Schyroton: Yyeah?
Muffet: "...Have you been around Ember much?"
Schyroton: Ssort of.
Schyroton: Whhy?
Muffet: "Because you might have the opportunity to be around more of our kids soon."
Fanta: ((Well, if bread feels like showing up again, I'm gonna do some plot that even laharl doesn't know about
Schyroton: ...Yyou're pregnant. Alriiight.
Scillia: ((OOOOO
Schyroton: Coool.
Fellby: "Well that was a rather underwhelming response."
Scillia: ((ANyways, I can do Project Yuna if it doesn't extend past 9:30
Schyroton: Ii'm happy fofor you two.
Fanta: ((It might
Schyroton: Whhat, did you ththink I'd starrrt screaming?
Muffet: "...I...kind of? I don't know. This is weird."
Fellby: "Well, no. But..."
Schyroton: Welll, regardless. Congraatulations.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"What do you enjoy doing?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Fellby: "Thank you."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Schyroton: Yyou're welcome.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Scillia: ((Might just pull a TO BE CONTINUED then
Fanta: ((Actually
Fanta: ((Your thing will be at the end of someone else's
Scillia: ((Alright
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Scillia: Clipboards
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Have none, sadly[/color]
Fanta: ((Image
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Fellby: ((
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Barchar: (
: ((Which CaU member would you want to fuck the most
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Idk[/color]
: Tri: ce
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Literally fuck me[/color]
Fanta: kidgue
: No
: CaU RPer
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ohhhh[/color]
Smolster: ("i'd rather fuck frisky" -mv)
Schyroton: (( [url=]those shoes were gold and blue, always seemed brand new, must've set you back a few[/url]
Schyroton: ((also, smol rps sometines, so smol
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Again though, idk[/color]
Jäger Leyline: ((ever just feel like going to Ikea to walk around and go to the cafe?
Schyroton: ((also yes the spg reference was my clip
: ((I'd fuck anyone 18+ so probs MV or Smol or both, dunno if Chime is over 18 tho
Barchar: (she looks it)
Schyroton: ((prety sure chime is 19
: ((Hey let's have a foursome
Schyroton: ((also, ive bodened with chime so she better be over 18
Fanta: ((Yaz you still in?
: ((Tfw only ERPed twicw
: ((Twice*
Scillia: tfw never erped
Schyroton: ((youre 17
Fanta: tfw erped many times
Jäger Leyline: ((Sorry I'm making an omelot, whats happening?
Fanta: ((Are you in rev
Jäger Leyline: ((sure
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Ok
: Laharl's that guy who is probably 16 - 17 but noone really knows
Fanta: ((So i might do your bit today
Fanta: ((If bread is here
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: ((breads been out a lot as of late
Fanta: ((By the way laharl kick chime
Fanta: ((Bread was on a few minutes ago
: Would you rather
: Fuck Frisky or Laharl's half cousin Roman
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Frisky[/color]
Schyroton: ((i'd rather fuck frisky
: Everyone would rather fuck me
Smolster: (i'd rather ride frisky
Smolster: (hehe
Fanta: ((Roman would take me bowling
: heeeeeeehe
Schyroton: ((you guys realize the original context is because dd is underage right
Schyroton: ((the context was dd or frisky
Schyroton: ((and i was certain frisky was 18+
Fanta: ((But dd'd call you a chump
Schyroton: ((dd is underage
Fanta: ((And speaking of
Fanta: ((PLS
: ((Frisky: why do you care
: ((MV: i dont
Schyroton: ((i dont care unless were actually fucking
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Let's see
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: How many people think I have a penis and how many people think I have a vagina
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I vote vagina[/color]
Fanta: dick
Fanta: you said so
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: (dick)
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: No I didnt
Fanta: that means it's true
: I never said shif
Schyroton: ((i vote donger
: Vagina: 1 Donger: 3
Fellby: ((Dongalong
: 4
Schyroton: ((also i gotta go do a thing quick
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Welp[/color]
: I don't have either /s
: asriel group [] joined chat.
: what
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Bloo[/color]
Barchar: (Frisky is a lab expirement)
Barchar: (they're smooth down there)
Barchar: (like a doll)
Scillia: She taps her foot in the bar.
: Really though
: I have a dongy wong
: Confirmed
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She looks to Scillia. "By the way, who are you? I'm Lily."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cri[/color]
Scillia: "Scillia, Scillia Dusa."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I've failed my people[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Nice to meet you."[/color]
Barchar: Tri is wrong [s]as always[/s]
Schyroton: ((back
Scillia: She adjusts her blindfold, nodding in Lily's general direction.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]BUT NO[/color]
Schyroton: ((also ok, cool
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Normally my opinions are wrong[/color]
: A vagina would be nice tho, even though Im agender
Schyroton: ((wanna trade?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait you have a vagina[/color]
: SURE /s
: ((back
: ((what is this
: Yeah
Schyroton: ((yes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well huh[/color]
: MV has a hole
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Meme[/color]
Schyroton: ((i have multiple holes
Barchar: (Everyone does)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I have many holes[/color]
Schyroton: ((brb
Lily: [color=#daffdb]A majority of them know as pores[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]known[/color]
: hole-y crap
: (( I'm going to play HL2
: (( The thing is
: (( Swood
: (( I need to show you something
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Did something happen to your face?"[/color]
: ((what
: How many of you have peeeenises
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"If you don't mind me asking?"[/color]
Fanta: ((unfortunately
: ((unfortunately
: This is the no regrets session
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Penis here[/color]
Barchar: (I mean you know I'm 100% dude, from birth to now)
Schyroton: ((ill trade with you slarv
: Slarv is a woman Blll
: ((am male
: Bloo*
: ((
Schyroton: ((id legit trade with you if i could
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bloo, is your name Bill[/color]
: (( my name is not Bill
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fucking dammit[/color]
Schyroton: ((BILL NYE THE SCIENCE methbusters
: what is it its not loading
: ((I wouldn't mind trading with MV
: (( I know slarv is a woman
Fanta: ((id fuckin trade
: Some feminists want woman to be renamed womyn
: k
Schyroton: ((its a win win for me and slarv
Smolster: (trade genitalia with mv; dicks out for mv)
: ((Dicks out for MV
Schyroton: ((she gets a feminine body, i get a body that can be androgynous
: ((Drown MV in dicks
: ((thats kind of a dick move
: (( I'm gonna go
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bye Bloo[/color]
: ((cya
Fanta: ((dammit now i feel bad
Schyroton: ((bye
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
: asriel group [] disconnected.
Schyroton: ((also you dont have to feel bad slar
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fellby: ((anyway what the fuck did i come back to
: ((discussion
Fanta: ((Genital trading
: ((weird genital talk
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Chime[/color]
: ((emphasis on wierd
Schyroton: ((if body switching were possible id totally switch with you, slarv
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I shall change the subject.[/color]
Fellby: ((dickscorse
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cookie.[/color]
Fellby: has finished his cigarette.
: How many cookies have you shoved in one vagina a/o ass
Lily: [color=#daffdb]None, and pls[/color]
Schyroton: ((ask slarv
Fellby: ((none bc that's how you get yeast infections you damn fool
: None, nobody around that is willing to do that with me
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'll do it with you /s[/color]
: jokes on them, more cookies for me to shove into my face
: Let's post vore /s
Muffet: she's laying back, sighing
Schyroton: ((never forget the cookie, bowl of soup, support token, and pocket dimension in the snatch
Muffet: "God...this is the worst..."
Fellby: "How are you feeling?"
Jäger Leyline: snaps back
Schyroton: Aare you okay?
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Muffet: she goes to get a tube of pringles. "Pregnant." she said, succinctly.
Jäger Leyline: wait how long are you along with it?
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fellby: "Tired, cranky, and hungry?"
Fellby: ((muffet can't fit her hand in a pringles can
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Brb pringles made me hungry[/color]
Fellby: ((so she's having a daughter so she can put her hand in the pringles can
: ((I thought that was gonna be a fisting joke
: ((then i remembered that one comedy show
Schyroton: ((im imagining her with six pringles cans stuck to her arms
: I've fisted many things before.
Jäger Leyline: ((does she go to chiptole too and can't hold the burrito because it falls apart becasue theres too much shitttT?
Muffet: "Basically, yes."
: Noone's gonna fuck Muffet now
Fellby: "Well, that's how it usually ends up."
Schyroton: ((all characters with more than two arms attempt to get pringles and fail, leaving them with pringles cans stuck to their hands
Fellby: fucked her last night.
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Fellby: -And will continue to fuck her if she's down.-
Schyroton: ((do pregnant prostitutes get maternity leave
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Back with Lays, good enough[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I was about to say 'are you fucking'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And then I realized the answer was going to be yes[/color]
: yes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]yes.[/color]
: yes haw
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: By the way
: wat
Fellby: "But... you have a husband willing to cater to your every need."
Fanta: ((HEY RBEAD
Jäger Leyline: or BC
: ((What))
: Fml I have an idea for another fucking Pokèmon arc
Jäger Leyline: just say the magic work and boom, shes your slave
Jäger Leyline: word*
: ok, sounds pretty swood
Fanta: ((Wanna do chapter 5
Barchar: "Or you can just ask me to do shit."
Fanta: ((You and loni's segment
Fellby: snorts. "I have a magic word too."
Barchar: "But that also works."
: ((Is it long
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: ((Because I'm tired))
Fanta: ((Eeeeeh
: ((Do I have to watch it
Fanta: ((3 rooms
: ((Will I miss lore.
Muffet: She smiles. "Don't temppt me. Genuinely. I don't know how well my impulse control is going to hold out, here."
Fanta: ((Of course there's plot
: ((I just had to basically brute force my way into my own phone's backup))
: ((F
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Rip
: ((FUCK*
: bees
: ((Apparently if you don't set a password for it, it takes the liberty to do it for you))
Fanta: ((That's dumb
: ((And then you're like "Wat do"))
Fanta: is petting ea
Fanta: ((So if yaz is here we'll start
: ((And apple says "Yu go fuck urself"))
Schyroton: Iif I can hehelp with anyyything, just aaask.
Jäger Leyline: ((I'm here
Endling Asriel: -Under the blanket.-
Endling Asriel: -Get it. Aren't I original and funny.-
Fellby: "Oh, that's really helpful, Schyro!"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What was the last ever thing to be considered an incident?[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Lets begin
: Blanket
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No, I mean the last one that ever happened before we stopped calling things incidents[/color]
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Loni Leyline: -is where she is needed to be
Muffet: she nods. "I honestly don't know how much help I'm going to need, but I greatly appreciate your offers."
Muffet: "I will, however, probably ask for a lot of food."
Schyroton: ((i mean i call a thing the fabric scissors incident
Schyroton: Ii just want to mmmake sure my frfriend gets the hhhelp she needs.
Schyroton: ((though its also clled the castration catastrophy
Schyroton: ((*catastrophe
Fellby: "Get ready to cook, Schyro."
: ((i am intruiged and confused
Schyroton: ((hold on
Schyroton: Iii know how.
Fanta: ((Ok then
Fanta: ((No breb
Fanta: ((I don't have the others done
Fellby: ((fellby: *takes schyro out to the middle of the desert in an RV * "We need to cook"
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Fanta: ((So rip
Barchar: (Breaking By)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Muffet: she sighs, having finished her pringles. "Why did I do this. Why didI eat an entire tube of pringles at once. Why is this my life."
Fellby: "Well, technically you shared."
Jäger Leyline: ((((So I lost my voice yesterday its really low and spooky, so I've been recording lines from horror movies
Schyroton: shrugs.
Muffet: "We both know I would;'vve done it without you."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Are you suggesting eating an entire tube of pringles is a bad thing[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I would do it right now if I had pringles[/color]
: ((Anyways
Fellby: ((the best course of action yaz
: ((Gotta get home
: ((Cya
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bye Frisky[/color]
Fellby: ((i tried doing that when i was sick, i was doing a really good vader eloha empression i though
: cya
Fellby: ((it was more of a marge simpson
Schyroton: ((cya
Schyroton: ((also i once ate an entire pack of oreos
Jäger Leyline: ((so have I
: who hasnt
Schyroton: ((in a single sitting
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Did anyone read the ship last night
Schyroton: ((no
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No, wuzzat[/color]
Fanta: ((Cocuz
Lily: [color=#daffdb]O[/color]
Fellby: ((i ate an entire box of tagalongs in one setting
Jäger Leyline: Muffet youre preggers
Fellby: ((*sitting
Jäger Leyline: you're gonna be hungry a lot
Fellby: "No, really?"
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Muffet: "Yes. I know. I've been through this song and dance before."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: but you've got one hell of a cook as a hubby
Fanta: ((
Muffet: "Indeed."
Schyroton: Iiif you need sosomething sweet, Iii can supply it.
: found pic of muffet
Lily: [color=#daffdb][i]all the two-dot ellipses[/i][/color]
Fellby: ((why does she have this glassy, jarred look
Fanta: ((Coco and Luz <3 rank
Lily: [color=#daffdb][i]it hurts[/i][/color]
Muffet: "I'll consider it."
: yee.. haw..
Muffet: "...Actually if you have, like, a cake somewhere, that'd be good."
Schyroton: gets up.
Schyroton: Iiis pre-paackaged okay?
: ((fellby was in a coma the whole time, and muffet was just a jar of pasta sauce
Muffet: "It'll do."
Schyroton: Choolaate or vanillla?
Jäger Leyline: Gonna share that cake right?
Ember: -She pokes her head in. "Oh. I figured you guys would be here."-
Jäger Leyline: oh hello Ember
Schyroton: Hhi Ember.
Schyroton: ((stuffet
Ember: "Hi." She goes to sit by her parents.
Fanta: she gets done with the smols
Muffet: "Oh, hello cheri." she says, smiling.
Muffet: "And, if you can find it, marble.'
Ember: "Hi mom."
Muffet: "And es, Jager, you can have some too."
Schyroton: Alriight, give me a cocoouple minutes.
Schyroton: leaves.
Jäger Leyline: the happy family
Fellby: hugs his daughter close.
Ember: -She doesn't know yet.-
Barchar: "Hey, Emb."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hey[/color]
Fanta: heads into the main room, taking colt with her
Ember: -She giggles. "Lots of you are saying hi to me."
Schyroton: returns, with a marble cake meant to serve 16. It has vanilla frosting on it.
Muffet: she has some. "Oh god this is good"
Schyroton: Oh, ggood.
Barchar: "Tends to happen when someone comes in here."
Jäger Leyline: its part of the ritual around here
Fellby: takes some too. "Oh, god, you're so right..."
Fanta: ((How's my ship
Jäger Leyline: we say hi to when people enter the bar
Schyroton: also has a bit, but restrains himself.
Schyroton: Yyeah, it's ththe best brrand.
Schyroton: ((goo
Schyroton: ((*good
Ember: -She hesitates, then takes some as well.-
Jäger Leyline: takes a slice too
Jäger Leyline: stuffs it in his mouth
Jäger Leyline: mmhitsmmammmgood....
Schyroton: ...Ddon't die over iiiiit.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((muffet is up the duffet
Barchar: her reaction is rather subdued compared to the others. "Mmn."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Scillia: "...Sup."
Fellby: "Hey Muffet? How many arms do you think the baby's gonna have?"
Scillia: She waves to the goats.
Muffet: "Umm...dunno."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Muffet: "I've pretty well run the gamut. I mean, they've all been even numbers so far, but I've seen 2, 4 and 6."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fellby: "Maybe we'll break even."
Muffet: "I'd say it seems likely, but honestly I don't know."
Muffet: "as far as I know, we've got a good chance of all three."
Fellby: "I'm just trying to plan ahead so we can find clothes with the appropriate amount of arms."
Muffet: "Oh. a concern."
Schyroton: ...Metttaton can sesew.
Muffet: "That is also a point."
Fanta: lies on the couch
Barchar: she tosses her plate. "I'mma let you two eat the rest. No real statement on the others."
Fellby: "We're gonna have a fashionable little kid then, huh?"
Schyroton: Quessstion. What about eeeyes, and if ththey need glasses?
Literally Satan: "...Waaait."
Literally Satan: "One second, gotta run some calculations."
Literally Satan: He conjures up a calculator and a pencil, putting the pencil behind his ear.
Fellby: "Well. If they get my eyesight..."
Literally Satan: "According these calcs, Muffet is literally the first demon to actually have a kid in a...fucking long time."
Muffet: she shrugs. "I honestly don't know. We'll figure it out."
Literally Satan: "Huh."
Muffet: "Wait, seriously?"
Literally Satan: "I mean, you're bothering with the pregnancy."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Muffet: "I...haven't...had to?"
Literally Satan: "Most demons can literally just rip off their toe and do what I do."
Literally Satan: "Did you not know?"
Muffet: "Oh. Uhm...I've had three kids before like this becuase I didn't know I had another option."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fellby: "Well, it's not like we did it on purpose anyway."
Fanta: nvm
Fanta: he forfeited
Muffet: also, she gets more cake.
Fellby: takes another slice as well.
Fanta: ((Is muffet gonna bite fellby's head off
Literally Satan: He facepalms.
Literally Satan: "It's too late now."
Literally Satan: "So you're in with the kid for a long hual."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Ember: "Wait, what's all this about a baby?"
: asriel group [] joined chat.
: ((Okay so
Muffet: "...Oh. Uhm. I'm pregnant. You're going to have a sibling."
: (( I realized I have no artistical talent whatsoever
Ember: "Oh! Okay."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: (( And I made this
Barchar: (i like how Ember's getting confused about the baby thing but brushing off her getting called a demon)
Fanta: ((Scolipede op pls nerf
Fellby: ((i mean, she's probably figured out the demon thing on her own
Fellby: ((when your mom gets wings and a tail out of nowhere
Fanta: ((I got my baton pass scoli
: (( this is what I made
Fanta: ((And my mega garchomp
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: (that's probably fair)
Muffet: "In like. A week."
Ember: "That soon?"
: (( I need ideas on what to make "aesthetics" of
Lily: [color=#daffdb]A triangle[/color]
Muffet: "Yes."
: I'll dedicate it to you Tri
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yay, ty[/color]
Muffet: "My pregnancies have been rather...speedy, in the past."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: It took me like
Ember: "I... huh. I know that they usually last longer..."
: Five minutes to make that
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Muffet: "Yes. Quite a bit so."
Barchar: (did you make the fuck you bio pic yet bloo)
: Lily's connection timed out.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: Lily [Lily] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So TIL there's a power button on my keyboard[/color]
: (( I need to figure out how to make it
: (( I'm going to think about it while I fucking go outside
: asriel group [] disconnected.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: snaps back
Fellby: could really go for some garlic bread right now.
Jäger Leyline: miss much?
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fellby: "Not really. Just more cake."
Muffet: "And explaining to my daughter I was pregnant."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Ember: -She nods.-
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Muffet: "...Barchar, sweetie, is there even the slightest chance you have shrimp back there somewhere?"
Barchar: "..."
Jäger Leyline: yeah I know, I got ate a slice and it nearly caused me to pass out from its sweet taste
Barchar: "I'm gonna make you pay me to cook it."
Barchar: "And I'll probably give some of it to Grillby."
Muffet: "Acceptable."
Barchar: "Gimme a few minutes
Fellby: "That's fair."
Barchar: she gets up, heading into the kitchen
Jäger Leyline: so Ember
Ember: "Yeah?"
Jäger Leyline: how have things been for you? Up to anythnig?
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Ember: "I've been going to school, mostly."
Fellby: ((brb
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: How do you like it?
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Swood [] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: SickEevee524 [SickEevee OOC] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi SE[/color]
Schyroton: ((hi
Fanta: ((I still feel shitty, i'm gonna get my shower
Barchar: (hey ce)
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
SickEevee OOC: ((i've been sleeping so much today because i haven't felt like doing ANYTHING because of this freakin sickness))
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Aw, get well soon[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((thank))
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Np[/color]
Schyroton: ((get wellsoon
SickEevee OOC: ((what is this wellsoon i ned to get?))
Barchar: (Well, you Ned to get it)
Barchar: (so you go to Ned and he'll give you your wellsoon)
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
SickEevee OOC: ((ah))
SickEevee OOC: ((thank))
SickEevee OOC: ((anyway i definitely feel better than a few hours ago. i might even be able to keep water down!... either that or i'll really regret this later))
Fellby: ((i'm back
SickEevee OOC: ((wb))
Jäger Leyline: ((wb
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Swood [] joined chat.
: ((yee hi
Fellby: reaches over and pats his wife's belly again.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: So how do you like school ember?
Ember: "I like it! Beats learning from the wierd tutor in my old house."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: weird tutor?
SickEevee OOC: ((so because i slept alot i had a fair few fever dreams))
SickEevee OOC: ((one of which was like, an alternate story route to hotline miami 1))
Ember: -Can't get good teachers in an old castle.-
Barchar: oh, THAT old house
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Jäger Leyline: Whatcha do there?
Ember: "In school? Well, today the teacher brought in crayfish."
Jäger Leyline: is talking like one would to a kid
Jäger Leyline: oh? what'd ya think?
Ember: "I couldn't play with them because they were in the water..."
Barchar: speaking of which, have another sea creature. She walks out, with some shrimp on a plate. "Here ya go. I
Barchar: 'll make you pay me later."
Muffet: "You're a lovely woman, mignonne."
Fellby: "It's true. You're doing us such a big favor."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: High Priest Laharl [Scillia] is now High Priest Laharl [Scout].
Scout: He's back again, once again, Scoutyboy92 el captain.
Jäger Leyline: well they'd just pinch ya
Scout: Shiet went so har-nah
Scout: He's still bouncing that ball against the bar wall.
Barchar: "It's not a favor. You're paying me."
Ember: "Really?"
Fellby: "Still..."
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Schyroton: Oh. Hhey.
Muffet: "Theoretically...."
Barchar: "Okay, normally I'd react with just amuse dannoyance, but seriosuly I need cash."
Barchar: "Please don't."
Jäger Leyline: did you see their big pinchers -makes his hand into pinchers and starts pinching the air
Ember: -She nods. "Teacher let me see."-
Jäger Leyline: Yeah, they use 'em for fight
Jäger Leyline: fightin*
Ember: "But they're so little, what are they gonna fight?"
Jäger Leyline: usually anything they that bothers them
Muffet: "...Right. Fair enough."
Muffet: "Oh, I never gave you the dress I bought, did I? Hm. Next time it's convenient."
Barchar: "Aight." she just sits back down on the couch
Fellby: "Oh, right! We picked you up something nice..."
Jäger Leyline: they're no dangerous to people as big as us
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Jäger Leyline: but it'd still hurt
Ember: "Huh."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
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Barchar: "I mean, I saw the picture."
: 14 hours
: ok
Barchar: "I still think it'd be a bit of an odd thing to wear a leather jacket, dress, [i]and[/i] lab coat. But hey."
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Jäger Leyline: Anything else cool happen?
Ember: "Not really..."
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Muffet: she sighs. "...Shrimp are good."
Jäger Leyline: well its good you're liking school
Jäger Leyline: I'd like to get my son to go school
Barchar: "I mean, he's fairly smart anyway."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: "Not...socially, perhaps. But he's book smart."
: ok i gotta go to bed
Scout: Remember that lollipop I found
: gn
Barchar: Knight maymay
: Swood [] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: Yeah thats my concern
Jäger Leyline: already a colleges worth of knowledge yet he has no social skills
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Ember: "Mayb ehe can go to school with me."
Barchar: "Egh. I don't know if you'd wanna be in a class iwth Doven."
Barchar: "Though maybe it could work."
Fellby: leans on his wife.
Schyroton: has been spaced out, though ovcasionally a few notes come out as a hum.
Jäger Leyline: Hes 10 though
Jäger Leyline: and I doubt he'd want to
Ember: "But a lot of people are ten and go to my school!"
Jäger Leyline: mutters to BC, "imagine Doven in kinder
Barchar: "Yeah. No."
Barchar: "He doesn't need schooling. He just needs...I dunno. Friends. Really."
Jäger Leyline: Really though he'd be in elementary
Jäger Leyline: Maybe, Ember, he needs friends, but its hard to like him
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Ember: -She nods.-
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Fellby: ((wow guys check out this clothing brand:
Schyroton: ((does fellby shop there
Muffet: (yes)
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mini Boden x Roald Dahl[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Also, semi-back[/color]
Fellby: ((oh my
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Jäger Leyline: ((huh that site is accessable and usable in Korean
SickEevee OOC:
Muffet: she groans. "...How much do you want, Barchar?"
Jäger Leyline: ...but maybe its something we could look into
SickEevee OOC: ((that is the face of regret))
Barchar: "Uhh...ffffive hundred G? Can you do that?"
