Gaster: "Downtown Gaston."
Barchar: "...Alright! I can work with that! That's fine!"
Barchar: she gets up, walking through the anydoor
Nobody: ((Flame
Nobody: ((You doing Poke tonight?
Gaston Timeline: -It's a little late in the day. Looks like people are heading home.-
Barchar: (Eh, I'll see what's going on in main when it's time i guess)
Nobody: ((Just say it straight are you gonna skip out on a lot of sessions
Nobody: ((Cause I need to know if i've gotta reserve shit
: -theres a knock on Midna's door
Barchar: (...Geh. Yeah. Probably. I dunno, past the concept I guess I haven't reeeally been feeling it. Oh well. No really big deal, but still)
Barchar: (You can give out Barchar's shit to the others)
Midna: -She opens the door.-
Nobody: ((Alright.
Döven : -is there- Where is father?
Nobody: ((You leaving the arc now?
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] is now Döven [Döven ].
Nobody: ((Or are you jsut gonna 'show up'
Midna: -She rubs her eyes. "I don't know, okay? He showed up here, and when I went to bed in the morning he was gone."
Döven : walks right in and looks around
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Döven : thats not a good enough answer
Midna: -A large hand descends from the ceiling. "Well, it's the truth."
Döven : is armed to the teeth, wearing a combat like garb with a katana,
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Döven : He has been missing for days, I'm not leaving until I know where he has gone of that I have a clue
Döven : or that*
Midna: -She looks very, very annoyed. "Well, if I had a clue, I'd hand it to you on a silver platter!"
: ((Who here wants WDG to die))
Barchar: (Dunno. Probably the former, but I'll see what I feel like when the time actually comes)
: ((Yaz: me
: ((death is fun
: -Swood
Barchar: she bursts into Midna's house. "WHY IS YOUR DOOR OPEN WHERE'S JAGER-oh Jesus Christ of course you're here."
: ((Scumster is probably burning in hell rn
Döven : Hmph, now you show up
Midna: "Oh, god, now there's two people in my house!"
Döven : I'm going to search for answers, ones the occupants of the house likely didn't find
Barchar: "Hi, Midna." she said, casually.
Barchar: "...Right."
Barchar: "Okay."
Döven : I hope you have cleaned in a few days
: ((Imagine how Midna feels
Midna: "What was I supposed to find?"
: ((Two people break into her house
: ((For a goat she barely knows
Barchar: technically Doven just calmly walked in and Barchar run through the open door
: True
Barchar: "...Sorry about this. By the way."
Döven : Yes she can be quite loud and annoying
Barchar: "Not what I meant but fine whatever."
Midna: -She glares at the jagged sword that's impaled into her living room floor. [sub]"... You could act as a security system you know."[/sub]
Midna: -The sword replies with a farting noise.-
Döven : So I assume Father and you got together on the open mic night
Barchar: "'You' who?"
Midna: "N-no? He came in and propositoned me, yes, but we didn't do anything."
Döven : Nothing? thats surprising
Midna: "I have a lot more to worry about than getting off."
Barchar: "Yeah, you don't seem the type to actually go with him."
Döven : but he stayed here the night? in your bed?
Midna: "On the couch."
Midna: -She points upstairs.-
Döven : goes to the couch
Barchar: "Psshh. Right. Did you see him leave? Or tell you what he was doing? Or...anything?"
Midna: "I didn't see him leave at all."
Barchar: "Right. Oay."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Barchar: she makes sure he hasn't just been staying on her couch
Midna: "He only came into the foyer and my office."
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Döven : did he do anything?
Midna: "He organized my records. That's not a euphasim, by the way."
Barchar: looks for an open window or some shit
Barchar: "I know it isn't."
Midna: -Most of her windows have blackout curtains.-
Midna: -It's actually pretty dark in the house in general.-
Fanta: ((
Fanta: Also this frontier brain is a beast it turns out
Döven : pulls out a powerful flashlight and shines it on the couch
Döven : did you clean the house since he left?
Midna: "No, I haven't had time."
Döven : good that might make it easier
Barchar: "...I don't know what your plan is, but I get the feeling it's going to be very strange."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]TIL Take On Me has more views than Never Gonna Give You Up[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wow[/color]
Barchar: pff
Döven : ((take me on is better
Lily: [color=#daffdb]True[/color]
Döven : ((espeically the NSP verison
Lily: [color=#daffdb]True as well[/color]
Barchar: I like Never Gonna Give You Up
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I like both, but honestly like Take On Me a bit better[/color]
Döven : pulls out a spray bottle and sprays the area near the floor of the couch
Midna: -She kind of wonders what he's up to.-
Fanta: The Battle Dreamscape is officially technically beatable
Döven : turns off the flashlight and pulls out a black light and shines it over the area realving a shoe print
Döven : -a few of them
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Midna: -Might as well head upstairs, right?-
Döven : no this is whete he stayed right?
Barchar: "Well. Okay then. Now we follow."
Midna: "Yes."
Döven : and this is his shoe
: A [i]Shoe[/I] print
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Midna: "I... guess?"
Barchar: "I assume."
Barchar: "You don't look like your shoe size is that big."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Help[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I've jumped into the old memes[/color]
Barchar: "...or that you wear shoes."
Barchar: "At all."
Midna: "I don't like wearing shoes around the house anyway, so."
Döven : I know its his shoes, I know his size and the boots he wears
Barchar: "Okay. So. Now, we follow."
Barchar: "Lead the way, kid."
Döven : starts spraying and following the path, which leads outdoor
Midna: "Have fun. I've got a sword to extract from my carpet. Tell me if you find anything, okay?"
Barchar: (I feel like I've made a small mistake by searching up 'twili midna' on google images)
Barchar: "Sure thing."
Gaster: ((sorry
Nobody: When I see twili midna
Gaston Timeline: -Like I said, there's not too many people out and about.-
Barchar: (Well, same)
Gaster: ((she's so damn good in hw
Barchar: (But also)
Barchar: (looootsa porn)
Barchar: (so)
Barchar: (so much porn)
Gaster: ((i did prefer ghirahim, if only because he gave me a bit more challenge
Döven : don't worry you'll hear about it from him
: ((Google knows what you look up and uses that for "personalized search results" iirc
Barchar: (Guess there's a reason that as far as I'm concerned 'Sexy midna' is an equally acceptable term for her)
: ((Flame looks up porn confirmed
Barchar: (I swear to god I don't look for porn on google images)
: [url=]Hessyst[/url]: He kinda, watches the group walk past him. He's got a shitton of bags and is walking in the general direction of the forsst.
: [url=]Hessyst[/url]: Bye hessyst.
: ((Not even Absol porn?
Barchar: "Hi Hessyst."
Barchar: (Not even)
: [url=]Hessyst[/url]: "Hellooooooo"
: [url=]Hessyst[/url]: "Iiii, muuuust be gooooiiiing, haaaaave a nice daaaaaay."
Barchar: "Yeah."
Döven : .....
Döven : follows the path to eventually theres an outline on the ground
Barchar: "..."
Döven : looks like it stops here
Döven : and someone must have taken him
Barchar: she kneels down, looking at the outline
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
: ((hi mv
Barchar: (Hi MV)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi MV[/color]
Gaster: ((hey mv
Schyroton: ((hi
Gaster: left home last night to comfort Grillby.
Smolster: (hi darling!!
Schyroton: ((hi!!
: Swood [] disconnected.
Smolster: (<3
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Döven : stands up
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Barchar: she hits the ground, just in case there's something below it or something
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: -its dirt and grass-
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Barchar: "Oh well."
Barchar: she stands up, sighing
Döven : some one knocked him out or something, hence his outline
Barchar: "Right. Okay. So..."
Döven : theres no blood so he should be fine
Barchar: "Well none HERE."
Döven : he can take plenty of abuse
Döven : he is with you after all
Barchar: "Well, I certainly know that."
Barchar: "Haha.'
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: "I was more thinking about the time WDG injected him with a chemical that literally filled his entire body with pain."
Barchar: "But, well."
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Döven : (brb
Gaster: is in the bar, sipping tea and reading a book.
Gaster: -Occasionally, he glances at Grillby.-
: (("i shot a stormtrooper in the penis" -Frisky
: Schyroton [Schyroton] is now MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX].
MettatonSEX: enters the bar. "Hello."
Gaster: "Ah, hello, darling!"
MettatonSEX: Hi my sweet.
MettatonSEX: Is everything okay? You weren't there when I woke up.
Gaster: stands up, putting the book down and hugging his husband. "Yeah, Grillby needed me here."
MettatonSEX: hugs back.
MettatonSEX: I understand.
Knots: Ain't fucking with ya'll, Grillby fed her good for a while.
Gaster: "There was an... incident last night. He lost his cool."
MettatonSEX: ((i passed out last night so wtf happened
MettatonSEX: Oh my.
Gaster: ((sonichu walked in and grillby lost his shit
Nobody: ((She panicked, threw the basket, dissapeared
Nobody: ((And came back later to get the basket back
MettatonSEX: ((ah
MettatonSEX: looks to Grillby. "Are you feeling alright now?"
Grillby: -He silently nods.-
MettatonSEX: Alright. Just making sure.
Gaster: "We did sleep in the same bed, but there was nothing romantic. Just hugging."
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
MettatonSEX: I get that. I'd ask for a close friend to hold me at night too if I was having a shit day.
: Döven 's connection timed out.
Gaster: "I'm glad you're not upset over this, though."
MettatonSEX: Yeah... ...........I still feel bad about last time.
: Döven [Döven ] joined chat.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Gaster: chuckles. "It could have been handled better."
MettatonSEX: Yeah...
Döven : guess I have find another clue
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Gaster: "That was... a mess."
Barchar: "What's that?"
Grillby: -He shifts a little.-
: Swood [] joined chat.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ...It was a bigger disaster than the orphanage incident.
Gaster: ((dude i was trying to fix my car hood earlier and slammed on it repeatedly
: ((did it fix it
Gaster: ((then i thought of sr pelo's videos and cracked up
Gaster: ((no
Gaster: ((i have a temporary fix so it won't fly open when i'm on the freeway but
: ((sir pelo?
: ((OH BOY
: ((OH BOY
MettatonSEX: Grillby, I know it was a while ago, but I'm still really sorry for what happened then.
: ((
Döven : a clue is a piece of evidence that will help lead you to another or help answer a mystery, but thats not important right now
Grillby: "I'd say more people got hurt in the orphanage thing."
Barchar: okay, your grammer made me think you meant 'found'
MettatonSEX: True.
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Nobody: Biiiitch
Nobody: Two people got hurt in the orphanage thing
Gaster: "In the other incident, the only ones hurt were us."
Döven : have to find*
Nobody: One of them is now lightly crispy and the other one is robot.
Barchar: so, no, she didn't say that
Grillby: -yeah but the only thing that happened with the other incident was a lot of angst-
Döven : (good opporunity to make an aiplane! joke
Barchar: "Alright. But how? We don't really know anything else that happened."
Nobody: Angst>Noel's existence
MettatonSEX: ((i fuckin love airplane!
Barchar: "I mean, I got intercepted by granddad last time I tried to text him."
Barchar: "That's probably worth noting.
Barchar: WGD: Worst Grand Dad
MettatonSEX: ((one of my favorites
Gaster: ((dude i need to watch airplane! again
Döven : could have mentioned that before
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What's Airplane![/color]
: Frisky [] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((its a comedy movie
Nobody: The Exlamation marks here
Barchar: It's a movie
Nobody: are confusing me
Nobody: so much
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ah[/color]
Döven : (really fun moving
Döven : movie*
MettatonSEX: ((its part of the title
Barchar: "Look, I don't know what the fuck he can and can't do. I barely questioned it."
: ((did somebody say airplane?
Barchar: (No, we said airplane!)
Döven : give me your phone
MettatonSEX: ((like durarara!! or black★rock shooter
Barchar: she hands it to him
Döven : sends a text
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]R2 CK[/color]
Barchar: to whom
Gaster: sighs and leans against his husband.
Döven : to jager
MettatonSEX: ((i didnt watch it
Barchar: not a big deal when it's a link but you probably do need to make sure you say it
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright, still tho[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]CK this is third time your memes have been R2 ;-;[/color]
: ((crap
: Swood [] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: whirs a bit, with a light blush
MettatonSEX: ((yeah please do put warnings
: Frisky [] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((i understand its accidental and i dont click yt links if my gf is here but please
Barchar: "I didn't get anything last time I tried. I doubt he'll answer you."
Döven : not looking for Father
Barchar: "...So why are you texting him."
: the phone beeps
Barchar: "OR. His number."
Barchar: "What the he-?"
Döven : you are slow
Döven : Grandfather
Döven : says Jager is currently busy
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "Right. so. That's probably a bad thing."
MettatonSEX: Gaster? I have something for you.
Gaster: "Oh? What is it?"
MettatonSEX: bends down and gives his husband a kiss.
Gaster: blushes brightly.
MettatonSEX: Cute.
Döven : ...not giving me a location
Barchar: "Where were you staying before you attacked us?"
Gaster: "Yeah, that's you."
MettatonSEX: No, you.
Döven : pulls out a device and connects it the phone
Döven : not with Grandfather
Gaster: "No, you!"
Gaster: kisses Mettaton on the nose.
MettatonSEX: gasps, kissing Gaster back. "No, you!"
Barchar: "Geh."
Gaster: giggles, tickling his husband. "Nooo, you!"
Barchar: "Lord of inconvenience."
MettatonSEX: ...Darling.
MettatonSEX: I'm not ticklish.
Fanta: We starting soon
Gaster: "... Good point."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]ZE or SCP?[/color]
Gaster: "I can sure as hell try, though."
MettatonSEX: It won't work.
Fanta: SCP
Fanta: We have no bread
Fanta: So we can't ze
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Gaster: ((well then we need to go to the store and get more bread.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I can donate some bread[/color]
Gaster: boops his husband's nose instead.
Döven : (need our daily dose of bread
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Dr. Slarv [].
Nobody: I'm not changin my name.
MettatonSEX: attempts to boop Gaster's nose back, but ends up jamming his finger in Gaster's face.
MettatonSEX: ...
Nobody: But everyone who has a chip feels a slight stinging sensation, and it starts beeping.
: "Hey remember when you said you could make a loaf of bread and they'd believe it was an scp?"
MettatonSEX: I keep forgetting you have no nose.
: High Priest Laharl [Nobody] is now High Priest Laharl [Dr. Laharl].
: ""
: High Priest Laharl [Dr. Laharl] is now High Priest Laharl [].
Gaster: chuckles.
: "...My god."
MettatonSEX: gets a text.
Döven : types away on the device
Döven : trying to get a locstion
Barchar: "Right. I figured."
MettatonSEX: ...I have to go take care of Glamor; Schyro's anklet is doing that thing again.
Barchar: ignores it. She's got better shit to worry about
Gaster: "Okay. I'll go with you for now."
MettatonSEX: Alright.
: BC's chip shorts out, and literally lights on fire.
: And melts out of her arm.
MettatonSEX: goes to take care of his son.
Barchar: "...Well, then!"
Gaston Timeline: -Someone passing by in the Gaston Timeline stops and stares at this.-
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "Hi."
Gaston Timeline: "... Bye!"
Gaston Timeline: -They run off.-
: The chips all play Dixie in 8-bit tunes, and everyone with a chip is sent to the arc reactor.
Barchar: "Ooookay then."
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Barchar: she repairs the damage the exploding chip did
: Dr. Slarv [] is now The Voice [The Voice].
The Voice: begins playing a new song...
Döven : the phone bursts into flames and he discards it
Döven : got something from it
Barchar: "MY PH-FUCK!"
Barchar: "HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA GET A NEW-shit." she groans
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
The Voice: "It's"
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Grillby: -He is about to lose his shit again if that plays the nutshack theme.-
Barchar: "[sub]Ohgodno[/sub]"
The Voice: "The"
Barchar: [sub]"I swear to god do not"[/sub]
The Voice: "Nutshack"
Nobody: "..."
Barchar: "FUCK!"
Döven : tell them it burst in flames.
Nobody: "This is fine."
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Barchar: "God, I hate our fucking jukeboxz."
Barchar: "Okay! alright. So. What have you found out."
Grillby: -He looks at Nobody, then for Nobody's safetly, he leaves the main room and sets his own room on fire again.-
Döven : a location where the signal came from
Barchar: "Useful. Where."
Döven : .....not sure
: Smolapeño [Smolster] disconnected.
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "The fuck do you mean you're not sure."
Döven : I have a location but its not any map or ace I know
Barchar: "...Inconvenient."
Döven : place&
Döven : like its a place that doesnt exist
Barchar: "Huh. Well. I'm versed in things that don't exist. Any clue how we can go towards it?"
: Clipboards
: In its initial stage, SCP-666½-J causes a brief period of mild nausea followed by a sudden and urgent need to relieve oneself. However, the instant before the crucial moment of blessed release, SCP-666½-J triggers a DK-Class Dominance shift, seizing control over the subject's nether regions and causing a massive shutdown of all the subject's bodily exits. The deep, carnal desire for release increases to the point that it becomes downright crippling. Subjects often experience shortness of breath, extreme jaw pain from the clenching of teeth, and mild bruising on hands from putting the rim of the toilet bowl in a death grip. After 15-20 minutes of the subject's intestines experiencing a level of containment rivaling that of SCP-106 (and involving substantially more screaming), the subject will experience a brief RK-Class Rapture Scenario, feeling a relaxation of the lower muscles, a wave of elation, and a fleeting hope that the worst has passed. Following this, the gates of Hell open up within the subject's intestines as Satan himself violates the subject's anal canal with a pickaxe. A sudden SK-Class Scorched Earth Scenario completely razes the interior lining of the afflicted's digestive tract as unholy murderflame rages throughout in a demonic vortex with a temperature of roughly HOLY-CRAP-ON-A-CUPCAKE degrees Kelvin. Every happy memory, every recollection of peace, joy, or anything other than sheer teeth-shattering agony is volcanically obliterated in a gastrointestinal supernova of biblical proportions. Subjects may experience blackouts or periods of lost time during this phase, their state of being reduced to a tear-blurred haze of torrential sweat, agonized wails, and desperate gasps for air. This continues for the next two to three hours. It is common for subjects to briefly hallucinate during this stage, creating comforting mental scenarios in which they are violently murdered by various Keter-Class SCP entities. Any last vestiges of hope are crushed into tiny nubbins as subjects undergo a CK-Class Total Containment Failure, finally expelling the contents of their bowels in a magnificent riptide that could best be compared to a single, large leak in the Hoover Dam: an unfathomably vast expanse of liquid ejected at a rate fast enough to be upsetting, but not fast enough to be merciful. Subjects have described the experience as the digestive equivalent of one's life flashing before their eyes, with every meal eaten during an individual's lifetime excruciatingly funneled out in reverse chronological order. The downright baffling amounts of waste produced by the afflicted has led researchers to conclude that subjects' intestinal tracts are imbued with extradimensional or ectroentropic properties during this time. The ejected waste does not resemble good, wholesome fecal matter in the slightest. Rather, it is a roastawful terrorslush that is probably corrosive and almost definitely radioactive. The expulsion stage is usually fairly brief, but an anomalous temporal field created by SCP-666½-J causes subjects to perceive the experience as lasting roughly six lifetimes. As the subject's ability to endure the emotional and physical trauma of the end-of-days inferno raging within their tenderest parts inevitably fails, SCP-666½-J will enter its final stage: a UK-Class Universal Collapse scenario, in which the subject experiences one final crescendo of gastric ragnarok followed by a blessed, merciful state of unconsciousness. Subjects will awaken one to two hours later with full memory of their experience; however, a number of afflicted individuals have reported finding themselves moved from one location to another during the period of time between passing out and regaining consciousness. One researcher testified to having found himself in a nearby field, clean and fully dressed, and laying atop of pile of 1986 Time magazines with no memory of how he arrived there.
Döven : no
Gaster: ((
Barchar: Laharl why
Barchar: (
The Voice:
Muffet: when it comes to memes, everyone eslse is a better role model
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Barchar: laharl killed chat with scp 6661/2-j
Döven : know anyway to get inbetween time lines?
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "'Inbetween timelines' meaning what exactly?"
: Flame
: Your fellow pokemon players are dinguses
Barchar: Dude I am like the ultradingus
: We gave them four options
Barchar: "If you mean being in something that isn't a timeline between timelines..."
: And they chose the one we put a warning label on
: Poly [Poly] joined chat.
Barchar: "Well. Maybe. I know there's some issues."
: Chime is currently getting massacred by Darkblade.
Barchar: Did they go for 682
Barchar: WOW
: Poly [Poly] disconnected.
Barchar: GG
Döven : Thats all I can figure our
Döven : out*
Barchar: I don't know if fucking with 682 or darkblade is a dumber idea
Barchar: "...Alright. Well. I can certainly get working on something."
Döven : it looks like there is two TK 421s
Barchar: "...Though. I'm just gonna NOT do it around the bar. I would muuuch rather that I don't destory it."
Barchar: "I'm sure there's someplace that we can rip a hole in that's less...populated."
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Döven : gonna need an anydoor
Barchar: "Well, there's certainly plenty of those."
Döven : lets go to o.e
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
Barchar: (Chime, what's Fellby's color?)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Purple?[/color]
Gaster: ((Hex code?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]o[/color]
Barchar: (Yeah)
Gaster: ((2b0057
Barchar: (thx)
Barchar: she goes over to the Gaston one
Döven : hooks the device to the door
Barchar: "This won't blow this up too, will it?';
Döven : likely will
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "Let's not."
Barchar: "I know just the place that we can wreck."
Döven : but should last long enough for us to get tbrough
Döven : fine
Gaston Timeline: -Please don't blow up the Gaston Anydoor.-
: Swood [] joined chat.
Gaster: kind of needs that anydoor.
: Swood [] disconnected.
Barchar: takes Doven to the rekt astley dimension
Barchar: "Absolutely nobody is going to want to come here."
Döven : Whatever
Döven : hooks up the device
Nobody: "..."
Döven : the anydoor begins to glitch but open a portal up
Döven : come on -pushes her in and jumps in afterwards-
Barchar: she yelps a bit
Barchar: "I was going to walk in without your [i]helo[/i], Doven."
Literally Satan: "Biiiiiiiitch."
Literally Satan: He dissapears through a hell boid.
: the realm they are in is a big void and those two are on a platform that is floating it the middle of it
Döven : wouldn
Döven : would recommend falling off the platform
Döven : wouldnt*
: BC: I'm getting very mixed messages here.
Döven : (anyone got Deus Ex Mankind divided?
Barchar: "Wasn't planning on it."
WDG: Yes a good fall in there and you'll be not just ripped apart atom by atom, but you'll also become nonexistant
WDG: -walks up to them-
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
Barchar: "Pssh."
Barchar: "Been there."
Barchar: "Done that."
WDG: Heh not even I can survive that, nor could you. Also in here, everyone is vurenable, so I suggest you keep you're weapons holstered
: -most things are glitch the fuck out, barely anything is stable-
Barchar: "Dude. That is EXACTLY what happened to me. I still remember the order they exploded!"
Barchar: "That said. I'd really rather not get stuck HERE."
The Voice: "Phil's from the stone, Jack's from the pier!"
Barchar: "The bar was bad enough."
The Voice: "Horatio or Horat so beer!"
The Voice: "Tito Dick, Dickman baby!"
The Voice: "He hates Phil and loves the ladies" etc
WDG: -turns around and walks away from them into a lab
Barchar: she...follows. I guess. She kinda has to, for the most part
WDG: in fact don't touch each other
Barchar: "...Ooookay then."
WDG: one touch of interfence from something else can completely erase you
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: she scoots away from Doven
WDG: so that brings you to my less than humble abode
Barchar: "Oh, come on, you can't [i]not[/i] know."
WDG: oh he is here, over there -points-
Barchar: she glances over
Jäger Leyline: -is on a table, passed out-
The Voice: ((Randy x Jasper otp
WDG: just don't touch him
Barchar: "...Right."
Döven : goes over and looks at him
Barchar: "Okay. That's...fine. Whatever."
Döven : Hes fine, just out
WDG: had him brought here to see how long he'd last
Barchar: "Good. Thanks, kid."
WDG: most people can only be here for say 6 hours at most
WDG: then poof! atomized
Barchar: "I assume that you're ~speeeecial~?"
WDG: Me? no not even I stay here that long
WDG: because if I die, everything gets reset
Barchar: "Oh. Right."
Barchar: "Then why do you have all this bullshit set up?"
WDG: for science
Barchar: "Ah. Of course."
Barchar: "Generic, pointless SCIENCE! Why the hell not."
WDG: did you ever wonder why TK-421 is SOOOOO different from other timelines
Barchar: "Either it's your fault, or just the fact that it's a very fundamental branch."
Barchar: "That's at least been my assumption."
