Reborn: "The traitor is coming up soon, I can sense it."
Reborn: "We're going to need these..."
Karamatsu: ((Victoria: *does some sick spins*
Reborn: She continues on, and the room turns once more into a familiar lab.
Reborn: Sitting at the end is a familiar cloaked priest man, El...
Reborn: And on the other side is another familiar figure, 50% green hair dye and 50% douchecanoe. Fern.
Karamatsu: ... Ah? I should have known!
Reborn: Victoria sighs. "Why am I not surprised."
Reborn: They both turn around, and just nod to eachother, no use bantering.
Reborn: Except for Fern. "Oh look, it's Lil' Kiki and her pet. Wheres the funny fur suit this time, cool guy?"
Reborn: Victoria actually seems to flinch at the Kiki line.
Reborn: Nevertheless, she sends out her pokemon, El sends out his pokemon, as does Fern.
Reborn: Traitor Fern and High Priest El challenge you to a battle!
Karamatsu: growls. "IT WASN'T A FURSUIT!"
Reborn: El seems to finally have his Arceus...
Reborn: Except it doesn't seem to want to listen to him, heh.
: BIONIC_DOG [ ] joined chat.
: ((heya
Reborn: ((Heyo))
Reborn: Dragon tail seems to uhh...
Reborn: Knock Fern's pokeball into El's hand.
Reborn: They scramble for a bit to fix this mistake.
Karamatsu: laughs a little.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: [color=#884400][font=Marker Felt] Mi: -wheels into the bar, playing Animal Crossing. It's a wonder she actually keeps her town in such good condition.-[/font][/color]
: A [] joined chat.
: ((a-yy))
Reborn: Victoria gets hit in the crossfire of the fight, and scrambles back, clutching her arm.
Reborn: "Sorry Karamatsu-san! It's up to you..."
Karamatsu: glances back, before sending out his last pokemon.
Reborn: K-O
Reborn: Their pokemon fall back, unconscious.
Reborn: Fern smirks back, even though his serperior is down at his feet.
Karamatsu: punches his fist in the air. "I did it!"
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Reborn: "Yeah you did, cool guy, yes you did." And he kicks a button behind him.
: (( ayy
Karamatsu: No... we did it. Thank you for your help, Victoria.
MettatonSEX: ((hi im here
Reborn: "C'mon boss, lets get out of here..." And a loud beeping starts echoing throughout the area.
Karamatsu: ((hi im here i'm dad
Karamatsu: ... That's not good.
Alphys: (hello darling)
MettatonSEX: ((...
Reborn: Victoria smiles, but immediately frowns.
MettatonSEX: ((hi darling!
: (( [i][groans][/i] ))
Reborn: "...We have to go, now."
Karamatsu: ((... i screwed that up
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: (( isn't it supposed to be "hi here" ))
Karamatsu: nods, then helps Victoria run out.
Karamatsu: ((ye
: (( toplol ))
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Reborn: Victoria has an injured arm, she's still able to run, Fern and El must've gotten out.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Reborn: Within seconds of the duo getting out, the entire damn cave explodes.
Karamatsu: manages to pull off the "cool guys don't look at explosions" thing
: (( never forget
MettatonSEX: manages to enter the reborn line
Reborn: Victoria clutches her arm. "...I guess we did it?" They both manage to make it back to the Grand Hall, just in time to run into MTT.
MettatonSEX: Oh, hello everyone.
: (( discoton as boxbot would be like, 5'11-6'3 i'm crying ))
Karamatsu: I guess we did.
MettatonSEX: ((lol nice
MettatonSEX: ((metta as a box is 7'1"
: (( 1'7 different, so that... ))
: (( 5'4 oh my fuck ))
MettatonSEX: ((brb
Reborn: Victoria nods to MTT, and walks inside, Titania is waiting for them.
Reborn: "...I'm assuming, seeing as how you aren't dead, you did it?"
MettatonSEX: ((back
Karamatsu: nods.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: I... don't want to ask.
Reborn: Titania nods. "Alright, guess you'll need your mission rewards..."
Karamatsu: ((what if victoria and karamatsu walked back to the grand hall like this:
Reborn: Victoria is clutching her right arm and quietly nods to Titania. "Oreburghen-san, may I visit the hospitalized area?" Titania gives her a nod, and she walks over to a back room with a large medicinal + symbol on it.
Reborn: ((Make the one on the left bleeding from the arm and you've got yourself a scene))
MettatonSEX: ...Uh...
MettatonSEX: Did shit go down?
Karamatsu: puzzles over this sentence for a moment. "Yes. Shit went down."
MettatonSEX: Fuck.
Reborn: Titania steps out.
Reborn: "So I heard you've got an onix, and an arceus with a bit of a problem."
Karamatsu: nods.
: (( "Northern Downpour is great" ))
Reborn: "One." She tosses a metal coat to Karamatsu. "Go toss that and your Onix in a PC."
Reborn: ((Onix has evolved to Steelix. Same rules apply))
Karamatsu: nods. "I... Okay."
Reborn: "Two." She tosses some kind of...glowing shard object.
Reborn: "Feed that to the arceus, it should fix it's...typing problem."
MettatonSEX: ...
Reborn: [Karamatsu's Arceus can now use any moves that are legal on Arceus.]
Reborn: She looks at MTT.
Karamatsu: nods again.
Reborn: And tosses another shard object to them. "Seeing as how we'll need you to help out later."
Reborn: [Same for MTT too]
MettatonSEX: takes the shard
MettatonSEX: there goes my planned pixie arceus oh well
MettatonSEX: Thanks.
Reborn: Hey
Reborn: You can still give it a pixie plate
Reborn: It can just now use things other than Fairy moves.
: (( I need to incorporate old 50s slang into how discoton talks
MettatonSEX: Yeah but Arceus can't learn fairy moves
: (( "Okay, darling, I'll get that ready for you in a jiffy." ))
Reborn: Fuck it, MTT's arceus can use fairy moves <.<
MettatonSEX: ((thats cute
Reborn: Except Geomancy, sorry.
MettatonSEX: Okay, no problem
MettatonSEX: Geomancy aint my thing anyway
Reborn: [To balance that out, Karamatsu's Arceus now has access to any move of it's particular plae it needs.]
: (( "Darling, are you lighting up the tilt sign again?" ))
Reborn: "Now...well, you can either go find more things, or try and challenge some leaders."
Reborn: "Up to you."
Karamatsu: ((Kara's arceus was almost a pixie plate holder. Almost. He would have named it after his brother.
: (( OH MY GOD
MettatonSEX: ((HE SMOL in terms of mettatons
: (( IKR
MettatonSEX: ((average height for mettas is 8'7"
Reborn: [Challenge Gym Leaders] [Chat with Cain] [Attempt to check up on Victoria] [Go hunt for pokemon]
: (( a 6'11 mettaton ))
MettatonSEX: ((not including those under 1' or over 15'
: (( 10/10 best mettaton ))
Karamatsu: [Check up on Victoria]
Reborn: Karamatsu tries...
Reborn: And is blocked at the door by the Nurse Joy.
Karamatsu: Ah? What's wrong?
MettatonSEX: decides to fight a leader. Victoria isn't checkable right now.
Reborn: "Sorry Sir, we can't let you see a currently unconscious patient..."
Karamatsu: I.. what?
: (( ))
: (( "Darling, I'm very frosted right now!" ))
Reborn: "She on anesthetic, and we generally don't let people in to see people who are drugged higher than a kite."
Karamatsu: Mmmh.
Reborn: Victoria actually had all the bones in her hand practically shattered, she's just very, very, dilligent.
: (( she on anesthetic bitch i can't let u see that motherfucker mmkay bb? ))
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Reborn: There are new leaders
MettatonSEX: who
Reborn: Titania's door, with a honedge on it. Charlotte's door, with a Cigarette, and Shade's door is...changed.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Reborn: It's now simply got 'Bonus Fight' put on it in Comic Sans font
MettatonSEX: checks out Shade's room.
Frisk: ((Metta: oh no it's sanesss))
Karamatsu: follows him.
MettatonSEX: might have a bad time
Reborn: Shade is turned around immediately upon trying to walk in.
Reborn: "Need...more...badges...."
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Well okay, how many more?
Reborn: "Two..."
Frisk: ((Shade: 10000..))
Karamatsu: Right. Well. See you around.
Frisk: ((Metta: Well, fuck.))
MettatonSEX: Ok cool.
MettatonSEX: challenges Charlotte then
Reborn: Charlotte's gym is HOT.
Reborn: Like, literally.
Karamatsu: heads to Charlotte - frick i was gonna do that.
Onna: ((Am back
: (( Microton is now crying over a picture of converses ))
Reborn: The floor itself burns, lets hope your wearing shoes.
Reborn: Or are made of metal.
: ((heya
Onna: ((You now own a wearing shoes
MettatonSEX: Reminds me of home.
Karamatsu: 's shoes are covered in sequins. Why is he wearing those?
Reborn: Charlotte is in the back, leaning in a fold-up chair and smoking a cigarette. She seems a bit too young to be smoking.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
: (( "fuck da police" ))
Reborn: I mean, she's at most Titania's age...
Reborn: Likely younger.
MettatonSEX: ...Doesn't that give humans cancer?
Reborn: "Yep. It does."
Reborn: "But it's addictive, and it's one of the few things keeping me from burning down this entire prairie."
Karamatsu: I should probably quit...
MettatonSEX: ...
Reborn: She steps up, cracking her knuckles.
Reborn: "Well, I get it, ol' Tania sent you here to fight me..."
Reborn: "I warn you, my sisters are both E4, and one of them is an Ace Trainer. Awesome kind of runs in our family, no big deal."
MettatonSEX: No. Just wanted to fight.
MettatonSEX: ...Wow, arrogant.
Reborn: [Pyromaniac Teen Charlotte challenges you to a fight.]
Reborn: "I prefer the term 'firey'"
MettatonSEX: Fiery.
Reborn: (( Reminder we battle over here now ))
MettatonSEX: ((ye
: (( "Chef - Written and Directed by Jon Favreau" [i][leaves][/i] ))
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Onna's connection timed out.
Karamatsu: ((hey flame
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Onna: ((Ayy
Barchar: (hi ya anime trash. Jkchimeyouregreat)
Onna: the head is now in the hands of azalea, who is petting it
Reborn: Charlotte just smirks.
MettatonSEX: ...Ah, shit.
Reborn: "Come back later when you're ready to fight the hottest thing in Reborn."
Karamatsu: stands up. "Let me try."
MettatonSEX: I'm hotter than you.
Reborn: "And don't even use the 'i'm hotter' line."
Reborn: "Fuck."
MettatonSEX: Too late.
Reborn: She groans
Reborn: "Literally everyone does that! Even DECIBEL did that!"
Reborn: "Whatever, i'll fight the Kara kid."
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: does a death drop. "Yeah but I'm actually right."
Reborn: She tosses out her pokeballs again, whistling. "Lets go, fur-suit boy."
Karamatsu: ((karamatsu drinks tea as a child
Karamatsu: ((the kara-tea kid
Reborn: Karamatsu has become a legend as the kid that showed up to Reborn in a fur suit.
MettatonSEX: ((fUCK
Barchar: allows azalea to pet asriel
MettatonSEX: That's a kigurumi you fuck.
Reborn: "Tomato, Tomato, Kigurumi, Fursuit."
Frisk: ((Kara tries to act cool in front of a girl sipping on tea))
Barchar: is fairly confident she won't hurt him...any more than he was already hurting
Frisk: ((he burns his tongue
MettatonSEX: No...
MettatonSEX: They're not the same.
Barchar: (who the heckity is A)
MettatonSEX: Kigurumi is pajamas.
: [color=#884400][font=Marker Felt] Mi: -is in her box, plaing on her 4DS-[/font][/color]
Reborn: "No, my skin is my pajamas."
MettatonSEX: Fursuits cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
Reborn: [Challenge Sent]
Karamatsu: [where it at tho]
: (( A is A ))
Reborn: "I know, seriously, Florinia has told me already"
MettatonSEX: You do realize cold places exist, right.
: Erron [Erron] joined chat.
Onna: ((Char: I assume you speak from experience
Erron: ((YO
Onna: ((Ayy
Karamatsu: ( for reference, the kigu:
Frisk: ((10/10
: Onna [Onna] disconnected.
Karamatsu: ((oh shoot wrong window
Reborn: She smirks. "I have a condition due to being born in the middle of a housefire. I'm always hot."
Reborn: "Literally."
Reborn: "...And figuratively, of course."
: (( how does that even
: (( what
Reborn: ((Idk ask Ame))
MettatonSEX: Ehhhh, no.
Karamatsu: ... Ehhh?
Reborn: (( ))
Reborn: ((Something to do with legendaries and moltres and shit))
MettatonSEX: Figuratively, you're a six.
Barchar: (fucking WAT)
Reborn: ((And also, Charlotte is a model))
Barchar: (EVER)
: (( that's not how it works ))
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Karamatsu: -boy i hope you like rain-
MettatonSEX: ((fan: youre a 9 and im the 1 u need. mettaton: fuck you im a 10
: (( oh my fuck thunderstruck just started playing
: BIONIC_DOG [ ] disconnected.
: Onna [Onna] disconnected.
Karamatsu: smirks as stealth rock takes effect. "Rock on, baby."
Reborn: She just smiles.
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] joined chat.
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] joined chat.
Reborn: "A challenge! Heh, haven't had one of these in a while."
: Underwatch walks into the bar... [color=DarkGreen]Erron: "Hey everyone..."[/color]
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Karamatsu: A-ah...
Reborn: "Close, but no cigar."
: [color=#ff1c1c]Donald Trump: ((fuck [/color]
Reborn: ((brb food))
MettatonSEX: ((WHY
Karamatsu: ((gtfo donald
Erron: ((WAT
: [color=#fff]100[/color] [color=#ff1c1c]Donald Trump: (( fight me m8s )) [/color]
: (( fuck off ))
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Karamatsu: ((*slam dunks donald trump*
Barchar: "Is something wrong, erron?"
: [color=#ff1c1c]Donald Trump: (( *dies* )) [/color]
: (( congratulations chime ))
: (( you saved the fucking world ))
Erron: No... why?
Onna: ((
Onna: ((me_irl
Erron: ((Slarv pls
Barchar: "Your tone just seems rather depressed."
: (( Oh god I just came up with the idea of a character that's like ))
: (( "depressing" ))
Erron: [sub]Nothing new there...[/sub] Oh I'm fine...
: (( A character that comes from a world where they were sort of made a punching bag ))
Reborn: ((Have procured food))
Reborn: [Challenge Another Leader] [Talk with Trainers] [Visit Decibel]
Onna: ((Hopefully gonna beat OFF now
Reborn: ((If you can't tell, i've started getting serious with this gym leaders now))
: Erron [Erron] disconnected.
Karamatsu: ((ye
: (( One of my half-sisters was named Sierra. There is a truck made by GMC called the Sierra. ))
: (( Hmm. ))
Reborn: ((Send your H-Sister a message))
Reborn: ((Buy a Sierra and drive it off a bridge))
: (( ... ))
Karamatsu: ((Uh
Onna: ((Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Karamatsu: ((that's uh
: (( uh ))
Reborn: ((Show them all what you think of Sierra))
Onna: ((Quick fill the chat before they get back
Karamatsu: ((that's not a joke you should make here
: Loni Leyline's connection timed out.
: (( that's not really what i think of my half-sister, mate ))
Karamatsu: ((EGG? EGG? EGG? EGG? EGG? EGG?
Barchar: "...yku know that muttering something under your breath doesn't matter with me, Asriel. What's wrong?"
Reborn: ((
: (( CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br] CHEF[br]CHEF[br]))
Onna: ((gg
: High Priest Laharl [Reborn] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((thats not exactly rule two but pls dont joke like that
: High Priest Laharl [Reborn] joined chat.
Reborn: This is why I should stop trying to make mean jokes every now and then))
Reborn: ((I fuck it up and violate rules or actually offend people))
MettatonSEX: ((yeah just dont
MettatonSEX: heals mons then decides to challenge Titania
Reborn: ((I fucked up))
Karamatsu: decides to go after him.
Reborn: Titania is just waiting there.
MettatonSEX: ((at least u acknowledge ur mistakes
Reborn: "About time, I wondered when one of you would decide to battle me."
MettatonSEX: Yeah, ok, let's fight.
Reborn: "...Someone's in a hurry, gee."
Karamatsu: ((check out this pic of choromatsu:
: (( my nama chef ))
Reborn: [??? ??? Titania Challenges you!]
Onna: ((Thank you OFF for having healing moves that can fucking miss
Reborn: (( ))
Reborn: Rocks and spikes cover the entire field...
Reborn: The Skarmory just refuses to go down
Karamatsu: watches the battle... then makes a few substitutions in his team.
Reborn: She abruptly pulls out her aegislash, and starts using it as an actual sword and shield.
Reborn: "...Not bad."
Reborn: "But i'm afraid this is over."
Reborn: She just sighs and recalls her pokemon.
MettatonSEX: Your skarmory is hell.
Reborn: "I'll say, I didn't expect you to do that well."
MettatonSEX: Good job.
MettatonSEX: I didn't either.
Karamatsu: steps forward. "I'll try now."
MettatonSEX: heals and has to adjust his meme team
Reborn: "Alright, but i'm afraid this'll be the last battle for tonight..."
: (( shittydiddlesticks i fucked up my discoton drawing
Karamatsu: Ah... That's fine.
Reborn: (( ))
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
: (( my five-year-old sister kept calling mettaton a her and i was like "STOP" ))
Karamatsu: bites his lip. King's Sheild could be a problem.
Reborn: She just...home runs a shadow ball into the charizard.
Reborn: "Thats that."
Karamatsu: shrugs. At least he did better than Mettaton.
Reborn: She smirks. "Seeya later, fur-suit."
Reborn: [Reborn League is now closed]
Karamatsu: Hey, for the record...
Reborn: [Because Slarv wants to do things[
Reborn: "Yeah?"
Karamatsu: My brother's the furry. Not me.
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Reborn: "You came in furry pajamas.
Reborn: "You're fursuit kid from now on."
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Karamatsu: -The good thing about being an identical sexutuplet is that you can usually blame your brother.-
Karamatsu: Whatever.
Karamatsu: exits the leauge.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: exits league
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((bloo ill fight ur sister
: (( no i already did
Frisk: ((bloo i'll drown your sister))
: (( ._.
MettatonSEX: ((im still gonna fight
MettatonSEX: ((mettaton is strictly he unless hes doing drag
: (( everytime she calls metta a she i scream at her ))
MettatonSEX: ((and mettaton never canonically performs actual drag
MettatonSEX: (good
Frisk: ((metta wore a princess peach costume once))
MettatonSEX: ((yes
Karamatsu: is now in the bar.
: (( i neeeeeed a new name
MettatonSEX: ((he doesnt care when hes dressed as peach
Frisk: * She's probably just relaxing now at this point.
MettatonSEX: ((booby
Frisk: ((yes
Karamatsu: also goes to get a drink. Time to be a worthless NEET.
Karamatsu: ((oppai
Frisk: ((NEET is your new name))
: (( my sister looked at my current discoton drawing and she was like "legs" ))
Frisk: ((name your sister NEET))
: (( no fuck you ))
: (( actually ew no ))
Frisk: ((fuck you too))
: (( nah ))
Frisk: ((cool))
Frisk: ((i'd rather fuck myself than fuck you))
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Karamatsu: orders a beer.
: (( k ))
Onna: ((mfw dealing with the room's bullshit quiz for the ultimate items
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Reborn: ((They aren't really needed))
Reborn: ((A lot of the game is easy, I was able to breeze through it without even getting the ashley bat, and only one of the questions right))
Karamatsu: ((laharl's right, but they're nice to have
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Onna: ((well I got em so
Frisk: "Beer? What a classic."
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Karamatsu: smiles. "I am nothing if not a sucker for the classics."
Frisk: * She nods. "So that means that you would wear a suit, a bowtie, and go out kissing somebody's hand holding a rose in your mouth?"
Karamatsu: pauses. "Yup!"
Frisk: "Cool."
: Technicolor Frisk: Then at that moment, the blinding Frisk walks in. But not blinding. Yet.
Karamatsu: sips his beer.
Frisk: "It also appears you have a sucker for sweet shades, though."
Frisk: are a*
Frisk: * fuck
Frisk: ((have a sucker))
Frisk: ((oh no))
Frisk: ((sucking sweet shades
Frisk: ((oh god why))
Karamatsu: chuckles. "Right you are!" Is he slightly drunk already?
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
: Technicolor Frisk: "...?"
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Frisk: * She pulls out these big, expensive, tan sunglasses and puts them on.
MettatonSEX: went home
Karamatsu: OOoooh?
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] is now Hellaton [Hellaton].
Frisk: "Black shades, tan shades, or all shades?"
Gaster: is home.
Hellaton: enters the bar
Karamatsu: ... Black is cooler!
Frisk: ((Gaster: Darling, go the fuck to church))
MettatonSEX: Hi darliiiiing!
Frisk: ((Metta: no YOU go the fuck to church
Frisk: "Sure."
Frisk: * She pulls out black shades and puts them over the tan shades.
Gaster: "Hello, sweetheart!"
Frisk: "Better?"
Hellaton: sighs in relief.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: (( testing, this time minus the horrible rainbow text [/color]
Karamatsu: nods vigourously.
MettatonSEX: How are you?
Frisk: * She pulls out four more black shades and puts them on.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton walks in. Completely black. [sub]racist[/sub] [/color]
Gaster: ... Okay.
Frisk: "Now, watch this part closely."
Frisk: "Okay?"
MettatonSEX: Is something wrong?
Karamatsu: leans in close. Frisk can smell the alcohol on his breath.
Gaster: I saw the book.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: Oh no. What happened?
Frisk: * She winces a bit from the smell, but the shades are obviously covering her eyes so Kara wouldn't see her wince.
Frisk: * She then begins pulling off all the shades dramatically.
Gaster: FFrisk came out of the book. Also, it escaped from Compiler's library.
Hellaton: sits on the couch, happy to be away from Dead Papyrus. He's still not over the shit from his past.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
MettatonSEX: Oh no.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: Is FFrisk okay?
Karamatsu: Oooooh! So cool!
Gaster: She says she is, but I don't believe her.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton sits on a chair, entering mirror-mode.[/color]
Karamatsu: staggers over to Discoton, and combs his hair.
Reborn: ((Y'know, seeing as how I plan on using her a lot))
Reborn: ((And theres still fighting to be had))
Reborn: ((Imma say fuck it and make FFrisk some stats))
Frisk: * She puts all the shades away.
MettatonSEX: Mmh... I hope everything turns out alright. -He bends over, hugging Gaster close.-
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Karamatsu can see his own reflection while standing in front of Discoton. Until he fades into a solid black. "Uh.....h--hello?" [/color]
Gaster: - He hugs his husband close. "Me too."-
Karamatsu: Uh... mirror...
Karamatsu: 's accent is beginning to become heavier and heavier.
MettatonSEX: Everything usually ends up okay,,,
Frisk: * She scoots over to Hellaton. "Greetings!"
Hellaton: Ohhh! Hehehelllo, Friririsk!
Hellaton: Sosorry, you sttttartled me ththere.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton goes back into mirror-mode. "...[sub]sometimes mirrors....are the only...reason why people want to see me anymore.....[/sub]" [/color]
: (( I've started to put random long pauses in the middle of my sentences now ))
: (( Sometimes I can see people get annoyed when I talk to them now ))
Frisk: "It's fine!"
Frisk: "I can see why somebody would be startled if somebody, just.. scoots up to them."