Muffet: "...THat's probably overpriced but I'll accept it. Its no huge hit."
Muffet: she gets up, with slight difficulty. "Back in a bit."
Jäger Leyline: how high do the grades go in the school Fellby?
Scout: ((Guys
Scout: ((The /r/UT az was wrong
Scout: ((Ofna is the /r/UT AD
Scout: ((I'm counting four waifus
Scout: ((And ofna is thirsty af
Barchar: (Okay)
Barchar: (but that's like)
Scout: ((No, I mean
Scout: ((Four waifus
Scout: ((At once
Barchar: (1/25 of how many waifus bread has)
Barchar: (at once?)
Scout: ((At once.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...At once[/color]
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wow[/color]
Fellby: "Gaston Schooling is k-12. For higher education your kids are going to have to go elsewhere
Scout: ((And she's had atleast six before this
Fellby: ((wowie.
Barchar: (okay so like 2/3rds)
Barchar: "...I could deal with living in Gaston."
Barchar: "Or at least having a house."
Fellby: "It really is a nice place, let me tell you."
Barchar: "I'd probably still effectively live here."
FFrisk: Forest schooling is basically
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
FFrisk: 'If you want, we'll send you off to the main area, but most of your education is just what you need to be a valuable member of the community'
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Jäger Leyline: I could honestly too
: [url=]Hessyst[/url]: ALthough Scillia's getting to the age where 'yknow what since you don't look like a horrible monster and could probly fit in society i'm gonna send you to a gaston school bitch'
Jäger Leyline: considering if TK-421 could go to shit at any moment
Jäger Leyline: go bad!
Barchar: "Yeeeah...."
Jäger Leyline: things could go bad......
Fellby: "I think that's enough to call you a refugee."
Barchar: "Jager. Let's be honest. She has Muffet and Fellby as parents. Do you really think she hasn't heard every swear word under the sun?
Barchar: "The damage has probably been done."
Scout: He misses his amazing aim abilities
Scout: And the ball starts to ping across the room.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But his aim is getting better[/color]
Ember: -She ducks.-
Jäger Leyline: he goes to catch it
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She snaps back to reality. "Hmm?"[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Scout: "Um, that was on purpose, yeah." Jager if he has any experience with catching a kinda-sluggish ball easily catches it.
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Scout: He's not exactly tossing fastballs indoors.
Jäger Leyline: tosses it back to Scout
Scout: "Thanks, pally."
Jäger Leyline: just don't hurt anyone
Barchar: "Or keep to hurting me."
Barchar: "Because I'll just get annoyed."
Scout: He contemplates going through the 'brother,I hurt people' line.
Schyroton: snaps back.
Scout: But nah. "Eh, alright. I'll save my awesomeness for the robots."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"What's going on?"[/color]
Scout: "My speedy, masculine, awesomeness." He flexes his nonexistant muscles.
Schyroton: ((my dad just gave me a free rose and pearl poster
Scout: I mean
Fellby: ((NEAT
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sweet[/color]
Schyroton: rolls all four eyes.
Barchar: (Nice)
Scout: He HAS muscles. They're just less of a bodybuilding thing and more of a runner/swimmer thing
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She chuckles.[/color]
Scout: Meaning they don't really show.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Barchar: "Yes."
Fellby: sighs and leans back, stretching a little.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No, obviously Scout has no muscles at all.[/color]
Schyroton: ((he works at a printing company so
Barchar: "Your speedy, girlish awesomeness."
Scout: "I've killed a live bear with nothing but a hot dog costume."
Muffet: she comes back, handing Barchar some G. And a box. "For you. I'd say 'guess what it is', but you know."
Jäger Leyline: would hit on Fellby, by his daughter is here
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Wow."[/color]
Schyroton: ...Hhow the shahit.
Barchar: (okay)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"That's amazing, I think."[/color]
Schyroton: *shshit
Barchar: (i don't feel like reading through the whole comic)
Barchar: (didn't soldier kill the bear)
Scout: ((Nope
Scout: ((Scout killed one bear
Scout: ((ANd they got chased off by six more
Barchar: "Well, technically you used a bone."
Scout: ((Well, to be precise
: asriel group [] joined chat.
Scout: ((Scout, Soldier, and Pyro all killed one bear each I think
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Schyroton: Ththat's actualllly impressive.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"But why?"[/color]
Scout: "Long story, had to get a fat russian pancake out of the snow, yadda yadda."
Scout: "And then I got tons of chicks."
Fanta: ((I don't know if i'm high on teen spirit or whatever but i was in the shower and had the most stupid and crazy fuckin idea ever
Scout: "I always get tons of chicks." He flexes again.
Steve the Bear: -roars outside-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"That's actually more confusing, but okay."[/color]
Fanta: ((Brb
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Fellby: ((*nirvana plays*
Scout: He points at the direction of the roar.
Scout: "I'll go fight that bear."
Scout: "Ten bucks."
: (( I'm wearing a nirvana shirt
Barchar: "DON'T YOU DARE"!
Schyroton: Nno.
Fellby: "PPlease don't."
Jäger Leyline: thats a momma bear
Muffet: she flinches a bit
Fellby: ((fellby turned into schyro there for a second
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Schyro is starting to rub off on Fellby[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]pls[/color]
: (( I've had this nirvana shirt for three months and haven't worn it until today
Schyroton: ((we all had the exact same thought
Barchar: "I swear to god if you lay a finger on Steve I will personally make your life a living hell."
Scout: "I killed santa clause with a roll of wrapping paper and one of his own christmas ornaments."
Scout: "I can handle a bear." He makes fake boxing motions.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Why don't you just use weapons?"[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Like, weapons built to be weapons?"[/color]
Scout: "I do, I've just uh...well..."
Schyroton: Nno, ththe bear isnn't going to hurrt anyone unlessss she's provovoked.
Ember: "He's trying to challenge himself!"
Scout: He gets in a lot of situations where he doesn't have his magic shotgun.
Scout: "Yeah! Yeah!"
Scout: "Challenge myself, y'here?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Suuure."[/color]
Scout: "Cause i'm too cool to be let loose."
Barchar: "I don't give a shit why you use weird weapons."
Schyroton: Ddon't hurt Steve.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Of course."[/color]
Barchar: "Don't touch her."
Scout: "I'll go through that teleporter."
Scout: "And bring a bear into this bar.'
Scout: "ANd then wrestle it to death."
Barchar: "That's fine."
Scout: "For ten bucks."
Ember: "Why?"
Barchar: "But that bear is off limits."
Drakon: "But why?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"As long as nobody else is hurt, I guess."[/color]
Schyroton: ...Iii highly doubt yoyou'd survive that,
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"But if you start to lose I'm jumping in."[/color]
Scout: "Cause I can, cause the school is just cool like that."
Muffet: "...I'm willing to let him try."
Nobody: "Excuse me?"
Drakon: Drakon runs into the bar. After running into a wall.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Barchar: "Hi, Drakon."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"And hello."[/color]
Drakon: "I heard the word 'bear' so I assumed things were happening."
Scout: "One sec, I know where to find a bear."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Not yet, but they will happen."[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((nobody's last name is "else" confirmed))
Fellby: ((scout brings in the gay definiton of bear
Barchar: (the ehavy)
Scout: Scout steps through the 2-way teleporter (which exists in MVM)
Scout: And some time passes.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"..."[/color]
Schyroton: ((scout brings in engie
Fellby: ((scout "this is my boyfriend"
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((scout: im going to wrestle my boyfriend to death
Jäger Leyline: if he gets mauled to death.....well I'm going to laugh
Barchar: is waiting for scout to fight and honestly probably kill this bear
Scout: And then he comes back in, with a hot dog costume.
Schyroton: ...
Scout: "Alright, so I got these guys."
Fanta: ((Alright boys
Scout: "We work with 'em now."
Barchar: "...This does not seem like a necessity."
Scout: "I got 'em to send over a guy."
Scout: "It's a full simulation."
Scout: And then
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Okay."[/color]
Schyroton: Nno, this is prrretty funny.
Fanta: ((I'm either fuckin stupid or a mad genius
Fanta: ((And nothing inbetween
Fellby: "The hot dog costume is an interesting touch."
Scout: [url=]This steps in[/url]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well let's see then.[/color]
: (( Let's hear it
Barchar: "...[sub]Oh god[/sub]"
Schyroton: ((youre both, slarv
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"That's."[/color]
Drakon: Drakon laughs.
Barchar: (Yeah you're probably both)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Not a bear."[/color]
Scout: Except uh, he's blue.
Fellby: bursts out laughing.
Schyroton: ...
SickEevee OOC: ((i was expecting the bear hat for heavy))
Drakon: "Hah. Very clever."
Schyroton: Hheh.
Fanta: ((So, you know what switching with a tulpa is right
Fellby: "Is that your man?"
Drakon: "[sub]Fuck you, Source crashes me[/sub]"
Schyroton: Good jojob.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes[/color]
Barchar: (yes)
SickEevee OOC: ((ye))
Schyroton: ((yes
Scout: "We already killed all the bears, so he's the closest thing I could find."
: (( yes
Scout: He steps up to the heavy.
Barchar: "All the bears?"
Fanta: ((Do you know what exchange is
Schyroton: Apparently nnnot,
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I could easily get a bear."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((nope))
Scout: "Alright, just a scrim, lets not kill eachother yet."
Barchar: "As in, like, on the planet?"
Scout: "YES."
Scout: They high five.
Barchar: (no)
: (( no
Scout: And the scout steps back.
Fanta: ((It's where you send your tulpa to someone else's head
Scout: "The damn aussies got all the bears."
Schyroton: ((oh dear
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...You can do that!?[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wow[/color]
Barchar: "Oooh, yeah, that makes sense."
Fanta: ((I have attempted it, but I had to cut it off, I need to try it again
Barchar: ( can do that?)
Fanta: ((I've heard it works
Barchar: (how??)
SickEevee OOC: ((i... don't think that works.))
Scout: The heavy raises his fists.
Barchar: (how the fuck)
Scout: And the scout raises his Bat Outta Hell
Schyroton: ((this is going to eather end wonderfully or terribly
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I mean, tulpas and stuff are strange, but I can see it working[/color]
Fanta: ((Metaphysical bullshit
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But exchanging[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]How the fuck[/color]
Scout: ((Send it to one of us lol
Fanta: ((I know people who've done it
Scout: ((We'll swap
Barchar: (Like, that doesn't really make any sense with how tulpas work, as far as I know)
Scout: ((You can have my homework
Fanta: ((And their tulpas have memories of their times
Barchar: (that's fucking [i]weird[/i] dude)
Fanta: ((I dunno how the hell it works
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That doesn't make sense with how ANYTHING works[/color]
Barchar: (I am skeptical)
Fanta: ((But people I know say it does, and I did come close the time I attemtped
SickEevee OOC: ((yeah, i don't think THAT'll work.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But I'll believe you[/color]
Scout: He readies his bat, and a bell rings.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Because yes[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She watches intently.[/color]
Scout: Heavy swings his clawed fist, scout ducks under it, crouching low.
Barchar: (I mean, I trust you slarv but tulpas aren't bloody magic)
Scout: ANd headbutts the fatman in the chest.
Fellby: draws his daughter and wife close, just in case.
Barchar: (that just doesn't make sense to me)
Jäger Leyline: gets popcorn
Muffet: she watches
Scout: Fatman uses this oppurtunity to grab skinnyman.
Fanta: ((Like I said
Muffet: "There better be enough for all of us."
Scout: And fucking piledrives Scout.
Fanta: ((I got no clue how it works
Drakon: "HAH"
Fellby: steals popcorn from Jager.
Scout: This should kill Scout, honestly. YEt he IMMEDIATELY gets up from this.
Jäger Leyline: doesn't mind
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"..."[/color]
Scout: ANd grabs the heavy around the neck with the bone bat.
Schyroton: ...Wwow.
Drakon: "Wow. Wow, wow, wow."
Muffet: she also does so
Scout: ANd starts screaming and choking this bear man out.
Muffet: hope you got lots of popcorn fuccboi
: [tem] [tEmMiE] joined chat.
SickEevee OOC: ((ohai tem))
Scout: The bear man starts screaming as well, trying to throw off this monkey man.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey Sean[/color]
Ember: "It's just like tv!"
Fanta: ((Anyway
tEmMiE: Lillith
Schyroton: brushes his hair back so all four eyes can see this clearly.
Schyroton: ((hi tem
Fanta: ((So, imagine
Fanta: ((If you switched
tEmMiE: ((it already feels fun))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Barchar: (...that...)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Are you suggesting planting YOURSELF[/color]
Schyroton: ((oh no
: (( "Half-Life 2 is overrated"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Into somebody's mind[/color]
Barchar: (This does not feel like it could possibly be a thing)
Fanta: ((This is literally just an idea
Jäger Leyline: are these two the kind of people that can die and just come back immediately?
Fanta: ((I wasn't gonna do it
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Because holy shit[/color]
: (( Would that work
SickEevee OOC: ((that sounds like a long shot))
Fanta: ((I can't even switch
: (( Without breaking yourself
Lily: [color=#daffdb]If that would fucking work[/color]
Fellby: "Maybe."
Fanta: ((But theoretically
Barchar: (This feels like even if it would KIND OF work it would probbly end up fucking you up)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]God damn[/color]
Barchar: "Probably."
Scout: The hot dog costume is ripped off somewhere during this
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That is what I consider magic[/color]
Fanta: ((If exchanges work, this could work
Scout: SO a naked scout is choking out the heavy by axphyxiating him with a hot dog costume.
Fellby: covers Schyro's eyes.
Schyroton: covers his own damn eyes
Drakon: "Why is this happening?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"..."[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((i mean maybe))
tEmMiE: ((what madness have I walked into?))
Muffet: "...We should have gotten a camera."
Scout: Eventually, the heavy passes out, and the scout spreads his arms, quickly donning the costume again.
Drakon: "I have a camera."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well, IC you walked into a bear fight.[/color]
Drakon: "I record everything I see."
SickEevee OOC: ((but i don't think exchanges would work.))
Fellby: covers his own daughter's eyes.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And OOC you walked into magic.[/color]
Scout: bear*
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She claps.[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Woooow. That was great."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Good job!"[/color]
tEmMiE: (( neat ))
Fellby: "Ember? I think it's time you head home."
Schyroton: Ththat would be ffar more entertainnning if you hahad undergarments.
Ember: "Okay, dad."
Scout: "Scout don't wear underwear, he's too fast for it."
: asriel group [] is now CaUnter-strike [].
Scout: "The uh...the morphagenetic field, yeah."
Scout: "It rips off the underwear cause i'm going so fast."
Schyroton: Pput some godddamn underwear on.
Fellby: ((now that you said undergarments i imagined scout wearing a frilly corset and panties underneath his costume
Fanta: ((If that'd work it's literally fuckin magic
Schyroton: ((YES
Muffet: "Drakon, send me the file of that thirty seconds please."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's honestly[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Literally magic.[/color]
Drakon: "On it."
Barchar: (...)
Jäger Leyline: tosses 10 bucks to the scout
Jäger Leyline: congracts
SickEevee OOC: ((i mean, what slarv is proposing here is body swapping. which is straight up magic))
Muffet: "You deserve the ten bucks."
Scout: He catches the bucks. "Look at me ma, i'm rich."
Jäger Leyline: Congrats*
Barchar: (anmd always works horribly)
Drakon: about five minutes later, Muffet recieves the video file. In perfect 4k.
Fanta: ((Like, I said, no clue if it would
Fanta: ((And I wouldn't try it
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I know, but still[/color]
tEmMiE: (( freaky friday sht is going on gotdam ))
Muffet: is selling the fuck outta this
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: (( It'd probably fuck you and the other tester up
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That's still amazing[/color]
Jäger Leyline: guess hes a mommas boy
Lily: [color=#daffdb]or dumb[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]depends[/color]
Scout: He does a sort of dance.
Fellby: "Indeed."
Scout: With swinging motions
SickEevee OOC: ((probably both))
Scout: AKA the carlton
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Well, I guess I believe you're strong now."[/color]
Ember: -She heads home.-
Barchar: "..."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Huh, I can't believe we've never done a CaU Tournament.[/color]
Barchar: [sub]"It's not unusual to be loved by anyone"[/sub]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]CaUrnament.[/color]
Barchar: (a tournament of what)
Scout: I have way too much fun with Scout
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Character v character[/color]
Barchar: (oh)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]In a tournament format[/color]
Scout: ((Thats unfair
: Somebody tell me not to send this message
Scout: ((Editor would win in the end
Barchar: (there'd be a few clear winners and everyone else would be kinda shitty)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But Editor isn't live[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((editor is live, but in hiding))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bloo, send that message[/color]
Scout: ((Lol he's living
Scout: ((He's just currently
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes, he's live[/color]
Scout: *((Sir-Not-Appreaing-In-This-RP
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But he's not here[/color]
Barchar: (Editor: "You know, I should crash that party just because I can")
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>currently[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb][i]editor might return o shit[/i][/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]./s[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Scout: ((If I ever do bring the Editor back
SickEevee OOC: (([s]the final fight is editor vs giygas[/s]))
Scout: ((it's gonna be under some random other name
Scout: ((like Christopher
Scout: ((And he's gonna be in total Witness Protection mode
tEmMiE: (( why must all the fun things become competative? ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb][s]competitive*[/s][/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: you heading out Fellby?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And it doesn't need to be of course, I was just thinking aloud[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I do that sometimes[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Maybe[/color]
Fellby: "Nah, I'm staying."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: Just Ember?
Scout: ((And then He would have to explain to his wife
tEmMiE: (( It could be fun... ))
Barchar: she takes the box, walking into some other room
Scout: ((WHy he ditched his tuxedo
SickEevee OOC: (([s]cautale the nutshack[/s]))
The Batter: -He wanders in.-
tEmMiE: (( I like to vape. I'm not a pro, tho ))
Jäger Leyline: well that means I can do this
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Scout: He leaves for a bit, coming back with his usual outfit.
Scout: And then look at the batter.
Jäger Leyline: grabs his thigh
Schyroton: ...
Lily: [color=#daffdb]The second I see the words The Batter[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((oh hey it's sans))
Schyroton: ((PURIFY
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'Oh no' ~ Knock the Ech[/color]
The Batter: "... No. I'm not dealing with this impure shit." He leaves.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"..."[/color]
Scout: "Wait no."
Barchar: oh
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Bye?"[/color]
Jäger Leyline: looks at Schyro, "Oh wait" He stops
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well nevermind[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((and there goes sans))
Scout: "Get back here! You're a freakin' baseball player!"
Schyroton: looks at Muffet immediately,
Schyroton: ...Whhat did you aand/or Felllby do?
Muffet: she looks at him. "What?"
Drakon: "..."
Schyroton: is obviously messing around, by his tone.
SickEevee OOC: ((welp, i haven't puked up this water yet. but i don't feel good still))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
: (( that is a very echworthy sentence
Muffet: "What have we done with whom?"
: (( Wait
: (( if Tri and CE are the same person then how is Tri not sick also
: (( ?????????????????
Schyroton: ...It was mmmeant to be a jjoke.
SickEevee OOC: ((tri is sick. he just isn't mentioning it))
Schyroton: Because. Dddemon shit.
Drakon: "...That was a funny joke."
Muffet: "Oh."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yeah, I'm sick[/color]
Fellby: "Ooooh!"
Muffet: "We did the normal thing people do."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But actually, I only get sick like once a year[/color]
: 'but actually'
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And I haven't been sick for about 7 months or so[/color]
Scout: "But yeah, like."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So I may be sick soon idk[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((i mean, i'm not rping so i actually have time to say i'm sick))
Scout: "I think we've established."
Schyroton: ((d'you think the batter can sense when ghosts are tyere
Scout: "That i'm the literal best."
Schyroton: ((*there
Schyroton: ...
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Eh."[/color]
Fellby: sighs and leans on Jager.
Barchar: Batter looks at Barchar
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"You're not bad. That's proven."[/color]
Barchar: and is just like 'BICTCH'
Schyroton: Yyou're about a sssseven.
SickEevee OOC: (([s]ironically, if the batter had pokemon he would have a ghost type team[/s]))
The Batter: (("This place is full of sin."
Scout: He raises up his fists, doing a boxing moment at Schyro.
Jäger Leyline: ((huh, I'm sick and so is bread
Scout: "i'll bring that to ten, wanna go?"
Jäger Leyline: ((its a conspiracy I tell you
Muffet: she looks really pissed for a second, before realizing he meant scout
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Oh boy."[/color]
Scout: "You and me, 1 on 1, mano e mano, compadre, capiche, buddy, pally."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"This is gonna be fun."[/color]
: [tem] [tEmMiE] is now [fallen_human] [Chara].
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She watches intently again.[/color]
Schyroton: ...Aare you SSSSURE you wawant to go hannd to hand with someone whho has four?
Barchar: she walks out, wearing the dress. "Scout, don't fight him. He's Schyroton, destroyer of worlds."
Scout: "..."
Scout: "Bat to hand."
Barchar: "This is for your protection."
Scout: "Baseball e mano.:
Fellby: "Ooooh, Barchar! You look great!"
Drakon: "I have six arms and nobody's saying anything. I want to see this."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Beisbol e mano[/color]
Schyroton: ...Nnice dress.
Muffet: she smiles musgly. "Told you."
Fanta: is asleep
: musgly
Barchar: what the fuck
: 10/10 would musgly again
Lily: [color=#daffdb]musgly[/color]
Chara: walks into the bar.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Drakon: "Hey there."
Barchar: smugly*
Fellby: could go for a nice mug brownie.
Barchar: isn't mugsly the name of dick dastardly's dog
Chara: Err...
Barchar: "...Nothing, Chara."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Fights?"[/color]
Fellby: "Stuff."
Drakon: "..."
Chara: Sorry I didn't mean to shout.
Barchar: "Other Chara."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Or, a single fight. A friendly fight."[/color]
Schyroton: stands up. "...Yyou're absollllutely cecertain that you wwant to fight a man whho's half a ton, mmmade of metal, annd has four hhands?"
Jäger Leyline: huh, never expected to see you in a dress Babe
Barchar: (tem why are your text colors all so dark)
Chara: nods to BarChara
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I'm Lily, nice to meet you."[/color]
thicc!frisk: they walk into the bar, waving to everyone
Schyroton: ((it's mutts,ey
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I don't think tem uses dark theme[/color]
Schyroton: ((*muttsley
Scout: "I've taken on some robots bigger than you, c'mon, one on one." He's hopping around like a little gremlin.
Chara: Likewise.
Barchar: (oh, right)
Muffet: "Muffet, expectation smasher."
Jäger Leyline: Yeah, scout shouldn't you be asking to fight someone else?
Chara: So... why is it people are fighting?
Barchar: "I'm the one who's wearing it."
Schyroton: ...Iit'd be cheatiing if I brought out ththe guns, you know whhhhhhat?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Huh, Lilligant is actually pretty small[/color]
Muffet: "But you're [i]not[/i] the one that bought it."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Not smol, but small[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]3'7[/color]
Schyroton: ((mildly smol
Chara: pulls a flask out of their pocket and takes a swig
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Just to have fun, for the most part."[/color]
Fanta: ((Meanwhile in another chat "Quantum entanglement requires that the twin particles or waves have been in the same place in the past though. It's a state of mutal information rather than FTL information passing."
thicc!frisk: "hello, everyone~"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Oh, I'm sorry, it's to prove he's the best." She rolls her eyes.[/color]
Fellby: rubs Muffet's belly again.
Schyroton: If yyou really want to, go ahhhhhhhhhead.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello.[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"[/color]
Barchar: her eye twitches
Barchar: "Ugh."
Barchar: "You."
Chara: (( shit gtg ))
thicc!frisk: "what?"
Schyroton: ignores thiccsk
Lily: [color=#daffdb]rip[/color]
Varik: ((fun fact. varik's body is still just rotting in the woods.))
: [fallen_human] [Chara] disconnected.
Schyroton: ((rio bye tem
Drakon: "Your fucking. The sound."
Barchar: she mimics the tilde noise. poorly.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]rio bye tem[/color]
Scout: He just strolls up.
Jäger Leyline: rubs Fellby's belly
Schyroton: ((*rip
thicc!frisk: "so you don't like me~?"
Scout: And holds out his arm to shake.
Fellby: "... What are you doing?"
Scout: "Lets go, pally."
Jäger Leyline: seeing if you like it
Barchar: looks at Jager and Fellby, silently
Scout: And then he dissapears cause I gtg
: High Priest Laharl [Scout] disconnected.
Fellby: "I mean."
