Syphon: Hey.
Vaati: ...You are aware you are speaking of Mettaton, yes?
Nobody: "Hello!"
Vaati: ...
Ant: walks in because their rper can't come up with a new character yet
Vaati: Hello.
Gaster: laughs a little. "Yes, i know."
Syphon: ...Nevermind, I think this is more edge.
Biosis: ((Including mental illnesses, so alter egos would be possible
Ant: "Yo"
Syphon: And also hey, not edge.
Barchar: "I mean. I'm not much more aware about what's considered edgy than what's considered humorous or socially acceptable."
Nobody: ((I mean, you can go for whatever, Nobody and Chalor are both options
Biosis: i keep fuckin saying he
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Gaster: "He needs to learn that we can't just run around in runway fashion."
Biosis: is a they
Vaati: ((can they remove diseases?
Vaati: ...
MK: i know that feel
Biosis: ((You can, biosis probably could, but won't
Nobody: ((If I had a Decibel shortcut
Ant: (( My thoughts on a new oc so far have brought me "nerdy vampire" but that seems way too shitty ))
Nobody: ((I'd fucking use it right now
: ((Then make one
Vaati: ((history nerd vampire who was there
Biosis: is a hazy looking plague doctor, they set their sights on chalor
Syphon: ...
Ant: (( Oh shit MV just made it actually servicable ))
Frism: shrinks a bit
Syphon: is unsure of whether or not to buff them.
Frism: figuratively, i mean
Ant: (( I need a name for this vamp ))
Vaati: ((i know
Frism: like shrinking away
Barchar: ([s]dorkula[/s])
Ant: (( Also I need to never use the work vamp again ))
Gaster: ((What century were they born in?
Ant: ((*word))
Vaati: ((google old timey names
Syphon: would probably aggravate Biosis more by playing the obnoxious note so he decides to not buff.
Nobody: ((I got you
Nobody: ((Clement
Biosis: they don't seem to be walking towards them so much as floating, their body slowly deforming into more mist
Barchar: (Jackson)
Biosis: ((Alucard
Vaati: ((wystan
Syphon: also hates Chalor, and that's probably more so why.
Gaster: "Um... hello?"
Ant: ((Gilbert. Thanks google))
Gaster: ((damian is what all the edgy kids on gaia used
Syphon: Hey dude, what are you doing.
: High Priest Laharl [Nobody] is now High Priest Laharl [CHalor].
Gaster: ((for their vampires. and demons. and occasionally werwolves.
Ant: (( Beware the one who flies upon bat wings in the night: Gilbert ))
: High Priest Laharl [CHalor] is now High Priest Laharl [Chalor].
Biosis: is humming, almost completely a mist by now, they begin enveloping chalor/frism
Frism: "Hahahahahaha Hi there nice to meet you why don't you go meet the people that aren't me" she said, stepping back
Gaster: ((but gilbert is PERFECT
Syphon: .......
Vaati: Hey!
Ant: (( I guess it is pretty nerdy. ))
Vaati: C-cease that!
Frism: tries her best to not breathe. That doesn't last long.
Viridi: "Don't."
Syphon: can't do anything more than watch, if he tried to attack he would hurt Frism/Chalor as well.
Ant: (( Gilbert or Gerald it's between those now ))
Syphon: Fucking.
Barchar: (I vote gerald)
Syphon: Dammit.
Vaati: attempts to blow the mist with wind.
Biosis: for some reason, it's only chalor who feels the sharp pains in their neck, like needles
Vaati: ((gerald
Chalor: Chalor fucking falls over in the Zen Garden.
Syphon: realizes he has wind magic, then remembers it's explosive wind magic.
Biosis: chalor has been inflicted with...
DamnDude: (( I have stabbed Sierra Mist before ))
Biosis: Pica!
Syphon: ((pica?
Barchar: ( she wants to eat ranom shit)
Vaati: ((it means you eat nonfiod things
Vaati: ((*food
Barchar: (gettin reeeal into them tastebuds)
Gaster: ((i just imagined vaati blowing the mist like birthday candles
DamnDude: (( Chalor is a confused pikachu /s ))
Syphon: (("a unit of type size and line length equal to 12 points (about 1/6 inch or 4.2 mm)."
Biosis: is blown away
Viridi: -She attempts to pull Frism and Chalor out with some vines.-
Syphon: ((/s
: Ant [Ant] is now Ant [Gerald].
Chalor: ((Well thats not too fun to RP, oh well))
Vaati: ((like paper or sand or glass
Biosis: ((What would you want, I just picked one
Chalor: ((Idk, i'll roll with it
Syphon: ((>glass
Gaster: ((glass
Biosis: i can pick another, um.. comp- HAH
Gerald: (( I kinda hate this color ))
Chalor: ((I'll fucking kick people
Gaster: ((gj slarv
Barchar: (glass and ink)
Vaati: ((i was referencing myself
Gaster: ((g fucking g slarv
Vaati: ((sorry laharl
DamnDude: (( Chlamydia? ))
Chalor: ((Mhmm, yep))
Chalor: ((You fucks are fighting the boss on your own now
Gerald: (( This is better ))
Vaati: ((i forgot that you did that
Gaster: ((not me lele
Chalor: ((You gotta wake up in the morning and tell yourself
Barchar: (not me)
Biosis: ((There's a limited number of weird illnesses I know that are mental
Syphon: ((welp
Chalor: (('what am I willing to put up with today'))
Chalor: ((And the answer
Chalor: ((is NOT FUCKING THIS))
Barchar: ([i]NOT FUCKING THIS[/i])
Vaati: ((i ate glass once
Vaati: ((i forgot you did too
Biosis: oh here's an idea
Syphon: ((i don't eat strange things often
Vaati: ((sorry
Gerald: walks in looking around and typing notes into his phone with a stylus like a fucking nerd
Gaster: ((did i tell you guys about the time i drank treadmill lubricant
Chalor: ((WHy don't we just fucking make it an egyptian curse while we're at it
Vaati: ...
Biosis: this should definitely be more fun than just laharl rping himself
Vaati: ((chime drinks lube /s
Syphon: ((this song is amazing but it takes a minute and two minutes to actually start
Chalor: ((I'M IN TEXAS
Biosis: chalor has been inflicted with...
Chalor: ((I HAVE GUNS
Gerald: (( Ok the fuck is tradmill lube ))
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Syphon: ((what
CryingEevee OOC: ((laharl is telling the truth))
Barchar: (you know what they say, everything is bigger in texas)
Gaster: ((i was a young kid who liked to put things in her mouth
Barchar: (including the appetite)
CryingEevee OOC: ((texas means guns))
Biosis: a temporary case of Dissociative Identity Disorder
DamnDude: (( Its lube for treadmills ))
Gaster: ((i chewed on a tube of lube
Syphon: ((o shit
Chalor: ((Oh so the alter-ego has fucking alter-egos now
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Biosis: ((Yeeeeee
Syphon: ((alter ego alter egos
Barchar: (TEN)
Chalor: ((WEll, this should be fun
Chalor: <...>
Biosis: ((I thought that would be fun
Barchar: (like five people show up in the zen garden)
Frism: is breathing heavily now that she's out of the mist
Vaati: ((i licked ink off my finger bc impulse
Viridi: "..."
Gaster: ((i have a character with did
CryingEevee OOC: ((would that mean simply another is added, or does only chalor have them in like... the sub sub conscious))
Chalor: ((LEts hope I don't insult and ruin every single person with DID i've ever met.))
DamnDude: (( Whos the real alter ego around here ))
Vaati: Are you in pain?
Biosis: the mist retreats into the vents
Syphon: ...What happened.
Syphon: Fuck you, mist.
: ((Laharl
Gerald: sits down on the bar couch typing notes furiously
: ((I didn't do shit this time
Gaster: ((they have the unfortunate habit of accidentally breaking people because they're ten feet tall and have psychic powers
Biosis: ((I know a buncha people with it
: ((Are you still okay with me
Chalor: ((Oh i'm fine with Frisky
Gerald: (( Why am I ant again. ))
Chalor: ((Gonna crack a couple head mod's skulls though soon
Syphon: ((rip
Gerald: ((wait shit i forgot how the site works))
Gaster: ((you need to change your other name too
Vaati: ((i forgot laharl ate glass sry
: Ant [Gerald] is now Gerald [Gerald].
Chalor: ((I'm looking at you, Margarita Mix drinker
Syphon: ((?
Biosis: ((I don't know how I keep
: ((I'm surprised you fucks made jokes about glass and ink
: ((It's ironic
Biosis: ((Fucking making glass jokes
: ((Because I usually do it
Vaati: ((i did both of those
Biosis: ((Without trying to
Gaster: ((fuck off i was trying to tell off slarv
Syphon: ((this was all unintentional
Chalor: ((Well SLar, i'm probably about to butcher a real disorder
Chalor: ((Don't let your friends with DID kill me
: ((>Making new team
DamnDude: (( Im not a mod and i was trying to find out how to spell chlamydia ))
Biosis: ((I hope I didn't piss anyone off by inflicting taht
Gaster: stares at Frism. "Are you okay?"
: ((>Names Heatran "'Tania's Microwave"
Chalor: ((I suggest you sync your tems up to compliment echother
Viridi: -She stares at Frism.-
Syphon: ((sync your tems
Biosis: ((Hoi
Syphon: ((Hoi
: ((I will
Gaster: ((i wasn't in arc reacter with everyone else
Gerald: (( I gtg. ))
Chalor: Theres a new person in the Zen Garden.
Vaati: ((Hoi.
: ((I'm trying to use strategy
Syphon: ((alright, bye ant
Gaster: ((i have arc reactor blocked for a week
Vaati: ((cya
: Gerald [Gerald] disconnected.
Syphon: ...
Chalor: ((One second, writing up a shortcut
Vaati: ((clipboards?
Syphon: ((a unit of type size and line length equal to 12 points (about 1/6 inch or 4.2 mm).
Vaati: ((
Gaster: ((
Chalor: ((
DamnDude: (( Seriously though slar, how long until Biosus gives the disease i keep requesting ))
: ((01010011010010010101010001010101010000010101010001001001010011110100111001000001010011000010000001000111010011110100010001001101010011110100010001000100010010010100111001000111))
Syphon: ((oh boy
DamnDude: (( I dont have a clipboard ))
: ((That was my clipboard))
: ((That actually means something))
Syphon: ((isn't it the first line
Chalor: ((Shit I need to come up with another color pun
Vaati: ((i dont click yt links when im with my gf
Syphon: ((something involving rainbow
DamnDude: (( Painbow ))
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Syphon: ((gg
Biosis: ((
Biosis: ((My clip
Barchar: (SITUATH���������������)
Smolster: ( i made this last night i'm so sorry
CryingEevee OOC: ((the second line, the second line is possibly rule 2 breaking))
Barchar: (that's what i got when i tried to translate that)
DamnDude: (( Also tri that was a pika earlier, not a pica ))
Syphon: ((chu
Vaati: (( is this a pidgey
Gaster: ((SMOLPHYS
Smolster: (hi
Vaati: ((thats the wrong character
Syphon: ((charol
Vaati: ((carol channing
Biosis: ((I will give out chlymidia someday
Chalor: ((Shitty name change that kinda resembles Carol))
Syphon: ((oh okay
Biosis: ((But I needed a mental thing this time
Chalor: ((You need to hand the memiest character Cancer))
DamnDude: (( Charol: Char OI ))
Barchar: (chalor pronounced with a hard ch)
Syphon: ((give vapeoreon cancer
Chalor: ((I've been pronouncing Chalor like Color))
Syphon: ((wait chalor isn't pronounced with a hard ch?
Syphon: ((fuck
Barchar: (I mean)
DamnDude: (( Cha-lore ))
Barchar: (I always pronounced chara like charmander)
Vaati: ((fellby: what kind of pikachu is this
Barchar: (so that extended to chalor)
Syphon: ((but that's a hard ch
Vaati: ((schyro: ththats a fuckin luuugia
Gaster: ((fellby: IT'S A COOL PIKACHU
Syphon: Are you mute now?
Syphon: Or did he put you in a coma or what?
Chalor: It's what looks like a copy of Chalor in the zen garden, except actually colored.
Gaster: ((so what is this third person
Gaster: ((chisk
Chalor: Liek a pre-genocide Chalor.
Frism: "...There's a third. Why is there a third."
Syphon: Holy shit.
CryingEevee OOC: ((discomfort))
Biosis: he's in the vents getting comfy
Biosis: they
Biosis: goddammit
Vaati: ((solution: biosis uses both he and they
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Chalor: >I don't know.>
Biosis: ((So when you doods feel like it we can push resume on the fight, with a new guy or two or whatever
Vaati: ((what happens if charol takes the wheel
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Syphon: ((fucking wat
Barchar: (i figured there was some neutral runs post-genocide pre-pacifist)
Gaster: ... Wait, what?
Vaati: What?
Syphon: There's the asshole and the not-asshole, and now apparently there's another one.
Chalor: ((Charol is effectively the mindset of Chalor before all the shit that made them a murderous hellbaby))
Biosis: it'll last until whenever you feel like it doesn't
Frism: "There's Chalor in here, but then ther's another Chalor and she's colorful again?"
Gaster: "Did he put another person in there?"
Vaati: I believe.
: ((Just finished my team
: ((Is Reborn done for the night by the way
: ((Just want to make sure
Chalor: ((Yes.
: ((Alrighty
CryingEevee OOC: ((quick question, is there anything defined that's between timelines/dimensions/whatever?))
DamnDude: (( Faker? Yourr the fake chalor around here. ))
Syphon: ((iirc if you enter that you just freeze forever
: ((Nothing
Charol: <...> [color=white][/color]
Charol: <...Okay.>
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm... well, good to know. i need to rework it then.))
CryingEevee OOC: ((like, an idea i have, not... that))
Gaster: ((although i don't think we really did anything with it
Syphon: ((we were going to do something with it involving girl frisk, but then it didn't happen
Biosis: ((I think it's just a void or something
Chalor: She's referring to the accidental kills every players fucks up and does.
Chalor: Like Toriel and Mettaton
Gaster: ((yeah, i'm okay with it being the fucking void
Chalor: ((There was The AByss))
CryingEevee OOC: (("the darkness. home to those who've faded away" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ something i came up with on the spot))
Chalor: ((Which really only got light uring ACEphys))
Gaster: ((... i don't know why i called it the fucking void
: ((What the hell did it do to Frisk though
Frism: <>
: ((She was Abyssified for a while I don't even know why
: ((This guy just came on
: ((And did it
: ((I wonder if it's Time
Syphon: ((time can you confirm
Gaster: flexes his wings, wondering if he should go fly around.
: Timeywim [Timeywim] joined chat.
Syphon: ((hi time
Chalor: ((It's adventure time
Timeywim: ((The abyss was not me.))
: Biosis [Biosis] disconnected.
Syphon: ((Come on, grab your friends
Syphon: ((alrighty
: ((good to know
Gaster: ((wasn't the abbys b
Vaati: ...
Gaster: ((*abyss
Syphon: ((yeah
Syphon: ...
Timeywim: ((Then it might of been B.))
Syphon: So everything's okay?
Timeywim: ((I dunno, though.))
DamnDude: (( That was totally b ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((so. if there's nothing set in stone for between timelines. any qualms with me doing something with it?))
Gaster: ((I don't have a probem.
Syphon: ((i don't mind
Vaati: ((i dont mind
Charol: [sub][/sub]
Syphon: ((there were things that were supposed to happen with it that never happened, so eh
Chalor: ((I'm trying to write this NOT like ZEL))
Chalor: ((ZEL, despite what people might've though, doesn't have MPD
Timeywim: ((Speaking of ZEL.))
Chalor: ((THey're three people that got literally fucking force-fused by a mutant magnezone
CryingEevee OOC: ((i actually like the idea of "home of those who faded away". i have no idea what that'll mean. but hey, it sounds cool!))
Timeywim: ((Reborn is a pretty good arc.))
Chalor: ((Why thank you Time))
Frism: <...Do we need to give you a section of the garden?>
Timeywim: ((PMD is also a pretty good arc.))
Vaati: ...
: ((Thank you Mysteryman
Syphon: ((what is your opinions on slarc?
Syphon: I guess that's a yes.
Timeywim: ((Mm, the Slarc?))
Timeywim: ((-shrugs-
Syphon: ((fair enough
Vaati: shrugs.
Timeywim: ((I'm not sure about it.))
Syphon: That bitch comes back though, he's dead.
Vaati: shrugs.
Syphon: ...
CryingEevee OOC: ((how does hair get behind my keyboard area?))
: Timeywim [Timeywim] disconnected.
Syphon: ((do you have a cat
: Biosis [Biosis] joined chat.
Chalor: ((There is this fucking crow
Chalor: ((The size of a basketball
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's MY hair that's the problem. i'm used to cat hair everywhere))
Chalor: ((At ym feet
Syphon: ((-shrug-
Syphon: ((rn?
: ((So it's a fat fuck crow.))
Vaati: ((thats a reven
Vaati: ((*raven
Gaster: ((hair being a problem is my reason for cutting mine short
Syphon: ((that's a ravine
Vaati: ((same chime
: ((I usually leave mine mediumish
CryingEevee OOC: ((okay, it's not actually a problem, it just perplexes me how my hair ends up there))
: ((Never had a problem with hair
Syphon: ((mine is long af
Syphon: ((my only problem is i eat it a lot when i try to eat food
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: ((So Tri's hair is as long as Greg's hair
Biosis: ((I hate having short hair
Syphon: ((nah, but long
Chalor: ((I've got short black hair))
Chalor: ((Fucking sucks
CryingEevee OOC: ((i've said it before and i'll say it again. i've probably eaten at least a pound of car hair in my life.))
Vaati: ((mine is like. mettaton style but shorter
CryingEevee OOC: ((*cat))
Syphon: (([i]car hair[/i]
CryingEevee OOC: ((cars don't have hair))
Syphon: ((quick someone make a hairy car character
Charol: She...pops out of the zen garden, as a large circle in the center of the room slowly starts to turn blue. The lofwers gaining a dark blue, like, ocean-blue tint.
CryingEevee OOC: ((stop))
Syphon: ((flame do eet
: ((I have chestnut colored hair
Vaati: ((do you know how annoying it is to wake up with dog fur stuck in your underwear
CryingEevee OOC: ((the misspellings can't be this influential))
Chalor: Flowers*
Chalor: ((mv wut
Syphon: ((wut
Vaati: ((my dog doesnt even sleep in my bed
Syphon: (( then
: ((Does MV fuck..
: High Priest Laharl [Chalor] changed the topic to "Vaati: ((do you know how annoying it is to wake up with dog fur stuck in your underwear"
: ((No...
Syphon: ((frisky no pls
Barchar: (are you implying your dog telekinetically puts hair in your underpants)
Vaati: ((but dog hair is everywhere
Gaster: ((wow
: ((Dog hair is shit
Vaati: ((im a furry but im not into bestiality
Syphon: ((your dog does pat your uterus tho
Syphon: ((i recall
Vaati: ((yes
CryingEevee OOC: ((you're a furry?))
Vaati: ((she does
Vaati: ((yes
Charol: A couple plushes plop down. Namely, fo a certain few goats. CHarol evidently doesn't bother hiding them.
Biosis: ((Everyone here is furry
CryingEevee OOC: ((huh. never knew.))
Syphon: ((aren't we all /s
Syphon: ((well. i guess i am
Chalor: ((I played on Furry Starbound servers because I liked the custom races
Vaati: ((like, i dont have a fursuit, but i have a couple fursonas
Syphon: ((oh in that case i'm not
Syphon: ((idfk
Chalor: ((Brb getting out the furry scale
Barchar: (I think we all have 'fursonas')
Barchar: (I mean)
Chalor: ((We can sovle Tri's problem with the furry scalke
Gaster: ((i have a fursona but i never used her
Barchar: (we make undertale characters)
Syphon: ((i'm reminded of the boden scale
Vaati: ((you dont have to have a fursona
CryingEevee OOC: (([sub] i legit sat down and thought about whether or not i'm a furry [/sub]))
Syphon: ((rip boden scale 2015
Barchar: (and then the bodometer)
: ((Oh yeah
Barchar: (it tried valiantly to fill it's place)
: ((AD and Girl Frisk
Syphon: ((bodometer?
Syphon: ((shh
Syphon: ((fuck girl frisk
Barchar: (but it got broken during the red rp hell)
Biosis: ((Do we have 4 people online that are interested in doing the boss or..
: ((One was sixteen
Syphon: ((figuratively
Syphon: ((not literally
Chalor: Tri, which step on the scale would you fuck
: ((One was twelve
Syphon: ((i am a semi-furry
: ((They got naked
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm, not furry still seems pretty furry))
Barchar: (5 isn't even a furry anymore)
Barchar: (it's just like)
Barchar: (an animal)
Vaati: ((3/4
Barchar: (1-3 is aight for me)
Vaati: ((ce, youre a furry
Syphon: ((o shit
Chalor: ((Eh
Chalor: ((For me, Paws are a no-gop
Syphon: ((1 yes, 2 yes, 3 is where i dunno
Barchar: (like, you get more and more furry from 1-4)
Barchar: (but then at 5)
Vaati: ((ill do the boss if i want
Barchar: (it ain't no furry no more)
Chalor: ((I'm not fucking anything in general, but i'm not touching shit with paws
Barchar: (it's just a feckin fox with a bow)
Vaati: ((*everyone else
: ((I'm not a furry
Syphon: ((i am confirmed semi-furry
Vaati: ((laharl you dont pet dogs?
Vaati: ((tri youre furry lite
Syphon: ((furry 0.5
Barchar: (what is this a meme for ants)
Syphon: ((what are you a...
Syphon: ((person
Vaati: ((diet furry
Barchar: (no tri)
CryingEevee OOC: ((diet furry))
: ((MV do you think I would be a furry
Barchar: (I'm a nonexistant ghost girl irl)
Barchar: (barchar is a self-insert)
Syphon: ((neato
Chalor: Charol has finished setting up her little blue circle in the center. Which is just full of goat plushes, a rusty gardening knife, an a shelf with some pictures.
Vaati: ((to an extent perhaps
CryingEevee OOC: ((that means you know what we all look like irl))
Syphon: ((emb was supposed to be somewhat like me and that's why she's empty
Syphon: ((i am now self-deprecating
Syphon: ((Shit.