WDG: take a look on your left then your right, on the right is the TK-421 you're familar with
Barchar: [sub]"Now look at your man, now back. at me."[/sub] she muttered, rolling her eyes
WDG: the left is on more original world of monsters and humans, where monsters are oppressed to underground and there is a lot more variety of monsters
WDG: the left world though doesn't have a certian people, like Jager, Doven, Shin, Jeska, Jukon, Loni and more
Barchar: "So, what, two timelines, squished into one?"
WDG: nope two time lines diverged from one
Barchar: "mmn."
WDG: Now I've altered things over the numerous resets I've done but things have gone fair beyond my control
Barchar: "So you're trying to put in some footholds, then? Trying to use things like Doven to wrench things back into place?"
WDG: so I've determined that these key figures act as an anchor point,
WDG: and Jager is capable of drawing a certain power from the other part, one that has keep him alive through numerous events that would see anyone else died
Döven : dead*
Barchar: "...So what are you going to do with him?"
WDG: Nothing, he has exceed the test time, lasting well over 24 hours in a place that should have atomized him
WDG: but I have come to a conclusion
Barchar: debates starting to use stone cold steve austin 'what's. But...nah.
WDG: its simply that Jager dan't really die
Döven : can't*
Barchar: "Hm."
Barchar: "Convenient."
WDG: not by normals means at least, he has a power that exists from the other realm, one youre familiar with
Barchar: "...Heh. Actually, that's...somehow actually really comforting."
WDG: but should he perish, all of TK-421 may go along with him
Barchar: "That is, uh, notably less comforting."
WDG: Which is why I made Doven, as a back up
WDG: he has the same powers as his father
Barchar: "Oh. That explains a lot."
WDG: so you can take Jager back home now
WDG: go on, theres no big boss to fight or plot twist this time
Barchar: "Fine with me."
Barchar: "God, I got a straight bloody answer from you. I feel like I saw a unicorn."
WDG: well go on, get out of here
Barchar: "...How are we gonna get him out?"
Barchar: "We'vve established that touching him is not an option."
WDG: -pulls out and waves an anomia packet over his nose-
Jäger Leyline: -sits up and grabs his nose- UGhh godd
WDG: see ya around -fades away-
Barchar: "Hey, Jager. We should probably not be here."
Jäger Leyline: What?
Döven : Come on father we are leaving -runs to the anydoor-
Jäger Leyline: I uh okay? -follows-
Barchar: she walks through, calmly
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: the hell happened?
Barchar: "You got kidnapped."
Barchar: "WE saved you. Go team."
Barchar: "Also, apparently you're essentially incapable of dying.'
Döven : Yeah Father, we had to fight a dragon and numerous soldiers to get to you
Döven : That too
Jäger Leyline: ...really?
Barchar: "Not the dragon thing. I wish."
Barchar: "But the second thing, yeah."
Jäger Leyline: I'm not really the damsel in distres type though
Jäger Leyline: but I'll you'll get your reward later bate -slides his finger up her neck and past her chin
Döven : babe*
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Döven : mutters, "I do all the work and she gets the praise
Barchar: "Actually...yeah."
Barchar: "I tagged along, really. He did the finding."
Jäger Leyline: oh....-pats Doven's head- Well thanks son
Döven : ..yeah sure....I'm going home
Barchar: "Sure. See ya, kid."
Döven : leaves
Jäger Leyline: damn, I didn't get a chance to hook up with Midna
: Döven [Döven ] is now Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline].
Pleinair: "..."
Barchar: "Aw, shame."
Barchar: "She is hot."
The Voice: "It's the Nutshack"
Jäger Leyline: well Im gonna try again
Jäger Leyline: think we made so kind of connection
Barchar: "...Gonna be honest, I disagree."
Barchar: "Or are you being sarcastic?"
Jäger Leyline: Im making progress I know it
Barchar: "If you say so, Jager."
Jäger Leyline: If I can just get inbetween those preppermint creams of hers Ill be happy
Barchar: "...Is that a reference to-okay."
Jäger Leyline: kisses Bc quickly and runs off
Midna: -please no she's trying to help run a timeline-
Barchar: she shakes her head. "Jeez."
Barchar: she heads on back to the bar
Grillby: -Not even he's at the counter.-
Midna: -Also she's having a fight with a sword demon.-
Barchar: she doesn't blame him
Barchar: "How much do I have to bribe you to skip these requests." she said, walking over to the jukebox
Jäger Leyline: goes to her house anyhow
Midna: -There's shouting.-
Jäger Leyline: listens in
Barchar: this is prolly the cue to not, Jager
Ghirahim: "Ooooh, remember when you clung to my shoulder and screamed in my ear? That was a lot of fun!" There's sarcasm dripping from his words.
Jäger Leyline: ...damn
Midna: "I was only screaming becuse you were running right at that giant frog! It was going to eat us you idiot!"
Jäger Leyline: ....giant frog?
Ghirahim: "But it didn't!"
Midna: "Because I killed it!"
Jäger Leyline: ....mmmm
Jäger Leyline: wonders if he should knock
Midna: -A small dagger pierces through the door.-
Jäger Leyline: ...guess thats a no
Barchar: okay that's REALLLY your cue to not
Ghirahim: -This fuck's throwing around knives. And getting knocked across the room.-
Jäger Leyline: enters then because he thinks its fight
Jäger Leyline: Midna are you okay?
Barchar: you don't read people very well Jager
Midna: -Of course, she's taking a few hits as well. She snaps her head up. "Yes! I'm f-" Ghirahim has just kicked her to the floor.-
Jäger Leyline: goes to tackle him
Midna: -She counters by smacking him with a giant hand."
Barchar: (Zant: "Why do I live here")
Midna: "Get out! I can handle him on my own!"
Gaster: ((zant: oh yeah because it's dark
Barchar: (Zant: "I should go live in a cave")
Jäger Leyline: backs off
Barchar: (Jasper: "Bitch that's my schtick")
Ghirahim: -He attempts to throw a knife at Jager, but Midna crosses the room and piledrives him.-
Jäger Leyline: You sure you don't want hlep
Jäger Leyline: help*
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Midna: "Yes, I'm fine! We do this like, every week!"
Barchar: realizes she should text Muffet, reaching in her pocket
Barchar: "...Oh."
Barchar: "Right."
Barchar: "Fuck."
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: she gets to couch diggin'
Ghirahim: -He gets up and licks Midna's neck. Midna responds by cannoning him across the room.-
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
Barchar: oh Ghirahim u lovable(?) creep
Jäger Leyline: ....
Midna: -You didn't notice it in the dark, but... everything in the front hall looks destroyed.-
Jäger Leyline: Alright well I was just returning to tell you I was okay -heads to the door and grabs the knife
Ghirahim: -It's diamond-shaped.-
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: sees if there is an opening at his legs while they fight
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
Ghirahim: -Not really. Until... he poses.-
Barchar: I don't think sword spirits have junk
Ghirahim: -He finds it an inconvenient weakness.-
Jäger Leyline: tosses that knife at it
Ghirahim: -He yells.-
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: waves as he heads out
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Midna: "See you!"
Barchar: awesome
Jäger Leyline: let me know when you are free to talk
Barchar: if he's heading to the bar, he sees bc rummaging through the couch cushions
Jäger Leyline: goes outside and lights up a cigar
Midna: -Both she and Ghirahim burst out laughing at that.-
Jäger Leyline: waits for a bit to see if the fighting stops
: Poly [Poly] joined chat.
Midna: -Doesn't look like it will. It's probably best to leave her alone for now.-
Poly: (( I feel sick
Poly: (( rip me
Jäger Leyline: heads back to the bar
Jäger Leyline: Hey BC,
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
Grillby: -He's wandered back out to the bar.-
Barchar: "Hey, Jager."
Poly: Poly walks in, slithering.
Barchar: she pulls up a 10G coin
Poly: slithering goat
Poly: i meant to type 'hissing' but
Poly: I do not feel ok enough to do that
Jäger Leyline: what are you doing Babe?
Jäger Leyline: Hey hissing goat
Barchar: "I'm getting money."
Poly: "Hisssssss. I mean, hi."
Grillby: -He gives a gentle flicker of acknowledgement.-
Jäger Leyline: Heh, That Midna is too busy just to talk to
Barchar: grillby at least has seen her do this about every other night
Barchar: "Mmn. Shame."
Jäger Leyline: can't even help her or be her friend
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Barchar: "How it goes."
Jäger Leyline: well I guess so,
Jäger Leyline: try again later I guess
Barchar: "There are plenty of essentially identical fish in the multiversal sea."
Jäger Leyline: Well its not like she said go away or that shes not interested
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Barchar: "Mmn."
Jäger Leyline: I mean I offered to help her with work too, think she took me up on that?
Barchar: pretty certain she's Said the latte
Poly: (( my friend is turning into an edgy cunt
Poly: (( what do?
Barchar: "Dunno. I barely know her."
Barchar: (idk)
Jäger Leyline: I spent much of the night organizing a lot of her paper work, don't know what she thought of it though
Barchar: "Mmmn."
Poly: "..."
Jäger Leyline: pretty sure she could use a friend
Jäger Leyline: So uh, whats your name goat
Barchar: She shrugs
Barchar: "Poly."
Poly: Poly sits at the bar, sighing. "Yesss?"
Barchar: "Oh, 'cause they're more than one thing. I get it."
Poly: Holy shit
Poly: I didn't even realize that
Poly: "Haha."
Poly: He laughs.
Barchar: Wait you didn't
Barchar: Seriously
Poly: I seriously didn't
Barchar: Wow
Poly: "Wait, really?"
: Frisky [] disconnected.
Barchar: "You didn't realize?" she pulls up a 20G
Poly: "I ssserioussly didn't," he said, drinking from a cup of water
Barchar: "Huh."
Poly: "I didn't really choose my name."
Barchar: "Well, I didn't know. I wasn't exactly born with 'Barchar'."
Barchar: "I mean. I assume."
Poly: "At least you had ssssome liberty to choose."
Jäger Leyline: what are you doing babe?
Barchar: "I already told you." another 10G, and a couple 1s. "I'm getting money."
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Poly: He looks at Jäger. "Yeah, I'm Poly."
Jäger Leyline: for what?
Jäger Leyline: Hey Poly, I'm Jager
Barchar: "My wallet. Because I'm broke."
Barchar: "Hah. Comedy."
Poly: "Nice to meet you."
Jäger Leyline: Why do you need money?
Barchar: "Because my phone exploded when doven used it to find you."
Jäger Leyline: pulls out his wallet and hands her 1000G
Jäger Leyline: there
Jäger Leyline: go buy a phone
Barchar: "...You are a lovely man, Leyline." she kisses him
Jäger Leyline: kisses back
Jäger Leyline: hey since you're a shape shifter
Jäger Leyline: how much can you change?
Barchar: She raises an eyebrow. "Elaborate."
Gaster: ((jager: tiddies
Gaster: ((jager: or become midna
Poly: ((jager: [i]now[/i]
Jäger Leyline: You know, become taller
Jäger Leyline: darker
Jäger Leyline: and you know
Gaster: ((oh my god
Barchar: "Midna."
Jäger Leyline: well if you think that'd be a good choice
DamnDude: [[ ]]
Poly: ((oh my god
: Lily [Lily] disconnected.
Barchar: "Mmn. I'd be a very pale midna. And a bit messily-haired. But otherwise, probably."
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: Well arlight then,
: ((Flame Tri just rolled a shiny arceus
Barchar: "There are certain constants, it seems. My shape-shifting doesn't like neat hair. Or non-red eyes."
Jäger Leyline: Right
Barchar: (You're shitting me)
Jäger Leyline: I got her phone number btw
Barchar: "But she's already got sharp teeth and red eyes. So that's not too bad."
Gaster: ((i'm not
Gaster: ((well, laharl isn't
Barchar: "Mmn." she nodded. "Well, anyway, I need to go get a phoen
Barchar: (Tri you lucky son of a bitch)
Jäger Leyline: Go ahead, I'll stay here
Barchar: she walks off through the anydoor
: The Voice [The Voice] disconnected.
Poly: "..."
Barchar: she comes back about 30 minutes later. She mass-texts everyone that she used to have in her contacts. [This is Barchar. My old phone exploded. I have a new one. Just an FYI.]
Jäger Leyline: texts Midna [Hey its Jager, is the fight over?]
: The Voice [The Voice] joined chat.
: Poly [Poly] is now Poly [].
: Drakon: [Y tho]
: Barchar has one contact before she even opens the phone
: Wanna know who it is
: [hey ghost girl its a mighty wizard]
The Voice: is now playing the nutshack theme but every noun replaced with the entire sans is ness video
Barchar: [Hey mighty wizard, I'm dad]
Fellby: [nice]
Fellby: [want a new phone present]
: Drakon: [ur phone exploded before I got to see what happened to ur phone]
Midna: -She does not respond-
Barchar: [Yes.]
Fellby: -Guess what he sends.-
Jäger Leyline: [that didn't take long]
: Drakon sends Barchar a copy of HL2.
: The full game.
Barchar: [*Thumbs up*]
: Drakon: [you better be able to run this. if you can't I don't know you. I still know you if I don't.]
: The Voice [The Voice] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Fanta: still recovering from being shot in the ass
Jäger Leyline: texts Gaster [Hey what does Midna like?]
Colton: still with her. He ate. But still.
Gaster: [Jager. Quit trying.]
Gaster: [I can tell you already she's not interested.]
Fanta: "Hey Colton, cmere.."
Barchar: [Poly I'm the ghost girl within your sight line]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Colton: he does
Jäger Leyline: [True but don't you think she could use a friend? She seems rather stressed up]
Jäger Leyline: stressed out*
Gaster: [If anything, you're making it worse by trying to get in her metaphorical pants.]
Jäger Leyline: [But I;m not
: Poly: [The what within my sight line??]
Jäger Leyline: [Sure I made a few beauty references the first time, but I did ask her how she was doing and what she needs]
: Poly: [oh]
: Poly: [hi]
Jäger Leyline: [besides shes got a boyfriend[
Gaster: [What?]
Barchar: she waves
Gaster: [No she doesn't. They decided to just be friends.]
Barchar: "Yeah. I'm a ghost."
Jäger Leyline: [yeah some guy named Jeff[
Jäger Leyline: [oh well whatever, shes not in the market]
Gaster: [Oh, I know him. Brown hair, blue eyes, freckles. His knees bend both ways, you know.]
: Poly: "You told me that."
Jäger Leyline: [Well so does Fellby
Gaster: [... Really?]
Barchar: "Yes. Yes I did."
: HL2 on android confirmed
Jäger Leyline: [wait, nevermind, thought you were referencing his sexually]
Jäger Leyline: [[anyways.....she needs a break in life and some why to enjoy it]
Gaster: [Her term is ending soon.]
Gaster: ((gaster: and then she will be sacrificed so that the timeline may continue to exist
Jäger Leyline: [how soon? should plan something then
Gaster: [About a month or so?]
Barchar: (What the fuck was the vault in fallout 3 where they elected people to die)
Jäger Leyline: [alright let me know when. What would she like?]
Gaster: [... I don't know.]
Gaster: [Don't take her somewhere sunny.]
Jäger Leyline: [Know a huge crystal cave, think she would like it?
Gaster: [Maybe]
Jäger Leyline: [I'll text her and find out]
: Lily [Lily] joined chat.
: Lily [Lily] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: texts Midna [So once your term ends, got any interest in visiting a crystal cavern?
Midna: [tyghujb]
Midna: [sorry]
Midna: [i... guess?]
Jäger Leyline: [good, can you withstand hot temperatures?]
Midna: [somewhat]
Muffet: [She just texts Barchar a download link for her video and a heart]
Barchar: [You know me too well]
Muffet: [You have no idea how much you have and haven't told me, la mignonne <3]
Jäger Leyline: [Alright then, its a Ragnite cavern, its quite the sight. Let me know when you're free from your sentence]
Midna: [okay]
Gaster: ((zant: *puts midna's phone down* hey midna i got you a date
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Barchar: (Midna: "Dammit zant" )
Barchar: (Midna: "I wonder what happens if you use an imp spell on someone twice" )
: It's the midnight fun fact hour
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((so uh do the characters just get teleported back via chip or are they trapped
: Brign up random shit about your characters!
: They egt TPed back by chip.
MettatonSEX: ((ok
Jäger Leyline: Well got something set up with Midna just gotta wait a month
Gaster: ((huh, random shit...
MettatonSEX: ((schyroton can mimic voices
Nobody: His mask is actually night-indestructable. It's made from the same metals as the iEyes he has.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] is now Schyroton [Schyroton].
Nobody: As such you'd probably need a giant particle canon to break it.
Gaster: ((midna's from a hyrule warriors timeline. She, Ghirahim, and Zant aren't the only survivors, but a good amount of them left gaston to explore.
: (( drakon requires 10,000 AA batteries
Schyroton: ((if he hears a voice he can initate it
Knots: Her real name is Acacia.
Barchar: her usual emotionless facade is at least partially based off of Grillby
Smolster: (smolster is smol)
: (( juan dated a girl for one day and broke up with her just so he could write an album about it
Schyroton: ((mettaton would eat a casette tape
Gaster: ((midna's timeline was fucked up by majora btw
Literally Satan: Technically he SHOULD be running an eternal torment hell, but he's a slacker. Now, God actually does his job, Heaven's fuckin awesome.
Jäger Leyline: sits on the couch
Gaster: ((she and zant were both turned to imps, and they could only un-imp one twili
Schyroton: ((vaati got teleported to gaston because of the godesses wanting to give all remaining life somewhere better
: [url=]Hessyst[/url]: He's got that uncanny habit of being there one second, and then when you turn your head he's there too.
Schyroton: ((prismaton is one of very few mettatons with thigh-highs instead of knee-highs
Muffet: She has had more than one full-time thrall. She occasionally misses it. Occasionally. Also, she likes to go through the weird side of YouTube. Not for memes, but still
GLaDOS: would HATE cake if she could taste it
Gaster: ((also in midna's timeline the reincarnation cycle is permanently broken.
GLaDOS: like, absolutely despise.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: ((hence why they wrote it off as doomed
Chalor: Her original body actually had a LOT more crystals compared to Frism. She practically had a natural armor.
Fanta: ((Well I'm back
Schyroton: ((smollby usually doesn't talk much but he swears like a sailor. his kids haven't heard him sleep
Fanta: ((If anyone wants to challenge the boss
: ((Had to stop cause it's nearly midnight.
Schyroton: ((*speak much
Frism: Is the kind to try everything combined with everything with food. She never understands when people find this weird
Fanta: ((Fuck
Gaster: ((here's imp!zant:
Discoton: has never seen any mettaton perform, ever
Aluminum: Unlike her brother, she's completely hollow on the inside. Meaning she dents a lot easier, and isn't that great for heavy loads like Steel.
Schyroton: ((hydro once accidentally drank sewer water but had no idea due to his poisonous thing.
Miyu: She's got the entire navy seals copypasta memorized in Russian.
Muffrisk: fell because she was snickering about the fact that the hole to the underground kinda looked like a vagina, and she wasn't paying attention when she got to the edge
: [color=#2ed73a]Phoros: is now a developer at Valve and secretly deletes half of the HL3 source every Friday[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]((she had to fully evolve from a gastly to a gengar[/color]
Sadako: [color=#2b0057]((she looked like a goddamn vampire queen as a haunter[/color]
Runner: His real name is Max.
Schyroton: ((nyxem had to evolve fully from klink to klinklang
Schyroton: ((their klang phase was... regrettable
Shoe: He's got a significant other
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]((she's trans. I thought i brought that up once but apparently i did not[/font]
Shoe: And I don't mean on /r/undertale
Hellcat: doesn't actually like other cats
Schyroton: ((heck yeah lucy
[L]: [color=red]In the rare instances of where she's in control, she's got a very bad habit of using everyone else's powers.[/color]
Flo: secretly is just SUPER protective of Ebb, and is just really paranoid. If she didn't have any reason to believe ebb was in danger, she'd be fairly chill.
X: He's a mystery
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]((but her name did used to be "Wing Din Gaster". She changed it to "Lucida Icons."[/font]
[L]: [color=red]For instance, she has a bad habit of occasionally just using Blake's strength to pick up things without realizing it, and she randomly pulls things out of her back pocket using Avanne's magic.[/color]
: (( really could've been a pun on 'unicode'
Blake: Got fired from every job he tried before he got here
H: H enjoys playing Quantum Break.
Schyroton: ((avanne is over 300 years old.
Barkid: Secretly finds it kinda fun to fuck with people stronger than her, just because she doesn't have to worry about how they'll react. She's also a serial spoiler.
Shade: Theres someone he loves very much.
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Reverie Character Secret Hour [].
: Mezza did not learn her lesson
Miyu: Has a self-esteem the size of mezza's heart.
Fellby: -He lost his virginity at 16, in the back of a pickup truck that fell into the underground somehow.-
Blonde: I guess it's not about her technically, but her world. Fonzie was a reaper before he became an actor. A lot of people got locked up for SWEARING that he had uncanny, reaper-like eyes
Fellby: -It was not his brightest moment.-
Pleinair: She won't actually give away what her level is, but it's on par with Laharl.
: [tem] [tEmMiE] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((ebb keeps up the prissy schtick to impress their family. theyre also nb, but theyre closeted because they were told it isn't 'proper'. they really want to be themself but they cant
Schyroton: ((hi tem
tEmMiE: (( hey ))
Barfell: Might get used, might not
: [color=#11c773]Constantia: She hurt a kid badly with a soup can and scissors.[/color]
Gaster: ((welcome to character stuff hour
: Ynnel went from secretary of Otoko's office to governor of Darma in weeks
Schyroton: ((chantelle hides in avanne's clothes
tEmMiE: (( neat ))
Fresh: is getting sick of being stuck with mk
MK: is getting sick of being stuck with Fresh
tEmMiE: (( stuck..? ))
Gaster: sometimes wonders what would happen if he'd drawn a different card that day.
Chalor: She uses the crystals at the end of her hair as throwing darts a lot.
Schyroton: ((annoying box beeps.
tEmMiE: (( like you're tied together..? ))
: ??? is currently waiting to play with his soft things and new friends
Schyroton: ((mettaton wonders the same thing and cries at possible scearios where they didnt end up together
tEmMiE: (( strange ))
Barchar: (Fresh has semi-permanently possessed my mk. Semi-permanently insofar as they were supposed to stay together, but they didn't anticipate that they'd end up hating each other)
Nobody: He's got a mask collection. While he really only wears his ^_^ mask, he's got hundreds.
: [color=#771cc8]Drakon: one of Drakon's primary purposes was to run SFM and SFM specifically. He hates SFM because of what people do with it.[/color]
tEmMiE: (( expect the unexpected? ))
: Drakon still has SFM installed, because he's too lazy to uninstall it.
Bondertale: They're off living a normal life. Asgore got with the waitress lady.
tEmMiE: (( i really have missed so much... ))
Vader Eloha: -She has tentacles and normal limbs. Depends on how she's feeling. She feels the tentacles are more elegant.-
Bondertale: I'm sure nobody even remembers that said waitress lady existed. But I do. I do.
Heather: Is practically a ghost at this point, she's sometimes seen wandering around Gaston and cleaning things.
Schyroton: ((schyroton was remotely controlled at multiple points and every time he was used to kill people
Fire Agate: (agate'll sometimes disappear for days on end)
Morty: ((morty still hasn't found their home timeline
Miyu: She's fairly sure everyone she knows hates her.
Epsilon: [color=#ffdab9]no clue![/color]
: [color=#123456]Joseph: Joseph likes to draw. The only things he draws are bicycles. He does not know how to ride a bike, but is perfectly capable of riding a scooter.[/color]
Muffet: if she saw miyu again, she'd either be delighted or annoyed
Fellby: -Same-
Schyroton: ((schyro is neutral towards miyu.
Schyroton: ((i could give facts on only schyro lol
Sage: Is genuinely happy now.
Miyu: Her full name is actually now Miyu Grace Ardent-Dreemurr.
Relic: will kick his fucking ass anyway
Barchar: (dreemurr what)
: (( Jay
: ((She got fucking adopted as a sister
: ((in /r/UT
: (( I laughed my ass off when I saw it happen
Balrog and Ed: They're on jobs a lot of the time they aren't in the bar. It's both for the money, and because the Bar doesn't pay enough.
Barchar: (Wow)
DamnDude: [[ Both of those are money reasons ]]
: Barsriel is ummm
DamnDude: [[ I'm tired, fuck ]]
H: H likes E. A lot.
Miyu: She's actually kinda mentally settled herself with her party. She still fucking hates Loni, but everyone else is kinda okay to her.
: I actually forgot he existed
: So
: He went to a boat show
: And got lost
Colton: his dad was a voice changeling. So is he. He gets really confused when people's voices crack, or why they all seem to use the same one
: *I wonder who's missing in Blaxith.
Fellby: -He's considering retiring once he's sixty.-
: Reverie Character Secret Hour [] is now Barsriel [Barsriel].