Schyroton: nods, accepting the oh nvm
Muffet: "He's allowed to do it to me because I'm pregnant, gros morceau."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]oh[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]rip again[/color]
Schyroton: ...
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"........"[/color]
Fellby: "It's not too weird?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Er..."[/color]
thicc!frisk: just walks out of the bar, making tilde noises along the way
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"What happened?"[/color]
Schyroton: Well that wwas underwhhhhhhhelming.
Jäger Leyline: I know, just thought it'd be funny
Schyroton: But honestly, nnot a bad ththing.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Well, that was nice, I suppose."[/color]
Schyroton: Iiii'd feel bad if Iiiii endededed up doing serious dadadamage to him.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Don't worry, apparently he's the best."[/color]
Barchar: she sits on the couch, folding her hands in her lap
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Ant[/color]
: hi ant
Fellby: "Wonder when the baby's gonna start kicking."
Ant: ((hi))
Schyroton: Hhe's picking a fifight with a robot whhhhose body was made ffffor combat.
Jäger Leyline: Yeah even I'm not that stupid
Schyroton: Mmost of the fufunctions were remooved, but ststill.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I know. I was joking."[/color]
Jäger Leyline: leans on Fellby now
Schyroton: Thhere are features Ii've added ththat could actualllly kill people.
Schyroton: ...
Drakon: "...Congratulations."
Entra: *She walks in*
Drakon: he did not say that sarcastically
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Hellcat: and he crawls up onto Entra's shoulder
Schyroton: wonders if his old body is still around.
Fellby: ((entra enters the bar
Schyroton: Hhi.
: Amateur Semen Demon [Deadaton] joined chat.
Barchar: "I'd say something, but you probably wouldn't appreciate it."
Barchar: "Also hi Entra"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey B[/color]
Schyroton: ((ayyy, b
Gaster: -He melted the old body down for scrap.-
: (( shit it's B
Entra: "Hey"
Ant: (( ABC ))
Deadaton: ((Thought I'd stop by
Schyroton: There goes the flamethrower, oh well.
Fellby: ((hello b
SickEevee OOC: ((oh d00d it's B?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It is B[/color]
Deadaton: ((glad to see you're still going
Ant: (( Holy shit deja vu wtf ))
Jäger Leyline: Hey
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yep[/color]
Barchar: (holy shit, tem, b and ant all in a row)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]We should still be going for a while[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((so, i just found one last can of sprite. and hopefully it'll actually help and i won't just puke it up!))
: (( We get it you're sick
Barchar: (We're gonna be playing some actual CaH for our anniversary soon)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I don't think sprite helps your stomach[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
SickEevee OOC: ((the carbonation tends to help))
Deadaton: ((nov 11 right?
Ant: (( I didn't know. this is new information. Get better ))
Barchar: (We're makin oour own deck)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yep, nov 11[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Also, TIL, thanks CE[/color]
Ant: (( Oh btw I could've been killed by clowns today but I wasn't ))
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]oh[/color]
Fellby: ((i think there's a link in the description
Fellby: ((for the card doc
Deadaton: ((well I was going to show up and be like surprise anniversary bitch but alas))
Ant: (( actual fucking thing that happened. Clowns threatened my school ))
: (( "Link in the description"
: (( What are you, chime, some shitty lets play youtuber
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fellby: ((yes i'm brotharkery
: ((
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Also, hi Frisky[/color]
Jäger Leyline: anyone want some food?
Barchar: (Or wait it was brotharkery not jsut abrkery)
Fellby: "Sure."
: ((Also ohey people are coming))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Sounds good."[/color]
Muffet: "Yes."
: ((Who the fuck is number 54
Barchar: (ant)
Schyroton: ((yo
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sean[/color]
: Amateur Semen Demon [Deadaton] is now Tronald Dump [Alphailure].
Barchar: (wait no)
Fellby: ((that would be tem
Barchar: (tem)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ant is 51[/color]
: ((Oh, right
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I think[/color]
: ((Numbers get confusing
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yeah ant is 51[/color]
Barchar: (Ant, tem and B all in here at once. Damn)
Ant: (( wait what's going on are we playing cards again? ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Now we just need Erron[/color]
Ant: (( Also hey i've been around...sort of... ))
Alphailure: ((ok pointless self-insert time))
Barchar: (not right now, but soon)
Chara: (( would be nice ))
: ((There's 13 people here rn
Schyroton: ((errons been here
Lily: [color=#daffdb]We're playing cards on nov 11[/color]
Alphailure: ((going to take a while to remember how to do this shit))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Which is CaUnniversary[/color]
Barchar: (and probably for a while before and after)
Chara: (( i'll mark my calender ))
: ((I read that as "remember how to take a shit"
Alphailure: ((that too
Ant: (( Ah. Damn. We've almost made it a year. ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That is important Frisky[/color]
Chara: (( i wasn't here for the conception of CaU ))
: ((Well we're breathing
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I was here short after, I think?[/color]
: ((At thirteen people rn
SickEevee OOC: ((on november 11th (and probably the entireity of that week) we'll be celebrating the CaUniversary. and one way we're celebrating is playing cards again))
Fanta: ((Eyyyyyy B
Alphailure: ((oi slarv
: ((If we had Erron here
Ant: (( Good job team. I joined like a month later or something? I think I saw a comment on reddit? ))
Barchar: (the only way I'm aware of)
: ((That would be like
Jäger Leyline: gets up
: ((14 people
Barchar: (I joined...riiight before we moved from charat)
Jäger Leyline: to the kitchen?
Schyroton: ((i like how my anniv with my gf is three days after the cauniversary
Barchar: (and then came up riiiight before we moved to parp)
Ant: (( I was there for cards then quit for awhile. Came back when we were on charat and then we switched to this ))
SickEevee OOC: ((i joined sometime before charat. i believe my first game i played from the sub (i played one before that) had the password "snow poff"))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Just going to clarify, are we inviting Bio[/color]
: ((I came, like
Fanta: ((No
Fanta: ((Nope
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Okay cool[/color]
Fanta: ((Nah
Alphailure: -walks in. Not struts, or shambles, just walks. You see, in shaking my convention of overexplaining entrances and-
Fanta: ((Nono
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
: ((Right after the subreddit was created
Alphailure: -fuck-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]bees[/color]
: ((Still been here for a year
Fellby: "Hello, there, stranger."
Fanta: ((Pretty sure we have some bio bashing cards in there anyway
Schyroton: ...Hhellllllllo.
Lily: [color=#daffdb][sub]you're welcome CK[/sub][/color]
Barchar: "Hi."
Ant: (( Whenever y'all left the first comments on r/undertale was when I arrived I think ))
: ((Ah
: (( I submitted a black card
Alphailure: Hey. I was told this was like an eternal lukewarm party or something?
: ((Remember when we advertised
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I would honestly have no idea what I would be doing rn[/color]
: ((That was shit
Schyroton: ...Mmmaybe?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]If it weren't for CaU[/color]
Entra: *sits on the couch*
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yeah, nobody from the advertisement stayed[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
Alphailure: -seems a bit too confident for Alphys but whatever-
Jäger Leyline: heads to the back
Fellby: "I mean, I guess?"
: If you had no idea what you were doing
Schyroton: ((i advertised and only my gf stayed
: You just gotta do something
Schyroton: ((OH thats an alphys ok
Lily: [color=#daffdb]We should advertise again /s[/color]
: ((because your gf is dedicated
Alphailure: Lukewarm parties are my lifeblood.
Barchar: (I think I came from an ad?)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Uh, sorta?"[/color]
Barchar: (but idk)
Ant: (( I was here from the ad. The first wave of ads. Maybe one of the only ads in the first wave of ads. IDK. I stayed ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]There was only one ad[/color]
: ((I came from an advertisement of a game on /r/Undertale
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well, there were posts like 'hey join this game of CaH'[/color]
Fellby: crosses his legs.
Alphailure: ((intending to create something very me_irl here))
Schyroton: is kinda uneasy, but that's normal.
Barchar: (I think I just came because somebody mentioned it offhandedly in r/undertale)
Barchar: (And I wanted to see an undertale cah game)
: ((It was probs the 14th or 13th idk
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Same[/color]
Alphailure: Got drinks?
Barchar: (and then I saw it was mostly rp and was like)
: ((And I was like))
Alphailure: Of course you it's a fucking bar you stupid
Barchar: ("Okay. This is where I need to be.")
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I joined, saw it was roleplay, roleplayed, got into it, got better, and stayed[/color]
: (("I like CaH"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Yes."[/color]
Alphailure: Ok. Cool.
: ((Then I selected my name as Toriel for no reason
Ant: (( I think I was reading homestuck around the time I came because I remember being like "I want weird internet friends because of this" ))
: ((I didn't know it was RP
Schyroton: ((i mostly joined because im a slut for mettatons
: ((Then came the infamous line
Lily: [color=#daffdb]We dragged CE in, iirc[/color]
: (( The black card I added was "vinny is now streaming ___"
: (("Toriel slapped him in the balls as punishment"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]He was just here for the cards[/color]
Grillby: -He waves Alphys over.-
Alphailure: That was planned, you see, I like self deprecating humor, heh.
: (( I joined 8 months ago
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And then we got him into doing ToD[/color]
Chara: (( i came for the cards; stayed for the RP. still miss the games tho ))
Fanta: ((I came here from the sidebar
Jäger Leyline: starts cooking up a pizza
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Don't worry, the games will happen[/color]
Barchar: "Ooookay."
Fanta: ((You know
: (( I came here from the sidebar too, yeah
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Eventually[/color]
Alphailure: No, I don't drink.
Chara: (( I just lost ))
Fanta: ((The link that's in the sidebar of /r/ut
: ((I was embarrassed and I was like "AAA" and rejoined as a Frisk
Lily: [color=#daffdb]WAIT EVERYONE[/color]
: ((Boom bing boom
Ant: (( I remember there were cards about how I had a self-inserted a guitar because I got one for my b-day a few months earlier ))
Alphailure: -gives Grillby some money-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I just thought of something.[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((actually, i only played cards for a while because i had no idea how to rp varik. but eventually i was just like "eh, i'll rp"))
: ((Came for CaH
: ((Stayed for RP and CaH
Alphailure: Give some booze to an African child or something.
Barchar: (I was just like 'I bet nobody has played MK. I'll play MK.")
: ((Kept staying here for RP
Lily: [color=#daffdb]You all just lost the game again.[/color]
Schyroton: ((i came from a /r/undertale thing
Alphailure: ((no I
Schyroton: ((FUCK YOU
: ((Me too MV
Grillby: "But they're under age."
Fellby: ((no you
: What game
Lily: [color=#daffdb]no i[/color]
Fellby: ((Oh, you.
Schyroton: ((*unzips pants*
Barchar: "18 years old can still kind of be called something else."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Dicks out for Harambe /s[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Alphailure: And thirsty.
: ((I like to wear shorts
Lily: [color=#daffdb]They're comfy and easy to wear[/color]
: ((They're comfortable and easy to wear!
Grillby: "Then I'll get them soda."
: Fuck you Tri
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's comfy[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]You fuck[/color]
Jäger Leyline: exits the back with a large supreme pizza and places it on the table near the couch
: -Ding-
Fellby: "Ooooohhhh."
: Lily [Lily] edited the chat information.
Muffet: she starts drooling
Ant: (( I came for internet friends and stayed for internet friends and RP ))
Chara: (( who wears ahort shorts? ))
Muffet: it's tinted slightly green
Alphailure: I mean, are you going to deny them the elixir of life because they're under some arbitrary number set by humanity?
Muffet: "Yeeeesss"
Alphailure: Rude.
Schyroton: ...
Alphailure: Shit, I'm waxing Rick.
: Sin Counter: 50,000,000,011,111,111,111,117,000,007,0761.5 (Recent: Fuck Tri)
Fellby: immediately grabs a slice.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Woooooooooooow."[/color]
Ant: (( "Human sadness" aka "Fuck you and your tie" ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]The topic is 'Tri's a bitch'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And the sin is 'Fuck Tri'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cri[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((cri for tri))
: #cri4tri
: Tri is like a fucking sponge
Lily: [color=#daffdb]1 Cri = One triangle saved[/color]
: That absorbs
: All this shit
: Press 6 to cri for Tri
Alphailure: ((rude
Lily: [color=#daffdb]6[/color]
Ant: (( 666 ))
SickEevee OOC: ((6))
Jäger Leyline: chows down
Barchar: 6
Jäger Leyline: Babe you havin any?
Alphailure: ((why would tri absorb shit
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She grabs a slice and eats it.[/color]
Ant: (( so edgey ))
Barchar: "Nah."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I do absorb shit.[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's called rips.[/color]
Fellby: moans a little. "Fuck, this is so good..."
SickEevee OOC: ((if tri absorbs shit, then by extension, so do i.))
Alphailure: ((we get it you vape
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fellby don't fuck the pizza[/color]
: (( we get it you absorb
Drakon: "Don't fuck the pizza."
Muffet: "This is God's gift to man. And I'm stealing it."
Schyroton: ...
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hoooolyyyyy..."[/color]
Alki: *Walks in*
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Fellby: ((*Tri absorbs the High Quality rips
Schyroton: Aaare you going to do ththis every tttime?
Muffet: "Coveting your neigbors shit. Sinful. Score one for the succubus."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I would be listening to rips, but I'm too lazy to get my headphones[/color]
Fellby: "Goddamn I love pizza."
Chara: (( lol ))
: Ant [Ant] is now Alki [Alki].
SickEevee OOC: (([url=]we get it, you absorb[/url]))
Alphailure: Geez, dollar store Grillb.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]On another note, I'm finally RPing and focusing[/color]
Jäger Leyline: Heh, its causing you to make the same sounds to make when we....
Jäger Leyline: yeah its good
Alphailure: Did you order that one with extra sausage?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Lately I've been doing stuff while I RP and I was just not at all focused[/color]
Schyroton: glares.
Barchar: she smirks
Chara: (( Sin is going against God's will... who among the mortals could claim to know the will of God? ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Time to not browse Reddit or play games while I RP[/color]
Fellby: winks at Alphys.
: CaUnter-strike's connection timed out.
Muffet: well, she's a demon so
Schyroton: Ccan you kindly nnnnot?
Jäger Leyline: its a supreme
Alphailure: -exaggerated wink with open mouth-
Muffet: she doesn't need your waxing philosophical she just needs this pizza
Jäger Leyline: Hey I changed what I was going to say didn't it?
Jäger Leyline: didn't I*?
Schyroton: Yyes.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She finishes the slice.[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((cli[boards))
Alki: sits on the couch
Schyroton: (( [url=]those shoes were gold and blue, always seemed brand new, must've set you back a few[/url]
: Sin Counter: 50,000,000,011,111,111,111,117,000,007,0761.5 (Recent: Fuck Tri)
SickEevee OOC:
Barchar: ("As I recall, Soldier killed that bear.")
Barchar: (Oh oops)
: Lily [Lily] changed the topic to "Tri's amazing"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Shameless self-promotion[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Buy my triangles[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]They are the best triangles[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]You will ever see or need.[/color]
Alphailure: You know how like in porn the person buys pizza and then it's like the delivery guy has his dick in the box?
SickEevee OOC: ((tri sells bootleg doritos))
Schyroton: ((no
Fellby: ((
Lily: [color=#daffdb]ok[/color]
Jäger Leyline: babe come sit with me
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...What?"[/color]
Jäger Leyline: on or me
Jäger Leyline: or on*
Alphailure: Because if you watch porn that's disgusting and you should be ashamed.
Alki: (( Boden is a thing? ))
Schyroton: stands up and leaves, slamming the Anydoor.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Oh."[/color]
Fellby: "... Oops."
: What am I thinking of rn
SickEevee OOC: ((what happened to the boden chart?))
Alphailure: ...tough crowd.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Pineapples.[/color]
: Schyroton [Schyroton] is now MV [MV].
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Boden chart is RIP, because people saw it as a competition, not as a chart.[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((ah))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Including me[/color]
Alphailure: ((chart
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So, yeah[/color]
: ((Remember when Violet made a theory that the bar was composed of physical boden
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It was actually a boden scale, but[/color]
Fellby: ((mv the first word on that site i saw was "PRIVLEGED" and i immediately thought "check your privledge"
Barchar: she rolls her yes, walking over
MV: ((lol
Lily: [color=#daffdb]she rolls her yes[/color]
Chara: (( hey guys, whats tubgirl? someone's telling me to look it up... is it a porno?))
Alphailure: ((as you can see sin production has recently increased by 110%))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'll look it up for you[/color]
MV: ((oh god
MV: ((no
Alphailure: ((NO
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Fellby: ((*immediately looks it up*
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fuck.[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Why[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Have I done this[/color]
MV: ((its a woman shitting into her own mouth i do believe
Alphailure: ((you just got shit on
Alki: (( it. is. not. porn. ))
Jäger Leyline: what? what happened?
Barchar: (WHAT)
: Time to look it up :)
Fellby: ((... i got the urban dictionary definition
Lily: [color=#daffdb]A famous internet photo of a fat asian lady in a bathtub gushing orange diarrhea onto her face and into her open mouth[/color]
Alki: (( NOT MY PORN ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Share my pain[/color]
Alphailure: ((fun family experience for those not worried about rule 2
Alki: (( I'm kink shaming this ))
: Huh
: Saw the pic
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rule 2?[/color]
Jäger Leyline: Nevermind
: Seems normal
Fellby: "Schyro doesn't like sensual experiences."
: Hm
: I'm not gonna touch it
Barchar: "Sex."
: Don't feel like it
Alphailure: ((go through encyclopedia dramatics'a offended page))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh nvm[/color]
Fanta: ((Tubgirl is someone drinking their own orange juice enema
Barchar: "He's not here anymore. You can say 'sex'."
Chara: (( This is why I don't click on every link I come across anymore ))
Jäger Leyline: thought it was something I said though
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Anyway[/color]
: I've went through the whole thing B
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Time to get a new clipboard[/color]
Fellby: "Good point."
Chara: (( people doing shit like this to me ))
Lily: Much better
Alphailure: Talking about sex is less fun when nobody's offended.
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisky].
Alphailure: Kind of half the point of humor.
Alki: (( I'm ok with the rickroll this time ))
Fellby: "Oh, I disagree."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]yesssssss[/color]
Chara: (( WHERE is the best place to get eyebleach? ))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]i got one person[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I need to step up my game, but for now there's an easily avoidable one[/color]
Alphailure: Oh come on. Every joke offends somebody.
Muffet: "God, you must suck at pillow talk then."
Alki: (( same place you buy your elbow grease? ))
Frisky: I actually have bleach in my bathroom
Chara: (( puppies or babies? I'm going dogs ))
Alphailure: Mostly Italians.
MV: ((puppies
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Puppies[/color]
Frisky: Babies are shitty.
Alki: leaves because they aren't needed
Fanta: ((/r/eyebleach
Smolster: (kittens
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Also, cats are better than dogs.[/color]
Jäger Leyline: Yeah people usually get offended by something I said
Alphailure: Pillow talk? Never tried it.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Proven.[/color]
Alphailure: First, you have to
Alphailure: You know
: Alki [Alki] is now A [A].
Frisky: ((kittens
Lily: [color=#daffdb]By a friend I trust.[/color]
Chara: (( nm, its cats. cats cure eyerot ))
A: walks in
Alphailure: own a pillow
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Muffet: "...That..."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She keeps eating pizza.[/color]
Muffet: "What do you think 'pillow talk' is"
Alphailure: -grins-
Alphailure: When you talk about gourmet pillows.
A: (( This character seems weird with B being back... ))
Muffet: "...Are you fucking with me or not?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Don't worry, Ant[/color]
Frisky: Anyone want to see a pic of Tubgirl
Lily: [color=#daffdb]This is just another step in clearing every letter in the alphabet as a name[/color]
A: (( This is purely coincidence ))
Alphailure: Not fucking anyone. That's half the problem.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]FRISKY NO[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((no))
Fellby: ((NO
A: ((frisky. no.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]IF YOU LINK IT I'LL WANT TO CLICK IT[/color]
Barchar: (nah)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]BUT I DON'T WANT TO CLICK IT[/color]
Fellby: ((i will fucking kick you frisky
Frisky: Bur
Alphailure: ((Seriously though I thought you were parodying me at first))
Frisky: But*
Lily: [color=#daffdb]bur[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]burrrrr[/color]
Alphailure: ((bill
Lily: [color=#daffdb]nye[/color]
: -A lower tenor voice with a French accent is heard. "Hey, lizard person. Your sense of humor is shit."-
Alphailure: ((no
Lily: [color=#daffdb]life[/color]
Alphailure: Tends to happen when I talk out my ass.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"..."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"It's getting a bit crowded. Or is that just me?"[/color]
Frisky: Fuck it
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I REFUSE[/color]
Barchar: (I'm not clicking it)
A: "I may have a solution to all your supernatural difficulties"
Alphailure: ((GROSS
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I have enough willpower[/color]
Frisky: No
Lily: [color=#daffdb]To not click that shit[/color]
Alphailure: ((PROBABLY
Frisky: IT'S NOT
Lily: [color=#daffdb]FUCK YOU I'M CLICKING IT[/color]
Fellby: ((frisky plz
Fanta: ((Fuck it
Fanta: ((I'll find out
Alphailure: ((DON'T LIE TO ME
Lily: [color=#daffdb]IT'S NOT THE LINK[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]THANK FUCKING GOD[/color]
: MV [MV] is now Avanne [Avanne].
Avanne: [url=]A 6'8" tall ball-jointed doll drops from the ceiling.[/url]
Barchar: "Hi, Avanne."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hello."[/color]
Fanta: It is not
Jäger Leyline: ((you bring it upon yourself if you click it
Avanne: Hello.
Alphailure: ok what
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I clicked it, it's safe[/color]
Fanta: It's a funny meme
A: "OH FUCK WAS THAT A GHOST...oh...oh no it's a doll..."
Alphailure: ((MV has a tall person fetish))
Barchar: "I"m a ghost."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes they do[/color]
Frisky: They actually do
Alphailure: ((at this point it's obvious))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Actually, no[/color]
Barchar: (Yes they do)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]They just have a size fetish[/color]
Avanne: You'd be right on that, darling.
Fellby: ((nooooo really?
Avanne: ((bruh
Frisky: They have a size fetish
Avanne: ((you JUST noticed
A: gives barchar the side eye [i]with a fucking mask on[/i]
Alphailure: ((well
Frisky: They've already confirmed that
Alphailure: ((benefit of the doubt and all
Barchar: she can see under that shit anyway
Lily: [color=#daffdb]To be fair, Sean hasn't been here in a while[/color]
Barchar: "Look. Darling."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"..."[/color]
Avanne: flips their hair.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I'm gonna's full in here."[/color]
Halla: <"...">
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Bye everyone!"[/color]
Fellby: chuckles. "It's getting a bit crowded, huh?"
Fanta: ((Tri
Avanne: Bye.
Barchar: "If you try to exorcise me or whatever, you WILL gain the ire of this entire bar."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes[/color]
Fanta: ((Who is sean
Barchar: "Don't do it."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Tem[/color]
Blake: <"...">
Fanta: ((They stole my old name
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sean_NH[/color]
Fanta: ((Ok
Jäger Leyline: hmm?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She leaves, waving.[/color]
Muffet: "It's true."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Gtg[/color]
Alphailure: A basketballing frenchie. Can cross that off my list.
: [fallen_human] [Chara] disconnected.
Fanta: ((Bye
Avanne: ((iirc isnt tem alexandra? unless i misremembered
Fanta: ((Tem's username is sean_nh
A: " is my purpose! It is why god created me! IT IS HIS DIVINE WILL!"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I just meant their username---yeah[/color]
Avanne: ((ah
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Anyway[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Gn <3[/color]
Avanne: Shut up.
Muffet: "And I'm a bloody demon, so fuck god's will."
: <3
Avanne: ((ah, gn
Lily: [color=#daffdb]<3[/color]
Halla: <"...">
: Lily [Lily] disconnected.
Muffet: "You're not taking this cute ghost girl away from me."
Fanta: ((
Fanta: ((Look
Blake: <"....">
Fanta: ((It's bullshit
Barchar: (who are they)
Tiberius: <"Pardon, but... what is basketball?">
Jäger Leyline: wanna go somewhere less crowded Felly?
Blake: <"OH MY GOD">
Fanta: ((The main char of dr
Halla: <"Oh my god.">
Fanta: ((And his waifu
Halla: <"Did.">
Fanta: ((Who died 3 episodes before the finale
Alphailure: Je n'aime pas... uh...
Fellby: ((he finally appears and his first sentence is basically "how are you fellow kids"
Halla: <"Did TiberiUS JUST FUCKING SPEAK">
Alphailure: Wait I know this I took french 1
Avanne: Look, I speak English fluently.