: ((Don't worry
Chalor: ((We all have that one character that we generally draw from 'what would I do'))
Syphon: ((mfw shift parentheses and capitalize word, makes me sound serious accidentally
Chalor: ((Funnily enough, I facillitated a shitton fo what would I do in titania
Syphon: ((i use caps lock for one letter, fite me
Biosis: ((Shoe is me saying whatever stupid joke comes to mind
CryingEevee OOC: ((owait i just now saw that mv says that i am a furry))
: ((Am I doing Titania well
Chalor: ((For me it was mainly Runner though who hd the 'what would I do'))
Barchar: (honestly Bfrisk was the closest charcter to me so far)
Vaati: ((schyro is "what would my anxiety and depression do"
Chalor: ((Frisky after the Titania speech you got you know that it doesn't meatter how close you are to the character
Gaster: gets up and leaves the bar. "I'm gonna go for a fly now."
Syphon: Bye.
: ((I fucking know
Barchar: "Okay. See you, Gaster."
Vaati: Have fun.
Chalor: ((Miyu is the 'what would I do if I was the living embodiment of cynicism'))
: ((I still want to know anyways
Vaati: ((mettaton is "what would i do off my adhd meds"
Syphon: ((syphon is "me with +5 assholery"
Gaster: goes to fly around the Gaston timeline because he's a cool dragon guy.
CryingEevee OOC: ((mv, what makes you think i'm a furry... owait, is it the fact that "eevee" is part of my username?))
Syphon: ((i now realize i have planned NONE of my characters beforehand, except vale
Frism: <...Yeah kinda>
Syphon: ((which is why they're shit
Syphon: ((i may have solved my problem!
Vaati: ((you might be a furry
Chalor: ((Okay, is you want me off my ADHD meds
Chalor: ((Thats literally just fucking Nobody except without all the paranoia
Barchar: (Furries? In MY CaU? It's more likey than you think!)
: Gerald [Gerald] joined chat.
Syphon: ((i have ocd with chairs
: ((When I play Titania I just think "blunt leader that shows emotions sometimes"))
CryingEevee OOC: ((tri has a shapesona))
Syphon: ((can confirm
Syphon: ((tri was a character
Syphon: ((he was empty
Syphon: ((because he was me
Biosis: ((
: Gaster [Gaster] is now Xhampi [Xhampi].
Syphon: ((all my characters like me are empty
Syphon: ((gg
Chalor: ((For me Titania was 'Not sugarcoating, no smiles, all business and survival. Party after you've won.'))
Syphon: ((MILK
Syphon: ((FUCKING
Syphon: ((SAN
Vaati: ((i have a robosona
: ((Right
: ((I tried to show Titania was just fourteen
Xhampi: walks in, with a brand-new ribbon messily tied onto her spear.
Chalor: Charol is sitting back with a kind of wideyed look at Chalor.
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((two of my friends have foodsonas. and one may just have one as a joke))
Vaati: Hello.
Syphon: Hey.
Chalor: ((You're talking to the fuck that actully owns Pony OCs))
Chalor: ((unironically
Xhampi: ((i remember my fursona i was trying to be as obnoxious as possible with her
CryingEevee OOC: ((there's big bread and tiny bean. and then there's egg))
Vaati: ((i had one
Xhampi: ((so she's a pastel galaxy bat
Charol: <...>
Chalor: <...>
Barchar: (I have at least two that I don't hate)
: ((Someone once made a fursona for me I never used
Syphon: ((i use almost all oc's
Gerald: (( Most of my character slowly devolved into jokes ))
Syphon: ((jozlyn and girl frisk are only ones by me that aren't oc's
Xhampi: ((and i need to redesign my gemsona, she's a fusion so i gotta figure out her components
Gerald: (( Or I just stopped caring about their stories ))
Syphon: ((and syphon is from a game universe, though isn't a real character
: ((I never exactly
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have an edgesona))
: ((Made a good OC
: ((Ever
: ((That I enjoyed
Vaati: ((i have like fourteen gemsonas
Gerald: (( Or became nothing but one half of a ship ))
Barchar: (gemsonas are fun)
Syphon: ((yes
: ((WHAT
CryingEevee OOC: ((which is actually who i'm adapting))
Barchar: (I have, ike)
Syphon: ((GOOD
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh boy))
Barchar: (...I think 5 would be the most accurate?)
Gerald: (( One of my favorite youtube channels drew me a fantastic gemsona based of my twitch username ))
Xhampi: ((the fusion is blue sandstone, and one of the components is danburite
Barchar: (Amber, Chrysocolla, Almandine, Johachidolite, and Obsidian)
Syphon: ((WHAT ARE THE <'S FOR
Barchar: (Amber and Chrys might actually be here)
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Chalor: ((This meant that you were paired up with another RPer
Xhampi: ((i need a blue gem to be the other componet
Chalor: ((TO make a sort of trainer duo like in the games
Gerald: (( It's milky quartz and it's the only gem referred to as he because he's a fuckboi ))
Syphon: ((milky
Syphon: ((jk
Chalor: ((I rped Icarus Fowm, bug type user, to Rag, a friend of mine's Lily Idon, who sued steel types
Smolster: (my gemsona is fire agate
Chalor: ((THese two were actually the foundations for the teams of SHelly and TItania respectively))
Gerald: (( It was based off my twitch name which is broteinshakes45 for some reason ))
: ((Huh
Syphon: ((oh huh
Chalor: ((Ship was going great, Icarus was the sort of calm, collected one that kept Lilly from fuxking sugar rushing the world to death
Barchar: (I love all my gemsonas so far)
: Biosis [Biosis] disconnected.
Barchar: (Oh, tenorite)
Barchar: (How culd i forget Tenorite, Tenorite is fucking great)
Syphon: ((WELP
Xhampi: ((OH NO
Chalor: ((On a server where thats restrictively banned
Xhampi: ((oh and i remember the other component
Syphon: ((FUCKING
Xhampi: ((her name was benitoite!
Chalor: ((>Mfw we can't do slarc
Syphon: ((is tenorite a musician
Chalor: ((Since nobody was in the arc reactor
Barchar: (nope)
Syphon: ((aw
Barchar: (Tenorite is a voice changeling)
Barchar: (who is very)
Barchar: (VERY)
Barchar: (British at the moment)
Chalor: <...>
Charol: <...>
CryingEevee OOC: ((to think, we got to this topic from me bringing mention to mv being a furry))
Frism: <...>
CryingEevee OOC: ((which came from me talking about hair))
Syphon: ...
Charol: She's just sitting in her blue circle, staring down at the flowers.
Syphon: ((we started with "man, the bar is boring"
Syphon: ((to ships
Charol: Man she's kinda depressing to watch really.
Syphon: ((at least ooc is fun
: ((I've never done ships too much
Syphon: ((i haven't done any since jozlyn, girl frisk wasn't fun and jozlyn was literally killed by it
Charol: "...Yeah?"
Syphon: ((well, literally indirectly
Xhampi: sits down where the jukebox used to be. Is that blood on the bottom of her feet?
Syphon: ((charol has the wheel?
Chalor: ((Sorry
Syphon: I'm guessing you hunted?
Chalor: ((<...Yeah))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i still have the freakin furry chart open on a tab for some reason))
Chalor: ((No she doesn't
Syphon: ((alright
Charol: <...>
Syphon: ((i only have youtube open, trying to find a song
Syphon: ((went to metallica to high quality rips and now idk
Frism: <...Not THIS much, as I remember.>
Xhampi: nods.
Gerald: (( Trying to post my bad OC to imgur but it doesn't wanna work with me ))
Xhampi: "Floran killed fisssh."
Vaati: ((mine are rutile(fusion of onyx and carnelian), dumortierite,tremolite, rhodonite, hematite, trapiche emerald, rossmanite, charoite, pyroxmangite, obsidian, and cinnabar
Syphon: ((maybe machine head, but i've listeneed to a lot of metal
Syphon: Good job.
Syphon: Oh yeah, when are we doing the big hunt?
Xhampi: "Got pretty ribbon."
Vaati: Nice.
Syphon: ((WHAT
CryingEevee OOC: ((the final stage ISNT FURRY))
Barchar: (I'm surprised that the only gemsonas the three of us share is that both me and MV have an obsidian)
Barchar: (though)
Syphon: ((O SHIT
CryingEevee OOC: ((because it's asking what are you doing))
: ((So
Syphon: ((oh okay
CryingEevee OOC: ((you're going BEYOND furry))
CryingEevee OOC: ((ono))
Syphon: ((O NO
: Xhampi [Xhampi] changed the topic to "CryingEevee OOC: ((I SOLVED THE MYSTERY OF THE FURRY CHART))"
Barchar: (I somewhat doubt my obsidian is anything like yours though)
Chalor: ((Mfw we can't do Slarc
CryingEevee OOC: ((don't die))
Syphon: ((rip
: ((I'M FINE
: ((Yeesh
Syphon: ((i think i slowly go insane
Syphon: ((being here every day :/
: ((And another lightning strike happens
: ((It's bad out here
Charol: she just makes some kinda mental whimper.
Vaati: ((my obsidian is a memer
Syphon: ((stay okay
Vaati: ((stay ok
CryingEevee OOC: ((tri, if you think it's actually effecting you, you can take breaks))
Syphon: ((eh
CryingEevee OOC: ((take a day off of cau))
Syphon: ((i feel like it's affecting me negatively for sure, but more so positively
Syphon: ((but what do i know
Syphon: ((wow
: ((The lightning literally lit up the darkness outside
Charol: Chalor is literally fuckin' bullying herself into submission right now.
: ((Fuck
Xhampi: ((Danburite is overprotective and benitoite is such a softie
Syphon: ((the darkness is on fire?
Syphon: ((/s
Xhampi: ((together they fuse into Blue Sandstone who is pretty much four-eyed galaxy toriel
Chalor: ((Minecraft gemsona))
Syphon: ((>the shadow
Syphon: ((edge
Barchar: (Chrys is kinda like Toriel)
CryingEevee OOC: ((that's the pre-name name))
CryingEevee OOC: ((like, before the name is revealed))
Syphon: ((oh okay
: Biosis [Biosis] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((because i do that))
Xhampi: ((like, literally
Barchar: (She was custom made to be a mom for amber, due to a kinda complicated chain of events that will likely be explained when/if i bring them in)
?: ((i have this for those scenarios
Gerald: (( My gemsona's physical form looks like Root Beer guy fucked Jasper and they had a real shit child ))
Heather: I need to fucking remove some of these shorcuts
Syphon: ((i love songs that are meant to be funny but are actually fucking amazing
: A Swood Grommet [Cowboy Kid] joined chat.
Gerald: (( Like anything by Bo Burham? ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i like to have them be described by the name before revealing the real name))
Syphon: ((idk, sure
Syphon: ((also, okay
Charol: <...>
D-524: ((i'm gonna go through my character graveyard))
Telly: (())
Chibi: (())
Vaati: ((morty is a big geoweapon, trem is science, obsidi is a memer, rhodo is fierce narcissist, charo is a goth, rutile is tol gay, cinn is a nerd, ross is a sweetheart,etc
Gerald: wears what looks like some sort of AR glasses. What a drok.
Kidgue: ((in here til i actually do something with him again))
Gerald: ((*dork))
: ((I read Ross as Rose
Syphon: ((drok
Smolster: (fire agate is an awkward loser)
Barchar: (yeah, so, your obsidian is NOT my obsidian at all)
Gerald: (( Don't be such a drok ))
Barchar: (but ce)
Chalor: ALuminum Oh right
Xhampi: ((i like to joke about benito liking pizza because a local chain is called benitos'
Aluminum: Oh Right
Syphon: ((rip
Barchar: (we need that for the emergency giygas system)
Steel: I have these two
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh right
UnexpectedGimli: AND MY AXE!
Syphon: ((i think all of my characters have been used some time or another
Doopliss: ((eh))
Gerald: (( Not calling lapis aquamarine feels like a missed opportunity ))
Vaati: ((also agate is in a polyamorous relationship w morty, trem, and rhodo, and a friends hematite
Girl Frisk: [font=arial]((though i haven't used her in parp, but still[/font]
Barchar: (I think that Aquamarine is gonna be Lapidot fusion)
DamnDude: (( I need to clear out some of mine ))
Dimentio: ((eh))
Barchar: (also damn that is a big poly)
Gerald: (( Oh shit I want that now ))
SV!Gaster: ((eh))
DamnDude: f
Chalor: ((are we gonna be doing slarc, cause we need actually four people
Barchar: (you used gfrisk for like)
Varik: ((actually ded))
: ((FUCK
Barchar: (a couple days in parp)
Vaati: ((its mostly agate is polyamorous
Syphon: ((i did?
Syphon: ((also what frisky
Corrin: (( Dont know where this guy went ))
Vaati: ((also im going arcreactor
Syphon: ((jfc
CryingEevee OOC: ((rip))
DamnDude: (( Shit ))
Xhampi: ((frisky i think you may be in danger
DamnDude: (( Whats in arc reactor? ))
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Barchar: (Amber is in a relationship with someone else's character. But I don't really feel comfy trying to play her character, so only references.)
: ((No I'm fine
Dark Pit: ((almost forgot this one
: ((I have a blanket
Gerald: takes out a little device and begins scanning the room
Syphon: ((impressive
Syphon: (("No I'm fine, I have a grape"
Barchar: "What are you doing."
Chalor: ((ANyone else doing slarc?
Chalor: ((We need like, one more person
DamnDude: (( I am ))
Chalor: ((Oh, alright
DamnDude: (( Why the fuck did slar not say anythong ))
starman: ((this doesn't count as a character))
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
: Smolapeño [Smolster] disconnected.
Gerald: finishes the scan and notes the results
Syphon: ((wonder if i have any graveyard characters, hmm
Xhampi: looks at Gerald, interested.
Barchar: "Hey. I asked a question, dipshit."
The Trio: ((rip
Sincere: ((rip
Serene: ((rip
Barchar: (rip trio)
Surreal: ((rip
CryingEevee OOC: ((i have a decently large graveyard as you saw))
Barchar: (though i guess they'r enot dead just not coming back)
Verutopia: ((will almost never be used
Celeta: ((will not be used for a LONG time
Gerald: "I'm doing important work. I need to document this place seeing as I've just discovered it."
Barchar: (My only real gone characters are btale)
Gerald: (("I colombused it"))
Charity: ((rip
Barchar: (the others are kinda...I'm still open to rping them at least.)
Clarity: ((ri
Syphon: ((p
Barchar: "Uh-huh."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i consider a character dead if not introduced with no plans to introduce, or won't be used in the foreseeable future))
Syphon: wakes up inside.
Xhampi: "Oooh?"
Syphon: Nothing malicious?
Gerald: ((brb))
CryingEevee OOC: ((or, actually dead in the case of varik))
: Gerald's connection timed out.
Chalor: ((I miss RUnner
Chalor: ((Q_Q
CryingEevee OOC: ((if anyone wants to do something with his soul, you can. since it's still around))
Syphon: ((rip runner
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
: ((So
Syphon: ((the only other ones i have in my character stuff is secret
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Xhampi: ((i don't have any characters who have any use for a soul
: ((Lightning may or may not of blown my computer
Verum: ((except verum i guess but you knew that
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
Xhampi: ((oh shit
Syphon: ((oh
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh no))
: ((I don't know yet but it might of
Syphon: ((no
CryingEevee OOC: ((let's pray to rngesus that it's fine))
Barchar: (You killed him Laharl)
Barchar: (I kinda miss runner too)
Syphon: ((RNGsus pls
Chalor: ((Atleast it was a nice dramatic death
Chalor: ((I mean, technically he's revivable because Lua has the disc with Runner;s memories
Barchar: (RNGesus, bless us so that Frisky's computer may live)
Barchar: (remember that one arc you started involving lua)
Barchar: (that like)
Barchar: (didn't happen)
Barchar: (at all)
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Charol: <...[sub]I
Syphon: ((rip
Charol: <...[sub]I'll try i'm sorry.[/sub]>
CryingEevee OOC: ((>sub))
Syphon: ((scribe
Xhampi: runs her finger over the ribbon. It's got a pattern on it, almost japanese-looking.
CryingEevee OOC: ((to))
Syphon: ((how
Xhampi: ((ass-eater's monthly
: ((I unplugged my computer
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((subscribe to how ass-easter's monthly
: ((I'm going to plug it back in after the storm
CryingEevee OOC: ((sub-scribe to how ass-eater's monthly))
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Syphon: ((eater's&
Syphon: ((eater's*
: ((And we'll see if it works
Syphon: ((alright
Syphon: Anyway, what about the big hunt we were going to help you on?
Xhampi: "Chax wasss planning that."
Xhampi: "Floran thinksss so anyway."
Syphon: Oh yeah. Alright.
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
Syphon: I still don't know why you say Floran instead of I.
Syphon: Or even Xhampi.
Xhampi: blinks. "Floran isss supposed to say I?"
Chalor: Chalor is literally fucking bullying her alter-ego right now.
Chalor: Holy shit
Syphon: Yes. For example, "I think so anyway."
Syphon: I am Syphon.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
The crew: Speaking of Chax, she and her entourage walk in.
Xhampi: nods, interested.
Syphon: Oh, hey.
Syphon: Convenient.
Chax: "Chax here! Hi, Xhampi. Hy, Syphon."
Syphon: ((hy
CryingEevee OOC: ((hy))
Syphon: (([s]make it a character[/s]
Barchar: (hywel already exists)
Syphon: ((185157 frisks exist
Syphon: ((emb and ember exist
Syphon: ((well, did
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((i jk tho
Barchar: (emb and ember both existed and were very confusing to me)
Charol: mfww
Chalor: Name troubles
Syphon: ((my face when when
Chalor: I'm gonna mix up those shortcuts
Barchar: At least Charol probably won't be around for too too long
Barchar: I mean probably until you get bored of her
Chalor: I dunno i'm having fun RPing CHlor mercilessly ruining her past mindset
Xhampi: smiles at Chax. "Helllloo!"
Syphon: Chax, you remember the hunt we planned, right?
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Chax: "Of course!"
Chax: "Need Schy."
Syphon: Oh yeah. Damn.
Xhampi: "Awww...."
Syphon: I would say go without him, but I don't know how dangerous this might be. I'm an ass but not an idiot.
The Shadow: ((i would introduce this character. but both, it's getting kinda late. and i probably should think more about them and stuff about them and such
Xhampi: "We might need help."
Chax: "Where hunt? Xhampi world? Chax world?"
Chalor: Chalor continues ripping into Charol, and generally reminding her she's not a person and that she's a 'freakish alter ego'
CryingEevee OOC: ((i still have the furry chart open))
Frism: Is clearly pissed at Chalor about this.
Syphon: ((for some really really odd reason it felt nice to know how much of a furry i am
CryingEevee OOC: ((tri likes knowing random things about himself))
Xhampi: shrugs. "Dunno."
Syphon: ((well, i have felt really empty and sad about myself, so that makes sense
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
: bloo [] joined chat.
Xhampi: ((chax just asked "your house or mine?"
Syphon: I dunno. Who needs it more?
Syphon: Well, Xhampi is alone, so I think it makes more sense to accompany them.
: (( i've just kind of stopped giving a fuck about myself and most things
Syphon: ((hi bloo
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
: (( and i was like
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
: (( 'hey, why don't I pirate FL studio mobile'
: (( 'because I am somewhat of an aspiring musician that can't do jack shit for the world'
: ((
Syphon: ((is everything okay with you irl tho
: (( i don't know
: (( it's nice to act content with everything, though
Syphon: ((alright, hope everything goes positively
Chax: "Fair point. Better hunts. Prolly, anyway."
: ((
Xhampi: "Can get trophiesss!"
CryingEevee OOC: ((i honestly don't know why i haven't closed the furry chart yet))
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
: Gerald [Gerald] joined chat.
Xhampi: ((bc you're a furry
Syphon: ((yeh
CryingEevee OOC: ((or why i keep bringing it up))
Syphon: ((bc you're a furry
Gerald: (( I started off helping with grocceries but ended up helping with dinner ))
Syphon: ((oh yeah i forgot, i'm thirsty
Syphon: ((brb
: (( How the hell did FL Studio mobile finish downloading in five minutes
Chax: "Trophies good! Chax like!"
Charol: <...>
: Gerald [Gerald] is now Ant [Gerald].
Chax: "Real shiny! In ship!"
Xhampi: points at the ribbon on her spear. "Floran got this from fisssh!"
: (( ohai ant
CryingEevee OOC: (("Sometimes I catch myself singing along to do inputs on my keyboard."))
Gerald: (( Yo ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((bloo, first you tilde, and now you steal the ohai))
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
: (( fuck off, baby~
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hold on, my cat wants something))
: (( yay my 'aspiring musician' setup is coming to life
Gerald: (( I gotta get back on my music theory practice for guitar. ))
Chax: "...Fishing? Or fish?"
CryingEevee OOC: ((my cat is now on the other side of the room))
Gerald: (( Also maybe I should learn to use that voice synth thing I downloaded awhile ago ))
Syphon: ((back
: (( pirated FL studio because I'm poor and ethnic
: Biosis [Biosis] disconnected.
Xhampi: "Fisssh person."
Chax: "Oh, Hylotl."
Xhampi: nods.
Gerald: (( I only dowloaded free shit because target won't respond to my fucking application ))
Chax: "Hylotls weird. Smell bad."
CryingEevee OOC: ((i just remembered. hylotl are amphibians. so calling them "fish" is not only a racial slur, it's also inaccurate.))
Syphon: Hylotl?
Xhampi: ((do you think xhampi gives a flying fuck
Barchar: (unlike all those other racial slurs?)
Syphon: Are they like...evolved axolotl's or some shit?
Xhampi: ((she's floran
: (( I just look up 'porn games that cost money apk' and I download them directly from a shady site
Syphon: ((sure
Chax: "Axolotl?" she asked, sounding like she's testing the word
Gerald: (( I almost got a virus a few days ago so I don't wanna take risks ))
Syphon: Yeah, it's like a lizard fish thing.
: (( I'm just using a tablet that is old, slow, and useless
: (( But hopefully it will have a use now
CryingEevee OOC: ((you know what? who's in the bar?))
Syphon: ((me
: Biosis [Biosis] joined chat.