Barchar: Tiberius, who chime...almost played. Almost. But then she didn't
: I see what you did there
Schyroton: ((schywey wasnt traumatized like schyro was, but hes still ace and sex repulsed because he just thinks its gross
Barsriel: enters the bar, out of breath, and nearly out of power
Barchar: Oh, and I forget IF-OH I GET IT CAUSE-OKAY
Schyroton: ((oh my fuck
Fellby: -Or, no. Maybe seventy.-
Barchar: "...Hi, asri-wait holy shit you're my brother what the fuck"
Barsriel: "B-boats.."
tEmMiE: ((guise
Barchar: has had both a brother and a dog that just got forgotten about. Rip her
Miyu: Her favorite colors are purple and white.
tEmMiE: ((guys
Barsriel: aaaand power's out
DamnDude: [[ Disguise ]]
Barchar: "..."
Barchar: "Jesus christ, he's missed a lot."
Knots: Her favorite media character is Nearly-Headless Nick
tEmMiE: ((i think i'm not seeing things
Barchar: she plugs him in somewhere
Schyroton: ((sterling did a lot of weird things to survive
Barchar: (Who)
Barsriel: He's charging
tEmMiE: ((i gtg
: Gaster [Gaster] is now Fellby [Fellby].
Barsriel: But there's that startup thing
Fellby: wanders in.
Schyroton: ((oh, shit, cya
Barsriel: Where he's charging but not on
: [tem] [tEmMiE] disconnected.
Barsriel: And he has to charge to turn on
Barchar: "Oh, hi Fellby."
Barsriel: And turning him on after he's kinda charged works
Barsriel: Like apple iphones
Runner: Is still. fucking. dead.
Barchar: "This is my brother. He's been gone for like two months."
: Does he die at 11%
Barsriel: Yes
Fellby: "... Holy shit."
Barsriel: "Boats.."
: Does he shut down when it's cold
: Or hot
Barchar: "Boats?"
Schyroton: ((prismaton doesnt need to charge for more than a couple minutes
Barsriel: He's slightly bent from being in your pocket too long
Barsriel: looks up
Barsriel: "I um.."
Barsriel: "I w-went exploring"
???: -At the beginning of the day, the parts for Runner simply disappeared-
Barsriel: "And I found a boat show.."
Discoton: Discoton sometimes runs on a water wheel.
Barsriel: "It was so big...."
Barsriel: trails off like he's having vietnam flashbacks
Frism: she actually really, really liked the trash noodles. This saddens abs frightens her
Barchar: "...I-its okay, Asriel. Just calm down."
Barsriel: "I c-called you"
Barsriel: but
Barsriel: alas
Barchar: "Wait, when?"
Chalor: They totally pulled a hat trick on Undyne by reflecting light into her eyes using a crystal.
Chalor: and running
Barsriel: there was no way to connect from the boat show
: Poly [] disconnected.
Barsriel: instead reached Barachar
Barsriel: who said she'd be right there
Barsriel: and never came
Barsriel: "A m-month ago"
Barchar: "I never got it. I'm sorry."
[L]: [color=red]She's really eerie to talk to when she's in control. SHe doesn't have any body language, and her face seems to just cycle through emotes that clearly display her current emotion.[/color]
Barsriel: "I've been living off fish and triple A batteries for months.."
Barsriel: "I u-used a potato clock once"
Fellby: glances at Barchar, then at Barsriel.
Barchar: she's very confused
Schyroton: ((avanne is a kinky piece of shit
Barsriel: "I'm n-never going to another boat show again"
Schyroton: ((just like je
Schyroton: ((*me
Pleinair: She occasionally uses life magic to revive Axel on her breaks.
Barchar: "...Uhm. Anyway. These are Jager and Fellby. They're...two of three of the sexual partners whom I have acquired in the time you've been gone."
Pleinair: She uses this oppurtunity to beat the everloving FUCK out of him.
Barsriel: "..."
Fresh: is totally into robots.
Fellby: "Hey."
Barsriel: "U-um.. what..?"
Barchar: "...I've changed a lot."
Knots: Still questions why she's the one with the axe. It's probably because she's got the stutter.
Barsriel: well there goes his hopes and dreams to get in his sister's pants
Barsriel: rip
Barsriel: "O-ok.."
Barsriel: "Sorry I was gone"
Barchar: "Eh."
Barchar: oh yeah we almost did that
Barchar: that was a bad idea
Barsriel: it was
Barchar: I think both I and Barchar knew deep down she really couldn't end up with an Asriel
Miyu: She tried singing once. Never again.
Miyu: She's got a voice much better suited to shittalking than choir.
Fellby: flops on the couch.
Barsriel: " what do I do?"
Miyu: She's developpsed atleast three different crippling fears since the start of Reverie as well.
Muffet: she was actually hiding her succubus-ness, though she never really realized it. She was just really scared that Fellby wouldn't accept that, and think she was using him
Barchar: "Iunno."
Jäger Leyline: wakes up
Jäger Leyline: oh hey Muffet and Fellby
Fellby: -At that point, he'd been passed around so many times he wouldn't have cared he was being used anyway.-
Balrog: [color=#4a331b](( Fun Fact: This character has 3 different names internationally, Balrog, M. Bison, and Boxer ))[/color]
Muffet: she isn't actually here right now
Female Asriel: She'd fucking love to head back to the barkery but she's loyal to husbando
Vega: (( Fun Fact: This character has 3 names internationally, Vega, Balrog, Claw ))
Female Asriel: If only there were a couples thing
Muffet: is still trying very hard not to beg fanta to come back
Fellby: waves. "Hey, Jager. Good to see you again."
Fellby: -SAME-
Barsriel: "..."
Barsriel: "I need sleep.."
Barchar: "Jager, this is my brother."
Barsriel: "It's good to be back, also h-hi.."
: Laharl spends literal hours daily practicing his evil laugh in front of a mirror.
Shoe: Since he's on vacation he's got himself and a couple other eldrich gods to crash a wedding in spooksvile
Shoe: Shoe Breakers
Schyroton: enters the bar.
Miyu: Her father is russian and her mother is japanese.
Muffrisk: Hasn't realized that bug spray wouldn't work on her, and is deathly terrified of ot
Midna: -She's considering forming a sort of "Royal Guard" to keep bad shit from entering the timeline.-
Barchar: "Hi, Schyro."
Barsriel: nods off
Fellby: "Hey Schyro."
Schyroton: Hhi.
: Barsriel [Barsriel] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Fanta: enters the bar on crutches, if Colt was kind enough to supply them
Miyu: She's fluent in Russian, but she actually knows jack shit about japan.
Miyu: Guess who's favorite.
Colton: could use a guitar as a deadly weapon if he wanted to
Colton: and yes he would
Schyroton: ...Aare you okayay?
: Mantis has atleast three different names now.
Fellby: "Jeez, Fanta, what happened to you?"
Epsilon: [color=#ffdab9]again. I have no fuckin clue.[/color]
Jäger Leyline: You're brother?
Fanta: "Hey, I got shot"
Fanta: "In the ass.."
Schyroton: Oh mmy god.
Fellby: "... Damn."
Schyroton: Ththat's... hholy fuck.
Fanta: lies on the couch, careful not to put weight on the ass
Barchar: "My brother."
Barchar: "Also, what, why."
Fanta: "I was looking for Asriel"
Muffet: part of where scumster scarred was right where she got her wings removed. That part hurts the most
Jäger Leyline: wait did your brother die?
Schyroton: Ddo you need hhelp?
: Is this a fucking meme now.
Barchar: "Yes. I mean, I assume."
Fellby: once considered burning the scars off.
Fanta: "I'm fine"
Fellby: -He realized it would only make things worse.-
Muffet: I don't even know if that'd work with her fire resistance
Fanta: "Just hurts when I put weight on it"
Schyroton: Aalriright...
Jäger Leyline: Yeah, weren' you like in his head? and then you supressed him?
Barchar: "...That wasn't my brother. That was a different Asriel."
Schyroton: ((schyro's old body had so many cracks and holes and crusty stains that it looked like it belonged in the trash
Bondertale: They're entirely unrelated to Barchar. Aside know. The thing.
Jäger Leyline: oh
Fanta: "Wait"
Fanta: "That wasn't your brother?"
Schyroton: ...
Fellby: blinks. He has no idea what they're talking about.
Schyroton: ((schyro was never intended to live this long
Schyroton: has no idea either.
Jäger Leyline: Fanta, gotta admint surprised to see you shot rather than missing an arm
Barchar: "No. That was the Asriel that the frisk and toriel were bonded with." she said, uncomfortable.
Barchar: "My brother is different. And. On the floor."
Schyroton: ...
Fanta: "Why would I be missing an arm?"
Barchar: "...You thought you were dating my brother?"
Fanta: "I dunno, I thought you were related to him"
Jäger Leyline: you know, punching sharks can do that to you
Fanta: "And that's why you were doi- fucking god"
Fanta: "The Shark Punching Center all died"
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Fanta: "It wasn't fun"
Jäger Leyline: by the sharks?
Fanta: "No"
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Fanta: "They ate some crab mushroom thing"
Jäger Leyline: Well okay?
Jäger Leyline: did you take their money?
Fanta: "No"
Schyroton: ...
Fanta: "But I got a new job, at the SCP facility"
Barchar: "No, I just picked him 'cause...he was available. And he seemed the most likely to...not...[sub]do what he did.[/sub]"
Fanta: sighs
Jäger Leyline: got a feeling its bad too, but whatver
Fanta: ((
Fanta: "Got fired from there."
Fanta: "So I'm jobless again, hooray."
Barchar: she summons her soul, fiddling with it a bit. "..." she puts it back, breathing out slowly.
Jäger Leyline: not very good at the job thing huh?
Barchar: "I'm surprised you left. 'termination' from the foundation tends to be both kinds."
Fanta: "I got kicked out trying to save a child."
Fellby: leans back, lighting up a cigarette.
Barchar: "Jeez."
Schyroton: ...
Fanta: "Sucks"
Muffet: she walks in, stretching. "Hello, hello." she said, smiling.
Schyroton: Hhi.
Fanta: "Howdy"
Muffet: takes great pleasure in finding out how to make 5-eyed emoticons. She also has to stop herself from tildespamking
Fellby: "Hey, Muffet."
Schyroton: ((schyro uses four eyed emoticons because he did it once on accident
Muffet: ';:)
Schyroton: (( ::0
Muffet: "...Fanta? Are you alright?"
Muffet: >->::(
Fellby: "Her ass got shot."
: You bum ass motherfucker
Fanta: "Yep.."
Muffet: "...Erm. Is that 'her ass' as in 'your ass better get out of here', or 'her ass' as in 'her buttocks'?"
Fanta: "My actual ass"
Schyroton: Hher buttocks.
Jäger Leyline: so Fellby whats new?
Fanta: (( I can't
Muffet: "Oh. My. Unpleasant."
Fanta: "Very"
Fellby: "Eh, nothing really."
Jäger Leyline: sounds fun
Schyroton: goes to the couch.
Fellby: "You know, just. Doing my job."
Barchar: she sits down
Fellby: "Ooooh, Muffet found out something new! Not gonna say it in front of schyro."
Muffet: "Planning for Sunday."
Fanta: "I haven't been there in a while"
Jäger Leyline: text it to me
Muffet: "No. No. You have not."
Schyroton: ...Yyou can sasay it inn five sseconds.
Muffet: is clearly restraining herself
Schyroton: turns his hearing off, then gives a thumbs up.
Fellby: "I have a control word now!"
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Fanta: "Control word?"
Fanta: "What?"
Fellby: "Uh."
Muffet: "Oh, yes, indeed. Did you get the text, Jager?"
Jäger Leyline: just like BC?
Fellby: "Kinky stuff."
Fanta: "Hypnosis?"
Jäger Leyline: no I havent been arou.d the past 2 dats
Muffet: she walks over. "This is going to tingle, Fanta." she wipes a bit of venom from a fang, flicking it on her arm.
Muffet: indeed, it tingles.
Fanta: is confuse
Fanta: "Um.."
Muffet: "Succubus things."
Fanta: "What did that do?"
Muffet: "There? Just tingle."
: ((Ooh, it tiiiingles
: (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fellby: "But if you get enough of it... hooo boy."
Muffet: "If it actually got anywhere but your arm? Quiiite a bit more."
Fanta: "..what does it do elsewhere?"
Muffet: "Well. Less on other body parts, more just...well, you know, it's a venom. You know how venoms work."
Muffet: she smiles. "It does whatever I want it to. Or, at least, you do."
Fanta: "Ooooh"
Fanta: "Sounds interesting"
Knots: <...>
Fellby: "Yeah it is."
Fellby: winks.
Muffet: "Cheri and la mignonne would agree."
Knots: She's bored. She's been on the void rock for an entire day now.
Knots: SHe isn't hungry, thanks to Grillby. But she's bored.
Roses: She's still got the basket
Fanta: *>
Schyroton: ...
Knots: <...>
Fanta: "Wish Hywel was into kinky shit like that"
Fellby: "Well if you wanna spend the night sometime..."
Muffet: "Well, I'm sure you could fffffffstop cease do not finish this sentence."
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Knots: <...>
Roses: <5>
Knots: She just. Fades out of the void rock.
Knots: SHe doesn't take the basket with her.
Knots: No response. She's left.
Roses: She sighs for a decent three minutes
Fanta: "What were you gonna say?"
Muffet: "Nothing, dearie, not a thing at all."
Fellby: crosses his legs.
Fanta: " you guys have a thing for couples?"
Muffet: "...Define that."
Jäger Leyline: so much for that oath
Fanta: "Shush"
Fanta: "I mean like something me and Hywel could do together"
Muffet: "Would...hywel be interested in the job
Fellby: "Like, renting out a room where you can do kinky stuff?"
Fanta: "Dunno"
Fanta: "He's.. really loyal"
Jäger Leyline: overly
Fanta: "Shut up, it's a good attribute."
Fellby: "Look, Fanta, you start small with the kink."
Muffet: "I'm absolutely one hundred percent sure we could work something out. If you want. This is your choice. I'm not going to beg you to come back. At all. Especially right now."
Fanta: "I mean, with the shot of course not"
Fanta: "But the job was fun as hell"
Fanta: "Hywel'd need convincing, though"
Muffet: "Oh, good, interesting yes."
Schyroton: [hey, can yoy tell me when its safe thanks ::)
Fellby: [yeah no problem]
Schyroton: [ty]
Muffet: "Look, I'll level with you, amalgamate or not you were one of the best damn workers we had. I will do whatever it takes to get you back if you truly want it."
Fellby: "You're unemployed, right?"
Fanta: "I'd like to do it, I need a job anyway, but Hywel's got the final descision"
Fanta: "Yeah"
Fellby: "Hm. It could be fun to have you put food on the table with us again."
Muffet: "Well. I will do whatever convincing necessary."
Fanta: sighs
Muffet: "Erm, not including venom. I will not do that." she said half sounding like it was a reminder to herself.
Fanta: "I remember that one time"
Jäger Leyline: Fanta do you support or something
Muffet: "But, of course, I suppose you need to recover first."
Fanta: "What does that mean"
Jäger Leyline: money
Fanta: "I need money to live, yes"
Jäger Leyline: what happened to the 5 mil I gave you?
Fanta: "It's still there."
Fellby: "Five milli- you just have money to give away?"
Fellby: "LIke, that much money?"
Fanta: "But, you know, I'd rather not just live off someone else for my whole life."
Jäger Leyline: that should last you quite sometime though
Jäger Leyline: til you can find something yiy want to do
Fanta: "Why are you actively dissuading me to get a job."
Jäger Leyline: Im not I just do want you to get a bad job simply because you feel like you have to
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Fanta: "..."
Fellby: frowns at Jager.
Fanta: rubs her forehead
Jäger Leyline: you got an opporunity to find what you really want to do
Fellby: also texts schyro. [I think we're good]
Fanta: "I've had the job before, jager."
Fanta: "I enjoyed it."
Fanta: "I stopped because life got hectic."
Fanta: "And I almost died."
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: you.just took a job where you.punch sharks
Fanta: "Fuck's your point?"
Jäger Leyline: youre not picking the best or safest jobs
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Muffet: "Leyline!" she said, sounding genuinely offended
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: Im not talking about the Bakery damniy
Fanta: "What the fuck are you talking about."
: ((Why is jager so damn set
: ((On the shark punching job that was a 10 minute joke
Jäger Leyline: Im trying to make sure my friend doesnt go and make a shitty ass decision that she regrets rather than go and find something she really wants buy fine be that way
Fanta: "You are literally just spouting off whatever comes to your fucking mind regardless of what is actually being said."
Jäger Leyline: go fuck your life up however you want youve been doing it for.years apparently
Jäger Leyline: gets up and walks to the bar
Barchar: has receded into the couch. She's staying put of this one.
Fanta: "It's like everything I said went in one ear and out the other, fucking christ."
Fellby: crosses his arms.
Muffet: "We're offering you the job you want and he's just off about something else." she shakes her head. "Whatever."
Fanta: "It's like you're reading off the goddamn 'jager makes a point' script"
Fanta: "Episode 19, season 3"
Fellby: shrugs, swallowing the rest of his cigarette. "Mmmh."
Muffet: "Not going to let this come between us. Everybody fights."
Fanta: sighs
Fanta: "Whatever"
Fanta: "I'll talk to Hywel, if anything I'm sure I can at least convince him to learn how to dance"
Muffet: "Thank you, dearie."
Muffet: "I am willing to procure whatever information he needs."
Fanta: "Oh yeah and.. um, didn't have to ask about this when I was an amalgam but.."
Fanta: "Is everyone there clean?"
Fellby: "We run tests every month. Birth control's also provided."
Muffet: "Don't worry, dearie. We know what we're doing."
Fanta: "I'm infertile, so."
Fanta: "That won't be an issue"
Jäger Leyline: you and me both...
Fellby: "Well I'm sure not."
Muffet: "And I...don't know."
Muffet: "I honestly have no clue."
Fellby: "See, that's why I'm taking birth control. I've already got my hands full with one kid."
: Poly [] joined chat.
Fanta: "Fuuuuck.. um.. how does raising a kid like that go?"
Muffet: "I don't even know what my child would be like."
: (( I read Fanta's lines and I feel like I'm reading shit Ofna types
Fellby: sighs. "Ember doesn't know what I do for a living."
Muffet: "I don't know how we're ever going to tell her. If we do."
Fellby: rubs his forehead. "She's already pretty smart..."
Fanta: ((You say that like it's a bad thing
Fanta: ((Ofna's pretty good
Muffet: "I haven't even told her what I am. It took some squirreling to explain my...additions, but I think she accepted it well enough."
: ((OFna's literally the best thing they've got at /r/UT
: ((So thats not that bad.
Fanta: "I don't wanna lie to Colton but.."
: (( Yeah, you're right
Fellby: ((if i had to pick one /r/ut rper to come here, it'd be ofna
Colton: to be fair, Colton knows a lot of shit he shouldn't. If you told him, he'd be like 'oh okay cool'
: (( i believe we all share the same opinion on tangy
Fanta: the tough part is Hywel
Fanta: ((Tangy can suck my dick forever
Barchar: (Delta would be able to do so using his S I T U A T I O N A L G O D M O D D I N G)
Fanta: ((Delta is ok
Fanta: ((You can get delta to stop
: A Text Message is Sent to Gaster. [Long Time, No See.]
: (( "#TeamInstinct | Senigrade"
Fanta: ((Delta can and will admit they fucked up
: (( Kek material for days
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now ??? [].
Gaster: -He wakes up. [huh?]-
Fanta: ((Tangy is an uppity cunt who uses their mod powers to overwrite every IC thing they disagree with
Barchar: (Wait, really? Wow)
: (( I remember when like
Barchar: (WAIT, REALLY!? WOW.)
: (( Delta was getting fucking roasted
Fellby: ((tangy is why i won't touch the /r/ut rp
: (( And was all like "I'm taking a break that I had planned for a while"
: [Sorry it's a bit late, I've been working on something all day, almost finished but I'm probably about to pass out]
Fanta: ((Tangy demanded I stop Shoe's entire plotline because they didn't like it
: ((Bruh
Fanta: ((Because it made them 'feel bad'
: ((Tangy's version of 'character flaws'
: ((Is shoving them full of R2 tendencies.
Barchar: (Jesus)
: [I've been meaning to keep up with you, but there's been issues now and then.]
Barchar: (I feel like I have trouble with flaws occasionally but not THAT bad)
: ((Now, also
Gaster: -He sits up, prying himself from Mettaton's arms and moving out of the bedroom. [Okay, continue.]
: ((I get that some people here don't really like Miyu
: ((But upon her saying that she prefers strategy games:
: (('Thats fitting, 0% character and 100% stats'
Fellby: ((wow, rude
Muffet: I felt she WAS a bit flawless. I think that I have actually helped that a bit with the demon thing, though. Because now, I get a whole slew of things to work off of.
: ((Like, jesus, if you're gonna say you don't like my characters don't be a bitch about it fam
: ((And THEN!
: ((RIngs me up in PMs
: (('So im starting to think all of ur characters just hate spirit (her shitty ghost OC thing that's basically Sunny but ghosty)'
Fanta: ((':('
Muffet: Part of the reason she decides to pal around with mortals was because demons are very...uncomplicated. They have things they do, they do them. Not much else to them. She's gotten better, but she's still not perfect
: [Well, I should be back soon, I've made a few adjustments, and I ended up getting job that's a bit less illegal]
: (( ':(('
Gaster: [... Good to see you're alright, Lua.]
Gaster: [godihopethatswhoyouare]
: (( And then Tangy just fucking withdrew from RPing in general
Literally Satan: You think he still gets invited to Muffet's parties and shit just for the novelty of 'Oh you got Elvis to your kids birthday?'
Literally Satan: 'I got the fucking Lord of Darkness, Satan himself. Bitch.'
Fellby: (("SUCK IT LINDA"
Lua: [I thought you'd catch on to who I was]
Lua: [Also, I'll probably end up texting you one more time before I get back, I have to kind of make up another fake identity so some things from the past can finally be erased]
Literally Satan: He actually gets a lot of joy out of getting invited to places by Demons.
Literally Satan: It's like getting invited to your nephews party, it's just nice. And you get to pose for pictures and shit.
: ((
Gaster: [Well, whoever you are next, I can't wait to see you]
Muffet: *Picture with Fellby and Satan. 'meeting the parents is always a tough time. Especially when they're Satan.'*
: (('Hi i'm Satan, but since you're my son in law you can call me Lucifer.'
Fellby: -He's giving an award thumbs up-
Fellby: *awkward
Lua: [Alright Gaster, also, I had someone stop in for me in the bar this morning, checking to see if Runner's stuff was still there, I ended up having him 'borrow' it so I could fix it up]
Literally Satan: Remember when this was a joke character.
Literally Satan: And now it's a kinda comedic real character?
Muffet: ikr
: Smolapeño [Smolster] disconnected.
Fanta: heads home
Gaster: [Mmhmm?]
Azazel: -Remember when this wasn't a full time joke character-
Muffet: her being a succubus was a joke too, but then I said 'FUCK IT, WE'RE DOING IT [S]LIVE[/S]
Literally Satan: Fellby probably still gets mail 'Hey wanna get some beers - Satan'
Fellby: (("how come he uses mail"
: ((He ran out of chatots
Fanta: "Hey Colton."
Fellby: (("he could just text me"
: ((Taka started ripping them awya from his segment of hell
Lua: [*There's a picture of a nearly complete runner* I made a promise originally to fix him up, and I had my suspicions that the 'Runner' we were dealing with was just some fake]
Fellby: (("Hell, send me an email"
Fanta: looked like she was doing a lot of thinking for a bit there
Colton: "Yeah?"
Gaster: [Wow, that's wonderful!]
: [As in he turned into glass when he got destroyed, and I don't think that's normal for robots]
: (('Do you have any fucking idea how hard it is to get a functioning computer in hell'
Gaster: [adfs]
Fanta: "How much stuff do you have?"
Gaster: [sorry dropped my phone]
: (('Like we can barely afford Full house'
Colton: "Whaddaya mean?"
Fanta: "We're moving out"
Colton: "Oh! Just the guitar stuff, really."
: [Ah, the advantages of getting some basic phone tech built in]
Colton: he's been wearing thus one sweater, like, this entire fucking time
Gaster: [I envy you and mettaton]
Colton: if he went out more it'd be filthy
: (( Xavier Bloodworth
Colton: it's only dirty now
: (( On a scale of 1-10 how edgy is that name
Fanta: bought you other shit you fucklord
: [If only bone phones were a bit more common]
Barchar: (7.8)
Colton: when
Colton: like that's an actual question
: (( Another fucking R2 incident
: (( Another one
Fanta: when she was going on that date
: (( Another one
Barchar: (Thanks r/UT)
Fanta: seems kind of pissed
: [...I wonder if that's what Fellby calls his phone]
Gaster: [oh my god]
Colton: I didn't know that, I never read those logs
Döven : -is at the house-
Fanta: you were there
Fanta: starts packing shit
Gaster: [... I know he referred to his services as "the fresh hot fuck truck"]
Fanta: "I have no clue where Hywel is"
Colton: wait what? I do not remember this at all
Döven : going somwhere?