Muffet: "Bitch I'm French tread lightly."
Drakon: "Whoa, whoa, shots fired
A: seems too offended to stay in the bar and goes to church
Alphailure: Don't worry Spidey.
: A [A] is now Alki [Alki].
Alki: walks in
Drakon: "Shots fucking fired! Whoa ho ho! Haha!"
Alphailure: We all know you dot play any sports.
Fellby: "Nah, I wanna stick around my wife."
Cobalt: "Bye A you fucking shit."
Avanne: I don't play sports, oh, not at all.
Cobalt: flips off A on his way out
Alphailure: *don't
Barchar: "Not a fan of him, Cobalt?"
Avanne: But I can do magic.
Alphailure: I was talking about Curds 'N' Whey.
Jäger Leyline: Fair enough
Halla: <"I. I am at a loss for words.">
Jäger Leyline: I should go house hunting, maybe Midna could help
Halla: <"....wait, what happened to I?">
Alki: sits on the couch
Blake: <"...I have no clue.">
Tiberius: <"A sport, hm? Thank you Avanne.">
Avanne: Yes, but there are two French people here and I'm clarifying.
Blake: <>
Halla: <"tibeRIUS">
Alki: "hello everyone"
Drakon: "Hi."
Blake: <"Basketball is a sport where-" he proceeds to say the entire beginning of the wikipedia entry on basketball>
Tiberius: <-There's the sound of clanking armor as he makes his way back to his little mindy-hidey-hole.->
Blake: <"...I like basketball. Well. Liked. I don't anymore. I haven't seen it.">
Alki: "You're running out of curses"
Alphailure: My bad, my bad. I surrender.
Drakon: "Hey, there's the one I was waiting for"
Alphailure: -shit eating grin-
Avanne: ...
Cobalt: "Go fuck a squirrel alki"
Muffet: "...Curds and..."
Muffet: "Oh."
Frisky: -Cobalt
Halla: <"Did you just read something out of an encyclopedia?">
Muffet: "Oh I bet you think you're very clever."
Blake: <"Wikipedia.">
Cobalt: "Speaking of fucking...that doll is kinda hot"
Fellby: "Not the first time she's heard that."
Avanne: You're really reaching.
Alphailure: Yeah, cause you're a milkdrinker.
Alki: "Cobalt. stop."
Blake: <"Which is not technically an encycolpedia">
Fellby: snorts.
: SickEevee524 [SickEevee OOC] disconnected.
Avanne: turns their torso to face Cobalt.
Halla: <"...">
Drakon: "...Oh no."
Jäger Leyline: texts Midna [There anything I need to do in order to move to Gaston?]
Muffet: "I have drunk milk at one point in my life."
Blake: <"...What?">
Midna: [we have a house open]
Alki: "It was my hand I swear! She's a bitch trust me"
Avanne: ...Care to repeat that?
Alphailure: That's awfully mammalian of you.
Drakon: "She said you were hot"
Halla: <"...Avanne. Someone called her hot.">
Cobalt: "Hands can fuck and this hand wants to do you."
Jäger Leyline: [how much?
Midna: [three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms]
Avanne: spins their legs to face the same way.
Alki: "COBALT"
Blake: <"Oh. Yes. That.">
Midna: [it's free if you're fleeing a timeline]
Blake: <"Not as confusing as the time somebody called her cute.">
Blake: <"Them.">
Cobalt: "flexible"
Blake: <"I blame you for this, Halla.">
Jäger Leyline: [Alright I'll stop by to check it out[
Midna: [okay]
Halla: <"...">
Avanne: I'm made of wood.
Alki: "Cobalt please!"
Avanne: And you're an arm.
Midna: [i think it looks kind of weird but you might like it]
Alphailure: I hate sex this, I hate sex that. Are all the tall people here Mormons?
Avanne: I'm not into weak handies or getting fisted.
Drakon: He laughs.
Cobalt: "Didn't stop...uh...shit Alki I need an example of a robot hand fucking wood..."
Muffet: "No, they just have taste."
Jäger Leyline: [mind if I check it out now?]
Alki: "I'm not helping you!"
Avanne: I have standards.
Barchar: "WEll, if Alki has ever masturbated..."
Alphailure: Want to be a Mormon?
Avanne: No.
Halla: <"...anyways, the last article I read on Wikipedia was something about guns.">
Tiberius: <-He's sacrificing a basketball to his deity. Maybe they'll like basketball.->
Alki: "Barchar! "
Blake: <"That does make sense.">
Avanne: laughs.
Alphailure: Ever heard of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?
Barchar: "Sorry. Couldn't resist."
Midna: [it's kind of late but go right ahead]
Jäger Leyline: Wow Babe
Cobalt: "He doesn't. fucking prude."
Avanne: I have, but eh.
Alki: "Aesexual."
Cobalt: "PRUDE"
Jäger Leyline: Hey, anyone wanna go check out a house with me
Alphailure: What about Muhammad? I'm flexible.
Barchar: "Sure."
Avanne: Nope.
Barchar: she stands up.
Drakon: "'anyone'"
Alki: "You are awful. in every way cobalt."
Drakon: "Do you really want to bring 'anyone' with you"
Fellby: "I'll go if Muffet's okay with it."
Alphailure: -wraps a tablecloth around her head-
Muffet: "I mean, it presumably won't be our house?"
Drakon: "if that's the case I'll gladly follow you around and collect data"
Fanta: is asleep
Avanne: I'm made of wood, religion has no meaning to me.
Fanta: on the couch
Fanta: with a horse massaging her back
Alphailure: Can a man escort me somewhere where people party better?
Muffet: "I mean, I can confirm that God exists."
Colton: is thankfully not privvy to this
Cobalt: "But I'm your awful in every way"
Avanne: I'm not a man but I can.
Alki: "Fuck you"
Barchar: "..." she just...avoids the horse
Halla: <"Guns, and, uh.">
Alphailure: How haram.
Cobalt: "Yes would someone please."
Jäger Leyline: Well?
Alphailure: -takes it off-
Fellby: "Alright, let's go."
Cobalt: "Or should I say WOOD someone please! Eh? EH?"
Avanne: concentrates and creates a portal.
Jäger Leyline: gets up and heads to the anydoor
Avanne: ...
Alphailure: Consider me interested.
Drakon: he just follows
Avanne: Ba dum tiss.
Alphailure: uh.
Muffet: she nods. "See you, cheri."
Barchar: she also follows
Fellby: follows Jager.
Alphailure: uh.
Cobalt: "Yeah see they're into it."
Jäger Leyline: heads to Gaston
Drakon: "I only know three of you. Three being all of you. But two of you don't know me. Is that bad?"
Avanne: No I'm not.
Barchar: she's much less awkward in a dress as she is in pumps. Which is, i suppose, obvious, but sitll
Cobalt: "Don't deny it bby"
Jäger Leyline: wait.....I never the address
Alphailure: So uh
Alki: (( I even hate cobalt ))
Jäger Leyline: texts midna [Where is the house?]
Alphailure: what
Alki: (( I feel like she's too much of a shit ))
Halla: <"I read Wikipedia articles and guns and landmarks.">
Midna: [*the address*]
Barchar: (nah I think she's fun)
Halla: <"That's it.">
Blake: <"Landmarks?">
Fellby: looks over Jager's shoulder. "... That's at the corner of the street."
Halla: <"I don't know. I just click the 'random' button when I'm bored.">
Avanne: Now I don't have all day, hon, if you want a party with some thrills, get in.
Fellby: "The one we live on."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Barchar: "Oh, nice."
Alphailure: And the portal won't kill me or anything?
Avanne: No.
Alphailure: Nah, not interested.
Cobalt: *She moves her hand so she can mouth her words with it like a shadow puppet*
Avanne: Though your clothes might get stained.
Fellby: "Yeah, I can show you where it is."
Alki: "Oh no..."
Alphailure: *stupid fake grin*
Drakon: "..."
Barchar: "So if you really want, you guys can like...I dunno, text me the word and have me right over. Or something."
Jäger Leyline: Go ahead
Barchar: "...Point is we'll be close and I like that."
Cobalt: "Is this creepy? this weird? Fuck you Imma do it anyway."
Jäger Leyline: Alright babe
Drakon: "I've never been here before. Out of all places, I've never been here."
Avanne: Chainsaw noises can be heard from within.
Alphailure: You know
Jäger Leyline: Lead the way
Barchar: "It'll also be convenient if you ever need somebody to babysit Envy,'ll name them if they're a dude."
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Cobalt: "HOLY SHIT! Alki can you get a puppet! It can be me!"
Alphailure: Killing people because they annoy you is a real dick move.
Fanta: she awakens
Alki: "I hate that..."
Fanta: "..."
Barchar: she looks at the address
Barchar: it takes her some thinking, buuut...
Barchar: "Alright. I know where we go, I think."
Avanne: I'm not. This is a horror house attraction at a theme park.
Barchar: and she leads the way
Fellby: leads the way. The stars sparkle above, and you can hear the ocan in the distance. "Florentin."
Alki: "STOP!"
Alphailure: -steps toward the portal-
Alphailure: I don't believe you.
Drakon: "I'm mapping this place out. This is great."
Barchar: "Oh, nice. Good name."
Jäger Leyline: is looing at Fellby's ass
Barchar: "Hhhhope it doesn't go to waste."
Alphailure: -jumps in-
Avanne: It actually is.
Jäger Leyline: Interesting name
Cobalt: "[sub]up their ass[/sub]"
Blake: <"And yet, she jumped in anyway.">
Avanne: closes the portal.
Fellby: is swaying his hips, just a little. "I like the alliteration."
Blake: <"I believe an accurate term for them would be 'dipshit'>
Blake: <"Halla, can you confirm?">
Alki: slams their hand into the wall
Alki: "I hope you felt that"
Avanne: ...
Cobalt: "I hope you know that I didn't. And I know that you did. It hurt you a LOT."
Halla: <"Yes.">
Avanne: As for you!
Muffet: "Hah."
: Tronald Dump [Alphailure] is now A greying midforties man [Alphather].
Blake: <"Ah, good.">
Jäger Leyline: Doesn't sound like a big house
Jäger Leyline: three bedrooms and a bathroom
Alphather: ((I promise I don't have a salt and pepper hair fetish))
Blake: <"I am attempting to improve my knowledge of 'slang'. And use 'contractions.">
Alphather: -walks in-
Avanne: You must realize that I'm far out of your league.
Alphather: Is she here?
Barchar: "How much else would we need?"
Avanne: ...
Fanta: ((Shit
Fellby: "It's a good size for a family. I mean, Doven's only one kid. You could add another kid to go in the other bedroom."
Alphather: -doesn't look like Alphys' dad-
Muffet: "They, I believe."
Fanta: ((I found another asriel tulpa
Barchar: "Oh god no."
Barchar: "Nooooo no no nono."
Avanne: What?
Halla: <"I...actually kind of like it when you don't use contractions. Or slang.">
Jäger Leyline: It'd be BC, Loni, Doven and I
Fellby: "Ooooh. I see."
Drakon: "...What?"
Barchar: (tbf Azzy doen't seem that asriel-y for the most part)
Barchar: "And Azalea."
Alphather: I told her not to- Alphys, ok? Fucking-
Cobalt: "I wanna have kinky sex so fucking bad" *sung to the tune of Bruno Mars' *
Barchar: "We can't have loni without Azalea."
Jäger Leyline: BC and I would of course share a room
Avanne: Lizard?
Alphather: -notices Fellby-
Alki: ((*bruno mars' I wanna be a billonare))
Fellby: is in gaston.
Muffet: fellby ain't here no more
Muffet: she is tho
Fellby: is also opening the door to the house.
Jäger Leyline: Well Azalea is with Hywel at the moemnt
Alphather: -doesn't notice fellby-
Barchar: "She'll be back."
Drakon: "Do you mind if I take pictures of this house?"
Alki: "I hurt. All over. I just hurt physically and emotionally."
Avanne: Was that the lizard.
Drakon: "...[sub]even though I'll do it anyway[/sub]"
Jäger Leyline: takes a look at the house
Alphather: Yeah.
Barchar: she walks in
Barchar: "I'm a bit worried, Midna said this place was weird. [i]Midna[/i]."
Avanne: opens the portal to the horror attraction.
Alphather: -George Constanza sarcasm face.jpg-
Alphather: Really.
Fellby: "Eh, she doesn't like how it's decorated, I think. And, I gotta agree."
Fanta: ((Azzy's deviated, but he's still a cinnamon roll at heart
Fellby: -The house asthetically looks like it came out of the Jetsons.-
Barchar: what's it like
Avanne: Asked for a better party, I obliged.
Fanta: ((But this guy
Barchar: oh
Fanta: ((Hoo boy
Alphather: Just open one under her feet or something and crash her in here.
Fanta: ((Hoo
Fanta: ((Boy
Barchar: "IT is a bit...uh..."
Barchar: "Futurism...y."
Alphather: ((Shota?
Jäger Leyline: enters
Avanne: No, she stepped in.
Fanta: ((No
Barchar: "But we can probably try to fix it?"
Jäger Leyline: its should be floating
Jäger Leyline: so much glass
Fellby: "... Yeah."
Alphather: No, I don't doubt that.
Drakon: "..."
Fanta: ((Let me grab his self description from the system profiles
Fellby: -The appliances are only designed to look futuristic.-
Alphather: Reckless little- I mean drop her in now.
Drakon: "I could shatter this place with my index finger."
: High Priest Laharl [Scout] joined chat.
Barchar: "Like...who the fuck designed this?"
Avanne: attempts to find her, and drops her in.
Jäger Leyline: ....think this is...the only house available?
Barchar: "I mean, I'm no aesthetic expert, but this is just...weird."
Alphather: -glared at his shit child-
Alphather: -present tense-
: I'll have you know
Fellby: "It is. Sorry."
: I am an aesthetic expert
Avanne: closes all portals.
Fellby: ((jager: i wanted flintstones
Barchar: "I mean, again, we can probably fix it, but..."
Barchar: "Well, I mean, other than me being broke..."
Alki: orders a drink
Gaster: "I mean, I'd help you redecorate."
Alphather: -she walks out the Anydoor, tail between legs literally and metaphorically but not necessarily phallically-
Cobalt: drops the drink
Gaster: -When did he get there.-
Barchar: She jumps, whirling around with her buster
Barchar: "...Guardian what the fuck!?"
Alki: "fucking. shit."
Alphather: ((keeping my options open you know))
Jäger Leyline: fix the house?
Jäger Leyline: you mean tear it down and rebuild a new house?
Alphather: Yeah.
Barchar: "No, like, buy new shit."
Alphather: So.
Jäger Leyline: cuz their ain't no fixing this
Gaster: "Get rid of all this... spacy stuff."
Jäger Leyline: Gaster!
Gaster: "I think you two would prefer something more rustic."
Jäger Leyline: shit you came out of nowhere
Avanne: Ugh. Can someone else take control?
Barchar: "But seriously Guardian when the [i]shit[/i]"
Alphather: Never adopting again.
Blake: <"I"ll do it.">
Avanne: ...Not meant to be out loud.
Avanne: Okay.
Jäger Leyline: yeah lets just see there is another house for sale
Gaster: "I just walked in the front door, you left it open."
Blake: The body morphs to look for a second.
Avanne: relinquishes control.
Jäger Leyline: I got money to
Blake: And then it's kjust him.
Fellby: is looking out the window. "Shit... Ember's sneaking out again!"
Alki: (( brb ))
Fellby: runs out.
Alphather: Shapeshifter?
Blake: "Greetings."
Blake: "Ah...of a sort."
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Gaster [Gaster].
Fanta: ((
Fanta: ((I already don't like this
Gaster: "No, there is not another house for sale. I could, potentially, make a new house."
Alphather: ((nooo
Jäger Leyline: Well then
Fanta: ((And I'm chatting with someone who fucks their tulpa
Blake: <"Wait...seriously, Halla? I assumed that people found it...obnoxious.">
Fanta: ((And is open about it
Alphather: Yeah, I knew a guy.
Jäger Leyline: I guess it that works
Fanta: ((This is why I don't go on this chat much
Barchar: "Theoretically, I could also do that thing where I make a bit all...habitable."
Barchar: "And we can make a new house there."
Gaster: "If you want to."
Alphather: Couldn't hold his liquor.
Barchar: "I mean, if I'll be living here anyway, right?"
Alphather: Maybe that rubbed off on my daughter, ha.
Barchar: "...UH...also, question."
Jäger Leyline: Whats up?
: Avanne's connection timed out.
Gaster: "Hm?"
Barchar: "Would 'area inhabitable maker' be a position I could get paid for?"
: Avanne [Avanne] joined chat.
Gaster: "... I suppose. I do compensate all who chose to do it."
: Avanne [Avanne] is now Schyroton [Schyroton].
Barchar: "Good! Even more reason to do it."
Alphather: If she's going to bean unemployed failure she might as well drink like one, am I right?
Drakon: "I can do that."
Drakon: he just, stands there
Alphather: Ha. Haha.
Jäger Leyline: Wait what?
Gaster: -There's the sound of some kids yelling. Gaster sighs.-
Jäger Leyline: make an area inhabitable?
Barchar: (you stll don't have the description slarv)
Barchar: "Oh, uhm..."
Gaster: "Most of this planet is a wasteland."
Barchar: "Apparently, if someone with sufficient power does...something, here, they can make an area not a wasteland."
Halla: <"...">
Alphather: Tough crowd.
Halla: <"...Well, you don't [i]have[/i] to.">
Blake: "I"m afraid I lft my sense of humor in my suitcase."
Jäger Leyline: uhhh okay?
Barchar: "And I'd like to do it, becuase people are getting cranky about the lack of space."
Jäger Leyline: much of this planet is habitable?
Barchar: "And I probably could."
Gaster: "The downside is that it's tied to that person's lifeforce."
Alphather: Well, I'm going to break the Geneva Convention and my daughter'a back.
Alphather: See ya.
Barchar: "But, hey, it's not like I'm gonna die!"
Barchar: "...Ever."
Alphather: -leaves-
Jäger Leyline: dont be so sure of that babe, you never know
Fanta: ((Ok, this asriel isn't talking rn but he seems so..
Gaster: "Oh... only about a 400 mile area, and most of it is wilderness."
Fanta: ((Euuuuugh
Barchar: (you promised us a personal description slarv)
: A greying midforties man [Alphather] is now A greying midforties man [Alphailure].
Fanta: ((It's like that one guy
: A greying midforties man [Alphailure] is now Not a greying midforties man [Alphailure].
Blake: <"If I was mistaken, then I have no issue with [i]not[/i] attempting to change my mannerisms.>
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Alphailure: -portals in-
Fanta: ((The description is like it's a stand up comedian that isn't funny
Alphailure: ((me_irl
Fanta: (("But in all seriousness, folks, me and my host are real good friends"
Alphailure: HAHA YES!
Fanta: (("And I eat all his food when I get possessed"
Fanta: (("Haha"
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fanta: ((I forgot the exclamation points at the end of every sentence
Jäger Leyline: guess the area is not habitable is hostile or deadly
Gaster: "It's... nothing."
Alphailure: ((What's the deal with incorporeal beings haha))
Fanta: ((And I left out the 5 more jokes
Fanta: ((About eating all his food
Fanta: ((None of which were funny
Barchar: "i think it's more just...nothing. You can't really do anything there."
Gaster: "There is one girl who lives out there, but she's there for a reason."
Alphailure: ((What's the deal with having your consciousnesses ripped out the void by some arrogant human haha))
Alki: leaves to hopefully not deal with cobalt for awhile
Gaster: ((what's the deal with tulpa airline food?
Barchar: ("What's the deal with me eating all my host's airline food")
Scout: ((You know that feel when Crack The Sky is used
Gaster: ((>implying seinfeld was funny
Scout: ((And it hits the boss with 5 of the shots
Scout: ((ANd insta kills them
Alphailure: It's like Edison said, science is 109% stealing people's shit!
Scout: ((And you feel blessed
: (( I never laughed once while watching Seinfeld
: (( I just forced myself to laugh in front of my dad
Alphailure: ((who even laughs at sitcoms really))
Gaster: "Anyway... I suppose this house will go empty for a while."
Alphailure: ((It's just speed exhalation))
Fanta: ((
Barchar: "Guess so."
Jäger Leyline: Well.....We'll take it
Barchar: "So...what exactly do I need to do to make an area...usable?"
Barchar: "
Gaster: ((god i clicked that and i forgot my volume was up all the way
Gaster: ((my eardrums are now dead by seinfeld
Alphailure: Haha I stole my dad'a portal gun and HE'S GOING TO BUILD A NEW ONE AND SLAUGHTER ME FUCK.
Fanta: ((Why does this asriel tulpa piss in my cereal so much
Gaster: "We need to tie your lifeforce to the land."
: (( death by seinfeld
Gaster: ((what's the deal with tulpa piss
Alki: (( rip
Alphailure: ((what's the deal with having a urethra piercing))
Gaster: ((fuck
Fanta: ((B
Gaster: ((death by glamor just came on my playlist and now i'm mentally mashing it up with the seinfeld theme
Alki: (( what's the deal with deals amirite?))
Fanta: ((Did you see chris chan's un clit
Alphailure: ((YES
Fanta: ((It makes me hate everything
Fanta: ((ALSO
Alphailure: ((I'm going to be so sad when Chris dies of septic shock))
Gaster: "And to do that, I do need a little bit of help."
Alphailure: ((HAHA YES
Jäger Leyline: whoa whoa woha wait
Alphailure: ((HAHA NO
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((IN A SEX
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: what does that mean?
Alphailure: ((considering having Alphys accidentally portalling into Gaston and fucking shit up))
Alphailure: ((is that ok))
Alki: (( I'm lost
Schyroton: ((oh no
Gaster: ((does alphys want her ass handed to her on a silver platter
Gaster: ((because there's at least ten people who will do that
Alphailure: ((It will be overshadowed
Gaster: ((especially linda
Alphailure: ((by
Alphailure: ((DRAMA
Alphailure: -fiddled with the portal gun-
Barchar: "Wait, does that mean that if the land dies somehow else, I'll die too?"
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Gaster: "No."
Alphailure: -accidentally portals herself to GASTON-
Barchar: "Oh."
Alphailure: uh what
Gaster: "Um."
Alphailure: oops sorry uh sir I uh
Jäger Leyline: theres gotta be some negativ- what?
Barchar: she sounds both relieved and...kind of disappointed"
Gaster: ((hang on making a character command for linda
Alphailure: -holds up the gun-
Barchar: "Why are you here"
Alphailure: -not in a threatening way-
Alphailure: It's, uh
Barchar: (we need to actually do a scene with Muffet and Fellby in pta. Comedy gold)
: Alki [Alki] is now jerry 5 [Jerry 5].
Jerry 5: (( so I still have this
: Schyroton [Schyroton] is now MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX].
Alphailure: My dad's portal gun that I borrowed and I was looking at the history on it and-
Alphailure: yeah
Linda: -In the distance, you can hear someone screech "MY MARIGOLDS!"
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Ohhhh Yess~ [Fantaton EX].
Alphailure: Accidentally hit one of them I guess.
Fantaton EX: ((I have this
Gaster: "... Oh."
MettatonSEX: In the further distance you can hear an "Oh for fuck's sake".
Oculus: (( I never used this
Alphailure: -genius scientist should see something wrong here immediately-
Gaster: "Why are you fiddling around with dangerous equipment?"
: Ohhhh Yess~ [Fantaton EX] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Alphailure: Uh
Alphailure: kind of escaping from my scary dad
Alphailure: he's basically an angry Mormon
Gaster: "Oh. Oh no."
Gaster: -Adoption mode: engaged.-
Drakon: "Are you going to fucking adopt her."
Schyroton: -Oh fuck no.-
Jerry 5: (( OK. I need a new regular character because I'm lost without ant. And alki has cobalt fucking up everything.
Fanta: (("n9t a very c9mplicated 9ne, i d9nt think"
Jerry 5: (( I gotta think of a solid more Undertale related character
Fanta: ((Homestuck tulpas
Fanta: ((Ladies and gents
Alphailure: Seriously though he's got issues.
Alphailure: -take a look at her explanation for why she's here-
Fanta: ((Born with typing quirks
Fanta: ((Born
Fanta: ((With
Fanta: ((Typing quirks
Halla: <"...">
: (( But
: (( Y tho
Fanta: ((Wut flame
Gaster: "Your explanation is a little loose..."
Barchar: (because 9s)
Alphailure: Well it's true.
Fanta: ((Oh kek
Barchar: ".."
