Emb: ((...i'll check the logs then
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do I look older?"
Fellby: Kind of, yeah.
Fellby: To be fair, you're like. Right on the edge.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm twenty."
Asriel_Dreemurr: -No he's not.-
Fellby: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: -He's seventeen, I'm a fucking idiot.-
Emb: ((...so i read that
Emb: ((and i still don't understand what happened
Emb: ((at all
Fellby: Lying about your age now, huh?
Asriel_Dreemurr: -MY GOD-
Frisk: ((he left))
Asriel_Dreemurr: -I said seventeen shhhh.-
Emb: ((i know that but i mean
Frisk: ((that's all you need to know))
Asriel_Dreemurr: -Power of retcon.-
Frisk: ((like))
Emb: ((alright i suppose
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm seventeen."
Frisk: ((yeah))
Fellby: Yeah, that's right on the edge.
DamnDude: (( Also, are you feeling better Frisky? ))
Frisk: ((a little bit.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's legal in some states."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And countries."
Fellby: Yeah, but I prefer to stay safe and go with 18.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yes."
Fellby: I mean, I could probably get away with you barbequing food on my chest, but whatever.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I that sounds unconventional."
: "That*
Fellby: Oh, it is, but people love it.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wouldn't you burn your clothes?"
Fellby: I take them off beforehand.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Well that's an issue."
Fellby: Oh come oh, I keep the pants on unless you ask.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "yeah, but would they burn?"
Fellby: I can make different parts of my body warmer and cooler.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh. I wasn't considering it by the way."
Fellby: I get it.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Because it's weird."
Fellby: Yeah, say what you want, but ...
Fellby: frowns. "It appeals to middle-aged women, mostly."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "But what?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Something wrong with that?"
Fellby: ... They tend to get weird.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well, prostitution is weird, hat do you expect."
Fellby: They're clinging to their last bits of youth, and you can tell.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I assume you get a lot of lonely older people."
Fellby: Yeah, I do.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "well, I wish you luck in your job."
Fanta: is still with gote
Fellby: smiles.
Fanta: "Need any food?"
Fanta: ((Laharl are u der
Hywel: "Souup."
Fanta: "What kinda soup"
Fellby: (("poop soup"
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk: ((wb
Hywel: "Chicken noodle."
Hellaton: ((hi
Fanta: "Ok"
Fanta: heads out to the main room
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy."
Hellaton: enters the bar.
Hellaton: ...Hhi.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy, Hellaton."
Fanta: (('What's the deal with you and dead bodies'
Fanta: ((AND HE SAID, 'Not important'
DamnDude: (( And nobody questioned it? ))
Fanta: ((WE'LL SEE
Fanta: ((ONLY ONE
Hellaton: sits at the bar counter.
Fellby: ((OOOOOH
Fellby: looks over at Hella. "Hey."
Hellaton: Hhi.
Hellaton: .....Whhhhy arare you still wearrring that vevest?
Fanta: (('I just wanted to know who died'
Fanta: ((FUCKING
Fanta: ((GOD
Fellby: ... I like it.
Hellaton: Aalriright.
Hellaton: Jjjjust askiking.
Fellby: I'll put on a shirt if you want.
Hellaton: Ththere's nothing wrrrong with it, jujust curioys.
Fanta: "Hey Asriel"
Fanta: orders chicken noodle soup
Fellby: Okay, cool.
Fanta: heads back to the bedroom, carrying the soup
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Hellaton: ....
Hywel: "Thank you."
Hywel: -He sits up, and eats soup.-
Fanta: ((Bio
Fanta: ((You've made it hellish for me to work this
Fanta: ((By having Shoe and Sunny both be the same as are here
: ((What))
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ((bio isn't here
Fanta: ((I know
Fanta: ((I just PMed him
Fellby: sits on the couch, crossing his legs.
Fanta: ((He's on discord
Fanta: ((OH MY FUCK
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She finally arrived, walking through the he anydoor. She has two suitcases.-
Hellaton: ...Um... hhi.
Emb: ((?
Emb: ((wot
Fellby: ((for what exactly
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Howdy!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Why do you-"
Hellaton: Hhhhhhhellolololollllo.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Were going on a vacation here."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Emb: ((wowie
Hellaton: ((what
Fellby: ((oh they're talking shit about someone
Hellaton: ((wow
Frisk: ((wow
Asriel_Dreemurr: -He just goes over and takes the bags, and goes the the room they now are needing to rent longer.-
DamnDude: (( Do I need all the moments from abridged of Gohan needing an adult? ))
: ((Why))
Hellaton: ((heh
Frisk_Dreemurr: -Ahe seems way to happy.-
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Hey everyone!"
DamnDude: (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kscG_gs2BOc ))
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Shoe has become a self insert
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She takes a seat.-
Fellby: Hey there, little lady.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Howdy!"
: Fanta [Fanta] is now King of Sorrow [King of Sorrow].
King of Sorrow: has been outside the bar this whole time
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: ....
Frisk_Dreemurr: "You look like a Grillby."
Hellaton: Um... hhi....
Fellby: That's 'cause I am.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Howdy... What's your name?"
King of Sorrow: enters and quietly goes over to the bar, sitting at a stool
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She turns, and says "Hello," but the hello gets less motivated halfway through. She then looks away.-
King of Sorrow: "Hi.."
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
King of Sorrow: he walks over to frisk
Fellby: has been looking at Frisk the entire time.
King of Sorrow: fellsk is real
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Howdy, you seem to... Radiate sadness. But that's okay! If you're okay with me not staring at you."
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Anyways, you are staring at me, Grillby."
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
King of Sorrow: "That's.. fine"
King of Sorrow: sits next to her
Hellaton: .....
King of Sorrow: "You seem nice.."
Hellaton: .....
Frisk_Dreemurr: "I am! I just... Don't like being sad. I hope you understand."
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She kinda keeps looking over at Fellby, seeing if he's still staring at her.-
Fellby: blinks. "Oh shit, sorry."
King of Sorrow: "It's fine if you don't look at me.."
Fellby: looks at Kos instead.
Fellby: ...
: King of Sorrow [King of Sorrow] disconnected.
Hellaton: ...
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Yeah, it's fine. And I bet your a nice person."
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
: King of Sorrow [King of Sorrow] joined chat.
Hellaton: Ssssssssosorry...
Frisk_Dreemurr: "...By the way, I'm taken."
Frisk_Dreemurr: -That was to Fellby.-
Fellby: puts two and two together.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fellby: ... You're Asriel's girl.
King of Sorrow: his effect seems to be less today, looking at him doesn't make you feel like everything sucks anymore
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
King of Sorrow: just, most things suck
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Mmhhmm."
King of Sorrow: today isn't as sad a day, so he's receiving less sorrow
King of Sorrow: "Sorry for.. staying here"
Hellaton: .....Iii'm sorry ababout... telling yyyyyyou to go... ththat was rude..........
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Anyways, no, don't say that. You're a good person."
Frisk_Dreemurr: -Does touching him cause sadness.-
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
King of Sorrow: like a fucking puppy died in your arms
Frisk_Dreemurr: -Well she gon hug the kos.-
King of Sorrow: "No.. I know I shouldn't be here.. sorry.."
King of Sorrow: oh
King of Sorrow: oh he'll hug back
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Noo..."
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
King of Sorrow: and that will feel like her entire life collapsed around her
King of Sorrow: ie, fucking shitty
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She hugs the Kos. And she hates the sadness, which makes her hug more, and want more hug.-
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Hellaton: Iiiit's not yoyour fault...
Hellaton: ....
King of Sorrow: hugs back
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She feels like shit, but she'll be happier after she's done.-
King of Sorrow: is happy to get a hug
Hellaton: ....
Hellaton: Iii'm sorry.................
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She unhugs, looking away.-
King of Sorrow: "Did I make you sad.."
Fellby: ... Uh...
King of Sorrow: is looking down
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She wipes at a couple years.-
King of Sorrow: FRISK IS NOW 23
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Yeah, but it making you happier is good."
King of Sorrow: "..."
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Did that make you happier?"
King of Sorrow: "Y-you're nice... y-yeah.."
King of Sorrow: "I'm sorry.."
Hellaton: .....
: ((Yay thanks neck for making me look at the floor all day))
Hellaton: Um..... A-aaaagagain, um... I'm sorry fofor being rude....
King of Sorrow: "It's ok.."
Fellby: ((so a gaster blog just reblogged a post i made
King of Sorrow: "You people don't deserve to be sad.. I'm sorry..."
Emb: ((...i just realized how truly bored i am
Fellby: ((I think "cool i'll check it out"
King of Sorrow: stands up
Hellaton: .....Iii'm usused to ittt.
Emb: ((i've sat here for like half an hour doing basically nothing except listening to music
King of Sorrow: ((RIP
Hellaton: ((rip
Emb: ((time to exist i guess
Hellaton: ((also ew sanster
King of Sorrow: walks out with his head down, muttering apologies
Emb: wakes up. "...Hello."
: King of Sorrow [King of Sorrow] disconnected.
Fellby: ((i fucking backed out faster than... i don't know
Hellaton: ....Hhi...
Hellaton: ((sonic
Emb: Everyone looks a bit down, what happened?
Fellby: ... Something bad.
Emb: Oh. Something I should know?
Hellaton: ((thats the wrong lyric
Emb: ((s
: ((something something AND WELL ESCAPE FROM THE CITY))
: ((I did the forget))
Hellaton: Iii'm alwaways a bit ddown
: King of Sorrow [King of Sorrow] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "He just... Can't control making others sad."
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Poor guy..."
Emb: ((if i leave unexpectedly it's because windows crashed
Emb: ...Oh, that's why. Alright.
Emb: ((s
Hellaton: ........
Hellaton: Um...... Ffffrfrisk? Um... I nenever, uh, said my nnnnname......... Iiiiititit's Hellaton...
King of Sorrow: a large burst of sadness hits the bar, and slowly fades as he walks away, he's crying now
King of Sorrow: enough to make hella notice
Emb: .......Ow.
Fellby: kind of... collapses.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: takes multiple deep breaths.
: Emb's connection timed out.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Emb [Emb] joined chat.
Emb: ((whoops internet went out for a split second
Hellaton: feels shittier than usual.
Hellaton: ...
Frisk_Dreemurr: "..."
Frisk_Dreemurr: -He smile temporarily fades.-
Fellby: honestly feels like taking a nap.
Hellaton: .....Iiiiiiiii'm sure ththis is my fafault somehowww...
Emb: What? No, you're fine.
Fellby: Nnnh... no.
Hellaton: .......Aaare you okayaaaay?
Hellaton: that was to fellby
Fellby: I'm tired.
Hellaton: ......
Hellaton: Oh...
Emb: ((mfw game i like references msg 1 2 and 4
Frisk_Dreemurr: "...Goodnight."
Emb: ((mfw my fav is msg 3
Fellby: I'm not goin' to bed!
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ((whoops it's mgs
Emb: ((not msg
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Well, you said you were tired..."
Fellby: L... listen... just 'cause I'm tired doesn't mean I'm goin' to bed.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "...Sorry."
Hellaton: .....
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
King of Sorrow: ((Emb is op
King of Sorrow: ((If laharl aint here in 4 minutes imma play talos principle
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Emb: ((she is? yay
Fellby: yawns, and a few embers fly off his head.
King of Sorrow: ((Emb has no type
King of Sorrow: ((She learns every type
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ((no typing doesn't seem amazing but learning every type does
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "...You sure you're not gonna go to sleep?"
King of Sorrow: ((She has two attacks
King of Sorrow: ((Maybe 3
King of Sorrow: ((But she can inflict every status effect
Emb: ((sweet
Emb: ((just wondering tho, why is she like this
King of Sorrow: ((Because i had no debuffer
Emb: ((oh okay
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ((emb is meant for debuffer, she is known as the growth wrecker so it makes sense
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Fellby: ...
Fellby: kind of falls asleep there.
King of Sorrow: ((Basically if you have her all alone in a fight you're fucked
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Frisk_Dreemurr: "...Goodnight."
Emb: ((as in me or the foe
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
King of Sorrow: ((You
Emb: ((ah okay
Hellaton: ......
Emb: ((sensible
Hellaton: picks him up and puts him on the couch.
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She looks at him.-
Emb: ((inb4 an event happens and she's temporarily split from party
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fellby: -He's sleeping. I don't know what else you expect.-
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Lucy [Lucy].
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Does he flirt with people often?"
Emb: G'night.
Hellaton: ...
Hellaton: Yyyes.
Emb: ...I haven't seen him much but from what I---okay
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]-I'm running out of characters to play lol-[/font]
Hellaton: sits back at the bar.
Hellaton: ...
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Did he flirt with my boyfriend?"
Hellaton: Iii... donon't knoww.
Lucy: warps in, going over her notes.
Emb: Hello.
Hellaton: Prrrobobably.
Hellaton: Oh, hhhi...
: King of Sorrow [King of Sorrow] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Frisk_Dreemurr: "Interesting."
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Hello, everyone.[/font]
Hywel: -He is now worse, like, actually needing medicine.-
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: Emb's connection timed out.
Fanta: "..."
Fanta: "Did that soup do.. bad?"
: Emb [Emb] joined chat.
Lucy: is kind of wondering what's going on with Eon but she's not going to pry in his personal stuff.
Hywel: "No... I'm just... I guess it wasn't that bad before..."
Hywel: "Eugh."
Emb: ((i have now reached 25 characters in my LoL notepad
Fanta: "We need to get you to a doctor"
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: ...
Emb: Who are you?
Hywel: "Ohhh, fuuuun."
Fanta: "You're not dying on me"
Frisk_Dreemurr: -She goes into the room Asriel did earlier.-
Fanta: is very clearly over-reacting about this
Emb: ((why is avast shit
Fanta: ((why are you shit
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Emb: ((fair enough
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Oh, me? I'm Lucida I. Gaster.[/font]
Eon: -He's realizing things and is realizing no, he doesn't love the anonymous person anymore and they get overly attached so horse divorce
Hywel: "Dying?"
Hywel: "Fanta, I have the flu."
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]-Gj eon-[/font]
Hywel: "I'm gonna be sick for a week, and it's gonna pass."
Eon: -Anonymous person is probably not a horse-
Emb: Nice to meet you. I'm Emb.
Hywel: "It just sucks."
Fanta: "Ok.. ok, sorry"
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]It's nice to meet you too.[/font]
Eon: -Actually, fuck it, he probably married a centaur-
Fanta: doesn't know illnesses
Hellaton: ....
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]-wowie-[/font]
Hellaton: Um... hhhi agagain...
Fanta: "Either way, there's probably someone who can help in the bar"
Emb: What brings you here?
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Just... relaxing.[/font]
Hywel: "Yeah. I mean, I do need some medicine, like, ibuprofen, and over the counter stuff."
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]And looking for someone.[/font]
Emb: Alright. Enjoy your stay.
Hellaton: ...Yyyeah...
Emb: picks up her notepad, then remembers that it's full. Well now she doesn't know what to do.
Hellaton: silently pulls out a spare notpad and gives it to Emb.
Fanta: "Tell me what you need, I'll get it"
Emb: Oh! Thanks.
Hywel: "...Advil, fever medicine. NyQuil."
Hellaton: Nnnnn prproblem...
Emb: turns to the first page and begins drawing.
Hywel: "You can get that stuff pretty much anywhere."
Hywel: "But a drug store would be the best place."
Fanta: nods
Fanta: "I-I will"
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: ((Is she gonna go to a illegal drug trade))
Fanta: is genuinely scared he's dying
Fanta: got the joy joy joy joy down in her heart
Hywel: "Fanta, I'm not gonna die."
Fanta: "Ok.."
Hywel: "Okay? Stay calm."
Fanta: "A-alright.. sorry.."
Hywel: "That's more for you, not me."
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Hywel: "I don't want you to be scared."
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Lucy: is humming to herself.
Fanta: "Sorry... I.. Yeah"
Fanta: "I'll go get that stuff"
Hywel: "Thanks."
: ((If Fanta goes to a drug dealer and asks for NyQuil))
Fanta: heads into the main room, waving to people
: ((I swear))
Emb: Hello.
Fanta: exits through the anydoor
Emb: Bye.
Fanta: is gonna go on a drug trip
Fanta: while I play vidya games
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Hellaton: ....Bbye...
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Lucy: is scribbling in her notebook.
Jeska or Jekon: wakes up
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: .....