Hellaton: Hhh.. Yeyeyeyeyeah.
Karamatsu: just flat-out hugs Discoton. "You... you are nice."
Karamatsu: -That's all the english his drunk mind can manage.-
: [color=#fff]Discoton: "What the fuck?!" [/color]
Hellaton: ...
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Frisk: "Err."
Hellaton: would say a thing but he decides against it
Karamatsu: MEANT to say "You're very nice." Obviously it doesn't go over well.
Frisk: "I won't comment on that."
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Karamatsu: awkwardly lets go.
Hellaton: Thhhhat wowoukd be nice.
Hellaton: *would
Onna: ((Oooooh
Onna: ((So this is the bonus boss?
Hellaton: ((did u go to zone zero
Karamatsu: ((who?
Frisk: ((Zone Fuckyou))
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton just looks at him, trying to hide. This time he actually manages to appear invisible. However the fuck I can explain that i dont know [/color]
Karamatsu: O-oh? You're gone!
: [color=#fff]Discoton: He tries to stay silent. Then he gets up and moves to the couch.[/color]
Karamatsu: W-where did you go? What?
Frisk: * She looks to Discoton. "Welcome to the couch."
Frisk: * wait
Frisk: * nm
Frisk: * retcon
Frisk: * fuck you frisky
Frisky: * fuck you too
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Then, a dark purple Discoton fades in. On the couch. Now Frisk can greet him.[/color]
Hellaton: shrieks, backing up onto Frisk and probably pushing her back a bit
Frisk: * She gets pushed a bit, but she doesn't mind. She looks to Discoton. "Welcome to the couch."
Reborn: ((I'm gonna make FFrisk be entirely based on giving status effects))
Hellaton: goes wide-eyed. Things coming out of nowhere are NOT good.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: "Oh.....uh...hi...." He looks at Hella. "I'm so...s-sorry!"[/color]
Karamatsu: hears someone scream and screams as well.
Hellaton: has to take in the fact that, no, this isn't a cousin, and calms down. "Iiiiiiiiit's....... iiiit's fififine. Just plplpllllease don't ddddo that..."
Frisk: "Welppity doo, this is gonna be a weird night."
Frisk: ((woop dee doo! welppity doo! fuckayou, dude!))
: [color=#fff]Discoton: "I...I...won' that anymore...."[/color]
Karamatsu: looks around. "Do we have karaoke here? That's fun!"
Hellaton: Thannnknk yoyoyou.
Frisk: * She looks to Karamatsu. "Well, we have a jukebox."
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton is fucking short. Compared to Hella.[/color]
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Hellaton: so is everyone except mettaton
Karamatsu: Good enough!
Hellaton: I'm sssorry for scrrrrrrreaming.
Frisk: "You can probably play songs from your homeland on there, too."
Karamatsu: stumbles over the the jukebox. He has no idea how to operate it.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: "'s....fine."[/color]
Frisk: ((karamatsu presses a bunch of buttons))
Karamatsu: just slams those mother fucking jukebox buttons.
Hellaton: shakes a little as he sighs, the artificial breath helping him calm down.
Onna: ((Beat sugar
Hellaton: ((sweet
Karamatsu: ((was it a piece of cake
Onna: ((Easy money
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton has had the black-to-pink gradient on his hair this whole time. Except for when he was invisible.[/color]
Onna: ((Now I am level 20
Reborn: ((Are FFrisk's stats OP, I tried to make her based on reliably handing out status effects))
Hellaton: .....Um... yyyyyyyyyyyyyoyoyoyoyour hair is... ittttt's vevery pretty.
Reborn: ((But not doing much in terms of damage))
Reborn: ((Infact, she has no damaging moves whatsoever, the Storybook skill is just there so she has something to do on the odd chance she's managed to land all these 25% and 50% chances and crap))
Frisk: * does music play from the jukebox
Frisk: * or is kara doing nothing but mashing buttons
: [color=#fff]Discoton: ""[/color]
Karamatsu: -There's finally a song!-
Frisk: * She watches Karamatsu, somewhat amused from all of this.
Hellaton: kind of just. Flops over on the couch.
: [color=#fff]Discoton: Discoton just sits there.[/color]
: High Priest Laharl [Reborn] is now High Priest Laharl [FFrisk].
FFrisk: She...sits down on the couch. Holy hell when did she get here?
Karamatsu: -Sublime's What I Got starts blaring through the bar. Kara sings along surprisingly well.-
: (( ayyy sublime ))
Karamatsu: ((what a sublime choice, am i right?
: (( damn right
Hellaton: ...
: [color=#fff]Discoton: "..." [/color]
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] joined chat.
Frisk: ((ayy sublime))
Onna: ((Ok so who the fuck is this bitch I just killed
Onna: ((I assume vader eloha?
Onna: ((or something?
Onna: ((I have no idea what's going on
Karamatsu: ((the queen?
Onna: ((The queen, I assume
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Frisk: "Huh."
Frisk: "Neat."
Karamatsu: ((if it's a lady with no face in a long white dress, then yeah, it was vader
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Onna: ((Yup
FFrisk: ((Batter is classy))
FFrisk: ((Infact, so classy))
Onna: ((...
FFrisk: ((He'll pound you harder than his wife and infant son if you ask))
Onna: ((Why am I killing a baby now
Karamatsu: ((why do you think you're killing the baby?
FFrisk: ((You have to purify the zones, you know this.))
Frisk: ((do you know who the baby is))
Onna: ((Batter's kid?
Karamatsu: ((Kiiiind of.
FFrisk: Wide Angel.
FFrisk: Wide Angle.
Frisk: ((well))
Frisk: ((sort of))
Onna: ((Too late, already killed it
Karamatsu: ((you don't even know his first name
FFrisk: ((DAMN))
FFrisk: ((I atleast spent a couple minutes guarding and shit))
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
FFrisk: ((Before I pounded Batter's infant son into a bloody meat pulp))
Onna: (("What have you done, Daddy?"
Karamatsu: ((LMAO
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk: ((LOL))
Onna: ((Oh shit who to side with
Onna: ((Fuck you judge
Frisk: ((lol wow))
Frisk: ((i would personally side with the judge))
Frisk: ((look at batter just))
Frisk: ((eating his infant son and his wife's meat in a double cheeseburger))
Onna: ((Dead judge
: Loni Leyline's connection timed out.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] joined chat.
Onna: ((I don't get it
Frisk: ((what))
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk: ((do the judge's ending))
Frisk: ((NO
Frisk: ((switch those messages
Onna: ((k
Frisk: ((just)l
Frisk: ((do the judge's ending))
Karamatsu: is drunkenly humming along to whatever's come next on the jukebox.
Frisk: * Suddenly..
Frisk: "Damn it."
: (( fuckgtg
Hellaton: falls off the couch at that veeeeery subtle opening
Frisk: ((bye
Hellaton: ((cya
: A [] disconnected.
: Loni Leyline's connection timed out.
Frisk: "Hellaton, are you okay?"
Frisk: "A song."
Frisk: "A horrific, horrendous song."
Hellaton: AAAAAA
Frisk: "Uhm."
Frisk: "Hellaton, please calm down."
Karamatsu: is singing along. How does he know all the words?
Hellaton: It jjjjjjujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujust... I ddddddddddddon't like sudden noises.
Onna: ((Oh
Onna: ((Fuck you hugo
Frisk: "Oh, got it."
Onna: ((So its hugo
Onna: ((Thank you msparp
Karamatsu: ((hugo boy
Frisk: ((
FFrisk: FFrisk is cringing at the couch
Frisk: ((10/10
Hellaton: nods, eyes wide and the irises shaking rapidly. He's... gonna need some time.
Karamatsu: -Time to get the drunk out of the bar, then.-
Frisk: "Do you need any help to get back up?"
Hellaton: ...........
Hellaton: I... I ssssshshshould be fine.
FFrisk: ((*Go on showdown*))
: Karamatsu [Karamatsu] disconnected.
Frisk: "If you say so."
: Karamatsu [Karamatsu] joined chat.
Hellaton: uses the couch to pull himself up, looking and sounding as if he's breathing heavily, but he isn't.
FFrisk: ((*Ctrl+f to check server list if Geotal is there*))
FFrisk: ((*Isn't((
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
FFrisk: ((*Still don't say anything, not sure its safe yet*))
??: -A young man in pink walks in. He looks just like Karamatsu. "Ah... there you are, Nii-san."-
FFrisk: ((>Completely change leagues))
FFrisk: ((>Hope old league doesn't recognize my team))
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Onna: ((...
FFrisk: ((>Why the fuck am I doing this I just want to play pokemon in a league))
Hellaton: stops shaking.
Hellaton: ((heh, off
Frisk: * She looks to the pink person.
Frisk: ((heh, jack OFF))
: Onna [Onna] disconnected.
Hellaton: looks to the pink man.
??: -He scoops up his older brother, who pats him on the face.-
Karamatsu: T-totty...
Karamatsu: Sweet innocent Totty...
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "Err."
Todomatsu: "Come on, Karamatsu nii-san. You know you don't hold your liquor well, why'd you drink away from the rest of us?"
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Karamatsu: -There's a pause.-
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Karamatsu: 'Cause I wanted to.
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Todomatsu: "Honestly, you're so embarrassing sometimes!"
Frisk: ((Karamatsu: fuck you -shades turn into a pistol- Todomatsu: oh shit))
Hellaton: wouldn't disagree
: Onna [Onna] disconnected.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Todomatsu: -He spots the others. "Ah, hello. Sorry about my brother here."-
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: ...Iiiiiiiiiiiit's... it's alririright...
Frisk: "Oh, it's fine."
Frisk: "Who are you, by the way?"
Frisk: ((
Todomatsu: "Todomatsu! Todomatsu Matsuno!"
Hellaton: ...Hhhehello...
Frisk: "Oh! Nice to meet you, Todomatsu. I'm Frisk."
Frisk: ((Todomatsu: You have a weird ass name.))
Hellaton: I'mmmmm... I'm Hellatonnnnnnnnnn.
Frisk: ((Frisk: I was waiting my entire life for somebody to say that.))
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Todomatsu: -The young man bows... dumping his brother onto the floor. He stands up straight. "Oops!" he says with a downright CUTE giggle.-
Hellaton: ...
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Karamatsu: Totttttyyyyyy..... you rotten monster...
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Frisk: "You should help him up."
Todomatsu: "Yeah, I should."
Todomatsu: -He bends down and picks up Kara by the hood of his sweatshirt.-
Onna: ((Ah, thank you translators
Onna: ((That's a pretty fucking big thing to fuck up
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: ((Ah, thank you translators))
Karamatsu: ((It was
Karamatsu: ((I presume you got the first translation then
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Frisk: ((They slipped up because translating shit is shit))
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Todomatsu: -He then hauls his brother up so that he's riding piggyback. "Alright! I'll be going then!"
Frisk: "Seeya."
Hellaton: ...Gggooooodbybybye...
Frisk: * She waves farewell.
Onna: ((Yes swapping someone's dad to their son tends to be a fuckup
Karamatsu: ((to be fair the line is "i won't let you lay a finger on the son who brought us into the world"
Todomatsu: -Totty hauls his drunk brother out of the bar and into the gaston timeline-
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
Janus: ((hello everyone
Janus: ((y'all ready to cringe?
: Karamatsu [Karamatsu] is now Gaster [Gaster].
Gaster: ((not really
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Janus: ((oh
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Gaster: ((are we ever ready to crunge
Gaster: ((... I meant cringe
Janus: ((Just google image search "meme"))
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Gaster: ((well i could have told you that
Onna: ((Hey b
Onna: ((Look at this
Onna: ((Shit
Janus: ((I love it
Onna: ((I thought I still had the picture
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Gaster: ((what a wonderful gift slarv
Janus: ((He's screaming very quickly.))
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Onna: ((
Frisk: ((part horse part goat
Hellaton: ((boop the snoot
Janus: ((now take off its clothes and post to /r/tulpasgonewild ))
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Janus: ((It'll be a hit))
Onna: ((I think they are in fact removable
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Frisk: ((try it
Onna: ((But I'm not gonna test that
Onna: ((For fear of ripping shit
Frisk: ((oh ok
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Janus: ((>ripping
Janus: ((lenny
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] joined chat.
Hellaton: goes back to sitting on the couch
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Gaster: walks into the bar since he's got nothing else to do.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Loni Leyline: ....h...ello
Hellaton: Hhhhihihi Gaster...
: Onna [Onna] is now Dead Sans and Pap [Dead Skellies].
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Dead Skellies: both enter the bar, "think this is it, pap"
Gaster: ... Ah, right.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Janus: -enters, very [s]hot[/s] [s]high temperature[/s] full of thermal energy-
Hellaton: ......
Loni Leyline: awkwardly and shyly looks at hellatob
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Janus: -wood nearby begins to catch on fire-
Hellaton: looks at Loni, and importantly, away from Papyrus
Frisk: "Greetings, papa."
Hellaton: ...Hhhhehehello...
Gaster: Hello again, frisk.
Timor: [font= Arial black]YOU NEVER TOLD ME THERE WAS OXYGEN HERE![/font]
Janus: -dashes right back out-
Frisk: "Uh."
Loni Leyline: covers her face a bit," are.......
Hellaton: ....
Hellaton: I cccccan't.... describe ititit.
Janus: -re-enters, at room temperature this time-
Hellaton: Um. Yyyoyoyou're Loni? Riririiiight?
Dead Skellies: "SO, WHO ALL IS HERE?"
Frisk: ((The anus is at room temperature))
Loni Leyline: is not the most pleasabt thinv to look at
Frisk: "I'm here."
Loni Leyline: nods her head
Janus: ((That's one cold-ass ass))
Loni Leyline: ....yes
Gaster: I'm here, Papyrus.
Loni Leyline: Im .....jagers sister
Hellaton: ...Oh......
Janus: ((what's with all the dead characters, slarverino?))
Hellaton: ...I'm Hehehellatonn.... d-ddddo yoyou remember... from the... the fufusion?
Loni Leyline: nods
Loni Leyline: the....big robot?
Hellaton: Yyyyes...
Dead Skellies: ((Part of le arc
Dead Skellies: "..."
Loni Leyline: you were.....really.....nice
Janus: ((*l'arc
FFrisk: FFrisk quietly coughs.
Dead Skellies: Both the skellies just stare in the direction of frisk
Frisk: ((Hellaton: Wwwwhoo knew ttthat yyyyour that wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnkkkkeeeerrrrr's sistet))
Hellaton: I'm sorry fffofofor hurting you, iffffffff I d-- whhhhhhat?
Janus: ((lern2french
Frisk: ((laharl
Hellaton: You..... yyou ththink I'm.... nice?
Loni Leyline: shyly nods her head
Gaster: ...
Dead Skellies: "You.."
Gaster: Frisk...
Frisk: ((why does that exist
Timor: [font= Arial black]So that's why you all need it so cold.[/font]
Frisk: "Uh."
Janus: ((fetishes
Hellaton: gives a soft, weak smile. "Thhhhhhat memememeans a lolot..."
Frisk: "I personally didn't do anything."
Janus: ((you don't know true pain until you see Sans inflation art though))
Frisk: ((i've seen that before))
Frisk: ((i threw up blood))
Janus: ((ok frisk knows true pain
Dead Skellies: ".....
Janus: ((let it be known
Loni Leyline: makes some kind or acknowledgeing noise
FFrisk: FFrisk is once again just...near the group.
FFrisk: Goddamn she's quiet. And near impossible to notice now for some reason.
Hellaton: ((you dont know true pain until you see mettaton scat art
Frisk: "This is not the human you're looking for."
Hellaton: ((robots dont shit
Frisk: "I'm a nice person."
Loni Leyline: ((in mgs4 they piss
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Hellaton: ((ok but this aint mgs4
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
FFrisk: FFrisk watches this. "..."
Gaster: She's right.
Janus: ((imo temmie scat art is worse
Frisk: ((B I found Sans inflation art
Dead Skellies: "well... if dad trusts you..."
Frisk: "I'm his adopted daughter, actually."
Hellaton: ((at least temmies are animal based
FFrisk: ((WELL MEMED))
Loni Leyline: is a 14 year old goat girl with a lot of medicial issues and its apparent. Bald head, shaven spots, surgical sites, and somw deformities btw
Janus: ((but temmie is... temmie))
Janus: ((Y'know?
Hellaton: .....Sssssssssssorry if Iii... if I huhuhurt you...
Loni Leyline: (thank fuck thiz aint mgs4. hated that game
FFrisk: [sub]“How puzzling all these changes are! I'm never sure what I'm going to be, from one minute to another.” [/sub]
Janus: ((Of course, canonically monsters don't shit.))
: Anonymous [Annon] joined chat.
Hellaton: ((exactly
Janus: ((my monsters shit though
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Dead Skellies: both sit on the couch
Loni Leyline: (monstera dont fu k either canonwise
Janus: ((What about succ though?
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Annon: ((well... lets find out
Hellaton: moves far away from the couch.
Gaster: sits at the bar.
Janus: ((brb emailing toby
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
FFrisk: FFrisk just moves about the room, following the group silently. It's hard as hell to notice her just leaning in the corner unless you're looking for her.
Loni Leyline: looks sad and scared now
Dead Skellies: Sans rubs his head, Pap looks a bit pained as well
Annon: ((and after the joke part reword the email very professionally
Frisk: "Are you two okay?"
Hellaton: shakes his head.
Annon: ((but we already know that sans and blow and suck
Dead Skellies: "yeah.. just got a headache is all"
Frisk: ((Sans pulls out a machine gun))
FFrisk: To remark, FFrisk is a monochrome girl, black and white, with shades of grey.
Frisk: ((Sans kills Frisk))
Gaster: freezes.
FFrisk: To be hidden with that coloring is just...well it's spooky as fuck.
Frisk: "Uhm.. alright."
Hellaton: is in a corner, not looking at anyone.
Janus: ((S U C C ))
Loni Leyline: walks over to hellaton and tugs his hand
Frisk: ((Gaster: ugh))
Hellaton: !
Hellaton: ((no
Loni Leyline:
FFrisk: This corner is getting very crowed, Hellaton at this point very likely is right infront of her, as she was in the corner before.
Hellaton: looks to Loni. "....Nnnnnnnnno."
FFrisk: "..."
Loni Leyline: ...oh...
Hellaton: there are four corners
Dead Skellies: Pap winces, rubbing his head
FFrisk: One of them is behind a bar, so three.
Hellaton: is in the one furthest from the couch
FFrisk: And the other one is taken up by a jukebox.
FFrisk: Meaning there are two corners available, wierd.
Gaster: is staring at his sons, wary.
FFrisk: FFrisk is silently watching all this.
Janus: ((when u bust a meatball but she still slurping ur noodles ))
Dead Skellies: Pap's eyes turn red, Sans' soon follow
Loni Leyline: hugs hellas hand
Frisk: "..."
Frisk: "Oh dear."
Gaster: No.
Gaster: Nonononoononono
FFrisk: ((Note Slarv, I added FFrisks stats a few hours ago))
MettatonSEX: -enters right there-
FFrisk: ((Don't know if you've looked over them yet or not))
MettatonSEX: ...Ah fuck.
Janus: -just looks around-
Frisk: [sub]"Fuck.."[/sub]
Dead Skellies: ((Kewl
FFrisk: ((It's just entirely status effect strats so eh))
Frisk: * She's like
Frisk: * right next to sans and papyrus
Frisk: * because she's on the couch
MettatonSEX: Gaster. You don't have to do this.
Dead Skellies: They stand up, Pap raises an arm, the corner with everyone in it is shot with bones
Frisk: * o deer
FFrisk: FFrisk steps up and gets boned.
Frisk: "Oh no."
Dead Skellies: Hella takes 200 damage, FFrisk takes 200 damage, Loni would take damage if she had stats
Gaster: PAPYRUS!
FFrisk: [sub]Well that's quite rude...[/sub]"
Hellaton: looks to see that Papyrus attacked him. He falls to the ground. He's nit dealing with this shit.
Janus: ((Hey Slarv
Hellaton: *not
Gaster: freaks the fuck out.
Dead Skellies: ((wut
: Hellaton [Hellaton] is now MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX].
Janus: ((There is a Nerf Gun called the N-Strike Elite Sonic Fire Blazefire))
Janus: ((just thought you ought to know
MettatonSEX: looks to the group. "Oh shit..."
Annon: ((awfok combat RP again. man that seems like some good shit
Dead Skellies: ((Yay
Frisk: "I have a real bad feeling about this."
Janus: -blinks-
MettatonSEX: goes NEO, with the hand, because that shit has stats.
Janus: ((Does Janus have stats yet?
Dead Skellies: They both speak in unison "I told you I'd be back"
Dead Skellies: ((Nope
Dead Skellies: ((Gotta make em yourself daddy
MettatonSEX: YOU A
Gaster: You... you ASS
Annon: ((and who da hell is janus
Dead Skellies: ((The sheet's editable now
Frisk: "You ass."
Dead Skellies: Sand and Papayroos attacks!
Janus: ((Ah
FFrisk: FFrisk will...fight isn't a good word, defend?
Frisk: * she will fight
MettatonSEX: will "fight"
Gaster: ((hey slarv
Loni Leyline: somehow didnt get hit cuz I dont have time to rp
Frisk: * "fight"
Frisk: * yeah right
Dead Skellies: ((Ye?
Gaster: ((does gaster need to be in the fight to get the mercy condition
Dead Skellies: ((No... but there could be a second one if he does
FFrisk: "...I'm sorry..." She steps up to defend.
Gaster: will fight.
Dead Skellies: ((Could be
Hellaton: -is on the floor, paralyzed in fear-
Dead Skellies: ((Imma ask you now, would you prefer either ending? Because this is pretty important to gaster's motivations and shit
Dead Skellies: ((Because I can BREAK him now, if you want
FFrisk: "...I shall show you [sub]hos[/sub][sup]pi[/sup]tal[sub]ity[/sub]"
Janus: ((Just thought you ought to know that I can't have MSPARP AND the sheet open at the same time.))
Gaster: ((I'd prefer they be saved
Dead Skellies: ((Ok, I can write them in if you give them to me
Jäger Leyline: -comes out from the bathroom abd picks up loni
Dead Skellies: ((Alright
MettatonSEX: uf
Hellaton: -would be crying if he could-
MettatonSEX: ((ignore that uf thats not canon
Dead Skellies: Gaster, Metta, Frisk, and FFrisk enter battle
: Dead Sans and Pap [Dead Skellies] is now Battle! [].
MettatonSEX: [SPARE]
Jäger Leyline: -leaves with loni tries to pull hella with her
Frisk: [SPARE]
FFrisk: She just stands next to Frisk, a platter of tea out.
Gaster: [SPARE]
FFrisk: [...Spare...]
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
: Papyrus hits frisk with bones, as does sans
: It does 400 damage - DEF
Hellaton: -is 997 pounds he aint moving-
Frisk: "Rude!"
: What will you do?
Gaster: ((gaster: YOU'RE BOTH GROUNDED
FFrisk: ((Slarv do you just want me to handle FFrisk passive regen so you don't have to constantly add +50 HP to her))
MettatonSEX: we all fuckin spare
: ((That would be kewl
Loni Leyline: is taken away by Jager. gtg
MettatonSEX: ((cya
: Loni Leyline [Loni Leyline] is now Barzan [Barzan].
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
FFrisk: ((Wait when did FFrisk lose 400 HP?))
: That last move
Janus: ((Can I start him at level 5 so he can play with the big boys?))
