongebob)
Verum: Why do you have an underscore
Verum: Mhm?
Manic: ((The word Horse is now banned from CaU
Fanta: ((Personalitywise, same sorta deal for the most part
Nyxem: looks at their phone. "Oh, shit."
Verum: [s]Horse[/s] Okay
Manic: ((Write up replacements, Horse is now Whores
Smash: [color=#fffffe]a few people die, you move on, get a drink, have a meal, and forget about it[/color]
: ((Because underscores are cool
Fanta: ((Laharl, add that to the rules
Barchar: "PRetty much."
Nyxem: I gotta go.
Barchar: "They were gonna die anyway."
Nyxem: Bye.
Sadako: nods in agreement.
Nyxem: nyooms out.
: Verum [Verum] edited the chat information.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]exactly, what's the point[/color]
Fanta: ((R10
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-Although, she's usually the one causing the deaths.-[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]you gotta start thinking for yourself[/color]
Fanta: ((Horse must be replaced by whores ic
Verum: "i guess so."
Manic: ((Chime's got the rules doc
Verum: How do I set a replacement for all characters
Sadako: ((pringles, also in his sleep: "bepis"
Fanta: ((Sheit
Verum: "i'm just so used to helping people, that is literally my purpose, and then suddenly i kill possibly billions."
Verum: "...though actually...i could have killed nothing. but that's unlikely."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Welcome to world[/color]
Nyxem: ((slarv im just gonna say i got disoriented by the she pronoun a bit
Barchar: "I know the feeling, Verum."
Barchar: "Just move on. It's another failure. Probably not your first."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]join the club, we got jackets[/color]
Verum: "true, and yeah, not my first."
Manic: ((So Manic is gonna seem
Verum: "anyway, what's up?"
Manic: ((Like a fucking mary sue
: Swood_'s connection timed out.
Manic: ((Because to a degree, Manic is a damn mary sue
: Nyxem [Nyxem] is now Avanne [Avanne].
Manic: ((But that's because Manic's from nuzlocke runs, and the person that writes his shit is DAMN good at Nuzlocke
Barchar: (I play bloody barchar)
Manic: ((He just recently got through Sinnoh without a single death
Manic: ((On a time limit
Barchar: (I'mn not gonna complain about semi-mary sues)
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Slowly reaching the end, how about you? *blows smoke in his direction*[/color]
Fanta: ((Shit
Manic: ((And he couldn't overlevel or his mons die
Barchar: "I have a headache."
Sadako: is tapping her fingernail against her glass.
Barchar: "And I"m tired."
Barchar: "'ss about it. That's my life for now."
Manic: ((Theres also Der Gnizalb
Verum: The smoke kinda just disappears when it gets close to Verum.
Manic: ((Where he plays the firered romhack from hell
Manic: ((Where the first gym has a level 25 torkoal
Verum: "if you don't want to end, i can help you with that."
Manic: ((And couldn't use any moves that weren't normal type according to his own rules
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Sorry, you waiting for something, toots?[/color]
Avanne: ((what if he faced a ghost
Verum: I'm remembering why I don't like RPing Verum
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"I had to move a shipment today, of Rare Candy."[/color]
Verum: He can literally do almost absolutely everything
Manic: ((Well, he couldn't use any attacking moves that weren't normal
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
Manic: ((He had a fun time in lavender town
Smash: [color=#fffffe]You, are the problem[/color]
Manic: ((Where his only method of winning was foresight, and burning
Avanne: ((oh boy
Manic: ((He did this shit up into the eighth gym
Manic: ((Without a single death
Verum: And then the 8th gym killed him
Manic: ((He lost two mons at the water gym because Misty's crawdaunt got three crits
Smash: [color=#fffffe]You fuckers in control of rare candy, when literally no one knows where to buy that shit, and it's a scientific advancement that could be used, and just...what the fuck.[/color]
Verum: "but of course if you're fine with ending i unsarcastically understand."
Sadako: chuckles. "It's business, doll."
Barchar: "Sometimes I'd like to be able to end."
Manic: ((A reminder how Rare Candy has evolved over the pokemon arcs
Smash: [color=#fffffe]No, it isn't dumbass[/color]
Manic: ((In reborn it was pokemon steroids
Verum: "i could do that."
Manic: ((In ancestors it was evolution drugs
Smash: [color=#fffffe]no one knows where to buy it[/color]
Manic: ((And in Bravoh it was back to pokemon steroids
Manic: ((And now in SCP it's somethin special
Smash: [color=#fffffe]some fucking business[/color]
Barchar: (And in actual pokemon)
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-Her eyes glint a little. "That's 'cause it's not legal."-[/color]
Barchar: (It was just a fucking thing)
Barchar: "Yeah, uh, that's kind of a dumb thing to say when it's illegal drugs, Smash."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]then why's it given out as prizes in legal establishments?[/color]
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
Verum: Hi CE
Barchar: "Well, dimensions."
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"You call it crime, we call it smart family business."[/color]
Manic: "That's cause half of those are run by the mafia." Says a figure in the back of the bar.
Barchar: "It's pretty ilicit in most, though."
Barchar: except for the canon ones
Verum: "heya."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i ate a corpse of a mutant bunny, realized that made me "uncertain of who i really was" so i found more mutant bunny corpses and ate them and now i'm a ghost of a dwarf that worshipped Silva))
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]Barchar: that's lit[/color]
Verum: what
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I don't call it a crime, I call it selective bullshit[/color]
: I almost beat the first part of surf_derpis
Verum: er
Verum: ok
: Almost
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Good on you, then. Stay out of my way."[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm playing IVAN that one roguelike joel streams some times))
Verum: ah
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I'm not in your way, I'm sitting right here[/color]
Barchar: "Her point was to keep it that way, darling."
CryingEevee OOC: ((my load is too heavy for me to float forward. i hope i don't have to drop EVERYTHING but then again, i'm a gost now))
Verum: lenny
Manic: He leans out over a table idly, flicking out a blue-wrapped candy.
Fanta: sighs
Verum: "who're you?"
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I'm just gonna assume she's too drunk to make a good argument right now.[/color]
Manic: "Listen, dude, if you really wanna bitch, i'll give you this one for...10000 Poke."
Verum: "actually, who're any of you?"
Manic: "The name's Manic."
Manic: He tips his pokeball-shaped hat.
Verum: "mhm."
: Swood_'s connection timed out.
Sadako: merely smirks and... melts into the shadows, reappearing near Verum. "Name's Sadako, sweetie."
Verum: " know, i should get working on a shared mind with my clones."
Sadako: ((shit that sounded edgy as hell
Avanne: ((shes a ghos
Verum: "neat, i'm verum."
CryingEevee OOC: ((and apparently i kill things byt simply touching them. this is cool))
Sadako: ((sadako: *shadows behind you* psshhh, nothing personell, kid
Barchar: "You know who I am."
Verum: "barchar."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]that's actually a fair price, name's Smash.[/color]
Barchar: "'CAuse I said."
Barchar: "And also we've met."
Verum: "yep. and hey smash."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]What?[/color]
Manic: He nods, holding out a gloved hand for the cash.
Verum: "just saying hi."
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh. but i can't read as a gost so my scrolls are useless))
Verum: He disappears for a split second.
Verum: But returns almost instantly.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*pays up and forks over the cash*[/color]
Sadako: ((freaking tomodachi life man
Verum: Wow
Manic: He nods, tossing the single rare candy to Smash.
Manic: "I don't really need any of them anymore, my journey's over."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*snags it in the air and pockets it* I just like to keep 'em on me.[/color]
Barchar: "Good for you."
Sadako: ((oh shoot
Sadako: ((i think fellby might divorce his wife
Smash: (( oooooooh fffffffffuuuuuuuuck
Manic: ((Shit
Verum: o no
Manic: ((Manic has a Frosslass named Onna
Sadako: ((they're not getting along...
Sadako: ((that's fine by me though
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i think i'm forever a spoopy ghost now))
CryingEevee OOC: ((this is fine))
CryingEevee OOC: ((because i'm not sure if i can actually die))
Avanne: warps onto the couch, using a new spell. They're still and silent. Spoopy.
Barchar: "Hi Avanne."
Fanta: is unfazed
Verum: "heya."
Sadako: is unfazed.
Barchar: (Fellby: "Alright fuck this shit I'm going to Muffet")
Manic: I'm gonna run though all of Manic's champion teams
Verum: "i'm verum."
Manic: And assemble a team he would logically keep for endgmame
CryingEevee OOC: ((no wait, i just transformed back))
Avanne: ...You really need to stop doing that, Barchar.
Sadako: ((muffet, in her sleep: "I won a million dollars? This is a dream come true! I'm gonna buy an ice cream truck!"
Barchar: "Sorry."
Manic: ((Is muffet the guy that plays ron in the HP movies
Verum: Clipboards
Manic: ((Cause the guy that plays Ron bought an ice cream truck
Avanne: (
Sadako: ((
Barchar: (Yes.)
Barchar: (Peridot: "Why would you harvest things?! That's horrible!" Steven: "What? No, it's not horrible at all! Here's what I mean, let me show you." REST-OF-THE-EPISODE SECONDS LATER Steven while holding the remains of the pumpkin dog: "Oh, it really is horrible now that I think about it.")
Barchar: (mmn)
CryingEevee OOC:
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
Avanne: I forgive you, but please.
Barchar: "I'm just used to saying hi to people."
Verum: "anyway, i'm gonna go for now, gonna work with my clones on shared memories."
Verum: "have fun be safe that kinda stuff."
Verum: He disappears.
Barchar: (I'm gonna go was the dishes. Should we start waterfall wen I get back, or do you guys not feel like it)
Avanne: Uh huh.
Sadako: ((i'm down with it
Avanne: ((im fine w this
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Barchar: "...And it's [i]kinda[/i] funny to ruin it. But mostly the first thing."
Manic: ((Guys, character idea
: Swood_'s connection timed out.
Manic: ((A man recently brought into the pantheon of gods
Avanne: You've never seen the look of pure terror on someone's facewhen it happens. It's wonderful.
CryingEevee OOC: ((ok, so i think now i'm just gonna transform randomly thanks to that mutant bunny meat. goooood))
Manic: ((Except
Manic: ((He's at an entry-level position
Manic: ((So he's the god of something mundane and stupid
Verum: God of plastic
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*smoking away*[/color]
Manic: ((too big
Manic: ((Like,
Verum: God of spoons
Sadako: ((god of nintendo ds styluses
Avanne: ((god of keychains
Manic: (( God of making you think your phone vibrated, when it didn't.
Verum: Oh even more specific
CryingEevee OOC: ((god of finding something that you thought was lost but was just sitting on the table))
Verum: God of thinking your name was called but it wasn't
Manic: The god of correctly plugging in the USB stick on the first try. I'd be a merciful god.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]The god of slightly knocking out random people's headphones right when a song is becoming good. [color=red]]][/color]
Verum: You checking Reddit out too?
Manic: ((Yep
Verum: Nice
Avanne: ((god of upvotes
Verum: God of your ears suddenly ringing for a few seconds for no apparent reason
Manic: ((God of walking into an invisible spider web
Verum: God of the dust particles you see floating around in a beam of light
CryingEevee OOC: ((aw, i finally died.))
: "nah" [] joined chat.
Verum: rip
Verum: Hi Bloo
: [color=#ff00ff]o sht it verum[/color]
Verum: Yee
CryingEevee OOC: ((i died because of a boss))
Verum: Just for a bit tho
: (( so
Verum: Bc I'm thinking of a new character
: (( i haven't been sick for at least 8 months. until now
: (( rip non-ill streak
Verum: Aw get well soon
Verum: I haven't been sick for about 8 months either so
Verum: actually, i think closer to 6-7
Verum: eh
CryingEevee OOC: ((this run just started and i found the holy book of silva. i don't know what reading holy books does.))
: (( >silva
: (( k
: Sadako [Sadako] joined chat.
: Sadako's connection timed out.
Smash: (( god of that last bit of shit you try to force out, but you can't, so you try to wipe your ass and get rid of it, but it's still like, right in your rectum, so you sit there for like,15 minutes trying to half-assly force it out until you finally do, and you get up, and your legs are slightly numb, but they're fine in like, 2 minutes, then you finish your business, wash your hands, leave, and then go back to flush.
Sadako: plays with her stole a little.
: (( That sucks
Verum: wowie
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh, it allows me to pray to the god the book is about))
: (( I just give up and leave and end up having to shit again thirty minutes later
CryingEevee OOC: ((silva caused an earthquake for me))
Verum: Rip
Smash: (( I commit
: (( the god of running out of clean clothes that fit you
: (( i'm not sure if I should redownload tf2
Verum: Brb
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
: (( just4 the source engine
: yee haw
Smash: (( the god of that cookie you tried dipping in milk, but it breaks and sinks to the bottom, and you eat later once milk runs out.
Verum: God of the lack of a thing you need that was there when you needed it but not now
Verum: didn't need it*
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((the god of making up very weak but specific gods))
: (( the fucking putt putt games are on steam
Verum: God of vague references that silence everyone because nobody gets it
Sadako: is thinking to herself.
Fanta: ((The god of having 4 cents left over on steam
Verum: Laharl are any of these satisfactory
: ((
: (( >reverie
Smash: (( the god of that 1 engineer you absolutely despise
Avanne: ((god of bobby pins
Manic: ((Muffrisk does not have very good luck with that god
Verum: God of succeeding just in the nick of time
CryingEevee OOC: ((god of failing right before you would've succeeded))
: today is national noodle day
: god of yee haw
Verum: God of national noodle day
Smash: (( god of making up shit to confuse people so he can limit how many people actually get into heaven
: High Priest Laharl [Manic] is now High Priest Laharl [Audible].
Audible: Someone is off in the back of the bar.
Audible: They weren't there six seconds ago.
Verum: Oh shit it's an Audible commercial
: Get your free 30 day subscriptions here
: [color=#ff00ff]use code keem for a free 30 day trial[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hey, who's that? they weren't here six second ago.[/color]
Verum: six second ago
Avanne: just stays still.
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"I'm not sure."[/color]
Audible: Sadako's sentence comes out three seconds after they 'say' it
Smash: [color=#fffffe]yeah, six second ago, ya dumb whores[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i went into a bubble of magic and now i'm uncertain of who i really am and am now invisible... am i gonna start transforming again?))
Audible: This is Audible, god of Video/Audio sync
Verum: Oh god no
Sadako: kind of glares at Smash for a second.
CryingEevee OOC: ((no, because now i am sure i am me and no-one else))
Verum: CE is Tri deconfirmed
Smash: [color=#fffffe]... what?[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((actually, the "me" i am referring to is a mildly lawful human named "talon"))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*rolls eyes and takes a puff*[/color]
Verum: Ah
: (( oh
Sadako: doesn't quite appreciate being called a whore because she's a mob boss, but she's not going to outwardly state that she's plotting your demise.
Verum: Shit
Verum: I ate like half a container of ice cream subconsciously
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Verum: Coffee ice cream, too
Verum: I'm not going to sleep tonight
Smash: [color=#fffffe]... oh, shit, sorry, I was calling the voice in the ceiling a dumb whores, not you.[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((rip))
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Hm. Alright then."[/color]
: F
Avanne: ((a container is one container, so its all for one person
Verum: Wait a second
Verum: In that case, if I had half the container
Audible: Everyone's speech is now coming out six seconds late.
Verum: Then the only person to have the other half would have to be me
: inless its those big one gallon tubs
Verum: CE is Tri further confirmed
Verum: Yes it is
: [color=#ff00ff]CE: i don't like coffee[/color]
Avanne: ((no, it still counts
: oh
: good job
Sadako: ((i can't believe you can have your miis say "bollocks" in tomodachi life
Avanne: ((id eat a gallon of ice cream
Verum: Well I ate half a gallon and I'm fine so
Verum: I could probably eat a gallon
: [color=#ff00ff]So here's a thing[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]Bikes but small[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]like, motorbikes[/color]
Smash: (( wait a minute... tri... triangle... Illuminati confirmed.
Verum: Actually, there's dutch chocolate in the freezer, so I could eat that and that adds up to a container
Verum: But I won't be a dick
Verum: Brb
: tri is illuminati, therefore, CE is illuminati
CryingEevee OOC: ((HE FOUND OUT))
CryingEevee OOC: (("a bottle of sulfuric acid is lying here"))
CryingEevee OOC: (("you picked up a bottle of sulfuric acid"))
CryingEevee OOC: ((wow, that lined up))
Barchar: (here)
CryingEevee OOC: ((a giant magpie just stole my wand of teleportation!))
Verum: Well
Verum: I almost blew up my microwave with a tortilla
Barchar: gg
Sadako: ((do we have all the people for cau2tale or nah
Barchar: Yyyyeah ithink so
Verum: We don't have Frisky
Barchar: We need slarv for the tem village but we don't have to go there rn
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Barchar: okay there's slarv
Fanta: Shower
Fanta: Be back in a couple minutes
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Smash: (( that's gonna be interesting to watch
: Frisky Whiskington [Hitsky] joined chat.
Verum: And there's Frisky
Smash: (( aayyyyyy
Hitsky: [color=#ffffff]Aaayyyy[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hitsky] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisky].
: (( this just looks fucking ridiculous
: Verum [Verum] is now Tri [Tri].
: yee hi
Frisky: [color=#ffffff]Also isn't Sans not in Waterfall or am I supposed to be here so I can watch[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]I dunno what I want to do atm[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]o[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]nvm then[/color]
Audible: ((Sans has a few spots
Sadako: ((sans is in waterfall
Frisky: [color=#ffffff]Ah[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Sans is there when you first enter[/color]
Frisky: [color=#ffffff]OHHH[/color]
Frisky: [color=#ffffff]Right[/color]
Sadako: ((and the telescope
Frisky: [color=#ffffff]Hot dog motherfucker[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Surprise motherfucker[/color]
Frisky: [color=#ffffff]And Grillby's[/color]
Barchar: We can go now
Avanne: warps out
Barchar: We probably won't get to Slarv's bit until after she's back
: Sadako [Sadako] is now Chara!Gaster [Charaster].
: Avanne [Avanne] is now Prismadyne [Prismadyne].
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisky] is now Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa].
Hoopa: ((So how long is the session gonna be
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]When I said I don't know what to do, I meant IC, but now I realize I don't know what to do in general[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]I killed Sans twenty times motherfuckers[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]I am a psycho[/color]
Barchar: (Uh...i dunno?)
Hoopa: ((Ah, just wondering
Hoopa: ((I can stay up for a while
CryingEevee OOC: ((hooray i actually escaped the first dungeon and made it to another town!))
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Gg[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]No like[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]I have literally fucking killed Sans[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Twenty times[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]When I was bored[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Okay[/color]
: "nah" [] disconnected.
Barchar: Good for you
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]THAT'S AN ACHIEVEMENT[/color]
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] is now Muffrisk the Succufrisk [Muffrisk].
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]GET ME IN THE RECORDS[/color]
Muffrisk: No
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]No[/color]
: yee haw
Charaster: ((yo i forgot that tomodachi life has judgement bay
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]okay[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]i don't see---okay[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
Charaster: ((you can have four fields in judgement bay
Charaster: ((time for loss.jpg
CryingEevee OOC: ((i bought a ring of teleportation. i put it on and now i feel jumpy. i'm pretty sure i'll just teleport around the place now))
: Swood_ [] disconnected.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*tosses the butt of the cigar, and lights a new one on grillby*[/color]
Grillby: -He doesn't seem too annoyed.-
Barchar: "Rude."
Muffrisk: (Laharl are you here)
Smash: [color=#fffffe]effective[/color]
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
: I gtg to bed, gn
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Alright back
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Gn Meme[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]besides, you were against my thumb on fire[/color]
Fanta: ((May gtg at any minute tho
Prismadyne: (gn awoos
: Swood_'s connection timed out.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]awoos[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((awooooooo))
Prismadyne: ((*swood
MettatonSEX: ((AWOOGA
Charaster: ((DON
Charaster: ((crud
Charaster: ((DON'T AWOO
Smash: (( boi
Charaster: (($200 FINE
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]I FOUND A LOOPHOLE[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]AWOOO[/color]
Charaster: ((gaster: *visits fellby and farts*
Fanta: ((Ur gonna start a howl
Smash: (( the howl is here
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
CryingEevee OOC: ((\))
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
Muffrisk: (L: "Just because I'm a wolfgirl doesn't mean I have to follow your lame howls")
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Gtg[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Well, I guess I don't [i]have[/i] to go but I'm bored[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]So gn <3[/color]
Muffrisk: bai
CryingEevee OOC: ((awooo))
: Tri [Tri] disconnected.
Charaster: ((... i need to make a shia la beouf mii
Audible: ((I made a /r/UT eat glass
Audible: ((
Smash: (( There's nothing wrong with a good howl
Prismadyne: ((passing on your legacy
Muffrisk: (okay there's laharl)
Audible: ((Fuck, we gotta do ca2tale.
Audible: ((Alright.
Muffrisk: (I mean we don't HAVE to if you don't wanna)
Hoopa: ((^
Hoopa: ((It's optional
Smash: (( nondebateble, it must be done
: Fanta's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: (("the mutant ass critically bites you"))
Muffrisk: (ow)
Charaster: ((the ass eats you
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Why is wambu so entertaining
Fanta: ((He's just a generic top 10 fuccboi
Audible: Alright
Audible: lets try ca2tale now I guess
: High Priest Laharl [Audible] is now High Priest Laharl [].
Muffrisk: I mean again if you don't wanna do iit we're not holding you at flippin' conflict
Muffrisk: gunpoint
Muffrisk: ...sorry freudian slip the thing I'm watching said the world 'conflict'
Fanta: Tarnationing conflict
: The bar TV flips on.
Muffrisk: ur not fopdoodle
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-She looks over.-[/color]
: You're on the bridge where you 'fought' Miyu.
Fopdoodle: -snap crackle pop-
Muffrisk: (okay ooc is parenthesis now)
Muffrisk: "Well. I...will continue
Charaster: "That you will, my dear."
Fanta: ((Hhhhhhhhhnggggggggg
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*yawn*[/color]
Muffrisk: on she goes
Fanta: ((Ok, I think I figured out why wambu's tolerable
Fanta: ((Lookat that azumarill it's cute af
: You enter Waterfall's entrance.
: It's a small room.
CryingEevee OOC: ((wait, fought miyu? isn't miyu the alphys))
: An echo flower, a monster next to the echo flowers.
Fanta: ((Content's slightly above average, and his voice is sexy
: And Hoopa, behind a booth presumably.
Charaster: ((miyu traded her role with shoe
Muffrisk: (miyu and shoe swapped)
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Shoephys [].
Barkid: isn't mk in this room? I forget
CryingEevee OOC: ((and no-one told the one with the txt doc of the roles))
: ((/r/UT just tried so hard
Muffrisk: (Shoe showed up and said "I'm Alphys now fuck you")
: ((To get Miyu shipped
Muffrisk: (And Miyu was like "Ugh fine")
Charaster: ((i think mk is in this room, they gush about undyne
CryingEevee OOC: ((doc is updated))
Barkid: whatever she can show up after hoopa's shit
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Muffrisk the Succufrisk's connection timed out.
: ((Ce link that shit I forgot what I had
: Muffrisk the Succufrisk [Muffrisk] joined chat.
Muffrisk: (fanttaton, horse tems and shoephys i think)
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's actually only a text doc i have saved so))
CryingEevee OOC: ((one sec))
CryingEevee OOC: ((mezzaluna is gaster, if that's you))
Muffrisk: (oh right gaster mezza')
CryingEevee OOC: ((fantaton))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and the tems are drakon, it says))
: I'm Harambe, and this is my zoo enclosure. I work here with my zoo keeper and my friend, cecil the lion. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know WHO is gonna come over that fence.
: ((Tems are horse
: ((Right
Charaster: ((.. you think frisky's coming back?
: ((So I have that door
CryingEevee OOC: ((changing temmie to horses))
: ((You all should play ar nosurge
Barkid: "Hi again, spider lady!"
Muffrisk: "...How did you-"
Barkid: "Did you know that waterfall is being guarded by Prismaton? I hear he's looking for somebody."
Barkid: "I'd be careful. He's reeeally strong."
Barkid: "I'd hate for you to be caught in the crossfire, or anything."
Charaster: "I wonder if he's hot too."
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
Barkid: "Not really."
Prismadyne: is.
CryingEevee OOC: ((someone restored the bibble))
Muffrisk: "...Uh, what?"
Charaster: "... Can she hear me?"
: ((It's got yuri, tulpas, lolis, a fun battle system, yuri, a good soundtrack, implied sex, explicit sex, jrpg bullshit, yuri, and a plot that doesn't suck too much
Barkid: "Anyway, see you up ahead! I have the feeling that you're gonna be needing me."
Muffrisk: she blinks, before just...sloooowly walking away
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
Charaster: "That was weird."
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] disconnected.
Hoopa: ((I'm back
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Muffrisk: "I can see why the shopkeeper seemed so weirded out by her."
Muffrisk: welll i guess she's not leaving yet
Muffrisk: she can do hoopa's thing now
: Shoephys [] disconnected.
Barkid: "I think you should talk to Hoopa." she said, before Muffet could leave
Muffrisk: "...Ooookay."
CryingEevee OOC: (([url=]here, a google doc that's editable if anything changes[/url]))
Smash: [color=#fffffe]...huh...[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Interesting show, huh?"[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They slowly rise up from below the stand.[/color]
Muffrisk: "..."
Muffrisk: will not question how she knew he was there. Not at all.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"What, have you ever seen someone with two jobs before?" They rest their "arm" on the stand. "Fortunately, with two jobs comes twice as many breaks."[/color]
Muffrisk: "Hello, Hoopa."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"I'm going to Grillby's, wanna come?"[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Yes] [No][/color]
Charaster: "Do it."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I'm not questioning it[/color]
Charaster: "Maybe we can get stuff for free if you show off..."
: Shoephys [] joined chat.
: Sorry
: Fucking hate people
: Gtg
: Won't be back tonight
: Shoephys [] disconnected.
Prismadyne: ((bye slarv
Charaster: ((bye slarv
Hoopa: ((bye slarv
Muffrisk: ((bye slarv
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]MUFFET ANSWER YOU SPODER SHITLORD[/color]
Muffrisk: "Uh. Alright."
Muffrisk: Wait, wasn't grillbys changed
Charaster: ((oh sweet fellby will wear the schoolgirl uniform without complaint
: No, actually.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Cool." They step out of the stand. "Don't worry, we don't have to walk."[/color]
: We didn't assign a Grillby.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"I have a shortcut."[/color]
Muffrisk: I thought we had somebody else. Huh.
: If you want
: I can supply it for zaniness.
Muffrisk: "Uh, okay? It's like, right there anyway, but whatever"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Nah[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Grillby is universal[/color]
Muffrisk: Nah
: Alright, i'll shove editor back into his little rp universe.
Muffrisk: It's cau. It kinda makes sense to leave him as grillby
Muffrisk: Aww poor editor
Charaster: ((so now i have fellby in a schoolgirl uniform singing a song about jager's dick
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"You kidding me? Takes like a half-hour for someone like me." Presumably, Muffet is following him. Blink.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]You're now in Grillby's.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Fast shortcut, huh?"[/color]
Charaster: "Whoa."
Muffrisk: (I thought Jager was in the schoolgirl uniform)
Charaster: ((i don't have a jager mii
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Sorry I can't change tabs when playing Ultimate Chicken Horse [color=red]]][/color]
Muffrisk: she wobbles, holding onto the wall.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"You get used to it."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]A few people in the bar state 'Hi, Hoopa" and whatnot.[/color]
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
Muffrisk: she waves at the people, regaining her footing
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]He sits down. "Here, sit next to me."[/color]
Muffrisk: she does, adjusting her owl mask
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Whoopee cushion.[/color]
Charaster: "... Ooooh."'
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]".. Whoops."[/color]
: [I]:
Muffrisk: slowwww head turn to hoopa
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Don't worry about it."[/color]
Muffrisk: "Why."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Weirdos put whoopee cushions down on the seats all the time."[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Blake: <"I, I hate to tell you this, but I think we're just flavor. She'll probably just replace us with a better non-mask item. ">
Muffrisk: "I hate you."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Anyways."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Time to order."[/color]
Tiberius: <"Such is fate.">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"What do ya want?"[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Fries] [Burger][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Charaster: "Borger"
Muffrisk: <"You're better than my OTHER voice in my head, at least">
Muffrisk: fries
Muffrisk: put of SPITE
Blake: <"We're all destroying the fourth wall anyway.">
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Hey, that sounds pretty good, actually."[/color]
Charaster: chuckles to himself. Fries are phallic shaped. All according to keikaku.
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Grillbz, double order of some fries."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Grillby heads into the back.[/color]
Muffrisk: will make her fry eating as nonsensual as possible
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]No[/color]
Muffrisk: she'll shove like 5 in at a time
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]The fries aren't there yet[/color]
Muffrisk: I'm aware
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Soo."[/color]
: [I]:
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"What do you think of my, ahem, 'sister'."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][cool] [uncool] [satanic][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Muffrisk: satanic, but in a good way
Miyu: They call that 'Tsundere'
Blake: <"They spoke once before this">
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Coolio."[/color]
: [I]: <...Did you just ignore me. I know myself very well, y'know. I know more about I than I do!>
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Pretty weird way to describe it, but, eh."[/color]
Blake: <"Yes.">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Don't really give a shit."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Grillby comes back out with the fries.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Oh, hey, there's the food."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Want some ketchup?"[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][yes] [no][/color]
Muffrisk: no
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]FUCK YOU CHOOSE YES[/color]
Muffrisk: FINE GOD
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Good choice."[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Muffrisk: "I was about to say no, but I felt pressured."
: [I]:
Charaster: "Lick it off those fries, baby."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Bon appetite, mon amie."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]You pick up the ketchup[/color]
Muffrisk: <"I hope you don't get my tastes then I fucking hate ketchup">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]It gets dunked all over your fries[/color]
Muffrisk: "..."
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Muffrisk: "Not eating those, then!"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Whoops."[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Blake: <"I'd object, No that's accurate. ">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"You can have mine."[/color]
: [I]:
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Not too hungry anyways."[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Muffrisk: "thank you. C
Muffrisk: she takes those damn fries. And eats them sideways.
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Charaster: "Damn it."
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Blake: <"No ideas, Avanne.">
[L]: [color=red][/color]
: [I]: [I think you got the wrong guy here, but I know that I'm so crazy it's a compliment>
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Vous voulez une baguette?" Oh god.[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They snicker.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Never mind."[/color]
Muffrisk: She glares at him from behind the mask
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
: [I]:
Blake: <"Indeed.">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Anyway, cool, satanic, or neither, you do have to agree she doesn't really go all out with the puzzles."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Not saying she's not creative, of course."[/color]
Charaster: <"Would you eat me?">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"How would I know?"[/color]
Muffrisk: "It feels like she just took some random shit and put a gate in front of it and called it a puzzle."
: [Wait, would that would you eat me first or would you eat I first? Never mind it's the latter.>
Muffrisk: <"Good, he's probably into it.">
Charaster: <"Damn it.">
Miyu: She pops in Grillby's window. "Just for that, i'm making sure you have PLENTY of those puzzles in your way."
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]BRB making a command for I that replaces all me's with I's [color=red]]][/color]
Hoopa: ((Is Schywey a robot flower
Miyu: "Get real used to gates with random crap infront of them." She slowly slides out.
Schywey: -yes-
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They wave to Miyu.[/color]
Muffrisk: "..."
Muffrisk: "Fuck."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"By the way."[/color]
Miyu: She waves back, going home.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Wanted to ask you something."[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
: [I]:
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]A spotlight shines on both Muffet and Hoopa. Everything else freezes, goes dark.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"You ever heard of a talking robot flower?"[/color]
Charaster: <"You can eat me - whoa we're in the spotlight now.">
Muffrisk: "You mean the one that's been obviously and loudly tailing me the entire time? Yes."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][yes] [no][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Oh wow okay[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"So you know all 'bout it."[/color]
: [I]:
Charaster: <"I'd eat you.">
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Fuck[/color]
: [I]:
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]The dialogue from the game[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Doesn't match what Hoopa just said[/color]
Blake: <"Please tell me you have a full name. ">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Is it okay if he just said "talking flower"[/color]
Muffrisk: wing it
Muffrisk: just wing it you don't have to say what the game said
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]I KNOWWWWW[/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: ((Does Schywey whisper things to Miyu sometimes
: [I]:
[L]: [color=red]<...Wait, wrong person.>[/color]
Miyu: Most liiikely.
Miyu: Although she's not nearly as gullible.
Miyu: So who knows really.
Prismadyne: ((yes
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Well, there's something my 'sis' told me about lately."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"A talking flower shows up and whispers things to her."[/color]
Blake: <"I'm going to call you...Ibnoxious.">
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Dunno the details."[/color]
Muffrisk: "Wow."
: [I]:
Muffrisk: "He's tailing her too?"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"She has said that it's been telling her, mm, 'predictions' too."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Weird, right?"[/color]
Miyu: Feel free to call your neighborhood Miyu for shitty fortune telling sessions.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]"Shoe will be in a laboratory" "No shit" [color=red]]][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Keep your eyes peeled."[/color]
Muffrisk: "Wow."
Schywey: -Psychic meeting cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.-
Muffrisk: "He's not half so helpful to me."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"You'll never know if it's watching or not."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Anyway."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Thanks!"[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Light returns to the room.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Welp, that was a longer break than I expected."[/color]
Schywey: -Red can be seen from a window for a split second.-
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Oh, by the way."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"I'm broke."[/color]
Charaster: "... Oh, fuck you."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Can you foot the bill?"[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Only 10000 G."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][yes] [no][/color]
Muffrisk: "Fuck off."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Yeesh. I'm just kidding."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"Grillby, put it on my tab."[/color]
: [I]:
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They get up, walking over to the entrance.[/color]
: [I]:
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"By the way, I was gonna say something else, but I forgot."[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They leave.[/color]
Muffrisk: "Okay. Good for you."
Charaster: "... Well that was pointless."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Fuck you now you have to walk all the way back[/color]
Muffrisk: "I haven't really eaten a meal since I got here. Not that pointless."
Muffrisk: it's two screens
: [Head back to Waterfall] [Miyu] [Die]
Charaster: [... Die?]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Die][/color]
: While walking out of Grillby's, Muffet trips on a brick.
: And dies.
Charaster: "OH"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Dewt 2.0[/color]
Charaster: "WELL FUCK ME"
: [I]:
: *Keep going Gaster! You're our last hope!
: [Continue]
: [You go through the entire fucking Grillby's scene again]
: [Waterfall] [Miyu] [Die]
: [I] votes for death again.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Die][/color]
Muffrisk: Mme Fuck it. Miyu.
: Holy shit are we actually
: Sweet
: You stand in front of Miyu and Hoopa's house.
: (after dying)
: (again)
Muffrisk: she's curious about what the flower is telling her
: (on the same brick)
Hoopa: ((Hoopa plays the trumpet in the house, right
: Prismadyne [Prismadyne] is now Schywey [Schywey].
Muffrisk: is very uncomfortable. She doesn't know how she came back. Normally she has to regenerate in hell
: Yep
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Trombone*[/color]
: [Ring the Doorbell?]
: [I]:
Muffrisk: Ding dong
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Bing[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Bing[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Bing bing bong[/color]
Muffrisk: <"Fuck no". >
: You ring the bell, and the door swings open immediately.
Muffrisk: "..."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Muffet is slammed[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][GAME OVER][/color]
Miyu: "Holy shit you actu-I mean, oh hey, we were expecting you." She leans on the door frame.
Muffrisk: is a little surprised that the door isn't a gate
Charaster: "Ooooh boy."
Muffrisk: "Oh, you know I decided I'd visit before my death st the hands of 'prismaton'."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Can Hoopa trombone at literally any time rn[/color]
Charaster: "Desperation fuuuuck"
Miyu: "Eh, he's actually pretty chill. If you uh, weren't responsible for the death of something as big as the caretaker of the ruins."
Miyu: Yep
Muffrisk: "Yes, thank you, I fucked up, I noticed."
Miyu: "Anyways, come on in, we've got uh...TV, and spaghetti."
Charaster: ((miyu: welcome to my house
Muffrisk: she walks in, taking her mask off. "Bloody hard to see in those things..."
Charaster: ((miyu: we've got teveees
Charaster: ((miyu: and spagheeteees
Miyu: She nods, walking past and to the side of the room.
Miyu: "Talk to me when you want to go upstairs."
: Lemme pull up the list of things to inspect.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Hoopa's door creaks open quietly.[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]It's hard to notice.[/color]
Schywey: ((chime why the shit did i read that in hatchworths voice
: [TV] [Pet Rock] [Sock] [Couch] [Joke Book] [Kitchen]
Muffrisk: rock
: You walk up to a rock, it's got what looks like a cup of tea next to it.
: "That's Hoopa's pet rock."
: "I guess they like the thing or something, and to keep it up, i've been giving it cups of tea."
Muffrisk: Plot twist, it's a geodude
Schywey: ((dude
Muffrisk: sock
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They peek out with a trombone and plays the wild encounter theme.[/color]
: "HOOPA."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"OKAAAY!"[/color]
: It's a sock.
Muffrisk: "What a sock."
Muffrisk: bock
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They somehow play an instrumental version of a random Watsky song[/color]
Miyu: ["Dear Hoopa, please do something about this sock, why do you even own a sock? Do you even have feet?" - Miyu]
Miyu: "Much better."
Miyu: There's a giant string of notes attached to it.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They keep on doing this to supply background music.[/color]
Muffrisk: wonders how they made that huge string when she's pretty sure miyu's been alone in this house for like 30 minutes and has never been there before
Muffrisk: but moves on
Miyu: RPG logic, you can edit your house sims-style in 15 seconds.
Miyu: [TV] [Couch] [Joke Book] [Kitchen]
Charaster: ((i fully expect tomodachi fellby to be divorced by tomorrow
Muffrisk: bock
: [Pick]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Pick you shitlord.[/color]
Muffrisk: BOCK
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Then they suddenly start playing Darude Sandstorm.[/color]
Miyu: "Hoopa i'm going to find out where your shoulders are."
Miyu: "And i'm going to unsocket them."
: You read the spock.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They put the trombone away.[/color]
: Inside the joke book is a D&D guidebook.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"You'll never know where my shoulders are."[/color]
: Inside the guidebook is a pokemon handboock.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]"That's a secret."[/color]
: Inside the pokemon handbook is another guidebook.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]They walk backwards into their room[/color]
: Inside the guidebook is another pokemon handbook.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]And shuts the door[/color]
Charaster: ((wait is hoopa unbound?
Miyu: She just facepalms.
Muffrisk: She gazes into the abyss
Hoopa: ((no
Miyu: Doesn't hoopa-bound have floaty arms
Hoopa: ((it's Hoopa except somehow appearing to be on two legs
Hoopa: ((And wearing a jacket and shorts
: 84 more loops of books later
: You find an item.
Muffrisk: "Oh cool"
: [Aegislash +11 ATK]
: [*Wielded by a Red and Silver-haired gay.]
Charaster: "Whooooaaa."
: [*Might suck out your soul.]
Muffrisk: she feels apprehensive about wielding this
Schywey: ((also, called it
Muffrisk: (>homodachi)
★ Titania: Excuse.
Muffrisk: wait, she's a Demon. What does she need a soul for? *equip
: [TV] [Couch] [Kitchen]
Schywey: ((chimeras naruto running
Muffrisk: TVocj
: You go to the TV.
Charaster: ((all my miis went to bed
: It flips on to the FTT show.
Miyu: She goes beet-red as Careless Whisper plays as Fanta's sultry voice tells you she'll be back on air soon.
Muffrisk: "..."
Miyu: "..."
Muffrisk: "Mildly hot."
Charaster: "Oooh la la~"
Charaster: "I'd show her the wild side."
Muffrisk: co-okay not finishing that one
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Schywey: (finish it
: OH
: You root through the couch.
: And find 15 G.
: But it's useless in this RP
Muffrisk: "Why is there...?
Smash: (( yeaaaaaaaaaah
Miyu: "I guess we drop change."
Muffrisk: "Whatever."
Smash: (( I mean, it makes cents to me
: You enter the kitchen, and Miyu walks over to follow you.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] disconnected.
: [Stove] [Tall Sink] [Fridge]
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
: [Trash Can]
Muffrisk: tol sink
Charaster: "Welcome to my kitchen..."
: The sink opens, and inside is a veritable mountain of what looks like cats.
Miyu: "..." They've all got collars, names, and little purple sewed clothes.
Miyu: "I swear to god I can explain."
Charaster: "Huh. Pussy."
Miyu: Cue annoying box.
Annoying Box: -A loud beep sounds.-
Smash: [color=#fffffe]hey grillbz... gimme a monster...[/color]
Grillby: -He slides it over.-
Muffrisk: "Awwwww!"
Annoying Box: -He's scaring away the pussies.-
Miyu: All the cats run out, fleeing throughout the house
Miyu: "No! Whiskers! Quatro! Mister Knotsies!"
Muffrisk: looks offended at the box
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I meant someone who will appreciate me and maybe give me a comforting hug after talking about our feelings[/color]
Muffrisk: "how dare you"
Annoying Box: -BEEP-
Smash: [color=#fffffe]... ha ha, I'm just kidding[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*cracks it open and drinks up*[/color]
Miyu: She whips around, and grabs her Stave off the wall
Miyu: "You're about to become SCRAP."
Annoying Box: -He exits the sink, flipping Miyu and Muffrisk off before rocketing away.-
Charaster: "... Wow."
Miyu: She shakes her fist.
Smash: (( omg you named the cat 'na-zis'
Charaster: "He was kind of hot!"
Miyu: "Damnit now i'm gonna have to befriend all those cats again, oh well."
Annoying Box: -Damn right-
: [Stove] [Fridge] [Trash Can]]
Muffrisk: "What an ass hole."
Muffrisk: trash can
MV: "'Sup."
: You see balled up paper and math formulas.
Charaster: "... Close it."
: And MV
: "That's just MV."
: "They're here a lot."
Muffrisk: "Hi mv."
Smash: (( MV, aka, Danny Davito
Muffrisk: fridge
MV: "Hey. Yeah. Oh, by the way, don't go near the basement."
: You open the Fridge.
: Inside is dozens of plastic cases.
Muffrisk: "Oookay."
MV: "Chemistry is a cruel bitch."
Muffrisk: "What the hell?"
: All labelled 'Trail Mix' 'Tea' and 'Cucumber Sandwiches'
: And spaghetti.
Smash: (( chemistry is awesome
Miyu: "...I don't ask what diet you're on."
Schywey: ((i know
Charaster: "Someone isn't eating right."
Schywey: ((i just have to do things right
Schywey: ((and not burn 27 cheetos
Miyu: "Trail mix for the Hp, Tea for the SP, and cucumber sandwiches for the status."
Smash: (( I am, the one who chemz
Miyu: "You can have those noodles, they've been here forever."
Muffrisk: she takes the trash noodles
Chalor: "..."
Frism: feels like she's missing out
Chalor: "I feel like someone just called our joke."
Frism: she's not sure on what. But on something.
Muffrisk: stove
: You open the stove.
Smolapeño: (
: There's an empty cupcake tin.
: That's it.
Smash: (( take an invisibility cupcake
Charaster: "I bet you'd make some nice cupcakes, my sweet."
Charaster: ((oh no i'm allergic to cats
Schywey: ((oh no
Muffrisk: "I don't know what you mean by that and I don't want to. C
Muffrisk: Mme she slams the stove shut. "Alright. Up we go."
: [Go Upstairs]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Charaster: GET THE FUCK IN THE KITCHEN[/color]
Miyu: "So you're having fun rooting through our house?"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Charaster: MAKE ME DINNER[/color]
Muffrisk: "I mean, fun enough."
Charaster: ((charaster: "you can be dessert~"
Miyu: "Eh, wanna go upstairs?"
Miyu: "If you're still bored, that is."
Muffrisk: "Sure."
Smash: (( and do what people do when they 'hang out'
Hoopa: ((They fuck.
Miyu: Smooth as fuck.
Muffrisk: miyu is like 12
Miyu: She goes upstairs, entering a door labelled 'No boys allowed 'No girls allowed'
: 'Miyu and Shoe allowed'
Smash: (( so is my whiskey, I'LL ALLOW IT
Muffrisk: "Well where dies that leave me?"
: Shakespeare and whatever [Ken M] joined chat.
: "Just get in, it's just leftover from when Shoe was here."
Muffrisk: she goes in, then
Ken M: ((tfw you're trying to live a peaceful life but you accidentally find rick and morty incest porn))
Smash: (( how far in?
Smolapeño: (i got a letter from a traveler in homodachi, she apparently visited an island and met a mii named "Fell Sans")
Ken M: ((not far enough
Miyu: Her room is mostly empt.y
Miyu: She's got a cat-shaped bed, with a pink potion at the foot of it.
Miyu: And a soda next to that.
Smash: (( that can be fixed reaaaaal quick
Muffrisk: "Still redecorating?"
Charaster: "Hm, what's that potion."
Ken M: ((I wonder what will happen if I google dick and morty
Miyu: "Yeah."
Ken M: ((brb
Smash: (( Nooooooo, eh, whatever
: Shakespeare and whatever's connection timed out.
Miyu: She sits down on the bed. "Anyways."
Miyu: "Any questions? That's how these go, right?"
Miyu: "These hangouts?"
: Shakespeare and whatever [Ken M] joined chat.
Ken M: ((Googled it
Ken M: ((Nothing
Smash: (( now you just need to wear clothing
Ken M: ((Bing'd it
Ken M: ((somehow still nothing
Smash: (( Bang'd it?
Ken M: ((ayy
Ken M: ((lmao
Smash: (( ayyyyyyyyy
Miyu: it's clearly an exact copy of the love potion the party bought from Luz.
Smash: (( oh shit, we in fo' a ride, boiz
Muffrisk: she doesn't know what that is but Aight
Muffrisk: "Uh. Well."
: Muffrisk the Succufrisk [Muffrisk] disconnected.
Charaster: ((RIP
: Shakespeare and whatever [Ken M] is now Shakespeare and whatever [Mick Santhez].
Smash: (( Damn it, your name is being said by a guy with a mouthful if dry crackers
: Shakespeare and whatever [Mick Santhez] is now Certified Clown [Frank N Furter].
Frank N Furter: ((I already feel dirty
Smash: (( you mean filthy?
Frank N Furter: ((wrong frank
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Muffet should drink the potion[/color]
Frank N Furter: ((you hot dog
Smash: (( HA! GOT 'EM!
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]And Miyu is just like[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]'wtf'[/color]
Schywey: ((*insert sexual comment about frankfurters here*
Smash: (( It's a sausage fest joke
Frank N Furter: -this musical number occurs -
Schywey: ((its the wurst
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-She looks up.-[/color]
Smash: (( a joke only a total wiener could make
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hey, welcome back[/color]
: <=============To be continued=============
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Wait is it over for tonight[/color]
: Muffrisk the Succufrisk [Muffrisk] joined chat.
Avanne: -Y'know what, they never left. They sit on the couch, staring, unblinking. They're a huge, wooden doll.-
Frank N Furter: -including, of course, the stripping-
: Nvm
Frank N Furter: -well cloak removal at least-
Muffrisk: "Hoopa has mentioned a, ah...robot?"
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-She's torn. Does she watch the strippogram or the CAU2tale?-[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]<=== CONTINUING ===/|\|[/color]
Frank N Furter: -is gyrating fiercely-
Miyu: "Mhmm?" She reaches down for her coke.
Frank N Furter: ((drug abusing commie
Muffrisk: "What's up with that?"
Frank N Furter: -the song finishes-
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-She slooowly looks back to the tv. She's a married woman.-[/color]
Frank N Furter: mmmOf course, I don't actually have a- lab.
Miyu: And lifts up the wrong bottle, taking a chug of it.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]What's your deal, lady?[/color]
Miyu: "Wel-"
Smolapeño: (
Frank N Furter: -slides up to the bar-
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-There's a ringer on her finger.-[/color]
Frank N Furter: So put this on my- tab.
Miyu: "..." She slowly lifts the pink bottle up to her face.
Miyu: Stares at the heart on the label.
Miyu: And then looks at Muffet.
Charaster: "Oh ho hooooo~"
Muffrisk: "..."
Frank N Furter: I want a scotch- with some-
Muffrisk: "Oh Lord."
Frank N Furter: -silence-
Frank N Furter: -mutters "fuck"-
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]SOLVE THIS SHIT[/color]
Miyu: Is it just you or are her pupils hearts now.
Barchar: she's busting out laughing
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Hoopa: gay[/color]
Smash: (( she gon' Fuck you in the ASS!
Muffrisk: "Oh LORD."
Miyu: "Y'know, this room may be really barren, but it sure it romantic, isn't it?"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Isn't that pedophilia[/color]
: [Yes] [No] [Lets go to a dark alley instead]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Dark alley][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Dark alley][/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Dark alley][/color]
Frank N Furter: I want scotch. That.
Avanne: -For reference: -
Muffrisk: "Uhh"
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]GUYS VOTE FOR DARK ALLEY[/color]
Charaster: [DARK ALLEY]
Smash: [color=#fffffe](dark alley)[/color]
Muffrisk: Do not
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]3v1[/color]
Muffrisk: "I...uhm..." she's sweating
Frank N Furter: This audience is-
Muffrisk: "HOW old are you?"
: Chara!Gaster [Charaster] disconnected.
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Dark alley it is[/color]
Schywey: ((say no
: Chara!Gaster [Charaster] joined chat.
Frank N Furter: -throws back head-
: She leans forward, clasping her hands forward, wiaitng for Muffrisk's answer.
Frank N Furter: Terrible!
Frank N Furter: -storms out-
: "E-le-ven~"
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-She's muttering something under her breath.-[/color]
Muffrisk: "...Miyu. Dearie. I'm hundreds of years old."
Avanne: Well fuck you too.
Muffrisk: "Please, dont do this to either of us."
Miyu: [Yes] [No] [Dark Alley]
Smash: [color=#fffffe](dark alley)[/color]
Frank N Furter: -considers turning everyone here into nude statues-
Smash: ((
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]-Bitch try it-[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff][Dark alley][/color]
: It's Flame's choice.
Avanne: -Do you really want to strip a wooden mage?-
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Gotcha[/color]
Muffrisk: no
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Damn[/color]
Muffrisk: she's not leading miyu on
: Certified Clown [Frank N Furter] is now /b/ [Ken M].
Muffrisk: "Look. I don't think you're in your right mind. C
: "Yeah, I guess, not everything is super romantic, unless it's." Hhhhhh "You."
Muffrisk: "Also, you're not legal in any first world country."
Ken M: ((Any country actually
: She puts her head in her hands. "Whooo cares."
Muffrisk: "Call me in seven years and we'll figure it out. But not now. C
: [I care immensely] [I don't]
Ken M: -shambles in-
Charaster: "Nooot meee"
Muffrisk: is being as gentle as possible
: [I wanna know about the plot shit]
Muffrisk: I mean, she cares
Ken M: hello persons
Avanne: -They're entirely still, like the spoopy doll they are.-
Muffrisk: in both 'she kinda cares about miyu' and 'ew no not doing this with an 11 year old
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Hello."[/color]
Barchar: is too busy laughing to ruin anything
Ken M: ((Who's even Safari?
Ken M: ((close enough
: "Well."
Miyu: "You remind me of someone I know."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]This went from 0 to a hundred in a second[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057](([/color]
Ken M: ((the fuck
Miyu: "Except you're less my adopted older sister and more...not my adopted older sister." She lets out something that could be called a giggle if this wasn't the 21st century.
Miyu: "Iiii don't make seeeense."
: [Damn right, bitch] [HEY I KNOW ABOUT THIS COOL FLOWER] [Prismadyne]
Muffrisk: "what the Fuck is in this potion"
Ken M: ((This? ))
Muffrisk: "Look, let's get back on track. Hoopa said that the flower has been giving you predictions?"
Charaster: ((nah she's named after the girl from the ring
: "Yeaaaah?"
Miyu: You can feel the tildes in the air.
Miyu: "They're realllly cool too~"
Ken M: ((OC?
Miyu: "Like you. ;)"
Charaster: "Damn, there's more tildes here then in a weird smut rp."
Charaster: "I love it.~"
Muffrisk: "What has ha-have they been telling you?"
Ken M: smut should be made illegal
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]((yeah[/color]
Muffrisk: "Didyoujustsay'semicoloncloseparen'- whatever."
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]((kind of, she's a gengar gijinka[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]((mob boss[/color]
Miyu: "Stuff, like uh..."
Avanne: -They're waiting to be noticed, as they stay still. Unmoving.-
Muffrisk: Miyu: "How were totally destined to marry about make like five babies in seven years"
Ken M: outlawing it will cause better competition between our esteemed smut manufacturers
Miyu: "He didn't tell me how utterly amaa-zing you were..."
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Miyu: Hoopa's gonna fuck us all[/color]
Schywey: ...
Muffrisk: "Okay, I'm not asking what he DIDN'T say."
Miyu: "But he mentioned some cool kid named Gaster and stuff~"
Miyu: "but enough about that, lets get to you and me."
Charaster: "Oooh, he talked about me?"
Muffrisk: "Gaster?" she muttered under her breath
Charaster: "I'm flattered, really!"
Muffrisk: "DID he say anything about him being an awful creep? C
Ken M: -notices Avanne-
Schywey: -Probably!-
Muffrisk: "Who really should shut up?"
Miyu: She doesn't respond, just, sighs and stares at Muffrisk.
Charaster: mentally kicks Muffet. "Don't be rude."
Avanne: -They stare at the old fart. Unblinking.-
Muffrisk: "OW SHIT" she recoils
Ken M: -stands over by them-
Miyu: [How'd you spend your last birthday?] [Question the love of cats] [Where the fuck is shoe] [Humor the child by playing along]
Barchar: is still stifling her laughs, watching Avanne
Ken M: nor blinking is bad for your health, you know
Ken M: *not
Muffrisk: ", where the Fuck is shoe?"
Avanne: -They don't even look alive. They're a doll.-
Muffrisk: she's not stringing her along.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]blinking too is worse for your health[/color]
Miyu: "Oooh, him?"
Ken M: -examines the doll-
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*much[/color]
Miyu: "He's in my old lab...probably having tons of fun with Runner and the other guy~"
Barchar: "100% of dead humans blinked."
Avanne: -A 7' tall doll, but a wooden doll nonetheless.-
Miyu: "I can take you there, y'know!~"
Muffrisk: "Who's 'the other guy'?"
Ken M: reminds me of my grandmother
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Yeah, think about it[/color]
Miyu: "We can go down the corridors of my true lab, and playing with Runner's dog, although I like cats more~" She's ignoring the question
Charaster: "Oh boy. We're not getting anywhere."
Avanne: -Without warning, they grab Ken M's wrist.- Lifeless?
Ken M: 's old toys
Ken M: it's so well made it even looks like it's moving
Muffrisk: She sighs
Miyu: Theres an abrupt record scratch
Miyu: the hearts dissapear from her eyes.
Miyu: And she drops the potion.
Miyu: "Holy shit I forgot to tell the overlord about you."
Avanne: Well, that's because I am.
Muffrisk: "Oh, good, are we not acting like I just pumped you full of 20ccs of ven-"
Ken M: how lifelike
Muffrisk: she goes pale
Muffrisk: "Uhm...please...don't?"
Miyu: "...Whatever, someone's already done it, i'm sure."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Ha, shit gonna hit the fan.[/color]
Charaster: "... Phew."
Miyu: She reaches behind her bed, grabbing something.
Miyu: "Hear, you should get going."
Miyu: And throws somehting to Muffet.
Miyu: "That should help."
Avanne: -They stand up, bowing.- Name's Avanne Bonnefique, nice to meet you.
Smash: (( it's a condom
: [Hologram Sword. +12 ATK.]
Ken M: -checks for puppet strings-
: [*With Love, from one of Miyu's expiriments.]
: [*Lots of love]
Avanne: -There are none.-
: [*Notice her senpai]
Muffrisk: awesome. Equipped.
Charaster: "Niiice!"
Muffrisk: "Oh, wow, thanks."
Ken M: french words are just an excuse for the boozwazee to sound fancy
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]That was gay pedophilia[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Just how I like it /s[/color]
Muffrisk: "This is pretty sweet. I mean, I probably won't use it too much. I'd rather NOT kill things anymore."
Muffrisk: That's the name of my new questionable band
Miyu: She's just, staring.
Miyu: The hearts are slowly reforming
Avanne: Bourgoise is a French word, you idiot.
Miyu: Run
Ken M: oh sorry pardon my French
Muffrisk: "Anyway, I'm going to go before you try to chain me down until I love you byyyee"
Miyu: "Y'know, it's pretty late."
Miyu: "And you can't stay out in that forest."
Charaster: "Oh man this is so hot"
Miyu: "Wanna take the couch?"
Charaster: "... DAMN IT"
Smash: (( She don't need you to love her, she just need you immobile
Muffrisk: "I can and have multiple times."
Avanne: Though, unfortunately, monsieur, I must be off. Au revoir. -They open a portal beneath them, falling through. It closes when the top of their hat passes its rim.-
Miyu: "Nuh-uh, you're a guest now."
Ken M: oh revower
Muffrisk: "And I don't want to wake up to find you poured that potion in my mouth."
Miyu: "And if there's one thing mom and dad taught me aside from russian, it's that you don't send guests off at 11:40 PM."
Schywey: ((i need to sleep for comic con
Ken M: ((wait you too
Miyu: "Take the couch, we'll wake you up when you can go."
Schywey: ((muffet: its 12:42
Schywey: ((yeah
Ken M: ((huh
Schywey: ((im going to nycc tomorrow, or well, today, friday. i'll be mettaton
Ken M: excuse me does anyone have a henway?
Runner: "What's a henway?"
Ken M: it's a breed of small dog
Runner: You bitch that's not how the joke goes
Muffrisk: She sighs
Muffrisk: "...Okay."
Schywey: ((gn guys
Smash: [color=#fffffe]there's no such thing as small dogs[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]I just realized[/color]
Ken M: ((gn
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]Hoopa should wake up Muffet with the motherfucking trombone[/color]
Muffrisk: "But if I'm dead, trapped, or madly in love when I wake up, I'll be pissed."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]only moderately sized pups[/color]
Miyu: She just smiles, rolling over in her bed.
Ken M: what about our friend the wolf
Muffrisk: "Five to seven years, call me back. Not now."
Muffrisk: she walks downstairs, crashing on the couch
: Smolapeño [Smolapeño] disconnected.
Muffrisk: Mme and trying to go to sleep with 8 voices chattering in her head
Smash: (( now listen... you can do this the hard way... our the easy way....miyu don't care which...
Ken M: (if I'm dead when I wake up
Ken M: *((
Smash: (( and by the looks of things, you be taken the hard way
: Muffrisk the Succufrisk [Muffrisk] is now Bar!Chara [Barchar].
: Chara!Gaster [Charaster] is now Sadako [Sadako].
Muffrisk: I mean she'd seriously be cool with it if miyu wasn't fucking eleven
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"So. Does that program usually come on?"[/color]
Muffrisk: hell that love potion is just doing her venom's job for her
Muffrisk: but
Ken M: did you know they're called tv programs cause they turn us into robots
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I dunno, but that was funny[/color]
Muffrisk: miyu may be fucking eleven. She is not.
Miyu: This was originally gonna have her cosplaying as the edgy older version of her from the Red Castle
Sadako: frowns. "That doesn't sound right, and I've heard my share of conspiracy theories."
Ken M: that's because you're a robot too
Barchar: This was the better path
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]It was[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I actually know I become a robot eventually, it's not because of tv.[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Honey, do I looks like a steel type to you?"[/color]
Ken M: no
Muffrisk: might now have qualms with killing miyu in geno
Ken M: you're a robot made of flesh and bloods
Miyu: Have you seen O!miyu
Muffrisk: might. She has time to make her hate her.
Barchar: I don't think so
Sadako: blinks. "That's an awfully advanced robot then."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]what is this guy smoking?[/color]
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*takes a puff of cigar*[/color]
Ken M: well it has to be so that it can fool itself into thinking it's not a robot
Barchar: Anyway gnight
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"I dunno, but I wanna see if I can peddle some."[/color]
: Miyu, Age 25, uses sord
Smash: [color=#fffffe]You and me both, that's some good shit[/color]
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Ken M: ((I try to make sure that half the things Ken says are actually technically true))
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]She looks like she has a fucking spike[/color]
Hoopa: [color=#ffffff]On the top of her head[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((3 spike miyu))
Ken M: did you know that robots only have three laws
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Mmmh, well, I don't follow any."[/color]
Ken M: they're going to have to haul you off to robot prison
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"What, would they get me on robot tax evasion?"[/color]
Ken M: no
Ken M: its a jail you go to for being a robot
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Good thing I'm not one, then."[/color]
Ken M: but you do have one thing in common with a robot
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Oh?" She idly toys with a cherry pit left in her glass.[/color]
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Ken M: being made of metal and powered by electric lightning pulses from your cpu
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Yeah, sure."[/color]
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
Ken M: what do you get when you cross a tuba with a wineglass
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"I don't know, what?"[/color]
Ken M: I was asking you, silly
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Well, then you're out of luck."[/color]
Ken M: luck is a promotive concept invented by the devil to seduce man away from god
Ken M: for the women he used his own exposes forearms
Ken M: *exposed
: /b/'s connection timed out.
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"Indeed."[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]sheesh, way to make luck look bad[/color]
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
: Sadako's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
: Yee haw
: Swood_'s connection timed out.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
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: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
: Yazan [Yazan] disconnected.
: Shoephys [] joined chat.
: Shoephys [] disconnected.
: /b/ [Ken M] joined chat.
: /b/'s connection timed out.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
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: "nah" [] joined chat.
: "nah" [] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((Thhat hurricane was lame af
: Socially-Inept Bread [] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
Hoopa: ((Two words about that hurricane as to why it's dangerous
Hoopa: ((Storm surge))
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
: Sadako [Sadako] joined chat.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Smash: (( psssssh,I ain't scared of fucking water and wind, that hurricane can blow me
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
: "nah" [] joined chat.
: (( 4/10 would not hurricane again
: "nah" [] disconnected.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: "nah" [] joined chat.
: "nah" [] disconnected.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Smash: (( exciting at first but ends in a complete let down
Sadako: ((huh?
Barchar: (referring to the hurricane)
Sadako: ((oh
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
: Shoephys [] joined chat.
: ((Im probably fucked on staying past 10 for a few days
: Shoephys [] disconnected.
Sadako: ((okay
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
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: "nah" [] disconnected.
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
: Yee haw
: Swood_'s connection timed out.
Barchar: (oh man it was a haw 'n' run)
Sadako: ((a quick draw, if you will
Barchar: (nice)
Sadako: ((tomodachi life update: fellby has not broken up with his wife but i'm keeping my eye on him
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
: Swood_ [] disconnected.
Barchar: (C'mon Fellby)
Barchar: (What has...uh...whoever your wife is done for you)
Barchar: (flock to your spider waifu)
Sadako: ((like
Sadako: ((the first day after they got married he got in a fight with her
Barchar: (like-semi ironically-a moth to a flame!)
Sadako: ((now the bad thing is muffet shows no sign of breaking up with jontron
Barchar: (Play them against each other)
Barchar: (...can you do that?)
Sadako: ((i don't think you can
Sadako: ((it's all up to rng
Barchar: (damn)
Sadako: ((fellby: "nobody in the world likes acorns as much as I do!"
Sadako: ((he's talking to muffet's son
Sadako: ((karl: "I've been hearing strange voices coming from muffet's apartment."
Sadako: ((fellby: "I think I know what you're talking about."
: Shoephys [] joined chat.
: ((Grandma's cooking tonight
: ((Makin spaghetti
: ((Gonna get the meat from the basement
: ((Because apparently i love spaghetti with basement meat
: ((And rice
Sadako: ((fellby: "Let's go to the beach! There's sand and water!"
: ((And brown sauce, naturally
: ((Greaaaaaat
Barchar: (Fellby: "Hint: [i]it's meeee[/i]")
: Swood_ [] joined chat.
: grand moms spaghetti
: Shoephys's connection timed out.
: knees weak, basement meat heavy
: Shoephys [] joined chat.
: yee haw
Barchar: She looks nee haw 'cause the brown sauce is ready
Barchar: But se
Barchar: okay i guess i'm not conitnuing
: I ship jontron x donald trump
Barchar: Jonald tron
: jon actually follows trump on twitter
: im not joking
Barchar: Probably because he finds him funny
Barchar: Either that, or he's looking for joke material. Because I can totally see him using the shit trump says as inspiration for something. *shrug*
: I'm personally voting for Cheeseburger Freedom Man
Barchar: Cheeseburger freedomman is the protagonist of half amendment. He was a scientist in black 'murica, until the racism cascade brought the immagraunts of mexenco into our dimension
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: Sadako [Sadako] joined chat.
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: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Sadako: ((hey yaz
Yazan: hey
Barchar: hi yazan
: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
Sadako: ((so gaster formed a band with no face and uboa
: ((Is this a joke or canon
Sadako: ((it's in tomodachi life
: "nah" [] joined chat.
: yee hi
Yazan: hey
: [color=#ff00ff]hi[/color]
: Sadako [Sadako] is now Fellby [Fellby].
Fellby: is currently feeding his son oatmeal.
Literally Satan: "Goatmeal?"
Literally Satan: "Good choice, goat is a balanced food for any demons."
Fellby: "No, just oats."
Literally Satan: He sighs. "I'm telling you fellby, demons need goat."
Literally Satan: "It's why people sacrifice goats to us, it's so nutritous for us it's insane."
Fellby: sighs, putting down the spoon. Florentin picks it up and starts to use the oatmeal as ammunition, flinging it at anyone in sight.
Literally Satan: It just burns to a crisp upon hitting him.
Fellby: -Same-
Florentin: -He's getting a kick out of that, though.-
Literally Satan: Fellby is made of fire and Satan is Literal Satan
Literally Satan: You might as well get some sticks, chocolate, marshmallows and crackers
Literally Satan: Cause you've got a double campfire already.
: Shoephys [] joined chat.
Florentin: "Goooat."
Literally Satan: "See? He wants some good, nutritious, goat."
Fellby: "No, he's got it in his head that he is part goat."
Florentin: "Baaa!"
Literally Satan: "...Oh."
Literally Satan: "...How tough do you think his teeth are?"
: Shoephys [] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Fellby: "His teeth are made of fire. Like mine."
Literally Satan: "Holy shit that's badass."
Literally Satan: "But anyways, that means I can hook you guys up."
Fellby: grins. "What do you mean?"
Literally Satan: "Well see, because demons don't usually have babies."
Literally Satan: "We've got an overly-large amount of baby food and crap that nobody actually has a use for, and most of it is hard as nails because we're from hell."
Fellby: "Oooooh."
Fanta: ((So mv replied to my onna and elo sprites on tumblr
Barchar: (okay)
Barchar: (Wait, under what account? I think I'm following both the schyroton and mage-vaati blogs and neither have replied to them that I)
Barchar: (I've seen*)
Fanta: ((Magevaati
Barchar: (Unless they did it before I followed which is possible)
Fanta: ((No, recently
Fellby: ((flame, you can comment on posts
Fanta: ((Did they post an image or something
Fanta: ((Cuz all i got in the email is the word 'she'
Barchar: (ooohhhh does that not show?)
Barchar: (okay then)
Barchar: (I'm not good at tumblr. At all.)
Fanta: ((For the onna
Fanta: ((Wait
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((How do read the comments on a post
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Barchar: (in the notes)
Fanta: ((Ok
Fanta: ((Mv just commented 'she' i thought there was context
Fanta: ((I don get it
Barchar: (Well)
Barchar: (Onna is a female correct)
Fanta: ((Yes
Barchar: (Q.E.D.)
Barchar: (AH LAHARL)
Fanta: ((Oh
Fanta: ((Oh yeah
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
: yee gaw
: yee haw*
: [color=#ff00ff]I posted that to zebraspace too and I think they're going to ban me for using "suck" like that[/color]
: that sucks
: [color=#ff00ff]ha[/color]
Barchar: wow
Barchar: What losers
Barchar: CAn't even enjoy a succ joke
: [color=#ff00ff]Well it's what I think will happen[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]I don't think anybody's noticed it yet[/color]
: what a bunch of succers
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: yee hi
Barchar: how can they have not noticed it
Fellby: ((oh i forgot i had a barchar mii
: you linked it, so we noticed it
: [color=#ff00ff]fair enough[/color]
: Unless you mant the people who post on zebraspace
: then you could link us to zebraspace
: [color=#ff00ff]gman_irl[/color]
Fellby: ((what should barchar say when she feels down
Barchar: Uh....
: gee, man
: 9 x 4 = 27
Barchar: "Omniscience sucks."\
Barchar: that's 9 x 3
: no 9 times 4 is 27
Barchar: 9 x 4 is 36
: 9 times 4 is 27
Fellby: ((i had to spell sucks as "sucs" but it fit
Barchar: (I thought you said 'succs' and i was like 'THAT'S EVEN WORSE NINTENDO')
Fellby: ((i needed to spell it that way so it would fit
Barchar: Swood what kind of meme is this
Barchar: that's just bad math
Barchar: (oh)
Fellby: (it'd be better to shorten "sucks" rather than "omniscience"
Barchar: (Yeah that's fair)
Barchar: (It was a toss-up between either that or "wulp" and that's
: ((Ofna
: ((Is trying so fucking hard
: ((To get miyu shipped with literally anyone
: ((Like, I can see them OOC smacking the fucking flirt button
: ((now i really wanna see whats going on
: yee haw
Barchar: (Unfortunately, you can't accurately make the mixed message ensemble in tomodachi life)
Barchar: (unless you can somehow stack a dress, leather jacket, and tiny lab coat)
Barchar: (buuut i doubt it)
Fellby: ((she's in the stylish pop star outfit right now
: (( remember that one meme
: (( miitomo
Barchar: memetomo
Barchar: (Well, it's kind of a leather jacket almost)
: Swood_ [] is now 9 x 4 = 27 [].
: 9 times 4 is 27
Barchar: (MEanwhile we're over here making her get infatuated with a succubus on a whim)
Barchar: (rip them)
Fellby: ((muffet wants to die her hair
: RIP hair
Barchar: (My brain didn't see those lasst two words and i was VERY confused)
: F
Barchar: (also just dye it a slightly lighter black or something)
Fellby: ((yeah i spelled dye wrong
Muffet: does not want to die. She's pretty happy with living.
Barchar: so, as the resident chime, how much should she still be feeling the effects of making the area?
Barchar: (oh man, what did ya do)
Fellby: ((muffet now has a mustache hanging right off her lips
Muffet: "I'm not muffet, I'"
Muffet: "The male."
Fellby: ((anyway if she hasn't been doing it continuously, and if it's been a couple days, she could like, take a shower and feel fine
Barchar: hasn't taken a shower but it's been like 4 days to she's probably aight
Barchar: Headache still being a headache though
Fellby: ((yeah
Barchar: come to think of it, has she EVER taken a shower? She can't recall having had one. And, considering, that's probably all she needs to say she hasn't. She should try it.
: Isn't BC like, animating a fucking corpse
: The bar must smell like rot by now
Fellby: -There's a shower in his house if she wants to use it-
Barchar: technically it's brain is still alive
Barchar: but yeah basically lol
Barchar: heart don't beat, lungs don't breathe unless she makes 'em, and ain't no consciousness kicking around without her
Miyu: [How do you hold a kid]
Miyu: [It won't stop crying and Jay is making me hold it]
Barchar: [In your arms?]
Fellby: [support the head]
Fellby: [make sure they can't wiggle out of your arms]
Miyu: [It just fucking bit me]
Fellby: [rude]
Barchar: [Give it back]
Miyu: [With it's disgusting gums]
Miyu: [Why would she trust me with a baby I fucking hate babies]
Barchar: [We've established that the people there aren't the most logical]
: [yee haw]
Drakon: [i was there for a few hours. it was hell]
Drakon: [metaphorically speaking]
Barchar: [I was there for a bit. I had no goddamn clue what was going on]
Literally Satan: [See uh, well.]
Literally Satan: [You know how there are different layers of afterlives?]
Drakon: [Everyone there was a like, way too powerful]
Fellby: [do i wanna know what place you're talking about?]
Barchar: [This other dimension. It's not worth it. ]
Literally Satan: [That place is kind of, uh, hell.]
Literally Satan: [For mary sues]
Barchar: [But none of them are dead]
Literally Satan: [We put this Ofna person there to balance out all the mary sue.]
Barchar: [I don't think most of them CAN die]
Drakon: [I feel bad for Ofna]
Literally Satan: [Yes, they are ALL dead. They just don't know it]
Barchar: [And I went there with a time line code. I don't think that's how hell works]
Drakon: [How do they balance out the mary sue]
Literally Satan: [I mean, you can come here with a timeline code]
Literally Satan: [It's S4T4N!]
Drakon: [I will save that[
: If you read really colsely in between the lines you can see that they are very subtly dissing zebraspace.
Barchar: [I can't tell if you're fucking with me or not]
: [color=#ff00ff]to everyone at zebraspace[/color]
: I'm so curious about what even happnes there.
: ((You know when you see a character
: ((And you fucking love their design
: ((And you love their character
: ((But you know if you tried to RP them it would go horribly
Fellby: ((yes
: ((2many times
: ((I wanna RP Lummy/Lamy
: ((But she's very specific in the instant that she basically needs to bring her little god squad with her
Barchar: (From what?)
: ((Fairy Tail
Barchar: (Oh)
: (( "tail" oh
: (('s_appearance.png/revision/latest?cb=20150704050940
: ((Tale
Barchar: (I should probably watch that more outside of just seeing a couple episodes because my mom was watching them while I was out there)
: ((Whatever I can never remember\
: ((I've been reading the mangas
Barchar: (Pretty sure it's tail)
Fellby: ((for some reason i thought you were talking about the lamia from monster musume, a series which i have a love/hate relationship with
Barchar: (I thought you fucking meant um jammer lammy)
Fellby: ((on the one hand: good worldbuilding!
: ((Lamy also pisses me off slightly
Barchar: (And that was fucking confusing)
: ((
: ((Because
Fellby: ((on the other hand: IT'S AN ECCHI
: ((She's cally Lummy in the manga
: ((And Lamy in the anime
Barchar: (Would you say that ecchi is icky)
: theres also mavis
: Tri [Tri] joined chat.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Hello[/color]
Fellby: ((hey tri
: yee hi
: brb dinner
: 9 x 4 = 27 [] disconnected.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Oh, it's slightly easier to change the topic than I thought[/color]
Fellby: is done feeding babby.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Hi Frisky[/color]
: Wait
: Judas' Shadow
: Changes your character
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Yee[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
: Guillotine
: What the fuck is this item
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Your head is now an orbital[/color]
: I do not like this
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]It's disorienting but it damages on contact so there's that[/color]
: Now i've got a ball of bandages too
: And halo of flies
: Holy shit am I gonna just become the orbital king
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Nice[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Inb4 all bosses end up being contact bosses[/color]
Barchar: Guillotine and ball of bandages will damage them at least
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]True[/color]
: Just had to play a risky game
: Of bullfighting Pin
: With my orbitals
: Guys
: Do I wanna play risky
: Cause Guillotine Doctor Fetus
: Sounds to me like playing real fucking risky
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]If the bombs go through your body it sounds fine, but if they stop against your body I would say no[/color]
Barchar: I...THINK they go through
: Bombs go through my body, just found out
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Cool[/color]
Barchar: I mean, I think they have a period where they don't collide after they're just shot
: WeLp
: That was a short run
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Rip[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] joined chat.
: 9 x 4 = 27 [] joined chat.
: yee hi
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Hi Memethematician[/color]
: 9 x 4 = 27 , It is an undenyiable fact.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Is the fact that undeniable is actually spelled undenyiable an undenyiable fact[/color]
: its math
: Proof:
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Amazing[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]i read that as 'undyneable'[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]It is an undyneable fact[/color]
Bardyne: NGAH
Fellby: ((brb dinner
: cya
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Siiva has yet to post the true finale rip he claimed he was going to post[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]i should play an undyne[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]but, most of the time I say i should do something I don't do it[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [Hoopa] disconnected.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Anything big happening today?[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]not this[/color]
: 9 x 4 = 27 [] is now 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [].
: ((So I just heard the single most amazing explanation
: ((For why gay is bad
: ((From a friend of mine
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]?[/color]
: ((Two opposites can fit into eachother perfectly
: ((But two sticks can only make a fire
: (( i just asked my friend to play tf2 with me
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Well[/color]
: (( he is an overwatch fan
: (( i triggered him so much
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Just in my opinion[/color]
: TIL gay people spontaniously combust.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]kek[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Just in my opinion, that's just an untrue comparison so[/color]
Barchar: They are flaming
: [color=#ff00ff]vinesauce memes[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Can I just say I hate people losing faith in music because pop exists[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]I hope you know stuff besides pop is being made[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]And rap[/color]
: yeah, like high quality video game rips.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Of course[/color]
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: ((Buy starter deck
: ((Chaos Card
: ((Go back
: ((Use the deck of cards I left behind in an item room
: ((Chaos card
: ((I now have two chaos cards to use
Barchar: Nice
Fellby: ((back
Barchar: (hi)
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Fellby: ((here's muffet yelling at her child
Fellby: ((and fellby with a little pussy:
Barchar: Why is he wearing a cheerleader uniform
Fellby: -Why isn't he wearing a cheerleader uniform?-
: ((How do you aim a chaos card
Barchar: With the direction you're walking
Fellby: decides to set his son on the floor to play with him.
Fellby: "Alright, baby."
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Fellby: "We're gonna play some pattycake."
Florentin: "No, that's boring." And he stands up and walks away.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Hi CE[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have a question. about horse to whores))
CryingEevee OOC: ((what about the word "horses"))
Fellby: "... Holy crap, you're walking!"
: yee hi
: ((whores
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]I suggest horse becomes whore[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]So horses is whores[/color]
Florentin: -He realizes this. "Yeah!"
: ((Nope
: ((Both are Whores
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]okay[/color]
Yazan: A moose once but my sister
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Also, how do I set a replacement for all characters[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i want to know how LS managed this))
Florentin: -He runs around his father, giggling.-
: ((Do you have to fucking research the hell out of a funny joke
Yazan: bit*
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i don't find it funny, personally, and changing a word in the multiverse is a big thing, so i wanna know))
CryingEevee OOC: ((that was too many commas))
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((and with that, i apparently made everyone not wanting to say anything))
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]rip[/color]
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((oh right
Fellby: ((i forgot mv's not gonna be here...
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]rip again[/color]
Fellby: ((but they're login glitched
: Fellby [Fellby] kicked Schywey [Schywey] from the chat.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
: [color=#ff00ff]5 gum[/color]
Fellby: ((hnnnn
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]5 grand gum[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((you could've just said gum, bloo))
Fellby: ((i wanna go out and get stuff to help make my cosplay but my car's in the shop
CryingEevee OOC: ((the 5 is already there))
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]55 grand gum?[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]55 gum[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((555 gum))
: [color=#ff00ff]hotline 555 gum[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]5 grand hotline 555 gum[/color]
: [color=#ff00ff]7 grand hotline[/color]
Barchar: (wait why aren't they?? )
CryingEevee OOC: ((57 grand hotline))
: [color=#ff00ff]57 grand hotline: wrong rip[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]MV was going somewhere I think[/color]
Fellby: ((nycc
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Yee[/color]
: haw
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's))
: [color=#ff00ff]grand-life 7[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]it's grand-life 7[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((yes))
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Hi Smash[/color]
: yee hi
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Welcome to everybody is OOC[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]I remain unknowing of I want to do[/color]
: Hotdad Grandami 7: Wrong Flinstones
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Except for eating, so I'll go do that[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Brb[/color]
: cya'
: (( [url=]bad meme[/url]
: High Priest Laharl [] is now High Priest Laharl [Mavis].
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Mavis: There's someone in the bar, quietly sitting at a table and enjoying a cup of some kind of sweet tea.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*takes a puff* hey there[/color]
Mavis: [url=]"Hello."[/url] She waves, sipping her drink and smiling.
Barchar: [That feels less amazing than speaking]
Drakon: [Lower your expectations]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hey grillbz, I'll take what they're having[/color]
Mavis: Smash recieves some ungodly as hell sweet tea.
Mavis: Like, theres so much fucking sugar in this tea.
: (( so there was this one light girl I had used as a character at /r/UT for a while
Mavis: It could kill a man
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Sadako [Sadako].
: Yazan [Yazan] is now Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline].
Mavis: This sugar is so sweet it could kill Laharl
Fellby: -He's at home.-
Mavis: This tea is so sweet it could inflict you with Type 2 Diabetes from a mile away.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*takes a sip* alright... somebody has a sweet tooth...[/color]
Jäger Leyline: has been busy making the new house
Mavis: This is sugar in a fucking cup.
Mavis: Liquid sugar.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]so... where's the tea?[/color]
Sadako: wanders into the bar, followed closely by a man in a grey suit with a gold tie. His hair is also grey, and he appears to have a gold piercing hanging from his lip.
Mavis: "...Well, I do like sweet things." She says offhandedly.
Jäger Leyline: enters Fellbys house
Mavis: "What do you mean?"
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]pretty sure this is just liquefied candy[/color]
Fellby: -He's watching Florentin run around. As soon as Jager enters, the boy runs to him.
Florentin: "BAAAAAAAA!"
: [color=#ff00ff]16 + 7 = 30[/color]
Jäger Leyline: Ba?
Barchar: she has been too. Why not. However, she is now in the house. "Hi, people."
Jäger Leyline: not even 1 and hes already running
Barchar: "Not even one week old."
Barchar: "Talking, too."
Barchar: She shrugs. "Demons."
Fellby: "Yup. Weird little guy.-
Mavis: "..." Her eyes sloooowly move away.
Mavis: "You have your tastes, I have mine."
Jäger Leyline: why is be bleating though?
Mavis: She's practically doing the <.<.
Jäger Leyline: picks up Florentine
Fellby: "... He. Uh. Thinks you're his dad too."
Florentin: -He gives Jager a hug.-
Jäger Leyline: hugs back
Jäger Leyline: well we know that cant be true
Florentin: "But why?"
Literally Satan: "Because Muffet and Fellby can fit eachother."
Literally Satan: "But two sticks can only make a fire."
Barchar: "Oh, Hi Satan."
Jäger Leyline: because Im more of the cool uncle. too
Drakon: [Is that a gay joke]
Literally Satan: He rubs his middle fingers together fast for emphasis.
Florentin: "Ooooh."
Literally Satan: [Yes]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hey, not saying it's a bad thing[/color]
Florentin: "So you're not my dad?"
Barchar: "I think you're more of a godfather."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I happen to like candy[/color]
Florentin: "Oooooh. Like the mafia?"
Mavis: "So do I!" She says, waving her arms around.
Jäger Leyline: seriously not even a week old and talking?
Fellby: -He begins to regret watching mafia movies in front of his son.-
Fellby: "He's a demon. They're apparently like this."
: (( florentin watches pulp fiction
: (( even though pulp fiction isn't really a mafia movie
Literally Satan: "Yep, put him with me for a week and he'll probably be an edgy teen."
Literally Satan: "They age fast, especially in hell."
Barchar: "Oh God, no."
Barchar: "Let's give that some freaking time."
Jäger Leyline: well you think he is gonna be an old man in a month?
Fellby: "They hit adulthood and don't age."
Barchar: "I don't think I've EVER seen an old Demon."
Fellby: "Otherwise Muffet would be ancient."
Jäger Leyline: not much time for parenthood
Miyu: []
Miyu: [ ]
Fellby: "Well, I mean. Ember's still around."
Jäger Leyline: what about Envy
Miyu: [Save me from this overbearing ship-loving sister]
Ember: -True enough, she's finishing off her dinner.-
Drakon: [I want to get there but I don't know how]
: Smolapeño [Smolapeño] joined chat.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
Fellby: "By the way we've got some chili coconut chicken left over if you want some."
Barchar: "What do you mean 'what about envy'?"
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Literally Satan: "Just remember, Grandpa Satan is available if you need a babysitter/don't feel like dealing with baby years."
Barchar: [Aren't you madly in love with luz]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Hi Smol[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Also, back[/color]
Fellby: "Envy is practically his twin. She's growing at the same rate."
Barchar: (hi smol)
Miyu: [That is completely different]
Smolapeño: (yo
Miyu: [For one, Luz isn't eight.]
Envy: she IS his twin. So.
Barchar: [How old is he?]
Miyu: [Fourteen]
Jäger Leyline: Just wondering
Jäger Leyline: puts Floren down
Barchar: [So it's the exact same age difference, but upwards instead of down]
: (( i keep thinking florentin's name is "florian"
Florentin: -He wanders out to the kitchen to bother Ember.-
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] disconnected.
Miyu: [The difference is neither of us are in elementary school]
Barchar: [She won't be either in a couple of years]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Super Mario Bros's speedrun record has been broken[/color]
Miyu: [I'll probably be fucking dead in a couple of years]
Jäger Leyline: the house is coming along fine
Fellby: "Oh, really? What's it gonna be like?"
Mavis: Mavis sips her tea.
Mavis: She's got kind of wierd eyes, they don't seem to actually have irises.
Mavis: Just, blob of green.
Jäger Leyline: nothing fancy
Barchar: "Livable."
Jäger Leyline: typical 4 bedroom house
Ed: [At this rate, your untimely death would be the least shocking thing to come out of this job.]
Barchar: "We're two people working alone, and I'm not really that strong."
Barchar: "So we can't exactly go overboard."
Fellby: "Mmh, well. Livable is what I'd want out of a house, so."
Fellby: "You can borrow our showers and beds as much as you want."
Miyu: [Which is why you should keep taking my cash in exchange for keeping me out of my untimely death]
Miyu: [Cause if I die you lose your paychecks]
Ed: [Or I get a new job. However I'll think about that when I'm not hiding from war hungry people]
Jäger Leyline: well I got Doveb helping
Shade: [...]
Ed: [OK correction war hungry people and terrorists]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Wait.[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]Is roguelike and roguelite[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]The same thing?[/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]No [color=red]]][/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]ah[/color]
Tri: [color=#c9dcfb]good[/color]
: 9 x 4 = 27 Swood_ [] joined chat.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]The main thing is the progression systems are different [As in Roguelites there are unlocks], and there are other small differences [color=red]]][/color]
: "nah" [] disconnected.
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]"I'd help out if I weren't busy with two other people."[/color]
Fellby: -That was supposed to be him, rip-
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Traditional rougelikes aren't really made, considering Isaac kind of blurred the line [color=red]]][/color]
: Sadako [Sadako] is now Fellby [Fellby].
Ed: [Y'know shade, don't think I haven't been listening to your single minded mumbles.]
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Shade: [...]
: Jäger Leyline's connection timed out.
Ed: [For the right sum, I can easily see us having the same goal very soon. Possibly not even that, let's say I was 'inspired']
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] joined chat.
Ed: [...In exchange for now, you point the gun that can't shoot a sitting target away from me at all times]
Jäger Leyline: its cool
Shade: Somewhere, he nods, although he's not saying shit in the phone chat.
Fellby: "Aww, but I miss out on seeing you sweat as you work."
Jäger Leyline: what? cant bring the kids along
Fellby: "You want me to bring babies to a construction site?"
Fellby: "Granted, they're demon babies, but still."
: Jäger Leyline's connection timed out.