Hellaton: .....
: hybrid theory [] joined chat.
Lucy: orders a cup of tea.
Hellaton: does the thing where he puts his head on the counter
Hellaton: ((hi
Emb: ((hello
: Smolapeño's connection timed out.
: hybrid theory [] disconnected.
DamnDude: (( ? ))
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
Lucy: ((... weird
: hybrid theory [] joined chat.
Hellaton: ((hi
: hybrid theory's connection timed out.
Lucy: sips her tea. "It got awfully quiet, huh?"
Emb: ...Yeah. It happens though.
Hellaton: Yyyeah.....
Emb: It can get extremely loud, and that's a lot worse.
Lucy: nods.
Fellby: -He wakes up. "Wha...?"
Emb: Hello.
Hellaton: ...Hhhi.
Fellby: Is anything going on?
Emb: Nope.
Hellaton: I, um, momoved you to the cccouch...
Fellby: "Oh, okay." He falls back asleep.
Emb: ((btw when was the last time flame was here? haven't seen him in a while
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Lucy: ((he was here earlier actually
Emb: ((oh cool
DamnDude: (( He was here a lot yesterday too ))
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: .....
Emb: ((ah okay
DamnDude: (( Not here when I'm here, and here when I'm not, just my luck :D ))
Emb: ((same
Emb: ((i wasn't here yesterday or earlier
Lucy: smiles. "It gets you tired, doesn't it, huh?"
Emb: Yeah, but it's fine.
Hellaton: Yyyeah...
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]It makes you sleepy...[/font]
Emb: ...
Emb: What are you on about?
Hellaton: has his head on the bar counter.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]When nothing's going on, nothing gets your mind going. Therefore, you want to fall asleep.[/font]
Emb: Yes, why do you point that out?
Lucy: shrugs. "Dunno."
Emb: ...Alright. Just sounded weird that you were really intent on getting that point out.
Hellaton: Orrrr you cocould daydream and imanagine things that willlll probably never happen.
Emb: ((i really really need to do...something, bc i'm bored out of my mind
Emb: ((but everything is against me
Hellaton: ....
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Do you want anything?[/font]
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Or, rather, want to do anything?[/font]
Emb: That'd be nice, yes.
Hellaton: Yyeah.
Lucy: realizes she doesn't have anything to do.
Hellaton: ....
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Ah... perhaps we could... talk.[/font]
: Smolapeño's connection timed out.
Emb: Sure. What about?
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Well, what do you want to talk about?[/font]
Hellaton: ....
Emb: ...I don't know honestly.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]...Burgers, perhaps?[/font]
Emb: Sure. They're tasty.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Do you want to know the worst one i've had?[/font]
Emb: Alright.
Hellaton: ....
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]They put too much lettuce, and not enough burger.[/font]
Emb: ...That doesn't sound too bad.
Hellaton: ....Iii'd lllelettuce it slllide.
Hellaton: Canned laughter
Emb: Heh.
Emb: ((playing a game, asks what my name is, game sets default name, game doesn't allow backspace
Emb: ((rip name freedom
Lucy: catches sight of Fellby. "Still sleeping, huh?"
Lucy: ((wow
Hellaton: ((rip
Hellaton: ....Yyeah.
Hellaton: I cacan relllate.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]...[/font]
Lucy: drapes a blanket over Fellby.
Fellby: -He doesn't even stir.-
Hellaton: ...
Emb: ...What's better, burgers or hot dogs?
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Burgers.[/font]
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]...[/font]
Lucy: sets her notebook on Fellby.
Emb: Alright.
Fellby: -He's still not waking up.-
Hellaton: Nneitither.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]...[/font]
Hellaton: I.... dddon't eat mumuch.
Lucy: sets a salt shaker on the notebook.
Emb: Ah.
Hellaton: ....
Emb: What are you doing?
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Look, I'm bored, alright.[/font]
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]-She sets a book on Fellby's chest.-[/font]
Emb: Okay.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Lucy: is now building a small tower on the sleeping fire man.
Emb: ((game turned out to be unfinished, 2 levels long
Emb: ((well that didn't last
Lucy: ((oops
Hellaton: ......
DamnDude: (( What game was it? ))
Emb: ((pokemon tower defense 3 because i'm bored af so flash games is the only option
Emb: ((idk any good flash games so i just looked at that and thought "okay"
Emb: ((so i'm playing 2 now, still missing that name freedom :|
Hellaton: ...
Emb: (("Funny name you got there!" well that hurts
Lucy: has now built a tower to the ceiling.
Emb: Impressive.
Hellaton: ...Nnnice.
Fellby: -He now wakes up.
Fellby: ....
Emb: Hello.
Emb: ((brb, someone's unexpectedly here
Hellaton: ........Hhah.
Fellby: ... Who the fuck.
Emb: ((k it's fine, some guy just brought eggs
Emb: I dunno, I wasn't paying attention.
Hellaton: .....
Lucy: is giggling.
Emb: ((what is the best starter for pokemon gold
Hellaton: ((totodile
Emb: ((thanks
Fellby: ...
Emb: ((and then they ran away. i guess that didn't matter then
Fellby: *He sits up, sending everything crashing to the ground*
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Rats.[/font]
Hellaton: Aw.
Emb: frowns and erases a mistake she made because of the noise.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Fellby: -He rubs his forehead. "Did that bowtie guy come back yet?"
Jeska or Jekon: wakes up
Emb: Bowtie guy? I don't think so
Emb: - with a period -
Hellaton: Nno.
Fellby: "Mmmh... I wonder if everything's okay."
Jeska or Jekon: looks at Acastus
Emb: Probably.
Hellaton: Yyeah...
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Acastus: -He's awake.-
Acastus: -He's petting a wolf he invited in.-
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]... So is there anything else to do?[/font]
Hellaton: Nnnot that Iii knknow of.
Emb: I don't think so.
Jeska or Jekon: hey
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]Aww...[/font]
Acastus: "Hey."
Emb: ((okay i might have broken the game
Jeska or Jekon: pets the wolf
Jeska or Jekon: how are you doing?
Emb: ((by leaving my rival while they were in trouble
Acastus: "Fine."
Hellaton: ....
Lucy: ((rip
Jeska or Jekon: hey about last night
Acastus: "Yeah?"
Jeska or Jekon: ....it wasn't your fault what happened
Acastus: "...okay."
Emb: ((i just started the game why the fuck was there an entai
Jeska or Jekon: and well if there is omething you want to talk about, don't feel like you can't
Hellaton: ((that was entaierly unexpected
Lucy: ((omg
Acastus: "...I don't know."
Jeska or Jekon: its alright....just know you can talk to me
Emb: ((wowie
Acastus: -He just keeps petting the wolf.-
Jeska or Jekon: feels really bad now
Jeska or Jekon: hugs him
Acastus: -He hugs back.-
Fellby: -He starts to smoke.-
Hellaton: ....
Fellby: Whoo, that really wakes me up.
Jeska or Jekon: are you okay?
Acastus: "Yeah..."
Jeska or Jekon: I feel really bad about this
Hellaton: sighs.
Acastus: "No, no, it's okay..."
Acastus: "I'm sorry, I'm mailing things worse now..."
Jeska or Jekon: no youre not
Acastus: "..."
Emb: ((read lugia as luigi
Acastus: "I'm sorry, you shouldn't have to feel bad."
Jeska or Jekon: You shouldn't either
Jeska or Jekon: picks Accy up
Lucy: ((nice of the princess to invite us on a picnic, eh lugia?
Jeska or Jekon: come on lets go to the bar, do something fun
Acastus: "...What?"
Jeska or Jekon: dunno
Jeska or Jekon: we'll find something
Jeska or Jekon: carries Accy to the bar
Acastus: "..."
Fellby: -He looks up. "Oh, hey."-
Emb: Hello.
Jeska or Jekon: Hey there
Hellaton: Hhi.
Jeska or Jekon: lies down no the couch with Accy
: Lucy [Lucy] is now Fellby [Fellby].
Fellby: -there's a bunch of shit on the floor-
Acastus: -He stays lied there.-
Jeska or Jekon: whats with the shit on the floor?
: ((Shit as I. Books))
: ((And that type of shit))
Emb: Things fell.
Lucy: [font=lucida bright]"I, ah. Stacked it on our firey friend over there. And then he sat up."[/font]
Hellaton: Yyyeah
Jeska or Jekon: huh
Acastus: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: so hows everyone doing
Fellby: I'md doing okay.
Emb: Decent.
Hellaton: Iiiii'm fifine.
: DDOOTDDFODDHTTDF [] joined chat.
: ((heya
Emb: ((hello
Hellaton: ((hi
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#ea9e48] [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RP8wbftEpKZ2N3dmFITnFjUFE/view?usp=sharing]Sunny[/url]: -trots in- Hey everyone~! I made friends![/color][/font]
Jeska or Jekon: Hey
Emb: Hi Sunny. Friends?
Acastus: -He hardly says anything.-
: ((aka I went to r/undertale discord ro
Emb: ((oh cool
Hellaton: ...
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#ea9e48] [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RP8wbftEpKZ2N3dmFITnFjUFE/view?usp=sharing]Sunny[/url]: Yeah~![/color][/font]
Emb: That's good.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#ea9e48] [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RP8wbftEpKZ2N3dmFITnFjUFE/view?usp=sharing]Sunny[/url]: And I got you another sketchbook on the way back, too~[/color][/font]
Emb: has a new notepad. She's drawn in like 20 pages in the last couple of hours of nothingness.
Emb: - oh -
Emb: - A for effort? -
Emb: ...Oh.
Hellaton: ....
Hellaton: Ssorry....
MC Mettaton: -walks in-
Emb: It's fine.
Emb: Hello.
: DDOOTDDFODDHTTDF's connection timed out.
MC Mettaton: I'm looking for some talent
Acastus: "...Shat will we do..."
Emb: Okay.
: What*
Fellby: looks up. "I'm talented."
Eon: -He enters.-
Jeska or Jekon: good
: Hellaton [Hellaton] is now Eon [Eon].
Eon: Hello.
Fellby: Oh, hey bud! What's up?
Jeska or Jekon: ((shit what do I do? bad play or serious?
Emb: ((rood
Eon: Well, realizing there really was no passion, I divorced them.
MC Mettaton: has anyone seen Lua, he is by far the best actor I have seen here
Fellby: Oh... that's pretty good.
Eon: Also I'm pretty sure they were using me.
Eon: .....No?
Emb: Lua? I don't know them.
Acastus: "Jeska...?"
Fellby: I can't say I've seen the guy around either.
Jeska or Jekon: Yes?
Acastus: "What do you want to do?"
Jeska or Jekon: Not sure really
Acastus: -He rests this head down.-
MC Mettaton: you, you, and you there -points at Acastus, Fellby and Emb-
Eon: ....
Fellby: nods. "Yeah?"
Emb: - oh fuck it's me again -
MC Mettaton: you're on the play
Acastus: "...What?"
Emb: Oh, really? Alright.
Acastus: -He seems nervous about that.-
Emb: won't fucking fail this time
Acastus: -He might.-
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
MC Mettaton: quickly make your way to the stage!
Jeska or Jekon: this might be fun
Acastus: "I don't... Even know what it's about..."
Emb: does so.
Eon: ...
Fellby: nods. "Right away, boss."
Fanta: ((Hi
Eon: warps out.
Emb: ((hello
Fanta: ((Did harlahl join?
Emb: ((nop
: Eon [Eon] is now Hellaton [Hellaton].
Acastus: -He gets up, headed to the stage I guess.-
DamnDude: (( Laharl's been afk all day ))
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] is now Master of Ceremonies Mettaton [MC Mettaton].
Fanta: ((Fuk
: ((HAVE I?))
: ((I literally just got back from))
Fanta: ((OH
Emb: ((o dam
: ((Y'know))
: ((Celebrating holidays))
DamnDude: (( You scared the shit outta me ))
Fanta: ((OH SHIT
: ((Like a normal person))
Emb: ((holidays?
Emb: ((oh it's not a holiday here
Emb: ((so i mean
Fellby: ((wow laharl's not a loser like us
Fanta: ((What holiday
Emb: ((unless july 2 is a holiday
: ((Weekend of fourth of July))
DamnDude: (( I don't celebrate the fourth until the fourth :P ))
Fellby: ((and besides i was helping my mom around the house today
MC Mettaton: so we have ourselves a silce of life
Hellaton: ((oh
MC Mettaton: slice*
Fanta: ((Oh ok
Emb: ((weekend of holiday
: ((Fam can't celebrate on fourth for personal issues))
Fellby: ... Um. Okay.
Acastus: "...A what?0
Emb: ((oh okay
: "*
MC Mettaton: you're the father *points at Fellby*
DamnDude: (( I'm also lying because I'm going to be out tomorrow celebrating. ))
Fellby: ((Fellby: call me daddy
MC Mettaton: youre the teenage rebellious son -to acastus
DamnDude: (( At the lake house, meaning I will be working and then celebrating ))
MC Mettaton: and you're the prodigy child -points at emb-
Hellaton: ((ill be out monday so
: ((Are we doing CaU in the house now?))
Acastus: "..."
Acastus: "I don't know how to do that."
: ((Caury in the house))
Emb: I can be a prodigy.
DamnDude: (( Also Laharl, I need to talk to you at one point. ))
MC Mettaton: just be moody and talk back
: ((Alright))
Acastus: "..."
MC Mettaton: also jealous of her -emb-
Emb: nods.
MC Mettaton: as fpr the father, you need to be a funny as possible
MC Mettaton: pull out as many dad jokes as you can
Fanta: ((Video night tomorrow
Fanta: ((Is gon b gud m80s
Fellby: Hm. Alright.
Emb: ((aw i can't be here tomorrow
Fellby: Do I get a costume?
Emb: ((i think?
Emb: ((idk
MC Mettaton: and you, try to be factual and correct everything
MC Mettaton: -emb-
Acastus: -He's your worst choice for this role.-
Emb: Alright.
Fanta: ((Anyway, when this play is over, if you peeps feel like it, you can finish Chapper 1
Acastus: -He doenst know how to be a son let alone a rebellious one.-
Emb: ((alright, i have 45 mins at least tho
MC Mettaton: yeah, just put on the basic cloths on the rack over there -points at the clothing
MC Mettaton: then get on stage
MC Mettaton: ((slarv how do I have no character name?
: ((I'm up for stuff until like))
: 3
Emb: takes the clothes and goes somewhere private to change.
Acastus: -He puts on his edgy teen clothing, in private, of course.-
Emb: ((wake me up
Jeska or Jekon: you need any advice Accy?
Fellby: puts on his dad vest.
Emb: ((wake me up inside
MC Mettaton: hmmm quite hot there daddy ~
Emb: returns.
Emb: Alright, are we all ready?
Fellby: ...
Acastus: -He nods a bit.-
Fellby: Hey bud, see me after the show, alright?
Acastus: -He doesn't know how to edgy teen.-
Emb: ...Good enough.
Fanta: ((No character name?
Jeska or Jekon: just ahh....hey what should he do?
MC Mettaton: yell at people and act like his problems are more important than anyone elses
Fellby: pulls out his standard fifties dad pipe and puts it in his mouth.
MC Mettaton: and that no one understands him
Acastus: "...Um... Okay..."
Fanta: hey guess who finally comes back with medicine
Fanta: and ice cream
Fanta: she walks into the bedroom
Jeska or Jekon: -hugs him,
Hywel: "Hi..."
Jeska or Jekon: good like
Emb: Now are we ready?
Hywel: -He looks sleepy.-
: yeah like this
Fellby: Yeah, I'm ready.
: but I cant set this to be my character
Acastus: -He lightly nods.
Emb: That's better. Let's go then.
: is a prompt
MC Mettaton: go go go!
Emb: gets on stage.
Fellby: heads out onto the stage.
Acastus: -He goes on stage I guess.-
Emb: ((legit nervous since i failed last time lol
Fanta: "Tired?"
Fanta: "I got the medicine"
MC Mettaton: oh yeah the setting is the father just returned from work, the teen is using drugs, and the prodigy is nervous about a test
Emb: nods.
Fellby: Well geez, thank you for that.
Acastus: "What?"
Fanta: "Sorry it took so long.."
Hywel: "It's alright..."
