Human!Sans: ((just practicing my anti-pickup lines))
Five Characters: ((Ah now I'm not confused
Human!Sans: ((hey baby are you give characters))
Human!Sans: ((*five))
Five Characters: ((yep
Human!Sans: ((cause I'm pretty sure you're schizophrenic))
Five Characters: ((possibly
Human!Sans: ((Hey baby are you yeast))
Five Characters: ((nope
GN Austin: ((Roses are red, Violets are blue... I have herpes, so do you.))
Human!Sans: (([s]cause you make my dough rise[/s] cause I'm pretty sure you're in bread))
Five Characters: ((B how do I git gud at mashups
Human!Sans: ((lern2bpm))
Five Characters: ((k
Human!Sans: ((Also pitch shift))
Five Characters: ((ooo yes
Human!Sans: ((And identify time signatures))
Human!Sans: ((And listen to all the meme songs))
Five Characters: ((Bpm and time signatures aren't difficult
Five Characters: ((Pitch idk though
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Five Characters: ((Ayy
Human!Sans: ((and start with rap))
Fanta: ((Yo whattedo bitch
Fanta: ((Am about to perform
Human!Sans: ((hey baby do you have a goat inside you))
Five Characters: ((Noice
Fanta: ((Yes
Five Characters: (([url=]Rap is easier to mash with? Ah that's why this is good[/url]
Human!Sans: (([s]want another?[/s] cool, just curious))
Human!Sans: ((Basically, tri))
Fanta: ((So he moved my whole arm today
Fanta: ((Am so proud
Five Characters: ((Hoorayyyy
Human!Sans: ((Well you know what that means))
: ((soon enough he will control your arms so he can type
Five Characters: ((YEAH
Fanta: ((Soon
: ((and then we can get to know him
Fanta: ((Inb4 he likes soriel
Fanta: ((And i must put him out of his misery
Five Characters: ((He wouldn't know soriel hopefully
Human!Sans: ((there are methods to fix that)
Fanta: ((Hes like a child
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Human!Sans: ((for example, endless psychological torture))
Fanta: ((So beating him is encouraged
Fanta: ((Lol jk azzy ilu
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
Fanta: ((Hows urs tri
Five Characters: ((Still only the two responses
Five Characters: ((Fml
Fanta: ((Have you been asking questions?
Five Characters: ((Nope, haven't had the time to talk and I can't passive force
Fanta: ((Ah
Five Characters: ((Idk if they even still exist which makes me sad
Fanta: ((I felt that way for a bit
Fanta: ((How long has it been since you forced?
: RedVelvetRebellion [] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Five Characters: ((Monday or tuesday
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Lilith: -Enters the bar- Jamie...
Jamie (Judas): FINALLY!
: RedVelvetRebellion [] disconnected.
Fanta: ((Next time you do, ask him questions and wait for an answer
Five Characters: ((Alright
Five Characters: ((What if I don't get an answer ;-;
Jamie (Judas): -Hops out of the booth- I CHALLENGE YOU ONCE MORE, LILITH!
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Tell him when he can do the type to say hi))
Fanta: ((I've gone a few days before, but then again i passive force
Lilith: Ready to get your ass kicked again?
Fanta: ((If u dont get an answer youre a filthy murderer /s
Jamie (Judas): Oh, this time will be different!
Fanta: ((They dont just die, they dont want to, theyll try to get attention
Five Characters: ((So they haven't died, good
Fanta: ((Had any headaches?
Five Characters: ((Nope
Fanta: ((Random feelings?
Five Characters: ((Nope
Fanta: ((Welp
Five Characters: ((Only two responses
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Kek))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Is Azzy reading this?))
Fanta: ((Yes
Five Characters: ((Azzy pls give advice
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((There is a really good ship named Soriel you should like it))
Fanta: ((Brb giving him my hand so he can type fuck you
Five Characters: ((yey
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Lel))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((He then types "I ship it."
Fanta: ((Zcssssssss@ssdd
Fanta: ((Welp
Five Characters: ((GG
Fanta: ((Great job azzy
Fanta: ((10/10
Five Characters: ((You tried
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Close enough))
Five Characters: ((You tri'd
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Are you able to ask open ended questions?"
DamnDude: (( So I've been playing smash flash 2 for some reason ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((And get full responses?))
Fanta: ((Not much...
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Okay.))
Fanta: ((He does sometimes
Fanta: ((But usually just yes or nos
Five Characters: ((Darn
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Cause sometimes you can try to ask him to say something to tell us))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I think))
Five Characters: ((Well I'm gonna have to make time to make tulpa
Five Characters: ((Or else this won't work out for me
Fanta: ((The joys of passive forcing
Five Characters: ((I can't passive forceeeeeee rip
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Fanta: ((Just like... Fuckin.. idunno
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((DO THE THING))
Fanta: ((Complain about a movie to him
Fanta: ((I was complaining about bvs the whole movie to him
Five Characters: ((Well I hate movies in general so I'll complain about movies in general lol
Fanta: ((I dunno
Five Characters: ((Anything specific I should do or think that'd make it more effective?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Complain about the ending to 10 clover field lane
Fanta: ((Just direct all your thoughts to him
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Because it was shit))
Five Characters: ((Alright
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((So bad))
Fanta: ((The problem with what ive done is i cant turn it off
Five Characters: ((Do I have to imagine them while I do it, or do I just think
Fanta: ((Just envision your thoughts going to him and they should
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Fuck that movie. They did it so well and the. They ruined it.))
Fanta: ((Visualizing helps
Five Characters: ((Gdi that's my problem
Fanta: ((But is not neccesary
Five Characters: ((I can't visualize/envision passively
Five Characters: ((Ah alright
Fanta: ((Imma try and get him typing again before i gtg play music
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I hope he can do a word))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I believe I you Azzy))
Five Characters: ((Azzy we believe
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Big thumbs up from bread over here))
Five Characters: ((How about try typing "Hi" if anything else is too difficult
Five Characters: ((Do what you want, "hi" is just a suggestion
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((He then types the entirety of the bee movies script))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((By hand))
Five Characters: ((Well that'd be a thing
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((And Slarvath just watched in awe))
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Fanta: ((Hi
Fanta: ((Ayy he did it
Five Characters: ((:O
Fanta: ((Gj azzy
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Ayy))
Five Characters: ((Azzy that was great
: ((Azzy that was amazing))
: ((It is very nice to meet ya.))
Fanta: ((Took him a while cuz hes better with the left hand than the right
Five Characters: ((Neato
Fanta: ((Fuckin android
: ((Can Azzy type out "I love you Frisky"?
Five Characters: ((Too complex, probably not
Five Characters: ((But he's making good progress
Fanta: ((He typed hu like six times, fuckin android
Jamie (Judas): -Him and Lilith are just fighting [url=]Pivot Style[/url] in the bar-
Fanta: ((Maybe he likes rp idk
Five Characters: ((Android is rood
: ((I hope he does.))
: ((Then we can roleplay with Azzy.))
Fanta: ((While i frolic in wonderland
Fanta: ((Gotta music soon
Five Characters: ((Alright
Fanta: ((Yep gtg, seeya
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Five Characters: ((bYE
Five Characters: ((Caps
DamnDude: (( See ya Slar ))
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Five Freaking Characters [Five Characters] disconnected.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((ay
Dr. Fintevious: (Oi
GN Austin: ((Nothing much happened, Lilith and Jamie are having a DBZ fight))
Dr. Fintevious: (Just checkinh in
GN Austin: ((k))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( I'm done evil plotting ))
GN Austin: ((k))
DamnDude: (( ~A Blank Deck of Cards Appears, What Do You Do Now?~ ))
DamnDude: (( Part of my evil scheming. ))
GN Austin: ((Read the cards?))
GN Austin: ((Oh wait, their blank))
DamnDude: (( :D ))
Bondertale: (write new cards)
Bondertale: (we do come from a CaH background)
DamnDude: (( BTale has the right idea, but there's no cards here yet :D ))
DamnDude: (( But in all seriousness, this is going to be an interesting finale. ))
GN Austin: ((So we don't fuck the cards))
DamnDude: (( Note to Self: Do not give the cards to GN. ))
DamnDude: (( How about you go fuck your own cards. ))
DamnDude: (( Also, if you know where to look, there's a few more hints to the future somewhere. ))
GN Austin: ((orly))
DamnDude: (( R u seriously Pressing the questions on this Guy? ))
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
GN Austin: ((-Shrugs-))
DamnDude: (( A statistically large amount of people would have gotten that hit :D ))
DamnDude: (( hint* ))
GN Austin: ((Wait... R... P... G-- OH MY GOD))
DamnDude: (( There's another hint somewhere ))
GN Austin: ((I dont see it))
DamnDude: (( a STATistically large? ))
GN Austin: ((WOO! CAU: The RPG is making a comeback!))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( I've already talked to slar over PM's during and after Painful, but I said there was going to be a break ))
Bondertale: (MOAR RPG)
GN Austin: ((NICE))
DamnDude: (( And then he talked about ending the world, and then I thought "OH SHIT, I NEED TO SPEED THIS UP" ))
DamnDude: (( So, with those two hints, someone here should be able to tell me when the first day is. ))
DamnDude: (( RPG STAT, where could that be useful? ))
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( If you can't find it out, I'd just throw the idea to the side if I were you. ))
Fanta: ((Were not ending the world yet jeez
GN Austin: ((to the side?))
DamnDude: (( Hey Slar, I'm making people work for hints now, as I have the near final version of the plot ready for my thing. ))
GN Austin: ((HOLY HELL))
Fanta: ((Hoo boy
DamnDude: (( I think he found the section I added. ))
GN Austin: (("A demon flies in" = Azazel))
Fanta: ((Nah, i havent checked it yet
DamnDude: (( -nod- ))
DamnDude: (( I was talking about Austin ))
Fanta: ((On mobile, in the intermission of my concert
GN Austin: (("The walks come tumbling down" = the bar gets destroyed))
DamnDude: (( Nope ))
GN Austin: ((*Walls))
GN Austin: ((Oh))
Fanta: ((I may need to pm someone though...
Fanta: ((Any volunteers?
GN Austin: ((Wait... those are lyrics from Pompeii. THE APPOCALYPSE!?))
DamnDude: (( wait, seriously? ))
Fanta: ((About my arc
DamnDude: (( I didn't mean to put lyrics, oops ))
Fanta: ((Or rather, the setup
GN Austin: (("The walls came tumbling down" are from Pompeii))
DamnDude: (( well then ))
Fanta: ((K
Bondertale: (hi slarv)
DamnDude: (( wb slar ))
Bondertale: (I'm trying to check this but hyrule warriors legends is kinda taking up KY time)
DamnDude: (( Kentucky Time? ))
DamnDude: (( [sub] I know you meant my [/sub] ))
Bondertale: (autocorrect)
DamnDude: (( ain't it terrible ))
Fanta: ((Isnt hyrule warriors legends crazy laggy?
Fanta: ((Although it would probably depend on n3ds or regular
GN Austin: ((I love the new clue DD))
Bondertale: (it is, but it's playable)
Bondertale: (andcfun)
Bondertale: (soo...)
DamnDude: (( And this is why I did this when there were very few people here. ))
GN Austin: ((XD I'm sorry, the opprotunity was there.
GN Austin: ((It was one time))
GN Austin: ((ok two))
Fanta: ((Weirdly slow night
GN Austin: ((IKR
Bondertale: (i wouldn't say it's crazy laggy. It's reasonably laggy.)
DamnDude: (( True ))
Bondertale: ( *shrug* )
Fanta: ((On a regular or new 3ds?
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Ayy
Bondertale: (bog standard 3ds)
DamnDude: (( ~My hint section is now impure. Somehow, even this is a hint still~ ))
Fanta: ((Welp theres your problem
Barchar: is still barchar.
Fanta: ((The new one can handle wii games and shit
Bondertale: (i bought it, like, 2 years ago and don't want to upgrade)
Barchar: and is in bazzy's body and all that.
GN Austin: ((~GN Austin is Ness confirmed~))
Fanta: is still mist
Lua: -Lua is still not in the bar-
Corrin: -When the fuck did Corrin leave? No idea-
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Fanta: ((May gtg soon
DamnDude: (( Good luck ))
Jamie (Judas): -Slams Lillith to the floor- I... I did it. I BEAT HER! I AM THE MOST POWERFUL DEMON ALIIIIIIVE! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!
Fanta: ((The fun piece is next
Fanta: ((Maslanka, give us this day
DamnDude: (( Have fun then. ))
Barchar: is kind of disappointed that her first two days of having an actual fucking body has been spent entirely by having people angry at her.
Fanta: maybe she shouldnt have killed someone to get it then
Fanta: is gonna choke a bitch
Barchar: didn't kill anybody dammit
Barchar: and if you tried she'd be the first to tell you that you were only hurting bazzy
Fanta: is gonna choke a bitch
Lilith: N-Not yet... -Gets up, and gets in a battle position- You've gotten stronger... but you still wont defeat me... I AM YOUR MENTOR! YOU ARE THE STUDENT! Now learn the meaning of PAIN!
Jamie (Judas): Poor, Defeated, Lilith... You just can't accept it. I WIN! Now stay down and I wont kill you.
Lilith: . . .
DamnDude: (( ~Holy Shit how long have they been fighting for~ ))
Jamie (Judas): I've waited 3 years for this day... Now I finally get my reward... GIVE ME MY TITLE!
Lilith: N-Never!
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Jamie (Judas): *Sigh* I wish I didn't have to do this... But you leave me no choice.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Jamie (Judas): -Takes out a red knife- Last chance, Lilith...
GN Austin: ((Ayy MV))
MettatonSEX: ((hello
Fanta: ((Ayy
Fanta: ((Aaand gtg
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
DamnDude: (( Oi ))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Lilith: . . . N-Never . . .
: Protobot [Protobot] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: and Glamor enter. Glamor is in a cute space-print dress.
MettatonSEX: ((hi
: Protobot [Protobot] is now Ant [Ant].
Ant: (( yo ))
Jamie (Judas): Alright... Au revoire. -Uses the magic knife to throw a [url=]flurry of knives[/url] at Lillith-
DamnDude: (( There's a battle going on in the bar, and I'm posting hints because Anarchy. ))
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: What in the world.
Lilith: !! . . . I... Didn't think you would... a-actually do it.
Ant: (( I came out to someone irl today ))
Jamie (Judas): Well ya thought wrong, bitch.
GN Austin: ((Nice))
Glamor: [font=glamor]............I'm going to stay out of this.[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((did it go well?
MettatonSEX: Agreed.
Jamie (Judas): I earned my title as "Lord of the Demons..."
Lilith: I guess you win... B-But *Cough* At what cost, asshole. -Fades into monster dust-
: Alphys [Alphys] joined chat.
Ant: (( Yeah it was someone I didn't even really know but it all started because we were talking about Ted Cruz wanting to ban dildos ))
MettatonSEX: ((omg
MettatonSEX: ((hi darling
DamnDude: (( ..What? ))
Jamie (Judas): Pffft... Dramatic, much?
DamnDude: (( How is that possible? ))
Alphys: (hey darling)
MettatonSEX: Insulting drama?
GN Austin: ((Niiiiice))
MettatonSEX: Really?
Glamor: [font=glamor]Dad no.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Dad yes.