FFrisk: ((You specified Frisk))
: They both deal 200 each, and both targeted her
Frisk: ((frisk did
FFrisk: ((Theres two frisks))
: Fucking
: FFrisk
FFrisk: ((K)) <.<))
Gaster: [spare]
FFrisk: She's immediately knocked back. "...I'm...f-fine..."
FFrisk: [Spare]
MettatonSEX: [SPARE]
Frisk: [SPARE]
: "Heh.. you can't stop me."
FFrisk: "S-Sparing i-isn't...[sub]working...[/sub]" She looks like she's about to fall over. She can't take another hit like that.
: "I will have my vengeance.."
MettatonSEX: You aren't them.
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
MettatonSEX: Leave them ALONE.
: "Why should I?"
: "They don't matter.."
Gaster: ... They had no hand in this...
Frisk: "Because you're using innocent people to do your dirty work."
MettatonSEX: Because we'll find you and kill you.
: NExt turn
FFrisk: "[sub]Honor...ruins the matter...we're all mad here...[/sub]"
Frisk: "Why not just fucking mess with anybody else?"
Gaster: [Act]
: Pap and Sans attack gaster, dealing 400 damage - def
Frisk: ((Gaster should try to ground them))
FFrisk: [Spare, and attempt not to die on the floor from getting bone zoned]
Gaster: [Offer to make them their favorite food.]
FFrisk: [Err, Act.]
MettatonSEX: [ACT] [Offer ketchup]
: Anonymous [Annon] disconnected.
Frisk: [ACT] [Make a corny pun]
: They both shudder
MettatonSEX: pulls a ketchup bottle from a nearby table.
: "This is your last chance.."
: "Fight me."
FFrisk: Her eyes go black for a second.
Frisk: "Nah."
Gaster: No...
MettatonSEX: No.
Gaster: I won't lay a finger on the sons I brought into the world!
FFrisk: "One must...always be hospitable to...guests..."
MettatonSEX: ...Did you reference OFF?
: They both smile wide
Frisk: "Did you give birth to your sons?"
Gaster: blinks. What?
MettatonSEX: Nerd.
: "That's your choice then."
Frisk: "Hey, nerds are cool."
FFrisk: At the rate she seems to be standing up though, pretty soon someone might actually be getting some hospitality.
: Keep in mind, there's still the option that will completely pacify the spirit in one move
: If any of you have it figured out, try it
: Because it's the next turn
: And Sans attacks papyrus
: Dealing 200 damage
MettatonSEX: [ACT][Squirt ketchup at Sans][Fuck you slarv you gotta lay hints out]
FFrisk: [ACT]
Frisk: "Oh no."
Gaster: NO!
FFrisk: [Try to play the music box...]
: "If you won't fight, I will"
: Barzan's connection timed out.
: They both stop suddenly
Gaster: ...
: ". . ."
MettatonSEX: ...
FFrisk: She just calmly winds the music box, her eyes blinking black and white.
Frisk: "..."
FFrisk: "Music...calms the savage...[sub]jabberwockiesoftheverybeanyboyishnights...[/sub]"
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
: Pap and Sans both send a furious wave of bones at FFrisk, she's KOed
FFrisk: Wow.
Gaster: grabs the music box.
Janus: ((Ok Slarv what do you think of my stats?))
FFrisk: She just... falls over.
Frisk: "YEESH."
Gaster: [ACT- Keep playing.]
FFrisk: Seeing someone crumple like that is...unnatural.
: ((Haven't read them yet
Gaster: This is getting to you, isn't it?
: "No.. STOP THAT."
Frisk: "No."
MettatonSEX: Never.
Gaster: Not unless you leave my boys alone!
Frisk: "We just found your weak point, dumb demon."
: They shoot bones at Gaster
: It's not a very good attack...
Gaster: prepares himself for the hit.
: It does 100 damage
MettatonSEX: is ready to take over playing if needed.
: "S-STOP"
Frisk: * Same here.
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
Frisk: "Why would we?"
FFrisk: [sub]"“That's the reason they're called lessons," the Gryphon remarked: "because they lessen from day to day.” [/sub]
Frisk: "You're the one possessing innocent people."
MettatonSEX: ((imagine the song is like, rickroll, or caramelldansen, or all star, or any other meme song
: They both look in a lot of pain
: ((Rickroll
MettatonSEX: We figured you out, asshat.
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
Frisk: "We're foiling your plans."
: They try to shoot at Gaster
Gaster: nods, while humming along.
: It doesn't even reach him
MettatonSEX: TO WHO
Gaster: Who?
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
: "I-I-I THhhIsss isnnn't overrrr..."
MettatonSEX: WHO
: "I won't.. let you"
: Their eyes go back to normal
: They fall over
Gaster: ... Sans? Papyrus?
: Battle! [] is now Dead Sans and Pap [Dead Skellies].
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Dead Skellies: are unconscious
MettatonSEX: goes to the two. "They're... as alive as possible..."
Frisk: * She walks over to the two.
Gaster: smiles. "Oh..." He lets out a choked sob. "Thank god."
Frisk: "We need to get them on a bed or something."
Janus: ((Please check the sheet whenever you can
MettatonSEX: hugs Gaster close.
Janus: ((I don't want to be too OP
MettatonSEX: nods.
Frisk: * She turns around and walks over to Gaster. She just hugs him.
Gaster: nods, then takes a breath.
Frisk: "I'm sorry you had to experience that."
MettatonSEX: I'll take them home, to the guest room, okay darling?
Gaster: There's... a room in our house. Their dust is in there... along with two beds.
MettatonSEX: Everyth-- oh... do you want me to take them there, darling?
FFrisk: FFrisk is still KO'd on the floor, she'll probably be there for a while.
Gaster: ... You can.
Dead Skellies: ((2 more specials
Janus: ((Must I?
MettatonSEX: Are you okay with that?
Gaster: Yes.
Frisk: ((two more assholes and slarv will become a god))
Janus: ((Part of the balance of it is the lack of specials))
Janus: ((Wait nvm I have an idea
Frisk: "Papa, do you need any ice cream?"
MettatonSEX: takes the skellies, one held securely in each arm, and goes to that room. Each skel is set on their respective bed.
Hellaton: -is still on the ground-
Gaster: Yeah. That would be good.
: Dead Sans and Pap [Dead Skellies] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: kisses each skel on the forehead. "Goodnight, sweet princes."
: Dead Sans and Pap [Dead Skellies] joined chat.
Frisk: * She lets go of Gaster, walks into the Anydoor, and walks back out carrying a carton of ice cream. "Here you go."
: Dead Sans and Pap [Dead Skellies] is now Asriel Head [Asriel Head].
Frisk: * She hands the entire fucking carton to Gaster.
Asriel Head: is on the couch, being pet by Azalea
Asriel Head: is now just an ordinary asriel
Gaster: looks at the box. "... Spoon."
Asriel Head: except, you know
Janus: ((Ok Slarv, I have a few issues with your edits))
Frisk: * She pulls out a spoon. "We're not savages."
Asriel Head: ((Yeah?
Janus: ((It should NOT take SP to literally just turn around.))
Frisk: * She hands the spoon to Gaster.
Janus: ((A turn, yes, but not SP))
Gaster: hugs Frisk close.
Gaster: ((I agree
Frisk: ((I agree))
Hellaton: [sub]Sssssssssseseseseseseseseseseseseseventeeeeeeeeeeeenventeennnnnnnnnnn yeyeyearsseventeeeen yearsss.... Eveveverything comes baback...[/sub]
Asriel Head: ((k
MettatonSEX: ((1 sp
Frisk: ((1/2 sp
Gaster: (0.00000000000001 sp
Janus: ((Also, the fire immunity kinda comes with the character's species. I can knock it down to resistance, but still...))
Frisk: * She hugs her papa right back.
Gaster: then starts to eat icecream.
Asriel Head: ((Elemental attacks don't exist
Janus: ((Just nerf another aspect if it needs a nerf.))
Frisk: * She lets go of Gaster and goes to check on Hellaton.
Gaster: ((Maybe it could share Fellby's resistance to being burned.
MettatonSEX: comes back to the bar, and takes Frisk's place in hugging Gaster,
Asriel Head: ((Yeah
Janus: ((Well, let's use common sense here. If the attack is a giant fireball, it's a fire attack))
Frisk: ((what if the anus's world has elemental attacks))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] is now Hellaton [Hellaton].
Gaster: is eating ice cream while weeping softly.
MettatonSEX: -holds his husband close-
Frisk: "Hellaton, are you alright?"
Asriel Head: ((I'll just give them burn immunity, because implementing a type system for one character isn't efficient
Hellaton: is curled up on the ground and shuddering at random intervals.
Hellaton: Nnnnnnnnnnno...
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Gaster: nuzzles against his husband.
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
MettatonSEX: -nuzzles back- They're safe now.
Gaster: ((hey frisky it's the pedalo you played:
Gaster: They are.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Frisk: ((YES
Hellaton: ((PEDALO
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
Janus: ((How many abilities, again?))
Frisk: ".. Can I do anything to help you feel better?"
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] disconnected.
Hellaton: I dododon'tn't know.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] is now Frisky Whiskington [pedalo].
pedalo: * Gaster finds a small toy pedalo on his spoon. Looks like it came with the ice cream.
Gaster: puts it on Mettaton's head.
pedalo: ((do not question my dreams))
❤ Frisk: "Well, first of all.. what do you like?"
MettatonSEX: -chuckles- The pedalo is riding me now.
Asriel Head: ((3 specials and a passive
Gaster: smiles. "It is."
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
pedalo: the pedalo rides mettaton
Hellaton: .....Nnnnnnot bebebeing hurt by bonnnnes, not getttttttttting attacked, yyyyyou guguguguys, mmmy fafamily.... um..... thththat's all I can ththink of.
MettatonSEX: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
pedalo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gaster: bitch not without gaster's permission
MettatonSEX: -plucks the pedalo off his head, and holds it in his palm- It's so tiny and cute.
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
Janus: ((How's this then?))
❤ Frisk: * She kneels down next to Hellaton and gives him a hug.
Gaster: It is.
Gaster: continues to eat the ice cream.
Hellaton: hugs back, holding Frisk close.
Asriel Head: ((Looks good
pedalo: the pedalo quacks for some odd reason
MettatonSEX: .............Heh, I'm imagining someone riding this tiny little thi-- what the fuck.
Gaster: It made noise.
MettatonSEX: Um.
pedalo: it seems to come from the toy's voice box
Janus: ((Roundhouse kick is a tad too powerful))
Asriel Head: ((Azzy is roasting a mod on a porn server
MettatonSEX: -pokes the head- Is this alive or some bullshit?
pedalo: ((Chuck Anus))
pedalo: the pedalo feels like plastic
Gaster: ((check this out:
Hellaton: ((just the anus
Janus: ((480 damage on a non-crit is bullshit))
Hellaton: ((YES
Gaster: ... It's a little toy.
pedalo: ((YES
MettatonSEX: Huh. It's weird.
❤ Frisk: "I hope you feel better."
Janus: ((That's better.))
MettatonSEX: -gently runs a finger along it, trying to find a button he might have pressed.-
Hellaton: Thhhhhththththank yououou...
pedalo: there's a button on the crotch
Hellaton: curls his body inwards, sort of engulfing Frisk.
pedalo: or, well, the bottom
MettatonSEX: ...Huh.
Gaster: Maybe you should press it.
❤ Frisk: * She chuckles. "You give good hugs."
MettatonSEX: -presses it-
Asriel Head: ((Someone just corrected me using "blowjob" when I was supposed to say "cunnilingus"
pedalo: the pedalo makes a sexual quacking noise
Asriel Head: ((Pls
Hellaton: Thhhhhhhhahahank you... I... I geget that a lololot...
Gaster: ... Uh...
MettatonSEX: Uh.
Sperare: [font= palatino]How good are you singles at battle?[/font]
pedalo: the pedalo grows legs
Gaster: ... Pretty good.
Gaster: Wait whatthehell
Asriel Head: ((the pedalo spreads them
pedalo: it walks around like a springtoy
MettatonSEX: I'm g-- what the hell.
Timor: [font= Arial black]Is this... Normal?[/font]
Asriel Head: whimpers, Azalea isn't petting it anymore
Gaster: ... No?
Gaster: I don't know?
❤ Frisk: "Well, I can see why!"
Janus: ((MettatonSEX: "I'm gay"))
MettatonSEX: -keeps it in his hands, not letting it fall.
Hellaton: ((hes pan
pedalo: ((^
Janus: ((it's a joke homie
Hellaton: ((tru
Janus: ((didn't know we had any Greek gods here tho))
Hellaton: ((....that was good
pedalo: the pedalo begins to quack a lot more now
Gaster: ((pan is my favorite greek god bc he screams a lot
pedalo: the quacks seem to be a little more glitched now
Janus: ((yeah, really causes a panic
MettatonSEX: Uh.... is this...
Asriel Head: ((I just realized there's to tuft of fur on top of my plushie's head
Asriel Head: ((I need to fix this
pedalo: steam comes out of the pedalo
Gaster: looks at the janus.
MettatonSEX: I don't even know-- the hell?
Gaster: This is not normal.
Janus: ((*Slarvath proceeds to apply hair gel to his plush*))
Sperare: [font= palatino]...Good.[/font]
MettatonSEX: What fresh hell is this?
pedalo: the pedalo begins to get steaming hot
pedalo: it starts to glow red
Janus: /tim I don't want to live in a multiverse where this is normal.
pedalo: "quackquackquackquackquaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
MettatonSEX: -can take it-
Gaster: is confused. He just wants to calm down what the fuck
Janus: ((FUCK
Asriel Head: ((gg
pedalo: the pedalo explodes
MettatonSEX: What the fuck.
: Frisky Whiskington [pedalo] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisk].
Timor: [font= Arial black]I don't want to live in a multiverse where this is normal.[/font]
MettatonSEX: What in the fresh tits is this.
❤ Frisk: "Are you feeling a little happier now?"
Gaster: just... shoves more ice cream in his mouth.
Hellaton: ...A lilililittttle...
❤ Frisk: "Hm.."
Janus: (( ))
Frisk: "How does a robot shave?"
Sperare: [font= palatino]Anyway... Perhaps a mock battle is in order? That would be fun.[/font]
Hellaton: ....It dodododoesn't.
Gaster: ... I don't know...
Frisk: "Well, it doesn't, but it also shaves with a laser blade!"
Janus: -invokes the magic of plot armor to make KOs not really mean anything-
Hellaton: .........Whhhat? Yoyou're making no sense...
Gaster: puts his icecream aside. "I mean, I guess.."
Frisk: "It was supposed to be a joke."
Sperare: [font= palatino]We could just not kill each other.[/font]
Frisk: "That was a crap one, though."
Frisk: "Even for my standards."
Timor: [font= Arial black]Might still hurt, though.[/font]
Hellaton: .....Oh......
Asriel Head: is whimpering
Sperare: [font= palatino]Shut up, Tim.[/font]
Timor: [font= Arial black]Don't call me that.[/font]
Frisk: "Lemme tell you a better one."
Frisk: "What doesn't eat on Thanksgiving?"
Hellaton: .......Whhhhhhat?
Gaster: stands up, cracking his knuckles.
Sperare: [font= palatino]Maybe a 2 on 2?[/font]
Gaster: I guess so.
MettatonSEX: Alright.
Frisk: "The turkey, because it's always stuffed."
Sperare: [font= palatino]You and your parter versus me and an ally?[/font]
Sperare: [font= palatino]Who wants to-[/font]
Hellaton: ...I dddododon't get ittt.
Timor: [font= Arial black]Who's stupid enough for a mock battle?[/font]
MettatonSEX: You two.
Sperare: [font= palatino]It. Will. Be. Fun.[/font]
Timor: [font= Arial black]meh[/font]
Frisk: "Well, Thanksgiving is a holiday Americans celebrate. Basically, the gist of it is that it celebrates the 'feast between native americans and the colonists'. We usually bake turkeys and stuff them with stuffing."
Frisk: "The turkey is always stuffed, so it isn't hungry."
Frisk: "That's why it doesn't eat."
Hellaton: .....Ohhhhh...
Sperare: [font= palatino]Anyway... Since I've only one body, I need another ally to make things fair.[/font]
Hellaton: It wowowould also pressssumably be dededead...
Asriel Head: ((
Frisk: "Of course!"
Gaster: Or we could go one on one.
Frisk: "We cook the turkey."
Frisk: "It's good."
Hellaton: .....Oh.
Hellaton: I dododon't... eat...
Janus: Mmh, that doesn't sound as fun.
Janus: ((Fuck.
Frisk: "I know."
Gaster: True.
Frisk: "You don't have to."
Hellaton: .....
Frisk: "Food is good, though!"
Janus: ((Read: It doesn't fully let me test the mechanics of the character))
Hellaton: Nnh.......
Frisk: "Hm?"
Hellaton: ......It.... itttttttt's a papapain to clean outtttttt.....
Gaster: Hey, Frisk, Hellaton. Want to help this lovely person out here?
Hellaton: ....
Hellaton: is not really battle ready
Frisk: "Oh?"
Frisk: "What do you mean?"
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] disconnected.
Gaster: motions to the Janus. "We're going to do a mock battle."
Janus: -presses a button on a wristband and starts to heat up noticably-
Frisk: "Erm.. we're kinda in the middle of a comfy and warm hug, though."
Gaster: ... Oh...
Sperare: [font= palatino]We should take this outside.[/font]
Hellaton: .....I cccacacan let go if you want.......
Frisk: "No, I feel like hugging you for a bit longer."
Hellaton: .....Nnh....
Gaster: ((i'll bring in another character if need be
Frisk: "As somebody once said to me a long time ago, I really don't want to ler go."
Frisk: let*
Hellaton: ..............
Janus: ((Slarv, can you DM this shit?
Hellaton: hugs a bit tighter.
Gaster: walks outside.
Janus: -follows. The snow melts around it.-
MettatonSEX: -follows-
Frisk: ((Hellaton: ...........................................................
Frisk: ((*fourteen pages of dots ensue*))
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "So, uh.."
Frisk: "Do you want to know anything about me?"
Janus: ((Who actually can calculate this other than Slarvath?
Frisk: "Like, we can get to know each other a bit better if you ask me questions about me."
Gaster: ((I probably could
Gaster: ((It'd be my first time dming though
Frisk: ((fuck you slarv))
Hellaton: ...Um....... okayyyyyyyyy... um...... whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat do.. ... whhhat do yoyou like to dododo?
Gaster: ((and since it looks like frisk and hella aren't going to fight I'll bring in another charcter
Janus: ((I don't know how regular attacks, DEF, LCK or cents work tbh))
Frisk: (([i]Cucker the DM~[/i]
Janus: ((^crits
Hellaton: sounds very nervous.
Gaster: ((Idk how luck works, i think it's the percent of how much you'll get a crit?
Hellaton: ((im pretty sure
Gaster: ((i know regular attacks and def though
Janus: ((LCK*10 percent?
Gaster: ((seems like it
Janus: ((Because if so Janus is OP AF
Frisk: "Well.. I like to read books. And to play video games. And to invent things. And go outside. And to watch the sunset."
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Janus: ((Let me fix something then
Frisk: "I like to do a lot of things."
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: Oh....
Frisk: ((Frisk: I also like to do Nancy.))
Janus: ((There
Hellaton: Um.... yyyyyyyyou can asasask me things...
Frisk: "Oh, so we can take turns?"
Hellaton: Yeah...
Fellby: -Fellby strolls into the bar. He sees Metta outside and grins.-
Frisk: "Cool."
Janus: ((Ready when you are.
Frisk: "Okay, so.. what do you like to do?"
Frisk: ((Hellaton: Nnnothing.))
Frisk: ((Hellaton: Tttthat gives mmme bbbbad memories.))
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Timor: [font= Arial black]I still don't have an ally, better quit now![/font]
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Sperare: [font= palatino]-groans-[/font]
Fellby: -He heads outside. "Hey, how's it going? Haven't seen you around lately, pretty boy."
Gaster: Ah! Good timing.
Hellaton: ...I wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrite mumumusic sometimmmmes... um....
Sperare: [font= palatino]Looks like I'll have one![/font]
MettatonSEX: Hey there. Haven't seen you either. Business going better?
Timor: [font= Arial black]-groans-[/font]
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] joined chat.
Gaster: motions Fellby over. The two have a quiet conversation, and eventually the fire elemental nods.
FFrisk: ((JUST))
Hellaton: I... I like... bebeing with yoyoyou... and Gasssssssster, and Mettttttttttatonttaton...
FFrisk: ((FUCKING))
Fellby: "Business is booming, but now's not the time to talk." He strolls over to the Janus's side.
Gaster: ((What happened?
Sperare: [font= palatino]-grins-[/font]
Timor: [font= Arial black]-frowns-[/font]
FFrisk: ((Okay, so i'm on showdown, except i'm acting out as the single most well-fucking-spoken thing ever))
MettatonSEX: Wonderful.
FFrisk: (( This is me joining a league ))
Fellby: "Ready to roll?"
FFrisk: ((After two testing battles, which were roflstomps))
Sperare: [font= palatino]-is currently facing its opponents- Yep.[/font]
Gaster: grins.
: Gaster [Gaster] is now Gaster [Battle!].
Battle!: ((okay, first time dming...
FFrisk: (( Read this chat ))
Hellaton: ((WONDERFUL
FFrisk: FFrisk is currently still passed out on the bar floor.
Battle!: ((give me a moment to set things up
Janus: (("hey Timor want to beat up some gay guys" "no wtf" "cool let's do it"))
FFrisk: Full of bones.
FFrisk: No, like, literally full of bones.
FFrisk: She didn't exactly get all handy dandy after getting rekt by Pap and Sans
Hellaton: .......
Battle!: The battle order is: Fellby, Metta, Gaster, Janus.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Fellby: -Fellby uses charmer on Mettaton!-
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Battle!: It does 15 dmg - DEF, and...
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Battle!: Mettaton just BARELY missed being infatuated!
Battle!: What does Metta do?
MettatonSEX: ...-He uses Bullet Heel on the Janus-
: High Priest Laharl's connection timed out.
Battle!: Bullet Hell does 400 - DEF! Which face is facing Mettaton and Gaster, btw?
Battle!: -oh wait it's sperare-
Janus: ((well shit
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Battle!: ((metta hits like a fucking truck what the hell
Janus: ((So Janus' main weakness is getting blitzed on the first round))
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: ((he's neo what did you expect
Janus: ((Perhaps I should up his speed so he doesn't get roflstomped))
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Battle!: ((Still, moose is testing things out, can I make things more fair and say he used a normal attack?
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Battle!: ((I'll give back the sp
Hellaton: ((ah, right, tru
Janus: ((nah
Janus: ((just don't focus him next round
Battle!: ((okay
Hellaton: ((i mean, ok
Janus: ((Or this one
: Barzan [Barzan] joined chat.
Battle!: The janus now has 70 hp.
Battle!: uses a normal attack on fellby bc jesus christ
MettatonSEX: ...I miiiiiiight have gone a little overboard.
Fellby: "You don't say."
Hellaton: .......Oh, rrrrrrrrright, um.... I allllalalsoalso lilike to fuse......
Battle!: What does the Janus do?
Timor: [font= Arial black]that fucking hurt[/font]
MettatonSEX: Sorry.
Janus: -It Roundhouse Kicks MettatonSEX-
MettatonSEX: -fair enough-
MettatonSEX: I deserve this.
Battle!: It does 320 - def!