Fanta: had a bit of a breakdown on the way there, she's not gonna wanna talk about it much
: the currents begin to rise and doopie music is play as the lights fade in
Fanta: sits on the bed and hands him the medicine, putting the ice cream beside the bed
Fellby: clears his throat. "Kiiids, Daddy's home!"
Acastus: -He's... Doing drugs I guess.-
Fanta: "How are you feeling..?"
Emb: is sitting at a table, reading a paper intensely. She turns. "Hi, Dad."
: the crowd woos a bit
Acastus: -In his room.-
Fellby: "Hi sweetie, how's my little prodigy?"
Emb: A bit stressed. There's this test I have tomorrow. I'm sure I can do it, but... - She shows him the 15 page review packet. -
Emb: ...there's all this to be read.
Fellby: frowns. "Well... looks like you've got to put yourself... to the test."
: ((Oh god))
Emb: ((omf
: the crowd laughs
Emb: ((welp
Fellby: laughs at his own dumb joke.
Emb: laughs. "Thanks, Dad. That makes me feel a lot better."
Fellby: -He then pats Emb on the head. "I'm sure you can do it, though. I know you can. Say, where's your brother?"-
Emb: Thanks again. As for my brother...probably in his room. He said he was playing games but he hasn't come out in a while.
Fanta: ((Oh boy here we go again with the discord shenanigans
Fellby: Mmmh...
Fellby: I'll go check on him.
Emb: Alright. Bye, Dad. And thanks for the support.
Fellby: No problem, sweetie.
Acastus: -He's oblivious to all this, injecting a whole marijuana.-
: doopie music plays as fellby walks around
Emb: begins reading the papers again, doing some math and stuff.
Fellby: heads to Acastus's room.
Emb: ((lol
Fellby: ((doopie music
Fellby: ((i love that description'
Fellby: opens the door. "What the heck?"
Fanta: asked hywel a goddamn question
Acastus: -He drops the needle.-
Acastus: "D-Dad!"
: the crowd gasps
Fellby: Son!
Emb: ((dun dun dun
Acastus: "You said you weren't supposed to be home for another hour!"
Fellby: I... I got off early, I...
Hywel: "...Not fine..."
Emb: ((lel
: ((Anyways, i'm here if you need me))
Fanta: "Worse..?"
Fellby: sighs as he goes to sit down on the side of Acastus's bed.
Acastus: "...Dad, I wish you would just stop lying to me."
MC Mettaton: -holds up a sign that says PSA
Fellby: While you hide this from me? Son, you're hurting yourself!
Acastus: "No, I'm not!"
Acastus: "It make you feel good!"
Fellby: Yes you are! This is gonna screw with your head, and that's not okay.
: the crowds mutters yeah
Acastus: "Well, I don't care! All my friends were doing it, so I wanted to also."
Fanta: oh no
Acastus: "...You never heard me say that."
Fanta: hywel caught muteness
Fellby: Now, son, if they're encouraging you to hurt yourself, are they really your friends?
Emb: ((hywel fell asleep
Hywel: "...Yeah."
Acastus: "At least they care about me, Dad!"
Emb: ((so far so good
Acastus: "They understand me!"
MC Mettaton: 0 the crowd gasps
MC Mettaton: ((why?
Emb: ((why what
Fellby: Look son, I care about you too! Ever since your mom died I... I've been working hard to take care of you and your sister.
MC Mettaton: ((the command prompt didn't work
Emb: ((rip
Emb: ((parp pls
: the crowd gives out an awwwwwwwwww
Acastus: "Yet you praise HER every day, and I get left in the dust?"
: sad music is playing
Fellby: ... Son, I...
Acastus: "Why do you like her better than me?"
Emb: ((world's smallest violin playing
Acastus: "What did I do?"
Acastus: -You can see tears forming.-
: ((Fellby suddenly gets vietnam flashbacks))
Jeska or Jekon: -waves from the crowd-
Emb: ((lel
Fanta: "I'm sorry.. I got you medicine"
Acastus: -He doesn't wave back, for obvious reasons.-
Fanta: is starting to think it's not the flu, she's freaking out inside
Fellby: Well... it's... it's because she's trying! You're just sitting around being worthless like I was at your age!
Hywel: "Thank you..."
Acastus: "Worthless! I'm worthless, aren't I?"
Fanta: pulls them out
Fanta: "W-what do you need?"
Fellby: No, you're not!
Fellby: You've got so much going for you, but it's... it's not here, it's not in drugs...
Hywel: "...NyQuil, so I can sleep better."
MC Mettaton: -points at Emb and then to the room with Accy and Fellby in it
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Acastus: "...No, she has something going on, why don't you go cradle her more, like you've done my whole life."
Fanta: gives him some nyquil
Emb: enters the room. "Dad! Dad, I---...."
Fanta: "T-there you go.."
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Fellby: ... I just... Emb?
Fanta: looks even more scared
Acastus: -He seems to be holding tears back.-
Emb: ...W-what's going on? Did I come in at a bad time?
Fellby: Yes.
Emb: I was just gonna say I finally finished my review packet...
Hywel: -He pours the correct amount, and drinks it. His face scrunched up, and he asks for water.-
Emb: Oh...sorry.
Acastus: "..."
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ...Might I be able to help?
Acastus: "No, I don't need your help!"
Emb: . . . O-oh...a-alright. I...I'm sorry.
Fellby: glances between his "children."
Emb: - She begins to leave, looking crestfallen, looking down at the floor. -
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Acastus: -He is trembling, afraid and very angry.-
: the crowd gives out an awwwwwwwwww
: ((Candy, Candy, Candy-Candy-Candy))
: ((Sweety, Sweety, Sweety-love))
Fellby: A-anyway, Acastus...
Fellby: I... I look at you, and I see myself...
Fanta: gets him some water
Acastus: "And that's reason to just give up on me?"
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Acastus: "To just let me fall deeper and deeper into this life?"
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Fellby: I don't want to! But I hate how I was back then!
Fanta: ((Today I went to a movie shop's going out of business sale
Emb: ((my sister turned on sad music
Fanta: ((They had 'make us an offer' for most of the stuff
Emb: ((fkin
Acastus: "I knew it, you hate me!"
Fanta: ((I was luz_irl
Hellaton: ((nice
Fellby: I... I'm sorry...
Emb: ((nice
Fanta: ((I didn't get the adam west batman collection for 30 bucks, tho
Fanta: ((I'm a failure
Acastus: "If you hate me so much, why don't you just get rid of me? Just send me away?"
Fellby: sits down, rubbing at his eyes.
Acastus: -He's in tears now.-
: the crowd gasps
Fellby: I don't want to...
Hellaton: ((damn
Acastus: "Then WHY do you never try to help me?"
Emb: ((this is moving irl
Fellby: I... I don't now...
Fanta: ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vRlJrkxsqo
Fellby: I wish your mom was still arounnd.
Fanta: ((This music is killing the mood for me
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ((LOL
Acastus: "And keep helping her, the one with so much talent and knoledge?"
: sad music intensifies
Emb: ((read that as "i wish your mom was still aroused"
Acastus: "...I wish she was too."
Fellby: ((oh my god
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: ((Oh my god))
Fellby: ((that's the best the best the best the best
Acastus: "Because then at least I'd have one person who supports me..."
Fellby: ... Acastus, I...
Acastus: -He seems to be building rage, and and frustration.-
Acastus: "What?"
Fellby: I'm sorry.
Fanta: ((This is actually fuckin good
Hellaton: ((so a bishop walks straight up to the bar, and the bartender says,
Fanta: ((Acastus: "No you're not"
Acastus: "...Yeah, right..."
Fellby: ((eventually it starts sounding like "dump ass"
Acastus: "And I love you."
Acastus: -He storms out.-
Hellaton: ((”you can't do that, bishops can only go diagonally"
Fellby: I really wish I was a better father...
Fanta: ((DAMN
Fanta: ((ROASTED
: the crowd gasp loudly
Fellby: sits there, covering his face.
Hellaton: ((shit son
Emb: ((holy shit
Fellby: ((you just roasted the guy made of fire
Emb: ((this is just
Emb: ((damn
Acastus: -Like, out of the house, off stage.-
Emb: ((oh god
MC Mettaton: gives Acastus a thumbs up
Fanta: (({Oh fuck dawg}
Emb: ((LOL
Acastus: -He gives a weary thumbs up back, he feels terrible.-
Acastus: -He's gonna give the fire man a hug.-
Acastus: -After.-
: ((Wow I made myself sad goddamn))
Fanta: ((*Scribbles down notes for the similar scene in my arc*
Fellby: slowly wanders out to the main set.
Emb: - Fittingly sad piano music can be heard. ...Emb is practicing her piano somewhere else. -
Fellby: ... Emb...
: ((But at the same time, I FUKING am so happy I was able to make that up))
Fellby: gives his "daughter" a hug.
Emb: stops and turns. "...Hi Dad...is every---oh."
Emb: is caught by surprise, but after getting herself back together, she hugs back.
Fanta: ((AD I haven't felt that big a fucking oh shit moment since I watched Whiplash goddamn
Hellaton: ((that was beautiful
Fellby: I'm a good father, right?
: ((Welcome to the world of bullshitting on the fly))
Emb: ((it was beautiful
: ((I'm your host Laharl, want to make a noir episode?))
: ((Yes yes))
Emb: ...Nobody is bad at anything because there is always someone worse. In other words, yes.
: ((That as the most creative thing I've ever come up with))
Emb: But if you want it the simpler way, I know three words that can help.
Fanta: ((Now it's playing mom's spaghetti
Emb: I love you.
: theres a few chuckles
Fanta: ((But the joke's on my playlist
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fellby: Hmm...?
: ((I saw the opportunity, and took it.))
Fanta: ((Mom can't make spaghetti anymore..
Fellby: ((because she dead
Emb: ((...aw
: ((So, what else we doing tonight?))
: ((Or should I go play TF2))
Fanta: ((Chapter 1 end
: ((Alright))
Fanta: ((Le boss
Emb: said the three words dood
: ((Should he be returning?))
Fanta: is petting Hywel, looking extremely concerned
: there was an aww after emb said I love you
Hywel: "Fabta I'm not dying..."
Fanta: "Y-you'll feel better in the morning.."
Emb: ((fabta
Fanta: "Ok.. ok..."
Fanta: fabriel's dead fucker
DamnDude: (( It's fabriel and Fanta's fusion ))
Hywel: "I won't, that's not true, but I will feel better."
Fellby: I love you too, Emb.
Hywel: "...That's what you said wasn't it."
Hywel: "..."
Fellby: ((acastus, offstage: YOU BOTH SUCK ASS
Emb: smiles. "I'm sure everything will be alright. Whatever's going on, it'll end well. I promise."
: (('Fu-sion HOES!"))
Fanta: "It is.."
Fanta: "I-I'm sorry.."
Hywel: -He chuckles.-
Fellby: nods. "We can only hope."
Emb: ((fanta is an anagram for nafta
Emb: ((slarv i have found you out
Fanta: ((Fanta has 5 letters
Fanta: ((Bitch also had 5 letters
Fanta: ((Coincidence?
Emb: ((o shit
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Fanta: ((You know what else has 5 letters..?
Emb: ...If you don't mind me asking...what did happen?
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Emb: ((pizza
Fanta: ((Chime
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Fellby: ((illuminaughty confirmed
Fellby: ((OH
Acastus: -He kinda doesn't have anything else to do in the play.-
Fellby: We had a fight. He left. I don't know if he'll be back.
MC Mettaton: (if everyone is done then they can walk off stage
DamnDude: (( So Chime is Lucas and Fanta is Chime? ))
Fanta: ((Yes
Emb: ...H-he won't come back...? B-but...
DamnDude: (( AND THEY'RE ALL PIZZA? ))
Fellby: I... I'm sorry...
Fanta: ((It can't just end with everyone walking out
Hellaton: ((and guess what else has five letters
Hellaton: ((VAATI
Fanta: ((You had a good opportunity to end after acastus' line
Fellby: ((butts
Fanta: ((But you kept going
Emb: ((guess what else has 5 letters
Fanta: ((Deez nuts
Emb: ((maybe
DamnDude: (( We're just gonna find out everyone has a five letter name somewhere in one of their names ))
DamnDude: (( I already said mine ))
Fanta: ((It's gotta end dramatically
Emb: ((TRIDUOSOLO 3 + 2 x 1 = 5
: ((Laharl))
Emb: ...I hope he'll be safe...and I hope he'll come back... - She tears up a bit. -
Fellby: ... Look, the most we can do... is wait.
Emb: ...I suppose so.
DamnDude: (( In my real name, all three parts of my name are five letters long ))
Emb: We'll have to stay strong for the time being then, right?
Fellby: Of course.
: theres a few people crying in the crowd
Emb: Alright. We'll get through this then. And my brother will be okay. I knw it.
Emb: ((know&
Emb: ((KNOW&
: ((Same))
Fellby: nods. "Come on. Let's go get something to eat, okay?"
Fanta: ((Now
Emb: Sure. That'll help us feel better.
Fanta: ((Have a scene with acastus talking to mom's grave
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((And end it there
Emb: ((oh god
: ((Oh god))
Fanta: ((That's how you end a fucking drama
Emb: ((it was actually supposed to be a slice of life
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Fanta: ((PFFFT
Emb: ((and then everything went downhill
Fellby: puts his arm around Emb's shoulder and begins to lead her off stage.
: ((Well))
: ((It more went uphill))
: ((Just a little to the left))
Fellby: ((when the son is USING DRUGS
: the lights start to fade, unless someone comes out
Fanta: ((Fellby could have walked in and said
Hellaton: ((have a scene where acastus injects more drugs
Hellaton: ((and cries
Fanta: (('Shit man, how did you GET that?'
Fanta: (('gimme some'
: ((With crawling in my skin in the background))
Fellby: (("comeon son blaze it"
Hellaton: ((DO IT
Emb: ((craaawling innnn my skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
: ((For twenny))
Emb: ((these woooooooounds they wiiiiiiiiill not heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
DamnDude: (( Acastus ODs ))
Fanta: ((YES
Emb: ((lol
Acastus: -Nah he's done, he's actually crying off stage.-
Fellby: ((whoo that's a bit too much
Hellaton: ((thats... thats brutal
Emb: - The play is done then -
Fanta: ((No pls AD grave scene
: the curtains close the the lights off go
Fanta: ((Fuk u bich
: ((Nah my friend))
Emb: ((rip
DamnDude: (( damn ))
Fellby: sighs. "Some slice of life, huh?"
: ((In fuk ur bitch))
: ((Ill*
Fanta: ((Gimme a fucking play some time I'll work it great
: the crowd roars in applause and claps loudly
Acastus: -He hugs Fellby.-
Emb: ((MC Mettaton: one person suggested a scene at the end, where acastus walks to his mother's grave and---
Acastus: "I'm sorry..."
MC Mettaton: ((wveryone will get a chance
Fanta: ((I did one
Emb: ...That was...wow.
: ((Guess i'll be sliding in a random character))
Fanta: ((I just did it with a character that.. couldn't do shit
Fellby: It's okay, It's okay.
MC Mettaton: walks up clapping to them
Emb: didn't fail this time. YAY
Fanta: is solemnly petting hywel
Emb: Hello.
Jeska or Jekon: -walks up to Accy and hugs him, "that was great!
Hellaton: ((if hellaton got dragged in he'd sing a song about how shitty he thinks mc mettaton is
Acastus: "I'm sorry for being so mean..."
Fellby: ... We did good, right?
MC Mettaton: that was quite the peformace
Acastus: -He looks up at MC Mettaton.-
Emb: (("actually all the reviews were 1/5" "FUCK"
Fellby: Especially this kid right here.
MC Mettaton: the reviews are coming in
Acastus: "...Did I do okay?"
Emb: [s]ikr i'm amazing[/s] Yeah, good job Acastus.
Emb: You did great.
Acastus: "...Thank you."
Hellaton: is writing something on a notepad. It seems to be... guitar chords?
Emb: No problem. And don't worry about hurting feelings. It's a play.
MC Mettaton: 4/5, 3.5/5, 5/5/, 4/5, 7/5....what? 4.5/5
Fellby: Wow....
Emb: ...That's great!
DamnDude: (( Shit, you guys out did me ))
MC Mettaton: some said they thought it was going to be a stupid family sitcom
Emb: ((so if i take this and my last play, that averages to about 2/5
Emb: ((dammit
Acastus: "...Seven out of five?"
