MettatonSEX: Mhm.
Surreal: * He walks up to Judas. "Hello."
Jamie (Judas): -Closes his book- Yes?
Small Frisk: "I remember when I was real stressed as a kid, and he made me feel better after a long talk. He's a good skeledad, person, and Monster."
Surreal: "...Just saying hello. What's that book?"
Small Frisk: "I could say a skeleTON about how great he is.."
MettatonSEX: Mmhm. He's wonderful.
Jamie (Judas): "The Book of Belial"
Surreal: "Sounds cool! What's it about?"
Jamie (Judas): It's a spell book... It allows me to conjure up many things, from Fireballs, to Dark Energy.
Small Frisk: "[I]Tibia[/i] honest, I wondered if he ever played the trom[i]bone[/i].. I'm sure he would be good at it."
Fabriel: ((Stop being saas
Surreal: "Oh, a spellbook! Great. How strong are the spells? ...And what do you use them for?"
Small Frisk: ((Gaster is her father, after all
: Fabriel [Fabriel] is now Painful [Painful].
The Trio: ((woo
Painful: ((Not now
The Trio: ((oh k
Painful: ((Just changing name
MettatonSEX: Frisk, your jokes are humerus, but come on.
Jamie (Judas): They can range from Barely a scratch, to UNIVERSE MELTING... And I use them, not only for combat, but for basic everyday life.
Painful: ((Its probably gonna be in an hour or so
Small Frisk: "Don't be such a [i]numbskull[/i], Gaster [i]doesn't have the guts[/i] to deal with my puns."
Painful: ((I need to nerf the first two bosses so you can get to the last one before fucking midnight
: Frisky [Small Frisk] disconnected.
Surreal: "...That's a huge variety of spells. Neat! But why are you reading it? Memorizing the spells, or something else?"
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] disconnected.
Jamie (Judas): It's also like the journals from that one show... "Gravity Falls." It holds information on other anomalies like the Anydoor... and how it just appeared one day.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
Jamie (Judas): It's also a cook book.
Surreal: "So it's a huge all-purpose book?"
Jamie (Judas): Nah, just joshing you on that last one.
Small Frisk: (("I didn't know you liked to cook."))
Surreal: "Aw."
Jamie (Judas): Heheh.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
Surreal: "So it's a huge almost-all-purpose book...?"
MettatonSEX: Ribeting. I'll make sure you get a sternum talking to.
Jamie (Judas): Yeah, there are other books like it... My friend Isaac owns the "Anarchists Cookbook." And my friend Lilith owns the "Necronomicon"
Small Frisk: "Don't [i]rattle my bones[/i], dad. I know a bunch o' tricks."
Surreal: "...Both sound dangerous. Are they evil?"
Jamie (Judas): Very.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Surreal: "Are Isaac and Lilith evil too, or just the books?"
Jamie (Judas): Lilith, maybe... Isaac, he's my best friend, he's nowhere NEAR evil.
Surreal: "So I assume you're not evil."
Jamie (Judas): Eh, Chaotic Neutral.
Surreal: "Which means unpredictable but unsided?"
Jamie (Judas): Yes.
Surreal: "So you're not evil. Cool. Well, just so you know, a lot goes on here, so don't get hurt, I suppose."
Jamie (Judas): Oh please, I know how to protect myself... Lilith the Demon, was my mentor.
Small Frisk: ((If the Trio had to sacrifice one of their own, Serene would sacrifice Sincere immediately
The Trio: ((Definitely
The Trio: ((Surreal would be unattentive
Surreal: "Alright, well, we've fought satan on a burning truck getting ready to burst into a hotel. Just to inform you of the possibilities."
Jamie (Judas): Hmm, sounds fun... I want in.
Surreal: "Whenever it comes, you can come in. We don't go in ourselves, it takes us in."
Jamie (Judas): Alrighty...
Surreal: "For now though, the bar's pretty chill, so enjoy it while it lasts."
Jamie (Judas): -Opens his book again- Noted.
Surreal: * He sits near Judas, viewing the bar.
Serene: * And she's just kinda there.
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Small Frisk: ((if you could be any of your characters, what character would you be?))
The Trio: ((hmm
The Trio: (([s]Sincere[/s]
Small Frisk: ((imo i would be frisk because i get to see tons of things and do loys of things
The Trio: ((loys
GN Austin: ((Jamie
Small Frisk: ((yes
The Trio: ((I'd be Verum because obvious reasons
Small Frisk: ((don't judge me
GN Austin: ((I'm already GN Austin IRL though.
Small Frisk: ((i just ate a piece of pizza while on my phone
Small Frisk: ((my finger slipped
DamnDude: (( You're asking if I want to be a demon, a cyborg, or be able to change into a dragon. ))
Runner: ((I have an entire neighborhood jumping on my rat trampoline))
The Trio: ((gg
Small Frisk: ((Do they know what it used to be?))
GN Austin: ((GNA: I'm a damn, self insert! -Chin Chin smites him for shattering the fourth wall-))
Runner: ((No))
Runner: ((But i'll say this_)
Runner: ((Children are fucking exhausting))
DamnDude: (( You rat out the truth. ))
The Trio: ((TIL reverb makes every song better
The Trio: ((possibly
Runner: ((Hey, why can't Orphans play baseball))
Runner: ((They don't know where home is))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
The Trio: ((11/10
GN Austin: ((ouch))
The Trio: ((Wb
MettatonSEX: ((oh dear
MettatonSEX: ((btw id be metta bc then id be tall
MettatonSEX: ((and sexy
Small Frisk: ((you know what's funny when people call me insane?))
MettatonSEX: ((they havent seen my writing in the ooc room?
Small Frisk: ((that's what the orphans said when i killed them
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
The Trio: ((e-e
MettatonSEX: ((oh
Small Frisk: ((hi yazan
The Trio: ((ayy
Runner: ((wew lad))
MettatonSEX: ((look in the ooc room if you wanna see my gore
: Yazan's connection timed out.
The Trio: ((Alright, reverb sometimes makes everything better, and sometimes is neutral, but so far is never bad
: Frisky [Small Frisk] disconnected.
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Jamie (Judas): -Is flipping an oddly [url=]shiny penny[/url] in his hand-
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: sees a glimmer, and sets Frisk down on the couch before going over to Jamie. "What's that shiny thing you've got there?
Surreal: "That's a really shiny penny. Is it special?"
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Jamie (Judas): It's worth double that of a regular penny... so 2 cents.
MettatonSEX: Oh, cool.
Runner: (( ))
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
Surreal: "But not magical?"
Small Frisk: * She stares at the penny.
Small Frisk: "Interesting."
Jamie (Judas): No.
GN Austin: (("One Time"))
MettatonSEX: (("one time"
The Trio: (("one time"
Surreal: "Darn."
MettatonSEX: ((my fave is that one where katie is training pokemon and she sends out graveler on the water and it just fucking sinks
MettatonSEX: It really is quite fascinating.
Small Frisk: ((omf
MettatonSEX: I don't think I've seen something shine so beautifully.
Jamie (Judas): -Chuckles-
Surreal: "It's like it's reflecting more light than it's taking."
MettatonSEX: Other than my husband.
The Trio: ((...Ow
Small Frisk: * She leans back into the couch, staring at that weird penny.
The Trio: ((I ear raped myself accidentally
Small Frisk: ((ew
GN Austin: ((...))
DamnDude: (( ...wait what. ))
Small Frisk: ((who sticks your dick into your own ear
The Trio: ((no i mean
The Trio: ((not that
Small Frisk: ((you could chop it off and put it into your ear
The Trio: ((I turned up the dB of a song to max
GN Austin: ((I do... not))
The Trio: ((Didn't know what it'd do
The Trio: ((Hence accidental ear rape
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
The Trio: ((Ayy
MettatonSEX: ((
Small Frisk: ((rape isn't accidental
MettatonSEX: ((hi gaster
Small Frisk: ((also hi chime
The Trio: ((Ear rape /=/ rape
Gaster: ((i come in
MettatonSEX: ((lets not talk about that frisky
Small Frisk: ((ok
Gaster: ((i see "rape isn't accidental"
Small Frisk: ((chime frisk is small now
MettatonSEX: ((like, a child
Small Frisk: ((^
The Trio: ((yes you did
The Trio: ((frik computer
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now Corrin [Corrin].
MettatonSEX: ((not Actual Small™
Gaster: walks in.
MettatonSEX: Hello, darling.
Serene: 'Hello.'
The Trio: * Sincere is not with them.
Small Frisk: "Hi, dadster!"
Jamie (Judas): -still flipping the coin-
Small Frisk: * She's, like.. eleven.
Corrin: slowly awakens, slightly weaker than normal. Sleeping on the floor of a bar did not help.
Small Frisk: * And is wearing her old clothes.
Gaster: ... Frisk?
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: "Yes?"
Serene: 'Hello, Corrin.'
Small Frisk: "Oh, yeah!"
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Small Frisk: "I had technical difficulties with another timeline, and I'm young now."
Small Frisk: * She shrugs.
Corrin: Greetings. *Corrin grabs the couch to get to his feet.
Small Frisk: "Basically, my physical form got reset."
MettatonSEX: ((hey everyone, clipboards before we get traumatized by slarv
Gaster: Oooh, I see.
Serene: 'Are you alright?'
The Trio: ((
MettatonSEX: ((
Gaster: ((mine is empty
Small Frisk: ((
Corrin: ((
Small Frisk: * She looks down at the floor.
Small Frisk: "..It.. feels weird."
Corrin: ...I have been in better condition, but I feel fine.
Small Frisk: "That's my only feeling about this right now."
: High Priest Laharl.'s connection timed out.
Serene: 'Alright, if you say so.'
Gaster: Well, it's odd to me too.
: High Priest Laharl. [Runner] joined chat.
Small Frisk: * She nods. "Of course."
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: "Me and Metta had made a lot of skeleton puns in your absence, too."
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I don't exist))
Gaster: sighs, crossing his arms. "Aww, and I missed out?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I was never here)?
Gaster: ((that sounds like a you problem
Small Frisk: * She looks up at Gaster, smirking. "Well, don't be so [i]thickskulled[/i], I'm not done yet."
Gaster: Oh, i've got a bone to pick with you!
Corrin: has awoken to pun central.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Jamie (Judas): Were... those puns?
Corrin: I assume so, yes.
Small Frisk: "You can't catch m--"
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Small Frisk: "Yep!"
Small Frisk: "Ever heard of puns?"
MettatonSEX: They're not humerus, tibia hobest.
MettatonSEX: *honest
Jamie (Judas): . . . -Walks out of the bar- CAIN TELLS ME PUNS EVERY DAY!
MettatonSEX: I wouldn't fibula to you.
Gaster: glares at Mettaton. "I was gonna say the fibula one!"
Corrin: ...I think he has issues on his own scale.
MettatonSEX: Oh, come on, you always steel my jokes.
MettatonSEX: I think ironed this one.
Small Frisk: "Heh."
Jamie (Judas): -Screaming is heard from outside the bar- I THOUGHT I WAS SAFE, BUT CAIN STILL FOLLOWS ME IN SPIRIT, FUCK THIS
Gaster: Well, you've got to stop alloying me to do it.
MettatonSEX: Your quick thinking is golden.
MettatonSEX: But, I digress. I'll call the coppers on you.
Small Frisk: "I'm not gonna metal in your pun contest."
MettatonSEX: It'd be rudebe
Small Frisk: "I zinc it's a good idea."
MettatonSEX: *rudebellium if you did.
Gaster: sighs. "Looks like I'm going to have to take the silver medal here."
Small Frisk: * She pulls out a literal golden trophy.
Small Frisk: "No, I take the golden trophy."
MettatonSEX: ...Frisk, darling, you're still pure.
Small Frisk: "I wish I was."
Gaster: The batter would approve.
MettatonSEX: Pure as in pure metal.
Small Frisk: "There's such a thing as 'pure air', y'know."
Gaster: shrugs.
Runner: Runner just rocks back in forth in the bar chair.
Small Frisk: "So there's pure air, pure metal, pure me."
The Trio: just watches, without Sincere.
MettatonSEX: And pure zones that are actually corrupted beyond end.
Surreal: "So the zone is purely corruption?"
Gaster: ... I guess.
MettatonSEX: Yes.
Small Frisk: "Some things are better left 'unpure'."
Surreal: "Ironic. Why does he think he's purifying when he's corrupting?"
MettatonSEX: Because he's an idiot.
Surreal: "Oh, that makes sense. Okay."
Gaster: Then again, sometimes the zones are going to shit.
Jamie (Judas): -Still freaking out outside-
Small Frisk: "Purifying is both right and wrong."
Small Frisk: "Mostly wrong."
Surreal: "It's right if it's done right."
Surreal: "Corrupting everything is the complete opposite of purifying, so of course that method is wrong."
MettatonSEX: walks outside. "The pun train left the station.
Small Frisk: "I don't think I'd see this 'Batter' chomping on a hotdog while screaming, 'TAKE ME DOOWNNNN TO THEEEE BAAALLLLLL GAAAMEEE'."
Gaster: No, you wouldn't.
Gaster: He's got less personality than a brick wall.
Small Frisk: "Imagine Babe Ruth versus the brick wall."
Jamie (Judas): . . . R-Really?
MettatonSEX: nods.
Surreal: "If I were to purify something, I'd do it via attention, not murder."
MettatonSEX: Sorry about that.
Jamie (Judas): -Walks back in, and sits at the booth he was at-
Small Frisk: "In my eyes, all of you are pure."
Small Frisk: "It doesn't matter what a random creep says."
MettatonSEX: Pfft, I'm pure, hahah...
Surreal: "Nobody is completely pure. Nobody is completely perfect."
Jamie (Judas): Even me?
Jamie (Judas): I'm one-fourth demon.
Small Frisk: "All people are pure in some way."
Gaster: Indeed.
Gaster: almost said "You're smart for your age, Frisk."
Surreal: "Yes, of course. There is no one who has no part of a certain trait in them."
Gaster: * But then he remembered.
Surreal: "Nobody can be completely pure or impure."
Small Frisk: * She was still smart as a child.
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: * It's why she had over two hundred pages of notes.
Surreal: "Even if there was an embodiment of purity, they would not be completely pure."
MettatonSEX: Exactly,
Small Frisk: "Everybody has an embodiment of purity, and that's good enough for me."
Small Frisk: "Everybody can be a good person if they just try."
Gaster: Right.
GN Austin: ((gtg guys))
MettatonSEX: Mmh...
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((cya
Surreal: "Even the Batter has some purity. He wanted everything to be pure. His actions to do so were terrible, but wishing purity is not evil."
Corrin: (( So I read a lot of comics now because someone linked one.))
Gaster: Of course not.
Gaster: Killing innocents is what was wrong.
MettatonSEX: ((hi
Small Frisk: "Even if we're not pure, our personality, mind, and behavior dictates our true colors as a person."
MettatonSEX: ((that was me
Surreal: "Both of those are true."
Small Frisk: * She's just sitting there, wrapped up in a blue blanket.
Surreal: "Everyone has a different color. But there is no being who is white or black. Technically, we are all the same color, as the distance between opposites without numbers is undefined."
Gaster: pats Frisk on the head.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: sits next to Frisk.
Runner: ((*Spins daily wheel of bars*))
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
Small Frisk: "Even if there are many different timelines, we all live under the same sky, the same mind, and we all have the same destiny - to live our lives and enjoy what everything has to offer."
Gaster: claps.
MettatonSEX: Mmhm.
Surreal: "We all have the same destiny, but some do not realize that. Deviation from destiny, which is simply to enjoy living, is tainting."
Gaster: ((OH
Gaster: ((i finished my gaster cosplay today
The Trio: ((Noice
MettatonSEX: ((NICE
Small Frisk: ((NICE
Runner: ((
Small Frisk: ((GO TO CHURCH IN IT
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Runner: ((The wheel landed on Valhalla this time.))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
The Trio: ((gg
Gaster: ((
The Trio: ((420/69
Gaster: ((i'm repainting the white parts since it got weird black smudges on it but other then that it's finished
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
The Trio: ((Ayy
Gaster: ((hi there slarv
Small Frisk: ((hi slarv
Painful: ((Ayy
Small Frisk: ((i want to bring frisk to painful
Painful: ((Sweet cosplay bro
MettatonSEX: ((hi
Painful: ((K
Corrin: (( Ayy Beautiful Comrade.
Painful: ((Will she fight?
MettatonSEX: ((ey slarv if you like gore check out the ooc room
Small Frisk: ((if she had to fight, she would be a healer
Painful: is ready when you are... Although hes on mobile and wont do the actual fighting for a bit
Gaster: (oooh i'm ready for [s]freedy[/s] painful
Painful: ((Are you freddy for ready
Small Frisk: ((can you come up with frisk's stats for me based on her character
Gaster: ((tfw you typo something you striked out
Small Frisk: ((i'm a lazy fuck
The Trio: is ready.
Gaster: is ready.
Lua: -Walks in through the anydoor, because he wants to do something-
MettatonSEX: goes NEO, having the feeling a bad will hapen
Painful: ((Inhale my dong enragement child
MettatonSEX: Hello.
Small Frisk: * She's curious, and sure is ready.
Lua: Hey Metta.
Serene: 'Hello.'
Small Frisk: "..I want to come to that timeline."
Painful: the letter did say saturday, and penalty by full timeline war
Serene: '...What' timeline?'
The Trio: ((wot
The Trio: ((where'd that ' come from
Gaster: goes to the anydoor.
Runner: ((Passive:+100 HP and +5 to all stats if Gaster and Metta are in battle))
Small Frisk: "Like, the one that somebody said was bad, along with dad."
Gaster: ((joy gaster's likely to be pissed, they killed his lover
Runner: Runner just nods, stepping up, he's ready to fuck shit up.
Serene: 'Oh, yes. Are we going now?'
Small Frisk: * She gets up, and walks up next to Gaster.
Lua: I either have the greatest or worse timing.
Small Frisk: ((Frisk should have extreme dodging skills
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Painful: despite killing his husband, an invitation is still an invitation
The Trio: ((Frisk should be everything but a fighter lel
Small Frisk: ((yes
Runner: ((I'd also like to possibly reccomend a luck stat equal or higher than Runner's OP as fuck luck stat))
The Trio: ((Buff, debuff, healer
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Small Frisk: ((yeah frisk is lucky as FUCK
Small Frisk: ((and is an extreme dodger
The Trio: ((100 luck /s
Painful: ((So basically smolriel
Small Frisk: ((sort of
MettatonSEX: remembers the letter
Corrin: ((Frisk is going to steal our Waifus too?)
Corrin: ((What the fuck.))
Small Frisk: "So, erm.. dad, can I come with you?"
Painful: ((Given the first boss gives 120 exp
The Trio: ((wowie
Runner: ((I can reccomend some specials Special 1: Biological Science:Heal a teammate for 300, 500 if Gaster and Metta are in battle))
Gaster: I suppose you could...
Small Frisk: "I'll be safe."
MettatonSEX: Just don't get hurt.
Small Frisk: * She nods.
MettatonSEX: And don't say I didn't warn you.
Small Frisk: "I've fought an entire army of aliens before."
Small Frisk: "And survived."
Gaster: ((someone named toastytadashi reblogged my cosplay photo
Small Frisk: "I should be fine."
MettatonSEX: Mmh...
MettatonSEX: ((HAH
Painful: ((Frisky what all can i do to the smol child
The Trio: ((woot
Runner: ((Special 2: Anatomical Science:Debilitate an enemy with a rand debuff. Special Three: MERCY. Heal entire team by 25% and inflict Super Fly))
Runner: ((Those are my suggestions))
Small Frisk: ((only thing you can do is torture her emotionally
Painful: ((Awwww
Small Frisk: ((i'm sorry but you can't kill my first ever character on CaU
Painful: ((Frisk is getting some of smolriels old skills
Painful: ((I wouldnt kill her
Small Frisk: ((can you add some of Laharl's specials
Painful: ((Just chop of her legs a little bit maybe
Lua: Wow, seems like everyone's got some form of experience in fighting now. *Lua's eyes look like he would be grinning now, if his face wasn't covered by a bandana.
Painful: ((I will
Runner: ((I can allow major damage to Runner since practically anything done to him is temporary cause robot.))
Serene: * She pulls out a red orb, imbued with Sincere's powers. This'll be used for the time being to cast Sincere.
Small Frisk: ((uh you can't chop her legs off either
Painful: ((;_;
Runner: ((Pretty much the only thing I would let absolutely kill him is if he used Robo Arigato))
Gaster: ((you know what's gonna go down with gaster, right slarv?
Gaster: (( : )
Small Frisk: ((i'm sorry but hurting frisk would be like hurting part of me
Painful: ((Yeah
MettatonSEX: ((list of hot things: coffee, mettaton, gaster, my gf, mettaton's legs, my legs, tadashi hamada, the sun, venus, molten copper, hotland
Painful: ((Not sure how its gonna happen tho
Runner: ((Tadashi Hamada>))
Runner: ((Bitch you stole my joke))
Gaster: ((just... do something
MettatonSEX: ((heh heh
Painful: ((You forgot byakuya togami
Gaster: ((don't forget my hot dedans folder
Painful: ((To the pcccccc
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
Small Frisk: ((you forgot to add me to your list of hot things
The Trio: ((Fire is not hot confirmed
MettatonSEX: ((i didnt forget
Small Frisk: ((damn i just got..
Corrin: (( Cold things: Frisky's Heart ))
Small Frisk: (([I]burned[/i]
Small Frisk: ((I PROMISE
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((hot dedans, celestia ludenberg, dio brando, danny joestar, memes, and tits are all on that list too
Corrin: ((...Also by that logic, probably the rest of Frisky. You might want to check that out.))
MettatonSEX: ((also sugar
MettatonSEX: ((shes pretty hot
Runner: ((Room Temperatue:Me.))
Runner: ((Except for my calves, those things are pure iron yo.))
Small Frisk: ((seriously i have cried at times
Small Frisk: ((I have a heart
Painful: ((Alright
Small Frisk: ((it may seem cold but it's fuzzy and dim
Painful: ((Thanks to MV I know what's gonna happen
Painful: The anydoor opens all by itself again
Small Frisk: "..That's weird."
Small Frisk: * She strolls into the Anydoor.
MettatonSEX: goes in. "Yeah."
Runner: Runner just steps on fucking through, no hesitation at all.
Lua: ...I really need to come here in the mornings again, less stuff like this happens.
Small Frisk: "I haven't seen that happen before."
The Trio: follows.
Corrin: walks in, and Lua follows.
Small Frisk: * She pulls out a notebook and jots down a few details about what just happened.
Serene: 'Alright, what awaits us this time.'
MettatonSEX: More shit.
Gaster: steps through the door.
Lua: If I had to guess, something related to an insane plant, drugs, and utter shit.
Painful: It's new home
Small Frisk: "Huh."
Serene: '...Oh.'
Small Frisk: "I haven't been here before."
MettatonSEX: Oh, we passed the core and all that.
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
Small Frisk: "I mean, I've seen it from a distance, but not.. RIGHT here."
Runner: "I like this color scheme." He taps a wall.
Serene: 'This is calm. Too calm. Eerily calm. And we weren't met by hell, so that's an automatic chill.'
Runner: Runner searches around for items.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Gaster: looks at the castle in the distance. He also keeps an eye out for citizens
Small Frisk: * She makes even more notes on this eerie New Home.
MettatonSEX: ((welcome to hell
Corrin: The layout of this location seems familiar to our starting location.
Bondertale: (fucking great, I'm missing stuff)
MettatonSEX: looks for items
The Trio: ((rip
Corrin: ((We lit just started.))
The Trio: ((It's alright, we just started
MettatonSEX: ((nah we just started
Small Frisk: ((we just started
Small Frisk: (bb
Bondertale: are there I guess but probably won't be able to do anything for a bit
Small Frisk: ((fuck
Small Frisk: (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Bondertale: (except that dnd is still going)
Bondertale: (even if I'm kinds fucking done)
Runner: ((Can Runner amplify the Asriel plush to make it give 15 Def?))
Gaster: ((i was worried i'd miss some stuff since mom dragged me out to home depot
MettatonSEX: ((idk
Corrin: (( Wait till Slar gets back. ))
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
The Trio: ((Wb
Painful: ((Runner can amplify anything
Runner: (( ))
Painful: You wander upon a strange house
Runner: "Hey guys, remember that wierd sex toy goat thing?"
Runner: ((Who gets it.))
Serene: '...Yes.'
Small Frisk: ((I get it
Lua: So, we didn't find anyone when we walked in, we're not finding anyone, this is starting out pretty alright.
Small Frisk: * She pays attention to the strange house.
Gaster: ... Er. Sort of.
Serene: 'Pretty alright, except this house.'
Small Frisk: * She puts the notebook away.
Runner: ((Who gets the Asriel Plush, Frisky?))
Gaster: looks around.
MettatonSEX: ((i get it
Small Frisk: ((your dick
MettatonSEX: stays with Gaster.
Runner: ((Alright, lets give it to Metta))
Small Frisk: * She stays with her fathers.
MettatonSEX: ((i meant i get the comic
Runner: "Well" Runner follows. "Let me show you a cool trick." He takes out the plush, and fucking zaps the shit out of it with electricity.
MettatonSEX: ((but ok
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: Inside of the house
Painful: ...
MettatonSEX: Okay
Runner: He then proceeds to chuck it at Metta.
Small Frisk: "Woah."
MettatonSEX: The fuck.
Serene: '...What are you doing?'
Runner: ((There ya go, +15 Def.))
Gaster: ... He has me for his sexual needs.
MettatonSEX: gets hit in the face. +15 DEF
Lua: ...I don't think it works like that.
Painful: Metta's defense increases by 15
Serene: 'Oh. Apparently it does work like that.'
Painful: Is anyone actually looking in the house?
MettatonSEX: Well then.
Serene: 'How strong are you now?'
Lua: ...It works like that. Well then.
MettatonSEX: shrugs
Small Frisk: * She's looking.
Small Frisk: * In the house.
Runner: Runner just shrugs. "Thought something funny would happen, thats supposed to make stuff more powerful." "...And it did."
Runner: Runner looks around.
MettatonSEX: looks in the house.
Serene: 'I'd hope and assume a lot stronger.'
Gaster: goes inside the house. He heads to the kitchen, if he's allowed to.
The Trio: enters the house.
MettatonSEX: heads to the bedroom for items.
MettatonSEX: Just like last time.
Runner: Runner checks around the kitchen.
Lua: -Looks around the family area-
Gaster: checks the fridge.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Runner: He looks in the oven for items.
Painful: Inside the house is one of every item you don't already have! Not including dildoes or plushies sorry
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Well then.
Serene: 'Oh good, items.'
Small Frisk: "Huh."
Gaster: Oh my. I think we're on the verge of something big.
Runner: Runner takes the grenade and bottle. "I'll take these."
Painful: And of course no satan's key
Gaster: picks up everything he can.
Painful: Ahead is the castle
Corrin: ((Damn it slar I was about to make that joke.))
MettatonSEX: regroups, obtaining the tissue.
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: "Huh. Should we go to the castle?"
Serene: 'Is that all the house has? Just want to make sure before we enter the castle.'
Runner: "Well, are we going?" He says, leading the fucking way.
MettatonSEX: and perfume and etc
MettatonSEX: Yes.
Painful: There's no guards, the gates are open...
Gaster: pauses, then starts walking.
Lua: OK... I have no idea what this is.
Small Frisk: * She begins to walk forward.
Runner: Runner strolls on in through the gates.
Runner: Inb4 traps.
Serene: '...Alright, we're ready, the castle's completely open, let's go.'
The Trio: follows.
MettatonSEX: goes to the castle, following Gaster.
Corrin: follows the group, and so does Lua.
Painful: Below the balcony is a pile of bottles, 5 are still intact
MettatonSEX: takes them.
MettatonSEX: These should be useful.
Gaster: Yup.
Lua: The kingdom of alcoholics, huh
Runner: "Awww hell yeah." Runner says, continuing on.
Small Frisk: * She keeps on walking.
MettatonSEX: btw we have five glamburgers bc metta bought them last time
Serene: '...I have a feeling something big is coming up, considering the amount of items.'
Gaster: Well, they're all addicted to drugs...
MettatonSEX: Yep.
Painful: Woops leveling up people from the metta fight
Small Frisk: "So this is a timeline where everybody is composed of alcoholics and drug addicts?"
Small Frisk: "..Huh."
Lua: True. I guess for addictions, one just isn't enough.
Small Frisk: "That explains why this place is so bad."
MettatonSEX: And they mutate.
Small Frisk: "Oh my."
MettatonSEX: And oh god I hope the kids don't show up.
Small Frisk: "They better not."
Corrin: ((-The Kids Show Up-))
Painful: ((Who all was in the metta fight?
Small Frisk: "For our sakes."
Runner: He shrugs. "If it helps, none of us are gonna make you fight your own kids."
Runner: He cracks his robo-knuckles. "I can take 'em."
Runner: Runner will kick a fucking baby.
Corrin: ((Corrin, Gaster, Metta, and Bonder))
Painful: ((Kthx bby
Small Frisk: ((Don't kick Corgi and Glamor.))
Runner: ((Aww, Runner doesn't get to join it))
Gaster: ... That's... comforting.
Small Frisk: ((They are both very important.))
Gaster: *It isn't comforting.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: * She winces.
MettatonSEX: Hhh.
Corrin: ((That fight was thursday.))
Serene: '...Onward before this gets worse?'
: Frisky [Small Frisk] disconnected.
Runner: ((Well, Runner did actually tear apart the entire studio, steal all their shit. And chuck a microphone at Joyatton.))
MettatonSEX: Mhmm.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
The Trio: leads.
The Trio: ((...Actually
Painful: Corn leveled up
Gaster: continues on.
: The Trio [The Trio] is now The Duo [The Duo].
Painful: The door is there... it's looming over you. Ring the doorbell?
The Duo: ((Since rn it's just the two
Runner: Runner continues on.
Runner: Like, so hard he might've broken it.
MettatonSEX: Good job.
Small Frisk: "Yeesh."
Gaster: ... Wait, it could be a trap - oh, you've gone and done it.
Lua: ...I'm not sure slamming it would make much difference... but...
Small Frisk: "Talk about overkill."
Serene: 'If that broke, we could be stuck.'
Painful: "Coming"
MettatonSEX: ...
Serene: 'Nevermind.'
Painful: The voice sounds warm
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: ...
Painful: Footsteps are heard
Small Frisk: "..This feels odd."
Runner: Runner cocks a fist, ready to punch the person who opens the door.
Gaster: holds his breath. "Wait."
Serene: 'Runner don't punch them.'
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Runner: Depending on who it is, he wont'.
Serene: 'At least, probably don't punch them.'
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Small Frisk: "Don't punch anybody at all, unless you need to."
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
Corrin: So, we are just knocking on the door now, after everything that has occurred.
MettatonSEX: stays on edge.
Serene: 'Apparently.'
Runner: "No, we're ringing the bell." Smartass.
Gaster: just stares at the door.
Runner: He lowers the fist though. Even though last time he punched some fucks they all got free feathers.
The Duo: waits in anticipation.
Small Frisk: * She stares at the door with Gaster.
Painful: The door is opened, Gaster stands there with Corsiva next to him. He looks at you all, clearly a bit upset but still smiling. Corsi takes one look at you and scowls, she's been crying.
Small Frisk: "..Oh."
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: G: "Ah, my guests."
Corrin: ...
Small Frisk: "Hello, there."
Serene: '...Hello.'
MettatonSEX: Hello.
Painful: C: "Y-you..."
Gaster: gasps a little. "Ah... hello."
Jamie (Judas): -is still at the booth reading- . . .
Runner: "...Hello, would you like a moment to talk about our lord and savior?" He says, not punching anyone.
Lua: ...OK, this is.. awkward.
Painful: G: "Come on in, we've been expecting you"
Runner: Runner you asshole.
Painful: C: "..."
Small Frisk: * She pulls out a cookie and hands it to Corsiva.
Gaster: takes a step in, cautious.
Serene: 'Non-aggresively, I hope?'
Small Frisk: "If it makes you feel any better, here."
Painful: Corsi scowls, Gaster looks down at her
Lua: -Walks in-
Small Frisk: "It's a chocolate chip cookie."
Corrin: walks in slowly, looking around the building.
The Duo: enters tentatively.
Painful: G: "Hey, Corsi? Go ahead up to your room with your brother, okay?"
Gaster: ((corsiva: i'm allergic to chocolate you fuck
Small Frisk: "..Okay, then."
Small Frisk: * She pops the cookie into her mouth, and looks around.
MettatonSEX: follows Gaster, then feels even worse.
Painful: Corsi glares at you, sniffling a bit as she runs upstairs
Gaster: holds Mettaton's hand, caressing the thumb with his own.
Runner: Runner walks in. "Sorry I stole all your husband's studio equipment, if that helps."
Painful: Gaster closes the door behind you
Painful: "..."
Small Frisk: * She runs up to Gaster and Metta, and follows them.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Painful: "Why?"
MettatonSEX: watches Corsiva.
Serene: '...Alright...hello, Gaster. How is your day?'
Lua: ...OK, we shouldn't have walked in maybe.
Painful: Corsi is upstairs
Painful: In her room
MettatonSEX: as she leaves shh
Gaster: ... That's a good question. One I should ask you as well.
Small Frisk: "How is your day, other Gaster?"
Gaster: Why did you see fit to poison this land with Joy?
Small Frisk: "You should be arrested."
Runner: Runner doesn't even turn around. "Because you've fucked everything up."
Painful: "Business is business."
Small Frisk: "Drugs are bad."
MettatonSEX: Why did you experiment on people?
Serene: * She looks down. Obviously impossible for calm conversation.
Painful: "Let me explain."
MettatonSEX: Make it good.
Lua: -Lua whispers to himself, "Man, we're getting really good at making people hate us"-
Runner: "Explain? Alright, i'll bite, what's up doc?"
Painful: "I found a way to make a cheap drug, very quickly."
Gaster: clenches his fist.
GN Austin: -Mr. Mackey voice- "Drugs are bad. mkay?"
Small Frisk: "What is the cheap drug even for?"
Painful: "That means, since I own the lab I owned a lot of joy"
Painful: "Which is something everyone needs to survive"
Painful: "Here, at least."
Painful: "And that makes me king."
Small Frisk: "Nobody needs drugs to survive."
Runner: Runner picks up one of the Joy pills the party has. "You could've burned it, become a hero."
Gaster: frowns.
Small Frisk: "How did they survive before thise drugs were created?"
Serene: 'Even if they did need it to survive, it's killing them as well.'
Small Frisk: those*
MettatonSEX: Why do they need a drug that mutates the consumers?
Gaster: ((did you just quote history of japan
Runner: "As a criminal to another, let me tell you, it's a lot better to be a damn hero."
Painful: ((Yes
MettatonSEX: ((yes
The Duo: ((gg
Runner: ((I quoted it too before))
MettatonSEX: ((i read it in the voice
Painful: "People buy it"
Small Frisk: "So?"
Gaster: But why do the people need it?
Small Frisk: "Money isn't everything."
Serene: '...So you're greedy.'
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
Runner: "Because being royal scientist clearly doesn't pay enough."
Lua: Wouldn't that just be because people were exposed to Joy before?
Small Frisk: * She raises an eyebrow.
Painful: "There's a lot of pain here, it came at a very good time"
MettatonSEX: Why did you sell it if it mutates the user?
Jamie (Judas): I have no knowledge of the current situation... but I want to kick some ass, so who're we killing?
Painful: "The prince had recently died, as did his adopted sister."
Small Frisk: "So you're technically killing the people."
: Yazan's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: "Poisoning them."
MettatonSEX: There's a lot of pain because of you.
Painful: "The whole underground, wracked with grief, needed something to take away the pain"
Painful: Gaster smiles "You can figure out the rest, no?
Serene: 'You're poisoning everyone for pay that eventually won't matter because business and economy will die.'
Gaster: I did.
Small Frisk: "Maybe you should of made that 'Joy' have no side effects, no withdrawal, and no mutations."
Small Frisk: "Then it would be better."
Gaster: Did you even have a test group?
Runner: Runner just leans back, closing his eyes. And sighing. He got eyelids recently.
Small Frisk: "But as of now, you're killing everybody slowly."
Lua: Frisk, I don't think you understand the definition of Cheap.
Runner: "...You remind me of someone I once met."
Small Frisk: "From what I've heard, of course."
MettatonSEX: Or did you just test on everyone you could get your pathetic hands on?
Painful: "Something like that"
Runner: He's restraining himself from just hauling off and PUNCHING THIS FUCK INTO NEXT WEEK.
Painful: "This is a business, dear."
Gaster: ... Did you give it to your children?
The Duo: ((*100 sentences* "Something like that"
MettatonSEX: Don't call me dear.
Jamie (Judas): -Leans to the person next to him- What the hell's happening, and are we kicking any ass?
Bondertale: are here and very, very alunamused
Serene: 'It's a business that won't matter because you'll get no pay because they'll all be dead...'
Runner: "Do you know what else is business, Monsieur?" When did Runner get a French accent?
Painful: "Right right, let's get on with it then."
Small Frisk: "With what?"
Painful: "You've come here to kill me, haven't you?"
Runner: He coughs, stopping the accent, that was wierd.
Serene: '...Presumably.'
Painful: "You killed everyone else. Why not the king?"
Bondertale: "Indeed, you living bag of refuse."
MettatonSEX: I mean, you do deserve it.
Small Frisk: "Well, tibia honest, you kind of deserve it."
Painful: "Right, right."
Lua: I mean, you're not wrong with saying that.
Gaster: ... You've got Fanta, correct?
Runner: He steps up. "Yes."
GN Austin: ((Oh wait, is everyone in the bar, or somewhere else?))
Painful: "The woman?"
MettatonSEX: Frisk. Not the time for puns.
Gaster: She's the reason we came here in the first place.
The Duo: ((Somewhere else
Corrin: ((Somewhere else))
Bondertale: (were in painful)
GN Austin: ((dang
Small Frisk: "..Alright."
Painful: "The traitor, you mean?"
Gaster: She's the reason we...
Painful: "I must say I'm impressed, you did her job without hesitation."
Gaster: chokes up a bit.
Runner: He immediately steps into his usual fighting stance, AKA standing still in a Parkour starting pose. Runner wants into this.
Gaster: ...
Jamie (Judas): -Looks up from his book- Where the sodding hell did everyone go!?
Runner: "If we're going to keep talking, thats cool, but eventually i'm going to throw a punch, wanna fucking get ready?"
Painful: "She refused to dispatch the resistance"
MettatonSEX: Wh...
MettatonSEX: No...
Painful: "And as such, she has been punished"
MettatonSEX: Nonononononono
Small Frisk: ((Frisk should be in this fight because she needs that damn EXP
Serene: '...Is she alive?"
Gaster: grimaces. "She's dead, isn't she?"
The Duo: * That was a ' shhhh
Lua: ...You're not serious right?
Runner: Runner now realizes this is bothering the shit out of M and G. And hauls the FUCK OFF and just punches. He's ready to start this.
Painful: "Dead? Of course not"
Painful: Gaster dodges reflexively
Serene: 'Then what's her status?'
Painful: "..."
Small Frisk: "..I've known Fanta for a long time, and I'll do anything to free her."
Gaster: ((brb potty break
Runner: "Stop talking. No use worrying about the damn girl, lets fix this now."
Bondertale: bazzy clenched his fist. "SHUT UP AND STOP MOVING!" he runs up, slicing at gaster as well.
Small Frisk: (("brb potty break" -Chime, 2016
Painful: "Dead is far too merciful"
Painful: "Let's finish this, shall we?"
Serene: 'So you're torturing her?'
Small Frisk: "If you say so."
Painful: "I'll be in the other room when you're ready."
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: Gaster walks through a doorway
Small Frisk: * She glances at everybody.
MettatonSEX: ((we wait for chime
Small Frisk: "..I don't like this."
Serene: '...How strong is he?'
Runner: As Gaster walks off, Runner pulls out one of the Joy Pills the party has.
Lua: ...So let me get this straight. I have now done this for absolutely nothing.
Runner: "Who votes we kick his ass with his own creation?"
Serene: 'No.'
Lua: Excuse me for a moment.
Small Frisk: "You're a robot."
Runner: "Yes, I am."
Small Frisk: "You can't even be affected."
Runner: He grins. "My mind can."
Small Frisk: * She nods.
Serene: 'It'll mutate your mind, then?'
Runner: "I have a human brain. I can feel nothing. Feeling nothing increases combat, no emotions to deal with this shit."
Painful: ((I shall piss as well
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
Gaster: ((back
The Duo: ((rip
Runner: "Yes, it will, but who fucking cares? It's not like I can suffer withdrawal."
Lua: -Angrily slams his head on Gaster's door-
Serene: 'You'll still be hurt.'
Runner: "I mean, hallucinations, big woop."
Serene: '...And we'll have to fight you'
Runner: He grins. "I get those every time I walk down the scarecrow hallway."
Serene: 'So I still suggest no.'
MettatonSEX: takes two of the pills and drops them. He crushes them beneath his heel.
Gaster: I want to fight him.
MettatonSEX: -2 Joy
The Duo: ((rip joy
Small Frisk: "Dad, if you're fighting, I'm going to help you."
Corrin: appears to be holding himself back from the inventory.
Runner: He holds onto the last one. "Whatever, but i'm going to do this if things get bad."
Serene: 'Why don't we all fight?'
Bondertale: "We are not using that trash. I don't want to give him anything to try to hover over us morally."
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
Serene: 'What's stopping us?'
MettatonSEX: No, Runner.
Small Frisk: "The fourth wall, Serene. Shhh..."
Serene: * pls
MettatonSEX: I've seen it affect three of us.
MettatonSEX: One is dead because of it.
Small Frisk: * She looks back at her two dads.
Painful: ((Gotta write up frisk
Corrin: is looking directly at runner's hands now.
Runner: He turns. "You don't understand do you? Overwhelming force. It's the only way to salf a problem immediately. I don't want to win one battle, I want to win them all." And he winks. "And for some reason, I...don't think i'll have to deal with it for long." Thats a strange look.
Small Frisk: ((ok
Small Frisk: ((copy and paste the stats here
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
Small Frisk: ((plox
Serene: 'Runner, you're not taking the joy.'
MettatonSEX: ((hi darling
Small Frisk: ((i'm on mobile and hi
Serene: 'The end.'
anon: (hello darling <3)
Bondertale: "RUNNER. DO. NOT. USE IT."
The Duo: ((Ayy
anon: (yo)
Runner: He pockets it. Not saying any more.
Serene: 'Why don't you just hand it to us so we can crush it and it's over with?'
Small Frisk: "We should stop arguing."
Lua: -Walks back to the main group, visibly annoyed-
Runner: "..." Runner walks up to the door, leaning on it, ready to start this when everyone's ready.
Small Frisk: * She walks over to the door.
Serene: 'Nevermind. As long as you don't use it, I suppose it's alright.'
Bondertale: Toriel glared. "Frisk would like to send you a message: 'If I see you with that, I'm either destroying it, or you.'"
Gaster: goes up to the door.
Runner: Runner sticks his hands in his pockets. What he's actually doing is amplifying the joy before the fight even starts. Take away 5 SP please.
The Duo: walks over as well, waiting patiently.
Small Frisk: ((what frisk
GN Austin: ((GTG Guys, Gotta eat pizza and watch a movie.))
The Duo: ((Btale Frisk
The Duo: ((Computer stahp
MettatonSEX: follows Gaster.
MettatonSEX: ((cya
Small Frisk: ((k cool
The Duo: ((Bye
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
Gaster: ((bye
Painful: ((Frisk (Smol Child): Level 1 EXP: 0/20 HP: 200/200 SP: 30/30 ATK: 1 DEF: 20 SPD: 1 LCK: 30 Specials Daddy (Passive): When Metta and Gaster are in battle, +200 base HP Lucky Star (10): +25 LCK for any party member Science (15): Heals 400 HP, 600 when Metta and Gaster are in battle Mercy (25): Heals 200 HP to every party member
Small Frisk: ((bye
Runner: Runner looks at Bondertale. "By the way, remember when you said I don't understand the things in this world?"
Painful: Inside is a crow sitting on a box
Small Frisk: ((also cool
MettatonSEX: ((i cringed
Bondertale: "Yes."
Serene: 'Don't punch the crow.'
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: There's another door past that
Runner: He gives a dangerous look. "If it's so bad, so horrible, that you think I don't understand..."
Gaster: Please don't punch this crow.
Small Frisk: * She strolls over to the next door.
Runner: His voice goes utterly cold. "Why the hell do you come here, and drag your children here?" He says, not bothering with the crow.
Gaster: consults the crow.
Runner: And thats it, he ends it there, standing at the door and ready to start this.
Painful: The crow explodes, the box is fine
Gaster: ...
Corrin: ...
Gaster: Whatever.
Serene: 'Dangit why.'
MettatonSEX: tries to open the box.
Painful: +5 joy!
Gaster: is ready to move on.
Small Frisk: * She just wants to get this over with.
Serene: '...No.'
Bondertale: that might work better if Toriel wasn't the only one who WASN'T determined to keep coming here, bud
MettatonSEX: drops them all and shoots them.
Painful: Welp
Runner: Runner pockets two pills before anyone can see it. Nope.
MettatonSEX: -5 joy
Serene: 'Good job.'
MettatonSEX: shot them tho
Runner: Add 2 joy, because Runner is a stealthy bastard.
Bondertale: (laharl I swear to god)
The Duo: ((laharl y
Lua: -Metta missed one pill, and Lua quickly grabs one-
MettatonSEX: laharl no
Gaster: ((no, let laharl keep the joy.
Painful: Laharl yes
The Duo: ((dd y
Runner: ((Slarv is handing us items, it would be rude not to be able to use tem))
The Duo: ((but
Painful: ((Maybe it's a good idea to take the fookin items
The Duo: ((plot
MettatonSEX: ((metta is so sick of joy
Painful: ((Because you know
Painful: ((100000 hp
Bondertale: (maybe were not using fucking joy, slarv)
Gaster: ((i'd rather have my characters joyed up then dead
Runner: ((And Runner wants it, and trust me, Runner gets what he's stealing.))
Lua: -Whispers to himself, "Worked before once, probably should keep it just incase"-
Painful: Inside the next door
MettatonSEX: ((ok, ok, but metta will fuck any joy he sees up
Runner: Runner just opens the door. "Lets go."
Small Frisk: * She moves on. Spoooooopy.
Gaster: keeps going.
The Duo: enters.
MettatonSEX: follows Gaster.
Small Frisk: * She follows her dads.
Runner: But before they go, Runner stops a bit, immediately, tapping Lua on the shoulder.
Small Frisk: ((slarv would frisk fight gaster
Painful: Gaster is sitting on a throne, above him on a pedestal behind the throne is a statue of a familiar woman. He looks at you all, smiling
Corrin: enters last with Lua.
Small Frisk: ((since
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: ((exp
Gaster: ... Nice chair.
Serene: 'Here we are.'
Lua: What's up?
Runner: Runner just hands something to Lua, a disc, better hold onto that, he slips it into Lua's pocket.
Small Frisk: "..Hello, 'my majesty'."
Painful: "This is your friend, I assume?"
Runner: "You'll know when to use that."
Gaster: ... No.
Lua: -Nods-
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: It is tho
Gaster: You didn't.
Runner: He walks up, ready to go against Gaster 2 Electric Joyaloo.
Runner: ((Take away 5 SP from Runner, he amplified a joy pill beforehand))
Painful: "Treason is a very serious crime"
Painful: ((I did
MettatonSEX: You turned her to stone?
Corrin: ((Slar did))
Runner: ((Alright))
MettatonSEX: Really?
Small Frisk: * He walks up in front of Faster.
Small Frisk: She*
Small Frisk: gdi*
Serene: '...That's basically death, y'know---wait that means you can petrify?'
Bondertale: "You unrepentant asshole. I'm going to pass in your skull and use it as a water balloon."
Painful: "Now, you've gone and killed my husband."
Runner: "...Damn, thats a [i]hard[/i] punishment."
Gaster: Runner, please.
Painful: "And said rather unsavory things about my business"
Painful: "On live television"
Runner: Maybe Asriel would appreciate his humor.
Female Asriel: would laugh but yknow
Lua: I mean, it's not like we didn't do that.
MettatonSEX: Because 1. they're true and 2. he killed Blooky by hiring Batter.
Painful: Gaster pushes a button, revealing seven soul containers, 6 are filled
Gaster: ... Oh no.
Serene: 'Oh no.'
MettatonSEX: ...No...
Serene: 'Please don't.'
Small Frisk: "Oh no."
Painful: "Those rebels... it's a shame we couldn't get the souls"
Corrin: ...
Runner: He cracks his knuckles.
Runner: "Oh look you've got some floating hearts."
Gaster: clenches his fists and stands his ground.
Runner: "Whatcha gonna do, get some extra lifes?" Runner has no idea how souls work.
Painful: "But you've handed me a wonderful platter of souls to choose from, haven't you?"
Painful: Gaster points at Frisk
Small Frisk: ".."
Small Frisk: "No."
Painful: "Oh, darling"
Small Frisk: "Don't even think about it."
MettatonSEX: stands next to Gaster, aiming at other Gaster.
Serene: 'What? Frisk's protected.'
Painful: Gaster stands up
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Lua: -Lua has the sudden realization he is one of the three human members of the party here-
Gaster: puts himself between himself and Frisk.
Painful: "You don't have a choice"
MettatonSEX: Touch her and I kill you on the spot.
Small Frisk: "Oh, yes I do."
The Duo: is 2 humans. rip
Gaster: Leave my daughter alone.
Corrin: -6-
Painful: Gaster attacks!
Runner: Runner steps up. "Lets fucking go Doc Cock." Heh, Doc Ock but funny.
Runner: Runner's in.
Gaster: will fight.
Corrin: -Forgot other Frisk-
Painful: plays
Small Frisk: * She's in.
The Duo: will fight.
MettatonSEX: is in
MettatonSEX: fuck
Small Frisk: ((metta, gaster, frisk and runner should be in
Painful: ((Gaston must be in this phase, sry
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: he gotta
Painful: Gaster, metta, frisk, and who?
The Duo: ((welp
Runner: Runner
Painful: Runner it is
The Duo: won't fight then
Bondertale: I mean...
Small Frisk: ((sorry tri you wil get a chance
Bondertale: Mme but yeah too late
Painful: There's more phases bby
Lua: -Wasn't going to fight anyways, he needs his soul-
Small Frisk: ((
Small Frisk: ((gdi small keyboard
Painful: What will you do?
The Duo: ((That's alright, though I gtg in an hour and a half and I haven't fought in a few days
The Duo: ((So dammit
Runner: Runner gestures to the Duo. "Stand back kids, I would tell the other kid to get out, but she's invested. You two shouldn't risk your floaty hearts."
MettatonSEX: We fuse, then crush him.
Gaster: looks at Mettaton. "Should we?"
Small Frisk: ((Can Frisk use lucky star?))
Painful: ((Well you can get in then bby
Runner: Runner amplifies a grenade first turn and passes it to Frisk. So they can actually do something first turn.
Serene: '...Alright.'
Painful: ((Frisk can use lucky star
Serene: 'Whatever you say.'
MettatonSEX: nods, using Masenko Ha.
Runner: ((Add an extra 2000 HP and let the Duo in))
Small Frisk: * She takes the grenade, staring at it. "Well.. I can't gain any LV from hurting somebody a little, so.. uh.. meh."
Gaster: reaches for Mettaton's hand. He uses Masenko Ha.
Lua: -Lua looks around the room-
Small Frisk: * She uses the grenade, stepping back.
The Duo: ((Wait, 5 v 1?
Painful: "Hehe, I feel like this is too easy"
Painful: Gaster waves his hand
Painful: 5 battlers are now allowed, somehow
Small Frisk: "You're not taking my soul."
Bondertale: well nevermind
Small Frisk: "Neither will you hurt any of my friends."
The Duo: * The fourth wall slightly cracked, allowing The Duo to fight. Yeah.
Bondertale: (or them)
Bondertale: (wait why duo)
The Duo: ((Sincere isn't with them
Corrin: ((It's because they gotta go soon))
The Duo: ((Also yeh
The Duo: will use Sincere.
MettatonSEX: ((that means they cant use sincere
Corrin: ((AKA they're gonna miss the final final battle prob))
The Duo: ((They can, Serene brought an orb imbued with Sincere's powers
MettatonSEX: ((oh cool
The Duo: ((They wouldn't come without that
Small Frisk: ((I wonder if this is the cutscene fight
The Duo: ((pls don't be
Painful: Runner passes frisk a grenade, amplified
Painful: ((No
Small Frisk: ((Gaster seems pretty weak just sitting there in a throne
Corrin: sits down for a moment.
Small Frisk: ((ok good
Serene: 'We can use the feather to unpetrify them, right?'
Bondertale: (dude, gaster is probably joyed up beyond all belief)
Small Frisk: * She takes the amplified grenade, and knows that she won't have any LV by hurting somebody, so she uses it.
Bondertale: (with some weird method of avoiding mutation)
Painful: Gaster slams metta down with the power of the void
Small Frisk: "What the.."
Gaster: Excuse you!
Small Frisk: "I hope blood doesn't spew out of that power!"
MettatonSEX: Ggh...
Small Frisk: ((get it
Small Frisk: ((power of the VOID
Lua: ...OK, Gaster's gonna go Faster.
Painful: Dealing 457 damage
The Duo: ((lel
Runner: "Oh look, motherfucking Doctor Strange here."
The Duo: ((...ow
MettatonSEX: Ow.
Gaster: Darling, are you alright?
Small Frisk: "..You.. dad, are you okay?"
Small Frisk: * She looks down at Metta.
Serene: 'That extra defense is doing something, I'm sure.'
MettatonSEX: I'm okay.
Painful: The trio used sincere!
Small Frisk: * She sighs.
Small Frisk: "Okay, good.."
MettatonSEX: gets up to fuse.
The Duo: ((RNGsus
Gaster: grabs Mettaton's hand.
The Duo: ((Wait, Messenger
Painful: It does 70 damage
Painful: Gaster is crying
Serene: 'Hooray.'
MettatonSEX: laughs
Runner: "Nerd."
Painful: Metta and gaster use masenko ha!
Gaster: What's a matter, scared of a human?
Gaster: fuses after saying that
Serene: '...Actually, the orb used that.'
MettatonSEX: Scared for your life?
Runner: Runner is being hurtful...
Serene: 'Not a human.'
MettatonSEX: that was fused neogaston
Painful: Frisk throws an amplified grenade!
Gaster: grins, showing off the shark-like teeth. "Let's do this."
Lua: Oh yeah, they can do that.
Painful: It does 1500 damage
The Duo: ((noice
Small Frisk: "..Wow."
Runner: The damn thing goes off like a Mini Nuke. "Thats engineering for you!"
Gaster: Wonderful job!
Small Frisk: "That's more damage than the laser blaster."
MettatonSEX: Wondrous.
Lua: -Lua really needs to make sure his back-up plan doesn't piss off the thing that can kill him easily-
Painful: Footsteps are heard behind you
Gaster: ....
Bondertale: Mme frisk barely even notices Gaston, right now. They whirl around.
Painful: "Dad!"
Small Frisk: * She immediately turns around.
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: Oh no.
Serene: * She turns. 'What?'
Small Frisk: "..Oh no."
Painful: Corsi and Glamor run in
MettatonSEX: turns.
Lua: ...Fuck our timing.
Gaster: Shit.
Serene: '...Damn it.'
Small Frisk: "..Oh dear."
Gaster: ((i mean corsi can manifest feet if she wants
MettatonSEX: Leave...
Gaster: RUN!
MettatonSEX: ((glamor cannot
Runner: ((Lua and Corrin get their own fight yay))
Small Frisk: "Please. Run away."
Painful: Glamor and Corsiva enter battle!
Painful: What will you do?
Serene: 'I mean, you're putting yourselves at risk as well---alright.'
MettatonSEX: No...
Small Frisk: "O-Oh no.."
Gaster: I... no...
Runner: Runner sighs. "I always hated it when kids get involved..."
Small Frisk: * She uses Lucky Star on Gaston.
Gaster: \Let's not hurt them.\
Corrin: ((Lua and Corrin don't get their own battle. Sadness))
The Duo: ((rip
MettatonSEX: \Blast Gaster.\
Gaster: aims a blaster at Gaster. \Right.\
Painful: Gaster: "Ah, kids. These are the ones who killed your papa..."
The Duo: uses Surreal. First time, let's see how it goes.
Small Frisk: "I didn't do anything!"
Runner: Runner sighs Amplifying another Grenade.
MettatonSEX: Even with four eyes, he refuses to look at the kids.
Painful: Specify targets
Lua: ...I think they know that already, asshole.
The Duo: * Surreal hits all.
Gaster: is aming at Gaster.
Runner: Amplify doesn't hurt people until he uses the item.
Corrin: ((Wait, I thought we got one of what we didn't have not two))
MettatonSEX: Corsiva... Glamor... Both of your fathers have done terrible, terrible things...
Runner: Shit
Runner: Runner amplifies a bottle.
The Duo: ((You're applying Messenger, right?
Runner: Wait noo.
MettatonSEX: I'm sorry... but you deserve beter.
Runner: Actually yes.
Runner: Runner amplifies a bottle.
Small Frisk: ((oh yes
: Terra [] joined chat.
The Duo: ((Ayy
Painful: ((FUCK
The Duo: ((lel
Small Frisk: "..I'm sorry you two had to live in this horrible world."
MettatonSEX: ((hi
Small Frisk: ((hi bloo
Gaster: Please, if your father passes away... run far, far away.
Painful: Kids: "SHUT UP! L-Leave dad alone!"
: TLCAsriel: * ( Just checking in, I'll be on PC in a bit )
Gaster: Don't look back. Just run.
Painful: Runner amplifies a bottle!
Small Frisk: "..We have to."
MettatonSEX: Run. Run away and never look back!
Small Frisk: "We need our friend back."
Runner: "Damn, you let your kids into this fight Gaster?"
Small Frisk: "We're good people."
Lua: Guys, I know you're trying to help, but I don't think they're gonna listen..
Serene: 'Because we know better than you.'
Runner: "Father of the fucking year."
Runner: Referrign to Joyster
Gaster: ((i'm listening to ASGORE if we're killing kids again
Painful: Gaster blasts away at you!
Painful: It does 150 damage, ignoring defense!
The Duo: ((I'm listening to Entry Number Seventeen
MettatonSEX: ((at who
: Terra [] disconnected.
Painful: Everyone
Gaster: hisses in pain.
MettatonSEX: ((o
Serene: 'Ow.'
Runner: Runner just shrugs on through it. Something's been wrong with him recently.
The Duo: ((Inb4 Runner took joy
Runner: ((He hasn't))
Small Frisk: * She winces.
The Duo: ((ah
Painful: Gaston blasts at Gaster!
The Duo: ((Remember Messenger
Runner: ((Wait))
Painful: FUCK
Runner: ((Runner USES an item, amplifying it by three))
Painful: ((Oh woops
Runner: ((Fuck we've been nerfing ourselves))
The Duo: ((lel
Small Frisk: ((I'm listening to Darker Darker Yet Darker
Painful: Runner actually threw the bottle
Runner: Runner totally chucked that bottle at Glamor.
Painful: It did 900 damage to who?
Painful: Oho boy
The Duo: ((I'll listen to Darker Darker Yet Darker on a later phase
Runner: He's not gonna make Gaston fight their kids, he'll do that himself.
Painful: Glamor takes 900 damage
Painful: ((I'm listening to brokentooth march
MettatonSEX: winces, seeing his son get hurt.
Small Frisk: ((then i'll listen to ASGORE remix for now
Lua: Throwing bottles at them aren't going to make them listen to you.
Runner: ((I'm listening to Rap God.))
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Gaster: ((again, i'm listening to ASGORE
Runner: "Don't look you two, just focus on Doctor Asshat.))
Gaster: ((since we're killing children
Painful: Gaston deals 688 damage
Runner: That was IC
Gaster: Alright.
Runner: "I'll make it quick."
Runner: Runner is trying to just knock them out.
Painful: The trio uses surreal
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
Bondertale: (I'm listening to myself playing half life)
The Duo: ((If god exists Gaster will be poisoned
The Duo: ((Or even all of them, but particularly Gaster
Small Frisk: "..Ugh."
MettatonSEX: ((i'm listening to get away with murder
Small Frisk: * She doesn't like this. At all.
Painful: No poison, but everyone takes 35 damage
The Duo: ((No poison to any? That's low odds ;-;
Small Frisk: ((I'm listening to an orchestral version of ASGORE
Painful: ((50% for all
The Duo: ((ah
Painful: ((All or nothing bby
The Duo: ((I thought it was 50% for each
Painful: ((Nope
The Duo: ((Ah well
Runner: Is Runner about to get aggro'd by two small children.
The Duo: ((At least Trio has higher stats for the next turn
The Duo: ((...Duo
Painful: Glamor shuffles over to dadster, collapsing
Serene: 'Huh. One down?'
Small Frisk: "..Oh.."
Small Frisk: "Oh dear."
Gaster: ... Oh no...
MettatonSEX: begins shaking. Thanks anxiety robot.
Painful: Gaster: "Oh dear... Glamor. Here, this will help you back up. You want revenge, don't you?"
Runner: "Don't worry you two, i'm trying to hit nonlethally."
Gaster: NO!
Painful: Gaster gives Glamor a joy pill
Runner: "If I wanted them dead that would've hit him in the he-fuck."
MettatonSEX: No... don't you dare!
Serene: 'DON'T---AGH.'
Small Frisk: "..."
Small Frisk: "How dare you."
Painful: Glamor stands back up, Full HP!
Gaster: begins to shake.
Small Frisk: "You're a horrible father."
Gaster: Disgusting.
Runner: Joyed doesn't revive KO'd doh.
Serene: '...This isn't...gonna go well.'
Small Frisk: * She clenches her fists.
Painful: He had 65 Hp left
MettatonSEX: love how you use stand things for glamor he cant have legs at this point in time
Painful: Corsi slashes at runner!
Painful: ((FFFFUCK
Gaster: ((our gaster: YOU'RE BOTH GROUNDED
MettatonSEX: ((im messing with you
Painful: It does 170 damage
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: \We bullet heel next, ok?\
The Duo: ((Messenger
Painful: Frisk uses lucky star on gaston!
The Duo: ((168
Runner: Runner backs up a little. "Damn, Kid's a savage."
Painful: FFFFFF
Gaster: \Alright.\
Small Frisk: ((hi gna
Painful: 168
MettatonSEX: ((yo
Gaster: \On Gaster.\
The Duo: ((Ayy
GN Austin: ((Hi
MettatonSEX: \I know.
Corrin: ((I made a wrong turn somewhere, I'm listening to Masked DeDeDe now.))
MettatonSEX: ((lol
The Duo: ((gj
Gaster: ((good tasted dd
Gaster: ((*taste
The Duo: ((...DD listening to DDD
Painful: Gaston is lucked out!
Jamie (Judas): -Still reading his book at the bar- god, it's quiet in here.
Corrin: ((Specifically the Triple Deluxe version.))
GN Austin: ((That's 5 D's, Giggity))
Gaster: ((so ddddddddd
Runner: ((Runner has to live next turn Q_Q))
MettatonSEX: ((im listening to applause
The Duo: ((DD DDD
Painful: What will you do?
The Duo: uses Surreal.
MettatonSEX: bullet heel, gaster
Runner: Runner sighs, damnit, time to pop out the big guns. Runner takes the amplified joy pill.
Small Frisk: * She uses Lucky Star on Runner.
Painful: Runner is overjoyed!
Serene: 'Runner dpn't---ah.'
Lua: ...Well that was quick.
The Duo: ((don't* at least writing makes typos legit
Runner: "Y'know, my creators told me life was like a game of chess."
MettatonSEX: ((brb
Small Frisk: "..Er.."
Runner: "We move our pieces, we sacrifice ourselves, and then the board is flipped and it all starts over."
Gaster: ...
Runner: "But y'know what?" He stands up, FUll SP, Full Hp.
Painful: Gaster hands a pill to corsi as well
Gaster: Fucker....
Painful: Corsi is overjoyed!
Runner: "I really hate my creators, so i'm gonna change it."
Small Frisk: "..You're a sicko."
Painful: The two are staring you down
Serene: '...None of this is good.'
Runner: Runner's chest opens, revealing a large, spinning, green nuclear core. His body is overworking so hard he has to use it to exhaust the heat.
Painful: Gaston used bullet heel!
Runner: "I'm gonna turn this chess him into a game of fucking TIC-TAC-TOE."
Lua: ...OK, I'm beginning to understand why I got that,
Painful: It does 688 damage
Gaster: Nice.
Painful: The trio used surreal
Runner: ((Runner should have full health shouldn't he))
Painful: ((Oh yeah
Painful: It does 35 damage to every enemy
Surreal: "Come on, I need to win this for us..."
Runner: ((If only he could use Robo Arigato Q_Q))
Runner: ((Although really since his core is overcharging he should be basically on the verge of exploding))
Painful: No posion, rip
Surreal: "...Welp."
The Duo: ((Out of SP for Surreal rip
Gaster: ((rip
Runner: The gunblade in Runner's right arm pops out, he stole it from Joyatton.
Serene: '...Is poison useful enough for the perfume to be used on us?'
: skeletonghosthunter's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: * She remains silent, and focuses on the fight.
Painful: Glamor attacks gaston, dealing 125 damage, Cosri does as well, dealing 125
MettatonSEX: Runner, shut up...
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: doesn't react.
Small Frisk: * She doesn't want to tire herself out by shouting things.
Corrin: ((Now I'm at Antasma's theme. I'm enjoying this wrong turn))
The Duo: ((Messenger?
Painful: FUCK
MettatonSEX: \its ok were ok were ok\
Painful: +4 hp
The Duo: ((I'll be there to remind you :D
Gaster: \we need to be for the good of this timeline\
Painful: Frisk uses lucky star on runner
Gaster: \we're doing a good thing\
Gaster: ((i switched to battle against a true hero
Runner: ((If this wasn't restricted. Runner would basically be inflicting bleed damage with every attack and exploding on death/when joy runs out))
Painful: Runner is lucked out
Painful: My music of choice
Gaster: ((might move onto the meaning of his tears or fake orchestra
Painful: What will you do
Painful: Corsi: "D-dad.. I don't feel well"
Gaster: Tough as nails, on Gaster.
Runner: He grunts. "Thanks kid." He feels numb, but because he basically a cyborg brain, snark and thanks is working.
MettatonSEX: Tough as Nails on Gaster.
Painful: Gaston: HP: 357/1210 SP: 11/122
MettatonSEX: FUCK
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Actually, no.
Runner: Runner runs forward, and shoves the gunblade at Glamor, a 'normal attack\
Gaster: \Er... perfume?\
Runner: Although I would doubt being fucking stabbed would count as normal.
Small Frisk: * She uses Lucky Star on the Duo.
The Duo: uses the perfume on the---ah
MettatonSEX: \PIE\
The Duo: uses the perfume on themselves then.
Painful: Runner gets a crit!
MettatonSEX: pies self
Painful: Glamor is fucked up, he hugs Corsi, slumping over
MettatonSEX: thats the wrong mental image
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: covers his eyes.
Painful: Corsi attempts to hold him up
Small Frisk: ((I can imagine Gaston throwing a pie onto their face
Runner: "One down."
MettatonSEX: can still see everything
Bondertale: (its better raw)
Small Frisk: "..Oh.. oh.. ffff..."
Gaster: Y-yeah...
Serene: 'Not so sure about that. We said that last time.'
Gaster: Damn it.
Serene: 'And then they lived.'
Runner: "That kid just got GUTTED." Runner aimed away from vital areas, but that should still hurt like a bitch.
Painful: Gaster unleashes a burst of science!
Gaster: shuts his eyes.
Lua: ...I really don't feel like cheering for a drugged Robot fucking up a Drugged Child.
Runner: "So?"
Painful: Everyone is posioned
The Duo: ((wowie
Runner: Not RUnner.
Runner: Runner's Passive finally comes into play.
Small Frisk: "..Science. He stole my attack!"
Painful: Except runner
Surreal: "...Yet I didn't poison. Hmph."
Painful: Gaston used tough as nails
Runner: He just ignores the science. "Really doc? You want to poison a robot?"
MettatonSEX: used the pie on himself tho
MettatonSEX: wait can gaston get poisoned bc robot
Painful: Given the insane luck buffs
Painful: Gaston gets a critical hit
The Duo: ((Slarv they used pie ;-;
Painful: It does 1548 damage
Painful: ((FUCK
The Duo: ((lel
Painful: Rip your shit then hehehehe
Gaster: ((that's okay you can do it next turn
MettatonSEX: slaaaaaaarv we do that next turn
Painful: Gaston used pie instead like losers
Runner: We have candy.
Runner: Damn.
Runner: Meh.
The Duo: ((rip
Gaster: *Losers who needed to heal you ass
Painful: The trio used perfume
The Duo: ((sorry for ruining it
MettatonSEX: ((does gaston get poison tho?
Runner: Hey, Runner is KICKING SHIT.
The Duo: ((Yep
MettatonSEX: ((we can tough as nails next
Painful: ((Everyone but runner is poisoned
MettatonSEX: ((ok but robot
The Duo: ((Gaston can get poisoned like Charizard couldn't fly
Gaster: ((okay but skeleton
The Duo: ((And Scyther couldn't fly
Painful: Corsi attempts to attack, but collapses with her brother, they're lying on the floor
MettatonSEX: ((gaston is ghost/steel poison has mothing
The Duo: ((And floating Pokemon getting hit by ground attacks
Gaster: looks away
MettatonSEX: ((*nothing
The Duo: ((but
The Duo: (('tis not pokemon
Runner: "...That girl isn't even hurt."
MettatonSEX: tries to look away
Corrin: ((...Can we not just randomly add passives now.))
Runner: "EVERYONE BACK THE FUCK UP." Runner has a bad feeling. "GET AWAY FROM THE GIRL."
Small Frisk: * She backs up a little bit.
MettatonSEX: ((im questioning hypotheticals bc of passives
Painful: Frisk did what?
Serene: * She watches intently, waiting for twitching. [i]That's[/i] the true cue to back up.
Small Frisk: * Oh, fuck
Gaster: backs up.
Painful: They twitchin
Runner: ((Hey Slarv))
Painful: ((Ye?
The Duo: backs up then.
Runner: ((Runner should have full SP.))
Small Frisk: * She uses a regular attack on Gaster.
Small Frisk: * She then backs up.
Corrin: is already in the full back of the room.
The Duo: uses Surreal, if it's not the same turn.
Lua: -Gets behind the party members-
Painful: Frisk does a whopping 1 damage
Serene: 'Congrats.'
Painful: 1 sec, calculating posion
Runner: "Kid, stick to the bottles."
Small Frisk: "..Alright."
MettatonSEX: ...
The Duo: ((uhm
The Duo: ((silence breaker
Painful: Poison is done
MettatonSEX: ((wait a second gaston was healed after poisoned
Painful: ((Fuck
Runner: Runner prepares to knock Corsiva out too.
MettatonSEX: ((pie removes status too
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: Corsi and Glamor are already on the ground, the start moaning in pain
Runner: Yeah
Serene: 'Welp.'
Painful: Their voices twist together "Daaaaaadddddd..."
Gaster: squeezes his eyes shut.
Runner: Runner is going to knock their asses out
Runner: So they STOP moaning in pain.
MettatonSEX: opens two eyes reflexively, in shock.
Small Frisk: [sub]"..ffffuuuuuuckkkkk..."[/sub]
Runner: Merciful Unconsciousness yadayadayada.
Painful: Twisting their necks together, their appendages sprawl out as they bloat into CORGI
Lua: ...OK..Why the fuck.
Serene: 'We told you to leave. This is your fault, children. And now you've suffered, you're suffering, and you're going to suffer further.'
Painful: Gaster can't help but laugh
MettatonSEX: NO
Small Frisk: "What have you done?"
Bondertale: (omfg that amusing name makes this even worse)
Painful: Gaster is laughing uncontrollably
Gaster: You... you bastard...
Small Frisk: "..You're a disgrace to the multiverse, you sick bastard."
Painful: What will you do?
MettatonSEX: ((*love rhymes with fuck you
Gaster: I'll make you pay.
Runner: (( GUYS))
Runner: (( I FOUND CORGI ))
Runner: (( ))
Lua: I'll make them pay.
The Duo: (([url=]I'll save you Metta[/url]
Corrin: ((OH GOD))
MettatonSEX: ((no
Runner: Runner stabs Corgi with the gunblade.
Small Frisk: * She throws a bottle.
Gaster: (gg tri
The Duo: ((yay
The Duo: ((thanks
The Duo: uses Surreal.
Painful: Corgi screams, biting down on Runner
Small Frisk: * At Gaster.
MettatonSEX: ((tri, im listening to an apple music thing, i cant youtube
The Duo: ((awwwwwwwwww
The Duo: ((it was rickroll
Painful: It does 100 damage
Painful: Bcuz insane daf
Lua: -Lua is shaking, using jokes as a way to not be scared shitless-
Painful: Runner slashes at them
Gaster: ((i'm listening to take on me for some reason
Small Frisk: ((I'm listening to Gaster's theme now
Runner: "Gaster, Mettaton, you better fucking be happy i'm not making you fight these fucks!"
The Duo: ((Listening to Entry Number Seventeen still
Small Frisk: ((i'll switch to take on me for the hell of it
Corrin: (( I'm listening to a Megalo Strikes Back remix))
MettatonSEX: (("youre feeling frisky, im feeling you" fuckin hell
Painful: Dealing 900 damage, critical hit!
MettatonSEX: winces
Gaster: groans.
Runner: Runner ignores the fact that he just got bit by Corsiva's mouth, Glamor's mouth, and Glamor's second mouth.
Runner: Ow.
MettatonSEX: ((inb4 glamors second mouth opens and a scream emits
Lua: ...OK I can't even say anything... Just What the fuck.
Small Frisk: ((never mind I'm listening to Don't Stop Me Now
Runner: "You two better not give me fucking robot rabies!"
Serene: '...How so?'
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: "..You insane bastard."
Runner: I'm assuming about 2200 HP.
Runner: Well, -900 now.
MettatonSEX: kneels down and pushes Runner over.
Painful: Gaster blasts off, dealing 150 to everyone. It ignores def as usual
Painful: 2000 actually, since they both had 1000
Gaster: Nnnh...
Serene: 'Alright, one more of those and I'm down.'
Runner: Runner doesn't even get pushed, hes joyed as fuck.
Gaster: Use the cinnamon bun.
Small Frisk: "..Gah.."
MettatonSEX: ((i need a new playlist bc s&m is playing
Serene: 'Already chose Surreal. I'd rather leave a mark and die after.'
Runner: Runner takes a cinnamon roll next turn.
Runner: ((The next pokemon game is going to be called Pokemon S&M))
Painful: Frisk is KOed
Serene: 'Poison is too useful to not use.'
MettatonSEX: ((i know
Runner: ((And I can't think about that without laughing))
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: Frisk!
MettatonSEX: FRISK
Small Frisk: * She falls to the ground, wincing. "Erg.."
Lua: -If someone told Lua they would watch a drugged Robot slaughter two fused, drugged children while a fused skeleton and robot attack another version of the skeleton, he'd say they're fucking stupid. Look who's fucking stupid now-
Small Frisk: "..."
Painful: Gaston used tough as nails on gaster!
Small Frisk: "You.. you guys can do it.."
Painful: Critical hit!
Small Frisk: "Y-Yeah!"
Gaster: smiles a little.
Painful: It does 1518 damage
Small Frisk: * She sighs, and watches the fight.
Serene: 'We can do this, Frisk. Rest for the time being; you'll be alright. We'll be alright.'
MettatonSEX: smiles, baring those interlocking teeth.
Painful: ((Almost time for btale to have a great day
Small Frisk: * She just.. feels pain. She nods to the Duo, wincing.
MettatonSEX: ...
Bondertale: (I'm concerned)
Runner: A joyful day.
Painful: Trio used surreal, dealing 35 damage to botch
Gaster: ((listening to don't stop me now
Small Frisk: ((me too chime
Painful: Poisoning lel
Small Frisk: ((high five
Serene: * She holds her hands together pleadingly, hop---yesssssss
MettatonSEX: \Do we revive Frisk next turn?\
Small Frisk: ((*high fives chime*
Bondertale: are very on edge. They were going to have to fight sooner rather than later.
Gaster: \I feel like it could be a good idea...\
Corrin: (( I'm listening to Rad Goat Dad ))
Painful: Brb poison
Gaster: ((we have three used tissues - should we use one on frisk?
The Duo: ((Oh yee, Duo's poisoned
Painful: Gaster leans back in his chair, hurt
Small Frisk: ((If you want to.))
Painful: Gaster is out!
Gaster: We got him!
Painful: Poison 2 gud
Serene: 'Yesssssss.'
MettatonSEX: smiles.
Runner: "I'll handle the kids, don't bother you two." Runner is going to SOLO these fucks.
Lua: ...That's an anticlimatic way to go out.
Gaster: \Let's revive frisk next turn.\
Serene: 'See, I needed to pull that poison off. Now I won't die. Hooray.'
Painful: Corgi screams
Small Frisk: * She gives a smug look to Gaston.
Painful: They take 200 damage
Runner: Did Corgi just attack twice.
MettatonSEX: \We gotta revive Frisk.\
Runner: Oh nevermind.
MettatonSEX: winces.
Bondertale: bazzy is angry that he didn't even get a hit in
Serene: '...Actually, now I've aggravated Corgi, totally possible that they'll kill us.'
Small Frisk: * She looks back down at the floor.
Painful: What will you do?
The Duo: uses a basic attack.
Gaster: uses the used tissue on Frisk.
MettatonSEX: reviv Frisk with Used Tissue
Runner: Runner stabs Corgi again, in the most painful non-lethal area possible. Hoping for a crit to finish this.
MettatonSEX: ((...i need to stop bringing the other group's memes here
Painful: No crit :-:, 300 damage tho
Corrin: ((Just attack, it'll revive Frisk either way))
Painful: Corgi slashes at the trio, coughing up blood as they do so
Corrin: ((Considering the battle would be over))
Gaster: ((oh shit
Painful: Trio is KOed
The Duo: ((frik
Small Frisk: * She gets up slowly, feeling a little better.. somehow.
MettatonSEX: Fuck...
Small Frisk: "Darnit.."
Painful: Gaston gives frisk a used tissue
Small Frisk: * And she is revived.
Serene: * Her hands are too unsteady from damage, she can't communicate. ...And her notepad and her and Surreal are stained in blood. Their blood and Corgi's blood.
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((im imagining this fucking. eva-sized robot. dropping a used tissue on a small child
Small Frisk: * She gives a thumbs up to Gaston.
Small Frisk: ((ikr
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: thumbs up to Frisk.
Lua: I'm not the strategist, but I'd think you'd wait to revive Frisk till after the battle.
The Duo: ((Last phase everyone battles, right?
Small Frisk: * She lowers her arm.
MettatonSEX: ...
Runner: Runner does a regular attack, hoping Gaston heals him.
Gaster: hands Runner a cinnamon bun.
MettatonSEX: heals Runner this turn with a burg
The Duo: ((I have half an hour, I brb for a sec and will maybe come back before it starts, then I'll be there for a section of the battle
MettatonSEX: meor a bun
Small Frisk: * She throws a bottle at Corgi.
Gaster: ((or burg
MettatonSEX: ((ok
Gaster: ((burg is better
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
The Duo: ((Brb
MettatonSEX: ((burg
MettatonSEX: burgs the robot
Painful: Frisk is heal now
Painful: What will you do?
Runner: He loves the flavor of the cinnamon as he STABS THE FUCK OUT OT THE MUTANT CHILD.
Painful: Critical hit!
Small Frisk: * She throws a bottle.
Gaster: ...
Painful: The mutant child falls, collapsing into dust
Small Frisk: "..Oh my.. ugh.."
Painful: YOU WON
Gaster: ... Well. That's done.
Painful: YOU GAINED 100 XP
MettatonSEX: collapses to his knees, cracking the floor beneath him.
Small Frisk: * She sighs.
Runner: Runner 'breathes' heavy, it's really him trying to channel heat through his body.
Runner: Level 5 bb.
Painful: Gaston is still fused
Small Frisk: ((frisk levels up to what?
Bondertale: tori and frisk shudder. Bazzy just...wakks up to Fanta.
Lua: OK this is fucked up.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: We didn't unfuse?
Gaster: We didn't...
Runner: Nope
Gaster: hugs himself.
MettatonSEX: Oh no.
Runner: Not level 5. Not even 4
Runner: Damn.
Small Frisk: "..This isn't over."
Bondertale: "Don't tell me that means what I think it means." basriel said, turning around.
Runner: Runner nums the cinnamon bun, his core is getting far, far, too hot.
Small Frisk: "Gaster isn't dead."
MettatonSEX: uses a cannon to wipe tears from one eye.
Bondertale: "Oh, hell." he runs up, slicing at gaster's torso with a shocker breaker.
MettatonSEX: ...socket
Runner: ((Rip in Peace Corgi 20XX - 2016))
Gaster: has a feeling something terrble's gonna happen.
Corrin: catches up with the group. "What are the plans now?"
MettatonSEX: has the same feeling
Small Frisk: * She has that same exact feeling.
MettatonSEX: ......
Gaster: I... I don't know.
Small Frisk: "..We wait."
Small Frisk: "Something is gonna happen."
Bondertale: just gonna ignore what bazzy did? Okay.
Small Frisk: "I've seen things like this before."
Lua: Alright.
Runner: Runner wipes the dust off his gunblade, and uncaps it, aiming the Gun part at Gaster.
Gaster: ((slarv you there
: Terra [] joined chat.
Runner: The room is basically a green disco room from Runner's core.
Runner: And theres...kinda steam coming out of his shoulder.
MettatonSEX: aims his cannons at Gaster.
Painful: ((Leveling up sry
Painful: "Hehe... quite a show"
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( "Leveling up sry" -Slarvath 2016 )
Small Frisk: ((what level is frisk
Gaster: grunts.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( wait what is actually going on rn
Painful: "I must say, they put up a greater fight than the clowns in snowdin"
Painful: ((3
Runner: ((Do ah get arigato?))
Small Frisk: ((ok
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: ... Bastard...
Corrin: ((Also Trio should be 50/100, right?))
Bondertale: did bazzy just not try to hack at him okay
Small Frisk: ((so she has Science and MERCY?
Small Frisk: ((Or?
Runner: ((Plz say yehs))
Corrin: winces.
Runner: ((Also slarv))
Painful: Gaster chuckles
MettatonSEX: I'd tell you to eat shit, but I'm not going to advocate cannibalism.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Hellcat just watches. "Hm."
Painful: He waves his hand
Runner: ((Gaston fed Runner a cinnamon roll, he should be at full healtgh))
Painful: "Let's have some fun"
The Duo: ((Back
The Duo: ((In time?
Painful: All special moves are unlocked!
The Duo: ((Wait what really
MettatonSEX: ...
Bondertale: (nkce)
Painful: "This is so fun..."
Gaster: I...
Runner: ((Runner's core is getting waaaay too hot.))
Painful: "Who do you think has been pulling the strings this whole time?"
Lua: Oh hey, thought I'd never get to use that.
Small Frisk: ".."
Painful: "Four people per battle"
Small Frisk: * She glares at Gaster.
Painful: "Taking turns"
MettatonSEX: You load of shit.
Lua: -Thinks for a moment-
Gaster: You fuckhead.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hellcat is hot by default )
MettatonSEX: You made this into a game.
Serene: * She musters the strength to write. But she doesn't know what to write. '...You did this?'
Small Frisk: "You're sick."
Painful: "ATK, DEF, SPD, LCK. HP, SP. EXP, that's all me."
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "..."
Lua: -Lua looks back at the CD he got-
MettatonSEX: ((tadashi is hot
Painful: "Hehehe... and here comes the final challenge"
Bondertale: (oh chara you kotherfucker)
Gaster: ...
Small Frisk: "Life is not a game."
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( tadashi is the hottest )
Runner: ((Hey DD. Ever seen Big Hero Six?))
Serene: '...That's why you didn't just kill us...'
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Big Hero Sex )
Painful: Gaster whistles
Corrin: (( no ))
Serene: '...You just wanted to play a game.'
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "fucker"
Serene: 'This isn't a game. We have emotions.'
Painful: "It gets so boring around here"
Bondertale: (wait nvm)
Runner: The top of it is written on, in black sharpie. "Hopes, Dreams, Memory, and Personality."
Painful: "Now, meet my best friend... my pet"
Small Frisk: "Your.. pet?"
Serene: 'Your pet......?'
MettatonSEX: That's why I couldn't just rip your head off....
Painful: Large doors behind the throne open
Gaster: Pet...
MettatonSEX: No...
Serene: 'That can't be good---!?'
Small Frisk: "You really are one messed up THING, huh?"
Painful: "Former King Asgore Dreemurr."
Lua: -Lua doesn't think that's going to help with the over reacting core-
Serene: '...What.'
Gaster: Uh oh.
The Duo: ((Oh, so now I turn on Asgore
Bondertale: "...oh." Toriel said, almost smoothly.
Runner: Heh.
Corrin: ((I'm 2/2 so far.))
MettatonSEX: My god.
Painful: Asgore's mutated ass shambles out from behind the throne, he's got a collar around his twisted neck. He roars
Runner: WAIT
Serene: 'Jesus christ...what have you done?'
MettatonSEX: ((just the ass
Painful: "There really isn't much of a pain greater than losing a child, is there?"
Gaster: chokes back a sob. That's his father figure there.
Small Frisk: "..Ugh.. you.. y-you.."
The Duo: ((OOOO
Small Frisk: * She sniffles.
Gaster: glares at Runner.
Runner: Runner didn't say that.
Runner: That was me ranting really fast.
Painful: "Hehe, I helped that pain go away..."
Painful: "But he didn't stop."
Runner: Runner only talks when I use fucking quotations.
Gaster: You sick bastard...
Serene: '...You're terrible.'
Painful: "So, when he went "missing", I was right here to take his place"
Small Frisk: "You sick bastard..."
Bondertale: Toriel chuckled. "I'm going to enjoy watching you drown in your own blood."
Runner: Runner shrugs at Gaston. "Really? How many times are you going to say that?"
Serene: 'I don't understand why people like you exist. That's why we exist; to take you down.'
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: "Gorey dear, why don't you rip them to shreds?"
Serene: 'You have no chance. The good guys always win.'
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "MYNAMEISJEFFMYNAMEISJEFFMYNAMEISJEFF"
Runner: ((Can I stack Joy))
MettatonSEX: doesn't care he fucking punts Runner
Gaster: What else is there to say? I can't say "you monster" when I am one.
The Duo: ((10000 dmg
MettatonSEX: is too upset for rational thought
Gaster: ((GG
The Duo: ((Asgore dies
The Duo: ((Gg no re
Painful: Asgore attacks!
Lua: -Lua spawns his sword, "This is how it ends, huh"-
Small Frisk: * She steps forward.
The Duo: fights, since everyone is fighting right?
Painful: Asgore (50000 HP, 100 SPD, 200 XP) Fatal chomp(OHKO)
Painful: Nope, only four
The Duo: ((...ohko
Painful: Gaston counting as one
MettatonSEX: will not fight this round.
The Duo: doesn't fight then---maybe?
Bondertale: will fight, cause ya
Runner: Will.
MettatonSEX: unless he has to
Gaster: won't fight this round, unless he must.
Runner: Runner is still fighting.
Painful: ((This is that cutscene boss I told you about bby
The Duo: will fight is possible.
Lua: -Will-
The Duo: ((if*
Small Frisk: * She.. decides to step back.
: Corrin [Corrin] is now Lua [Lua].
Small Frisk: * With Gaston.
Small Frisk: * She will only fight if she has to.
Runner: ((Slarv, let Runner get the final move. You'll know when it happens))
Runner: ((Just give it te go ahead plz.)
Runner: ((When you're ready))
Painful: Runner, Duo, Lua, and BTale enter battle!
MettatonSEX: shields Frisk with both hands.
Painful: ((Final move after the cutscene?
Lua: ...I have a feeling I will not enjoy this.
MettatonSEX: ((everyones specials are all unlocked
Lua: ((WAIT
: Lua [Lua] is now Corrin [Corrin].
Runner: Runner slides his foot across the floor, spreading Corgi's dust
Runner: ((SHH DD))
Runner: ((Oh phew))
MettatonSEX: ...
Corrin: takes Lua's spot as DD forgot something.
Small Frisk: * She stays next to Paps and Dad.
Painful: Anything in quotes is gaster btw, Asgore is just kinda groaning
Gaster: hugs Frisk.
Serene: '...Alright, let's do this.'
Runner: ((Sure, just let Runner get the finisher))
Lua: I was perfectly alright with fighting, but OK.
Runner: ((The fatality.))
Painful: Asgore roars, unleashing a fatal chomp on Runner
MettatonSEX: lifts Frisk to hug
Painful: Runner is KOed!
Runner: You.\
MettatonSEX: ...
The Duo: ((LOL
Gaster: ((RIP
Runner: Runner's core overloads, he falls over.
Lua: Nevermind, you take this, buddy!
Serene: 'That's brutal. Jesus christ.'
Painful: ((Trust me bby
Runner: This is on the very fucking edge of Robo Arigato.
Small Frisk: * She hugs Gaston right back, swallowing back tears.
Bondertale: frisk takes the shocker dagger out, about to make a normal attack. Toriel has UT a hand near them. "Let me. I'm going to feel bad about this, later." frisk looked awkward, but let her take it. Toriel takes over a use of Shocker Dagger.
Small Frisk: "..This.. I see why you two didn't want me to go here."
Runner: "" A large brass gear flies out of Runner's neck.
MettatonSEX: I know...
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * wake me up
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * wake me up inside
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * can't wake up
Serene: '...Possibly?'
Small Frisk: "..At least I'm helping everybody out by coming with you guys, and.. heh.. at least I'm doing something.."
MettatonSEX: You didn't deserve to see any of this...
Small Frisk: * She nods.
Corrin: shrugs, he hasn't really looked in the inventory except for joy and health items.
Serene: 'You're legitimately damaged though, like your body is actually breaking. The tissue can't repair that.'
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * linkin park & evanescense - wake me up inside
Small Frisk: "This is possibly one of the worst timelines I've seen.."
Painful: Corrin does what?
Small Frisk: "And that's saying something."
Runner: "D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-" He gets stuck in a loop. "Do it."
Corrin: attacks normally.
Gaster: This timeline is some sort of hell.
MettatonSEX: ((imagine being hugged by a warm giant skeleton robot
Small Frisk: ((that would be amazing
MettatonSEX: ((ikr
Small Frisk: ((and comforting
Jamie (Judas): -Is still reading- . . .
Painful: Corrin attacks, dealing 50 damage
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( wouldnt be as good as hugging asriel )
Bondertale: (d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL)
Lua: -Lua thinks for a moment-
Serene: '...I'll...consider it.'
Small Frisk: ((asriel and gaston hugs would be tied
Gaster: ((joy gaster gets sent to the shadow realm
Painful: BTale uses a shocker dagger!
Bondertale: (unless you're bfrisk in which case it is old literally be your worst nightmare)
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * WAKE ME UP
The Duo: ((Wait
Small Frisk: "...Definitely."
The Duo: ((Messenger right?
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * WAKE ME UP INSIDE, CAN'T WAKE UP WAKE ME UP INSIDE, SAVE MEEEEEE
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * CALL MY NAME AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK
Jamie (Judas): -Is hellcat in the bar-
Small Frisk: "In all my years of research, I've only found.. one or two timelines as sick as this."
Painful: It does 308 damage, Asgore is not paralyzed
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Hellcat appears in the bar.
Gaster: nods along.
The Duo: ((Slarv you're doing Messenger right
Jamie (Judas): -Looks at him- Hmph -Goes back to his book-
Painful: ((Right right
MettatonSEX: The shoulders move forward, scapula-like wings sort of... shielding the family.
Painful: +14
The Duo: ((Noice
Painful: What did duo do?
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Meow. He crawls over to Judas.
The Duo: uses Surreal. Poison plox
Bondertale: (i get the feeling you didn't even roll for that)
Jamie (Judas): -Looks at him- . . .
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Painful: ((I literally said this was a cutscene boss
Bondertale: (the paralyze)
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
The Duo: ((oh
Small Frisk: * One does not touch the Gaster-Blook family without [color=#660066]having a bad time.[/color]
MettatonSEX: Even Mett- uh, my own timeline isn't this bad.
Painful: ((And you're still using SP
The Duo: uses a normal attack then
The Duo: ((The characters don't know that tho
Painful: ((Good boy
Bondertale: (yeah, tori did that for character reasons only)
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He appears near the fight. And watches.
The Duo: ((but k
Small Frisk: "..I've seen a timeline full of cannibals before."
Painful: Trio attacks!
Small Frisk: "It was horrible.."
Painful: They do 40 damage
Small Frisk: * She feels sick.
MettatonSEX: So have I.
Gaster: ... I wonder how everyone is back home...
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "I've seen a timeline where everyone had an obsession. Like TLC."
MettatonSEX: But shhhh...
Painful: What will you do?
The Duo: ((Wait 40 spd? Wowie
Small Frisk: "..Everybody will be... j-just fine.."
Corrin: Normal Attacks. He's preparing for the worst.
Painful: ((I stopped caring about balanced level ups
The Duo: uses a normal attack.
MettatonSEX: runs a finger down Frisk's back.
The Duo: ((oh
Runner: "T-TABFAAFNkafafaj"
Asriel_Dreemurr: is asleep on the couch.
Painful: ((You're all getting max stats at level 7
Jamie (Judas): Now i'm alone again...
MettatonSEX: ((metta has shit hp lol
The Duo: ((uhm
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]Delta rolls into the bar.[/color]
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Hello, patrons."[/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: awakens.
Jamie (Judas): The bloody hell?
Small Frisk: * Her internal kid is showing, as she just.. relaxes in the arms of her adoptive fathers.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]Delta looks like BB-8.[/color]
Runner: Runner is still KO'd.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Howdy, Delta."
Painful: Asgore rips Corrin's head clean off! It's a move however, he's not dead, just KOed
The Duo: knows that
Bondertale: (wtf)
MettatonSEX: ((or hands, i guess
Gaster: My lord!
Jamie (Judas): Some kinda robot.
Bondertale: (how even)
Serene: 'Holy hell.'
Runner: Quick, cauterize the wound.
Lua: ..What the fuck.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Hello." He rolls over to AD.[/color]
MettatonSEX: Hhhhhhh.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How are you?"
Small Frisk: * She buries her face into Gaston.
Serene: 'I regret my decisions.'
Lua: No seriously, WHAT.. THE LIVING HELL..
Bondertale: "HOLY SHI-" bazzy said, turning back.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Unsure. Unsure. Unsure. Making observations. Conducting research."[/color]
Painful: BTAle does what?
MettatonSEX: curls in on himself.
Gaster: pats Mettaton on the back.
Gaster: And frisk.
Bondertale: regular attack
The Duo: uses a normal attack.
Bondertale: Mme that's really passive-aggressive slarv
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So you don't feel anything?"
Painful: BTale attacks, it does 40 damage
Runner: Gaster, give yourself a pat on the back for being sad.
Gaster: ((he's got the floaty hands
MettatonSEX: oh right
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"I was simply programmed to conduct research and for companionship."[/color]
Jamie (Judas): ...
Painful: Duo attacks dealing 40 damage
Corrin: is in great pain.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
Painful: What will you do?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So can you not emote or something?"
Serene: '...Alright, what now...'
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Evanscence - Bring Me To Life
The Duo: uses a normal attack.
Small Frisk: ((AD: Can I sex you?
Gaster: ((looks like this timeline finally made corrin lose his head
Small Frisk: ((Delta: ..yes
Bondertale: is asgore not going to murder anyone this turn? Okay. Regular attack.
Runner: Runner needs a tissue.
MettatonSEX: ((heh
Painful: Asgore rips the duo to shreds
Small Frisk: ((hahahahahha
Small Frisk: ((great joaje
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Delta: just stick it into the circular charging port bby ;) )
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I am not having sex with a robotic basketball thank you very much))
Runner: Corrin, don't lose your head over it. You'll get better.
Runner: What are you, chicken? DOn't be scared.
The Duo: * Damn.
Painful: BTale attacks!
GN Austin: ((Let's put that in the quote book))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"...I am not sure. Maybe I was programmed to do so."[/color]
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Curiosity."[/color]
Painful: They deal 44 damage
Lua: -Lua is suddenly very fine with not being in the battle-
Runner: Runner glares.
Gaster: ... Nnnh... this is terrible...
The Duo: regrets their decisions.
Runner: "P-P-Pass me a tissue so I can can can can can can can can can can end this."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Curiosity?"
Small Frisk: "...It is."
Painful: Asgore growls, staring down BTale
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is that like a name or something?"
MettatonSEX: Mmhm...
Corrin: ((*Asgore tears Lua limb from limb anyways))
Painful: "What a wonderful pet"
Jamie (Judas): It must be made for something...
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"[font=Source Code Pro,sans-serif]Emotion:0x78_curiosity.adf[/font] int32_t onef;"[/color]
The Duo: ((* Asgore blows up the bar
Bondertale: "Greetings." Toriel said, simply.
MettatonSEX: SHUT UP
Gaster: feels sick.
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( * Juan fixes everything )[/color]
The Duo: (("That's like the 5th time the bar was blown up"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're feeling curiosity, then."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What're you curious about?"
Small Frisk: * Her kid body cannot handle this. She pulls out a paper bag and throws up in it.
Runner: ((*Asgore causes 9/11))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Emotions."[/color]
Bondertale: (barchar decides to murder gaster herself)
The Duo: (("That's like the 5th time as well"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wel then."
Bondertale: (somehow)
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
The Duo: ((Barchar possesses Gaster and turns him into a vegetable
Painful: "He truly was a great ruler"
The Duo: (("YOU WON!"
Painful: "Finish them."
Painful: Asgore readies a massive claw
The Duo: ((rip btale
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FINISH HIM))
Bondertale: (things get really awkward when she starts using it)
The Duo: ((literally
Small Frisk: * She throws the paper bag filled with vomit at Asgore.
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
Runner: Runner is changing.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FATALITY))
Small Frisk: ((hi B
The Duo: ((Ayy B
Runner: His normally spry body is suddenly moving. The plates that make him up are shifting.
Painful: ((Ayy B
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"[font=Source Code Pro,sans-serif]ID:RB25DET SELF DESTRUCT ON 4/09/2026[/font]"[/color]
Paul T.: ((My uncle is about to drop the second hottest mixtape of 2016))
: Corrin [Corrin] is now Lua [Lua].
The Duo: ((WAIT NO
The Duo: ((RUNNER NO
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Current date: 4/09/2026."[/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I think that's to-"
Bondertale: toriel stares him down. Which is ironic considering he's far larger than her.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yep."
Painful: You hear footsteps running up behind you
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
MettatonSEX: ...
Lua: ...
Small Frisk: "..."
Painful: Asgore unleashes a merciless slash
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
Bondertale: Mme she somehow feels that, even mutated, he might not be able to do it.
The Duo: would turn, but they're KO'd.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Cancel?"
Bondertale: NVM LOL
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"[font=Source Code Pro,sans-serif]Sequence canceled.[/font]"[/color]
Gaster: looks behind them.
Painful: Someone jumps in front of it
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay."
The Duo: ((:O
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( AD: Fuck me? )[/color]
Small Frisk: ((I know who this is
Gaster: Or in front.
MettatonSEX: Who....
Small Frisk: ((:)
Paul T.: ((well second hottest so far))
Bondertale: (oh god who is this)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Crisis averted."
MettatonSEX: ((hi b
Gaster: ...
Bondertale: (oooh goood)
Painful: It's a little white gote child, he's cut across the chest horribly
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( yo sup gorelord )[/color]
MettatonSEX: !
Runner: Runner makes a horrible mechanical noise. Like nails on chalkboard combined with the screaming of the damned.
The Duo: ((O
Paul T.: ((not even joking ))
Bondertale: (SHIT IT IS L)
Small Frisk: ((this is Painriel.
Gaster: Asriel!
Paul T.: ((did you think this was a motherfucking joke?))
Lua: ...Oh shit.
MettatonSEX: ((ey b you gotta look in ooc
Bondertale: "O-oh." Toriel said, meekly.
Voice Hyper: "...You did good, pal."
Painful: Painriel winces, falling to his knees
MettatonSEX: Oh my god...
Paul T.: ((Ooooooweeeee, can do!)
Painful: P: "H-heh... g-guess I was too late..."
Painful: Gaster looks displeased
Bondertale: toriel drops down. "A-asriel!?"
Voice Hyper: "..Goodbye."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37][c]( MV OMG )[/c][/color]
Voice Hyper: "..It was nice to know you."
Gaster: covers his mouth.
Painful: P: "I-I'm sorry..."
MettatonSEX: winces.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wonder why you were gonna explode."
Painful: P: "I wanted to blame anyone... other than me"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "That was odd."
Lua: has a look of -Lua's fucking pissed-
Small Frisk: * She sighs, glancing at Painriel.
MettatonSEX: sets Frisk down.
Runner: Runner makes another noise, his plates shift, larger ones come over them. He looks less like Runner now and more like fucking War Machine. His core is jumping all around the place.
MettatonSEX: ....
Small Frisk: * She walks over to Painriel.
Painful: P: "A-and I killed your friends because of my weakness..."
Paul T.: ((not bad Metta))
Painful: P: "I'm so sorry..."
MettatonSEX: You...
Small Frisk: "..I-I'm so sorry that you had to do that."
MettatonSEX: ((thank
Bondertale: "...its you." her tone is a mix of disgust, terror, and concern.
Paul T.: ((could be a little more subtle though))
Painful: He winces in pain, crying
Gaster: It's fine...
Paul T.: ((That's my only criticism))
MettatonSEX: ((subtlety isn't my thing
Small Frisk: "..I don't know what you've done, but.."
Lua: ((Ok, I'm completely wrong on what the last boss is.))
Painful: P: "H-he's so kind..."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"[font=Source Code Pro,sans-serif]ID RB25DET_NEOR32 S P90DL_LDCRS"[/font][/color]
Painful: ((DD was completely wrong on one
MettatonSEX: ......Flowey?
Painful: P: "Hyper..."
Voice Hyper: "..."
MettatonSEX: ((i almost typed dloqwy
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-is playing guitar and watching from the longest distance he can muster-[/font]
Painful: P: "T-thank you so much..."
Gaster: ((damn you
MettatonSEX: Oh... my god...
Voice Hyper: "You're welcome."
Voice Hyper: "I'm sorry."
Lua: is completely silent, but FUCKING PISSED.
Jamie (Judas): -Is enjoying the quiet time- . . . I guess I could sleep. Alrighty then... -Closes his eyes-
The Duo: doesn't understand what's going on.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Good night.@
Asriel_Dreemurr: "*
Painful: P: "H-hey... don't let dad beat you guys... t-this isn't him..."
Runner: Runner is growing more and more. Tell me when Runner can drop the fatality.
Runner: His core looks more like a fucking bolt of green electricity bouncing around in his cage.
Voice Hyper: "..Farewell, pal."
MettatonSEX: .....
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
Painful: P: "I-I wish I could stay... and make it up to you all..."
Painful: P: "I'm... sorry..."
Small Frisk: "I forgive you."
MettatonSEX: I'm sorry this had to happen.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Perhaps I was to become...obsolete. Sadness." LEDs on his body turn a dark, sad blue.[/color]
Gaster: So long...
Paul T.: ((Ooh i'mma go write some guitar-themed gore in OoC))
Painful: Painriel collapses, Asgore is simply standing there
MettatonSEX: ((ooh
Bondertale: toriel slowly rises up. "Hmmmm~. Isn't this nice?" she's finally snapped. "Well, my good doctor, I think I'll take his advice to heart. Ah, and Frisk has a message: they want to use your ribcage as a nutcracker. I just thought you should know."
MettatonSEX: ......
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( I'm gonna write some gore too )[/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh, no."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You aren't obsolete."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"...I was not what I was supposed to be."[/color]
Painful: Something fills you all...
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"I am...not perfect."[/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Nothing is perfect."
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
The Duo: slowly stands up. They're filled with...
Runner: Runner's FUCKING PISSED.
Painful: Your HP and SP are all fully restored
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: * She clenches her fist even tighter.
Gaster: stands up.
The Duo: * ...HP and SP, apparently.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We all have our own little mistakes."
Painful: Asgore stands, silently
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And irregualarities."
Bondertale: "Some interesting mental pictures with it." she attacked asgore. "I don't know if it would work, but the idea is sound."
Runner: Runner stands the FUCK UP, and immediately runs at Asgore. Grabbing him by the neck, his much larger body lifting him into the air, and slamming him into the floor. It's time for a fucking finisher.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
Runner: "G-G-G-G-Grab the S-S-S-Statue, and tha-thank you all for the g-g-g-good times. S-s-s-s-Ss-S-s--S-s-Seeya soon."
Painful: What will you do?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I've never met a flawless being."
Jamie (Judas): z Z z
Runner: [10]
Bondertale: I guess nothing
Small Frisk: * She backs up.
Painful: Asgore rubs Painriel's head slightly before getting grabbed
Gaster: waits and watches.
Small Frisk: "W-What the.."
MettatonSEX: grabs the statue.
Runner: [9]
The Duo: ((Fuck me I had to go 5 minutes ago and now I'm gonna miss this
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"...Useless. Useless. Useless."[/color]
Runner: "GO!" [8]
Painful: He seems to be crying quietly
Bondertale: "...oh god God he's still in there." she said meekly
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You aren't useless."
Gaster: He's still in there...
MettatonSEX: ..
Runner: Anyone who says is going to get fucking turned to dust, and their dust is going to turn to dust.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Disengaging operation."[/color]
Painful: Metta has the statue
Runner: [7]
Gaster: ... Never mind that. Let's go.
Lua: I hate to be that guy, but I kinda want to take the robot's advice.
Runner: "Cong-Congratulations, King."
Runner: [6]
Gaster: goes.
The Duo: reluctantly goes as told.
MettatonSEX: busts out of the room.
Runner: "You were a good r-r-r-ruler, but I don't know."
Small Frisk: ((slarv can I grab Hyper's soul
Painful: Gaster is too hurt to move
Small Frisk: ((real quick
Bondertale: toriel runs, as do bazzy and frisk.
Painful: ((Wait for it
Runner: "All I k-k-know."
Runner: [5]
Small Frisk: ((so i run
Corrin: -Gives a small nod to Runner, and runs-
Small Frisk: * She runs!
Bondertale: (awww, and after all their creativevthreats)
Painful: "You did it... didn't you?"
Painful: "You madman.."
Bondertale: (they won't get to fulfill a single one)
Small Frisk: * She waves goodbye to Runner.
Painful: "Hehehee..."
Gaster: ((tfw runner is the one who isn't running
Lua: runs, making sure the disc stays in good condition.
Runner: "Is that you're a r-r-ruler of nothing, and the new r-ruler took your place."
Runner: [4]
MettatonSEX: ((hah
Painful: "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"
Serene: '...We told you the good guys always win.'
Painful: "THIS IS GREAT"
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "well fuck" He disappears.
Runner: "I r-r-really hope I get to die again some day."
Runner: [3]
Painful: Gaster sits on the throne
Serene: 'Your game is over.'
Runner: "So I can go to hell."
Runner: [2]
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "You can visit me in hell, bro." He disappears.
Runner: [1]
Runner: [0]
Painful: "See you soon, dears."
Runner: [Robo Arigato.]
The Duo: has left just in time.
Serene: 'Goodbye, have fun with your explosion.'
Painful: Everyone is outside the castle
Gaster: has exited the room.
Runner: Runner explodes, anyone still inside is deader than dead.
Small Frisk: * She left.
Bondertale: (robo arigato Mr. Domoto?)
Runner: The entire castle is fucking LEVELED. This place won't be safe to tread in for EONS.
Small Frisk: * She stares at the castle.
The Duo: ((rip runner 2016
MettatonSEX: exited bc still fused w gaster
Small Frisk: "W-Woah.."
MettatonSEX: Shit...
Runner: The explosion would probably be seeable from thousands of feet in the air.
Painful: The whole thing fucking explodes, someone grabbed the souls and painriel because we've got another boss to do
Serene: '...Well that was effective.'
Gaster: stares at the wreckage. Holy shit.
Small Frisk: "I-I.."
Runner: Beautiful, destructive. A finisher to end 'em all.
Small Frisk: "That robot.."
Bondertale: "...heh...heh. Haahhahah. AHAHAHAHAHA!" Toriel just starts laughing
Runner: Robo Arigato.
Small Frisk: "...He did it."
Painful: Painriel seems to still be conscious
MettatonSEX: Runner...
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
Lua: ((Ok so I wasn't completely wrong))
Gaster: So long, Asgore... Runner...
Painful: ((Not quite
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Useless." He shuts off.[/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Small Frisk: "Seeya all on the flipside."
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs. All alone again.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He's busy sleeping in Hell.
Lua: decides to remain silent.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Disengaging operation - 70%..."[/color]
Runner: Rob Arigato. Rough Translation?
Bondertale: "We didn't...didnt even get to scratch him. N-no a single..." bazzy looks at her, sadly. "We didn't even get to hit him."
Runner: Robot Apology.
The Duo: ((So I'm gonna be risky and stay up as long as possible until my parents come home because yes
Painful: Bazzy grabbed painriel? Someone grabbed the souls?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((What operation is being disengaged))
Painful: WHO?
Lua: ((Wait, did we ever get Fanta?)
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Basically Delta being Delta )[/color]
MettatonSEX: grabbed the souls i guess
Painful: Metta grabbed her and the souls
Bondertale: uhhh tori would grab painriel
Runner: To anyone who was near Runner when shit went down. They would've heard a quiet. "Sorry." Before the entire surrounding area was turned into The Crater of Atom.
Painful: Painriel is breathing heavily, bleeding profusely
Voice Hyper: "..Hey, bud.."
MettatonSEX: uh gaston did i guess actually bc they never unfused
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FUC we left Fanta in the castle))
Bondertale: (runner is just secretly a fallout character isn't he)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Shit))
The Duo: ((Rip Fanta
Voice Hyper: "You, uh.. you're a good person."
The Duo: ((Mission failed
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((It was useless))
Bondertale: (no we didnt)
MettatonSEX: ((gaston grabbed her
Painful: ((Metta grabbed her you fuccboi
The Duo: ((Imagine if we did though
Runner: ((He IS based off Nick Valentine))
Voice Hyper: "You tried."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Shh))
Painful: "D-did I do good?"
Lua: ((Wait, are painriel and Fanta the same person?))
Bondertale: (how many times do we need to tell this to people)
Painful: ((No
Voice Hyper: "You did good."
Painful: "Hehe..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs once more.
Painful: "Thanks..."
Bondertale: "S-soul! Somebody give him a soul!"
Voice Hyper: "..I forgive you for everything you've done."
Painful: "I-I'll see her soon..."
Voice Hyper: "..Yep."
Lua: (( just clarifying ))
Painful: "I can't wait to s-see her again..."
MettatonSEX: sets the souls down
Voice Hyper: "She'll be happy to see you."
Painful: "C-chara..."
Painful: is speaking quietly
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Functionality will be completely stopped if this operation continues. (Yes) (No)"[/color]
Bondertale: (is chara the last boss)
Painful: "Chaaaara..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ""
The Duo: ((oh
The Duo: ((if they are
Painful: gets a bit louder
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Chara?))
Lua: ((DD was actually super wrong))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Chara?!))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((CHARA!))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( CHARAAAAAAAAAAAAA! )[/color]
Painful: "I love chara...... Chaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaa"
The Duo: ((Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!
GN Austin: ((GAME OVER))
Bondertale: toriel shakes. Somehow, she's feeling even MORE broken mentally
Serene: '...What?'
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((And IIIIIII))
Voice Hyper: "..What the.."
GN Austin: ((HOLY SHIT))
Painful: Painriel convulses
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((IIIIII))
Lua: is still silent.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU))
Gaster: stares at Panriel.
Voice Hyper: "O-Oh.. oh dear.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME))
Gaster: No...
The Duo: ((PANRIEL
Small Frisk: * She stares at Painriel.
Small Frisk: "..Oh no."
GN Austin: ))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]Suddenly, the "wake me up" segment of Evanescence - Bring Me To Life plays.[/color]
Bondertale: Bazzy steps back. "OH, GOD."
MettatonSEX: ((panriel? more like me as asriel
MettatonSEX: steps back
Small Frisk: * She steps back.
MettatonSEX: ((pain is bread in french
Serene: 'Wait, did you survive that because you took joy? Well.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((OH MY GOD))
The Duo: steps back.
MettatonSEX: ((breadriel preconfirmed
Small Frisk: ((breadful timeline
Painful: Painriel's arms stretch out, grabbing the souls
The Duo: ((Police Pain
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( delta just memed )[/color]
Bondertale: frisk gets out of the way, too. Toriel just stays there. Collapsed.
Serene: 'And that.'
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Socially Inept Pain )[/color]
Voice Hyper: "..."
MettatonSEX: Nonono...
Painful: "STOP"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Painful: The soul containers shatter
Small Frisk: "We'll.. we'll have to.."
Small Frisk: "..Oh dear.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((No the child sould not come))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]Well. Wake me up inside. Can't wake up. Save me.[/color]
Lua: ...[sub]fuckingshit[/sub]
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Let alone even be touched in that area))
Gaster: No....
Painful: As he mutates, there's a blinding white light
GN Austin: ((pls no))
Serene: '...Alright, this is beyond hell.'
Small Frisk: * She rubs her eyes.
Gaster: chokes out a pathetic whimper.
Serene: 'This has [i]been[/i] hell. Right now...I don't even know.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: is calmly sipping a cup of tea in the bar.
MettatonSEX: whines
Gaster: ((slarv can i do the thing I planned now? If it's blinding...
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
Corrin: ...Please.. don't allow this to happen..
Voice Hyper: "..Heh.. welp! Guess this BULLSHIT isn't over."
Painful: ((Nonono, we have another thingy
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]Delta wakes up inside. "Usele---"[/color]
Gaster: ((okay
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Intended disengagement. What happened?!"[/color]
Small Frisk: * She chokes up.
MettatonSEX: (( :)
Gaster: (( )
Lua: ((How many extra thingys are there now?))
Gaster: ((WELL SHIT
Serene: '...This is darker than pitch black. That's the only way I can describe this.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...You tried to stop existing so I fixed it."
Painful: The light fades, a giant Asriel monstrosity is before you
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
The Duo: (( [color=red]:)[/color]
MettatonSEX: stands up.
Painful: Asriel attacks!
Gaster: ((hyperpainriel
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Disengagement was apparently requested by operator."[/color]
The Duo: ((lel
Small Frisk: ".."
Painful: ((DD got 2.5 of them right
Gaster: gets ready to fight.
Bondertale: "...asriel. Chara. Please. Don't do this."
Lua: (( YEEEE ))
Small Frisk: * She is ready to fight.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]Delta just cuts off his operator's ability to control him. "Fixed."[/color]
Gaster: unless someone else wants to.
The Duo: ((FUCK
The Duo: ((MY
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( brb[/color]
The Duo: ((LIFE
The Duo: ((I BRB
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Good."
Gaster: ((WHOOOO
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * CAN HELLCAT FIGHT
The Duo: ((GTG*
Small Frisk: * She is filled with DETERMINATION to fix this and end this all.
MettatonSEX: fight
Lua: wields his sword. This is it, the final battle.
Gaster: ((aww bye tri
Small Frisk: ((bye
Painful: ((Bai
The Duo: ((cri
MettatonSEX: ((aw byr
Gaster: readies a blaster.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Hellkitty appears. "helloooooooo patrons"
The Duo: ((bye, have fun
MettatonSEX: ...
Runner: ((Just in time after Runner dies))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He does his classic flamespit.
: The Duo [The Duo] disconnected.
Corrin: -Wields his sword, this is it, the true finale-
Painful: Who the fuck all is even in this
Runner: ((Well, died, depending on what Lua decided to do.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: is calmly sitting missing the big finale.
Painful: The end is nigh...
MettatonSEX: ((gaston is
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Hellcat: I NEED A COMPRESSED MIXTURE OF FUEL AND AIR )[/color]
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( I'm not sure if Hellkitty is qualified to fight )[/color]
MettatonSEX: ((they never unfused
Bondertale: stands up, walking backwards. "No...NO!" frisk runs up, stabbing at them. "THIS ISNT HOW WE'RE DIEING! THIS ISNT HOW YOU DIE! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TREAD ON OUR HOPES AND DREAMS!"
Gaster: \KILL HIM\
Paul T.: ((done))
Small Frisk: "..We have to kill him."
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He somehow gets enough air and mixes it with his gasoline-spit. Then, a flame. He opens his mouth. A fucking explosion. A loud explosion. A loud nuclear explosion.
Bondertale: (btale, Gaston, small frisk, Lua...i think that's straight it)
Paul T.: ((This is a long one))
MettatonSEX: ((k
Paul T.: ((A bit more reserved, too))
Lua: ((Corrin as well))
Painful: ((Wow 5
Small Frisk: "W-What the.."
Painful: ((Wow
Painful: ((5
Bondertale: (corrin, yeah)
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Hellcat isn't qualified to fight, is he )[/color]
Painful: ((B you wanna fight the final boss?
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Can Hellcat fight )[/color]
Bondertale: (yyyyeah this is gonna be fun)
Painful: ((Tethyx is still in the sheet
MettatonSEX: ((b is Dead
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( mthrfkr )[/color]
Painful: ((Oh yeah
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Paul T.: ((press F to pay respects))
Runner: ((Can I have permission to say one thing so that this isn't a complete curbstomp))
Bondertale: (i almost want the btrio to count as separate characters, here. Or at least all getvattavks)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((F))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( F )[/color]
Painful: Someone else is in your party...
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "..."
Paul T.: ((brb))
MettatonSEX: ...
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * "...So."[/color]
Painful: If you figure it out, a secret party member will be unlocked!
Jamie (Judas): -is doing the same-
Small Frisk: "..Huh."
MettatonSEX: ((hyper?
Lua: (( ...Hmm... ))
Runner: ((Fanta))
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
Bondertale: (chara?)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Some fuck just teleports in))
Gaster: ((some guy off the streets
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Joseph teleports in "alright motherfuckers" )[/color]
Painful: ((You idiots
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( JUAN )[/color]
Painful: ((Also LAHARL
Lua: ((Well let's look at who's alive.))
Painful: ((YOU FUCCBOI
Bondertale: (wait, asgore?? )
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( How is Tethyx not dead by now )[/color]
Painful: ((You're all stupid
Bondertale: (wait no duh)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Is John cena))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37][s]( Slarv you're not any smarter bruh )[/s][/color]
Lua: ((I didn't say my guess yet.))
Small Frisk: ((I'M NOT STUPID
Painful: ((FIGURE IT OUT
Painful: ((GOD
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((THE JEPORADY HOST))
Runner: ((Also, because this is going to be a complete curbstomp, can I have permission to say something that likely happened))
MettatonSEX: ((alex trebek
Painful: What will you do?
Painful: ((Ye?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((KEVIN HART))
Runner: ((Alright))
Small Frisk: * She uses SCIENCE against Asriel! She thinks that does damage, anyway..
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((ADAM SANDLER))
Bondertale: btale uses shocker dagger
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Am I close))
Runner: ((Sorry Slarv if this breaks the fight, but it's gonna basically be needed))
Gaster: uses tough as nails since that is pretty nice.
MettatonSEX: uses Tough as Nails
Painful: ((I can't believe you people haven't figured this out yet
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
Lua: uses Chain Attack. He is not nice.
MettatonSEX: ((asriel
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Wait so who is actually fighting )[/color]
Lua: ((I'm still thinking!))
Runner: Theres a familiar bag nearby, blown away from the explosion. Runner's bag of items, grenades, much stuff. All of it amplified by a giant fucking explosion.
Painful: ((OH YEAH
Paul T.: ((How is it, MV?))
Bondertale: (no, we're fighting Asriel)
MettatonSEX: ((hold on
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He just spits a nuclear flame at the enemy.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Hellcat is the demo man))
Painful: Asriel shoots furious fire magic into Gaston's eyes. 400 damage!
Runner: Theres pretty much every fucking item except pie in that bag.
Gaster: AAAGH!
Runner: A gunblade is right next to it, incase someone feels like getting stabby.
Gaster: rubs at his eyesockets.
Gaster: (( )
Bondertale: (i kinda fucking doubt it's sans, cause he's dead)
Corrin: -Corrin uses pair up on Lua-
Gaster: ((why isn't my colon key working
Small Frisk: * She notices the bag. She runs over to it and takes that shit!
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Painful: ((Are you serious
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-is just sitting a good distance away, having put his Taylor guitar aside for a moment to watch the carnage-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((It's obviously so sorry))
Bondertale: (are there any major undertale characters we haven't seen?? )
Small Frisk: * She walks right back to the battlefield.
Gaster: ((alphys
Lua: (( MAD DUMMY))
GN Austin: ((Papyrus))
Runner: ((Papyrus?))
Gaster: ((wait we saw alphys
Small Frisk: "I got some amplified stuff!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FANTA))
Runner: ((...Undyne?))
Bondertale: (we killed papyrus)
GN Austin: ((Napstablook))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FUCK))
Gaster: ((blooky's dead
Lua: (( we killed everyone, because we're assholes. ))
Bondertale: (we killed undyne and blooky)
GN Austin: ((Temmie?))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Gaster: can't see shit.
Runner: ((Joytale B?))
Lua: (( ...No, we killed those too. ))
Runner: ((Monster Kid?))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((We killed like 49 gummies))
Painful: ((I aint confirming shit
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Temmies*
Painful: ((You people need to do something in the battle
Gaster: metta probably can though
GN Austin: (("We killed like 49 Gummies" -AD 2016))
Lua: (( I did both of my things. ))
Bondertale: (making us guess the secret character to use them is kind of a shitty mechanic, dude)
MettatonSEX: can barely see
Runner: (???) (Bitch)
Gaster: ((Gaster's using tough as nails.
Small Frisk: "..Oh my."
Lua: (( Corrin Pair Up on Lua > Lua Chain Attack ))
Bondertale: use shocker dagger again
MettatonSEX: ((it's so sorry
MettatonSEX: ((muffet
Gaster: ((ye muffet
Painful: Gaston used tough as nails!
Bondertale: (oh my God if its annoying dog)
Runner: Basically. 999 Of every item, amplified, except for Pie.
Paul T.: ((Joytale B can't exist))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Mettaton))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Wait are they dead))
Small Frisk: * She wonders if there's anything lwft in Asriel..
MettatonSEX: ((hes dead
Runner: Was in that bag.
Small Frisk: left*
Lua: (( It's actually Azazel somehow ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Oh))
Bondertale: (we killed all of the main characters I think)
Small Frisk: * I DID IT
Small Frisk: * ARE YOU PROUD
Painful: It does 570 damage
GN Austin: ((No, GN Austin was behind it the whole time))
Runner: Yep.
Paul T.: ((It's slarv_irl))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He tries to spit another nuclear flame at the enemy.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((It's obviously gerson))
Painful: ((USE AN ITEM
MettatonSEX: ((muffet, chara, slarv, annoying dog, so sorry
Painful: ((GODDAMMIT
Runner: ((ON))
Runner: ((THE FUCKING))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((THROWS BITTLEs))
Runner: ((STATUE))
Painful: ((Candy (2): Heals Poison, Paralysis, and Silence Dank Memes(1): Heals all status effects except petrification Cinnamon Roll(1): Heals 300 HP Glamburger(6): Heals 600 HP Empty Bottle(4): Does 200 damage Grenade: Does 500 damage Pie: Fully heals HP and SP, healing any negative status effects as well Tissue(1): Revives a fallen comrade Used Tissue(3): Revives a fallen comrade and heals them Perfume: Fully restores SP Joy(4): Multiplies ATK, DEF, and SPD by 10 for 7 turns. Fully heals HP and SP Feather(1): Heals Petrification
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((BOTTLES*
Gaster: just uses the fucking feather on fanta it's so obvious
Paul T.: ((JOYGORE?))
Small Frisk: ((YEP
GN Austin: ((Mega Man?))
Bondertale: (the term 'bitch' implies that it's a female, AR least)
Painful: FINALLY
Gaster: ((B you missed Joygore
Paul T.: ((Ah))
MettatonSEX: ((okListen
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((ASGIRE COME AGAIN))
Bondertale: (we said Fanta a shit load, I mean gees)
Gaster: ((excuse me for mentally exploring other options
Bondertale: bazzy turns back. "FANTA!"
Painful: The statue unfreezes, a cat comes tumbling out
Painful: "About damn time"
MettatonSEX: ((well excuuuuuuuuuuse me princess
Bondertale: (WHAT(
Lua: (( check your privileges slar. ))
MettatonSEX: Wait what
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FUCK))
Runner: Hah it was SHOE ALL ALONG
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((SHIE))
MettatonSEX: SHOE.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ;;ITS SHIR))
GN Austin: ((We havent seen Cory... when is he gonna be in the house?))
Bondertale: 'WHAT"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FUCK))
Gaster: W-what happened?
Painful: "Fighting a giant monster?
Small Frisk: "..Oh boy."
Lua: ...What?
Painful: "Sweet, let me in"
Bondertale: "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "...Cat."
Gaster: still can't see shit.
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: "What the.. what the fuck?"
MettatonSEX: can barely see
Gaster: won't be seeing shit for a while, actually.
Lua: ...You guys aren't serious, right?
Gaster: I don't know what happened! Can someone tell me what the hell's going on?
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
Painful: "Relax, prick"
Lua: ...This is some kind of sick fucking joke?
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: I think I see Shoe
Painful: "We share a body, remember?"
Gaster: ... Oh, him.
Gaster: That motherfucker. What a tool.
Painful: "I'm a cat"
Painful: "Name's Shoe"
MettatonSEX: Who the fuck made us almost blind
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "CAT"
Small Frisk: "...I remember this cat."
Bondertale: "YEAH I CAN SEE THAT"
Lua: is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkinnnnngggggg pisssssseeeeeddd.
Painful: Btale attacks with a shocker dagger!
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "CCCCCCAAAAAATTTTT"
Painful: "Well fuck you too"
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "K"
Painful: "Your girlfriend is out of commision at the moment"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Hwrre the fuck is everybody?"
Painful: "Got tired of all the constant torture, let me take over"
Small Frisk: "..Just calm down, everybody."
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks around the mostly empty bat.
Painful: It does 308 damage!
Gaster: Asriel. Darling, can you point me in the correct direction so we don't attack our friends?
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
Asriel_Dreemurr: Bar*
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: faces Asriel.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"...Patron."[/color]
Painful: Corrin does what?
Small Frisk: ((Can Hyper just shittalk Hyperpainriel?
Painful: "Fine jeez:
Gaster: *If one were to take a look at Gaster's eyesockets, they'd notice the little lights are gone.
Lua: (( Pair up on Corrin))
Painful: ((Sure
Lua: ((Lua*
Painful: ((But he's practically dead
MettatonSEX: was fused tho?
Small Frisk: ((yeah
Painful: Corrin pairs up with Lua
Small Frisk: ((i don't want him to die though
Painful: Gaston uses tough as nails!
Gaster: *Gaster's pair of eyes. The bottom ones, I guess. I dunno.
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * "..."[/color]
MettatonSEX: oh
Painful: It does 570 damage
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * "Well then. I wouldn't have a fighting chance anyway"[/color]
Voice Hyper: "..This is bad."
Jamie (Judas): Z z Z
Painful: Lua does what?
Lua: ((Chain Attack))
Paul T.: ((that gradient though))
Painful: All Hyper can sense is Painriel's, well, pain
MettatonSEX: One eye on the mask side has no light, the other is lit up.
Voice Hyper: '..hah.. oh boy."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why is everyone gone, they're always here at this time."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"I am here."[/color]
Runner: Somewhere far away, Alloy is wondering why his link with Master is gone. And is whining on Runner's bed.
Painful: Lua attacks 10 times!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, but there is usually a lot."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-yawns from the distance-[/font]
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"..."[/color]
Lua: grins.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]"Observed."[/color]
Voice Hyper: "This is certainly traumatic! I hope I won't get post-traumatic-stress disorder from all this! Hahaha.. fuck my life."
Painful: It does 920 damage
MettatonSEX: Darling, we share this body's functions, you shift your focus to the upper left, I'll shift mine to lower right.
Gaster: Alright.
Small Frisk: "..It's gonna take a lot to kill this goat."
Gaster: can now see, sort of.
Barchar: is gonna be fucking pissed when she learbs what happened in this dimension lol
MettatonSEX: now both can see, but it's like out of one eye
Lua: gives a thumbs up. "Not half bad."
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs. "Wish there was something to do."
Gaster: Okay, this should work for the rest of the battle.
Painful: Tethyx does what?
MettatonSEX: Yeah.
Voice Hyper: "Hah.. ha.. hh.."
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * What can he even do anymore[/color]
Lua: ((He has all specials))
Gaster: ... I'm coming out of this blind, darling.
Painful: Painriel sounds like he's whimpering
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * I'm still brushing dust off of this mother----Sharp Hail[/color]
Voice Hyper: "..This will all end soon."
Gaster: \Tough as nails?\
Painful: Tethyx used sharp hail
MettatonSEX: I can see.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( tfw you realize you're mortally fucked )[/color]
Bondertale: alright, frankly, btale Will use shocker dagger until they can't and then just regular attacks. So...take that for granted.
MettatonSEX: \Yep\
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Bad wording sorry
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
Painful: 114 + crying!
Painful: Frisk does what?
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( what )[/color]
Gaster: chuckles. "It's fine, darling.
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: * Throw an amplified grenade, of course!
Paul T.: ((I'll be back in like 20; just waiting for you to finish this))
Painful: ((Given there's so many peeps imma just turngo down the list and you tell me what happens on your
MettatonSEX: ((ok
Painful: Frisk gets a critical hit with that shit!
Lua: ((Skip Corrin, because he's not swapping for a while))
Painful: 4500 damage!
Small Frisk: "Woo!"
Bondertale: (DAMN)
Small Frisk: "Thanks, luck!"
Runner: ((Critical Grenade))
Painful: ((Thats what happens when you have 90 luck
Runner: ((Runner's Luck must've passed on into the grenade Kek))
Gaster: ((WOWIE
Bondertale: (on a normal enemy that would be devastating)
Small Frisk: * THANK'S RUNNER
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( 10/10 )[/color]
Lua: What a critical critical.
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Tethyx has the flashiest attack )[/color]
Gaster: claps. "Good job, Frisk!"
Small Frisk: * THANK IS RUNNER
Painful: Painriel is crying and screaming, paralyzed
Small Frisk: * 19/19
Bondertale: (but not this fuck, that's not even a fifth of his hp)
Small Frisk: * She winces.
Small Frisk: "..I feel so sorry yet victorious at the same time."
Small Frisk: "This feels wrong."
Painful: Gaston uses tough as nails!
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Hellcat just showers the enemy with radioactive flames )[/color]
Small Frisk: ((I'm blastig
Painful: Critical hit!
Small Frisk: ((Fuck
Painful: Now that was actual luck holy shit
MettatonSEX: It does...
Small Frisk: ((WHY
Painful: 1710 damage!
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: ... Wow...
Painful: Painriel whimpers
Lua: Alright, we just have to continue going like this!
Small Frisk: ((I'm blasting His Theme right now
Lua: ...That's not going to happen, is it.
MettatonSEX: ...
Voice Hyper: "This will all end soon, buddy. Keep on truckin'."
Painful: Btale uses a shocker dagger!
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( I'm blasting Angel of Death rn )[/color]
Painful: Woops
Painful: Forgot our resident cat fuck last turn
Painful: Shoe pulls out two mounted turrets and blasts away at Painriel
Painful: It does 4000 damage
Bondertale: (oh)
Gaster: ((oh
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Good. Job.
Small Frisk: ((is it my turn now
Painful: ((No
Gaster: G. G.
Small Frisk: ((ok
Painful: ((I forgot him
Small Frisk: "Wow."
Painful: "Thanks, friendo"
Lua: is going to say anything.
Small Frisk: "I dealt more damage."
Painful: Lua uses a chain attack!
MettatonSEX: (("Slarv's Bullshit(50): Does whatever I say it does."
Lua: ((wait what))
Painful: "Yeah and you've got tinier tits than most dudes, what's your point?"
Painful: ((What
Painful: What does lua do?
Small Frisk: "..I'm a child right now."
Lua: ((I was going to do that, just the order kinda screwed with my head.))
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( Hellcat should just be able to only do one thing )[/color]
Painful: Btale does 308 damage woops
Runner: Theres a whistling noise.
Small Frisk: "I have way bigger boobs when I'm 21."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( and it's spitting radioactive flames/explosions )[/color]
Runner: A loud, whistling noise. Like something is falling.
Painful: "Wishful thinking"
Small Frisk: "Nah."
MettatonSEX: Shoe, you're aptly named, because I want to shove my foot in you...
MettatonSEX: what the hell
Small Frisk: "What.."
: Gaster's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: * She looks up.
Painful: "Don't you have literally any other insults? You've used that one abo- what the fuck?"
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He looks up. "..."
Painful: Lua manages 3 attacks!
Runner: Oh, it's nothing, just Runner's fucking disembodied scorched nuclear-fused head falling from the sky at a thousand miles per hour directly at Painriel.
Lua: ...Fuck.
MettatonSEX: Oh my god.
Small Frisk: "Oh my."
MettatonSEX: shields his eyes with both cannon arms
Bondertale: "You've got to be kidding me." Toriel said, bitterly. She missed when things made sense.
Painful: It does 264 damage
Painful: Painriel is struck by a falling runner!
Runner: Kek.
Runner: It doesn't explode or anthing, it just hurts.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
Painful: It does 2000 damage
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "..."
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
Runner: You just got fucking owned by a dead man's head.
Painful: Tethyx does what?
Painful: Painriel whines, coughing up blood
MettatonSEX: unshields eyes.
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: "Oh, that's nice"
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * stab?[/color]
Voice Hyper: "..Just hold on."
Painful: Tethyx stabs!
Lua: ((I gotta BRB, if Lua's turn comes again, have him use chain attack one last time. If Corrin's comes after that, have him pair up on Gaston.))
MettatonSEX: ((ok
MettatonSEX: ((s-rank neogaston
Painful: It does 304
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Painful: What does frisk do?
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
Small Frisk: * She punts an amplified grenade!
Small Frisk: * At Painriel!
Painful: It does 4500 yet again!
Painful: Damn frisk
Painful: Back at it again
Gaster: claps.
Painful: With the critical hits
MettatonSEX: claps his cannons
Small Frisk: "Absolutely beautiful!"
Painful: Shoe, humming, munches an amplified joy pill
Painful: Shoe is overjoyed x 3!
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: tries to ignore Shoe. He can't. Because this are mine shoe.
Painful: Asriel is no longer paralyzed for the fight's sake
MettatonSEX: Oh shit.
Small Frisk: * She frowns.
Gaster: Fuck.
Painful: He swings at Frisk, KOing her
Gaster: FRISK!
Small Frisk: "Ffff..."
MettatonSEX: FRISK
Painful: Painriel cries
Small Frisk: * She falls to the ground.
Lua: (((back))
Painful: What does Gaston do?
Gaster: \Revive her.\
MettatonSEX: revives Frisk
Runner: ((If Gaster is ded))
Painful: Frisk is revivified!
Runner: ((Why is everyone still abiding by turns and shit))
Small Frisk: * She slowly gets back up, groaning.
Small Frisk: "T-Thanks.."
Gaster: ((because it makes things easier to comprehend
Runner: ((True))
Gaster: ((i'm saying this as someone with focus issues
Painful: Something is falling from the sky
Gaster: looks up, trying to identify it.
Small Frisk: ((it hits frisk and KOs her
Small Frisk: * She looks up.
Painful: Gaster's singed glove flops onto Gaston's face
: [i]Chin-Chin[/i]: * "ORE WA..." [y'all are...y'all are...]
Gaster: EEeeeggghhh...
MettatonSEX: HHHH
Small Frisk: "What the.."
Gaster: flicks it off.
Painful: A screen pops up
Small Frisk: * She stares ar
Painful: Before he turned it off, of course
Small Frisk: fuck
Small Frisk: * She stares at the screen.
Small Frisk: ((my hands are getting sweaty
Gaster: Wait, what was that?
Bondertale: "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Toriel yelled.
Small Frisk: ((which means it's harder to type
Gaster: ((knees weak, arms spaghetti
Jamie (Judas): Z z Z
Painful: It says "CaU, the RPG!"
Lua: What was what?
MettatonSEX: ...
Painful: Enable editing?
MettatonSEX: The fuck
Small Frisk: "What the fuck.."
Runner: Yes.
MettatonSEX: enables editits
Gaster: ((no, no, we don't need this getting any more confusing
Gaster: ((structure is good
Runner: BR Turning this into hell.
Runner: BRB*
Painful: ((Still turn based
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( hellcat adds himself )[/color]
Painful: ((Still with damage caps
Painful: ((Just editable ;)
Runner: ((Yep. I know :}))
MettatonSEX: ((tfw you gotta go into a new app to edit
Lua: thinks for a moment.
Painful: is now editable!
Painful: The rules have changed
Painful: What will Lua do?
Small Frisk: ((i can't edit it
Small Frisk: ((i don't have the app
GN Austin: ((It just says View mode for me))
Lua: uses Chain Attack one last time, before looking at the sheet.
Runner: ((I can't edit it either apparently))
Runner: ((View mode))
Painful: ((Fuck my goat ass
Gaster: ((i can't edit it
: Emerald [Hushpuppy] joined chat.
Small Frisk: ((with pleasure
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: ((also hi there emerald person
Painful: ((How
GN Austin: ((hi Emerald))
Painful: ((How do I make it editable
GN Austin: ((succ))
Hushpuppy: ((Hello
Runner: ((Guessing you go to the big View Only bar))
Runner: ((And change it))
Small Frisk: ((we're currently finishing an arc
Lua: ((Change the sharing options))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Runner: ((Wait))
Runner: ((Up there in the taps))
Painful: Use this one
Runner: ((tabs))
Runner: ((View))
Lua: ((Slar, for the love of god, go to share, and change who has access.))
GN Austin: ((Still no edit))
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Runner: ((Slar))
Runner: ((Up at the top))
Runner: ((Go to "View"))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((YAY EDITS!
Runner: ((Click "Mode" I think you can change it there))
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Painful: ((Done?
Lua: ((si))
Bondertale: (i don't wanna download a new app. Somebody else make me overpowered if they feel like it :P)
MettatonSEX: ((no
Gaster: ((oh
Gaster: ((do i have it
Voice Hyper: "You should, uh.. die faster. Please. For the sake of everybody's sanity."
Painful: ((FUCK IT
Gaster: (( : 3c
Painful: ((WE KEEP GOING
Painful: ((EDITS OR NO
Voice Hyper: "I need you to die just a TEENY tiny bit faster."
Painful: ((GOOD
Runner: If Frisk were to dig into the bag...
Voice Hyper: "Pleeeaaaseee?"
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
Small Frisk: * She digs into the bag!
GN Austin: ((Is there a limit to how many characters we can put?
Runner: They would find some kind of strange ball, with a miniature, whirling force.
Lua: uses Chain Attack, and will do stuff later.
Gaster: ((and my internet connection is fighting me
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Runner: It feels wrong to hold, and it feels far too powerful.
Painful: Lua used a chain attack!
Small Frisk: * She grabs the ball, staring at it curiously.
Gaster: ((if only i had an idea for an attack
Small Frisk: * She wonders if she should throw it.
Runner: It looks like it would break if thrown.
Painful: It does 9 times!
Runner: +1 Runner's Creation.
Lua: Not bad!
Small Frisk: ((should i use it now
Small Frisk: ((or nah
Painful: 756 damage!
GN Austin: ((Is there a limit to how many characters we can add??))
Runner: Well, it's kind of a doomsday weapon.
Runner: Soooo
Small Frisk: ((oh boy
Painful: ((Dew it
Runner: Sure. Win the fight.
Painful: Anything goes!
Paul T.: ((ay slarv when you're done pm me the lowdown on project incubation))
Lua: looks to his arm panel. Upgrade Ready.
Gaster: ... Frisk, be careful...
Runner: A timer is on the front of it.
Painful: What will frisk do?
Runner: It immediately fucking primes. Counting down. [10]
Small Frisk: "..Screw it."
Small Frisk: * She throws the ball at Painriel.
Gaster: gets the fuck out of dodge.
Runner: Everyone better fucking GTFO. [9]
Painful: It melts into painriel's skin, he screams
: Terra [] disconnected.
Runner: This weapon violates about 17 different war crime laws.
Painful: "H-hyper..."
Runner: [8]
Small Frisk: ((what happens to hyper
Painful: "G-g-g-g-g-oo..."
Voice Hyper: "Yeah?"
Voice Hyper: ".."
Voice Hyper: "..I-I.."
Runner: [5]
Voice Hyper: "..You were a cool guy."
Runner: It skipped some numbers RUNNER YOU FUCKING TROLL.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-isn't going anywhere-[/font]
Painful: In a breif moment of lucidity, painriel slices into his chest, grabbing hyper's soul and throwing it to the group
Runner: [3]
Gaster: catches the soul. His eyesight is starting to fade...
Painful: "I'll miss you..."
Runner: Runner made the biggest fuckup of a doomsday weapon.
Small Frisk: * She runs, and runs, and runs.
Paul T.: ((Laharl can't count))
Runner: [2.6]
Painful: Can't go back...
Painful: The only way forward is the barrier!
Gaster: ((boy mv's gonna be pissed we ended the battle without them
Runner: [1.1]
Gaster: heads to the barrier. "Come on, we can still make it!"
Painful: Painriel screams, there's a flash of light
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Runner: A single line echoes out of the ball. From inside Painriel. "Goodnight." Runner's automated message.
Painful: The barrier comes crumbling down
Runner: A fucking nuclear black hole opens up inside of Painriel.
Lua: is running for his fucking life.
Small Frisk: * She runs through the barrier, frantically.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Paul T.: ((>nuclear black hole))
MettatonSEX: ((yeah im pissed
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Small Frisk: "WHAT"
Paul T.: ((>wat))
Corrin: -Runs the fuck away-
Painful: The underground implodes on itself
Gaster: runs and runs and runs. "WHAT THE FUCK?"
Lua: barely reaches the barrier.
Small Frisk: * He keeps on running, faster and faster.
Runner: [Haanvdfappy birthday to [sub]youuuuu[/sub]]
Gaster: ((i did too
Runner: ((Who needs attacks when you have items))
Painful: MT ebbot seems to be shaking, before it finally collapses into itself
Small Frisk: she*
Paul T.: (("Fappy birthday"))
Small Frisk: gdi
Painful: ((I need to go very soon
MettatonSEX: (( ;n;
Small Frisk: "FAST."
Paul T.: ((aw))
GN Austin: (("Fappy Hanukkah"))
Gaster: ((plz zlarv give the anydoor
Painful: Shoe is there, licking his paw
Painful: You're in a desert wasteland
Paul T.: ((Please try and find the time to Pm slarv))
Paul T.: ((*PM me))
Runner: The black hole is growing.
Lua: ...Where is resident sleeper?
Painful: Someone approaches
Gaster: looks around, feeling the wind blow through his hair.
MettatonSEX: ...
: Painful [Painful] is now Garth [Garth].
Gaster: ((IT'S HIM
Bondertale: "..." Toriel just stares. Silently. "I...i need to go home. For a while. I-where's the anydoor?"
Gaster: ((HE'S HERE
Garth: Uh... what the hell was that?
Small Frisk: * She stares at Garth.
MettatonSEX: ((can i use my new op move now
Gaster: ... We need to get out of this timeline.
Garth: Guys, what are you doing here?
Garth: Alright...
Garth: It's over here, come on
Lua: looks frantically for Corrin.
Gaster: Alright.
Runner: It is now evident exactly why Runner handed that disc to Lua.
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: * She follows Garth.
Lua: ...I'm done.
Garth: Garth runs quickly around a corner, the anydoor is there
Voice Hyper: * ..His soul is still floating there. No projection is being made.
Gaster: follows Garth.
Small Frisk: * She performs a fucking barrel roll into the Anydoor.
Garth: Here it is
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-never ran away from the black hole-[/font]
MettatonSEX: can i fucking use that op attack i spent time on it
Garth: ((Sure?
Lua: ...I carried his ass, I even fucking drug him so he can go back to his little war he can't mumbling about.
Bondertale: toriel just walks through. She is, put simply, not okay.
Gaster: ((who you gonna use it on
Lua: smacks the fucking ground in full on anger.
Lua: ((can't stop*))
Garth: ((Im in PMs B
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
Small Frisk: * she actually didn't go through
Garth: waves to everyone, seeing the black hole and running through the anydoor himself
Small Frisk: * She runs through, glancing at Gaston..
Gaster: starts to head through the anydoor.
MettatonSEX: thinks he sees Joygaster in the distance and fucking uses NO ONE SHOOTS LIKE GASTON on it. It was actually someone random uh idk
Gaster: ((it was some jerkwad
Bondertale: sits down. She holds her head. As Azzy walks in, he breaths in sharply. Now that the fighting is iver, he is feeling REALLY FATIGUED
Garth: metta just killed vega van dam
Garth: Great job
Bondertale: (it was joy jerry)
Garth: didnt say that
MettatonSEX: it was joy jerry
Small Frisk: * She falls to the ground in pure exhaustion.
Gaster: pauses. "Lua..."
Lua: walks through the anydoor, he remains silent.
Small Frisk: * She begins to breath very heavily.
MettatonSEX: unfuses, picks Gaster and Frisk up, and runs thru the anydoop
Gaster: makes sure everyone gets through the door, before heading through himself.
MettatonSEX: *anydoor
Barchar: yup. The fatigue is tooottally from the fighting. Entirely.
: Garth [Garth] is now Shoe [Shoe].
Gaster: then unfuses. There's no lights in his eyes.
Shoe: *Garth didn't make it...
Small Frisk: "..Ergh.."
Shoe: *All you see is black, before the timeline is wiped clean
Gaster: ((yes he did he went through the anydoor
Shoe: ((woops
MettatonSEX: sets both on the couch
Gaster: ((garth lives
Shoe: *Garth went back in to get his stash
???: A shadow jumps with Garth through the anydoor.
Gaster: ((he lives to draw tiddies another day
Shoe: licks his paw
Small Frisk: * A few drops of blood pour out of her mouth.
Shoe: ((Thus ends the joytale arc
Gaster: can't see.
Voice Hyper: * ..His soul remains there.
Small Frisk: ((-standup ovation-
MettatonSEX: collapses on the ground, creating a loud thud.
Shoe: ((I thought the end was fun
Small Frisk: ((AMAZING
Runner: Frisk better hold onto that bag, sometimes shit just seems to appear in it.
MettatonSEX: ((THAT WAS AMAZING im still mad that i didnt see the end of the fight tho
Gaster: rubs at his eyes. They feel like they're burning....
???: -It's a pretty big, dragon shaped shadow-
Gaster: ((niceu niceu very niceu
Small Frisk: * She pulls the bag closer to her, breathing heavily and wiping blood off of her chin.
Shoe: ((Yaaaay
Shoe: ((Now I have no clue what to rp
Corrin: -Corrin switches back to normal form-
Lua: ...Holy shit.
Runner: ((INB4 Frisk keeps it around because theres tons of shit for her to study in it))
Bondertale: bazzy collapses on the floor. "Can you...can you bring her back?" he said, looking at Shoe.
Small Frisk: ((she would do that
Shoe: Hmmm, lemme think
Gaster: ((garth lives b/c corn
Shoe: ((AW FUCK
Lua: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Gaster: continues to rub at his eyes. "B... burning..."
Runner: (("Nuclear Black Holes, a near-infinite supply of grenades, I must study it."))
MettatonSEX: reverts to EX, then gets up.
Lua: ((That was Corrin))
Lua: ((Which was why he was about to die.))
MettatonSEX: Gaster, Frisk, are you okay?
Gaster: My eyes, they're burning!
Gaster: won't stop rubbing at his eyes.
MettatonSEX: Oh no...
Small Frisk: "..."
Small Frisk: * Blood dribbles out of her mouth.
Gaster: It... it hurts...
Shoe: Why should I?
Small Frisk: "Take care of Gaster first."
Small Frisk: "Then me."
Gaster: ((please don't insta-heal this okay
Lua: smiles, feeling like he did the right thing, and falls over.
Shoe: ((Bio's not here lol
MettatonSEX: ((i wont
Runner: Frisk, from now, on, i'm basically handing you right to the Bag of Holding. You can decide whats in that now.
: Lua [Lua] is now Corrin [Corrin].
Corrin: ((We can't really now))
Small Frisk: * Alrighty!
MettatonSEX: pulls Gaster's hands from his eyes.
Corrin: ((There's no boss to fight, so it doesn't make sense.))
Gaster: *There's no light visible within them.
MettatonSEX: Gaster...
Small Frisk: * I will handle it well.
MettatonSEX: Open your eyes.
Runner: The only thing confirmed in there is grenades, smoke grenades, a nerf gun, and a couple robotic chew toys that you might want to use if you feel like having goofy shit happen.
Gaster: I... I am.
MettatonSEX: ...
Bondertale: "...becauee of you don't I'm probably going to try to kill you. That's not even a threat. I'm probably just going to snap and start attacking."
Gaster: I can't see.
MettatonSEX: There's no lights.
Asriel: * ..His soul is just floating there.
Gaster: ...
Corrin: ((Plus Tri isn't here.))
Gaster: I... I'm blind Metta.
Small Frisk: ((blue Asriel is indeed Hyper
MettatonSEX: Oh no...
Small Frisk: "..Oh no."
Gaster: I... oh god...
Corrin: passes the fuck out. It's finally over.
Small Frisk: "We.. ah.."
MettatonSEX: begins crying.
: Corrin [Corrin] is now Lua [Lua].
Small Frisk: * She sniffles.
Small Frisk: "..W-We can fix this.."
Lua: ...Excuse me for a moment..
Small Frisk: "just.."
Gaster: starts to cry. TRIPLE SADNESS COMBO!
Small Frisk: * She sighs.
Small Frisk: * Tears come pouring down her cheeks.
Runner: Theres a note on the back of the disc.
Lua: walks out of the bar, a very loud, and long set of swears is heard after all of this shit.
Lua: looks at the disc now.
Gaster: *The tears make the burning worse. Gaster starts rubbing his eyes again.
Shoe: Ugh, fine
MettatonSEX: With me, it could be fixed... You'd just have to unplug it and plug it in...
Shoe: I'll be back
Runner: [This message brought to you by 33 different Superheroes, aren't you special?]
Asriel: * His soul is still.. just.. floating there.
: Shoe [Shoe] is now Fanta [Fanta].
MettatonSEX: Gaster, stop, that makes it worse.
Fanta: morphs out of the cat, immediately collapsing on the floor
Small Frisk: "Dad, don't rub your eyes."
Small Frisk: "It's for the best."
Lua: thinks for a moment, he has an idea where this could be used, considering Runner's original body is fucked.
Gaster: ... Put bandages over them, or something...
MettatonSEX: ..
Gaster: That's going to keep my hands away.
Bondertale: he runs over to her. "F-fanta!? Are you okay!?"
Small Frisk: * She pulls out some bandages. "Would this work?"
Runner: Maybe check his hideout. He did have a lot of stolen stuff there.
Runner: Plus, Alloy can't just be left there.
MettatonSEX: takes them and wraps over his darling's eyesockets.
Small Frisk: * Those bandages came from the fuckin' Starbound timeline. They're high quality!
Lua: ((Lua wasn't there.))
Gaster: T-thank you...
Runner: Well, just show the damn disc to someone who was.
MettatonSEX: Of course.
Small Frisk: "Y-You're welcome."
Gaster: hugs whoever's closest to him.
MettatonSEX: hugs back
Lua: goes back into the bar, and takes a seat.
Small Frisk: * She bear hugs both Metta and Gaster.
GN Austin: ((Ok, I made my three characters in CAU the RPG. Can someone tell me if they're too OP?))
Small Frisk: "..I love you both."
Gaster: I love you too.
MettatonSEX: ((the thing is over
MettatonSEX: I love you two.
GN Austin: ((But the thing was made editable... nevermind
Small Frisk: "I'm glad this is over."
Small Frisk: "..I'm so.. so glad.."
Small Frisk: "Words can't describe it.."
Gaster: Yes... I'm glad that timeline's gone.
MettatonSEX: Mmhm...
Lua: ...Alright, does anyone want to have one less loss after everything?
MettatonSEX: unhugs. "Yes."
Bondertale: (we can still use the sheet/stats in the future)
Runner: ((Sorry, Runner's doomsday device ruined everything))
Lua: holds up a disc. "I might have found something then"
Runner: ((Turns out he was kind of a psycho, oh well.))
Lua: ((Lua gets upgrade, never gets to use it.))
Gaster: What is it?
MettatonSEX: ((fuck u
Lua: It's a disc the Runner guy gave me, something about memories and dreams and whatever.
Runner: The Disc has black sharpie over the front, the original writing is crossed out. [Reset]
Small Frisk: * She stares at Lua. "Hmm?"
Runner: ((Q_Q))
Small Frisk: "..Huh."
MettatonSEX: ((go shove ink in your butt
Gaster: ((go jump on your dead rat trampoline
MettatonSEX: ((get ink poisoning
Runner: ((...))
Lua: ((How much writing is on this disc, jesus christ.))
MettatonSEX: ((go lick a dead rat
Runner: ((Ouch. I'll just do that. Cause I have a dead rat trampoline and YOU HAVE FUCKING NOTHIGN))
Runner: ((Runner put a ton of writing on it))
Gaster: ((runner wrote a novel on the disc
Bondertale: "H-hello!?" he said in a bit of a panic. "Are you okay!
Lua: ...Anyways, it seems to be something to put the Ai onto another robot, and unless you guys know where one could be, I'm going to have to spend a long ass time finding one.
Gaster: Metta could make one.
Fanta: opens her eyes slowly
Jamie (Judas): -Wakes up- *Yaaaawn* That was a good nap... I finally get sleep after 3 days of being awake...
Gaster: I'd offer, but my eyes seem to be out of commission.
Gaster: me's face is pointed to the left of where Lua is.
Gaster: ((frick
Runner: Hint:Check out is hideout
Runner: Later, of course.
Lua: Normally when they make this kind of code, it's something specific. If it were that easy, I'd just use extra body at the lab.
Small Frisk: "..I would do something, but.. I've had enough with adventure for one day."
Gaster: Mmmh.
MettatonSEX: Um, maybe in his timeline, but later.
Small Frisk: "Yeah, later."
Runner: Also, the disc has wierd edges.
Runner: It's clearly meant to go into one specific type of slot.
Small Frisk: ((slarv
Lua: Alright, well I guess I'll put the disc into the back.
Small Frisk: ((you just made the best arc on CaU for me
MettatonSEX: ((slarv aint here
Small Frisk: ((oh
Bondertale: bazzy sits down in front of her, just waiting for her to start acting...conscious
Jamie (Judas): I wonder what I missed while everyone was out... probably not much...
Small Frisk: ((well fuck my ass and call me sally, then
Bondertale: (...yes he is?)
Runner: ((Yeah that was awesome))
Lua: ((Yeah he is.))
Gaster: ((yes he is? fanta?
MettatonSEX: ((ok sally
Lua: ((Slarv is Fanta))
Bondertale: (third person in the list)
Small Frisk: ((actually, he is
Runner: ((Sorry I hjijacked the end and ruined the OP moment for everyone))
MettatonSEX: ((oh
MettatonSEX: ((oops
Gaster: looks to Fanta. "I hope you think you were worth traumatizing my son and losing my eyesight."
Lua: ((~Lua didn't get to use any of his Plus abilities or SUPER QUICK BATTLER~))
MettatonSEX: Yeah.
Fanta: ((Back
Bondertale: bazzy glares at gaster. "You could have stopped coming whenever you wanted to."
Fanta: ((B is being a spooky bitch in pms
Small Frisk: * She looks to Fanta. "I hope you're worth traumatizing me, many people dying, being used in a sick game, and some more sick trauma."
Fanta: W-what...
MettatonSEX: Shut up Asriel.
Fanta: ((Thx frisky bby
Gaster: Asriel, children died for her to come back.
Lua: ((And now he's never going to use it because I'm reclassing Lua.))
Small Frisk: * She glares at BAsriel. "Be appreciative that we done this."
Small Frisk: "Without my two dads, I'm sure we wouldn't of made it this far."
Lua: ((...Even though I now have to rewrite the story I was going to use because this took so long and character interactions actually destroyed the last 3 chapters bacially.))
Small Frisk: "We lost many things dear to us, just for your girlfriend."
Lua: ((Also Bio actually fucked something over for once.))
MettatonSEX: I was the physically strongest on the team, be fucking grateful.
Fanta: holds her head, sitting up
MettatonSEX: ((what do you mean for once
Small Frisk: "At least give a thank you."
Lua: ((I mean it's a joke to blame bio for things that couldn't be his fault other than him being an ass, but he actually fucked something over.))
Fanta: What happened...
Gaster: ((rip
Small Frisk: "You got petrified, long story short, we saved you."
Fanta: looks dazed, on her knees
Small Frisk: "We suffered a LOT in order to get you back."
Small Frisk: "So please, can you thank everybody?"
Bondertale: "She was stuck in that hellhole for almost two months. She spent most if it being tortured. We ALL lost something. So no. I'm not going to thank you for badmouthing her seconds after she woke up. I appreciate your help. Greatly. But I swear to god, i'm not letting her spend her first moments of freedom getting bitched at by you lot. "
Fanta: You.. saved me?
Fanta: sounds very weak
Small Frisk: "We all saved you."
MettatonSEX: We did.
Gaster: ...
Fanta: From... there?
Gaster: would be staring at Bazzy but he's. Uh. Blind.
Small Frisk: "Yes!"
Runner: ((Hey, remember when Runner said))
Small Frisk: "We came there, and saved you."
Bondertale: "It took almost two months. We all almost died. But we did it."
Runner: ((Y'know, I don't think the Withdrawal will bother me for long""))
Fanta: Thank you...
Lua: doesn't respond.
Fanta: flops over
Small Frisk: "You're welcome."
MettatonSEX: Of course.
Gaster: fidgets. His eyes are burning, but he can't rub them.
Runner: (( Found Metta. ))
MettatonSEX: notices, and hugs his darling.
Asriel: * That soul is still floating around.
Lua: writes a quick note to himself, "Ask who we are actually saving before joining quests".
MettatonSEX: ((inaccurate but oh yes
Runner: ((Lua atleast knew who he was saving))
MettatonSEX: ((in neo tho
Runner: ((Runner just joined for the fucking hell of it. And half the party did the exact same thing))
MettatonSEX: ((in neo its cannon
Runner: ((Yeah, eh))
Gaster: (( i got bored and used the fursona maker, came out with muffet's punk cousin
Lua: ((Lua heard Fanta, he didn't know it was Basriel.))
Runner: ((I like to imagine NEO is just a giant cardboard costume MTT made in a few minutes))
Runner: ((To try to intimidate Frisk))
Bondertale: bazzy sighs, rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hand. "Look, I...i shouldn't lash out at you. With all you've been through. But maybe have a bit more tact than to IMMEDIATELY start complaining at the groggy, disoriented person that just spent a sixth of a year petrified and/or tortured?"
Runner: ((Which is also the reason his theme is a 6 second loop mostly ripped from Undyne's fight))
Gaster: lays his head on Mettaton's chest.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Small Frisk: "We were irritated, okay? We just.. we lost so much."
Small Frisk: "Look, I'm sorry."
Runner: ((Although my HC is that the blaster works, and it's like a screw-on addition to the hand. MTT wasn't expecting to need it in Pacifist))
MettatonSEX: ((NO FUCK YOU
Runner: ((...))
MettatonSEX: ((its canon in some timelines but no
Lua: ...How about we do any discussions tomorrow, I for one, am done with this shit.
Runner: ((Excuse me, don't need to be rude.))
Bondertale: nodded. "I just hope that...we can try to get back to semi-kinda-normal."
Runner: ((I mean, I was just saying what I thought it was like, I didn't say shit about MTTSEX))
Small Frisk: * She nods. "..Me too."
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Bondertale: "Not even soon. Just that we can. I got a long life ahead if me. I can wait just a bit to normalize."
Small Frisk: * She eventually, just.. falls asleep, leaning on her two dads.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Gaster: ... Darling?
: Frisky [Small Frisk] is now Frisky [Asriel].
Bondertale: (why has my tablet decided to make 'of' 'if' and 'if' 'of')
Bondertale: (its annoying)
Asriel: * That soul is still floating there in the corner of the bar, if anybody wants to do anything.
Gaster: is adjusting to being blind. That's kind of a big thing to deal with.
Barchar: certainly finds it interesting
Asriel: ((<--- that's hyper
Lua: wonders if Hyper's old case isn't broken.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Lua: isn't going to do shit himself, but just a quick though.
Asriel: * That old case is still in the other corner.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((im saying fuck you bc i almost choked laughing
MettatonSEX: ((sorry laharl
MettatonSEX: holds Gaster close.
MettatonSEX: I'm here.
Gaster: Is Frisk sleeping?
: Frisky [Asriel] is now Frisky [Small Frisk].
Small Frisk: * Yep!
MettatonSEX: Yes.
Jamie (Judas): -Reading his Book again, nothing new- *Sigh* Back to my studies.
Small Frisk: * She can easily wake up, though!
Lua: walks through the anydoor, leaving a very quick goodbye.
MettatonSEX: waves bye
Gaster: smiles a little, then pulls out his phone.
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster
Lua: ((Gaster accidentally dials 911 because he can't see))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Gaster: hands it to Mettaton. "Text Papyrus and ask him if Corsiva and Glamor are asleep. I... I don't know how they'll react."
MettatonSEX: ...
Small Frisk: * Little comedic [i]Zzz[/i]s fly out of her head.
Gaster: What?
MettatonSEX: texts that to Papyrus.
Gaster: It's not just Papyrus watching them. I got Sans to do it too.
MettatonSEX: Mmhm.
Gaster: The one from... the space timeline...
MettatonSEX: I know.
Gaster: Space... it was always nice to look at.
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster.
Gaster: You were nice to look at too.
Small Frisk: ((well eh, i'm gonna go to sleep myself
Small Frisk: ((i'm real tired
Small Frisk: ((gn
Gaster: ((goodnight.
Small Frisk: ((sweet memes, dank dreams
MettatonSEX: ((gn
MettatonSEX: ...
Jamie (Judas): ...-looks through his phone- Well, I guess I could take another break... -texts someone and smiles- [sub]I love her so much...[/sub]
: Frisky [Small Frisk] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: You can still have every other sense of me.
GN Austin: ((Giggity))
Gaster: smiles, then reaches for what he thinks is Mettaton's face.
MettatonSEX: moves his head to help Gaster touch it.
Runner: ((Mmm hot Disability Sex))
Runner: ((/s))
Gaster: sighs softly as he caresses Mettaton's cheek. He doesn't know if he'll get his eyesight back or not.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Lua: (( I gotta go, maybe be back idk ))
GN Austin: ((ok))
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((oh btw laharl in case u didnt see im sry i said fuck u bc i almost choked laughing
Gaster: ((gn
MettatonSEX: ((cya
Runner: ((Kek))
Gaster: * Papyrus texts back.
MettatonSEX: reads the text out loud.
MettatonSEX: Oh no.
Fanta: lies on the floor
Gaster: chuckles. "That's gonna be a bitch to clean up, huh?"
MettatonSEX: Yep.
MettatonSEX: And since you can't see the mess I'll be the one to do it.
Gaster: Sorry.
MettatonSEX: It's okay.
MettatonSEX: Not your fault.
: Fanta's connection timed out.
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Gaster: nods.
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster.
MettatonSEX: I love you.
Fanta: melts into a puddle, reforming in a minute
: Fanta [Fanta] is now Shoe [Shoe].
Shoe: So uh...
MettatonSEX: holds his darling close.
Shoe: I don't wanna interrupt the little moment here
Gaster: I love you - oh god.
Gaster: ((it's me
MettatonSEX: ((mettaton
Gaster: ((i've been drawing dicks
Gaster: ((it's surprisingly soothing
MettatonSEX: ((ON MY DICK
Shoe: But do you mind telling me what the fuck happened for two goddamn months?
Gaster: We were trying.
Gaster: That timeline was hell.
Shoe: You're slow as fuck!
Gaster: Boo hoo. Eat a dick.
MettatonSEX: Fanta, and subsequently you, were tortured, turned to stone, and WELL EXCUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS WE HAD TO FIGHT OUR CHILDREN
Gaster: tries to flip off Shoe. He ends up flipping off poor, beleaguered Grillby.
Grillby: ......
Shoe: Fun timeline isn't it?
Gaster: ... I pointed that in the wrong direction, didn't I?
Grillby: .......Yes.
Shoe: Boy oh boy, if only you went to the joyful timeline
Gaster: [sub]sorry...[/sub]
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: Shut up.
Shoe: It's soooooo much cooler than that dump
Gaster: You're a dump.
Grillby: .................Not your fault.
Runner: ((Well NOW I need another character))
Runner: ((I didn't plan for after Runner's explosion))
MettatonSEX: ((a charactervthat doesnt ruin my op move
Jamie (Judas): -Is just looking at his phone with "Heart Eyes"- She's so cool...
Shoe: ((Should be called MettatonSALT
Shoe: ((Kek
MettatonSEX: ((true
: High Priest Laharl. [Runner] disconnected.
Gaster: ((guys, use this and tell me what you get:
MettatonSEX: ((i'm saltier than a soy-sauce covered superpretzel
: High Priest Laharl. [Runner] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((I got "white dove. it works at an adorable tiny bakery. instead of eyes there are just more ears."))
Shoe: Well next time try not to take your sweet ass time with it
GN Austin: ((Y tho))
Runner: ((I got this. ))
Gaster: "looks" around. "Darling, who let the baby in the bar?"
Runner: (( :/ ))
Gaster: ((wat
Gaster: ((
Runner: ((Thats my internet blocking pages from me because I haven't fucking payed it yet))
Gaster: ((oh
MettatonSEX: (( goth cerberus. it loves gore. it runs a blog dedicated to different types of planes throughout history.
Jamie (Judas): -Gets a text- Ooh? -Looks at it, and his face turns a shade of red- O-OKAY, THAT ONE'S FOR LATER... *PHEW*
Gaster: ((well i also found this one:
Shoe: Oooh, how many people died?
Runner: ((Nope))
Shoe: Four? Five?
anon: (i got "celestial koala", but i accidentally clicked it before reading the rest)
GN Austin: ((Amiable fox girl who wears gloves and hates Monday))
Runner: ((GN Austin got a furry.))
GN Austin: ((Sonic Boom 3 is looking good))
Gaster: ((this whole thing sounds like a shitpost:
Gaster: Too many.
Runner: ((Welp, guess I might as well chuck in the new guy))
Runner: ((Err))
Runner: ((Yeah.))
Runner: (("New"))
Shoe: Oooohooo, I hope you have fun with it
Shoe: 3 or more deaths? Probably
: High Priest Laharl. [Runner] is now High Priest Laharl. [???].
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
Shoe: All for one immortal chick
Shoe: Great planning
Shoe: winks
Shoe: audibly
Gaster: is disgusted by the audible wink.
: Terra [] joined chat.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
???: A figure walks into the bar. They're wearomg a large cloak and hood. Massive, ancestral. Power radiates off of it. Theres numbers, data, bytes, code, floating all around them. It's a walking fucking matrix.
MettatonSEX: looks to the matrix
Shoe: Welp, I'm tired
Shoe: curls up
Shoe: Have fun guilt tripping her
Gaster: Mmmh? Whose here?
Shoe: goes to sleep
Shoe: ((I'm tired
Shoe: ((Gn
: Shoe's connection timed out.
MettatonSEX: ((gn
???: Just looking at them opens up a textbox. [???: Lord of the database quadrants.]
Gaster: *Too bad Gaster can't look at them.
MettatonSEX: Database quadrants? What is this, a webcomic?
???: The figure turns left, their voice, eerily familiar. "Hello Gaster. It is nice to see you again."
Gaster: .... Again, who the heck are you?
Jamie (Judas): -Finally stops blushing, and looks at ???- Nice "Cerimonial Robes
Gaster: I wish I could say the same, but...
Gaster: motions to the bandages covering his eyes.
???: They're holding a giant wooden staff. They turn to Metta. "It is nice to see you again."
Gaster: ((ooooh i know who this is
Gaster: ((not gonna ruin it tho
???: They look at Jamie. "Yes, thank you."
: Terra [] disconnected.
: Terra [] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ...
???: Gaster can't see it. But they've got a textbox above them narrating their every word.
GN Austin: ((ITS NEO))
Tesla: Elon Musk-hating girl walks in. "Fuck you too, Elon."
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: ((power of neo
GN Austin: ((GG))
???: "A very long time has passed since we last met. About 10 years, 20 days, 4 hours, and 190471298417 microseconds."
MettatonSEX: Uh.
???: "Before. You knew me as White Mage."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]( i knew it )[/color]
???: This is why you don't let RPG characters run around for 10 fucking years.
: Terra [] is now Terra [Tesla].
Gaster: smiles a little. "It's nice to se - have you here again."
: High Priest Laharl. [???] is now High Priest Laharl. [White Mage].
MettatonSEX: Oh.
MettatonSEX: Hi again.
White Mage: "Hello. Goodbye."
Tesla: She looked at White Mage. "Hello, goodbye. At least you're not E----" She stopped herself.
White Mage: He starts walking off, out the bar door, there's a large exclamation mark above his head. He's here for a quest. Not a social call.
White Mage: "It was nice to know you."
MettatonSEX: ...Uh.
Gaster: ... So long.
White Mage: Now thats just a shameless reference.
MettatonSEX: Okay?
White Mage: She's gone.
White Mage: Lol Pyro Pronouns.
Gaster: Rip.
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
White Mage: ((They'll come into play again soon))
White Mage: ((About tomorrow))
White Mage: ((Y'know, for the next bar))
Gaster: ((neato
White Mage: ((Now for an actual character))
Gaster: ((i'm gonna try my hand at papyrus tomorrow, he's gonna help his dad get around
Gaster: ((a seeing eye skeleton, if you will
White Mage: ((Kek))
MettatonSEX: ((but they have sockets
Gaster: ((shush
White Mage: ((Alright, prepare for a tiny bit of plot around the people chasing the bar goers))
MettatonSEX: ((ok
White Mage: A small orb rolls into the bar, a flashbang orb. Oh come on theres barely anyone here this time.
MettatonSEX: Fuck
Gaster: just sits there.
Tesla: ( "Aquatic jellyfish girl who wears gloves and dislikes Step-Son " )
: High Priest Laharl. [White Mage] is now High Priest Laharl. [].
Tesla: "At least it's not Elon Musk."
MettatonSEX: shits his eyes
Tesla: ( chime these generators are gold )
MettatonSEX: SHUTS
Gaster: ((SHITS
: oh my god
Tesla: ( "-shits his eyes-" -Metta 2026 )
: The thing goes off, and everyone's back at a...very familiar place.
MettatonSEX: ...
: Although, MTT wouldn't recognize it, if Gaster had his eyes open he would.
Gaster: *Boy it'd be wonderful if Gaster could see.
Gaster: *Any music playing?
MettatonSEX: ((if its runners thing metta saw it briefly
: Heres a hint.
: Down the right hallway is mad laughing.
Tesla: ( "Liquid vampire girl who wears spring clothing and needs Modem " )
: The middle hallway is a dog barking
: And the left hallway theres teeth chattering.
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: ... Oh. It's runner's place.
Gaster: Alloy, are you here?
: Except, theres a fucking body in the main room.
Tesla: ( "Bitching lightning spirit" wtf )
MettatonSEX: Oh, I vaguely remember this.
Tesla: "That better be Musk's dead body."
MettatonSEX: ...
: It's robotic, wearing assination gear. It's covered in bites, sword slices, and bullets.
MettatonSEX: looks to the body
MettatonSEX: ...
: Runner DID get attacked by assasins. It has a couple of those flash orbs around it's belt.
: Down the middle hallway, the barking turns from happy to growling, and then to the sound of a dog BITING THE SHIT out of something metal.
Gaster: What's going on?
MettatonSEX: ...
: High Priest Laharl. [] is now High Priest Laharl. [Alloy].
Tesla: ( "Lackadaisical faun boy who wears thigh high socks and thinks about Sex " )
Tesla: ( i've had enough )
MettatonSEX: ((gasters fursona
Alloy: Another body drops down into the hallway down the middle, Alloy is ontop of it, no longer the cute dog.
Gaster: ((lmao
MettatonSEX: Uh.
Alloy: It's heavily armored, has red glowing eyes that are clearly lasers, sharper teeth, and a fucking gun extending out of it's mouth.
Tesla: ( I'll play a bitching lightning spirit )
Tesla: "..."
Alloy: Alloy is one hell of a guard dog.
MettatonSEX: WhT the fuuuck.
Tesla: "Damn, that's one hell of a guard dog."
Gaster: Mettaton. What. Is going. On.
MettatonSEX: There is a dog with a gun neck.
Alloy: Despite this, it does a sort of bark/whimper and runs over to the group.
MettatonSEX: There are dead robots
Gaster: ... Oh.
Alloy: It opens it's mouth, a recording starts to play, it's Runner.
Alloy: "Hey guys! If you're hearing this, good news! I've likely been scrapped!"
Alloy: "Wait, thats not good news at all, huh."
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Alloy: "Well, if i'm dead, I hope I went out with a bang, maybe saved a few people, y'know!" Runner has no fucking idea.
Gaster: starts to laugh.
Gaster: *He just straight up drops to the floor, howling.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Alloy: "If I wasn't fucking insane, I probably gave someone a little Disc."
Alloy: Oh shit, that Disc is with Lua, welp.
Gaster: stops laughing for a moment.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: That's with Lua.
Gaster: ... We should probably pass on that knowledge to Lua...
Alloy: "Check behind the bar counter in my room, theres a bottle down there. Alloy will know what to do."
MettatonSEX: (("i hope i went out with a bang"
Gaster: Alloy, can you lead us there?
Alloy: "Also! If you're trying to get home, theres an anydoor in my room. Watch out, these wierd assasin fucks have been trying to raid the entire asylum recently."
Alloy: "Don't worry though, Alloy can take them."
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
Alloy: With that, the message cuts off. Alloy nods, and begins walking down the middle hallway, he sticks to the left.
MettatonSEX: ...
Tesla: "..."
MettatonSEX: picks up Gaster and follows.
Tesla: ( brb )
Gaster: smiles. "Thanks for making it so I don't have to walk, darling."
MettatonSEX: I know you can walk I just want to carry you.
Alloy: Heh, lets hope Gaster told MTT to make sure to follow Alloy perfectly.
Jamie (Judas): ...
Alloy: The right side of the hallway is trapped.
MettatonSEX: smiles back, kissing the skel
Gaster: ... You're following right behind the dog, right? We're gonna get wrecked if you don't.
MettatonSEX: stays to the left.
MettatonSEX: No, I'm following left behind him.
Alloy: Alloy turns a left, and immediately gunfire starts fighting. Theres a robot with an assault rifle around the corner.
MettatonSEX: almost turns, but instead stops.
Alloy: "ORDERS INITIATED:FIND THE HUB TIMELINE, DESTROY ALL OPPOSITION." It doesn't last a minute, Alloy burns the shit out of it into melted scrap with his fucking laser eyes.
Tesla: "..."
Tesla: "Niiiiice."
MettatonSEX: turns, just. Following.
Alloy: Alloy skips the third step down the hallway, and starts to go up the stairs, but about 20 of those robots start barreling down them.
Alloy: Once again, they don't last a minute. Runner did some fucking awesome jobs with these traps. They step on the third step.
Alloy: The hallway abruptly slams shut like a fucking crusher room. Alloy gets out in time, the robots don't.
Alloy: Robot pancakes anyone?
Gaster: stirs a little. "Jesus, that sounded brutal."
Alloy: Heh, good thing nobody stepped on this one last time.
MettatonSEX: watches, almost having stepped right into that.
MettatonSEX: skips the third step dear lord
Alloy: Alloy goes up the stairs, dodging the second step, and avoiding the last step.
Alloy: A robot drops down from the ceiling, and is promptly decapitated by a dog at high speeds.
MettatonSEX: follows exactly
Alloy: Runner payed no fucking expense on his dog.
Gaster: ((fuck
Alloy: This thing's better equipped than him for fucks sake.
Tesla: ( )
Gaster: ((i got dogsong stuck in my head
GN Austin: ((You get used to it))
Tesla: ( Incoming characters: Arecibo/Rubisco )
Tesla: ( Not cars this time )
GN Austin: ((OH SHIT))
Alloy: Just strolling down the kryptonite hallway.
: Emerald [Hushpuppy] disconnected.
Alloy: A robot barrels through the wall, and is promptly fucking...dear god.
MettatonSEX: jolts back.
Alloy: Thank god Gaster and MTT haven't reached the hall yet, because the sounds that echoed out of that hall would make grown men cry.
Alloy: Jesus christ.
Gaster: .... What's happening?
MettatonSEX: I don't know, nor do I want to.
Alloy: Eventually, the group reaches Runner's room, which is completely different.
Alloy: For one, theres a couple dozen robots in there, searching, which immediately turn around and try to shoot Alloy.
Alloy: Nope. The bullets reflect off the Dog's plating and hit all the robots in the fucking eyes. The few that are still alive are promptly gunned down by the minigun that just extended out of the dog's throat.
MettatonSEX: ...
Alloy: The cheezy bar room full of stolen shit is different now.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Alloy: It looks like it's ready for fucking WAR.
Alloy: Theres guns everywhere, ammo all around. Explosives stacked in small mountains.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Alloy: Theres an actual goddamn mountain of small blue joy pills off to the right.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Alloy: What's truly terrifying is behind the door, a cluster of those small, black balls.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Alloy: One of those things destroyed the entire Joytale timeline.
MettatonSEX: ....
Alloy: Holy shit Runner was going to fucking decimate that entire damn quadrant of timelines.
Alloy: Off in the far corner, theres stuff from...Grillby's?
Alloy: One of Gaster's Blasters, which Runner managed to steal. Random knick-knacks from inside MTT's chest. A whole car tire. Belongings from all kinds of people.
MettatonSEX: Hey, those are mine!
Alloy: Yes, Runner stole the chainsaw katana. He swears he was going to give it back, totally.
MettatonSEX: takes his shit back
Gaster: ... What did he take?
Alloy: The robots were apparently looking through the anydoor history, they got dangerously close to finding the Bar.
MettatonSEX: He took the chainsaw katana!
Alloy: Alloy goes behind the counter and pulls the beer bottle, which is actually a lever.
MettatonSEX: And other things!
Alloy: A whole fucking trapdoor opens dramatically in the floor, and lifts up some kind of body. It's clearly Runner, except different.
MettatonSEX: Amongst those being very precious to me personally!
MettatonSEX: What the fuck
Alloy: It looks older, like it was built decades ago.
Gaster: What? What the hell's going on?
MettatonSEX: It's an old robot body.
Gaster: Oh.
Alloy: On the front is a large note. "MACHIN, ALPHA TYPE, TESTING PROCESS 1.0"
Tesla: "..."
Alloy: Meet the original Runner.
Tesla: ( OOOOO )
Gaster: approaches the robot body, his arms raised.
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Alloy: It's rusted, dilapidated, half of it seems to be made of almost steam-punk esque shit.
Alloy: Damn how long have people been working on him?
GN Austin: ((I feel like introducing 500 more characters...))
Alloy: Alloy jumps up on the thing's chest and curls up, whining.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Tesla: ( Canyon Diablo )
Alloy: Disturbingly, some parts of it are human.
Gaster: traces the details of the body, trying to get a feel for the thing.
Gaster: Is this... flesh? Euuugh...
Alloy: Those eyes? Those are clearly the eyes of a human, silver, dangerous, like a mafia boss.
MettatonSEX: Yes.
Alloy: The right left is toned, powerful.
MettatonSEX: ((right left
Alloy: If one put their head on his chest you could feel a heart beating, actually pumping lead.
Alloy: ((Right leg))
MettatonSEX: ((oh so he stole it from mettaton
Alloy: This thing is complete SHIT.
GN Austin: ((*rimshot*))
Alloy: ((Kek))
Alloy: How the hell would this robot even move? This is like some Doctor Who shit!
MettatonSEX: It looks like a conglomorate of pieces, but not in a good way.
Gaster: sighs. "I wish I could see this..."
Alloy: It's like 16 different inventors had a fucking argument over which time period they were in.
MettatonSEX: Not really.
Alloy: Some of it is sci-fi, steampunk, JESUS.
Gaster: ((jesus is part of runner confirmed
MettatonSEX: ((thats the human bit
Gaster: ((i totally read "JESUS" like the history of japan video
Alloy: NO FUCKING WONDER Runner hated his creators, this thing was probably meant to die halfway through it's first mission.
Gaster: Honeslty, the thing feels shoddy. Runner's lucky he upgraded.
MettatonSEX: Yep.
Alloy: The head has a giant incision in it.
Alloy: Ew. Runner DOES have a human brain, he must've had to literally surgery himself into the new body. Thats how much he hated this old thing.
MettatonSEX: ...
Tesla: ( Open. The Country. - Cross. The Border. )
Alloy: It's like twoface had a fucking lovechild with a lovecraftion dwarf.
Tesla: ( so many full stops-----woa )
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
Gaster: ... Well. There's not much we can do here, is there?
Alloy: Knock Knock, get the door.
Alloy: It's robot assasins, barreling into the room.
Alloy: One of them chucks a grenade, aaaaand Runner 1.0 is scrapped, the only thing left around is a CD holder. Hey, you could install that on something else. cool.
Alloy: And then they set off the black holes.
Alloy: Alloy jumps out through the anydoor.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Alloy: He grabs the CD port.
Gaster: gasps. "Metta? We need to leave!"
MettatonSEX: runs thru the anydoor
Tesla: "welp" She runs to the Anydoor and nopes the fuck out.
MettatonSEX: I know.
MettatonSEX: stole all his shit back btw
Gaster: follows Mettaton the best he can.
Alloy: Yep.
Alloy: CD Drive GET.
MettatonSEX: just carries gaster
Jamie (Judas): -Is just in the bar reading-
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Alloy: Now you get to discuss robot assasins trying to kill everyoen in the bar.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He appears next to Jamie. Meow.
Alloy: Alloy is gone, the CD drive has been left on the table.
Jamie (Judas): -Pets him without a care-
: MettatonSEX's connection timed out.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He purrs and crawls into Jamie's lap.
Gaster: is just... done.
Gaster: Darling, I'd like to go to bed now.
Alloy: Welp, goodnight.
: High Priest Laharl. [Alloy] disconnected.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Jamie (Judas): -Pets again-
MettatonSEX: Mmhm.
MettatonSEX: goes back home, and sets Gaster into bed.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "..." He just enjoys the pets.
Gaster: sighs. "Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to see again.
MettatonSEX: I hope somtoo.
Jamie (Judas): -Either doesn't know he's a Hellcat, or knows but doesn't give a shit, it's hard to tell-
MettatonSEX: *so too
Gaster: falls asleep.
Gaster: ((good freaking night everyone, i'm gonna get some sleep
GN Austin: ((night night))
MettatonSEX: ((oh hey just letting you know glamor's only friend other than corsi is microton
MettatonSEX: ((gn chime
Gaster: ((get ready to meet papyrus tomorrow, he may be au, maybe not - ooooh fuck you
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((Get ready to meet Isaac, Lilith and Eve tommorow))
Tesla: ( microton: yes )
MettatonSEX: hugs Gaster close as he goes to bed
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] is now MageVaati [MageVaati].
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Tesla: "..."
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "..."
: Terra [Tesla] is now Terra [].
MageVaati: (thats why i was mad when microton almost died. its bc glamor deserves a friend)
GN Austin: ((Oh ok))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( he's had two near death experiences )
MageVaati: (one that isnt his sister)
MageVaati: (i know)
GN Austin: ((GNA has had 3 death experiences... ONCE BY VAPORIZATION))
MageVaati: (one was because of glamor)
MageVaati: (and he still feels bad about that)
GN Austin: ((o))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hellcat has died ten times )
GN Austin: ((Ok, Hellcat wins))
MageVaati: (metta has almost died once)
anon: (i thought cats had only 9 lives)
GN Austin: ((Guys I have a question about my next character))
GN Austin: ((Which one should I introduce first? Isaac, Eve or Lilith?))
MageVaati: (pfft)
MageVaati: (eve)
GN Austin: ((also kek))
GN Austin: ((One vote, Eve))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hellcat died ten times to rebel against the 9 lives thing )
GN Austin: ((REBEL 5 LYFE
anon: (now i imagine that hellcat is like one of those rebellious teens that shops at hot topic)
GN Austin: ((IT'S NOT A PHASE!))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hellcat is a rebellious cat )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( "SATAN, BRO, IT'S NOT A PHASE, MAN" )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( "IT'S NOT A PRANK, BRO" )
GN Austin: ((We have one vote for Eve... anyone else?))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hellcat buys satan baby clothes for his birthday )
GN Austin: ((GG))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hellcat's satan is 5'5 )
GN Austin: ((kek))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( satan just forces the clothes onto hellcat )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( so hellcat just goes around wearing baby clothes for a few days )
MageVaati: (lol)
GN Austin: ((Nice))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( gourmet chef asriel )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( also known as rapper asriel )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( today's special: microwave pizza )
GN Austin: ((wait wat))
GN Austin: ((What happened while I was gone?))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( no )
MageVaati: (ok really what the hell was up with eggtale)
MageVaati: (like it just... happened?)
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( gourmet chef asriel: MYNAMEISCHEF )
MageVaati: (it was like a hallucination)
GN Austin: ((Arc Idea: Everyone is trapped in the Binding of Isaac basement))
GN Austin: ((Judas: Home sweet home))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( gourmet chef asriel also comes from the tlctale timeline so )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( gourmet chef asriel = tlcasriel )
MageVaati: (mettaton: the fuck is this)
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( microton: this looks like my studio )
MageVaati: (what the fuck is the tlc timeline)
GN Austin: ((oh damn))
MageVaati: (microton no)
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( TLCTale, it's like my strange obsession but...undertale )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( hence TLC )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Alphys has married the anydoor )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Toriel calls everyone her child )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Asriel is like...uh Asriel )
GN Austin: ((He blushes all the time))
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( yeh )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Frisk is a Hoarder )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * ( Jerry is just...ughhhhh )
GN Austin: ((Fuck Jerry))
: Terra [] is now Terra [TLCAsriel].
TLCAsriel: ( bring it on motherfuckers )
TLCAsriel: ( lpt: tesla p90d slays )
GN Austin: ((Im gonna make more character art
TLCAsriel: ( i'm gonna draw some too )
GN Austin: ((k))
MageVaati: (i need to draw more glamor)
MageVaati: (hes so fun to draw bc his hair changes vaguely eact time)
GN Austin: ((u should draw more everything))
MageVaati: (!!!!!!)
TLCAsriel: ( where tf is a pencil sharpener when u need it )
MageVaati: (in your pussy)
GN Austin: ((kek))
TLCAsriel: ( um )
MageVaati: (or your bitch)
MageVaati: (you got a pet? its in your pet)
TLCAsriel: ( um )
MageVaati: (my dog ate a pencil sharpener once)
GN Austin: ((oh))
TLCAsriel: ( okay then )
TLCAsriel: ( i drew novelica with my index finger )
GN Austin: ((cool))
MageVaati: (im going to bed, gn)
MageVaati: (gn darling <3)
GN Austin: ((gn))
anon: (gn!!)
TLCAsriel: ( gn )
: MageVaati's connection timed out.
: skeletonghosthunter's connection timed out.
TLCAsriel: ( gonna go to bed now, gn )
: Terra [TLCAsriel] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((ok))
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
: Emerald [Hushpuppy] joined chat.
: Emerald [Hushpuppy] disconnected.
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
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: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Jeska or Jukon: ((hello
Bondertale: (eeyyy)
Jeska or Jukon: ((I'm sick
Bondertale: (aaawww)
Jeska or Jukon: ((I'm actually going to bed
Bondertale: (k)
Bondertale: (have a good slep)
Jeska or Jukon: ((be back on in 8ish
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] disconnected.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] joined chat.
: Frisky [Small Frisk] is now Frisky [Asriel (Hyper)].
: Frisky [Asriel (Hyper)] is now Frisky [Asriel].
Asriel: * Hyper's soul finally projected something, after he made sure everybody was either asleep, or not paying attention. The projection was not that of his regular 'Hyperdeath' form, but rather his original - purple eyed self. He waddles over to the bar counter, shaking. He finally musters the strength to sit down on a stool, likely because they were made for adults. He looks up at Grillby. [sub]"..Just give me any drink that you have."[/sub] Grillby wasn't about to hand a drink to a child, but he glances at the soul floating in the corner and remembers. The fireman shrugs, and not before long did Hyper have a drink in his hand. When his projection was a child. What the heck was he getting at, here? He just begins to drink. And drink. And drink. Aaaaand drink.
: Frisky [Asriel] disconnected.
: Shoe [Shoe] joined chat.
: Frisky [Asriel] joined chat.
Asriel: ((hola
Shoe: ((Ayy
Asriel: ((aaayyyy lmaaaoooooooo
Shoe: is curled up on the bar
Asriel: * He ignores Shoe. What a meaningful conversation.
Asriel: * He just keeps on drinking. How much alcohol is in that damn bottle?
Shoe: awakens, trotting over to the smol child
Shoe: Whatcha doin"
Shoe: *?
Asriel: ".." He slams the bottle down on the counter. "J-Just.. leave me alone."
Asriel: "Please."
Asriel: ((Shoe: [COLOR=#FF0000]NO[/COLOR]
Shoe: No
Shoe: pushes the bottle off the counter, smiling
Asriel: "W-What the... what the fuck?"
Asriel: "Why did you do that..?"
Asriel: * The bottle shatters.
Asriel: * Alcohol is spilled onto the floor.
Shoe: isn't on the floor, he's on the bar
Asriel: * I know.
Shoe: Go on, tell uncle shoe what's up
Asriel: * I'm just saying, because it fell to the floor.
Asriel: "..Shut the fuck up."
Shoe: ik bby
Asriel: * k gud
Shoe: pets his smol head
Asriel: * He attempts to swat away Shoe's paw. It was a very weak attempt.
Shoe: puts his paw down
Shoe: Have fun last night?
Shoe: Were you there?
Asriel: ".."
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Asriel: [sub]"..yes."[/sub]
Asriel: ((hi dd
Shoe: ((Hoi
Shoe: I didn't see you, where were you?
Lua: ((hello))
Shoe: Of course I was a fucking statue for most of it
Asriel: "You d-don't need to know that.."
Shoe: being played rn is basically me postponing the insane guilt trips inbound
Shoe: Hmm, you couldn't have been with us...
Asriel: "Stop it."
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Asriel: "Stop talking to me."
Asriel: "Just shut up."
Shoe: Aha! You must have been that soul that freak threw away
Shoe: shudders, "Weird ass thing"
Bondertale: (so why is hyper not hyper no more?)
Asriel: ((he doesn't want to be known as hyper anymore
Bondertale: (now he's just 'asriel')
Shoe: boops him on the snoot with a paw
Bondertale: (because that's not confusing)
Asriel: ((that's the point
Asriel: * He attempts to swing a fist into Shoe's face.
Shoe: it makes a mark, shoe reforms it
Shoe: hops on his head
Shoe: Well, you're not an eldrich abomination anymore
Bondertale: (i mean this affectionately frisky, but fuck you. Naming a character for the sole purpose of making something already confusing even more so is kind of a dick move. He'll, not even naming, REnaming.)
Asriel: ((what
Shoe: ((Supposedly this is meta shit
Asriel: ((who says i wanted to make things confusing
Shoe: That's an improvement
Asriel: ((the point is that people can infer
Asriel: ((because this is the only asriel that i play
Asriel: ((so no, i'm not making a dick move
Bondertale: (well, I said 'because that's not confusing' sarcastically and you said 'that's the point' )
Asriel: ((it's confusing until you think about it
Shoe: hops off his head onto the bar
Asriel: * He snickers.
Shoe: Welp, I might as well let the bitch out now
Asriel: "..Don't call her a bitch."
Shoe: Oh really?
Bondertale: (and, yes, we can infer which Asriel you're playing. The problem comes I referring to them. Ooc I guess we could say 'frisky's asriel', or 'the artist formerly known as hyper', but in character? )
Asriel: "She isn't a dog."
Asriel: ((you can still call him hyper
Bondertale: bazzy wakes up. Tori is still pretty well not okay. Frisk is, surprisingly, shaken but relatively fine.
Asriel: ((ic
Bondertale: (...the why even-okay. Fine. Fair enough. Nevermind.)
Shoe: morphs
: Shoe [Shoe] is now Fanta [Fanta].
Fanta: awakens, sitting on the bar
Asriel: "..howdy."
Asriel: * He looks down at the ground.
Fanta: H-hello
Asriel: ((You can still call him Hyper even though he doesn't want to be called Hyper.))
Asriel: ((IC.))
Fanta: Um... who are you?
Asriel: "..I'm an Asriel."
Bondertale: "F-fanta!" bazzy said, still looking tired.
Asriel: "That's all you should know."
Asriel: * He orders another drink.
Fanta: Alright...
Asriel: * He begins to drink out of that bottle.
Asriel: * Fuck you, shitty Nike cat.
Fanta: gets off the bar, slightly singing her feet in the alcohol before she gets onto the couch
Bondertale: bazzy gets up, walking over. " are you feeling after all...that."
Fanta: What... month is it?
Asriel: * He begins to snicker quietly. He faceplants into the counter, still holding the bottle of alcohol. The snickering becomes muffled.
Asriel: ((alright fucking fine flame))
: Frisky [Asriel] is now Frisky [Hyper].
Bondertale: (i stopped complaining(
Hyper: ((i know
Bondertale: (i can't control your life)
Hyper: ((i know
Bondertale: (do whatever)
Hyper: ((i know
Bondertale: "Uh...april?"
Fanta: Oh...
Fanta: looks down
Fanta: H-how long were you looking?
Hyper: ((Fanta: H-how long were you looking at my ass when I was petrified?
Hyper: ((Bazzy: the whole time
Bondertale: "Almost two months. We had to fight our way through that entire hellhole."
Bondertale: (Bazzy: "Tbh I think it kinda helped a little" )
Fanta: The entire thing...
Bondertale: "Yeah...
Fanta: sounds cold "How many dead."
Hyper: "Enngg.."
Bondertale: "...all of them."
Fanta: Of us.
Bondertale: "OH. Uh...lets see...two that didn't come back, I think."
Fanta: ...
Bondertale: "Hyper and smolsriel died. Smolsriel is half-mettaton now."
Bondertale: "Jozlyn got joyed."
Bondertale: (i could swear there was another one what am I forgetting)
Hyper: "I'M NOT DEAD."
Lua: ((~Runner~))
Fanta: H-hah... hhnn...
Bondertale: "I know you're not!"
Bondertale: "OH, and Uh, this runner guy. You never met him."
Fanta: puts her head down, crying
Hyper: "..erm.."
Hyper: "..."
Hyper: * He sighs.
Bondertale: leans on her, wrapping an arm around her back. "We all lost something. But even without you, I think it was worth it just to destroy that hellhole and the motherfucker ruling it before any more lives were ruined."
Fanta: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...
Fanta: hugs him, crying
Bondertale: "That doesn't mean I enjoyed doing it. Or that I'm happy it's done. But I think it was for the best that it was."
Lua: ((I mean, we could have done it WITHOUT black holing the place, but meh.))
Bondertale: "It's okay. I'm the one who was so determined to get through that place for you. Everyone else was, like, 60% along for the ride, as far as I could tell
Bondertale: (that was mostly unintentional)
Fanta: ((I didn't intend any explosions
Bondertale: "OH, uh, I know this doesn't help much to say, but that Garth dude died, too."
Fanta: ((But an explosive finale is appreciated
Fanta: ...all because of my stupid fuckup
Lua: ((I was so busy adding in new attacks, both of my characters almost died because I was in the doc.))
Bondertale: (Fanta: "IT WAS ACTUALLY KINDA HOT" )
Hyper: ((Slarv, what would of happened if nobody threw the black hole?))
Bondertale: sighs. "I don't think we could have gone our lives without encountering that motherfucker anyway. He wouldn't have settled for the one dimension. He'd expand. We'd have to deal with MORE of that."
Fanta: ((You would whoop his ass and go through the barrier
Hyper: ((that's it
Fanta: ((The same thing, just no explosion
Hyper: ((well i like the black hole ending better
Hyper: ((it made things more intense
Fanta: ((Yeee
Lua: ((~which I took complete advantage of~))
Fanta: Y-you killed king gaster?
Bondertale: "Oh, yes."
Bondertale: "The whole place got swallowed in a black hole that some dickbag ro it named runner made."
Bondertale: Robot
Fanta: ...he had plans to take over more timelines
Fanta: Once the barrier fell... the surface... then the multiverse
Bondertale: "I expected as much."
Bondertale: "He was hungry for money and power, even if he had to make a world where neither mattered to get it"
Lua: ((*Turns out that dickbag Gaston shot actually was Gaster))
Bondertale: "He was a fucking moron. The smartest, most dangerous moron ever, but he was still a moron."
Fanta: hugs him tighter
Fanta: Thank you...
Hyper: ((Bazzy: now let's fuck
Hyper: ((Fanta: ohhhh yes~
Bondertale: "Hey. I was practically the most selfish person here. I just wanted to save my girlfriend. Everybody else was doing this out of sacrifice for the greater good and stuff." he sighed. "But God am I glad to have you back."
Hyper: ((Fanta: my hero~
Fanta: I-I'm glad to be back...
Fanta: I just hope everyone doesn't hate me as much as they should for dragging them there
Bondertale: (god, it's gonna be fun seeing how Fanta reacts when barchar turns her boyfriend into a vegetable :D)
Hyper: ((What would of happened if we left Fanta in the explosion?))
Fanta: ((ik bby
Fanta: ((She ded
Bondertale: "If they do, I'll help them realize why that line of thinking is stupid." basriel said, coldly. "I'm not letting you spend the first days of your freedom from torture getting bitched at for having the gall to be in danger."
Hyper: ((It would of been hilarious if we left Fanta
Hyper: ((and find out that she died
Fanta: ((Hell yeah
Fanta: smiles at him softly
Hyper: ((Bazzy: *pulls out shotgun*
Hyper: ((Bazzy: fuck you
Hyper: ((Bazzy: *shoots fanta*
Hyper: ((Fanta: *the bullets go right through*
Hyper: ((Fanta: you dumbo
Hyper: ((Fanta: i am an amalgamate
Hyper: ((Bazzy: oh
Bondertale: ("Amalgawhat?")
Bondertale: (though I guess flowey probably knew the amalgamates)
Bondertale: (or knew about them, anyway)
Hyper: ((of course he would
Bondertale: just leans back in the couch, and partially on Fanta.
Bondertale: (but that's not half as funny)
Fanta: accepts this lean
Hyper: ((he has reset millions of times
Hyper: ((of course he would know about them
Bondertale: (heck, there's probably at least one scenario where alphys might unleash them to try to kill flowey)
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Bondertale: "...
Bondertale: "Do you know if there was anybody else from other dimensions getting joy from that asshole?"
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Bondertale: (i hate it when I hit enter after three dots but before I actually write any texg)
Bondertale: (its annoying)
Bondertale: (because it almost seems intentional, but it's not)
Fanta: Probably, he forced people to take it.
Hyper: ((Person: blow me daddy
Hyper: ((Asriel: WALKING FASTER
Bondertale: "If it's floating around other dimensions, we need to learn about it so we can try to get rid of that shit. I want to just get rid of all traces of that damned dimension. Aside from the soul in smolsriel, I guess. That's not something I can just get rid of. "
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Bondertale: at bazzy mentioning that, Toriel starts looking around in worry. She hadn't even him in a couple of days, from what she could remember.
Fanta: We should try to wipe the drug out
Fanta: B-but not now...
Bondertale: "No. Not right now. Right now, we need to take a fucking break."
Bondertale: "We've all been through so much shit."
Fanta: B-because of me
Bondertale: "No. Because of a psychopath with a lot of knowledge and not a lot of morality."
Bondertale: "It's not your fault. No more than it was the fault of the inhabitants of that dimension. You're the victims here, not the instigators."
Fanta: ...
Fanta: snuggles
Bondertale: bazzy is pretty alright with just not doing anything right now. A damn sight better than what he's been doing.
Fanta: kisses the gote on the cheek
Bondertale: smiles at her, sighing. "At least now that that's over, I actually have time to spend with you."
Fanta: I missed you
Fanta: scratches his ears
Bondertale: "I missed you, too. Ever since you left o just felt...distant. From everyone. Even the people I'm bonded with."
Fanta: That's odd, don't you share thoughts and stuff?
Bondertale: Well. Wasn't this an interesting question to figure out how to answer. "Usually."
Fanta: I hope that dimension didn't screw anything up
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Hyper: ((and i live again
Bondertale: "Not directly, I don't think. It's just...i've been through a lot. I think I'm getting jaded."
Hyper: ((annnnd i brb at the perfect time 10/10
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Bondertale: "I think it was more you being gone than the dimension."
Bondertale: "Just, like...i tried to just not HAVE emotion. Not even not show it. Which, you know, what with joy and flowey, you'd think I'd know is a bad idea."
Fanta: It's good to have emotions
Fanta: Even if I'm gone... don't let yourself become emotionless
Bondertale: "Yeah...hopefully that should start going back to normal. Hopefully EVERYTHING does, though God knows there's a lot to normalize."
Fanta: Mhm
Fanta: snuggles up with him
Bondertale: "...
Bondertale: "So what's with that cat?"
Fanta: Everything's gonna be ok
Fanta: ...oh him.
Bondertale: "Dude is kind of a fucking asshole."
Fanta: That's a bit of a long story
Fanta: Ten years ago he held me captive for... millenia, training me to be a servant
Fanta: Eventually we developed a sort of dual personality... thing
Fanta: He takes over every now and then
Fanta: And... that's how my daughter died
Bondertale: "Holy shit."
Fanta: Yeah. I'm not exactly fond of him
Fanta: ((brb water
Bondertale: "If it wouldn't kill you in the process, I'd probably stab him in the back next time I saw him."
Fanta: He doesn't tend to do much, just show up, shittalk, and leave
Fanta: But he can be violent...
Bondertale: "Dude, he trapped you for millenia and killed your daughter. I don't care how passive of an asshole he is, he's worth killing."
Fanta: Well, he's in my body
Fanta: His old body is in the abyss
Fanta: So killing him would kill me
Bondertale: "Right, which is why I said 'if it wouldn't kill you'. Which is a shame, but, oh well. Maybe we could...excorsise him or some shit. We got time to think."
Fanta: That sounds like a possibility
Bondertale: "You don't know any exorcists or anything, do you?"
Fanta: Nope
Bondertale: "Damn. We can go looking." basriel wasn't sure at which point this stopped being a joke and became an actual contemplation of the possibility, but there was some point in there, somewhere.
: Terra [TLCAsriel] joined chat.
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
TLCAsriel: ( lolrip )
Bondertale: (hi mythm'n)
TLCAsriel: ( yo )
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: Terra [TLCAsriel] is now happiness is mass consumption [TLCAsriel].
: happiness is mass consumption [TLCAsriel] is now Terra [TLCAsriel].
: Lua [Lua] is now Watching. [].
: Terra [TLCAsriel] is now humanity is insanity [Tesla].
: Watching. [] is now Agreeing with you. [].
: humanity is insanity [Tesla] is now happiness is mass consumption [Tesla].
: Agreeing with you. [] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
: happiness is mass consumption [Tesla] is now Terra [Tesla].
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now The Demon Doesn't Matter Anymore [DamnDude].
: Terra [Tesla] is now sweet disarray [Tesla].
: The Demon Doesn't Matter Anymore [DamnDude] is now The Demon, The Dragon, and The Enraged. [DamnDude].
: sweet disarray [Tesla] is now Tesla and the War Against Elon [Tesla].
DamnDude: (( The great name changes of 2016 ))
Tesla: (( 10/10 ))
DamnDude: (( ))
DamnDude: (( ))
: Tesla and the War Against Elon [Tesla] is now Obliteration of Existentiality [Tesla].
Tesla: (( kek ))
DamnDude: (( Cruz past danger guys. ))
Tesla: ( now i wonder if all the robots here follow at least one of the three laws of robotics )
Tesla: ( "Machines know no fear" )
: Obliteration of Existentiality [Tesla] is now Obliteration of Existentiality [*].
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
DamnDude: (( wb ))
*: ( wb )
: Obliteration of Existentiality [*] is now Obliteration of Existentiality [Tesla].
Bondertale: )(hi People McOverlylongnames)
DamnDude: (( hi ))
: Obliteration of Existentiality [Tesla] is now Terra [Tesla].
: The Demon, The Dragon, and The Enraged. [DamnDude] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
DamnDude: (( are you happy now? ))
DamnDude: (( :D ))
Tesla: ( "25 FPS. Swim." -Joshimuz 2013 )
Bondertale: (i was just joking geez)
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Tesla: ( hi )
Hyper: ((hi
Bondertale: (hi frisky)
Hyper: (("I'M CRYING AT 1 FPS"
Hyper: (("OH NO"
Hyper: (("IT'S SOOOOO"
Tesla: ( "I'M CLOSE" "15 FPS" "FUCK" )
Hyper: (("AT 5 FPS"
Tesla: ( probably gonna get another PC eventually kek )
Bondertale: (the zodiac killer)
Hyper: ((i need a new laptop
Hyper: ((my old one broke
Hyper: ((if i had a laptop then i wouldn't be on mobile))
Hyper: ((which means no more typing slow as fuck
Tesla: ( rip
Hyper: * He is currently chugging a nice bottle of Africa.
Hyper: ((LOL
Tesla: ( mmm )
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Meow. He's been on the couch this whole time. Without sleep.
Hyper: alcohol*
Hyper: ((imagine drinking africa though
Tesla: ( you get eb----kek )
Hyper: ((you'd be sipping on starving children
Hyper: ((and ebola
Hyper: ((#saveafrica
Tesla: She walks into the bar and sits down on the couch. "[sub]Fuck you Musk....[/sub]"
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Hyper: * He glances at Tesla for a few short moments before going back to drinking the alcohol. He looks like a regular Asriel, just with purple eyes.
Tesla: "..."
Hyper: * Basically, he looks like a child who is drinking.
Tesla: She's not that concerned.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Tesla: ( "I JUST HAVE TO HACK MUSK'S ELECTRICS HOLY SHIT" Tesla disappears from the bar forever
Bondertale: bazzy is leaning against a female version of him. Tori is silently panicing. Frisk is just chilling, being mute and shif
Mk: there's a robot or somethin' too whatever dawg
Hyper: * Whenever he finishes a bottle of alcohol he immediately orders another one.
Hyper: * He's gonna have a lot on his tab.
Tesla: Tesla blinks. With her robotic eyes.
Tesla: ( non-musk )
Hyper: ((#nomuskallowed
Hyper: * He's finished around five one ounce bottles of alcohol and he doesn't even seem to be tipsy.
Barchar: is honestly kind of impressed
Tesla: "..."
Tesla: ( Joseph: yeah your boyfriend's cheatin on ya )
Tesla: ( hyper: kill him )
Hyper: ((he wouldn't be like that at all
: High Priest Laharl. [Alloy] joined chat.
Tesla: ( shit it's laharl )
Hyper: ((hi lahueeerrlll
: High Priest Laharl. [Alloy] is now High Priest Laharl. [Elon Musk].
Elon Musk: Nah
Tesla: ( oh fuck )
Hyper: ((what
Tesla: ( [url=]irrelevant[/url] )
Elon Musk: Elon Musk walks in. An Elon Musk from a seperate timeline. He just got off his colony on mars, sipping some potato soda, the highest of delicacies.
Tesla: "..." She glares at him.
Tesla: "Motherfucker."
Mk: looks up. Yup. That's a robot. "Why are we yelling?"
Elon Musk: "...What did I do?"
Tesla: "Don't say that the Model 3 killed half of the population."
Elon Musk: "....Nnnnno?"
Tesla: "...
Elon Musk: "I don't have a model 3. I have a Model K that I invented. It has rockets."
Tesla: "...You didn't make a Model 3?"
Hyper: * He is still chugging alcohol, ignoring Elon shitstain Musk.
Elon Musk: "Why would I make a model 3? I only use letters. Model S. Model X..."
Tesla: ( [url=]Tesla Model 3 bruh[/url] )
Elon Musk: ((Yeah I know))
Mk: is feeling like he's missing something, both in-character and out
Elon Musk: ((This is an Elon Musk based entirely off a wikipedia entry. It doesn't have a model 3 on there, so he doesn't own the model 3.))
Tesla: ( FFS )
Tesla: "..."
Tesla: "Damnit. This isn't the Elon I'm looking for."
Elon Musk: He just shrugs, and something explodes behind the anydoor.
Tesla: "The Elon I'm looking for basically made Model 3s into deathtraps."
Elon Musk: A model 3 Engine flies out. "Oh look, the Model Z is done!"
Tesla: "What?"
Elon Musk: Who knows where the road goes.
Tesla: the road
Tesla: "..."
Elon Musk: Elon picks up the engine for a Model 3, and walks out. "Well i'm off to finish my new invention!"
Tesla: "...That's the motors for a Model 3."
Tesla: ( There are plans to kill Fuckhead Elon from Tesla's timeline, but they just need one last thing to execute the perfect plan )
Hyper: ((sex
Elon Musk: At that moment, a giant asteroid flies into Mars.
Tesla: ( no that's for the party )
Elon Musk: Elon has the poor fortune to be right underneath it.
Elon Musk: Explosions and a squelching noise are heard, before the anydoor closes.
Hyper: * He snickers.
Tesla: "...Holy shit." She laughs.
Tesla: ( What do they need? An internal combustion engine )
Elon Musk: The reason this asteroid fell?
Hyper: "T-That.. haha.. that happened.."
Tesla: ( ICEs were completely wiped from Tesla's timeline and it had been so long since that happened that documentation of them was lost )
Hyper: * He continues chugging his fifteenth bottle of alcohol.
Elon Musk: One of Elon Musk's cars accidently got caught in a rocket launch, and was sent off into space. It crashed into an asteroid, and knocked it just off axis.
Elon Musk: Yes, Elon Musk effectively was killed by his own car.
Tesla: 10 out of motherfucking 10.
Hyper: * 10 out of motherfucking 10.
Tesla: "..." She takes out a picture of a Ford Mustang. ICE-powered, right? Well, not anymore. The picture, though, is an extinct ICE model.
Tesla: "...Those make noise. They seem like they don't have electric motors, but.....holy shit."
Hyper: ((Tesla: ..In this world, it's Musk or be Musked.
Mk: "...why do I bother waking up?" they muttered, curling back up.
Tesla: ( Tesla: {[url=]LUDICRIOUS MODE[/url]} )
Tesla: "...Engines...powered by...gasoline."
Hyper: ".." He has no words.
Hyper: * For that statement.
Tesla: "Well fuck this I'm out." She disappears.
Elon Musk: ((So who wants a bar swap))
Tesla: ( sure why not )
Tesla: And that concludes the short story of Tesla.
Hyper: ((sure
Elon Musk: ((I'm introducing a character that i'll be RPing from this bar, so lets do this))
: Terra [Tesla] is now Terra [].
Bondertale: (i feel like using mk, and that could give then motivation to do things)
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Meow.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] is now Monster Kid [Mk].
: High Priest Laharl. [Elon Musk] is now High Priest Laharl. [T.J Junior].
T.J Junior: A blue orb rolls into the bar.
T.J Junior: Fuck.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * Meow. "ORB"
Mk: jakob bumps into mk. "Oh! Right. You still need to eat." they stand up, opening their bag and tossing some random thing into Jakob.
T.J Junior: Everything goes white, and the bar-goers are now in...what.
T.J Junior: White marble pillars...
T.J Junior: Swords and weaponry scattered around...
T.J Junior: lots of FIREPLACES.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Mk: "...uhhhh...was I not supposed to do that?"
T.J Junior: There are two signs over the white marble bar counter.
Hyper: "W-what the fuck?"
Hyper: * He glances around.
Mk: "Was this my fault? Was that bag of lays somehow important to the fabric of reality?"
Hyper: * He stares at the signs.
T.J Junior: 'Welcome to Valhalla Bar!' and another one that says 'Noon:Battles to the death. Afternoon:Duels to the death. Evening:Golf to the death.'
Mk: "Am I really in a situation where I can ask that question and mean it?"
T.J Junior: It's a bar modelled like the fucking norse valhalla. The bartender is a young man, 19-20 at best, wearing a blue civil war coat and a bayonett under his shoulder, he's wiping the countertop.
Hyper: "..Hnn.."
: [sup]*[/sup]*[sub]*[/sub] Delta: * [color=#D4AF37]He rolls in. Beep. "Interesting situation."[/color]
Hyper: * He wonders where the fuck he is. He glances at the bartender.
Hyper: "S-Sir.. what is this place?"
T.J Junior: (( Try to imagine This. ))
T.J Junior: He jumps up, speaking in a sort of early British accent. "Newly dead, or just visiting?"
T.J Junior: Well, early American.
Hyper: "..Eh, there was a white flash and now we're here."
Hyper: * He shrugs.
: ★ Joseph: * He appears. "..."
Hyper: "I, for one, want to know the name of this place."
T.J Junior: "Well you wouldn't die to a flashbang, so i'll say visitors!"
T.J Junior: He points to the sign. "Welcome to Valhalla! Home of the honorable dead!" One of the bar-goers at the table nearby gets impaled by a spear out of nowhere.
: ★ Joseph: * ( gtg
: Terra [] disconnected.
Hyper: ((bye
T.J Junior: TJ turns at them. "HEY! THIS IS AN IMPALEMENT-FREE ZONE! TAKE IT TO THE BATTLEFIELDS!" and with that, the person who threw the spear hurries out the door, while the impalee stands up, and walks out.
T.J Junior: Death's temporary in Valhalla.
Hyper: "..Yeesh."
Hyper: "This place sounds violent."
T.J Junior: "It's a place full of hundreds of warriors all training for ragnarok."
Hyper: "Ah."
Hyper: "Interesting."
T.J Junior: "But allow me to introduce myself! I'm Thomas Jefferson Junior, 52nd Massachusetts, died on the battlefield amongst my brothers in arms! And i'm on bar duty today."
T.J Junior: This is easier to read.
Hyper: "Nice to meet you, then."
Mk: " Thomas Jefferson is working in a Tavern in Norse Valhalla. What the fuck."
T.J Junior: "No, i'm not Thomas Jefferson."
T.J Junior: "Just named after him! And proud of it!"
T.J Junior: "I died with a weapon in my hands during honorable combat, so I came here."
Mk: "...i guess that makes slightly more sense?"
Hyper: "I'm Asriel, and I've died exactly four times. I got stabbed, I threw up my insides, I got torn apart, and the mind I inhabited for a while died, but I technically survived."
Hyper: "Basically, I've been through some things!"
T.J Junior: "...Only 4?"
T.J Junior: "Noob." It's really wierd to hear that from an early american accent.
Hyper: "I come from a world where you only die once."
T.J Junior: "But can I get you people anything to eat, drink, maybe some weapons if you feel like going on the battlefield?"
Mk: "I...uh...Valhalla is a Norse thing, right? You got ale? Strong stuff?"
Hyper: "Okay, I would like exactly two hundred french fries."
Hyper: "And ten bottles of hard alcohol."
T.J Junior: That shit appears right on Hyper's plate. MK gets some alcohol.
T.J Junior: That alcohol is scary.
T.J Junior: It looks like it could kill a man if they weren't already dead.
T.J Junior: "Just ask, it's Valhalla!"
Mk: "Cool." he pours it into Jakob. He kinda always wanted to see whether he could get drunk.
Mk: They kinda wanted to see
Hyper: "Huh."
Hyper: * He puts all two hundred french fries into his mouth. How the fuck can he even do that?
T.J Junior: A large bell rings.
Hyper: * He swallows all two hundred french fries.
T.J Junior: A door to the left opens, and hundreds of people run out through it, including TJ. He gestured to everyone to follow.
Hyper: * He then glances at the bell.
Hyper: * And the people.
Hyper: "..What the.."
Hyper: ((did he motion for hyper and mk to follow
T.J Junior: Theres shittons of weaponry littered around. You can join in on the Afternoon Combat Hour or just spectate.
T.J Junior: ((Yes))
Hyper: "Well then! Thankfully, I can't die because my soul is at Grillby's." He grabs a sword and decides to join the Afternoon Combat Hour.
Hyper: ((Guy: -pokes hyper with spear- Hyper: FUCK THAT HURTS BUT I CAN'T DIE -pokes guy, killing him-
Hyper: ((that's how the fucking battle would go
T.J Junior: T.J is standing at the top of a giant hill, gesturing towards Hyper. "C'mon! It's everyone for themselves, but there are teams anyway!" And then a bullet flies out of the background right at Hyper.
T.J Junior: Like a damn sniper rifle.
T.J Junior: Yes, guns count as fucking weapons. It's Valhalla.
Mk: stretches. "C'mon, Jakob." they run out without grabbing any weapons. They got plenty of defenses built in, and that was before they were a robot.
Hyper: * The bullet flies right through his head.
Hyper: "Ooowwwww."
Hyper: "That hurt. A lot."
Hyper: * He just follows T.J.
T.J Junior: T.J is just camping at the top of the hill, firing his Bayonett. "52nd Massachusetts!" He yells firing.
T.J Junior: He's a fucking civil war fighter, they've got a thing for capturing hills.
Hyper: * He wonders if he could just kill T.J. right now.
T.J Junior: You'd be basically betraying him. He's also a trained fighter thats been fighting in Valhalla for centuries.
T.J Junior: Each bayonette bullet hits its mark, damn, do you know how innacurate a bayonette is?
T.J Junior: Wait fuck
T.J Junior: The Bayonette is the blade.
T.J Junior: The rifle, lets call it the rifle, I can't remember the name of the gun.
Hyper: * He attempts to fucking shank T.J.
Hyper: ((10/10
T.J Junior: The knife flies down.
T.J Junior: And
T.J Junior: Gets blocked and stuck in his civil war coat.
Hyper: "Cool."
T.J Junior: TJ turns around with a look of 'the fuck dude?'
T.J Junior: "Seriously? C'mon, I thought we were allies."
Hyper: "I was testing if you would die that easily or not. I know you came prepared now, so that's good."
Mk: mk takes to the skies. Yay for wings. "AIR SUPERIORITY OR...SOME...SHIT. WHATEVER." they blast fire at some of the people on the ground. Not T.J. Or hyper, though.
T.J Junior: And then he gets headshotted by a sniper bullet.
Hyper: "Wow."
T.J Junior: And then MK gets headshotted by a sniper bullet. Don't worry, they wake back up in the bar.
T.J Junior: And then Hyper gets owned by a fucking ROCKET LAUNCHER.
Hyper: "Ow."
Hyper: ((he's a projection though
T.J Junior: TJ is back at the bar with everyone else now. "I would've seen that coming if someone didn't try to be a bloody traitor."
T.J Junior: Valhalla doesn't work like that.
Hyper: ((technically he could be hurt but not killed
Hyper: ((ok then
T.J Junior: If you take 'fatal' damage you're out.
Hyper: * He shrugs.
T.J Junior: It's so that robots don't decimate the entire fight area.
Hyper: "I wasn't being a traitor."
Hyper: "It's called testing somebody's skills."
T.J Junior: "...Whatever, I think the visit is over."
T.J Junior: The anydoor opens, and TJ just waves his hand, it flies AT HYPER AND MK, forcibly throwing them back in the bar.
T.J Junior: Civil War fighters don't like traitors.
Hyper: "Wow."
Hyper: "He just didn't understand me."
Hyper: * He shrugs, and goes back to drinking.
Hyper: * Great job, Hyper.
Mk: "see if I ever get into an afterlife fight with somebody named after a civil war hero again."
Hyper: "There's always different.. eh.. timelines."
Hyper: "Rage, much?"
Mk: "My salt could kill all snails in a fifteen mile radius."
Hyper: "..Righto."
Hyper: "Stop spraying salt everywhere, then."
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Hyper: ((hi dd
DamnDude: (( Alright so I'm supposed to verify things for a mod, but only one other person is there. ))
DamnDude: (( and the one person there is a filthy memer. ))
Hyper: ((wow.))
Mk: (if you don't like filthy memers, I don't know why you're here(
Mk: (were all the rarest of pepes)
DamnDude: (( It's not that I don't like them, it's that this is supposed to be a WORK GROUP. ))
Mk: "You can't control my freakin' life..." they mumble, sitting back down and curling up again
Hyper: "I know I can't, but I can sure as hell try."
T.J Junior: (( When you browse reddit ))
: High Priest Laharl. [T.J Junior] changed the topic to "Mk: "see if I ever get into an afterlife fight with somebody named after a civil war hero again.""
Hyper: * He begins to sip on his 23rd bottle of alcohol.
Hyper: * He doesn't even look tipsy.
Mk: "Can you just not get drunk?"
Hyper: "..I'm a projection, right now."
Hyper: * He points to his soul in the corner of the bar.
Mk: "But you can still drink?"
Hyper: "Yes."
Hyper: * He grabs a bucket, and opens his mouth. All of the alcohol pours out of his mouth and into the bucket.
Hyper: "Eeh.."
Mk: "...i could swear this place wasn't-i must be having a lapse of memory here, because while I remember this place being weird, what I've seen here has just much more. It's ridiculous."
Hyper: * He sighs.
Hyper: "W-well.. yeah."
Hyper: "That's.. true."
Hyper: * Now that's a sudden mood change.
Mk: "I mean, haven't you died twice just since I've been here? I don't remember anybody dieing last time. Well, nobody that came here, anyway. Though I guess I don't know exactly what happened to corphys..."
Hyper: * He nods.
Hyper: "..y-yeah."
Mk: waves a metallic hand. "Anyway, yeah, crazy shit."
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Hyper: * He grabs the bottle of alcohol and goes back to drinking.
Fanta: ((Yo whatedo bitch
Hyper: ((hi slarv
Fanta: ((Just poppin in
Hyper: ((k
Fanta: ((At a blood drive rn
Hyper: ((so you're giving blood to satan
Fanta: ((Yes
Fanta: is still snuggled up to gote husbando
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Bondertale: gote husbando is returning in kind. Tori is still silently panicing. Frisk is still chill.
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now Lua [Lua].
Lua: walks into the bar, still visibly angered after yesterday, but he seems focused on something else.
: Terra [] joined chat.
Hyper: ((hi bloo
: ★ Joseph: * He walks in, this time not just teleporting in. "yo"
: ★ Joseph: * ( hi )
Lua: decides to grab the CD and go look if there's any text he missed from the first three times he read it.
Mk: didn't even really know what was going on with joytale tbh
Lua: ..Hello.
Hyper: * He's just drinking alcohol. While his projection is in child-form.
Mk: if they did they'd probably have joined, but they didn't so WHATEVER LOL
Hyper: ((Joseph: hyper you hoe
Hyper: ((Hyper: no
T.J Junior: No.
T.J Junior: There isn't.
Lua: ...Alright, I'm not going blind like someone else. That's good to know.
: Terra [] is now The Exchange [].
Lua: /me looks around the bar to see who he recognizes, considering the person he asked about the disc to isn't here at the moment.
Lua: (( /me plz ))
: ★ Joseph: * ( lol /me )
Lua: ((This is the third time it's happened.))
: ★ Joseph: * ( this is why you shouldnt use /me )
Hyper: * He's just a small goat projection chugging bottles of alcohol.
Lua: ((I'll use my /me and I'll use it happily.))
: ★ Joseph: * ( " it just telepathy?" -joshimuz 2013 )
: ★ Joseph: * ( Undertale Telepathy% )
Mk: they're just a hunk of metal in a corner right now
: ★ Joseph: * ( gtg )
Hyper: ((10/10
: The Exchange [] disconnected.
Hyper: ((bye bloo
Lua: thinks for a moment, 'there's the drinking goat projection, the sleeping goats, the 2 that are normally with one of the sleeping goats, a robot, and resident sleeper.'
Barchar: #blameitonbarchar
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
Mk: "Rude. Accurate, but rude."
Lua: realizes that anyone that would be of use to him is either asleep or he doesn't know.
: High Priest Laharl. [T.J Junior] disconnected.
Hyper: * He eventually throws the bottle of alcohol into the trash and sighs.
Hyper: "..Mm."
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
Hyper: "It's quiet, today."
Hyper: ((hi b
Jamie (Judas): -Walks into the bar, book in his arm- ...
Lua: ((Ayy Beautiful comrade.
GN Austin: (ay
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-is already playing in a corner. Nobody has any clue how he got there-[/font]
Lua: looks to the two people he didn't point out, the musician and the book child, and realizes he knows them the least out of all the people he's mentioned.
Jamie (Judas): Back to my studies... -sits in his usual booth-
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-isn't paying much attention to anyone at all-[/font]
GN Austin: Whatchu readin?
Jamie (Judas): Nob off.
GN Austin: ...
Mk: "Hi, Austin."
GN Austin: Hey, MK.
Hyper: (( I HAVE FUCKING HAD IT WITH YOUR SHIT. You little fucker is going to have your body ripped in half. I'll shove your ass so far down your throat that when you crap you'll sing fucking Beethoven.
GN Austin: ((XD))
Paul T.: ((tl;dr eat shit faggot))
Hyper: ((^
: The Exchange [] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((I want to play that hack)
: ★ Joseph: * ( "Did I hit a crate or something?" )
Lua: glances over to the book the reading child was looking at, and slightly recognizes it.
Mk: (oh, Halloween hack)
Kimmy: *sigh* Austin, he clearly wants to be alone.
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * He appears next to Jamie. Meow.
Jamie (Judas): Listen to your girlfriend... Oh, Hello Kitty.
Hyper: * He scoots over to Paul T. Dickiebag. "Howdy."
Lua: (( Before I sound like an idiot, it's the Book of Belial, correct? ))
GN Austin: (yyes)
Lua: Huh, never thought I'd see someone with that book again.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-looks up-[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Hm?[/font]
: [i][color=#fff]/[/color][color=#616161]/[/color][/i]Hellcat: * "Hi." Meow.
Jamie (Judas): -looks to Lua- Hhm?
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Wait.[/font]
Hyper: "Eh?"
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Before we talk. Are you real?[/font]
Hyper: "Of course I am."
Lua: looks over to Jamie/Judas, "That's the book of Belial, correct? I haven't seen one of those in awhile."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Damn, are none of you self-aware?[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Anyway, what are you here for?[/font]
Jamie (Judas): Ah, I see you're a fellow tome collecter.
Hyper: "What are you talking about?"
Lua: No, I just know a demon who had one in a bag.
Mk: ( this isaac Judah?? )
Hyper: "Are you an insane bastard or something?"
GN Austin: (Yes)
: [i]Chin-Chin[/i]: * "GA DAISUKE NANDAYO" [You fucks]
Mk: (judas)
Mk: (hub)
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Quite.[/font]
Mk: " remind me of someone." mk said, squinting at Jamie.
GN Austin: (it is, MK)
Lua: Got locked in a jail with him for a week or two. Haven't seen too much of him since.
Mk: (i saw)
Jamie (Judas): ... -looks at both of them-
Paul T.: [font=palatino]And count your lucky stars I'm insane, or you wouldn't be around.[/font]
Mk: "You know, like...a little demon kid? One horn broken?"
Hyper: "If I'm fake, and I'm in your head, explain in grotesque detail how I died four times."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Oh, you're catching on [i]fast[/i].[/font]
Jamie (Judas): Azazel? He's one of my allies.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Short answer? I don't know.[/font]
Lua: ..I'm personally not shocked by that statement.
Hyper: "Then I'm real."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]A lot of you have really elaborate false memories.[/font]
Mk: "Oh. Cool. I s
Jamie (Judas): -looks at Lua- How so?
Hyper: "Do you have any medical notes or anything from your doctor proving that you are insane?"
Paul T.: [font=palatino]I'm still trying to decide if you're all actually sentient, though.[/font]
Mk: "...did something with him, I think. I think that might have been when I got Jakob? Not sure."
Hyper: "We're sentient, and real."
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Doctor?[/font]
Hyper: "Yeah. You must have a disease in order to hallucinate things this elaborate."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Anyway.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Prove you're real.[/font]
Lua: I mean, you have the same traits, have of tools, it just seems like that would make sense.
Hyper: "Alright."
Jamie (Judas): I see...
Jamie (Judas): Thanks, I guess.
Lua: ((I completely mistyped that second part, I guess.))
Hyper: * He walks over to his soul, grabs it, and walks over to Paul. "Here's my soul, and the first part of my plan to prove that I am real."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-smiles sadly up at him-[/font]
Hyper: "This is the culmination of my being."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]That could be my imagination, as well.[/font]
: High Priest Laharl. [T.J Junior] joined chat.
Hyper: "I know."
Hyper: "Wait.."
Hyper: * He grabs his alcohol bottle.
Hyper: "Open your mouth."
Mk: (glass him)
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Well, alright.[/font]
Mk: (or that)
Lua: ((alcohol him))
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-does that with an aloof and sarcastic air-[/font]
Hyper: * He attempts to pour alcohol into Paul's throat.
Jamie (Judas): -looks back to his book-...
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-The alcohol travels directly through him and splats against the ground-[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Any other proofs?[/font]
Hyper: "So you're a ghost?"
Paul T.: [font=palatino]No, I'm a regular human. Well, that's a stretch. I'm a crazy yet physically normal human.[/font]
Barchar: has a copy now. She immediately hates him.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-stands up-[/font]
Hyper: "Doesn't seem like it."
: ★ The Forgotten Asriel: * "..."
Barchar: was an incorporeal ghost before it was cool
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-presses his hand lightly against Hyper. It's semi-tangible-[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]If I really, really try to pretend you're real I can interact with you.[/font]
Hyper: "Hm."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-sits back down-[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-closes his eyes, and Hyper is weightless-[/font]
Hyper: "Oh, cool."
Hyper: "Now put me down."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]On top of that, I can imagine a few odd traits for my mental constructs.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-Hyper turns blue-[/font]
Hyper: "You must have some sort of magic."
Jamie (Judas): -Looks at Paul- The fuck...?
Hyper: "Like the humans did when they sealed the barrier."
Mk: (so basically this Paul loser thinks we're all his tulpas)
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-opens his eyes back up, and Hyper crashes back down with his regular color-[/font]
Paul T.: ((basically yeah))
Hyper: * He gets back up to his feet.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Were you floating and blue?[/font]
Hyper: "Yes."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Ah.[/font]
Hyper: "You have magic and you're inflicting it on my soul."
Jamie (Judas): Who's this reality warping, kentucky fuckboy?
Hyper: "That's how it works, where I'm from."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]I meant to imagine a sort of indigo, but I'm afraid my visualization is lacking.[/font]
Hyper: ((
GN Austin: ((best roast)
Paul T.: [font=palatino]If you flicker in and out of existence, someone probably punched me and I was knocked out.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]'Tis the way of the world.[/font]
Hyper: "Oh, I can do that."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-has his eyes open a little too wide-[/font]
Barchar: is debating testing his theory
Hyper: * He flickers in and out of existance. Because he's a projection.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-Not in surprise, though-[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Hmm.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]A lot of you can get around physics when I'm not paying full attention, yes.[/font]
Barchar: even though she probably can't touch him. Double incorporealness probably doesn't equal corporealness.
Hyper: "I can show you my old timeline to prove that I am real."
Jamie (Judas): -Raises his hand- Wait, can projections feel and breath?
Hyper: * He points at the Anydoor.
: ★ Joseph: * [c]( gtg[/c]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Ok.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Show me the way.[/font]
GN Austin: (k)
Hyper: "Yep."
: The Exchange [] disconnected.
Jamie (Judas): Ah...
Paul T.: [font=palatino]You go first.[/font]
Hyper: * He turns around, and walks over to the Anydoor.
Lua: (( Wait, so why are we trying to prove we're real when we could just have him try to proof he's real? ))
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-is already there when you walk through-[/font]
GN Austin: ((holy shit i had a hard time reading that)
Hyper: * He walks through. Everything is pitch black.
Paul T.: [font=palatino]That's all?[/font]
Hyper: "Yes, my timeline got erased."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]So your proof that you're real...[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Is that your past doesn't exist.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Some proof.[/font]
Hyper: "Yep! Now to prove to me that you are real."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-thinks-[/font]
Hyper: "How do I know that you're in my mind?"
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-tilts his head to the side-[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Well, you're not the only one who sees me.[/font]
Hyper: "Yes, but multiple people can imagine the same thing."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]What are the odds of that?[/font]
Jamie (Judas): -gets a text- Hmmm? -reads it- oh my gosh, Sh-She's coming!
Hyper: "Very slim, but it is indeed possible!"
Paul T.: [font=palatino]By that logic, you could argue that ANYONE isn't real.[/font]
Hyper: "Yep!"
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-chuckles-[/font]
GN Austin: You wanna rephrase that?
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Perhaps you can only prove to yourself that you're real, hmm?[/font]
Jamie (Judas): No time! I have to look my best!
Hyper: "Well, I don't believe that I'm fake."
Hyper: "Your proof isn't sufficient."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]I'm the only one I know is real, and I'm the only one who knows I'm real.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Nobody's is sufficient.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Ever heard of Occam's Razor?[/font]
GN Austin: ...?
Hyper: "No."
Jamie (Judas): -Starts adjusting his clothes-
Paul T.: [font=palatino]It's a philosophical and scientific tool. It claims that when there are multiple possibilities you should go with the simplest one.[/font]
Eve: -Walks in- Jamie?
Jamie (Judas): I-I'm here!
Paul T.: [font=palatino]Isn't it simpler that I'm imagining you than to believe there are multiple independent consciousnesses?[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-looks at his watch-[/font]
Hyper: "No."
Paul T.: [font=palatino]My, look at the time.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]I must be going.[/font]
Paul T.: [font=palatino]-disappears-[/font]
Paul T.: ((Philosophy, fuck yeah!))
Hyper: "I didn't even get to tell him one more thing."
Hyper: "Welp."
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
Hyper: "Better say it than to hold it in."
Hyper: "I HAVE FUCKING HAD IT WITH YOUR SHIT. You little fucker is going to have your body ripped in half. I'll shove your ass so far down your throat that when you crap you'll sing fucking Beethoven."
Lua: takes a seat back in his normal place, checking his data base for information.
Hyper: * He takes a deep breath, and walks back into the bar.
Hyper: * He sits back down.
Jamie (Judas): S-So, Eve... How've Lilith's teachings been?
Eve: Ughh, Exhausting...
Hyper: ((BEEthoven
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Ey boss
GN Austin: (ayy
Fanta: ((I was thinking up a new plot
Hyper: ((kool
GN Austin: (shoot.
Fanta: ((Mind if i maybe destroy the world a lil bit
T.J Junior: ((Slarv))
T.J Junior: ((FUck you))
Fanta: ((If you fuck up
GN Austin: ((i don't
Fanta: ((K
T.J Junior: ((I went into a wierd W2D building))
T.J Junior: (9And everyone has masks))
GN Austin: (2spoopy
Fanta: ((Oh those are joy peddlers
Fanta: ((Just wait bby
: Frisky [Hyper] is now Frisky [Smal Frisk].
Fanta: ((So in my boredom at this blood drive me and azzy came up with some crazy shit
T.J Junior: ((And Brad is fucking going through Withdrawal))
Fanta: ((Its an end of the world plot but is gon b gud
T.J Junior: ((But I don't want to take Joy))
Fanta: ((You should take lots of joy
Fanta: ((I did
T.J Junior: ((No, Brad almost quit when he had Buddy))
Eve: I know she's trying to help me control my Babylon magic... but it's so tiring.
: Frisky's connection timed out.
T.J Junior: ((If we're getting the kid back Brad's gonna become a fucking father by the end of this game))
Fanta: ((Ahahahaha
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
: Frisky [Smal Frisk] joined chat.
Eve: She gave me these gloves, apperantly she got the idea from "Frozen" -looks at her red gloves-
Smal Frisk: ((10/10
Smal Frisk: ((Laharl wouldn't survive the apocalypse confirmed
: Monster Kid's connection timed out.
Smal Frisk: ((He would fall off a cliff
T.J Junior: ((FUCK YOU))
T.J Junior: (('Oh hey we've got a group of people playing cards up ahead!'))
T.J Junior: (( GO TO HELL JOYBOI ))
: Monster Kid [Mk] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((Arc idea: Hunger Games))
: Monster Kid [Mk] is now Bondertale [Bondertale].
Bondertale: (that could actually be fun depending on how we did it)
T.J Junior: (( ))
T.J Junior: ((The fUCK is THAT))
Bondertale: (we would also need some excuse for everyone killed to not actually die, unless we just used it as a dumping ground for characters we feel like offing)
GN Austin: ((I like that last idea)
T.J Junior: ((>One shots Brad))
Smal Frisk: ((Arc Idea: orgy
T.J Junior: ((What.))
GN Austin: ((yes)
Smal Frisk: ((That was a joy mutant.))
GN Austin: ((Well, we could just have GNA bring in a fuckton of 1-ups
Bondertale: (all the asriels bang at once)
Bondertale: (barchar dies of happiness)
GN Austin: ((Erron and Jamie FUCKING MURDER GNA
Smal Frisk: * Zzz...
GN Austin: Ok.
T.J Junior: ((I died))
Erron: -walks in- Hey everyone.
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
GN Austin: Hey Erronn, Frisky says we gotta frick.
Erron: -Walks out- Bye everyone.
GN Austin: Oh it was?
GN Austin: Ok.
Paul T.: ((RIP 4th wall))
Jamie (Judas): I think the fact that you were willing to do that... Speaks way to much about you.
Smal Frisk: ((it ate shit
GN Austin: I guess.
Paul T.: ((Is my weird philosophy stuff too much?))
GN Austin: ((no, i'm too much))
Frisky: "YOU'rreee THIRTEEN
Smal Frisk: YOU FUCK"
Smal Frisk: whoops
GN Austin: I know.
Smal Frisk: * she didn't say that
Jamie (Judas): . . .
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
GN Austin: Not a goat, an Asriel.
GN Austin: Theres a difference.
GN Austin: I know.
Kimmy: This os coming from the person who made us fuck for your amusement!
GN Austin: ...
T.J Junior: ((Died again))
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
Frisky: "you were the ones that actually fucking did it"
Smal Frisk: "Zzzzzzz..."
GN Austin: Wait, you didn't enjoy it?
Frisky: "no"
: Paul T. [Paul T.] joined chat.
Kimmy: What, no, It was amazing.
Paul T.: ((ok stop))
Kimmy: But that's not the point.
Paul T.: ((let the fourth wall go home and get a bandaid from mommy))
Frisky: "just stop"
Frisky: "ok"
Barchar: has to fix this shit you fucks
Barchar: it's her job to clean up rp hell
GN Austin: ((No, 4th wall owes us its lunch money)
: Paul T.'s connection timed out.
T.J Junior: ((Should I just stop trying to fight the joy mutant))
GN Austin: (sure)
Smal Frisk: * She eventually wakes up, rubbing her head. "Ugh.."
GN Austin: (come rp)
Smal Frisk: * She pulls out a mirror and looks at herself. Her mouth was stained with blood. Thanks, Painful!
GN Austin: Whoa, you okay?
Smal Frisk: * She nods. "I'm fine. I've dealt with worse."
GN Austin: K.
Lua: (( OK, now people are finally there for the mod thing, I'll be back in full sonn.))
Smal Frisk: "Such as getting kicked in the face and losing a baby tooth."
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
GN Austin: oh.
Smal Frisk: "By my Mettaton."
Smal Frisk: "Not my adoptive father."
GN Austin: Oh, dang.
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
Smal Frisk: * She sprays a small towel with water, and dabs her mouth.
Smal Frisk: ((hi yazan
Jeska or Jukon: (Oi
GN Austin: ((
Smal Frisk: ((yes
GN Austin: (ay)
Smal Frisk: ((Dab - press against (something) lightly with a piece of absorbent material in order to clean or dry it. "he dabbed his mouth with his napkin"
GN Austin: ((Dab - the worlds laziest dance move)
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Smal Frisk: ((hi slarv
GN Austin: (hai
Bondertale: (hi slarv)
Smal Frisk: * Hyper fizzles away. He's bored.
T.J Junior: ((Slarv))
T.J Junior: ((I just got my ass kicked twice by a joy mutant. So now i'm just not gonna try to fight it))
Smal Frisk: "..Blood doesn't taste good."
Smal Frisk: "I don't understand vampires."
Bondertale: bfrisk wanders around. They put a hand on small frisk's shoulder sympathetically before continuing along
GN Austin: -nods in agreement-
Fanta: ((Thats punkert
Fanta: ((Hes optional
Smal Frisk: "Hey, I'm fine, though. I once got blasted in the knee with a four hundred degree laser."
GN Austin: ...
Fanta: ((Actually, theres only 1 required mutant fight
Fanta: ((Charmy
Smal Frisk: "Took months for it to heal."
Smal Frisk: ((Charmy eats shit
Fanta: ((Also terry is great
T.J Junior: ((Also. I just got into a fight with 5 FUCKING PEOPLE))
Smal Frisk: * She washes the towel, and puts it and the mirror away.
T.J Junior: ((Oh, and won. Yay.))
T.J Junior: ((Brad's the only one alive, but OH FUCKING WELL))
Bondertale: "So, other than snuggle with me-which, hey, I'm down with that-anything else you want to do now that you're finally out of that little slice of hell?"
Fanta: ((Better go sleep
Fanta: ((Im sure nothing bad will happen
T.J Junior: ((Last time I slept I got hit by a baseball bat.))
Fanta: ((Yeah that sleeping point
T.J Junior: ((And then I rested again after going back to my previous save cause thats a permanent stat drop.))
Fanta: ((You triggered the event
Fanta: ((Now you can sleep there as much as you want
Fanta: ((Thats one of the two safe sleeping points
T.J Junior: ((The hell does "Wierd" do))
Fanta: ((Stat drops
: Fanta's connection timed out.
T.J Junior: ((I'm gonna grind on shadowy figures for a bit))
T.J Junior: ((They drop lots of Mags and I wanna buy some party members))
Jamie (Judas): I'm so blad you could come here, Eve.
Eve: Thanks...
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Good idea, thats what i did
Smal Frisk: * She decides to look in Runner's bag, and [url=]pulls out this.[/url]
Fanta: ((Wait till you get to joyful laharl
Smal Frisk: ((shit that link doesn't work
Fanta: ((Where you fight 16+ mandatory joy mutants
Fanta: ((With only one party member
Smal Frisk: * She pulls out
T.J Junior: ((Assuming its an OP as fuck party member)
Smal Frisk: "..."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Smal Frisk: "Well then."
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Smal Frisk: "That's not inappropiate at all."
GN Austin: Nice.
Smal Frisk: * She puts that shit away.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: ((Its not
Fanta: ((Joyful is hard as fuck mang
Smal Frisk: "I don't think that robot had that."
Smal Frisk: "Weird."
T.J Junior: ((Oh, so i'm assuming using Joy is basically fucking mandatory.))
Smal Frisk: ((laharl does this exist in runner's timeline
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
T.J Junior: ((If it doesn't he probably stole it from another timeline))
T.J Junior: ((So yes, it does.))
Smal Frisk: ((-claps-
Bondertale: bazzy asked Fanta a question
Bondertale: slarv is gone nvm
Smal Frisk: ((Slarv is dead
GN Austin: (i killed him to death
Bondertale: (hi yazan)
Bondertale: (Slarv was welcomed to die)
Smal Frisk: * She glances at GNA. "By the way, why do you talk to nothing sometimes?"
GN Austin: You can't see th fourth wa-- nevermind..
Smal Frisk: "What."
GN Austin: D-Don't worry about it.
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Smal Frisk: "Oookay?"
Fanta: ((Wut
Fanta: ((It didnt send bby
Fanta: is still snuggled up to him
T.J Junior: ((So I got both of the people in the bar))
T.J Junior: ((So my lineup is Brad, Terry, Olan, and Rage))
Fanta: ((Rage sucks
Fanta: ((Get beastborn
T.J Junior: ((I'm keeping Terry cause I have a feeling he's going to be kickass later.))
T.J Junior: ((Welp, guess i'm dropping Rage for the guy that talks too much))
Fanta: ((Nern
Fanta: ((Thats good
Fanta: ((Use rage for the game that comes up later that breaks rule 2
Bondertale: "So, other than snuggle with me-which, hey, I'm down with that-anything else you want to do now that you're finally out of that little slice of hell?"
Bondertale: (it did but it might have got ate in the sea of worda)
T.J Junior: ((What is it a 'sacrifice a member' one?))
T.J Junior: ((Cause i'm willing to just sell Rage's shit.))
T.J Junior: And sacrifice him later.))
Fanta: ((It comes from the land of bear wrestling and communism
Fanta: ((You gotta play three rounds
: Frisky's connection timed out.
T.J Junior: ((...Ohhhhhh))
T.J Junior: ((And you want to put up your shitty members for it))
Fanta: ((Yup
Fanta: ((You get lotsa money
Fanta: ((And a party member if you do 10 rounds
Fanta: I don't know, I just want to relax for now
T.J Junior: ((Time to try to take on a Joy Mutant))
Fanta: It's probably a good idea to get out of the bar, though
Fanta: ((Charmy?
T.J Junior: ((Punkert))
: Frisky [Smal Frisk] joined chat.
Fanta: ((hes easy
T.J Junior: ((I've got four party members, i'm willing to take him on))
Jeska or Jukon: -walks in-
T.J Junior: ((TERRY NO))
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Fanta: I get the feeling people aren't too fond of me...
Jeska or Jukon: ((is fanta alive?
Bondertale: He nodded. "Mom is wanting to stay in...TK-420 or whatever it is. Though the atmosphere there is hardly cheery."
Fanta: ((Yep
Fanta: ((Pissed is good
Fanta: ((Make him pissed
Fanta: ((He will hurt himself
T.J Junior: ((Olan's down and I have no perfume))
Fanta: is alive
Fanta: doesn't seem to notice jukon
T.J Junior: ((>Crits himself))
Jeska or Jukon: ((when did she get out
T.J Junior: ((>1000 damage))
T.J Junior: ((>GG))
Jeska or Jukon: -walks to t he couch with a large present
Fanta: ((Last night
Fanta: ((We killed the final boss
Jeska or Jukon: ((painful is over?
Fanta: ((Yup
Jeska or Jukon: ((who was the last boss?
Fanta: ((Gaster, Corgi, Asgore, Painriel
T.J Junior: ((Joy Asriel, death by:Implosion by Nuclear Black Hole.))
T.J Junior: ((Joy Asgore, Death By:Robo Arigato X Joy.))
T.J Junior: ((Corgi: Death by:Gunblade from a Joyed up Runner))
T.J Junior: ((Runner literally killed all three of them except for Gaster))
Fanta: ((Gaster: Death by robo arigato
T.J Junior: ((Yep, all four of them))
Jeska or Jukon: -sees Fanta- huh
Fanta: ((Now I'm thinking up an even crazier arc
Jamie (Judas): -Him and Eve are just talking away-
Jeska or Jukon: Hey
Fanta: turns
Fanta: Oh, hey Jukon!
Fanta: I-I got out of that timeline
Bondertale: "That's...not Jukon."
Jeska or Jukon: I'm Jeska
GN Austin: (Arc Idea: A Mortal Kombat tournament)
Jeska or Jukon: Jukon died a while back
Fanta: J-jukon died?
Fanta: What?
Bondertale: "A lot's happened since you left."
Fanta: looks shocked
Jeska or Jukon: Yea, she got involved in a quarrel with the white wolf
Bondertale: "The white wolf killed her."
GN Austin: -Trying to resist breaking the fourth wall-
Fanta: ...
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] disconnected.
Fanta: G-god...
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
GN Austin: Must... Make... Shitty Joke...
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] disconnected.
Fanta: hangs her head
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] joined chat.
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jekas].
Jeska or Jekas: thats not your fault
Jeska or Jekas: regardless of where you were, it likely would have happened
T.J Junior: (( OI! FUCKBOI))
GN Austin: ((Arc Idea: Austin finally fucking breaks the fourth wall, and Chin Chin wreacks havoc on the bar))
T.J Junior: ((DID I JUST0)
Fanta: ...
Jeska or Jekas: so you know, she was a clone, as am I.
Fanta: ...
Jeska or Jekas: but she would be happy to know know your safe
Fanta: I guess I was gone a while...
Jeska or Jekas: yeah
Bondertale: bazzy looks away, at Frisk. They're just leaning against a wall, clutching a locket around their neck.
Bondertale: (i like how jeska is just neglecting to tell her that jukon is only mostly dead)
Fanta: looks sad
GN Austin: (gg)
Fanta: the bar shakes a bit
Jeska or Jekas: ((Jukon doesn't want anyone to know shes back yet)
GN Austin: ("yet")
Fanta: and it shakes more, it's an earthquake it seems
Jamie (Judas): W-Whoa! Eve, look out!
Barchar: OH, what is this and what does it want with her bar
T.J Junior: (Slarv I accidently found someone's hideout))
Fanta: ((Oooooh?
T.J Junior: ((Is it safe to rest inside the tents))
Eve: What is hapenning!?
Fanta: ((What tents
Fanta: What the...?
T.J Junior: (( ))
Fanta: it gets intense, stuff's falling over
T.J Junior: ((Wait no theres people in them huh))
Barchar: should know what it is, really, buuut
GN Austin: -Trips over- GAH!
Fanta: ((I dont think you can
Fanta: it is actually an earthquake
Fanta: wobbles a bit, holding azzy
T.J Junior: ((No wait I can))
T.J Junior: ((I had to pass this fucko 10 mags))
Kimmy: Aaah!
Jamie (Judas): -Holds Eve as tight as he can- It's ok! I gotcha!
Bondertale: holds onto her as well. Just a full day of a break. Just one. Fuck.
Fanta: bottles fall off the shelves
Fanta: aaand it slowly stops
Jamie (Judas): -Still holding Eve-
Eve: Jamie, you can stop now.
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Jeska or Jekas: what was that?
: Fanta's connection timed out.
Eve: Jamie.
Jamie (Judas): Right sorry...
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: I don't know...
Jamie (Judas): -lets go-
Barchar: is very annoyed.
Bondertale: "Well, it just seemed like an earthquake, really. Those happen."
Fanta: a rock falls through the ceiling
Fanta: it's actually a boulder
Fanta: !
GN Austin: ...
Fanta: Umm...
Fanta: Maybe we should go...
Bondertale: (damn, I thought we could drive it like the pioneers used to do)
Jamie (Judas): What in the bloody hell?
Bondertale: (but it's not a rock, it's a boudler)
Fanta: other rocks fall elsewhere
Bondertale: "UHHH EENIE MEENIE MEYNIE ANYDOOR" bazzy ran over, just setting it to TK-421. He knew he was close. "OKAY WERE GOING THROUGH NOW." frisk and Toriel ran through, Bazzy grabbing fanta's hand to bring her with him.
GN Austin: -one crushes GNA- AGH!
Jamie (Judas): FINALLY!
Jeska or Jekas: -goes elsewhere-
Fanta: goes with
Dr. Fintevious: -is at the castle-
Fanta: Fabriel has been gone for a few days...
Bondertale: please
Jamie (Judas): -Garbs Eve and Kimmy and heads to the anydoor-
Fanta: ((I have a plan now
Jeska or Jekas: -actually, does go to Tk-421
Fanta: ((Iss a kewl plan
Fanta: ((And its gonna crush gotemom
Fanta: ((And set up funtimes
Bondertale: toriel breathes heavily, walking towards the room she's been staying in. "...welcome to TK-421." bazzy said, making a sweeping hand motion
Bondertale: (so she's going to lose Both her asriels)
Bondertale: (after all the shit she went through in painful)
Bondertale: (this poor fucking woman)
GN Austin: (so everyone accept GNA is in tk-421?
Jeska or Jekas: ((pretty much
Fanta: ((I never said hes dead
Fanta: ((Hes not dead
Fanta: So... what is this place?
Fanta: ((brb
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
YoungKingAsgore: -is still lying in bed-
Jamie (Judas): ...Where, are we?
Jeska or Jekas: This is where I am from, along with Asgore, The Wolf, and a few others
Jeska or Jekas: if you got any electronics like phones, you'll notice that they aren't working here
Kimmy: -Crying because she thinks GNA is a goner even though he has 1ups- Why did this happen...?
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Fanta: 's phone isn't working rip
Jamie (Judas): Oh, get over him... he was a twat.
Kimmy: -Punches Jamie in the gut- NO HE WASNT!
Jamie (Judas): You wanna fuckin' go, mate?
Eve: Now's not the time for this shit.
Jeska or Jekas: lot of cybernetics and robotic though
T.J Junior: ((Four firebombs. All that work))
T.J Junior: ((For four fucking firebombs))
Bondertale: "Asgore's castle."
Jeska or Jekas: yeah an all its splendor
Jamie (Judas): I've seen better.
Fanta: evaporates
Bondertale: "WHAT"
Jeska or Jekas: The fuck?
Fanta: reforms
Fanta: Nice place
Jamie (Judas): ...?
Bondertale: "...
Bondertale: "Oh. Right. Amalgamate."
Bondertale: toriel is pretty much just looking for Fintevious, as frisk and bazzy follow her.
Jamie (Judas): Pffft, weenies. I've seen scarier.
Eve: ...
Jeska or Jekas: I'm going to the barzaar, they wouldn't like to see me at the castle
Dr. Fintevious: -is with Asgore-
Fanta: goes with them
: Yazan [Jeska or Jekas] is now Yazan [Dr. Fintevious].
Dr. Fintevious: Hello Toriel
Jamie (Judas): -The gang follows the BTale gang-
Bondertale: "H-hello, doctor." Toriel says, somewhat weakly.
GN Austin: (my snake can barely do 10 Damage)
Dr. Fintevious: -they arrive at a large castle, its elegant but guards are everywhere,
Dr. Fintevious: -hugs Tori- How are you?
Jamie (Judas): ...
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Lua: (( I swear I hate that group sometimes ))
Bondertale: "...not particularly good." she said, hugging him back. "We managed to get Fanta out. Painful shouldn't be a problem anymore."
Eve: Wow, what a beautious castle!
Fanta: looks around
Dr. Fintevious: thats good, but what else is wrong?
Fanta: Better than the castle I've been in recently
Bondertale: "But Asriel is missing, and I've seen things I really wish I didn't have to see. So I'm...not particularly stable right now."
Lua: (( We were actually making good progress for a moment, and now they want to do something else while we were in the middle of two items ))
Jamie (Judas): This looks like garbage compared to my room, it's like a museum of ME!
Dr. Fintevious: hopefully this will help
Eve: -facepalms-
The White Wolf: -is in the room with Asgore-
T.J Junior: ((Oh rgeat, I rested, and someone took some of my mags))
T.J Junior: ((Yay))
Dr. Fintevious: Asgore is stable now
: Lua [Lua] is now Azazel [Azazel].
Fanta: ((You beat charmy yet?
YoungKingAsgore: -is still out, but isn't breathing as hard-
Fanta: ((Am playing Joyful rn
T.J Junior: (( THE FUCK ))
Fanta: ((I think you found charmy
Fanta: ((Yep
Fanta: ((Meet charmy
Fanta: ((The first boss
T.J Junior: ((I've got firebombs and good men.))
Azazel: is taking care of bounties in the forests.
Bondertale: "...actually, yes, just a little."
T.J Junior: ((Gonna have Terry piss it off, Nern chuck firebombs at it, Olan shoot it, and Brad kick it in it's groin))
Dr. Fintevious: He still can
Dr. Fintevious: can't talk*
Dr. Fintevious: but I think he is finally coming around, in no small part due to you
Jamie (Judas): *yawn* I haven't slept in 3 days...
Bondertale: Toriel smiled. "That's good to know, doctor. You haven't seen our Asriel around, have you?"
: Frisky [Smal Frisk] joined chat.
Dr. Fintevious: I can't seen him here
Smal Frisk: ((hi
Fanta: ((Hoi
GN Austin: (ayy
Fanta: ((There's a boulder in the middle of the bar
Azazel: ((greetings))
Fanta: ((Roof got smahed
Azazel: ((wait what))
Smal Frisk: ((oh no it's alcoholic chara
Fanta: ((Earthquake, rock slides
Corrin: -How the fuck is Corrin still asleep? whatever-
GN Austin: ((GNA was crushed, but not ded
Dr. Fintevious: I haven't*
Smal Frisk: "Well, that's interesting."
Bondertale: "Damn..."
Smal Frisk: * She stares at the boulder.
T.J Junior: ((Half my team died during the fight but I kicked its ass))
T.J Junior: ((Charmy down))
Dr. Fintevious: With Asgore's conditions now I can help yuo search
T.J Junior: ((Imma rest))
GN Austin: (come rp)
Fanta: ((Go get the thing behind him
T.J Junior: ((>Entire party poisoned))
T.J Junior: ((Guess i'll rest again))
Bondertale: "That would be amazing, doctor."
T.J Junior: ((I got farted on. K.))
Bondertale: "I'd hate to lose him for...arguably a third time."
Fanta: Hm? Who's missing?
Jamie (Judas): Asriel... you were listening, right?
Bondertale: "Smol Asriel."
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Dr. Fintevious: -hugs her- We'll find him
Smal Frisk: ((
Smal Frisk: ((10/10
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
Azazel: (( why ))
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
T.J Junior: ((...I just lit an orphanage on fire))
GN Austin: ((10/10)
: Frisky [Smal Frisk] is now Frisky [].
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "I hope so, doctor." she sighed. "Anyway, as you can imagine, the three of us and Fanta need of a break. And the bar was suffering earthquakes
Jamie (Judas): And me... don't forget me.
Kimmy: Shut up.
: anonymous [??] joined chat.
??: Howdy!
Azazel: (( Greetings ))
??: jk
GN Austin: ((?)
Bondertale: (hi double question marks)
: ((Hello.))
Dr. Fintevious: ((hey anon, try to use (( )) when writing something that isn't what a character said or did
Dr. Fintevious: ((out of context remarks I mean
??: (I think i got it)
??: (wait)
Dr. Fintevious: ((new here?
: ((It's actually Dio.))
Bondertale: (single parenthesis work as well)
Bondertale: (and hey, new blood! Neato!)
: (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
??: (yep)
??: (i'm new)
Dr. Fintevious: ((this is Cau, I'm Yazan
: ((yay
GN Austin: ((welcome, good sir)
: anonymous [??] is now Flowey [FLWY].
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (there)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
: ((i'm Frisky Whiskington
: ((my heart is dead inside
Dr. Fintevious: ((its Undertale based, but there are plenty of others who aren't
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * Howdy everyone![/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
Bondertale: (oh friend)
Dr. Fintevious: ((so OC's and other characters from different media are allowed
GN Austin: ((There are a handfull of Binding of Isaac characters atm)
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * I'm FLOWEY, FLOWEY the FLOWER![/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
T.J Junior: ((I'm Laharl. High Priest of CaU and Owner of the MSPARP Rooms. Don't be confused though, Chimeranyx (Gaster) is basically the head honcho))
Bondertale: (this room has been around for a while. We've got, like, actual lore and shit. And the place we stay at is currently experiencing earthquakes and stuff. )
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (woah cool)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (so are we gonna rp or wot)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
: ((Yeah, CaU has been around for like.. five months.
Bondertale: (read the Bible. At least the lore parts. Peruse the oc sheets for at least the characters here.)
: ((The Bible isn't accurate anymore.
Azazel: (( I don't think the bible is linked anymore ))
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (what bible)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
Dr. Fintevious: ((only one thing rule 2 is a must follow
Bondertale: (oh)
Dr. Fintevious: ((the bible isn't important
Bondertale: (well)
GN Austin: ((We need a new bible))
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
Bondertale: (yeah)
Bondertale: (uh...)
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (ok)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (so)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
Fanta: ((Howdy
Bondertale: (okay,quick rundown of the basic premise. Interdimensional grillbys. Boom. )
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (what can i do)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
: ((anything
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (ok)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
Dr. Fintevious: ((except rule 2
Bondertale: (yeah go nuts p much as long as you follow rule 2)
FLWY: [bgcolor=black][color=black]-[/color][color=white][font=Lucida console]FLOWEY: * (i'll go and make my oc)[/font][/color][color=black]-[/color][/bgcolor]
Fanta: ((Right now we're gonna end the world soon
Bondertale: (and actual descriptions of sex in the main room are frowned upon)
Dr. Fintevious: ((for OC, you can do what you want
Fanta: ((I'm Slarvath
Bondertale: (wait, what?)
Dr. Fintevious: ((theres a room for that you mean flame
Bondertale: (indeed)
: ((slarv you're gonna end the fucking world?
Bondertale: (that)
Bondertale: (tbh doesn't seem like a great idea)
Bondertale: (there's people there)
: Flowey [FLWY] is now Mettaton Ω [].
Bondertale: (like mk. And hyper. And grillby. And pretty much everybody that doesn't have their own dimension.)
Fanta: ((jk
Fanta: ((The world won't end
: ((ok good
Bondertale: (and I don't even know what would happen to barchar if the world was destroyed)
Bondertale: (oh ok)
Fanta: ((If you guys do it right
Dr. Fintevious: ((you can take a prexisiting character and give a twist,
Fanta: ((But I have crazy plot planned
Fanta: ((I've graduated from ripping off LISA to ripping off Xenoblade
Bondertale: (okay, why are you putting the fate of the entire fucking works in our hands)
Bondertale: (you should know full well that's an awful, awful idea)
Dr. Fintevious: ((believe me the existing Undertale characters here don't really remsemble their real undertale counterparts
: Frisky [] is now Frisky [Smal Frisk].
Fanta: ((Dont worry bby
Fanta: ((There's gonna be giant robots
: Mettaton Ω: (did you know mettaton's theme originated from a fan-made song for a furry comic
: Mettaton Ω: )
Dr. Fintevious: ((Slarv let some others get some main story telling time first
Fanta: ((ye
Bondertale: (cucumber quest is not a furry comic)
Fanta: ((I'm just setting it up now
Smal Frisk: ((okay good because i'm not ready for new plot
: Mettaton Ω: (explain the ears on EVERYONE)
Smal Frisk: ((at all
Fanta: ((Aww
Fanta: ((But is gun b fun
Smal Frisk: ((i know but
Bondertale: (they're rabbits. And also the villains do not have ears other than Cordelia and peridot.)
Smal Frisk: ((i want to tell plot
Fanta: ((k
: Mettaton Ω: (ah)
Smal Frisk: ((and i can't do that
: Mettaton Ω: (wait PERIDOT)
Smal Frisk: ((if there's a huge end of the world scenario
: Mettaton Ω: (like steven universe)
GN Austin: (no)
Fanta: ((That is waiting for a while anyway
Smal Frisk: ((k good
Fanta: ((Just introducing some characters...
Fanta: ((Then it happens
: Mettaton Ω: (nevermind)
Bondertale: (like, yes, the characters could be described as 'furries', in the very literal sense of the word without the sex stuff in, but that word has connotations which do not apply to cucumber quest)
Fanta: ((New guy, we basically just ended a two month long arc
Fanta: ((It was fun
Bondertale: (anyway, yeah, after joytale, I'm not ready to launch into another huge arc)
Bondertale: ( Not right afterward. )
Fanta: ((I'll take my time setting it up
: Frisky [Smal Frisk] is now Frisky [Small Frisk].
GN Austin: ((lets do small arcs)
Bondertale: (give us time to catch our breath.)
Fanta: ((It will take time anyway
Fanta: ((Just keep looking for the smol child now
: Mettaton Ω: (wot's the plot)
Small Frisk: ((you want me to tell you plot?
Small Frisk: ((i can do that
: Mettaton Ω: (yes)
Small Frisk: ((ok
Small Frisk: ((wait for a bit as i type this all out
Bondertale: (there's lots of plot, dude)
: Mettaton Ω: (the plot of the rp)
: Mettaton Ω: (not cucumber quest
Bondertale: (we need an entire Bible to hold all this shit)
: Mettaton Ω: )
Bondertale: (cq is a good comic tho you should read it)
: Mettaton Ω: (* ok.)
Dr. Fintevious: ((yeah lots of people here are trying to tell stories, liek all my characters come from a timeline called tk-421, which is undertale based, but very different
Dr. Fintevious: ((it'd take me at least a few pages to explain most of it
Fanta: ((Is frisky about to explain all of joytale?
Dr. Fintevious: ((eeyup
: Mettaton Ω: (so my backstory is basically)
: Mettaton Ω: (alphys tried making a mettaton NEO 2.0)
: Mettaton Ω: (and she did it)
: Mettaton Ω: (but then the timelines broke, and here i am)
Fanta: ((OH BOY
: Mettaton Ω: (wot)
T.J Junior: ((Dear god i'm laughing my ass off))
T.J Junior: ((And Shelly))
T.J Junior: ((I just burned down an orphanage, recruited a beastman, and am currently watching fucking JUNIOR))
Bondertale: (oh, mv could have some fun with that'un(
GN Austin: ((I guess things are gonna get... META?))
Bondertale: (we talk about some weird shit here btw)
Dr. Fintevious: ((you'll meet MV soon likely, he is the mian metta
Bondertale: (just a heads up)
Fanta: ((They
Fanta: ((I just flashed a wolfman
Azazel: (( Probably LISA. ))
Azazel: (( same with Fanta. ))
Fanta: ((Me and Junior are playing LISA
Dr. Fintevious: ((Theres nothing wrong with having multiple same characters, not too long ago there were like 5 Asriels at once
Fanta: ((Hey laharl
: Mettaton Ω: (WHAT)
Fanta: ((You know you play as buddy in LISA the joyful, right?
Azazel: ((...OK I don't know what Lahar;'s talking about now.))
: Mettaton Ω: (OOOOOHHHHH)
: Mettaton Ω: (i don't know what that is)
Fanta: ((laharl
Small Frisk: ((Basically, it all started when a Sans used up some sort of ethereal power or some shit to kill a Chara, effectively altering the entire timeline and destroying everybody in it. Years later, somebody named MsToriel found a door called the 'Anydoor' that can go to any timeline in the multiverse and found an interdimensional Grillby's. Then more people started coming up. Then everybody had fun, played cards, etc. Then there were multiple arcs that came and went, many characters were created, and shit happened. Everything started getting slightly darker, people got fucked, and everybody eventually stopped playing cards. The bar was mostly for talking and relaxing at this point. Sometimes, there are instances of moments called RP Hell which is when people roleplay joke characters. Our most recent arc was Joytale, which was LISA the Painful but with Undertale characters. We had to make deals, kill characters, and went through much trauma in order to find Fanta, a female Asriel amalgamate.))
T.J Junior: ((Yeah, I know that Slarv))
Fanta: ((Well one of her moves
Fanta: ((Is "flash"
Fanta: ((Which is exactly what it sounds like
T.J Junior: ((...))
Small Frisk: ((That is CaU in a gist
Fanta: ((Shes like 8
T.J Junior: ((A guy in a house "I like big butts"))
T.J Junior: (("They never lie"))
: Mettaton Ω: (i RP'd as an asriel amalgamate once)
Fanta: ((We have a whole amalgamate lore here
: Mettaton Ω: (and that sounds cool)
Fanta: ((They're not horrible abominations
Bondertale: (for the record)
Fanta: ((They're edgy immotal shapeshifters
Barchar: (this is that chara)
T.J Junior: (( ))
Bondertale: (she came back...weird.)
: Mettaton Ω: (i used to play CAU, until it all stopped)
: Mettaton Ω: (sigh)
Small Frisk: ((mmm
Small Frisk: ((yeah
Dr. Fintevious: ((almost no one plays as an amalgamate though, anymore, its kid of op
Small Frisk: ((we mainly roleplay now
: Mettaton Ω: (rip)
Dr. Fintevious: ((sad airhorn
Small Frisk: ((anywho who were you when you used to play CaU?
Small Frisk: ((like, your name
: Mettaton Ω: )
: Mettaton Ω: (mettaton Ω )
Jeska or Jekas: -walks into the bar-
Small Frisk: ((hm i dunno if i remember you
Dr. Fintevious: ((you can introduce your character by having them walk into the bar btw
Small Frisk: ((i remember a regular Mettaton and MettatonSEX who still comes here and is known as MageVaati
: Mettaton Ω: *subtly walks into grillby's*
Jeska or Jekas: Hey
: Mettaton Ω: Hello, darling.
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
: Mettaton Ω: How are you today?
Jeska or Jekas: -is a fish, (no relations too Undyne), greenish-blue hue, long orange hair-
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
Small Frisk: * She glances at the newcomer. Nope, it wasn't her adoptive father. It was a new Mettaton. She gives a soft wave to him, before looking back down at her notebook and going back to jotting a few unknown things down.
Jeska or Jekas: I fine, you're new here?
Small Frisk: ((this frisk has seen some shit
Small Frisk: ((she has like three families
: Mettaton Ω: *is a robot designed by alphys, basically MTT NEO 2.0*
Jeska or Jekas: -is rather emotionless in her talk-
Small Frisk: ((and was adopted by a married mettaton and gaster
: Mettaton Ω: Yes, i am, darling!
: Mettaton Ω: I was here a couple times, however...
: Mettaton Ω: Playing cards!
Small Frisk: "I remember when we all used to play cards."
Small Frisk: "That was like.. ten years ago."
: Mettaton Ω: Me too. Fun times.
Jamie (Judas): -is reading his book of belial-
: Mettaton Ω: (even though it was basically a couple months ago lol)
Fanta: ((Timeskip
YoungKingAsgore: (ARGH SO MUCH RED)
: Mettaton Ω: (what's timeskip)
Small Frisk: ((basically the bar went through ten years
Jamie (Judas): (OW THE EDGE)
Small Frisk: ((since we needed more interesting plot
Dr. Fintevious: ((characters got older
Azazel: ((Are you red-y for this? ))
: Mettaton Ω: (wooooo yeah)
GN Austin: (no)
: Mettaton Ω: So...
: Mettaton Ω: Care for a drink?
Jamie (Judas): ...
Fanta: ((FUCK YES
Flame_warp : ((this is kind of a red I guess))
Jeska or Jekas: Not really, but since you're new
Flame_warp : ((more of an orange though))
Small Frisk: "I, personally, don't feel like drinking. Mostly because I just went through some 'complications' with another timeline and became eleven once more."
: Yazan [Dr. Fintevious] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jukon].
: Mettaton Ω: What would you like, darling? Milk?
GN Austin: Hey Jamie.
Jeska or Jukon: -walks over to the bar- whats your'e poison?
Jamie (Judas): Piss off.
Small Frisk: "I would like some orange juice, but you don't have to buy some for me."
Small Frisk: "I have my own money."
GN Austin: Good talk.
: Mettaton Ω: I would like some oil. Really soothes the nerves!
: Mettaton Ω: And i have money as well!
Jeska or Jukon: Grillby has something like that around
GN Austin: -Walks up to MTTΩ- New guy?
: Mettaton Ω: Indeed, darling.
GN Austin: Cool.
Jeska or Jukon: theres another mettaton
Jeska or Jukon: so oil is somewhere around here
: Mettaton Ω: Oh, that
: Mettaton Ω: ...
: Mettaton Ω: That's great! I didn't know there was another ME!
Small Frisk: "The other you also happens to be my adoptive father."
: Mettaton Ω: ...
: Mettaton Ω: ._.
: Mettaton Ω: Oh.
Small Frisk: "What?"
Jeska or Jukon: Somehow I doubt that you two are like also
: Mettaton Ω: Nothing, darling.
: Mettaton Ω: Wh...
Jeska or Jukon: apart from being the same person and saying Darling
: Mettaton Ω: What was that mettaton's name?
Jeska or Jukon: Mettatonsex
Small Frisk: "Mettaton Gaster-Blook."
: Mettaton Ω: O_o
: Mettaton Ω: Ohhhh.
Small Frisk: "It's not MettatonSEX. I think."
: Mettaton Ω: I think i know them from somewhere...
: Mettaton Ω: But i'm not sure where...
Small Frisk: "Well, he was here when we were playing cards."
Jeska or Jukon: ((Actualyl MettatonSEX is just a way to tell which metta is it
: Mettaton Ω: Well, then no. I've never seen them. But i swear i know them from somewhere!
Small Frisk: ((It was made because Mettaton and MettatonEX was taken.
Small Frisk: "Huh. Interesting."
: Mettaton Ω: I do have a cousin named bloobly, though. He's nice.
Small Frisk: ((boobly
: Mettaton Ω: And, hey, where's my oil?
: Mettaton Ω: (it's bloobly you dork)
: Mettaton Ω: (jk)
Small Frisk: ((10/10
: Mettaton Ω: (long story short)
: Mettaton Ω: (i may or not be from another timeline)
Jeska or Jukon: here -slides him a can of syntheic oil-
: Mettaton Ω: (with another blooky)
: Mettaton Ω: Thank you, beautiful!
Small Frisk: ((cool
: Mettaton Ω: *drinks 1/4 of it)
: Mettaton Ω: Yum!
Jeska or Jukon: -still deadpan- sure
: Mettaton Ω: (their full name is nappabloob
: Mettaton Ω: )
Jeska or Jukon: ((gonna make breakfast, brb
T.J Junior: ((I beat Charmy))
T.J Junior: ((And now i've been running arund with no idea what to do))
: Mettaton Ω: (wait it's 6:39 PM where i live)
T.J Junior: ((All the people in that town are dead because I failed to beat the Scholar Boys))
Small Frisk: ((Yazan is in Korea
Small Frisk: ((he went there for a job
Fanta: ((Go get fardy from the sex dungeon
T.J Junior: ((...Sex Dungeon? What?))
T.J Junior: ((Also theres a fucking truck that I have no idea what it does))
Fanta: ((That's fardy's
Fanta: ((You gotta go rescue fardy fam
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
T.J Junior: ((Wheres the dungeon?))
Jeska or Jukon: ((yea what frisky said
T.J Junior: ((first floor, second floor, or third floor?))
Fanta: ((Fuck if I know
T.J Junior: ((Also, Yazan is some kinda important teaching fuck that's better at life than the rest of us. Which is why he's in Korea.))
Jeska or Jukon: ((I would'nt say I'm importatn
: The Duo [The Duo] joined chat.
The Duo: ((Ayy
Fanta: ((Ayy
Small Frisk: ((hi tri
The Duo: ((How's it going
The Duo: ((And what've I missed
Fanta: (('s guud
Small Frisk: ((good
Fanta: ((Earthquake
Fanta: ((At the bar
The Duo: ((Now or earlier?
Small Frisk: ((you missed Mettaton Ω coming here
Fanta: ((Earlier
The Duo: ((Ah alright
: Mettaton Ω: *wakes up from a deep sleep*
T.J Junior: ((I just got kicked in the groin by the Supreme Lord of Surprise Scott Lawson))
The Duo: ((Rip
: Mettaton Ω: *crazy jibberish noises*
The Duo: ((Is Joytale over?
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
Fanta: ((yep
Jeska or Jukon: you okay pal?
: Mettaton Ω: How long was i asleep?
Small Frisk: "For a few minutes."
Jeska or Jukon: like 2 minutes
: Mettaton Ω: Oh.
The Duo: ((Anything that happened I should know about?
Fanta: ((World exploded
The Duo: ((Wot
T.J Junior: ((Groin Kick comeback!))
Jeska or Jukon: ((you got the answer right metta?
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
: Mettaton Ω: (are we going to go on any adventures or)
Small Frisk: ((hi chime
Fanta: ((Hoi chime
: Mettaton Ω: (yep)
The Duo: ((Ayy
T.J Junior: (( ))
Small Frisk: ((also not yet
Gaster: ((we've got a new mettaton!
Fanta: ((Am starting a new adventure in a few weeks
Jeska or Jukon: ((sometimes we do, sometimes we chat
Jeska or Jukon: ((newcomer also chime
Fanta: ((I'll be setting it up soon
The Duo: ((So how will fighting other bar people work?
Gaster: ((also for those unaware: gaster is currently blind.
: Mettaton Ω: (oh)
The Duo: ((Wowie
Jeska or Jukon: ((Noice
Small Frisk: ((he got fucking fire spit into his eyes
Gaster: ((so he's being led by a papyrus
Jeska or Jukon: ((I mean oh
: Mettaton Ω: (so)
: Mettaton Ω: Soooo.
Small Frisk: "Soooo."
: Mettaton Ω: What happened while i was asleep, eh?
Jeska or Jukon: what brings you around?
Jeska or Jukon: we stared at you
: Mettaton Ω: Ok.
: Mettaton Ω: Sounds... Fun.
Gaster: walks into the bar. He's wearing some sort of blindfold over his eyes, and a Papyrus is holding onto his arm. The tall skeleton guides his father to a chair.
: Mettaton Ω: Oh, hey!
: Mettaton Ω: Hello! *waves*
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Papyrus: HELLO!
: Mettaton Ω: Hello, pap!
Gaster: waves in Mettaton's direction. "Ah, hello, Mettaton."
Small Frisk: * She waves to Gaster and Papyrus. "Hello, Papyrus. Hello, dadster."
: Mettaton Ω: How are you two?
Gaster: I'm blind.
: Mettaton Ω: Oh.
Papyrus: DAAAD....
: Mettaton Ω: That's no good.
Gaster: Yeah, tell me about it.
Auger: I know the feeling pal
: Mettaton Ω: So, papyrus! How are you?
Small Frisk: * She scoots over to Gaster. "So, uh.. have you been feeling any better, lately?"
: Mettaton Ω: Yes, i bet it is! I've been fine as well!
Jeska or Jukon: ((-puts on some hipstet glasses- I was making characters blind before it was cool))
Gaster: pauses. "Well, I think I can rest easy knowing that painful stuff is over..."
: Fanta [Fanta] joined chat.
: Mettaton Ω: How'd you become blind, gaster?
Fanta: ((Also
Fanta: ((Earthquake at the bar, gaster
Gaster: I got fire spit in my eyes.
Small Frisk: * She nods. "I'm glad that we're done with that place, too."
Fanta: ((Giant boulder through the roof
Jeska or Jukon: yeah thank fuck
Gaster: Wait, what?
The Duo: ((I polished the statsheet by adding period
Jeska or Jukon: ((brb, shower
The Duo: ((periods*
: suddenly notices the giant boulder. "Ohhh. Nice boulder, Grillbz!"
The Duo: ((And fixed spelling, and changed just a few tiny things for convenience
Hyper: * His face is buried into the bar counter, holding a bottle of alcohol with his left arm. "..ehn.."
Small Frisk: "I think there was an earthquake."
Small Frisk: "And a boulder fell through the roof."
: Azazel [Azazel] is now Lua [Lua].
The Duo: ((Should the statsheet have its own section for dead characters?
: Mettaton Ω: (brb eating)
Gaster: winces. "Ah, right, earthquakes. Those are nasty."
Small Frisk: * She looks up at the hole in the roof.
Small Frisk: "..Yeah."
Small Frisk: "Grillby's gonna have to pay a lot of money to get that fixed."
Fanta: ((Final boss time already?
Gaster: We'd have drills for them in school when I was younger.
Fanta: ((Well I'm about to beat LISA the joyful it seems
The Duo: ((Noice
Small Frisk: "At my school, we had to bend over and hold our head in our hands."
Small Frisk: "In those kind of drills."
Lua: looks around the bar, it seems he lost focus of what was happening after earlier... "Holy shit, boulder?"
: Fanta [Fanta] disconnected.
Small Frisk: "Yep. Earthquake."
Gaster: shakes his head. "It's not going to help you if a boulder falls on your head. Some public buildings had basements in hope that they might stop falling debris."
The Duo: enters, this time with Sincere and without Surreal. Usual greeting.
Small Frisk: * She nods. "Right. My old school wasn't really... professional."
Lua: ..Alright, so uh, are we just going to keep the boulder there?
Small Frisk: "We would need like seven people to move it."
Gaster: Well, we've got to move it eventually. I was thinking I could navigate by memory, but I'll probably run into it.
Papyrus: I COULD HELP!
Serene: '...I could try.'
Serene: * Wait, Gaster's blind. Now she can't read Serene's writing. rip
The Duo: ((he* fml
Lua: grins, "Alright, I guess I can do this with your guys' help."
Small Frisk: "I could also try to dematerialize the boulder into dust."
Small Frisk: * She shrugs.
Serene: 'A dust pile in the middle of a bar would be unsettling considering what dust means to monsters.'
Lua: ...We wouldn't keep the dust in the bar.
Small Frisk: "We could always throw it away."
Lua: That's what snows for!
Serene: 'I'd rather move it than sweep it, honestly.'
Gaster: ... Will the boulder fit out the door?
Gaster: ((check your privelage
Small Frisk: "We aren't a bunch of [i]lazybones[/i]."
Gaster: laughs, while Papyrus grumbles a little.
Serene: 'Probably not, actually. We'll crash it through the door if it's not big enough, then we'll fix it. Better than a boulder in the bar.'
Gaster: Maybe if we had someone with psychic powers, we could lift it out.
Serene: 'I don't believe we have anyone like that.'
Lua: Alright, How about we slowly split the boulder so that we don't destroy the door, there has to be tools to do something like that somewhere.
Gaster: That could work too.
Small Frisk: "I have a dematerializer."
Small Frisk: "Like I've said before."
Lua: ...How do you have a dematerializer?
Serene: 'You mean we cut the boulder and then roll it out?'
Serene: 'Piece by piece?'
Gaster: She's a scientist, Lua.
Small Frisk: "I'm a scientist."
Small Frisk: "And a billionaire."
Gaster: ... Wait, you never told me about the bilionare thing.
Lua: ...Keep forgetting that...
Mr. Diabolical: -walks- TREMBLE BEFORE MY WRATH!
: The Exchange [] joined chat.
Small Frisk: * She shrugs. "What can I say? I have a bunch of money from the different timelines I've been in, I'm an ambassador, and I'm an inventor."
Gaster: ((my gaster cosplay made the frontpage of r/undertale
: ★ Joseph: * ( huh
The Duo: ((I saw it on there, gj
Lua: thinks that an engineer would have something like that.. not a.. The fuck?
Small Frisk: * She glances at Mr. Diabolical and snickers.
: The Exchange [] is now Terra [].
Small Frisk: "Hello."
Small Frisk: ((hi bloo
Sincere: "...Hi, why should we tremble?"
The Duo: ((Ayy
Small Frisk: * She looks back at Gaster.
Mr. Diabolical: -a walking trashcan of a robot, has a stop sign wield to him now-
Small Frisk: "So, uh.. yeah. I got a lot of money over the years."
Gaster: is facing the wall, not the boulder.
Lua: Hello Generic Villain, let me just do my generic hero landing and my generic not listening to the villain thing.
Small Frisk: "I don't really spend it too often, either."
Gaster: I'm not complaining. Mettaton makes a good amount of money too.
Small Frisk: * She nods. "It's good to know that he's successful."
Mr. Diabolical: -pulls out a stun gun-I have found..err created the ultimate weapon!
: Terra [] disconnected.
Sincere: "What makes you think we should tremble before you? If I were to punch you, you'd tremble in your trashcan body."
Auger: Not again....
Gaster: Anyway, back to the boulder.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Small Frisk: * She pulls out a fancy looking dematerializer. "Soo.. we go with this easy and futuristic plan?"
Lua: looks back to the boulder. "So if we used the dematerializer, would there be issues other than having to move all the dust out?"
Small Frisk: "We would have to move all the dust, yes."
Mr. Diabolical: -pulls out a bright orange and blue gun too- Ha that i nothing compared to this
Small Frisk: "That's about it."
Sincere: "...It has contrasting colors, which makes it look less menacing. You can try harder than that."
Gaster: Alright, let's do this.
Bondertale: (what've I missed)
Lua: Alright, let's just go with the easy plan then.
The Duo: ((Earthquake
The Duo: ((Boulder crashed
Mr. Diabolical: don't underestimate me -fire a nerf round at Sincere and hits them-
Mr. Diabolical: Ha, do you feel your body getting weaker?
Sincere: * He flinches, pauses, then laughs. "It's a nerf gun! Come on."
Small Frisk: * She cocks the dematerializer, and aims it at the boulder. She flips a switch on it, and it makes a cool sound. She fires it, and the boulder immediately collapses into a pile of dust.
Mr. Diabolical: -it does nothing btw-
Small Frisk: "There we go."
Serene: '...Huh. That is futuristic.'
Small Frisk: * She puts the dematerializer away.
Gaster: I wish I could have seen that...
Lua: ..Alright, issue partially solved.
Small Frisk: "I live in the year 2026."
Mr. Diabolical: you've been nerfed my fiend, your powers are fading away
Small Frisk: "Also, yeah, I wish you could too, dad."
Small Frisk: "I'm sure we all want your eyesight back."
Sincere: "I know what a nerf is, but nerf guns don't nerf people. I don't feel any weaker."
Gaster: Me most of all.
Mr. Diabolical: how can this be? the internet said this would work
Lua: ((Secretly, Yazan is actually changing values in the RPG sheet when he shoots people with a nerf gun.))
Small Frisk: "No, I want your eyesight back as much as you."
Sincere: "They tricked you then."
Small Frisk: "And you can't argue with that."
Jeska or Jukon: ((my evil plan revealed!
Gaster: smiles. "Alright."
Gaster: ((You think someone would do that? Go on the internet and post lies?
Small Frisk: * She gives a small smile back, even if Gaster cannot see it.
Mr. Diabolical: -crackles the stun gun (you have to make physical contact with the stun gun)- I still have this!
The Duo: ((Blasphemy! Internet is pure, there are no lies!
Sincere: "...Alright, try it."
Small Frisk: * She looks up at the ceiling.
Small Frisk: "I'll leave Grillby to fix that."
Mr. Diabolical: -waddle runs at Sincere holding the stun gun forward while using it- HA HA!
Sincere: * And does it do anything?
Jeska or Jukon: ((it is a real stun gun
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Jeska or Jukon: ((so less sincere dodges it or something it will electrocute him/her
Lua: (( That's more a tazer then a stun gun ))
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Sincere: * He doesn't dodge, since he assumed the gun would do nothing. And now he's electrocuted.
Small Frisk: * She shrugs. "He is being diabolical."
Jamie (Judas): -Teleports in- 'Ello everyone...
Jeska or Jukon: ((tazers are ranged, stun guns, even though the name has gun on it, requires physical contact
Sincere: * He falls back, then quickly scrambles back up. "...Ow. Well...could've been worse."
: Mettaton Ω: (currently reading)
Sincere: "Besides, I have fire balls. And it's ranged. That...gun-weapon thing isn't."
Jeska or Jukon: what? HOW?
: Mettaton Ω: (currently reading CUCUMBER QUEST)
Jeska or Jukon: -retcon-
: Mettaton Ω: (page 103)
Jamie (Judas): -Sees Mr. D- *Sigh* This guy again?
Small Frisk: ((DON'T TAZE ME BRO
: Mettaton Ω: (i'm on the part where peridot comes in)
Lua: ..He was here earlier?
Mr. Diabolical: BUT HOW? this the best weapon I could buy I mean make!
Small Frisk: * She glances at Jamie. "What did I say about throwing deadly fireballs?"
Jamie (Judas): That wasn't me that time.
Small Frisk: "..Okay?"
Sincere: * Sincere talked about fireballs, not Judas. gg
The Duo: ((ech brb
Small Frisk: * no
Small Frisk: * judas threw a fireball at mr d
Small Frisk: * which almost killed him
The Duo: ((Yes but Judas didn't talk about fireballs just then
The Duo: ((And you warned him about fireballs
Small Frisk: * it's called reminding
Mr. Diabolical: -walks over to Papyrus- NO one move!
The Duo: ((k
The Duo: ((brb now
Lua: is helping with the sweeping, that's a lotta moving.
Mr. Diabolical: -also covered in dust cuz I didn't see Chime's post until now-
Jamie (Judas): . . . I won't throw a fireball. -Creates a red electrobolt- I'll throw electricity. -Shoots Mr. D-
Lua: Isn't that your attack, Papyrus?
Mr. Diabolical: The electrical current on my ultimare weapon is blue!
Small Frisk: * She snickers.
Lua: Well that's no fun. *Lua has a large grin now.
Mr. Diabolical: -gets hit by Jamie's shot-
Jamie (Judas): There, problem solved.
Mr. Diabolical: -falls down, beaten, battered, scorched, and broken- ARRRGGGHHH
Small Frisk: "You're going to kill him!"
Jamie (Judas): That's my plan.
Lua: ..Well that's embarrassing. Harsh, but embarrassing.
Small Frisk: "No."
Small Frisk: "Change your plan."
Mr. Diabolical: -gets up and limps away- You may have won this time!
Jamie (Judas): . . .
Gaster: Please don't kill anyone.
Small Frisk: "What my father said."
Jamie (Judas): Fine.
Mr. Diabolical: but I'll BE BACK!
Small Frisk: "Also, don't do that to him again. He doesn't deserve to be severely hurt."
Jamie (Judas): If anything I'd be doing Auger a favor.
Auger: Yeah he wold
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Small Frisk: "True, but sometimes people are better left alive."
Gaster: What an odd name.
Auger: Thats not your name moron!
Jamie (Judas): -Sits in a booth and opens his "Book of Belial"-
Mr. Diabolical: -flees , but trips into the anydoor has he runs away-
Small Frisk: "You two are just being mean to a harmless robot."
Jamie (Judas): Sure, he's not trying to take over the world or anything,
Auger: He just tazed someone, and he keeps attacking people
Small Frisk: "That's true, but it's MOSTLY harmless."
Small Frisk: "This is just unneeded violence and harsh words."
Gaster: I'm certain we could take care of him if need be.
Small Frisk: "Yes."
Small Frisk: "No need to kill him."
Jamie (Judas): Fine... Fine...
Auger: Hey if you can get him to stop being a pain in everyones ass feel free
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: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Lua: feels like part of this is his fault.
Small Frisk: "Why can't you program him to leave you alone?"
Small Frisk: "You created him, after all."
Auger: Because I'm blind
Small Frisk: "I know how to work robots."
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Small Frisk: "But I dunno how a trash can sciencd project works."
Small Frisk: science*
Auger: Also he has free will, its not like I made him to be a drone
Small Frisk: "...Yeah."
Small Frisk: "I suppose."
Gaster: rubs at his blindfold a little.
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Small Frisk: * She glances at Gaster. "Do you feel like rubbing your eye?"
Gaster: Yeah, but I shouldn't. It'll just make things worse.
The Duo: ((Back, what've I missed
Gaster: ((mr. d left
The Duo: ((Alright
Small Frisk: * She nods. "Just try the best you can to not rub your eye."
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Small Frisk: "I want you to feel better, eventually."
Gaster: Yeah...
Gaster: It still burns.
Small Frisk: "I know."
Small Frisk: "I'm sure the burning will end soon."
Serene: 'Would ice help?'
Gaster: I do too. I also want my damn eyesight back.
Serene: * She writes this to Papyrus or Frisk, whoever wants to read it I guess since Gaster can't read it
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Small Frisk: "Hm.. I'm not sure, Serene."
Small Frisk: "He has eye sockets."
Serene: 'Should I try it?'
Small Frisk: "Nah."
Small Frisk: "He has a blindfold on."
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Small Frisk: "Also, wouldn't the ice fall through?"
Serene: 'Ah, alright. And not necessarily.'
Gaster: * The blindfold's there for a reason. It's to keep Gaster from rubbing at his eyes.
Serene: 'I would just materialize it onto his face, and it'd stop the burning.'
Serene: * She's trying to stop the burning, not the rubbing.
Small Frisk: "He's a skeleton."
Serene: 'Yes?'
Small Frisk: "How would you get the ice to stay there?"
Gaster: *The rubbing comes from the burning.
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Small Frisk: "You really have no idea how a skeleton's sockets react to ice."
Serene: * Then she'll stop the rubbing by stopping the burning, if possible anyway. 'Materialize it onto his face...?'
Small Frisk: "I would play it safe."
Small Frisk: "Also, how would it stick on his face?"
Small Frisk: "You don't have glue."
Serene: 'It'd go in and out of his socket, clinging to both sides.'
Small Frisk: "Wouldn't that hurt?"
Serene: 'If it's thin enough, I'm fairly sure no.'
Lua: ..Or just make it large enough to go over the outer side and use the blind fold to keep it in place?
Serene: 'And that. That'd be easier actually.'
Small Frisk: "Dad, does ice help eye sockets?"
Gaster: I don't know.
Small Frisk: "Hm.."
Serene: '...It helps burning.'
Gaster: It's worth a shot, I guess.
Serene: 'Unless it's some strange alternate to burning.'
Lua: (( The two scientists in the bar don't know, GG ))
Small Frisk: "Alright. You can do it."
Small Frisk: ((Frisk is a scientist that studies timelines
Small Frisk: ((not ice
Small Frisk: ((and eye sockets
Serene: * She turns to Gaster. 'Is it alright if I take the blindfold off for just a second to put on the ice?'
Gaster: Alright.
Serene: * Wait Gaster can't read
Gaster: ((whoopsie
Serene: * She wrote that to Frisk then
Small Frisk: "Gaster, can Serene take the blindfold off to put the ice on?"
Gaster: Yes.
Small Frisk: "Okay!"
Jamie (Judas): If only I could help Gaste--! *GASP* I got it! -Reaches into his pocket and walks up to Gaster with something in his hand-
Serene: * She takes off the blindfold, and focuses on Gaster's eyesockets. Within seconds the outsides are covered in ice. She places the blindfold back on.
Serene: 'Sorry, already possibly helped him.'
Jamie (Judas): My solution could help too!
Small Frisk: "What's your solution?"
Gaster: *Before his eyes were iced over, Serene would have noticed there was no light within them.
Gaster: ....
Gaster: suddenly winces.
Gaster: B-brainfreeze...
Small Frisk: * She looks to Gaster.
Serene: 'Ah. Well.'
Small Frisk: "Do we need to remove the ice?"
Jamie (Judas): -Opens his hand to show them [url=]"Cain's Other Eye"[/url]-
Serene: 'Would thinner ice make it not freeze...?'
Gaster: I-it's fine, I just... ah...
Small Frisk: "Erm.. okay.."
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Jamie (Judas): Would this work?
Small Frisk: * She looks to Jamie.
Small Frisk: "Well.."
Serene: '...No, he doesn't need more eyes. He needs to fix his sight.'
Small Frisk: "His skull doesn't have any nerves."
Gaster: ((just fyi i kind of don't want his sight restored yet.
Small Frisk: "I think."
Jamie (Judas): Oh...
The Duo: ((Alright
The Duo: ((Is the burning causing the blindness?
Gaster: ((the burning is a part of what caused the blindness - his eye lights were pretty much burned away, causing him to be blind.
Gaster: ((so the burning's kind of a side effect.
Jamie (Judas): -Walks back to his booth- I thought it would help...
The Duo: ((Ah
Small Frisk: "He already has his cute white pupils, another eye could damage them even more."
Small Frisk: "You tried to help, though."
Small Frisk: "That shows you care."
Small Frisk: "So, thanks."
The Duo: ((*gives Frisk Proptosis* "NO"
Jamie (Judas): -nods-
The Duo: ((*gives Frisk Polyphemus* "MORE NO"
Lua: ((~Mutant Spider~))
The Duo: ((Every eye item
The Duo: ((Every eyetem
Small Frisk: ((10/10
Gaster: ((-fianchetto vibrates in anticipation somewhere-
Serene: 'Is Gaster feeling alright? I can instantly melt the ice if it's making it worse.'
Small Frisk: ((Sans & Papyrus: -walks up to Asgore's castle- Sans: here we are, paps. Papyrus: I HOPE HE HAS LOTSA SPAGHETTI!
Small Frisk: "Are you feeling alright, dad?"
Small Frisk: "Serene can melt the ice if needed."
Lua: (( Serene: "I never said that.." ))
The Duo: (("Wtf I don't want a blowtorch to my face" 'No that's not what I meant' "What is she writing" "She wants to burn your face" 'Please no'
Gaster: I'm fine. It's melting anyway.
Gaster: *A bit of water trickles down Gaster's cheek.
YoungKingAsgore: (is too sick to respond to Papy asking for spaghetti
Serene: '...My ice doesn't usually melt on its own. Huh.'
Gaster: It is helping with the burning.
Small Frisk: "That's good."
Small Frisk: "Also, it looks like you're crying."
The Duo: (("This is actually my tears, it's not helping with the burning"
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Gaster: ... Okay, I lied.
The Duo: ((aw
Jeska or Jukon: ((Alriht I'm out
Jeska or Jukon: ((laterz
The Duo: ((Bye
Gaster: This burning... it's so nice to get some relief...
GN Austin: ((bye
: Yazan [Jeska or Jukon] disconnected.
Small Frisk: "..I'm so glad you're getting at least a little bit of relief."
Gaster: Yeah...
Serene: 'I'm glad I could be of assistance, and that Gaster is alright.'
Small Frisk: "Serene is also glad that he/she could help, and that you're alright."
Gaster: Thank you, Serene.
Serene: * She smiles. 'And thanks for helping with communication, Frisk.'
Serene: 'You're welcome, Gaster.'
Lua: has mostly been just listening to what was going on, trying to think of other solutions.
Small Frisk: * She gives a quick nod to Serene, giving a short, grateful smile to her.
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Serene: 'Anything else I can assist with?'
Small Frisk: "Is there anything Serene can help with, dad?"
Gaster: No. I'm good for now.