Battle!: -you more then halved Metta's hp, gg-
Battle!: -Timor is now facing the enemies!-
Janus: ((Well I mean he sent Janus to like 1/6 health))
Hellaton: ((he deserved it
Battle!: -i know-
Fellby: -Fellby uses charmer on Gaster!-
Battle!: -It does no damage since Gaster's DEF stat is higher then the damage, but...-
Battle!: -Gaster has become infatuated with Fellby!-
MettatonSEX: -Mettaton uses a normal attack on Fellby!-
Fellby: -he deserves that the little shit-
MettatonSEX: -in a joking voice- Permission first.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Battle!: uses a normal attack on the Janus.
Barzan: (fellby attackin metta?
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Janus: /tim GAH
Hellaton: ((mock battle
Janus: ((what the FUUUUCK
Battle!: ((i'll be nice next turn, don't worry
Janus: ((no not you
Battle!: ((msparp
Battle!: -Janus's turn-
Janus: ((msparp is being a little cuntbag
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Janus: -uses Supreme Optimism on itself-
Janus: ((Can't tell if MSEX is OP or Janus is weak))
Battle!: -The Janus gains 200 hp-
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Janus: ((What did the normal attack do?
Hellaton: ((both
Hellaton: ((mettas attack is 50
Hellaton: ((hellatons is also 50
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] joined chat.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: Barzan's connection timed out.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Barzan [Barzan] joined chat.
Fellby: Fellby would have healed the janus if it didn't already. He goes ahead and uses charmer on Mettaton again. It's obvious what he's trying to do now.
Battle!: -It doesn't work.-
Battle!: -Metta, your move?-
MettatonSEX: -Normal attack Fellby-
Hellaton: ((mettaton: stop trying to charm me i passed out while u were riding me why would you want that possibility again
Battle!: -It does 15 damage, including defense calculations.-
Battle!: normal attacks the Janus.
: Barzan's connection timed out.
Battle!: -It doesn't do shit.-
: Barzan [Barzan] joined chat.
Battle!: -Janus, your move?-
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Janus: -Roundhouses MSEX-
Battle!: -Metta is down to 146 hp-
Fellby: Guess whose using charmer.
Fellby: You have my full permission to smack the shit out of him.
MettatonSEX: -Bullet Heel on Fellby.-
Battle!: -that works, because Metta seems immune to Fellby's charms.-
Sperare: [font= palatino]-snorts-[/font]
MettatonSEX: -passing out during sex can do that-
Fellby: Gah... you hit hard.
Fellby: Why didn't you do that when i was in your arms?
MettatonSEX: Ran out of battery a minute before I planned to ask.
Battle!: -Gaster uses a normal attack on Janus. "Shut the fuck up you hot bastard!"-
Sperare: [font= palatino]-laughs it off-[/font]
Battle!: ((gaster: i-i-i-it's not like i like you or anything, baka
Timor: [font= Arial black]-isn't laughing-[/font]
MettatonSEX: I ask before I utterly dominate.
: Barzan's connection timed out.
Fellby: "Then why haven't you asked now?"
Battle!: -Janus, your move0
MettatonSEX: I meant in bed.
Fellby: "Yeah, you can do that later."
FFrisk: ((Are you justy fighting eachother))
MettatonSEX: ...Not in the mood.
Battle!: ((kind of, it's a mock battle
Janus: ((yes
MettatonSEX: I'll slap you if you want but.
Fellby: Mmmh, baby...
FFrisk: ((Huh))
FFrisk: She is, well, still kinda on the floor.
FFrisk: Full of bones.
MettatonSEX: Don't get off to this.
Janus: ((my turn?
Fellby: You don't tell me what to do.
Battle!: ((ye
FFrisk: [sub]"Why are skeleton bones so shaaaaarp"[/sub]
MettatonSEX: And you don't get me inside you.
Fellby: ... Damn.
Janus: -regular attacks MSEX-
FFrisk: ((*Tips Janus*))
FFrisk: ((M'sex))
Fellby: -The little shit uses charmer anyway-
MettatonSEX: -Bullet Heel Fellby if possible-
Battle!: -He should know by now it won't work.-
Fellby: -Gets bullet heel'd-
Battle!: -KO-
MettatonSEX: Are you getting off to this, you fiery whore?
Janus: ((Did the regular attack do anything? It's Sperare now, if you forgot.))
MettatonSEX: -said that in jest-
Battle!: ((It did.
Battle!: ((37, if we take metta's defense into account
Janus: ((Are you even rolling for crits?
FFrisk: ((B, your character just has really shitty offenses))
Battle!: ((No
Battle!: ((Seeing as I'm not sure how crits work
Battle!: ((I'll ask slarv tomorrow
Janus: ((K
Battle!: ((in fact i'll send him a pm after this
Timor: [font= Arial black]Oh shit.[/font]
Battle!: Ah... why don't we call it quits?
Battle!: -Gaster is giving you the option to call the battle off.-
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] joined chat.
Sperare: [font= palatino]I'm not done yet.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Oh?
Battle!: ((speakof the devil
Timor: [font= Arial black]WHAT.[/font]
FFrisk: [sub]"Grooaaaaaaaan"[/sub]
Timor: [font= Arial black]AM I SHITTING ME?[/font]
Sperare: [font= palatino]I'm doing this.[/font]
Fellby: "You can shit?"
Asriel Head: ((What
Battle!: ((How do crits
FFrisk: ((Just imagine this mock-fight happening, and a seemingly 16 monochrome girl in the background, full of bones, just faceplanted on the floor groaning in the background))
Asriel Head: ((
Asriel Head: ((Luck stat is the chance
MettatonSEX: I'm kinkshaming,
Battle!: ((yes but - okay
Asriel Head: ((Like, you roll under the number that's the luck stat
Asriel Head: ((And they get their attack x 3
Battle!: ((thank you
Janus: ((And what is the max you can roll?
Asriel Head: ((Well, is 1/100
Asriel Head: ((So luck stats are percentages
Asriel Head: ((If you need more info, ask
Hellaton: is kind of just whining on the ground.
Battle!: ((i just wrote that down like pseudocode help me
Janus: ((Thanks
Battle!: -Anyway, Janus, your move?-
Janus: ((What's my SP?
Battle!: ((12. Enough for one last roundhouse kick
Asriel Head: ((int rollnum = int.Parse(rand.newRand()); if (lck <= rollnum) dam = dam * 3))
Janus: -Roundhouse kicks MSEX-
Asriel Head: ((Shit I forgot my ;
Sperare: [font= palatino]Sorry, it's the only way.[/font]
Sperare: [font= palatino]-isn't sorry-[/font]
MettatonSEX: -falls over- Deserved it for attacking you first.
FFrisk: Hellaton and FFrisk should start a club
Battle!: -oh shit-
Battle!: -that critted-
Janus: ((Fuckin' RIP
Hellaton: ...
Battle!: ((i'm not lying to make you feel better, either:
Battle!: looks at his husband, then to the Janus. "Alright then..."
Asriel Head: ((I have pulled a few crits out of my ass, ngl
Asriel Head: ((Chime
Asriel Head: ((Are you remembering def
Battle!: ((yes
Sperare: [font= palatino]-grins-[/font]
Battle!: ((metta still goes down
Asriel Head: ((Good
Timor: [font= Arial black]-winces-[/font]
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Battle!: My, was all that force necessary?
Battle!: uses Gaster blaster.
Janus: -yes-
Janus: ((pretty sure that's it
Battle!: -ah wait nevermind i feel bad about taht-
FFrisk: Groaaaaaaan
Janus: ((Nah just do it
Battle!: k
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Battle!: -The Janus is down!-
Battle!: GG GASTER
MettatonSEX: GG.
Fellby: gg
Timor: [font= Arial black]nnnnnfgghhh[/font]
Sperare: [font= palatino]Good game.[/font]
: Gaster [Battle!] is now Gaster [Gaster].
Gaster: Sorry if I was a bit harsh with that last one.
MettatonSEX: -gets up, because this was a mock battle.-
Janus: ((What I'm taking from this is that MSEX needs nerfs and I need some minor buffs.))
Fellby: -He also stands up.-
MettatonSEX: Sorry for going all out at first.
Gaster: ((Then again, we usually don't fight each other
Sperare: [font= palatino]Eh. It's alright.[/font]
Asriel Head: ((Metta has ALWAYS been OP as fuck
Hellaton: ((im sorry i only said high attack medium defense
Janus: ((Yeah player characters do tend to be glass cannons, and glass cannons do tend to wreck Janus))
Asriel Head: ((He's the main reason fight against enemies with +10000 HP don't take years
FFrisk: [sub]"...Owwwww"[/sub]
Gaster: goes to check on FFrisk.
Hellaton: ((hellaton is a tank with a cannon, metta is a less sturdy cannon
FFrisk: Oh, she's fine, just facedown on the hardwood floor full of bones from the Sans and Pap fight.
FFrisk: Just fucking dandy.
Gaster: Huh, usually the bones disappear.
Asriel Head: ((That reminds me
Asriel Head: ((I need to nerf gaston
FFrisk: "Usually...I dissapear..."
MettatonSEX: -goes to check on Hellaton, because he's still not ok and Frisky is ded-
Janus: ((I'm going to increase Sperare Mode's speed and attack, and buff Timor's healing))
Asriel Head: ((Both of you have jacked up sp costs
FFrisk: "Owwwww[sub]wwwwww[/sub]"
Gaster: ((Gaston does kind of need nerfs, I'll admit that
Hellaton: ((yeah
FFrisk: ((I'm worried FFrisk might actually be kind of OP))
Janus: ((Maybe also fix some SP costs too))
Gaster: removes [s]kebab[/s] the bones.
FFrisk: ((She can throw around status effects like mad, and passively regenerates HP over time easily))
MettatonSEX: Hey, you okay there? You're still--
FFrisk: ((She can't hit for shit, and her only method of damage output is poison, but still.))
Hellaton: immediately hugs Mettaton.
Gaster: also gets that girl some nice cream.
MettatonSEX: Whoa. -He hugs back.- Guess not, huh?
FFrisk: She gets up, slowly. Not because of pain but because lying on the floor for hours kinda makes it hard to stand back up.
FFrisk: "...Thank you..."
Hellaton: shakes his head.
Gaster: No problem.
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
Asriel Head: ((MTT is getting mad nerfs rn
Asriel Head: ((More than bayonetta
MettatonSEX: We... we took care of the problem. It was the possession thing again, so... that wasn't actually... him that did it.
Hellaton: ((fuck
FFrisk: "..."
FFrisk: ((I'd like to say one more time))
Hellaton: ((dont nerf him too much hes still made to be powerful
FFrisk: ((That level 1 Hellaton used to have the stats of a level 4 Mettaton))
FFrisk: (( <.< ))
Hellaton: ((hellaton you can -15 both attack and defense
Hellaton: ((i am a dipshit
Hellaton: ((ill admit that
Asriel Head: ((Take a look
Hellaton: ((at least make bullet heel cost 20, or do 7 x attack
FFrisk: ((Did Pap and Sans give EXP?))
Asriel Head: ((Yeah, like 5
Hellaton: ((its meant to be a strong move because he shoots a fucking BULLET FROM HIS SHOE
FFrisk: She just sits there, looking away and quietly sipping tea.
Asriel Head: ((It is strong, still
FFrisk: ((I'd like to remark that FFrisk has a special where she literally fucking poisons the enemy with tea))
Asriel Head: ((That's still 280 damage, non critted
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
Asriel Head: ((But 400 for a 15 sp move was ridiculous
Hellaton: ((true
FFrisk: ((And once she hits that 7 level or whenever she learns Escape, she can just GTFO the moment she starts being useless))
Janus: ((I'm giving J'anus some general buffs
Hellaton: ((but 280 for 20 is reasonable
FFrisk: (('I've statused the entire enemy team, and can't do much right now...I'LL JUST GO SWAP PLACES WITH HELLATON'))
Janus: ((We'll see what happens in a real battle))
Asriel Head: ((I was generous, I made it 15
Asriel Head: ((Since metta has low SP
Hellaton: ((also, this makes gaster have stronger attacks than metta
Hellaton: ((gaster blaster does 10x attack
Asriel Head: ((Oh don't worry
Asriel Head: ((Gaster's getting a cactus in the ass too
Asriel Head: ((Hell I'm nerfing practically everyone
Hellaton: ((you probably fucking ruined our chances of winning
Asriel Head: ((I no longer have two characters doing most of the damage while the others just wait for gaster and metta to win
Asriel Head: ((Nerfed corrin
Gaster: ((Yeah
Janus: ((Gave Janus much higher ATK, but nerfhammered Roundhouse))
Hellaton: ((dude hellas nerfs are shitty fuck u
Hellaton: ((multiarmed should be 4x
Hellaton: ((bc one per arm
FFrisk: FFrisk looks at Gaster, "...Were you...fighting eachother earlier?"
Gaster: Yes.
FFrisk: "Why?..."
Janus: ((His main source of damage is supposed to be Sperare's regular attacks))
Asriel Head: ((Zozzle
Janus: ((Do we even have supports?
FFrisk: ((Yeah))
FFrisk: ((FFrisk is a 'support' now that i've put her in))
FFrisk: ((Frisk is one hell of a support with Lucky Star alone))
FFrisk: ((Although FFrisk is less of a Support and more of a Debuffer))
Hellaton: ((multiarmed shoukd be 4x attack
Asriel Head: ((We used to have hyper
Asriel Head: ((I changed it, mv
Asriel Head: ((It's now 4, with a 4% x lck chance
Hellaton: ((ok, better
Hellaton: ((thanks
FFrisk: ((FFrisk, when she gets to level 3, is going to be a lot better))
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
FFrisk: ((Because she gets access to three status effects at that point, Hospitalitea has a 50% chance to inflict crying and a 50% chance to inflict poison))
FFrisk: ((While Remember has a 25% chance to paralyse an enemy.))
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
FFrisk: ((Downside is they don't actually do any damage))
Asriel Head: ((( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Damndude more like deaddude
Hellaton: ((clawful only uses sp if it hits
Janus: ((Don't forget to nerf the enemies too
Gaster: ((fellby's charmer is pretty useful for not having fellby get hit
FFrisk: ((Then she gets Storybook, which is finally))
FFrisk: ((The first fucking move))
FFrisk: ((To actually be able to restore SP to other characters))
Hellaton: ((if you dont nerf the enemies ill come to your house and piss in your eyes, slarvath
FFrisk: "...Why?"
FFrisk: "...Isn't fighting generally a bad thing...?"
Janus: ((Slarv, what I basically did was I buffed Sperare's normal attacks, buffed his support attributes, but nerfed Roundhouse which was previously the only good thing about him.))
Gaster: That was practice.
Asriel Head: ((Okie
FFrisk: "...Oh..."
FFrisk: Her eyes flash black for a second.
Asriel Head: ((AD has been nerfed
MettatonSEX: ...Hellaton, is there anything I can do to help you out?
Hellaton: .....I jujujust want to be wiwiwith you.
Asriel Head: ((Jager has been nerfed
Hellaton: holds Mettaton as close as possible.
Asriel Head: ((I feel like Masahiro Sakurai
: Alphys [Alphys] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: -hugs back.-
Asriel Head: ((Oh yeah, Fanta is also a support, but you know... I'm usually DMing
Janus: ((My design was supposed to be a character who's able to switch between normal attack glass cannonry and tanky support but never both at the same time. Not Chuck Norris))
FFrisk: ((Y'know what B has made))
Hellaton: ((ill find you and destroy you if the enemies dont get nerfed
FFrisk: ((Janus is literally a fucking Aegislash))
Hellaton: ((sheik?
Hellaton: ((oh yeah
FFrisk: ((Aegislash is a pokemon with 150 def and 150 special def, but shitty offenses...))
FFrisk: ((Except, when it's attacking, it swaps those around))
Hellaton: ((yeah its aegislash
Janus: ((I don't know what an Aegislash i- ok))
FFrisk: ((And then you use King's Shield to go back to tanking hits))
Hellaton: ((it a pokemon
FFrisk: ((So you have to mindgame your way around 'Ohshit am I gonna get owned if I attack'))
Janus: ((I was thinking more like Morphling from Dota 2))
Hellaton: ((and then hyperspace fury wrecks ur shit
Janus: ((same general concept))
FFrisk: ((I forgot Hyperspace Fury breaks protect))
FFrisk: ((Theres a reason that shit is banned from OU))
FFrisk: (( ))
FFrisk: ((*Names all pokemon after creatures from Alice in Wonderland*))
Hellaton: ((theres a reason hoopa is my second fave legend
Hellaton: ((i love theme naming
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
FFrisk: ((*Forfeits cause FUCK THIS FIRE TYPE BULLSHIT*))
: Moose? Probably. [Janus] joined chat.
: Moose? Probably.'s connection timed out.
Hellaton: ((i used to do attack on titan, homestuck, ssb, and zelda theme names, now im doing undertale and drag queens
Hellaton: ((my life is a trash heap
Asriel Head: ((I'm now nerfing FFrisk
Asriel Head: ((Or, well, this last one was more of a specifying
Asriel Head: ((To do a 1/10 chance we need 10 statuses
Asriel Head: ((So I took some out
FFrisk: ((Yeah))
FFrisk: ((Well, lets see))
Asriel Head: ((And now it can help the enemy
FFrisk: ((No pretrification))
FFrisk: ((And no-yeah thats fair))
FFrisk: ((I was going for kinda Fly's Puke move from LISA))
Asriel Head: ((I just removed the fabulous status
Asriel Head: ((Discord never got to use it
FFrisk: ((Okay I call bullshit though))
MettatonSEX: ....Do you... want to be closer? I know you were happier last time we tried it, so... I want to make you happy.
Asriel Head: ((And if FFrisk inflicted that on Io
Asriel Head: ((Rip you all
Hellaton: ((mettaton gets fab status immediately
FFrisk: ((Paralysis and Scared are like half of the reason you use this move <.<))
Asriel Head: ((Well, you already had other moves for them
Asriel Head: ((And scared is allowed
FFrisk: ((Yeah, but still, now you just have...))
FFrisk: ((Poison, Burn, and scared. Plus all the helpful stuff))
FFrisk: ((Pissed, which might actually help more than hurt the enemy))
FFrisk: ((Enraged, which will DEFINITELY help the enemy))
FFrisk: ((etc))
Asriel Head: ((You also have fallen, crying, pissed, and slowed
Asriel Head: ((Oh yeah, I need to disable enraged
FFrisk: ((Yeah, but still, no paralysis <.<))
Asriel Head: ((Enemies can't crit
Asriel Head: ((So you get ur paralysis
FFrisk: ((Okay, now i'm happy))
Hellaton: ...Yyyyyoyoyou're... you'd do thththis for me? Mettattttttttton, donnnn't do ththis just for me.......
FFrisk: ((I can live without crying and scared, I just really like paralysis being a possibility))
FFrisk: ((Also Escape is useless))
FFrisk: ((Because you just throw the entire party into every fight now))
FFrisk: ((So I should, if anyth-I know exactly what to do with the fifth move))
Asriel Head: ((Now it's Determined, Fallen, Slowed, Pissed, Scared, Infatuation, Super fly, Poison, Paralysis, and Burned
Asriel Head: ((You have a 20% chance of buffing the enemy
MettatonSEX: I'm offering because I know it cheers you up, to be close in an intimate way like this. You were hurt, and I want to help.
Hellaton: ...
FFrisk: ((I'm gonna change Escape because thats useless))
MettatonSEX: Do you want to?
Asriel Head: ((Hahaha nice try
Asriel Head: ((Use 10 sp to get 25
Hellaton: ....Yyyyyyyyes, bububut not if you don't want to.
FFrisk: (( Damn))
FFrisk: ((I basically just also gave FFrisk Protect.))
Asriel Head: ((Yeah, it works
Asriel Head: ((Nerfing titania now
MettatonSEX: I do. Come on, let's go outside, okay? -He leads Hella outside, holding Hellaton's hands in his.-
FFrisk: (9Okay no))
FFrisk: ((Look at Titania's SP.))
FFrisk: ((No.))
FFrisk: ((Don't tell me you're gonna just make a tank move for her to soak up damage and make it take up half her SP))
Asriel Head: ((I actually buffed King's Shield in a way
Hellaton: follows. This will help, but he's not confident enough to say it will. He'd, of course, rather hide his emotions, but nope, Mettaton knows him too well.
Asriel Head: ((Look what it says
FFrisk: ((No.))
FFrisk: ((30, fucking SP.))
FFrisk: ((That is half of her SP.))
Asriel Head: ((Alright, fine 20
FFrisk: ((Alright.))
FFrisk: ((Better <.<))
Asriel Head: ((Despite how it works now
MettatonSEX: -And the two robots dance, just outside the bar. You all know how this ends.-
FFrisk: ((Oh shizzle son))
FFrisk: ((I'm getting newb smashed))
: Hellaton [Hellaton] is now Mettahella [Mettahella].
FFrisk: ((Big guy in the league I just joined decided he wants to try to smash the newbie))
FFrisk: ((Battles about to start))
Gaster: glances outside.
Asriel Head: ((Laharl it works like a normal counter now
Asriel Head: ((It lasts until she gets hit
Gaster: feels a little jealous.
Mettahella: emerges from the two, a robotic sigh given in relief.
Asriel Head: at least Gaster's got a severed head on the couch
Asriel Head: looks at him
FFrisk: ((AKA:If it doesn't work the first time it gives Slarv a turn to plan to convienently use an insta kill move))
Mettahella: \Are you feeling better?\ \a little, yeah\ \Good.\
Asriel Head: ((Even if it kills her it still counters
Asriel Head: ((Counters are op as fuck bruh
FFrisk: Well thats gonna be funny then
FFrisk: Especially considering that she doesn't need tissues to get back up, so eh))
Gaster: ((she's so pissed she rises from the dead to kick your ass
Asriel Head: "D-d-dr. G-gaasterr?"
Gaster: ... Yes, that's me.
Asriel Head: "C-can I have some mmmore ice cccream.."
Mettahella: sits down, all eyes shut.
Asriel Head: is no longer a revenant
Asriel Head: is just a goatbro hea
Asriel Head: *head
Gaster: nods. He picks up what he had left and walks over to Asriel.
Asriel Head: ((Lemme give you a brief look at the next chapter
Asriel Head: ((Three fights
Asriel Head: ((Two bosses
Asriel Head: ((One has 10000 HP, but is easily MERCIED
Gaster: ((and then your arc is over and i can have you guys explore gaston
Asriel Head: ((The other has 5000 HP
Gaster: ((and fight optional bosses
Asriel Head: ((No, there's still chapter 6
Gaster: ((FRICK
Asriel Head: ((Which is sunday
Mettahella: \it's nice to be with you...\ \Aw, thank you! It's nice to be with you too.\ \....even though im a sad sack of\ \You aren't\
Asriel Head: ((;_;
Gaster: ((and then the arc is over
Asriel Head: ((I hope it's not too bad
Asriel Head: ((This is the first god killing arc that everyone didn't openly hate so
FFrisk: (( ))
Mettahella: ((i mean as long as we get to wreck io
Asriel Head: ((U do
Asriel Head: ((How is it so far
Asriel Head: ((Is it good? Bad?
Gaster: ((It's pretty good.