MC Mettaton: but Acastus here stole the show
: ((*dramatic guitar strumming*))
Acastus: "...Sorry, I didn't mean to..."
MC Mettaton: and the fact it didn't end with a happy ending improved it a lot
Acastus: -He assumed stealing it was a bad thing.-
MC Mettaton: No you did a great job kid
Emb: Nonono, that's a good thing Acastus.
Jeska or Jekon: -hugs Accy-
Acastus: -He hugs back.-
Acastus: "Oh..."
Jeska or Jekon: looks like wolf boy has some acting talent
Hellaton: ((fun fact: hellaton is good at playing guitar, and prefers double-necked ones because he can accompany himself
Emb: makes a mental note to tell Sunny about this.
Fanta: "It looks worse than the flu.."
Acastus: "...?"
Fellby: ... Hm.
Hywel: "How...?@
: "*
MC Mettaton: well I do say that I am most impressed and will definetly want you guys in my next play
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Emb: ...That's nice.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
MC Mettaton: pulls out and gives medals to everyone
Fellby: takes the medal, grinning.
Acastus: -He wears the medal, and smiles a bit.-
Emb: smiles. "Oooo, cool." She takes it and wears it.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
MC Mettaton: theyre not Tonys, but they are still nice and made from gold
Emb: Thank you for this.
MC Mettaton: well you're free to go
Fellby: Thank you. I'll put it on the wall.
MC Mettaton: Thank for you such a wonderfall job
Fellby: Oh... hang on.
MC Mettaton: wonderful*
MC Mettaton: hmmm?
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fellby: takes off his dad vest. "This is yours."
Acastus: "..."
MC Mettaton: oh keep it
Emb: Oh, yeah. I'll change out---oh, neat.
Fellby: ... Okay.
MC Mettaton: you look positively dashing in it
Fanta: "I-I... I don't know.. y-you don't look good though.."
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hywel: "I'm sick, of course I don't."
Fellby: Alright, guess I'm wearing it around.
Fellby: puts it back on.
Emb: Good job, guys. And thanks for the opportunity, Mettaton.
MC Mettaton: if fact I'd like to see you in my cabin for some....... special...acting ....sessions father
MC Mettaton: in*
Emb: ((uh
Emb: ((oh
Fanta: "S-sorry.."
Fellby: ... Uh. Oh.
Acastus: "...What?"
Fanta: tucks her head down a bit
Emb: ...Hmm?
Fellby: Well...
MC Mettaton: noting, just you two go off and enjoy your award
Hywel: "Just be calm, please..."
Emb: ...Alright.
MC Mettaton: I got plans for this one
Fanta: "I'm just.. I-I'll try.."
Acastus: "Can I get lessons later?"
Emb: Good job on the special acting.
Emb: hops away, obviously very happy.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fellby: smiles. "Alright, big guy, I'll lay on your casting couch."
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
MC Mettaton: walks away with Fellby
: Master of Ceremonies Mettaton [MC Mettaton] is now Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon].
Emb: lays on the couch and falls asleep because RPer has to do stuff
Emb: ((brb
Jeska or Jekon: mc oh you don't need them dear -to accy-
Fanta: continues to pet the hywel, trying to be calm
: B-kun~ [Ken M] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Chapter 1 [].
MC Mettaton: oh you don't need them dear -to accy-
Hellaton: ...
: ((Hello daddy
Hellaton: ((hi b
Ken M: -walks in-
Acastus: -He nods, and holds Jeska's hand.-
: ((To the reactor I suppose?))
Ken M: oh no I've been stabbed in the heart
: You're gonna wanna get everyone into the bar first
Hellaton: Whhho cares.
Ken M: with love for jesus
Ken M: -chuckles-
: The reactor starts when you push the button
Fellby: -Well this is inconvenient-
Jeska or Jekon: picks up Accy and retruns to the bar
: I can wait
Acastus: -He hugs Jeska, and gets carried.-
MC Mettaton: -MC and Fellby do the do likely-
Hellaton: is almost... furiously writing lyrics and chords.
Fellby: ((let me get a few things first
Jeska or Jekon: you're a godo actor
Jeska or Jekon: good*
Ken M: -an angelic figure materializes next to Ken and hands him a piece of red paper-
Acastus: "I am?"
Ken M: -Ken stands up straight for once-
Ken M: Fired? Fuck do you mean, fired?!
Jeska or Jekon: yeah totally convinced me that you were angry and sad
Ken M: -the angelic figure disappears-
Acastus: "...I didn't know I would get that carried away..."
Ken M: Meddled too much... fired... Well, ain't that some nasty shit. Bye, fucks. Hope you like the next guy.
Ken M: -disappears-
Fellby: wanders in, smoking a cigarette.
Fellby: ....
: Oh shit
: Ken M plot
Hellaton: Gggood riddadance.
: Keep in mind, only 4 people can be in the fight, so only 4 need to enter
Jeska or Jekon: Hey Fellby, good job
: Since we're not doing chapter 2 tonight
Fellby: Heh, yeah...
Ken M: ((lmao like I ever followed through with a plot without being disappointing))
Ken M: ((nah I'll just leave it open and be a massive cocktease about it))
MC Mettaton: -is pleased out of his mind-
Hellaton: ((that was surprising
: ((Miyu is available))
: Of course))
Acastus: "I'm sorry for yelling at you..."
Fellby: ((fellby is available
Hellaton: ((hellaton is available
Jeska or Jekon: sits on the couch with Accy and hugs him tightly
: B-kun~ [Ken M] is now B-kun~ [Betterton].
: Jager wanna fite?
Acastus: -He hugs back, blushing a bit.-
Hellaton: excuse you
: He hasn't yet
Betterton: ((rekt
Hellaton: ((fuck yoi
Hellaton: ((you
Betterton: ((u wot m8
: ((fuck yaoi
Fellby: ((what is going on
: Anyway, guess what beeps again?
Betterton: -bursts in with a microphone and a tiny camera drone-
Hellaton: ....
Betterton: Aaaaaaaaaaaaand here we are at our next location!
Fellby: looks at the anydoor.
Acastus: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Betterton: -is basically just a shinier MTTEX with some additional chrome-
Fellby: also gives the camera drone a sultry look.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is that that place again.-
: "
: [Get someone to just, fucking, move the buttons and look behind them. Also, check behind the start screen, the Mystery Gift, and listen to the music for hints of free items]
Betterton: -does a catwalk to the bar-
Fellby: I've gotta go, baby. See ya.
Fellby: goes to the arc reactor.
Hellaton: just up and leaves
Betterton: -looks disappointed-
Asriel_Dreemurr: -He does too.-
Hellaton: Sssorry...
Betterton: Oh dear, seems nobody wants to be a part of our special and win lots of money.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Betterton: Shame.
Acastus: "Did you like the show?"
Acastus: -He's talking to Jeska.-
: If hella left through the anydoor
: He's gonna head into the black room again
Betterton: Let's see if I can persuade them all during our.... COMMERCIAL BREAK!
: https://msparp.com/cauarcreactor
Jeska or Jekon: of coruse I did
: In face, everyone that wants to be, is in there
Jeska or Jekon: did you like accting?
Betterton: -as soon as the drone powers down Betterton begins to vomit greenish oil profusely into a can-
Acastus: "It was alright."
Jeska or Jekon: proud of you though
Acastus: "...Thank you..."
Betterton: [sub]fuckn shitty carburetor again for christ's sake why'd that bitch have to[/sub] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WE'RE BACK!
Acastus: -He blushes a slight bit more.-
: Smolapeño's connection timed out.
Betterton: Well, nobody here wants to cooperate and win tooooooooooons of money so goodbye, I'll see you tomorrow.
: Smolapeño [Smolster] joined chat.
Betterton: -the drone flies out-
Jeska or Jekon: lies down with him
Betterton: -snorts some orange powder and leaves-
Jeska or Jekon: you managed to adapt to something you've never done before
Acastus: "...Yeah."
: Smolapeño's connection timed out.
: B-kun~'s connection timed out.
Jeska or Jekon: wanna get some food to celebrate this?
Acastus: -He nods.-
: ((So they're basically dating now
Jeska or Jekon: whatcha want? pizza? burgers? steak? something fancy?
Jeska or Jekon: (no
Emb: ((gtg
Emb: ((bye, hf
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Emb [Emb] disconnected.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: B-kun~ [Betterton] joined chat.
: B-kun~'s connection timed out.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] is now Yazan [Yazan].
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: ((Hi
: ((We're in reactor
: Chapter 1 [] disconnected.
: B-kun~ [Betterton] joined chat.
: B-kun~'s connection timed out.
: Chapter 1 [] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Fellby: ((hi flame, we're in arc reactor
Barchar: (I can't join I'm just looking)
Barchar: (what're we doing)
Fellby: ((okay gotcha
Fellby: ((we're fighting the turkey
Barchar: (mmn)
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
: Chapter 1 [] disconnected.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Chapter 1 [] joined chat.
: Fellby [Fellby] disconnected.
: Chapter 1 [] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Yazan: (finished?
Fanta: ((Yep
Frisk: ((Finish it!))
Frisk: ((... ...))
Frisk: ((Fatality!))
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Hi flame
Fanta: has been tending to the hywel
Fanta: exits the bedroom after he's gone to sleep
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
: Yazan [Yazan] is now Master of Ceremonies Mettaton [MC Mettaton].
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Barchar: (ji)
MC Mettaton: is sitting on the couch as Acastus sleeps
: Master of Ceremonies Mettaton [MC Mettaton] is now Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon].
Barchar: (I'd say I was actually back, but I'm probably gonna either sleep or pass the fuck out sooner rather than later, so... )
Jeska or Jekon: hervon Mc
Fanta: sits on the couch, looking down
Jeska or Jekon: hey Fanta
Fanta: is worried af
Frisk: ((ah, by the way flame, bloo quit))
Fanta: "Hey jeska"
Fanta: sounds very down
Frisk: ((so that Xs off one character in pmd))
Barchar: (what do you mean quit? )
Barchar: (what happened? )
Jeska or Jekon: whats wrong?
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Frisk: ((well uh))
Frisk: ((quit means quit))
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Frisk: ((i made a joke about bloo missing pmd "RIP Bloo 2016 - 2011"))
Frisk: ((Bloo was like))
Frisk: (("..."
Frisk: (("Some people should shove rakes down their throats"))
Frisk: ((He left for a bit))
Barchar: (wtf)
Frisk: ((Rejoined))
Frisk: ((Said he had a good time))
Fanta: "Ah... Hywel's sick"
Fanta: "I... I'm worried about him"
Frisk: ((And left))
Barchar: (jesus dude fuciing chill)
Frisk: ((I don't blame him.))
Frisk: ((It was my fault anyways))
Jeska or Jekon: oh geez whats wrong?
Barchar: (how the fuck is that the straw that broke the camels back)
Barchar: (we make jokes like that all the fucking time)
Frisk: ((eh))
Fanta: "He says it's the flu"
Fanta: "It.. it's probably the flu but I'm just.. scared, you know?"
Fanta: "I haven't had to deal with disease before.."
Frisk: ((I don't know either but I feel horrible))
Jeska or Jekon: go see a doctor
Barchar: (dude that's a total fucking overreaction don't feel bad)
Fanta: "I'm fine.. I'll try to get him into one"
Frisk: ((i know but))
Fanta: "I'm... I'm over-reacting to all this"
Frisk: ((I made the last straw to the overreaction leading him to leave))
Fanta: she looks like she's been crying, she has
Frisk: ((just, ack, i don't feel good thinking about it))
Frisk: ((anyways))
Jeska or Jekon: (Bloo hasnt been doing much here. hes likely just bored
Frisk: ((PMD is going to have some new mechanics))
Frisk: ((And there will be an amazing mini-boss))
Frisk: ((And an actual fucking boss))
Jeska or Jekon: sits next to her
Barchar: (woo)
Barchar: (and hopefully I'll actually fucking show up this time)
Frisk: ((You should.))
Frisk: ((I might be doing it in around three days or so))
Frisk: ((I need to flesh things out a little))
Barchar: (I'll try to)
Barchar: (three days...thats next Tuesday?)
Barchar: (I thhhhhink I'll be fie then)
Frisk: ((okay))
Frisk: ((what about monday))
Fanta: is still looking down solemnly
Frisk: ((it can also be two days))
Fanta: "I-It's just got me thinking.. and it's got me scared.."
Jeska or Jekon: pulls her close
Jeska or Jekon: scared of what?
Barchar: (no, no, Monday is bad)
Barchar: (that's karate)
Fanta: "Scared of losing him.."
Barchar: (I'll be fine for tuesday)
Frisk: ((ah okay))
Frisk: ((tuesday then))
Fanta: "I know he'll be fine.. it's just the flu.. but like, in general"
Fanta: "That terrifies me.."
Barchar: (Although wait no I don't have karate this week, cause they're closed)
Frisk: ((oh cool))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Frisk: ((I already have the entire script written down))
Barchar: (well, still, it's best not to make a habit of going on Monday or Wednesday, cause I have karate then)
Frisk: ((I just need to make replacements and battles))
Frisk: ((Also, okay))
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Acastus: -He's just in the bar, inspecting the medal he got.-
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Fanta: "Sorry if I sound dumb.."
Fanta: "I am being dumb right now..."
Jeska or Jekon: youre just worried thats all
Hywel: -He shuffles out of the room, with a blanket around him. He heads to the couch.-
Fanta: "Oh.. hey Hywel"
Hywel: "I woke up..."
Hywel: -He flops on the couch.-
Jeska or Jekon: Hello
Hywel: "Oh hi."
Fanta: "Guess the nyquil didn't work"
Frisk: ((As I've stated before, in boss fights everybody gets to battle))
Hywel: "Not well enough..."
Frisk: ((This means that the boss will have health and tactics to fuck everybody over))
Hywel: "You two have fun this morning?"
Barchar: (o boi)
Fanta: "Mhm.."
Frisk: ((And the boss is going to be creative))
Frisk: ((You won't expect it))
Jeska or Jekon: she had all the fun
Fanta: "I'm sorry.. I should have been with you"
Barchar: (ditto)
Hywel: "...Heh."
Fanta: "Heh, yeah"
Acastus: -He goes over to Jeska, after putting his medal back on, and leans in her arm.-
: On*
Fanta: "Someone walked in"
Hywel: "Who?"
Frisk: ((i will neither confirm nor deny that))
Acastus: -He blushes, and then unleans.-
Jeska or Jekon: pulls him back
Barchar: (that feels very 'Goddammit he guessed it' to me but I suppose I shall see)
Fanta: motions her head towards acastus, "He didn't mean to, just stumbled onto us"
Jeska or Jekon: its not important
Frisk: ((You didn't guess it correctly))
Frisk: ((It's different))
: ((Mew with Transform))
Acastus: "I heard screaming..."
Frisk: ((Nah, Mew isn't a bad guy))
Fanta: blushes a bit
Fanta: [sub]"That he did."[/sub]
Hywel: "...Let me guess, Fanta was screaming."
Jeska or Jekon: smirks a bit
Frisk: ((You are all like, level one))
Frisk: ((You are not fighting fucking legendaries yet))
Hywel: "She's a little loud, isn't she."
Fanta: "Heeeey"
Jeska or Jekon: good thing I was underwater
Acastus: -He unleans again, looking away from the group.-
Hywel: "In the hot spring?"
Jeska or Jekon: yeah
Hywel: "Well, now I feel bad that I missed that."
Jeska or Jekon: maybe we should talk about something else
Hywel: "...Oh, right, sorry..."
Fanta: "One thing"
Fanta: kisses him on the nose
Acastus: -He's blushing more, never gonna be able to unsee what he saw. In some years that will probably be a good thing.-
Hywel: -He smiles.-
Fanta: "I just.. need to re-iterate that it wasn't romantic, you're my only love"
Fanta: "Aside from Shea"
Hywel: "Whatever floats your boat. How is Shea, by he way."
Barchar: ("And ad. ")
: ?*
Fanta: "Haven't heard from her in a while"
Barchar: ("And basriel.")
Hywel: "Yoi should check on her."
: You*
Barchar: ("But I mean they're both dead so whatever)
Fanta: "I will, soon"
Fanta: ((Still a better waifu track record than AD
Acastus: -He just goes back to looking at the medal, alone.-
Acastus: -I assume it's shiny and golden.-
Jeska or Jekon: scoots over and hugs him
Jeska or Jekon: -irs actual goldd
Frisk: ((Gundam Chara))
Fanta: remembers something, and checks her phone
Acastus: -He blushes, just letting go of the medal, and it swings back towards his chest.-
Fanta: is smirking
Acastus: -He doesn't really hug back.-
Hywel: "Hmm?"