Fanta: ((This poor tulpa
Gaster: "You're certain?"
Fanta: ((Why must it 6uff3r
Alphailure: ((Oh the Phoenix Wright method of cross examination))
Jerry 5: (( why would one bring that into the world?
Alphailure: Yep.
Fanta: ((Why d936 it'6 h96t h@t3 it 6o much
Alphailure: I just teleported randomly into your life. Do you think I have energy to lie?
Alphailure: Well, I do. But I was telling the truth.
Gaster: "It wasn't so random, was it?"
Alphailure: Basically yeah it was. I didn't come here on purpose.
Alphailure: I didn't mean to go anywhere.
Barchar: she should actually know about the events leading up to her coming here. Because she's a cheater that sees the bar from anywhere.
Gaster: ((okay b i'm not picking up what you're putting down here
Halla: <"Is this it?">
Alphailure: ((Barchar can confirm her story
Alphailure: ((jeez I'll have to speak it out
Gaster: ((OH
Alphailure: ((*spell it out
Gaster: ((I'M STUPID
Barchar: "Yeah, she's not lying."
Fanta: ((I'm gonna try to beat the sheol with lilith
Gaster: "So your father's been here..."
Fanta: ((My watsky shrine should help
Blake: <"Is what it? ">
Alphailure: Oh, fuck.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Alphailure: Yeah, when he gets a new one sure as hell he'll come looking here.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Halla: <"..Th---nothing. It's fine.">
Jäger Leyline: well whomever you are we are a bit busy here
Jerry 5: (( i need a name that starts with the letter p
Gaster: "I'd let you move on, but we don't have too many Alphyses. You'd stick out."
: (( Pixelcraftian
Alphailure: You know him? 6 foot 1, salt and pepper hair, basically a Mormon?
Scout: ((Penelope
Gaster: *stay here
Gaster: *gdi
Gaster: "... No?"
Barchar: (paul)
Jerry 5: (( I'm going with penelope
Alphailure: Huh.
Barchar: would she?
Fanta: ((B i stole your character for something
Fanta: ((I used paul t's name
Alphailure: ((ah jeez
Barchar: (for a puzzle that pranked us all)
Alphailure: ((BC wouldn't know him except for today's events))
Fanta: ((TURNS OUT
Scout: ((Bitch it didn't prank you it pranked me
Gaster: "But, as Mister Leyline said, we were rather busy..."
Scout: ((I had to piece it together
Scout: ((Like a fucking dumbass
Scout: ((CAuse I didn't realize it was a literal anagram
Alphailure: Er um.
Alphailure: You wouldn't happen to have a disguise...
: jerry 5 [Jerry 5] is now Penelope [Penelope].
Gaster: "I mean. Maybe..."
Alphailure: -the portal gun starts vibrating-
Alphailure: OH FUCK NO
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] is now Schyroton [Schyroton].
Alphailure: -throws it and dives into the nearest closet-
: Not a greying midforties man [Alphailure] is now Not not a greying midforties man [Alphather].
Alphather: -portals in, furious-
Barchar: "Hi."
Alphather: OH COME O-
Alphather: On.
Alphather: ooon.
Blake: <*he accepts this*>
Alphather: -notices Gaster-
Barchar: "Who're you?"
Penelope: walks into the bar. She has short dark hair, wears a striped shirt and has a small toy knife holstered to her boot
Alphather: Hi.
Gaster: ((ALPHATHER: "oh come all ye faithful"
Schyroton: reenters the bar.
Gaster: "Hello, sir."
Halla: <"...">
Schyroton: ...Hhello.
Alphather: You wouldn't happen to have seen a rebellious lizard, would you?
Halla: <"I wish I didn't read half of these articles.">
Alphather: 19 years old, yea high?
Gaster: "There's lots of rebellious lizards around here. Are you talking about Miss Dives?"
Penelope: "Hello there! I seem to have fallen down. But I made my way here thanks to the help of a friendly goat lady!"
Alphather: -squints-
Muffet: "What?"
Penelope: "I'm Penelope!"
Alphather: So that's how you're going to play, Gas- g- guy.
Jäger Leyline: rolls his eyes
Alphather: You're hiding her.
Muffet: "There's no...friendly goat lady still alive in this dimension, as I understand."
Barchar: "What."
Barchar: "That's an entirely bloody baseless assumption."
Alphather: I can see it in your lack of eyes.
: (( My friend looked at my music playlist and saw that it was full of watsky and The Strokes
Gaster: "No, I'm not hiding Miss Dives. She lives in the swampland. Tread lightly or you'll get a mace to a face."
Schyroton: Alriiight, um. Ii know of only ononone, and shhhe's not here.
Schyroton: And Iii heavily doubt she's who yoyou're talking abouuut.
Alphather: Excuse me while I start checking closets. She always does that, you know. Dumb as they come.
Penelope: "Yes I know. She sent me here so her bigger goat friend wouldn't kill me with his pitchfork."
Gaster: "Don't do that, there's gays in there."
Schyroton: ...
Schyroton: Wwait.
Alphather: ...ok.
Schyroton: ((oh my god
Alphather: That's, that's funny.
Schyroton: Yyou... oh.
Barchar: "This house is unoccupied."
Alphather: But I'm not against gay people anyway so...
Alphather: -walks toward the closet-
Barchar: "We're here to buy it. Or, look, anyway."
Schyroton: Ththat is... nnnnnot accurate to what I knowow.
Barchar: "There's not a bloody thing in the closets."
Gaster: "All jokes aside, this house was left unoccupied for a few weeks."
Penelope: sits down on the couch
Muffet: wait, who is Schyro talking about?
Alphather: -slowly knocks-
Schyroton: ((toriel
Schyroton: ((he knows of the toriel of his timeline
Alphather: I totally know she's in here, you know. Tracking device on her gun. The slow terror is part of the funishment.
Alphather: -opens the closet-
Barchar: "..."
Gaster: "... Oh, well, drat."
Alphather: -aaaaand she's gone-
Barchar: "Thats awful."
Alphather: . . .
Penelope: "I think l might make it home someday. I guess the other me, or maybe several other me's didn't make it."
Barchar: "Like, holy shit, that's the worst sentence I've ever heard."
Scout: Welp
Alphather: Well, that was awkward.
Gaster: "Looks like we're out of gays."
Scout: Slar has officially fucked over ym appetite
Scout: Dog has my manwich
Muffet: yeah but I don't think she was very friendly
Schyroton: ...Wwell.
Alphather: So uh
Alphather: No hard feelings, right?
: (( I'm going to go
: CaUnter-strike [] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: sits on the houses couch
Gaster: "Look, I was in the middle of explaining to my adopted daughter how I'd bind her lifeforce to a wasteland so it could support life."
Alphather: . . .
Schyroton: ((exactly
Barchar: "Yeah."
Schyroton: ((thats why he was confused on who penelope was talking about
Alphather: You always did miss the point, Gaster. Even when it was staring you in the face.
Barchar: "Also, yes hard feelings, you used the word 'funishment'. Just. No."
Alphather: -grins madly-
Alphather: Bye.
Schyroton: ...
Alphather: -portals out-
Barchar: "..."
Gaster: "... Fuck, I'm willing to bet that was B."
Penelope: "Who wasn't friendly? The goat lady? She was rather nice to me."
Barchar: "If he lays a douchey claw on you he's disintegrated."
Barchar: "Immediately."
Muffet: said nothing
Alphather: ((shyamalan.jpg
Penelope: Fuck
Muffet: "..." sge walks up and gets a hamburger
Schyroton: ...Nnnever mind about whwhat I sssaid.
Penelope: didn't say that
Schyroton: ((still
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Penelope: "So what is this place I've wandered into?"
Gaster: "Alright, sure. Anyway, by tying your lifeforce to the land, you have the ability to shape it to your will."
Muffet: "It's a place most often referred to as 'the bar'."
Gaster: "To a certain extent, of course."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Barchar: "...Oh, man."
Alphather: ((Gaster gives 0 fucks))
Gaster: "Hang on, let me demonstrate."
Penelope: "oh. Mom always told me not to go into bars. Should I leave?"
Gaster: makes the microwave look more tasteful.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Not not a greying midforties man's connection timed out.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: oh
Jäger Leyline: interesting
Schyroton: ...Iiif you wawant?
Jäger Leyline: is there any negative effects though?
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Gaster: "Yeah, it takes the piss right out of you."
Fanta: ((I think I like and really hate lilith at the same time
Barchar: "...Will the land itself be, like..."
Gaster: -Case in point: he looks like he's about to keel over.-
Penelope: "oh. Well if I'm not breaking a rule I think I want to stay."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Barchar: "Shaped by my thoughts?"
Gaster: "Eh, no. You mold it when you bring it into existance."
Muffet: "No rules broken, dearie. The bar is open to all."
Schyroton: Yyou're not.
Barchar: "Right, that's..what I meant."
Barchar: "Gonna be some interesting looking land. Habitable, but still."
Gaster: "But it won't change drastically if you have a bad day or something."
Penelope: "Thank you. Maybe I can find another home until I make it back to my old home."
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Gaster: "Once you make it, it's pretty much permanent."
Jäger Leyline: Will it hurt us though? or drain our life force?
Barchar: "Yeah, yeah."
Gaster: "It took a lot of effort just to change that microwave just now. So make sure you're happy with what you've got."
Penelope: "I just have to be patient I think."
Gaster: "Oh, and it certainly doesn't drain life force. The land lives as long as you do."
Barchar: "Well, I'll take what I can get. Directing it might be hard, but as long as people can live there I'm doing my job."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Gaster: nods.
Gaster: ((one of these days i'm gonna bump off one of the land guardians
Barchar: basically, it'll probably be something of a patchwork landscape. A little but of everything, in Barchar's part
Jäger Leyline: one concern
Schyroton: Mmmaybe.
Gaster: "Hm?"
Jäger Leyline: the whole soul thing
Barchar: but. Livable.
Barchar: "What about souls?"
Jäger Leyline: We, people from TK, don't have souls
Gaster: "Jager, have you seen this place? Half of it is tied to me."
Muffet: "This place is a nice enough home."
Barchar: "Jager, you don't have to take a spot."
Gaster: "You shouldn't. You're mortal."
Barchar: "After all, you'll die. I won't."
Jäger Leyline: oh
Jäger Leyline: then I guess the decision is up to you Chara
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Penelope: "Oh! I might have a home! Good things really do come to those who wait I guess!"
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Penelope: (( Blah Blah Blah patience or whatever
Muffet: she smiles. "Oh my God you're adorable."
Penelope: "Thank you!"
Schyroton: gives an admittedly weak smile.
: CaUnter-strike [] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: Also what about Loni?
Barchar: "I want to do it, definitely."
Penelope: "What is your name friendly spider lady?"
Barchar: "We can make room for her and Azalea. If we're building a house, then.."
Oculus: a little camera slides into the bar
Jäger Leyline: I mean.....I think she is immortal
Muffet: "Muffet, dearie. Muffet flamesman."
Gaster: "The choice is up to her."
Oculus: it snaps a picture, along with a bright flash
Barchar: "She's also kind of tied to me."
Schyroton: immediately hides his face.
Muffet: she flinches
Penelope: "Nice to meet you! And what is your name Mr. Robot?"
Oculus: after the flash subsides, the camera blinks. like it's an eye.
Gaster: "Hmmm. An interesting conundrum indeed."
Penelope: "woah...I can't see right now!"
Oculus: "Oculus."
Schyroton: H-hhhhhhold on, just... ggh... llet me reoriiiient myseseself.
Gaster: "I'd ask Loni's permission first, Barchar."
Barchar: "Well, right."
Jäger Leyline: She have to do it?
Schyroton: blinks, a lot. "Alriight,
Schyroton: Iii ththink we're good.
Schyroton: Iiiiiiiiiii'm Schyro.
Oculus: "I am sorry if I have...blinded you, or negatively affected you with my whole 'snapping photo' ordeal."
Schyroton: Plplease warn me beforrrre taking a pipicture.
Muffet: "You startled me. That's all."
Penelope: "Take all the time you need Schyro. And nice to meet you! And you too flashy oculus!"
Gaster: "Presumably we'd only need one of your life forces, but if Loni is tied to her, well, she'd probably want to know a lot would die if she were to die too."
Barchar: "I mean this is my choice. And it'd be hers too."
Fanta: she looks up from her lying down on the couch, an ear flooped over her nose
Fanta: "Someone's talking about stuff.."
Oculus: "The pictures...they don't actually go anywhere."
Barchar: "I mean, I shouldn't be affected if she gets hurt, just the other way around?"
Fanta: "It's too late.."
Oculus: "It's just there as a sort of defense mechanism, if you will."
Jäger Leyline: ...we don't know the extent of her immortality
Gaster: "Yes."
Barchar: "I honestly don't know what degree our connection is."
Schyroton: Oh.
Jäger Leyline: if she even is
Fanta: "Immortality?"
Oculus: "It proved somewhat effective against our enemies and gave us time to run."
Jäger Leyline: I'll let her know and tell her about it
Jäger Leyline: (test? Parp having issues?
Penelope: "I think...I rest...I had...a long walk to the bar." She nods off and falls asleep on the couch.
Gaster: nods. "I'd take some time to think about this."
Schyroton: Aaalriright.
Penelope: (( I gotta sleep irl. Gn
: (( gn
Muffet: "What?" she looks at fanta, confused.
Oculus: she floats up into the air, but only around one to two feet
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: for the record, they're in Gaston
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((gn
Fanta: oh, rip
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: should we wait then to move in?
Muffet: waves St fanta. "Good morning, dearie."
Fanta: "Morning"
Barchar: "I mean. I definitely want to. But..." she shrugs.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Muffet: "I'm pregnant. Just letting you know. Not sure if you did."
Gaster: "I'd recommend waiting, and thinking this over. If you can't stay in your original timeline, you can always stay with someone else."
Fanta: "Oh.. um, congrats?"
Schyroton: Hhi.
Jäger Leyline: I don't know if we are techincally fleeing or not though
Gaster: "Can you stay there or not?"
Gaster: "Basically, do you have no other place to go?"
Barchar: "In a couple of weeks everything is gonna be ruined, basically."
Gaster: "Okay, yeah, you're fleeing."
Jäger Leyline: ...if we let it
Fanta: she rolls over
Gaster: "A complicated situation, but I'll let you stay here."
Barchar: "Unless we can find out what's setting the humans off, then we're letting it."
Jäger Leyline: to be honest, I'd rather leave it behind anyhow
Jäger Leyline: I don't want to go through any ten years of war
Gaster: nods.
Schyroton: ...
Schyroton: leaves bc im going to bed gn
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Smolapeño [Smolster] disconnected.
Gaster: "So... I suggest you find someplace to stay. You are close with the Flamesmans, yes?"
Jäger Leyline: yeah
: I'm gonna go
Jäger Leyline: he have enough room for 4 extra people?
: CaUnter-strike [] is now ok [].
: ok [] disconnected.
Gaster: "They have a couple extra rooms, I do believe. And I think their couch pulls out."
Barchar: "Five. Azalea is almost certainly gonna be staying with loni, eventually."
Barchar: "Doven might be a shit with the rest, but I'd be happy living with them for a while."
Jäger Leyline: Well I can have Loni stay with Azalea
Gaster: nods. "Why don't you ask them?"
Jäger Leyline: well which one is his house?
Gaster: "The alarmingly fittingly purple one."
Jäger Leyline: heh
Jäger Leyline: heads to Fellbys
Fellby: -Looks like he just caught Ember.0
: Gaster [Gaster] is now Fellby [Fellby].
Barchar: she comes in. "Hey, Fellby."
Jäger Leyline: Ember? being naughty?
Fanta: Cancer
Ember: "Come on, dad, all the kids sneak out and fuck around at midnight!"
Fellby: "Ember - please, when you put it like that it sounds worse!"
Barchar: "Yeah. See? Damage done."
Jäger Leyline: Geez
Fellby: "Up to bed, young lady. I expect you up at six."
Ember: "Fiiiine."
Jäger Leyline: good night young lady
Ember: -She stomps up the stairs.-
Fanta: ((Gonna go to bed
Fellby: smiles. "She's gonna be upset when she sees the new lock on her window. Anyway, what's up?"
Fanta: ((He didn't let me struggle stall him
Fanta: ((I'm a sad
Jäger Leyline: So I got a question to ask
Fellby: "Yeah?"
Barchar: "Gaster suggests we move in. That cool?"
Jäger Leyline: Would it be okay ifwe mov- ....yeah
Fellby: "Like. With us?"
Fellby: "This is like, a temporary thing right? We've got the new kid coming along..."
Fanta: ((
Fanta: ((Before I go
Barchar: "Yeah."
Barchar: "But, if anything, you'll probably need the help."
Barchar: "Two kids will probably be a handful."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Fellby: "... Two?"
Jäger Leyline: Yeah until the new house is ready
Barchar: "What?".
Jäger Leyline: she means Ember and the newborn
Barchar: "Ember. Envy."
Barchar: "Two."
Barchar: "She's not having bloody twins, calm down."
Fellby: "Oh. Oh right. God, the new kid's got me all... weird in the head."
Fellby: "Anyway. Yeah, we've got a couple guest rooms. The sheets are clean."
Jäger Leyline: (muffet then has like 8 kids
Barchar: "That'll do."
Barchar: (Barchar TECHNICALLY wasn't wrong)
Fellby: ((fellby: "I appreciate the enthusiasm but WHERE ARE WE GONNA PUT THEM ALL"
Fellby: ((muffet: one for each limb
Jäger Leyline: Alright, we'll begin to pack up when we get back
Fellby: nods. "Alright."
Jäger Leyline: BC, wanna start working on the house?
Fellby: ((btw constructing the area's gonna take a while
Fellby: ((it took gaster a couple weeks to do main gaston, mostly because he was doing it piece by piece
Barchar: "Uh, we need someplace to put it first, darling."
Fellby: ((and going to flirt with mettaton in between because that's really all he had to entertain himself
Fellby: ((unrelated: i'm on the 666th level of candy crush
Barchar: Why
Jäger Leyline: put it? what do you mean?
Fellby: ((it's something to do in boring classes
Jäger Leyline: aren't you going to fix that....future house?
Gaster: -He went home and immediately collapsed.-
Barchar: "I thought we were making the new place and building a house there?"
Jäger Leyline: by fixing the house right?
Fellby: "... Jager, I don't think you get how this works. You see that mountain in the distance?"
Jäger Leyline: yeah?
Fellby: "An Asgore made that. With a bit of help, of course."
Fellby: "He's a nice guy. He's mute. But nice."
Jäger Leyline: okay so we are making a new house then
Fellby: "Yup."
Jäger Leyline: thats fine then
Jäger Leyline: thought we could just alter the preexisting house
Jäger Leyline: but making a new house is fune
Jäger Leyline: fine*
Fellby: "Now, if she goes throught with this, she's gonna be..." He yawns. "A bit out of it."
Fellby: "For the first few days, at the very least."
: ok [] joined chat.
Barchar: "Pssh. I'd welcome being a bit out of it."
Barchar: "I could use it, really."
Jäger Leyline: well you'll have me to cuddle with when you are out of it
Barchar: "Yup."
Barchar: "And Muffet, too. It'll be a veritable cuddle paradise."
Fellby: "Aww, come on, you could cuddle with me too."
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Barchar: "If you want, sure."
Jäger Leyline: well thats a given Fellby
Chaos: [color=#990909]*goes over to a table to relax*[/color]
Blake: <"...You know, I wonder if anyone here has knowledge of...i don't know. Something we can fight.">
Fellby: chuckles. "So it's official then?"
Blake: "Hello." says a small, old white man with the voice of a big black dude
Barchar: "Guess so."
Jäger Leyline: if you say it is
Halla: <"Huh?">
Fellby: claps his hands. "Sweet."
Chaos: [color=#990909]greetings[/color]
Jäger Leyline: ...any rules I have to be aware of?
Fellby: "Don't get sexy around kids, no memes, um..."
Blake: <" encyclopedic knowledge of the dungeons and dragons monster manual, or something. Just some monsters we can shoot and/or stab.">
Fellby: "If you use my good pans, please clean them."
Halla: <"No.">
Jäger Leyline: good was afraid I'd have to wear....nevemrnind
Fellby: "Wear what?"
Barchar: "What?"
Blake: <"No? No to what?">
[L]: [color=red]<...>[/color]
Jäger Leyline: Nothing...
Jäger Leyline: anyways
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Tiberius: <-oh yeah he spoke earlier->
Jäger Leyline: might be hard to get Doven here, but I'll find a way
Fellby: "Drag him in if you have to."
Chaos: [color=#990909]*just watches everyone*[/color]
Barchar: "Pick him up and drag him over kicking and screaming."
Halla: <"What L said.">
Blake: <"...I was simply suggesting we have things to fight. We have an arsenal, shouldn't we use it?">
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Muffet: she walks into the house, yawning. "Hello."
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Fellby: "Hello, sweetheart! How are you doing?"
Blake: <"...Fair point.">
Jäger Leyline: Hey Muffet
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Muffet: "Fine enough. Tired." age looks over Jager and bc. "Oh, are you visiting?"
Fellby: "Oh, shit, I should have texted you... They're um. Staying."
Jäger Leyline: No were moving in for a bit
Muffet: she processes for a second, before smiling. "Good."
Fellby: "Now how's our little girl doing?"
Muffet: "Well...not much to report."
Fellby: "I figured as much."
: ok [] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: so how about a group hug?
Fellby: "Oh, I'm content with that."
Barchar: "A bit Spontaneous, but sure."
Jäger Leyline: ppulls Fellby into a hug
Jäger Leyline: come on you two
Jäger Leyline: this is a big moment
Fellby: chuckles, hugging back and kissing Jager on the cheek.
Barchar: she also goes in
Scout: Heyyyy guys
Muffet: she enters last. She almost begins to start using her magic words, before stopping. Mostly because Jager doesn't have one. And she'd feel kind of silly about having bc and Fellby without him.
Scout: How do you make Pink Lemonade
Scout: (Pink Lemons)
Fellby: ((ppsst i'll give you a secret
Fellby: ((it's raspberry
Fellby: ((took me years to figure that out
Scout: ((Uh oh, uh oh
Scout: ((Lost my ticket to go to the gunshow
Scout: ((uh oh, uh oh
Scout: ((My mind used to be sharper than cut-coal.
Jäger Leyline: kisses Fellby on passionately in response
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
Fellby: is a bit shocked, but kisses back, humming a little.
Scout: He looks across the now empty bar.
Barchar: (its watsky chime)
Barchar: (its always watsky)
Scout: "Is-Is anyone even paying attention to me?"
Fellby: ((i figured
Blake: "No."
Jäger Leyline: after a few seconds, "you're always surprised when I do that"
Jäger Leyline: -is in Gaston
Fellby: "Yeah. Always takes me by surprise."
Fellby: ((it's 1:44 and this picture is making me giggle uncontrollably
Scout: "Like."
Jäger Leyline: ((youre high Chime
Scout: "I'm kinda a big center of attention here."
Scout: He gestures to himself, puffing up his chest.
Steve the Bear: -enters the bar-
Scout: "See? I attract freakin' BEARS!"
Scout: "How awesome can I get?"
Pleinair: "..."
Steve the Bear: -grunts and 4 baby cubs follow her-
Scout: "More bears!"
Scout: "See?"
Scout: "I'm getting awesomer by the awesome minute."
Blake: "That seems logically sound."
Muffet: "It's adorable."
Jäger Leyline: I'm sure you'll find plenty of things adorable that Fellby and I will do
Scout: "Yeah, i'm like."
Scout: "The most logically sound individual."
Scout: "Ever."
Scout: "In history."
Scout: "You know that Ghandi guy? Had the wrong idea, wasn't logically-sound."
Scout: "If I was him i'd just be all, logical."
Scout: "Nukes."
Scout: "Tons of nukes."
Scout: ((I have too much fun writing this
Blake: "I would generally not refer to nukes as 'logical'."
Scout: "Well see, if you nuke everything."
Scout: "Except yourself too cause you're logical like that."
Blake: "They rather r fall under the purview of brute force."
Fellby: "Yeah, let's put on a show for her, huh?"
Scout: He taps his dog tags. "Thats just it though, freakin' brute force."
Scout: "Works on everything!"
Jäger Leyline: Anytime hot stuff
Steve the Bear: -walks over and sniffs the scout-
Blake: "Brute force will not feed a nation."
Scout: He lets the sniff.
Scout: "Brute force can totally lead a freakin' nation."
Scout: "Just use your brute force to get food from the other bozos."
Muffet: she smiles. "Careful."
Blake: "The bozos whom you have nuked?"