Mettahella: \.....mettaton?\ \Yeah?\ \ it ok if we let gaster in this? im sorry if im asking too much\ \No, not at all. Just a minute, ok?\
Mettahella: ((i like it
Asriel Head: ((I dunno who to transfer control of the dead skellies and tori to after this
Asriel Head: ((I don't like rping skellies
Asriel Head: ((If they survive, that is
Mettahella: ((im mad that you never drop hints but otherwise i love it
Gaster: ((if they don't at least let gaster say goodbye
Asriel Head: ((I been droppin hints like mad
Mettahella: ((WHERE
Asriel Head: ((Pay attention
Asriel Head: ((I revealed an identity tonight
Gaster: ((with the music box
Asriel Head: ((Ding ding
Gaster: ((there was a connection between it, nado, and yalda
Mettahella: ((..........i st-- ruins frisk is laharl tho? i dont get who this is
Asriel Head: ((And yeah, if I decide to have pap and saas go back, there will be goodbyes
Asriel Head: ((It's not rfrisk's music box
Mettahella: ((you have to be as subtle as a brick to the clit with me
Gaster: ((kinky
Mettahella: ((i mean i guess
Asriel Head: ((I actually forgot to drop a name earlier so
Asriel Head: ((You'd be forgiven for not knowing the name
Mettahella: \....Want to unfuse and ask?\ \can you do it\ \Of course.
Asriel Head: eats ice cream
: Mettahella [Mettahella] is now MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX].
Asriel Head: "T-t-t-thank yyyouu.."
Mettahella: -They unfuse-
Gaster: is feeding a gote icecream.
MettatonSEX: hugs Hellaton before reentering the bar.
MettatonSEX: Hello-- is this a bad time?
Gaster: ... You tell me.
MettatonSEX: ((megalovania intensifies
MettatonSEX: I can't tell.
MettatonSEX: Like, legitimately.
Gaster: pets the gote head. "I'm busy right now."
Asriel Head: "I-i-it gets mmmy mi-i-ind off... i-it.."
MettatonSEX: ...Fuck.
Asriel Head: is pet, he seems to like it
Gaster: ... I'm glad I can help you, Asriel.
Asriel Head: nuzzles up against his head
: Barzan [Barzan] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: 's cape lights flicker a bit.
Gaster: Mettaton, you should leave NEO form if your battery's getting low.
MettatonSEX: It isn't.
MettatonSEX: I charged this morning.
MettatonSEX: They just do that periodically.
Gaster: Mmmh.
Gaster: continues feeding the gote.
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel Head: is fed
MettatonSEX: Can you come outside when you're finished with that? I'll explain through text in a minute.
Gaster: Okay.
MettatonSEX: Okay, cool.
MettatonSEX: returns outside, to Hellaton.
FFrisk: ((>Attempted newb smash))
MettatonSEX: He's busy, but he'll come out when he's not.
Asriel Head: ((I need to make my team actually good
Hellaton: Okayyyy...
Asriel Head: ((Imma make a fire team why not
MettatonSEX: [ok so! hellatons recovering from a huge anxiety attack from when the asshat possessed pap and attacked him. ive noticed that he seems a lot calmer if hes fused and the actual experience helps him feel a lot better. so itd be appreciated if you came and fused with us; hellagaston is more effective at bringing a smile to his face than mettahella. ty darling❤︎]
Gaster: [... I don't know.]
MettatonSEX: [...oh]
MettatonSEX: [im not going to force you into this, darling.]
Gaster: [i know]
MettatonSEX: [ok good]
Asriel Head: is smiling, a bit
: Barzan's connection timed out.
Gaster: floofs the ears while sighing.
Asriel Head: ((til Blissey sucks and I should have been using chansey with eviolite
Asriel Head: "T-t-t-thaaanks for being ssso nice.."
Gaster: smiles. "It's no problem, really."
Fellby: -Whoops I kind of left this guy sitting outside-
Fellby: -He kind of... inches away. Awkwardly.-
MettatonSEX: [ the way im really sorry about... about what i did when i was barely awake. that was dumb and i need to keep some things to myself]
Fellby: - Time to give SUCC for money-
MettatonSEX: [this has nothing to do with right now i just wanted to restate that im sorry]
FFrisk: She's just sitting at the couch, thinking.
Gaster: [... What's with your sudden obsession with fusion? I know I fused with Lua, but you seem to be willing to fuse with just about everyone you love.]
Gaster: [Sometimes being that close can have concequences.]
MettatonSEX: [i just... i enjoy it. theres really nothing else to say]
Gaster: [I see.]
MettatonSEX: [being so close to the ones you care about is an indescribably wonderful feeling]
Gaster: [...]
MettatonSEX: [...what]
FFrisk: FFrisk just...y'know, sits in the bar, thinking.
Gaster: [I don't know how I feel about that.]
FFrisk: Out of the corner of the giant fusions eye, they might happen to see a familiar book, that immediately dissapears when they focus on it.
MettatonSEX: is unfused
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: [...gaster i dont think im understanding what you mean here]
Asriel Head: ((Time to test my team
Gaster: [I'm... kind of uncomfortable with how you described that, and I'm not sure why.]
MettatonSEX: [im sorry]
MettatonSEX: [i didnt know how to word it and i dont think there is a right way to word it]
Gaster: [it's okay]
MettatonSEX: [is it]
Gaster: [i don't know]
MettatonSEX: [i realize i probably made that sound as if i get off on this. i dont. that woukd be weird]
Gaster: [... I dunno, I just...]
Gaster: [wanna stay in here]
Gaster: [feeding this goat head ice cream]
Asriel Head: ((I should really just remove my mega blaziken so I don't have to deal with legendary teams...
Gaster: [there's only a little bit left]
MettatonSEX: [......ok. im sorry. i probably fucked up again didnt i]
Asriel Head: is happily eating ice cream
Gaster: [it's fine]
Gaster: ... There's only a few spoonfuls left.
Gaster: I'm gonna have to get more, aren't I?
Asriel Head: "I-I dddon't want to bbother yyouu.."
MettatonSEX: ...I probably fucked up again. I don't think it's happening.
Gaster: It's okay.
Hellaton: ...Ifffffff anananything, this is mmmy fafault for getting like thththis.
MettatonSEX: Hellaton, you're not at fault. You remembered something terrible, I tried to help, but I fucked it up.
MettatonSEX: I'm sorry.
Hellaton: ...
Hellaton: It'sssssst's not yoyour faultlllt.
MettatonSEX: Yeah, it probably is.
MettatonSEX: You can't control how you feel. Nobody can.
MettatonSEX: I... might have worded something in a shitty way and I fucked over your request.
Hellaton: ........Oh..... sttttti
Hellaton: *stiiiiiiill...
Hellaton: Yyyyou weweweren't tryinnng to do anytanything wrong...
MettatonSEX: ...
Hellaton: ......
Gaster: sighs as he scrapes the bottom of the ice cream carton. "This is it."
Asriel Head: "O-o-ok..."
Gaster: feeds Asriel the last spoonful.
Gaster: He then finds a few blankets around the bar, along with a pillow.
Gaster: sets the gotebro head on top of the pillow, gently wrapping a blanket around him.
Asriel Head: smiles "T-t-thank yyouu..."
Gaster: pats Asriel on the head, then pokes his head outside.
Gaster: I'm going to bed.
MettatonSEX: looks to Gaster. "...Alright."
MettatonSEX: ...Sorry for being an idiot.
Gaster: It's fine.
MettatonSEX: ....
Gaster: heads through the bar, into the Gaston timeline. There's still a chance for Mettaton to catch up to him.
Asriel Head: "G-g-goodbye..."
MettatonSEX: gets up, reverting to EX. "...I'm sorry for everything."
Hellaton: Nnnot your fault.
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: -In fact, Gaster pauses before going through the anydoor to see if his husband will follow.-
MettatonSEX: goes home, without a word.
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: ...
Gaster: hugs his husband close.
MettatonSEX: .....
Gaster: ... I kind of miss being alone with you.
MettatonSEX: I... I miss it too, I just... I just want everyone to be happy. I know I can't do that but I'm trying and now it blows up in my face because I'm an idiot.
Gaster: nods, nuzzling against Mettaton's chest.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: An idiot who reveals too much and fucks everything up.
Gaster: Ugh, stop taking all the blame. I should have made myself clear.
MettatonSEX: With what?
Gaster: With... the conversation. We had earlier.
MettatonSEX: ...You mean where I screwed up and worded things like a dipshit.
Gaster: Yes.
MettatonSEX: The hell were you unclear with?
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] disconnected.
Gaster: growls a little. "With what I was saying! You told me you weren't sure what I was getting at."
MettatonSEX: I was unsure whether you were upset or not.
MettatonSEX: And from your responses, yes.
Gaster: ...
Gaster: Whatever.
MettatonSEX: ....
MettatonSEX: Let me guess, I fucked up even more.
Gaster: No - I just - I don't know, okay?
MettatonSEX: ......
MettatonSEX: I'm sorry. For everything. All the shit you have to put up with.
Gaster: And I'm sorry you have to put up with me.
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: You have nothing to be sorry about.
Gaster: Yes I do.
Gaster: Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: You do realize it's my fault a lot, right?
Gaster: I do, but there's also times where it's not.
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel Head: ((I would have played more showdown but flash just decided to fucking die
MettatonSEX: Like, 10% of the time, yeah.
Asriel Head: ((So rip me being in reborn anytime soon
Gaster: rolls his eyes. "Okay, fine, obviously I'm not getting through to you."
MettatonSEX: I just don't get hiw you think it isn't my fault when it is like 90% of the time.
Gaster: throws his hands up. "See? There you go, blaming yourself again!"
Gaster: A lot of it is my failure to communicate!
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: ... Right?
MettatonSEX: ........
MettatonSEX: Y-yes... sometimes...
Gaster: There we go. We're making progress.
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel Head: ((Im going to bed
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((gn
MettatonSEX: I... I guess......
Gaster: sighs, then sits down. "Tell me everything you don't like about me."
MettatonSEX: ....You sometimes don't communicate, you overwork yourself far too often, you need to relax sometimes.
MettatonSEX: That's it.
Gaster: There's got to be more.
MettatonSEX: I can't think of anything else.
Gaster: ... Okay. I'll try to work on those, then.
MettatonSEX: sits down, too. "....Now you o the same. We're effectively immortal, we can get through them all."
MettatonSEX: *do
Gaster: ... Sometimes I feel like you're a bit needy? And, uh. You don't think things through.
MettatonSEX: ...That's it?
Gaster: Oh, and you blame yourself a lot.
MettatonSEX: Again, that's it?
MettatonSEX: I mean I'll do my best to work on those three but I can list more things about myself.
Gaster: smiles. "You're too hard on yourself."
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Is that all?
Gaster: Yes.
Gaster: Can we go to bed now?
MettatonSEX: ....
MettatonSEX: Yeah. I'll meet you there.
Gaster: ... Can it be just us tonight?
MettatonSEX: ....
MettatonSEX: Alright. Just... give me a minute.
Gaster: smiles. "Thank you."
MettatonSEX: goes back to the bar timeline, then outside... only to find Hellaton passed out. He takes him back home, and sets the other robot on the couch. "....."
Gaster: has changed into his pajamas and has already climbed into bed.
MettatonSEX: ...I'm sorry.
MettatonSEX: goes to bed, removing his shoulderpads and sliding in next to Gaster.
Gaster: nuzzles against his husband.
MettatonSEX: holds his husband close.
Gaster: I love you.
MettatonSEX: I love you too.
Gaster: kisses his husband on the lips.
MettatonSEX: kisses back. It's kind of weak.
Gaster: ...
Gaster: Are you okay?
MettatonSEX: No.
Gaster: What's wrong?
MettatonSEX: I feel bad about screwing up. I... I think I need some rest.
Gaster: Okay.
Gaster: I still love you.
MettatonSEX: Thank you... I love you too.
MettatonSEX: Goodnight.
Gaster: smiles, snuggling down for some well-deserved rest.
MettatonSEX: sighs, holding Gaster close as he slowly falls into sleep mode. For reference later, it... isn't a very good rest.
Gaster: doesn't sleep so soundly either.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: keeps trying, but it's like, fifteen minute increments. There's no way he'll stay asleep tonight.
Gaster: keeps rolling over.
MettatonSEX: tries to hold Gaster close so that he's stable.
Gaster: appreciates the effort.
MettatonSEX: usually smiles at least once through the night. Not tonight.
Gaster: wonders what the hell's going on in their relationship.
MettatonSEX: /me is going through another period of self-loathing.
MettatonSEX: why did that fuck up
MettatonSEX: is going through another period of self-loathing.
MettatonSEX: there we go
Gaster: ((alright, I'm going to bed
Gaster: ((gn
MettatonSEX: ((gn
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
: Barzan [Barzan] joined chat.
Barzan: ((oi
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Barzan: (morinng
Lua: (( yeah, I might have slept from 5-5 yesterday/today ))
Lua: (( I'm just checking logs before breakfest ))
Barzan: ((mkay
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Frisk: ((hi
Barzan: (oi
: Barzan [Barzan] is now Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon].
Jeska or Jukon: (you awake?
Frisk: ((yep
Jeska or Jukon: enters Hype's line
Frisk: ((i'm just waiting to see if jukon just enters the bar like normal or if she--))
Frisk: ((nm
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] is now Frisky Whiskington [Hyper].
Jeska or Jukon: immediately goes to the couch
Hyper: * He looks to Jukon. "Oh, howdy!"
Jeska or Jukon: hey Hype
Jeska or Jukon: sits down and lays back, shes got a belly no
Jeska or Jukon: now*
Hyper: ((Hyper actually placed frying pans on the couch that's hot and ready))
Hyper: ((Jukon's ass gets fried))
Jeska or Jukon: ((you monster
Hyper: ((lolno
Hyper: "Has life gotten any better since you've last talked to me?"
Jeska or Jukon: whats new?
Jeska or Jukon: eh not really
Jeska or Jukon: been going to the bar less
Hyper: "Ah, alright."
Jeska or Jukon: Onna gied
Hyper: "I can see why."
Jeska or Jukon: died*
Hyper: "Oh."
Jeska or Jukon: and came back
Hyper: "Alright."
Hyper: "That sounds interesting."
Jeska or Jukon: was never concerned, no one ever dies anyways
Hyper: * He points a finger to hinself. "I'm a prime example of that."
Hyper: hinself
Hyper: why
Jeska or Jukon: egg salad
Hyper: himself*
Hyper: "Uh."
Hyper: "Egg salad never dies?"
Jeska or Jukon: excalty
Jeska or Jukon: egg salad
Jeska or Jukon: never heard of that
Jeska or Jukon: nevermind
Hyper: "So, I've been doing the same thing as I've always been."
Jeska or Jukon: being sexy?
Jeska or Jukon: fingerguns Hype
Hyper: * He chuckles, shaking his head. "Noooo."
Hyper: "Sadly."
Jeska or Jukon: you liar
Hyper: "Well, I suppose I've spent my time 'being sexy'."
Hyper: "Also, I've restored Waterfall."
Jeska or Jukon: hmm nice
Hyper: "I always liked to swim there. I couldn't swim in Snowdin because I would probably freeze."
Hyper: "And die."
Hyper: "In Hotland, I would burn."
Hyper: "And die."
Jeska or Jukon: think dying is your favorite past time
Hyper: "Hell no."
Jeska or Jukon: kidding
Hyper: "I know you are."
Jeska or Jukon: hey you wanna see the kid?
Hyper: "Yeah, sure."
Hyper: ((Jukon rips open her stomach))
Jeska or Jukon: ((Jukon: this is how we give birth
Jeska or Jukon: (Jukon: -dies-
Jeska or Jukon: (Jukon: you're the father asshat -dies this time-
Hyper: ((Hyper: shit))
Jeska or Jukon: lifts up her shirt to reveal her stomach
Jeska or Jukon: little shit has started kicking
Hyper: "Rude."
Hyper: "It's both rude and somewhat cute."
Jeska or Jukon: heh like it actually hurts
Hyper: "Righto."
Jeska or Jukon: they say its good luck to rub a rub a belly
Jeska or Jukon: ((how'd I do that twice?
Hyper: ((-shrugs-))
Hyper: "Annd do I havs to rub it?"
Jeska or Jukon: no
Jeska or Jukon: seems like a lot of people want to though when it comes up
Jeska or Jukon: Toriel has been going crazy about it
Hyper: * He chuckles.
Jeska or Jukon: rubs her belly
Hyper: "I can see why."
Jeska or Jukon: still haven't thought of a name
Hyper: "Any name would be fine, just don't name your baby Felisha or Jukon."
Jeska or Jukon: Felisha?
Jeska or Jukon: thats a dumb name
Hyper: "I know, right?"
Jeska or Jukon: why not Jukon?
Hyper: "It would get rather confusing."
Jeska or Jukon: yeah
Jeska or Jukon: don't know the gender yet also
Hyper: "What do you think the baby will be?"
Hyper: "A boy or a girl?"
Jeska or Jukon: not sure
Hyper: ((Jukon: I don't fucking know bitch--))
Hyper: ((Stomach: I'M A FELISHA))
Hyper: ((Jukon: NO))
Hyper: ((Hyper: NO))
Jeska or Jukon: hell don't even know if its gonna be a Gotian or Forian
Jeska or Jukon: goat or fist
Jeska or Jukon: fish*
Jeska or Jukon: ((A fist punches through the stomach and hits Hyper in the face
Jeska or Jukon: or some mutant hybrid for that matter
Hyper: "Mhm."
Hyper: ((oshit i gotta go in a few minutes))
Jeska or Jukon: thinking Casval if its a boy or Artesia if it is a girl
Jeska or Jukon: ((mkay
Hyper: "Those are nice names."
Hyper: ((darnit i gotta goooooo))
Jeska or Jukon: (byes
Hyper: ((byea byie))
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
: Jeska or Jukon's connection timed out.
: Lua's connection timed out.
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
: Jeska or Jukon's connection timed out.
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] joined chat.
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Asriel Head: ((Ayy
Barchar: (heyo)
Barchar: (anything important happen last night)
Asriel Head: is on a pillow, wrapped in a blanket
Asriel Head: ((The music box hurts the person possessing people
Barchar: (ooh fun)
Asriel Head: ((And saas and pap are live
Barchar: (...what, pray tell, does the box play?)
Asriel Head: ((Well we joked about a music box rickroll
Asriel Head: ((Just a song
Barchar: (okay nothing specific)
Asriel Head: ((Ye
Barchar: (thought maybe it was giygas or some shit and it played the melodies)
Asriel Head: ((Nah
Asriel Head: ((Although it is similar
Asriel Head: is asleep
Barchar: is laying down on the couch, still messing with her robot design
Asriel Head: ((Barchar is going to have fun tomorrow
Barchar: (how many azzys gonna die)
Asriel Head: ((We're going back to hell
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] joined chat.
Asriel Head: ((Ayy
Barchar: (so all of hell gotcha)
Asriel Head: awakens
FFrisk: ((Someone's finally catching on))
FFrisk: ((The Omega League has started urban dictionarying the names of my pokemon))
Barchar: (pff)
Asriel Head: ((Lol
FFrisk: ((They're finding out they're all named after creatures from Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland))
FFrisk: ((The name 'Hatter' is making sense to them now))
FFrisk: ((One of them is recognizing all the quotes from AiW i'm making))
Asriel Head: ((I should join a league
Asriel Head: ((Maybe I won't be as shit
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Asriel Head: ((I got my fire team set up
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
FFrisk: FFrisk is sitting at the couch, staring at the ceiling.
FFrisk: Every now and then her eyes flash a dark black, and thus making her look a bit too much like a Core Frisk.
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Asriel Head: ((Laharl you're the pokemon master can you tell me if my team is shit when I get it done
FFrisk: Fight me on Showdown, the main server and i'll tell ya))
Asriel Head: ((K
Asriel Head: ((It's not done yet
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Barchar: looks at FFrsk. "Hello, there. I don't believe weve met."
Barchar: is now wearing a black, sans-like jacket and jeans. She also has earrings of the chaos buster and a chaos Sabre. She's had this for a couple of days now but I didn't have a good place to describe it.
FFrisk: She's wearing what looks like the usual Frisk 'attire', striped shirt, etc. The only difference being a pair of jeans made of some kind of organic fibers, like plants but made into casual jeans, and the giant scarf covering half her face at all times.
FFrisk: Also, she's kind of monochrome grey. Entirely. And the couch she's sitting on is progressively turning greyer.
FFrisk: "...We haven't, sorry..." And lets not mention the fact that the air around her is freezing cold.
FFrisk: (( ))
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Asriel Head: ((K, it's done
Asriel Head: ((My username is Wobbalover420
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Barchar: "You're not one of these weird, revived people, are you?" cold, Grey, seems to match up well enough. "Well, let me rephrase: are you a native?"
FFrisk: "...No, sorry..." She says Sorry a lot.
FFrisk: "...I'm less...dead and more...[sub]forgotten[/sub] see..."
Asriel Head: ((You're W. D. Hatter right?
FFrisk: ((W.R Hatter actually))
FFrisk: ((But it's currently Omega Hatter))
Barchar: "Ahhhh, like that, then." she says, nodding.
FFrisk: She shuffles a bit, looking away and hiding behind her scarf.
Barchar: "You dont need to apologize. I understand that this kind of thing is trying. I've been through something similar."
Barchar: (I have now given FFrisk a Canadian accent)
Asriel Head: ((I'm doing a theme like you
Barchar: "All I know is that you do need to power through. You seem to be able to be seen by everyone else, which is good. But the last person...well..." she shakes her head. "I shouldn't scare you. My name is barchar. Do you just go by 'Frisk'?"
Asriel Head: ((Shit
Asriel Head: ((My fire team is not a true fire team
FFrisk: "...I've been here a while...I go by Forgotten Frisk...but Doctor Gaster and everyone just calls me FFrisk..."
Asriel Head: ((And for some reasom mega charizard doesn't count as a fire type
FFrisk: Note:FFrisk is actually a pre-timeskip character, she was one of my two characters I kept over the timeskip
FFrisk: ((ACTUALLY))
FFrisk: ((Mega Charizard X is banned in monotype))
FFrisk: ((Because it completely ruined the metagame))
FFrisk: ((Y is fine though))
Asriel Head: ((Wellshit
Barchar: well shit then she should probably know more aboutbher
Barchar: uh...lets just say that somehow being 'forgotten' has made barchar actually forget her why not
FFrisk: She used to be a Frisk that had basically gotten the Lost Soul treatment, and when anyone would look at her, they immediately forgot about her when they looked away.
FFrisk: So it makes sense Barchar would forget her.
FFrisk: The only way people could remember her was by being an amalgamate, or being MTT and putting all her info in a .readme.
Barchar: to be fair she's presumably left the dimension, so yes, barchar has managed to look away
Barchar: so gg we made it work
FFrisk: Luckily, this was 'fixed' in timeline shenanigans involving FFrisk getting trapped in a small room in a seperate timeline with nothing but a garden for 30 centuries.
Barchar: oh is that how it works okay
FFrisk: Basically, the thing that gave her the forgotten treatment died.
FFrisk: <.<
Barchar: well, either way, good job.
Barchar: fair enough
Asriel Head: ((Goddammit
FFrisk: FFrisk lives in the Gaston timeline since then, and lives in a giant fucking forest that kills people that come inside of it if they have a 'dark heart'
Barchar: anyway yeah barchar did actually forget her when she left the timeline because that's pretty much the only way for her to look away but it works
Asriel Head: ((Now I gotta replace my fortress and raikou ._.
FFrisk: "...Sorry..."
FFrisk: (( Funniest shit ever ))
Barchar: sighs. "Don't worry about it, child."
FFrisk: "...I'm not a child..."
Asriel Head: ((Oh boy I get to replace fortress with magcargo ;_;
FFrisk: I mean, she LOOKS like a child, but she's likely the oldest (second oldest with Barchar) one in the bar.
FFrisk: ((Torkoal is better))
FFrisk: "I'm...actually...nevermind..."
Barchar: "I...dont take offense, Frisk. I call everybody that."
FFrisk: "..." She just nods, looking away.