Hywel: "What's that smirk?"
Fanta: "Got a nice photo at the hot spring"
Jeska or Jekon: huh?
Hywel: "Oh really?"
Fanta: shows him a picture of the two relaxing, the steam barely covering the naughty bits
Hywel: "...The best parts aren't there, though."
Acastus: "...You took pictures?"
Fanta: "Use your imagination"
Fanta: "I took one, by accident"
Acastus: -He has no concept of sex for pleasure.-
Fanta: "Forgot to delete it"
Acastus: -He lives with a pack of wolves.-
Jeska or Jekon: Accy whats wrong?
Acastus: "...What?"
Jeska or Jekon: you just seem down
Fanta: leans on him
: ((First wold problem: deciding to either lie on you back comfortable, but have arms tired from holding you phone, on lying on your stomach and face, but having you jaw get sore))
Fanta: the wet spots on her fur make it obvious she's been crying
Hywel: "...Geez, you're getting way to scared."
Fanta: "..huh?"
Hywel: "Let's just go to a doctor, so you can stop worrying."
Acastus: "...I don't understand what you two were doing..."
Fanta: "Yeah.. s-sorry"
Acastus: "You said... Mating, right?"
Fanta: "I'm not worried about the flu so much.. j-just.. thinking about bad things"
Hywel: "Such as?"
Jeska or Jekon: ahhh....we should go to another room
Acastus: "...okay."
Fanta: "I don't wanna lose you.."
Jeska or Jekon: takes accy to the back
Hywel: "You're noooott."
Fanta: "I know the flu won't do it.. but that's just... in general"
Acastus: -He sits, looking down.-
Hywel: -He hugs her. Then lets go.-
Hywel: "I'm sorry, I don't want to get you sick."
Fanta: hugged back for a bit
Hywel: "But that would have lasted a while."
Fanta: "T-thanks.."
Fanta: "I've lost a lot of people... t-too many..."
Jeska or Jekon: (hold on
Fanta: ((wut
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jekon: (brv
Frisk: ((I'm going to bed))
Frisk: ((gn))
Fanta: ((gn
: ((Gn))
Fanta: leans on him
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] is now Frisky Cosmopolitan [].
: Frisky Cosmopolitan's connection timed out.
Fanta: "I love you too much to let that happen to you.."
: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
: High Priest Laharl [] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekon: alright lets talk
Jeska or Jekon: how much do you know about...mating
Hywel: "I love you too much to let it happen to myself..."
Fanta: smiles a bit, nuzzling in
Fanta: "Did you eat your ice cream?"
Acastus: "It's reproduction... Used to give birth to litters..."
Jeska or Jekon: yeah...thats true......for animals
Acastus: "...I never saw two females do that."
Jeska or Jekon: ((Acastus: and its WRONG
Acastus: "..."
Fanta: ((Acastus pulls out his bible
Hywel: "...Fuck."
Hywel: "I forgot and it's probably melted now.@
Fanta: "Hyweeeell it's all melted now"
Jeska or Jekon: well the thing is.....for us...monsters and humans....we do it for other reasons
Hywel: "God damnit."
Fanta: "That was quality shit"
Acastus: "...?"
Fanta: "Like, 16 bucks"
Fanta: got him a pint
Hywel: "Fanta, stop blowing our little money of posh ice cream"
: on*
Jeska or Jekon: for the expression of love and well.....pleasure
Fanta: "It's the good stuff, though"
Acastus: "...Pleasure?"
Acastus: "..."
Fanta: "Which you would know if you ate it"
Jeska or Jekon: yeah...because it feels good
Hywel: "But, now it's melted."
Hywel: "How about."
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekon: thats why Fanta was screaimng
Fanta: "You can just put it in the freezer, and it'll freeze again"
Hywel: "You go to that machine and make it dispense a milkshake or something."
Fanta: "Oh yeah..."
Hywel: "But then it isn't good."
Acastus: "...She was screaming... Because it was good...?
Jeska or Jekon: it wasn't screams of pain
Fanta: heads over there and gets a cup of ice cream for the hywel
Fanta: brings it back to him
Acastus: "...Is that something only adults do?"
Fanta: "I'm dumb"
Hywel: "Yyeeeesss."
Hywel: "Can it dispense a spoon."
Hywel: "Actually nevermind.-
Fanta: "Grillby can dispense a spoon"
Jeska or Jekon: ...yeah....most start having sex around 18
Hywel: -He just picks it right from the cup."
Fanta: goes and gets him a spoon because you're in a goddamn restaurant but nope
Acastus: "...Oh, okay."
Jeska or Jekon: or well, depends where youre froms, some start earlier
Hywel: "Oh thanks."
Fanta: "Well jeez now your fur's gonna get sticky"
Hywel: -Like he gives a shit.-
Hywel: -He uses his spoon now.-
Jeska or Jekon: I'm not too sure why Fanta and I did it
Jeska or Jekon: spur of the moment?
Acastus: "...Is that one of the things that I couldn't do that you wanted?"
Jeska or Jekon: ...yeah....
Acastus: "...I'm sorry..."
Jeska or Jekon: not with how old you are
Jeska or Jekon: its okay
Acastus: "I wish I was old enough to help you with everything..."
Jeska or Jekon: even if you were of age, it would simply feel like I was taking advnatage of you
Acastus: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: something like that is something both people want to do
Fanta: she did it because she'd do it with normal jeska, partially to make friends again to make her feel better about before, and also because she just needs some good old fashioned gay sex sometimes
Acastus: "...I mean... I... Probably would have wanted to do that... If you had wanted to..."
Jeska or Jekon: ......
Acastus: "If I was that age."
Acastus: "Because it would help you..."
Jeska or Jekon: You're a good person Acastus you know that?
Acastus: -He said those last parts fast, because he probably should have said those first.-
Acastus: "...Thabk you."
: ThankI
: thank*
Jeska or Jekon: what Fanta and I did, was likely just for fun. We're not going to end up a couple
Jeska or Jekon: shes has Hywel
Jeska or Jekon: I guess I'm just lonely
Acastus: "I saw..."
Acastus: "You have me... Just not like that."
Fanta: "Like it?"
Hywel: "Eh."
Hywel: "I can feel the calories building up."
Jeska or Jekon: .....I don't....I....-sigh-
Fanta: "You're sick, eat what you want"
Jeska or Jekon: it'd have to be another 3 years before we could do anything
Hywel: "...I should be eating like, carrots and shit."
Acastus: "Yeah."
Jeska or Jekon: listen, if we come to that cross road, we'll deal with it them okay?
Fanta: "Nah, you need calories when you're sick, I think"
Acastus: "Okay."
Hywel: "You need calories always."
Hywel: "Just not too much."
Hywel: "And you also need vitamins."
Acastus: "And sugar and fat that's in ice cream isn't good for you."
Hywel: -He said that.-
Jeska or Jekon: with everything that has happened, I feel into temptation
Fanta: "Hywel if I can stay in shape after 31 plates of junk food in one day, a bowl of ice cream won't hurt you"
Jeska or Jekon: lies down
Acastus: "Okay..."
Acastus: "I'm sorry if I troubled you..."
Hywel: "actually."
Hywel: "You threw up like, twenty of those plates."
Fanta: "Well yeah, but you get the point"
Jeska or Jekon: You never did Accy
Hywel: "Nah, you wouldn't just become out of shape in one day."
Acastus: "...I feel like I am right now, though..."
Jeska or Jekon: Accy....I want to be with someone....
Acastus: "...I can help you find someone, if you tell me how..."
Fanta: "So enjoy the ice cream"
Fanta: "And eat your carrots and shit another day"
Jeska or Jekon: something will come up
Hywel: "Yeah, but you said I'm sick so I should eat it."
Jeska or Jekon: I'm just making mistakes in pursuing it
Hywel: "I'm gonna be sick for a few days or so."
Acastus: "..."
Acastus: "Am I in the way?"
Fanta: "I don't know how to sickness"
Hywel: "Nope."
Jeska or Jekon: No
Fanta: "You know that"
Jeska or Jekon: I'm not going to lie Accy
Acastus: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: had you asked and you were of age....I would have said yes
Acastus: -He blushes, and scratches the back of his head, looking down a bit.-
Hywel: "You need to get better at illness, because if you get sick?"
Jeska or Jekon: but with how everything is...and what just happened. I should be more careful this time
Hywel: "You'll literally think you caught ebolaids or something."
Acastus: "...I'm sorry..?"
Fanta: "What's ebolaids?"
Jeska or Jekon: ..you can stop saying that
Jeska or Jekon: you have nothing to be sorry about
Hywel: "Not real. It's Ebola, and AIDS, both sexually transmitted stuff."
Acastus: "...I feel like I do..."
Jeska or Jekon: things will get better I promise
Fanta: "Sexually transmitted?"
Hywel: "Yes."
Jeska or Jekon: and it'll be more undertandable
Fanta: "That can happen?
Hywel: "...We should actually both get tested."
Hywel: "For anything."
Barchar: (you know I just realized I literally haven't bothered memorizing slarv's Id number)
Acastus: "...Okay..."
Barchar: (because if I fucking see that light blue I know)
Fanta: "Alright"
Fanta: ((Kek
: ((Kek))
Jeska or Jekon: until then, lets just try and keep things simple
Acastus: "...Okay..."
Hywel: "I need water."
Fanta: "I'll get ya some"
Fanta: gets him some
Hywel: "Thanks."
Jeska or Jekon: come on
Fanta: "Tomorrow we'll spend like, the whole day at the doctor"
Jeska or Jekon: you can still cuddle up with me
Fanta: "I'll get shots, you'll get checked up, we can both get tested"
Hywel: -He drinks it all quickly, but not putting a couple of Ibuphrophen to swallow into his mouth,-
Acastus: "...I can?"
Jeska or Jekon: Yes
Acastus: "...Okay..."
Acastus: -He goes over, and hugs her._
: -*
Jeska or Jekon: its not like I'm mad at you or anything
Jeska or Jekon: hugs back
Acastus: "Thank you for dealing with me..."
Jeska or Jekon: thank you for being there for me
Hywel: "This sucks."
Hywel: "Like."
Hywel: "I almost hope you get sick so you know how much it sucks."
Fanta: "I probably will"
Hywel: "Yeah."
Hywel: "Youves been hugging and kissing on me all day."
Fanta: "Yup"
Hywel: "Have fun."
Fanta: is still snuggled
Jeska or Jekon: despite what Fanta and I can do.....having you there when I need you is the best thing you can do for me
Fanta: "I'll enjoy myself now, and regret it for like a week"
Acastus: "...If you find someone... Will you need me anymore?"
Jeska or Jekon: I will always need you
Acastus: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: you can't be replaced
Hywel: "Sounds like a terrible decision."
Hywel: "I love it."
Acastus: "...Thabk you...
Fanta: "Well if we're making bad descisions"
Fanta: kisses him straight on the lips
Hywel: -He doesn't kiss back.
Jeska or Jekon: kisses Accy on the top of his head
Hywel: -He says when she's kissing.-
Hywel: "Sooo many bad decisions."
Fanta: pulls away when he doesn't
Fanta: "Might as well go all out"
Fanta: "If I'm gonna get sick anyway"
Acastus: -He blushes a lot, and covers his face with his hands a bit.-
Hywel: "What do you mean?"
Fanta: "Well, we've been snuggling all day"
Hywel: "True."
Fanta: "So if contact does it, I'm well fucked"
Hywel: "...Yeah, you're most likely fucked."
Fanta: "So gimme a kiss"
Hywel: -He kiss.-
Fanta: kiss back
Fanta: "Good Hywel"
Fanta: pets his head
Hywel: "You're supposed to be the slaaavveee..."
Acastus: "..."
Fanta: "Yes master"
Jeska or Jekon: if things do work out...I will be with you
Hywel: "Go get grapes and let me eat hem while you hold them over my head."
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Acastus: "...Okay."
Jeska or Jekon: lets go back out to the bar
Acastus: -He nods, and holds her hand.-
Fanta: "Your wish is my command"
Jeska or Jekon: goes to the bar
Fanta: goes and gets a bunch of grapes
Jeska or Jekon: Hey Fanta did you and Hywel talk about moving in?
Hywel: -He's being fed grapes by Fanta.-
Hywel: "...Yeah, we're gonna do it soon. Fantas busy though."
Fanta: "My master must answer"
Hywel: -He eats a grape.-
Fanta: is very obviously joking
Fanta: feeds him grape
Hywel: "Obviously she will be doing all the moving of stuff."
Hywel: "Because I am her master."
Hywel: -He's playing along.-
Fanta: "Yes"
Fanta: is monotone
Jeska or Jekon: good she'll make a good servant
Hywel: "Will she?"
Jeska or Jekon: she has to make it up to me too
Hywel: "Go give Jeska a foot rub or something."
Fanta: "Your wish is my command"
Fanta: goes over and starts giving Jeska a foot rub
Acastus: -He leans on Jeska, while looking at the medal again.-
Jeska or Jekon: leans back and accepts the foot rub
Hywel: "She any good at foot rubs?"
Jeska or Jekon: yeah pretty good
Fanta: is good, shoe definitely had her do this
Jeska or Jekon: good massuse too
Jeska or Jekon: masseuse*
: ((She wouldn't remember any of the sexual abuse, that's cool))
Fanta: ((Yep, which is why she's so ok with this
Acastus: -He carefully takes the ribbon that God around you neck off the Medal, and puts it seperate from the actual medal into pockets.-
Jeska or Jekon: ((well she also was a whore, likely had to massage there
Fanta: ((That job has been wiped completely tho
Jeska or Jekon: ((memory or retcon
Fanta: ((Memory
Jeska or Jekon: (ah
Jeska or Jekon: I gave you two the bedroom on the other side of the house
Fanta: keeps up the foot rubs
Acastus: -He lightly tugs at Jeska's arm.-
Jeska or Jekon: so itll be quiet
Jeska or Jekon: hmm? -looks at Accy-
Acastus: "Should I go home? I'm getting tired."
Jeska or Jekon: You can if you like
Jeska or Jekon: I'll go too
Acastus: "..."
Acastus: "If you're talking with them..."
Jeska or Jekon: I don't tthink they'll mind unless they need me for something
Acastus: "...Okay."
Acastus: -He hugs Jeska.-
Jeska or Jekon: hugs back and stands up
Jeska or Jekon: Good night you two
Fanta: stops the foot rubs
Acastus: -He goes home and sleeps.
Jeska or Jekon: tosses Fanta a key
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Hywel: -He fell asleep.-
: ((Gn both of you))
Jeska or Jekon: (gn
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: ((Aye))
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Jeska or Jekon: (oi
: ((Hello))
Jeska or Jekon: (why are you awake?
Jeska or Jekon: (its been like 4 hrs
: ((...))
: ((You have a good point there))
Jeska or Jekon: ((you should get more sleep
: ((Going somewhere today))
Jeska or Jekon: (ahh
Jeska or Jekon: (somewhere fun?
: ((((Yeah))
Jeska or Jekon: (Didney world?
: ((Nah))
Jeska or Jekon: (Universal studios?
: ((Nah))
Jeska or Jekon: (Adventyre Island?
: ((Nah))
Jeska or Jekon: (am I geyting close?
: ((Nope))
Jeska or Jekon: (publix?
: ((No))
Jeska or Jekon: (hiw about a hint
: ((I'll tell you, it's a convention))
Jeska or Jekon: (animu?
: ((It's more general stuff))
: ((Not just anime))
Jeska or Jekon: ((whats of the main interest?
: ((Comic stuff))
: ((But you can find anything really))
Jeska or Jekon: (you cosplayin?
: ((Nope))
: ((I'm gonna be the odd one out))
: ((In this case))
Jeska or Jekon: (whats the others going as
: ((I dunno))
Jeska or Jekon: (ehatcha looking for? comics?
Jeska or Jekon: (Atomic robo?
: ((Probably vidya games stuff))
Jeska or Jekon: (theres a cool place in seoul thats just a strio of sellers that sell video game stuff predating the nes to present
: ((That sounds cool))
Jeska or Jekon: (yeah but a pain in the ass to find anything
: ((Ah))
Jeska or Jekon: (its the only placec I knowvthat has console games
: ((Is it?))