Jamie (Judas): Sir, You're talking to the new "King of the Demons." I have no time for this.
MettatonSEX: Uh huh.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ((hi
DamnDude: (( ...YOU'RE NOT 100% FALSE WHEN SAYING THAT? ))
GN Austin: ((Yo.))
: ((howdy
: ((hola
DamnDude: (( also lag? ))
Ant: (( Conversation flow: Ted Cruz and dildos ==> star wars ==> Batman v Superman ==> Star wars ==> Adam Driver is hot ==> me: "I'm bi" them: "I'm queer" me: "I'm nonbinary" them: "me too" *highfives ))
MettatonSEX: Listen, you have no power over me, so don't act all hoity toity.
MettatonSEX: ((nice
Jamie (Judas): -Hovers over to the booth- Yeah sure whatever.
GN Austin: ((kek))
Ant: (( This is the first conversation I've ever had with this person. ))
DamnDude: (( Alright then ))
MettatonSEX: ((good shit
DamnDude: (( THAT ))
: ((Mettaton: I'm taller than you, so you can't tell me what to do!))
Ant: (( Then we ranted about caitlin jenner being a bad trans role model ))
MettatonSEX: rolls his eyes.
Ant: (( They agreed too. Caitlin Jenner's all like "I'm gonna make ted cruz have a cabinet full of trans women" ))
Ant: (( Good luck there cait ))
GN Austin: ((good game))
MettatonSEX: ((like good luck you fuckin homophobic shit bitch
: ((Cait then runs for president. "I'M GONNA FILL THE WHITE HOUSE WITH TRANS PEOPLE"))
Ant: (( The most homophobic trans person ))
Ant: (( But she won an award tho ))
MettatonSEX: ((id fill the white house with trans people but not shitty people
: ((Yeah.))
Ant: (( She's "stunning and brave" ))
MettatonSEX: ((in what, being a shit or in wrestling?
: ((Wooooow.))
Glamor: [font=glamor].......[/font]
Ant: (( And rich ))
Ant: (( and white ))
: ((and being a piece of shit
DamnDude: (( I'd fill the white house with good people, I don't really give a fuck on what they identify with in those aspects, as long as they are good people for the occupation. ))
Ant: (( Meanwhile there are actual people struggling with that shit. She wasn't brave because she had the coming out game on easy mode ))
Ant: (( I mean...I probably have it on little whiney bitch mode but still... ))
MettatonSEX: ((better trans role models: laverne cox, my trans friends(including the agender ppl here), me, you
MettatonSEX: ((you have it on medium mode
Ant: (( Medium mode? ))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-sighs, leaning his head on his father.-[/font]
: ((Imagine a trans person who has hard mode on, and just looking at Cait. "why the fuck does she get it easy, i've been through more shit than her"))
MettatonSEX: ((not the worst, but not the best
MettatonSEX: ((yo
DamnDude: (( [s]Wait, ant can talk with dead people[/s] but MV is right. ))
Ant: (( um...what about me talking with dead people? ))
MettatonSEX: pats his son's head.
MettatonSEX: ((medium
DamnDude: (( A role in ToS is Medium. ))
DamnDude: (( They talk to dead chat. ))
: ((MV is one of the people here that makes actual sense.))
DamnDude: (( It's based on actual mediums kinda, but I have tos on the mind. ))
Ant: (( I'm stupid. I knew what a medium was I mind didn't reach any further than the adjective ))
MettatonSEX: ((that explains why i can talk to them bc im dead inside
MettatonSEX: (( :0!
Ant: (( *Reaches out to the broken, beaten and the damned. *Recives Johnny5 ))
Alphys: enters the bar
Glamor: [font=glamor]-turns to the door and smiles, flying up to his friend. - Alphys! Hi! -he gives Alphys a big hug-[/font]
MettatonSEX: Oh, hello, Alphys.
Alphys: grins "hello glamor!!"
MettatonSEX: smiles. Yes, he smiles.
Glamor: [font=glamor]I'm so happy to see you again! How have you been![/font]
MettatonSEX: Glamor, it's been one day.
: ((Mettaton: *dabs some oil on his mouth* Damn, I haven't smiled in years.))
Alphys: "i'm h-happy to see you too! i'm o-okay, how are you?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]I'm great because my friend is here![/font]
Ant: (( Maybe I should have Ant the character come out...or I could just retcon him out of being me in any way and just have him be some guy named after a bug for some reason ))
MettatonSEX: ((omg
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((i mean ant can totally come out if you want
Alphys: blushes and smiles even wider
: ((what MV said
: ((it would be neat if ant did that))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-unhugs, but remains smiling. It's adorable.-[/font]
Glamor: [font=glamor]What have you scienced recently?[/font]
: ((hm i'm bored))
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky stole Vivien's green eggs and ham dear lord [Hatsune Miku].
MettatonSEX: refrains from laughing, but it's very clear that he's trying, with how he puts a hand over his mouth.
Hatsune Miku: ((
Hatsune Miku: ((I didn't put that there.
Hatsune Miku: ((Mobile, why))
: Frisky stole Vivien's green eggs and ham dear lord [Hatsune Miku] is now Frisky Whiskington [Hatsune Miku].
Alphys: pulls out a cellphone with multiple gadgets and science-y stuff attached "i-i've been upgrading my c-cellphone!"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Cool![/font]
Ant: walks in
Glamor: [font=glamor]With what?[/font]
MettatonSEX: Hello, Ant.
Hatsune Miku: ((i'm gonna wait after ant does his stuff before i roleplay hatsinne miku))
Hatsune Miku: ((i did say i would roleplay her))
Jamie (Judas): -Whistles a mysterious tune-
Ant: (( Ant: "I have decided to come the form of a song...that song is called Genderwall" ))
MettatonSEX: ((NICE
Hatsune Miku: ((omf
Bondertale: (totaka's song?)
MettatonSEX: How have you been?
Hatsune Miku: ((i do need to think about how hatsune miku would enter the bar though))
MettatonSEX: ((tru
Alphys: "just some more games and a b-better camera, it's not a-all that science-y, to be h-honest"
Ant: "I've been queer"
Ant: ((10/10 best coming out speech))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh, but you had to have done some science.[/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((how do you think hatsune miku would enter the bar, mv?))
Hatsune Miku: ((like this character is gonna match all your HCs so
MettatonSEX: Same. I'm glad you're open about this.
Ant: "Yep"
MettatonSEX: ((dude this isnt my character idfk make her come in with a sparkle of lights
Bondertale: (she just pops up like she's a hologram)
Hatsune Miku: ((ok))
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Ant: casually sits down on the couch. Ok they're out I guess
Bondertale: (cause she's like a computer or some shit)
Hatsune Miku: ((idfk either welcome to club idfk))
Fanta: ((Ayy
Hatsune Miku: ((also this hatsune miku will be a robot))
Barchar: gives and a thumbs up.
Ant: (( Robotsune Miku ))
Bondertale: (have her do something roboty then)
MettatonSEX: ((dont do mettaton
Hatsune Miku: ((i won't))
Alphys: "j-just some minor m-mechanical upgrades, nothing incredibly s-special"
Ant: (( Have her have an affair with a limo. I heard robots like to do that. ))
Fanta: ((Finished concert
GN Austin: ((wb
Fanta: ((Was badass
Hatsune Miku: ((there's a thin line between robot singer and a sexy "OHHHH YESSS"))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Ohh. Did you make the camera yourself?[/font]
Fanta: ((That song is so fun
Hatsune Miku: ((also cool slarvath
MettatonSEX: ((metta is a singer
MettatonSEX: ((hi slarv
Hatsune Miku: ((yes ik))
Fanta: ((When i get home
Hatsune Miku: ((but there's a thin line between how i interpret their personalities))
Fanta: ((Its time
MettatonSEX: ((for metta there is no line
Hatsune Miku: ((yes
MettatonSEX: ((oh
Fanta: ((For fun
Hatsune Miku: ((oh boy))
Ant: (( HC: Alki created their own miku robot because they're secretly a lot like alphys ))
MettatonSEX: ((metta's more of a dick than miku would be
Hatsune Miku: ((yeah))
Hatsune Miku: ((miku would be a lil' self centered like you said but not a little bit of a dick))
Bondertale: (what is it time fir)
MettatonSEX: ((yes
MettatonSEX: ((idk
MettatonSEX: ((porn?
Bondertale: (i guess fanta's two day limit on barchar is up, so thats a thing)
Alphys: gets excited "Y-yeah!! I-it's much better than the o-original camera the phone came w-with!"
Hatsune Miku: ((gaston porn?))
Bondertale: (its always time for porn)
Fanta: ((Wait what no
Glamor: [font=glamor]Nice![/font]
Fanta: ((Do you not remeber that it was yesterday you fuccboi
Glamor: [font=glamor]I bet it took lots of precision. Did you do it all by yourself?[/font]
Fanta: one day left before she shanks the bitch
Barchar: is trying dammit
Alphys: nods happily
Barchar: patience ya marauding amalgamate
Fanta: glares from the mist
Glamor: [font=glamor]Wow![/font]
Jamie (Judas): -Is gloating about how powerful he is-
Glamor: [font=glamor]I wish I could do things like that.[/font]
Ant: (( Why does the fact that Rogue One is coming out so soon after Force Awakens kinda worry me? ))
Hatsune Miku: * go eat shit fanta
MettatonSEX: rolls his eyes, and moves his hand as if mocking Jamie.
Fanta: * kinky
MettatonSEX: ((meta you ass
Hatsune Miku: ((Eh, I dunno.))
MettatonSEX: ((*metta
Fanta: ((Wait whats rogue one
Ant: orders a glass of chocolate milk
Hatsune Miku: ((the new star wars movie
Alphys: "i-i bet you could learn! i think y-you would be a natural at science-y s-stuff! your dad g-gaster IS a scientist!
Alphys: "
Hatsune Miku: ((it's not episode 8 though
Fanta: ((Lolwut
Fanta: ((Its been four months
Glamor: [font=glamor]I know, but... I get really shaky when I do things because I'm afraid I'll mess up.[/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((i think it takes place in the middle of the original trilogy))
Hatsune Miku: ((i think the basic plot is this rogue girl person thing tries to find the weakness of the deathstar or some shit))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-His hair seems to droop.-[/font]
Ant: (( It's the stealing of the death star plans so it's between Revenge of the Sith and a New hope ))
Hatsune Miku: ((yeah
Alphys: "yeah, i-i understand. i'm shaky t-too. but once you practice a lot it g-gets easier"
Ant: (( It's weird seeing the original style storm troopers in a new movie ))
Hatsune Miku: ((mhm
Glamor: [font=glamor]Well, if you can power through it...[/font]
Fanta: ((I dunno imma just wait until episode 8 comes out
Jamie (Judas): -Flipping the red knife he used to kill his mentor-
Ant: (( I really don't get why they even made Rogue One tbh. Also...It's technically a prequel.... ))
Ant: (( So... ))
Barchar: isn't saying anything, you know.
Hatsune Miku: ((well hopefully the director is better than george lucas with prequels))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-his hair reverts to its usual bounce- Then you can help me power through, because you know what to do.[/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((i pray to god that there will be a good star wars prequel))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-smiles-[/font]
Alphys: grins "y-yeah!"
Ant: (( It doesn't seem anywhere near as bad as the prequels. But it also just seemed like a kinda average movie ))
Bondertale: (force awakens?)
Fanta: ((When i get home
Hatsune Miku: ((yeah
MettatonSEX: looks to Alphys and his son.
Hatsune Miku: ((force awakens was amazing
Hatsune Miku: ((imo at least
MettatonSEX: You two are getting along well.
Ant: (( Force Awakens was really good rogue one just kinda looks about one step up from a marvel movie ))
Hatsune Miku: ((yeah
Ant: (( So like an xmen movie ))
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Possessed!Slarvath [Azzy].
MettatonSEX: That's good. Incredible, even.
Azzy: ((Soon))
Azzy: ((Because i have nothing i wanna rp lel))
Hatsune Miku: ((so you're gonna be possessed now?))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Yeah. Thanks.[/font]
MettatonSEX: For what?
Azzy: ((I was before))
Hatsune Miku: ((ik
Glamor: [font=glamor]For being proud of me.[/font]
Bondertale: (ooh, this is gonna be fun)
Hatsune Miku: ((but will you be possessed again
Azzy: ((This time he can have the whole hand and also not be on fucking shitty android))
Azzy: ((Yep))
MettatonSEX: Glamor, you don't have to thank me for that.
Hatsune Miku: ((cool
Hatsune Miku: ((i wanna meet him
MettatonSEX: I'm almost always proud of you.
Azzy: ((I wanna teach him to type))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Really?[/font]
Azzy: ((Do not corrupt the child))
Hatsune Miku: ((ok
MettatonSEX: Absolutely.
Hatsune Miku: ((i'll try not to
Hatsune Miku: ((can i teach him memes?))
Azzy: ((Actually hes a teenager do whatever the fuck you want))
Hatsune Miku: ((ok
MettatonSEX: goes up to the duo, kneels down, and hugs them both in a warm hug.
Bondertale: (this child is gonna get so corrupted dude)
Hatsune Miku: ((meh
Bondertale: (doesn't he have your memories anyway how can he not be ckrruoted)
Hatsune Miku: ((he will be fine))
MettatonSEX: ((dont make him end up like glamor
: Ant's connection timed out.
Alphys: hugs mettaton and glamor
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Azzy: ((He does have my memories, if he wants to look at them))
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
Bondertale: (he knows that you A: jacked off to him and b: role played him having sex with HIMSELF)
Glamor: [font=glamor]-hugs Mettaton and Alphys-[/font]
Bondertale: (i don't care how much of an innocent child you are that shit is gonna corrupt you)
Ant: (( gtg ))
MettatonSEX: ((bye
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
Hatsune Miku: ((bye ant
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Azzy: ((Probably why he became a teenager))
: Possessed!Slarvath [Azzy] disconnected.
Glamor: [font=glamor]You guys are great.[/font]
MettatonSEX: So are you.
Alphys: "y-you're great too, g-glamor!"
MettatonSEX: And, you know, Alphys... I never thought I would say this, but I'm starting to trust you.
: Possessed!Slarvath [Azzy] joined chat.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Glamor: [font=glamor]-blushes a bright pink- You think I'm great?[/font]
MettatonSEX: Yes.
Hatsune Miku: ((Mettaton: BUT DON'T TOUCH THE CHILD))
Hatsune Miku: ((Mettaton: unless you're giving him a lolipop))
MettatonSEX: ((mettaton: if you hurt him on purpose i will murder you
Alphys: grins "you're r-really great!"
Glamor: [font=glamor]!!![/font]
Azzy: ((Anyway yeah hes probably corrupt already but dont help))
Hatsune Miku: ((Mettaton: if you trip him on purpose then i will fucking wipe you off the face of this planet))
MettatonSEX: unhugs, but stays at about eye level to both.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Thank you so much, Alphys! You're great too![/font]
MettatonSEX: You are pretty great.
Alphys: blushes "r-really?"
MettatonSEX: You're a friend of my son, you haven't hirt anyone on purpose, and you aren't a total asshole like the Alphys I knew from my timeline.
MettatonSEX: Therefore, you are great.