Barchar: has seen enough people who are older than they look to believe her pretty well
FFrisk: ((Currently she's in a little thing i'm doing called The lost Book))
Asriel Head: ((Making my own thing for torkoal, fuck smogon reccomendations
FFrisk: ((Which is basically 'Lets take all these fucking characters I haven't used in years'))
Barchar: (undertale hasn't been out for A year)
FFrisk: ((She had the bad luck of being stuck in a book with them for a day, and came out fucked up a little and randomly saying Alice in Wonderland quotes))
FFrisk: ((I know it's a fucking figure of speech MK))
Barchar: (holy shit you called me MK)
Barchar: (there's something strangely surreal about that, even though it would have seemed totally normal like two months ago)
FFrisk: ((I do that sometimes, I call people what they were originally called))
FFrisk: ((I mean, people still fucking call me Editor))
Barchar: (I tend to call people by their out-of-chat names when I know them)
Barchar: (except for erron/gna who I tend to just call whatever character they have their name set to because their ooc name is 'GN_austin')
Barchar: (so, you know)
FFrisk: "..."
Mk: speaking of mk, they do still exist. They've been actually awake, and around. They've just not been doing much of import.
Asriel Head: ((Ok, now it's done
FFrisk: "...So..."
Asriel Head: ((Well that went better than expected
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Asriel Head: ((What did you say the torkoal moves were?
FFrisk: ((SR/RS/Clear Smog/Lava Plume))
Asriel Head: ((K
Asriel Head: ((I'll test it out on regular monotype
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
Barchar: "Yes?"
FFrisk: "...Do tea?"
FFrisk: She's had years and years of doing nothing but living in a forest and making fucking tea.
Asriel Head: ((Dark team
Asriel Head: ((Gave tork superpower instead of plume because I had atk pretty well spread
Asriel Head: ((Well I took out his honch
Barchar: "I've never actually had it, before. I can make some if you want."
FFrisk: "...No...I was offering you, actually..."
Barchar: shrugs. "I mean, it's tea, there's not much personal flair. If you want to make it instead, go ahead."
Asriel Head: ((Wow
Asriel Head: ((Fighting team
Asriel Head: ((Took down 2 mons with tork
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Asriel Head: ((Ohai dd
Lua: (( hi ))
FFrisk: She nods, and just walks into the Grillby's kitchen, dissapearing back there for a good while.
Asriel Head: ((Last night I nerfed everyone
Lua: (( which of mine were affected? ))
Asriel Head: ((All, I think
Lua: (( you could of just removed friendly knowledge, he was alright before that ))
Lua: (( Copy Attack's change is good ))
Asriel Head: ((Giving entei eruption was a mistake
Lua: (( but making scan a limited thing makes him a lot more annoying to use. ))
Barchar: (I like the implication that toriel is now the one performing the snootle boopage)
Asriel Head: ((I didn't nerf btale actually
Barchar: (I know you didn't, but I was just looking)
FFrisk: After a long awkward silence, FFrisk steps back out with some tea. On a silver platter, someone stole her silver teapot sadly.
Barchar: (but since barchar is now the one doing the shield, and there's one attack per member)
Asriel Head: awakens, looking at barchar
Barchar: (doesn't look like you nerfed muffet, so looks like I came out unscathed)
Barchar: looks at asriel, sipping her tea. "Good morning, brother."
Asriel Head: "Hhhhhowddy ccharaa.."
Asriel Head: is in a blanket, on a pillow
FFrisk: ((FFrisk got 'Nerfed'))
Lua: (( I understand why pair up's change exists, and I kind of wish I was there for my nerfs. ))
FFrisk: ((Her attack that gave the enemy a random negative status effect now has the ability to also hand them positive ones))
Barchar: (that's not a nerf in quotes it's just a straight nerf)
Barchar: (unless she can do it on her teammates, in which case it's a sidegrade)
FFrisk: ((Well, see))
Asriel Head: ((To be fair, yours wasn't exactly possible before laharl
Asriel Head: ((There are more than 10 status effects
Asriel Head: ((So we needed to specify
FFrisk: ((I know, I said that as in no positive ones))
FFrisk: ((So I rules out the positive and petrification))
FFrisk: ((Anyway, the 'quotations' is that several statuses were removed. Meaning atleast she can't fucking give the enemy Joyed))
Asriel Head: ((Well, the positive ones aren't that good
Barchar: smiles at him. "The body designing is coming along nicely."
Barchar: (oh okay good)
Asriel Head: ((If she gave them fabulous
Asriel Head: ((Game over
FFrisk: ((Dear god if FFrisk gave a boss Fabulous we would be fucked))
Barchar: (cause holy SHIT)
Asriel Head: ((Fabulous was just designed to be Discord's afro
Asriel Head: ((But he never got to use it
Asriel Head: ((Since it had 1000 HP, didn't matter too much, easy to take out in one turn
Barchar: (uhh)
FFrisk: ((Shoulda gave him an attack that gave us a reason to target the Afro))
Asriel Head: ((*shrugs*
Barchar: (I don't see fabulous in the list)
FFrisk: ((Like one that shook dandruff out, and statused the entire party until it was gone))
Barchar: (wat do)
Asriel Head: ((I removed it
FFrisk: ((Slarv removed it))
Barchar: (fair enough)
Asriel Head: ((Because if Io got fabulous
FFrisk: ((Fabulous fully healed the owner's HP at the end of a turn))
Asriel Head: ((+30000 HP every turn, rip you
FFrisk: ((FFrisk's passive is that she recovers 50 HP every turn, and that itself can be a clutch as fuck move))
FFrisk: ((Doesn't seem like much until you realize +50 HP can be just enough to outlive something, and that Tea Time can waste a turn for her and let her recover it))
Barchar: (oh)
Barchar: (sssshit)
Asriel Head: ((Any problems with the nerfs, dd?
FFrisk: ((I had trouble with her stats, I basically used Frisk as a sort of template))
FFrisk: ((So I used lowered down versions of Frisks stats to coordinate with levels, and gave her a bit more Def and Speed))
FFrisk: ((Her specials sadly aren't anywhere near as awesome as Frisks though, Lucky Star is possibly the best damn support move ever))
FFrisk: ((Wait no I didn't do anything for Def))
Asriel Head: ((I just removed the scanned turn limit
Asriel Head: ((Because I don't wanna deal with tha shit
Lua: (( You can removed friendly knowledge if you want
Lua: (( If you feel like scanned needs a balance ))
Lua: (( Also Battle Mode only going down by one is slightly harsh ))
Asriel Head: ((Nah
Lua: (( I said slightly, but I guess it works ))
Lua: (( Other than that, I'm fine with them, it changes up Corrin a bit, but with your buff you added to him, he's still good ))
Asriel Head: ((Yeah, Corrin needed a serious nerf after that
Lua: (( 'His only good skill is actually fucking amazing, holy shit' ))
Lua: (( Also it also differentiates the combine character specials a bit more. ))
Asriel Head: ((The main purpose of the nerfs was Gaston
FFrisk: ((It's always been))
Asriel Head: ((I didn't want people just waiting for the fusion to kick the enemy's ass
Lua: (( It was hilarious but it was also kind of BS for you ))
FFrisk: (("Lets all do whatever and support so that Gaster and Metta can win the fight for us"))
Lua: (( What were their nerfs by the way, I didn't check their stats yet ))
Lua: (( I see Hellaton's specials got nerfed. ))
Asriel Head: ((Gaster, Hella, and Metta's specials all got practically cut in half
Asriel Head: ((And SP cost is way higher
Asriel Head: ((And I've added a mechanic to fusion
Asriel Head: ((Specials now cost 1.5 SP when fused
Asriel Head: ((1.5x
Lua: (( Alright ))
Lua: (( More choice for a higher cost ))
Lua: (( Like Lua's actually ))
Asriel Head: ((Ye
FFrisk: ((Damnit now I want to fight things))
Lua: (( Also Slar, do you make up costs for Lua when he scans enemies? ))
Lua: (( Because I wanted to use enemy moves, but I don't know if you do so I normally refrain from it ))
Asriel Head: ((I don't have costs, enemies don't have SP
Asriel Head: ((But I can make them up I guess
Asriel Head: ((Gonna go play sum maylay
Lua: (( I knew that, so I was checking, and have fun playing the 2nd best smash ))
FFrisk: FFrisk just sits there.
: Asriel Head's connection timed out.
Lua: walks into the bar, still writing things down.
FFrisk: She looks at Lua, bobbing her head slightly behind her scarf.
Lua: looks at this person for a moment, not really recognizing them. "Hey there"
FFrisk: She kinda moves back a little, looking away. "...Hello..."
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] disconnected.
Lua: "Anything wrong? You seem kinda.. [sub] what's the word I'm looking for [/sub] quiet"
Lua: "Maybe not quiet, but more of..."
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
FFrisk: "...Sorry..." She holds a cup of tea out from the platter she still has, to Lua.
Lua: "Short of breath, [sub] There we go [/sub]"
Barchar: "Good morning, Lua."
FFrisk: "...That works..." I mean the air around her IS kinda always frigid cold. So it does feel kinda uncomfortable breathing.
Lua: "Hey more common person"
Barchar: "I literally never leave, so that's kind of by default."
Lua: "[sub] I swear I know your nam...wait what [/sub] I guess that does work."
FFrisk: Keep in mind people CAN remember her now, so Lua doesn't have to worry about looking away.
Lua: -Even if that didn't work, Lua could probably bipass that by scanning once-
FFrisk: If it kept a log file, sure.
Barchar: considering that the forgetting worked on barchar when frisk left the timeline, I'm not sure if that's the case
Lua: -Unless the database somehow forgot, it should work-
Lua: "Also, you don't need to be sorry for that, I was just asking if you were alright."
Barchar: "She apologizes a lot, Lua. Don't worry about it."
Lua: "Alright"
FFrisk: "..." She just slinks into her scarf a little.
FFrisk: .
Barchar: "That's not something to be ashamed of, child. Self-consciousness is fine, as long as it doesn't sink into self-loathing."
: Erron [Erron] joined chat.
Lua: "[sub]Wait, now I remember [/sub] Barchar has the right idea"
Erron: ((Ayy
FFrisk: "..." She sinks further and further into the very large scarf meant to sink into.
Barchar: (heyo)
Lua: doesn't think he's helping in this situation.
Lua: (( Greetings ))
Barchar: "The tea is lovely, by the way."
Barchar: really doesn't know if the tea is lovely she has no reference point here it could be total shit
: Underwatch walks into the bar... they all look fucking terrified.
Erron: . . .
Lua: can't really drink tea, so he just slides into a chair nearby.
Barchar: "...Erron? What happened?"
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Lua: "Seems like everyone's got their own issues today"
Hyper: ((hi you fucks
Erron: We all marathoned "Paranormal Activity"...
Lua: (( hi fred ))
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
Erron: ((hoi
: ((you bitch dd))
: ((i am not fred))
Barchar: smirked. "Oh."
Lua: (( frank? ))
Erron: ((joey.
: ((no i'm frisky))
Erron: ((o ok
: ((you can't guess my first name, either))
Lua: (( -There's a reason I'm starting with FR- ))
: ((ik
: ((you fucker
Lua: (( No, I'm Fred Fuchs ))
Lua: (( get it right ))
Barchar: "They really only got good around 15, in my opinion. Then 18 came and fucked everything up. 17, though, that was pretty nice."
Barchar: (your first name is harry)
Lua: "[sub] Alright your issues are important then [/sub] "
GN Austin: -looks like he's seen some shit, he's actually shivering-
Barchar: has seen all of them hundreds of times,
Barchar: "Oh,i remember when 21 first came out. Even after a few years of omnipotence, that had me going nuts for a whole day."
Erron: Wait, there's more than ten!?
Lua: "So out of all the shit we've been through, your afraid of fake movies?"
Barchar: "You didn't know?"
Lua: you're*
GN Austin: -runs out, screaming- AAAAAAAAAAA
Barchar: "I believe they're on...ah, yes, 22 now."
Lua: sighs.
FFrisk: "..." FFrisk just quietly backs up, I mean, really, this is the girl that got fucked up in Lostland storybook world so hard she now randomly mutters Alice in Wonderland quotes.
Jamie (Judas): I'm NOT watching them... FUCK THOSE MOVIES! -Warps out-
Barchar: "23 comes out next fall, tentatively, but judging by the current production it's going to get delayed until 2028."
Erron: . . .
FFrisk: [sub]“In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.” [/sub]
Barchar: "Get this: the ghost possesses a LEAD SPOON to make the main character use it and poison themselves when they eat their cereal."
Barchar: "The scene is shaping up to be utterly hilarious."
Lua: "OK, I've seen stupid things, but... what?"
: ((FFrisk shut the fuck up
: (( FFrisk: [sub]nd the ignorance of the person who insulted others, oh, he fell into the rabbit hole! All that was left was a big splat, and that was the end of F. Whiskington.[/sub]
: ((no))
Barchar: "They're actually shooting for comedy by on, even if they say they're still a horror franchise. A smart move, in my opinion."
Erron: . . .
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Lua: "So they're trying to pick a larger audience, even if they have no idea what comedy is? huh."
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
FFrisk: She doesn't like discussing poisoning. Which is ironic, as one of her specials is literally poisoning the enemy with tea.
Barchar: "Mmn, sort of, yes. More just embracing the fact that they can't possibly recover from the disasters of before."
Barchar: "Might as well appeal to the demographic still watching."
Lilith: Pfft, those movies weren't scary at all...
Lua: "Fair point"
Barchar: "Asriel, I say this with as much love and respect as possible: you're a wimp."
Erron: . . .
Barchar: "On that note:" she hands erron Lua's untouched cup. "Tea?"
Erron: Sure...
Erron: -Takes it and drinks- Hey, that's pretty good.
Lua: "Yeah, I can't really drink with the whole metal half of face, drinking doesn't work very well."
Barchar: "The frisk here quoteing Alice in Wonderland made it."
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Erron: Cool.
FFrisk: ((HOLY FUCK))
: ((hi mv
MettatonSEX: ((hi
Lua: (( Hey ))
: ((i think i fell asleep last night so rip conversation with frisk and hellaton))
FFrisk: She sinks a bit further into her scarf.
: ((also holy shit laharl
MettatonSEX: ((yeah
MettatonSEX: ((things managed to get worse
MettatonSEX: ((nobody is happy
: ((wow))
Barchar: (nothing is fine, everything is ruined)
: ((why is nobody happy))
MettatonSEX: ((metta attempted to cheer hella up by fusing, hlla asked if gaster could join in, and then well.... metta is revealed to be unhappy with himself, blamed himself for wording things poorly, etc
: ((oh boy))
: ((cau is just peachy right now))
MettatonSEX: ((yep
: ((it's the new Great Depression))
FFrisk: ((FFrisk comes back, and gets rekt))
Erron: ((Underwatch are all going to become paranoid assholes because of a horror movie...
MettatonSEX: ((just🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑fucking🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑peachy
Lua: (( The Great Depression, now with Time Travel issues ))
Erron: ((PEACHES
Lua: (( and people taking movies too seriously ))
MettatonSEX: ((featuring self-loathing from the mettaton may cry series
MettatonSEX: ((& knuckles
Barchar: is somehow the person with the LEAST depression abd/or self-loathing rn
: ((directed by Slarvath))
: ((he caused this shit))
Barchar: like hot damn
❤ Frisk: * she's not depressed
MettatonSEX: ((yep
FFrisk: FFrisk is only 40% Self Loathing.
Lua: isn't really depressed or self-loathing, but he has his own issues right now.
FFrisk: The other 60% is a mixture of shyness, bad experiences, and being slightly batshit from isolation.
MettatonSEX: ((slarv ruined everything by sending hellaton into a panic attack that caused him to break down, and it revealed mettatons current state
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] joined chat.
Lua: namely his past self fucking up his past... somehow.
Kimmy: -walks back in, holding GNA- See... no killer ghosts here. [color=limegreen]O-Okay...[/color]
: ((gee slarv, you came at a great time))
Barchar: I'd file that under depression for frisk
MettatonSEX: ((hi slarv thanks for causing turmoil
❤ Frisk: * how
Asriel Head: ((What did i do
❤ Frisk: * oh fucking hell
Lua: (( -Mettaton walks in immediately after Kim said that- ))
❤ Frisk: * can't you people
❤ Frisk: * [i]clarify[/i]
MettatonSEX: ((im messing with u slarv but in all honesty deadpap hurting hellaton spiralled into shit
: ((< MettatonSEX: ((slarv ruined everything by sending hellaton into a panic attack that caused him to break down, and it revealed mettatons current state
GN Austin: I t-t-told you guys, I H-H-HATE horror movies!
Asriel Head: ((Well.. sorry
Barchar: is a ghost who has killed before
Asriel Head: ((I didn't think it would ruin shit
MettatonSEX: ((not your fault man i love rping this
Barchar: even if it was reluctant and sent her into a spiral of self loathing for a while
FFrisk: [sub]“Little Alice fell d o w n the hOle, bumped her head and bruised her soul” [/sub]
Erron: ((Barchar could fucking terrify GNA if they wanted too.
FFrisk: ((SLAR))
MettatonSEX: ((i love roleplaying this kind of shit because its an outlet for my own feelings
FFrisk: (( LOOK AT THIS SHIT (NSFL if you like deer) ))
Erron: ((Same MV
Barchar: (I love the eye bulge)
Barchar: (like 'OH SHIT I GOT SHOT')
Asriel Head: ((Well, i was gonna try out some new fight mechanics
Asriel Head: ((Later, i gtg soon
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] disconnected.
: ((
MettatonSEX: ((irl, i hasve anxiety, depression, adhd, and prooooobably something else somewhere, this kind of rp lets me vent things that are pent up
MettatonSEX: ((ok
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] joined chat.
Erron: ((SAME
: ((venting is always good))
Asriel Head: ((Sorry
Erron: ((I'm honestly hating my current situation rn
MettatonSEX: ((no, no, thank you
MettatonSEX: ((i said you ruined things in jest im sorry
: ((my life is so fucking stressful rn it hurts my soul))
Lua: (( If I rped about my current situation, I'd have Lua join a team and complain about how his teammates are fucking useless. ))
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
: ((hi yazan
Erron: ((I feel the same way Frisky, but you guys make me feel so much better!!
MettatonSEX: ((brb
Erron: ((k
: ((CaU has always been a fucking wonderful experience))
: ((well
Jeska or Jukon: (oi
: ((ultima made me rip my hair out but))
: ((i don't count him))
Erron: ((For me it has been awesome 100%... I wasn't there for Ultima's crap.
: ((that's good))
MettatonSEX: ((back
: ((Ultima's bullshit was horrendous))
Erron: ((hoi
: ((we can all agree on that))
: ((especially MV))
MettatonSEX: ((cau has been wonderful.... except for ultima
Lua: (( I wasn't on mostly for Ultima's shit except for a few occasions, but for the one's I saw, he deserved what he got ))
: ((exactly))
Erron: ((is he a bigger cunt than me?
MettatonSEX: ((im a nasty bitch, but only if i get disrespected
MettatonSEX: ((yes
Erron: ((HOW!?
Asriel Head: ((I was only on for the part where he stopped my trial arc dead in its tracks
Asriel Head: ((By getting his ass permabanned
: ((i will never disrespect you mv))
FFrisk: [sub]“Rule Forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court.” [/sub]
FFrisk: ((Frisky did way better as a lawyer anyway))
: ((true))
Asriel Head: ((Yeah
Lua: (( He also ruined the clone character, which I now basically ruined myself ))
FFrisk: ((Mfw I got to RP The Judge as The Judge.))
: ((i didn't think i did that good but i do know i did better than Ultima))
Jeska or Jukon: ((I only disrespect my surroundings
MettatonSEX: ((you did the best
Erron: ((I try to not get my characters involved in the arcs TOO MUCH, I feel like they're supposed to be comic relief characters. Maybe except for Erron and the Isaac guys.
Barchar: (tbh the only time this has been stressful for me was when I fucked up myself. Otherwise you guys are really all pretty great and I like coming here)
Lua: (( I was literally feeding information to him at one point, truing not to spoon feed him ))
MettatonSEX: ((yeah, if its an accident, i can forgive
Asriel Head: ((He was so bad
: ((accidents are fine but))
MettatonSEX: ((but if you try to justify it
: ((repeated offences?))
MettatonSEX: ((bitch...
: ((and justifying it?))
: ((hell no))
FFrisk: ((He posted his shitty platinum nuzlocke once in chat))
FFrisk: ((Asked people in the chat to sub))
MettatonSEX: ((lol
FFrisk: ((All he did was confirm he was 12))
Barchar: (nah, the only justification I'm ever gonna give is that I'm a dumbass who doesn't think his words through, and I'm never gonna try to use that as a reason you should forgive me)
: ((12? sounds about right))
: ((he needs to grow the fuck up))
FFrisk: ((I myself have broken rule 2, mostly back in the Xyzzy days when I didn't even know about MV))
Barchar: (just as a reason to accept my punishment if it ever comes to it, which it hopefully won't.)
MettatonSEX: ((right
Lua: (( "She's taking the drugs for a reason" "SHE DRUGGED THE PERSON TO KILL HIM" "what" ))
: ((i only broke rule 2 once))
MettatonSEX: ((yeah
Asriel Head: ((I RPed rule 2 in xyzzy
: ((never did it again))
Asriel Head: ((It sucked
FFrisk: ((Anyway lets get off this topic))
MettatonSEX: ((i was there for that! im p sure i left
Lua: (( I broke rule 2 before it was a rule, and even then it's not canon anymore ))
MettatonSEX: ((like i just. left the game.
Asriel Head: ((I don't even remember
Asriel Head: is sitting on a pillow, wrapped in a blanket
MettatonSEX: ((i forgive u bc u didnt know and i calmed p quickly
: ((i love everybody here except for ultima))
: ((platonically))
Erron: ((I've never broken Rule 2... WHERE IS MY COOKIE!?
Barchar: (in your stomach)
Barchar: (you don't get to taste it)
FFrisk: FFrisk is sitting at the couch, muttering and sipping tea quietly.
Erron: ((oh thanks
Barchar: (we beam it directly there)
Jeska or Jukon: (hey I havent either
MettatonSEX: ((you dont get a cookie for doing what you already should be
FFrisk: [sub]“Rule Forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court.” [/sub]
Barchar: "You already used that one, child."
FFrisk: "Used what?"
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] is now Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline].
: ((your prize for not doing rule 2 is being on MV's list of cool people))
Erron: (( :D
MettatonSEX: ((yep
FFrisk: ((HOW THE FUCK))
MettatonSEX: ((you all are
: ((yeppers!))
Barchar: (yaaay)
Barchar: (can I wear a cool dude shirt now)
MettatonSEX: ((except bio im still not 100% over that but again, i hold grudges and its unhealthy and i know
MettatonSEX: ((hes on the decent but not the best list
: ((grudges are fine))
Asriel Head: "Cccccharaa..."
Barchar: "That quote. You already used it."
FFrisk: ((Bio is mildly frosty))
FFrisk: "...What quote?"
: ((Bio is a slushie))
Barchar: (bio is a lukewarm guy)
MettatonSEX: ((hes 45°f
Jäger Leyline: ((((actually they are not frisky
Asriel Head: ((I'm neutral on bio now, Azzy still doesn't like him
Asriel Head: ((brb
: ((what))
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((they are rarely, but not often
Barchar: "From-ah. Okay. I see. You don't notice it. It's probably subconscious."
FFrisk: "...?" She gives a confused look, but sips her tea.