: ((Huh))
Jeska or Jekon: (yeah Koreans are mostly PC or phone gamers
: ((PC master race))
: ((I perfer PC over console))
Jeska or Jekon: (me too especially since I have a power computrr
: ((I have a fairly powerful computer))
Jeska or Jekon: (playing skyrim with over 100 mods rn
: ((Jesus))
: ((That's probably not gonna run on my PC))
Jeska or Jekon: (mines an MSI so it can handle modern games
: ((Considering it gets 70 frames a second on overwatch with some lower settings. And that's pretty good, but not great.))
Jeska or Jekon: (yeah
Jeska or Jekon: i mainly play sp games though
: ((I'm more into multiplayer games. Can't really find many good single player ones anymore))
Jeska or Jekon: (theres a ton yhough
: ((Yeah, a lot are RPGs though))
: ((Never been a fan of RPGs))
Jeska or Jekon: (oh that changes a lot then
Jeska or Jekon: (I likr epics and advenutres
: ((Yeah, I like Undertale because it's not a grind demanding type of thing))
Jeska or Jekon: (oh I hate grinding
: ((I just find grinding terrible, and it kinda ruins games for me I'd rather get to the content quicker, not have to sit and kill a bunch of things before passing something))
: ((I forgot to put a period there, whoops))
Jeska or Jekon: ((im not a grammer facscist
: ((Now, there are exceptions))
: ((Watchdogs is technically an rpg))
: ((And I loved that game, like, more than I should have))
Jeska or Jekon: (heard it sucked
: ((Also I had it on console, which is even weirder that I loved it))
: ((Well, it's like assasins creed, but with a different type of mechanic, and story))
: ((They're making a second one))
Jeska or Jekon: (ever played the batman arkham games?
: ((Never played them, seen some gameplay, though))
Jeska or Jekon: (I reccommend? not the 4th one though
: ((Is the fourth one bad?))
Jeska or Jekon: (on the pc yez
Jeska or Jekon: (very shitty port
: ((Ah))
Jeska or Jekon: (plus I hated the story ans the over use of the bat moible
Jeska or Jekon: (but its a soild game on consoles
: ((Okay))
Jeska or Jekon: (thry flow well and theres no grindimg
: ((One other thing I like are indie games, that aren't crap))
: ((Like, smaller games that aren't part of a huge franchise))
: ((I'm currently playing a game called the culling a lot, it's pretty good to me. All be it complete bullshit because I lose all the time, but fun anyways))
: ((I like multiplayer games a lot more than single player ones, too))
Jeska or Jekon: (yeah I just got stardew valley
: ((I've seen that, and it's pretty good))
: ((Although, I never got the appeal to farm in a video game))
: ((Pun intended))
Jeska or Jekon: (HAHAHA ASRIEL
Jeska or Jekon: (I really liked harvest moon
: ((Now my last comment was serious))
: ((I don't like farming games))
Jeska or Jekon: (we I dont like sports games
: ((I don't like sports games either))
Jeska or Jekon: (racing?
: ((Ehhh))
: ((Some racing games are alright))
Jeska or Jekon: (i just like exploring and action
Jeska or Jekon: (nit too much shooters though
: ((Yeah, we're almost opposites there))
Jeska or Jekon: (you like shooters?
: ((Yes))
Jeska or Jekon: (Im limited on my selection
Jeska or Jekon: (love STALKER
: ((I understand that))
: ((See, I don't like cod))
: ((But I'll play counter strike))
Jeska or Jekon: (Im playing verdun and insurgemcy for my online shootrs
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Jeska or Jekon: (also red orceshtra
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CryingEevee OOC: ((update: i still haven't found a way to output the moonbase alpha TTS as a microphone))
Jeska or Jekon: ((huh?
CryingEevee OOC: ((i've been trying to figure out how to do that for weeks now and still haven't found a way to do it.))
Jeska or Jekon: ((I dont know
CryingEevee OOC: ((i want to give people the gift of john madden))
Jeska or Jekon: ((.....
Jeska or Jekon: (((I have no idea
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekon: ((when you leaving?
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: DDOOTDDFODDHTTDF [] joined chat.
: ((heya
Jeska or Jekon: (morning
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
: (( [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2w97WZc6l4]for some reason I find this funny[/url] ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((alrighty then))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekon: (no comment
: ((I'm leaving soon ish))
: DDOOTDDFODDHTTDF [] is now Mr. Sir [].
MC Mettaton: -walks into the bar-
Jeska or Jekon: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adetEssKxlk&index=1&list=PL4jCynQNqY4hnPqv1r5xfWkSdo34sEord
Asriel_Dreemurr: -He's there.-
MC Mettaton: well now its quiet today
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] is now Master of Ceremonies Mettaton [MC Mettaton].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
MC Mettaton: oh well
MC Mettaton: break day
MC Mettaton: flops on the couch
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I assume your Mettaton. I'm Asriel."
MC Mettaton: The true one and only
: Mr. Sir [] is now Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Nice to meet you."
MC Mettaton: Yes I'm sure it is
MC Mettaton: hmmmm....
MC Mettaton: have you ever thought about acting?
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow's connection timed out.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I probably would suck."
MC Mettaton: with that attitude you surely will
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yep."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't want to act, anyways..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Maybe you should ask Frisk. When she wakes up."
MC Mettaton: whose this frisk?
Jeska or Jekon: -walks in-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "My girlfriend. Howdy."
Acastus: -He's holding her hand.-
MC Mettaton: Hello there
Jeska or Jekon: hey
Acastus: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: As...assy...Asriel was it?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yes, Asriel."
MC Mettaton: jj we've meet before right?
MC Mettaton: jj -that was her-
MC Mettaton: ((thats fucknig twice
: Master of Ceremonies Mettaton [MC Mettaton] is now Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon].
MC Mettaton: (test)
Jeska or Jekon: ((fucking
: ((Kek))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
Jeska or Jekon: there was that once time a few nights ago
Jeska or Jekon: what about prior?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Uhhh... I mean, I do t think we've met prior."
Jeska or Jekon: oh
Jeska or Jekon: so tell me about yourself
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Oh, well, I guess I like to do crazy shit."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Becaus will haven't left this place yet."
Jeska or Jekon: the adventurous type?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We fought a religious turkey with words yesterday."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Someone died, I was lit on fire.@
Jeska or Jekon: .....shit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...It was an interesting evening."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "They got revived."
Jeska or Jekon: oh
Jeska or Jekon: do people not die here or something?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "People can die, they just got revived in this instance."
Jeska or Jekon: yeah it seems
Jeska or Jekon: I got shot in the head
Jeska or Jekon: not sure how I survived
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Huh."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So, why're you asking?"
Jeska or Jekon: oh I'm just still trying to find out who I am
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
Jeska or Jekon: I can't remember anything
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wouldn't it be best to look to the future?"
Jeska or Jekon: Yeah I know
Jeska or Jekon: just weird to have everyone tell you that you were someone and had a family
Jeska or Jekon: and you can't find it
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sorry."
Jeska or Jekon: its alright
Jeska or Jekon: its not your fault
Jeska or Jekon: whats worse is that some can't give me a straight answer
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Yeah, I understand."
Jeska or Jekon: enough about that
Jeska or Jekon: are you enjoying it here?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Mostly.@
Acastus: -He stays held onto Jeska's hand, not saying anything.-
Jeska or Jekon: holds his hand while talking
Jeska or Jekon: this is Acastus by the way
Acastus: "...Hey."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy."
Jeska or Jekon: stares at AD for a minute, "you kind of look.....familiar
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Do I?"
Jeska or Jekon: yeah....you sure we haven't meet before?
Asriel_Dreemurr: -He shrugs.-
Jeska or Jekon: You look like Hyper a bit.....
Asriel_Dreemurr: "That might be it. If I look similar to another."
Jeska or Jekon: yeah I guess
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: so you look young
Jeska or Jekon: I'm guessing you and Accy are near the same age
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Seventeen."
Jeska or Jekon: hes 15
Acastus: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Pretty young."
Jeska or Jekon: you both are
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: So you here by yourself?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Nope."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Frisk is asleep."
Jeska or Jekon: Frisk?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, she's my girlfriend."
Jeska or Jekon: oh lucky you
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well thanks."
Jeska or Jekon: seems like a lot of people here are hooked up with someone
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yep."
Jeska or Jekon: seems a bit sad
Jeska or Jekon: well I got Accy to keep me company
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Don't have anyone yet?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sure you'll find someone."
Jeska or Jekon: ..yeah....
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Don't be discouraged."
Acastus: -He just looks away.-
Jeska or Jekon: ......
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Acastus: "..."
Jeska or Jekon: ......
Asriel_Dreemurr: "um."
Jeska or Jekon: ...uh....
Jeska or Jekon: .....read any good books?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Not recently?"
Jeska or Jekon: ...oh
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Jeska or Jekon: has awkwardly gone quiet
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: -As did he.-
Jeska or Jekon: Accy are you hungry>
Acastus: "...Yeah..."
Jeska or Jekon: how about you Asriel?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm fine, thank you."
: ((Need to take a shower brb))
Jeska or Jekon: (k
: ((Back))
Jeska or Jekon: (sup
Jeska or Jekon: ((when did Bloo say that he was done?
: ((I dunno))
Jeska or Jekon: (so it didn't happne in the last arc?
: ((It was before the stuff we did last night))
: ((i don't know exactly when))
Jeska or Jekon: (it happen in here?
: ((Yes))
: ((Nope))
Jeska or Jekon: (Yes? No?
: ((It happened in here))
: ((Why did yes and nope gent sent there?))
Jeska or Jekon: ((no idea
: ((Probably able to find it in the logs))
Jeska or Jekon: ((yea
Jeska or Jekon: ((I need to go to bed
Jeska or Jekon: picks up Accy
: ((Okay))
: ((Goodnight))
Jeska or Jekon: I'll see you later Asriel
Jeska or Jekon: walks off with him
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Seeya."
Jeska or Jekon: (night
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CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
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: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((ohai))
: ((gonna pay gmod
: ((*play
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] disconnected.
CryingEevee OOC: ((well))
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: Frisky Cosmopolitan [] joined chat.
: ((oh))
: Frisky Cosmopolitan [] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
: ( Frisky
: ((yes?))
: ( Can I just PM you
: ((look, you can.))
: ((i have no problem with it.))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((hi bread))
: ((Hello))
: Fellby [Fellby] joined chat.
: ((hi chime))
: ((hi
Fellby: ((hi
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: ((Chime: eat your fucking ham hugo -takes it apart and slowly attempts to shove it in hugo's mouth- Hugo: -chokes- Chime: darn Hugo: -dies-))
Fellby: ((i had to repaint the doll
Fellby: ((he's still drying
: ((wow))
: ((hugo, i command you to dry))
Fellby: ((he's like, slightly sticky
: (( chime 2016
: ((imagine if you did this to a real baby))
Fellby: ((i would go to jail
: (( hugo: i wish i was a real boy
: ((you would))
: (( well i have to go
: ((bye
Fellby: ((okay, bye
: hybrid theory [] disconnected.
: ((now it's just me, you, and the sticky hugo))
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: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
Fellby: ((hey
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((i keep running into caramelldansen today for some reason))
Fellby: ((oh my
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm on z0r.de btw... don't actually go on that site, i can't guarantee you won't have a seizure. also there's probably rule 2 broken somewhere on it))
Fellby: ((what is zor.de
CryingEevee OOC: ((looping flash))
Fellby: ah
CryingEevee OOC: ((it's a site DEDICATED to it))
Fellby: ((that was ooc
CryingEevee OOC: ((there's also like, no ui))
Fellby: ((wowie
CryingEevee OOC: ((umm i found http://www.z0r.de/7245 this... that link is safe btw))
CryingEevee OOC: ((wow, i also found lol, limewire. the old memes are haunting me))
Fellby: wow remember when lime rider was a thing
Fellby: ((i keep meaning to do ooc wtf
CryingEevee OOC: (("lime rider"))
Fellby: ((i'm watching ghost rider rn maybe that's why i said that
CryingEevee OOC: ((i misread something as "my roommate is a hospital"))
Fellby: ((an entire hospital
CryingEevee OOC: ((yep))
CryingEevee OOC: ((... nom nom nom nom nom nom nom... yep, the old memes haunt me))
CryingEevee OOC: ((loituma, you spin me right round.))
CryingEevee OOC: ((the old memes are just piling up))
Fellby: ((welcome to the meme crypt
CryingEevee OOC: ((what is love, that's another one))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm surprised i haven't been rick rolled yet))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i found birdemic!))
: hybrid theory [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
: hybrid theory's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((bai))
: hybrid theory [] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
: (( z0r.de or meatspin
: (( i don't know which is worse
CryingEevee OOC: ((well z0r probs has meatspin))
: (( tru
CryingEevee OOC: ((so z0r))
: (( quick the last song you listened to is your signature sex move
CryingEevee OOC: ((umm, i don't know the title of it))
: (( "Crawling" ))
CryingEevee OOC: ((one time i saw one of those and it was "the approval"))
CryingEevee OOC: ((that was mine i mean))
: (( https://www.google.com/search?q=hybrid+theory
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
CryingEevee OOC: ((weegee found))
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm gonna stop being on z0r now))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Emb [Emb] joined chat.
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai))
Emb: ((ayy
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((succ
CryingEevee OOC: ((oh))
Emb: ((wait you're bloo
Emb: ((yay wb
: ((succ
: (( http://puu.sh/pOZbC/51249fb576.jpg
CryingEevee OOC: ((i'm now listening to carameldansen because it's stuck in my head))
: (( c.tb.'s new album is now 100% airplane crash-themed
Fanta: ((Lemme explain how free roam works
Fanta: ((Anytime I'm on, and I'm not doing something else, you can enter and do anything but story quests
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Emb: ((oh neato
Emb: ((i wasn't there for chapter 1, so is it okay if i kinda solo-free-roam what happened yesterday? or would it be better if you just told me what happened
: hybrid theory [] is now bloolooboyle [].
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Emb: (("There are two log files that we will need." *lists three files*
: (( i think it's time for dark-room creativity time
: (( time for more time
Emb: ((alright, hf
: bloolooboyle [] disconnected.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((What happened yesterday was the turkey fight, and mezza leading you into ch 2
Fanta: ((ALSO how is the battle system
Emb: ((ah okay
Emb: ((idk how the battle system is, i wasn't in i
Emb: ((it
Fanta: ((I'm tryna think of curves to put into the inf to make it more interesting
Fanta: ((K
Emb: ((mmm
Fanta: ((Status effects are gonna become a thing soon, so that could work
Fanta: ((Some enemies are gonna swap weaknesses mid battle based on mood
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Emb: ((sorry phone
Emb: ((alright
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Emb: ((oh gtg
Emb: ))bye hf
Emb: ((whoops
: Emb [Emb] disconnected.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] joined chat.
: ((heya
: ((Hi.))
Barchar: (bleeeehhh I don't like visiyors)
: ((sunny is trapped
Barchar: (not so much because I don't like people but because we have to spend all morning cleaning shit ul)
: ((in r/undertale discord Lyss is napping on her lap
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] joined chat.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((WHAT
Fanta: ((LYSS
: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Lyss is Shoe's gf
CryingEevee OOC: ((hai laharl))
: ((ik
: ((Aye))
Fanta: ((Shoe is just appearing out of thin air at this point and nobody's fucking caring
Barchar: (eh)
: ((/r/undertale discord - nobody cares about anything))
: ((Considering just RPing a brick))
: ((In the undertale discord))
Barchar: (Barchar walks in and talks about her shit)
Barchar: (and people are just like)
: ((A literal brick.))
: ((Amazing))
Barchar: ("huh")
: ((I fell asleep with my face to my couch))
: ((Now my jaw can't open all the way))
Fanta: ((http://imgur.com/a/43e5K
Fanta: ((Oh my god
Fanta: ((NO
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] disconnected.
Barchar: (she pretty much would be too)
Barchar: (I mean she can get in people's heads and shit but she wouldn't be able to know much)
Fanta: ((Still waiting on catsex
Barchar: (Barchar could very fun to read really)
: CryingEevee524 [CryingEevee OOC] disconnected.
Barchar: (read?)
: ((Wait, is it like a big mary sue fuckfest where everyone is OP?))
Fanta: ((Yes
Barchar: (play. There. I dunno wtf my brain was doing there)
Fanta: ((DELTA
Fanta: ((FUCKING
: ((DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR sounds like he's going for satire really))
Barchar: (she has to come to grips with this dimension where she's fucking useless as opposed to like)
Fanta: ((God I hope not because this is too good
Barchar: (you know a lesser goddess, practically)
Fanta: ((The others are not as op
: ((What if I brought in some kid that did nothing but praise the OP characters and call them ooo so strong etc))
: ((And fucking make it wo0rse))
Fanta: ((kek
Barchar: (well, it'd be worse)
: ((Cause it still sounds like theres OP in there))
Fanta: ((The others would still be op as fuck here
Fanta: ((Like I said, the death god cat is underpowered in that rp
Barchar: (jesus)
Barchar: (she just walks in and is like "Wow I feel inadequate all of the sudden.")
Fanta: ((Free roam opening soon
: (("Wow Delta FUCKING WARRIOR! My dick feels inadequate already!"))
: ((If nothing is happening, i'm considering free-roaming as Miyu to grab the shit we missed))
Fanta: ((Although technically you're starting chapter 2 so I'll need to finish up a bit of that map first
Fanta: ((By sparing Butterball you avoided the courtroom drama scene
Barchar: (what)
Barchar: (that's almost a shame a courtroom drama scene sounds fucking fun)
Fanta: ((You woulda got cat attorney simulator
Fellby: ((whoo sorry i went to take a shower
Fellby: ((and i got a brainwave about my fangame
Barchar: (im apparently not authorized to send messages in the rp thig)
: ((slarv when is chapter 2 happening))
: ((i need to know this))
Fanta: ((Not today, although you can free roam
Fanta: ((I mean, I'm starting it up so you can enter the forest and roam there too, but the story bits must wait
: ((i get that))
: ((but like))
: ((when are the story bits happening))
Fanta: ((idk
: ((that's what i'm talking about))
: ((fucking hell))
Fanta: ((not tonight because i have to video night
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((will it happen on tuesday))
Fanta: ((Maybe monday
: ((tuesday is when i plan to continue my arc so))
: ((i don't want the slarc ruining the date))
Fanta: ((k
Fanta: is being a slave
Hywel: -Hw fell asleep.-
Hywel: -He groggily wakes up.-
Fanta: she's petting then
Fanta: "Morning"
Hywel: "Good morning, Fanta."
: ((Fanta: By the way let's have sexual intercourse))
Hywel: -He looks tired still. And sick.-
Fanta: since she's accepted getting sick later she might give a flu blowjob
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Hywel: -Oh BOI.-
Fanta: "You don't look any shittier, that's good"
Hywel: "Yep..."
Fanta: did he fall asleep in his room or on the couch
Hywel: -The couch.-
Fanta: put a grape in his nose while he slept
Hywel: "..."
Hywel: -He forces it out.-
Hywel: "Ehat was that for?"
Fanta: not too far in
Fanta: "I missed"
Hywel: "I can hardly breath trough my nose as it is."
Fanta: "You had a whole other nostril to use, you were good"
: ((Flu Blowjob = AIDS)
Hywel: "No, you don't understand."
Hywel: "I'm sick, flem builds up."
Fanta: "Well shit, sorry"
Hywel: "It's fine."
Hywel: "Not like you knew, you're still new to being a normal being."
Fanta: "Yep.."
Fanta: "Wish I remembered how it worked, but it's been thousands of years since I had a body"
Hywel: "Right.@
Hywel: "What was your old body like?"
Fanta: "Like.. before I was an amalgam?"
Hywel: "Yep."
Fanta: "A normal Asriel, like AD"
Hywel: "Male?"
Fanta: "Yeah"
Hywel: "Surprised those cultists didn't do anything about that."
Hywel: -He shrugs.-
Fanta: "I dunno"
Hywel: "Id like you either way."
Fanta: smiles
Hywel: -He smiles back.-
Fanta: "Still the same person"
Hywel: "Yep."
Fanta: snuggles up
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Fanta: puts her head in his chest floof
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((You wanna sample the videos tonight?
Barchar: (I dunno how to get authorized for the rp room and I feel weird about asking for some reason)
Fanta: ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixztNrIFYMk
Fanta: ((Just one of the many quality shits
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: bloolooboyle [] joined chat.
: (( it's not "flem" it's "phlegm" ))
Barchar: (>tfw you don't know whether saying the word 'shit' in the ooc room of the undertale discord is gonna be a problem)
Fanta: ((It wont
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Barchar: (okay)
Barchar: (Like, they talk about staying safe for minors or whatever and I just dunno whether that means I gotta put a word filter on when it comes to the kinda shit I use all the time here)
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] joined chat.
: ((i wanna be part of the videos
: (( http://puu.sh/pP6Gr/61ec70d0de.jpg
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow's connection timed out.
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] joined chat.
: bloolooboyle [] is now SOUP CAN SWITCHBLADE [].
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fellby: ((what is soup can switchblade
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fellby: ((it sounds like a band i'd form in my garage
Fanta: ((Gary
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: (( soup can switchblade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwwldUF6TU8
: (( i would make one of those but i don't have a switchblade comb
: ((I searched up Bloo))
: ((I found this. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4LFZMX1zFqYUJIxvPAEQQrvD0LkBZ4k_1ZS91JyATKyxhVUad
: (( i remember that show
: (( that is not where my username comes from
Fellby: ((dude my band called soup band switchblade would play music like the song from the video
: ((i know))
Barchar: (oh hi bloo)
: (( the song from the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHQhR4CNLks
Fellby: ((ty
: (( if i find a band called "soup can switchblade" in the future
: (( this is where it most likely started
Fanta: ((let me tell u about catshipping
Barchar: (I've been told about catshipping)
Barchar: (i sat like this http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/007/958/datpyro3.png)
Fanta: ((kek
: ((i found bloo's dead reddit))
: ((https://www.reddit.com/user/bloolooboyle
: (( i've been trying to get the password to that
: ((i also find a page from 2005 talking about how "bloolooboyle" was a troll and shit))
: (( "bloolooboyle" comes from a martin scorsese film iirc
: ((ah))
: ((I also found a google group))
: (("Ping! Trev"))
: ((what the fuck))
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
: ((and another one
: (("Stone's ANY GIVEN SUNDAY"))
: (( you can stop looking at search results from my username now
: ((okay))
: ((https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=blCI7oWYfAE
Fellby: ((o boy flame
Fellby: ((you get to witness a delta fight
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
Barchar: (oh boi)
Fanta: ((OH
Fanta: ((OOOOOOH
: (( I gotta see this
Fellby: ((bara chara
: ((delta is a fucking admin))
Fanta: ((Delta is an admin
Fanta: ((So if you tell him he sucks you get band
Barchar: (i genuinely almost did that chime)
Barchar: (but i realized that it was not the best idea)
: (( I need to verify my discord kek
Fanta: ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXeb9cb6k0I music for delta fights
: ((somebody needs to say that delta is OP as fuck))
: (( I will
: ((Sacrifice yourself for the sake of humanity))
: (( Yep
: (( it's either that
Fanta: ((Bloo is the real wingman
: (( i'm taking one for the team
Fanta: ((CaU versus the entire /r/undertale discord
: (( I could either just say it to Delta's face
: (( or I could sneak diss with a less chance of getting banned
: (( "Delta is OP as fuck"
Fanta: ((Make it savage
Fellby: ((i mean i got sneaky with some jabs
Fellby: ((such as "anime is real'
Fanta: ((I've outright said the rp made no sense IC
: ((or you could have less of a chance of screwing yourself over and do it subtly
: (( time 4 savage sneak diss
: (( My username will be soupcanswitchblade
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] disconnected.
: (( i'm on
: (( i'm not really sure how to introduce a character, help
Fellby: ((me neither lol
: (( I want to say "how many of you enjoy riding delta's cock" ))
Fanta: ((Are you seeing this shit
: (( I'm just going to have someone appear out of the blue
Fellby: ((is this the stand thing
Fanta: ((I think so?
Fellby: ((yes
Fanta: ((OH MY GIOD
: (( oh my fucking
: ((WHY))
Fanta: ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXeb9cb6k0I INTENSIFIES
Fanta: ((WHY
Fanta: ((GOD WHY
: (( the thing i hate is how I have to go manually use a command to get access to participate in the cringefest
: Fanta [Fanta] is now DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [].
: ((Delta is an example of what not to do))
Barchar: (KING)
Barchar: (ARTHUR)
Fellby: ((JESUS
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] changed the topic to "Delta fucking warrior fanclub"
Fellby: ((delta has fucking mioljnir
: (( chime
: (( is lucy just
: (( there
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] joined chat.
Fellby: ((yeah
: (( like, a fucking enigma
Fellby: ((she does that a lot
: ((I just told Delta they're acting OP
: ((inb4 ban
: ((actually
: ((no
: ((1000 swords out of the sand))
: ((10/10
: ((they said they were "situational godmodding"
Fellby: ((...
Barchar: (...........)
Fellby: ((situational godmodding
Fellby: ((what. the. fuck.
: ((.....................
Fellby: ((yeah
: (( what the hell
Barchar: (also fighting with themselves.)
: ((i'm being as soft as possible
Fellby: ((and he gets away with it because he's a mod
Barchar: (because that's interesting. I guess.)
: (( so
: (( My first message in "#ooc" will be
: (( "I exist and I see someone fighting with themself"
: ((Delta is a fucking admin))
: (( "Is this normal?" ))
Barchar: (no, your firsty message was 'well')
: (( there
: (( now this is savage af
: (( i think
: (( Bionic_Dog - Today at 4:25 PM Hey, is it okay if I say something...? Don't get mad at me about this.
: ((KD | Senigrade - Today at 4:25 PM What is anger :^) Anyway, go ahead
: ((Bionic_Dog - Today at 4:28 PM Delta is kind of OP...
: (( KD | Senigrade - Today at 4:28 PM Situational godmodding is my game :^)
: ((this is the ACTUAL COVERSATION
: (( oh shit
: (( i'm being asked if slarvath invited me
: ((Guys stop fucking doing this shit they're catching onto me
: (( Bionic_Dog - Today at 4:37 PM Just... please, do not. [br]KD | Senigrade - Today at 4:37 PM Do not wat [br]Bionic_Dog - Today at 4:37 PM Godmod. [br]KD | Senigrade - Today at 4:37 PM It's situational godmodding. It's different from normal godmodding. Besides, I've been doing this since the server popped into existence ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: ((I actually wanna fucking rp there
: (( same
: ((And not get banned for bringing in people to shitpost
Barchar: (to be fair, I'm not shitposting)
Fellby: ((i'm not either
: ((I'm not.
: ((YEah
: ((except in #undertem where it's allowed
: ((But I thought bloo was gonna
: (( nah
: (( imma pull back
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Fellby: ((this is too funny to watch
: ((It is fucking hilarious
: ((I can't wait until I get to godmod all their asses
: ((With a literal god
: (( same
: ((And see how they react
: High Priest Laharl [] joined chat.
: ((I'm not shitposting))
: ((I'm being chill))
Fellby: ((if one of them doesn't die
Fellby: ((i'll have lucy go get thanatos
: (( how the hell do i introduce a character here
: ((Just say someone shows up
Fellby: ((and maybe shoe can follow him to the dead bodies
: ((they have an anydoor
: ((No, it needs to be an actual character
: (( what
: ((Shoe's used it before, just not on anyone that would be rped
: (( just literally out of the blue
Fellby: ((ah
: (( "A person shows up, ready to roast the fuck out of Delta" ))
: ((how do you get access to nsfw
Fellby: ((*stares at my character list, wondering who i can kill*
: ((Chime))
: ((Add 'situational godmodding' to the rules))
: ((yeah
Fellby: ((hell fucking no
: (([s]Gets around all problems with fighting rp with stat based fights[/s]
Fellby: ((HUH
Fellby: ((UAAAGGGH
: ((YES
: ((I
: ((AM
: (( [i][rapid facedesking][/i]
: (([font=Zapfino]FUCKING[/font]
Barchar: (THE DELTA A E S T H E T I C)
: (([font=Zapfino][i][u]SERIOUS[/u][/i][/font]
: (( slarv i'm taking your advice
: ((ftfy flame
Barchar: (S I T U A T I O N A L G O D M O D D I N G)
: (( [i]AESTHETIC[/i] ))
: (( Neither of us used our strongest attack during that fight. I sensed it.
Barchar: (i dunno what font that actually is)
Fellby: ((*throws her hands up*
: ((IKR!?
Barchar: (which i guess this rp is anyway BUT STILL)
: (( [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU8HrO7XuiE]for your pleasure and AESTHETIC[/url] ))
Barchar: ("How about we do a clash of raw power just for knowledge's sake" "Alright":)
: (( Time to bring in Rogue
Fellby: ((delta warrior destroys taco bell
: (( The godmodding greaser
: ((
: ((As resident Godmodder))
: ((Can confirm: DFW makes my Editor shenanigans look tame))
Barchar: (you're not that godmoddy laharl)
Barchar: (at least not as bad as this shit)
: ((laharl used to be godmoddy as fuck))
Fellby: ((at least your godmodding was charming
Barchar: (jesus I sometimes worry I'm godmodding with barcahr but this shit)
Barchar: (HOO BOI)
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] disconnected.
: ((But it was good godmodding
Barchar: (yeah, editor was fun)
Barchar: (delta here is just)
Barchar: (unbuttered bread)
: ((Laharl knows how to do godmodding [i]right[/i]
: ((I'm half tempted to say Editor got warped to a seperate dimension somehow just so I can add to the godmod party))
Fellby: ((oooh
Fellby: ((OOOOH
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] joined chat.
Fellby: ((and he's like "no dis is different gaise"
: ((I FUCKING [i]WISH[/i]
: ((I hope to god this is satire
Barchar: (i just)
Barchar: (if it is)
Barchar: (he's sure being subtle)
Fellby: ((nonono
Fellby: ((it's situational godmodding
: (( Should I say "// How many of you enjoy riding delta's cock" ))
: ((no please they think i invited you
: ((When delta's not there the rp is actually decent
Fellby: ((it is, i just don't know how to get in
: ((Welp, time to do something stupid))
: Mr. Sir's Summertime Roadshow [] is now BIO - リサフランク666  KILL  CHOP  DELUXE/ 現代のコンピュー [].
Fellby: ((who fucking suggested "situational godmodding" in the rule sheet
: ((Not me))
Barchar: (you, i'm pretty sure)
: A cart rolls into the bar.
Fellby: ((no i just got the email
: BIO - リサフランク666  KILL  CHOP  DELUXE/ 現代のコンピュー [] is now BIO - リサフランク666  KILL  CHOP  DELUXE/ 現代のコンピュー [].
Barchar: (mmn)
: ((i did
Barchar: (laharl)
Fellby: ((oh right i realize now
: ((just for satire's sake
Barchar: (oh did he just kill delta)
Barchar: (fun)
: ((I want to have Sunny fight DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR
: ((and win
: It's got a [url=https://store.playstation.com/store/api/chihiro/00_09_000/container/NZ/en/999/EP1063-PCSB00460_00-DEMONGAZEPSVD007/1439595412000/image?_version=00_09_000&platform=chihiro&w=225&h=225&bg_color=000000&opacity=100] girl[/url] behind it, that for some reason reminds you of a love-maniac angel that might've been here like 10 years ago.
Fellby: ((delta is ded
: (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YCN-a0NsNk
: (( OH MY GOD
Fellby: ((HUE
: The cart says 'Hugs, Free*' and underneath that, lists [sub]'Hugs are not actually free, 2 HL per hug, plus 10% tax.'[/sub]
Fellby: ((if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen
Fellby: ((shit something just happened in the basement
: (( OH BOY
: (( "//You're actually not far off on that starting date, Frisky//"
: ((Delta ragequit
: ((And I don't even get ded
: (( //RIP Delta 700,000,000,000 BC - 2016?//
: ((Jesus))
: (( "//You're actually not far off on that starting date, Frisky//"
Barchar: isn't here right now so she can't know why it reminds people of her
: (( "// I'm quitting the roleplay until it settles back down to 'normalcy' "))
: ((pfffffffft
Fellby: ((bitch without you it is normal
Barchar: (waiting for delta to leave just so i can actually say)
Barchar: ("did he just ragequit because we were making fun of him?")