Scout: "Yep."
Blake: "Thus irradiating their food?"
Scout: "Get all that radiation-powa."
Steve the Bear: -lightly head butts the scout-
Blake: "Thus making it unfit for consumption?"
Jäger Leyline: but right now? sure?
Scout: He pets the bear, shrugging.
Scout: "I eat more radiation than three nukes, daily."
Fellby: nods. "I'm down."
Jäger Leyline: bends Fellby over and does the famous VJ sailor kiss
Scout: "Then again, i'm compact awesome."
Fellby: hooks a leg around Jager's leg, letting himself be held.
Steve the Bear: -walks between his leg
Scout: He allows this, petting the bar.
Scout: bear
Grillby: -[s]he's amused by the clearly drunk man petting his bar.[/s]-
Steve the Bear: -this large bear then lifts up with her head-
Scout: He is now handstanding on a bear's head.
Jäger Leyline: good enough show?
Muffet: sge claps
Steve the Bear: -lowers her head a bit then quickly lifts it up fast to toss the scout in the air-
Scout: He gets tossed, note that he is STILL talking.
Scout: And does a flip.
Scout: And lands on his feet.
Scout: "I like this bear, cool gal."
Scout: "Freakin' flipping awesome."
Scout: "Did I tell you about the time I killed a bear, with nothing but a hot dog costume?"
Scout: "He was all like 'roar' and I was all like 'no way'"
Blake: "You did not. But I do not wish to be informed."
Scout: "And then I took a bone on the floor made of freakin' eggshells and slammed his brain inside out, it was freakin' cool!"
Jäger Leyline: That good enough? or want more?
Fellby: "I don't know, Loverboy. What are you feeling up to tonight?"
Steve the Bear: -roars and its eyes start to glow-
Jäger Leyline: I guess thats up to you, I am the guest
Muffet: "I'm not going to stop you two. Though, if you get Cheri tonight, I'm going to take La mignonne here."
Scout: He doesn't notice this, and leans back on thin air, putting his elbow on an invisible counter top.
Blake: "...What?"
Scout: "ANd then soldier was naked, and covered in honey, and it all got kinda wierd."
Fellby: "Well, i don't wanna make you do anything you don't want to do."
Scout: "Oh, and Pyro was there too, I think, eh, they aren't that awesome."
Scout: "Especially when you've got the MOON OF AWESOME that is me!"
Barchar: "Fellby, lemme translate."
Jäger Leyline: You're thinking I wouldn't want to be with you
Jäger Leyline: Thats almost never the case
Barchar: "'I'm all yours, hot stuff. Unf.'"
Fellby: "Alright, baby. Let's head upstairs and I'll show you my bag of tricks."
Steve the Bear: -a handle of a baseball bat emerges from a portal in the spot between his eyes
Scout: "..."
Scout: He just, reaches up, and pulls the handle.
Scout: "I like this hat, y'know."
Scout: "Could probably make a good buck off it."
Muffet: she smiles, leaning towards Barchar. "Полис."
Steve the Bear: -its a baseball bat that has "Ness" written on it-
Blake: "..."
Jäger Leyline: Arlgihtly then
Fellby: "Unless you wanna learn my magic word."
Scout: "..."
Barchar: closes her eyes, smiling and melting on Muffet's shoulder.
Scout: "I dunno who this is." He swings it a few times, testing it's weight.
Scout: "But this ness girl has some good taste here."
Muffet: "Clock's ticking, dearie. I'm about to take this cutie for myself, so if you want mine..."
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Blake: "Ness seems more like a male name."
Steve the Bear: -grunts-
Scout: "Then why is the Loch Ness Monster called a girl?"
Blake: <"L, I could not be trying harder not to.">
Jäger Leyline: you can tell me in prviate
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Blake: "Ness and NessIE are two different things."
Fellby: "Oh boy. I can't wait."
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Scout: "Now that's just adding IE to an already perfectly awesome name."
Jäger Leyline: heads up the stairs, "this way?
Blake: <"You are hypnotized by strange things, L.">
Scout: "Case in the freakin' point, Ness is a girl."
Fellby: "Indeed."
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Jäger Leyline: moves to the room he guesses is Fellby's
Fellby: -You'd be correct.-
Steve the Bear: -the bat has perfect weight btw and sings fast-
Blake: <"Touche.">
Jäger Leyline: flops on the bed
Fellby: jumps on top of him.
Muffet: takes Barchar over to her own. They don't often need seperate ones, but sometimes, they do. This is one of those times.
The Batter: -He wanders into the bar. And stares at Ness's bat.-
Blake: "..."
Jäger Leyline: Omph! Dominating this time?
Blake: "That..."
Fellby: "If you want me to, baby."
Scout: He locks eyes with The Batter.
The Batter: -He pulls out the Ashley Bat.-
Jäger Leyline: I'll let you decide -starts to make out
Scout: He pulls out the Sandman.
Fellby: "Hmm... give me a moment."
Scout: And a cleaver.
Blake: takes out the Maggie. Just in case.
Scout: A baseball shaped tumbleweed rolls by.
Jäger Leyline: got all the time in the world
The Batter: ".... Purification... in.... prog- " He gets distracted and attacks the tumbleweed.
Scout: "Play ball!" A baseball is sent flying at Batter.
Scout: Following by a flying guillotine.
Fellby: gets off the bed and rummages around in the closet.
The Batter: -LOL RIP-
: Your game is over.
Scout: "...What, seriously?"
Scout: "Man, that was anti-climaxic."
Scout: "Climactic."
Scout: "Climacteric."
The Batter: -Don't worry, that's what save cubes are for.-
Jäger Leyline: lies seductively on the bed
Scout: Now that the momentary distraction is gone.
Scout: He leans back, getting ready to restart his monolouge to Blake.
Fellby: pulls out a bag, then flops it on the bed. "There we go."
Jäger Leyline: oh? whatcha got?
Steve the Bear: -lies on the couch wtih her cubs-
Blake: "..." he puts away the Maggie.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Fellby: unzips it. "Oh, just a few things I've collected over the years..."
Fellby: -It's sex toys.-
Jäger Leyline: seesh
Fellby: "See anything that catches your eye?"
Jäger Leyline: well theres you
Fellby: "Or is this too much - awww."
Jäger Leyline: how about.... uh.....
Jäger Leyline: never yeah done much with toys to be honest
Fellby: "Well, we can experiment. It's best to start small."
Jäger Leyline: Yeah I suppose
Fellby: "But... if you just want vanilla tonight..."
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] disconnected.
Fellby: kisses Jager.
Jäger Leyline: kisses back,
Jäger Leyline: we can try a few things
Fellby: "I like the sound of that."
Fellby: -And then they banged.-
Jäger Leyline: -yes-
Scout: Yadayadayadayada
[L]: [color=red][/color]
Jäger Leyline: -nothing new there-
Barchar: meanwhile, she's just off being dated on-slash-bossed around by a succubus. If ember wakes up at the right time, she'll probably find her cooking.
Ember: -She's playing pokemon. Shhh.-
Blake: <"That is quickly seeming like the best option.">
Ember: -Good thing those walls are soundproof.-
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Blake: "Well, I apologize to interrupt your fascinating story, sir, but I'm afraid I have prior meetings planned to which I must attend."
Jäger Leyline: -yeah good thing, otherwise they'd hear whose is the older screamer-
Jäger Leyline: louder, not older*
Scout: He's kinda, moved away from Blake.
Scout: And is now rambling to Grillby.
Scout: About his super awesome adventures
Blake: he runs while he still can
Grillby: -He's used to this.-
Scout: "And then, I started beating his skull in, and let me tell you."
Scout: "Mall Santa had NO IDEA how deadly I am with a roll of paper..."
Barchar: you'd also occasionally hear some of the more forceful commands being given. All in all, just...yeah, they needed this.
Scout: "And then spy stabbed a child in the eye with an icicle, but eh."
Scout: "That's not nearly as cool."
Jäger Leyline: is a little bit more open to not being Dom all the time now
Grillby: -He nods, just slightly, as he polishes a glass.-
Fellby: -He taught Jager the meaning of "power bottom."-
TheTinyDeskEngi: *square dances*
Jäger Leyline: and enjoy it too-
Muffet: realizes only AFTER they leave France how great it would be to make Barchar wear a maid costume. Damn. Hindsight is 20/20/20/20/20 and all that
Fellby: -Ah well, they can probably pick one up somewhere.-
Muffet: something can be figured out
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
Fellby: -Find a clean one in the barkery or something.-
Muffet: Doesn't even have to be clean, depending
Fellby: -Come on, it's already a skimpy maid costume.-
Muffet: exactly. Why bother trying to pretend it's tasteful
Fellby: -Hygeine-
Barchar: what is she gonna get sick?
Barchar: no. The answer to that is no.
Fellby: -Good point but it's just common courtesy-
Fellby: -What if you woke up from your succubus-induced trance to find that you were in a dirty maid uniform-
Barchar: she'd be like "Oh, uh, okay"
Fellby: (("Wild night, huh?"
Fellby: ((muffet: "yeah no you just got me food all damn night"
Muffet: ("YOU orgasmed a couple times but that was, like, only really indirectly caused by me")
Barchar: ("You know what I should have expected this")
Fellby: -Eventually, after a long night of sex, he passes out on top of Jager.-
Literally Satan: ANd when all is passed out.
Fellby: ((satan's about
Literally Satan: He pops in through a hell boid. "Teach these assholes to start the orgy AFTER I leave."
Literally Satan: You're all waking up in schoolgirl uniforms, and in Muffet's case, a nun outfit.
Fellby: -You're acting like he's too upset about that-
Literally Satan: He's mildly annoying satan
Literally Satan: Not eternal punishment
Literally Satan: He could've set up chinese water torture
Jäger Leyline: passed out too
Jäger Leyline: -fellby will likely find the schoolgirl outfit hot though
Luci: ANd then, when satan's passed out
Luci: Luci's about
Luci: And she simply removed the schoolgirl outfits and replaces them with what looks like hockey gear
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Luci: It's the ultimate crime, you pass out after sex and wake up completely naked except for fucking hockey pads and a helmet
Jäger Leyline: ((Jager: Fellby this isn't the kind of toys I imagined
Fellby: ((fellby: "you know i like things up my ass but a hockey stick is not fitting up there"
Fellby: ((anyway i'm heading to bed, gn
Jäger Leyline: ((gn
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: YOU'RE TOO SLOW (SC the Hedgehog) [Star Chara] joined chat.
: YOU'RE TOO SLOW (SC the Hedgehog) [Star Chara] is now Cool Leg [--].
Jäger Leyline: (no youre too slow
: Cool Leg [--] is now Keithton, Human Dragon-Knight [Keithton].
Jäger Leyline: (who?
Keithton: ((New Character for some return, if I end up having time.))
Jäger Leyline: ((oh
: Keithton, Human Dragon-Knight's connection timed out.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Holy shit last night's just the return of everybody
: Fanta's connection timed out.
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DamnDude: [color=red]#What Happened? I passed out really early yesterday[/color]
DamnDude: [color=red]#B's Back Huh?[/color]
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Fanta: ((And nance just joined
DamnDude: [color=red]#Wait what[/color]
Fanta: ((#4
Sebastian: [[ [url=][Shocked][/url] ]]
DamnDude: [color=red]#I fucking love that I have a character that for now I'm gonna use for reaction gifs ]][/color]
Fanta: ((It doesn't work on mobile
DamnDude: [color=red]#Considering there's only one way to do him that I can think of right now but it's using a character that I want to keep just as a general character for now[/color]
DamnDude: [color=red]#Ah[/color]
DamnDude: [color=red]#I might replace all the gifs to be the direct gifs, not from the AA site[/color]
Sebastian: [[ Let's just say debeste prosecutor doesn't really need to be in the bar just yet, so I can fuck around with his replacements more ]]
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now Sebastian Debeste, Prosecutor [Sebastian].
Sebastian: [[ His last name is fucking 'Debeste' ]]
Sebastian: [[ And it's amazing ]]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Also I'm changing my OOC again[color=red] ]][/color]
Fanta: ((Isn't he from the one that didn't get localized
Sebastian: [[ Yep ]]
Sebastian: [[ Actually the count of AA games that aren't localized are 2.5 right now, as TGAA and TGAA2 currently have no plans for localization ]]
Sebastian: [[ But TGAA 2 isn't out yet even in Japan ]]
Fanta: ((Don't forget the aa5 dlc that never made it
Fanta: ((I gtg now
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: yee haw
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: Sebastian Debeste, Prosecutor [Sebastian] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
DamnDude: [[ ]]
: siivagunner ended and im really sad
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]What do you mean?[color=red] ]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Holy shit[color=red] ]][/color]
: also its october first
: you know what that means
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: yee hi
TheTinyDeskEngi: *yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaw!*
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: yee hi
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Frisky: ((FUCK Nance logged on last night))
Frisky: ((Anyways))
Frisky: ((I'm gonna be fucking introducing this character sometime today
Frisky: ((Wait shit
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisky] is now Frisky Whiskington [Winter].
Winter: ((There
Winter: [color=#ffffff]boop[/color]
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: I just watched the entirety of siivagunners goodbye video
: all 50 minutes
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Jäger Leyline: (mornin
: ((Morning))
: yee hi
: ((I'm pretty sure that hurricane will hit Florida))
: ((It's getting slower, grew to a cat 4 over night, and it going to basically engulf Cuba on tuesday))
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]nice[/color]
Jäger Leyline: ((hmmm
Jäger Leyline: ((Cuba might be in for a bad time
: ((So, I might not be here on Wednesday, and Thursday))
: ((this storm is gonna suck for cuba
: ((actually it will blow
: ((Yeah. Really, really bad.))
: ((No, it's actually a very serious matter for them, it's a category 4 right now, gradually slowing down.))
Smash: (( I'm not really scared
: ((Do you live in Cuba?))
Jäger Leyline: ((ever get the best ending in a game and you didn't even mean too?
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Smash: ((no, Florida
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Winter: ((Let it hit Florida
Winter: ((So I can have a longer weekend
Smash: (( exactly, that's what I'm saying
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Smash: (( canned beans and spaghetti, I'll survive the hurricane farce, but that hard.
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Barchar: (mornin')
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Jäger Leyline: (hey flame
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Barchar: there comes a gentle knocking on the room Jager and Fellby are in. "Hello? Are you guys up yet?" Barchar asks, hopefully quiet enough not to wake someone up
Jäger Leyline: opens the door, hes wearing hockey gear
Jäger Leyline: hey babe
Barchar: "..."
Jäger Leyline: ssshhh, Fells still sleepin
Jäger Leyline: is groogy
Barchar: she's still under. " not going to ask. Muffet asked me to make her breakfast, and I wanted to know if you wanted some too."
Jäger Leyline: sure
Barchar: "Cool." she smiles, walking off downstairs
Jäger Leyline: renters his room then exits a mintue later dressed, goes to the kitchen
Jäger Leyline: whatcha ya makin
Barchar: she's cracking some eggs. "Pancakes. Aaand eggs and bacon, but, you know. Pancakes, mostly."
Jäger Leyline: how was last night for you?
Barchar: She shrugged, humming to herself, shaking her hips to it. "I still like this."
Jäger Leyline: walks up from behind and connects hips with her while grabbing them and shaking
Jäger Leyline: I do too
Barchar: she jumps slightly, before laughing. "Yeah, I've noticed that too.
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Jäger Leyline: so I think you should design the house
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Barchar: "Hm...I could."
Jäger Leyline: I want you too
Barchar: "I've never actually gotten too interested in architecture, before, but hey, I could go looking."
Barchar: "And I guess designing the house is more about layout than know. Bits. Under that. What keeps the house up."
Jäger Leyline: whatever you make, I'm sure it'll be better than that future house
Barchar: "Well, with a bar that low, I cn't possibly fail."
Barchar: she's moved on to mixing up some batter. Pre-made, though. She's not a madwoman. Well, I guess that's arguable, but point is she's not makin' her own damn batter
Jäger Leyline: he sways his hips with hers as he watches
Jäger Leyline: seems like you're trying to be wife material
Barchar: "I've got the role, might as well play it."
Jäger Leyline: most wives don't hide houses, kill and then save their husband, or have all seeing powers
Barchar: "That's why I'm playing it, darling."
Barchar: she falters for a second, before picking back up. "I imagine the dress helps the image."
Barchar: "I still think that this feels like a mixed message ensemble, but I guess Muff' likes it at least. Dunno about you."
Jäger Leyline: I kind of prefer your normal attires
Jäger Leyline: but its a nice change in pace
Jäger Leyline: you do look cute
Jäger Leyline: it'd look better on the floor though
Barchar: She smirks. "You'll have to get me before Muff' does tonight, then."
Fellby: stirs a little.
Jäger Leyline: well I can get both of you two then
Jäger Leyline: it'll be her buy one get one free coupon
Barchar: "Oooh, nice."
Fellby: then walks downstairs, wearing only a pair of pants. "'Mornin you two."
Jäger Leyline: oh damn
Jäger Leyline: I wanted to be there when you awoke
Barchar: "Hey, Fellby!" she said, tilting her head back to see him.
Barchar: "Okay, I said I wouldn't ask, but uuh..."
Barchar: "Hockey pads? Really?"
Fellby: shrugs. "I don't remember it, honestly."
Barchar: "Okay, then. Want breakfast?"
Fellby: "Sure."
Jäger Leyline: we got a bit kinky
Jäger Leyline: but I don't remember hockey gear either
Barchar: "That's a weird kink, but..."
Barchar: "Whatever gets you there?"
Fellby: "Well."
Fellby: "At least we got free hockey stuff."
Barchar: she's finished up by now, putting everything on plates. Two big ones, and two smaller ones. She puts a big one and a small one on the table. "I'm gonna go give Muffet and Ember theirs."
Fellby: "Thank you, Barchar."
Jäger Leyline: Thanks babe
Jäger Leyline: starts eatin
Jäger Leyline: look at us, a regular 'ol atomic family
Fellby: chuckles. "Two dads, two moms, one kid with another on the way..."
Ember: -She's already awake.-
Barchar: she rather figured. "Hey, Ember! Have food." she hands her the smaller plate.
Ember: "Oh! Thanks."
Ember: "Nice dress by the way."
Barchar: "Thanks. Your mom bought it for me."
Barchar: "Which, in most situations, would be abad schoolyard joke."
Barchar: "But she actually did!"
Jäger Leyline: Two dads, two moms, 3 kids, and one on the way
Ember: "Mmmh."
Ember: "Oh yeah, I forgot about Doven..."
Barchar: wait, 3 what
Jäger Leyline: talks with pancakes in his mouth, "mmlonimmtooomm
Fellby: ((shit ember's last sentence was supposed to be fellby
Fellby: "Mh. For some reason I could really go for some ravioli right now."
Jäger Leyline: well then thats what is for dinner
Fellby: "Well, damn. I can't wait then."
Fellby: has managed to polish off his breakfast incredibly quickly.
Fellby: -In fact, it looks like he's going for seconds.-
Jäger Leyline: hungry uh?
Jäger Leyline: finishes his plate
Jäger Leyline: mind getting me another too?
Fellby: "Yeah. For some reason I'm hungrier than I usually am."
Barchar: she comes back down, now plateless.
Barchar: "Wow. Weird."
Fellby: plates two more breakfasts, then sets a plate down in front of Jager.
Jäger Leyline: Well you and I went at it for awhile last night
Jäger Leyline: you should be
Barchar: she sits down, smiling at the two of them
Fellby: chuckles. "Yeah, you tired me out."
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Jäger Leyline: and you taught me a few new things
Jäger Leyline: know I just realized
Fellby: "Hmm?"
Jäger Leyline: do you think Grillby finds it weird that I am dating him. Err well, a verison of him, one that is much more handsome and more kind of colour
Fellby: "I mean. Maybe not?"
Fellby: "If I was orange it'd probably be weirder..."
Barchar: "I mean, Mettaton is technically in a relationship with himself. But they're different enough it's hard to think of them that way."
Jäger Leyline: might think you're someone else really, a different flame element
Jäger Leyline: starts laughing
Barchar: "Fellbz here is barely more similar to Grillbz as Schyro is to Metta."
Jäger Leyline: its so funny when you think of Metta and Scyrho being the same person
Jäger Leyline: shit I wonder if there is an alternative verison of myself
Fellby: "You know, it's weird. Grillbys tend to come in all different colors... but we usually are somehow related to a green female fire elemental.
Barchar: She shrugs. "Dimensions are a fickle thing."
Barchar: "And if there's an alternate you, I doubt he's half as handsome."
Jäger Leyline: if there is, bet hes a pussy
Fellby: "Can you imagine a steampunk Jager?"
Jäger Leyline: hell what am I sayin? I'm one of a kind
Jäger Leyline: moves his robotic arm around, "Does this count?"
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Fellby: shrugs. "Maybe."
Fellby: has finished his second plate of food.
Barchar: "Actually, considering how poorly electricity tends to work, in general, I'm surprsied they DON'T do steampunk in TK-42o-er. 422."
Jäger Leyline: its not electricity
Fellby: "Yeah, me too." He gets up and heads to the fridge.
Jäger Leyline: its particle waves
Barchar: "Mmn."
Fellby: "Wait, isn't that what elecricity is?"
Jäger Leyline: minskyov particles emitted by ragnite engines block raido waves and other frequencies
Barchar: "...So...why not just use something OTHER than ragnite engines? So that they can then do things like...use radios."
Jäger Leyline: because ragnite emits powers so increbile that theres no point in trying to make anything else
Barchar: "Hm."
Jäger Leyline: my cybernetics are powered by a ragnite crystal
Jäger Leyline: right now each limb is putting out 1150 Kw
Fellby: reaches into the fridge, takes a swig of something, then reaches for a container of spreadable cheese.
Barchar: "...Okay, with only one? Fair enough. That's pretty good."
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Jäger Leyline: and thats a small crystal
Jäger Leyline: so I got 3450 kw of power in me right now
Fellby: nods, while eating the cheese right out of the container.
Jäger Leyline: ever wonder why I last so damn long in bed?
Fellby: "That's why?"
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Barchar: is just staring at Fellb
Fellby: raises an eyebrow. "What?"
Barchar: in what might honestly be horror if she wasn't all venomed-up
Barchar: "Why."
Fellby: "It's good."
Jäger Leyline: because of the engines B
Jäger Leyline: 3450 Kw bab B
Jäger Leyline: baby*
Barchar: "It's spreadable cheese."
Barchar: "And you're eading it from the can."
Fellby: "Yeah, so?"
Jäger Leyline: ((hey either of you two have any good suggestions for making my hair white temporary?
Fellby: ((just use a wig dude
Jäger Leyline: ((cant just use a product for like a day?
Barchar: (Never had to dye my hair)
Barchar: (you can also just try to be a slightly younger 76)
Barchar: (and have colored hair but otherwise just look like current 76)
Barchar: "It's [i]spray cheese[/i]. And you're eating it [i]from the can[/i]."
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Jäger Leyline: ((well I'm going as 70% accurate S76
Jäger Leyline: you really are hungry
Jäger Leyline: acting like you havent eaten in a few days
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Fellby: "..."
Fellby: drops the can. He looks like something's occured to him.
Barchar: (oh come on, how could you not have gone with 76% accurate)
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Barchar: "...."
Barchar: she glances at his stomach
Fellby: "'Scuse me for a moment."
Fellby: heads upstairs.
: its a me
Fellby: [sub]"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck"[/sub]
: beesbeesbees
Barchar: "Hey, Jager? Hiow good a look did you take at his stomach last name?"
Barchar: night*
Luci: You all woke up naked with hockey gear]
: ((That's a Lucio's wet dream))
: (("I can do this all day."))
Jäger Leyline: no
Jäger Leyline: well I mean I licked it
Jäger Leyline: a ton
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: she tilts her head, trying to envision this
Barchar: "Well, erm, if you paid close attention, you...miiiiight have seen a bluish core in there. Uhm..."
Jäger Leyline: can't be seruosy
Jäger Leyline: how the fuck did that happen though?
Fellby: comes back downstairs. "Everything's fine, I'm fire."
Fellby: ((*fine
Barchar: "[s]Why yes you are[/s]"
Barchar: "Reality warper."
Jäger Leyline: what happened?
Barchar: "Gave him a womb."
Barchar: "How Ember happened."
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Jäger Leyline: I mean...I get hat
Jäger Leyline: that*
Jäger Leyline: but I'm infertile
Jäger Leyline: looks sad when he says that
Fellby: "[sub]... not yours....[/sub]"
Barchar: "I...Jager, it's Muffet's."
Barchar: "It happened a couple nights ago."
Jäger Leyline: ....