Barchar: (again, I like bio, all in all. But he dun fucked up)
: ((well yeah true))
: ((grudges are fine if you have a reason))
Erron: ((OMG, My Soundcloud just went from [url=]Oceantrousle[/url] (Which might be my favorite song.) to Asogre))
: ((a good reason))
MettatonSEX: ((see, against ultima? its good bc its keeping his ass in line. on bio? i cant fully forgive but hes otherwise cool but i want to forgive but i cannot
FFrisk: ((Ah right, see, Ultima isn't 'perma' banned))
MettatonSEX: ((bio never did anything to me personally and its. gggggggh
: ((Technically he is))
FFrisk: ((Ultima is banned until MV forgives him))
MettatonSEX: ((which means he is
: ((yeahhhh))
Jäger Leyline: ((grudges are a bias which lead to arrogance and inabiilty to reason. you are suppose to member without ill intent
Jäger Leyline: ((remember
MettatonSEX: ((the person who caused r2 to be a thing, i will never forgive
MettatonSEX: ((like, in my personal life
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] joined chat.
Barchar: (was that Ultima?)
MettatonSEX: ((no
FFrisk: [sub]“Look after the senses and the sounds will look after themselves” [/sub]
Barchar: (oh, I see)
Barchar: "There." she says, pointing.
Jäger Leyline: ((a persob mv knows irl
MettatonSEX: ((this was 5 years ago, and its stuck with me
FFrisk: "...?"
Barchar: "Your muttering, likely subconscious. You quote Alice in Wonderland."
Asriel Head: "Ccchharaa.."
GN Austin: -Jumps- WHAT WAS THAT!?
FFrisk: "...I know why...sorry..."
Kimmy: What was what?
FFrisk: She just looks away.
Barchar: "That's the severed head of my brother. Next time mettaton or Gaster come in, I'll ask them to build him a body."
Asriel Head: ((Tfw I have exposition to give but dunno how to give it
Barchar: "He was a rock zombie, but that asriel io ruined changed him back, somehow."
Barchar: (does it involve the robot body idea not working)
MettatonSEX: ((there are some people, like ultima and the person who caused the personal reason for r2, who grudges should be held against. those people did terrible wrongs and dont deserve forgiveness unless they prove it
GN Austin: -His face just goes from Scared Shitless to SCARRED SHITLESS-
Asriel Head: ((Nah, that can work
Barchar: (k)
Lua: (( I'm going to guess they brought it more personal ))
Asriel Head: ((Asriel may actually survive the whole thing
: ((yeah bio is fine
MettatonSEX: ((yes
Barchar: (the worst part about those people is that they'll say they've changed without changing a thing)
MettatonSEX: ((exactly
Asriel Head: ((Yup
Jäger Leyline: ((I'm not mad at bio, I just don't trust him/her
Barchar: (there's this one dickbag on steam who calls himself 'handsome jack the ripper')
Erron: ((*Slow Clap*
MettatonSEX: ((im 99.7% sure bio is a he
Barchar: (he comes into a group regularly and ruins everything, all while spouting some Bullshit about having changed and us not giving us a chance)
FFrisk: [sub]“That's the reason they're called lessons," the Gryphon remarked: "because they lessen from day to day.”[/sub]
MettatonSEX: ((i haaate ppl like that
Asriel Head: ((I am not gonna forgive nate for being a little shit
Barchar: (and he has his own group, which he runs like a fucking movie despot)
Asriel Head: , being ignored by chara, whimpers, tucking its head down as best it can
MettatonSEX: ((i sketched my first split today
Barchar: (his choice of characters to name himself after is apt, because he's basically one labeling of his enemies as 'bandits' away from LITERALLY BEING HANDSOME JACK)
Barchar: "Asriel? Are you okay?"
: ((cool
Asriel Head: "Can iiii ssit in your llap?"
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] is now Hellaton [Hellaton].
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Erron: ((This Pringles can is telling me to "Jam 'Em." Where am I supposed to "Jam" them?
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisk].
Frisk: ((your mouth
Asriel Head: ((Yo ass
Hellaton: ((your genitals
Barchar: she's, grabbing him and placing him there. "Better?"
Jeska or Jukon: -wakes up at Hype's
Asriel Head: smiles, nuzzling in
: Jäger Leyline [Jäger Leyline] is now Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon].
Frisk: * She walks into the bar and sits down.
Erron: ((I'll do all 3 at once.
Barchar: (your belly button)
Hellaton: ((your eyes
: Asriel Head [Asriel Head] is now Onna [Onna].
Erron: ((make it 5
Barchar: (your nkse)
Onna: is at home, blankly staring at static on the tv
Barchar: (six, so you can do three per hand)
King Hyper: "Ah, hello.. you've been sleeping for a while. Feel free to leave if you would like."
FFrisk: FFrisk quietly sips her tea.
Erron: ((Ok... I did it, and I exploded into silly string. 0/10 It's Good.
Onna: turns on an actual show
Barchar: (nice job typing Mr. Silly string)
Onna: continues staring
Frisk: ((onna watches barney
Erron: ((kek
Jeska or Jukon: you kiking me out?
Onna: ((Til hyper uses kik
King Hyper: "Nono! Not like that."
Onna: ((Til hyper is a middle aged black lady
King Hyper: "I'm just saying that you can go back if you want."
: Anonymous [Annon] joined chat.
Hellaton: ((yo
Annon: ((oy
Onna: ((O shit waddup
Jeska or Jukon: Wanna stay but
Hellaton: ((ill brb
Jeska or Jukon: should go check on onna
King Hyper: "You should."
Onna: ((Imma do onna's boss fight soon
Onna: ((Then you all can play it
Frisk: ((onna blows up
Barchar: (it's Dat anon)
Jeska or Jukon: ((anyone wanna do a short quest?
Erron: ((Here comes dat annon
Onna: ((I would but im on fone
Jeska or Jukon: ((I'm DMing
FFrisk: ((I'll do it0)
Jeska or Jukon: ((its more of a practice
Onna: ((I'll set up the new mechanics later then
Jeska or Jukon: gets up and goes to the bar
Jeska or Jukon: Hey everyone
Jäger Leyline: -is there
Frisk: "Greetings."
Jeska or Jukon: Need some folks to do me a favour
Lua: "What's up Jeska?"
Lua: "[sub] Wait, when did I learn your name [/sub]"
Frisk: "Oh?"
Jeska or Jukon: need some people do go and retrieve a a device for the bottom of the ocean
FFrisk: "...I've always wanted to see the ocean..."
Onna: ((I've been thinking up a thing to do once all this is over
Frisk: "I'll pass. I came here after a long day."
Onna: ((It's gonna be fun
Female Asriel: has been headed somewhere every now and then lately..
Lua: (( I'm doing one thing in between, it's pretty easy to guess what it is. ))
Barchar: turns around towards her. "This would involve...swimming,yes?"
Frisk: ((Slarvath: We're gonna force people to fuk each other))
FFrisk: ((If its only FFrisk make sure all the enemy have like fucking 10 HP))
Jeska or Jukon: nah I got a submarine for ya
Jeska or Jukon: ((brv
FFrisk: ((Cause this is fucked if its gonna be jsut her <.<))
Hellaton: ((im back
Female Asriel: has a new job
Barchar: immediately loses interest
Female Asriel: as...
FFrisk: MILF for hire.
Erron: ((If anyone wants to do Overwatch v. Underwatch... Don't even ask me. Just walk into the bar... [sub]I'm very chill with anything m8's[/sub]))
Frisk: ((wb
: Onna [Onna] is now UWF [UWF].
Lua: "Hmm, I guess I can help."
Jeska or Jukon: anyone else? this would really help AD and I
FFrisk: FFrisk is now suddenly a lot more open to the prospect of doing this now that someone with the ability to fight is coming.
UWF: ((Wrestling bby
Barchar: (im genuinely considering playing samuel l. Bastion)
FFrisk: "I'll help..."
UWF: ((It's gonna be great
Erron: ((Will Sammy get play of the game?
Barchar: (and I think I had another one in mind but I forgot lol)
Barchar: (he will)
Jeska or Jukon: BC? you wanna lend a hand?
Hellaton: enters the bar. He seems more... upset than panicked. He still isn't in a good position.
FFrisk: ((*Holds up mic* I don't know John, I think Wonder Wizard is gonna have a hard time this season, especially with his opening match with Gary The Hot Soup. Lets toss this to Slarvath on their opinions for this season. *Tosses news reel*))
Barchar: "Sorry. I don't think I'm suited for combat, anyway."
Barchar: "I need to help asriel."
: UWF [UWF] disconnected.
: Anonymous [Annon] disconnected.
Jeska or Jukon: need one more person to help
Jeska or Jukon: (got a quest about to happen MV
Barchar: (I think maybe my other idea was lucio? But idk)
GN Austin: -is still shivering- . . .
Hellaton: sits at one of the booths.
Jeska or Jukon: Erron?
Barchar: (you know what, while gna is terrified)
Erron: Yo
Jeska or Jukon: you wanna help?
Hellaton: ((im up for it if u ask hella
Erron: Help what?
FFrisk: ((*Spins as spaghetti aura overcomes area* NYEH! NYEH! NYEH!))
Jeska or Jukon: with the quest
Erron: K.
Jeska or Jukon: Hella you free?
Hellaton: ....I mmmmmemememean...
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] is now This edgy motherfucker [Reaper].
Reaper: [b](death comes?)[/b]
Hellaton: Whhhhatevevever it is...
Frisk: "Greetings, Hellaton."
Erron: ((OH PLS
Hellaton: It might hehelp me get my mimimind off thiiiings...
Hellaton: Hhi.
FFrisk: ((Time to Reap))
Reaper: the door flings open. Some loser in a trench coat and skull mask walks in.
FFrisk: Ring ring ring
Reaper: he thinks he's pretty cool. "DEEATH WALKS AMONG YOU..."
FFrisk: Necrosis calls, he wants his fucking style back.
Reaper: seriously look at this fucking loser
Hellaton: gets up.
Frisk: * She yawns. "You know what, since everybody is joining this quest, I'm gonna join anyways."
Hellaton: I'llllllllllllllll help, I gguess...
Reaper: [b](btw he's gonna be half parody of actual reaper and half not reaper at all so ya)[/b]
Erron: ((ok
Frisk: * She gets up.
Jeska or Jukon: (only really need 4 people
Reaper: teleports behind gna. "boo."
Jeska or Jukon: Alright follow me -heads to that any door
GN Austin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! -Runs out of the bar-
Frisk: * She follows Jukon.
Lua: follows.
Hellaton: As lololong as [i]thhhhhat assssssssssshohole Pa--[/i] ....Nnnot even sayyyyyyiyiying his name. He bbbbbbetter not bebe there.
Hellaton: follows.
Kimmy: Who the hell are yo-- HOLY SHIT ITS REAPER!
FFrisk: FFrisk slinks along, behind everyone.
Reaper: [b]"...oh. Wow. That actually worked?"[/b]
Frisk: (("bebe"
Hellaton: ((pepe
Kimmy: Wait... Reaper wouldn't say that. Are you some cosplayer?
Hellaton: .....
Jeska or Jukon: leads everyone to TK-421 and to a port in the capital city
Erron: . . .
Lua: "[sub]Huh, I kinda remember this place[/sub]"
Reaper: [b]"What? No. I'm just...look, keeping up this scary angel of death thing isn't easy. It works on the battlefield, but not so much outside."[/b]
FFrisk: [sub]“What a strange world we live in...Said Alice to the Queen of hearts” [/sub]
Jeska or Jukon: alright you're going down to the T'Har Ridge and looking for a sphere device
Hellaton: ...The whwhere?
Erron: A pokeball?
Kimmy: So you ARE Reaper?
Reaper: [b]"I'm Gabriel Reyes. My friends call me Gabe. My enemies call me 'reaper'."[/b]
Jeska or Jukon: Zerka knows where it is, he'll be piloting the sub
Hellaton: ...Whho?
Jeska or Jukon: beat the shit out of him if he pulls out alcohol
Hellaton: ...
Kimmy: Holy shit, Overwatch is REAL!
Lua: "Alright, I can do that"
Zerka: -waches from the sub
Jeska or Jukon: waves*
Frisk: "Well, I won't beat him up."
Reaper: [b]"Yes. You know what, here, I can prove it." He reaches into his cloak, pulling out about three pairs of shotguns. He drops them.[/b]
Barchar: "That's how infinite dimensions work, kimmy."
Jeska or Jukon: says its in a ship
Kimmy: Holy shit... -Takes one- SO COOL!
Jeska or Jukon: sunken ship that is
Frisk: * She looks to the sub. "Is that it?"
Erron: Hmm.
Jeska or Jukon: well go on, get in the sab
Jeska or Jukon: yep
Hellaton: goes over to the sub, cautious.
Erron: -Walks in-
Frisk: "Alright."
Lua: "Alright"
Hellaton: ...Hhhhhow mumuch can this hold?
Jeska or Jukon: -it floats there
Lua: enters the sub.
Reaper: [b]"I would show you that whole 'death blossom' thing, but I won't have that for another minute or two."[/b]
Jeska or Jukon: enough I made sure, I expect to pull a mettaton in this endeavor
Frisk: * She walks over to the sub and stares at it for a few seconds. She eventually enters the sub.
Kimmy: I think that would kill everyone here.
FFrisk: FFrisk sits down inside, next to Lua.
Hellaton: ....
Reaper: [b]"Not if I don't fire."[/b]
Zerka: Hey guy, you ready? I've been sober for a week
Hellaton: enters the sub, hoping that it can hold over half a ton.
Kimmy: oh.
Frisk: "Huh, neat."
FFrisk: ((I kinda tried to make FFrisk a little bit of Frisk's opposite in terms of 'support'))
Hellaton: ...Yyyeah...
Erron: Nice sub...
Hellaton: ....
Frisk: "I'm ready."
FFrisk: ((Whereas Frisk buffs team members and heals, FFrisk throws around status effects at the enemies))
Frisk: ((mhm
FFrisk: [sub]“You're thinking about something, and it makes you forget to talk.” [/sub]
Reaper: [b]"You already saw the teleport, if you payed any attention to your...rather jumpy friend."[/b]
Zerka: lets go!
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] is now Yazan [Zerka].
Kimmy: Right...
Kimmy: Why did you do that again?
Zerka: -the hatches closes and the sub sinks into the murky waters
Hellaton: stands, kind of in the back. He doesn't want to move, lest he break something.
Zerka: you guys like my daughter? shes a good lass
FFrisk: FFrisk tries to look outside the window, but it's too murky.
Reaper: [b]"Er...its fun."[/b]
FFrisk: "...Thats dissapointing..."
Erron: Huh?
Reaper: [b]"It doesn't usually work, though."[/b]
FFrisk: ((I'm expecting the octopus monster from the beginning of Final Fantasy X))
Jeska or Jukon: -waves goodbye then leaves
Kimmy: Alright... Just don't hurt him.
Frisk: "She isn't your daughter, though."
Reaper: [b]"No, no, not unless he tried to fight me."[/b]
Zerka: bah. shows what you know
Hellaton: [sub]....I... dddododon't, um..... tallllllk to her mumumuch...[/sub]
Reaper: [b]"Or he was involved with Overwatch, but I doubt that, around here."[/b]
Kimmy: Good.
Zerka: -the sub trip takes awhile but eventually gets to the ridge
Kimmy: Wait shit... -Mumbles something about Underwatch-
Hellaton: ...
Zerka: its in a sunken ship, was on it when it went down....hehe I was the captian
Hellaton: Oh.....
Hellaton: .....
FFrisk: ((80% sure of octopus fiend now))
Frisk: * She's just standing next to Hellaton. Why not, really?
Lua: "...You've improved since then, right?"
Frisk: "How did you get out alive?"
Zerka: -the waters are clear now
Hellaton: is unsure of how much he should trust this man in a vehicle.
Zerka: I ain't going down with a ship, screw that
FFrisk: FFrisk is enjoying the view and not thinking about how many violations Zerka is probably enforcing.
Zerka: -is an old male fish btw
Reaper: [b]"What was that?"[/b]
Zerka: -in his 50's to 69;s
Zerka: 60's*
Hellaton: ((69s
MageVaati: (( ͡ ͜ʖ͡))
Frisk: (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Reaper: [b](I mean there's not really multiples of those)[/b]
Reaper: [b](just the one)[/b]
Hellaton: ((depends on the relationship
Reaper: [b]"...i find that suspicious, but okay."[/b]
Zerka: never sure why she sunk
Reaper: [b](I mean if we're talking about years)[/b]
Erron: Sounds cool. -Starts playing Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS-
Hellaton: .....
Reaper: [b](or ages rather)[/b]
Zerka: just ended up sinking in the middle of the trip, first on the the life boat
FFrisk: IT WAS
FFrisk: AN
Lua: "huh"
Frisk: "Well, isn't that comforting."
Kimmy: Phew... for a second, I thought he was gonna find out about Underwatc-- WAIT NO!
Zerka: there she is -points to a large ship that has somehow been pulled into a cave
Hellaton: I'mmmmm ... um....... dodo we hahahave to go outtttt? I ddddon't ththink alllllll of us would s-- um...
Zerka: nah, I see a pocket in the hull
Hellaton: .....Shhhhhips... um..... thhey don't sisink into cacacaves...
Reaper: [b]"...what?"[/b]
Reaper: [b]"I wasn't aware of any 'underwatch'."[/b]
Zerka: HMS Toqurick
Kimmy: UuuUuuh...
Frisk: "Hellaton, it's not like there's a Kraken hiding in that cave."
Frisk: "We'll be fine."
Hellaton: ...
Reaper: [b]"Was there some secret, shady division secreter and shadier than blackwatch?"[/b]
Hellaton: Ddddon't tetetempt fate.
Kimmy: Would you believe me if I said I was joking?
Frisk: "I hope I didn't tempt it."
FFrisk: "...Do krakens exist?"
Reaper: [b]"...with your further reaction, no."[/b]
Frisk: "In certain timelines, yes."
Frisk: "I've seen one once."
Hellaton: ...
Kimmy: Okay... fine.
FFrisk: "...Hmm..." She seems to think over that for a second.
Zerka: -pulls the sub in to the pocket at the bottom and finds an air pocket in the large ship
Lua: "That's comforting"
Zerka: alright lads get out
Frisk: "Without any diving suits?"
Frisk: "I'm not drowning."
Kimmy: Me and some friends are part of a group where we all be heroes... but all we do is go get donuts and do Jojo poses.
Hellaton: ...
Zerka: theres air
Zerka: -found an air pocket
Erron: -Wasn't paying attention- ...
Frisk: "Underwater."
Frisk: "Uh, okay."
Zerka: ((Frisky -pulls the sub in to the pocket at the bottom and finds an air pocket in the large ship
Reaper: [b]"... Hmm."[/b]
Lua: "Once again, comforting"
FFrisk: FFrisk steps out, her clothes are waterproof anyway.
Erron: YES! Unlocked Gannon!
Frisk: ((i confused air pocket with pocket
FFrisk: Well, as waterproof as clothes made of plants can be.
Reaper: [b]"I...dont know if I'm supposed to count that or not."[/b]
Zerka: hole at the bottom*(
Frisk: * She cautiously steps outside.
Reaper: [b](you unlock Ganon just by playing the story mode you fucking PLEH)[/b]
FFrisk: They aren't make of 'plants' just plant fibers. So basically cotton.
Reaper: [b](U FUCKING PLEB)[/b]
Kimmy: I mean, there was this one time, where our leader saved the earth from Moon Robots.
: Yazan [Zerka] is now Yazan [Battle].
Erron: ((I know
Hellaton: leaves the sub...
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Erron: -Looks up- Wait huh?
Reaper: [b]"You have omnics, too?"[/b]
Lua: walks out, "So this isn't too bad, huh?"
Hellaton: ...
Kimmy: I don't think they were "Omnics" but... y'know.
Battle: -theres cargo containers everwhere, but at the end of the ship is a large room
FFrisk: "...Eerie..."
Hellaton: stays close to Frisk.
Erron: -catches up to the group-
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
FFrisk: (( Lets have some party music here. Cause this fits the party well ))
Battle: -its quiet and the only thing that can be heard is water dripping
Frisk: "Weird."
Hellaton: ...
Battle: -and the warping of metal
Frisk: * She begins to walk over to the large room, glancing around carefully.
Lua: "That's not something I like to hear every day"
Hellaton: grabs Frisk's hand with thwo of his, following her clos.
Lua: follows.
FFrisk: "...It's like a rainy day back in the forest..." She follows Frisk, standing behind the 'older' Frisk.
Reaper: [b]"Interesting..."[/b]
Battle: -theres large blue tubing at the end of the room
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: * She holds Hellaton's hand tight. Might as well comfort him.
Battle: -its wrapped up in a circle and takes up the whole room
Erron: -Is just following everyone.-
Hellaton: is beginning to regret this.
Frisk: ((imagine a 8'8 robot holding a small child's hand with both of his hands))
Reaper: his voice is still all low and menacing this whole time btw
Frisk: ((that's adorable))
FFrisk: FFrisk shuffles behind Frisk.
Zerka: -follows the group
Lua: "This isn't looking good"
Erron: What were we doing again? Finding some ball.
Hellaton: ((he has four arms, btw
Lua: is following.
Zerka: ah shit....
Lua: (( Wait what? ))
Kimmy: Errrm...
Frisk: ((right))
Hellaton: ((so the other two are huddled to his chest.
Frisk: ((the new body
Frisk: ((gotcha
Hellaton: ((hes underfell
Hellaton: ((he never HAD two arms, only four
Battle: -a snake like head rises from the middle of the the tubing
Frisk: ((mhm)(
Hellaton: freezes.
Frisk: "Fate."
Battle: Leviathan
Frisk: "Why."
Erron: Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?
FFrisk: "...Jungle snakes...but in the depths of the blue..."
Frisk: "I'm sorryyyyy!"
Zerka: thats Leviathan! Serpent of the sea
Lua: "How is that possible?"
Battle: -theres a sphere on its head
Reaper: [b]"...i'll be back."[/b]
Battle: -it roars and attacks!
Lua: "Well then, meet us, the heroes of the bar!"
Frisk: "Hellaton, it may end up badly, but we'll defeat it."
Reaper: disappears in a puff of smoke
Erron: ((I'll make it quick
Hellaton: ...Yyyoyoyou better be right...
: This edgy motherfucker [Reaper] is now Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion].
Zerka: -runs to the sub in free
Frisk: "I'm right 99.9% of the time."
Hellaton: ...
Battle: who will fight?
Frisk: * She will fight!
FFrisk: FFrisk.
Hellaton: will fight
Bastion: after which, in rolls this robot dude with a bird on his finger like he's some fucking Disney princess
Lua: "Do I really have a choice?"
Battle: screw it everyone fights
Lua: fights
FFrisk: ((Frisk isn't on the party order))
FFrisk: ((Regular Frisk, I mean))
Hellaton: ...
Battle: ((wait where is frisk's states!
Frisk: ((what do you mean
Battle: ?*
Frisk: ((frisk's stats is there
Frisk: ((it says 'Frisk - Smol Child' or along the lines of that
FFrisk: ((Literally the second character))
Battle: (k
Battle: (trying something new
Battle: Everyone make your attack!
FFrisk: FFrisk offers the Leviathan some of her Hospitalitea
FFrisk: (Hospitalitea)
Lua: scans the serpant.
Hellaton: uses Multiarmed and Dangerous... and realizes some asshat nerfed him
FFrisk: ((Btw Yazan, since I do this during slarvs fight, i'm handling FFrisk's passive regen so you don't have to constantly run back to it every turn))
Battle: ((k
Frisk: * She uses Lucky Star on Hella.