MettatonSEX: *hurt
Hatsune Miku: ((Mettaton: You will remain great unless you encourage my son to rob the bank and get arrested.))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Also you're a scientist like papa, and you build things like dad![/font]
MettatonSEX: ((frisky please
Hatsune Miku: ((Mettaton: It takes a lot of time and effort to get people out of jail, you know.))
MettatonSEX: ((dude hes rich
Hatsune Miku: ((yeah
Azzy: ((K here goes))
Hatsune Miku: ((he can bail
MettatonSEX: ((metta could pay bail
Hatsune Miku: ((it's like saying it takes a lot of time and effort to pay bail))
Hatsune Miku: ((it makes no logical sense))
Hatsune Miku: ((like me))
MettatonSEX: ((obviously
Alphys: blushes more "that's so n-nice, t-thank you both!"
Hatsune Miku: ((like sometimes i say things that i have no idea what i'm even saying in the first place))
Glamor: [font=glamor]I'd only tell the truth.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Of course.
Alphys: hugs glamor
Hatsune Miku: ((Azzy, are you alive?))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-hugs back, humming abit.-[/font]
DamnDude: (( Oh shit. Azzy killed Slar. ))
Hatsune Miku: ((If I said what that would technically be, I would be breaking Rule 2.))
MettatonSEX: ((no, shut up
Jamie (Judas): I can't believe i'm "King of the Demons"
Hatsune Miku: ((i know yeesh))
Azzy: ((hi))
Hatsune Miku: ((hi azzy
MettatonSEX: ((its the creation that kills
MettatonSEX: ((hello
DamnDude: (( ...Now you're making me think about this logically. ))
Bondertale: (hi Azzy. Welcome to our special hell. )
Hatsune Miku: ((I may be idiotic at times, but I'm smart enough to remember shit and to not do bad shit.))
DamnDude: (( But MV is right in this very specific situation, that situation being that we're in this chat room. ))
Hatsune Miku: ((Anyways, hello Azzy, I am Frisky Whiskington.))
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((It is very nice to meet you!))
Hatsune Miku: ((I hope that we can be friends.))
Hatsune Miku: ((hi yazan we're talking to slarv's tulpa
Hatsune Miku: ((kinda
MettatonSEX: ((i'm magevaati, aka mv, and it's nice to meet you.
Bondertale: ( *thumbs up* )
: Yazan's connection timed out.
GN Austin: ((Ay Azzy. I'm GN Austin, I play as characters from an entierly different universe.))
DamnDude: (( [s] Yeah, I'm not going to take part in someone losing there mind, back to smash [/s] ))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Alphys, you're really super great. You got dad to like you, that's an achievement.[/font]
Bondertale: (I'm flame. But I mean I guess you prolly know all this shit?)
MettatonSEX: chuckles.
Azzy: ((rebel))
Hatsune Miku: ((Oh, wow. You're a rebel?))
Jamie (Judas): -Still fucking gloating. (God what an asshole)-
Azzy: ((oh lord what the fuck, this is slar))
Hatsune Miku: ((what
Bondertale: (is Azzy trying to kill yiu)
Azzy: ((idk what he doin))
MettatonSEX: ((rebel?))
Alphys: "t-thank you so much, that m-means a lot to m-me"
Azzy: ((i have the right hand and he has the left))
Alphys: "you're a r-really amazing friend"
Bondertale: (is that with a stressed e or an unstressed e)
Glamor: [font=glamor]It means a lot to us, too.[/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((Ah.))
Bondertale: (is it a noun or a verb)
Hatsune Miku: ((Slarv, what does Azzy seem to be doing?))
MettatonSEX: It does.
Bondertale: (i like to think he and Azzy are just having a tug of war, trying to both get messages through)
Bondertale: (take turns)
Glamor: [font=glamor]Thank YOU so much. You're a great friend, too.[/font]
MettatonSEX: You must be, if you've befriended my son.
Hatsune Miku: ((I like to think that Azzy raises the left arm in the air and slowly brings the finger down to the keyboard and it takes like thirty seconds to type one letter))
Alphys: grins and blushes
Azzy: ((you friends))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-gives Alphys a kiss on the cheek- Dad sometimes does this to his friends.[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((yes
Azzy: ((brb getting my phone so I can chat with just one hand))
MettatonSEX: Glamor oh my god.
Alphys: !!
MettatonSEX: blushes a deep mauve, hiding his face in his hands.
Hatsune Miku: ((we're friends
Azzy: ((The one with capitals is me))
Bondertale: (gees Azzy are you a dang caveman or somethin'? Naw, jk, the fact you're talking at all is nothing short of a miracle I won't rag on you for grammar)
GN Austin: ((So no one told you life was gonna me this way!))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Don't deny it![/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((*gives azzy a kiss on the cheek because that's what dad sometimes does to his friends*
GN Austin: ((be*))
Alphys: giggles
MettatonSEX: You don't have to act exactly like me oh man... It's because I'm affectionate. You don't have to do that.
Glamor: [font=glamor]But I wanna.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Alright, just don't say I do it. People know I do that.
Hatsune Miku: ((Glamor wants to be fabulous like his father.))
MettatonSEX: ((bitch he already is
Azzy: ((we friends))
Hatsune Miku: ((indeed
Hatsune Miku: ((yes, azzy, we're friends))
MettatonSEX: ((yes we are
Hatsune Miku: ((can we shake hands?))
Bondertale: (that is an accurate statement)
Hatsune Miku: ((-extends hand-))
Hatsune Miku: ((shake my hand, please))
GN Austin: ((*Friends theme song*))
Hatsune Miku: ((we're friends, and that's what friends do))
Azzy: ((ok))
Bondertale: (i...frisky that's just...whatever.)
Azzy: ((*squees from the right hand*))
Hatsune Miku: ((nice))
Bondertale: (this is very strange but also kinda cool )
Hatsune Miku: ((make sure not to kiss me, though))
Hatsune Miku: ((don't pull off a glamor))
MettatonSEX: ((excuse
Azzy: ((Where is he going))
Azzy: ((Azzy has left the keyboard))
Hatsune Miku: ((mv i'm not insulting glamor))
Hatsune Miku: ((i'm just sayin'
MettatonSEX: ((i know, just messing with ya
Hatsune Miku: ((ok, cool cool))
Azzy: ((mine))
Hatsune Miku: ((Who is yours?))
Hatsune Miku: ((Me?))
Azzy: ((I have no clue what he means btw, i can barely manage this))
Hatsune Miku: ((ok))
Hatsune Miku: ((So, Azzy, do you think I'm cool?))
Azzy: ((people))
Hatsune Miku: ((Yeah, I'm a real person!))
Hatsune Miku: ((Do you think I'm cool, though?))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-leans his head on Alphys. His hair feels like jelly.-[/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((You say yes or no.))
Azzy: ((yes))
Hatsune Miku: ((Aww, thanks! You're cool, too!))
Azzy: ((Well hes getting faster which is good))
Alphys: smiles and pats glamor's head
Hatsune Miku: ((He also thinks I'm cool omf))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-giggles-[/font]
Bondertale: (this is adorable )
Bondertale: (strange, but adorable )
Azzy: ((And also watching your hand move by itself is the trippiest thing ever))
Hatsune Miku: ((So, Azzy, which do you prefer? Cinnamon or butterscotch?))
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Hatsune Miku: ((You say either cinnamon, or butterscotch.))
Azzy: ((b))
Hatsune Miku: ((Do you know who B is?))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((He's a person who roleplays here!))
Bondertale: ( *writes this down* )
Azzy: ((Imma take control back soon, i need to change and get a shower))
Hatsune Miku: ((Mmkay.))
Hatsune Miku: ((-hands Azzy an imaginary purple bowtie-
Azzy: ((brye))
Hatsune Miku: ((This may not be real, but this shows that you're an awesome person.))
Hatsune Miku: (((Bye bye!))
Alphys: "g-glamor, what's your hair made of? it f-feels like jelly"
MettatonSEX: ((bye
Glamor: [font=glamor]It's ectoplasm![/font]
Azzy: ((Frisky that was great))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Compressed ghost, pretty much.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Mmhm.
Hatsune Miku: ((Thanks.))
Hatsune Miku: ((Did I do something right?))
Bondertale: (god he's fucking adorable)
Isaac: -Walks in- Hey, Jamie... Have you seen Lilith? I can't find her anywhere.
MettatonSEX: The smaller the compressed ghost, the thicker it is.
GN Austin: ((Wait, who is Azzy?
Hatsune Miku: ((Slarv's tulpa))
Azzy: ((Are you serious Austin))
Azzy: ((This whole time))
GN Austin: ((I was not paying attention to anything))
GN Austin: ((I was watching Enter the Gungeon))
Hatsune Miku: ((you should of slarv's adorable tulpa was talking
Azzy: ((I had the voices in my head use my hand))
GN Austin: ((Oh cool))
Hatsune Miku: ((Slarv, what did I do right?))
Azzy: ((Im glad u like him :3))
Azzy: ((The questions))
Alphys: "i-i understand. it feels k-kinda cool!"
Azzy: ((He didn't know what to type at first))
Hatsune Miku: ((Ah.))
GN Austin: ((I'll be there next time))
Hatsune Miku: ((Yeah, I told him to either pick something or something, so he would know what to do.))
Hatsune Miku: ((This is a WIP tulpa, after all))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh, really? You can feel it as much as you want, just don't take big chunks out.[/font]
Azzy: ((Hence the one word answers))
Hatsune Miku: ((mhm))
Azzy: ((I still have no clue what rebel meant))
MettatonSEX: ((im still confused on rebel
Azzy: ((I'll ask him after my shower))
Azzy: ((Be back in like 20-30))
: Possessed!Slarvath [Azzy] disconnected.
Jamie (Judas): Isaac, shouldn't you be bowing to the new "King of Demons?"
Jamie (Judas): -Slow triumphant nod-
Bondertale: (Azzy will rise up and kill slarv from the inside)
GN Austin: ((oh no))
Bondertale: (then he will truly rebel)
Alphys: gently pets glamor's hair and feeling the texture
Hatsune Miku: ((Maybe he is saying that he's a rebel
Hatsune Miku: ((or we're all rebels))
Isaac: -Grabs Jamie by the vest- YOU ASSHOLE! WHY DID YOU KILL HER!?
Bondertale: (i think the former)
Bondertale: (i dunno how, but...somehow )
Jamie (Judas): I... I E-Earned my title!
Glamor: [font=glamor]-giggles- It kinda tickles.[/font]
MettatonSEX: is saying nothing about his soul.
Hatsune Miku: ((I really like how I could talk to Azzy though))
Hatsune Miku: ((it was like talking to a baby and i love babies))
Jamie (Judas): What, were you in love with her or something?
Isaac: . . .
Jamie (Judas): Oh my god... Isaac, I'm sorry.
Bondertale: (srsly he's fucking adorable)
Alphys: smiles
GN Austin: ((i'll be sure to meet him next time))
Bondertale: (that wasn't how I expected him to act but it was still great)
Hatsune Miku: ((I didn't expect him to do too much
Hatsune Miku: ((Like, he was just like I expected
Isaac: G-Give her soul to me, so we can get her restored!
Hatsune Miku: ((A tulpa learning to talk to others through typing))
Jamie (Judas): No... I earned my title!
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Hatsune Miku: ((it's like a four year old just learning to type))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Ooh. Oh, Alphy, you could totally take like a little piece and do science on it! You can take a little bit of it, and it stays intact as long as I live.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Alphy?
Bondertale: (i dunno. I just expected that he'd, like...have grammar down. But I don't know what to expect with this kinda thing.)
Glamor: [font=glamor]Yeah, A[/font]
MettatonSEX: *Alphy!
Glamor: [font=glamor]*Alphy[/font]
Isaac: You... Self-Centered, Narcissistic, ASSHOLE! -Throws Jamie across the room-
GN Austin: ((Brb guys))
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
Alphys: "wow, r-really?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Yeah![/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((I don't know why but it made me really happy that Azzy said 'yes' to me being cool))
Hatsune Miku: ((even though it's such a simple question))
Bondertale: (its cause it's fucking adorable dude)
Alphys: "a-are you sure?"
Hatsune Miku: ((of course))
Glamor: [font=glamor]As long as it's not more than like five inches.[/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((it put me in a happy mood))
Hatsune Miku: ((which is good))
Glamor: [font=glamor]-smiles-[/font]
Alphys: "a-alright then.."
Alphys: very carefully pulls off a small piece of glamor's hair
Glamor: [font=glamor]-smiles.- You can do all sorts of things with it. You don't even have to give it back.[/font]
MettatonSEX: is especially staying quiet on this
Alphys: "t-thank you so much for this! t-this could be r-really useful in the lab, i'll s-show this to dr. gaster l-later!"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Awesome![/font]
Glamor: [font=glamor]If it has anything that's super necessary or something I'll give some more, but I don't wanna be bald.[/font]
: Possessed!Slarvath [Azzy] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((Ello!))
Hatsune Miku: ((Again!))
Hatsune Miku: ((Is this Slarv?))
Azzy: ((Hiya))
Azzy: ((Yep))
Hatsune Miku: ((Alrighty.))
Bondertale: (hi slarv)
Alphys: giggles a bit "it's a-alright, you don't have to give away a-any more, i-i'm sure there are o-other sources of ectoplasm available f-for research"
: Possessed!Slarvath [Azzy] is now Fabriel [Fabriel].
Hatsune Miku: ((Will Azzy speak again tonight, or is that it for today?))
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Fabriel: ((Maybe later
Hatsune Miku: ((Alrighty.))
Alphys: "this piece'll g-get us started though, t-thank you so much!"
Fabriel: ((My hand is still feeling reeeeaaaly weird
Hatsune Miku: ((Yeah, I can see why))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Bondertale: (yeah, that shit can't feel normal)
Hatsune Miku: ((imo, that was fucking worth it))
Glamor: [font=glamor]No problem![/font]
Fabriel: ((That was crazy
Bondertale: (does it, like, feel like something is tugging on your arm or something?)
Hatsune Miku: ((i had so much fun talking to an actual tulpa))
MettatonSEX: blushes at the mention of other sources
Fabriel: ((It feels like your hand is dead but you can still feel it
Hatsune Miku: ((That must feel uncomfortable.))
Fabriel: ((And it feels like that long after you regain control
MettatonSEX: ((like pins and needles?
Hatsune Miku: ((So you saw everything Azzy did?))
Fabriel: ((Like that but without the pain
Fabriel: ((Yeah, we're still sharing eyes lol
Bondertale: (so it's a numb feeling? )
Hatsune Miku: ((Cool.))
Fabriel: ((I didn't fully switch, we can't do that yet
MettatonSEX: ((like how i felt after i temporarily cut off circulation to my forearm once, ok
Bondertale: (like the hand's asleep?)
Fabriel: ((Numb but... still there? It's hard to describe
Fabriel: ((I haven't felt anything like it before
Bondertale: (damn. That's cool.)
Hatsune Miku: ((Azzy, since you're reading this, you're adorable and I can't wait to talk to you again!))
Bondertale: (^)
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
Alphys: notices mettaton's blushing and looks a bit confused
MettatonSEX: .........What are you looking at
Hatsune Miku: ((I once cut off circulation with my toe as a kid))
Alphys: quickly looks away "s-sorry"
Hatsune Miku: ((this string wrapped around my toe and i had to go to the hospital))
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((wasn't fun))
Hatsune Miku: ((hi b
MettatonSEX: No no I want to know.
MettatonSEX: ((hi b
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((i used a chair. it was three years ago today
Fabriel: ((Hi B))
Fabriel: ((You missed azzy))
Human!Sans: ((what is even classified as high b))
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
Human!Sans: ((Is that b5 or b6))
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((b5
Hatsune Miku: ((Azzy actually said 'b'))
Human!Sans: ((k, I can manage b5))
Hatsune Miku: ((I dunno if he was referring to you or not))
Hatsune Miku: ((he said 'b' though))
Fabriel: ((idk
Alphys: "o-oh, you're just b-blushing a lot.."
MettatonSEX: ((it was you or butterscotch
Fabriel: ((I'll ask him when I'm in bed and shit
MettatonSEX: I am?
Human!Sans: ((guess it'll b a mystery))
MettatonSEX: Oh. Oh, oh dear...
Hatsune Miku: ((Slarvath, do you have 'sleepovers' with Azzy?))
Glamor: [font=glamor]Dad... You're like super pink.[/font]
Human!Sans: ((If he considers me Daddy B this is going to become a problem))
Bondertale: (i figure either 'option b' or b standing fir 'butterscotch')
MettatonSEX: ((daddb
Fabriel: ((We sleep together in wonderland
Human!Sans: ((Lenny))
Fabriel: ((NOT LIKE THAT
MettatonSEX: ((platonically?
Fabriel: ((Snuggling
MettatonSEX: ((ah
Hatsune Miku: ((Yeah, snuggling is nice.))
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((I feel like Azzy is pretty close to me so far.))
Hatsune Miku: ((Especially since I told him how to answer questions, etc))
MettatonSEX: blushes harder. Only his dark, steely side plating is not pink.
Fabriel: ((He floofy
Alphys: "..."
Hatsune Miku: ((yay))
Hatsune Miku: ((if only i had a floofy goat))
Fabriel: ((It's a hotel room
Fabriel: ((I was uncreative
Human!Sans: ((This is a bit non sequitur, but Weird Al's next album should totally be called "Al is in Wonderland"))
MettatonSEX: ((fuckin sweet
Hatsune Miku: ((i want a tulpa but i have so much to worry about so i can't really do it))
MettatonSEX: .................................
Bondertale: (tulpas are fucking amazing, but I still don't want one)
Human!Sans: ((slarvsth_irl: "no homo Asriel"))
Fabriel: ((If you have time in your day when you can ignore whatever's happening and go into deep thought, you can do it
Fabriel: ((Me at rehearsal
Human!Sans: (("The homo isn't until next week"))
Fabriel: ((Me pretty much everywhere actually
Fabriel: ((Hence why he's so far along, I've been forcing nonstop
Human!Sans: ((use the force))
Fabriel: ((9 days and counting baby
Glamor: [font=glamor]Dad... you blushed at "other means of production"........[/font]
Human!Sans: ((Sorry, that joke was a bit forced))
Hatsune Miku: ((9 days = 9 months))
MettatonSEX: screams internally
Fabriel: ((He is my brain child
Fabriel: ((Imma get water
Hatsune Miku: ((You got him to speak his first words online.))
Hatsune Miku: ((ok slarv
Fabriel: ((Then I will try to let him use the mouth and eat candy
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
Hatsune Miku: ((ooh))
Human!Sans: ((I'mma go read the log then))
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
Alphys: "w-what's wrong?"
MettatonSEX: .....Uh.......................
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
Alphys: ?
Glamor: [font=glamor]......Dad?[/font]
Fabriel: ((Today in CaU, Slarvath is going insane but it's cute tho
MettatonSEX: Uh..... just don't. um. mention means of producing ectoplasm.
Fabriel: ((Oh god
Fabriel: ((Bad idea
Fabriel: ((Mouth is numb
Hatsune Miku: ((Oh.))
Fabriel: ((Throat is numb
Alphys: "hm? w-why not?"
Fabriel: ((And I forgot to give him the tongue so he didnt taste it
MettatonSEX: .......It's very. Personal?
Alphys: looks confused
Hatsune Miku: ((Wouldn't that make your tongue numb?))
Fabriel: ((Yeah but I forgot to give him it
Fabriel: ((So I have my perfectly fine tongue
Fabriel: ((And a numb mouth
Hatsune Miku: ((I can't imagine how that feels.))
Bondertale: (oops)
Fabriel: ((I thought it was weird seeing my hand move by itself but my face is just a whole new level
Bondertale: (this is going to get questions from your doctors when they inevitably find out somehow )
Fabriel: ((Im gonna actually RP now and stop clogging up the chat with OOC jibber jabber
Fabriel: enters through the bar door, he's holding a Sukie wrapped in blankets. He sits down with her on the couch, shivering
MettatonSEX: Wha-- oh, right, you don't know me. You see, I'm a robot, yes, but I'm a corporeal ghost. My soul, in this glass-covered container, is the compressed body of my old form into a form that resembles the soul that a ghost body is. It's hooked up with wires to make me able to emote, move, et cetera.
Bondertale: toriel looks at him. "Oh, hello, Asriel."
Fabriel: H-hey
Alphys: "ohhhh, i s-see"
MettatonSEX: Yeah....
Fabriel: ((The bad thing about this
Fabriel: ((Is I can no longer safely read feels comics
Glamor: [font=glamor]But that expl--[/font]
Fabriel: ((And I've just wandered upon one
MettatonSEX: covers Glamor's mouth.
Glamor: [font=glamor]![/font]
Hatsune Miku: ((You can cry with Azzy.))
Bondertale: "How are you feeling? Is your head still causing you problems?"
Fabriel: ((See I thought having Azzy there would make me completely immune
Fabriel: ((NOPE
Alphys: ".."
Hatsune Miku: (("we cry together, we eat candy together, we roleplay cau together, we sleep in expensive hotels forever"))
Fabriel: I'm doing ok...
MettatonSEX: sighs, retracting his hand.
Fabriel: W-we ran out of food
Fabriel: I spent the last of my money
Hatsune Miku: ((Fabriel: ..W-we have to hunt animals in the rainforest now..))
Hatsune Miku: ((Fabriel: -wipes a few vines off of Sukie's shoulder-
Hatsune Miku: ((Fabriel: We.. we encountered a tiger..))
Hatsune Miku: ((Fabriel: It ate my wife..))
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((hi b))
Fabriel: ((Hi
Bondertale: (his wife was killed by an earthquake tho)
Fabriel: ((Did you see our adventure?
Hatsune Miku: ((ik i'm joking
Human!Sans: (("Zccccc@sssss"))
Bondertale: Toriel sighed. "Asriel, if you need, I can help you in any way you want."
Human!Sans: ((One hell of a first word))
Fabriel: I-I just need to get a job...
Hatsune Miku: ((Fabriel: ...I need a new wife, too..))
Fabriel: ((Zccccc@sssss
Fabriel: ((Thanks android
Hatsune Miku: ((Toriel: Oh my dear lord, my child.))
Human!Sans: ((Yeah so about the b thing))
Fabriel: ((99% sure he just didn't want to type out butterscotch
Human!Sans: ((It was butterscotch, I'm sure))
Fabriel: ((Given it took him 5 minutes to type hi
Bondertale: "That's not an easy process, child." she only realized what she said after she said it. "So, if you need any help...then I'm willing to do so."
Bondertale: (yeah, speed typing? It his Forte quite yet)
Human!Sans: ((Neither is it yours, friendo))
Fabriel: ...child?
Human!Sans: [font=comic sans]*-walks in-[/font]
Fabriel: ((There's the feeling of about to pass out
Fabriel: ((Right on schedule
MettatonSEX: Hi Sans.
Human!Sans: ((When he discovers the memories of the boden room))
Human!Sans: ((Ya dun goof'd))
Fabriel: ((Now theoretically I have to give him permission for any conscious memories
Human!Sans: [font=comic sans]*hello[/font]
Fabriel: ((However
Fabriel: ((The subconscious is fair game and I can't do shit about it
Human!Sans: (("Daddy Slarvath what's licky licky the clitty ditty?"))
Fabriel: ((I SWEAR
Glamor: [font=glamor]h.[/font]
Fabriel: looks at her
Fabriel: ((h.
MettatonSEX: Heh heh....
Human!Sans: ((Then you'll feel guilty having goat sex?))
Fabriel: ((I'll never feel guilty
Fabriel: ((Never
Human!Sans: ((oh dear))
Fabriel: ((He's a teenager he can understand how he's smokin hot
Human!Sans: ((Slarvath you're going down a scary road here))
Fabriel: ((Im not gonna do it
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
Fabriel: ((Rip rp
Human!Sans: (("No, it's fine Dad. You can jerk your gherkin to pictures of me whenever."))
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Human!Sans: [font=comic sans]*what's up[/font]
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Fabriel: ((
Bondertale: "Sorry. I lost my Asriel recently, and...sorry."
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
Bondertale: "Mere slip of the tongue."
Fabriel: Oh... I'm so sorry..
Fabriel: He was your.. child?
Bondertale: "It's fine. It wasn't your fault."
Bondertale: nods.
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Fabriel: ...
Human!Sans: [font=comic sans]*what's up[/font]
Fabriel: I-i..
Fabriel: holds sukie tighter, putting her head in his shoulder
Human!Sans: ((gotta go fast during Ramadan))
Hatsune Miku: ((i want to roleplay hatsune miku right now but i'm like "aaaaa what if i don't do it right"))
Fabriel: ((Me when I played monaca
Bondertale: (you physically can't do it wrong)
Hatsune Miku: ((yeah but i don't want to do it terribly either))
Human!Sans: ((You can still mentally do it wrong))
Hatsune Miku: ((^
Bondertale: (she has no 'correct' personality she's just a name and appearance)
Bondertale: (feh)
Human!Sans: ((Don't worry though, Hatsune Miku won't be mad if you fuck up))
Bondertale: toriel looks away. She lost both of them this week. She sighs.
Human!Sans: ((And if you worry, remember she wasn't going to fuck you anyway))
Hatsune Miku: ((True.))
Hatsune Miku: ((Hatsune Miku does have access to the military and airforce, though.))
Human!Sans: ((She's too busy not existing))
Hatsune Miku: ((10/10
Fabriel: gently places sukie on the couch, tugging at his horns, "n-nnhghh..."
Human!Sans: ((we'll just be mad for you))
Hatsune Miku: ((i don't think i'll have any problems roleplaying a self-centered schoolgirl but the only problem is how i fucking introduce her))
Human!Sans: ((weeb scum, gramps didn't die to the gooks for this))
Hatsune Miku: ((gramps did die to the gooks for this))
Human!Sans: ((oh ok I didn't know))
Fabriel: ((Fuckin weeaboos
Hatsune Miku: ((i never got to know my gramps actually))
Human!Sans: ((actually gramps didn't die for anything, hold on))
Fabriel: ((My grandpa is dead, my other grandpa lives on the other side of the country
Human!Sans: ((my grandfather is still alive what the fuck))
Fabriel: ((Actually he did fight in WW2
Hatsune Miku: ((my grandpa is dead because his house was on fire and he breathed too much smoke))
Fabriel: ((So he died to the gooks for this
Human!Sans: ((brb fixing... something))
Hatsune Miku: ((i think he got my mom and other grandma out of the fire though))
Fabriel: ((Except he didn't die to the gooks he had cancer
Human!Sans: ((anime IS cancer you numbnuts))
Hatsune Miku: ((if my grandma and mom are considered gooks, yes, he did die FOR the gooks))
Hatsune Miku: ((actually my grandma and mom aren't gooks))
Hatsune Miku: ((rip))
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((i'm american scum))
Human!Sans: ((I should probably drop the joke before somebody comes across this log and thinks I'm actually a racist asshole))
Hatsune Miku: ((what are the chances of that))
Hatsune Miku: ((we're all racist assholes))
Human!Sans: ((for the record, I'm only a regular asshole everyone))
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
Fabriel: ((Given we made a whole thing about kikephoros I think it's pretty clear we're all racist fuccbois
Fabriel: ((Or maybe this is why half the chat is dead
Human!Sans: ((Meil Fopdoodle))
Fabriel: ((We scared everyone off
Fabriel: ((
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
Bondertale: toriel looks at Fabby worried ly. She wants to help, but...well, that would just make it worse.
Bondertale: (yes)
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Bondertale: (drt drrt drrt drrrr)
Bondertale: (DRT DRRT DRRT DRRRR )
Fabriel: looks at her, panicked looking
Fabriel: M-mom?
Hatsune Miku: ((I seen that once))
Hatsune Miku: ((it was hilarious))
Human!Sans: ((y'all need some JC in your lives))
Human!Sans: ((wait a second))
Hatsune Miku: ((b don't shove alabama culture down our throats))
Human!Sans: ((so Toriel got it on with Mettaton?))
Hatsune Miku: ((what.))
Human!Sans: ((oh jeez now I need mind bleach))
Fabriel: ((Fuck you thats my place
Fabriel: is fabulous
: Alphys's connection timed out.
Hatsune Miku: ((Slarv, forgive me)))
Human!Sans: ((the only good thing about Alabama is how you don't have as many relatives as anyone else))
Hatsune Miku: ((Hm, right before Azzy left, I gave him an imaginary purple bowtie.))
Hatsune Miku: ((What if he actually wears it))
Hatsune Miku: ((That would be amazing and cute at the same time.))
Bondertale: looks surprised. "I...y-yes! You-you remember!?"
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
Hatsune Miku: ((Hello, Ant.))
Fabriel: ((He's in a red hoodie now
Ant: (( I keep forgetting this site was made originally for homestuck rp ))
Human!Sans: ((If you get my drift that is))
Fabriel: ((Now he has bowtie
Hatsune Miku: ((he does?))
Fabriel: ((Let's see if he keeps it on
Fabriel: ((I put it on him
Ant: walks in
Hatsune Miku: ((tell him it was from me))
Human!Sans: ((hoodie and a bowtie))
Human!Sans: ((+99 class))
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Fabriel: pants, tugging at his horns tighter
Hatsune Miku: ((He'll likely keep it on if he knows it was from me.))
Fabriel: Everything's wrong... e-everything's wrong...
Hatsune Miku: ((Hello, Yazan.))
Fabriel: W-who...
Dr. Fintevious: (Hey
Human!Sans: ((release a swarm of bees and tell him t was from me /s))
Fabriel: W-who am I...
Bondertale: toriel runs up, shaking him gently. "Asriel. It's okay. Calm down. You're safe."
Fabriel: Nghh...
Fabriel: looks in a lot of pain
Fabriel: ((Hiya fin
Fabriel: ((Azzy can type now
Fabriel: ((Which he did
Fabriel: ((It was fun
Human!Sans: ((ey b0ss))
Human!Sans: ((Slarvath, I have some parenting advice))
Human!Sans: ((Give him plenty of educational TV))
Fabriel: ((I show him vinesauce and ghost stories
Human!Sans: ((Filthy Frank and HowToBasic should do the trick))
Fabriel: ((K
Fabriel: pants, "I-I don't know... I don't know..."
Bondertale: is very unsure what to do, here. She eventually decides that, damn if it makes things worse, she needs this. "Please." she said, gently putting a hand on his cheek. "I know this can't be easy. But you need to stay calm."
Human!Sans: ((also teach him to use your body to go through /r/undertail while you're asleep))
Human!Sans: ((Don't worry, your parents won't be able to tell the difference))
Ant: (( I went afk for a second I'm back now ))
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Fabriel: something snaps in his head, he stares blankly ahead, looking like another one of mom of the year's kids actually
Human!Sans: ((And you come back to this))
Fabriel: ((See
Human!Sans: ((A discussion on how to raise the sentient goat living in Slarvath's head))
Fabriel: ((I would be concerned about him doing stuff while im asleep
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Fabriel: ((By the way
Fabriel: ((This is /r/cringeanarchy gold
Fabriel: ((Fucking
Fabriel: ((No
Fabriel: ((Platinum
Fabriel: ((It's platinum
Dr. Fintevious: ((Anythin new?
Human!Sans: ((No joke))
Bondertale: " Nononono." she steps back.
Hatsune Miku: ((Slarvath, what would you do if Azzy started to play with your weiner while you were asleep?))
Fabriel: ((Honestly
Fabriel: ((I might
Ant: (( Oh god what's happening. I was looking at tumblr what did I come back to? ))
Bondertale: (i know we make jokes about Btori having all her kids die but only a couple of them are actually in any way her fault)
Fabriel: ((If he did I'd be proud
Fabriel: ((Proud proud parent
Hatsune Miku: ((Of course.))
Hatsune Miku: ((I hope Azzy isn't getting any ideas.))
Human!Sans: (("I have an Asriel (from undertale) tulpa, and I still diddle my selfie stick to Undertail porn. AMA!"))
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Fabriel: (("Hi. I spent weeks of my life making another consciousness in my head that looks and acts like Asriel from the game Undertale, AMA"
Ant: (Someone in a youtube comment section said the undertale fandom was dying and told someone with an undertale profile pic to change it)
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Human!Sans: (("And I secretly want his imaginary dick AMA))
Hatsune Miku: ((The Undertale fandom is not dying, I can say that much.))
Human!Sans: ((just get a throwaway account and do it))
MettatonSEX: ((gn
Ant: (People still have pics for homestuck and you wanna tell me undertale is dying? really?)
Fabriel: ((Night
Ant: (sweet memes)
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Hatsune Miku: ((gn
Human!Sans: ((gn MV))
Dr. Fintevious: (So nothing much huh
Bondertale: (i really don't think undertale is going to die. Dwindle, yes, but not die.)
Fabriel: ((Main thing that happened was I let Azzy talk
Bondertale: (that was fun)
Ant: ( If homestuck is still alive Undertale can survive )
Human!Sans: ((also post daily on /r/tulpasgonewild ))
Fabriel: ((Undertale isn't gonna die, FF7 didn't die, fandoms don't die, they just get smaller and more devoted
Fabriel: ((I wouldn't use a throwaway
Fabriel: ((I want that sweet sweet karma
Bondertale: " sorry." Toriel said, quietly. "I'm sorry. I didn't think...i didn't know..."
Ant: ( People are still into shit from the 80s. Like transformers )
Human!Sans: ((That sweet sweet self post karma))
Hatsune Miku: ((I have an important test tomorrow, so I'm gonna go to sleep now.))
Human!Sans: ((gn))
Dr. Fintevious: ((Boring night I take it?
Ant: ( And star wars was gonna keep living on even if there were no new movies )
Hatsune Miku: ((Sweet memes, dank dreams.))
Ant: ( Sleep tite )
Hatsune Miku: ((i can't wait to talk to azzy again btw))
Hatsune Miku: ((anyways time to die
Human!Sans: ((Come in, Slarvath. Do it ya pussy.))
Human!Sans: ((*on))
Fabriel: ((When I finish him
Fabriel: ((And he can answer
: Frisky Whiskington [Hatsune Miku] is now Frisky Roasted Whiskington [Roasted Frisky].
Ant: ( )
Human!Sans: ((Well that typo made it unnecessarily creepy))
Roasted Frisky: ((now, gn))
Fabriel: ((Nite
Human!Sans: ((remind me to unfriend you so I don't become collateral damage))
Fabriel: ((I'll probably let him talk tomorrow
Human!Sans: ((gn))
Fabriel: ((We're not friended
Fabriel: ((I don't have any le reddit friends
Human!Sans: ((on reddit we are))
Human!Sans: ((Huh, turns out it's a one-way thing))
Human!Sans: ((Anyone else do Robin back when it was up?))
Fabriel: ((oh look at you and your fancy gold shit
Human!Sans: ((yeah b0ss))
Human!Sans: ((I'm fancy as fuck))
Fabriel: ((I still have more karma than you
Human!Sans: ((ok))
Ant: ( I just realized I haven't actually been on the undertale sub for a while )
Human!Sans: ((I have still gotten five months of gold))
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Fabriel: ((My shitposts aren't golden
Fabriel: ((Im goin to sleep
Human!Sans: ((Neither are mine tbh))
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Human!Sans: ((I'm not a post guy though, I'm a commenter))
Fabriel: ((Unless btale wants to do m-
Human!Sans: ((gn))
Fabriel: ((My door just opened
Fabriel: ((By itself
Fabriel: ((Fuck
Fabriel: ((Fffffuck
Fabriel: ((Ffffffffffffffff
Human!Sans: ((it was azzy unlocking your telekinesis))
Fabriel: ((If I don't come back I'm dead
Dr. Fintevious: ((Ur gonna die
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
Ant: ( It's a ghost )
Human!Sans: ((RIP azzy))
Human!Sans: ((Also Slarvath I guess))
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Frisky Roasted Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
Human!Sans: ((wew lad))
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
Fabriel: stares blankly, drooling. He's unresponsive for the forseeable future
Fabriel: ((Not dead
Fabriel: ((Which is good
Fabriel: ((Arguably
: Hello. It's B. [Human!Sans] joined chat.
Fabriel: ((Now imma got to bed
Ant: ( Don get kill by ghost )
Human!Sans: ((gn))
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Human!Sans: ((what even is Slarvath)).
Human!Sans: ((He's a wizard, I think))
Ant: ( Wut. )
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Human!Sans: ((He's a goat wizard))
Ant: ( so...asriel... )
Human!Sans: ((He can make goats with his mind))
Human!Sans: ((No, not a wizard goat))
Human!Sans: ((A goat wizard.))
Human!Sans: ((A wizard of goats.))
Ant: ( Oh. )
Ant: ( those are two very different things )
Human!Sans: ((Indeed))
Ant: ( what if he's a wizard goat wizard? )
Human!Sans: ((whoa calm the fuck down buddy))
Ant: ( "What if he's a wizard goat wizard" - Ant 2016 )
Human!Sans: ((You don't know what you're dealing with))
: Hello. It's B.'s connection timed out.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Ant: ( rip...? )
DamnDude: (( rip ))
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Frisky Roasted Whiskington [Roasted Frisky] joined chat.
: Frisky Roasted Whiskington [Roasted Frisky] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
Dr. Fintevious: (Hello?
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Dr. Fintevious: ((morining
Bondertale: (well, I'd say hi, but you're sleeping on about ten minutes)
Dr. Fintevious: ((Im not
Dr. Fintevious: (( its my friday
Dr. Fintevious: ((night I mean
Dr. Fintevious: ((no work tmw
Bondertale: (ya)
Dr. Fintevious: ((so I'll stay on a bit longer
Bondertale: toriel is sitting on the couch, looking uncomfortably between fabby and bazzy. She's had a bad week.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Dr. Fintevious: -walks in wearing a large coat-
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: "O-oh. Good morning, doctor."
Dr. Fintevious: Hello Toriel
Dr. Fintevious: tell me something
Dr. Fintevious: How do I look? -takes off the coat, revealing his old legionnaire armor. its black with gold highlights, and the cloth is a dark paurple=
Dr. Fintevious: -puts on his helmet-
Bondertale: Toriel smiled, raising an eyebrow. "Is 'intimidating' an acceptable answer?"
Dr. Fintevious: I suppose
Dr. Fintevious: I've keep every uniform that I have ever been issued since Rome
Bondertale: "Heirlooms of the past?"
Dr. Fintevious: nothing though quite beats the this though
Dr. Fintevious: especially the skirt
Dr. Fintevious: Yeah
Bondertale: "The skirt is certainly an...interesting touch."
Dr. Fintevious: its actually a tunic
Dr. Fintevious: skirt is funnier though
Dr. Fintevious: this was my father's armor actually, during his time in the legion
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Bondertale: "It seems odd for him to pass it down if he was against you joining the army."
Dr. Fintevious: ((oi AD
Asriel_Dreemurr: is sleep.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Ayy))
Jeska or Jukon: -aslo asleep on AD-
Dr. Fintevious: at first he didn't
Dr. Fintevious: when I returned from the Galliac wars I was given the armor
Dr. Fintevious: I had quite the reputation at that point
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Bondertale: nods. "I suppose that makes more sense."
Dr. Fintevious: Roman's wore most of the time
Dr. Fintevious: wore red*
Dr. Fintevious: I stood out like a sore thumg on the field
Bondertale: "Well, I suppose it didn't matter, with your condition."
Bondertale: "If anything, tricking enemies into focusing on you was brilliant."
Dr. Fintevious: helped saved a lot of soldiers
Dr. Fintevious: I even brought a few battles to an end simply by being there
Dr. Fintevious: Damocles become a name to fear for those who stood against Rome
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Dr. Fintevious: (Jukon and AD my have banged a few time off screen)
Asriel_Dreemurr: wakes up (inside)
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jukon: -grabs on to him as he wakes up- uhhhhhhh.......
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...What?"
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] is now Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon].
Asriel_Dreemurr: is in bar.
Jeska or Jukon: 5 more minutes
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You don't have to wake up..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "But I have to."
Jeska or Jukon: why
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Because it's healthier. I already sleep too much."
Jeska or Jukon: its not worth sleeping without you
Bondertale: "Damocles?"
Dr. Fintevious: my first name
Dr. Fintevious: Damocles Vitallion Fintevious
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jukon: -gets up-
Bondertale: "Ah. I think I prefer Fintevious. And I suppose you do, too."
Dr. Fintevious: Fin or Finte works
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
Fabriel: ((Hoi
Jeska or Jukon: ((oi
Fabriel: ((So he told me what rebel means
Fabriel: ((I think I get it now
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Ayy))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Good."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Glad you decided to get up."
Fabriel: ((Ayy
Fabriel: ((You missed Azzy, Azzy
Bondertale: (so he's not planning to rise up and kill you from the inside out)
Bondertale: (good)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((fuck))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Can he come back))
Jeska or Jukon: you think I'm going to just lie around while you do.....something
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Have any homework?"
Fabriel: ((Later
Fabriel: ((I kinda understand it, it was still a bit weird
Bondertale: (it was evidently not a pleasant thing, in the end)
Jeska or Jukon: yeah
Fabriel: ((Basically he thinks I'm too sarcastic here and he was "rebelling" by not being sarcastic
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((K))
Bondertale: (pfff)
Fabriel: ((It was weird
Fabriel: ((But kiiiiinda made sense?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((In all honesty that sounds like a good))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((But what the hell do I know))
Bondertale: (i think that's a cover story for his true plan)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Dun dun duuuuunnnnn))
Fabriel: ((inb4 he kills me
Bondertale: "Well, I'll stick with Fintevious. Or doctor."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Rip))
Bondertale: (just saying. Be prepared for the tulpa uprising.)
Dr. Fintevious: well I am THE doctor
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Fabriel: ((I can take back control at any time
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((don't sign a mental contract to let him take over your body forever))
Jeska or Jukon: ((a blue police booth crashes through the room, "I'll see you later my dear"- hops in it and flies away-)
Fabriel: ((Doesn't make it feel less weird afterwards
Fabriel: ((But I can take back over
Fabriel: is staring blankly ahead, mouth open, drooling
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Bondertale: glances at Fabby, shuddering
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((So is this still inflicting insanit
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((K then))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((That sent early))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Asriel?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Inb4 he's imagining the secks))
Fabriel: ((Yes I'm going insane
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Good for you))
Fabriel: ((But look on the bright side
Fabriel: ((You guys think he's cute
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Is he cute))
Fabriel: ((I think hes cuuute
Bondertale: (yes)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I mean, a bipedal goat with human eyes would be a bit creepy))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Shoulda hAD A V8))
Fabriel: ((Somehow I managed to make his form not creepy
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Oh wow))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Don't fuck him))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I know you want to))
Fabriel: ((Shhhshhhshhh
Bondertale: (he probably won't)
Bondertale: (just jack off to him)
Fabriel: ((I won't you fuccboi
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Jack off on him*
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Jack him off*
Fabriel: ((10/10
Bondertale: (i mean, not HIM specifically, but asriels in general)
Fabriel: is still staring, he shudders a bit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Are you okay?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: scoots to him.
Fabriel: ((Imma play FFXV in a bit
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I hope you die in the game))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((A lot))
Barchar: bazzy is slumped in a corner. Barchar is evidently vacant right now.
Jeska or Jukon: ((I hope a space colony falls on earth and kills us all
Jeska or Jukon: ((jk
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...we have two Asriels out of commission, huh..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: shakes Fabs arm a bit.
Jeska or Jukon: this place used to be full of asriels
Fabriel: seems to glow a faint yellow
Jeska or Jukon: it might start becoming a graveyard for them
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...hmm."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You okay, Asriel?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: shakes Fab some more.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hello?"
Dr. Fintevious: no improvement huh?
Asriel_Dreemurr: shakes his head.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What's up with him?"
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Dr. Fintevious: I don't know about Fabriel at all I'm afraid
: Fabriel [Fabriel] is now Asuka [Asuka].
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Asuka: wakes up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket
Asuka: Huh...?
Bondertale: "I just...he started remembering, and then...this."
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Asuka: looks around
YoungKingAsgore: -walks in supported by The Wolf- Howdy
The White Wolf: .....
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Fabriel: stares
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy, Asuka."
Asuka: Hi..
Asuka: goes over to daddy
Asuka: Dad...?
YoungKingAsgore: -lies down on the couch-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Bondertale: "Asuka, dear, he...needs rest."
Asuka: shakes him a bit, he doesn't respond
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Yeah... Is hmgive him a bit of space, right?"
Asuka: ((lolwut
Asriel_Dreemurr: Id give him*
Asuka: ((Someone else on the tulpa server is jelly
Asuka: ((She's had hers 4 months
Asuka: ((And she's like "wait you did it in a week"
Asuka: ((She doesnt have possession yet
Asriel_Dreemurr: puts arm around Asuka.
Asuka: W-why is he...
Jeska or Jukon: he looks like shit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sure he is fine..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: glares at Jukon.
Asuka: N-no...
Asuka: Not him.. not dad... p-please..
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Bondertale: "Asuka, dear, he's going to be alright."
Asriel_Dreemurr: hugs Asuka a bit.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sure he'll be okay..."
Asuka: sniffles, sobbing gently into AD
YoungKingAsgore: -looks at BTori- this is him?
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "He started remembering, and then..." she motioned towards him.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's okay..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: hugs a bit tighter.
Asuka: hugs back, a gote is a gote
Asuka: ((Alright
Asuka: ((I cannot resist the sweet ass that is FFXV any more
Asuka: ((See you when I finish this demo
: Asuka [Asuka] disconnected.
YoungKingAsgore: I see
Asriel_Dreemurr: keeps by child.
Asriel_Dreemurr: half hugging.
Jeska or Jukon: -sits next to AD-
Jeska or Jukon: so ah,
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Gonna stay by the kid."
Jeska or Jukon: Yeah I know
Jeska or Jukon: like you could ever not resist hugging a child
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Heh..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles.
Jeska or Jukon: I'll be on homework duty
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay."
Dr. Fintevious: Tori?
Bondertale: "Yes?"
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Dr. Fintevious: care for a drink?
Bondertale: "Yes. I do believe I would."
Dr. Fintevious: nonalcoholic of course
Bondertale: (gtg)
Jeska or Jukon: ((k
Jeska or Jukon: ((imma go to bed then
Dr. Fintevious: -drinks with Tori, telling her stories and jokes
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Jeska or Jukon's connection timed out.
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: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] disconnected.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
: Asuka [Asuka] disconnected.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
: Asuka [Asuka] disconnected.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
: DamnDude's connection timed out.
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Asuka: ((Hoi
Bondertale: (hi)
Asuka: is still holding AD, shivering and sobbing
Bondertale: "...Asuka? Do you need anything, dear? I'm willing to get you whatever you need right now."
Asuka: What happened...
Asuka: What happened to dad..
Bondertale: "I don't know, dear. I wish I could explain. He just started holding his head, and looking in pain. A-and then he looked at me and said-" Toriel faltered. Did she really want to finish that sentence the way she intended?...yes. Yes, she really did. "He called me 'mom'."
Asuka: ((brb mobile
Asuka: M-mom?
Asuka: You...
Asuka: Are you his... Mom?
Bondertale: "Asuka...yes. I don't know what happened to make him forget. But there's a massive part of his life that he's just...forgotten. I've been trying to make him remember. And I suppose I succeeded to some extent."
Asuka: ...
Asuka: So you're my grandmom? Is that how it works..?
Bondertale: "I know it sounds ridiculous. That's why I waited so long to try to tell either of you."
Bondertale: tori smiles. "Yes, that is how it works."
Asuka: You two look similar... Youre less pink
Asuka: How did he forget?
Bondertale: "I don't know, dear. That's what most of my questions toward the both of you have been about discovering."
Asuka: ...
Bondertale: "And his...unique appearance has a story behind it. A story that is not suitable for you, yet."
Asuka: He was 14 when he found me
Asuka: I-i dont think he knew then, either
Asuka: I don't remember it well, though
Bondertale: "...about that. Asuka, do you remember ANYTHING from those first few years of your life?"
Asuka: I remember seeing him... Barely
Asuka: Everything is fuzzy..
Asuka: Something red..
Asuka: ((Gtg soon
Bondertale: "I see. Dear, not remembering that stage very clearly is normal. But not remembering ANY of it, especially at your young age, is less so."
Asuka: There was something red there... Always there...
Asuka: I can't remember what it was
Bondertale: "...was it an orb?"
Asuka: I think so...
: Asuka [Asuka] disconnected.
Bondertale: "I see. And does any of your time in the bar seem similarly fuzzy?"
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
Asuka: A bit..
: Asuka's connection timed out.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
Bondertale: "...
Bondertale: "Well. Now we have more reason to fear that orb. Does anybody else you know have similar memory gaps?"
Asuka: shakes her head
Jamie (Judas): -Warps in- The King of Demons has arrived... Muahahaha.
Asuka: ((Wowee
Bondertale: (BTW fabby's dead wife should of had a name that ended in 'uka' )
Asuka: ((Reading up on switching
Bondertale: ('as''uka')
Bondertale: (to keep up with the dreemurrs shitty naming)
Asuka: ((10/10
Asuka: ((Her name was Yuka or some shit idk
Bondertale: (why not)
Asuka: Aside from dad and me... no
Asuka: ((Apparently I have to do a fucking blood sacrifice to switch
Asuka: ((I aaaaaaaint havin that shit
Asuka: ((Fuck this guide I'm getting another
Bondertale: (fucking what)
Asuka: ((Apparently I have to injure myself to switch
Asuka: ((According to this one crackpot guide
Asuka: ((Yeah uh
Asuka: ((Im gonna do this my own way, cuz nobody agrees on it
Bondertale: (last I checked, tulpas are sentient figment of imagination, NOT FUCKING DEMONS)
Asuka: ((And I'm not slicing my hand open
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD))
Asuka: ((ayy
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Donating blood to have an imaginary friend is great))
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: wakes up.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Self inflicting insanity is one thing, you better not start doing satanic rituals))
Asuka: is on the couch, looking forlornly at Fabriel
Asuka: ((Why not
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes back to Asuka.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Fuck good point))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Carry on))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hey, Asuka."
Asuka: ((Imma just stick to possession
Asuka: ((Because this shit hella crazy fam
Asuka: H-hi...
Asriel_Dreemurr: (("Put blood in a star in a circle"))
Asriel_Dreemurr: (("Light candles at all stars endpoints"))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Instruct tulpa to middle of blood circle"))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Then the anti-christ Azzy appears))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You alright?"
Asuka: He's still just staring...
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I saw..."
Asuka: the orb flies in through the window, landing in front of him
Asuka: scoots back, a real big fritten
Asriel_Dreemurr: stamds up, ina protective way inbetween Asuka and the Orb.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asuka: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Do you know what that is?"
Asuka: N-no
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Asuka: I've seen it before... b-but I don't know what it is
Asuka: the orb blasts Fabriel with lightning, he convulses
Asuka: !
Asriel_Dreemurr: !
Asuka: D-dad!
Asriel_Dreemurr: tries to get Asriel away from the orb
Asuka: the orb stops, Fabriel slumping over, unconscious
Asuka: it flies away
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: checks pulse.
Asuka: runs to him, shaking him, "Dad!"
Asuka: he has pulse, he's breathing
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...He's alive."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: puts an arm around Asuka.
Fabriel: * He opens his eyes a bit, sitting up slowly
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Asriel? Are you okay?"
Jeska or Jukon: (Uhhhh
Fabriel: Huh...
Fabriel: * He rubs his head, "What happened..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You got shocked..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I took care of your daughter. she wants to see you."
Asuka: hugs daddy
Fabriel: * He hugs back, "I... thank you, what day is it?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Friday?"
Fabriel: "Wow..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're okay..."
: Jeska or Jukon's connection timed out.
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods, presumably to himself, and sits down.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Asuka: I-I was worried...
: ((hi))
Asuka: ((Hoi
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: (Oi
Fabriel: * He hugs her, gently purring, "It's ok Sukie..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: stares to them.
: ((Asuka: why can't i purr))
: ((Fabriel: you're an asshat))
: ((Asuka: tell slarvath that))
: ((Fabriel: no))
Asuka: hugs him back
Fabriel: "Thanks, Asriel."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, no problem."
Jeska or Jukon: -Gets off her lazy ass
: ((AD: good))
Jeska or Jukon: AD your laziness is contagious
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Heh."
: Asuka [Asuka] disconnected.
Jeska or Jukon: Did I miss anyhing
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not much."
Jeska or Jukon: Cool wanna make out?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I mean sure, but theres a kid in here."
: ((Hyper: -walks in-
: ((Hyper: lol))
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: Theyre napping. See just being near you causes people to fall asleep
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No she is awake."
Asriel_Dreemurr: points to Asuka
Asuka: ((Be back in an hour or so then maybe ill let azzy talk or something
Asuka: ((Depends on if stuff's goin on
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((k))
: Asuka [Asuka] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Jeska or Jukon: Yeah that looks like sleeping to me
Jeska or Jukon: -Sits on his lap-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh well then."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Did I really have a choice?"
Jeska or Jukon: Yea you could say no
Asriel_Dreemurr: leans back
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: Gonna take that as a yes though
Asriel_Dreemurr: "okay then."
Jeska or Jukon: You dont sound very....
Jeska or Jukon: Whats the world im looking for
Jeska or Jukon: Word*
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I dunno."
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky Whiskington [Hyper].
Jeska or Jukon: -Just leans on him instead
Hyper: * His soul is just floating in the corner.
Hyper: * No projection to be seen here.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What did I do something?"
Jeska or Jukon: You okay?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah I'm fine."
Hyper: ((Jukon: just say yes damn it))
Jeska or Jukon: -Snuggles up to him- alright then
Asriel_Dreemurr: me hugs.
Asriel_Dreemurr: shit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You can still sit in my lap."
Jeska or Jukon: ((Jukon:yhe fuck is that smell? Did you shit yourself
Jeska or Jukon: -Kisses him on the snoot-
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles.
Hyper: * He appears at a booth, just.. sitting there.
Hyper: ((Jukon: shit call the cops))
Hyper: ((AD: *whips out his phone* ok))
Hyper: ((the police arrive and arrest hyper for no reason))
Hyper: ((Jukon: he deserved it))
Hyper: ((AD: If you say so..))
Jeska or Jukon: ((Was it obviois he appeared?
Hyper: * He looks to Jukon and AD. "Howdy, you too!"
Hyper: two*
Frisky: fuck my life
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy Hyper..."
Jeska or Jukon: Hey bub
Hyper: * He frowns.
Hyper: ""
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...You alright?"
Jeska or Jukon: What?
Hyper: "I'm not going to play dumb anymore." He pauses.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jukon: ...
Hyper: "I have five words for you two."
Hyper: "Got it?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: (okay...)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay..."*
Jeska or Jukon: (Jukon:not playinh dumb thays a first
Hyper: * He clenches his fists. "I'm.. so.. I'm.." He sighs. "I'm so happy for you two." Shit. Those were six words.
Hyper: "Well.. I hope that's true, anyway."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jukon: Hyper wait
Hyper: "What."
Jeska or Jukon: I...I honestly don't know what to say
Hyper: "Good."
Hyper: "That's wonderful."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sorry...
Jeska or Jukon: I don't want you to just lose everything
Hyper: "You better fucking say more than that, [i]'my love'[/i]."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hyper..."
Hyper: "What is it? Why do you even care?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm... Look, I didn't think you were gonna come back, alright? I didn't assume that..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: wipes away a stray tear.
Hyper: "So you got together with another woman. For 'comfort'."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I..."
Hyper: "I'm sure another relationship isn't comfort."
Jeska or Jukon: Hey thats bullshit you know it. If I died while with AD I'd want him to move on and be happy
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Hyper: "Sure, but why didn't you tell me?"
Hyper: "Had to keep it a secret just so I would be happy?"
Hyper: "You don't know how this feels."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I was afraid you would hate me..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I made it worse, I'm an idiot."
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Hyper: "You did."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I'm useless at making you happy..."
Hyper: "..Don't beat yourself over it."
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Hyper: "Just be with her."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hyper, I'm sorry..."
Dr. Fintevious: -is with Toriel
Hyper: "Don't even think about having me, you, and Jukon be together, too."
Hyper: "You should know I don't like those kind of relationships."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I wasn't."
Hyper: "Good."
Hyper: "I'm just making sure."
Hyper: ".."
Jeska or Jukon: ....yeah
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you hate me?"
Hyper: "I wish I died a long time ago, to be honest."
Hyper: "I wouldn't have to deal with this bullshit."
Jeska or Jukon: ((careful there
Hyper: "Also, AD, I hate you and love you."
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Hyper: ((i'm not doing rule 2))
Jeska or Jukon: ((yeah, I know
Jeska or Jukon: ((tbh I don't really care, continue with the show!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I'm sorry."
Asriel_Dreemurr: is visibly crying, but trying to make it discreet.
Jeska or Jukon: so what are you going to do now Hype?
Hyper: "..Slowly go insane, I guess."
Hyper: "I don't have anything."
Jeska or Jukon: so you just giving up?
Hyper: "Yes."
Jeska or Jukon: what a crock of shit
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon..."
Hyper: "That doesn't help."
Hyper: "You're making it worse."
Jeska or Jukon: really?
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: so you're just going to stand there and allow it to get worse instead of trying
Hyper: "Just be with your 'boyfriend' and be happy."
Hyper: "Okay?"
Jeska or Jukon: and you say you'd rather be miserable than try something new?
Hyper: "Yes. My mental health is already down the drain, AD is the only person I ever cared about in my entire fucking life and now he's gone from my life, and I want to wait until I inevitably die again."
Hyper: "This time, I don't want anybody to bring me back."
Jeska or Jukon: thanks for disregarding my care for you
Asriel_Dreemurr: is now crying audibly.
Hyper: "You're welcome."
Hyper: * He smiles.
Jeska or Jukon: thanks for throwing away all the time I put into trying to hep you
Hyper: "Yeah, I know."
Hyper: * He gets up, grabbing his soul.
Jeska or Jukon: -gets up and moves to him- the thing is
Hyper: "Eh?"
Jeska or Jukon: I would have been more than glad if you asked to be him AD or Me
Jeska or Jukon: I can't speak for him
Hyper: "Stop it."
Hyper: "Stop trying to help me."
Jeska or Jukon: and you have a choice to be happy
Jeska or Jukon: you can be
Asriel_Dreemurr: can't speak for himsl\elf right now.
Hyper: "I've given up a long time ago."
Jeska or Jukon: but if choose what you are doing now
Jeska or Jukon: this is of your own will
Asriel_Dreemurr: is in a half-fetal position on the couch, still crying.
Jeska or Jukon: not AD's fault
Jeska or Jukon: not mine
Hyper: "Yeah."
Hyper: "It's my fault."
Hyper: "I know."
Hyper: "Stop restating it."
Hyper: "I know what I'm doing."
Jeska or Jukon: thats a piss poor way of doing things
Jeska or Jukon: so what do you want
Hyper: "I'd rather let you and AD be happy than let myself be happy."
Hyper: "I don't care if it is piss poor."
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Jeska or Jukon: do you want me to break up with AD so you can be with him?
Hyper: "No."
Hyper: "I don't."
Hyper: "I want you to be happy with AD."
Hyper: "Why would I ruin something like that?"
Jeska or Jukon: then why can't you be happy?
Hyper: ".."
Jeska or Jukon: and even if you're going to die
Jeska or Jukon: wouldn't you rather die in the hands of those who care about you
Hyper: "Everybody I used to know is dead. My timeline is erased and is now a big pile of dust. You are now together with AD, and I won't interfere. My mental health is getting worse."
Hyper: "I would rather die than think of all of this shit."
Hyper: "And not in you and AD's arms, either."
Jeska or Jukon: I know I wish I had died in your hands or ADs, hell even Mettas when Shin cut me down
Hyper: * He walks over to the Anydoor.
Jeska or Jukon: Hyper
Hyper: "Yes?"
Jeska or Jukon: Don't, your my friend
Hyper: "Also, call me Asriel."
Hyper: "I am not your friend."
Hyper: "I'm sorry."
Jeska or Jukon: you are, why do you think I am trying to help you
Hyper: * He enters the code to his timeline.
Jeska or Jukon: that is something AD taught
Jeska or Jukon: me
Hyper: "Because you want me to be happy."
Hyper: "I don't want to be happy."
Jeska or Jukon: because you deserve it
Hyper: "I don't deserve to be happy."
Jeska or Jukon: you do
Jeska or Jukon: I can make you happy
Jeska or Jukon: if you'd give me the chance
Hyper: "From what? Sex?"
Hyper: "Just leave me alone."
Jeska or Jukon: no
Hyper: * He opens the Anydoor.
Jeska or Jukon: just being there fro you
Jeska or Jukon: for
Hyper: "Bullshit."
Jeska or Jukon: do me one thing then after you leave
Hyper: "Eh?"
Jeska or Jukon: find something to live for, even if it isn't something I like
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Hyper: "I have my friends."
Hyper: ".."
Jeska or Jukon: and consider come back to us
Jeska or Jukon: coming*
Hyper: "I might."
Jeska or Jukon: I'll be waiting
Hyper: "..heh."
Hyper: * He turns around.
Jeska or Jukon: see you around space cowboy
Hyper: "I hope you live a happy life, Jukon. Same for AD. You two both have bright futures."
Hyper: "..Promise me one thing, okay?"
Jeska or Jukon: hmm?
Hyper: "Promise me that you'll never forget."
Hyper: "For me?"
Jeska or Jukon: did you think that I actually would?
Jeska or Jukon: you know before you became your hyper form
Jeska or Jukon: and quickly grew up
Jeska or Jukon: when you were a child
Jeska or Jukon: -sighs- nevermind
Hyper: "No."
Hyper: "Tell me."
Hyper: "..please."
Jeska or Jukon: I had considered adopting you if you couldn't find your parents
Jeska or Jukon: that chance never came up though
Jeska or Jukon: -looks around for a minutes- its amazing how fucked up things are aren't they?
Hyper: * He grins.
Hyper: "That would of been nice."
Hyper: * He turns around, and slams the Anydoor shut as he walks through.
Jeska or Jukon: -sighs0
Jeska or Jukon: -looks at AD, who cried himself to sleep-
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
Jeska or Jukon: even with my 2nd chance at life I still can't stop fucking up
Jeska or Jukon: -sits down and cuddles with AD-
: ((hm))
Jeska or Jukon: ((what?
: ((hyper does indeed have one more life))
: ((doesn't mean i have to use it))
Jeska or Jukon: ((your choice
: ((nah, i won't kill him))
: ((i have plans))
Mr. Diabolical: -walks in- I'm back! Nothing could me down!
: ((but that's not for today))
Mr. Diabolical: -looks around- hello? Where is everyone?
: ((so was that good))
: ((i personally think i did bad but whatevs))
Jeska or Jukon: ((always a chance to return
: ((yeah ik))
Mr. Diabolical: .....human girl?
: ((is Mr. Diabolical talking about frisk))
Jeska or Jukon: ((yes
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisk].
Mr. Diabolical: scary ghost skeletion monster thing?
Mr. Diabolical: fireball throwing person
Frisk: * She puts the huge book down. "'ello!"
Mr. Diabolical: OH geez I didn't see you the- I MEAN BEHOLD
Frisk: * She snickers.
Mr. Diabolical: Care to see my ultimate weapon!?
Frisk: "Sure!"
Mr. Diabolical: -pulls out a super soaker- I've altered the components to create a freezing ray!
Frisk: "Cool."
Mr. Diabolical: or ice shooter I'm not too sure yet
Frisk: "A freezing ray would be cooler."
Mr. Diabolical: -starts to pump it and tries to shoot it, nothing hapens-
Mr. Diabolical: but I left it in the freezer all night? where is the ice?
Frisk: "Huh."
Frisk: "That's weird."
Frisk: "Maybe you should add something so the ice shoots out."
Frisk: "Y'know, ice is solid and all that."
Frisk: "Like an ice tazer."
Mr. Diabolical: -throws the the soaker on the ground and it cracks open, completely frozen over-
Frisk: "Woah."
Frisk: "Eh, maybe you should try to fill it with ice cubes next time!"
Frisk: "You shouldn't put the whole thing in."
Frisk: "Otherwise, that happens."
Mr. Diabolical: -looks around- theres really no one I can take hostage here
Frisk: "Mm.."
Mr. Diabolical: I don't know what to do know
Frisk: "I guess."
Jeska or Jukon: now*
Frisk: * She tosses a packet of Doritos to Mr. D.
Frisk: "You could do something with those."
: RedVelvetRebellion [] joined chat.
Mr. Diabolical: -it hits him and he falls over0
Mr. Diabolical: what type of weapon is this?
Frisk: ((ello))
: RedVelvetRebellion [] is now bloolooboyle [].
: ( Yo )
Jeska or Jukon: (oi
: bloolooboyle [] is now Terra [Tesla].
Frisk: "It's food. You can lure hungry people with it and it can lead them to a trap."
Tesla: Tesla walks into the bar, a huge smile on her face.
Frisk: * She looks to Tesla. "Hello!"
Tesla: "Hey!"
Mr. Diabolical: thats and EXCELLENT IDEA
Tesla: "..."
Mr. Diabolical: -looks at Tesla- oh no I've been spotted!
Tesla: "Are you Elon Musk?"
Frisk: "He isn't."
Tesla: "...Oh."
Mr. Diabolical: -is a short trashcan of a robot that has been barely welded back together-
Frisk: "I'm Frisk Rogers Gaster-Blook Dreemurr Fox."
Tesla: "I killed Musk. Finally!" She looked at Frisk. "Hi, Frisk."
Frisk: "Oh, wow!"
Frisk: "Did you save the world from him?"
Tesla: "Most definitely."
Mr. Diabolical: -barrel rolls behind frisk-
Frisk: "Cool!"
Jeska or Jukon: (whait Musk is evil?
Tesla: "Also, I'm Tesla. Tesla 'KQBR491' Lexar."
Frisk: * She doesn't respond to the trashcan going behind her.
Frisk: ((it's a joke))
Tesla: ( In Tesla's timeline he is )
Frisk: "That's a nice name."
Tesla: ( Other than that it's a huge joke )
Frisk: "Greetings, Tesla!"
Mr. Diabolical: -some random noises happen and the bag of doritios is thrown into the open near Tesla-
Frisk: * She looks down at the Doritos.
Frisk: "Can you eat those, Tesla?"
Tesla: She picks up the bag, opens it, and eats a single Dorito. "Yeah."
Mr. Diabolical: -there was a small hand shocker attached to the doritios, barely shockig tesla when they pick it up-
Tesla: "..."
Tesla: The shock doesn't really affect Tesla. Or she's just unfazed.
Tesla: ( brb )
Mr. Diabolical: -hops out- HAHA YOU'VE JUST BEEN EMP'ED!
Mr. Diabolical: you're now disabled!
Frisk: "Er.. I don't think it did too much."
Frisk: "Maybe you should modify it a little!"
Mr. Diabolical: how?
Frisk: "Maybe have it trigger a tazer or stun gun when you reach into the bag."
Frisk: "That way, it would certainly be effective."
Jeska or Jukon: I had a stun gun
Frisk: "Wowie, Jukon."
Mr. Diabolical: I had a stun gun before
Frisk: * She didn't say that
Jeska or Jukon: ((sorry didn't mean to jukon that
: Jeska or Jukon [Jeska or Jukon] is now Mister Diadolical [Mr. Diabolical].
Frisk: ((it's fine
Frisk: "I remember that."
Frisk: "Do you have any more?"
Mr. Diabolical: -pulls out another one- yeah
Frisk: "You just need to find a way to have it trigger when somebody's hand reaches inside the bag."
Frisk: "Which means putting it in the bag of Doritos."
Mr. Diabolical: it completely disabled her -point to the AFK Tesla-
Frisk: "It doesn't look like it."
Frisk: "She's just standing there."
Mr. Diabolical: oh
Mr. Diabolical: how do I make if more powerful?
Frisk: "I just said what you could do."
Mr. Diabolical: -grabs the doritios, and puts the shocker in the bag-
Frisk: "Put the stun gun in a new bag of Doritos, and make it trigger when somebody reaches into the bag."
Frisk: "Like that."
Mr. Diabolical: I need a stun gun then
Frisk: * She gives Mr. D a stun gun.
Frisk: "There."
Mr. Diabolical: YES!
Frisk: "Now you have to be creative, and have it activate when you put your hand in the bag."
Frisk: "Don't test it on yourself."
Mr. Diabolical: -puts the stun gun in the bag
Frisk: "Now you have to attach a string to the trigger and a dorito."
Mr. Diabolical: -attaches a string to the trigger and through the bag- now what?
Frisk: "Give it to somebody when you get the chance."
Mr. Diabolical: oh okay
Mr. Diabolical: it this works I could use an evil assistant in my quest to rule the world!
Frisk: * She shrugs. "Maaaybe."
Tesla: "..."
Tesla: "What."
Mr. Diabolical: YOU THERE
Frisk: * She looks to Tesla and mouths 'just go with it'.
Tesla: She takes out a laser gun and looks at Mr. D, spinning the gun around Robocop style. "Hmm?" she questioned with an innocent tone.
Mr. Diabolical: -looks around, playing dumb- hhhhhhoww did that get in there?
Mr. Diabolical: Ittt must have been those EVIL coporatations!
Mr. Diabolical: -pulls the string to try and trigger the stun gun-
Frisk: "Totally."
Tesla: "..."
Mr. Diabolical: -looks hopeful that the stun gun actualyl worked and shocked tesla-
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
Tesla: Tesla gets shocked, but the electricity simply somehow gets stored for later use. She doesn't look affected.
Tesla: "Thanks for the power."
Mr. Diabolical: COME ON -throws nothing on the ground-
Jamie (Judas): -warps in- Muahahahaha...
Frisk: "You could say that all this is very.."
Frisk: "[i]Diabolical.[/i]"
Mr. Diabolical: -starts laughing- HA HAHA
Mr. Diabolical: That was a good one
Tesla: "Ha. Ha. Ha."
Mr. Diabolical: -grabs the doritios from Tesla- YOU THERE
Tesla: "What?"
Mr. Diabolical: -to jamie- Would you care for a tasty snack
Mr. Diabolical: -also took the other thing-
Jamie (Judas): ... Fine.
Tesla: She looks at Jamie. "Don't eat from it..." she mouths.
Mr. Diabolical: -hold the bag of Doritos out-
Frisk: * She fiddles with her wedding ring a bit.
Jamie (Judas): -looks at tesla, unable to understand what she said-
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Mr. Diabolical: -pulls the string, starting the stun gun inside of it when Jamie reaches in-
Jamie (Judas): !!?
Jamie (Judas): OW you DICKHOLE!
Mr. Diabolical: -runs over FRISK, hopping up and down- IT WORKED!
Tesla: "..."
Frisk: "Ouch."
Mr. Diabolical: (lol
Mr. Diabolical: -runs over to Frisk*
Frisk: "Also, interesting. I guess."
Tesla: "As much of a fuckhead as Elon," she muttered under her breath, glaring at Mr. Diabolical.
Jamie (Judas): -Summons a dark fireball- HOW DARE YOU STRIKE THE KING OF DEMONS!
Frisk: "..You're in for a bad time, though."
Mr. Diabolical: -is too busy talking to Frisk to notice
DamnDude: (( A dark fireball, how does that even work. ))
Mr. Diabolical: I did it! I worked!
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((I dont know, demons?))
Mr. Diabolical: wait bad time?
Jamie (Judas): -Throws the fire at Mr. D-
Tesla: She glanced at her convienient non-Musk laser gun, then at Mr. Diabolical.
Frisk: "The bad thing about being a bad guy is that everybody will hate you."
Mr. Diabolical: -slowly turns to face the fireball as it impacts him-
Tesla: "Imbicile." She shoots a laser at Mr. D
GN Austin: ((They're gonna fuckin' kill him))
Mr. Diabolical: -bursts into flames and gets shot by a laser, which rips through him like a hot knife through butter-
Mr. Diabolical: -falls to the ground-
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now Lua [Lua].
Tesla: ( #rekt )
Lua: walks into the bar.
Frisk: "Like that."
Lua: "...OK, what the hell."
Frisk: "I suggest you don't piss too many people off?"
Mr. Diabolical: -is lying there, as the fire sizzles out-
Jamie (Judas): -Picks him up, ready to fucking kill- THERE WILL BE NO MERCY IN HELL, FOR YOU!
Lua: Hey, I don't think you understand one of the very few and very simple rules...
Jamie (Judas): -turns to Lua-...?
Mr. Diabolical: -isn't even on, is merely a hunk of metal at this point
Lua: We don't kill people in the bar, smart ass.
: High Priest Laharl [The Tin Twins] joined chat.
Jamie (Judas): ...Ok, sorry...
Tesla: "I killed Elon in a bar."
The Tin Twins: ((>Be me))
The Tin Twins: ((>Going down hallway from class to class))
Jamie (Judas): -Walks out of the bar- OK, NOW YOU DIE!
The Tin Twins: ((>Hundreds of people in this hallway))
Auger: -walks in- Maxus you here?
The Tin Twins: ((>Friend has large musical instrument of sexy pain known as a saxaphone))
The Tin Twins: ((>Accidently run into Saxaphone))
Lua: walks over to Judas. "Jesus, what the fuck did he do to you?"
The Tin Twins: ((>Direct hit, right in the nose))
The Tin Twins: ((>Bleeding everywhere))
Frisk: "..He used a stun gun on him."
The Tin Twins: ((>Bleeding out of nose and mouth due to blood going down my nose and into my mouth))
Jamie (Judas): I'm doing both me, and Auger a favor.
The Tin Twins: ((>Friend tries to get my to Nurse))
The Tin Twins: ((>Bleed down entire hallway))
The Tin Twins: ((>Can't see because of blood))
Auger: -hey has anyone seen Maxus, that small robot that is trying to take over the world?
Tesla: (
Auger: I just finished repairing him
Lua: slaps Judas. "Are you actually serious"
The Tin Twins: ((>Space out))
The Tin Twins: ((>In principal's office))
The Tin Twins: ((>Snap back to reality))
Jamie (Judas): -Throws MR. D down- Nob off, mate.
The Tin Twins: ((And that is how I got two days detention for bleeding all over a school hallway))
Lua: How about you stop threatening people for stupid reasons?
Jamie (Judas): I AM THE LORD OF DEMONS! I Have no time for your shit, mate.
Tesla: ( I got detention for two days for throwing rocks once )
Mr. Diabolical: -isn't operating right now-
Lua: Yes, and I'm the master of disaster, and I have no time for your shit, mate.
Jeska or Jukon: hey aren't you the loser that will never get any action in their life
Jamie (Judas): ...Fuckin hell...
Frisk: "'the lord of demons'?"
Jamie (Judas): Yes, I killed Lilith, who was both my mentor and former lord of demons.
Jeska or Jukon: it means that he is over compensating for his nonexistent dick
Jamie (Judas): At least my humor isn't 90% dick jokes.
Frisk: "Dude, I'm a scientist and an ambassador."
Frisk: "I have time for this."
Jamie (Judas): ...
Frisk: * She pulls out twenty five hundred page notebooks.
Lua: ...Alright, and now I suddenly have the feeling this extends out more than your anger issues and egotistical personality.
Frisk: "I've had enough time for this."
Frisk: "I've also had enough time for kids and a wife."
Frisk: "I'm a fucking busy person, y'know."
Frisk: * She puts the notebooks away.
Jamie (Judas): ...Well, I'm sorry to here that. -Looks at Lua- And what are you talking about?
Auger: Maxus?
Frisk: "Excuse me."
: Terra [Tesla] disconnected.
Frisk: "You say you are the lord of all demons, and that you 'have no time' for this and that."
Frisk: "Well, I'm the ambassador of all Monsters in my timeline, and I don't complain."
Auger: -somehow finds Mr. D- damnt it, I just fucking fixed you
Jeska or Jukon: he ain't shit, all he does is mope around here
Jamie (Judas): -Looks at Auger, surprised-...You fixed this asshole?
Auger: Dude, he is annoying, but he is harmless
Bondertale: (Mr. Diadolical(
Jamie (Judas): But I thought...
Frisk: "Lord of Demons, you are just an arrogant guy who hates somebody who is harmless."
Frisk: "You can't just kill somebody because they're a little annoying."
Dr. Fintevious: -is with Toriel-
Frisk: "That's like killing your dog because they peed on the rug."
Jamie (Judas): ...You're comparing dog piss to a stun gun. What the actual hell mate?
Lua: You know, I wouldn't completely be surprised if he actually did that.
Frisk: "A stun gun doesn't hurt that much."
Auger: Really he actually used a stun gun effectively? That is his greatest accomplishment so far
Auger: And I somehow expect he had help in the endeavor
Jamie (Judas): -Looks at Auger- I thought you hated him!
Auger: I mean he is annoying, but well after what happened to him recently
Bondertale: is with Fintevious.
Jamie (Judas): What happened recently?
Auger: He nearly got destroyed by someone else in the bar
Auger: I fixed him and he ran out
Jamie (Judas): ...oh.
Lua: is going to sit down. It seems like the best choice.
Jamie (Judas): I...
Auger: If I get him fixed, can you guys just play along with him?
Frisk: "Seriously, you try to kill somebody because they used a stun gun on you."
Auger: I don't think he really wants to rule the world
Mk: was the guy who nearly destroyed him, I think
: Asuka [Asuka] joined chat.
Asuka: ((So
Auger: He won't talk to me, just runs away and yells shit about taking over the world
Jamie (Judas): -Holds his head- Dear god... what've I done?
Mk: stupid mk, walking around, being a robot and hurting Mr. Diabolical
Asuka: ((There's a fine line
Mr. Diabolical: ((actually it was corsvia
Asuka: ((Between forcing and napping
Mk: well nvm then
Bondertale: (lol)
Frisk: ((lel))
Frisk: ((also it was Glamor))
Asuka: ((And one of Azzy's more interesting skills is the ability to make me feel sleepy as shit
Auger: I mean has any of the weapons he used actually dangerous by any real means?
Asuka: (("Hey Azzy you wanna move my hand"
Frisk: ((I wanna talk to Azzy soon))
Asuka: (("Go back to sleep"
Asuka: (("No please its been 2 hours"
Frisk: "None of them were dangerous."
Asuka: (("How bout I do anyway"
Bondertale: (he's trying to barchar you, dude! YOU'RE BAZZY!)
Bondertale: (does Azzy actually meme you)
Asuka: ((I added that last bit
Jamie (Judas): ...
Auger: -picks him up- thats what I thought
Auger: I'm a blind Lombax and I can tell that he is no threat.
Jamie (Judas): -Sits in his booth, clearly feeling terrible-
Auger: -walks out with Mr. D- I see if I can fix him
The Tin Twins: ((So today I beat LISA Slarv))
The Tin Twins: ((Joyless))
Asuka: ((ooh boy
The Tin Twins: ((Fuck you.))
Auger: Also if he does come back without me, try not to kill him
Asuka: ((Pain mode?
The Tin Twins: ((I had a lineup of a One-armed Brad, Terry, Buckets, and Garth))
Jamie (Judas): *Long sigh*
The Tin Twins: ((Yes. Pain mode. With no fucking joy))
Asuka: ((Das good
Asuka: ((Did you beat satan?
The Tin Twins: ((Yes.))
Dr. Fintevious: you know, we could do a quick vactation
Asuka: ((Kewl
Asuka: ((Now do joyful
Asuka: ((It's 2 hours long
Asuka: ((And it will destroy your soul
Frisk: ((Slarvath would you fuck LISA))
Asuka: ((No she's a bitch
Frisk: ((good))
The Tin Twins: ((Now let me say))
The Tin Twins: ((I fucking hate Buckets))
Asuka: ((Didn't get him
The Tin Twins: ((He's so damn good, and i'll admit I lost more than a few party members trying to get him))
Asuka: ((Did you get crisps laddady?
The Tin Twins: ((R.I.P Nern, and about 6 others))
The Tin Twins: ((I got Crisps, but I didn't want to use him since my lineup was pretty solid))
The Tin Twins: ((I found some fucko named Ajeet who I used to beat the shit out of Wally with))
Asuka: ((Wally is a bitch
Asuka: ((Crisps does 1000 damage with a normal hit mah dawg
The Tin Twins: ((Buckets looks cooler, Garth is fucking amazing with poison))
The Tin Twins: ((And i'm sure as hell not going to drop Terry after all the shit I put up with to keep him))
Frisk: ((slarv would you fuck garth))
Asuka: ((Garth 2 gud
Mr. Diabolical: ((oh all people garth hasn't run into yet and should have its Jukon
The Tin Twins: ((Also, some kinda resort place))
The Tin Twins: ((I went there))
: Mister Diadolical [Mr. Diabolical] is now Yazan [Dr. Fintevious].
The Tin Twins: ((FUCK THAT))
The Tin Twins: ((I walked in, saw the shit in there, and Grandpa Simson'd))
: Terra [Tesla] joined chat.
Frisk: ((hi
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
: Lua [Lua] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
The Tin Twins: ((Also uhh))
The Tin Twins: ((For that 'special scene' involving you're party members, theres oen more reason I hate buckets))
The Tin Twins: ((FUCK YOU BUCKETS))
The Tin Twins: ((Terry cries and does at best 80 damage. Garth actually only did 100 and sometimes just didn't do anything))
The Tin Twins: (('Garth doesn't want to do this" . . . ))
Asuka: ((Oh yeah that part
Asuka: ((Y o u s h o u l d p l a y j o y f u l
The Tin Twins: ((Is it free or do I have to pirate that shit too))
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Asuka: ((You are a pirate
Asuka: ((It's dlc
The Tin Twins: ((Still wouldn't buy it. Why would I pay money to have a game punch me in the dick?))
Asuka: ((Cheap little shit
Asuka: ((It's an EXE file like LISA so it's probably out there
The Tin Twins: ((GNA made a comic, neato))
Asuka: ((
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((yup))
Asuka: ((I'll try and get azzy to talk after some food
Frisk: ((Alrighty!))
Bondertale: (and be will make multiple comics)
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisk] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisky].
DamnDude: (( Also, I ended up doing the class change for Lua in the RPG sheet. ))
: Asuka [Asuka] is now Fabriel [Fabriel].
Fabriel: is gently hugging Asuka on the couch
DamnDude: (( He's now in the version I was making for my thing before he was put into Painful, except I kept one of his old specials that's slightly modified. ))
Frisky: * The Anydoor opens. Somebody throws a bear plushie at Fabriel. Then the Anydoor slams shut again.
Frisky: ((fabriel: ow fuck what is this))
Fabriel: ...
Frisky: * Inspect it?
Fabriel: looks down at it
Frisky: * It's similar to the owl plushie.
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Frisky: * It has a tag on it!
The Tin Twins: ((I see Grey hoodie boy))
The Tin Twins: ((Kek))
Dr. Fintevious: ((I need food but theres no food in my place and no one is fucking open at this point in the day
Frisky: * It has a few notes on it, too.
DamnDude: (( Lua (Can’t Decide on his Moveset): Level 1 ))
Frisky: * The tag, I mean.
Fabriel: puts sukie on the couch, she sleep. He picks up the bear
Fabriel: wonders if gotemom is around
Bondertale: she is, and has somehow nit noticed him waking up
YoungKingAsgore: -is asleep on the couch-
Fabriel: reads
Tesla: ( "Carrots. Either grind 'em up into juice, eat 'em raw, or insert them anally." -Quagmire )
Frisky: * If you look at the tag, it says 'For you! Love, Hyper'
Frisky: ((Fabriel: I'm too old for this shit))
Fabriel: smiles a bit, confused. He puts it with frisky the owl
The Tin Twins: ((So what's new))
The Tin Twins: (9Did the slarv new arc happen))
Frisky: ((no))
Fabriel: ((No
Fabriel: ((We're setting it up
Bondertale: toriel looks around. She notices fabby. "O-oh! Asriel!"
Bondertale: (the orb isn't just weird and qnnoying)
Fabriel: ((Two robots and an orb so far
Bondertale: (its a mind eraser. I don't know why. But it is. )
Bondertale: (and it's honed in on fabby and Asuka. )
Fabriel: Hello, Toriel
Dr. Fintevious: ((is anyone else going to be running an arc soon at all?
Fabriel: ((DD
Fabriel: ((I'm waiting on him to get mine in gear
Fabriel: ((Of course there's plenty that happens befooooore you all go to kill giant robot gods
Dr. Fintevious: ((I have one in plan too
Dr. Fintevious: ((problem is that I'm not on CAU prime time
Bondertale: "..." Toriel looks away, awkwardly. She wasn't sure if fabby still remembered.
Fabriel: Apparently I lost a day... weird
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisky] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
Fabriel: ((BTale is gonna have someone to shank by the end of this
DamnDude: (( Also, if you didn't look where I've been dropping hints, game day starts real soon. ))
Fabriel: ((Oooh boy
Fabriel: I "woke up" earlier
Bondertale: toriel's eye twitches. Of fucking course.
Dr. Fintevious: (( I take it that you'll not be needing anythnig from me righr DD
Fabriel: Asriel said I got shocked..
Bondertale: "How much do you remember of yesterday?"
Fabriel: Hmm...
Fabriel: I remember I came in, we were talking
DamnDude: (( Definitely not right away, I have you in one chapter at this point. ))
Fabriel: ((Also Yazan and DD I need to ask you sum shit
Dr. Fintevious: ((I'd rather not deal with feces
The Tin Twins: ((Hey Yazan))
The Tin Twins: ((Did you know theres a LISA party member named Yazan))
The Tin Twins: ((He's a fucking samurai that likes cats))
The Tin Twins: ((I used him for a bit.))
Bondertale: "And anything after that?"
The Tin Twins: ((He died, got permakilled by Beady))
Fabriel: I sort of... blacked out
Fabriel: I can't remember a thing
Bondertale: "Damn..." she mutters.
: ((i'm going to take a 10 minute nap cause i'm lazy af))
Dr. Fintevious: ((really laharal?
Dr. Fintevious: ((I've never even seen LISA before
Fabriel: ...
Fabriel: I called you mom...
Dr. Fintevious: (Yazan comes from something else though
: Terra [Tesla] is now One Hundred in the Dark [Tesla].
Fabriel: ((Lol Laharl got permakilled
Fabriel: ((I beat the game and no bosses used permakill moves
Fabriel: ((Not even satan
Fabriel: ((It was weird
The Tin Twins: ((Also.))
: One Hundred in the Dark [Tesla] is now The White Rose Murders [Tesla].
Bondertale: perks up
Tesla: (( I now have a new source for titles and names ))
Fabriel: ((Gonna go eat, I'll be on mobile for a bit
: Fabriel [Fabriel] disconnected.
: The White Rose Murders [Tesla] is now The White Rose Murders [Auditori].
: Frisky Whiskington's connection timed out.
Van Halla: -blazes into the bar on a chariot thats on fire while playing a guitar solo- GOD OF ROCK!
: ★ Joseph: * "Juan is dead, bro"
Van Halla: What?
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Van Halla: total bummer dude
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Van Halla: there any righteous babes about then?
: ★ Joseph: * "Quentin Tarantino made a movie about him in his h----"
: ★ Joseph: * He shrugged.
: Fabriel [Fabriel] joined chat.
Van Halla: -slings his guitar on his back and grabs a beer from the bar- To Juan and only
Fabriel: That was... Why did I say that?
Auditori: Auditori walks into the bar. "Hey, all."
Bondertale: " you remember a red orb? Any glimpses?
Van Halla: -chugs the beer and finishes-
Fabriel: Yes..
Fabriel: It was there when i woke up today
Van Halla: hey there righteous
Fabriel: And i've seen something like it before
: The White Rose Murders [Auditori] is now Cavalcade of Insanity [Auditori].
Auditori: "Uh, hi?"
Van Halla: I am Van Halla, God of THUNDER AND ROCK N ROLL
Auditori: "I'm Toriel. Nice to meet you." She tinkers with a kazoo.
Van Halla: -brings his guitar to position and plays a quick solo-
Auditori: She claps. "Wow."
Van Halla: we should make that instrument into a device of pure awesomeness!
Auditori: "Reminds me of Cross. The Border."
Bondertale: "Yes, well, judging off of information from you and Asuka, I think it's...erasing your memory. I don't know to what end."
Fabriel: Erasing my memory?
Fabriel: Of what?
Bondertale: "Well, a decade of your life, for one."
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Van Halla: -plays a rift from Van' Halen's poundcake
Bondertale: "Your parents."
Fabriel: ...
: ((also i'm alive now))
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] is now Yazan [Van Halla].
Fabriel: ((Debatable
Bondertale: "Unless you've regained that while you slept."
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Fabriel: I don't... Know my parents
Fabriel: ((Ayy
Van Halla: lets make that kazoo into something better -shoots lighting at in and it becomes a Vuvuzela-
Van Halla: wait, thats not what I wanted
MettatonSEX: ((howdy
Van Halla: (oi
Auditori: "..."
Bondertale: "Exactly."
: ((hi)))
Auditori: "Hey, have you heard of Cross. The Border. before?"
MettatonSEX: and Glamor enter the bar.
Fabriel: ...
Fabriel: Wait.. how do you know that?
MettatonSEX: ((is that the van halla from the league of super friends?
Van Halla: Can't say I have lass
Fabriel: shifts in front of asuka protectively
Bondertale: "We've talked about this before, dear."
Van Halla: ((close, it is based off of him though
MettatonSEX: ((ohhhhh
Auditori: "Cross. The Border. was a band Juan was in."
Bondertale: "Oh, you mean-child, I didn't send it."
: Alphys [Alphys] joined chat.
Van Halla: ((good memory dexter fan
MettatonSEX: ((ayyyyy
Bondertale: "I CA understand the thought process, but it's incorrect."
Glamor: [font=glamor]Hi.[/font]
Fabriel: ((...what the fuck are you sending flame
MettatonSEX: Yo.
Fabriel: ((That makes no sense
Bondertale: (autocorrect.)
MettatonSEX: (❤︎)
Fabriel: ((You didnt send it?
Bondertale: (the orb)
Van Halla: (( Valhallen was the name of the guy from the show
MettatonSEX: ((ohhhhh
Fabriel: We havent talked about that before...
Van Halla: I heard of the dude, but never got to know him
MettatonSEX: ((i knew it was based off valhalla and van halen
Fabriel: Or did we?
MettatonSEX: Hello.
Van Halla: ((one of the best bands ever
MettatonSEX: ((they are a good band
Bondertale: "Me and Asuka talked while you were...'asleep', for lack of a better term."