Gerald: (( Oh shit If I really wanted to I could probably turn one of my like 5 old zunes into something useful ))
Chalor: Frism, and by extension, CHalor and Charol
Xhampi: "Like hyotal?"
: (( You have a fucking Zune
Xhampi: is in the bar.
: (( Lolwhytho
Gerald: ((My dad used to work for microsoft and they pushed those things like drugs))
CryingEevee OOC: ((my brother used to have a zune. i forgot they existed))
Syphon: ...I don't know what a Hylotl is.
: (( I used to use the Windows XP zune theme
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Gerald: (( I have all of the zunes now. ))
Syphon: ((hi frisky
Syphon: ((also yay
: (( So your dad would get zunes for free
CryingEevee OOC: ((thank RNGsus))
Syphon: ((rngsus you've done a good
Syphon: ((i just heard a yell and a noise brb
Gerald: (( Either free or real cheap ))
Syphon: ((nvm
: ((
: (( [i]these fucking things[/i]
CryingEevee OOC: ((hmm, having the two hunters in the bar may not be the best time))
Gerald: (( They're real bad ))
Gerald: (( Also you'd download a song, have it for a day then get DRMed hard ))
: (( There is a person in the world
Syphon: Aka maybe.
Xhampi: (( i buet they're better than my walkman
: (( Who unironically enjoys Zunes
: (( There's probably a fuckin Zune enthusiast forum
: (( I'm gonna go look that up right now
Xhampi: ((ice chewers forum
Xhampi: ((i wonder how fuked that formum got
CryingEevee OOC: ((formum))
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's for mum))
Syphon: ((for mum
: ((
CryingEevee OOC: ((i swear on me mum))
: ((
Gerald: (( My bad collection: ))
Syphon: ((last post 2011
: (( I want that pink Zune now
: ((
Gerald: (( Even after it's been scribbled on with blue sharpie? ))
: (( "God! It's not only me that can't "spill my load" unless i've some ice??? Please, can you give me any tips about maybe slowly getting off Ice, it's so frustrating not being able to jack off without it. :cry:"
: (( well sure
Gerald: (( I guess you could say their sex life is...cold ))
Gerald: (( I hate me ))
Syphon: ((i love you
: (( <3
Syphon: ((<3
Gerald: (( Don't patronize me ))
Syphon: ((oh okay
: (( my address is 15011 NE 36th St redmond, washington
: (( come visit me
Gerald: (( this seems like how people get killed. Or pranked by Joey Salads. Neither sounds good. ))
Syphon: ((it's an ARG
Xhampi: ((bloo i am going to buy you something stupid
Syphon: ((condoms
Xhampi: ((and send it to that adress
: (( You fucks it's the address to Microsoft building 111
Xhampi: ((oh
Syphon: ((mfw send condoms to microsoft
: (( I'll open a P.O. box eventually
: (( Then you guys can send me stupid shit
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Gerald: (( I got real freaked out for a second. Only two kinds of people tell their addresses to anons on the internet: Catfishers and people who get catfished ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((so, bar's silent and there's just syphon, the color person/people sharing a body, and the two hunters from space))
Gerald: ((also vampire nerd))
Syphon: ((i think so yeh
Xhampi: ((we were doing stuff ic but we got sidetracked
Syphon: ((oh yeah
Gerald: (( But I gotta eat dinner soon anyway ))
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((yeah, i'mma hold off. this character appearing whilst the space hunters are here doesn't seem like a good idea))
Syphon: ((okay
Xhampi: ((xhampi is kind of... stab-happy
: ((People put their phone numbers in the comments section of fetish videos
Charol: <...I...> [color=White][/color] <...Okay.>
: ((Idiots
CryingEevee OOC: ((i swear sparp changed my color at some point))
Gerald: (( Also gross ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((yeah, stab happy would not leave a good impression. and this character is... impressionable))
Gerald: (( I need to think of details and a backstory for Gerald while I eat dinner ))
Syphon: ...Damn, I guess this isn't happening today.
Chalor: SHe's stab happy too, but Frism has the wheel.
: (( i'm going to take my boosted board to uh
: (( taco bell i guess
Charol: She's...not THAT stab happy.
Gerald: (( I kinda wanna get really good at making good shit with a shitty program ))
Xhampi: ((xhampi's actually flying around space to look for friends
: (( I've gotten really good with Flash 5
Xhampi: ((it's not easy for her
: (( A shit program from 2001
: (( It's how I make everything
: (( All of my images
: (( My aesthetics
Gerald: (( Like I wanna make great music with audacity or something ))
: (( 'great music'
: (( 'audacity'
: (( I'm pirating FL Studio mobile to make 'great music'
Gerald: (( Draw the fucking mona lisa in mspaint or some shit ))
Syphon: ((audacity is more for mashups
: (( ^
Syphon: ((And ytpmv's sometimes
Gerald: (( By great music I mean passable ))
: (( Audacity isn't really for musicmaking
CryingEevee OOC: ((audacity is an audio EDITING software))
Gerald: (( Welp. I gotta find some bad free program then. ))
: High Priest Laharl [Chalor] disconnected.
: (( Try use FL Studio 1
: (( The very first FL Studio from like 1998
: (( A simple midi sequencer
: High Priest Laharl [Chalor] joined chat.
Gerald: (( Yeah. I don't even have a midi keyboard. I think I'm ready to be a quality shit artist. ))
Gerald: (( Maybe I'll buy a gameboy or something ))
: (( Use shit flash drum and keyboard programs
: (( Hell, even Mario Paint composer
Cowboy Kid: ((yee hi
: (( yo
Gerald: (( I'll get like a pdf of a music theory book and be on my way ))
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
Gerald: (( actually no I have a music theory book so I'm ready ))
: (( I haven't even run fl studio yet
: (( Y u make dis so hard android
Gerald: (( I'll use my drawing tablet to make shitty album art ))
: (( I make album art by just fucking mashing images together
Gerald: (( I gtg walk my dog and eat food. I'll be back. ))
: (( Android 7.0 confirmed
: Ant [Gerald] disconnected.
Cowboy Kid: ((400$ FOR SONY VEGAS
: (( $15 for FL studio mobile
Cowboy Kid: ((i need 400$ to make shitty jontron ytpmvs
: (( I use Corel VideoStudio X5
CryingEevee OOC: ((you can always use MOVIE MAKER))
: (( Cost like fuckin $80
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”
Syphon: ((cau in a nutshell
Cowboy Kid: ((yep
: (( alright gtg
: bloo [] disconnected.
Syphon: ((bye bloo
: A Swood Grommet [Cowboy Kid] disconnected.
Xhampi: hums to herself happily.
Syphon: plays with his staff.
: A Swood Grommet [Cowboy Kid] joined chat.
Xhampi: -The beads on her spear rattle.-
CryingEevee OOC: ((i read beads as heads))
Syphon: ((would kinda work
Xhampi: ((she would... not be opposed to that
CryingEevee OOC: ((maybe skulls instead would be... better?))
Xhampi: ((but it would throw off the balance, i think
Barchar: (she just goes full Kali)
Syphon: Aren't the decorations inconvenient?
Chalor: Chalor continues fucking bullying Charol in the Zen Garden.
Chax: "Prolly not. Look neat."
Xhampi: shakes her head. "Decorations little enough to not throw off weight."
Barchar: (I still find the fact that we've just go two, like, murderkids in Chax and Xhampi amazing)
Syphon: Oh, that's fine then. My weapons aren't very decorative, but they're effective.
Xhampi: ((my little murderchild
Chax: "Decorations fun!"
Syphon: - His staff looks kinda boring, actually. It's looks like steels made into scales. The crystals are pretty though. -
: A Swood Grommet's connection timed out.
Syphon: - And the crystals are essential. -
Chax: of course, her weapon is just a big clock hand
Chax: she'd have the solus katana but Asra is being a little bitch and refusing to drop it
Chax: aside from that one time that I killed her and couldn't get into the fucking boss room
Syphon: (("Bill Wi the Science Fi"
Chalor: ((So do you fucks RP in Starbound too
Syphon: ((nop
Barchar: (nah)
Syphon: ((e
Xhampi: ((no
Chalor: ((Kek
Barchar: (I wouldn't be opposed but we don't)
CryingEevee OOC: ((no))
Syphon: ((i only do it myself, except the one time i did starbound party
Syphon: ((though i wouldn't mind rping i guess
Barchar: (I'm just basing the progress of the crew on my actual progress in singleplaye)
CryingEevee OOC: ((i don't think i could match up playing and rping))
Chalor: ((YOu guys do custom races or something
Barchar: (yeah)
Syphon: ((yeah, i use floran tho
Barchar: (in the party)
Barchar: (my main character is just a glitch)
Xhampi: ((i don't use customs
Barchar: (Five and Chax are characters I've used. Quirsk was a typo.)
Xhampi: ((i made an avali but
Barchar: (But i did actually make him as a character)
CryingEevee OOC: ((in the starbound party i play a familiar))
Xhampi: ((I might bring in Methyl to reign in Xhampi if things get too bad
Chalor: Chalor looks at Frism. Charol is currently curled up in a ball in the Zen Garden.
Barchar: (Who's Methyl?)
Xhampi: ((my novakid
Barchar: (ah)
Barchar: (Chax would probably not like them. She likes her new Stabchild BFF)
Charol: She's just staring down at the flor, hands over her head.
Xhampi: ((Methyl's got a weir sense of justice
Xhampi: ((because she forgets what it actually is
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
Syphon: makes sure the crystals don't come into contact with anything.
Chalor: She just glares at Charol.
Chalor: She says, smirking.
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Charol: <...>
Frism: <"Fine." She walks up, slapping Chalor in her metpahysical face.>
Chalor: CHalor actually recoils.
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
: High Priest Laharl [Chalor] joined chat.
Chalor: Chalor hunches over, and starts fucking laughing her ass off.
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Chalor: She starts clapping in the Zen Garden.
Xhampi: looks over. "Black and white girl okay?"
Syphon: ((but that's in their heads
Chalor: She simply walks over, kicking CHarol over on her side.
Xhampi: ((oh whoops
Chalor: And...DIssapears from the Zen Garden
Syphon: ((o shit
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Charol: <...I'm sorry.>
Frism: if chalor is trying to get out, she's not gonna be stopping her right now
Chalor: Chalor isn't doing shit, she's had her fill.
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
Chalor: ANd Charol has learned from Chalor that she better not fucking try to get the wheel.
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
Charol: <...>
CryingEevee OOC: ((what happens when a chara "erases" a timeline?))
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Xhampi: ((... it goess poof
Chalor: Funnily enough, it's fortunate that Frism hasn't quite yet leanred how to literally just Mute chalor.
Chalor: Er, for Chalor that is.
Syphon: ((...true
Syphon: ((i guess it just becomes part of the darkness
Syphon: ((that's fuckin powerful
Frism: yeah, it would be pretty nice for Frism and Charol.
Barchar: (An entire timeline gets barchar'd, without the coming back part)
CryingEevee OOC: ((but wait, in canon undertale at least, chara comes back))
Syphon: ((actually, could everything within the timeline become a void but the timeline itself still exists?
CryingEevee OOC: ((and "restores" the world which is probably just taking the player to a new one))
CryingEevee OOC: ((chara killing a timeline may not acutally be killing a timeline, it could just be severing the player's connection))
CryingEevee OOC: ((because i doubt chara could actually destroy a timeline))
Syphon: ((something that could destroy timelines would be insanely powerful
Syphon: ((for every timeline that is erased, one thing never ever happens
Frism: <...LOVE is not a good thing.>
CryingEevee OOC: ((actually, just severing the player's connection makes a lot more sense to me))
Syphon: ((as well as killing everything inside the timeline
CryingEevee OOC: ((chara basically makes you think they're more powerful than you are. and chara restarting is very akin to a standard reset))
Syphon: ((yeah
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's all a ruse))
CryingEevee OOC: ((LOVE 20 chara probably couldn't even pass through the barrier))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and they probably knew that.))
Chalor: <...>
Charol: <...>
CryingEevee OOC: ((and without a monster soul to absorb, they trick you into resetting for them))
Barchar: (so, was that you mixing up the command then, Laharl?)
CryingEevee OOC: ((why they never absorb agore's soul though...))
Chalor: ((Yes
CryingEevee OOC: ((and the current concept for the darkness. is timeline's that were ACTUALLY destroyed which needs something like giygas OR something like a run of undertale, which was forgotten or the save file deleted. they all fade into the darkness. well, it's not undertale exclusive of course.))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm telling you this because i can't think of a way i would do it ic))
Syphon: ((there's an infinite number of timelines, i'm sure there's a lot that have been destroyed
Syphon: ((technically a smaller infinity
CryingEevee OOC: ((concepts are coming together))
Xhampi: ((when we get into this sort of thing, it's infinites upon infitites
Syphon: ((infinitites
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((actually, i'll think about the word infinitites, they sound cool
Syphon: ((anyway yeah, timelines are mentioned and then infinites are often mentioned
CryingEevee OOC: ((because of infinite timelines, that means that there's a terrible highschool au version of the bar timeline))
Syphon: ((o boy
Xhampi: ((OH BOY
CryingEevee OOC: ((you enter, you're enrolled))
Xhampi: ((i never understood the appeal of high-school aus
Xhampi: ((but um
CryingEevee OOC: ((yeah, me either))
Syphon: ((same
Xhampi: ((in the highschool timeline, grillby is the principal
Syphon: ((underfell bar
CryingEevee OOC: ((ACTUALLY))
CryingEevee OOC: ((thinking of old stuff i forgot))
CryingEevee OOC: ((varik's timeline got faded into the darkness))
Syphon: ((oh okay
Syphon: ((i have repeated surprise buttsecks too many times
CryingEevee OOC: ((i don't have an explanation for the white place varik went to though. that's just the planet buster breaking reality i guess))
Syphon: ((alternate dimension...?
Syphon: ((i dunno
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((eh, since apparently fading into the darkness leads to white, i guess he could've busted into a timeline that was already done fading))
Syphon: ((oh, cool
CryingEevee OOC: ((but wasn't... apart of the darkness yet))
Syphon: ((wait, so faded timelines aren't destroyed timelines?
Barchar: (If grillby is the principal of CaU high, what does that make Barchar)
CryingEevee OOC: ((faded i guess is when it's destroyed, but by an outside force, IE file deleted. i guess))
Syphon: ((so like...remnants?
Barchar: (also tried I have an idea for an underfell bar)
Xhampi: ((vice principal barchar
Barchar: (tri*)
Syphon: ((oh okay
Xhampi: ((the barkery is the underswap version of the bar, iirc
Barchar: (but I don't wanna say it, cause I want it be a surprise when/if it happens)
Barchar: (and yeah, it is)
CryingEevee OOC: ((faded and destroyed timelines all go to the darkness.))
Chalor: ((Gaster is the Janitor of Asskicking that's secfretly been doing ll the history classes
Syphon: ((oh okay, i'm just trying to find the difference between faded and destroyed tho
Barchar: (I figure that Gaster and Metta would be teachers)
Barchar: (the janitor is juan)
Syphon: ((i kinda see what you mean but if something is deleted it's...gone
Xhampi: ((at least gaster would, giving his age
Barchar: (he's a juanitor)
Syphon: ((I just fucking got the joke
CryingEevee OOC: ((fthat's what the darkness is, it's the absence there's can't actually be nothing, so it's like. a placeholder))
Syphon: ((Holy fucking shit
Syphon: ((ahhh, okay
Syphon: ((so it's not part of the void in between timelines, but it is sort of a nothing?
CryingEevee OOC: ((so say, darkness!toriel is the placeholder for all toriels that have been deleted and dead))
Syphon: ((ohhh
CryingEevee OOC: ((dead as in destroyed, deleted as in faded))
CryingEevee OOC: ((concepts are changing))
Syphon: ((surely some things can't have placeholders though
Syphon: ((like, if the placeholders are destroyed
Syphon: ((unless that's impossible
Syphon: ((but it's cau, impossibility itself is nearly impossible
CryingEevee OOC: ((if the place holder is destroyed, [somehow] it'll come back when it's needed.))
Syphon: ((alright
CryingEevee OOC: ((made of new parts))
CryingEevee OOC: ((as in, the newly faded timelines))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and because of how it is, the darkness has a connection to all timeline that will eventually go to the darkness. which is all of them, based on the whole infinity thing))
Syphon: ((so all timelines will die?
Syphon: ((rip
CryingEevee OOC: ((eventually. because infinity, something will kill it))
Syphon: ((well, that's fully possible actually, though not naturally
Syphon: ((inb4 bar is destroyed
CryingEevee OOC: ((inb4 we cut to a bar that wasn't destroyed and was basically the same))
Syphon: ((wait, if there's an infinite amount of timelines, there's a destroyed version of each timeline
Syphon: ((o shit
CryingEevee OOC: ((with the same events but with teh key difference of the bar NOT being destroyed then))
Syphon: ((actually no, nevermind
Syphon: ((there's not two versions of every timeline
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((there IS a bar though that is the exact same, except it dies right at this moment))
Syphon: ((that's in a separate [i]existance[/i] though
Syphon: ((and let's not get into that
CryingEevee OOC: ((whatever. the darkness is complicated and most of this will only be mentioned OOC.))
Syphon: ((alright
CryingEevee OOC: ((unless someone can figure out how they can make it make sense IC))
CryingEevee OOC: ((also don't try to visit the darkness. it won't go well))
Syphon: ((well, this did make sense up until separate existances
Xhampi: ((tomorrow i don't have to get up early
Xhampi: ((yay
Syphon: ((yay
Xhampi: ((I'll make eggs for breakfast then probably head off to work
CryingEevee OOC: ((well no, if a timeline's difference from another is that it dies at a different point, it's a different timeline))
Syphon: ((...woah. true
CryingEevee OOC: ((but in the same existence))
Syphon: ((so there's an infinite number of one kind of timeline
Syphon: ((there is an infinite number of bar timelines
CryingEevee OOC: ((infinity: it's a confusing concept))
Syphon: ((jesus fucking christ
CryingEevee OOC: ((that's what i was saying))
Syphon: ((we just made a larger infinity
Barchar: (man)
Xhampi: ((fucking spacetime, how does it work
Syphon: ((idk
CryingEevee OOC: ((CaU: but first, let's talk about parallel universes))
Barchar: (I almost regret making the barkery the underswap bar, because having all these other bars suddenly makes this one feel a lot less special)
Barchar: (That isn't to say I ACTUALLY do. But I almost do. )
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, because infinity. nothing is special. which is a grim way to think about it))
Xhampi: ((i figured it was inevitable
Syphon: ((everyone's like "man, we're so small in this planet"
Syphon: ((but there's solar systems
Syphon: ((and galaxies
Syphon: ((and the universe
Xhampi: ((if you and i didn't do it, someone else would have
Syphon: ((and dimensions
Syphon: ((and timelines
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Syphon: ((and possibly existances but that is unconfirmed and probably inaccessible in cau
Syphon: ((we are tiny to the planet, but we are nonexistant to existance
CryingEevee OOC: ((if different existances...exist, the darkness might be the path there. or you know, it'd have it's own darkness))
CryingEevee OOC: ((anyway))
CryingEevee OOC: ((philosophy with CaU))
Syphon: ((existances would only be possible if you could teleport across the void to the other existance
Xhampi: ((off topic, i'm laughing so hard at the comic at the end of this newsletter
Syphon: ((and i'm just gonna guess you can't cross the void
Syphon: ((except like, the anydoor and stuff, which creates a path between timelines
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((lol
CryingEevee OOC: ((ok, so, my guess if you DO visit the darkness, it acts as if you were faded/destroyed))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and if a placeholder leaves the darkness, it's no longer the placeholder... this is complicated))
Syphon: ((if it leaves the darkness it's still a placeholder, just not present
Syphon: ((so i guess if the timeline is restored somehow and the placeholder isn't there, the placeholder dies?
Syphon: ((and then the other placeholder poofs to reality because it's needed, and then everything is fine?
CryingEevee OOC: ((no you see, if it leaves the land of placeholders, it essentially becomes an au version, because then it's part of a timeline))
Syphon: ((i have a new copypasta
Syphon: ((oh, okay
CryingEevee OOC: ((and if it's part of a timeline, it can't be a placeholder because now it's a variable))
CryingEevee OOC: ((as for how one would leave... i guess they tend to leak through))
CryingEevee OOC: ((from time to time))
Syphon: ((if the variable the placeholder is placeholding for exists in the timeline, would the variable die and the placeholder becomes the variable?
Syphon: ((well, there's a placeholder anydoor in the darkness surely
CryingEevee OOC: ((there's surely a darkness anydoor. does it work? probably not.))
Syphon: ((if placeholders can move, then anydoors can probably function
Xhampi: ((so what you're saying is uh
Syphon: ((if placeholders can't move, they wouldn't be able to go through the anydoor anyway
Xhampi: ((you can grandpa simpson out of the darkness?
CryingEevee OOC: ((okay, so the darkness is in stasis, probably. but sometimes placeholders leak through to random points in spacetine))
Syphon: ((i think they'd have to leak through by an outside force
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Syphon: ((they can't do it themselves
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
: bloo [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((well, yeah. but what with that being a concept. there's infinite timelines where a placeholder would be there. and so they have to fill that role? i don't know. we might wanna make it less complicated and say the darkness itself is pretty unstable and does stuff randomly))
Barchar: (aren't any doors man made objects? )
Barchar: (how would it even be there)
Syphon: ((well, it's there, the timeline is destroyed, it's a placeholder
Syphon: ((darkness being unstable makes sense i guess
CryingEevee OOC: ((there's a placeholder for everything that was destroyed. even inanimate things))
: (( I'm back
Syphon: ((basically the entire timeline becomes a placeholder
: (( I have a whole bag of Babybels to waste
Syphon: ((wb, welcome to cau science
CryingEevee OOC: ((welcome to oh god why did i come up with the darkness, HELP))
Syphon: ((well, there's infinite timelines where placeholders would be there, so infinite timelines with placeholders
CryingEevee OOC: ((i guess the darkness has to compensate for possibilities so things don't die))
CryingEevee OOC: ((so, if something from teh darknes CAN be in a timeline it WILL be in a timeline))
Syphon: ((yeah, new darknesses are created when a timeline is destroyed...?
Syphon: ((wait i'm a dumb
: (( I was having a conversation with my dad
: (( "Meat Vapes" came up
Syphon: ((well, if a timeline is destroyed, it becomes placeholders, which means there are as many placeholders as there is destroyed timelines
: (( That might be one of my names I will make music under
: Biosis [Biosis] disconnected.