Fanta: I think it was just like one comment I made
: [Wow]
Fanta: like, 'buys him clothes'
: Gaster recieves a text.
Fanta: "..."
Fanta: ignores Doven and keeps packing
Colton: he packs his shit too. "Dunno either. I haven't seen him."
: It's a picture of some girl with small black horns opening christmas presents that are on fire.
Literally Satan: [Sorry, Luci found my phone and sent these to a random number.]
Döven : leaving?
Fanta: "I'll text him about it."
Fanta: "..yes, whoever you are."
Colton: "Yes, Doven. We're moving out. I won't bug you with my guitar stuff anymore."
Schyroton: passed out, gn all
Gaster: [she's cute]
Döven : youre acting like that was a bother
Fellby: ((gn mv
Literally Satan: [Thanks, pride and joy. Sorry about this.]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Colton: "...It wasn't? You complained about everything else."
Fanta: has her boxes all packed, she's doing surprisingly well for a grill with a shot ass
: [Anyways, I'm about to pass out, probably finish Runner tomorrow and I'd say around the end of the month I should be mostly settled]
Döven : true but it didnt
Gaster: [Okay, goodnight lua]
Gaster: [Or, whoever you are]
: ['Night]
Fanta: sighs and puts her hand on Colton's shoulder
Fanta: "Cmon."
Fanta: "Let's head out."
Colton: "Wait, now? Right now?"
Colton: he finishes up too
Gaster: -He sighs, then decides to head to bed.-
Fanta: "Why not right now?"
Fanta: "I'll rent us a room at the bar."
Fanta: seems kind of desperate
Fanta: and pissed
Colton: "I mean, do we even have another house yet? Shouldn't we really have dad around when we leave? What's wrong here?"
Döven : oh? abadoning your husband? classy
: Poly just walks over to the couch, shifting into a snake as he does so.
Fanta: sighs
Fanta: "I'll get him later, ok, I don't know where he is."
: Merasmus looks over his shoulder at the dishes.
Fanta: "I'll tell you later, Colton, let's go."
: "If you're moving out who's paying me?'
Colton: "Then why...o-okay."
Colton: he follows, looking scared
Döven : looks like shes dumping your father kud
Jäger Leyline: kid*
Fanta: "Fuck off."
Barchar: you know bread is prolly gonna be salty if he hears that fanta and Colton left without him
: "..." He looks between Doven, and Fanta, and COlton.
: "Okay, so, I recognize the goats."
: "Colton and Fatna."
Fanta: takes Colton and walks as quick as she can with boxes and a shot ass
: (( holy shit I think Xvexle is actually getting offended
: "But when the hell did you move in here?"
: (( I think they're fucking triggered
Fanta: ((I'll work it out
Fellby: lights up another cigarette.
Colton: "No she's not." he doesn't sound wounded by Doven's words. Just a simple statement.
: ((
Barchar: doven is gote too
Fanta: ((We can say Hywel was busy or some shit
Muffet: she sits next to Fellby, leaning on him
: (( They ask if they are a horrible person
Muffet: "...So. Have we both been trying NOT to do that every time we saw her since she left?"
Döven : if you say so
Barchar: (How the fuck do you pronounce Xvexl)
Fellby: holds his soon-to-be wife close. "I think so."
: (( I fucking say what I think
Muffet: she chuckles. "Should have caved in before she got a bullet in the ass. Oh well. She'll recover."
Jäger Leyline: is drinking at the bar
Fellby: "With an ass that fine I hope she does."
Barchar: "Jager? Please don't drink so much you're basically put for three days again."
Muffet: "Indeed."
Fanta: enters the bar with her boxes, and promptly heads up to the bar and pays for a room
Fellby: "Wouldn't want you to miss the wedding."
: (( xvexle is a fucking asshat oh my god
Jäger Leyline: Ill be there
Fanta: "Cmon Colton."
Jäger Leyline: moving out?
Colton: "Wait, we're living HERE?"
Knots: She kind of fades in behind Jager, choosing the moment he's distracted.
Fanta: "Just for a day"
Fanta: "Till I work things out."
Colton: "Uh, okay."
Jäger Leyline: ...okay?
Knots: ANd just, half-assedly tries to shove him off his stool.
Knots: Before going invis again,
Barchar: "..."
Jäger Leyline: wait is something wrong Fanta?
Fanta: heads off to the room
Barchar: "Aww. I almost felt bad for her there."
Jäger Leyline: Fanta
Jäger Leyline: ....what happened?
Fellby: "... She lives with you, right?"
Knots: After serious family drama. She was literally ready to axe a fucker to be noticed.
Fanta: sets her boxes down in her room
Knots: And Jager didn't even notice her.
Colton: as does he. He's still very confused
Jäger Leyline: yeah. I mean I know we fight but
Knots: Now she's sad and alone.
Fanta: pulls colton into the room, and closes it
Fanta: and locks it
Barchar: was referring to Knots
Fellby: "I don't think she lives with you anymore."
Fanta: sighs
Jäger Leyline: looks like it
Muffet: "How crowded was that house, anyway?"
Colton: "Mom?"
Jäger Leyline: we managed
Fanta: "Yeah?"
Fanta: wipes her forehead, sitting down on the bed
Colton: "What is going on."
Fanta: "I needed to get out of that house, and I just realized that."
Knots: She's uh, kinda in Fanta's room. Mainly because she is literally getting settled for the next week and a half off Fanta right now.
Colton: "That doesn't answer my question."
Fanta: "That's why I left."
Colton: he's terrified too, so hey, you get some dip with your chips
Colton: "WHY do we need to. And why so fast."
Fanta: picks him up and puts him on the bed
Fanta: "It's complicated."
Fanta: "I did a lot of thinking and.. in simple terms, it was a very, very bad environment."
Colton: "..."
Colton: "Is this about the people that shot you?"
Fanta: "No."
Colton: "Okay..."
Jäger Leyline: -bad envirnoment?-
Fanta: "It's ok."
Colton: "I'm just...I liked loni and Azalea. I liked Asriel. Doven...was alright."
Colton: "I thought things were finally working..."
Fanta: "We can.. fuck.. I don't.. I don't know, but we needed out of there, ok. [i]I[/i] needed out of there."
: We can...fuck
Fanta: Goddammit
Colton: "I...I don't...understand."
: ((
Barchar: (welcome to r/undertale)
Fanta: sighs
Fanta: "Fuck what did I just do.."
Fanta: "I need to fucking tell Hywel about this.."
Fanta: mutters to herself
Jäger Leyline: ....
Colton: "We can go back still. I mean...we haven't even unpacked yet."
: (( I've gone back to that stage of
Barchar: she is equally as confused as Colton
: (( 'piss in everyone's corn flakes OOC'
Jäger Leyline: BC whats up?
Fanta: "No."
Jäger Leyline: sits next to Fellby
Fellby: is confused too.
Barchar: "Fanta is...very eager and very uncomfortable about leaving your house."
Barchar: Colton and fanta aren't within earshot of the regular bar peeps
Barchar: but Barchar is Barchar
Jäger Leyline: huh
Fanta: hugs colt
Barchar: she decides to go over, too. The other three are there. Might as well.
Colton: he hugs her back, still just...very confused
Jäger Leyline: leans on FELLBY
Jäger Leyline: (why did it all caps?
Barchar: Well okay THEN
Fellby: is leaned ON
Muffet: smiles at the two of THEM
: poly slithers around the COUCH
Jäger Leyline: spicy McFellby Sandwich
: (( i read that as 'sandvich'
Fellby: nods. "Mmhmm."
Barchar: "only 6.9 dollars."
: (( barchar: could've had a taco bell flame wrap
Fanta: "You're a smart kid.. right?"
Muffet: she snorts. "Never heard that one before, deary."
Fellby: "Please, I'm worth more than that."
Colton: "Uh...yeah?"
Barchar: "69.69?"
Fanta: sighs
Jäger Leyline: runs hos finger on Fellbys chest
: runs hos finger
Jäger Leyline: yeah youre priceless
: whoa ho ho
Fanta: "It's a lot of things."
Fellby: slowly begins to grin.
Fanta: "But it's.. mostly Jager."
Colton: "...Alright."
: o[i]H[/i]
Fanta: "I don't wanna talk about it, Barchar's listening."
Barchar: "SORRY!" she calls up
Colton: "...What."
Fanta: "Barchar's omnipotent here."
: Martin Shkreli must be RPed in /r/UT
Fanta: "Right, what she said."
Colton: has a look of pure 'what the actual fuck'
Fanta: rubs his head reassuringly
Jäger Leyline: so shes gone huh?
Fanta: "Please don't tell him."
: Poly [] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: likely me
Fanta: says this to nobody
Fanta: not Nobody, nobody
Fanta: aka barchar
Barchar: she shrugs. "Eh. That place is pretty chaotic. I expect there's a lot of reasons she left."
Jäger Leyline: actually no its bot
Jäger Leyline: no
Jäger Leyline: not*
Nobody: He just, looks away.
Barchar: "For all I know, the foundation is threatening her and she's hauling ass so nobody gets caught in the crossfire."
Nobody: "That's not nice!"
Barchar: Nobody: "I feel an opportunity for a joke getting shot down"
Jäger Leyline: foundation?
Jäger Leyline: doubt it. Just tired of me
Barchar: "Where she used to work. After the shark thing."
Fellby: "Some weird... science place."
Fellby: "Lemme tell you, it's fucked there."
Fellby: "More fucked then me."
Barchar: "Super Secret government bullshit. Likes to use 'termination' in both ways."
Barchar: (So slrav, how's your scp been accepted?? )
Fanta: ((I didn't post it yet
Fanta: ((I put it in drafts
Colton: he lays down, blinking. "I'm so confused."
Fanta: ((And it never got responded to
Barchar: (o)
Barchar: (You should put it on the subreddit or something. The tends to get it looked at a bit)
Fellby: ((rip
Colton: "First we suddenly leave. Then I learn that the crazy pale girl can watch me while I sleep."
Colton: "Or do anything."
Fanta: "Yeah, sorry."
Fanta: "I'm really sorry"
Colton: "...Its alright. I guess."
Jäger Leyline: poor colton
Fanta: hugs him close
Colton: kid has had a bad time
Knots: She's probably good for like, a month,
Colton: a bad time which is slowly looking up, but still.
Colton: bitch Colton would be a fuckin gourmet smorgasbord for ylu
Fellby: ((shit i gotta go to bed
Colton: he's ALWAYS got something shitty going on
Barchar: (KK night chime)
Fellby: gets a text. "Oh! Client. Sorry Jager." He leaves.
: Fellby [Fellby] disconnected.
Fanta: "Things are gonna get better"
Colton: "I hope so..."
Muffet: she opens up her other set of arms. "Jager?"
Pleinair: "..."
Jäger Leyline: so babe
Fanta: kisses him on the forehead
Fanta: "I love you Colton."
Jäger Leyline: sits next to muffet
Colton: "Love you too, mom..."
Barchar: "Yeah?"
Fanta: hugs him close, texting Hywel to get his shit and come to the bar as soon as he can
Jäger Leyline: what are they saying?
Barchar: "...Jager. I'm violating their privacy enough by just watching them, and I can't help that. I'm no gonna tell you what they're doing, too."
Jäger Leyline: because she asked you right?
Barchar: "But trust me. I'm not lying. It's absolutely nothing that interests you."
Barchar: "No, because I do have some sense of privacy."
Barchar: "She told me, too. But I wouldn't have anyway."
Jäger Leyline: well whatever Im done caring
Barchar: "..."
Knots: "..."
Roses: "..."
Barchar: She sighs. "Great...
Jäger Leyline: she can do what she wants
Knots: <...I-I'll c-come back to the v-void soon.>
Muffet: "...Do I need to leave you two alone?"
Jäger Leyline: no why?
Muffet: "Things just seem...tense."
Jäger Leyline: there not
: Poly [] joined chat.
Muffet: "Okay. Good."
: "..."
: "So who is paying me in hats now?"
Jäger Leyline: lays on muffet and BC
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
: ??? [] disconnected.
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Poly [] disconnected.
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Jäger Leyline: (MORNIN
Jäger Leyline: (opps all cap
Fellby: ((Morning
Jäger Leyline: ((up early?
Fellby: ((Gonna see my brother today
Jäger Leyline: ((birthday?
Fellby: ((3 hours in the car
Jäger Leyline: ((oh fun
Fellby: ((Nah just family day
Jäger Leyline: ((no amusement partk trip?
Fellby: ((No
Jäger Leyline: ((just hang out and stuff/
Fellby: ((Yeah, basically
Jäger Leyline: (fun?
Fellby: ((I hope so
Jäger Leyline: well guess where THIS MUTHAFUCKA is at?
Jäger Leyline: likely not much, lazy fuck
Fellby: -guess he wanders into the bar-
Döven : -so does this asshat
Jäger Leyline: Hey Fells
Bigby Wolf: -then this guy too-
Fellby: "Hey Jager."
Jäger Leyline: you up to much?
Fellby: "Oh, trust me, nothing's really up this early."
Bigby Wolf: just the murderers
Bigby Wolf: dont ho
Bigby Wolf: dont know if you quite remember me*
Fellby: pauses."I see a lot of faces in my line of work."
Bigby Wolf: yeah but I doubt any of them have asked you to solve a mirder
Fellby: seems to light up a little. "Ah, Bigby."
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] is now Bigby Wolf [Bigby Wolf].
Bigby Wolf: yeah thats me. Got a case if your interested
Fellby: "Alright. Tell me more."
Bigby Wolf: murder
Fellby: "Ooh."
Bigby Wolf: found the victim in nn apt room
Bigby Wolf: thing is I got some other work to do
Bigby Wolf: interested?
Fellby: "Alright." He lights up a cigarette. "Count me in."
Bigby Wolf: come on then -heads out-
Fellby: follows Bigby.
Bigby Wolf: oh and take it. Its a glamour. Itll hide your unhuman appearance
Bigby Wolf: hands it over
Fellby: "Ooh, neat."
Bigby Wolf: dont want humans to know about fables and monsters
Fellby: "So it's a human-mostly timeline then?"
Bigby Wolf: theres us fables, but we remain hidden in the real world
Bigby Wolf: if one break the rules and let a human know of out existance, gotta send them to the farm
Bigby Wolf: Fabletown is safe, but still gotta hide
Fellby: nods, making sure his glamor works.
: -if anything, he looks like a human Nick Valentine
Bigby Wolf: takes him to an apartment complex
Fellby: pulls out a mirror. "Huh. Interesting."
Bigby Wolf: go to room 3A and start your case. Heres my number call me if you need some advice or help
Jäger Leyline: hey what about me? -followed along-
Fellby: "Alright - oh, Jager!"
Bigby Wolf: tosses him a glamour, 'if you're helping get glamoured up
Jäger Leyline: -does so-
Bigby Wolf: alright good luck let me know what you find
Fellby: heads up to the apartment.
: theres three main areas, the entrance, the hallway, and 4 rooms.
: there will be people and clues to look for, so investiage everything
Fellby: examines the door, checking for signs of forced entry.
: theres no sign, the door is unlocked
: Bigby Wolf [Bigby Wolf] is now Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline].
Fellby: "Alright, the killer didnt force his way in."
Jäger Leyline: Nope
Fellby: glances around the hallway.
: -it a dirty digesting hallway, theres a pay phone, piss stain, trash, and 4 total rooms
: they are in NYC btw
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Fellby: grimaces. Something about it hits close to home. He heads to the victim's room.
: the room is just as gross. Theres a bed, a night stand, and a bathroom.
: oh and the victims corspes on the floor
Fellby: "Ugh..." he kneels to examine the corpse.
: male human, 20ish, he has been ravaged apart, a number of small lacerations
Fellby: "Well. It looks like this guy got mauled by some sort of animal."
Fellby: looks for any sort of clue, like q a murder weapon or a scrap of clothing.
: the cloths are ripped apart but no weapon
Fellby: "Damn. No leads?"
Fellby: wonders if there was a witness, as he stands back up.
Jäger Leyline: well why would the murderer leave the weapon on the body?
Fellby: "Adrenaline can do funny things to a person."
Jäger Leyline: true
Jäger Leyline: anything else to check on him
Jäger Leyline: ?
Fellby: "Well, I dont know. I really dont want to fuck up a crime scene."
Jäger Leyline: Pretty sure you and I are the police here
Jäger Leyline: ((you are, do what you want))
Fellby: "True." he kneels, attempting to see if there's anything beneath the body."
Fellby: 👌
Fellby: ((What
: nothing beneath him, more cuts over him, but cloths are still intact
Fellby: "Huh. Looks like he was attacked from the front."
Jäger Leyline: yeah appears to be
Jäger Leyline: the two must have been looking right at each other
Jäger Leyline: anything else?
Fellby: "...I dont think so."
Fellby: "Should w check the bathroom?"
Jäger Leyline: ((Jager can act as a life line too so you know, though he doesn't always find everything or get it right
Jäger Leyline: Well yeah but first, -slips his hands into the pockets and pulls out a wallet-
Jäger Leyline: here -hands it to fellby
Fellby: "Oh, shoot, I never thought of that!" He opens the wallet.
: -theres 250 bucks in it, the ID of the victim: name William Halberd, and a credit card
: the apt room has a bed, nightstand, and bathroom
Fellby: "All his cash is still here." He glances at the bed.
: its looks gross
Fellby: turns his attentionnto the nightstand.
: its degrading,
: they have to inspect it, but saying, opening the cabinents or look under the pillow for find clues
Jäger Leyline: by*
Fellby: opens the cabinets.
: theres phone inside and a note
Fellby: inspects these.
: the note is chicken scratch at best and has a drawing of a fish monster? it reads, "...Found out........thing.......lots of money.... gonna make it time.....-cation-
Fellby: frowns, then looks back at the bed. He lifts up the pillow.
: the phone has no recent calls, but the last few texts read, H1: Oh looking for fun tonight? Halberd: Yep, meet me at the usual place. H1: Got it
: nothing under the pillow
Fellby: "Oh..." Those texts feel familiar.
Jäger Leyline: certianly doo
Fellby: peels back the sheets.
: a picture falls out of the bed when does that
Fellby: "Oh! What's this?" He picks up the picture, looking at it.
Jäger Leyline: 0 its a picture of well....something. its dark and blurry but clearly not human. writen on it in sharpie is, "Gotcha Bitch"
Jäger Leyline: good find
Fellby: "... Yeah."
Fellby: "Wanna check the bathroom?"
Jäger Leyline: sure, stay away from the shower though
Fellby: "Dont have to tell me twice." He heads to the batroom.
Jäger Leyline: 0 thought the rest of the place was disgusting? its yellow and moldy. theres a toliet, a shower, and a sink mirror cabinent
Jäger Leyline: 0 (test)
Jäger Leyline: ((msaraps
: (test
Fellby: covers his mouth as he inspects the mirror cabinet.
: -theres a list, "it reads, 1. Proof. 2. Money. 3. Living EZZZZz
Fellby: "Okay, from what I gather this guy was a cryptid hunter. Jager, can you check the showr?"
Jäger Leyline: looks in the shower
Jäger Leyline: nope nothing, not even a towel or shampoo. Shitty house cleaning here
Fellby: "Do youbthinknthis guy even bathed?"
Fellby: ((Mobile plz
Fellby: reluctantly stares at the toilet."
Fellby: -Then he opens the cabinet. He's not going near that toilet.
: nothing in the cabinents
Jäger Leyline: pretty sure he didnt live here
Fellby: "You sure?"
Fellby: "I mean the bed looks... Somewhat used."
Jäger Leyline: (my fault called it an apartment. its a hotel
Fellby: (Ah
Jäger Leyline: (free Jager hint for that
Fellby: "... Ah, who am i kidding, who'd willingly live here."
Fellby: "Do you think anyone saw the killer leave?"
Jäger Leyline: maybe. theres the front desk
Fellby: "Let's go ask."
Jäger Leyline: yeah. we also need to find out who he meet here
Fellby: "I'm pretty sure I can get a nmber from the phone." He heads to the front desk.
Jäger Leyline: follows
Fellby: walks up to the front desk. "Hello. We're here to investigate the incident that took place."
: at the front desk theres a beautiful brown haired lady at. the desk, a payphone, and couch
: "oh Bigby sent you. Hi Im Beauty
Fellby: "I'm..." He hesitates. "Alexander Ember."
Jäger Leyline: He good lookin,, names Hugh
: "I ah....I'm married to my husband Beast
Jäger Leyline: Dang
Fellby: "Learn to check for rings, Hugh."
: "I'll try to help you if I can, but I don't really know much about what the customers do here -isn't wearing a ring-
Fellby: eats his words then.
Fellby: "Well... Did you notice anyone leaving in a rush?"
: I'm afraid not,
: sometimes people leave by the fire escape
: when they don't want to be seen. Theres the sign in sheet too
Fellby: "Huh... Okay. Can i see the sign in sh÷t?"
Fellby: ((Brb
: Jäger Leyline's connection timed out.
: Fellby's connection timed out.
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] joined chat.
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
: -she hands it to him, the names of that day are Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Putin, Joe Smoe
: theres two names of the time of entry around the murder, Winston and Abraham, neither checked out
Fellby: sighs. "Damn. They used aliases. Thanks though."
Fellby: "...Actually... Can you tell me what these two looked like?"
Fellby: points at Winston and Abraham.
: Yeah one was a guy, normal looking, comes often. The other is......well...Ariel
Fellby: "Ariel?"
: yeah. She works at the....Pudding & Pie
Fellby: "Whorehouse?"
: she nodds
Fellby: "Any idea where it is?"
: its not too far, leave the building and take a left, go three blocks and it'll be on your right
: Swood [] joined chat.
: yee haw
Fellby: "Alright. Thank you, sweetheart."
: Swood [] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: (hey bye
: Of course, I'm not standing in the way of Bigby
Jäger Leyline: So shall we go?
Fellby: nods. "Let's get a look at the fire escape before we go."
Jäger Leyline: okay
Fellby: heads outside.
: theres a fire escape but the ladder doesn't quite reach all the way to the ground
Fellby: "...Hmm. Whoever left had to have jumped those last few feet."
: theres a broken piece of a red high heel on the ground near the ladder
Jäger Leyline: Fell you mean
Fellby: picks up the piece. "Think this belongs to ariel?"
Jäger Leyline: Could be
Jäger Leyline: would make since
Fellby: "Alright, Hugh. Let's head off to the Pudding and Pie."
Jäger Leyline: You know shes not around anymore -heads out with him-
Fellby: "...Hm?"
Jäger Leyline: Or do I look like I Hugh with the human disguse of mine?
Fellby: "...Oh!You meant desk lady."
Jäger Leyline: a Hugh*
Jäger Leyline: yeah
Fellby: "Well, better to be safe then sorry."
Jäger Leyline: Gotta admit, I prefer you as the flame you are
: they arrive at the Pudding & Pie
Fellby: "Heh... well."
Jäger Leyline: you're much HOTTER in youre natural state
Fellby: heads in.
Jäger Leyline: follows
Fellby: "Come on, youre gonna give me away."
Fellby: "We've got things to do."
: the pudding & Pie is nothing compared to the bakery, the bouncer stops them and barely says, "What you want?"
Fellby: "We're looking for an Ariel."
: "Ariel in back. You not welcome"
Fellby: "... What do you mean?"
: "No enter. Go away"
Fellby: sighs. "Come on, what's a guy gotta do to get pussy around here?"
: Some sleazy man waves off the bouncer and he moves away
: Mr. Sleaze walks up, "Don't mind him, we enjoy our return customers. Ariel is in the back
Fellby: "Alright, thank you." Fellby heads back.
Jäger Leyline: follows
: theres a woman there with short red hair and wearing aqua like clothing and a ribbon on her neck, shes sitting down looking into the mirror putting lip stick on-
Fellby: "Hey, Cutie."
: "Yes hello, can I help you?"
Fellby: "I've got a few questions to ask you." He pulls out a cigarette. "Smoke?"
: -thanks a cigarette and light is up
: I'm 200 a night
: extra if your buddy joins or you get freaky
Fellby: sighs. "Not here for that. Im here about a mister Halberd."
: her eyes widen in shock, then she looks down
: These lips are sealed
: said that
Fellby: "Mmh? I'm sure I can open them."
Fellby: "What's it gonna take?"
: "These lips are sealed"
Fellby: leans in close. "Are they?"
Jäger Leyline: whispers, "You can call Bigby when you think you are ready to book someone and solve the case by the way
: "These lips are sealed"
Fellby: nods. "Thanks, Jager."