Jäger Leyline: oh
Fellby: is now leaning on the counter, his face blank as he stares out the window.
Jäger Leyline: .....wait a second
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Jäger Leyline: are you or are you not?
Fellby: "..."
Jäger Leyline: you just said youre fine
Fellby: is not fine. He is, to put it simply, losing his shit.
Fellby: "... What the fuck am I gonna do."
Barchar: "What do you mean?"
Jäger Leyline: walks over to Fellby and places a hand on his shoulder
Jäger Leyline: don't worry we're here to help
Fellby: "I... I told myself that this wasn't gonna happen again, that I'd be more careful..."
Barchar: "Fellby, accidents happen. Don't worry about it. Nothing bad is going to happen with them."
Jäger Leyline: and even so.....theres choice
Fellby: "Oh god, oh god..." He leans over the sink, maing a quiet retching noise.
Fellby: -Too bad he can't throw up.-
Jäger Leyline: rubs his back
Barchar: frowns. She's not sure how to help.
Barchar: that bugs her, normally. Right now, it's making her pretty damn sad. She walks up, leaning on the counter. "Hey, you've done it before and made it, right? You can do it again. You're tough."
Fellby: nods. "I just... I didn't want it to happen..."
Fellby: "God, now we've got two on the way..."
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Jäger Leyline: Come on tough guy
Winter: ((Is Fellby motherfucking pregnant again
Muffet: meanwhile, she's blissfully unawares
Barchar: (YUP)
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Jäger Leyline: You got muffet, BC, and I to help you out
Jäger Leyline: plus Loni and.....well Doven doesn't count here
Fellby: "Muffet... I. I should talk to her."
: ((why so much pasta sauce
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Jäger Leyline: yeah that'd be good
Smash: (( wtf, how often does this shit happen?
Jäger Leyline: whispers to BC, "If you can, get some ravoili tonight
Fellby: ((not often
Barchar: She nods.
Barchar: (one time)
: ((who is everybody suddenly getting prego
: ((make ur own pasta sauce sheesh
Fellby: stands up, heading upstairs.
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*meanwhile, he is making pasta sauce in the kitchen with fresh vegetables, I can't really strike this out, so I'm committing to this decision*[/color]
PAPYRUS: -He wanders into the bar. "SOME OATMEAL, PLEASE!"
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Just stopping into to say i am doggo[color=red] ]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]The fuck[color=red] ]][/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*runs out of bar kitchen* I HEARD A PAPYRUS![/color]
Fellby: ((rip that first link
Fellby: ((also holy shit dd face reveal
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]But i am now doggo[color=red] ]][/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]YOU'RE MY NEW BEST FRIEND![/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]LEMME GET YA SOME OATMEAL! *goes back to make oatmeal*[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fellby: heads to Muffet's room. "Hey Muffet?"
Smash: [color=#fffffe]... *looks on phone to figure out what kind that is*[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]huh, so that's what that is.[/color]
: Think lucky charms
: but oatmeal
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*fixes up oatmeal and brings it out* bone appetite![/color]
Muffet: she looks up. "Oh, hello, cheri. I assumed Barchar would be back for my dishes by n-" she tilts her head. "You look worried. What's wrong?"
Fellby: he sits on the edge of Muffet's bed, sying. "I. Um. Oh boy."
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Smash: [color=#fffffe]You could say my knowledge of cooking is in-grained.[/color]
Muffet: "..." she looks at him. "Cheri? Are you...uhm..."
PAPYRUS: -He realizes the bad pun mid-bite... but keeps eating.-
Fellby: unbuttons his shirt, showing the soft blue glow in his abdomen. "Yup."
Muffet: She pauses, before cracking up. "Oh, god, of bloody course."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]I also like to think its oat of this world.[/color]
Fellby: starts to laugh too. It's weak at first, but grows to full out laughter.
PAPYRUS: -He drops his spoon.-
: oat no
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Hey, what's with wrong? Why are U-tense-l'the sudden?[/color]
Muffet: "Like, honestly, we should have seen this bloody coming."
Fellby: "Hah... isn't this just our luck huh?"
Smash: [color=#fffffe]*what's wrong[/color]
Barchar: she suddenly bursts out laughing
Smash: [color=#fffffe]was a mouth full[/color]
Barchar: "U-tense-l'...." she snickers
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Heheheheh... well, guess I'm not as sansational as him.[/color]
Muffet: she sighs. "Well, I guess we might need to think of another female name."
Fellby: "Yeah... who knows what's gonna pop out."
Fellby: "Oh. Oh man, what if we have two boys?"
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: what the?
Muffet: "Well, la mignonne does seem to be intent on it being a female."
Jäger Leyline: you okay babe?
Barchar: "Fine. Just..." she sighs. "Puns."
Barchar: "Bar."
Fellby: "Yours?"
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Yeah, then I guess his puns may raise the bar.[/color]
Fellby: "That... that was a stupid question, of course she means yours."
Fellby: absentmindedly rubs his own belly.
Muffet: "Yes, mine."
Muffet: "I...doubt elemental cores are particularly gender dimorphic."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Oh my god indeed, that'd be enlightening.[/color]
Scout: 'Oh, okay, so just take the 20 to get change'
Jäger Leyline: So I guess you any I are gonna have to care for the two preggers
Scout: 'And keep five for yourself and bring back the rest'
Barchar: "Yup."
Scout: I do that
Scout: 'Did you get the four bags of doritos?'
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Yeah, just hope no one starts beef with me over it.[/color]
Smash: [color=#fffffe]And it'd kill the joke.[/color]
Barchar: She sighs.
Barchar: "Anyway."
Barchar: "I wonder how long it'll take MUff' to give you a little something." she says, motioning to her eyes
Scout: "Hehe, yeah, you guys should stop ."
Scout: "The whole word is at seak."
Scout: Steak*
Fellby: "Mmmh. You figure out the gender at birth."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]Well, I guess we'll meat up and continue another day.[/color]
Scout: "Yeah pally, we'll have a cow."
Muffet: she nods. "..." she sighs. "Let's hope they'll be willing to share a room."
Muffet: "Get a bunk, maybe."
TheTinyDeskEngi: *on bar square dancing*
: ok [] joined chat.
Fellby: "Heh. Yeah."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]sounds good, really ham it up.[/color]
Fellby: "I'm gonna have to find something to weark.."
Jäger Leyline: what?
Jäger Leyline: give me what?
Jäger Leyline: cuz I ain't doing one of those words thing you and Fellby have
Hellcat: "why"
Hellcat: and now he's on the couch
Barchar: "Well, that was what I was referring to. But yeah, probably not a good idea."
Jäger Leyline: Sorry no
Jäger Leyline: I am not letting anyone control me
: (( idea
Jäger Leyline: Period.
: ((yee haw
Fellby: "God. It's so much to take in."
TheTinyDeskEngi: (( yeeeeeee haaaaaaaw
TheTinyDeskEngi: (( how many of you have seen the tiny desk engineer?
Barchar: "Fair enough!"
Barchar: "I like it, but I'm also weird."
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Scout: Only 79.99
Grillby: -He pats the tiny engineer on the head.-
: I sexually Identify as yee haw. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of yee haw. People say to me that a person being a yee haw is Impossible and I can't be two words but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install yee haw on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me yee haw and respect my right to yee haw. If you can't accept me you're a yee haw phobe and need to check your yee haw privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
: bruh
: copypastas are the best thing ever
Scout: Hey guys
Scout: Lets talk about youtubers that piss us off
Scout: I despise VanossGaming
TheTinyDeskEngi: (( *just keeps dancing, he is extremely expensive, and virtually useless, but with the price, no matter how you use him*
: Any minecraft youtuber
Scout: Or Venturian or whatever fucking name they use
Winter: [color=#ffffff]I despise Keemstar[/color]
Jäger Leyline: yeah well, not my thing
Fellby: ((nah, it's too early for negativity
Scout: Keemstar is an obvious one
: Keem and leafy
Smash: [color=#fffffe]FUCK THAT GUY[/color]
Barchar: (This is a test about the emergency copypasta system. If you see a copypasta, please copypasta it accordingly. It must not be allowed to die)
Scout: I need to get my negativity fill cause i'm about to get on rollercoasters
Fellby: ((my least favorite youtuber is brotharkery /s
Jäger Leyline: I only just learned how to try being recessive
: My younger brother watches popularmmos religiously
: (( but chime arent you brotharkery
Fellby: ((yes
Fellby: ((my content is shit
Barchar: She nods. "..."
: I don't hate them, but the videos are annoying
: (( what games do you play
Fellby: ((shit POSTS that is
Winter: [color=#ffffff]I despise most reaction channels[/color]
: Swood [] disconnected.
: High Priest Laharl [Scout] changed the topic to "Tri's an amazing bitch"
Barchar: (Honestly there aren't amny youtubers I hate)
Barchar: (I mean, ones that are popular to shit on, sure)
: Uh
: Swood [] joined chat.
Scout: ((Any of you fuckers ever heard of NislT
: DSPgaming
Winter: [color=#ffffff]No[/color]
Fellby: ((but seriously i don't really watch youtubers soooo
Barchar: (but for the most part I can stand just about any of them)
Scout: ((He makes 'tf2 trolling videos'
Smash: (( Yes
: ok [] disconnected.
Scout: ((He's the reason you see engineers inside of fucking walls shooting you
Scout: ((ANd people abusing bugs that he popularizes
: My yt channel is just really bad mashups
Fellby: ((i need to get a haircut
Winter: [color=#ffffff]What are some YouTubers that you like[/color]
Fellby: ((my hair is to the point where i can't get it to look good
Smash: (( I'm that one engineer that places his shit, builds it, and rancho relaxos
Scout: ((Fuck you
Scout: ((No seriously, if you're on some achievment server or some shit, alright
: ((I put mini sentries in places no one would expect
Scout: ((But don't go onto a neck and neck payload game and rancho relaxo
Jäger Leyline: ((its 230 am, its late, I'm off to bed
Smash: (( oh god no
Scout: ((That just makes everyone in your immediate vicinity wish a fucking painful death on you
Fellby: ((alright gn yaz
: ((gn
Smash: (( I'm not that evil
Scout: ((Like, tell me you at least put up a dispenser, tele, and sentry before you sit there and do nothing
Scout: ((Right
Smash: ((I at least jump onto the payload and relaxo
: ((who doesnt
Smash: (( and that's obvious
Jäger Leyline: hey I gonna go and pack up. Ill see you later
Scout: ((My cause for fucking around: As long as you're trying to win, it's cool
Scout: ((You want to be a market gardener trolldier? Alright, just try to hit the guys on the point
Scout: ((Wanna try your sweet new cleaver boston basher bleed scout set?
Scout: ((Cool, just aim for the medics
Smash: (( I always set my shit up first
Fellby: shifts a little, then stands up. "I'm gonna see if I've got oversized stuff to wear.
Jäger Leyline: kiss bc and leaves
Scout: ((Just, don't be the fucker that sets up a dispenser near the enemy spawn and ranchos
Scout: ((When we can't even votekick you on casual
Barchar: "See ya, darling!" she said, smiling after him
Smash: (( *set shit up* alright, I did my part. *rancho*
Scout: ((My engineer motto: Play that shit like you're playing starcraft
Scout: ((Keep a constant rate of clicks
Scout: ((WHether you're upgrading, moving, optimizing your buioldings
Scout: ((Hell, you could fucking be constantly spychecking
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] disconnected.
Scout: (*(JUst don't sit on your ass and wait for a spy to walk by
Smash: (( my motto is 'Well, guess that'll do'
Scout: ((Idgf if you wanna shoot your rescuer bolts into the friendly heavy atleast theres an infitismal chance to hit a spy
: ((my motto is "yee haw"
Scout: ((Like, just don't be a turtle engineer for the love of god
Smash: (( my motto is 'Mycarumba'
Scout: ((DOn't sit in the corner and whack your sentry with your wrench
Scout: ((And make that godawful PING noise
Scout: ((For hours
Winter: ((>goes through one hundred floors
Winter: ((>"ohey primal dialga fuck you"
Winter: ((>ROAR OF TIME
Winter: ((>one-shot
Winter: ((>game over
Muffet: she nods. "I probably should look, too."
Scout: ((I just use mudkip
Scout: ((Endeavor
Fellby: "I know I've accidently gotten a few things from Asgores..."
Scout: ((My tf2 motto for every class is 'atleast try'
: Swood [] disconnected.
Scout: ((You can goof around, but atleast try to take out their medic or some shit while you're at it
Scout: ((DOn't square dance into the enemy spawn
Winter: ((#dance
TheTinyDeskEngi: *#dance*
Grillby: "Aww, look at him go."
Barchar: (PErsonally, Laharl)
Barchar: (I disagree heavily)
TheTinyDeskEngi: *Grillby's best investment ever*
Barchar: (and that's why I don't like the switch to casual over pubs)
Scout: ((I agree that pubs should've stayed
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Muffet: "I still think I PROBABLY have something around...."
Muffet: she rummages through her closet
Fellby: heads to his own room and rummages around in his, and manages to find a huge, dark purple shirt.
Fellby: brings it back to his wife for approval.
: Frisky Whiskington [Winter] joined chat.
Muffet: She nods. She has something that...well, looks like it was tailor made to just look like her outfit, but big enough to work. Because it was.
Fellby: "This will have to do, huh?"
Muffet: "Unless you have something better, cheri."
Fellby: shakes his head.
Muffet: "Then it'll do."
Fellby: "Of course... the news of my pregnancy stays in this household."
Muffet: She nods.
Literally Satan: "..."
Literally Satan: He slooowly lowers back out through the hell boid.
Fellby: "... Fuck, that was your dad."
Smash: [color=#fffffe]... seriously, who the fuck is that?[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Smash: (( FIGHT ME!
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fellby: "Anyway, we pass the kids off as twins."
Fellby: "Hopefully."
Muffet: "That'll do."
Muffet: "It's probably gonna be beleivable enough."
Fanta: ((Hiya
Fellby: "They're not... that far apart, hah..."
Fanta: ((Fucking tests on saturday at 6 am are nice
Fellby: ((ew
Fanta: ((Especially when they last till noon
Smash: (( Nice
Fanta: ((Did fellby get ass pregnant
Fellby: ((yes
Fanta: ((Who is the dad
Muffet: she sighs. "...We really should have seen this coming."
Muffet: her with a gender-change potion. Or genital change at least.
Fanta: ((Oboi
Smash: (( why do I always join rps where someone has to conceive a child? I'm not joking, this literally always happens.
Fanta: ((Wait a minute
Fellby: nods.
Fanta: ((Did she take this after pregnant
: Frisky Whiskington [Winter] joined chat.
Barchar: (She didn't know at the time)
Winter: (("Rayquaza can canonically"
Winter: (("Blow"
Winter: (("Up"
Winter: (("The"
Winter: (("Fucking"
Winter: (("Moon
Barchar: ('Cause people like kids Smash)
Fellby: ((but will it blend? that is the question.
Smash: (( rip Moon
Fanta: ((*breathes in*
Fanta: ((Boi
Fanta: ((Did muffet get a temp ass womb or something
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Barchar: (Genital change wouldn't get rid of the womb I wouldn't think)
Winter: (("The Distortion World (やぶれたせかい Torn World) is an alternate dimension into which Giratina was banished by Arceus."
Fellby: ((FUCK
Winter: ((CHIME
Fanta: ((That sounds like a hairy situation
Fellby: ((didn't even know it was there eeewww
Fellby: ((but i cleaned it up, and i think i'm good
Barchar: (EW)
Fellby: "Hey Muffet... is your kid kicking yet?"
Fanta: ((Oh fuck there's a fourth ar tonelico
Muffet: "Mnn...I think I've felt a bit. Why?"
Fellby: "I was wondering if I could take a feel."
Fellby: lies back on the bed.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o [Smash] joined chat.
Smash: (( that's hilarious
Muffet: she nods. "Oh, well."
Barchar: (MV is asking me what I think 'the new muffel child' will be named)
Barchar: (And I'm trying so hard to resist saying 'it ain't just one my man')
Smash: (( name it Hazel, Roast
Smash: (( because roasted hazelnuts, I dunno
Barchar: (We know both names)
Fellby: ((ooooh boy
Fellby: ((i can't wait to see mv's reaction
Smash: (( better not be named Mary Sue
Barchar: (It's Envy)
Barchar: (the one he's talking about anyway)
Fellby: ((*they're
Barchar: (they're*)
Smash: (( they hate each other?
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: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: [color=#e00707]X[/color][color=#0715cd]e[/color]o's connection timed out.
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: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Barchar: [Hey, do you guys immediately need me rn?]
Muffet: [Did you just use text shorthand]
Barchar: [Yes.]
Fellby: [I don't think we need you right now.]
Barchar: [Aight. I'mma go to the bar then.]
Muffet: [Sure thing. I'll call if I need you]
Fellby: [Have fun then]
Barchar: she walks off to the bar
Barchar: still affected, but at least only Muffet, Fellby and Jager can actually do anything to her
: Frisky Whiskington [Winter] joined chat.
Fellby: ((My stand, 「GRANDDAD'S CLOTHES」, will make you look incredible!
Barchar: (It looks like a big 'ol coat)
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Lily [Lily] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hello[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I can't believe[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]The rips are done[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Barchar: rip rips
Barchar: I'm sure i'm the first person to ever think that
Barchar: the only one ever in the history of ever
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I can deconfirm that, because I thought of it as well[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Before you had said it[/color]
Barchar: lies
Barchar: lies and slander
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Truth[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Truth and honesty[/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Gaster [Gaster].
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: wanders into the bar if you wanna do some rp.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She walks in. "Hello."[/color]
Barchar: "Hi, Guardian!" she says, smiling
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: "Hello, Barchar."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait, who's Penelope?[/color]
Gaster: ((ant
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright thanks[/color]
Gaster: ((who went to bed hours ago
Gaster: ((so um
: Gaster [Gaster] kicked Penelope [Penelope] from the chat.
Gaster: ((this logout glitch man
Barchar: (kick time)
: ((Rip))
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Bread[/color]
: ((God it feels like it's so late and I'm tired but it's 3:30))
: ((Not having light shining through my window is actually affecting me and now I want to take a nap))
Barchar: (Hi bred)
Gaster: ((i feel like i should be doing art
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Eventually I'll overlisten to all the rips I enjoy, and there won't be any new ones[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Unless it's not actually over, but it's pretty serious[/color]
Barchar: "Good to see you." she said, laying down on the couch. "I mean. I do often. But still."
Barchar: (hasn't he already 'quit' like twice)
Gaster: ((yeah but this time it's probably for real
: ((Goddamn blizzard taking sever years for me to download their shitty game that is using overmatch to promote its self))
: ((And it is working))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I haven't been with it for that long, but the other times I don't think were quitting, just renovations[/color]
Barchar: (I find that the more people say they've quit, the more likely is they're going to come back)
Gaster: ((like, he posted an actual video of himself
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But this[/color]
Barchar: (There was one youtube channel I used to watch when I was like 8 called benthelooney that quit about 3 times, and kept coming back)
Barchar: (he had a super official ending video where, indeed, he showed himself, and yet he eventually came back)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Reading the AMA megathread, I don't have any idea why they 'quit'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Because a lot of them are saying they'll still be making rips[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]On their own channels and stuff[/color]
: ((NO))
: ((BAD))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh god[/color]
Barchar: (what)
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]For once i understand slightly whats going on[color=red] ]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Also, i have no idea if my laptops still on at home, im currently at my dads shop[color=red] ]][/color]
: ((
: ((Blizzard for fucks sake))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Double feels on that one[/color]
: ok [] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Bloo[/color]
: ok [] disconnected.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Hiya
Fanta: ((Bout to do another fucking thing
: ((Sounds fun))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Slarv[/color]
Fanta: ((Auditions for orchestra
Fanta: ((Are not fun
Barchar: "...Hm..." she stands up, looking around. "...I want food..." she mutters to herself.
Fanta: ((Breast are you feeling up for stuff tonight
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
Gaster: "I can get you some food."
: ((Breast))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]wew[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: ((Maybe, I dunno))
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Also chime you joked about a DD face reveal, but you realize ive given you guys more than enougj information to find an actual picture of me, right?[color=red] ]][/color]
Fanta: ((I can start it earlier if yaz gets here :p
Barchar: "I'm not gonna make you pay for my food."
Barchar: "Not like I need it."
Gaster: ((yeah but i'm not gonna snoop for you
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I dont care, I'll find a good reason to give you guys a debatablely good picture of me :D[color=red] ]][/color]
Barchar: (is the fact you want to do it not a good enough reason)
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Meh, i cant do it right now either way because im at my dads store without my glasses[color=red] ]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Thats why i was doggo[color=red] ]][/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Swood [] joined chat.
: yee hi
Barchar: she's thinking to herself
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Hola[color=red] ]][/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: flops onto the couch
Gaster: "Ah, hello."
Fanta: "Howdy"
Barchar: she goes and just gets a hamburger. "Hey, Fanta. Doin' alright?"
Fanta: "Yeah, just kinda stressed about Asriel"
Fanta: ((Gtg warm up
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bye Slarv[/color]
Gaster: ((bye then
Gaster: ((me: *lets phone run out of battery to avoid social interaction*
: ((bye
Barchar: (That's Schyro chime)
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Is there a game where object permanence doesn't exist[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]If not, I'm surprised[/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Barchar: (megaman)
Barchar: (Though I guess that's more the opposite)
Barchar: (where there's no object IMpermanence)
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: ((that sounds like an intresting idea
: ((if you look the other way, nothing happents
: ((happens*
: Frisky Whiskington [Winter] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Frisky[/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: yee hi
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((That's closure
Fanta: ((If you can't see it it doesn't exist
Fanta: ((Warmed up, just waiting on it to start now
Gaster: ((a similar?ish game is devil's tuning fork
Fanta: ((
Gaster: ((basically, you're blind and you basically echolocate to find your way around
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Neato[/color]
Fanta: "It's hard to comfort him"
Gaster: ((conceptualizing some hairstyles:
Barchar: She nods. "Yeah..."
Fanta: "Colton's doing ok, aside from the horse thing"
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Horse: They're making him watch leafy videos now
Horse: everywhere he looks
Horse: it's leafy
Barchar: which him
Barchar: "Well, isn't that kindof his main problem?"
Horse: colt
Fanta: "They're settling down a bit.. I think"
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Colton: he's trying to ignore it
Colton: just play isaac
Colton: [i]just play isaac[/i]
Barchar: "That'd be a nice thought, wouldn't it?"
Gaster: ((tried some longer hair:
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Horse: The horse has no chin
Fanta: "Are they not?"
Horse: They're fucking shit up on mars
Barchar: "Dunno."
Barchar: "But I doubt it."
Horse: Get fucked delta now you can't send yourself back in time
Fanta: "Ugh.."
Colton: [i]justignoreitandthey'llgoaway[/i]
Horse: hisssss
Colton: [i]iftheydon'tknowit'sworkingthey'llleave[/i]
Fanta: "I wonder if there's a horse be gone or something"
Gaster: ((drilltails:
Fanta: "Let me check.."
Fanta: checks on her phone
Fanta: "..."
Barchar: "..."
Fanta: she gets up and gets a salt shaker
Fanta: and heads to her room
Barchar: "Why-wait when did you get a new phone"
Fanta: "This is Hywel's"
Barchar: "Oh okay"
Fanta: "If I don't hold onto it he fills his head with trash"
Fanta: enters the room and looks at one of the horses
Horse: "..."
Fanta: "..."
Fanta: looks at colton
Fanta: she sprinkles salt on a horse, it shrivels up and dies, the others flee quickly
Fanta: "..."
Colton: "..."
Colton: "Has it...has it really been that easy this whole time?"
Fanta: "Salt."
Gaster: ((colton then radiated enough salt to scare off the horses forever
: Colton seems pretty salty about that
Fanta: "I don't."
Fanta: she's done
Colton: "I hate everything."
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: ok [] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: she groans
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Halla: <"I'm not sure if this will work">
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: ((alrighty, done with hairstyles
Fanta: "Salt, colton."
Fanta: hands him the shaker
Fanta: "It's"
Fanta: "It's salt"
Colton: he takes it, putting it on a nightstand angrily
Fanta: "They melt when you salt them"
Colton: "This entire time."
Colton: "It's been salt."
Colton: "Never at any point has that not been the solution."
Fanta: "I got teleported to wyoming"
Fanta: "And all we needed was salt"
: ok [] disconnected.
Fanta: flops onto the bed
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]oops[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]also, back[/color]
Colton: "I've been driven half insane."
Colton: "And all we needed."
Colton: "Was."