CryingEevee OOC: ((we may just need to stop going down the rabbithole now))
Syphon: ((if you have the info you need, that's a good idea
CryingEevee OOC: ((and the way i thought of it. a placeholder is a placeholder for all EQUIVALENTS))
Syphon: ((oh yeh
CryingEevee OOC: ((say chara is a protag in a AU, it gets added to the same placeholder as a frisk))
Syphon: ((well, if there are an infinite number of one kind of timeline, that means there is at [i]LEAST[/i] one placeholder
CryingEevee OOC: ((anyway, that's enough darkness for now))
Syphon: ((i'm too tired to create science
Syphon: ((so idfk
Syphon: ...Well, I guess we're not hunting today either.
CryingEevee OOC: ((we'll leave it at that. most of this won't even come up))
Syphon: ((yeah
Syphon: I'm gonna go sleep, actually.
Syphon: Because I need to try to kill the fucking cat again tomorrow.
Xhampi: ((meanwhile while you guys were talking about that i saw this
Syphon: ((wowie
Syphon: ((can i share my copypasta?
CryingEevee OOC: ((sure))
Syphon: ((Short story: I fucking hate "soup's on" as a colloquialism. If we're not eating soup, then the soup is most certainly not on. It's not even off. It's not even a thing at this fucking moment. Do not bring up soup you god damn moron. And you know what? Even if it was soup, then it's still not on. Whatever you used to make the soup was probably on. The soup doesn't have an on and off state, you fucking moron. It's not a god damn motherfucking piece of shit toaster that can be turned on or off. It's fuckin' food, not a TV. Shit's not on or off.
Barchar: (sure)
Xhampi: "Goodnight, human."
Syphon: G'night.
Chalor: Again, mental, but CHarol passes the fuck out anyways.
Syphon: leaves.
Barchar: (I'm at soup)
: (( Why are you at soup
Syphon: ((wowie
Syphon: ((how convenient
CryingEevee OOC: ((i would continue that with you flame, but it doesn't work in text))
Barchar: (not that great no)
: (( Hour 2 of installing FL Studio
: (( Kill me
Syphon: ((i swear my body and clothing give me strokes
Barchar: (the timing is Like 90% of why it's so funny)
Syphon: ((anyway gtg
CryingEevee OOC: ((ah,that scene made me watch all of code ment))
Syphon: ((that was nice science
CryingEevee OOC: ((bai tri))
Syphon: ((gn <3
: Syphon [Syphon] disconnected.
CryingEevee OOC: ((gn))
CryingEevee OOC: ((sheesh, any log readers will have to deal with the darkness))
CryingEevee OOC: ((and all of it's confusing concepts))
: (( we get it it's science
: (( [i][bill nye theme][/i]
Xhampi: ((i'm just gonna wait for them to finish the boss or whatever
Xhampi: (and then say "now you're watching the science channel"
: (( CE quick
: (( We need to discuss trivial science
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
Xhampi: ((time for how it's made, motherfuckers
Chalor: ((How to RP DID:))
: (( Does water flow up in the Nile
CryingEevee OOC: ((excuse?))
: Biosis [Biosis] joined chat.
Chalor: ((Accidently railroad CHalor into fucking bullyoing her alter into submission
Barchar: (how was it railroaded? )
Barchar: (wow, it's made!)
: (( Let's make paper out of workers
Chalor: ((Like, I RPed Chalor into being a dick to CHarol
Chalor: ((ANd that evolved big time
Chalor: ((Because I got too damn carried away with CHalor
Xhampi: ((cut my life into pieces
Xhampi: ((this is wii sports resort
CryingEevee OOC: ((cut my life into my life))
Biosis: ((Miyu pulled the master sword
: (( cutting in my cut
: (( these cuts they will not cut
CryingEevee OOC: ((you know what? who. is in. the bar.))
: the Vape Nation Vaporeon is
Xhampi: . Is in. the bar.
: ....because he always is
Vaporeon: "....."
: (( I want to make all of my videos 690 seconds long ))
Barchar: guess
CryingEevee OOC: ((so, xhampi. vapeoreon, maybe chax. of course barchar. and the colors))
Frism: she is too, but she's a biiit distracted
Chax: indeed
The crew: the two others too
Vaporeon: i was like 'hey, why don't I roleplay a pokemon' and I was like
Vaporeon: 'hey, I'm ethnic so I vape' and my sister was like
Vaporeon: 'Terra we get it you vape'
Vaporeon: and I was like 'hey, try my vape' and then I started vaping with my sister
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] is now . [].
Vaporeon: and then I proceeded to eat babybels while sipping amp for the next three hours while listening to blank banshee
Vaporeon: A E S T H I C
Chalor: Charol is 'trying' to sleep, but uh.
Chalor: WHat does a mental cry sound like?
Chalor: Cause she's sobbing.
Chalor: Chalor is off to who fucking knows where.
: *there's... some sort of a distortion, outside the bar. time seems to stop, then start again. and before you know it, there's a short pure black humanoid outside the bar.*
: *face down on the ground, might i add
Xhampi: looks outside for just a moment.
: . [] is now The Shadow [The Shadow].
Vaporeon: "...noT FUCKING DEALING WITH THIS SHIT TODAY" aand he gets up and leaves
: (( I gtg
Xhampi: "Spoooky..."
The Shadow: doesn't move
: (( This better be 2spooky when I get back
: (( 2fuckinedgy4me
Chax: looks outside too. "Need stab? Chax stab."
: bloo [] disconnected.
Xhampi: looks at Chax. "Don't know."
The Shadow: ...
The Shadow: ((well, someone needs to do something. this thing obviously aint moving on it's own)
Xhampi: walks outside and pokes it with the blunt end of her spear.
Chax: stands on two legs, readying the time piercd
The Shadow: 's body seems to... conform to the shape of the spear's blunt end
Xhampi: gasps. "Ssshadow is weird..."
Chax: swings it at the shadow
Barchar: the shadow! The shadow? The shadow...
The Shadow: is cut by the time pierce... only for it to look as if that never happened afterward
Xhampi: attempts to stab the shadow.
The Shadow: slowly starts to get up, despite being stabbed. after each stab it looks like you never stabbed it
Xhampi: "... Floran can't ssstab."
Chax: CHAX HATE! "
The Shadow: eventually get's to its knees. it has large glowing red eyes. it looks at the two stab-happy aliens...
The Shadow: ...
Xhampi: "Uh."
The Shadow: blinks
Chax: is shaking. "BAD! BAD!"
Xhampi: "I dunno"
The Shadow: ... *it finally speaks. it's voice is... odd, that's the most accurate way to describe it* "bad?"
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Xhampi: is staring. "Are you bad?"
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
The Shadow: i don't know... am i?
Vaati: manages to warp in in his sleep, fall on his ass, and awaken to whatever this is.
Xhampi: "Dunno..."
Vaati: ...
The Shadow: finally gets up to its feet
Vaati: stabs himself in the palm with a claw. He bleeds a bit, it heals very quickly, and he gets up.
Vaati: This is reality but what in seventy fucks.
Chax: hisses, stepping back. She waves her sword/clock hand...menacingly()
The Shadow: ...
Xhampi: looks up at Vaati. "Weird ssshadow. It just came."
Chax: there was supposed to be a question mark there
Vaati: Ah.
Chax: "Chax scared! Chax hate!"
Vaati: adjusts the hood of his tunic.
The Shadow: looks at vaati
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Vaati: ...Hello.
The Shadow: ...
Vaati: I am certain we shall be able to handle this... calmly.
Xhampi: "Ssshadow isss quiet."
Biosis: did someone say wacky viruses?
Vaati: Perhaps... they simply require coaxing?
: Biosis [Biosis] is now Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel].
: Ms. Toriel [] joined chat.
Barchar: SURE didnt
The Shadow: ((ohai
Xhampi: ((oh hey mis toriel
Vaati: steels himself, stepping towards the shadow. "Hello. I do not wish to be cause for alarm, perhaps introductions are in order? I am Vaati."
Vaati: ((yo!
Smol Asriel: ((Heya
: ((Hey there))
The Shadow: ...vaati.
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Smol Asriel: ((We just finished a boss battle
Vaati: Yes.
: ((Fun fun
: ((Hiya
Barchar: (this is a strange time to come i)
: ((I'll wait a while ^.^))
Xhampi: ((you have my floran murderchild talking to a shadow
Vaati: ((is it ever not strange
The Shadow: looks down at... themself? moving a hand in front of their face.
Vaati: ((and vaati reborn, in edgy pop punk clothing, trying to be civil.
Barchar: (the the fenerox murderchild being very scared of the shadow)
The Shadow: ((scared because she can't kill it
Xhampi: ((gaster drank a dragon potion and is flying around somwhere else
Maxwell: ((maxwell can be thanked for that))
Vaati: ((i put vaati in different outfits, which have been dubbed "hot topic outfits of the day"
Smol Asriel: ((
Smol Asriel: ((oooooh
: ((And Frisky doing nothing.
The Shadow: ...
Vaati: ((today's color scheme: silver and black. outfit: hooded hip-hugging tunic, studded belt and bracelets, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, leggings, and thigh-high boots with high heels.
Xhampi: points to herself. "Xhampi."
The Shadow: looks at xhampi "..."
Smol Asriel: ((I told myself I'd only buy another if it was an official plush
Chax: "Ch-chax."
Vaati: What is your name, if you possess one?
Smol Asriel: ((But that's 40 bucks
Smol Asriel: ((Hnnnnnggggg
The Shadow: i am...fri-...cha-...asr-..... *the shadow is silent for a while*
Vaati: ...Frichaasr?
: bloo [] joined chat.
Vaati: ((hi bloo
Xhampi: nods. "Frichasssr."
: (( Hi
The Shadow:
Vaati: Oh.
Chax: "...long name."
: (( "i am pure edge."
Barchar: alright, you've got her attention. She walks out. "Hey, you alright, bud?"
: Vaati's connection timed out.
The Shadow: ...
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
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Gaster: -He wanders in, his wings drooping. He also notices that everyone is outside.-
: ((
: (( entry-level vaporwave
Barchar: She looks back. "Gaster? Are you okay? C
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Gaster: "My wings are just tired."
The Shadow: is staring at barchar
Barchar: "...What?"
Smol Asriel: heeeey here's my justification for this guy still being alive despite what went down in the /r/undertale rp
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: (( I found the best wallpaper
: ((
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
The Shadow: you look l-...
: Vaati's connection timed out.
The Shadow: ... twitches a bit?
Barchar: "Uh, what was that? C
Barchar: "I look like what?"
: ((Good enough place to pop in?
Xhampi: ((Yup
The Shadow: like... *the shadow twitches more*
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Vaati: ...
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel walks over from the edge of Snowdin, carrying a pie before stopping to look at the odd set of characters outside.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Oh, I don't know if this is enough for all of you..."[/color]
Vaati: sniffs the air, turning to the source.
Vaati: Oh, hello.
Smol Asriel: so basically his thoughts and the thoughts of his future self are connected by the morphigenetic field that transcends human senses but can be tapped into by certain individuals under certain circumstances. One of those circumstances being the moment he received his eyes again from the trade maker there was a timeline split in the multiverse wherein a different instance of the multiverse was created while still retaining its connections to the current one, in this alternate multiverse the separate universes were all the same up until smazzy made the decision to either enter the forest or enter the anydoor and head to the bar. Of course he didn't originally choose to go to the bar but after receiving a 'premonition' of sorts across these morphogenetic fields linking him and himself from the different multiverse timeline together and notifying him that he would be killed if he entered the forest. Of course he, being the scared little gote he was, took the premonition at face value and returns to the bar in 3
Smol Asriel: 2
Smol Asriel: 1
Smol Asriel: now
The Shadow: turns towards ms. toriel... staring.
: Xhampi [Xhampi] is now Gaster [Gaster].
Gaster: looks over, smiling. "Oh, hello, Toriel!"
Smol Asriel: actually he probably returned a day ago, either way he's done with the /r/undertale rp dimension and is seated in his wheelchair, eyes back and face not scarred anymore
Barchar: "Oh, uh, hi, Ms. Tories."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Hello there Gaster! I brought some butterscotch cinnamon pie, though I hope there's enough for everyone."[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks at the Shadow and thinks for a moment.[/color]
The Shadow: starts to twitch even more then when they looked at barchar
Smol Asriel: "Howdy!"
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Do you want some pie, new friend?"[/color]
Vaati: Hello.
Barchar: " you want me to go?" she asked, pointing inside the bsr
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The Shadow: keeps twitching until... it collapses again
Smol Asriel: ((Ok, yeah upon further examination that other asriel plush is inferior
Vaati: Oh my.
Xhampi: "Ssshadow fall down!"
Smol Asriel: ((Mine may have no snout but the other's part horse :P
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel sets the pie on the window ledge, looking at the Shadow with concern on her face[/color]
: (( I just made a lit track
Gaster: ((the shadow is me in social situations
The Shadow: remains on the ground...
Barchar: just...shuffles back inside
: (( Going to post this to SoundCloud so yall can listen to my LIT ASF TRACK
The Shadow: ((only like, a bit of this was planned. most of it is top of my head "hey, this totally makes sense"
: Vaati's connection timed out.
The Shadow: ((of course. i don't know how much sense it makes to any of you
Smol Asriel: ((Did my science make sense
Smol Asriel: is enjoying his new tiny blinkers
Smol Asriel: ((Because I ripped that right out of a game I'm playing right now
The Shadow: ((gg
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The Shadow: ((now is everyone just gonna stare at the downed shadow?))
Smol Asriel: notices the shadow
Smol Asriel: and looks at it
Vaati: kneels before it.
Vaati: Are you well?
The Shadow: does not respond
Gaster: ((relatable
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel reaches down to to touch it gently.[/color]
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Barchar: (I'm wondering if this isn't, like, placeholder Barchar or something? )
Barchar: (I assume that it's some placeholder)
The Shadow: seems to conform to the touch. it's cold, like, somehow colder than the air of snowdin, but somehow doesn't just freeze ms. toriel
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel is startled, but starts rubbing where she would think it's head would be.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Are you alright, little one?"[/color]
: ((Also, Jerryblook is without internet atm, but is saying "Hi"
The Shadow: does in fact, have a distinct head to it. actually, it's very human in shape... it twitches after ms. toriel speaks
Gaster: ((alright, tell him i said hi too
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel stands up, grabs her pie, and walks inside for a few minutes.[/color]
The Shadow: ((and yes flame, this is a placeholder. i think that much is pretty obvious))
The Shadow: ((although, i won't yet say of who
Barchar: stares at her. The week or so between her appearances haven't made her feel much less awkward.
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: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel returns with a slice of pie on a plate and a fork. She sets it in front of the Shadow.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Would some food help?"[/color]
The Shadow: ... *the shadow continues laying there... for now*
Gaster: "I think they may need some space for now."
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Chara_Dreemurr: -She walks in, looking stressed still.-
The Shadow: ...
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Hello."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel stands and nods, stepping inside with a frown.[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: -She sighs, and takes a seat on the couch.-
Barchar: "...Uhm. Hi, again."
: bloo [] is now リサフランク420 [].
Gaster: looks around. "Everyone, back off. Give them space to breathe."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She looks up, unsure if Barchar was talking to them.-
: リサフランク420 [] disconnected.
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Gaster: walks baack inside. "Well, that shadow's new."
Vaati: warps into the bar.
Vaati: Yes,
Vaati: And hello.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She sighs, looking back down.-
Vaati: ...
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Vaati: You are unwell?
Barchar: was talking to toriel
Xhampi: -She's still outside. In skimpy leather armor.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -She assumed so.-
Vaati: addressed Chara
The Shadow: ...
Chara_Dreemurr: "Ehh...@
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel smiles warmly at Bar!Chara and other Chara. To both she says [/color][color=#000]"Hello there children."[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: "Friend of mine, don't feel she's safe."
Vaati: Oh.
Chara_Dreemurr: "She's in a school with a murderer and a couple terrorists."
Vaati: I am able to equip her with weaponry if necessary.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel walks behind the bar, trying to keep smiling as she pours herself a drink as she listens to Chara. The drink seems a bit heavier than normal.[/color]
Barchar: she flashes a smile, before forcing back her neutral expression.
Chara_Dreemurr: "She's an innocent seventeen year old, she's not gonna kill anyone."
Vaati: Well.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Ill kill people if I need to, I don't mind."
Chara_Dreemurr: "If it's to protect her, of course."
Vaati: I am a guilty man of thousands of years. I am able to help if necessary.
The Shadow: eventually is able to lift themself to their knees. it looks at the pie that was previously placed in front of it. twitching a little.
Smol Asriel: is happily sitting in his wheelchair, just taking in the sights
Gaster: glances over at Toriel. "Are you feeling okay, my old friend?" He folds up his wings as he does so.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Well, I'm gonna go through some girls locker and try to steal her uniform at some point."
Smol Asriel: meanwhile chiaki's prolly getting stabbed or some shit idk
Vaati: Ah.
: ((FUK))
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Sounds creepy still. But it'll help me sneak into the school."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Probably not. Bet the security guy will recognize my face."
Vaati: I may impersonate a scholar as well, if you will allow me to join.
The Shadow: stops twitching after a while... it grabs the fork
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel places FootNot on Asriel's lap as she walks over to one of the tables to sit down and sip her drink.[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I mean, if you like Japanese school girl uniforms, sure."
: FootNote nuzzles against Asriel's stomach, asking for pets.
Smol Asriel: he pets the footnote
Smol Asriel: "So that's what you look like"
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks at Gaster and says [/color][color=#000]"Just.. thinking about WD. I will be fine."[/color]
Vaati: transforms into a young human man, though he is still in heels. His outfit is a basic pantsuit.
The Shadow: after a painfully long while. starts eating the pie
Vaati: I cannot fully impersonate a human, my blood cannot change its color, but I can do a job well at it.
Gaster: nods. "I understand that feeling. Losing someone you love... it's tough."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Looking good."
Vaati: is still wearing heels even as a seemingly human guy.
Vaati: Thank you.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Yeah, I'd appreciate it. I'll have to steal too outfits though."
: Two-8
: Two*
The Shadow: eats the pie... really slowly,
Vaati: Oh, no, I am able to transform my attire.
Vaati: warps his clothes into jeans and a t-shirt. Still in heels.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel stares at her drink, still slowly sipping it. Her ears twitch whenever Chara mentions stealing anything.[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: "Oh, Alright. Gonna need to be acid on copy, also the should may need to be different."
Smol Asriel: so basically vaati is fat togami
Chara_Dreemurr: -Stealing things from a girls locker.-
Vaati: you mean twogami
Gaster: sits next to Toriel, ordering a non-alcoholic drink.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Nah, maybe it'll be fine. I haven't been to school in years though.-
Vaati: Nor have I.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Just need to get in there, take the clothes, get out, and Chiaki will be fine."
Smol Asriel: or mitarai twoko
The Shadow: eventually finishes... and then just stares at the empty plate.
The Shadow: ((BRB))
Vaati: warps back into the punk avant-garde edge outfit, and the tall Reborn form.
Vaati: is still wearing heels dammit
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Fuck, this idea is terrible, but I'm gonna try it anyways."
Vaati: is 9'6" without them
Vaati: You do your best.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"I knew the risks when I fe... when I was with him. But now he is lost to time, as far as I can tell."[/color]
Smol Asriel: the voice starts playing always do your best
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel drinks the last half in one swallow, looking back at Chara.[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: -She could do this now, or later, depending if Slarv wants her to or not.-
Vaati: I will aid as best as possible, if requested.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Hello, Toriel."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Do what is needed for the people you care about. But be careful.[/color]
Smol Asriel: school is closed now anyway
Chara_Dreemurr: -Best time to break in and steal from a locker.-
Gaster: nods, sipping his drink. "Oh, of course. It's no fun when you..." He sighs. "When you outlive your partner."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yeah, yeah."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Not like dying has much consequence anymore..."
The Shadow: ((i return))
Vaati: ...Is this woman, perhaps, the Chiaki woman I had briefly interacted with?
Chara_Dreemurr: -She was referring to herself.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yeah, most likely.@
Vaati: Ah.
Barchar: she looks away at that, too
The Shadow: ...
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I hate this so much..."
Vaati: I am aware she has meaning to you. Is it more to ask if I am able to aid in helping retain her life?
Chara_Dreemurr: "Do whatever. Can't control you, and I'd appreciate the help."
Vaati: gives a smile.
Vaati: Then I shall help you.
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Smol Asriel: ((Ugggh uriel sucks
Smol Asriel: ((Random lasers
Vaati: It would be waste to allow my magic to not be used with purpose.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...So, how is everyone else?"
Vaati: Yes, is life well or at the least decent?
Gaster: "Well, you know. I'm a dragon."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Cool."
Chara_Dreemurr: "How bout' you, Tori?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Haven't seen a Toriel who didn't hate me in who knows how long."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Alright. Just thinking of a loved one that I lost. I will be better."[/color]
Vaati: Ah.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Yeah, that sucks. I'm sure you'll feel better in the future."
Vaati: I am sorry for such losing.
Gaster: sighs. "I could go for a good cocktail right now... too bad i might accidentally light it on fire."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel laughs and says [/color][color=#000]"In my timeline... You were my baby. I can't believe I lost you, along with my Asriel. But now, I get to see you again. Well.. A version of you."[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: "You'd probably hate me if I was actually your daughter.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -She says that, with a smile.-
Barchar: "...Yeah." she said, glancing away
Chara_Dreemurr: "But I'm not!"
The Shadow: ((i... thought that was reffering togaster for a moment there))
Smol Asriel: ((Toaster you mean
: ((Hm? I was referencing Toaster. My Gaster is.. well, gone.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Don't have to burden you with my sins..."
: ((So you thought Gaster was Ms Toriel's kid
The Shadow: ((yes
: ((Oh lofl
Gaster: ((i mean she does use "my child" a lot
: ((You are not my child, Gaster :p
Vaati: ...I cannot shake off the feeling that you all are connected by a force beyond our knowledge, and I am simply some other entity. It is strange.
: ((Metaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)
MettatonSEX: ((you rang, darling?
Gaster: ((/music plays
Chara_Dreemurr: "I need to talk to you guys..."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"What's the matter?"[/color]
Vaati: Yes?