Hellaton: ((everyone should be healed from last night
FFrisk: ((FUCK I GOTA GO))
Frisk: ((aaaaaaa
Hellaton: ((FUCK
Battle: ((shit\tttt\
Battle: Erron? whats your attack
Lua: (( he said he had to brb ))
Battle: ((fuck
Battle: Total Damage done is 300!
Battle: Hella is feeling lucky
Hellaton: Thhhanks...
Battle: Leviathan roars and sends a tidal wave towards the group
Lua: "Let's see what this serpant has to offer.
Battle: it doe 150 dmg to everyone
Hellaton: ...
Lua: (( Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck ))
Lua: (( After this battle I have to immediately ))
Battle: ((I will too
Battle: (so 'Ill shorten it
Battle: everyone make your attack!
Hellaton: Multiarmed and Dangerous
Lua: -What are the serpant's attacks?-
Battle: oh and Frisk is Ko'd
Frisk: * what
Frisk: * why
Lua: (( what? ))
Frisk: * she has 600 health
Battle: Bite, Tidal wave, and laser
Frisk: * what
Battle: Nm
Lua: (( what ))
Battle: my bad
Frisk: * ok
Battle: saw the SP for health
Lua: copies Laser.
Lua: "This is gonna be fun!"
Frisk: * She uses MERCY.
Frisk: * her attack
Frisk: * not the actual MERCY
Battle: every is fully healed!
Battle: Lua firin the laster?
Hellaton: Thhhanks.
Frisk: "You're welcome."
Battle: laser*
Lua: is firin' his laser!
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Battle: total damage is 1300!
Hellaton: Thhhhhe helll
Battle: Leviathan roars and fires a laser at Erron
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Lua: "I feel like I just tasted my own holograms."
Battle: its does 1000 dmg
Battle: Erron is Ko'd
Frisk: "Huh."
Lua: has a disgusted look on his face.
Hellaton: Shhhit...
Frisk: "That's not good."
Lua: "Oh fuck"
Battle: Everyone attack!
Frisk: * if frisk attacks it would be useless
Lua: "Well... here goes nothing"
Frisk: * since it would do like 30 damage
Hellaton: Heeled Wounds
Lua: copies laser again.
Frisk: * She uses Lucky Star on Hella.
Battle: Hella is uper lucky
Battle: total damage is 1300! again
Lua: "This is going to taste terrible, I hope you guys realize this."
Lua: "Oh god, I was not wrong"
Battle: Leviathan Roars again and fires a laser at FFrisk
Battle: it does 1000 dmg!
Hellaton: gggh...
Erron: ((Back
Battle: FFrisk is Ko'd
Erron: ((And i'm Ko'd
Battle: Everyone attack!
Kimmy: [sub]Is that... Bastion?[/sub]
Frisk: "Oh dear."
Lua: (( Yazan, did you actually assign an SP value to Laser, or have you just given Lua an attack to do 1000 damage free? ))
Frisk: "We don't have anything to revive the others with, right?"
Battle: ((I have my own sheet for the characters
Lua: "Well, let's see what this does"
Hellaton: Nnno...
Frisk: * She uses a pie on Hellaton. Mostly because since Lua can motherfucking copy things like hell, Hellaton would need the SP.
Lua: (( Why? Now we can't follow our values. ))
Battle: ((its really annoying to scroll up and down to find characters
Battle: ((it cost 20 SP for laser
Lua: (( How much SP does Lua have left? ))
Battle: (30
Battle: (I only got 12 minutes left, so I'm rushing
Lua: (( Also, I'll add an area for you to make it so you don't have to scroll up and down later ))
Lua: "Alright, let's try... bite..."
Lua: "Wow, these moves are disgusting"
Lua: bites the serpant.
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Bastion: [b]"Beep boop ba deedly dip"[/b]
Battle: Total dmg is 450!
Kimmy: Oh hi!
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Bastion: "PLAY OF THE GAME" bursts put of his speaker. He whacks it, somehow seeming annoyed.
Battle: leviathen bites Lua
Kimmy: ...?
Battle: it does 250 dmg
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Battle: (bite was 5 sp
Hellaton: ...
Lua: "Alright, That was not the move I'd thought it would be"
Battle: Everyone attack!
Lua: lasers.
Battle: Its bite, what did you expect>
Bastion: [b]"Brrap a boppedidda boopy boop boop" He 'says', seeming to explain. He steps back a little. He nods, flipping a switch. Suddenly a very angry-seeming black man's voice comes out. "Ah, that's much fuckin' better."[/b]
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Frisk: * She uses Lucky Star on Lua.
Hellaton: Heeled Wounds
Battle: Lua feels lucky
Frisk: ((Bastion: SCAT MAN
Battle: CRIT on Hella
Battle: Total dmg is 1500!
Kimmy: What the fuck?
Lua: "Hell yeah!"
Battle: Leviathen is almost dead!
Frisk: "Hellaton, are you okay?"
Battle: levithan fires its laser lua
Battle: it does 1000 dmg
FFrisk: ((I'm back))
Hellaton: Yyyes...
FFrisk: ((So fucking sorry about before))
Erron: ((hoi
Lua: "...Hell No"
FFrisk: ((Bad timing))
Battle: Lua is ko'd
Frisk: "I hope so--"
Hellaton: Shhhhit.
Battle: every one attack!
Frisk: "Dangit."
Battle: Leviathan falls over dead
Battle: You won!
: Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion] disconnected.
Battle: Everyone receives 30 EXP
FFrisk: ((30 EXP for doing jack shit,sweet))
Frisk: "Hellaton, good job!"
Hellaton: Thhhhahanks...
Hellaton: ...
: Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion] joined chat.
Frisk: "Lua, good job, too."
Erron: ((YEA!
Erron: ((FREE XP
FFrisk: She slowly stands up, man she has no luck with these fights.
Battle: (FFRISK got Ko'd
Battle: (good enoguh
FFrisk: ((So?))
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "Now, is everybody okay?"
FFrisk: ((Oh))
Erron: Z Z Z
FFrisk: ((Kek))
Lua: "Was aout to say" -Lua gives a short laugh.
Battle: the sphere rolls off its head and rolls into Erron's face
Erron: AGH!
Lua: (( Erron is KOed again ))
Frisk: * She stares at the orb.
Bastion: "Sorry, that motherfuckin' voicebox I got installed doesn't always fuckin' work, 'cause it's a little pussy bitch."
Frisk: "I think that might be what we're looking for."
Kimmy: -Is holding back her laughter- O-Okay then...
Battle: FFrisk leveled up!
Hellaton: ...
Bastion: (BRB for about 15 minute)
Frisk: "Erron, no."
Erron: ((o ok
Erron: What?
FFrisk: ((Oh sweet))
Hellaton: ...Weeeee hahave to bring it baback...
Battle: Erron leveled up!
Frisk: "We need that."
: Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion] disconnected.
Frisk: "For Jukon."
Erron: You know what I meant.
Zerka: you guys ready to return?
Erron: Yeah sure.
Lua: "Yep"
Hellaton: returns to the sub, holding Frisk's hand still.
Battle: the sphere is dark but has a glow in the middle of it
Lua: "I've had enough of lasers for now"
Erron: -Is holding the orb- I don't know what you all could've done without me.
: Yazan [Battle] is now Yazan [Zerka].
Frisk: * She returns, too.
Lua: "Hey, at least let the egotistical guy who actually did something to make those comments."
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "Erron, you barely did anything."
Erron: Yeah, I know.
Zerka: -takes the group back to the surface
Frisk: "Please don't be sarcastic about this."
Zerka: this should be WDG off our backs I hope
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "Oh, if this orb does just that, that would be a bit of stress off of my back."
Zerka: yeah, WDG has been holding AD hostage pretty much to get this thing
Erron: HE WHAT!?
Hellaton: ....Oh nnonono...
FFrisk: FFrisk silently flinches at the mention of AD.
Frisk: "Oh dear."
Frisk: "That's not good at all."
Erron: -His hand turns into a flamethrower- LET'S KILL THAT FUCKER!
Frisk: "Erron, please."
Zerka: My daughter decided to get it for him
Hellaton: jolts back.
Zerka: such a good girl
Frisk: "Don't be so bloodthirsty."
Zerka: -reaches the surface
Lua: "Let's not do that"
Erron: . . .
Lua: (( OK I have to go ))
Zerka: you're free to go, just give that thing to me daughter when you see her
Jeska or Jukon: -is not there
Zerka: ((me too
Lua: (( I'm being yelled at up the ass now ))
Zerka: (shower time
Frisk: "Alright."
Hellaton: ...Rrright...
Frisk: "Who should keep the orb for now?"
Erron: ((Full Scale Operations begin in 3d 23h 57m))
Lua: makes jokey responses for now, and follows the group.
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
Frisk: "Who would it be safe with?"
Erron: Not me.
Frisk: "Whoever is not willing to keep the orb until we see Jukon, say 'not me'."
Hellaton: I dddodon't know...
Erron: NOT ME!
Hellaton: ...
Erron: Because I'm irresponsible! -Smiles-
Frisk: "Erron, I know."
Frisk: "Also, Hellaton, that's fine!"
FFrisk: "...I'll hold it, if you want..."
Hellaton: ....Oh..
Frisk: "I think I'll just carry it."
Frisk: "My pockets are.. pretty big, and it won't just fall out."
Frisk: "Erron, may I have the orb?"
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Erron: Yeah sure.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Erron: -Is spinning it on his finger like a basketball-
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: * She snatches the orb from Erron.
Hellaton: D-ddon't do that...
Erron: Awww...
Frisk: "Please don't do that. This orb is important."
Frisk: * She somehow puts the entire orb into her pockets.
Hellaton: ...
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Erron: How the fuck?
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Hellaton: ...Popopopoooocket dimensions... I ththink...
Frisk: "Indeed!"
Frisk: "There's a machine hooked up to my pockets so when I put an object into my pockets it leads to a pocket dimension."
Frisk: "I have loads of stuff in there."
Hellaton: ......
Frisk: "Heck, I could even put you in there. But I won't do that."
Hellaton: Iiiiiiiiis it okayit okay if I hide in thththere forever?
Erron: Giggity.
Hellaton: glares at Erron.
Frisk: "Hellaton, you can hide in there for a little bit, but not forever."
Hellaton: ....
Frisk: "I would miss you."
Frisk: "So would dad."
Frisk: "And papa."
Hellaton: ...Thhhhhhey wowowouldn't.
Hellaton: ...
Hellaton: Fuck.
Frisk: "Yes they would!"
Erron: ...
Hellaton: No, I'm jjjujujujust I'm just a burdburden a burden, Frisk...
Frisk: "Hellaton, stop thinking that way."
Frisk: "That's not true."
Erron: ((Who's ready for some comic relief?
FFrisk: "..."
GN Austin: AAAAAAAAAAA! -Somehow runs into Erron, tripping them both over- OOF!
Hellaton: Then whyhyhy did Iiiiii get leleft in the snowow untililil I got brought to the cocouch?
Frisk: ((I came up with the idea of Frisk pulling random things out of her pockets from old cartoons like the Looney Toons))
Hellaton: ((frisk pulls a scale model of the observable universe from a pocket
Erron: ((Niiice
Frisk: ((yes
Frisk: ((she would
Hellaton: ((and mettaton asks if he can have it
Hellaton: (("dad no" "dad yes"
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Frisk: ((that should happen
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
Hellaton: ((im 90% sure gaster would call him out on his obsession with power, too
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "I, erm.. I didn't know that happened to you. I'm sure my fathers had a reason and were occupied with something."
Frisk: "We care about you, though."
Hellaton: sits down, knees pulled to his chest.
Frisk: "I know that."
Frisk: ".."
Hellaton: One offfff you does.
Frisk: "All three of us care, though.."
Hellaton: ...
Hellaton: Hhhhow can yoyou be so sure?
Frisk: "For starters, dad and papa included you in the family. They've hugged you, me included, when we were going through some difficulties. I've never seen dad or papa treat you as a burden."
: Yazan [Zerka] is now Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon].
: Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: is in the bar holding bar close to her mouth, "I wanna so bad, but.....I really shouldn't
Hellaton: ...It cccococould just be fake. Thhhhey're dononone with me and they only ususused me to make me feeeeeel better for a little bit sssso theyeyey could boost themselves...
: UWF [UWF] joined chat.
Frisk: "Hellaton, where did that come from?"
UWF: ((Ayy
Hellaton: It's nooooooot like I havaven't already knowwwwn this.
Hellaton: ((hi
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Frisk: ((hi
Jeska or Jukon: ugh....
Jeska or Jukon: throws the beer away
Lua: (( I have to go in a few minutes, but I have to rant real quick ))
: UWF [UWF] is now Onna [Onna].
Frisk: "I've known my parents for a long time and they would never do something that scandalous.."
Hellaton: ...
Lua: (( The PS4 has the worst charger port I have ever had to use. ))
Onna: ((Use a phone charger
Bastion: [b]"Anyway, how y'all bitches doin'? I'm omnic sentry model e54, but all these mothafuckahs keep callin' me bastion all the damn time."[/b]
Lua: (( That's the issue ))
Lua: (( Well part of it ))
Hellaton: Thhhhatatat's what they saaaaaid about herrrrr.
Onna: ((Eh, well I play about 3 feet from the tv anyway
Frisk: "Who?"
Onna: ((Probably less
Onna: is at home
Hellaton: ...Hhherere's a hint. Yelllllow.
Lua: (( No, like I bought a third party charger because of how bad the port is, it's super fucking sensitive to what angle it had to be at to chag. ))
Jeska or Jukon: looks around to see if the group returned
Onna: ((Oh lol
Lua: (( it's the same port on the third party charge but slightly better and it just broke on me. ))
Frisk: ((hella: bees
Onna: is trying everything she can possibly think of
Lua: (( That was a fucking 20 dollar charger. ))
Hellaton: ((no, frisky
Onna: ((Isn't it just a usb?
Hellaton: ((shit
Lua: (( Not the cord, the actual port on the controller, so I bought one that charges through the bottom on of the controller. ))
Frisk: ((shit i can't think of who hella is referring to))
Frisk: ((i feel stupid
Hellaton: ((alphys
Frisk: ((OHHhhHHHhhhhh
Onna: ((Oh the port on the controller
Frisk: "..right."
Onna: ((Yeah, thats janky
Hellaton: ...
Onna: Come on...
Lua: (( Why the fuck did they change the port from PS3 to PS4
Onna: is unsupervised
Lua: (( The PS3 one is so much better ))
Hellaton: ...
Erron: ((Wait, is the group in the bar?
Frisk: "I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't know if what you're saying is true or not, but I'm sorry either way."
Frisk: * She hugs Hellaton.
Onna: ((Ps4 is just a phone charger, which would be pretty good if they actually made the port good
Bastion: [b]"Got this fuckin' voice box from that zenyatta mothafuckah, says it's based off some old-ass celebrity. Whatever, long as I get to use it to call people bitches while I mow 'em down."[/b]
Hellaton: hugs back, moving so that he actually can.
Jeska or Jukon: ((where si frisk and hella?
Hellaton: ((did we enter the bar? i dont think we did
Hellaton: ....
Frisk: ((uhm
Frisk: ((yeah
Lua: (( fuck it, tell me when a good third party controller exists. ))
Onna: fails, she sits down on the floor
Kimmy: -Is finding it really hard to hold back her laughter.-
Onna: Why..
Jeska or Jukon: heads home
Erron: walks in with GNA "We're Baaaack!"
Hellaton: is still in the other timeline i think oop
Hellaton: .....Caaaaaaaaaan we go bababack?
Onna: is sitting on the floor of the living room, she looks... Bad to say the least
Erron: ARE WE IN THE BEAM!? I mean bar.
Frisk: "We can."
Frisk: * She lets go of Hellaton and stands up.
Hellaton: gets up.
Hellaton: ...
Jeska or Jukon: wahts up kid?
Onna: Oh.. hey mom...
: Samuel L. Bastion's connection timed out.
Erron: -looks at the anydoor- Where are they?
Hellaton: heads back to the bar.
Erron: Oh.
Frisk: * She heads back, too.
Jeska or Jukon: something wrong?
Hellaton: just. Goes and sits at a booth.
Frisk: * She sits on the opposite end of Hellaton.
Onna: I don't understand it..
Hellaton: ...
Jeska or Jukon: what?
Onna: I can't.. feel anything
Hellaton: I... I hohohope it's not trrrrururue, but...I can't hellllp but feel that itttttttttttt is...
Frisk: "I don't think it is."
Frisk: "Don't worry about it."
Hellaton: ...Too laaaate.
Frisk: * She smiles.
Frisk: * nm
Jeska or Jukon: touchwise?
Onna: No...
Jeska or Jukon: emotionally?
Frisk: "Well, you can always stop worrying."
Onna: Yeah.. that..
Frisk: "About it."
Hellaton: I cannnn't.
Jeska or Jukon: huh
Frisk: "Then I'll try my best to help you feel better about it."
: Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: might have a damper in the rig of yours
Hellaton: ...Thhhhanks...
Frisk: "No problem."
Onna: I guess..
Frisk: "Listen, if you need to talk to me, feel free to at any time."
Hellaton: ...You'rrrrre toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice.
Bastion: [b]"Hey, ya goat-ass mothahfuckah. How you doin'?"[/b]
Erron: !!
Erron: O-Oh... Hi.
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "You can never be too nice."
Erron: -Leans towards GNA- [sub]Did Bastion always sound like Samuel L. Jackson? And Is OVERWATCH REAL!?[/sub]
Hellaton: ..........
Jeska or Jukon: we'll get ya to a mechanic or something
Onna: Ok...
Frisk: ((whenever hella has "..." i'm conflicted on whether it's bad or not)/
GN Austin: -Shrugs-
Hellaton: Let me rererephrase. Yooooou're too nininice to someone whooooo is just a saaaaad sack of sack of sad sack of shiiiiiit all the time.
Bastion: [b]"Of course Overwatch is real ya fuckin' ignorant kid. Y'all read a newspaper in the past twenty years?"[/b]
Hellaton: ((usually its just him thinking
GN Austin: Who reads newspapers anymore?
Onna: ((A sad sack of sack of sad sack
Frisk: ((alrighty
Jeska or Jukon: I need to lie down
Hellaton: ((though w hella its usually something sad
Onna: Ok...
Frisk: "I'm nice to you because you deserve it."
Jeska or Jukon: goes to the bed and lies on it
Onna: stays sitting in the middle of the floor
Hellaton: Dddo I? Whhhhhat worth do I eveveven have?
Bastion: [b]"Not me. I was deactivated until a couple years ago. Point is, how can you not know that fuckin' Overwatch is bitch-ass mothafuckin real-ass shit?"[/b]
: Onna [Onna] disconnected.
Frisk: "You're worth as much as any other person that has ever come to this bar."
Frisk: ((Frisk: except for Ultima))
Frisk: ((Frisk: he's a shitbag//
Hellaton: ((yo say it
Jeska or Jukon: enters the bar
Erron: Ever heard of a thing called Video Games... Well, In my timeline, Overwatch is a video game.
Frisk: "..Except for this one guy named Ultima."
Hellaton: ...Oh...
Frisk: "He's not worth anything."
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
Jeska or Jukon: Hey you guys
Hellaton: [sub]...Hhhhhe mumumust be like me, then...[/sub]
Frisk: "Hellaton, no."
Frisk: "You're worth a lot to me."
Bastion: [b]"Ah, really? That's pretty fuckin' weird, bro."[/b]
Hellaton: I... whhhhhy?
Jeska or Jukon: Frisky and Heli, how'd it go?
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: "I think that you're a--"
Erron: I guess so...
Hellaton: Um... wewewewe got the orb....
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: * She looks up at Jukon, and pulls out the orb.
Frisk: * She gives the orb to Jukon.
Bastion: [b]"Hey, y'all seen some edgy-ass (word I am unsure if you guys are okay with me using) round here? Got some dumbass fuckin' trench coat and a skull mask?"[/b]
Frisk: "Here."
Jeska or Jukon: Sweet,
Jeska or Jukon: Boy I haven't seen this in a long time
Jeska or Jukon: spins it on her finger
Kimmy: Oh Reaper? He just left.
: Onna [Onna] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: good to have it back
Jeska or Jukon: be sure to tell AD and Jukon that I said thanks
Bastion: [b]"Ah, hell. Y'all know where he went?"[/b]
Frisk: "I will."
Hellaton: ((if its a slur like the f slur or t slur or n slur then no, we arent ok w that shit
Frisk: "Now, can me and Hellaton continue our conversation?"
Hellaton: ...
Frisk: ((yeah
Jeska or Jukon: sure why not
Kimmy: No... He just went POOF!
Jeska or Jukon: I'll just be elsewhere
Hellaton: ...Allllllllririright...
Jeska or Jukon: walks off and just fades away
Frisk: * She looks back at Hellaton. "Anyways, I think that you're a cool robot who is fun to talk to. You're also very nice and likable."
Hellaton: ...
WDG: ...morons
Frisk: "And that's the honest truth."
Frisk: ((lolrip
Hellaton: You thhhhhhhhink... you ththink I'm fun to talk to, of allllllll things?
Jeska or Jukon: is still in bed
Barchar: looks over at WDG. "Oh. Hello."
Frisk: "Yeah!"
WDG: -has the orb in his hands
Bastion: growls. "dammit. He always does that. Aight, see y'all later." He turns into a tank form and drives off
WDG: hey there
Bastion: [b](oh he's not in the bar nvm my thing with barchar)[/b]
Hellaton: Whhhy?
Bastion: [b](though I guess she'd know he's there I think this is in the bar dimension innit?)[/b]
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
: Samuel L. Bastion [Bastion] is now Bar!Chara [Barchar].
Frisk: "Well, you're fun to talk to because you're nice, like I've said before. Also, I just.. like talking to you."
WDG: pokes BC on the nose
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
WDG: see ya around
WDG: -fades away with the orb
Onna: ((tfw you've got sheit you wanna exposition but don't know how
Hellaton: ...Oh.....
: Hellaton's connection timed out.
Kimmy: Uuh, Guys... I kinda had to tell Reaper about Underwatch. And, he might be back for us.
: Hellaton [Hellaton] joined chat.
: Erron and GNA's fangasm turns into sudden panic...
GN Austin: WHY ME!?
Frisk: "I swear to god that I'm telling the truth. I'm not a liar."
Hellaton: I.... stttttill donon't get it...
Frisk: "Why?"
Onna: ((Heeere's how I do it
: Onna [Onna] is now Dead Goat [Dead Goat].
Hellaton: I donnn't get howww anyone cococould enjoy heariiiiing my sad passssst.
: Bar!Chara's connection timed out.
Frisk: ((Metta: LOL FUCK YOU HELLA -ditches hella in the sahara desert- Hella: Nnnnno! -finds a camel, somehow tames it- how the FFFFFUCK is it not running away! -becomes the Camelmaster-))
Hellaton: ((no
Hellaton: ((dont
Frisk: ((ok))
Frisk: "I'm not necessarily saying that I enjoy hearing about your past. It's good to know that you're happy, that you know that somebody actually cares about you. Besides, you're in my family. Of course I would like talking to you and get to know you better."
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
: Dead Goat [Dead Goat] is now Mystery Goat [Mystery Goat].
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] disconnected.
Hellaton: ...Butttt what abobobout when I'm not happppppy?
: Bar!Chara [Barchar] joined chat.
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] disconnected.
Barchar: (I mean, reaper and 76 are the only people that attack Overwatch agents, really, so...)
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
Frisk: "I want to help you feel better because I care about you."
Hellaton: ...Oh....
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
Mystery Goat: enters the bar