: (( I said it
Fellby: (("git gud n00bs" lmao
: She'll be here for a while, the jar next to it, where she supposedly gets payed, is full. People are suckers for hugging the Sicily.
: (( i feel like we might have started this
: (( wait no
: (( i feel no guilt
Fellby: ((it feels like it's been a long time coming
: ((We did it
: ((We saved the world
: (( Did we do this
: (( We did this
: (( I tried to go savage on him right before he left
: (( "seeya wouldn't want to be ya"
: ((yeah))
Barchar: (I did it)
: ((maybe we can actually RP there now))
: (( We saved the fucking universe
: ((oshit
Barchar: ("Not this time, bucko")
: (( is he back
: (( Delta just got fucc'd
: ((slar
: ((I've been playing this on loop for an hour and it's still fitting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXeb9cb6k0I
Barchar: ("To be honest I've been planning on taking a break for a while")
Barchar: (*sniff sniff*)
Barchar: (Uh-oh)
: ((sunny comes from a timeline when Salvation Rangers exists
Barchar: (*bursts out in hives*)
Barchar: (I'm allergic to bullshit!)
: ((Lol, I just saw Sailor MoonxDisgaea fanart))
: (( And Crawling starts playing
: (( On spotify
: ((Laharl turns into a Sailor Moon girl))
: (( While I watch this mayhem subside
: ((It would be amazing))
: ((That kind of))
: ((Already happened))
: ((Laharl-Chan exists))
: ((She had a whole chapter where you played as her instead of Laharl due to magical curse))
: ((And uh, you can pass a bill endgame saying 'I liked the way I was before'))
: ((And turn Laharl back into Laharl-Chan))
Barchar: (what are these boodly-boops coming from discord)
: [font=Futura][color=#ff8800][sup]Tem[/sup]/[sub]Tem[/sub][/color][/font]
: (( i need help
: (( on how to get into this shitshow
: (( time to be the next delta
: (( jk
: (( http://nd-nethergallery.deviantart.com/art/Pretty-Pure-Disgaea-517703118 Fanart like this is made because of that. ))
: ((>When the /r/undertale rp gets a hint that MAYBE THE CAT WHO HAS BEEN MAD PEOPLE HAVEN'T DIED ISN'T A GOOD PERSON
: ((hey, it's still an okay RP
: ((Also, Disgaea has its own power-rangers joke too))
: (( do I just make rogue the greaser godmodder warp into the house
: ((Azzy's just been watching this in stunned silence
Fellby: ((i'm glad people are catching on
: (( http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/803fb3ad315f99202e62126c168e97f1/http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o168/vegadarkwind/Disgaea/0577pq.gif Demasses.jpg ))
: ((Inb4 Chroma Squad))
: ((guys delta's on new home what do
: ((Prism Rangers actually))
: (( roast
Barchar: (you don't really need to parody delta if he's already left)
: ((True.)))
: ((Chroma Squad is a really good game though))
: ((brb
: BIO - リサフランク666  KILL  CHOP  DELUXE/ 現代のコンピュー [] disconnected.
: She's still idly sitting at the cart, jar of money out.
: She's patient, she can wait to rack in the dough.
: (( I feel weird just making someone enter out of the blue
: (( Just say))
Fellby: ((but it's sunday
: Fellby [Fellby] is now Gaster [Gaster].
Gaster: walks into the bar.
: ((thatsthejoke.jpg))
: (( "[i]Rogue walks in. 'WHAT IS UP MY FRIENDS, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL WEDNESDAY'[/i]" ))
: The girl behind the cart just continues sitting there, idly adding extra details the words on it. And counting her cash.
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] disconnected.
Gaster: looks at the cart. "Excuse me, what' s this?"
: "...A business plan!" She says. The cart says 'Free Hugs*' With subscript underneath it detailing that the hugs are not at all free, and actually cost money.
: 2 G or HL, plus 10% Tax.
Gaster: looks at the cart. "Well... I could get a hug from someone for free, you know."
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: "..." She seems to think this over.
: "But can you get a hug from a young angel trainee with a really tough big bro, and said Angel Trainee might one day inherit overlord title?" She's pretty damn well-spoken for a kid.
Gaster: Well, no, but I could get a hug from my husband. Or children.
: "...Flonne said this would work better."
Gaster: Or my boyfriend, even, but I'm not sure how he'd feel about it.
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: Sicily, Flonne said everyone deserves a hug, not that you should use your abilities to make money off hugs.
: Then again, she's apparently got a lot of money from hugs.
: She just tries to think this out, she opens her mouth, and quickly closes it.
Gaster: So. Um. Sorry.
: "...Maybe selling cookies or something would work better." She says to herself, idly taking a dry-erase marker and wiping away the lettering.
Gaster: "Yeah, that's the ticket!"
: ((Am I just going to be forever known as the light blue guy
Gaster: ((yeah
: ((Taking advantage of the 10 year timeskip to explain something, after the events of the original disgaea, Disgaea D2 happens))
Barchar: (maybe if you CHANGED YOUR COLOR SOMETIMES)
: ((It's effectively a 'sequel' to Laharl's story, completely ignoring the dozens of other characters and going back to the roots))
: ((In D2, it's revealed:))
: ((Mid-Boss is Laharl's dad reincarnated))
: ((Mid-Boss married an Angel))
: ((Bow chickabow-wow happened))
: ((Sicily got born))
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Gaster: ((so she's like his half-sister
: ((Yes, a little-sister that constantly tries to get his overlord title from him, and generally acts like an annoying little sister))
Gaster: ((wow
: ((And by 'get'))
Gaster: ((it's like a regular sibling dynamic only with more murder?
: ((I mean 'bake big bro a pie' and then say 'Can I be overlord now'))
: ((No murder))
Gaster: ((ah
: She's got some sort of bow and arrow on her back, which is only visible while she tries to wipe up the wording.
Gaster: notices it.
: It's small, clearly meant for a child. Although those arrows look painful af.
: You get the feeling that Sicily isn't exactly going to be throwing around healing magic like a previous angel.
: ((In-game, Sicily works as a sort of combo of Flonne and Laharl))
: ((She gets Laharl's outrageous damage output, but all her skills are double-blunted))
: ((As in, if she hits an enemy with it, it hurts them, but if she hits an ally, it heals them))
Gaster: remembers the angel girl from 10 years ago... the one that got Mettaton attacked by a shark.
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: "...Would you happen to be...uhh..."
: "One 'Mister Gaster' that Flonne used to talk about?"
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Gaster: Actually, yes.
: By painful, I mean the arrows are BARBED. As well as coated in some kind of pink liquid, it seems to be letting off smoke.
: ((I saw something amazing))
: ((I'm at a con, and some guy was wearing a trash can))
: ((It had a sign that said "Undertale fandom."))
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jekon: (oi
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: "...Huh, nice to meet you."
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Gaster: It's nice to meet you too.
: ((My phone is gonna die))
: ((Run out of power, rather))
: "I'm Sicily, Sicily Vyers-Krichevskoy."
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Jeska or Jekon: (sad airhorn
: ((Rip))
Gaster: I'm Doctor Wing Din Gaster.
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: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: "...I know a Prinny named Wing." She idly muses, shoving the cart through the anydoor.
Gaster: Oh, really now?
: "Yeah." It's clearly just a random prinny name.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Although TECHNICALLY undertale characters and such could become Prinnies simply by dying in the Netherworld.
: So Laharl probably has atleast a few UT prinnies in his servant squad.
Gaster: smiles. "My family tends to take the names of fonts and such."
: "...Wierd. Big Bro is named after his Great Grandpa, and i'm named after my mom."
Gaster: shrugs. "That's normal."
: (( http://i.imgur.com/rJatOE3.gif Wanna feed the fish ))
: "...Is it? Wierd, Demons are usually named...other names."
: Random names are given to monsters and enemies.
: A couple notable ones:
Gaster: ((oh fucking hell
: Pappen, Laharl MK II, Buttsquad, Reach, and Reich
Barchar: bursts in. "IS SHOE HERE!?"
Gaster: No!
Barchar: "Okay good."
: Sicily jumps a bit, and on seemingly reflex, fires an arrow in Barchar's general direction.
Barchar: dodges it. "Rude."
: It just flies past them, imbeds itself in the wall, and slowly melts through the wall.
: "...Woops. I can pay for that."
Barchar: "Look, Shoe is PISSED apparently."
Gaster: Okay, yeah. That sounds bad.
: "Why are we talking about shoes?"
: "I've got some good sandals, +9 SpD."
: "Do you need those?"
: ((Shoe and Miyu should start a club))
: (('pissed that people won't go die'))
: It's now I'll explain how the shoe continuity works
: ((Miyu: I like lots of abuse and I cannot lie))
: The shoe in the /r/undertale rp is different from the one in the arc
: ((Miyu: This fucking bullshit can't deny
: He's the one you know and love
: The other one is new
: ((Miyu suddenly stops singing as everything turns to heavy metal))
Gaster: ((i figured as much
: Sicily is looking through her inventory.
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] disconnected.
: She tosses out a few items, a red scarf that was probably stolen from Laharl, what looks like Flonne's staff, and a pair of sandals.
: ((Wanna know whats a sort of plothole))
Gaster: ... Hey, uh... I don't think those are yours.
: ((In Disgaea Universe, Laharl reveals his scarf is actually a part of him, and shouldn't be taken off))
: ((In Disgaea D2, he takes off his scarf))
: ((What the fuck Nippon Ichi))
Gaster: ((rip
: ((Laharl rips off his skin))
: ((Easy explanation))
: ((I usually go with the Universe one, because it explains why HIS SCARF IS ALWAYS FLOWING IN THE WIND 24/7))
: "...What?"
: "Big Bro gave me that scarf, since he grew a new one."
: "And uhh...i'm borrowing Flonne's staff for now."
Gaster: Uh, okay.
: (( http://yinza.deviantart.com/art/Disgaea-Trick-or-Treat-491797009?q=gallery%3AND-NetherGallery%2F52184607&qo=29 When you gotta trick or treat at your reincarnated dad's house cause little sis wants to ))
: She tosses the sandals to Barchar.
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: awkward silence
Gaster: -ye-
: Sicily has finished her cart functions, and rolls it back in.
: She's got a plate of some kind of red sugar cookie on the front.
Gaster: inspects the cookies.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: They're...fine, I mean, they smell fine. Ever seen one of those peanut patties in grocery stores.
: ((The red sugar cookie tastes like homemade lava cookies
: Thats all red, with tons of peanuts and stuff in it.
: ((Gaster's status effects were cleared!))
: ((^
Gaster: ((well i'd have gaster buy one but
: Socially-Inept Bread [] joined chat.
Gaster: ((dinner's about to start
Gaster: ((so brbbb
: ((Seeya))
: Sicily just idly stays at her cart.
: Socially-Inept Bread's connection timed out.
: ((Sicily: I stole these lava cookies from an old woman))
: They aren't lava cookies.
: No words on whether or not she stole them form an old lady.
Barchar: did she find them under a truck where a mythical cat was rumored to be
: Watch your ass, mythical cats exist in Netherworld.
: ((ANYWAYS guys))
: ((Good news and bad news))
: ((Bad news first:))
: ((Reborn will have to be put on hold, as Episode 16 of the game is coming out soon))
: ((This could cause problems for a lot of shit))
: ((Namely, Ame sometimes likes to throw R2 into her plots, so I need to be ready to plan for that and to adapt so that the cause of said R2 is out))
: ((Alright))
: ((BUT))
: ((I will be instituting the thing I was planning for any scenario for when I can't Reborn))
: ((Mm?))
: ((It'll be a bit cause I won't allow people to join in mid-arc or shit))
: ((So I need to get everyone on whether or not they're in))
: ((Yeah))
: ((So basically Reborn will be post-poned until you finish Ep 16, but you will be doing the other thing you were planning))
: BIO - リサフランク666  KILL  CHOP  DELUXE/ 現代のコンピュー [] joined chat.
: ((Is that right))
: BIO - リサフランク666  KILL  CHOP  DELUXE/ 現代のコンピュー's connection timed out.
: ((Until AME finished EP 16))
: ((But yeah))
: ((Once I beat through that, when it's released, and catch all the plot))
: ((We're set))
: ((Allllrighty))
: ((Just a question, after the Reborn prequel ends, will we go through anything else related to Reborn or is that it for the region?))
: ((I'll have SOMETHING planned probably))
: ((But theres a large issue with that))
: ((In that i'm letting you guys keep the characters if you want))
: ((Mmm.))
: ((That would screw things up.))
: ((Unless you completely erased the characters you keep from the plot))
: ((Or trapped them somewhere))
: ((If anything, Anna would become the new Titania, and would be giving missions instead of her))
: ((Yeah.))
: ((Now, I want you to pick a region))
: ((Me? Am I special now?))
: ((lolno
: ((Sinnoh, Johto, Kanto, Unova, Kalos, or Hoenn))
: ((Aahhhhh))
: ((Laharl: Not Alola, that's racist))
: ((That's neat))
: ((If you're really fucking desperate))
: ((I can do a 'special' run))
: ((Using that region in Pokemon Ranger, if you feel like doing something different))
: ((Hell no))
: ((Basically, you wouldn't have Pokeballs, there would be no wild pokemon.))
: ((You'd have to exclusively steal pokemon from people you fought))
: ((You could take away 1 pokemon from each trainer you fight, etc))
: ((I would probably either choose Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn))
: ((Those are my three favorite regions))
: ((Goddamn, those are my three least favorite regions))
: ((Oh, fuck))
: ((Sinnoh is good))
: ((I would also go with Sinnoh))
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] joined chat.
: ((Its a vote))
: ((So eh))
: ((Unova
: ((jk hoenn is better
: [Free roam available]
: [And also a little bit of chapter 2]
: ((Yeah))
: ((I like Kanto because it's Kanto))
: ((Johto because you can knock out two regions))
: ((And Red))
: ((Hoenn because that was my first region I played through))
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] disconnected.
: ((Laharl, what if everybody votes for all of them))
: ((And we can be the fucking champions of all the regions))
: ((I'll fucking do it))
: ((It'll take a long-ass time))
: ((It would be amazing))
: ((And then we could also do the German region))
: ((What if we find another version of Relic in the fucking German region.))
Gaster: ((oh we're doing a vote?
Gaster: ((i'm gonna have to go with sinnoh or kalos
Gaster: ((sinnoh was the first pokemon game i had that was really "mine"
Gaster: ((but unova's where i got my favorite pokemon
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Gaster: ((wait kalos
Gaster: ((i meant kalos in that last one
Gaster: ((gdi all these regions i get them mixed up
Gaster: ((you know
Gaster: ((eventually i think they're gonna have to make a completely land-locked region
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((what if we vote for the alola region))
Gaster: ((bruh i'd yell at you since we've got like
Gaster: ((no details whatsoever
: ((right)
: ((it would be hilarious))
: ((I would like to do Sinnoh though))
: ((http://i.imgur.com/u94PVGf.jpg
: ((By the way Laharl, are you free Tuesday))
: ((That's when PMD happens))
: ((\_(._.
: ((Probably))
: ((Unless one of your sisters ram into a building you're okay, right?))
: ((Probly))
: ((About to load up Disgaea PC))
Gaster: ((I'd expect a slow day tomorrow, since it is a holiday
: ((I wanna see if the PC version is as good as my memory of the PS2 version))
: ((Yeah))
Gaster: ((that reminds me, i was gonna check to see if i lost a ton of progress in the sims or not
: ((Okay, you can do that))
Gaster: ((well first i wanna see if there's any corruption
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] joined chat.
: ((Frisky
: ((You wanna be a wingman and get your bois some items and maybe a fight or two
: Sure.
: * That was OOC
: ((Get in the reactor
: I'm here.
: ((We're going free roaming
: Disgaea's taking a long-ass time to install.
: ((You can too if you want
: ((Alright))
: ((Anyone can, ynaut
: DELTA FUCKING WARRIOR [] disconnected.
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: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: ((hi mv and smolapeño
Gaster: ((hi you two, we're doing freeroam in arc reactor
: ((^
Gaster: ((i'm making a backup of the sims hood and then doing a corruption check on it
Hellaton: ((yo
Hellaton: ((hold on
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Barchar: (heya mv and jal)
Smolster: (yo
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: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
: Jeska or Jekon [Jeska or Jekon] is now Yazan [Yazan].