The Shadow: is still outside... it hasn't moved since it finished the pie
Chara_Dreemurr: "Look, I'm kind off expecting a 'Burn the witch!' Reaction from this."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Maybe not. But I did lots of bad things to some people here."
: ((Chara: I am emotionally attached to this bar.))
: ((Chara: I will be marrying the bar tomorrow.
Vaati: ((barchar: um sweetie :)
Gaster: nods. He already knew, of course.
: ((Chara: I am actually a bar ghost))
Gaster: ((grillby: the fuck did you say
: ((Barchar: bitch what you say))
Chara_Dreemurr: "You know that Asriel who came here all the time and got reset like, I don't fucking know, three times?"
: ((Barchar: -spits out drink-
Vaati: ...No?
Smol Asriel: "..."
Vaati: Maybe?
: ((I like how literally noone remembers
Gaster: "Ah, yes. Him."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yeah, well I fucked literally everything up in life, toyed with people emotions here through him, and managed to destroy the lives of like, seven people."
Smol Asriel: the one adopted parent that didn't abandon him
: Hyper is dead.
Smol Asriel: still abandoned him before he died tho ;)
Barchar: (Chara is actually a time clone of Barchar)
Chara_Dreemurr: "So yeah, I guess what I should say is that I'm very sorry."
: ((Is she really that similar))
: ((Cause if she is I wasn't trying to do that))
: He abandoned him because I didn't want to play him anymore
Smol Asriel: still doe
: Now all of the characters I play excluding PMD are girls
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Hey, that went well.@
Vaati: I may not have been affected, but I will say that if I were, I woukd forgive you.
The Shadow: finally rises to their feet
Chara_Dreemurr: "I honestly expected a lot worse from this bunch. Good job."
Gaster: "I suppose I forgive you as well."
Vaati: ((i exclusively play male and agender characters
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel nods and says [/color][color=#000]"Are you going to do it again?"[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: "Of course not."
Chara_Dreemurr: "I need to give seperate apologies to some though. Starting with Smazzy."
Smol Asriel: "..."
Smol Asriel: he tilts his head down a bit
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Then, while I wasn't here, I do forgive you. Everybody makes their bad choices. Just make amends with those most affected."[/color]
The Shadow: walks over to the regular door... then just stops at it
Chara_Dreemurr: -She walks over to Smazzy, kneeing by them.-
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Kid?"
: FootNote turns to stare at Chara, it's mouth open slightly but not charging yet.
: ((Sterling: hi Vaati the Friendly Minish Man: hi Schyro: HHHHHHOOOOOLLLLYYYYYYYY -- uuuuh hihi sosorry ththat wwwass my aaaautocorrect Metta: hi
Smol Asriel: "Yeah...?"
Smol Asriel: isn't looking at her much
: ((I literally type in hhhh and it just appears like that))
: ((And I'm like
: (("whyyyy"
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I feel terrible."
Barchar: walks over to the door. "You alright, kiddo?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "I... Kid, I'm really, really sorry."
Smol Asriel: "..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "If it's any consolation, I can try and take care of you..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "I dunno..."
Smol Asriel: he shakes his head, definitely not
The Shadow: starts twitching a little... then stops and simply shakes their head.
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Do you want me to go get your father?"
Smol Asriel: hey at least he didn't deny you as hard as you denied chiaki
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Smol Asriel: "..."
Smol Asriel: "He's not my dad anymore.."
Chara_Dreemurr: "He's still your dad."
Vaati: ((actually their greetings are more like "hlo" "hello there" "uh, hhhi" "hey"
Smol Asriel: "..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Look, kid... I can't make it up to you, right? I know, what I did is something that's hard to make up. But I can try and slightly make things better..."
: ((Sterling really likes saying hlo then
Smol Asriel: "Ok.."
Chara_Dreemurr: "I know it's something you don't want to do, but I'm gonna need your help, you know... To help with my emotion, tendencies, wants, needs. Stop bad habits, make new good ones."
Chara_Dreemurr: "I'm unstable. But I can be stabilized."
: Vaati's connection timed out.
The Shadow: ...
Chara_Dreemurr: "Gonna need people to call me out on my shit and show me how to act when I'm making mistakes."
Smol Asriel: "..."\
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Barchar: "...That a no?"
Smol Asriel: ((Oh my fuck
Smol Asriel: ((I went into isaac at 1 heart
Smol Asriel: ((And died from the fucking basic tear shot he does at the very beginning of the fight
Smol Asriel: ((I had the both the key pieces ;-;
Barchar: (LOSER)
: ((NERD))
The Shadow: shook its head earlier. and because barchar is barchar she could see.
Smol Asriel: "I don't know..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Yeah."
: ((Filthy casual
Chara_Dreemurr: "I'm not a good person... I'm sorry..."
Smol Asriel: ((Lets see i had flight, the horse thing, seraphim, 3 cubes of meat, nails, 5 tear upgrades.. and some more
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: ((And i fucking died
Smol Asriel: ((To the first shot
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Smol Asriel: ((Because I was too pussy to use holy death the second I spawned or something
The Shadow: ((my cat is on the other side of my room messing with wires))
Barchar: "...Sorry, then." she said, moving out of their way
Smol Asriel: he's just holding his hands together in his lap, looking down
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I'm not gonna hurt you again, though. Okay? I love you just as much as anyone here."
Barchar: gives her a look of 'bitch please'
Smol Asriel: ((Yo chime does mv follow you
Chara_Dreemurr: -She takes one of his hands, and looks directly into his eyes.-
Smol Asriel: "..."
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: "I promise."
Smol Asriel: ((Do ya?
Vaati: ((on tumblr? yes
Smol Asriel: ((Welp
Gaster: ((On what, tumblr? Yeah
Vaati: ((why
Gaster: ((did i do a bad on accident
Smol Asriel: ((You forgot to tag some shit you reblogged
Gaster: ((oh whoops i'll go fix it
Smol Asriel: ((The lego batman one
Vaati: ((oh, thanks for catching it
Gaster: ((thanks slarv
The Shadow: finally opens the regular door and enters the bar, after all the hesitation
Vaati: ...Hello.
Smol Asriel: ((r2 has given me a fucking warning light whenever I so much as hear the word now
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Vaati: ((i just imagine you on a segway with a flashing light in your head
Chara_Dreemurr: -She hasn't let go, and is tearing up a bit.-
Smol Asriel: he closes his eyes for a second, then looks at her
The Shadow: ...
Smol Asriel: he looks.. almost a bit angry
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks up at the Shadow, softly smiling.[/color]
Smol Asriel: "I don't trust you.. ok"
Vaati: You need not fear.
The Shadow: twitches... then actually stops this time.
Chara_Dreemurr: -He grip gets slightly tighter, as the tears forming start to fall.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -She nods lightly, understanding.-
Gaster: ((I just got rid of the post
Vaati: ((well thats one solution
Smol Asriel: ((i just spotted it on my dash then saw who posted it and was like wut
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Smol Asriel: he pulls his hand away gently, and wheels away
: ((Ugh. I'm 2.5 hours into an overnight shift when I normally work 2nd shift. Someone please kill me.))
Gaster: ((i think it's because so many people are talking about the edgy joker movie on my dash i got desensitized to the title
The Shadow: ...h-hello...
Smol Asriel: ((I feel like a dick but it's fun to have smazzy actually have a spine for once
Chara_Dreemurr: -She goes to a corner of the couch, and kinda just... Huddles up to herself.-
Smol Asriel: he sits at the opposite end
Vaati: notices this.
Vaati: Excuse me.
Smol Asriel: lifting himself out of the wheelchair and sitting down
Gaster: turns his head away from what smazzy's up to.
Smol Asriel: is sitting on the couch with his head down, his legs hanging limply off as they do
Chara_Dreemurr: -She lacks the want to talk to anyone else right now, so unless she was talked to, she most likely won't start anything.-
Smol Asriel: ((Gonna get a shower then play best girl
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: FootNote floats to land back on Smazzy's lap.
The Shadow: is standing right in front of the regular. door.. not doing anything.
Vaati: warps to Chara. "Do not feel excessively discouraged. What had occured was understandable, if disheartening. Simply do your best to remedy the situation as much as possible.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel orders another drink, starting to feel the effects of the last one.[/color]
Vaati: That is all I am able to say to now right.
Gaster: decides to see how the Shadow's doing. "How are you feeling?"
Vaati: ...To you right now.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Y'know Vaati, I thought this would be easier after that. I can't even fix things with him, I won't be able to fix things with... Anyone."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Fanta doesn't trust me, Smazzy doesn't trust me, at some point Jeska won't trust me, jäger doesn't trust meZl
The Shadow: not... good.
Vaati: Nothing is easy without effort, and even with effort, not everything is possible.
: Me."*
Gaster: "Do you want some space?"
The Shadow: i don't know.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She covers up with a blanket, and puts to hood on her hoodie on.-
Vaati: You must rebuild trust. However, know that I trust in you. You are at the least doing your best to be a better person.
Gaster: "Okay, well. I think it's a good idea for you to figure out what you want, if that makes sense."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She nods, weakly, but affirmatively.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "Thanks for understanding."
Vaati: I am within a similar situation.
Vaati: Attempting to better myself after horrific deeds.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She nods.-
Vaati: It is easier when those you have wronged are no more than dust or bones.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She nods.-
The Shadow: i... *the shadow starts to twitch* so many memories. i don't know who or what i am anymore. *the shadow looks at their hands*
Vaati: However, if the princesses I knew were alive, it would be sensible to apologize, then to treat the hurt party with care and kindness, though not excessively.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She nods.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yeah..."
Vaati: Accept punishment if given. But do not give up.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Okay..."
Vaati: You cannot become a good person without effort.
Chara_Dreemurr: "I get it, I get it..."
Vaati: I thank you for understanding.
Vaati: Now, do you require dysentery, or would you rather I stay?
Gaster: ((DYSENTERY?
The Shadow: ((oregon trail?
Chara_Dreemurr: "um..."
Vaati: ((this is the trouble of learning a new language
Chara_Dreemurr: -Jk-
Gaster: ((does he know that's like
Chara_Dreemurr: -What did he mean to say?-
Vaati: ((he does. he mixed the word up with distance
Vaati: ...
Gaster: ((super diarrhea
Gaster: ((why did that
Gaster: ((send late
Barchar: ""
Vaati: ((i mixed up asshole and pig in spanish
Gaster: "Vaati, that word doesn't mean what you think it does."
Vaati: ((culo is not cuerpo
Vaati: ...
Barchar: "Dysentery is a terrible disease."
The Shadow: puts their hands down. still twitching somewhat
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Dysentry."
Vaati: Oh fuck.
Chara_Dreemurr: -That sparks a little chuckle.-
Gaster: "It's. Uh."
Vaati: I... meant distance.
Chara_Dreemurr: "I would not like Dysentery, thank you very much."
Chara_Dreemurr: "And nah, I'll be fine."
Vaati: I know what it is.
Gaster: Oh, okay.
Vaati: 's face is blue. Hell, his nose began bleeding due to the rush.
Vaati: stands up.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Didn't know I was that cute."
Chara_Dreemurr: -Said jokingly.-
Vaati: I am so sorr-what?
Chara_Dreemurr: -She chuckles a bit.-
Vaati: I am embarassed by myself, not you.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Nothing nothing."
Chara_Dreemurr: "I know."
Gaster: "Oh my god."
The Shadow: ...
Gaster: gets Vaati a napkin.
Vaati: I am not attracted to women.
Vaati: ....
Vaati: Why are y---
Gaster: "For your nose."
Vaati: feels the blood on his chin and imediately presses it to his face.
Chara_Dreemurr: "It was a joke. Cause you had a nose bleed."
Vaati: Oh.
Vaati: I have had that occur with women never
The Shadow: ((i'm rewatching joel's bob ross mario paint streams
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks up from her drink to look at the bleeding Vaati, worry on her face.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Are you okay? Is this normal?!"[/color]
Vaati: Yes.
Barchar: "Yeah, he's fine."
Chara_Dreemurr: "You guys are good friends."
Vaati: I had been injured very recently and although healed majorly, there had still been weakness in the area.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Thank you."
Vaati: Thank you.
The Shadow: has stopped twitching
Barchar: (I seriously like how you he Mario paint drawings actually looked pretty fucking good)
Gaster: "It's good to see you're okay, Vaati."
Barchar: (because Bob Ross is magic)
The Shadow: ((bob ross is magic
The Shadow: ((and also
Vaati: My accident had caused an embarassed rush to my face, rupturing it.
The Shadow: ((you sure about that bob? x1000
Vaati: Thank you for your concern but it is unneeded. I am fine.
Vaati: throws out the blue napkin.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel shakes her head while smiling, going back to sipping her drink.[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: -She sighs, snuggling into her blanket.-
Gaster: chuckles as he orders a nice brandy. And then a bit of flame spills out of his mouth and lights it on fire.
Vaati: ...Congrations.
Vaati: has no idea he missed two syllables.
Chara_Dreemurr: "I need a drink."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Gaster: kind of... hands the flaming drink to Grillby.
Barchar: (Vaati: "Congraturation" )
Smol Asriel: did someone say dysentery?
The Shadow: slowly goes over to the inficouch. completely done twitching
Vaati: ((slarv you missed vaatis english fuckup of the day
Gaster: "I forgot I can't drink anything flammable."
Smol Asriel: ((Kek
Gaster: ((gaster: damn now i have to give up chugging gasoline
Smol Asriel: well the difference between fanta and smazzy is fanta's willing to get along but smazzy straight up hates you
Chara_Dreemurr: -Fiddle sticks.-
The Shadow: sits on the inficouch... looking at their hands again afterwards
Chara_Dreemurr: -Gosh darn it.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -Shoot.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -Son of a bee sting.-
Barchar: you should have switched to biosis for thwt message slarv
Smol Asriel: i have no shortcuts
Barchar: get fucking shortcuts you pleb
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Smol Asriel: no u
Sherry Noble: ((its easier
The Shadow: ((i blame it on you sticking with that freakin blue
Schyroton: ((than switching
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's practically falling asleep there.-
Smol Asriel: ((This is the best color
Jessie: ((prepare for trouble
Glamor: [font=glamor]((constantly[/font]
Smol Asriel: stays on the couch, still huffy
: ((Then set all colors to that.-
: ))
James: ((make it double
Smol Asriel: but, mostly sad
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] is now Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami].
Barchar: I have shortcuts u fuck
Barchar: i
MK: can
: ((Even I have shortcuts.
Bondertale: switch
Telly: ((it would've been essential for this set of characters))
Fresh: at
: ((I have three characters made on this thing >.>
Muffet: a
Frism: moment's
Chibi: ((✓))
Chax: notice
: FootNote is one
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel is another[/color]
: The Tori Blaster is the third
Barchar: (also apparently fresh and Muffet have the same color. Hm. )
Gaster: ((muffet is a bit darker
Monaca: I have a few but I just don't care enough to make them
The Shadow: ((fresh and muffet
Shoe: Like this/
The Shadow: ((it's slightly different
Fabriel: And this, hey he died
Fellby: -if you want a darker purple he can deliver-
Asuka: hey she died too
Asuka: by ken m
Barchar: Well
Dimentio: ((did someone mention purple?))
Barchar: Fabby didn't die technically
Barchar: He just became smazzy
Aversa: ((ay
Shea: also dead, and wasn't even my character to begin with
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Vaati: ((ye
Hy: ((may i
Azzy: (({Only dead on the inside ;)}))
Sherry Noble: ((also join
Chrys: she will be purple,
Fresh: yeah purple
Toriel_Dreemurr: purpel
Muffet: obviously the best color
Morty: ((yeah
Barchar: (okay chrys and fresh are DEFINITELY the same color)
Fellby: ((suck my ass giygas
Chiaki Nanami: she finally enters the bar, looking worn out
Vaati: turns to her.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's basically fallen asleep.-
Vaati: Hello.
: ((Did you name your penis ness))
Fellby: (( let me get this straight
Fellby: ((you want me to suck your sans /s
: ((That's a shitty penis name))
Chiaki Nanami: ((Peness
Vaati: ((you found a straight?
Gaster: ((ah yes
Gaster: ((late night cau
Chiaki Nanami: looks at chara
Barchar: (cau after dark)
Chiaki Nanami: ((It's almost always dicks
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's half asleep, doesn't really notice.-
Barchar: (where we get even MORE weird)
The Shadow: put down their hands finally
Chiaki Nanami: ((Sometimes, infinite vaginas, but mostly dicks
Vaati: ((with noodles
Chiaki Nanami: ((And rpg items inside
Vaati: ((and a pocket dimension
Chiaki Nanami: she gently sits down next to her
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel finishes her drink and just smiles at Gaster.[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: -She wakes up, with the hoodie fully on, under an overly large blanket.-
Barchar: (can we move on from the infinite vagina)
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"So Gasty dear, how long are you stuck like that?"[/color]
: Vaati's connection timed out.
: ((Next time, on dragon Slarv Z: infinite penis))
Chiaki Nanami: ((I can make it happen
The Shadow: ...
Gaster: "What, the... dragon stuff? Who knows."
Chiaki Nanami: "Hiya.."
Gaster: "If I want it to end I have to track down this kid with a notebook. For some reason I wanna call him Finn, but I know that's not right."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Can I go steal a uniform from your school?"
Chiaki Nanami: ((Miyu fought onna with a used bad dragon dildo
Chara_Dreemurr: -She looks sad.-
Chiaki Nanami: "Is something wrong..?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "that doesn't answer my question..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "But yeah."
Chiaki Nanami: "Sorry you just.. looked sad"
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She scoots over to Chiaki.-
Vaati: Do you two require distance?
Barchar: "Maxwell."
Chiaki Nanami: she hugs chara
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Well, I know you're one of the ones that can do it if needed. Did he do it to hurt you?"[/color]
Barchar: "We were playing truth or dare."
Gaster: "No. I drank the potion on a dare."
Gaster: "Not... one of my brightest moments, to be fair."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She pulls the blanket over Chiaki, when she gets the Chance.-
Chiaki Nanami: ((It's the same rper
: ((Just don't poke up under that blanket
Vaati: ((chara no
Chiaki Nanami: snuggles up in the blanket
The Shadow: ... closes their eyes
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel giggles and says [/color][color=#000]"Is it fun to fly up in the air like that?"[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: [s]obligatory poking up under blanket joke here HURR HURR[/s]
Gaster: "Oh, it's extraordinary."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She snuggles back, holding her very close to herself.-
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel seems to be oddly giggly and happy, while her words are less precise."[/color]
Chiaki Nanami: "I'm sorry I'm so late"
Chara_Dreemurr: "No it's fine..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Text me if anything happens, though... I'll always come get you..."
Gaster: tilts his head. "Toriel, dear, I think you're drunk."
Vaati: warps to the couch, sitting down and crossing his legs. His heeled boots make a slight squeak as they overlap.
Chiaki Nanami: "Ok.."
Chiaki Nanami: "It's just.. today was hectic.."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"No! I only had two drinks. You think I get drunk that easily?"[/color]
Vaati: At least mildly intoxicated.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I can't... Let anything happen to you..."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel is totally a lightweight[/color]
Chara_Dreemurr: -Her grip gets increasingly tighter over some time.-
Chiaki Nanami: she stays snuggled back
Vaati: You are seemingly, as I have heard, light in weight?
The Shadow: ... *the shadow's eyes are still closed*
Gaster: "I mean... what kind of drinks? Heavy, light?"
Chiaki Nanami: "There were a lot of fights today.."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"I just think that you have always been so good to people around you, Gasty."[/color]
Chiaki Nanami: ((Since no more new danganronpa until friday I have to make up some inbetween stuff
Chiaki Nanami: ((Only two episodes left
Chiaki Nanami: ((She only has to survive two episodes...
Chara_Dreemurr: "Are you okay?"
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks at Vaati and tilts her head. She doesn't seem to be familiar with the phrase.[/color]
Vaati: ((<===TO BE CONTINUED==
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel is avoiding Gaster's question.[/color]
Vaati: ....You cannot handle more than mild intoxication.
Chiaki Nanami: nods, looks like she got into a fight though, not a major one but hiyoko probably punched her out, that bitch
Chara_Dreemurr: "I... I can't lose you..."
Gaster: "You're drunk, but you dodged that question like a champ."
Chiaki Nanami: "I'll be ok.. I'm not going anywhere.."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's now holdin into her her very close to herself, tearing up a bit.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "You don't know that..."
: Holding onto*
Chiaki Nanami: she holds back, tucking Chara's head into her shoulder
Barchar: "Those weren't exactly fire elementals, but they weren't light."
Chiaki Nanami: ((hey what if I revealed that this was the ai the whole time and you were all in the M A T R I X for 10 years
Chara_Dreemurr: "P-Please don't die..."
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Chara_Dreemurr: "You're one of the few people who I can have close..."
Chiaki Nanami: "I won't die.. I promise"
The Shadow: seems to have fallen asleep
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks back at Gaster, smiling and laying her head on the table. She says [/color][color=#000]"I learned a few things from being out of my cave. Though all the best things tend to happen here."[/color]
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She wraps her arms around Chiaki's back, nuzzling into her shoulder.-
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Gaster: "Oh, they definitely do. The place I live is peaceful, for all the odd characters living there."
Barchar: (I actually debated doing something like that as a joke slqrv)
Barchar: (I kinda wanted to play glados)
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Barchar: (and she'd be introduced by randomly dropping down and congratulating everybody on "completing the test" )
The Shadow: ((bob ross: happy little shadow right here))
Barchar: (it would have been a lie obviously, but still )
Chiaki Nanami: "Thank you.. Chara"
Vaati: ((do it, somehow. humanoid mobile glados
Chara_Dreemurr: -She just nods in her shoulder.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel sits up again, looking down. She shyly looks up and says [/color][color=#000]"Do you live here now? Did you have a room made?"[/color]
Barchar: (I actually kinda was thinking of using a humanoid glados)
Barchar: (like)
Barchar: (she somehow is in the bar as the big glados, but also has a humanoid form)
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Gaster: shakes his head. "I actually have a sort of... artificial timeline, I guess?"
Vaati: ((nice
Barchar: (I might still do it playing glados would be fun as hell)
Gaster: "It took a ton of time to get that stable but my god, was it worth it."
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Vaati: ((ye
Chara_Dreemurr: "You're so kind and cute..."
Vaati: ...It is good that you had done so.
Vaati: I may never have been freed without it.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel blushes and says [/color][color=#000]"I remember when you and MettaSEX would disappear into a temporary timelines to do.. upgrades/"[/color]
The Shadow: ((welp. with the shadow asleep on the couch. i'm probably going to go soon))
Gaster: "Heh, we do a lot more then that too."
Vaati: ((k, gn
Vaati: ...
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel bites her lip and looks away, blushing more.[/color]
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((probably gonna go after joel finishes this bob ross painting
Chiaki Nanami: isn't disagreeing, but she's not gonna say anything, just keep holding her
Vaati: That is never a name I had heard used to refer to him.
GLaDOS: testing Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System Representation Hue
Vaati: ((nice
Chara_Dreemurr: -She is calming down.-
Barchar: (what's that a comment on mv)
Vaati: ((the color
Barchar: (ah)
Barchar: (I'm also kinda proud of the term 'representation hue' )
Vaati: ((yeah, thats neat
Vaati: ((also i vwas watching wander over yonder and saw an interdimensional portal door
Barchar: (quit stealing our shit, ya dumb show)
Vaati: ((this was 2013
The Shadow: ((they stole it from the future
Gaster: ((i think the gaston timeline occasionally gets visitors
Gaster: ((just people passing on through
Vaati: ((this was like the third or fourth episode
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks back and Gaster and says [/color][color=#000]"Well, they are lucky to have you, Gasty~"[/color]
: ((Drunk/buzzed, missing her ex boyfriend and oh look there's someone here that is technically him >.>
Gaster: blushes. "Oh, and I'm lucky to have him..."
Vaati: smiles.
Barchar: does as well.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She stops herself before she gets a bit handsh around Chiaki, and just sits._
The Shadow: doesn't because they're asleep
Gaster: ((I mean, gaster's down as long as metta and schyro are okay
: Handsy*
Gaster: ((and, well, if he's oay too
Chiaki Nanami: ooooooh my
Chiaki Nanami: nope, you're staying in this snuggle, she's not gonna let you unsnug
: ((MsTori wouldn't know what to do. She misses her dapper WD, but is oh so lonely. Especially after being in exile and then finding someone that she cared about, and now having nothing again
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Comeon, your making me be weird..."
Chiaki Nanami: "Oh.. sorry...."
Chiaki Nanami: she now unsnugs
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I mean unless you're okay with that but..."
Vaati: ((schyro is fine with gaster satisfying himself so long as hes not contacted about it
Gaster: ((still he should let him know he's spending the night somewhere
Chiaki Nanami: "I just wanted you to feel better.."
Vaati: ((yeah
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks down at her empty drink and runs her fingers up and down the side of it.[/color]
Vaati: ((i mean about the soecifics
Gaster: shakes out his wings a little.
Vaati: falls asleep on the couch.
Vaati: ((gn all
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yeah, but I was staring to... Feel you, more than I was before, I didn't want to do that... Especially without permission..."
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Gaster: ((gn
: ((nini
: ((So Chara and Chiaki are snuggled under a blanket and 'feeling things' too
: (( :p
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Chiaki Nanami: ((It's a totally not romantic at all just friends definitely not interested platonic not at all romantic friendship
Barchar: (that definitely will not turn into chiaki being Chara's side poon in like a day)
Gaster: sighs and rests his elbow on the counter, propping his chin up a little.
The Shadow: ((i'm gonna go now
: ((Have a good night
Gaster: ((Alright, gn ce
The Shadow: ((gn
Gaster: "I really wish I could drink right now."
: The Shadow [The Shadow] disconnected.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks up and giggles.[/color]
Barchar: "I could probably trick your brain into firing off the right chemicals to put you in a state at least roughly equivalent to being drunk!" she helpfully provided.
Gaster: "Nah, that's fine.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Well, guess you would have to find a way to get out of that form into your se- normal form."[/color]
Gaster: "If I'm drunk I can't tell stupid jokes - huh?"
Gaster: is pretty much himself, just with wings and random patches of scales here and there.
Barchar: "Uh...c
Barchar: "His inability to drink is about being a skeleton, not part dragon."
Gaster: "No, I can drink. I tend to accidentally breathe fire, Chara."
: Smolapeño [Smolster] disconnected.
Barchar: "Ohh. Right."
Barchar: "Sorry. Trying to block out that stupid fucking music has taken a fair bit out of my brainpower for other areas."
Gaster: "Mmmh."
Barchar: (slarv didn't immediately copy/paste the chorus to brain power. I don't know if I'm disappointed or proud)
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Chiaki Nanami: ((I've never heard brain power
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] is now The Voice [The Voice].
The Voice: the being that was once known as the jukebox has been playing careless whisper x billie jean for hours
: ((O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA))
Gaster: ((thanks ms tori
Gaster: "... Say, where did the general keep his armies?"
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel tilts her head.[/color]
Gaster: "In his sleevies!"
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Where did he, Gasty?"[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel giggles and covers her mouth, her eyes lighting up.[/color]
Gaster: ((brb for a moment
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Gaster: ((Alright, back
: ((Meanwhile, I guess I'm watching))
Gaster: "What's brown and sticky?"
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel giggles and puts her elbows on the table to lean on her hands.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"What's that?"[/color]
Gaster: "A stick!"
Barchar: "BOOOO! C
: ((Oh god that fucking sticky stick))
: ((In one arc we had to buy a fucking jump button to get over it))
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel laughs and looks at Gaster with sparkling eyes.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"I love puns, even if others may think you just drag on."[/color]
Gaster: grins, and chuckles a little.
Gaster: -He then adjusts his glasses a little.-
The Voice: ((You spent 300 G getting over a stick
Barchar: (what was past the stock)
: ((Must have been a pretty stick.
: ((The basement))
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Barchar: (what was in the basement)
: ((There was a furry convention under there))
: ((One furry used a dragon dildo and gave it to Miyu, a ten year old, as a weapon))
The Voice: ((They made me completely wing a dungeon
: ((Don't blame me))
: ((Blame Krichevskoy
: ((Damn you, Laharl!
Gaster: "You know, when I first got my glases, my daughter was telling me something."
The Voice: ((There was a furry convention, the best item in the game, and azalea's dad
: ((Slarv
: ((It's the worst item
Gaster: " I stared her right in the eyes and said 'I see.'"
: ((If we get teleported to the final boss we're screwed in a handbasket.
Barchar: (was it one of the ones that were actual...appendages?)
: ((I don't know))
: ((Maybe))
The Voice: ((The shovel
The Voice: ((The best item in isaac
: ((Sage: Hey Relic want a shovel Relic:
Barchar: ("I can bash somebody's brains in vhiz zhis! )
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel giggles and laughs before simply smiling and looking down.[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"I should probably go home before I say or do something stupid."[/color]
Gaster: "Maybe you should."
Barchar: "Bye, toriel. Come back soon. O-or don't, I can't control your life."
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel looks Gaster in the eyes and walks over to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.[/color]
: The Voice [The Voice] is now Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami].
Gaster: blinks in surprise. "Uh, thanks?"
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel says [/color][color=#000]"Keep being sweet, and take care of yours."[/color]
: [color=#b747f7]Ms. Toriel walks out, waving to the blanket pile and BarChara.[/color]
: ((Ugh. Only a few hours into work and I want to just stab something
Chiaki Nanami: is in getting-feeled-up limbo
: ((And literally nothing has happened. Just the fact of being here
Gaster: checks the time. "... I should get home."
Chiaki Nanami: ((Tech support right?
Gaster: "See you guys." He heads on home.
Barchar: "Alright. See you soon, guardian."
: ((Some jobs are just.. really boring.
: ((Tech support
: ((Ah
Chiaki Nanami: "Goodbye Gaster.."
: ((I could do equipment testing, but I'm covering this shift and just in a bad mood :(
: ((I hope you feel better!
Gaster: ((Im doing fit up for a store and theres these fucking tables
: ((I'm doing, uh..))
: ((Nothing))
Gaster: (( i swear mc escher designed them
: ((I'm horrible at life
Gaster: (( we cannot put them together
Chiaki Nanami: ((Just spriting rn
: ((Slarv, are you spriting things for your game
: ((Or just random stuff
Gaster: (( speaking of work im gonna be at work until 8 tomorrow
: ((8:00 AM or PM?
Gaster: ((Pm
Chiaki Nanami: ((Spriting bosses
: ((Ah
: ((That sucks
Chiaki Nanami: ((I like to have a sprite for each boss I throw at you
: ((Also gotcha
Gaster: ((I start at noon
: ((High noon?
Chiaki Nanami: ((Working on the endgame's neutral boss now
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Gaster: ((I should sleep now so
Gaster: ((Gn
: ((Goodie nightie
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
: ((Slarv are we doing better than you expected ending wise?
: Ms. Toriel [] disconnected.
Chiaki Nanami: ((Soooorta?
: ((Fuck
: ((We're dead
: ((Well not really but
: ((Still
: ((I don't really care about what ending we get buT MIYU NEEDS TO FUCKING STAY ALIVE
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: What the fuck what the fuck what do i do
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
: Or grab a fucking weapon
Chiaki Nanami: I keep hearing shit from down there every few nights and i just heard someone cough and bang some fucking metal
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: I'm gonna get a fuckin gun and look
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
Barchar: Why does slarv never get cops when we tell him to
: It's probably a fuckin homeless guy in his house
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: I couldn't find anything but that place is big
Barchar: Dial 911, contact your local law enforcement
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
: What if Blazefire is in his basement
: Or...
: O-or..
: Greg.
Barchar: He drove his van into slarv's heart
Barchar: And by that I mean his basement
: The crystal gems live in Slarv's basement
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
: What happened
: Did you call the cops
Chiaki Nanami: Nothing. I'm gonna see if I can put the nighttime camera we have down there
: Do it
Chiaki Nanami: There isn't enough to call the cops on yet, some noises, I'm pretty fuckin scared and convinced otherwise but it could be nothing
: Keep one eye open while you're sleepin'
Chiaki Nanami: Right now I'm just.. I can't sleep
Chiaki Nanami: I have a weapon
: Lock the fucking door
: Get in your bedroom
Chiaki Nanami: The basement doesn't connect to the rest of the house anyway
Chiaki Nanami: So.. I think/hope I'm safe, everything's locked and I'm closing up my bedroom now
: Go to sleep now
: You'll be fine
: Imagine that it's fucking Blazefire down there
: And Greg too
Barchar: Gregfire
Barchar: Their horrifying genetically cloned lovechild
Chiaki Nanami: The best scenario is i'm losing my mind
Chiaki Nanami: Worst is im being stalked
Chiaki Nanami: I'm gonna stay up and listen for a bit
Chiaki Nanami: And also calm down
: I'm going to bed
: Stay safe
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
Chiaki Nanami: K
Barchar: Don't get murdered in your sleep
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
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: DamnDude's connection timed out.
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.
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: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
: ((Hello))
Jeska or Jekon: (morning
Jeska or Jekon: ((back to work tmw for me
: ((That sucks))
Jeska or Jekon: (yep
Jeska or Jekon: ((which means I got to go to bed
: ((Okay, gn))
Jeska or Jekon: (night
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] disconnected.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
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: Syphon [Syphon] joined chat.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Syphon: ((woah this is the most empty i've ever seen cau be
DamnDude: (( Ive been working on the calculus ))
DamnDude: (( Its boring as hell~Oh Ive been working on the calculus ))
Syphon: ((oh shit is slarv okay
DamnDude: (( Probably, that happened last night ))
Syphon: ((hope so
DamnDude: (( Limited Calculus available please give more limits ))
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( Oh hey slar ))
Syphon: ((hi slarv
Chiaki Nanami: ((Heya
Chiaki Nanami: ((Checked again, but in the day this time
DamnDude: (( "I killed the stalker I found" ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((Nothing more, except a water bottle I was told was there from when the house was built
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( Huh ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((Some really really old soda cans too, which indicate someone [i]was[/i] there a few years ago or so
: ((Huh))
: ((You alright though?"
Syphon: ((huh
Chiaki Nanami: ((I'm fine
Syphon: ((that's good
: ((Okay, hats good))
: ((Thats*
: Hats are good too tho
Syphon: (([s]that's*[/s]
Chiaki Nanami: fell asleep in getting-feeled-up limbo
Syphon: ((oh
Chara_Dreemurr: -She isn't asleep any longer.-
DamnDude: (( I have good news bte ))
Syphon: ((yes?
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
: ((What's funny is I didn't put the apostrophe because I was lazy))
DamnDude: (( I might be home earlier than expected, i was originally not supposed to be back till tuesday, then my realized there was an issue we had to fix on monday, now i might be home tonight depending when my aunt and uncle leave ))
Syphon: ((ah
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: ((Goooooooood
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Chiaki Nanami: ((Meanwhile in the lisa fangame community
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
Syphon: ((hi frisky
: ((but they disconnected))
DamnDude: (( Which fangame died today ))
Syphon: ((rip
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: ((LISA the Beautiful
Chiaki Nanami: ((I actually knew the dev of that one
DamnDude: (( How is the one you were working on going ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((Dunno, haven't had any assignments in a bit
DamnDude: (( Alright ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((OH GOD
Syphon: ((?
DamnDude: (( Oh god? ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((
Syphon: ((okay?
DamnDude: (( Someone get me the perfect gif or quote for this situation pronto ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((The bad meme is spreading
Syphon: ((oh it's a meme
Syphon: ((i don't get it
Chiaki Nanami: ((It's
Chiaki Nanami: ((The
Chiaki Nanami: ((Nutshack
Syphon: ((fuck
DamnDude: (( Fuck ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((The nutshack is actually becoming a meme
Syphon: ((siiva's done it again
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Chiaki Nanami: ((Tito dick, dickman baby, he hates phil and loves the ladies
DamnDude: (( I blame you slar ))
Chiaki Nanami: ((Oh boy the next episode is simply titled 420
: ((Oh boy))
Syphon: ((oh boy
Chiaki Nanami: slowly awakens
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Morning."
DamnDude: (( Inb4 slar gets more people to watch nutshack and they end up restarting the series ))
Chiaki Nanami: "Morning.."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's still under the blanket with her, but is not really touching her.-
Chiaki Nanami: "..Huh?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "...?"
Chiaki Nanami: "Is something wrong..?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Sorry about last night."
Chiaki Nanami: "Why?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "I was being weird."
Chiaki Nanami: ((The plot of the episode is all the weed is gone
Syphon: ((rip
Chiaki Nanami: "No you weren't..
DamnDude: (( There is fuckibg comic sans om this worksheet ))
DamnDude: (( Its one word, randomly on the sheet in comic sans ))
Syphon: ((huh
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Really? Don't have to lie, y'know."
Chiaki Nanami: "..."
Syphon: enters the bar, looking beat up. "Fucking tired of...oh, it's empty, of course."
Chiaki Nanami: ((Oh my god
Syphon: ((?
Chiaki Nanami: ((Oh my fucking god the animators are in this episode
Syphon: ((well of course, 50% of shows do that for some reason
Chiaki Nanami: ((Nutshack dev
Barchar: (do they kill them)
Syphon: ((
Chiaki Nanami: ((I hope so
Chiaki Nanami: (("You are gonna tell me everything I want to know, because I am Bob Saget, I starred in full house and I am out of my fucking mind"~ Bob Saget, episode 7
Chiaki Nanami: ((10/10 writing
Chiaki Nanami: "You weren't.."
Chiaki Nanami: you said chara stopped before she got feelsy, not after
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She knows.-
Chiaki Nanami: she gets a bit closer under the blanket
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She doesn't mind.-
Chiaki Nanami: "Did I do something..?"
: リサフランク420 [] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Nonono, I just thought I shouldn't have been thinking of that."
Chiaki Nanami: "..."
Chiaki Nanami: she tilts her head a bit
Chara_Dreemurr: "Sorry."
Chiaki Nanami: "Don't be sorry"
Chiaki Nanami: ((ok so phil just started randomly jerking off bob saget as a 'joke'
: (( Y tho
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Syphon: ((hi bloo
: (( yo
: ((
Chiaki Nanami: ((
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
: ((I'm going to be doing stuff today so
Syphon: ((alright
: ((I'll be gone for a few hours
: ((Seeya
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
Syphon: ((bye frisky
Chiaki Nanami: "I um.."
Syphon: (( so many memes
Chiaki Nanami: "It wouldn't be.. too weird... I guess"
: (( Contextless screenshot 28
Chara_Dreemurr: "...It wouldn't?"
Chiaki Nanami: (("Fools! I grew a second heart, just so I could maintain my erection!"~ Bob Saget, Episode 7
Barchar: (The person who created that show is either mentally damaged or a fucking mastermind troll)
Chiaki Nanami: she blushes, and she sort of look down a bit, a half-smile on her face
Barchar: (like this whole shit sounds like one big trollfic of itself)
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Well that's... That helps me feel better."
Chiaki Nanami: "I don't think so.."
Chiaki Nanami: ((Chara proceeds to grab that ass
Chiaki Nanami: ((TIL Phil's last name is Matibags
Chiaki Nanami: ((Fucking
Chiaki Nanami: ((There's a fucking random jab at a celebrity every 2 seconds
Barchar: (which one is phil)
Chiaki Nanami: (("I need this weed like paris hilton needs a chastity belt"
Chiaki Nanami: ((The one with the got nutz shirt
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Okay."
Barchar: (the one with that fucking...walk)
Chiaki Nanami: ((Yes
Chiaki Nanami: ((Episode 7 was the first episode without cherry in it so far, thank fuck
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: she re-snugs to chara
Chara_Dreemurr: -She snuggles back.-
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Chiaki Nanami: ((GHOST
Chiaki Nanami: ((RIDIN
Chiaki Nanami: ((M'DICK
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Am I allowed to, or? I'm never gonna do anything without permission..."
Chiaki Nanami: ".."
Chiaki Nanami: blushes a bit more, "Um.. if you want"
Syphon: ((~
Barchar: [s]"JUST FUCK ALREADY"[/s]
Tropo: [s]"Where's the fuckin action here"[/s]
: (( i just realized
: (( There's a scanner in my storage closet
Chiaki Nanami: ((Horat proceeds to say that he can't understand someone
Chiaki Nanami: ((If you've ever heard horat you know how stupid that is
Syphon: (( not sure if metal
Chiaki Nanami: (("I want the chicks Horat! I wanna be cool! I wanna be black!"~ Jack, Episode 8
Chara_Dreemurr: -She kinda just runs her hands up her back, and pushes her close to herself.-
Chiaki Nanami: SCANDALOUS
: o_shit
Syphon: sits on the couch, alone and beaten up.
Chiaki Nanami: she accepts this, she doesn't do the same but she accepts it, still blushing a fuckton
Chiaki Nanami: ((By the way tei
: The Shadow [The Shadow] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: ((Tri
Syphon: ((hello
Chiaki Nanami: ((You missed Miyu pulling the master sword
Syphon: ((oh wow
The Shadow: ((hai))
Chara_Dreemurr: "Thank you..."
Syphon: ((hi ce
: (( hi CE ))
Chiaki Nanami: "Um.. you're welcome.."
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((hai DD
: (( Ah the days when 1080p was the shit
DamnDude: (( I need to take a shower but im afraid of the water here. ))
The Shadow: ((rip
Syphon: ((rip
Chiaki Nanami: ((In this episode phil teaches jack how to do [i]the walk[/i]
The Shadow: has been on the couch. it seems to have been asleep this whole time.
Syphon: notices, but doesn't wake them up, because they're asleep and he's tired and beaten up.
: (( 'softtaton' sounds like a bad idea in retrospect
Chara_Dreemurr: -She snuggles more than before, attempting at lying down.-
Chiaki Nanami: lets her, cuz she does also
Chiaki Nanami: "I don't um.. have any school today, so I'm staying here"
Barchar: (wait seriously slarv)
Syphon: ((welp
Barchar: (you have to send a gif of the double walk if it happens)
: リサフランク420 [] is now リサフランク420 [blank].
blank: not this color what why this color no not this color
Chiaki Nanami: ((I dunno how to make gifs of kisscartoon
Barchar: (that's like the one aspect of this show that I've found enjoyment in from your descriptions)
blank: ă̙̖̱̘͂ͣb̷̗̖̆ͥ͂ͅͅḁ͛̈́̑̅͂͐͒n̶̮͙̪̘͓̪͉ͯ͗̇d̵͖̒̅͐ö͙̳̱̙͚͓̌͗̋ͤͅn͎̱͊̉ͪ͒́ͯm̭̞̝̦̻̦̖̽̏̓̅e̦͈̻̗̋ͯ̍̊̃nͧ̔̆͒͜t̼̱͙̓
Chara_Dreemurr: "Awesome..."
Chiaki Nanami: ((The walk is one of the staples of it
Barchar: (everything else from it has given me absolutely no amusement)
Barchar: (but the walk)
Barchar: (that shit is good)
Chiaki Nanami: ((Goddamn it's only happened partially, and from side to side
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
blank: there's barely any people in the bar
blank: and that is perfect
blank: blank will go absolutely unnoticed
Barchar: is it now
Syphon: - did blank enter tho -
Barchar: [i]will he now[/i]
blank: [i]he does now[/i]
Chiaki Nanami: is too busy fucking to notice just kidding she's never gonna get any action
Syphon: Hey.
The Shadow: ((i don't even know what blank is
Syphon: ((yeah
blank: [url=]he just sort of looks like a zalgo meme person[/url]
Barchar: "Heya."
Syphon: Uh, wow.
The Shadow: ((zalgobama
blank: (( "You're uh, bleeding, from your, uh....face."
blank: "...Oh, jeez. I must have made a horrible mistake."
blank: "..I...I hope you can forgive me."
Syphon: Maybe. I'll be honest though, you look fucking savage.
Chiaki Nanami: "Do you wanna play something.. or just stay here..?"
Syphon: About what?
Barchar: i assume that he sounds like somebody would if they were talking with zalgo text
Chara_Dreemurr: "we can play something."
blank: you could say blank sounds very
The Shadow: ((zalgo
blank: zalgo, yes
Barchar: "Oh, jesus, how much do you smoke?" she said, recoiling a bit.
blank: Wait no actually
blank: like the voice of a normal boy
Syphon: If you mean forgive you about your looks, sure, as long as you don't fucking kill anyone.
Barchar: well then fine
Barchar: ruin my dang joke
blank: but ever so slightly distorted and very muffled
blank: yes I will ruin your joke
blank: blank does not know a single fucking joke
Barchar: dick
blank: :'(
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Syphon: (( ;(
blank: "Kill people?"
blank: (( ultima's sad wink
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Barchar: did not make a comment about it because bloo fuckin ruined it like the fuccboi he is
Syphon: Not necessarily, just...anything.
blank: "[i]Kill people?[/i]"
blank: >he
Barchar: they
Syphon: Sure.
Syphon: (("I have a level 69 jigglypuff"
blank: y u dO DIS
Syphon: (("good for you"
Barchar: because it's the internet default and I don't think about it very much
: リサフランク420 [blank] is now Removing the pleasure from jokes since 2000 [blank].
Syphon: Actually, people works better, I don't give a shit if you kill a bug or rabbit or whatever.
Barchar: "Those are the words that came out of his mouth."
blank: "We seem to be terribly misunderstood because of our looks."
Chiaki Nanami: she stays snugged, but manages to get out the laptop and start up a a game with chara
blank: "We don't kill people."
Syphon: Which means you don't kill? Cool.
Barchar: "Well, you do look like a shitty creepypasta."
Chiaki Nanami: ((>Myspace referecnes
Barchar: "And you are referring to yourself with plural pronouns."
Syphon: ...Oh, yeah. Why?
Syphon: And why can't people here use pronouns correctly, if at all? Fuck.
blank: "We have no reason to doing so."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She plays with Chiaki.-
Syphon: Then don't.
blank: "Sorry, [i]I[/i] have no reason to do so."
Barchar: "That is not the correct use of the word 'doing'.
Syphon: That's better.
blank: (( this is a moment where some people would just shout 'fuck off'
Barchar: "That said, I also don't care that much."
Syphon: Anyway, what's up and who are you?
Chiaki Nanami: she's still a god, despite still having a slight blush and being sleepy still
blank: "What's up?"
blank: "Well, nothing much, really."
blank: "Who am I?"
blank: "Well, nothing much, really."
Syphon: ...
Syphon: I swear to godcat, I'm not gonna ask a fucking question again if it's gonna be nothing.
Syphon: I'm Syphon.
blank: "...If you want my name, my name is Necular."
Syphon: Yes, that's what I meant.
: Removing the pleasure from jokes since 2000 [blank] is now Removing the pleasure from jokes since 2000 [Necular].
The Shadow: ((oh, so this is what you did with necular
Necular: (( yeah
The Shadow: ((no longer galaxy eyes tachyon dragon
Necular: (( i gave him the looks of a shitty meme
Necular: (( galaxy eyes tachyon dragon may be used for something else I guess
Necular: (( I feel like Necular would rustle /r/undertale RP's jimmies
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's smiling.-
Chiaki Nanami: she is too, she leans her head on Chara's shoulder while they play vidya
Necular: (( The ultimate jimmy-rustling character for shitty RP communities
Necular: (( is obviously not Necular
Necular: "Well, there's your answer."
Syphon: Thanks.
Syphon: plays with a piece of ice.
Necular: plays with the concept of death and oblivion
Necular: /s
: Removing the pleasure from jokes since 2000 [Necular] is now Necular [Necular].
Barchar: plays with severe mental issues
Necular: Necular plays with death. But not oblivion.
Necular: Because that shit is fucked.
Chara_Dreemurr: "So, how's the plan of stealing a uniform?"
Chiaki Nanami: "Um.. it could work"
Syphon: CAN play with oblivion, though he doesn't use it often, because it destroys planets, so.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Alright."
Chiaki Nanami: "If the guard catches you though..
Chara_Dreemurr: "I'll run."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Won't shoot me, right?"
Chiaki Nanami: "No, he's the Super Duper High School Level Boxer"
Chara_Dreemurr: "I'll run then."
Necular: "You know..."
Chiaki Nanami: "Don't get hurt"
Necular: "I feel as if there are other places of my interest."
Syphon: Okay.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Alright."
Necular: Necular gets up, and leaves.
Syphon: Bye.
Necular: time4eventuallyintroducingtotheundertalesubredditrp
Chara_Dreemurr: "Might do that now, since there are no students. You know any people who are close to my size?"
Chiaki Nanami: how tall is crab?
Chara_Dreemurr: -Averagely tall? I haven't decided, actually.-
: Necular [Necular] is now \/ /\ [].
Chiaki Nanami: "Well... if you don't mind using a boy's uniform there's one who never shows up.."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Would that be a tell for the security guard?"
Chiaki Nanami: chara is chara, ambiguous as fuck unless bread added some 'assets'
Chara_Dreemurr: -Nah Dood she has tits.-
Chiaki Nanami: oh bby
Chara_Dreemurr: -They aren't flat, but aren't huge.-
Chiaki Nanami: "You could just take the top, and find a skirt somewhere.."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Cool. Got any masks?"
Chiaki Nanami: "Um..... no?"
Chiaki Nanami: "Why?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I'm
Chara_Dreemurr: "...I'm breaking and entering."
Chara_Dreemurr: "And they'll know my face."
Chiaki Nanami: "I don't"
Chara_Dreemurr: -She shrugs, and just finds some bandage or something, covering her face with them.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "I'll be back."
Chara_Dreemurr: -And she goes to break into the murder school.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -...She doesn't really thing this will work well.-
: Think*
Syphon: plays with ice again, thinking about the sleeping shadow.
The Shadow: finally opens their glowing red eyes. waking up.
Syphon: Oh, hey.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] is now Designated Murder School [].
The Shadow: ...hi.
: There's a window open..
Syphon: Are you evil or no? Because I'm not dealing with that shit right now.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She combs through, making little noise. Wel trying to make little noise.-
The Shadow: twitches a bit "n-no? i don't... mostly not?"
Syphon: Good enough. I'm Syphon.
: The school looks as it would, except closed. She reaches a hall with some lockers
Chara_Dreemurr: -She looks for the uniform Chiaki was talking about.-
The Shadow: ...
Syphon: ...
: You find a locker for Mitarai Ryuko and take the uniform, now to find a skirt
The Shadow: has stopped twitching
Syphon: What's up?
: (( The wrapper for this ice cream bar is fuckin gold
Chara_Dreemurr: -She just looks through some lockers for one.-
Syphon: ((woah i've never seen a wrapper made of gold /s
: (( It's fuckin gold-plated
: You find one in Sonia Nevermind's locker, then she hears someone walking down the hall
: (( But not made of gold
: (( jk it's a plastic wrapper painted gold
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
: (( luxurious af
Chara_Dreemurr: -She tries to make her escape.-
: Designated Murder School [] disconnected.
The Shadow: just dealing with... everything.
Syphon: Emotionally I assume?
: (( Y
: (( U
: (( NO
Syphon: ((yuno
: Designated Murder School [] joined chat.
: Designated Murder School [] joined chat.
: A female voice calls out
: (( ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Syphon: ((how is it already fucking 1:10
The Shadow: yes? er, maybe?
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Yeah?"
: (( High noon in 50 minutes for me
Chara_Dreemurr: -Fuck why did she respond,-
: (( Gonna get my vape ready brb
: A pink haired girl in skimpy clothes walks towards her
Syphon: From your confusion, it's probably emotional.
Syphon: As you can see, I'm not fine physically, but whatever.
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Hello?"
: Junko Enoshima: "What are [i]you[/i] doing here? School's closed today"
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Why are you here?"
Chara_Dreemurr: -Note, she's covered her face like a criminal. She takes the makeshift mask off, now.-
: "Business, of course!"
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Can I leave?"
: Yes she has the bears in her hair now too, if Chara was paying attention when Chiaki was playing DR2 that should set off many red flags
: "Welll.. you can, but what's the point of that?"
Chara_Dreemurr: -I mean. She wasn't really cause I don't know anything about DR2.-
: Rip
Chara_Dreemurr: "...You gonna try and kill me or something?"
: "Two girls.. alone... with nobody else"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Oh wait."
: "Heh.. what if I did?"
: I can't play Junko for shit
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Are you implying sex or something?"
: "Well sex, disembowelment, tooth removal, forcible gender re-assignment, any of the fun things we could do"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Okay, okay, if you're gonna force me to do one of those ill take sex."
Chara_Dreemurr: "But, if honestly would rather... Leave."
: "What are you feeling?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Uhh... Fear? Mixed with a little anger."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Hiw are ou?"
: How are you*
: "Aw dammit.."
Chara_Dreemurr: "What did you expect me to say?"
: "Do I need to spell it out for you?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Yeah."
: "D-E-S-P-A-I-R" god im so fucking bad at junko
Chara_Dreemurr: "Despair? Heh."
: *notes to never rp junko again*
: "Yupperooney"
Chara_Dreemurr: "I'm really not afraid."
: "Well, sucks to be you then"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Why?"
Syphon: ((>said they felt fear
Syphon: ((>not afraid
: "I don't have time for you"
: "Go on, get outta here"
Chara_Dreemurr: -She wasn't afraid in the first place.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "Not even gonna take me out for dinner?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Wow, some people."
: "Not with some filthy scrub who won't feel the despair"
Chara_Dreemurr: -She rolls her eyes, and starts walking away.-
: Junko walks away as well, in the opposite direction
: You have acquired one uniform
Chara_Dreemurr: -Woot.-
Chara_Dreemurr: -She heads back to the bar.-
: Now chara can be there in person when chiaki inevitably gets knifed
Chara_Dreemurr: "Okay I got it."
Chara_Dreemurr: -She puts the uniform on the couch.-
: Designated Murder School [] is now Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami].
Chiaki Nanami: "You did?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Met a weird pink haired lady who wouldn't fuck me cause I wasn't in despair, but other than that it went smooth."
Chiaki Nanami: "...?"
Chiaki Nanami: ((Oooooh
Chara_Dreemurr: "Little bears too."
Chiaki Nanami: ((There aren't 4 more episodes left thank god
Chiaki Nanami: "Bears..?"
Chiaki Nanami: never got to chapter 6 in DR2, so she doesn't know who Junko is
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yep."
Chiaki Nanami: she does, however, know what that bear was
Chiaki Nanami: she screws around on the laptop and opens up the game
Chiaki Nanami: "There bears..?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
Chiaki Nanami: ((Chiaki has 8 more episodes if she doesn't die
: Ant [Gerald] joined chat.
Gerald: (( Yo ))
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
Syphon: ((hello
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
Syphon: What exactly are you?
Chiaki Nanami: looks at the screen
Chiaki Nanami: "....."
: (( hi ant
: (( "CP 1009 Jolteon"
: (( is this weak af
Syphon: ((depends
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
The Shadow: twitches again "i-... i don't know anymore."
Syphon: ((but i guess averagely, yes
Chiaki Nanami: ((Gonna see meme squad today
Syphon: ...Okay. Did you have some big revelation or something that makes you doubt life
: (( I want to see that movie
Syphon: forgot a question mark
Gerald: (( I might see Finding Dory today. Like the child I am ))
Syphon: ((i don't like movies
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
The Shadow: ...
: (( my boosted board just rip'd
: (( F
Syphon: ((u
The Shadow: ((.
Syphon: ((Fu.
: (( oh, CE~
The Shadow: ((you stop that
Syphon: ((annoying people is only fun when relevan
Syphon: ((t
Syphon: ((same with memes
Syphon: ((remember that bloo
: (([br]Instinct[br]Instinc[br]Instin[br]Insti[br]Inst[br]Ins[br]In[br]I[br]Ir[br]Irr[br]Irre[br]Irrel[br]Irrele[br]Irrelev[br]Irreleva[br]Irrelevan[br]Irrelevant
Syphon: ((wow
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Ant [Gerald] is now All Hail [Team Instinct].
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Team Instinct: (( May the light of battery jesus shine down upon you ))
: (( are you seriouSLY AN INSTINCT SUPPORTER
: (( Y THO
Team Instinct: (( They're the underdogs ))
Syphon: ((o shit
Barchar: (instinct sucks)
Barchar: (valor ft)
: (( valormasterrace
Syphon: ((valor
Team Instinct: (( You would be valor... ))
Syphon: ((to be fair, instinct is the most tame team
The Shadow: ((#idon'tplaypokemongo
Syphon: ((>#
The Shadow: ((>>#
: (( >>~
Syphon: ((>bloo
The Shadow: ((no-one asked you
Team Instinct: (( I deleted the app a few days ago. It's too hot to leave the house. ))
: (( brb gonna google 'mewtwo x lucario'
The Shadow: ((..why?
Syphon: ((wowie
Syphon: ((brb living
: ((
: All Hail [Team Instinct] is now Ant [Ant].
: ((My friend))
: (( I'm going to google, uh, shit
The Shadow: no-one looks happy in that picture
: ((Who was boasting about being really good at programming))
: (( Yeah I'm gonna google 'shit'
: ((Called C sharp C hashtag))
: (( Y THO
: (( Y
: (( Y_THO
Ant: (( Fucking C hashtag. ))
Ant: (( "It's the language twitter uses" ))
: (( Does Bruno Mars is gay?
: (( [url=]/music plays[/url]
Ant: (( *ad plays ))
Ant: (( Does he tho? ))
Syphon: ((The rumor come out
: (( Does jet fuel melt steel beams?
: (( /music plays
Ant: (( Does steel beams is gay? ))
Syphon: ((C sharp being called C hashtag may be even more annoying for a musician
: (( Does gay is steel beams?
Ant: (( Tru. At least hashtags are sort of relevant to computers...sort of ))
: ((He was even boasting on how he could explain how Overwatch works, because of his David knowledge of programming))
Syphon: ((so it's okay to think rabbits are ears because rabbits have ears
Syphon: ((why does cereal keep fucking up this tooth
: ((Then he called C# C hashtag and everyone laughed at him))
Ant: (( The Rumor come out: Does George Bush is gay for steel beams. ))
: David?
: (( I fucking guarantee you Overwatch does not have a single fucking trace of C#
The Shadow: ((>trace
Ant: (( Yeah the only game that would use C# is something made in Unity ))
: (( >kek
Syphon: ((this fucking tooth
Ant: (( Even then there's probably not many ))
: (( >[url=]When somebody genuinely recommends UE4 with Blueprint[/url]
Barchar: (bruno mars was in inside gay)
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: (( I just can't fucking take this seriously
Ant: (( I don't even know what that is... ))
Syphon: ((i love that does bruno mars is gay is a meme now
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: (( "I'm going to explain Overwatch, it was totally built with C hashtag"
: ((Nah he didn't say that Overwatch was in C#))
Syphon: ((C# minor or major?
: ((But he lost any of our credibility towards him))
: ((Note I don't know a lick of programming myself))
Syphon: ((same
Ant: (( I know some stuff. Mostly in Java ))
Ant: (( I don't claim to know how overwatch was built tho. ))
Syphon: ((mfw metal song is really good but takes 1 minutes 20 seconds to actually become music
: \/ /\ [] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: The Shadow [The Shadow] disconnected.
Ant: (( does it start with silence or incoherent screaming? ))
Syphon: ((actually, it's a really calm pattern, a single note that lasts almost the whole measure, the note changes each measure, and it slowly builds up
Syphon: ((then it fades out, it builds up within a few seconds, and metal
Ant: (( Why are mobile games so desperate for my money? I don't have a single game on my phone. You'd think they'd know that with google selling my data and all. ))
Syphon: ((where the fuck did everyone go
Ant: (( rip ))
Syphon: ((rip
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((i'mma go play starbound
Ant: (( That game got more difficult. ))
Syphon: ((i can't progress in it so idk
Syphon: ((not storywise anyway
Ant: (( I can't find the floran villages ))
Syphon: ((they're on grassy planets
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Ant: (( The stupid mission said they prefer forest planets. I've been wasting my time and energy finding fucking forest planets for hours ))
Syphon: ((wait really? they're really common for me
Ant: (( I had like one. Really far away and I had to figure out how to build the air tank so I could mine fuel ))
Ant: (( And then there wasn't a village there ))
Syphon: ((well huh
Ant: (( There was another one but it wouldn't let me beam down ))
: The Shadow [The Shadow] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((hey tri. see if you can make a new character and progress the story with them))
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
Syphon: ((i know enough to be about 90% sure that wouldn't work
The Shadow: ((worth a shot isn't it?
Syphon: ((eh, i'm not that bothered by it
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
: ((hi
The Shadow: ((hai
: ((i am on the way back home
Syphon: ((hello
: ((what did i miss
Syphon: ((not much
: ((goodie good
: ((bye
: Frisky x) [] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: A Swood Grommet [Cowboy Kid] joined chat.
: A Swood Grommet's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((oh good, my floran is now slimy jason
Syphon: (("Oh, this single block of slime is blocking my way, let's just erase this..."
Syphon: ((and then i learned that slime is like loose silt
Barchar: (pff)
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
Syphon: ((and then i met the core of the earth
Syphon: ((rip me
The Shadow: ((>earth
Syphon: ((shit
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
: ((I'm back
Syphon: ((wb
: \/ /\ [] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((welcome back
: (( wb frisky
: (( So I decided to take my fixed bicycle for a ride
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: (( I brought my vape with me
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's still playing games with Chiaki if she hasn't stopped.-
: (( Oh boy did people give me thumbs up and "\/ /\" finger signs
The Shadow: ((i thought seven up tried to be mountain dew. but instead it's more like sprite))
: (( 7up is 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
Chiaki Nanami: yup, cuz imma watch meme squad
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
: \/ /\ [] is now AFK [].
: (( b4 i g0
Barchar: what's meme squad
: (( okbye~<3
Syphon: ((we could starbound with 4 people
Syphon: ((does anyone want to starbound tho?
The Shadow: ((eh
Syphon: ((fair enough
Barchar: (I'm trying to write)
The Shadow: ((i'm playing sa2
: A Swood Grommet [Cowboy Kid] joined chat.
: A Swood Grommet's connection timed out.
: (( i'm playing gta5
: A Swood Grommet [Cowboy Kid] joined chat.
: A Swood Grommet's connection timed out.
The Shadow: (("i bet he has one or two spaceships lying around somewhere"))
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
Chiaki Nanami: ((There's a line for this
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
: ((I wonder if Slarv is paranoid now
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: ((
DamnDude: (( Well i passed out again ))
DamnDude: (( You guys can not trust me on a comfortable bed to not pass out in the middle of the day ))
DamnDude: (( ...Even though i have issues sleeping at night to the point of needing medication ))
: ((Just grab some soda and splash it on your face when you get tired
: AFK [] is now "aspiring musician" [].
DamnDude: (( That sounds painful ))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((How is soda painful
DamnDude: (( Acid in the eyes ))
: ((
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: ((You think that's painful?
DamnDude: (( Moreso its going to burn when i can just drink pop and put cold water over my eyes ))
: ((Ech.
: ((Bio made that
Syphon: ((ffs
The Shadow: ((it does not get the CE seal of approval
: ((I could fucking draw something better than that
: (( Fucking hell
The Shadow: ((more for the design than anything.
: (( My aesthetic is better than that
Syphon: ((how do i use fucking shields
: ((With a pen
Syphon: ((also i have two pets
: (( His fucking handwriting
Syphon: ((and of course "and to snuggle~" is at the damn bottom
Syphon: ((or, in the page at all
Syphon: ((chakram was bad until i got two
Barchar: (I thought bio was good at drawing)
The Shadow: ((i know bio is hateable and all. but it's honestly about on par with me. but that's because i suck. and yeah, that "...and to snuggle~" is pretty terrible.
Barchar: (who drew the other sunny cause APPARENTLY IT WASN'T HIM)
Syphon: ((no you don't suck
The Shadow: ((you've never seen anything i've ever drawn
Syphon: ((oh, at drawing? idk that
Syphon: ((but as a perosn no
Syphon: ((person*
The Shadow: ((yeah, i wasn't referring to that
DamnDude: (( The and to snuggle completely ruins it for me ))
: (( i still wonder how old bio is
Syphon: ((well hopefully he's not a minor
: (( i have a feeling he is
Barchar: (certainly feels like it)
Syphon: ((at least he's gone i guess
Barchar: (he feels like a 15-year-old girl)
Syphon: ((ce, explain shields
Syphon: ((plese*
Syphon: ((please*
Barchar: (you hold whatever button is the shield)
: (( plese explin shelds?? ? ?
Syphon: ((oh okay
Barchar: (when an attack hits it, it loses health)
: (( what the fuck happened to blank banshee
Barchar: (if it loses too much health, it breaks, and it starts recharging after a half-second or so)
Syphon: ((ty
: (( when is blank banshee 2 hhhh
Syphon: ((i was confused because most things are click, i haven't seen anything that's a hold
: ((
Syphon: ((dammit why so many graphical glitches and occasional crashes
The Shadow: ((this whole time i thought tri's username was "trioduosolo" but it's just "triduosolo"
Syphon: ((yep
Syphon: ((gg
The Shadow: ((for some reason i feel compelled to read fan fiction... this is troubling...
Syphon: ((oh boy
Syphon: ((whatever you do, read good ones
Syphon: ((those exist
The Shadow: ((believe me i know there's good ones
The Shadow: ((or at least okay ones
The Shadow: ((like, with an ok plot, only a few misspellings, stuff like that
The Shadow: ((and without pointless self inserts
Barchar: (there are actual good ones too)
Barchar: (though in general aside from the well known ones you're not gonna be finding many hidden gems)
The Shadow: ((i know. it's just those are really rare
Barchar: (just hidden...uh...)
Barchar: (pennies)
Barchar: (maybe quarters)
The Shadow: ((like, "one by one". that one undertale fic was great
: "aspiring musician" [] is now Aesthethicc. 366 retweets 719 likes [].
Barchar: ([sub]I make one that I think is kinda alright but I also don't actually write it much and it's SU and I don't think you watch it CE?[/sub])
Syphon: ((mfw browsing reddit and tilde
: Aesthethicc. 366 retweets 719 likes [] is now A E S T H I C [].
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Barchar: (i like how the link almost says EPIC)
: ((
Syphon: ((lolrip
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: (( My phone number is
: (( 866-425-4709
Barchar: (867-5309?)
The Shadow: ((420-666-6969
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Barchar: (555-555-5555)
Syphon: ((666-666-6666
Barchar: (151-920-852093)
Barchar: (i probably shouldn't have broken it up like that, now you can't see that it spells 'aesthetic')
Syphon: ((insert meme
: (( My actual number is 650-933-5151
Syphon: ((sure
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Barchar: (my actual number is 8-5-18-5 3-15-13-5 4-1-20 2-15-9)
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Syphon: ((my actual number is meme
The Shadow: ((my actual number is 4
Syphon: ((2
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((no. it's just 4
Syphon: ((we were about to do a new we did it reddit tho
The Shadow: ((i don't care. i am number 4
Syphon: ((fine, i'm 3
: ((CE is four years old.
: ((CE is a minor.
: (( how cute~
: (( CE's been found out
: (( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Syphon: ((wowie
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((and you're 3 tri
Syphon: ((i am 3 forever
The Shadow: ((and you did boden
Syphon: ((i am ash ketchum, but 3
The Shadow: ((you're going to jail
: (( Somebody explain this
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((credit man
Syphon: ((i can't explain it
Barchar: (I'm 8518531513541202159 years old)
: ((*,*%7C1024:576&background-color=black
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Barchar: (which is probably like trillions of years older than the freaking universe but [i]WHATEVER[/I])
Syphon: ((wow
: ((I'm number 22
: ((Aka I am not a minor
: (( twisting the rules:
Syphon: ((i'm 20, me neither, get fucked
The Shadow: ((wait, in that case i was 20 off
Syphon: ((bloo is 5 though
: (( the farther away from 1 you are, the younger you are
Syphon: ((o no
: (( because you basically registered later
Syphon: ((but what's the starting number
The Shadow: ((then ant is a fetus
: (( ant is a fetus
Syphon: ((ant is giygas
: (( laharl is the oldest
: ((No.
: ((I did not register this late.
Barchar: (so i'm pretty old then)
Barchar: (Laharl is a wizened old man)
Barchar: (I'm like)
: (( by register I meant
Barchar: (a spry 30 year old)
Syphon: ((what is 20 then
: (( joined and having your unfortunate user ID slapped onto you
Barchar: (20 is 5 and a half)
: (( tri you are a 14-year-old
: (( oh
Syphon: ((wut
: (( 14-year-old would be like
: (( 11
Barchar: (yeah)
Syphon: ((30 and 14 are 3 numbers apart
Syphon: ((k
The Shadow: ((i don't understand this system
Barchar: (14 is more like 15)
The Shadow: ("14 is more like 15"
DamnDude: (( About we say Laharl is 50 and ants a fetus ))
: (( if I'm 5
: (( what am I
Syphon: ((5
Barchar: (you're like)
: (( no, you are 5, tri
DamnDude: (( Then its simple math ))
Syphon: ((cri
Barchar: (late early 40s)
The Shadow: ((cri tri
Barchar: (ignore th elate)
Syphon: ((oh that's true dd
: (( criduosolo
Syphon: ((i'm 30 then
The Shadow: ((late early
: (( so I'm like
: (( 45
Syphon: ((yes
Syphon: ((ce is 26
DamnDude: (( 29, i subtracted one from each ))
: (( flame is
: (( 42
Barchar: (i said i was 30)
The Shadow: ((we are really dumb, you know that?
Syphon: ((flame is life confirmed
Syphon: ((yes
Barchar: (no fuck off with your 42 bullshit)
: (( Flame: "....Who am I kidding? I'm Life!"
Syphon: ((but i mean, this is ooc chat so
Syphon: ((i almost put thic
Syphon: ((bloo help
Barchar: (I'm not life)
: (( thicc asf
Barchar: (I'm a loser)
Syphon: ((noooooooooo
Syphon: ((we're all not losers
DamnDude: (( Either that or we can have an exponential function for age ))
The Shadow: ((of course flame isn't life. flame is the god of fire
Barchar: (Why are you all trying to make me cool)
: (( PC master race
: ((Because you're too hot
Syphon: ((why do we do a lot of things, flame
Syphon: ((why do we try to find how much of a furry i am
The Shadow: ((ok. we need to assign roles. bio is the false god. flame is the god of fire. what else?
Syphon: ((i am god of fucking [i]triangles[/i]
Syphon: ((if that's too specific, of geometry
Syphon: ((frisky is god of rainbows
: (( i'm the god of aesthetic
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
Syphon: ((yes
The Shadow: ((slarv is the god of light blue
Syphon: ((or goats
The Shadow: ((yeah, or goats
: A E S T H I C [] is now GOD OF A E S T H E T I C [].
: GOD OF A E S T H E T I C [] is now aesthetic god bloo [].
The Shadow: ((laharl is the god of...
: (( ink
Jeska or Jekon: (and I am a god killer
Syphon: ((luck
: (( destruction
Syphon: ((whether unlucky or lucky
The Shadow: ((so laharl is the god of mario party
: (( [s]yazan is the god of sex[/s]
The Shadow: ((/s
Syphon: ((wut
Syphon: ((ce what are you a god of
The Shadow: ((shrug.jpg
: (( tildes~
Syphon: ((graveyards
The Shadow: ((no. i am not the god of tildes
: (( y tho~?
Syphon: ((because bio is god of tildes
: (( i thought bio was the false god
The Shadow: ((false god of tildes ftfy
Syphon: ((there we go
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] disconnected.
The Shadow: ((i don't know what i'm the god of, nor what DD is thw god of
: (( MV is the god of trashcans
Syphon: ((or just of trash
Syphon: ((chime is just god
DamnDude: (( So uh, i think project M breaks doors in the subspace emissary ))
: (( FL Studio why
Barchar: (slarv is the god of goats)
Syphon: ((
Barchar: (Bread is the god of exes)
Syphon: ((or simply of love
: (( Swood is the shitlord
Syphon: ((swood is the god of dank
: (( Does Swood is dank lord?
Barchar: (swood is the god of yee haw)
Barchar: (Does Bruno Mars is god of gay)
Syphon: ((The rumor come out: Does Swood is dank?
The Shadow: ((let's see. who's left?
Syphon: ((oh good, pong porn, that's what i was looking for /s
: (( what is ant
The Shadow: ((ant is the god of ants
: (( fire ants
Syphon: ((just ants
The Shadow: ((no, that's if he fuses with flame
: (( Shit
: (( I think I just downloaded FL Studio in russian
The Shadow: (gg
Syphon: ((rly
Syphon: ((
Barchar: (oh are we steven ball z now)
Barchar: (do we fuse with each other)
Syphon: ((who is who's fusing partners
The Shadow: ((let's not talk about anything of the sort until we've assigned roles
The Shadow: (well, finished assigning roles
Syphon: ((we've finished that tho
Barchar: (who's frisky)
Syphon: ((except dd
The Shadow: ((ms. toriel is the god of creation
Syphon: ((god of rainbows
Syphon: ((...god of creation is just god tho
Barchar: (why rainbows)
Syphon: ((bc frisky said so
Barchar: (not in a pantheon)
Syphon: ((oh
The Shadow: ((well, then they're just god. because they made the sub
: (( YES
Syphon: ((who is chime then'
Barchar: (she can create, but can't affect much once she'd done so)
The Shadow: ((chime is... i dunno. we don't have one for, chime, DD, and me
: ((I'm the god of rainbows.))
Syphon: ((thank you for confirmation
The Shadow: ((oh, and time is the dark god of the void
Syphon: ((so time is the devil? :/
Syphon: ((just god of darkness would make sense
: Timeywim [Timeywim] joined chat.
Syphon: ((chime is god of management
Syphon: ((hi time
: (( ah fuck it's time
Timeywim: ((I am Satan, rainbows and darkness go well together.))
Syphon: ((rood
The Shadow: ((well, time comes when you call his name
Barchar: (time is darkrai)
Syphon: ((oh huh
Barchar: (i keep telling you all)
: ((wow okau
Syphon: ((so it's literally speak of the devil
: ((okay*
Syphon: ((huehueheuhueuheuheueeueuheuueeh
Syphon: ((
Timeywim: ((Why do you keep on suggesting I'm Darkrai?))
Timeywim: ((The main villain?))
Timeywim: ((The one in the shadows?))
Timeywim: ((The one who's always watching?))
: ((well you could be Darkrai irl
Syphon: ((well, main villain doesn't, though i suppose did, apply to you
Syphon: ((but the rest makes sense
Timeywim: ((Sure, but I'm Satan.))
Barchar: (Yeah I mean you basically have all his calling cards but nightmares)
Barchar: (and that's not necessarily something we can rule out)
Timeywim: ((I'm not Voldemort.))
Syphon: ((well, you sort of are
Timeywim: ((Well.))
Syphon: ((though not evil
Timeywim: ((Kinda.))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Barchar: (That's exactly what Voldemort would say)
Syphon: ((the concept but not the person
Timeywim: ((I always come when you say my name.))
: ((just like motherfucking darkrai
Syphon: ((as well as other things
Timeywim: ((And Voldemort.))
Timeywim: ((Really though. Do you think I could possibly fit the description of the head honcho? Someone who Frisky already has had a vision of him for weeks.))
Barchar: (no it's a joke)
Timeywim: ((Alright then, watch as I'm actually Darkrai. /S))
Syphon: ((
The Shadow: ((aaaanyway, off that topic and back to the previous one. me, DD, and... was there anyone else?
Syphon: ((nop
: Timeywim [Timeywim] disconnected.
Barchar: (uppercase S...[i]interesting[/i]...)
Syphon: ((uppercase S means "secretly not sarcasm"
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: ((You won't ever see Darkrai for a loooooong time
: ((But he will appear
Syphon: ((okay
: ((You pretty much already know he's the final boss
Syphon: ((yeah
The Shadow: ((unless it gets SURPRISE HIJACKED BY GANON
: (( I'm gonna go
: (( vape
Syphon: ((or it's actually dio
: (( bai
Syphon: ((bye bloo
: ((Nah it's Darkrai))
Syphon: ((inb4 mega darkrai is leaked and becomes final bos
Syphon: ((boss
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((i love reddit threads where they try to sing a song
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Syphon: ((because this just went from all-star to crawling
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: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
DamnDude: (( So the guh who made the arch rival remixes made one for pit/dark pit ))
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
The Shadow: ((and we never figured out what DD was the god of.
The Shadow: ((the end
Syphon: ((rip
The Shadow: ((or, waht i was the god of
Syphon: ((i suggested you to be the god of graveyards
The Shadow: ((anyway. we'll never think of that again.
Syphon: ((of course we won't, welcome to ooc
The Shadow: ((so. next topic of discussion
Syphon: ((hmm
Syphon: ((should i just look at a random askreddit page and ask that, that might be interesting
The Shadow: ((tri. i know you want your chao to be a light chao. but do you want it to specialize in: swim, fly, run, or power?
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((power or run, whichever
: ((Darkrai will have multiple stages in his fight
Syphon: ((oh good
: ((There will be no mega Darkrai
The Shadow: ((what your chao will specialize in will be determined by an rng
The Shadow: ((run
Syphon: ((oh no from what /s
Syphon: ((my speaker spooked me, it has an orange light on it and my bowl was right beside it, so it looked like my soup was glowing
The Shadow: ((glow soup
Syphon: ((radiation soup
The Shadow: ((guaranteed fresh rads!
The Shadow: ((bring out the Geiger counter
Syphon: ((?
Syphon: ((is that...gligar and gengar or something
The Shadow: ((no it... it's used to detect radiation level
Syphon: ((dammit
Syphon: ((i ruined everything, rip
Syphon: ((how did this cracker break into three simply by me touching it
The Shadow: ((because you're tri
Syphon: ((o shit it's real
Syphon: ((...strange
Syphon: ((i thought the ritz popcorn crackers made me sick because they were popcorn, but these crackers are making me a little bit sick too
Syphon: ((not unbearably like the ritz but still barely there
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: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
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: (( or it's just you making yourself sick
Syphon: ((?
Syphon: ((maybe true
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((just a sec cleaning keyboard
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( I am annoyed to all hell ))
DamnDude: (( You know, when you plan something with other people, you let the other people know, right? ))
Syphon: ((yeah, and i see where this is going
DamnDude: (( Well now im stuck in thia hell hole even longer because my mom didnt tell my aunt and they basically left within a minute of me hearing they left ))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((jfc
DamnDude: (( And because i didnt know they were leaving, i didnt have any of my shit packed up ))
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
DamnDude: (( And its a sunday evening, so i dont have anything to get anything like a simple fucking wii game to get me through the night ))
DamnDude: (( I have a non-updated project m and thats it ))
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Syphon: ((well that sucks
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((oh shit i managed to get to the hunting grounds
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
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: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((i hate grind rails
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: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: ((Hello DD and Yazan
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
Syphon: ((i died and it won't let me go back. fuck.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
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Jeska or Jekon: (hey bread
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
The Shadow: ((i hate grind rails
: Vaati's connection timed out.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((Back))
: ((Why do you hate grind rails))
: ((Lol who cares about your opinion))
Syphon: ((wowie
The Shadow: (ME
: ((Probably a lot of people who have the same opinion
Syphon: ((fucking dammit
Syphon: ((i got one shot
Syphon: ((and i failed
Syphon: ((mom's spaghetti
Chara_Dreemurr: -She's playin Vidya games with Chiaki, and wants to talk to Jeska.-
The Shadow: ((i hate final rush
Barchar: (so if I said that I thought that Smash Mouth was an unironically good band how much do you think I';d be made fun of)
: ((Well))
Syphon: ((hey, i have the worst opinions
: ((It's an unpopular opinion))
Syphon: ((all star is a good song
: ((But it's not like the band is so shit))
Barchar: (Like people just know them as 'The band what did All star, what a meme')
Barchar: (And while that's fair and it is definitely a meme)
Barchar: (I fel like people forget that the songs are actually pretty good)
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
: ((yeah, smash mouth isn't bad, tbh. All star isn't bad, just a meme))
The Shadow: (FINALLY
The Shadow: ((FINISHED IT
: ((Good job))
: Vaati's connection timed out.
: ((Do it again))
: ((Also I beat the entirety of Quantum Break today))
Jeska or Jekon: enters
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
The Shadow: is sitting on the couch
Syphon: ((i'mma shut off my computer for now
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Hey, Jeska?"
Syphon: is asleep on the couch.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Can I talk to you for a bit?"
Syphon: ((it's really hot
Jeska or Jekon: ((I remember whhen smash mouth started
Jeska or Jekon: sure
Syphon: ((i'll be back in a bit
: Syphon's connection timed out.
Chara_Dreemurr: -She gets up, and walks to a back room with Jeska.-
Jeska or Jekon: follows
Chara_Dreemurr: -She sits down, beckoning for Jeska to sit by her.-
Jeska or Jekon: So whats up?
Jeska or Jekon: sits
Chara_Dreemurr: -She lets out a big sigh.-
Jeska or Jekon: you wanting to break up?
Chara_Dreemurr: "Look... You're probably gonna hate me, want me dead, or something after telling you this..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "And that's quite the opposite."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Look, I've done very shitty things to people. You know that. I'm a manipulative sadist with a tendency to ruin lives, if I can't take them away."
Jeska or Jekon: is listening
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: "I... I hurt you... I hurt you a lot..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "Not physically, but I hurt you..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "...You remember Asriel, right?"
Jeska or Jekon: yeah
: Vaati's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jekon: wait stop
Jeska or Jekon: I don't want to know
Chara_Dreemurr: "..."
Chara_Dreemurr: "I... I really should tell you. I'm trying to come clean and confess with everyone, because it's my first step in becoming better, and starting to gain trust back..."
Jeska or Jekon: I know its just....better that I don't
Chara_Dreemurr: "I don't like lying to you... But alright..."
Jeska or Jekon: its not lying if I'm not asking for something
Jeska or Jekon: its omission
Chara_Dreemurr: "Lying, by omission."
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jekon: like I said, I don't want to know
Chara_Dreemurr: "...Just, if you hear it float around, know that I love you, okay?"
Chara_Dreemurr: "...And tell me whenever your ready for me to tell you..."
: You're*
Jeska or Jekon: Alright, thanks
Chara_Dreemurr: -Shw leans on Jeska, nuzzling in.-
Chara_Dreemurr: "Why's you assume I was breaking up with you?"
Jeska or Jekon: just the way you have been with Chiaki
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekon: she seems to be a better match for you than I
: Vaati's connection timed out.
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Chara_Dreemurr: "I mean, I'm not gonna say that she isn't adorable and that I wouldn't date her, but I enjoy being with you, and wouldn't just leave you for some other person."
Chara_Dreemurr: "How would you have reacted?"
Jeska or Jekon: I dunno
Jeska or Jekon: but I said that if you were to get back with AD, that I wouldn't stop you
Jeska or Jekon: I guess the same applies here
: Syphon [Syphon] joined chat.
Chara_Dreemurr: "Nah... Not getting back with AD."
: ((How does Jeska not know if she knows this Chara is AsrielD's Chara?))
: ((Because fish only remember things for like two seconds
Jeska or Jekon: ((theres a reason
: ((Actually, fish have a 5-month memory span))
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Jeska or Jekon: come on,lets play some video games
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
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Chiaki Nanami: she left for a sec i guess
Chiaki Nanami: ((Saw meme squad
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((Wait is meme squad the name for the movie that shall not be named?))
Chiaki Nanami: ((Yes
: Frisky x)'s connection timed out.
: ((How was it?))
The Shadow: ((i thought it was voldemort squad tho
Chiaki Nanami: ((Well
Chiaki Nanami: ((I thought half of it was fuckin bad and half was pretty good
Chiaki Nanami: ((And nothing inbetween
Chara_Dreemurr: -She walks out with Jeska.-
Chiaki Nanami: ((Hated every scene with joker, most of the enchantress stuff, and goddamn the movie was edgy when it took itself seriously
: aesthetic god bloo's connection timed out.
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
: ((Crawling))
: ((In))
: ((My))
: ((Skin))
: ((These))
: ((Wounds))
: ((They))
: ((Will))
: ((Not))
Vaati: ((Heal))
: ((Heal))
: ((NO MV WHY))
Syphon: ((hi mv
The Shadow: ((crawling
Vaati: ((:3€
: ((Also hi MV))
The Shadow: ((in
The Shadow: ((my
The Shadow: ((bagel
Vaati: ((hi
Chiaki Nanami: ((I felt like a hot topic ad was gonna pop up any second
: ((THESE bagels THEY WILL NOT toast))
Syphon: ((i'm on attempt #2 of the level that fails to load 98% of the time
Chiaki Nanami: ((I'm gonna work on my arc more, make fights more interesting and shit
Chiaki Nanami: ((Right about now's where the plot is gonna kick the fuck in
Jeska or Jekon: ((yeah I thought it was suppose to be funny like guardians on the galaxy
Chiaki Nanami: ((It tried to be funny
: Frisky x) [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((i was thinking of the chorus and i was really really confused for a sec
The Shadow: ((so, the steam version of sa2b is a combination of both versions. because there's a hidden big the cat in most levels
Syphon: ((then i realized it was the bridge
Syphon: ((wait, you listen to metallica
Jeska or Jekon: ((at this rate I don't think DC will catch up to Marvel movies
Vaati: ((yes
Chiaki Nanami: ((Oh hell no they won't but it was better than bvs
Syphon: ((osht i can ask a thing now
Vaati: ((my music taste is very varied
Vaati: ((yes
Jeska or Jekon: ((glad I'm not the only one who thought the joker wasn't that good
Syphon: ((is sanitarium's end lyrics r2
Vaati: ((i havent listened to sanitarium
Syphon: ((dam
Vaati: ((rip
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: aesthetic god bloo [] joined chat.
Vaati: ((my music taste can vary by day
Chiaki Nanami: went to go buy a new game or some shit
Syphon: ((i listen to metal, techno, and of course high quality rips
Syphon: ((and about 90% of vidya game music
Vaati: ((sometimes ill be listening to the beautiful people and immediately after ill listen to legs
: (( cutting in my cut
: (( these cuts they will not cut
Vaati: ((these scissors are dull
The Shadow: (("codenamed: the eclipse cannon" eclipse cannon is more of just a name, and not a codename
Syphon: ((too dull to castrate
Vaati: ((they cannot cut paper
Vaati: ((you had to bring up castration
Vaati: ((im laughing
Syphon: ((yay
Vaati: ((not bc of that itself but bc of the dumb shit i pulled
Chiaki Nanami: ((Next arc session is gonna be plot as fuck, I can finally start having characters talk to eachother and reveal le secretes
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((aw
Syphon: ((and oh
Vaati: ((its related
Vaati: ((oh
Chara_Dreemurr: -She gives Jeska a passionate kiss.-
Chiaki Nanami: is a waifu stealer
Jeska or Jekon: returns it
Jeska or Jekon: (brb in like 10-20
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: Chiaki Nanami's connection timed out.
: Vaati's connection timed out.
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: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] joined chat.
Syphon: ((oh fuck 336 is my lucky number
The Shadow: ((wouldn't your lucky number be 333
Syphon: ((3 + 3 = 6
Syphon: ((which means nothing
Syphon: ((actually, my lucky number would be 321
Chiaki Nanami: ((Oh yeah what about 393
Syphon: ((sure
Chiaki Nanami: ((Because 3 is the digital root of 3 and 9, with 9 being 3 x 3
: Vaati's connection timed out.
: (( This is mr. crawling in my crawl today
The Shadow: (("better luck next time, foxboy!" except, when doctor robotnik says "fox"...
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
Syphon: ((so i'm doing the hunt
Syphon: ((i haven't died yet, that's good
Syphon: ((but also
Syphon: (([i]where the fuck do i go[/i]
: Vaati's connection timed out.
: ((It's fucking easy
: ((Go the bottom path
Syphon: ((what
: Chiaki Nanami [Chiaki Nanami] disconnected.
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
: ((No there isn't
Syphon: ((yeah
: ((What room are you in
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((it's the place that's open to the sky
: Vaati's connection timed out.
: ((What
: ((I
: ((Fuck it
: Vaati [Vaati] joined chat.
: ((I'm going to join your game
Syphon: ((okay
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
: ((Don't move
Vaati: ((MY DARLING HAS MINISH CAP AND THEYRE PLAYING IT RN IM SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: ((NICE
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Syphon: ((great!
: ((Kcool
Vaati: ((my sweetheart is playing one of my favorite games im smiling
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Syphon: ((starbound is destroying my computer
Vaati: ((rip
Syphon: ((but it's such a good game, but it's such a bad computer ;-;
: Jeska or Jekon's connection timed out.