: -she moves her hands down a bit-
Fellby: "Anyway, toots, I've got evidence that puts you at the crime scene." He pulls out the shoe piece.
: in the back room, theres her mirror desk, lockers, and her of course
Jäger Leyline: look for more evidence quickly, I'll make sure she doesn't go anywhere
Fellby: nods, then checks the mirror.
: theres a glamour tube there, they are small wooden tubes with engraving btw t
: they are segmented in three cylinder partss
Jäger Leyline: parts
Fellby: frowns. "Now why's a pretty girl like you got this?"
: which can be rotated, match the engraving, atm they aren't
: "These lips are seald"
Fellby: "Of course they are." He twists the Glamor tube.
: green mists leaks from the tube and Ariel turns into a Mermaid Harpy
: She lanky and green scaled, with long sharp nails and fins
Fellby: "Oh my."
: she grabs the tube and turns it back, reverting back to human form
Fellby: checks the photo from earlier.
: it definitely resembled her natural form
Fellby: "He had pictures of you, you know."
: ....
: "These lips are sealed:
Fellby: "Sure, sure." He checks the locker.
: theres a pair of red high heels, one missing a piece
Fellby: takes them out, raising an eyebrow.
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
: she looks away, "My lips are sealed"
Fellby: looks to Jager. "Call Bigby."
Jäger Leyline: grabs his phone and calls him. After a minute, "He says to take her to the Woodlands Apartments, where the Fabletown council is"
Fellby: smiles. "Alright, sweetie. Come with us."
Jäger Leyline: books her with zip tie
: she get up and follows, still being quiet
Fellby: headsbto Woodland Apartments.
Jäger Leyline: bg -is in the sheriffs office, once Fellby gets there he says, "Alright go a head and give me all the details and what you think that happen"
Bigby Wolf: -said that-
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] is now Bigby Wolf [Bigby Wolf].
Fellby: "Alright. Ariel's John thinks he's found a monster. He plans to expose her to the press and get rich off of it. She finds out and kills him to keep this from happening' and leaves through the fire escape, breaking her shoe."
Bigby Wolf: Got proof?
Fellby: pulls out the picture, the phone, and the shoes.
Fellby: "There's also a witness that puts her on the scene."
Bigby Wolf: Explains her place, and relation to the customer, but not the motive of the customer to expose her
Fellby: "Money. He scrawled it on the mirror."
Bigby Wolf: Just money?
Bigby Wolf: you sure about that?
Fellby: "I mean, there's also this." He presents the note.
Bigby Wolf: takes it and reads it, "yeah thats your proof right there
Bigby Wolf: whats has Ariel said?
Fellby: "Her lips are sealed."
Bigby Wolf: Thats it? nothing else?
Fellby: nods.
Bigby Wolf: looks at Ariel, "If you got a defense for yourself, now is the time to say it lass
: "My lips are sealed"
Fellby: ((I might have to go soon
Bigby Wolf: Pretty sure I've seen this before, she cant talk about her job, magic prevents it
Bigby Wolf: ((about finished
Fellby: "Really?"
Bigby Wolf: pulls out a ring, "Yep, its the ribbon, but this defuses it, so talk Ariel
: "He was customer, but he found out. Blackmailed me for gold or altantis, stuff like that. I panicked, I don't have that time of money, and he could have told someone"
Bigby Wolf: Well looks like we have our solved case
Fellby: grins. "Thanks sweetie."
: Grading: Detective Work: B, Social: A, Effectivness: A, FINAL GRADE: A-
Bigby Wolf: Alright I'll take it from here, you can head home Fellby, this is a bit different from murder
Fellby: nods. "Thanks." He heads on home.
Jäger Leyline: -follows-
Bigby Wolf: ((thats it, it was a simple easy case but what'd you think?
Fellby: ((Pretty good!
Bigby Wolf: ((gonna plan more if you want to try later
Bigby Wolf: ((its obvious, but there is failure in this too,
Fellby: gets a text. "Crud. Ember needs me. See you later, Jager."
Fellby: ((Gtg
Bigby Wolf: (laters
Fellby: leaves.
: Fellby [Fellby] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: -smacks that ass before he leaves
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Barchar: she's fiddling with her new phone, trying to get shit set up right
Fanta: in room, sleepgote
Colton: same
: same
Jäger Leyline: -is at the bar
: oh wait i'm not a character
: Bigby Wolf [Bigby Wolf] is now Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline].
: ((Barchar: What's a Google?))
Jäger Leyline: get the phome workinh?
CryingEevee OOC: ((tfw you get caught up with a webcomic and then get disappointed that you now have to wait for updates))
Barchar: "Yeah, well enough." she puts in her headphones, tapping on it
Muffet: "TRUST-"
Barchar: she jumps turning the volume down
Jäger Leyline: even I heard that
Barchar: after a second of staring, she actually slides the jack in all the way.
Barchar: "Oops."
Jäger Leyline: guess you didnt get the Iphone 7
Barchar: "Fuck no. That's a decade old."
Jäger Leyline: and jack less
Fanta: ((
Fanta: ((Finally got feedback
Barchar: "Took them, like, two iterations until they rolled back THAT design choice. And lo, the world rejoiced."
Fanta: ((Definitely taking Zyn's since it's motherfuckin zyn
Jäger Leyline: right
Jäger Leyline: done well to keep up with thus tech from other lines
Barchar: She nods, taking the headphones out and putting the phone in her pocket. "Probably smart."
Jäger Leyline: didny even know what a cell phone was until I got here
: ((Barchar: This fucking phone is one inch thin))
Fanta: ((Hmm
Barchar: "But now you do. Go Jager."
Jäger Leyline: Go me
: ((Jäger: Do me
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
: ((Barchar: Uh, sureeeeeeeeeeee
: Fellby [Fellby] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: just solved a murder with Fellby
: Swood [] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Zyn is a god
: ((You have angered all of Christianity by saying that
: ((Knock knock religion's at your door
Barchar: "Nice."
Barchar: "He seems to like detective work."
CryingEevee OOC: ((just christianity? i've already angered EVERY religion. it's not hard. just say there's no way to tell if they're right or not. /s))
Barchar: "Doesn't really have a detective name, though. 'Fellby Flamesman'. Eh."
Jäger Leyline: yeah but he solved ut completey
Barchar: "Detective names always have one normal name, and then one weird one. You know, Nick Valentine, Dick Tracy, Bruce Wayne, The...Hardy...boys." she suddenly started faltering.
Fanta: ((So I had a weird dream
Fanta: ((That like, there was this danganronpa UT
Fanta: ((It was fuckin weird
Barchar: (Despairtale)
Fanta: ((No not
Fanta: ((It's weird, Sr. Pelo made it
Barchar: (What)
Fanta: ((I remember that specifically
Fanta: ((And I went to his vegas penthouse
Barchar: ()
Barchar: (What)
Fanta: ((To make the next episode
Barchar: ([i]what[/i])
CryingEevee OOC: ((fantastic))
Fanta: ((It wasn't danganronpa but it was like it
Fanta: ((I can't remember exactly
Fanta: ((OH
: ((One weird dream I had was me being an FBI agent being chased by a bunch of fucking terrorists and eventually I got fucking shot in the foot and then oNE OF THEM FUCKED ME))
CryingEevee OOC: (([i]fantastic[/i]))
Fanta: ((Bill cipher was tormenting the characters
Barchar: ([i]WHAT[/I])
Barchar: (WHY BILL)
: (("*
Fanta: ((I don't know but he did the whole chiaki scene with toriel and it was horrible
Barchar: (WHAT THE HELL)
Fanta: ((I DON'T KNOW
Fanta: ((BUT
Barchar: "...I just realized that detective names are virtually indistinguishable from porn star names."
Fanta: ((I'M GONNA DO IT
CryingEevee OOC: ((gravity falls, but with bill cipher replaced with yung venuz))
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Slarv'sfeverdreamtale [].
Barchar: ("Ca$hmag3don bitchezzzz")
Barchar: ("It ur god v33ny here t4 LIVN DIS SHIET UP")
: ((Gravity Falls but with Darkrai as Bill Cipher
Barchar: (For some reason I once typed out the entirety of the YV's mansion rap)
Barchar: (by hand)
CryingEevee OOC: ((pmd but with every character except darkrai as darkrai))
CryingEevee OOC: ((rip flame))
Barchar: (Then who's Darkrai)
CryingEevee OOC: ((arceus))
: ((Let's see
Barchar: (Sagekrai, Sewtkrai, Sterkrai, Aurkrai, Dikrai, Blazekrai, Relikrai)
: ((Toriel died in the krusty krab
Barchar: (Dewtkrai*)
: ((I remember
Barchar: (what)
: ((PMD except it was based on an actual main-game))
: ((And wasn't an AU
: ((She got.. I dunno
CryingEevee OOC: ((we'd all be rping children then))
: ((She got stabbed a bunch
CryingEevee OOC: ((because it's the pmd way))
: ((But
: ((Oh, yeah
: ((Lemme find a representation
: ((They're fucking considered children
: (("Bro I'm 35"))
Barchar: ([s]write what you know[/s])
: (("Lol you're a Pikafuckchu"
: (("Go frolic"
: (( like the guy in the first 5 seconds of this
: ((Except the whole body
: ((Imagine if Sterling and Co actually lost to Darkrai))
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, the protag canononically doesn't remember anything, and if you don't remember your age, your age probably would be based on your body's age, soooo))
: ((True
Barchar: (I mean, I figure they're all adults except for Dewt)
Barchar: (And Sage is, like, fresh out of being a teenager)
: ((And Sr. Pelo made the episode in minecraft?
: ((Sage gets to live 'cause you can't fucking get him back if you lose))
: ((I think?
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have no clue what age auron is, my dude. i just kinda went "eh" and never thought about it))
: ((The set was a short walk away from his vegas penthouse where he liked to share the contents of magic kits
: ((The world remains in darkness))
: ((This was a weird dream
: ((-10 years later-))
: ((New protagonists come and are like "Holy fuck"
: (("Let's beat up this asshole"
: ((They lose again
: ((-200 years later-
: ((New protags come
: (("Eh, fuck saving the world"
: ((They end up being forced to
: ((And win
: (("Okay what"
: (("How"
: (("I"
: ((The moral of the story:
Barchar: (Effort sucks)
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, to be fair, both auron and sterling gave up and then kinda kept going just because the plot forced them to))
: ((Don't try to do something and you'll do it
: ((Yeah that's true))
Jäger Leyline: ((you cant trust the system
Barchar: (Sage tried to get out of this mess like 5 times)
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Barchar: (Hi bread)
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai breb))
Jäger Leyline: (bready
Barchar: (Your wife and kid gtfo'd from the house without you)
: ((Hwllo
: ((They keep on going through with it because it's the only thing they can do to make a slight difference
: ((If they just give up that's the only thing they'll be known by, nothing
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, i guess auron kept going because sterling would've killed him otherwise... but that was after the mega evolution incident and before sterling gave up. now i have no idea))
Barchar: (Also they won't get to go home)
Barchar: (Cause that's a thing)
: ((Hi breb
Relic: is gonna be an oddly intimidating little german woman. She is not letting this bullshit slide
: ((Ah, right))
Female Asriel: She moved the fuck out
: ((They need to get home
Female Asriel: Texted Hywel to pack his shit and get to the bar as soon as he could
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh right. i need to think about the reason behind auron's absence last chapter.))
Barchar: (He was off getting food)
Barchar: (And we just didn't run into him)
CryingEevee OOC: ((although that's mundane in a funny way, nah.))
Hywel: -He gets in the bar, with loads of shit, EA, and his son.-
Barchar: (I mean, it's actually kind of a fuckin' important thing to do)
Colton: ur son is here already bitch
: ((Auron was crushed by Master Roshi's corpse
Female Asriel: She took her smol
CryingEevee OOC: ((it is, and yet he left the bag))
: (("ugh, what the fuck?"
Female Asriel: is in a bedroom
Hywel: -You get the point.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((that's an important detail))
Barchar: (Not necessarily)
Hywel: "Fanta?"
Barchar: (WE didn't use the bag)
Barchar: (Once)
CryingEevee OOC: ((dewt checked the bag once iirc))
: Slarv'sfeverdreamtale [] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Fanta: "Hywel?"
Hywel: "I brought Asriel."
Fanta: "Alright"
CryingEevee OOC: ((Dewt: He puts the penny in the bag. "Let's go, I think I'm slowly getting a stroke."))
Barchar: (Not that I recall. But we can probably just ignore that for the sake know,the fact that that's pretty much the only thing he could be doing that makes sense)
: I read that as "bought"
Barchar: (Oh, that. Fuck)
Barchar: (But still)
Colton: "Hi Asriel"
Hywel: -He gets all the shit in the room.-
Endling Asriel: "...Hello."
Barchar: so that place is now just Loni, Azalea and Doven
Barchar: and technically Jager but eeehh
CryingEevee OOC: ((eh, i'm thinkin of something))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i've got a few days anyway))
Hywel: "Where are we moving?"
Colton: he shrugs
: ((Next chapter we could either do shit or think of the shit Sage has done and punch trees
Fanta: "Dunno"
Fanta: "Gonna find a horse I guess, I just needed to get us out of that house."
Fanta: *house
Relic: (*Votes for the former with a splash of the latter)
Hywel: "Why?"
Colton: [s]"NO DON'T FIND A HORSE"[/s]
: theres something missing Fanta might needfor that
Fanta: sighs
Fanta: "Well, first off, that house is too crowded, and Jager has a habit of inviting everyone he meets to live there."
Hywel: "Didn't we invite a few?"
Fanta: "Azalea."
Colton: "Me."
Hywel: "I guess Amado was my fault."
Jäger Leyline: -EA-
Fanta: "Those are family members"
Fanta: did not invite EA
Fanta: or smazzy
Hywel: "...Azalea invites Asriel and Smazzy."
: Invited*
Fanta: sighs
Fanta: "It'll be good to get out of there"
Hywel: "...Yeah, true. I don't want to leave Asriel on his own, though."
Colton: "There's like four people there"
Fanta: "Asriel can come"
Fanta: "I just.. want to get away from Jager."
Fanta: "That's a part of it too"
Jäger Leyline: ((Has Fanta gone full bitch or someyhing?
Hywel: "What up?"
Hywel: "Something he did?"
Hywel: -He sits on the bed, Asriel taking a seat next to him, leaving on for his son or wife or both.-
Fanta: "He's been trying to guilt trip me into doing whatever he wanted me to."
Fanta: "I don't want to live with someone that does that."
Hywel: "Really? When did he do that?"
Fanta: "I just realized how often he'd been doing it last night."
Hywel: "Was he trying to get in bed with you again?"
Hywel: -He's gonna hope the children don't understand what that means.-
Endling Asriel: -He certainly doesn't.-
Colton: -Absolutely does-
Fanta: "Fuck, Hywel, he's been doing it since he inherited the house. Asking for sex every time he could, telling me to quit my job because it was kinda dangerous. Saying he didn't want me to take a new job that I was just [i]talking[/i] about doing, and had done before because he didn't want me to make a mistake or some stupid shit."
Hywel: "Why would he ask you to not take a job?"
Fanta: "Because he wants to control me."
Fanta: "That's all I can fucking think of."
Colton: "..."
Hywel: "...Seems true enough. Better when we get another house, I'll start looking."
Colton: he scoots closer to Asriel. He is very uncomfortable.
Jäger Leyline: hasnt asked her for sex in a long ass time
Fanta: "Thanks.."
Hywel: "We've got a good amount of money."
Fanta: hugs Hywel
Fanta: "You've seen it too, right?"
Endling Asriel: -He leans on Colton. To comfort himself and Colton.-
: ((Fanta is starting to sound like my mom))
Fanta: ((Why
Hywel: "The sex thing has been happening more to me lately, and I guess I wasn't there for the other stuff. He's been better abou the asking to have sex."
: ((The rant
: ((Is something my mom would say
Fanta: "It'll be good to get independent."
Fanta: ((You ask your mom for sex?
Hywel: "Ever since I clearly out my foot down and said that I did not want to cheat on my wife, even with permission."
: ((NOOoooo
Barchar: Oh hywel you are in for a nasty surprise
: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fanta: welp she's made a mental note
Colton: "..."
Fanta: sighs
Döven : -has done something bad
Barchar: the fuk did u do u lil shit
: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: ((O BOI))
: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fanta: "He's seen me naked before. He told me he'd stop harassing me if I did."
Fanta: rubs her forehead
Fanta: "Fuck."
Jäger Leyline: and he did
: ((Fucking move out of Jäger's house then
Hywel: "It's fine now."
: ((They are))
: ((You have the money
Fanta: ((We did
: ((Ah
Colton: that is exactly the thing theyare doing
Colton: at this immediate second
Hywel: -He shrugs.-
Döven : -no they dont
Colton: "That's weird. That's a weird thing to do."
Hywel: "As long as my sister is happy, I don't mind where they stay."
Fanta: "Ugh.."
Fanta: hugs Hywel
Hywel: "Loni isn't moving, that's for sure, I'd think."
Hywel: -He has the money.-
Hywel: -You think he just spent those high amounts of money Jager gave him to have sex?-
Döven : -stole much of it since Hywel was aw
Jäger Leyline: awol*
Hywel: -How.-
Hywel: -He didn't just keep 5 million dollars lying around.-
Hywel: -Either way, they're gonna move the fuck out, he'd get a loan and work if he needed to.-
Döven : -theres no wireless in Tk 421
Fanta: fuk does that have to do with it
Jäger Leyline: -means money has to be tangible
CryingEevee OOC: ((random thought:what if you were whining and someone asked "would you like some cheese with that wine?" and you said yes and then they ACTUALLY brought you some cheese))
Barchar: -dude, last night you had Jager grilling Fanta over having that money-
Döven : -able to be sten
Barchar: -don't then fucking steal it with no recourse-
Jäger Leyline: stolen*
Hywel: "How many people do we have?"
Fanta: all the more incentive for her to take the job
Jäger Leyline: ((well I wanted to do plot with it but if everyone wants to bitch about it
Barchar: -Besides I'm pretty fuckin' sure Fanta would have taken that with her, without Hywel-
Fanta: "Me, you, Colton and.. Asriel do you wanna stay with us?"
Endling Asriel: -He nods.-
Fanta: "That's four."
Hywel: "So four. Hmm. That's not that bad."
Barchar: -We didn't know you had any plot planned with it, but either way that's kind of a dick move-
Fanta: "That's a nice size"
Fanta: ((Dude, let me move my character out.
Hywel: "You two okay with sleeping in the same room, and or sleeping in the same bed?"
Colton: "Yeah. But then if we get the other Asriel back..."
Fanta: ((Don't make this difficult
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: (yeah duh Im the only person here who males dick chara yerz
Fanta: "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it"
Jäger Leyline: (makes*
Jäger Leyline: (fine sorry I tried to have fun with it
Hywel: "For now, we stay in the bar."
Fanta: "Yeah"
Hywel: "Think I'll need to get a job?"
Colton: "...I don't wanna do that for long."
Fanta: pulls gotefam close to her
Colton: "I just learned that the weird pale girl can see us. And that's weird."
Fanta: "Well.. I had a job offer."
Hywel: "Why's that? Hey, Barchar is nice, if a bit weird."
Fanta: "Yeah, she's nice"
Jäger Leyline: ((so what is this personal now?
Hywel: "What job?"
Colton: "She's just..."
Colton: "I don't like her."
Hywel: -He shrugs.-
Hywel: "Ain't gonna hurt you."
Colton: "And I wouldn't like it even if somebody I DID like could see me wherever I was."
Fanta: ((No
Fanta: "Well um.. it's a job I've had before, one that's not.. um"
Fanta: pulls hywel to whisper range
Hywel: "Oh, yeah okay, no.
Hywel: "I don't know about that."
Fanta: doesn't need to
Fanta: "Yeah"
Hywel: "Physical body now, I don't trust the people who do that."
Jäger Leyline: ((feels like it
Fanta: "He says they're all.. I shouldn't talk about this in front of the kids"
Fanta: ((Don't take IC beefs for OOC beefs, my dude
Hywel: "No, I mean the people who pay, Fanta."
Fanta: "Yeah"
Fanta: "He said they were clean"
Hywel: "I trust the people who work there just fine."
Fanta: "They test, if Fellby's telling the truth"
Hywel: "No, no, no matter how clean you are, a bullet to the head will kill you, Fanta."
Hywel: "I don't know who they are, what they'll do."
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] disconnected.
Fanta: "You know Muffet, right?"
Hywel: "Yeah."
Fanta: "It's where she works"
Hywel: "Yes."
Fanta: "We can talk about it when the kids aren't here."
Fanta: there she us putting the shit off
Fanta: *is
Hywel: "I can get them to go out to the bar area."
Fanta: "Ok"
Fanta: is still laying in shot-ass position, btw
Hywel: -He tells the kids to go talk out in the main area, or get something to eat, whatever they want to do.-
Endling Asriel: -He leaves the room.-
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] joined chat.
Hywel: -I assume Colton does too.-
Fanta: "I won't take it if you're not ok with it."
Fanta: "But it is safe."
Hywel: "I am really not one hundred percent about that Fanta."
Hywel: "Your job at that place seemed safe."
Hywel: "And then you got shot in the ass."
Fanta: "Thenn I got shot in the ass."
Hywel: "What I'm saying is."
Hywel: "That prostitution is not a safe job."
Hywel: "All jobs can be dangerous, but prostitution, no matter how safe you make it, is dangerous."
Fanta: "You.. well, you don't have to be a prostitute. They've got a bar, strip club, other stuff."
Fanta: "Fellby's probably better to talk about it than I am"
Fanta: "But if you don't want me to, I won't"
Hywel: "...Rather not."
Fanta: "Alright"
Hywel: "Can't you do like, normal dancing?"
Hywel: "Bartending can be done at a fancy resturant's bar."
Fanta: "I could"
Fanta: "I just got the offer for this before I went looking for those"
Hywel: "Hell, you could still use your attractiveness in any other way than paying to have people fuck you."
Hywel: being paid*
Fanta: sighs
Fanta: "I'm not taking it, I made that clear, if you weren't ok with it I wouldn't."
Fanta: snuggles up to him
Hywel: "Okay, good..."
Hywel: -He snuggles back.-
Fanta: give kiss on the snoot
Hywel: "We're a mess."
Fanta: "Why do you say that?"
Hywel: -He laughs a bit.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((i should replay super mario rpg sometime.))
CryingEevee OOC: ((that was a good game))
Hywel: "Come on, we've been living in a house not paying rent for a long time, I've practically accidentally adopted another kid, we've got no jobs."
Hywel: "We're living in a bar."
Fanta: "Well, yeah"
Hywel: "And you have a second butt hole."
Fanta: "Shush"
Fanta: "It would be extremely painful"
Hywel: "...What."
Hywel: "We're you thinking of me trying to have sex with a bullet wound?"
Fanta: "For you"
Fanta: "Maybe"
Hywel: "Fanta."
Fanta: "For like, half a second"
Hywel: "Fanta."
Hywel: "T-How. You do realize how difficult and painful that would be?"
Fanta: "I never said I wanted to do it"
Hywel: "I'd have to cut the hole deeper and wider."
Fanta: "Just that the thought crossed my mind"
Fanta: "Not with your pencil dick"
Hywel: "Yeah, riiii-"
: Swood [] disconnected.
Hywel: "I want a divorce."
Fanta: pokes his nose
Hywel: -Obvious joke.-
Hywel: "You keep making fun of my dick."
Hywel: "My dick is perfect."
Fanta: "Your dick is just fine, bby"
Hywel: "Not too long, no too short, fits nicely."
Fanta: nuzzles into his chest
Fanta: lets out a long sigh
Hywel: -He scratches her head fur.-
Fanta: purrs
Hywel: "See I get it now, you don't need to grab my hand and move it to your head anymore."
Fanta: "You're learning"
: Swood [] joined chat.
Fanta: (( i love this song
: Swood [] disconnected.
Hywel: "Yep."
Hywel: "Should I get the kids back in?"
Fanta: "Yep"
Fanta: "Get a nice fluff pile"
Hywel: -He gets the kids in. EA gets in between the two gote parents.-
Fanta: pets the EA and the Colton
Hywel: -As does he.-
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Barchar: (Hywel: "No, no, no matter how clean you are, a bullet to the head will kill you, Fanta." what the fuck do you think goes on in there Hywel)
: ??? [] joined chat.
: ??? [] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
Jäger Leyline: (the moment you are playing a stealth game amd you knock over a traffic cone which makes the entire piss at you
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Barchar: (It's always funny how the shit tumblr puts for you in the sidebar is always really artsy bullshit)
Barchar: (And then my dash is just nothing but shitposts)
Barchar: (shitposts all day every day)
Jäger Leyline: (dont even know why I made a tumblr
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Swood [] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((Hywel was not only being paranoid about someone being on drugs or something, but also finding an excuse to not have his wife be a hooker))
Barchar: (I do. Shitposts.)
: ((He was being very irrational))
Jäger Leyline: ((well he has to save her now
Jäger Leyline: ((least history repeat itself
Barchar: (I'm fairly certain Fanta's termination from the Barkery was just because she didn't show up for a fairly legitimate reason)
: Poly [] joined chat.
Barchar: (NOT because she got shot or anything)
: ((Yeah, but hookers get killed all the time))
Jäger Leyline: ((no Im talkng anout the 18000 year slave thing
Jäger Leyline: ((duh
: ((no all considering, the bakery has to be one of the safest places for the prostitutes))
: Now*
: ((But still))
Jäger Leyline: ((shoe enslaves Famta and Hywel getz reseted on
: ((Hywel didn't want to directly say no, mainly because he didn't want to upset Fanta or something))
Jäger Leyline: ((then Yk421.reset and blows.up
: ((Haha, you're making jokes about my character I don't even play anymore))
Jäger Leyline: ((*sonic game over music*
Barchar: (Yeah, but getting enslaved by a cat for 18000 years and getting compensated for sex work for the normal amount of time are different things)
Jäger Leyline: (tbh I find OCs are a better vharacters anyhow
Barchar: (Eh)
Barchar: (What even counts as an OC?)
Barchar: (I mean, Barchar and MBM are technically actual UT characters, but they're so damn different)
: ((An original character))
: ((I'd consider characters that are from a game but drastically different from the general personalities that people crate for them as OCs))
Jäger Leyline: ((yeah
Barchar: (Mmn)
: ((Like, I'd consider Fanta and OC))
: An*
: ((I'd consider BC and OC))
Barchar: (Remember when Fanta was a dude? and not named Fanta?)
: ((Remember when Fanta was a ghost?))
Barchar: (...kinda prophetic when you think about it)
Jäger Leyline: ((simply because Fanta bears little to no resemblance to AD at this point
: ((Fanta is Asriel))
: ((But just, isn't Asriel))
Barchar: (She is theoretically asriel)
Jäger Leyline: ((but itd be easy to retcon that without any consquence
Barchar: (Eh)
: ((I'm gonna make up a new term))
: ((AC, Alternate Character))
: ((Bacocally a character from a game but it's completely changed))
Barchar: ( not a useless term, actually.)
Jäger Leyline: (basis Character
Barchar: (I like it)
Barchar: (It is a bit of a fine line, but still)
: (( Modified so much to the point it isn't what it was
Barchar: (We definitely know that Barchar would count for that. But would Mettaton? Gaster?)
: ((MC actually, modified is a better word))
Barchar: (Yeah but then it sonds like they're a DJ)
Jäger Leyline: (the character has a basis but doesnt follow the original
Jäger Leyline: (BC
: (( "has a basis"
: (( wha?
Jäger Leyline: (shit
Barchar: wha
: ((well, the issue with that is that almost all of the UT character don't exactly follow the real ones))
: ((They'd all be BCs))
Barchar: (Yeah, I don't think 'Basis characters' is really a good term)
: (( That's one of the main things behind 'OC"
: (( Originality
: ((Is there even a term for characters that are ripped from a game))
: (( So i guess people like BC could be considered OCs or "modified characters"
Jäger Leyline: ((Basis: the underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process.
: (( I think I just went full circle there
Jäger Leyline: (it worns
Jäger Leyline: works*
: (( gtg
Barchar: (Yeah, but I feel like it's a lot less of an obvious thing)
: Swood [] disconnected.
Jäger Leyline: ((eh
Jäger Leyline: ((english isnt obvious
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Barchar: (If you hear 'Basis character' it wouldn't be as much of an easy 'oh this is what you mean' as 'Modified' or 'Alternate')
: ((English is fucking weird))
Barchar: ('AC' kinda works off the idea of an 'AU' as well as 'OC')
Jäger Leyline: ((I know I teach ot
: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
: ((Like))
Jäger Leyline: ((AC makes me.think of alternate skins or alternative charatcers to play as
Jäger Leyline: ((like what bread?
: ((Makes me think of))
Fanta: ((I need to do Slarv'sfeverdreamtale
: ((Air conditioning))
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Slarv'sfeverdreamtale [].
Jäger Leyline: ((that too
: Poly [] disconnected.
: ((
: ((Pretty aure most of these are grammatically correct))
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Jäger Leyline: ((I was working on my TESOl cert and pronouns came up
Jäger Leyline: (SJW would be pissed if they saw how it was set up
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] is now Yazan [Yazan].
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Yazan: ((tbh you should.juat rewrite those sentenzd in that link bread
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: ((yeah but the thing is))
: ((It's grammatically correct to not))
: ((Ok
: ((So I have this item
: ((It looks like a cloud
Yazan: ((eat it
: ((And when I push space it loses one charge and regains it in a second
: ((what game))
: ((Isaac
: ((Ohhh))
: ((What is it
: ((Uhh...)
Barchar: (Ohhh )
: ((I spawned with it, I'm eden
Barchar: (That's breath of life)
: ((What it do
: ((It like, gives you something while you hold down space, but damages you pee second if it runs out of charge?))
: Per*
: ((I think it makes you temporarily invincible?
: But hurts you if you abuse it?
: ((I think so))
Barchar: (Okay, so, as you hold space it loses charge)
Barchar: (If you get it at JUST the right second, you get invincibility)
Barchar: (But if you hold it a second too short it has to regen again. A second too long and you take damage AND have to regen)
: Yazan [Yazan] disconnected.
: ((Sounds dumb
: ((Like an item version of infamy
Barchar: (it is)
: ((That can hurt you
: ((It sucks))
Barchar: (Not even that good)
: ((It's one of the angel room items you want to slap yourself for, because you got an angel room and not a devil room))
: ((Godhead sacred heart are two of the few good angel items))
: Dark Bum?
: That's good
: ((That's good))
: ((Laharl, it used to be amazing, but it's still good))
: ((Just be careful))
Barchar: (He drops spoders)
Barchar: (but mostly blue hearts)
: ((Yeah, he had to be nerfed before))
: ((It literally would only give soil hearts before))
: ((Soul*
Barchar: (The chance for blue spiders and regular spoders was still THERE iirc)
Barchar: (just not often)
: ((No, when the game first came out))
: ((It only dropped blue hearts))
Barchar: (Oh, has he been nerf Ed more than once? Damn)
: ((And it was like 1 and 1/2 to 2 red hearts per Blue heart))
Barchar: (That Ed was Unintentional but fitting)
: Fucker
: Just
: Took
: My
: Red
: Hearts
: That's what he does
: But he gives you blue hearts
: ((It was overpowered, basically won blue baby runs))
Barchar: (ONE and a half I think. I dunno if it's still that way )
Barchar: (Bitch that's why we love him)
: I am at
: Half
Barchar: (he takes those shitty red hearts and gives you soul hearts)
: A
: Heart
: You can beat him to the hearts :p
Barchar: (Unless you're Maggie you should be fast enough)
: ((Just get an 8 heart super secret room))
: ((Let him get all the hearts and gtfo))
: ((I picked up Lard
: ((So i'm slow
: ((Then win the game))
Barchar: (You hold still be faster than him)
: ((It just took
: ((A red heart that spawned on him
Barchar: (Don't stay in the room though, or he'll pay out with red hearts because of how that room works)
: ((I mean he gave me a soul heart in exchange but fuck you dark bum i'm in one heart
: ((That's why I said gtfo))
: ((Also the eternal heart super secret room))
: ((If you can get red hearts in there))
: ((Fun times))
Barchar: (The jar)
: ((Or portable slot. It can pay with red hearts right?))
: ((...Right?))
: aaaaaawibodbujla
: ((
: ((This was the reaction when they made the spiders happen
: ((
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: In another timeline...
: Fuck lemme try and remember the story so far
: Poly [] joined chat.
: All around me
: Are familiar faces
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((What game))
: Poly [] disconnected.
Barchar: Tf2
: ((Oh right))
: ((Tf2 has a leveling system now))
Barchar: Yyyeah
: Ok so I think
: It's a post pacifist timeline
: Where they escaped the underground but woops looks like bill cipher rules the fucking world
Barchar: Okay
: So he puts all the homeboys in some kind of.. death game?
: I think?
Barchar: Alright Bill you do you
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: How a I gonns fucking do tjg
: ds\a
Barchar: Jesus christ what
: How do I bring this in
: Hmmmm
Barchar: I suggest you don't
: I must
: Slarv'sfeverdreamtale [] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Fanta: Meh
Fanta: I'll just make the boss more hellish
Barchar: Is that the slravtah motto
Fanta: Yes
Fanta: Although you totally asked for it with the goddamn shiny arceus
Barchar: That wasn't his fault!
Barchar: He never asked for this
Fanta: Watsky gave us the sign
Fanta: He wanted hardmode
Fanta: And he shall get hardmode
Fanta: You've got bad luck for 7 years
Barchar: FUCK MEI
Fanta: Mei is underpowered
Fanta: She can't fight for shit
Fanta: Play pharah
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: Lily [Lily] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hello[/color]
DamnDude: [[ hi ]]
Barchar: Hi tri
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What's up[/color]
Barchar: Playing overwatch
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What's the dreamscape?[/color]
Fanta: It's fun
Fanta: You get 3 lives
Fanta: To defeat 7 balanced hackmons teams
Barchar: Slarv has been warning about the dreamscape don't believe her lies
Fanta: Shhh
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sure, why not[/color]
Fanta: Go ahead and make up a 3 person BH team then
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Is ok Flame[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And what is considered balanced hackmons[/color]
Fanta: A meta
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well yes but[/color]
: Don't worry Tri
: It's possible
: I beat it
: It's not possible
Fanta: Look up the rules on smogon
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh, I'm on Smogon right now actually[/color]
: You're gonna die
Fanta: You'll love yveltal
Fanta: You'll [i]love[/i] my yveltal
Barchar: Wasn't the one you won because slarvath had to go laharl
: Yeah I'm not gonna challenge that shit
Fanta: Laharl beat all 7
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But Laharl is amazing[/color]
Fanta: With a life to spare
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Barchar: If you try to balance this shit for laharl you're just gonna piss everyone off
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright, so I only get 3 pokemans?[/color]
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Pick OP af Pokémon
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Of course[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Fanta: I'm not balancing it around laharl I'm balancing it around gud
Fanta: Be gud
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'll tri[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: >around gud
: good*
: That meme is old
: And it's dead
: Get with the times boi
Barchar: Get gud with your memes
: good*
: Again
: Get with the times
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So I think I just made literally Satan[/color]
Fanta: Try me
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I only have one pokemon down[/color]
Fanta: Trade Maker
Fanta: Oh
Fanta: Rip
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I meant one of the pokemon I made[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Slarv
: I will fucking annihilate you
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Done[/color]
Fanta: Challenge me
Fanta: Randy has entered a mysterious door at the bottom of a tower
Fanta: And entered, the battle dreamscape
Fanta: He comes across a kindly masked man who leads him around
Randy: He follows.
Fanta: Then is attacked by another masked man who was having an orgy
Randy: oh
Fanta: 'Oh dear..'
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Can I put links or no[/color]
DamnDude: [[ So I'm doing a Game maker tutorial ]]
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Fanta: No links
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That went much better than I expected[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Fanta: I fucked up one of em
Fanta: Gave em an assault vest when they didn't have any attacks :p
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait, since it's Hackmons do you need the mega stone for mega evolutions[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Chime[/color]
Fellby: ((Hey guys, i might be late today
Fellby: ((Depends on what happens
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Fanta: You do not need the mega stone
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sweet[/color]
DamnDude: [[ Understood ]]
Fanta: You defeat the orgyman
Fanta: And move onward, a large castle in the distance
Fanta: Another man in a bird mask jumps you from the bushes
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I can't believe I'm decent[/color]
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Fellby: decides to set up a yelp page for the barkery. Hey, technically it's legal in that dimension.
Fanta: And you finally get fucked by a guy in a bird mask
Fanta: 1/3
Fanta: 2/3
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hey I'm doing decent[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I think[/color]
Muffet: fechnically, as the only living survivor of that dimension
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Muffet: she makes the fuckin laws
Fanta: Ok now challenge
Fanta: is asleep in the fluffgote pile
Barsk: he doesn't count
Barsk: because he is dead
Hywel: -He is too.-
Colton: so is he. Peer pressure
Fellby: -The idea of a brothel with a yelp page amuses him, so he des it-
Asmodeus : -He's in the bar.-
Muffet: 5 stars got a good cum would return
Fanta: 3/3
Fanta: You are kicked out of Algadda
Lily: [color=#daffdb]:([/color]
Fanta: But you got 5 BP
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Better than I expected at least[/color]
Fanta: awakens
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She's asleep in her room.[/color]
Asmodeus : -He heads back to Lily's place.-
Muffet: she returns to the bar.
Barchar: "Hi, Muff."
Hywel: -Is sleep.-
Fanta: pokes his snoot
Muffet: "Ah, yes, hello, dearie. Erm. How privacy invading would it be to ask...?"
Barchar: "Hywel doesn't want her to. I think he's worried she'll get hurt."
Muffet: "...ah. I see."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]The stage has petals everywhere, looks like she practiced a lot.[/color]
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
Hywel: -BC would know that's not actually why, mostly.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi CE[/color]
: Swood [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
Asmodeus : "Hmm."
Fanta: has already been on the cock carousel though
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Do you think I did well Slarv[/color]
: ((yeehaw
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She stirs.[/color]
Fanta: You giratina was cancer
Fanta: But yes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It was[/color]
Asmodeus : "Morning?"
Fanta: pokes his nose again
Barchar: she's not the best at reading people
Hywel: -He wakes.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Hi,'s Saturday, right?" She gets out of bed.[/color]
Hywel: "Eugh..."
Asmodeus : "Yes."
Fanta: "Howdy"
Asmodeus : "Working hard?"
Hywel: "I was sleeping."
Muffet: "Well. I...will..stay here. To talk. Yes, that seems like the best idea."
Barchar: she shrugs
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Yep, I have another show today. Had to practice a lot."[/color]
Barchar: (How long has Lily's text color not been pure white)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It was pure white since she came in[/color]
Barchar: (Like I just realized it was like a very slight green and it is fucking with my he-wait what)
Fanta: "I know"
Asmodeus : "Ah, okay."
Lily: [color=#daffdb][s]And it's actually slightly greenish[/s][/color]
Fanta: "I poked your nose to wake you up"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh yeah, it's always been greenish[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sorry[/color]
Barchar: (Okay it is green)
Hywel: "Yes. I'm hungry now."
Fanta: "I was also hungry"
Barchar: (I was about to have an existential bloody crisis over this)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"But after today, my next show isn't for another week, so that's nice."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Looks like I woke up early though, we can do something before the show if you want."[/color]
Colton: "Nnnrh." he wakes up too
Fanta: "Hi Colton"
Asmodeus : -He nods.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"What do you want to do?"[/color]
Fanta: "Wanna get food?"
Asmodeus : "I was thinking since I'd be gone for a while tomorrow, we could go out to some place with nice views."
Hywel: "Olease."
: Oleaze*
: Olease*
: OH
Colton: "Sure."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Sounds good. Anywhere you know of?"[/color]
Fanta: looks to the ea
Lily: [color=#daffdb]If Mewtwo would've died with Destiny Bond up would it have been considered a win[/color]
Endling Asriel: -He nods. He wants food.-
Asmodeus : "The Underground has a few nice spots."
Colton: "Yaaay food."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Alright, I'll follow you to wherever you want to go."[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: picks up smol number 1, places him on the floor, and does the same for smol number 2
Fanta: she then staggers up
Asmodeus : -He nods, and heads to the anydoor.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She follows.[/color]
Hywel: -He gets up.-
Asmodeus : -He heads through the bar, out into Snowdin.-
Colton: he holds her hand, walking out into the main room
Fanta: takes the gote fam to get some food in the main room
Muffet: she looks over. "Oh, HyweeeeeeeeeeIassureyouwetakewonderfulcareofouremployeesandmakeabsolutelysurenothinghappenstothem SO WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She's shivering a lot.[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((HATE))
Barchar: she snorts. "I'm surprised you can talk that fast."
Muffet: "Mmn."
Fanta: "Um.."
Muffet: she has a polite, business-like smile on her face
Asmodeus : -Swiftly on to anywhere else than Snowdin.-
Fanta: "Howdy"
Hywel: -He walks out.-
Muffet: "No, no, you don't have to answer if you don't want to, I have NO INTENTION of pryin-okay then bye"
Colton: "..."
Hywel: -Of the room.-
Colton: "I guess dad doesn't like her."
Hywel: -Not the bar.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well, there's Waterfall.[/color]
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Asmodeus : -He remembers the nice view of the castle.-
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Muffet: she sits down, smiling awkwardly
Asmodeus : "Unfortunately not much sunlight down here."
Hywel: "Heya."
Fanta: looks for Hywel
Fanta: oh
Fanta: oh
Fanta: woops
Fanta: nvm
Fanta: gets some food for her kids and herself
Fanta: "I think I forgot to eat yesterday"
Hywel: -He gets some food too.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"That's fine. Anything's better than that snowy place."[/color]
Hywel: "That's bad."
Asmodeus : -He nods.-
Fanta: "When did I eat last..."
Muffet: wait I thought hywel was already in the main room
Asmodeus : "...Might have to walk through there again."
Fanta: looks off into the distance
Colton: he gets some food tok
Hywel: -I never said it but I dunno.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Oh, I'll try to get through fast when we have to cross over again."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"But let's enjoy [i]not[/i] being there right now. Where's this?"[/color]
Asmodeus : "This place's name is Waterfall."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"It's pretty. I do like water."[/color]
Fanta: eats her food very quickly
Asmodeus : -He smiles.-
Fanta: ravenously
Asmodeus : "Hotland might be bad for you, also."
Muffet: well, she gave off that rant immediately as he came in, then sat down.
Fanta: ((
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Depending on how hot it is...maybe."[/color]
Barchar: (What)
DamnDude: [[ What. ]]
CryingEevee OOC: ((all. of. my. hate.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]What[/color]
Asmodeus : "There is lava coating the bottom of it."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Are you on cringeanarchy[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Yeah, that sounds too hot."[/color]
Fanta: ((I am
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"How long is it? I might be able to run through without burning."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thought so[/color]
Asmodeus : "There is a really nice spot here, so it's okay. Also, it's... Pretty long."
Fanta: "..I need to not order more"
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Asmodeus : "There are elevators, and a building to the next area. Not as hot in the building."
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Hywel: "...Muffet, I'm sorry, but I just am not comfortable with it."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hmm...we can try to get through it?"[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Or we can stay in Waterfall."[/color]
Hywel: "I appreciate giving us the opportunity to make money, but..."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Just a reminder, Final Corridor and onward is fucked[/color]
Asmodeus : "Can you die if you get overheated?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Burned alive."[/color]
Fanta: then she gets idea
Fanta: "Hey Hywel remember that book?"
Asmodeus : -He frowns.-
Asmodeus : "I wouldn't risk that, would I?"
Hywel: "What book?"
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I don't think you or I would try that at such a risk."[/color]
Fanta: "[i]That[/i] book"
Asmodeus : "This place is fine, anyways. Lots of water, can go for a swim even, if you wanted to."
Fanta: "That one you said would be a good idea"
Hywel: "...Wh- oh."
Fanta: "Whatever, I had an idea"
Fanta: "What if we could teach or something"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...How does swimming as a ghost work?"[/color]
Hywel: "Yeah, selling and a book with the potions useses."
Hywel: "...Teach?"
Fanta: "Y'know"
Asmodeus : "More meant for you, I could just follow."
Fanta: "Teach people how to do it right."
Fanta: "I dunno, it's just a thought I had"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I know. I would love to swim. Just wondering if you're able. I don't want to have fun with you just standing there."[/color]
Muffet: "No that's fine absolutely fine one hundred percent no trouble at all."
Hywel: "...Guess It would be safer as long as I was allowed to keep a weapon near me."
Fanta: "How much would that pay?"
Hywel: -Still looks uncomfortable. But Fanta would know that if he had a gun near by, he would be okay with it being a bit dangerous.-
Hywel: -So it would seem odd to be uncomfortable.-
Fanta: knows this
Muffet: "I think the price depends on how well you teach."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Why does Pure Power and Huge Power exist[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]They do the same thing, apparently[/color]
Muffet: "I'm not sure though. I'm no teacher."
Hywel: "Why do you want her so much?"
Asmodeus : -He smiles.-
Muffet: "Because, dearie, she was good. Amalgamate or not, she was a good worker while she was there."
Asmodeus : "I would still have fun. Knowing you know I'm here would be good enough. I've been watching people have fun since I could remember."
: Poly [] joined chat.
Hywel: "...Hmm."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Are you sure? I wouldn't expect watching someone have fun be as fun as participating..."[/color]
Colton: is silently eating
Asmodeus : "Yeah, I'm sure."
Fanta: scratches Hywel's head
Colton: he feels like he can feel Barchar staring at him.
Barchar: she's not
Hywel: -He eats, getting the scratching.-
Colton: but he feels like it
: Poly [] is now #TeamValor xXKNIV35_AND_D34THXx [].
Hywel: "..."
Hywel: "I dunno..."
Muffet: "Look, I can't make either of you do anything."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Alright. I believe you." She steps into the water and smiles, swimming around.[/color]
Muffet: "Well. Theoretically I could but I will not."
Muffet: "Either way, this isn't a demand, but a request."
Asmodeus : -He sits at the edge of the water, smiling as he watches.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]You can [i]barely[/i] tell, but she's also absorbing it just a little bit.[/color]
Asmodeus : -He kinda had figured this would happen. Since plants absorb water.-
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Hywel: -He sighs.-
DamnDude: [[ "No" "OK nevermind this is a demand" ]]
Hywel: "...Look I... I'm not very comfortable with my wife having sex with other people constantly, on a day to day basis, or showing off her nudity to everyone there."
Muffet: "...Okay. That's fine."
Muffet: Internally: "If you're gonna be a bloody prude I mean jeez"
Muffet: "Again, I can't force you. If you don't want to, you don't have to."
Hywel: "...I get the feeling that's not the answer you wanted."
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: rip money
Fanta: internally 'well there goes that idea'
Hywel: "...Fanta, we need the money, and I haven't really asked your opinion on this."
Muffet: "I mean, obviously."
Hywel: "What do you WANT? Not what I want, not what Muffet wants, just you."
Muffet: [sub]"Finally Jesus Christ"[/sub]
Hywel: -He glances over, not really understanding that, then shrugs it off, looking back.-
Fanta: "I mean, if you're not comfortable with it I won't do it. I'm ok with doing it, but I don't want to if you're not ok with it."
Hywel: "Did you like working there before?"
Fanta: "I did"
Hywel: "...Would you still?"
Fanta: sighs
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Fanta: "I dunno, I want you to be comfortable."
: (( bruh
: ((
Colton: "I really think somebody other than dad needs to actually say 'yes' or 'no' here."
Hywel: "No, that's not what I'm asking though."
Fanta: "Alright, I think I would"
Hywel: "Seriously, I can't be the only one with an opinion on this, Fanta. I don't want to control everything, I've been doing that my whole life."
Hywel: -He nods.-
Hywel: "Okay. Now, about the teaching. I assume we'd be teaching staff?"
Fanta: looks to muffet
Muffet: "Well, I can certainly see that working."
Muffet: "These hard are they to produce? We could probably make a pretty penny selling them, as well as teaching how to use them."
Hywel: -He walks over to the machine.-
Hywel: -Gets a large pitcher.-
Hywel: -Fills it.-
Hywel: -Pours the liquid into 5 small bottles.-
Hywel: "Here are 5 potions that swap male and female."
Muffet: her eyes sparkle. "Lovely."
Fanta: finishes eating
Hywel: "So, really easy."
Fellby: ((Muffet attempts to steal the machine
Muffet: "If you wish, we can absolutely figure programs, I suppose, for them."
Muffet: "You wouldn't even have to get naked. Any demonstration can be done by other employees."
Muffet: she doesn't need to steal shit, the machine is right there
Hywel: -He nods.-
Hywel: "But how much would that pay?@
Muffet: " a price."
Muffet: "I'd definitely want to do it per person per class."
Hywel: "I need a steady income."
Hywel: "How long would we be doing this?"
Muffet: "Well, however long you rather want to."
Hywel: "...Once we teach all the employees?"
Hywel: "Or are there always new ones?"
Muffet: "Well, I was under the impression that you'd be giving classes to customers as well."
Muffet: "But, well, I'm not sure what you had in mind."
Hywel: "...Yeah, I guess that would work."
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Hywel: -He sighs.-
Barchar: (I'm just having a hard time coming up with a money amount because I barely know how much is a reasonable amount i)
Barchar: (irl*)
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Hywel: "I'd need a good yearly income, monthly paycheck a and the sort. I'm not good with that stuff, y'know, never really needed money, cause money didn't exist, but now I know I at least need to get a fair monthly pay, and to save that money, I think."
Hywel: "How much would you be able to pay a year for teaching everybody who wanted lessons?"
Fellby: is on his laptop doing business stuff. Like payroll. If you wanna talk to him.
Muffet: "A year, eh?"
Fellby: ((The bar has around 50 employees iirc
Fanta: ((A billion dollars a year is middle income
Hywel: "A yearly average, but it's paid monthly."
Muffet: "...Hm. Okay, you know what, I'm having trouble running this math. Could you please give me one moment?"
Barchar: (no its not slrav dont u lie to me u bitch)
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Muffet: [Cheri, could you come help me run some numbers by Monsieur Hywel?]
Fellby: [Hm? Oh, sure.]
Barchar: (help my dog is resting her head on my arm and it's adorable but I need both to type well)
Barchar: (wat do)
: ((Wake them up))
Fellby: is in bra now.
DamnDude: [[ Move your arm slightly and pet dog ]]
: ((Throw them into the traaaaaash))
Barchar: (thank you dd)
: ((Muffet: When you're a confirmed porn addict, bribery's not guaranteed against a scandal Hywel: BUT I GAVE YOU POPSICLES!))
Muffet: "Hello, Cheri. So-" she gives a rundown of the situation
Barchar: (What)
Fellby: makes a face."Oh. That stuff."
Muffet: "Whether you wish to use them or not, you can't deny we could make a killing."
Muffet: "The fact they know enough to even want to teach about them implies that there's a market."
Fellby: "True. Imagine what money we could make if we got it to be permanent."
Hywel: "It can really make any type of sexual wish or desire a reality."
Muffet: "Oh, my. But, that is pondering for another time. For now, we need to get some numbers into our potential new employee's head."
Barchar: combine the drink machine with the adjective adder
Barchar: and you are just golden
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But then the shipping drinks exist again[/color]
Fellby: "How does... 500 sound?"
: (( 'passion'
: ((
Hywel: "Five hundred what per what."
Fellby: "For one potion."
Hywel: "I don't care how high you price the potions, as long as you can make a profit, and have enough to support my family."
Muffet: "Well, then that's convenient. But, we still need to work out the classes."
Hywel: "I need an average monthly pay, an average yearly pay."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She's played around and relaxed a while, but now she gets out of the water. She smiles, and looks slightly taller. "That was fun."[/color]
Hywel: "So I can make my children happy, fed, and have a roof over their head."
Asmodeus : "Yeah? You look a bit bigger."
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Oh yeah, that happens when I stay in water a while. It wears off eventually."[/color]
Asmodeus : -Curiously, he takes a look at the burned part of her leaf dress.-
Colton: "Yay those things"
Fellby: "Well, what would the classes entai?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]From last time you saw it, it doesn't look much different, but it seems a bit smaller.[/color]
Fellby: *entail
Hywel: "Teaching, and demonstration, I reckon. And more in depth about what not to do."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"What now? We still have time."[/color]
Asmodeus : "I dunno."
Fellby: "Okay, so like a safety course."
Asmodeus : "We can head back if you're ready. Dunno if the water will freeze."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Is there anywhere besides Hotland and snow place?"[/color]
Hywel: "Yeah, sorta, but mostly teaching what to do."
Hywel: "I don't want anyone doing something stupid that Fanta and I have done in the past."
Muffet: "A noble goal."
Asmodeus : -Is the ruins blocked.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Nope.[/color]
Fellby: "Alright, I'm thinking... 1000 per class."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Shadow and Syphon went in there at one point.[/color]
Muffet: "Yes, that was somewhere around my thinking, too."
Asmodeus : "Well, it's past Snowdin, called the ruins."
Asmodeus : "It's actually quite nice there, despite the name."
Muffet: "I expect you'd be doing them weekly. Though, you can set your schedule."
Hywel: "I'd be fine with a Monday through Friday."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"Hmm. Lead me to there, I'd like to see it."[/color]
Hywel: "If It gets that booked."
Fellby: "If you do one class and sell one potion, that's the equivalent of one of my sessions."
Hywel: "I figure we'd have more than one person per class."
Muffet: "Ideally, yes."
Fellby: "See? You'd already be making more money."
Hywel: "Yes, I assume money would also go to you guys."
Fellby: "Now ideally, some of your profits go to the club."
Fellby: ((Curse my slow typing
Hywel: "Well... Yeah, we can try it."
Fellby: "I want a 30% cut of the profits."
Muffet: She nods. "My thoughts exactly."
Asmodeus : -He tries to lead her to the Ruins, fast.-
Hywel: "Thirty percent cut."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Besides being very cold and some drops of water freezing on her, she's fine.[/color]
Hywel: "Okay, how about you advertise lessons for next week, and we can also start next week. I want to see how many people will take the lessons.-
: "*
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"...Phew."[/color]
Fellby: "That's fair."
Asmodeus : "...Do you need warmth?"
Muffet: "Makes sense."
Hywel: "Well."
Hywel: "Okay."
Fellby: "I'll put the word out."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"I'm cold, but I'll be fine."[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mfw something I've pondered over for years appears on Reddit[/color]
Muffet: "I'm glad we could come to an agreement."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Look at something that is red. Everyone agrees that that colour is called red. The problem is that, to another person, it could look exactly like the way you see the colour that is blue. Same with every other colour - we all agree on the names, but we can't know if they all look the same or different. You almost certainly see a different variation of red from what I do, but it could be a different colour entirely. You get the idea.[/color]
Asmodeus : "Good."
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Hywel: "...Yeah."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She stands close to Asmodeus and progresses. "This [i]is[/i] very nice."[/color]
Hywel: "As long as we're demonstrating on eachother and not the ones who are taking the class."
Asmodeus : "Yeah."
Asmodeus : "Boredom lead me to these places. There's one nice spot, looking out a large area of the ruins."
Fellby: "Oh good, I was just about to cover that."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"We should go there, then."[/color]
Hywel: "Essentially this will serve as a better instruction manual, and some tips tricks and fun things to do with the potion."
Asmodeus : -He nods, and starts to walk there.-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She follows.[/color]
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Asmodeus : -They eventually get there, and he sits over the ledge.-
: Potions*
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She does as well, looking over the ruins and kicking her feet.[/color]
: Fellby's connection timed out.
Muffet: "That works just fine for me. I might find it in myself to attend."
Asmodeus : "Pretty good view, no?"
Hywel: -He nods.-
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: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]"It is a great view. Thanks for taking me here."[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She smiles and leans lightly on Asmo.[/color]
Asmodeus : -He smiles.-
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Asmodeus : "I'm glad you liked it, Lily."
Asmodeus : -He leans his head on her shoulder.-
CryingEevee OOC: (("it's much easier to read as a cat" -nerdcubed))
Fellby: ((Sorry, gotta eat dinner
: #TeamValor xXKNIV35_AND_D34THXx [] disconnected.
: ((What was he playing))
: ((Or was that the podcast))
CryingEevee OOC: (("can we cook meatballs as a cat?"-also nerdcubed))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and it was a vr thing. the vr ikea showroom game))
: ((Ohhh))
: Fellby's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((where you can become cat sized))
Barchar: (Nerdcubed is great)
CryingEevee OOC: ((nerdcubed is one of my favorites youtubers))
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CryingEevee OOC: ((shame he breaks r2 in almost EVERY VIDEO))
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, that might be a stretch but he does it all the time))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She stays silent while she looks at the view.[/color]
Asmodeus : "..."
CryingEevee OOC: ((nerdcubed has cooked meatballs as a cat in vr))
Barchar: (*shrug*)
Asmodeus : -He doesn't really know what to say.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((that is a thing he can say now))
Barchar: (I think that's something we can all aspire to)
CryingEevee OOC: (("yeah, i could do with being a cat"-nerdcubed))
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CryingEevee OOC: ((daniel hardcastle as: cat dad))
Asmodeus : "...Not sure what there is to say right now."
CryingEevee OOC: ((*cuts to a scene of him pouring meatballs on the floor* "here mistakes!"))
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CryingEevee OOC: ((i wish i could afford a vive... and i had the space to install a vive. i don't think i do.))
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Her voice is soft. "There isn't much to say."[/color]
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: ((yee haw
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Meme[/color]
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DamnDude: [[ What happened ]]
Fellby: ((I have no clue
Lily: [color=#daffdb]A lot of disconnects apparently[/color]
Fanta: ((Well I closed my phone to play ztd
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Fellby: ((Im on mobile
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Brb[/color]
Fanta: ((Thrn tjat dkhamppebf
Fellby: ((Gonna be heading home... Soonish?
CryingEevee OOC: ((Thrn tjat dkhamppebf))
Fanta: is with hywel
Fellby: ((Ill have 3 hours to kill
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: ((Thrn tjat dkhamppebf
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Back[/color]
: ((Well shit, I'm bored
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Same[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I've been browsing Reddit but that is not good enough[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I now remember that there's a thing called minimizing and that I can fucking play Platinum[/color]
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: ((um
: ((clipboards
: ((
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Look at something that is red. Everyone agrees that that colour is called red. The problem is that, to another person, it could look exactly like the way you see the colour that is blue. Same with every other colour - we all agree on the names, but we can't know if they all look the same or different. You almost certainly see a different variation of red from what I do, but it could be a different colour entirely. You get the idea.[/color]
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CryingEevee OOC: ((Thrn tjat dkhamppebf))
CryingEevee OOC: ((tri, is that part of a Vsauce video transcript?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No, it's from Reddit[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Something I was thinking of for a while, then I found somebody else post it[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i think it's from Vsauce but was on reddit.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh, okay[/color]
: Sounds like a Vsauce thing
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yep, didn't know it was from it tho[/color]
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CryingEevee OOC: ((i don't think those exact words are used, but [url=]here's the video explaining that same thing[/url]))
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CryingEevee OOC: ((also, have you guys seen the library of babel?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Nope[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But also ty[/color]
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: nope
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Her eyes are closed, but she's awake.[/color]
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CryingEevee OOC:,unuypyhwv218
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Every combination of letters? Wow[/color]
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CryingEevee OOC: ((letters and commas and periods. just no caps))
CryingEevee OOC: ((if you want to see what most of the library is, just browse it a bit))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh cool, if I click Anglishize I can find some names[/color]
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Now I can be even more lazy and not think of things myself[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thanks CE[/color]
: ((
: (9oops
CryingEevee OOC: ((you need to click bookmarkable to link it))
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CryingEevee OOC: ((is it a page that says "yee haw"?))
: ((
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CryingEevee OOC: ((it is not, a page that says yee haw))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wowie[/color]
Asmodeus : "...Tired?"
: ((
CryingEevee OOC: ((that however, is))
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: ((,edjn234:4
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mfw fail time travelling[/color]
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CryingEevee OOC: ((excuse?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Was trying to get Rotom[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and time travel was involved?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yeh, it has to be night[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
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Lily: [color=#daffdb]Or at least apparently[/color]
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Fellby: ((You know its been so long since dpp came out i dont remember
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: Kek
Fellby: ((I spent way too much time on the mining tho
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'm doing the mining right now[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Need a thunder stone[/color]
Fellby: ((Like
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Had one, then got into a fire trap[/color]
Fellby: ((I was scary good at that
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And didn't know how to escape[/color]
Muffet: she walks back to the barkery. She immediately does a fist pump after she gets through. "[i]Yes.[/i] Score one for Arachne."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh shit I can tap to find where the things in the walls are[/color]
: [url=]Y'know I should've brought Peacock to open mic night to introduce her[/url]
Fellby: ((I had the best underground base in my 8th grade class
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: I sexually Identify as High Noon. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of walking slowly over across the battlefield shooting deadly bullets at disgusting bastions. People say to me that a person being a time on a clock is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary hour hands, 30 mm second hands and AMG-114 Hellfire minute hands on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Deadeye” and respect my right to shoot fish in a barrel and call the undertaker. If you can’t accept me you’re a timeaphobe and need to check your time privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Iirc R word is bad[/color]
Barchar: Should be 'fucking roadhog' instead
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi MV[/color]
Smolster: (hi darling!!)
Schyroton: ((hi
CryingEevee OOC: ((R word i think is bad, but not bad enough to be included as a rule that your not allowed to say it))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Idk[/color]
Schyroton: ((r word is frowned upon and in general would be aporeciated if not used but theres no specific rule against it
Barchar: Hi mv
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
: ((sorry
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Is ok[/color]
Barchar: But ya far as I know worst case scenario you get grilled
: ((no more copypastas oof that flavour
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh, tapping also reveals traps[/color]
: ((Basically
: ((It's highly, highly, highly suggested you not use it
Schyroton: ((its not something thatll cause panic attacks but it directly insults at least three group members
Fellby: ((Hello am in car
Schyroton: ((hi in car im mv
CryingEevee OOC: ((for future reference, what would you call someone that has a condition such that would be called such?))
: ((Mentally deficit.
CryingEevee OOC: ((alright thank))
Schyroton: ((someone with [insert mental illness here]
CryingEevee OOC: ((well i mean, if the condition is unknown))
CryingEevee OOC: ((then what?))
Schyroton: ((neuroatypical
CryingEevee OOC: ((alright gotcha))
Fellby: ((Also i came out today, i think it went well
Schyroton: ((nice!
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh good[/color]
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
: ((If you're willing to use a term for a mental condition when you don't actually know what the mental condition is
: ((Theres a half chance they don't have a mental condition and you're about to insult them
Schyroton: ((that is also true
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Fellby: (("You guys know im bi right" "no" "well now you do"
Fellby: ((Thats how it went
Schyroton: ((lol
Lily: [color=#daffdb]How rare is a thunderstone underground?[/color]
: Im gonna test a bind
: manning
: crap
: ((Hey Tri
: ((Serebii is your friend
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hey Laharl[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh yeah[/color]
: there
Schyroton: ((i came out to my theatre class in the stupidest way
CryingEevee OOC: ((what you should do is have a bind like my [url=]niceu[/url] bind))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Manning is a rickroll type thing though[/color]
Fellby: ((I wanted to wait until coming out day but my family is all in one spot
: ((The fun thing about being asexual is that there is no 'coming out' theres just 'nope not interested'
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Schyroton: ((ok so theres a costume closet in the room i was in. i was looking in there for a long time, bc there was very little that fit me. someone yelled "get out of the closet already!" and without missing a beat i turned, said "i'm pan.", and went back to looking for something in my sise.
Schyroton: ((*size
Fellby: ((Oh my god
Lily: [color=#daffdb]wowie[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
Schyroton: ((i was 14 and im proud of that pun but it was so stupid
Fellby: ((You saw the opportunity and ypu took it
Schyroton: ((i make puns so much
CryingEevee OOC: ((you know. [url=]all i can think of is the dragon ball character named pan[/url]))
Schyroton: ((went into spencers, saw a hat with a penis, put it on and said "im a dickhead"
: ((heh
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((or the greek god
Fellby: is in barkery now i suppose.
: ((s'tennouttaten
: ((is a barkery where you make dogs?
Schyroton: ((im gonna do a thing quick
Schyroton: ((pfft
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'ts where you make dog biscuits))
Muffet: well, doggy style occurs occasionally
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((Well in cau its where you go to get boned
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mfw underground is clear[/color]
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Fellby: is considering raising his price per session.
Muffet: is pretty happy with hers. The money is pretty much the bonus.
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
: oh
Muffet: It's a bar/bakery
Muffet: but also a whirehouse
Muffet: mostly a whorehouse
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Muffet: but I made the pun 'barkery' and used it enough that other people did to
: so spider does have the puss puss
Fellby: -also theres a casino-
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Muffet: spider definitely has puss puss
Muffet: she is also a succubus so that's part of it
Muffet: as Fellby sadly discovered however spider does not have milk
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Fellby: was irrationally upset about that.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Muffet: and it made her feel strangely inadequate
Muffet: she's gonna find out how the fuck to make this monstrosity happen
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Day 420[/color]
Fellby: -well you have workers giving you handy dandy potions now-
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thunderstone still not found[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>find sphere I've never found before[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>bag is full[/color]
Muffet: -Orders a 'make me have spider milk' potion. Silently. She gives no motion to anybody else. She uses the adjective adder to make it permanent. Aaaand she's gone.-
Fellby: ((Rip
Lily: [color=#daffdb]SHIT[/color]
: F
Fellby: yay
CryingEevee OOC: ((F))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That's twice now where all my underground progress has been erased[/color]
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((rip
Schyroton: ((also back
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'm going to bed 100 dollars this egg is a Gible or an Eevee[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((not related to anything. but i think my favorite designed dbz villain is [url=]super janemba[/url]))
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((final form frieza is up there too))
Barchar: Okay gn tri
Lily: [color=#daffdb]wut[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((not golden frieza though. golden frieza's color scheme sucks))
Barchar: s
Lily: [color=#daffdb]but[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]what was the joke[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((you said bed instead of bet))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh whoops[/color]
Barchar: You typed 'I'm going to bed
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I see that now, sorry[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Pikachu fuck off with your double team[/color]
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Gaster [Gaster].
Gaster: is in the bar I suppose.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Lily and Asmo are out somewhere but I have no idea where Bread went[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((actually, now that i think about it a fair amount of dbz villains have some sort of a tail))
Barchar: "Hi Gaster."
Schyroton: ((its a telltail sign
Barchar: (Mv no)
: ((heh
Schyroton: ((mv yes
Gaster: "Hello, barchat."
CryingEevee OOC: ((no swood, your line is "kek"))
Gaster: *barcar
CryingEevee OOC: ((barchat, barcar))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]barchat and barcar[/color]
Gaster: *... Barchar
DamnDude: [[ Hi Gaster. [We're Barchat right]/s ]]
CryingEevee OOC: ((vote to rename CaU barchat /s))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Barchat actually could've worked originally[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But now there's a lot outside of the bar so rip[/color]
Barchar: barcar
: ((ok
Schyroton: ((cau racers
Barchar: The Barchar transformer
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]On the cycling road do you constantly go down or is my down button stuck[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i actually never really liked transformers. it seemed kinda boring that "oh, you can turn this robot into a plane!" i would've just liked a robot thank you))
Schyroton: ((i know its that way in kanto
CryingEevee OOC: ((and you do just go down iirc))
Schyroton: ((same ce
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mfw starter of all things is underleveled[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...I think Piplup is shit[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((now, robots that combined together to make a giant death machine, power rangers style, that was pretty cool.))
Schyroton: enters the bar, smiling.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]well, Prinplup[/color]
Schyroton: ((yep
Schyroton: ((empoleon is worth it
Gaster: "Hey schyro."
Schyroton: Hhi.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Alright[/color]
Schyroton: sits on the couch, still smiling. This is a coule days in a row he's been genuinely happy.
Schyroton: *couple
Barchar: "Hey, Schyro."
CryingEevee OOC: (("Y.V x Muffet they both want moni"))
Schyroton: Hhi.
Gaster: "What's got you smiling today?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>shinx vs staravia[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>shinx has spark[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>uses bite[/color]
Schyroton: Welll... yyou rememember my performmmance?
CryingEevee OOC: ((maybe hopin for that flinch chance?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I was faster[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh. then dumb ai))
Muffet: ur dev1l Muffy
Gaster: "Oh, still happy about that?"
Schyroton: Yyes, but ththere's more.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fuck[/color]
Barchar: "I saw Muffet's link. You did well."
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Time to backtrack for like 10 minutes[/color]
Schyroton: ((schyro: BUT WAIT, THERES MORE
Schyroton: Ththank yyou.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i still would like to do something atomic chair related, but can't think of a single good way to make it work.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Atomic chair?[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((nuclear throne))
CryingEevee OOC: ((radioactive seat))
: like a chair, but with radioactivity
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ah[/color]
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Barchar: Geiger counter seating area
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey this trainer is a Geico worker[/color]
: "Geico sucks ass"
: Also, I'm here now
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai frisky))
DamnDude: [[ hola ]]
Lily: [color=#daffdb][S]Hello I'm here now[/s][/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((glowing toilet))
Schyroton: Well, um. Nnot only hahave people commme up to me and cccomplimemented me... but Mettaton offered mme a spot in a ssong, as guitariiist, and to plplay wiith him inn a show nnnnext month. I-Ii want to becommme more comfortablllle on ststage, so Ii said yyes.
: ((atom splitting seat
: Swood [] disconnected.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Glimmering stool[/color]
: Swood [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((mutating bench))
Gaster: "Oh my lord, that's wonderful!"
Barchar: "Nice."
Schyroton: Ii know!
: ((Schyro accidentally steps on a toddler's toy boat and breaks it "ooooh my gogod iiii'm so sosorry i'll fifix it"
Schyroton: Ii... Ii could acactuallly do someththing.
: ((cancer-causing recliner
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well this is gonna be even longer than 10 minutes[/color]
Schyroton: ((gamma-ray-having couch
Lily: [color=#daffdb]OH SHIT[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]EGG IS HATCHING[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((EGG))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey it's Togepi[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Not at all what I guessed[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But still amazing[/color]
Schyroton: ((TOGE PRIIII
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I love Togepi[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have a friend that has the nickname of "egg"))
Schyroton: ((same
CryingEevee OOC: ((he's friends with bread and bean))
: I dont play pokemon;global offensive that much
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Whoever says the best name for Togepi gets the honor of having this Togepi named that[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, bread at least.))
Schyroton: ((scrambled
Gaster: ((Bingus
Barchar: Your friends are the onion gang
CryingEevee OOC: ((remember it'll also evolve so))
DamnDude: [[ Yogo Pee ]]
: ((egg-strordinary
DamnDude: [[ Yoga* ]]
Barchar: (Benedict)
Lily: [color=#daffdb]CK, that's too long[/color]
Schyroton: ((eggman
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's between Benedict and Bingus[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((metrognome))
Schyroton: ((robotnik
Barchar: (Ivo)
CryingEevee OOC: ((ivo))
Schyroton: ((ivo
CryingEevee OOC: ((gerald))
Barchar: (fite ne)
Schyroton: ((maria
Barchar: (Maria)
CryingEevee OOC: ((shadow))
Gaster: ((Ivo
CryingEevee OOC: ((GUN))
: Eggsotic
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I think I'll go with Benedict[/color]
DamnDude: [[ Arnold ]]
CryingEevee OOC: ((bestwithbacon))
: gg
: Wait i found a cool egg pun picture
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Oh yeah[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's level 1[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]cri[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]dammit ck[/color]
: F
Gaster: (( well duh
: Then grind
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well I guess the exp share is going from sterling to benedict[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((We Again Maybe Everyday For Live Action Role Play))
: grind ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Grind, you bastards!
: Grind!
Schyroton: whirrs softly.
Fellby: will do
Barchar: (...Its just Flame Warp with slightly altered letters)
MettatonSEX: (ohhhhhhhhhhh yes
CryingEevee OOC: ((i know it is))
CryingEevee OOC: ((but since it was in all caps i decided to... do whatever it was i did!))
Gaster: is happy that schyro's happy
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Benedict's gonna grow big and stronk[/color]
: ((au where mettaton is cool aid man
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And become an op Togekiss[/color]
Muffet: she passes by Fellby. "I have the stupid milk now." and off she goes
Schyroton: ((OH YES
: (("Wame Flarp~"
: (("What the fuck no"
Barchar: (Ew that tilde offends me)
CryingEevee OOC: ((it offends me too))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh no[/color]
: ((Ew that tilde offends my sixteenth alternate personality
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Flame is with CE[/color]
Fellby: "... Holy shit."
CryingEevee OOC: ((the anit-tilde force))
: The tilde. The squiggly. The ~ symbol. Seeing this symbol makes me feel the rage of Adolf Hitler after overdosing on fucking PCP. I just can't express my hatred over this symbol. You know when people decide to end every sentence with a ~, because they think it makes them look cute? "omg, that's so kawaii~" Apparently, everything that comes out of their fucking mouth is in a condescending singsong tone. This. Fucking. Symbol. I can't stand it. Seeing this particular character on my laptop monitor makes me want to run through my neighborhood and go on a puppy kicking spree. It's the embodiment of condescension in text form. It's the exact same case for any emoticon containing the ^ symbol. And yes, I mean ANY emoticon containing this symbol. I'm not exaggerating. When I see the dreaded, ^.^, I feel urges of intense violence. When I see those three characters used in conjunction, I smash my computer to fucking pieces on the floor with my bare fucking hands. I can't stand it. It causes my mind goes through a list of the best ways for them to get their hands chopped off just so they can't type any of those accursed fucking symbols again. These characters are like the fucking shitstain on the toilet paper of Satan himself. When Satan wipes his ass after having horrible, festering, bloody, dehydrated, hemorrhoid diarrhea, those symbols are what shows up on the toilet paper. In conclusion? I just really hate these symbols~
Lily: [color=#daffdb]anit[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((*anti-tilde))
Schyroton: Ii jujust cannt beliieve it.
Barchar: I think that's a bit much, ck~ ^.^
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Flame is officially not a part of the anti-tilde force[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hooray[/color]
Gaster: "Things have been hoingbyor way, huh?"
Lily: [color=#daffdb]hoingbyor[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((am i alone in the anti-tilde force then?))
Schyroton: Ii'm goiing to perform, onn stage, in frfront of over a ththousannnd people, annd people wwon't-- ...Yyeah.
: hoingbyor
: hoingbyor
Schyroton: ((yes~
Gaster: ((Fucking mobile
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'We can one-shot this trainer, can't we, Liz?'[/color]
: ((i wouldnt recoment doing it with a phone
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes, because my Luxio is at 5 health and paralyzed[/color]
Schyroton: ((brb
Barchar: "...You'll be fine, Schyro. I mean, I saw you on the open mic night. You did fine."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i should somehow find a way to replace all tildes i see with the fire unicode))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh shit this duo is amazing[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Luxio and Staravia just double-intimidated[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((because tildes should burn))
: ((have this;
: ((high quality copypasta weapon
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mfw I'm suddenly dumb[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((since flame is a traitor, i now dub him "Frost_Warp"))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I used Wing Attack[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]On an electric type[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And then spark on an electric type[/color]
Barchar: No I still hate tildes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh god Benedict learned Metronome[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmmm... prove your hatred of tildes, frost))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'm going to have too much fun with them[/color]
DamnDude: [[ Can I be on the side where I hate the overuse of tildas? ]]
: ((I'll be on that side too
CryingEevee OOC: ((yes. welcome to the anti-tilde force))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Why tildas[/color]
: ((I'm fine with Tildes if you're using it to express a singsong or singing tone
: Or for it's actual use
DamnDude: [[ Or if it's ~lotto as in a chat command for some places ]]
CryingEevee OOC: ((anti-tilde force isn't just for those who hate them in general. i just hate them in general))
: ((~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Barchar: (The tilde. The squiggly. The 🔥 symbol. Seeing this symbol makes me feel the rage of Adolf Hitler after overdosing on fucking PCP. I just can't express my hatred over this symbol. You know when people decide to end every sentence with a 🔥, because they think it makes them look cute? "omg, that's so kawaii🔥" Apparently, everything that comes out of their fucking mouth is in a condescending singsong tone. This. Fucking. Symbol. I can't stand it. Seeing this particular character on my laptop monitor makes me want to run through my neighborhood and go on a puppy kicking spree. It's the embodiment of condescension in text form. It's the exact same case for any emoticon containing the ^ symbol. And yes, I mean ANY emoticon containing this symbol. I'm not exaggerating. When I see the dreaded, ^.^, I feel urges of intense violence. When I see those three characters used in conjunction, I smash my computer to fucking pieces on the floor with my bare fucking hands. I can't stand it. It causes my mind goes through a list of the best ways for them to get their hands chopped off just so they can't type any of those accursed fucking symbols again. These characters are like the fucking shitstain on the toilet paper of Satan himself. When Satan wipes his ass after having horrible, festering, bloody, dehydrated, hemorrhoid diarrhea, those symbols are what shows up on the toilet paper. In conclusion? I just really hate these symbols🔥)
CryingEevee OOC: ((yes. burn them.))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I'm sorry what[/color]
DamnDude: [[ What ]]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I have not played platinum in days[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Weeks[/color]
: ((copypastas are fun
: ((...
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And nothing has been attracted to this honey'd tree[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i said i wanted to replace all tildes with the fire unicode))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fucking[/color]
Barchar: (So I did)
CryingEevee OOC: ((and flame burned them in that copy pasta))
Gaster: ((I put down my phone
Gaster: ((I come back to this
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes[/color]
: Yes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ah shit, I sonic'd into a trainer[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have found a chrome extension that allows easy access to unicode characters))
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((😈))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Time to go to town with Metronome[/color]
: ((dont do it with a metronime either
CryingEevee OOC: ((OH D00D))
CryingEevee OOC: ((👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻))
CryingEevee OOC: ((SP00P))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sky attack, ech[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: 3spoopy
: 5me
Lily: [color=#daffdb]On an Onix too[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Nvm, razor wind, but still[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((ok, so in the suggestions on google for "👻" is "👻 me that 😻 hat"))
CryingEevee OOC: ((ghost me that cat hat))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Okay Metronome can you not[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]This is two not very effective moves now[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I trusted you[/color]
DamnDude: [[ *Perish Song* ]]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Three now[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]You fucking[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And now Benedict's dead[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Metronome is an asshole[/color]
DamnDude: [[ Wait correction: Perish song is a 1v1 ]]
CryingEevee OOC: ((🌜🌛))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip Benedict[/color]
: F
CryingEevee OOC: ((it looks [i]great[/i] in msparp!))
: Benedict cracked under the pressure
Lily: [color=#daffdb]ajkggbagjbgbbbu[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]ck why[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((☭))
: ((CE
: ((Gimme that extension
CryingEevee OOC:
CryingEevee OOC: ((there you go comrade))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>chicken alfredo[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>99% vegetables[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((that doesn't sound very chicken to me))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]there's good amounts of alfredo[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]but there's like[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]no chicken[/color]
Gaster: hums Ziggy Syardust.
Lily: [color=#daffdb][s]syardust[/s][/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((ok wait, what's this 🗿 supposed to be?))
: Hey guys guess what time it is
: 🕛
Lily: [color=#daffdb]IT'S[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]6:01[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's HIGH MOON))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Finally almost done backtracking because of a simple mistake[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: (([sub]i don't know where i got high moon from. it was probably from wold pupy[/sub]))
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
: 🕛
CryingEevee OOC: ((*wolf))
: 🕛
: 🕛
: 🕛
: 🕛
: 🕛
: It's a clock
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Indeed it is[/color]
: ((Its 7:02
CryingEevee OOC: ((🔪))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mfw Benedict is one-hit[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((DOOD))
CryingEevee OOC: ((👀))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i found the eyes!))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait I'm sorry what[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I zoned out for a second[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And now Prinplup is fighting Shinx[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Since when did I send out Prinplup I was just fighting with Staravia[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((💯))
Schyroton: Ththankss.
Schyroton: Ii just can't beliieve, to ththink, Ii'd be comfortable performiiing.
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Schyroton: ...Iit's largely ththanks to you guyss that I've come thththis far.
: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
Schyroton: Ththank yyou so much.
Barchar: She smiles. "Not a problem at all."
Schyroton: smiles back.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Hi Yaz[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((👀 test 💯 test 🔥 test))
Yazan: (jey tri
: ((hi
Schyroton: ((hi
Yazan: hey*
: Gaster's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have burned the tilde! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥))
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
Schyroton: ((😱
Lily: [color=#daffdb]you did it~[/color]
CryingEevee OOC: ((⛧))
CryingEevee OOC: ((hail stan))
Gaster: smiles. "Im so proud of you."
Barchar: (Barchar goes to open mic night)
Schyroton: Ththankss.
CryingEevee OOC:
Barchar: (Guy: "So, I'm going to sing a song that's one of my favorites, and I'm sure yours too.")
Gaster: ((Welcome to unicode hell
Yazan: (not into people worship CE
Barchar: (Guy: "Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson" )
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wow, without Prinplup I am really bad against rock types[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And with Prinplup I am very bad against rock types[/color]
Barchar: (BRB or...gtg or something)
CryingEevee OOC: ((😈 resident of unicode hell))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Bye Flame[/color]
: bye
CryingEevee OOC: ((bai i guess?))
Gaster: ((Bye flame
Schyroton: (( mettaton
Schyroton: ((bye flame
Gaster: ((DUDE
CryingEevee OOC: ((D00D))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]DEWD[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]what[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]nononono dawn not now[/color]
Schyroton: ((god DAMMIT
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh shit[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Right or left[/color]
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] is now 🐺 [🐺].
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: ((He's literally a singing robot
: right
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Right it is[/color]
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cool I got the vs seeker[/color]
🐺: ((singing machine))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And Dowsing Machine[/color]
Gaster: ((Ive been listening to the new spg album constantly how did i do this
Schyroton: ((i gotta do that
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Cyrus if you fight me I will cri[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Ok cool[/color]
Gaster: ((Dude its so good
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I have none[/color]
Gaster: ((...i cant
Schyroton: ((i use itunes you butt
🐺: ((mine is full of 30 minute things from brawlbrstms))
🐺: ((and if you get low enough you'll find actual videos))
🐺: ((so uhh, no))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Allllright[/color]
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Good name for Machop[/color]
🐺: ((name it bara))
🐺: ((it'll be bara soon))
Schyroton: ((bara
: ((No
: ((Bara is a name reserved for Abra
🐺: ((wait, why?))
🐺: ((i named my machoke bara))
Schyroton: ((ok then name it jotaro
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But Abra's gonna be an ass to find[/color]
🐺: ((name it broly))
: ((Bara the Abra
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Jotaro or Broly[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I do know what Broly is from[/color]
DamnDude: [[ Which playlist do I need to share ]]
🐺: ((broly is from dbz))
Schyroton: ((jotsro is from jjba
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
🐺: ((i'll get a pic one sec))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I know what Broly looks like[/color]
Schyroton: ((its a series of baras
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Jotaro or Broly[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Vote now on your phones[/color]
🐺: (([url=]LOOK AT THIS GUY[/url]))
Schyroton: ((until part five
Schyroton: ((JOTARO
Fanta: (( I remember I made this playlist one time
🐺: ((broly))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Slarv, I have chosen you[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Jotaro or Broly[/color]
Fanta: Broly
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Broly it is[/color]
: My new favorite thing is taking nocontext screenshots of my pm convos
Schyroton: ((
Schyroton: ((but jotaro
🐺: ((jotaro isn't bara enough))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]If it makes you feel any better, I named Onix Sterling[/color]
🐺: ((but you can't evlove that onix without trading))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Shet[/color]
: Did anyone check my playlist
Schyroton: ((jotaro is 17 hes buff as shit
: it's the luckiest playlist around
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Onix vs Onix[/color]
Schyroton: ((how onixpected
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Don't know what I expected[/color]
Fanta: My playlist is my former isaac playlist
🐺: ((my playlist is literally just my youtube ffavorites playlist. i don't even put everything in there))
Fanta: Hey DD want some pokemon?
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]1000 years later, this fight ends[/color]
: Hey guys want something stuck in your head?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]The years start coming and they don't stop coming[/color]
Schyroton: ((too late
Gaster: is tapping out the beat to Photographic Memories.
: Yazan [Yazan] joined chat.
Schyroton: is smiling still.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Thank god this guy only has one pokeman[/color]
🐺: ((i already have something stuck in my head. it goes a bit like this: head inflated, mind outdated, your opinion's overrated))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Sterling beat an onix that's 4 levels above it, wowie[/color]
Fanta: ((Inflation
Schyroton: ((i have your best nightmare in my head
: It's okay to disagree
: We're different thats okay
Smolster: (clipboards
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Schyroton: (( [Omega Schyro - ??? ATK, ??? DEF - Armed and dangerous.]
🐺: ((well i just clipboarded))
DamnDude: [[ ]]
🐺: ((sooo))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Look at something that is red. Everyone agrees that that colour is called red. The problem is that, to another person, it could look exactly like the way you see the colour that is blue. Same with every other colour - we all agree on the names, but we can't know if they all look the same or different. You almost certainly see a different variation of red from what I do, but it could be a different colour entirely. You get the idea.[/color]
Gaster: (content://media/external/file/4053
: Smolapeño [Smolster] disconnected.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>project m[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]slarv[/color]
Fanta: Wut
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh fuck's sake can there be less hikers here[/color]
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
DamnDude: [[ What ]]
🐺: ((y'know, i'm pretty sure what watsky is to laharl, celldweller is to me. like, as far as i know laharl listens to almost nothing but watsky.))
Fanta: We can give u flames mons DD
: Happy's not a faucet that'll flow, when the handle is turnt.
: Gonna handle my shit, but that's all over the curb
: Got the stamina, keep on like my grandmama, I gotta be your man-a-ma, when i'm on cam-er-a
DamnDude: [[ Do I need to do something right now with them, or is that something for later ]]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Another 1000 years later I'll kill Nosepass[/color]
DamnDude: [[ Because I just started playing MM and I can be at this for the next two hours ]]
🐺: ((MM? majora's mask?))
Fanta: We'll probably do it whenever
DamnDude: [[ Mario Maker ]]
🐺: ((oh))
DamnDude: [[ I don't have a copy of MM ]]
DamnDude: [[ [sub]And I personally don't like 3D Zelda games, they control awkward to me[/sub] ]]
Fanta: I don't think bread's showing up soon so no ZE ;_;
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hey it's a Ralts[/color]
🐺: (([url=]niceu[/url]))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wonder what I'll name this /s[/color]
🐺: ((is it male?))
: what will you name it?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's female[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh god no[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's using Double Team[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]STOP THIS[/color]
Schyroton: ((sterling is in that image
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]FUCK IT USED TELEPORT[/color]
🐺: ((ohhh, so assuming all steelixes are sterling, huh? /s))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>trainer has a pattern, goes up right down left up[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>turns right, i pass by[/color]
Gaster: Im on mobile anyway slarv
Lily: [color=#daffdb]>conveniently fucking looks up out of pattern[/color]
🐺: ((if you run it makes trainers look at you, if you did that))
Schyroton: ((no bc theyd explore ass
Lily: [color=#daffdb]oh, maybe[/color]
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]that's good to know[/color]
🐺: ((i'd assume biking does the same))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]wasn't on a bike but i may have ran[/color]
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Fanta: Okie
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Anyway Luxio fuck em up[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Why does Luxio of all things get paralyzed constantly[/color]
Gaster: (((Okay this is the fifth time ive listenednto photographic memories
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Gaster: ((I may have a problem
🐺: ((wait what what's this symbol ’))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]That's called an apostrophe[/color]
🐺: ((no))
🐺: ((this is '))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]It's a rebellious apostrophe[/color]
Barchar: Yeah Idfk what this ` is
Barchar: it's just
: A slightly tipped over apostrophy
Barchar: wait no
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh hello buneary[/color]
Barchar: that's not even the same one
Lily: [color=#daffdb]and trainer[/color]
Schyroton: ((an accent
🐺: ((i have no idea how that got there))
Barchar: Why tf are there three apostrophes, slightly skewed
🐺: ((apparently i typed it at some point?))
🐺: ((according to google?))
Schyroton: is whirring.
🐺: ((also, google a song lyric and post the first picture that pops up for it))
Schyroton: ((oh no
: 
: oh
: oh no
Barchar: ([url=]our love is a great work of satire[/url])
Barchar: (CE NO)
Gaster: goes to sit at the bar.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]WHAT HAVE YOU DONE[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Yes, blame it on CE[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]CE why did you fill the entire page[/color]
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
Barchar: CK*
Fanta: "Howdy Gaster"
Barchar: DAMMIT
: It was an image
DamnDude: [[ How did CK not get muted ]]
: idk
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]No idea[/color]
🐺: (([url=]broken wings won’t let you fly above all your broken dreams[/url]))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'Would you like to go for a stroll with your Prinny?'[/color]
: I did not check how long it was
Fanta: The plug's great rn
: ((here what i got when i searced my lyirc
🐺: ((fuck))
Gaster: "Helli Fanta."7
: bees
: there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. - Hear about Frankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funeral? - No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp… under the circumstances. - Well, Adam, today we are men. - We are! - Bee-men. - Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive Oity graduating class of… …9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go. Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. - Wonder what it'll be like? - A little scary. Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group. This is it! Wow. Wow. We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant Pollen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive. Our top-secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you know as… Honey! - That girl was hot. - She's my cousin! - She is? - Yes, we're all cousins. - Right. You're right. - At Honex, we constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence. These bees are stress-testing a new helmet technology. - What do you think he makes? - Not enough. Here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. - What does that do? - Oatches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. Oan anyone work on the Krelman? Of course. Most bee jobs are small ones. But bees know that every small job, if it's done well, means a lot. But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job you pick for the rest of your life. The same job the rest of your life? I didn't know that. What's the difference? You'll be happy to know that bees, as a species, haven't had one day off in 27 million years. So you'll just work us to death? We'll sure try. Wow! That blew my mind! “What's the difference?” How can you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make. I'm relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. But, Adam, how could they never have told us that? Why would you question anything? We're bees. We're the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what? Give me one example. I don't know. But you know what I'm talking about. Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Wait a second. Oheck it out. - Hey, those are Pollen Jocks! - Wow. I've never seen them this close. They know what it's like outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. - Hey, Jocks! - Hi, Jocks! You guys did great! You're monsters! You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it! - I wonder where they were. - I don't know. Their day's not planned. Outside the hive, flying who knows where, doing who knows what. You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. Right. Look. That's more pollen than you and I will see in a lifetime. It's just a status symbol. Bees make too much of it. Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it. Those ladies? Aren't they our cousins too? Distant. Distant. Look at these two. - Oouple of Hive Harrys. - Let's have fun with them. It must be dangerous being a Pollen Jock. Yeah. Once a bear pinned me against a mushroom! He had a paw on my throat, and with the other, he was slapping me! - Oh, my! - I never thought I'd knock him out. What were you doing during this? Trying to alert the authorities. I can autograph that. A little gusty out there today, wasn't it, comrades? Yeah. Gusty. We're hitting a sunflower patch six miles from here tomorrow. - Six miles, huh? - Barry! A puddle jump for us, but maybe you're not up for it. - Maybe I am. - You are not! We're going 0900 at J-Gate. What do you think, buzzy-boy? Are you bee enough? I might be. It all depends on what 0900 means. Hey, Honex! Dad, you surprised me. You decide what you're interested in? - Well, there's a lot of choices. - But you only get one. Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son, let me tell you about stirring. You grab that stick, and you just move it around, and you stir it around. You get yourself into a rhythm. It's a beautiful thing. You know, Dad,
Barchar: (I think you should say what you searched but okay)
♋: Spam has been detected and silenced. Please come [url=]here[/url] or ask a chat moderator to unsilence you if this was an accident.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]WHAT.[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]CK WAS NOT MUTED[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]BUT FRISKY WAS[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT[/color]
: Lily [Lily] unsilenced Frisky [].
Fanta: Wew
Fanta: Lad
DamnDude: [[ ... ]]
: That proves that CK cannot get muted for links like that
Schyroton: Hhey.
Fanta: Next person to post a block gets muted for 20 minutes
Lily: [color=#daffdb]CK is immune[/color]
Gaster: ((Dont do it again
Fanta: Because stop that shit
: Its meme magic
: Yeesh, okay
Gaster: ((Blocks are annoying af
Schyroton: (( [url=]ever since the first time i opened my eyes[/url]
: Didn't know it was [i]that[/I] serious
Lily: [color=#daffdb][url=,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18j0ru84yoy14jpg.jpg]Anyway[/sub][/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Fuck[/color]
: bees
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Dammit[/color]
: For me it's not annoying and I'm on my phone rn which means blocks are even longer but if you don't like it then eh
🐺: (("take these broken wings and learn to fly again..." i don't even know what that's supposed to mean))
: All I was doing is proving that CK is immune
Lily: [color=#daffdb][url=,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18j0ru84yoy14jpg.jpg]ANYWAY[/url][/color]
Schyroton: ((i expected spg but
Barchar: she lays down, looking up
: Anyway
Schyroton: (( im laughing
DamnDude: [[ I mean people are trying to do things and suddenly a page is filled ]]
: try to guess this one;
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Well[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Time to memorize that link[/color]
: ((DD, no need to mention it anymore
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Srs[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Why are the gym leaders never at their gyms[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Do they just[/color]
🐺: ((🎃))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Suck[/color]
: Yes
Schyroton: ((yes
Fanta: Tri are you playing rebird
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Platinum[/color]
🐺: ((you know, i wonder what you have to do to get in the pokemon leagues.))
DamnDude: [[ Yes because I can't add a comment to something that was only added a minute ago when I'm only glancing over every now and then. ]]
Fanta: O
Schyroton: ((except roark and byron
🐺: ((like, to become the champ you just have to beat the champt))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Mom why did you not tell me about contests[/color]
🐺: ((but to become a gym leader or elite four...))
🐺: ((it's unknown))
Schyroton: ((and fantina shes cool
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I read bored as boned[/color]
: ((In Reborn, if you got tot he champion but lost
: ((You become E4
Lily: [color=#daffdb]'I got boned, so I came out to Hearthome for a little vacation.'[/color]
Fanta: Fantina looks like the dome ace's sister
: Schyroton's connection timed out.
🐺: ((huh. not canon unfortunately, but interesting))
: Schyroton [Schyroton] joined chat.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]So I played Ruby and rarely raged when things happened[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Except contests[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And now I see contests in Platinum[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Oh boy[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait, this IS Fantina, neat[/color]
: Fuck you contests
Gaster: ((I need to stop listening to sad robot song
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...Oh, I thought I would need to beat a contest to be able to challenge her[/color]
Schyroton: is whirring, a bit out of it in consideration to the rest of the world. He's so happy.
Schyroton: ((isnt that 85% of spg
Gaster: ((... Yes
🐺: ((what is spg?))
Schyroton: ((steam powered giraffe
Barchar: she's happy letting Schyro keep his high
Gaster: ((Sad powered giraffe
Knots: She's, actually not fucking with anyone right now.
Fanta: doesn't know what got schyro high
Lily: [color=#daffdb]She's at a show now because Lily and Asmo's moment was ruined[/color]
Schyroton: ((fun fact: i took inspiration from spg to make my mtt movements in cosplay
: ((A boat show
🐺: ((out of all animals))
Roses: She's about to ruin a hapiness
🐺: ((why a giraffe))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Metronome I believe in you[/color]
Gaster: ((The song im listening to in particular is about the spine outliving his human lover
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Nevermind just be confused that's nice too[/color]
Fanta: ((Lily went to a boat show?
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And then die[/color]
Schyroton: ((no spine no
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Lily went to dance and sing[/color]
Schyroton: isnt actually high
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Wait, Dark is super effective against gost[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Luxio carry me pls[/color]
🐺: ((hey mv, have you started reading ava's demon yet?))
Schyroton: ((no
Gaster: is talking to Grillby quietly
Barchar: it's a metaphorical high
: ((So today a girl ripped my phone out of my hand
Gaster: ((Avas demon has r2
Schyroton: ((too much school
Schyroton: ((i was informed
: ((Went down my entire search history
: ((And then gave it back
🐺: ((i told mv the pages that has r2))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]AGBSKHGBSAJ[/color]
🐺: ((so they can skip em))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I LOADED BACK TO OLD CHATEAU[/color]
Schyroton: ((ugh thats real fuckin rude
Gaster: ((Ok
Lily: [color=#daffdb]FUUUUUUUUCK[/color]
Schyroton: ((OH MY GOD
Schyroton: ((brb
Gaster: ((Wow
Lily: [color=#daffdb]FUCK YOU P BUTTON[/color]
: ((F
Fanta: ((DR is almost over
Fanta: ((Almost.. almost over
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Rip Benedict and Broly[/color]
: ((F
Lily: [color=#daffdb]And a lot of progress[/color]
Barchar: I NAMED HIM
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Don't worry, Benedict will be back[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Broly's probably gone forever though[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]I still have the Benedict egg[/color]
: Frisky 's connection timed out.
🐺: ((i should continue my nuzlocke))
Barchar: Yay Benedict
Barchar: but RIP broly
Lily: [color=#daffdb]There is a chance I get Broly back[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]If not even more[/color]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]But for now rip Broly[/color]
🐺: ((did laharl ever say why bara was reserved for abra?))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]SCPokemon[/color]
Gaster: -wow, he's uh. Really chatting it up with Grillby.-
: #TeamValor xXKNIV35_AND_D34THXx [] joined chat.
: (( 10/10 steam browser
: #TeamValor xXKNIV35_AND_D34THXx [] disconnected.
DamnDude: [[ Mix around the letters of abra ]]
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Raba[/color]
🐺: ((baar))
🐺: ((raab))
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Baarchaar[/color]
: This is a gud cover
Gaster: ((Rbaa
Lily: [color=#daffdb]Braa[/color]
DamnDude: [[ You know what I'm just gonna go somewhere where I'm not just gonna get a barrage of jokes when I'm trying to give a legit answer. ]]
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Lily: [color=#daffdb]...oh, okay[/color]
🐺: ((oh))
Gaster: ((Oh
Schyroton: ((back
Barchar: weeeell
Schyroton: ((oh
: oh
Barchar: she's a cheater
Barchar: what's goin on with gaster and grillbz
🐺: ((𝕺𝕳))
Gaster: -Catching up on old times.-
Knots: She may be not causing trouble but she's still trying to listen to juicy gossip while invisible.
Schyroton: has just been whirring for a while, fantasizing about being noticed in a good way and getting the attention he craves.