Colton: "[i]Salt[/i]."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Remember to radiate salt[/color]
Fanta: "I.. I did research"
Fanta: "They're part snail"
Fanta: "They're part snail, colton"
: ok [] joined chat.
Colton: "Rude word everything."
Fanta: "Hey, a sluggish solution is better than nothing, I guess"
Drakon: a rimshot sound can be heard out of nowhere
Colton: "...UGGGHHHHH"
Fanta: she pats his head, not moving her face, which is buried in a pillow
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey, Nancy watches rips[/color]
Barchar: sighs, yawning
Barchar: "Ugh...always feel tired after this..."
Fanta: ((I just got the image of blartchar bar cop
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Amazing[/color]
Barchar: why
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: Bar Char: Bar Cop
: Thats a blockbuster in the making
Gaster: ((bar char bar cop
Gaster: ((don't mess with her bar
: ((or you will face un-bar-able consequences
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Barchar: (why)
: i dont know
: test]
: yee haw]
: memes]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: ok [] disconnected.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh, the channel ended on the 30th anniversary of Flintstones[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wow.[/color]
: The end made me 7 grand sad
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ikr[/color]
: I cried a little bit
: just a little bit
Lily: The last rip he ever uploaded
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Barchar: she yawns again. "...I'm gonna..." she falls over, passing out
: Fanta's connection timed out.
DamnDude: [[ I'm back ]]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wb[/color]
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Gaster: checks on Barchar.
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I earned $30 for waving in front of a store in a dog costume for 3 hours, so that's nice[color=red] ]][/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Gj[/color]
Barchar: she's fine, just sleeping
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: puts his coat over her.
Fanta: ((So I got a 40 bucks worth of psn cards today
Fanta: ((First up is ar nosenge, then i may get disgaea
Barchar: she appreciates that
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]Somebody put up the Laharl signal[color=red] ]][/color]
Gaster: ((i did a concept of muffell kiddo
Barchar: (Oh?)
Gaster: ((hang on flame, i'll pm you
: Frisky Whiskington [Winter] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [Winter] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: ok [] joined chat.
: yee haw
: (( I finally fixed my dual-monitor setup
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Barchar: (nice)
: nice haw
: (( The kick in this song
: ((
: (( It's breaking my speakers
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Smol[/color]
Smolster: (hello!)
: yee hi
Barchar: (hey smol)
Barchar: (i mean jal)
: ((hi jal
Gaster: ((i read the second one as "i mean jail"
: (( "I Mean Jail"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Jailapeno[/color]
: (( sounds like the name of a band
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Why am I eating cereal for dinner[/color]
Barchar: (because)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ah fuck it[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cereal is good[/color]
Smolster: (what kind of cereal)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cookie crisps, I think that's what it's called[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Just a sec[/color]
Barchar: (I just heard someone call banette bayonetta)
: I'm eating frosted flakes right now
: I didn't eat breakfast or lunch
: Frosted flakes are pretty good
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cookie crisp, cookie crisps, same thing[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]There is a surprising lack of activity at 5:00[/color]
: (( I am making a song
Gaster: ((I'm drawing
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I should take this time to make music[/color]
Fanta: ((Wait
: (( I'm not trying to make a good song
Barchar: (I'm doing nothing)
: (( I'm just throwing shit together and hoping it sounds okay
Fanta: ((I picked up the polaroid why is the final animation playing
Smolster: (i'm playing alpha sapphire)
Fanta: ((Fuck i wanted to fight blue baby
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
Fanta: ((Fuuuck
: (( I'm using hl2 dialog and sounds
Barchar: (rip)
: F
Smolster: (if anyone has pokemon x, y, or oras, you can get darkrai through mystery gift until october 31st
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh shit really[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thanks[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Brb doing that[/color]
Smolster: (
Barchar: (Frisky get on that shit)
: (( my 3ds isnt with me
: (( fffffUCK
Barchar: (Get Darkrai, and an absol named Sage)
Barchar: (put them both in the daycare)
Barchar: (never touch them okay)
Fanta: ((I would
Barchar: (again*)
Fanta: ((But i'm pissed at pokemon still
: (( Wow thanks jal
: I havent plaed oras in like, a year
: Last I checked my brother traded away my shiny rayquaza ;-;
Smolster: (can u rename pokemon that u get through mystery gift?
Fanta: ((Just added emotes to new home
Fanta: ((Check em out
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]I left new home , I wasn't really doing anything there and I really didn't talk that much[color=red] ]][/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]And I was getting notifications from one of the channels[color=red] ]][/color]
Fanta: ((Watching the final rip
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I also got a Keldeo because I didn't check the site at first so I checked internet instead of using a code[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So that's nice[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Are you okay[/color]
Fanta: ((I got spooked
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Also what the hell is smile do[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]dog[/color]
Barchar: (Slarv has a phobia of spooky doges)
Fanta: ((Google it
Barchar: (creepypasta)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh, that's pretty spoop[/color]
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((Oh shit we can get Darkrai
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes[/color]
: ((Gonna do that real quick
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And Keldeo apparently[/color]
: (( I'm mixing songs together
: ((Also Smol we both have Alpha Sapphire
: (( I asked my cousin to give me an artist to sample from and he said 'kendrick lamar'
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I had Omega Ruby, and I let my sister use it[/color]
Smolster: ( "smile dog x reader" i'm..)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I ask her a while later 'hey you know how i gave you omega ruby'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'what?'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]internally: 'fucking dammit'[/color]
Gaster: ((people like to shove spooky spaghetti up their holes
Fanta: ((there's a shitlord on /r/undertale
Fanta: ((he's the creepiest fuck
Barchar: (is it chara_fan)
Fanta: ((no
Barchar: (okay)
Fanta: ((Innocence Adulator
Fanta: ((I'm talking the discord, btw
: [color=#ffffff]By the way Flame[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I already have an Absol[/color]
Barchar: Then stick him and the darkrai in the daycare
Barchar: and never touch them again
: [color=#ffffff]Okay[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Is it via interwebs[/color]
Fanta: ((Like, this motherfucker
: [color=#ffffff]Fuck it it probably is[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Keldeo is via internet, Darkrai is via code[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Click the link Smol put[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It has code[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Okay, got Keldeo[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Ah[/color]
Smolster: (code: Darkrai20
Fanta: ((The first thing I read from him was after he posted a funny memay of asriel in a bed or something
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...I don't know why I made it slightly more complicated than need be[/color]
Fanta: (('his smell is enough to masturbate to'
Fanta: (('i wouldn't let him bathe at my house'
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wo[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]wow*[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]SHIT I NEED TO HAVE A SYSTEM UPDATE[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Lolrip[/color]
Smolster: (does anyone wanna swap friendcodes?)
Fanta: (('at least 3 weeks at a time, to keep the smell up'
: [color=#ffffff]I already have Smol's FC[/color]
Fanta: ((Brb
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Barchar: (that is weird)
: **what
: (( do you guys want to listen to my shitpost
: yes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Uh, maybe[/color]
: very yes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But the spikes in the top one[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Is very unsettling[/color]
: SickEevee524 [SickEevee OOC] joined chat.
: It's just the fucking kendrick lamar beat
: exporting now
: prepare yourselves
Lily: [color=#daffdb]More lolrip[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]GODDAMNIT NINTENDO[/color]
: lol\
SickEevee OOC: ((what's going on?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi CE[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Keldeo and Darkrai are mystery gifts[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Internet and code respectively[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((oh. i already have both of those))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]o[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((form previous events but i have em))
SickEevee OOC: ((did you know volcanion is being distributed in places?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Weren't Hoopa, Volcanion, and the other one hidden or something, and you could only find them by typing it in somewhere[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh yeah the other one was Diancie[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((although i think volcanion is like, ORAS only))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]dammit[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((also not in america))
: (( I'm going to get some food while I wait for my shitpost to render
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey, Sun and Moon are exactly a week after CaUnniversary[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((oh cool))
: [color=#ffffff]This is what happens when it's the title screen of PMD[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((so darkrai has been the one playing the 3ds the whole time, huh.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]We have been played like a fiddle[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Or, like a 3ds[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Actually not[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Frisky is this lore[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I could go with the bullshit "this is an actual game" route[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I could not[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]-shrugs-[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Technically it already is a game, so if you go the 'it's a game' route, it's just a game in a game[/color]
: k
SickEevee OOC: ((it turns out PMD EON was just a rom-hack made by darkrai))
Barchar: Darkrai: "Say, who is this hanbdsome absol fellow? I do hope that perhaps he might become an ally to my goals"
Gaster: ((brb, dinner
SickEevee OOC: ((and with mechanics changing over time is just darkrai refining the gameplay. which means frisky is darkrai))
Smolster: (brb food
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Confirmed[/color]
Barchar: (firksy is also hoopa)
Barchar: (hoopa = darkrai)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Frisky is everyone[/color]
: (( flame = sage = frisky
: We are all frisky on this blessed day
Barchar: (We're all frisky now)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Speak for yourself[/color]
: (( #frisky4frisky
: (( what happened to the cri4tri campaign
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's always going on[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Smol would probably be the best president out of all of us[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Or Chime[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Chime would[/color]
: sans is hoopa is ness is frisky is flame is the miami mutilator is darkrai is manny pardo is donald trump is the voice in your head is siivagunner
Barchar: MV: "My first decree is height-enhancing or height-lowering drugs for all of the population"
: [color=#ffffff]No, I'm Hoopa[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So in the long run Sans is SiivaGunner[/color]
: I literally read that as "my first mcree"
: Who is nees
Barchar: (that explains everything)
SickEevee OOC: ((speaking of giiva. giiva may or may not be ending. i think it might actually be))
: so that means I am blank banshee
: [color=#ffffff]Sans is Ness[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Get your facts right hitch[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's like[/color]
: siiva is 7 grand dead
Lily: [color=#daffdb]A 2% chance of not being ended[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]birch tree*[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I used to think bitch wasn't a swear[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]So I said it a fuckton of times[/color]
: Sans = Ness = giiva
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Siiva* you fucks[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]So I was like[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]"Go ahead, bitch"[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]well, also giiva[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]but siiva is better[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]And the person was like[/color]
: Sans is the miami mutilator
Lily: [color=#daffdb]i know that ce[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]"that was rude"[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((giiva is the true name))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]but siiva is better[/color]
: hotline undertale
: everything is pink
SickEevee OOC: ((no it's not))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Giiva has the inferior rips.[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Come at me.[/color]
: I like the old ones better personally
: [color=#ffffff]-loads a gun-[/color]
: old rips are k
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I actually haven't heard the old rips kek[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]OKAY THE SYSTEM UPDATE HAS HAPPENED.[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Except for one, which was [i]actually[/i] a rip[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Let's try this again[/color]
: My favorite rip is Race Countdown
: The first rip I listened to was the hydrogen rip on the old channel
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bye _iiva_unner[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((high quality RIP))
: actually cried a little bit
: just a bit
: DaThings1 is back
: [color=#ffffff]GOT DARKRAI[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]BIIIITCH[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Gj[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((maybe just for the lulz i should get that keldio and an extra darkrai))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]You thought it was Keldeo[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]BUT IT WAS ME, KELDIO[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((i DID skip out of victini because i already had two))
SickEevee OOC: ((one of which was V-create))
: (( Huge Jackman
SickEevee OOC: ((play as huge jackman as wolverine))
: Here's my shitpost
: [color=#ffffff]I have thirty legendaries now[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]In my Alpha Sapphire game[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Gj[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]31*[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I should watch Pokemans Generations[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I heard it was good[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Darkrai's OT: GF[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]My future girlfriend gave it to me /s[/color]
: >implying you'd have a girlfriend
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>future[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>present is future confirmed[/color]
: >having a desireable future
SickEevee OOC: ((for a sec i thought pokemon generations was pokemon origins))
: >you'd
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>i can't read the 'd part[/color]
Barchar: girlfriend'd!
: Smolapeño's connection timed out.
SickEevee OOC: ((pokemon generations. in which you can play as both classic red and modern red))
: "you're my future girlfriend'd!"
SickEevee OOC: ((have you guys ever played viewtiful joe?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No, what's that[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((it's a beat-em-up for the gamecube.))
SickEevee OOC: ((well, beat-em-up platformer))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well of course I haven't played it then[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's on the damn game coob[/color]
Gaster: ((alright, back
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Chime[/color]
DamnDude: [color=red][[ [/color]The game, the sequel, or the MvC3 character[color=red] ]][/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mario Kart: Double Dash was good[/color]
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
SickEevee OOC: ((the first one DD))
Smolster: (back
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Smol[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I was doing Pokémon Amie with Darkrai[/color]
: yee hi
: [color=#ffffff]Accidentally dropped the Poképuff[/color]
: ok [] disconnected.
: [color=#ffffff]Looked like Darkrai backhanded me[/color]
: High Priest Laharl [Scout] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Laharl[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]'ey Laharl[/color]
: yee hi
SickEevee OOC: ((hai harl))
Smolster: (hi
: [color=#ffffff]Smol do you have a Boppoyama in your base[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Secret base[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]If you have one[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sad rips are now even slightly sadder :([/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait Laharl, did you hear[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That rips are rip[/color]
Smolster: (i don't think so? i don't have anything except the default furniture that u get when u first open a secret base)
: Siiva quit
Scout: ((HUZZAH
: [color=#ffffff]Ah[/color]
: Siiva is grand dead
Scout: ((PEACE
: [color=#ffffff]I decorate my secret base[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb][i]WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING[/i][/color]
: [color=#ffffff]It's my home now[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((there's always soundclowns though))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]In other news you just reminded me to put in new rips, so[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thanks[/color]
: the videos are still up though, and the contributors will just put the rips on their project
: channel*
Smolster: (dooes anyone want to battle?
Smolster: (pokemon battle, i mean
: [color=#ffffff]I do[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I want to test Darkrai[/color]
Scout: ((If you ever feel like fighting the resident pokemaster
Scout: ((Sure
Smolster: (just a warning, i'm really really bad at battling)
: [color=#ffffff]"Robin - hey nerds"[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Don't worry my current team in my party is filled with legendaries[/color]
Smolster: (oh rip me)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I'll use my non-legendariws[/color]
Smolster: (i put in only one legendary so i wouldn't seem too op or something)
Smolster: (in the team
: [color=#ffffff]SHIT I ONLY CHOSE THREE[/color]
Smolster: (omg
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip again[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Oh hey[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]You have a Ralts[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I have a Gardevoir[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]"Sappho's"[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Sapphos*[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]"communication with the other trainer was interrupted[/color]
Smolster: (Sappho was the gay greek poet)
Smolster: (i can't battle u it says ur offline)
: [color=#ffffff]Okay for some reason my 3DS internet is being shit[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Give me a sec[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Should be reconnecting[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Challenging[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Choose Sapphos when we start[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]And I'll choose Miles[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]RIP gay poet[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]YOU COULD OF CHOSE DARK VOIDDDDDDD[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]AND PUT ME TO SLEEEEEEP[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]It's k though[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Frisky pls[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Oh are you fucking kidding me[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Did my internet[/color]
Smolster: (i'm really bad at this gaame)
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: [color=#ffffff]Nah it's alright Smol[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]OKAG[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]OKay*[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I'm gonna walk to my couch[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]And reconnect there[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Then we can have a full battle without my internet connection on my 3DS halfassing me[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]There you go Smol[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Good[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Now you're gonna drain my health[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]You're doing good so far[/color]
Smolster: (rip darkrai
: F
: [color=#ffffff]ded[/color]
Barchar: the pinkish white
Barchar: is just
Barchar: all chat right now
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's not pinkish[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I'm gonna change Pokémon[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's pure white[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((it's just white))
: [color=#ffffff]Just so you don't get fucked by Miles[/color]
Barchar: Is it? It looks like it's tinted
Barchar: hm
SickEevee OOC: ((and smol is gray))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Are your eyes okay[/color]
Smolster: (um
: [color=#ffffff]Wtf[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I didn't pull out[/color]
Smolster: ("pull out"
: [color=#ffffff]I'm choosing three Pokémon this time[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Yes that was on purpose[/color]
Gaster: is in the bar, eating a burger.
Fellby: -He awakens from a long nap.-
Fellby: -He's starving.-
: [color=#ffffff]I'm gonna use only one Pokémon[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]6:15, still not really anyone here...[/color]
Barchar: is still slep
Muffet: so is she. She groans. "Why did we let her leave"
Fellby: "I dunno but it was a mistake."
: [color=#ffffff]Meet shiny Mewtwo motherfucker[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Meet shiny mega Mewtwo motherfucker[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Meet Insomnia motherfucker[/color]
Smolster: (dgfg i'mgonnadie
: [color=#ffffff]If you play your cards right[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]You won't[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]For example[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I have a shiny Chandelure[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Since when[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well shit that's cool[/color]
Muffet: [Barchar we need your assistance]
: [color=#ffffff]I have a shiny Kyogre[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]And a shiny Swampert[/color]
Muffet: ['re asleep because of the venom aren't you. Fuck.]
Smolster: (i have a shiny shuppet)
Fellby: "Goddamn could I go for some fried chicken. And Ravioli."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It was a shiny Lampent, never realized it was shiny[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Got the Swamper from trading[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But it just evolved, and I thought 'wait'[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]OKAY FUCKING.[/color]
Barchar: Gaster hears her phone go boodle-bbop a couple times
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'it's supposed to be purple'[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'and why does it have a green tint'[/color]
Gaster: ((i got a shiny rapidash
Barchar: that's about all she's done
: [color=#ffffff]Smol I dunno if we can complete a full fight[/color]
Gaster: ((and a shiny gengar
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So that's my second shiny ever[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Do you want to trade[/color]
Barchar: (I haven't found one fucking shiny)
Barchar: (in all my pokemon playing days)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]My first one was Deerling, which was cool[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]BUT FUCK ITS EVOLUTION[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]SHINY MY ASS[/color]
Smolster: (sure. i don't have any super cool pokemon tho)
Gaster: answers the phone. [are you guys in danger]
SickEevee OOC: ((i have plenty of shinies... but the only one i got myself doesn't count because it's a red hyardos))
: [color=#ffffff]I can show off how I'm a better trainer /s[/color]
Gaster: [this is gaster btw]
: [color=#ffffff]Back again[/color]
Muffet: [Not danger but we're fucking hungry]
Gaster: [okay any requests?]
Smolster: (im p sure everyone's a better trainer than me though)
: [color=#ffffff]Random Guy: lay off the french fries Fellby: no I'm pregnant[/color]
Muffet: [Cheri wants fried chicken]
: ((Nah there are worse people, Smol
Gaster: [okay]
SickEevee OOC: ((i mean. all things considered i'm probably a better ferrum trainer than a traditional trainer. so take that as you will.))
: [color=#ffffff]It's Relic[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]>vore[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]That made me laugh[/color]
Barchar: (what)
Gaster: heads to pick up some good food.
: [color=#ffffff]Smol had a Gulpin[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Named Vore[/color]
Muffet: she wallows in pregnancy
: [color=#ffffff]Fab Pikachu[/color]
Fellby: -He does too.-
SickEevee OOC: ((give me a theme. just like, any kinda theme.))
Smolster: (all your pokemon are so much cooler?? i cannot compete)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Lazytown[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'We Are Number One'[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]AAA yes you can[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((i didn't mean song))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]o[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Wait let me quit the trade for a second I need to do something ingame[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Then we'll resume[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]striped things[/color]
Gaster: eventually shows up at the Muffell residence, with a ton of food.
SickEevee OOC: ((i dunno about that. another one, if you would.))
Gaster: -Honestly he went above and beyond here.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]purple things[/color]
Muffet: her eyes widen. She drools a bit. "OH my god."
SickEevee OOC: ((you know what? give me something more specific.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Things with triangles[/color]
Fellby: "Gaster, you are an absolute saint."
SickEevee OOC: ((would pyramids count too?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sure[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Pyramids ARE just triangles with a square[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((ok. i will make a yugioh deck based on triangles... later, but i will. and it'll probably suck.))
Muffet: "You are the best person."
Gaster: "I got what you requested, along with my home-made ravioli, mint ice cream, pizza you can make in the oven, and potato chips."
: [color=#ffffff]Okay we can resume trading[/color]
Fellby: "Oh, my - you really didn't need to do that, seriously."
Gaster: "Oh, I forgot the ribs..."
: [color=#ffffff]I told you Smol[/color]
Muffet: "Cheri. I love you."
Muffet: "But yes, he did, and I'm so glad he took up the....towel...or whatever."
Smolster: (it won't let me show Frisky the swellow :(
Muffet: "Point is thank you so much, Doctor.
: [color=#ffffff]Is it in your party[/color]
Gaster: smiles, and hands the food over.
Smolster: (yes
: [color=#ffffff]Put it into your PC box[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]We can trade Swallows if you want[/color]
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Bread[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]Swellows*[/color]
SickEevee OOC: ((hai breb))
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Muffet: she's into that shit immediately
: [color=#ffffff]Request a trade when you've done that[/color]
Fellby: -He tears into that chicken. "Oh god, i've never been so happy to have food..."
: [color=#ffffff]YES[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Brb[/color]
Fellby: -He's almost on the verge of tears.-
: [color=#ffffff]It's beautiful[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]I knew you've always ridden me from the beginning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/color]
Smolster: ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u know it
: [color=#ffffff]We've both ridden each other ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/color]
Smolster: (aw yeah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: [color=#ffffff]I feel like we should keep our own Swellows[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]So we can keep it going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/color]
Smolster: (tru
Muffet: "Gaster oh my god did you steal this food from heaven? Because if so and they bug you about it don't tell them it was for me. Or do,I don't know."
Smolster: (i do not know how to un-offer a pokemon rip
Gaster: chuckles. "I'm glad you like it. Your daughter just had dinner at our house, by the way."
: [color=#ffffff]I'm gonna get off my 3DS for now[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]That was fun[/color]
: [color=#ffffff]( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/color]
Muffet: "And she didn't tell us?!"
Smolster: (ye
Smolster: (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gaster: "She says you were sleeping."
Fellby: -He checks his watch. "Muffet. We slept half the day."-
Muffet: "...Uggh..."
Fellby: "God, I hate being pregnant."
SickEevee OOC: ((oh. papyrus plushie confirmed))
Muffet: "..."
Muffet: she has a look of 'oh shit -::I' on her face, glancing at Gaster
Gaster: clears his throat uncomfortably. "I won't tell."
Fellby: "Thank you."
Muffet: "Thank you."
Barchar: (wow)
Barchar: (the ebst part is how they line up exactly)
Gaster: ((yeah lol
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Smolster: (hi darling!!
Gaster: ((hey mv
Schyroton: ((hi!
SickEevee OOC: ((hai mv))
Barchar: (hi mv)
Fellby: -He nods, then starts on the ribs.-
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Barchar: (how long until MV looks up and is like 'aw shit')
Gaster: (( :)
Schyroton: ((okay first off frisky, robin, thats hilarious
Schyroton: ((second, what should i be aw shitting about
: yee haw
Gaster: ((what fellby said
Schyroton: ((waitwaitwait is fellby also preg.
Schyroton: ((again?!
Gaster: ((yes
Barchar: (again)
Schyroton: ((WELL FUCK
Schyroton: ((how to add angst: make one of the kiddos stillborn
Gaster: ((NO
Barchar: (we're not control alt delete)
: ((too much preggo pasta sauce
Gaster: ((we are not doing loss.jpg: cau edition
Schyroton: ((loss.jpreg
: (( 1) | 2) || 3) || 4) | -
Smolster: (
Barchar: (loss.mpreg)
Gaster: ((*WHEEZE*
Schyroton: ((theres a convoluted way of adding angst which is have the umbilical cord wrap around the kid's neck, have the kid survive, name them something feminine, have them grow up, have them come out to you with their name and as agender at seventeen, and don't fully believe that their issues are real because its trendy :) :) :)
: ((what
: ((dafuq
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Schyroton: ((im sorry for that im just very salty right niw
: I found undine the undying
Barchar: (i don't even know what an agender sex demon would be like)
Schyroton: ((i meant to hit delete but its right above my enter button
Schyroton: ((the answer is me
Gaster: ((FUCK
Gaster: ((i closed 8tracks on accident
Schyroton: ((sorry for that dump i meant to delete it but i screwed up and hit enter
Barchar: (it's cool)
Gaster: ((it's okay
SickEevee OOC: ((it's fine))
Schyroton: ((i mean i was gonna have to explain why i was feeling shitty a lot recently at some pont
Schyroton: ((hah, even in a chatroom i cant filter things
Schyroton: ((anyway uh
Gaster: ((how 'bout them babbos
Schyroton: ((on a different, happier note, you can ask a question and i'll respond in character here: