The Trio: ((Technically many but in terms of bar people 3
Hyper: ((Hyper has one more life
The Trio: ((Still died though
Hyper: ((mhm
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Fuck this I'm sleeping..."
Gaster: ... Children had to die for Fanta.
Asriel_Dreemurr: lies down.
The Trio: ((Wait
Gaster: ... I need a drink, o-or something.
The Trio: ((Fanta's not even her original name is it
Gaster: gets a terrible craving for joy.
The Trio: ((Also Gaster should conveniently drink Fanta
Hyper: ((she's BAsriel
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Goodnight..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: is now sleep.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Gaster: ((i'm scared:
The Trio: ((Oh yee, forgot where they went
Frisky the Owl: ((3 people dead, some addicted to drugs, infinite emotional crippling, a hand, an arm, and more
The Trio: ((Brb
Gaster: goes to the bar and orders a stiff drink.
Hyper: ((wait
Frisky the Owl: ((The end is nigh, however
Hyper: ((hyper can project himself using his soul
Hyper: ((flowey has his soul
Hyper: ((he can go Spy Ex Machina
Frisky the Owl: ((Hyper could torment flowey
Hyper: ((oh boy
Hyper: ((wanna do it
Frisky the Owl: ((In a few hours
Hyper: ((k
Frisky the Owl: ((I gtg very soon
Gaster: ((alright
Frisky the Owl: is being snuggled by sleeping ad
Gaster: ((gaster's getting drunk
Gaster: ((i may have him make a bad decision
Frisky the Owl: ((Ooooh?
Frisky the Owl: ((Also frisky you could probably guess two of the final boss phases at this point
Frisky the Owl: ((Two of the four
Gaster: ((nothing big, just him trying to rekindle an old flame
Frisky the Owl: ((Ayyyyyyy
Hyper: ((Mmm
Frisky the Owl: ((Imma see you fuccbois at 9 30
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
Hyper: ((okay
Gaster: is withdrawing from joy and slightly drunk. It's time for some bad decisions.
Hyper: ((hoo boy
: Frisky [Hyper] is now Frisky [].
Gaster: leans on the bar, giving Grillby a sultry look. "Hey. Guess who's fucked up?"
Gaster: Me. It's me.
Grillby: chuckles and shakes his head. "Stop trying to get in my pants, Wing. It's not going to make you feel any better."
The Trio: ((Back---welp
Gaster: lets loose a loud whine. "Oh come ooooooonnnn...."
The Trio: enters. Serene waves. Sincere says "Hi!" From now on, this happens every time they enter.
Gaster: looks over, grinning. "Heeeeeeyyy."
Sincere: "...You alright?"
Gaster: Nope!
Sincere: "Well that's a bit direct. What's wrong?"
The Trio: ((RIP
: ((RIP
Gaster: I just watched a kid die, I'm having withdrawal symptoms from some weird drug, and I'm plastered. That's what's up!
Sincere: "...A kid died? Withdrawal symptoms? Plastered?"
Gaster: ((metal gear?
The Trio: ((Megalovania and Battle against a True Hero sounded good at 30% slow, so I tried that with HOME
The Trio: ((First song I tried was Aube a Toute Allure
Gaster: And, apparently, I can't get laid.
The Trio: ((And now I'm thoroughly spooked
Grillby: "You don't need to get laid."
Sincere: "...All I can say is I hope you feel better, then."
: Frisky [] disconnected.
Serene: * She seems disappointed, as if she wanted to say something but can't because of the situation.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: Frisky [] disconnected.
Gaster: groans.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Gaster: More alcohol, then.
Sincere: "Who died, though?"
Grillby: shakes his head.
Gaster: That... tiny asriel...
: Frisky [] disconnected.
Sincere: "...Oh...I didn't know them very well, but that's bad. Sorry for your loss."
Gaster: Yeah. Hyper died too.
Sincere: "Two people!? That's terrible..."
Gaster: That's why I'm drinking.
Gaster: I just wanna... just wanna forget this timeline...
The Trio: ((Apparently Blue Zircon is Euphoria except a bit changed and backwards, I'mma test that
Gaster: That timeline... it's shit.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Sincere: "...Be careful, that's all I can suggest. You'll be alright."
Gaster: I don't want to go back!
: Frisky [] disconnected.
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
Sincere: "Then stay here?"
Gaster: ... That makes sense.
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Sincere: "It does."
: Frisky [] disconnected.
The Trio: ((Not hearing the resemblance so far
The Trio: ((NVM
: Frisky [] joined chat.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
The Trio: ((Found it, but the song as a whole doesn't seem to be that similar to reverse Euphoria
Gaster: ((yoooo
The Trio: ((Ayy Metta
MettatonSEX: ((hi
MettatonSEX: ((and hi darling
The Trio: ((Erase that reverse, reverse Euphoria is Blue Zircon ;-;
anon: (Hello darling ♡
Grillby: decides to preemptively cut Gaster off. The last thing he needs in his system is more mind-altering stuff.
MettatonSEX: enters the bar. "Darling you weren't in bed and I know you were on that shitty drug so I figured you'd be here are you okay?"
Gaster: No.
Sincere: "He's not in very good condition. Not a mutant, though."
MettatonSEX: goes to sit next to his husband. "Then talk to me."
: ((hi metta
MettatonSEX: Also, please, you're making it worse.
MettatonSEX: ((hi
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Gaster: Well. Me and AD took a trip to the Painful timeline.
MettatonSEX: ((yo
Sincere: "I'm just informing you, don't worry."
MettatonSEX: And?
Gaster: Guess who died? Both Hyper and that little asriel!
Lua: ((I slept for 5 hours;))
MettatonSEX: What?!
Gaster: Yup. Dead.
The Trio: ((Rip DD
MettatonSEX: slams his fist on the bar counter. "That asshole flower!
Gaster: I know, right?
MettatonSEX: .....Is that a glass, darling?
Gaster: It is.
Lua: awakens in about the same place he passed out yesterday, even though he did wake up earlier.
: ((hyper has one more life now
MettatonSEX: I don't know the effects of alcohol and other things together. Don't drink anymore, okay?
: ((time to have some fun when he inevitably comes back
MettatonSEX: Not now.
The Trio: ((..Well
MettatonSEX: ((metta: i just made that body fucking hell
The Trio: ((Sugar Coma Foxtrot is sad at 30% slow
Gaster: ... The joy's wearing off....
: ((Metta: fucking flower
MettatonSEX: Good.
The Trio: ((BaaTH/Megalovania misinformed me of the joys of 30%
MettatonSEX: ((heh
MettatonSEX: ((joy
Grillby: "I've already decided to cut him off. He tried to get me into bed, too."
The Trio: ((heh
MettatonSEX: ...Oh my god.
Gaster: smiles sheepishly.
Lua: is nearly fully awake when Grillby makes that comment, and he gives a light snicker.
Sincere: "Hi, Lua!"
Lua: Hello.
: ((tfw you say 'woop dee doo' and other people begin to use it in some way tfw you say 'hoo boy' and a few people say it sometimes tfw you say coolio and some people use it tfw you say 'heh [punintentional pun here]' and people begin to use it
MettatonSEX: Gaster! One, ask me first, and two, don't flirt when you're wasted. Last time we did that with others you couldn't walk for a day, and you do not want to know how I had to clean my container.
MettatonSEX: ((coolio
Lua: I feel like my comments about sleeping here yesterday are slightly ironic.
The Trio: ((Dark Ring Leader is also sad at 30% slow
The Trio: ((Wot am I doing wrong
MettatonSEX: ((do it at 66.6%
Gaster: Mmmmmmhhhh....
MettatonSEX: ((satanwave
Gaster: I thought Grillby was okay in your book.
Gaster: Or in other places.
Gaster: winks.
The Trio: ((66.6% slower or 66.6% speed?
The Trio: (([s]Or both[/s]
MettatonSEX: .....I mean yes but you should still ask.
MettatonSEX: ((yes
MettatonSEX: ((try both
The Trio: ((...Both = very very slow
Gaster: chuckles.
MettatonSEX: ((yes
The Trio: ((66.6% of 66.6%, lez do this
MettatonSEX: I'm serious, darling.
The Trio: ((So 22.2%
MettatonSEX: ((yes
Gaster: ... My life feels like it's getting shittier and shittier every time I enter that stupid timeline.
MettatonSEX: Same.
Sincere: "Why are we going there anyway?"
MettatonSEX: But... there's something pulling me back, other than saving Fanta.
Gaster: And that is?
MettatonSEX: I want to crush that timeline's version of me.
: * nothing said that
The Trio: ((Okay I'm doing that...and the ambience is real
Gaster: Alright.
MettatonSEX: ((satanwave
Gaster: I'll watch.
Gaster: And maybe help.
MettatonSEX: Ohhhhh yes.
The Trio: ((A M B I A N C E
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Lua: ..That's slightly dark, but acceptable after yesterday.
MettatonSEX: It'd be cool if we could do it together.
The Trio: ((oh wowwww
MettatonSEX: Not side by side. Together.
Gaster: I wanna get rid of the other me too, he's why I... I've got these shitty withdrawal symptoms.
The Trio: ((Next part kicked in and it sounds like echoing growling
MettatonSEX: Yes, agreed.
The Trio: ((Can't wait for percussion /s
MettatonSEX: Ohhhhhh that bitch is gonna get it.
Gaster: And then, we're done.
Sincere: "So we're doing this more to serve justice than to save someone? That's nice."
MettatonSEX: It's both.
The Trio: ((Satanwave is real
MettatonSEX: ((satanwave is wonderful
The Trio: ((It's amazing ambiance + insanity
The Trio: ((Captured by the ambiance at the beginning, then growling comes in and spooks
Lua: thinks for a moment, "Maybe that's the sickness that guy had for the last week."
The Trio: ((Aaaand the percussion is death
Gaster: Corn?
MettatonSEX: What?
Gaster: I-I meant Corrin.
Lua: ...I still don't know people by name or nickname, but there's a guy who goes by Corn?
MettatonSEX: I know, but what?
MettatonSEX: He's Corrin.
MettatonSEX: ((corrin vs pin
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Lua: gives out a small laugh. "Oh, that's it."
MettatonSEX: ((hi
MettatonSEX: Yes.
MettatonSEX: What sickness?
The Trio: ((Ayy
Fintevious: (Hey miss anything?
Gaster: Joy withdrawal.
Lua: I noticed there was someone who was sleeping on the couch ill every time I came in last week.
MettatonSEX: Oh fuck.
The Trio: ((...The extremely intense part is less intense than the slow part at the beginning
The Trio: ((Thanks satanwave
MettatonSEX: Oh nonononononononononononononononononono
: ((you missed smazzy dying
Lua: No one actually ever told me how he was sick... but that makes sense.
: ((and hyper dying
: ((i think
Gaster: groans.
Fintevious: (Figured thad happen
The Trio: ((Time to satanwave one of my fav songs in Home
MettatonSEX: begins shaking. "We can't let that happen to you"
Gaster: I don't intend for it to happen.
MettatonSEX: It better not.
Gaster: I-I only took one, so...
MettatonSEX: hugs Gaster. "I have no idea how many Corrin took."
Sincere: "You'll be alright. It took 40 to turn a cat into a mutant. And that's just a cat."
Gaster: I don't either.
MettatonSEX: ((yes
Bondertale: (FUCK)
Sincere: "You're bigger and you only took one. I'm surprised it's affecting you at all."
Lua: You realize an overdose is an overdose, right?
Bondertale: (DAMNNKARATE)
MettatonSEX: Exactly.
Sincere: "Then it probably would have turned her into a mutant sooner. Maybe?"
Sincere: * He is dum.
MettatonSEX: pulls Gaster close.
Lua: She did OD at 40, but what if it's much lower then.
Gaster: lays his head on Mettaton's shoulder.
MettatonSEX: Shut up, Sincere.
Gaster: Fuuuuuuck me.
MettatonSEX: No, you're drunk.
Lua: is going to take that as a comment to shut up as well.
Sincere: "Hmph. I tried to help, my incorrectness was the only thing holding me back. Sorry."
Gaster: Not that drunk.
MettatonSEX: Still not fucking you right now.
MettatonSEX: Sad sex is the worst.
Gaster: I'll sober up then.
MettatonSEX: Trust me.
Gaster: ... Fine.
MettatonSEX: After everything is over.
MettatonSEX: I promise.
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Gaster: You better fuck me hard.
MettatonSEX: ...I'll fuck you 'till the sun comes out.
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Lua: looks back to the photos he got earlier, trying to ignore the sex talk.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Gaster: Mmmh, maybe we'll fuck the sun too.
MettatonSEX: ((hi ad
Gaster: If it comes out of the closet.
MettatonSEX: Maybe.
Sincere: "So, how are you, Lua?"
: ((hi ad
Fintevious: (Cant rp now but tmw morning I can
Lua: Well, I mean I've been better.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Ayy))
Lua: This is the first time I've slept in a bar, that was fun.
The Trio: ((My favorite song doesn't like being different
MettatonSEX: ...At least you're not emotionless anymore.
The Trio: ((It's satanwave sucks
: ((also AD is cuddling Frisky the Owl
: ((Slarv said so
The Trio: ((Onward to better satanwave
Gaster: Yeah. That was... that was hell.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is.
: ((that's smazzy's owl plush
: ((that hyper gave him
MettatonSEX: It was hell for everyone.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is a big man baby asleep with the owl on the couch.
: ((i cri evry tim
Lua: ....Everything else though? Hell.
MettatonSEX: .....
MettatonSEX: 's lights seem to dim.
Sincere: "'ll get better, surely."
Sincere: "This can't last forever."
Jeska or Jekas: -walks up to AD-
Lua: That reminds me, has anyone seen the Toriel and Frisk that never leave each other for some reason?
Asriel_Dreemurr: wakes up.
Gaster: ... Not right now, no.
MettatonSEX: Not recently.
MettatonSEX: hugs Gaster tighter.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Jeska."
Lua: ...That Flowey came in, and they kind of got attacked. Left the photos of the two goat boys captured yesterday.
Jeska or Jekas: Asriel?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hello."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wait what?"
MettatonSEX: Fuck.
Gaster: WHAT?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, that's my name."
Jeska or Jekas: -hugs him-
Lua: I let them sleep on the couch, but they seemed in great pain.
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets hugged.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Sincere: "...Wow."
MettatonSEX: ........
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska?"
Lua: ((Also holy shit how many couches do we have?))
MettatonSEX: We need to get this done as soon as we can.
The Trio: ((One infinite couch
: ((one
Gaster: We do.
MettatonSEX: ((34
Bondertale: (one reeeeally big one)
Jeska or Jekas: ....kid... Im sorry
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Correction, MV))
The Trio: ((69
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((34 thousand feet couch))
MettatonSEX: ((i never said 34 what
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Jukon?"
The Trio: ((You didn't? Wat
Bondertale: (the couch is a spatial anomaly)
Jeska or Jekas: -faints-
Lua: ((So Corrin, The Btale group, and AD were all asleep on the same couch then.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Fintevious: (Gtg work
: ((yes
The Trio: ((The couch is a timelin
The Trio: ((timeline*(
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs.
Bondertale: (space around it is warped, making it 10 tines as long as it looks)
The Trio: ((Bye Yazan
: ((bye yazan
MettatonSEX: ((i meant 34 long-ass infinitycouches
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ((cya
MettatonSEX: seems to be not saying something.
The Trio: ((...Wait
The Trio: ((I must satanwave the Satan
The Trio: ((Pandemie Inverse
Lua: ...I also see that the person that ass was looking for is here. Did you guys take care of that or what?
Gaster: orders some fries.
Gaster: ... We did.
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs, and gets up. He picks up Jeksa, and lies her on the couch.
Sincere: "Who was looking for who?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: then takes a seat.
Lua: That Flowey was looking for Goat Boy.
Gaster: looks down at his fries. "Grillbz, can I get some cheese on these?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He saw me."
Sincere: "Flowey probably just wants everyone."
The Trio: ((I regret my decisions
Lua: ..Fair point.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He saw me then killed my boyfriend and a child."
The Trio: ((Pandemie Inverse satanwave is truly hell
MettatonSEX: ((no rugrats
Lua: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "At lease Jukon might come back."
MettatonSEX: ....
MettatonSEX: leans on Gaster.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Flowey can't know that. Ever."
Gaster: gets cheese on his fries. "Thank you.:
Lua: ...I *Lua seems enraged over more casualties over this.
Gaster: begins to eat.
Sincere: "Flowey's pretty dumb, to be honest."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Smart enough to realize what he is doing."
MettatonSEX: lies his head in Gaster's lap.
Gaster: .... Hello.
MettatonSEX: Hi.
Sincere: "I hate it when people try to demoralize others with something that could easily be supported by something generally acceptable. That's what Flowey does."
: ((sometimes i feel like shanking sincere
The Trio: ((Of course
Lua: calms down for a moment, "...Well I did mention that Flowey brought photos that Flowey had, it's probably the last ones of the duo. I know one of them is kind of gory, but would you want them?
MettatonSEX: Please never take Joy again.
Asriel_Dreemurr: Sincere, can you please shut the fuck up?"
Gaster: I don't intend to.
MettatonSEX: Seeing you emotionless is horrifying.
Sincere: "...Literally all I was doing was saying why our enemy is dumb. What's wrong with that?"
Gaster: I... I remember what I said.
Gaster: I was like the purifier.
The Trio: ((Even Serene wouldn't completely mind Sincere dead
MettatonSEX: You were...
Gaster: ((brb gonna get some chips
The Trio: ((Surreal would drift off
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Because calling our enemy dumb is not only incorrect but also immature... Hey, I guess you are a child."
The Trio: ((Surreal's not useless though, only now
Sincere: "Yes, I am a child. And isn't knowing our enemy isn't perfect a boost to spirits?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Underestimation has killed."
The Trio: ((That sentence structure was wonky
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
: ((I feel like my parents are Sans and Papyrus sometimes.))
: ((Also, hi, Slarv
MettatonSEX: ((hi
Asriel_Dreemurr: is still holding the Owl close.
Frisky the Owl: ((Hoi
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((ayy))
Frisky the Owl: ((Im in rehearsal rn
Gaster: pats Mettaton's head.
Sincere: "Worry does as well."
: ((cool
Frisky the Owl: ((My conductor decided it was a fantastic idea to do 40 minutes on a song i dont play on
The Trio: ((gg
Frisky the Owl: ((Before a song i do play on for 20 minutes
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Better worry about a strong opponent then go in thinking you can't lose."
MettatonSEX: ((wowie
MettatonSEX: hums.
Lua: After earlier, I agree with that point.
: ((wowie
MettatonSEX: ...You know... I was thinking about how you were, last night...
Gaster: Yeah?
Sincere: "So acknowledging something isn't perfect means you think you can't lose? We're at constant risk of dying and we haven't."
Sincere: "But we still know we can lose, even though we haven't died yet."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...But he isn't dumb, that's the thing."
MettatonSEX: I kind of... dreamt that you'd have no remorse if you had to kill me when you were like that. Not alternate me. Me me.
Sincere: "He's not as smart as he could be."
Gaster: ... I probably would.
Gaster: And I'd eventually regret it.
MettatonSEX: But by then it'd be too late.
Gaster: I know...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He is torturing me through emotion, by slaughtering people I love, forcing me to make decisions, and mutilating me."
Sincere: "But he hasn't killed you."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Exactly."
MettatonSEX: It just scares me to think about that.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "that's why he's smart."
Sincere: "It would be so much easier on him if he just killed us all. What's the point of torture if it's not stopping anything?"
Sincere: "Not saying I'd enjoy us all dead, of course."
Gaster: It scares me too.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He figures; Why not?"
Gaster: kisses Mettaton on the cheek.
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster back.
Sincere: "Because he could fail. His threat---us---remains. Torture slows us but doesn't end us."
Frisky the Owl: ((I have no fucking clue how to work out this plot hole
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Gaster: Mmmh...
Sincere: "Satisfaction vs victory, basically."
MettatonSEX: It's on the top three most horrifying things for me.
Frisky the Owl: ((The bitch aint worth it
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He chose satisfaction."
Frisky the Owl: ((And idk what the fuck to do
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((brb shower.))
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Lua: ...You realize he's gotten worse and worse every time we've gone there, right?
The Trio: ((Put something else at risk that'd make it more worth it?
Gaster: ((Gaster's just in it to murder his alternate self at this poing
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: skeletonghosthunter's connection timed out.
Frisky the Owl: ((Alright?
MettatonSEX: ((same w metta
Frisky the Owl: ((Ill figure somthing out...
The Trio: ((The trio is in because the others are in
Lua: What's to say the satisfaction is ending and more energy is put to victory?
MettatonSEX: ((mettas fucking pissed at alt metta
Sincere: "Less energy is to victory. Torture is continous. Besides, victory is satisfying."
Bondertale: (bazzy's here for Fanta, and Frisk was there for stabbing things. Toriel WAS just along for the ride)
Frisky the Owl: ((Gaster and metta are gonna have a grand old time
Frisky the Owl: ((Hahaha
Frisky the Owl: ((Barchars fuckin pissed
Lua: When I meant satisfaction, I meant temporary satisfaction.
MettatonSEX: ......
Frisky the Owl: ((Two azzys are dead
Sincere: "Temporary is useless."
Frisky the Owl: ((One perm dead
Frisky the Owl: ((Well i wont rule it out
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
Sincere: "Why would he do what he's doing if he's not trying to succeed?"
Frisky the Owl: ((Does btale know?
Frisky the Owl: ((Top lel
Sincere: "And if satisfaction is his success, why does he want his success to be temporary?"
Lua: ...because he doesn't only have one source of motivation, obviously.
Gaster: We'll get rid of our alternate selves. That's it.
Gaster: Then we're done.
MettatonSEX: What's worse, being fused with the whole family and being a beast with no sense of self, seeing the one you love become like the purifier, or becoming like the purifier?
MettatonSEX: ....
MettatonSEX: Mmh.
Sincere: "...Then he shouldn't be doing it."
Gaster: ... I'm not sure.
Sincere: "He's choosing a bad option because he can. That's ridiculous."
MettatonSEX: I dunno either. Probably seeing you become like him. I think.
Lua: ...I mean, he's an asshole. He's getting enjoyment out of this, obviously there's the issue of when this is all over, but still.
Sincere: "Maybe it'd make more sense from his point of view. But from mine, temporary satisfaction only to fail afterward seems really not worth it."
Gaster: ... I'd hate to be fused with all of you...
MettatonSEX: Agreed.
Gaster: continues to eat his fries.
Lua: ...The issue is that you're also not realizing once we've gone too far, he probably IS going to kill us.
MettatonSEX: I like it just us. Adding our own children... oh god.
Gaster: And against our will, too...
MettatonSEX: Mmhm.
Sincere: "Possibly. If he does then good on him, he got temporary satisfaction AND victory. I never considered that. It's a bit risky, though."
Barchar: >Metta is fucking pissed image but with barchar instead
Gaster: hugs Mettaton close.
MettatonSEX: hugs back, crying.
Barchar: the waddle see is Asriel. All of them.
: High Priest Laharl [SChara] joined chat.
Frisky the Owl: Waddle see
The Trio: ((Ayy
Frisky the Owl: ((Hoi
Gaster: ((hey there
MettatonSEX: Oh my god it's sincere and not stiff.
MettatonSEX: ((yo
Frisky the Owl: ((Welcome to asriel holocaust
: ((hi
SChara: ((So I fucking struck gold))
Gaster: Yeah... it's nice.
The Trio: ((Gg
: ((k
Lua: He can do it, I saw it earlier with how powerfully he attacked the duo. So, we need to finish this as soon as possible or prepare to die.
Sincere: "...Huh?"
MettatonSEX: melts into the hug.
Frisky the Owl: ((O?
: ((is there ink in the gold
Frisky the Owl: ((Black gold
SChara: ((Someone left a completely intact tramspoline in the street. All in the box. It was just abandoned at the street corner))
Frisky the Owl: ((Sweet
MettatonSEX: ((noice
: ((omf
The Trio: ((Noice
: ((wowie
Gaster: ((what are you gonna do with a trampoline
The Trio: ((Luck x 100 for you
SChara: ((It's been there for a few days, so I decided it was up for grabs. I then realized why is was abandoned))
Lua: (( V I C T O R Y ))
The Trio: ((Sell it or use it?
Bondertale: (Toriel's child and Ad's boyfriend are dead. Barchar is fucking pissed. Gaster and mettaton are crying and kissing)
SChara: ((It was full of dead rats. But on the otherhand, hey, free trampoline. I'm using that shit. i'll be cock of the block with ym dead rat trampoline))
MettatonSEX: ((oh
Frisky the Owl: ((Dead rat trampoline
Gaster: ((the dead rats add character
The Trio: ((...I'd say it's worth it?
Frisky the Owl: ((Rat chef
Barchar: is flying around the bar chaotically.
The Trio: ((Only a setback
MettatonSEX: ((misery builds character
SChara: ((I'll just add some bleach to remove the smell and MAMA MIA FREE TRAMPOLINE))
Frisky the Owl: ((Make a wonderful meal with those dead rats
Gaster: ((soup
Surreal: * He watches Barchar flying around. "What's wrong?" ...He doesn't seem to talk often unless to Barchar.
SChara: ((Like this is some good shit right here, high quality net and everything))
SChara: ((Ratatoullie?))
MettatonSEX: holds his darling close.
Gaster: nuzzles against Mettaton.
Lua: ...Basically if we continue while he's satisfied, he's probably less likely to kill us.
Frisky the Owl: ((Take us to flavortown
: ((take us to slarvathtown
Frisky the Owl: ((K
: ((the place of death
Lua: ...I understand that's a big assumption, but that's better than him being tired of us and killing us.
: ((and destruction
Sincere: "So once he's satisfied, we push until he takes us away or it becomes too risky on our part?"
Bondertale: (won't you take me tk)
Bondertale: (murdertoooown)
Bondertale: (won't you take me to)
Bondertale: (MURDERTOOOWN)
MettatonSEX: Mmh, darling... I missed this.
Lua: nods.
Gaster: ... It feels good to have emotions again.
Surreal: "Oh yeah, you like Asriels. Don't worry, there's like 20 more left."
Sincere: "Sounds like a good plan,"
: ((slarv can hype mess with flowey or are we waiting until 9:30 for it
SChara: ((Thats why I haven't been here all day.))
MettatonSEX: It feels good to see your emotions.
SChara: ((I've been setting up a fucking trampoline solo))
The Trio: ((9:30 is when I gtg
Barchar: holy shit, saying that has pissed her off even worse.
Frisky the Owl: ((Mm, i might get told to put my phone down but sure
The Trio: ((:|
: ((k
SChara: ((I did it, and accidently made it upside down. So i'm finishing that shit tomorrow))
MettatonSEX: ((why not a bass solo
MettatonSEX: ((oh
Gaster: ((rip
The Trio: ((Rip
: Frisky [] is now Frisky [P Hyper].
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] is now PFlowey [PFlowey].
Gaster: ((just jump on it upside down
Surreal: "...What's still wrong?"
PFlowey: ((Move to australia
The Trio: ((Almost used emoticon...memories
P Hyper: * His soul projects a projection of himself. "Howdy, asshat!"
P Hyper: "I'm not dead!"
Bondertale: (memories of two days ago)
MettatonSEX: ((dloqwy still makes me laugh
PFlowey: ...
P Hyper: "Hah."
P Hyper: "Surprised?"
Sincere: "...Welcome back?"
PFlowey: "Pathetic fool..."
P Hyper: "They don't say that I cheat death for nothin'."
P Hyper: "Ooh?"
Surreal: "...21?"
P Hyper: "I'm a foil?"
Gaster: ((Hi! I'm Dloqwy! Dloqwy the Dloqwer!
P Hyper: "Tin foil?"
P Hyper: "Nah."
Lua: OK, I'm hearing two voices, and I like neither.
PFlowey: is in the painful timeline
P Hyper: "I'll wrap you in tin foil and I'll burn you."
MettatonSEX: ((omg
PFlowey: so is hyper
Sincere: "Wow, sorry."
Sincere: * Retcon as well.
PFlowey: is in the true lab
Gaster: hugs his husband close. "I love you..."
Surreal: * Retcon also as well.
PFlowey: "I have exactly what i need..."
P Hyper: "I just smell your bitching."
Gaster: I'm going to assure you of that for a while.
P Hyper: "Ohhh, you killed some guys."
P Hyper: "Now you'll take over the world!"
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster's cheek. "Thank you... I love you too."
P Hyper: "Nah."
P Hyper: "That's not how it works."
PFlowey: ahead is a big container, floating inside is... Asriel
P Hyper: "Ooh! Howdy."
The Trio: ((2 Asriels to save now
Barchar: she falls down on the floor, somehow grabbing Surreal by the shirt collar. "LISTEN UP, CHILD, TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS JUST DIED AND A THIRD IS CRUSHED BECAUSE OF IT. SO SHUT YOUR STUPID INVISIBLE MOUTH BEFORE I FIGURE OUT HOW TO SNAP YOUR NECK WITHOUT TOUCHING Y-" she fizzles out to everyone but those who could see her, and Surreal falls back into his seat. "-OU."
PFlowey: "Hehehe..."
P Hyper: "Is that you?"
PFlowey: "No. He's a husk right now..."
P Hyper: "Ah."
P Hyper: "A husk that you can fuck?"
Gaster: jumps when Barchar yells.
P Hyper: "You have vines."
PFlowey: "Gaster was right... The regenerative properties of joy are quite something"
P Hyper: "Maybe you can make a makeshift condom."
P Hyper: "With the vines."
MettatonSEX: shudders
PFlowey: "Regenerating a whole body from a single arm..."
P Hyper: "And you can go fuck yourself."
: High Priest Laharl [SChara] disconnected.
PFlowey: "Hehehe..."
Lua: questions what the hell just happened.
Surreal: * He looks alarmed for a second. "...To be fair...that's like 2 of your 20 best friends. And you don't know they're dead. There's so much magic and stuff going on it's totally possible they could return."
P Hyper: "Listen to me, bitch."
Barchar: was visible to everyone for a second there. I don't know if I made that clear.
P Hyper: "I have authority, here."
PFlowey: "Say hello to your home... With the child."
P Hyper: "Oh?"
P Hyper: "My home?"
P Hyper: "Hell no."
Gaster: ... She's really upset.
MettatonSEX: Was that...
PFlowey: Flowey gathers all seven souls
P Hyper: ".."
Gaster: Yes.
MettatonSEX: That invisible Chara?
MettatonSEX: Oh.
Surreal: "She's upset that the Asriels died."
P Hyper: "The seven souls. I know what you're doing."
MettatonSEX: Shit.
PFlowey: "Im sure he'll be happy with you"
Lua: ...OK, how long has there been an invisible Chara here?
P Hyper: "Who would be happy?"
P Hyper: "Go get a life."
Barchar: "Child, I made a [color=red] POLITE REQUEST.[/color] Please uphold it. C
Surreal: "She's been here since I've been here."
Gaster: Since forever, apparently.
PFlowey: "The child. His souls."
Surreal: "...What was your request?"
P Hyper: "Fuck no."
PFlowey: Flowey puts smazzys six souls into the container with the husk
P Hyper: "He would be terrified."
PFlowey: "Hehehe... Exactly what he deserves"
Lua: ...OK, that's scary.
P Hyper: "Why are yah doing this?"
PFlowey: "..."
Barchar: "...youre hopeless." she immediately shifts to looking depressed to the point of apathy, floating away from Surreal.
MettatonSEX: holds Gaster closer.
P Hyper: "Do you have a phobia of Asriels, Asriel?"
PFlowey: "I am NOT one of you."
Gaster: holds Mettaton close, closer, yet closer.
P Hyper: "Yes you are."
P Hyper: "You used to be Asriel."
Surreal: "What!? I just asked what your request was!"
The Trio: ((J
The Trio: ((ops
PFlowey: "Asriel is dead. As he should be."
The Trio: ((what even just happened to my comp
MettatonSEX: the closeness keeps consuming
PFlowey: ((J
P Hyper: "Who the fuck are you, then?"
The Trio: ((okay it's fixed
Gaster: ((jozlyn is haunting your computer
P Hyper: "A regular flower?"
The Trio: ((It was resending that message so I was trying to type over it, so it sent J
P Hyper: "I'm not buying that."
PFlowey: "Flowey the flower. Nice to meet you."
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] disconnected.
P Hyper: "More like Asriel the Flower."
PFlowey: "..."
Barchar: "Apparently you can't hear me yelling at the top of my lungs for you to shut up, so fine. Whatever."
The Trio: ((Jozlyn pls you're dead
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
P Hyper: "Who so desperately wanted his Chara to talk at some point."
Gaster: ((she's being a cat and walking across your keyboard
P Hyper: "Geddit? I saw that video tape."
PFlowey: "I'd love to stay and..."
PFlowey: ". . ."
P Hyper: "Heh."
Surreal: "...Oh, that was your request. I'm a child, do you expect much more from me?"
P Hyper: "You angry, bud?"
P Hyper: "Good."
PFlowey: ".........."
Bondertale: (hyper you're going to make him kill you AGAIJ)
P Hyper: "If you want to make me suffer, expect to suffer as well."
Surreal: "A child that's probably paid attention 1/10 of their life as well."
Gaster: ((agaij
Bondertale: (you don't wanna be come the barchar of p41nfl)
P Hyper: "I bet your Chara was a mute asshole."
P Hyper: "She probably hated you!"
PFlowey: "Stop."
P Hyper: "No."
P Hyper: "Why should I?"
PFlowey: "I'll crush you..."
PFlowey: "I-I..."
P Hyper: "You can't crush a projection."
P Hyper: "Get to your senses."
P Hyper: "You're a disgrace to the Dreemurr family."
The Trio: ((Memory satanwave?
PFlowey: Flowey grabs his soul
P Hyper: "Oooh?"
PFlowey: "..."
P Hyper: "Yeah, like that would work."
MettatonSEX: engulfs Gaster in the hug. Oops.
P Hyper: "Try crushing it."
Gaster: Mmmfff.
P Hyper: "I bet you can't."
The Trio: ((...It's...hypnotic, kind of
Gaster: is in a burrito.
P Hyper: "You're weak."
P Hyper: "You've always been a weak crybaby."
The Trio: ((Sweet but scary
MettatonSEX: I love you.
Bondertale: (holy shit hyper)
Gaster: I love you... I love you...
P Hyper: ((hey hyper is angry
P Hyper: ((and he doesn't have his dust with him so he's already an asshole
Barchar: glares at Surreal. "You know, I wasn't lying there. Watch your back, child."
Corrin: -Corrin is mumbling something again, although He actually is saying words though this time. Something about a tyrant, a war. Something seems wrong-
MettatonSEX: I love you more than my arms can express.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] disconnected.
P Hyper: "Heh."
P Hyper: "What are you gonna do, crybaby?"
: High Priest Laharl [SChara] joined chat.
Gaster: kisses Mettaton, gently.
P Hyper: "Crush my dear soul?"
Surreal: "...Can we just not hurt each other? You know how much we can rely on each other? How often do other people see you? I just have to be a better person, then we can be friends, right? I don't want to be your enemy."
P Hyper: "Well, fuck you."
Lua: looks over to Corrin, "I can't tell if he's awake just talking about things, or if he's talking in his sleep at this point."
SChara: ((So i'm addicted to Underswap now just because I can't get enough of the idea fo Frisk basically being just a freaking Danny Phantom Frisk with no lower body as a narrator))
The Trio: ((Brb for a min or two
SChara: ((It's just hilarious to imagine))
: PFlowey [PFlowey] disconnected.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
: PFlowey [PFlowey] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster, passionately.
P Hyper: ((k you're back
Gaster: Mmmh!
Gaster: kisses back, deepining it a little.
Barchar: suddenly starts laughing cheerily. Like she wasn't just pissed and depressed 10 seconds ago. "OH, child, that's a nice thought. But I'm afraid you'd need to try to make that happen. And trust me, I KNOW that you don't like to try very often."
Gaster: Man.... It's good to be back.
MettatonSEX: hums softly, taking control of the kiss and slipping his tongue in. It'd been too long.
MettatonSEX: It's been too long.
Gaster: plays with Mettaton's tounge, gently.
Gaster: Yeah...
MettatonSEX: flicks the tapered tip of his tongue inside Gaster's mouth, making sure to touch everything it would allow.
Gaster: moans, rubbing Mettaton's sides.
Bondertale: (I'm getting some Geiger counterfeiters clicks from my bodometer here)
P Hyper: "You're just a worthless bitch that thinks you're doing something, but you're really not. That's all you are, crybaby."
P Hyper: ((ok i'll stop trashtalking 'cause it's getting uh.. pretty bad
MettatonSEX: withdraws, finishing with a small peck on each cheek. "There'll be more later, darlin'."
Gaster: Ooooooh, I can't wait.
MettatonSEX: When everything is over...
MettatonSEX: We'll celebrate.
SChara: ((Someone has sinned in a recent time period))
SChara: ((I'm getting pings from the Boden room))
Gaster: ((oooooh who's the sinner
Lua: ((the fuck..))
Gaster: grins. "It'd better be good."
SChara: ((...Hyper, AD, and Smol Asriel apparently))
MettatonSEX: ((sin sin sin sin
MettatonSEX: ((oh
Gaster: ((WOT
MettatonSEX: Mmh, it will be.
P Hyper: (("WHAZZAT"
P Hyper: ((OK
Bondertale: (no)
Bondertale: (no child sex)
: High Priest Laharl [SChara] is now High Priest Laharl [Oh Shit Run].
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] disconnected.
Gaster: ((can confirm, i just checked the logs to make sure there was no pdo
P Hyper: ((lol i didn't even try during that boden
P Hyper: ((but yeah
P Hyper: ((no pedo
Oh Shit Run: Ah fuck, ah fuck, Mom always told him this was how he was gonna go. Chased down by superheroes. Of course. fuck this. JUMP, phew, leap over Superman, man, good thing he dodged tha-FUCK DODGE BATMAN, oh man that batarang was too clos-WHY THE FUCK ARE THE AVENGERS HERE HE'S JUST A COMMON CROOK.
Oh Shit Run: Life's tough being a criminal in a timeline where literally every single superhero exists.
: PFlowey [PFlowey] disconnected.
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
: PFlowey [PFlowey] joined chat.
Oh Shit Run: Run, run, run, run, if he gets caught he problably won't be getting out soon. RUN. Quick, dodge down the alley, drop the gun. Pretty damn sure a bullet isn't going to do anything to these guys, and he doesn't have it in him to fire it anyway. Fuck. He just wanted the cash, this wasn't supposed to ha-OH GODDAMNIT THERES WONDER WOMAN.
Gaster: cuddles ups with Mettaton.
MettatonSEX: snuggles the skeleton.
Oh Shit Run: Jump over her, walljump up the alley, rooftop chase, he was always good at parkour. What the fuck is that, is that a door? Why is there a door on a ROOFTOP.
P Hyper: ((slarv
Gaster: Things are kind of peaceful...
P Hyper: ((are you alive
MettatonSEX: Yeah...
Oh Shit Run: Whatever, jump through it. Oh thank god it closed. Wait, is this a bar. Why is he in a ba-OH FUCK THEY FOLLOWED HIM.
Lua: is about to leave for the day, "Well, I guess I should head out for now. I need better rest then a ch..."
MettatonSEX: looks to this newcomer.
Oh Shit Run: And this is why there's a regular dude in a monochrome outfit, grey jeans, grey hoodie, running away from literally a dozen different superheroes through the bar.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: Um.
Lua: ...I don't know what to do.
: PFlowey [PFlowey] disconnected.
Gaster: Hi.
MettatonSEX: Hello.
Lua: greets the newcomer, "Hello, runner boy".
Oh Shit Run: "Hello! Goodbye!" He said, it was nice to know you. Now we find ourselves without him. As he runs up the wall, grabs onto the ceiling, and...swings into the attic, none of the heroes seem to realize that Parkour Boy here just japed them.
Gaster: .... Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and those of different persuasions.
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: How did they...
Oh Shit Run: "Come out, Runner!" Says one of the heroes. To which he replies "Alright!" And...tosses something at the anydoor. It proceeds to fucking do SOMETHING on the other side, as all the heroes start getting pulled out. Even fucking Superman. Like a small blackhole only affecting them.
Barchar: just floats iver, telling the lot of these super-doychebags to get the fuck out of her bar, one by one.
Oh Shit Run: And then the door shuts. And locks.
Barchar: nvn
MettatonSEX: The fuck.
Gaster: ... Well. That was something.
: High Priest Laharl [Oh Shit Run] is now High Priest Laharl [Runner].
Lua: OK, then.
P Hyper: ((slarv is dead
P Hyper: ((rip
MettatonSEX: ((ripper roo
Corsiva: floats on in since she has nothing else to do.
Bondertale: (I'd make some joke but I've never played crash so eh)
MettatonSEX: ((yo
Runner: Silence, and then a voice from the attic. "...Did that kill them? I really hope it didn't kill them, it was supposed to just pull them."
Gaster: They're not dead, I think.
Runner: "If that killed them my world is FUCKED."
: PFlowey [PFlowey] joined chat.
Glamor: [font=glamor]-follows, wearing the same flannel from yesterday.-[/font]
Runner: Another pause. "...Alright, good." And he drops down, the monochrome kid landing down on a table, and backflipping into a chair.
P Hyper: ((slarv
MettatonSEX: Hello.
Runner: Someone knows how to Parkour.
P Hyper: ((are you alive
P Hyper: ((or not
Glamor: [font=glamor]....Who're you?[/font]
Lua: ...Ok, I think I've seen enough for today.
Runner: He idly pulls out a fucking HUGE bag of money, and starts counting it. "...Noone."
Lua: Now, actually Goodnight everyone.
Glamor: [font=glamor]-goes to hide behind the bar counter.-[/font]
MettatonSEX: Goodnight.
Lua: begins to walk out the anydoor.
: PFlowey's connection timed out.
Gaster: ... Where did you get that money?
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
P Hyper: ((slarv is still dead confirmed
Runner: "...Uhh..." Man, he didn't really think about whether or not this bar was also full of heroes. "...Internet?"
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: Doing what? Furry commissions?
The Trio: ((Okay that wasn't a minute
The Trio: ((Back though
MettatonSEX: Darling if you did furry commisions I'd believe it.
Runner: "...Depends on whether or not you're a cape." Cape, slang amongst Timeline HEROES for a superhero. Whether it be superman, batman, or one of the random mooks with lesser names.
MettatonSEX: I'm not wearing a cape.
Gaster: frowns. "Do I look like a cape to you?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]...No capes.[/font]
Runner: Runner only really uses it as a joke. Last time he used it seriously he got punched by Kid Flash so hard he saw the universe.
Corsiva: grins. "I like capes! They're nice and flowy!"
P Hyper: ((Mettaton: Darling we don't fuck capes here
MettatonSEX: ((*comfy and easy to wear
Runner: "...Well, nice to meet you then, name's Ma-...just call me The Runner actually." No good petty thief (or grand theif in this case) gives their real name.
Runner: (( That exchange actually went a bit like this ))
Gaster: Alright. Nice to meet you, Runner.
Glamor: [font=glamor]-peeks out from the counter- ......Nice to meet you... I guess.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Nice to meet you, darling.
Runner: ((Runner runs. Kid Flash: Oh hello my friend, it appears your thing is running, well it just so happens my thing too is running! Small world! And then he got owned.))
P Hyper: ((his name is matthew/mat/matty/mashed potatoes
MettatonSEX: ((lol
MettatonSEX: ((he's matpat
The Trio: ((SANESSS
The Trio: ((*mogolovonio plays*
Runner: He nods, and goes back to counting his cash. Damn thats a shitton of money, did he rob a fucking bank or something?
MettatonSEX: ...
MettatonSEX: You must do a shitload of furry porn.
Gaster: You do the freakier stuff, don't you?
Surreal: "I don't try often, mostly because I don't need to, not because I'm not good at it."
Surreal: * He's talking to Barchar btw
Runner: "Well, technically, I used the internet before stealing this. But no, i'm not a furry porn star."
anon: (Brb for a sec)
Gaster: ... Stealing?
MettatonSEX: Stealing?
Runner: He's just letting it out ahead of time. Not like they could catch him if they tried.
MettatonSEX: ((ok
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: Look, darling, if you're desperate, the money is in furry porn.
Runner: "Metropolis bank. Protip:Never try to rob Metropolis, Superman will be on your ass in a flash. And then he'll call all your buddies can you'll end up running through a wierd door."
Barchar: "Yes, well, that is what I just said, Child."
Corsiva: gasps. "You [i]stole[/i] it? That's bad!"
Runner: He just shrugs. "Sorry, Catwoman's got the furry porn market down pat. Stealing is basically the only thing to do in a world of heroes."
Bondertale: (10)
Glamor: [font=glamor]........[/font]
Surreal: "You said I don't try. I added the reason behind it."
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
Surreal: "I won't deny it though, I definitely don't try."
Corsiva: .... wait, what's porn?
Runner: ((Runner mainly focuses on the DC areas of the world, although he occasionally ends up running from the avengers or extremely rarely some random dudes like Walter O'Brian or some shit.))
Sincere: "Try using context clues."
Runner: "..." Oh shit. "...Stuff you shouldn't watch kid"
The Trio: ((wot
Glamor: [font=glamor]It's stuff about two people naked.[/font]
P Hyper: ((blackest night
P Hyper: ((lolno
Corsiva: "Ooooh."
Runner: ((BACK AND FORTH))
MettatonSEX: Glamor!
P Hyper: ((it's ink
Gaster: ((maybe those dead rats are getting to you
The Trio: ((It's Jozlyn
The Trio: ((Dancing in your head
Glamor: [font=glamor]Sorry...[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((it's the eye of the tiger
MettatonSEX: ...Don't go into detail.
Sincere: "It's alright, knowledge is power. Though I don't know where or how that'd be useful."
Corsiva: Are they taking a shower together?
Sincere: "Sometimes, probably."
Barchar: "Whatever. The point is, good luck, child."
Glamor: [font=glamor]I only know the naked part. I tried looking up popcorn.[/font]
Gaster: ((oh no
Surreal: "Thanks. I'll try my best to become friends with you."
Gaster: ((poor child
The Trio: ((owch
The Trio: ((childhood ruined early via popcorn
MettatonSEX: ((he noped the fuck out
The Trio: ((Woah
Corsiva: nods. "Okay."
MettatonSEX: ((omg
Gaster: ((there was a still from fuck oprah
The Trio: ((Treatable?
P Hyper: ((is drinking ink part of the symptoms
Glamor: [font=glamor]...[/font]
Runner: (( ))
Runner: ((I can barely fucking read right now cause my head is shaking so it feels like the text is bobbing back and forth and ahaahahahaha))
The Trio: ((Uhm
: Frisky [P Hyper] disconnected.
The Trio: ((Seems like it's usually treated with medication but can also go on its own but idk about this stuff eeegghhhh
: Frisky [P Hyper] joined chat.
Gaster: ((Laharl, if you're not feeling good, log off and get some rest.
P Hyper: ((^
Runner: "...Huh, you've got some wierd kids." He says, just shrugging and counting his ca$h
Runner: ((I'm good.))
Barchar: "Well, child, head start: stop badmouthing Asriel. That's a recipe for an angry Chara."
Runner: ((It's been happening all day. And it goes in like waves))
Gaster: .... Alright.
Gaster: They're a little weird, but they're ours, okay?
Surreal: "...I did that? Sorry, I won't do that."
Glamor: [font=glamor]......Well you're weird, with your flesh.[/font]
MettatonSEX: Oh my god.
Gaster: And at least they're not robbing banks or whatever.
Surreal: * He knows Sincere did that but was unaware he did that.
Runner: He shrugs. "Hey, don't judge. You try getting a job in a world where literally every single job is already taken." Who's gonna hire Runner, regular dude, when they can hire Wolverine instead?
Gaster: ... Is the job economy really that bad?
Glamor: [font=glamor]That sucks.[/font]
Barchar: well, you know, he did say to stop worrying about two of them dieing
Runner: "Yes, luckily, this haul is gonna pay off my bills and such for the next few months atleast." He smiles to himself, chuckling.
MettatonSEX: ...
Corsiva: "Papa, can we give him a house in our timeline?"
Surreal: * True, he underestimates how much Barchar likes them.
Surreal: "How much do you like the Asriels?"
Runner: "Don't, you don't want me living near you, trust me." He could do a lot of things other than thievery.
Gaster: Corsiva, I try to stick to people who absoutely have no place to go. And besides, he says no.
Runner: "Kleptomaniac." One word explains exactly why he chose Thievery.
Gaster: Oooooh.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Isn't that the stuff Superman is weak to?[/font]
MettatonSEX: That's Kryptonite.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh.[/font]
Glamor: [font=glamor]What's the thing you just said?[/font]
Barchar: "They're the best people in this entire multiverse. Every one dead, still in the flower, or unhappy, is a genuinely huge hit to the quality of this entire existence we live."
Runner: "Thats Kryptonite. I should know, I stole some of it last week." How the fuck do you steal Kryptonite. Thats like the hardest thing to steal ever. "A kleptomaniac is a person who steals out of instinct basically."
Sincere: "A kleptomaniac 'borrows' stuff and doesn't give it back. Sorta like a passive-aggressive stealer."
Runner: Runner's actually a chill dude. He just steals shit.
Gaster: ((inb4 he steals... idk grillby
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh.[/font]
MettatonSEX: ...
: PFlowey [PFlowey] joined chat.
Runner: ((Steals Grillby's glasses))
P Hyper: ((slarv do you live
Gaster: nods, steepiling his fingers.
PFlowey: ((Conductor was prick
Surreal: "So they're like gods?"
The Trio: ((rip
P Hyper: ((wowie
PFlowey: ((Am back now
P Hyper: ((okay
Barchar: "I would get erased again to save just one if them. I've dedicated my entire existence to keeping them alive and happy."
Gaster: ((grillby is revealed to have beautiful bishe eyes
P Hyper: ((hyper just insulted Flowey BIG TIME
Surreal: "And your their servant?"
The Trio: ((you're* ech
MettatonSEX: ((grillby but shizuo heiwajima
Barchar: "No. Just very great normal monsters."
PFlowey: ((What he say
P Hyper: ((Look in the logs.
Surreal: "Ah, alright. So they're like a family to you."
P Hyper: ((I'm not saying that mean shit again
Runner: He juggles a couple quarters. "So where did I accidently end up in?"
: Northstar [] joined chat.
The Trio: ((Ayy
P Hyper: ((hi bloo
PFlowey: ((K
PFlowey: ((Read it
MettatonSEX: ...Grillby's. Interdimensional bar.
Barchar: "They're not LIKE family. They are my family. Whether they know it or not. They're my best friend. "
P Hyper: ((you missed smolsriel and hyper being killed
PFlowey: "..."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( yo )
Gaster: I don't feel like explaining it all.
P Hyper: "Well?"
MettatonSEX: ((hi methbusters
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( hyper killed for good or )
P Hyper: "You gonna respond, motherfucker?"
P Hyper: ((no
P Hyper: ((he has one more life, though
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( well im on mobile sooo )
Bondertale: (hyper's got one more life)
Gaster: withdrawal is starting to kick in again.
P Hyper: ((cool
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( i'll be on pc )
PFlowey: Flowey wraps vines around the other 6 souls
Surreal: "Biologically or no?"
P Hyper: "Ooh?"
MettatonSEX: holds Gaster close.
PFlowey: "I only need one. The less of you the better."
Gaster: whines.
PFlowey: Flowey crushes smolriel's souls
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( So my whip cream kinda failed
P Hyper: "Hah.."
Barchar: "...probably not."
P Hyper: "hahahah.."
PFlowey: "..."
P Hyper: "hah.."
The Trio: ((RIP cream
P Hyper: "ha.."
Runner: "...Okay." He doesn't care. "I might stick around for a bit. I wanna lay off the heat that's probably waiting right outside that door for me."
P Hyper: "You bitch."
The Trio: ((Still looks good though
Glamor: [font=glamor]...Papa?[/font]
P Hyper: * He snickers.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( The cream just looks wrong )
Gaster: I'm fine Glamor. Just a little sick.
Surreal: "You don't know? Aw, that's alright."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Cum waffle---heh )
P Hyper: "It's funny how you try to look tough by killing somebody I love dearly."
Corsiva: .... last time you said that you almost died.
Surreal: "I respect how much you like them."
MettatonSEX: ((it looks like someone after reading the gaston bodens
P Hyper: "Just.. stop. You still look weak as fuck."
PFlowey: "I'll kill them all..."
The Trio: ((To be fair I drink weird stuff so anything is appetizing to me mostly
Gaster: ((why would they come on a waffle
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( kek )
PFlowey: "And i couldnt do it without you"
Glamor: [font=glamor]-hugs Gaster. He's better about hugs now.-[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((breakfast
PFlowey: Flowey grabs hypers soul
Gaster: pats his son on the back.
The Trio: ((Fruit V8 and milk I think I've had before, or it was fruit V8 and iced tea idk
P Hyper: "Hah."
P Hyper: "Just try to break it."
Gaster: ((i mean, it's protein i guess
The Trio: ((And milk and iced tea but a lot of people like that
PFlowey: "I'm not going to kill you."
P Hyper: "I dare you."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I've had syrup and chocolate milk with mayo )
Gaster: ((EEEEW
The Trio: ((I'll try that once I get the chance
PFlowey: "I'm going to make you into something disgusting."
Glamor: [font=glamor]-holds his papa close-[/font]
The Trio: ((I can do anything with syrup probably
Barchar: "I don't remember much from before 12 years ago. 2014, this dimension's time. Just that I got erased, and that Asriel is my best friend. Or, was."
P Hyper: "Oh, really? How do you do that?"
PFlowey: Flowey shoves the soul into the husk asriel
Runner: ((I've had pickled sardines and Kiwi))
MettatonSEX: ((i chugged syrup
Barchar: "I wasn't always like this, I...think."
Corsiva: scoots into the hug. "Promise you won't get too sick, okay, Papa?"
The Trio: ((I love chugging syrup
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "Cum waffle" -Terra 2016 )
PFlowey: "..."
MettatonSEX: ((i once put jelly on a hot dog back in my homestuck trash days
P Hyper: ((oh wow
P Hyper: ((so hyper is in that body now
MettatonSEX: Family hug
PFlowey: "Now... I guess it's time to go myself..."
PFlowey: ((Yeah but without dust
P Hyper: ((okay
Glamor: [font=glamor]Yeah... I don't want you gone.[/font]
Runner: For refence. Runner is just a 19 year old guy in a grey hoodie and grey jeans. He's got a bag full of cash on his lap and a bag full of random shit on his back, like grenades, and stuff he uses to escape.
PFlowey: ((So he cant use it
: Frisky [P Hyper] is now Frisky [Hyper].
Gaster: hugs his family tight.
Hyper: "..What the fuck did you do?"
Surreal: "So that's why you like Asriels a lot. I understand."
Runner: "Heartwarming." He says, still counting his cash cash money.
Surreal: "Why were you erased?"
Hyper: "You son of a.."
PFlowey: Flowey removes the goatbot from the container, he looks like a naked ad
MettatonSEX: and Glamor hug tight as well.
: Northstar [] is now Terra [].
PFlowey: *goatboy
Hyper: "What the fuck?"
Hyper: ".."
: ☲ Mito: * ( I made Mito on Miitomo )
Barchar: "Dunno!" she said, cheerily. "No idea why, or how, or by whom."
: ☲ Mito: * ( I should probably reinstall the damn app )
The Trio: ((Apparently Miitomo is gud
PFlowey: "Hehe... Joy really is something, isnt it?"
Corsiva: also hugs tight.
Surreal: "Have you ever tried finding out?"
Hyper: "Joy is fucking horrible."
: ☲ Mito: * ( Miitomo is gud )
Hyper: "It's shit."
The Trio: ((Gud
PFlowey: Flowey lowers himself closer to the body
Glamor: [font=glamor]-unhugs, then looks to Runner,- So why do you have all this stuff.[/font]
PFlowey: "As much as i hate to be... So disgusting, I have to."
: ☲ Mito: * ( Frisky )
Hyper: "You're a disgusting asshat."
Hyper: ((yes
Runner: "For my grand escapes of course!" He idly reaches back, and pulls out a fucking smoke grenade. "All the knick-knacks I pick up, well, they gotta get used for something!"
PFlowey: Flowey opens the huskriel's mouth
PFlowey: He burrows inside, vines and all
: ☲ Mito: * ( I have come up with an idea for Juan's death )
Corsiva: looks interested. "Ooooooh!"
Barchar: "How could I? I couldn't talk to anyone for years, and I can't remember it."
Runner: He puts the smoke grenade back. "Why, want a present or something?"
Hyper: "MMMPHH.."
Bondertale: (are we doing flowey is not a good life coach)
Hyper: * He attempts to struggle. lel
Hyper: ((oh cool
Bondertale: (is this what we're going through)
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Glamor: [font=glamor]What do you have?[/font]
PFlowey: Hyper cant use the body for shit
Hyper: ((pm me if you want to share it with me
MettatonSEX: Glamor oh my god
Surreal: "Can you not leave the bar? I'm sure there would be something out there that would tell you what happened."
Hyper: "FUCK YOU."
Corsiva: grins. "Watcha got?"
: PFlowey [PFlowey] is now Painriel [Painriel].
Bondertale: (i think that's the plot of it, I haven't watched it)
Barchar: "Nope. There isn't."
Painriel: stands up
Bondertale: (read, I mean)
Painriel: "..."
Hyper: "..Y-You sick.. you're a sick bitch."
Surreal: "Oh, darn. What [i]is[/i] out there?"
Hyper: "What are you going to do with this body."
Painriel: Hyper is just a voice in his head now
Gaster: Corsiva, no.
: & Professor Clio: * ( This is involved in Juan's death )
: Frisky [Hyper] is now Frisky [Voice Hyper].
Voice Hyper: ((ooh
The Trio: ((Juan died?
: & Professor Clio: * ( Also, )
Glamor: [font=glamor]I jus wanna know what he has.[/font]
Painriel: falls to his knees, closing his eyes
Runner: "Well!" He reaches into his bag, and spreads all kinds of shit all over the place. Smoke grenades, ninja stars, a...gun? He doesn't seem like the type to use a gun. A bag full of marbels, a wooden fish necklace. What looks like a large metal hand. With a STARK logo on it. A few stolen batarangs. A birdarang. And a trident. And this is only a bit of what he has in his bag.
: & Professor Clio: * ( No, I'm going to kill him off )
The Trio: ((D:
Barchar: "That's a very complicated question, child. But as far as the underground: very little. It's just grillby, the riverperson, and temmie village, now.
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Ooooooooo, cool![/font]
Surreal: "...Now? What was it before then?"
Corsiva: grabs the metal hand. "Neat!"
MettatonSEX: Corsi, no.
Barchar: "Dunno! But there was more people, probably
Runner: Yes. He stole Aquaman's trident. It wasn't that hard.
Glamor: [font=glamor]-takes the trident.-[/font]
Corsiva: frowns. "Come on...."
: & Professor Clio: * ( who's in the bar?)
MettatonSEX: Glamor!
Glamor: [font=glamor]Daaaaaaaad...[/font]
Runner: "Careful, the glove shoots lasers and the trident has a tendency to randomly shoot water at people."
Surreal: "...I hope the people are alright."
MettatonSEX: You could hurt yourselves.
: & Professor Clio: * Suddenly, Professor Clio walks into the bar.
Sincere: "Hi!"
Runner: Yeah, maybe the reason he's got all these superheroes on his ass is because HE STOLE ALL THEIR SHIT.
: & Professor Clio: * ( Clio = Renault Clio )
Corsiva: pouts. "I'm sure Papa would like a look at this hand."
The Trio: ((Sincere's only phrase people don't hate = "Hi!"
: & Professor Clio: * "Hello."
Glamor: [font=glamor]-turns, dropping the weapon.-[/font]
Gaster: would, but he's really burnt out.
MettatonSEX: Hello.
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Runner: Runner scramles forward, trying to catch the trident. Oh shit oh shit. He catches it at the last second. 'Watch it! This stuff is dangerous!"
Voice Hyper: "..."
Corsiva: clutches the hand close.
: & Professor Clio: * "Has anyone here heard of a man by the name of Juan?"
Barchar: "When I first appeared, there was approximately 136,543.39532 ounces of monster dust littered around. So I doubt it.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Sorry... -He goes transluscent.-[/font]
Sincere: "Nope."
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: * He realizes he is now practically habiting the body of the very thing who killed him.
Voice Hyper: * He feels disgusted.
MettatonSEX: ...Who's asking?
Runner: ((Oi Yazan, meet me in the OOC room for a bit))
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
Runner: (( ))
: & Professor Clio: * "It is for...a certain matter."
Painriel: cries
Surreal: "First of all, approximately? That's very specific. Second of all...that really sucks."
Runner: "It's cool kid, careful."
Barchar: shrugged. "I rounded up."
Voice Hyper: "Why are you crying."
Surreal: "To the nearest ten thousandth."
Voice Hyper: "Do I need to be your life coach or some shit?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]-nods, barely visible, before going back behind the counter.-[/font]
MettatonSEX: ...What matter?
Barchar: "Yes."
Sincere: "Is it a good matter?"
Painriel: keeps crying, letting himself fall to the ground
: & Professor Clio: * "..." She takes out a Time Button. "He...he is a contributor."
Barchar: "What is your point, child?"
Surreal: "That's a very specific approximation."
Voice Hyper: "Why are you crying? Tell me."
MettatonSEX: To?
Surreal: "Not saying it's wrong, just really cool you put the effort in to record it that intensely."
Runner: He idly clutches up all his stuff, tips his hood, and dashes it. Tossing a smoke bomb as he leaves.
Sincere: "And why should we care?"
Runner: ((gtg))
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] disconnected.
: & Professor Clio: * "This here. It's a time button."
The Trio: ((Bye Laharl
Painriel: lies on the floor, sobbing
Sincere: "And?"
MettatonSEX: ((cya
Voice Hyper: ".."
Voice Hyper: "Kid."
MettatonSEX: And?
: & Professor Clio: * "Juan, was, well...he was the head of the project."
Voice Hyper: "Tell me what's circulating through your head right now."
Corsiva: coughs, then brings the robot hand to her papa.
Barchar: "I didn't. I spent most of my time screaming, back then. I just counted."
MettatonSEX: What is a time button?
Sincere: "Okay?"
: & Professor Clio: * "It's hard to explain..."
Voice Hyper: "Stop crying."
Surreal: "How long did it take you to count?"
Sincere: "Well please do explain if you can."
Painriel: ((Since hyper has a body, sorta, shouldn't he be fully emotional now?
Gaster: blinks a little as he looks at Clio.
: & Professor Clio: * She presses the button. "...f the project."
Voice Hyper: ((hm
Voice Hyper: ((that's true
Voice Hyper: * He makes an audible sigh.
Barchar: "Well, knowing the baseline from previous counts while bored, just a few seconds. I started when I started that sentence."
Sincere: "...Okay, what does the button do?"
MettatonSEX: ...
Voice Hyper: "..Please. Just stop crying."
: & Professor Clio: * "I mean, not really a time button more than it is a rip-you-across-time-and-space button."
Voice Hyper: "I'm a curious goat."
Gaster: ... What the fuck.
MettatonSEX: Oh.
Surreal: "Woah, you can count fast. That's cool!"
Sincere: "Who are you tearing? ...And why?"
Painriel: keeps crying, muttering "why" ove and over again
The Trio: ((Ech gtg
Voice Hyper: ((bye tri
MettatonSEX: ((cya tri
The Trio: ((Bye, have fun
Gaster: ((bye
Painriel: ((Bai
: The Trio [The Trio] disconnected.
Bondertale: "When you spend 12 years without being able to talk to anyone or interact with the world, you learn things."
Bondertale: (shit vlwrobg character)
Voice Hyper: "..Asriel. Listen to me."
Bondertale: (shit tri's gone)
Voice Hyper: "Stop crying, and tell me what's wrong."
: & Professor Clio: * "Uh..." She presses the button. "FUC--" Suddenly, she appears to rip into shreds, and disappear. The button falls to the floor.
Painriel: NO!
Voice Hyper: "..Why?"
Painriel: I'I'M NOT YOU
Painriel: I'M NOT YOU
Voice Hyper: "..."
Painriel: holds his head
Voice Hyper: "You are right now."
MettatonSEX: Fuck...
Voice Hyper: "You have my soul."
Painriel: SHUT UP
: & Juan: * Juan walks in. "Hello!"
MettatonSEX: Hello...
: & Juan: * "What is that button?"
: & Juan: * He picks it up.
Voice Hyper: "..I'm just trying to help. Yeesh."
MettatonSEX: Don't touch --
MettatonSEX: Too late.
: & Juan: * "Why not?"
MettatonSEX: It rips you across time and space.
: & Juan: * "..."
: & Juan: * He presses it. "Are you su--"
Gaster: It's like - FUCK
MettatonSEX: shields his eyes.
Painriel: ...
Painriel: lies there crying
: & Juan: * Suddenly, Juan appears to shred apart, and swirl around...then...two Juans appear.
Voice Hyper: "Asriel. Listen to me."
Voice Hyper: ((Juan and Juan
Painriel: ((Now to fix the plot issue
Gaster: ((twice the juan
Gaster: ((twice the fun
: Painriel [Painriel] is now The Anydoor Mailbox! [Mailbox!].
: & Juan + Juan: * ( This is phase 1 of Juanpocalypse )
Voice Hyper: ((twice the mexican ass
Mailbox!: You just got a leeeeeter
MettatonSEX: ((he's dos now
Gaster: ... What the hell?
Mailbox!: You just got a leeeeter
Mailbox!: You just got a leeeter
Corsiva: goes to get the letter.
Mailbox!: Wonder who it's from
: & Juan + Juan: * Juan looks at Juan. "Huh?"
Voice Hyper: ((a leeter
Bondertale: (trust no juan, not even yourself)
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Lets Meme))
Mailbox!: ((Ayy
Voice Hyper: ((ayy
Mailbox!: ((People died
Mailbox!: ((rIP
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Who?
: & Juan + Juan: * "I..." Juan and Juan disappear.
Mailbox!: ((Smolriel and Hyper
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((oh shit
: & Juan + Juan: * ( GTG should be back in a bit )
Voice Hyper: ((smolsriel is dead perm
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Holy shit
: Terra [] disconnected.
Voice Hyper: ((while flowey shoved hyper's soul into a husk asriel
Mailbox!: It's from the PA1NF7 timeline!
Voice Hyper: ((and took the husk
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Does AD know?
Corsiva: takes the letter to everyone else. "Hey, I think this is important!"
MettatonSEX: ...
Glamor: [font=glamor]Open it[/font]
Voice Hyper: ((yes but doesn't know about the husk asriel part
Voice Hyper: ((he just knows smazzy and his boyfriend is dead
Bondertale: (did that 'mv' letter ever get resolved?)
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((wow
Mailbox!: ((I wouldn't be opposed to making a flowey out of frisky the owl
MettatonSEX: ((idk
Bondertale: (ND barchar knows too)
Mailbox!: ((With smazzy's dust
Bondertale: (so she's piiiiiiissed)
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Gaster: opens the letter and begins to read.
Mailbox!: "Dear heroes!"
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] disconnected.
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Mailbox!: "You are cordially invited to a royal banquet for your support of the kingdom"
Gaster: Which one?
Mailbox!: "I cannot thank you enough for what you've done"
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] joined chat.
Mailbox!: "Please, come to the castle on Saturday. A feast of royal proportions will be in order!"
MettatonSEX: ...
Gaster: Which kingdom?
Bondertale: (bullshit)
MettatonSEX: I have the feeling it'll be a load of crap.
Gaster: ... Can you really call what's in the painful timeline a kingdom?
Glamor: [font=glamor]Not going.[/font]
Mailbox!: "I've arranged for Mettaton to safely transport you through Hotland this Wednesday"
Mailbox!: "I hope to see you soon!"
Gaster: I don't plan on taking you two.
Mailbox!: "Signed, WD Gaster"
Gaster: ... Him.
Mailbox!: "PS"
MettatonSEX: ....
Mailbox!: "Late arrival will be punished by war"
Gaster: Well, fuck.
MettatonSEX: Fuck.
Mailbox!: ((I get home at 8 CST
Mailbox!: ((Probably 8 30
Bondertale: (bfrisk is gonna get escorted by joyttaton)
MettatonSEX: ((ok good
Mailbox!: ((Hotland isn't very long without the true lab
Bondertale: (that's gonna be a good time)
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Voice Hyper: ((yeah that's a good time
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((i hope we get to fight so 1.gaster can unlock his fusion and 2.mettaton vs joyttaton
Mailbox!: >inb4 Gaster puts two and two together
Bondertale: (is it spoilers to ask if mettaton JOY is in their EX form?)
Mailbox!: ((Mettaton JOY will be in his box form at first
MettatonSEX: ((ah
Mailbox!: ((Then the true form revealed
Mailbox!: >Gaster it's really not that hard now
Gaster: ... Do you think the other me and you are together?
Mailbox!: >Gaster should be having a huge ass revelation now
Gaster: this dude is getting hit hard by Joy Withdrawal.
Gaster: Wait.
: The Anydoor Mailbox! [Mailbox!] is now Painriel [Painriel].
Gaster: I rule the timeline.
Painriel: ((*claps*
Gaster: I... I rule the timeline.
Bondertale: (so frisk will be okay at first)
MettatonSEX: .....Yeah fuck.
Bondertale: (AT FIRST)
Gaster: What the FUCK happened to asgore?
Voice Hyper: "..Get your stuff together. Please."
Painriel: J-just shut up...
Bondertale: (more LIKE asCORE AMIRITE)
Painriel: I-I...
Voice Hyper: "..Why?"
Painriel: ((AYYY
Voice Hyper: "I want to help you."
Bondertale: (nah prolly not)
Painriel: Y-You're all the same...
Voice Hyper: ((wowie
Bondertale: (but what if)
Painriel: You can't help anyone...
Voice Hyper: "Nah."
MettatonSEX: Best not to think of that.
Voice Hyper: "We're all different."
Voice Hyper: "We can help people."
Gaster: ... Wow. I...
Painriel: You can't... you never could...
Painriel: You know that...
Voice Hyper: "I always could."
MettatonSEX: ...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -bursts in through the anydoor, clearly panicking- Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! -Hides in the fridge-
Painriel: THAT'S A LIE
Voice Hyper: "I helped Smazzy look up to a new father figure."
Gaster: And here I am, in the throws of withdrawal symptoms.
Voice Hyper: "I helped AD love someone."
Painriel: Y-you hurt them... a-and they deserved it for being like you
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: hugs Gaster.
Gaster: nuzzles against Mettaton, sighing.
Glamor: [font=glamor]-goes home, barely visible.-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Voice Hyper: "They didn't deserve any of the pain you've brought upon them."
Gaster: Kids, we're going to have to get you a babysitter...
Voice Hyper: "You know that."
MettatonSEX: ...
Voice Hyper: "You're just in denial."
MettatonSEX: Yeah.
: B [Adult Caillou] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: ((one punch b
Voice Hyper: ((ayy papa Branku
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Oh god))
Adult Caillou: ((For those who have RPed other places))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((I just realized Caillou looks like Saitama
Adult Caillou: ((Does it get this batshit?))
Gaster: ((not usually
Adult Caillou: ((pity))
MettatonSEX: ((not in the same way
Gaster: ((then again most other places used to freaking die after two months of one post a week
Adult Caillou: ((the batshit is half the reason to come back))
Voice Hyper: ((cau is immortal
Bondertale: (Saitama is adult caillou confirmed)
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((yeah. we're forever!
Adult Caillou: ((*five minutes later.*))
Bondertale: Despite the fact that adult Saitama is actually pretty normal looking before training()
: B [Adult Caillou] is now B [B].
Gaster: groans. "This fucking... joy shit... "
B: [font=palatino]-limps in, looking the same as yesterday-[/font]
Bondertale: (I'm in a little two-person rp group, and it's not this crazy)
Gaster: Don't eat any of the food tomorrow.
Bondertale: (but we're a lot more focused)
MettatonSEX: I won't.
Gaster: It's probably laced with joy.
MettatonSEX: looks to B.
MettatonSEX: ...Hi.
B: [font=palatino]Hello.[/font]
Bondertale: (but yeah, this place is goddamn nuts and I love it)
B: [font=palatino]-makes his way over to the couch-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]They say that knowing you have this condition make it worse. Apparently you lose determination faster.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Isn't that interesting?[/font]
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
Gaster: Yeah...
MettatonSEX: Mmh...
Painriel: ((Ayy B
B: [font=palatino]You seem less out of it, Gaster. Chill pill wore off?[/font]
Painriel: ((We killed Smazzy
Gaster: It did.
B: ((cool cool))
Gaster: I feel like absolute shit.
Painriel: Shut up...
Voice Hyper: "..Please, just listen to me for once."
B: [font=palatino]Yes, I'm sure you're feeling absolutely terrible.[/font]
Painriel: W-worthless fool...
Painriel: stands up
Gaster: I do.
B: [font=palatino]-had a bit of a tone of resentment there-[/font]
MettatonSEX: ........
Voice Hyper: "..Please. Don't do anything stupid."
Gaster: I feel weak... tired...
Voice Hyper: "Not with me watching all of this."
Gaster: I passed out earlier.
B: [font=palatino]-stretches, crunching nastily-[/font]
Painriel: This should shut you up.
Gaster: Then again, you've got it worse.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [-Bursts in with a demented look in her eyes- [color=red]ERRON, WHERE ARE YOU!?[/color]
B: [font=palatino]Meh.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Could be worse, I suppose.[/font]
Voice Hyper: "What are you going to do?"
Painriel: goes over to a table with a bottle of joy on it
Voice Hyper: "..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -still in the fridge- Oh fuck, she's here!
B: [font=palatino]At least I found out before I picked up a new Alphys.[/font]
Voice Hyper: "No."
Voice Hyper: "Don't."
Painriel: opens it
Gaster: Yeah.
: Terra [] joined chat.
Painriel: This body was made from joy
: & Juan + Juan: * Suddenly, the two Juans appear.
Painriel: You don't think I took your boyfriend's arm for nothing, do you?
MettatonSEX: .....
Painriel: Fool.
Painriel: takes one
: & Juan + Juan: * "Don't press the button!" "'s so tempting!" Juan's finger hovers above the button. "You [i]MORON![/i]" Juan pushes Juan.
Gaster: JUAN, NO!
Voice Hyper: ((Would Hyper feel the effects?))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [*Ahem* Excuse me, friends... Have any of you seen my "comrade," Erron?] Oh no...
: & Juan + Juan: * Juan falls on the button...shit.
B: [font=palatino]Then again, I'm not famous enough for that.[/font]
B: ((Dammit))
B: ((Message delay))
B: ((Just wait for the preceding message, I suppose))
MettatonSEX: Fuck...
Painriel: ((Yeah
Voice Hyper: ((ah, okay
Voice Hyper: "..."
Painriel: ((And Painriel would still hear him, just not care
: ★ Microton: * "Hello, darlings--FUCK!" Microton gets caught in the shred-apart radius.
Voice Hyper: * He decides to stay silent. For now.
Voice Hyper: * Why should he say anything?
MettatonSEX: ((NO
MettatonSEX: NO
Gaster: Nnnh!
Voice Hyper: ((NO
B: ((If B says some shit about experimental jazz it was supposed to be said a long time ago))
Voice Hyper: ((jizz
MettatonSEX: ((glamor has been through enough now hes gotta lose his first real friend
Voice Hyper: ((smooth jizz
: & Juan + Juan: * Juan, Juan, and Microton suddenly rip into shreds, and create a huge explosion.
: & Juan + Juan: * ( I never said he would actually die )
Gaster: clings to Mettaton.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [-looks around for Erron- Hmmm... Come on, buddy. Changing from organic to robot is only painful for the first 20 minutes...] Please god, no...
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((he better not
: ☲ Mito: * He walks in, right at the explosion. "Hi, frien---" Mito gets blown away and hits the wall. "OW!"
: Painriel [Painriel] is now Young Toriel [Young Toriel].
Voice Hyper: ((All of Bloo's characters are gonna get fucked
: & Juan + Juan: * Juan and Juan...disappear. Microton is...just on the floor, damaged.
Voice Hyper: ((in the ass
Young Toriel: ((The only char I have left lel
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [-completely ignored the explosion, she has but ONE purpose... at the moment-]
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
: B [B] disconnected.
Barchar: glares at the frisk. SHE WAS NOT LOSING A THIRD TODAY.
Gaster: runs up to Microton. "Shit, shit."
MettatonSEX: runs to his small counterpart. "Are you okay?"
: ★ Microton: * ""
MettatonSEX: is crying.
MettatonSEX: What?
Lua: ((holy shit.))
Young Toriel: ((Hoi
MettatonSEX: I can't... I can't understand...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [I guess he's not here... Oh well. -walks out of the bar-] -comes out of the fridge- Oh thank fuck, she's gone...
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] is now Frisky [].
: B [B] joined chat.
: ★ Microton: * "...I...I can't...move..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -looks at the explosion damage- What the fuck happened...
Barchar: breathes out slowly, unsteadily. Gaster and maybe tfa are the only ones who can see her, but she's clearly even more unstable than usual, if they pay attention.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * She walks into the bar. "I hear that there has been damage reported..."
B: [font=palatino]-looks at them, unaffected-[/font]
MettatonSEX: very carefully lifts Microton up, trying to not cry but failing.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * "Involving Project [url=]Stagea[/url]."
: Young Toriel [Young Toriel] disconnected.
Gaster: groans, smacking his head a little. "Goddamn it, Goddamn it... why can't i..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Is honestly confused about all this- What the hell?
: B [B] disconnected.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * She looks at the rip-you-across-time-and-space button. "Oh, no."
: Young Toriel [Young Toriel] joined chat.
Gaster: passes out.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * "Oh, no, oh, no." She picks it up. "Did this get in the hands of the wrong people?!"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Did, what get in the wrong hands?
MettatonSEX: catches Gaster with his free arm.
MettatonSEX: Yes.
MettatonSEX: Sort of.
MettatonSEX: Someone used it without knowing what it did.
: Lua [Lua] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( [url=]btw i wasn't lying when I said I had plans for a character named "Cerbera"[/url] )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Ok, ok... *deep inhale and exhale* WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT JUST FUCKING HAPPENED!?
Young Toriel: walks into the bar on the absolute best possible day
: & Dr. Cerbera: * "Fuck."
Young Toriel: Hello, every-...
MettatonSEX: Explosion. Someone hurt. Someone likely dead.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Oh.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * She takes the button, and puts it into a bag.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I see...
Young Toriel: Good heavens, what... o-oh my
: & Dr. Cerbera: * "This must be immediately destroyed."
MettatonSEX: Agreed.
: ★ Microton: * "..." He's silent.
Gaster: wakes up for a moment. "Yeah, no shit."
Gaster: promptly passes out again.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: What even is that?
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( Novelica: Hey Tori, why don't you go and press the button? )
: & Dr. Cerbera: * "It's's a very dangerous mechanical contraption. Very dangerous."
Young Toriel: ...
: & Dr. Cerbera: * Suddenly, a blue glimmer speeds across the bar.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Well, no shit... but what is it "SPECIFICALLY"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((IT'S SANIC))
: & Dr. Cerbera: * "When pressed, it can rip you across time and space."
MettatonSEX: holds Gaster close with one arm, checking on Microton's status.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( I'm ripping off Futurama a bit here )
Young Toriel: is about 2 months in due to timeline bullshit
AAsriel/[Frisk]: That sounds... painful to say the least
Gaster: could have TOLD you that was a bad idea.
Young Toriel: ((I aint waiting months to have an even smoller azzy
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( robot novelica ends up babysitting YT and YKA's kid )
: ((Bloosky: -strolls in and presses the button- "DAMNIT BLOO" "what?" "YOU FUCKING PRESSES THE BUTTON" "yeah, i did" "AAAAAAAAA"
: B [B] joined chat.
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( Hurry up Frisky )
: ((what
Conscience: \test\
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( Switch to Frisky and I'll switch to Bloo and then we can do Bloosky shenanigans )
: & Dr. Cerbera: * ( Shitton of fourth wall breaks )
B: ((Sweet))
: Frisky [] is now Frisky [Frisky].
Frisky: ((10/10
: = Terra: * ( 10/10 )
: Young Toriel [Young Toriel] is now Frisky [Frisky].
: = Terra: * ( OH SHIT )
Frisky: ((slarvath why
Frisky: ((what have you done
Frisky: ((slarvath why
Gaster: ((why this
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((PARADOX!
Frisky: is sitting on the couch
Frisky: ((bloosky wasn't meant to be a threesome hybrid
: = Bloo: * ( There can only be one )
Conscience: \((what is this madness))\
: = Bloo: * ( -aims a gun at Frisky- )
: = Bloo: * ( THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE )
Gaster: ((#14 is slarv
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Madness? THIS IS CAU!
Frisky: ((SHOOT NUMBER 14
Frisky: ((Goddammit MSPARP foils me again
Frisky: ((NOT ME
Frisky: ((THATS A LIE
Frisky: ((I'M NOT 14
: = Bloo: * Bloo is sitting on the couch. In a fusion with Frisky.
: = Bloo: * ( I'M 5 )
: = Bloo: * ( FUCK )
Bondertale: (trust no one, not even yourself )
Gaster: ((i actually used highlight soooo
Frisky: * He is sitting on the couch. In a fusion with Bloo.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (("I'm 5" -Bloo 2016
Bondertale: (I'm in the single dogits)
: = Bloo: * ( #singledigitmasterrace )
MettatonSEX: ((2
Frisky: ((chime is 12
Frisky: ((mv is 2
Frisky: ((how
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((27
B: ((I'm 15 kek))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((*17
Frisky: ((Ur pedo lmao
Frisky: ((i'm the oldest one here
: = Bloo: * ( I'm 15. I mean 5. Uh. )
: = Bloo: * ( shit )
: = Bloo: * ( I don't know what numbers are anymore )
Bondertale: (I'm 8)
MettatonSEX: ((i'm 18, second user to enter this room
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (("Ur Pedo Lmao" -Frisky
Frisky: ((-shoots other frisky-
: Frisky [Frisky] is now Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl].
: = Bloo: * ( Frisky leans on Bloo 10/10 )
Frisky: ((THANK YOU
: = Bloo: * "..."
Frisky the Owl: is on the couch, Smazzy's favorite thing
B: ((I'm B))
: = Bloo: * "Damnit, Frisky"
Frisky: "..What the fuck did I do?"
MettatonSEX: ((i am all i am all i am
: = Bloo: * "What did I tell you about not using Android 4.3?"
Frisky the Owl: has a fun thing planned if anyone wants to cuddle the owl
: = Bloo: * ( Anyways, I'm keeping Dr. Cerbera )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((i am all i am all i am all i am all i am all i am all I AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM
Frisky: "I'm getting over that."
B: ((Hi, my name is... What?))
Frisky: "It's a cheap replacement phone."
Gaster: is passed out.
: = Bloo: * ( Her name is fun )
Frisky: "I'm getting a new one in a few weeks."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((my name is... who?))
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] is now Young Toriel [Young Toriel].
Gaster: 's rp will probably just be lurking.
Frisky: "So don't fucking judge me, Bloo."
Young Toriel: So... uh... how is everyone?
Gaster: ((*rper
: = Bloo: * ( [url=]Laurel[/url] [url=]Cerbera[/url] )
B: [font=palatino]-stares at Passedter-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Fine, [Frisk] is trying to cyberize me.
: = Bloo: * "My name's Terra. Where the fuck are you getting Bloo from?"
Frisky: "I think it's a better name."
Frisky: "You better fucking accept it."
: = Bloo: * "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
: = Bloo: * "Fiiiiiine."
Frisky: "Good."
B: [font=palatino]-yawns-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-looks around for someone to talk to-[/font]
: = Bloo: * "..." They yawn. "Ugh."
Frisky: * They yawn.
Frisky: "Ugh."
: = Bloo: * "Like, when we sleep..."
Young Toriel: looks to B, the only sane looking person here
: = Bloo: * "Aren't we technically sleeping together?"
: = Bloo: * ( Frisky: EW WHAT THE FUCK )
Young Toriel: I don't believe I've seen you around before
B: [font=palatino]-is half crumbled-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]I've seen many of you.[/font]
Young Toriel: Toriels?
B: [font=palatino]-slowly sits himself up, crunching and crumbling all the way-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Yep.[/font]
MettatonSEX: stands up, then slings Gaster over his shoulder. Without even saying goodbye, he goes home, then sets Gaster in bed before fixing up Microton. Thank you knowledge of own body; this should get everything mostly running.
B: [font=palatino]-has left a monster dust outline on the couch-[/font]
Frisky: ".."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -sits at the bar, and drinks some whiskey- Mmh
Frisky: "Ew."
Frisky: "What the fuck."
Young Toriel: Are you alright?
B: [font=palatino]No.[/font]
: = Bloo: * "Why the fuck are we even fused together anyway. I told you that we should've taken the blue pill."
B: [font=palatino]Don't try to help, though. It's far too late for an old geezer like me.[/font]
Frisky: "The blue pill was joy."
: = Bloo: * "...Fuck."
: = Bloo: * "So there really was no 'good' option, huh?"
Frisky: "Yep."
Young Toriel: Alright...?
B: [font=palatino]-had a bit of snark hanging from "geezer"-[/font]
: = Bloo: * "At least we're both left-handed."
Frisky: ((i just googled 'Bloosky' and i see a light blue haired girl
Frisky: ((why
B: [font=palatino]-coughs up some nasty goop onto his hand-[/font]
: = Bloo: * ( That is what Bloosky looks like now )
Frisky: "Yeah."
: = Bloo: * ( female pronouns confirmed )
Young Toriel: ...
: = Bloo: * [s]She[/s] They yawned again.
B: [font=palatino]Huh. Thicker than usual.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-absorbs it-[/font]
: Frisky [Frisky] disconnected.
B: [font=palatino]That can't be the best sign.[/font]
: = Bloo: * ( Bloo falls asleep and Frisky gets caught in a state of sleeping and not sleeping )
B: [font=palatino]-looks back up to Toriel-[/font]
: Frisky [Frisky] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]It looks much worse than it is.[/font]
Frisky: ((10/10
MettatonSEX: makes sure everything is working before setting everyone notbalready in bed to bed. This includes himself, as he cuddles up to Gaster.
: = Bloo: * "..."
Frisky: "..Don't go to sleep on me."
Frisky: "I will fucking end you if you do that."
Frisky: "Not really."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -chugs down the whiskey in his hand-
: = Bloo: * They fall asleep, which, would be leaning on Frisky if they weren't fused. Instead, it just brings both of them an intense feeling of discomfort.
: = Bloo: * Unintentional leaning.
Frisky: "..Fuck."
Young Toriel: Umm... alright?
B: [font=palatino]Want to hear a story or something? Apparently that's what dying old people do, tell stories.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Might as well give it a shy, right?[/font]
B: [font=palatino]*shot[/font]
: = Bloo: * ( I mean, Frisky could wake Bloo up )
Frisky: "Bloo, wake the fuck up you lazy asshat."
Frisky: ((10/10
: = Bloo: * "Huh---what"
Gaster: wakes up a little. "Mmmh, hey darling."
Young Toriel: Sure
MettatonSEX: Hello, darling.
B: [font=palatino]So what kind of stories are we talking here?[/font]
Frisky: "You fell asleep."
Frisky: "You fuck."
: = Bloo: * "..."
Young Toriel: You wanted to tell me one, you decide
: = Bloo: * "Ugh."
Young Toriel: ((Frisky
Young Toriel: ((You fucking stole my purple
Gaster: ... I really hope tomorrow's better."
Young Toriel: ((This is MY purple
B: [font=palatino]To be honest I don't have much to talk about that a Toriel would enjoy hearing.[/font]
Gaster: ((this are mine porple
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Young Toriel: shrugs
Frisky: ((rip
MettatonSEX: Agreed.
: = Bloo: * ( What if Bloosky knew everyone in the bar's name )
: Frisky [Frisky] is now Frisky [Hyper].
: = Bloo: * ( Because technical fourth wall breaking )
Hyper: ((there
Hyper: ((whoops
Hyper: ((fuck
B: [font=palatino]Never was much into gardening, or snails.[/font]
: Frisky [Hyper] is now Frisky [Frisky].
Young Toriel: shrugs again
Frisky: ((hm maybe
Frisky: ((also fuck
Gaster: tugs the blankets tighter around himself, then falls asleep. Not before getting out and "I love you.
Frisky: ((I gotta go to sleep at the worst time
: = Bloo: * ( When Bloosky is asked for their names, they both say their names at the same time )
: = Bloo: * ( oh rip cya )
B: [font=palatino]I was a soulless serial killer back in the day, though. That's sorta like gardening.[/font]
Young Toriel: ...
Young Toriel: Ooooooookkkkkkkkkkkk?
Frisky: ((le's talk about this tomorrow
Frisky: ((let's*
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
: = Bloo: * Bloosky gets up. "Bye, Toriel, Bye, B." They disappear.
: = Bloo: * ( I fucking did it )
B: [font=palatino]-nods-[/font]
Frisky: ((while i'm not tired as fuck and i hacve a written report due tomorrow
Frisky: ((also ok
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [E R R O N . . . ] OH SHIT! -Runs into the bathroom- [-Walks into the bar- Have you guys seen Erron. We're supposed to go to a "Doctor's Appoitment"]
Frisky: ((gn everybody
B: [font=palatino]Let me see.[/font]
MettatonSEX: kisses Gaster, going into Sleep Mode following sn "I love you."
MettatonSEX: ((gn
: = Bloo: * ( gn )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((GN))
: Frisky [Frisky] disconnected.
B: [font=palatino]Golly, I sure haven't done anything interesting with my life.[/font]
Young Toriel: ((Nite bby
B: ((gn))
: Terra [] is now actually tiny [].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [...?]
: ★ Actual Tiny Asriel: * ( JK HE'S NOT BACK )
: B [B] disconnected.
: actually tiny [] is now Joseph Volante Ardiccioni [].
: ★ Joseph: * ( Wait fuck that's not what character I meant to switch to )
Young Toriel: passes out RIP
: B [B] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [Anyone?]
B: [font=palatino]Ok.[/font]
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
: Young Toriel [Young Toriel] is now Painful [Painful].
Painful: Look what's on the TV!
B: ((What almost happened ))
Painful: ((I almost broke rule 2 absentmindedly with a joke character
Painful: ((fuck
B: ((wooooow))
MettatonSEX: ((well then
Painful: ((Glad I caught myself
B: [font=palatino]-is bored-[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((yep
Painful: B wonders what's on TV
: Joseph Volante Ardiccioni [] is now The Cartoonstitute [].
: % Laurel: * ( eugh )
Gaster: ((why did i get the sudden urge to watch ytp
: Frisky [Frisky] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]-thinks about writing a book, but he hasn't gotten any source material-[/font]
Frisky: ((actually
Painful: ((You're hungry for some dinner
: % Laurel: * ( laurel is dr. cerbera-- )
Frisky: ((i'll stay up for a little longer
B: ((Because you wonder what's for dinner))
Gaster: ((king voice: DINNER
Frisky: ((because fuck you
: % Laurel: * Dr. Cerbera, or...Laurel, walks back into the bar.
Gaster: ((wait
Painful: Someone turn on the goddamn interdimensional tv
: Frisky [Frisky] is now Frisky [].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [Well, I need to use the BATHROOM!] -Erron comes running out of the bathroom- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! [-punches Erron, knocking him out cold- I'll be taking this. -walks off with Erron-]
B: [font=palatino]-puts on the tv then ok-[/font]
Painful: It's the MTT Show!
Gaster: ((i wonder what's for D I N N E R
B: [font=palatino]What a way to use my numbered days...[/font]
: % Laurel: * ( where the fuck is a screwdriver when you need it )
: % Laurel: * She looks at the TV. "Hm."
Gaster: ((damn small caps don't work
: Painful [Painful] is now P!Mettaton [P!Mettaton].
: % Laurel: * ( D[sub]I N N E R[/sub] fuck )
MettatonSEX: ((oh boy
B: ((One man one screwdriver)$
P!Mettaton: ((Fuck everyone's asleep IC
B: [font=palatino]^))[/font]
P!Mettaton: "Hello Darlings!"
B: [font=palatino]*))[/font]
: % Laurel: * "..."
P!Mettaton: "Welcome to PA1NF7's number one hit!"
Grillby: is in the bar. He adjusts his glasses.
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]This is shit television.[/font]
: % Laurel: * "...Shit-tier TV?"
B: [font=palatino]-turns it off-[/font]
P!Mettaton: "Today on the MTT show, the public burning of the re-"
: % Laurel: * She laughs.
Grillby: .... No. Wait.
B: ((get rekt))
Runner: ((We're doing Joytale again))
: % Laurel: * ( I'm laughing so hard now )
P!Mettaton: ((Fuk u bich B was about to get interested
P!Mettaton: ((Nah I'm just bored
B: [font=palatino]Whatever.[/font]
P!Mettaton: ((It's wednesday
: % Laurel: * ( Ladies night pt 2 )
Gaster: ((okay then i won't have grillby turn the tv on
B: [font=palatino]-turns it back on-[/font]
: % Laurel: * ( GDI B )
Runner: Also, by the way, Grillby has a surprising lack of sunglasses.
Runner: Goddamnit Runner.
B: [font=palatino](;get rekt))[/font]
Grillby: can't see shit.
P!Mettaton: "The public burning of the resistance fighters!"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((I'm thinking on premiering a NEW CHARACTER!))
: % Laurel: * Laurel dusts off her black jacket. "Hoo boy."
P!Mettaton: "The thorn in the sides of the kingdom have been defeated by a roving band of heroes!"
: ((
: % Laurel: * ( gn fusepartner )
MettatonSEX: ((gn fricky
: % Laurel: * ( fusecomrade )
: ((gn red pill taker
P!Mettaton: ((Nite bby
Gaster: ((did we accidently do a bad
: ((
: ((10/10
: % Laurel: * ( nite <3 )
B: ((MSPARP delay is about to slaughter me))
Gaster: (also gn frisky
: ((nitey nitey!
P!Mettaton: Metta wheels out a cart containing 7 rotting child corpses
B: [font=palatino]Never mind. This is good TV.[/font]
: Frisky [] disconnected.
DamnDude: (( ...wait, I think I know what the Royal Guard is here.. ))
B: [font=palatino]Never mind. This is good TV.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((What do you guys think? Should I make a new character?
Runner: ((Where is this happening?))
: % Laurel: * ( go ahead )
: % Laurel: * ( ( So in class a group of girls named their group "Undertale Trash"
P!Mettaton: ((I don't have much of a royal guard set up
MettatonSEX: ((if you want
P!Mettaton: ((Main room, on TV
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((K cool
: % Laurel: * ( I named my group "The Royal Guard" and the "Undertale Trash" group fucking yelled at us )
Grillby: looks at the tv. "What's going on?"
: % Laurel: * ( And we were sitting there like "get fkn rekt m8")
MettatonSEX: ((lol
P!Mettaton: "Sayonara! Traitors!"
P!Mettaton: Metta pours gasoline all over the kids' bodies
B: [font=palatino]Never mind. This is GREAT TV.[/font]
: % Laurel: * "Whoa."
Runner: Runner walks in back through the anydoor, dodging a laser beam that makes a iron man-esque sound. "Goddamnit I ended up back he-" Oh man he stops fucking COLD at seeing the TV.
: % Laurel: * "This is fucking grade A content."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Oh god, he gon' ROAST someone))
Runner: And yes, he is wearing a familiar pair of glasses.
P!Mettaton: "My heart goes out to the wonderful people who stopped the rebellion"
P!Mettaton: "Gaster, Mettaton, Asriel, and three mysterious heroes"
: % Laurel: * (
: % Laurel: * (
P!Mettaton: A clip pops up in the corner of the battle with the kids
: % Laurel: * ( 10/10 )
B: [font=palatino]Huh.[/font]
DamnDude: (( Well then. ))
P!Mettaton: It's been established that painful is a high traffic timeline
P!Mettaton: People know about timelines and shit
Grillby: ......... Is that what went down in that timeline?
B: [font=palatino]Neat[/font]
: % Laurel: * "Yeesh."
P!Mettaton: "I can only hope they're watching now"
P!Mettaton: Metta lights a match and tosses it on the kids
: % Laurel: * She claps.
Gaster: is passed out after taking joy, rip.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((oh shit. RIP Kids))
MettatonSEX: is in Sleep Mode.
MettatonSEX: ((theyre already dead
B: [font=palatino]-sighs-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Sure is good that I'm dying surrounded by child murderers. Who happen to be my only friends.[/font]
Runner: Runner has seen some fucked shit. Anyone would when they're a criminal in a timeline with literally every single superhero and villain. He's met the Joker a few times. And this disturbs the fuck otu of him.
Runner: "...Damn."
P!Mettaton: "I'm Mettaton, remember to take your joy, and goooood night hotland!"
P!Mettaton: The program ends
B: [font=palatino]-blinks-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-The crumbly portion of B's body spreads a little-[/font]
: % Laurel: * "Whew."
Grillby: blinks too. He pats his vest pocket, looking for his glasses.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((how do I save different characters using commands
P!Mettaton: Fuck Joy Oprah comes on
: % Laurel: * ( character creator )
Runner: Runner just moves over to the couch. "Wonderful programs I see you people watch." And adjusts his new glasses.
: % Laurel: * ( OH GOD FUCK JOY OPRAH )
: % Laurel: * ( I take credit for creating the idea of Fuck Oprah )
B: [font=palatino]Must we watch this?[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((omg
: % Laurel: * "Is this like some other version of Fuck Oprah?"
B: [font=palatino]More like... fuck this.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-falls asleep-[/font]
B: ((In other news, B died in his sleep and his last words were a sick burn))
Grillby: can't see that Runner has taken his glasses, since he's pretty much blind with out them.
Runner: ((Grillby drops to his knees))
MettatonSEX: ((p!metta gets roasted like child corpses
P!Mettaton: The volume is all the way up
Runner: (("My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!"))
MettatonSEX: ((omg
B: [font=palatino]-makes a nasty crunch every time he sleep-rolls. Which is often-[/font]
: % Laurel: * ( amalgam cancer 10/10 )
Gaster: grillbz.............. Can someone turn the weird joy porn off?
Gaster: ((LOVELY
: % Laurel: * She walks over to the TV and turns it off.
: B [B] disconnected.
P!Mettaton: ((AHAHAHA
: B [B] joined chat.
P!Mettaton: The TV turns off at the best part
: % Laurel: * "..."
B: ((I feel like this is sarcasm Fri
MettatonSEX: ((pm me the episode
B: ((whoops))
Runner: Runner actually can't see shit through Grillby's glasses. And tosses them across the room. He sticks the landing on the counter pretty damn well.
: % Laurel: * ( I assume S3 E16 )
: P!Mettaton [P!Mettaton] disconnected.
: % Laurel: * ( The one involving extention cords )
B: ((*Laurel))
Runner: (( Grillby when he finds his glasses ))
MettatonSEX: ((ohhhh my, to both
: % Laurel: * ( it is sarcasm B )
Grillby: hears something clatter onto the bar. He picks it up to see that it's his glasses, and dons them.
B: ((Is "amalgam cancer" really that shit of an idea?))
Runner: Runner is back to juggling quarters.
Grillby: "That's batter."
MettatonSEX: ((nah
Gaster: ((*better
: % Laurel: * (nah )
B: ((Well, my lack of ideas for him is why it's happening in the first place))
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] disconnected.
: % Laurel: * ( brb )
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] is now Erron [Erron (AAsriel)].
Erron (AAsriel): Nice!
Erron (AAsriel): ((
Erron (AAsriel): (That was ooc))
Erron (AAsriel): ((Just Testing this out))
B: ((i'mma be honest here))
Runner: ((HC: Mettaton rarely plays pool. But when he does he uses the [url=]Intimidator[/url] ))
Robo-Frisk: ((IT WORKS!))
B: ((cau is dying for me))
Erron (AAsriel): ((What do you mean?))
: B [B] disconnected.
MettatonSEX: ( im goin to bed gn darling❤︎ and everyone else
: MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX] disconnected.
Erron (AAsriel): ((GN
: B [B] joined chat.
B: ((Well, I've generally been "idea man"))
anon: (gn! <3)
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] disconnected.
Erron (AAsriel): ((Go on))
B: ((My RP style is dominant and plot-heavy))
B: ((Now that I'm running out of ideas, it's going to shit))
Erron (AAsriel): ((I think I know what you mean... I'm trying to start a plot with Robo-Frisk))
B: ((I'm not capable of just sitting around and doing dialog, and I despise ships))
Gaster: ((have you
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] disconnected.
Gaster: ((... nevermind
B: ((*dialogue I'm a dumb))
Erron (AAsriel): ((Idunno))
B: ((You've piqued my curiosity))
B: [font=palatino];(What, Chime?))[/font]
B: [font=palatino]*(([/font]
Gaster: ((well, there has been plot going on, with the joytale stuff
B: ((true))
B: ((It's just near impossible to get into for me))
Gaster: ((i see
B: ((Not because I dislike it))
B: ((It's just too late now))
Erron (AAsriel): ((Should I put off the whole Robo-Frisk taking over ZA WARUDO plot until this one is done?
B: ((I'm going to sleep, I have to wake up at 5:30 CST))
Erron (AAsriel): ((k
B: ((Would I be the first person to kill off my main with this B thing?))
Gaster: ((possibly
Erron (AAsriel): ((I might kill off Erron to make room for my NEW CHARACTER))
: % Laurel: * ( omf just do it )
Gaster: ((i think someone did it before but i can't remember
: % Laurel: * ( like not killing off erron )
B: ((Depends on whether you call Editor a main))
B: ((or even killed off))
Gaster: ((it's 12:20 and my brain's done remembering stuff
Gaster: ((editor's gone, laharl doesn't want to play him anymore
B: ((If and when B dies I'm taking the Laharl Path)$
B: [font=palatino]*))[/font]
B: ((Lots of secondary))
: % Laurel: * ( im at the point where i have no main )
Erron (AAsriel): ((I'm gonna totally overhype this NEW CHARACTER and make him the most disappointing little shit.))
B: ((I'Ll try to resist being the overreaching take-over plot guy this time))
B: ((And I never did the payoff for the kidnapping arc))
B: ((pity))
Gaster: ((hmm
Gaster: ((if you want to you can
B: ((Well I never figured out fake to do the payoff))
Erron (AAsriel): ((You guys want a teaser for this [s]Overhyped[/s] character?))
: % Laurel: * ( like you can just introduce the character now )
Erron (AAsriel): ((k))
Conscience: \-Gaster's mind is being thoroughly invaded at his weakest-\
B: ((ok I'm actually going to sleep now))
Gaster: \oh bby\
Gaster: \hope you're ready for some weird ass withdrawal dreams\
B: ((Well I mean Gaster isn't aware))
Erron (AAsriel): ((GN
B: ((It's a sacking of the subconscious))
B: ((gn))
Gaster: ((right and that's where dreams come from
: B [B] disconnected.
: Erron [Erron (AAsriel)] is now GN Austin [GN Austin].
Gaster: ((going to bed too, goodinght everyone
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
GN Austin: -A 4'4 Kid walks into the bar-
: The Cartoonstitute [] is now Terra [].
: % Laurel: * She looks at the kid. "Hello!"
GN Austin: -He looks like [url=]this[/url]-
GN Austin: Hiya
: % Laurel: * ( did you draw that yourself or )
GN Austin: (I did)
GN Austin: (Yes)
: % Laurel: * ( nice )
GN Austin: (Thx)
: P!Mettaton [P!Mettaton] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((ay))
P!Mettaton: ((Ayy
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
: P!Mettaton [P!Mettaton] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((Ayy-nt))
: % Laurel: * "..."
: % Laurel: * ( hi ant )
GN Austin: ...
Ant: (( who's who? people's names are different ))
: % Laurel: * ( FD: hi FD: bye ilu Terra: um ok )
: % Laurel: * ( i am myth )
GN Austin: ((I'm Erron_AAsriel))
Ant: (( I'm probably gonna be on less for awhile. This quarter might kill me but I'll at least know how to draw stuff when it's over maybe ))
: % Laurel: * ( alright )
GN Austin: ((Good luck, m8))
: DamnDude [DamnDude] disconnected.
Ant: (( omf. I found an old comic cover I made when I was like 8 or 9 ))
Ant: (( I made up a character that was literally just a xenomorph ))
GN Austin: ((Nice))
Ant: (( "oc do not steal" ))
Ant: ( "I'm suing ridley scott, he stole my idea" )
: B [B] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((Hi B
Ant: ( ayy b )
: B [B] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((rip))
Ant: ( I changed my Undertale icon to a picture of mettaton's face )
Ant: ( I'm promoting his brand )
Ant: ( I was just changing the icon for no reason and I googled undertale to find a decent pic to use and when I saw the pic of metta's face I knew I had to use it )
: % Laurel: * ( lol )
GN Austin: ((Just Added "GN Austin" to the OC list))
Ant: ( I just unsubbed from "windows insider" emails and the automated response seems so genuinely disappointed )
Ant: ( It's shocked really )
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((Damn))
Runner: ((MTT-Brand shit-eating grin))
Ant: ( "You just left the windows insider program?! How could you. You're officially that guy. You know the one" )
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((The one that's like, "This letters Giogormani ASK MY DAD KNO-- FUCK YOU))'
Ant: ( Microsoft's fucking pissed )
Ant: ( Speaking of people being fucking pissed )
Ant: ( Batman v Superman )
Ant: ( aka Batman's Fucking Pissed the Movie )
GN Austin: ((I haven't seen it yet))
: % Laurel: * ( rip )
Ant: ( Yeah stay that way )
Ant: ( Ignorance is bliss when it comes to this movie )
GN Austin: ((I was told that the "CAMEO" From Cyborg was just a 2 second image.))
Ant: ( Yeah cyborg didn't do shit )
: % Laurel: * ( alpine rn: "um" )
GN Austin: ((I was excited to see him... He's my 2nd favorite Teen Titan))
Ant: ( Got less sreen time than literally every other hero in the movie )
: % Laurel: * ( cyborg is by far my favorite (
: % Laurel: * ( i was thinking of cyborg when i played tethyx )
GN Austin: ((Beast Boy = Best Boy))
Ant: ( 1.Cyborg 2. Raven 3. Beast Boy 4.Robin )
Ant: ( 5. Everyone else )
: % Laurel: * ( 1. cyborg 2. raven. 3. beast boy. 4. ro---holy shit ant )
Ant: ( wtf how )
: % Laurel: * ( i actually dont care about robin that much tho )
GN Austin: ((I mostly gauged it on the old TV Show))
Ant: ( Yeah the show is all I know about the teen titans )
Ant: ( But I also know that robin can be a badass sometimes )
GN Austin: (([s]I actually kinda like Teen Titans Go![/s]))
: % Laurel: * ( [s]i like ttg too :x[/s] heh )
: % Laurel: * ( today i found out that i had a pair of vans shorts )
Ant: ( I kinda hope the new powerpuff girls doesn't suck but I bet it's going to )
: % Laurel: * ( -shrugs- )
GN Austin: ((I'll give it a chance... I know the Ben 10 reboot is gonna fucking flop))
: % Laurel: * ( BEN 10?! )
Ant: ( They're rebooting ben 10 again? )
Ant: ( How many times is that now? )
: % Laurel: * ( [i][stifles an outburst of laughter][/i]
GN Austin: ((yeah, I'll get the picture of the NEW art style))
: % Laurel: * ( i never cared for ben 10 )
Ant: ( Meanwhile I'm just sitting here wishing they'd bring back sym bionic titan )
GN Austin: ((The first three seasons were pretty good. AND YES SYMBIOTIC TITAN))
: % Laurel: * ( laurel's name is completely composed of car names )
Ant: ( Honestly the main jaeger in pacific rim looks just like the Sym Bionic Titan thing )
GN Austin: (([url=]Here you go.. Ben 10 (2016)[/url]))
Ant: ( nvm no it doesnt )
: % Laurel: * ( [i][bursts out in laughter][/i] )
Ant: ( ben is a chimp now. look at those fuckin ears. )
GN Austin: ((I KNOW RIGHT))
: % Laurel: * ( OMFG )
Ant: ( Like a rejected member of the gorillaz that mother fucker )
: % Laurel: * ( he should visit feel good inc )
GN Austin: ((*FEEL BAD INC*))
Ant: ( Dora just hasn't been the same since boots got his own spin off show )
GN Austin: ((HE DID!?))
Ant: ( No ben ten looks like boots )
GN Austin: ((oh
: % Laurel: * ( phew )
GN Austin: ((XD))
Ant: ( that was the joke and now im explaining the joke and now it's less funny )
GN Austin: (([url=]I WANT A REVIVAL OF THIS GUY[/url]))
Ant: ( They should bring back my life as a teenage robot )
Ant: ( )
GN Austin: ((Generator Rex vs Jenny XJ9))
GN Austin: ((oh god Ant, XD))
Ant: ( I never really got into generator rex. i think I was too old when it came out )
GN Austin: ((Ikr))
: % Laurel: * ( i kinda stopped watching TV about two years ago )
Ant: ( Transformers needs a new reboot that's actually good )
Ant: ( Transformers and Spiderman were most of my early childhood )
GN Austin: ((I know one thing I'm hyped for in 2017...))
: % Laurel: * ( i based my old youtube channel banner off of the adult swim logo's brackets )
Ant: ( Wait wut? )
Ant: ( what mega man thing? )
GN Austin: ((Mega Man is getting a Cartoon on CN in 2017))
: % Laurel: * ( what )
: % Laurel: * ( [i][bashes their head into their keyboard][/i] )
GN Austin: ((Is it a good bash?))
Ant: ( *Intensely listens to Megas and Protomen at the same time )
: % Laurel: * ( it's a "mixed feelings but leaning towards positive" bash )
: % Laurel: * ( "lining them up like ass cracks" ahhhhh )
GN Austin: ((*Listening to Brentalfloss*))
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
: % Laurel: * ( *listening to Feel Good Inc.* )
: Ant [Ant] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((GG))
Ant: ( )
: % Laurel: * ( alpine is either dead because she felt adventurous )
Ant: ( That link should be the Mega Man theme song )
: % Laurel: * ( or she's just passed out on the couch at her house )
GN Austin: ((It's being made by "Man of Action Studios" A.K.A. The guys who did the FIRST Ben 10, so I'm hyped))
Ant: (( So much hype. I want it to be good and nothing like the sonic boom cartoon ))
Ant: ( Pls be good )
GN Austin: ((Sonic Boom imo was alright))
Ant: ( Mega Man is like the childhood I never had )
GN Austin: ((But this is coming from the guy who's favorite character is Silver))
Ant: ( I liked silver... )
Ant: ( But then I got a little older... )
GN Austin: ((IT'S NO USE))
: % Laurel: * ( [i][adventure of a lifetime blaring in the distance][/i] )
Ant: ( and by then it was no- fuckin )
GN Austin: ((In other news... Sonic Boom 2: Fire and Ice))
: % Laurel: * ( [i][arctic monkeys loudly blaring in the distance][/i] )
Ant: ( This could also be the mega man cartoon theme song: )
GN Austin: (I'm hoping its a remix of "SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT")
GN Austin: (Just to piss people off)
Ant: ( I bet that is what it'll actually be tho )
GN Austin: ((I'm gonna jump for joy if that's the case))
: % Laurel: * (
GN Austin: ((I think it's catchy, alright?)
: % Laurel: * ( not judging you )
Ant: ( I just want it to be good )
GN Austin: ((I also want it to be an MM2 Dr. Wily Castle remix))
Ant: (( like this? ))
GN Austin: ((I was literally listening to this as you posted that))
GN Austin: ((But I was thinking more along the lines of "Okkusenman."))
GN Austin: ((anyone remember Okkusenman))
Ant: ( ? )
: % Laurel: * "..."
GN Austin: ((
GN Austin:
: % Laurel: * ( meanwhile im watching porsche 911 rally videos )
Ant: ( this is awesome )
Ant: ( I want this to be the theme now )
GN Austin: (I do too))
: % Laurel: * She looks at GNAustin. "Hm?"
GN Austin: ...
: Ant [Ant] is now Sooper Faightin Robat [Mega Man].
Mega Man: walks in
Mega Man: sits down at the bar
: % Laurel: * "..."
Mega Man: "Sup"
GN Austin: Oh my gosh!
GN Austin: IT'S HIM!
: % Laurel: * ( The language of my people )
GN Austin: (( ))
Mega Man: ( I don't speak whatever that is )
GN Austin: ((I do... [sub]not[/sub]))
: % Laurel: * ( MC1 100 KR2 200 KL1 100J! )
GN Austin: I can't believe this... I'm in the same bar with MEGA MAN!
Mega Man: ( I'm watching this clip over and over now. The hype. )
: % Laurel: * ( 100 right 70, Jump 100 caution, no cut, 200 right 10 )
Mega Man: "Uh yeah. Hi"
: % Laurel: * "..."
Mega Man: (( That's what I want a remix of ))
GN Austin: -is clearly hyped that MEGA MAN THE SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT is in the bar-
: % Laurel: * Laurel doesn't look very hyped.
Mega Man: "I'm just someone trying to do the right thing"
GN Austin: So, how do you feel about Mighty No. 9?
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * He walks in. He looks a bit similar to Cyborg.[/color]
: ★ [color=#000000]T[/color][color=#19002A]e[/color][color=#330055]t[/color][color=#4C007F]h[/color][color=#6600AA]y[/color][color=#7F00D4]x: * "Hello, everyone."[/color]
GN Austin: Hai!
: % Laurel: * ( "holy shit it's cyborg" "what" )
GN Austin: ((oh shit))
: % Laurel: * ( hey ant )
: % Laurel: * ( what has happened to protoblook )
: Sooper Faightin Robat [Mega Man] is now Protobot [Protobot].
: % Laurel: * ( have they just been dating for ten years )
Protobot: "Hey it's me your brother"
GN Austin: -is out of breath- AND PROTOMAN'S HERE TOO!?
: % Laurel: * ( protobot: "i'm also dating this other robot" )
: % Laurel: * "..."
GN Austin: ((Protobot x Tethyx?))
: % Laurel: * ( protobot x napstabot )
: % Laurel: * ( its a bit of a story )
GN Austin: ((Oh sweet))
Protobot: ( [s]better than gaston[/s] )
Protobot: ( I mean one ships like gaston or whatever )
: % Napstabot: * "..."
: Protobot [Protobot] disconnected.
GN Austin: (([s]Oh don't say that infront of those guys, they will rip your dick and or tits off[/s]
: Protobot [Protobot] joined chat.
Mega Man: "Dude what did I tell you about saying you're my brother out loud in front of people?"
: % Napstabot: * They walk up behind Protobot, curious. With a "um" look on their face.
GN Austin: -is clearly in awe- aaaaaaa...
: % Napstabot: * ( Protobot: "NO IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE" )
Protobot: "Blooky!"
: % Napstabot: * They give Protobot a hug.
: % Napstabot: * ( Mega Man: "what the hell man" )
GN Austin: And he's dating napstabot... best day ever! -sqeels like a weenie-
: % Napstabot: * ( )
GN Austin: ((TFW you realize Finn is "Gargling Mayonaise"))
Protobot: looks into Blooky's eyes like they haven't seen each other for ever even though they've totally been dating for awhile
: % Napstabot: * ( protobot: "so uh like we've been dating for like 10 years and uh" )
: % Napstabot: * ( protobot: "uhm" )
: % Napstabot: * ( "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" )
Protobot: ( ...protoblook wedding? )
GN Austin: -takes out his phone to take a picture to post on some fanfic site- Eeee!
: % Napstabot: * ( i mean you could just say they did get married but )
: % Napstabot: * ( endless "uh"s for everyone )
: % Napstabot: * ( protobot: -clears throat- "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" -coughs- "uhhhhhhhhhhh" )
: % Napstabot: * ( blooky: "go on" )
: % Napstabot: * ( "uhhhhhhhhhh" )
: % Napstabot: * ( "..." )
Protobot: ( #moreuhsthanaospine )
Protobot: ( Blooky the original uh )
: % Napstabot: * ( protobot: "uh....uh...uh...uh....uh....uh....uh..." )
GN Austin: ((Original Uh, do not Uh))
: % Napstabot: * ( protobot: "will...." blooky: "yes" protobot: "i was going to ask about our sodastream but okay let's get married!" )
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] joined chat.
: % Napstabot: * ( blooky and protobot still have a broken sodastream to this day )
: % Napstabot: * ( no )
: % Napstabot: * ( -runs [i]towards[/i] the danger- )
Runner: ((-John Cena-))
Protobot: ( *hides beneath their dog )
Runner: ((-Dissapears, but you can't see him.-))
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((I'M NOT GETTING MY DICK TORN OFF! *Jumps out window*))
: % Napstabot: * "..."
Protobot: ( "Koda, protect me you glorified teddy bear" )
: % Napstabot: * ( and that is how i imagine protobot proposes to blooky )
: % Napstabot: * "did the sodastream get fixed yet..."
Protobot: shrugs [s]seductively[/s]
GN Austin: -is recording them- This is gonna get so many hits on "Wattpad Video!"
Protobot: sits down on the couch
: % Napstabot: * They sit down next to Protobot and lean on them.
: % Napstabot: * ( GNA: YOU TWO GET MARRIED RIGHT NOW protobot: "well shit i was going to do this in a different location" )
Protobot: ( wait so are they married yet or not? )
: % Napstabot: * ( up to you )
Protobot: ( not yet )
Protobot: (soon)
: % Napstabot: * ( another ten years pass )
GN Austin: ((GNA: MAKE LOVE [s]TO[/s] FOR ME!))
Protobot: "It's been awhile since we've been in this place. This is where we first met."
: % Napstabot: * "yeah..."
: % Laurel: * "..." She falls asleep on the couch.
GN Austin: -still recording them from a booth seat-
: ★ Joseph: * He appears next to GNA. "Hey, why you recording those two?"
GN Austin: AGH! -Hides his phone- I wasn't!
GN Austin: . . .
: ★ Joseph: * He snaps his fingers and GNA's phone appears in Joseph's hand. "Ah-ah-ah."
GN Austin: EEP!
GN Austin: -Reaches for it- G-Give it!
: ★ Joseph: * He stands up. Try reaching a up to a 7'2 guy.
: ★ Joseph: * "Only if you don't record those two."
Mega Man: is just sitting at the bar drinking out of a mm brand E tank novelty mug
GN Austin: Pickin' on a kid huh? -Punches joseph in the crotch-
: ★ Joseph: * Joseph has no reaction. Suddenly, another Joseph appears behind GNA. Two Josephs.
: ★ Joseph: * Joseph looks at GNA. "Hmm?" Joseph chuckles, while Joseph smirks at Joseph.
GN Austin: !?
GN Austin: You have powers too, eh?
: % Napstabot: * "..."
Protobot: "It think it would be kinda cool if..."
Protobot: "...uh..."
: % Napstabot: * "?"
GN Austin: -Does the Arm Rock thing that [url=]Tremor from MKX[/url] does, only it's green and clear-
: % Napstabot: * ( i can't watch videos right now ugh )
GN Austin: (It's more for Joseph)
Protobot: "If we decided to stay together forever in the place we first met"
GN Austin: (But it's just Tremor from MKX)
: ★ Joseph: * "..." He snaps his finger, and a shitton of knives just float up in the air all of a sudden.
: % Napstabot: * ( ... )
GN Austin: . . .
GN Austin: F-Fine...
: ★ Joseph: * "Good. These knives aren't even mine anyway." The knives disappear, and Tethyx yelling "THANK YOU" can be heard in the background.
: ★ Joseph: * He gives GNA the phone, and sits down.
GN Austin: -Crushes the gems and makes them disappear- ...
: % Napstabot: * They look confused. Wording 10/10
Protobot: awkwardly pulls out a ring (it's just a gear)
: % Napstabot: * ( Most Awkward Wedding Award 20XX )
GN Austin: -Looks over at them and almost squeals- They're getting married!
: % Napstabot: * They gasp, and awkwardly take the ring. The gear. Uh.
: % Napstabot: * ( blooky: "uh" )
: % Napstabot: * "uh"
Protobot: "How do we like...make it official or whatever?"
Protobot: "There aren't really any courthouses or...preists or whatever"
: % Napstabot: * ( then we wait a few days and say that they actually got married )
GN Austin: HAVE A WEDDING! I WANNA BE THE BEST MAN! -is out of breath-
: % Napstabot: * "uh"
: % Napstabot: * They look at GNA. "do i know you..."
GN Austin: I know him. -Points to Proto Man-
Protobot: looks at GN. "I don't even know you..."
Protobot: ""
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: . . . -just realized how awkward he made this- You know you're a game character in my timeline right?
Mega Man: *looks up from his drink. "Marketing bro. Marketing"
GN Austin: N-Nevermind
: % Napstabot: * ( And Protoblook ends up winning the Most Awkward Proposal Award of 20XX )
GN Austin: -sinks back down into his chair- sorry...
: ★ Joseph: * He bursts out in laughter before shortly disappearing.
GN Austin: . . .
Protobot: ( In the year 200X Dr. Light created a super robot named Protoman. Years later that robot came out as agender and married a ghost )
Protobot: ( Mega Man: "Ah the teenage years..." )
: % Napstabot: * ( [s]-thinks about coming out-[/s] 10/10 )
: % Napstabot: * ( this blooky has probably only smiled like five times )
: % Napstabot: * ( each time was like, a weak as fuck smile )
GN Austin: (-thinks about coming- Giggity)
: % Napstabot: * ( giggity giggity goo )
GN Austin: ((Emphasis on goo))
Protobot: ( * Kinda wants to come out but also kinda doesn't want to explain what that would even mean )
: % Napstabot: * ( -decides not to think about it for now- )
Protobot: ( I just remembered my dad once wanted me to "prove" I was Bi )
: % Napstabot: * ( ... )
GN Austin: (oh)
GN Austin: (Giggity?)
Protobot: ( And I was like "Bitch, I haven't even dated a girl what do you want from me" )
: % Napstabot: * ( my mom says that i just need to be able to take care of myself and im just like "k" )
: % Napstabot: * ( -awkward throat clearing and cough- so uh )
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
: % Napstabot: * ( back to awkward proposal? )
: % Napstabot: * "..."
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: -feels like shit now- . . .
Protobot: " it going to be a full-on wedding anyway...?"
: % Napstabot: * "uh"
: % Napstabot: * They weakly shrug.
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Protobot: ( I'm gonna have to go soon )
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((k
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Protobot: "I think my timeline has couthouses maybe"
Protobot: (*gets flashbacks to the court vs thomas light)
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: The only thing that would make today better is if a Gardevoir showed up and started flirting with me.
: ★ Joseph: * "bruh"
Mega Man: "I'm still here too, dude."
: ★ Joseph: * "i'm here a lot, darling"
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
GN Austin: . . .
GN Austin: -his entire face is a light red now-
: % Napstabot: * ( joseph has flirted with an asriel before 10/10 )
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((Fun Fact: This Character is a very exaggarated version of my traits. I used to have a crush on Gardevoir. I still do kinda.))
Mega Man: *Just kinda watches his sibling try to figure our how marriage works
Protobot: (*out)
: % Napstabot: * ( i mean id play a gardevoir for the sole purpose of flirting like that )
: % Napstabot: * ( right now i'm typing out a list of what the fuck i've done over the course of my 3-month-and-counting stay here )
GN Austin: ((Oh no, what have I done?))
: % Napstabot: * ( *gardevoir walks in* GNA: HOLY SHIT [sub]giggity[/sub] )
GN Austin: (("GN Austin was a mistake" - GN Austin))
: % Napstabot: * "..."
Protobot: "We could do an actual wedding but I don't know who we'd invite"
: Yazan's connection timed out.
: % Napstabot: * ( im just imagining GNA awkwardly asking a gardevoir out on a date )
: % Napstabot: * They shrug.
: ★ Joseph: * "..." He idly twists his arm around a full 360 degrees, making some horrible cracking noises. "Ah...." He sighs contentedly.
Mega Man: *gets up and walks over to Proto
Mega Man: "C'mere a sec"
Protobot: "What? No. I'm in the middle of something important."
Mega Man: "Just come here"
Protobot: "ugh. Fine."
Protobot: follows their brother
: % Napstabot: * "huh?"
Mega Man: "Just let me handle this bro."
Protobot: "Handle what?"
GN Austin: ((Be back in like 30-60 min. guys))
Mega Man: *pulls out a piece of paper that reads "Certificate of aloud to marry people and shit"
Protobot: "..."
: % Napstabot: * ( k )
Mega Man: "I'm legit, bro"
Protobot: "There's no way that certificate is legit or legal in any way whatsoever"
Mega Man: *walks back over to the couch and cocks his head for Protobot to follow
Protobot: "Are you drunk?"
: % Napstabot: * "..."
Mega Man: *puts his hands on Blooky and Proto's heads "By the power vested in me by a sketchy online class I pronounce you hus- ahem...uh...married or whatever"
Protobot: (10//10 best rp ship wedding)
: % Napstabot: * ( 10/10 )
: % Napstabot: * ( brb i need to take a piss in a ceramic bowl )
Mega Man: "Bada bing bada boom ya'll are married."
: % Napstabot: * "..."
Protobot: "..."
: % Napstabot: * "uh"
Protobot: "I don't think that's how it works..."
Mega Man: "Oh yeah? Well which one of us saved the world? I'll give you a hint it wasn't you."
: % Napstabot: * "are you drunk..."
: % Napstabot: * ( mega man: "Maybe a lil'...JUST A BIT! -slurring- )
Mega Man: "What's it matter to you if I'm drunk or straight? Drunkality is fluid y'know"
: % Napstabot: * "..."
: % Napstabot: * They hold Protobot's hand. "uh"
Protobot: "...that- what....?"
Mega Man: "It's like a continuum"
Protobot: " it isn't."
Protobot: ( I gtg like really soon )
: % Napstabot: * ( like in the next second soon )
Protobot: ( yeah. I might be able to just switch to my phone tho )
: % Napstabot: * ( ok )
: % Napstabot: * ( if not, cya )
Protobot: ( Yeah I'm just gonna switch to my phone brb )
Protobot: (( I'm back
: % Napstabot: * ( alright )
Mega Man: *passes out drunk
: % Napstabot: * "..."
Protobot: looks at Blooky.
Protobot: "This didn't really go how I planned..."
: % Napstabot: * "...uh...yeah.....?"
Protobot: "But...I guess we're married now?"
: % Napstabot: * They weakly smile and give Protobot a kiss on the cheek. "i guess...."
Protobot: brings back the majestic hairflip
: % Napstabot: * "oh...." They hug them.
Protobot: hugs back
Protobot: (( I'm about to fall asleep. I'm gonna go now. gn
: % Napstabot: * ( gn )
: Protobot [Protobot] disconnected.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] disconnected.
: Terra [] disconnected.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((Back))
GN Austin: ((oh))
: GN Austin's connection timed out.
: Terra [] joined chat.
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Fintevious: (Oi
: ★ Joseph: * ( yo
Fintevious: (Whats new
: ★ Joseph: * ( protoblook got married )
: ★ Joseph: * ( erron made a new character )
: ★ Joseph: * ( i have made zero advances towards the completion of the damage calculator today )
Fintevious: (Whod erron make?
: ★ Joseph: * ( GN Austin )
Fintevious: (Whats his gist
: ★ Joseph: * ( -shrugs- )
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
: Terra [] disconnected.
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Fintevious: (playing a game, will check back in from time to time
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Fintevious: ((Anno Domini, hows it going?
Fintevious: ((no early risers?
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: (there's me)
Bondertale: (bein' all existing and stuff)
Fintevious: ((hey
Bondertale: (hi)
Fintevious: ((gonna finish a quick mission in STALKER, take me 5 minutes
Bondertale: (today's gonna be a fun day for toriel)
Bondertale: (she doesn't know that smolsriel is kill yet)
Fintevious: -walks in- Hey everyone
Fintevious: ((game decided to crash instead
Bondertale: had come in after everyone left last night
Bondertale: "Good morning, Doctor." Toriel said, looking tense.
Fintevious: ((yeah I saw his death coming the moment Slarv made him, kind of the reason why I never got too involved wtih him
Fintevious: Toriel? are you okay?
Bondertale: "...Asriel isn't back. He should be back. He doesn't have much of anywhere else to go."
Fintevious: The small child? maybe Asgore is with him
Fintevious: I haven't seen him in awhile. I know Asgore was planning trying to cheer him up, not just with the amusement par
Fintevious: if not, likely he is with Hyper or AD
Bondertale: "Fintevious, you live with asgore. If he was there, I feel like you'd know. Th-though, I suppose it is a rather large castle..."
Bondertale: Toriel sighed. "I'm just...worried."
Fintevious: I understand
Fintevious: -sits down- anything I can do to ease the worrying? even if temporary?
Bondertale: "...Somehow manage to Distract me, or bring him here."
Fintevious: I can try the former
Fintevious: -gets up and sits next to her- Here you might find these interesting -pulls out some photos-
Fintevious: I've been around for a long time, have quite the collection of pictures
Bondertale: Toriel looked at him, one eyebrow raised.
Fintevious: -he pulls out some very old photographs that range from various time points, he holds up one that is black and white and shows a camp with soldiers in it-
Fintevious: This was my time during the US Civil War. I was a surgeon then
Fintevious: Photograph was barely introduced at this point, its very hard to find these
Fintevious: -points him out of the crowd, he looks the same, but has a mutsache-
Bondertale: "My. If I knew more about human history, that might be very intee
Bondertale: Interesting
Bondertale: "Which isn't to say it isn't interesting."
Bondertale: "Simply...less so than if I had context."
Fintevious: perhaps this then -shuffles some photos- how about this then, this was the Great War, which became World War I
Fintevious: Verdan -it a photo of scorched earth- That war brought terrors that I have yet to find anything comparable to
Bondertale: "...oh my." Toriel rather simply said.
Fintevious: What happened there....what really happened...never truly got recorded in the history books
Fintevious: but perhaps now is not the time for that
Bondertale: "Well, with dimensions, that statement is perhaps somewhat...its hard to tell."
Fintevious: I suppose, but whatever happened there in my timeline, it beats out a lot of other timelines I've been to
Fintevious: we all thought after that war ended, there would never be another war again. Boy were we wrong
Bondertale: Toriel chuckled grimly. "Yes, humans have a propensity for escalating such squabbles."
Fintevious: The Second World War -flips a few photos, to a battlefield with snow and tanks- The Battle of Kursk. WW2 wasn't as horrifying on the battlefield as WWI was though
Fintevious: its what happened off the battlefield that horrorfied us -shows some pictures of people being moved like cattle into trains-
Fintevious: Not everything though was all grim and horrible. The Wiemar Republic showed great advances into art and expressionism. Media like movies started becoming popular and taken seriously -flips a few photos showing posters of movies like M, Metropolis, and the Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Bondertale: Toriel hmmed, tilting her head. "...interesting."
Fintevious: And while the end of WW2 brought peace, tensions were always high due to two superpowers awlays at a stand off
Fintevious: during that time, so many things developed at incredible speed, music, movies, arts, literature, technology and so much more -shows various photos of things like Elvis, cars from the 50s and 60s, a movie poster of stars wars, clothing fansion and styles, and much more-
Fintevious: it was an incredbile time for humanity -he runs out of photos after a certain point-
Bondertale: "And here we get into things that I have some knowledge on. This time period was recent enough in my dimension that I do have some context, there."
Fintevious: yeah....
Fintevious: I've spent most of my life as a doctor. I've moved around from trade to trade before, but always found myself returning to his profession
Bondertale: Toriel sighed. "Well, it worked for a bit. But...nit that it wasn't interesting, but why exactly did you show me this, doctor?"
Fintevious: I figured it would be fair that you should know something about me, considering that you are willing to talk to me about yourself
Fintevious: that and well, this was the first thing that came to my mind, since I keep this photos with me at ost points
Fintevious: most*
Fintevious: these photos*
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "That's fair, I suppose."
Fintevious: I finished my session with Frisk
Fintevious: Next I wanted to do one with Asriel
Fintevious: do you think he will be up to it?
Bondertale: "...he's rather private, but I can probably convince him."
Fintevious: If you could I think it would helop open him up a bit
Fintevious: though right now I think I talk to you
Fintevious: I think I should talk*
Bondertale: "...about what, doctor?"
Fintevious: -retcon- I would like to contune talking to you
Fintevious: to be honest anything
Fintevious: I enjoy your company and having these fireside chats with you
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "I rather enjoy your company as well. I certainly have no qualms coming here, but the personality of most of its patrons can be...trying at times. You understand."
Fintevious: I prefer the quiet myself but with good company
Fintevious: A lot of interesting characters that come through here, but also certain undesireables too
Bondertale: "Indeed. There's a reason I keep to myself, most of the time. Frisk is the far more outgoing one."
Fintevious: Tori there is something I woild like to ask you. Would you care t-
The White Wolf: -walks in- Doctor
Fintevious: Oh....yes Shin?
The White Wolf: -you are need...
Fintevious: -sighs- Very well. -gets up- We will continue this chat another time okay Toriel?
Bondertale: frisk shoots a glance at shin. They don't do much more than that, though.
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "Of course, doctor. I won't keep you from your duties."
Fintevious: Добрый вечер мой друг
Fintevious: Добрый вечер мой друг
Bondertale: VERY definitely doesn't understand russian
Bondertale: (Google translate does, however)
Fintevious: ((I actually speak russian
Fintevious: ((anyways I'm going to bed
Bondertale: (Buenos noches, yazan)
Fintevious: ((back in 7ish hours
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((rip))
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
: P!Mettaton [P!Mettaton] joined chat.
: P!Mettaton [P!Mettaton] is now Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl].
Frisky the Owl: is there
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
: Terra [] joined chat.
: Terra [] disconnected.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
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: Terra [] disconnected.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
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: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: (i was about to sing smooth criminal, but there's a problem in that I can't fucking understand a word of smooth criminal)
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
: Terra [] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: Terra [] disconnected.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: (hi ad)
Bondertale: (Toriel still doesn't know that smazzy is kill. She's worried, but not sure.)
Bondertale: (And when she learbs)
Bondertale: (HOO BOY)
: Asriel_Dreemurr's connection timed out.
Bondertale: (bye ad)
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: B [B] joined chat.
: B [B] disconnected.
: GN Austin [GN Austin] joined chat.
GN Austin: -sneaks into the bar when nobody's around and takes all of the Sprite= Heheheh.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: (wut)
Mk: there is a sleeping wyvern on top of a slime. They're around.
Mk: and maybe they like sprite, man, you don't know. Fuck you.
GN Austin: (hoi)
GN Austin: ...
Mk: though, maybe they have some sprite in the bag there,next to them. Who knows
GN Austin: . . .
GN Austin: -just looks up at the Wyvern- ...
Mk: they're not that big. They look like [url=]this[/url]. But more...asleep. And slime-laying-upon.
GN Austin: -puts some of the sprite back, and sits in a booth-
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] is now Monster Kid [Mk].
Frisky the Owl: ((Ayy
GN Austin: ((Ayy
Mk: rolls in their sleep. The slime isn't that big. "GOD-HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I DONE THAT!?"
Mk: (hey slarvo mcmurderyourchildren)
Frisky the Owl: is still on the couch
GN Austin: ...
Frisky the Owl: ((Just checking in
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: ((ayy yazan
Frisky the Owl: ((Probably gonna do crazy mind shit when i get home
Fintevious: (Oi
GN Austin: ((K cool
Frisky the Owl: ((Hoi
Mk: (hi yazan)
Frisky the Owl: ((Wonder when goreys gonna find out smolriel ded rip
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
GN Austin: ((Idunno
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Mk: they get up, grumbling. The slime Springs to life, rubbing against them. "Yeah, yeah..." they fish through the bag, tossing something into the slime. Huh. Guess they do like sprite.
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Mk: (when tori and gorey learn they're just both fucking PIIIIISSED)
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
GN Austin: -drinks one of the Sprites he took-
Frisky the Owl: It is important to note that smolriel was crying for mommy and daddy while being bludgeoned to death
Fintevious: ((Slarv can you do me one favor from now on
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
Mk: "Yo." mk said, turning to the guy. They took another sprite from the bag, popping it open.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
: Terra [] joined chat.
GN Austin: ... -waves-
Fintevious: -Walks in
Frisky the Owl: ((Ye?
: ★ Joseph: * Joseph appears in the bar.
: ★ Joseph: * ( just the tip just the tip just the tip )
Fintevious: ((Could you refrain from hurting children. At least when Im on
Mk: (suddenly people)
Frisky the Owl: ((Aww
Frisky the Owl: ((Sure
Fintevious: (Thanks
Frisky the Owl: ((Given ur job and shit
Mk: (tbh I'm still kidnxa pissed that you killed him.more that you did it when I wasn't there.)
GN Austin: -starts making small Emerald statues of himself... they're about the size of an Amiibo... A GN Austin Amiibo-
Frisky the Owl: ((I only had a little bit of time when me and ad and frisky were on at the same time
: ★ Joseph: * Joseph appears next to GNA.
Fintevious: Hey everyone
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
GN Austin: AGH! -Crushes the statue- You again?
Mk: "Not a talker, huh? That's cool. I tried that, once, trying to be all mysterious and cool." mk took another sip. "Didn't last long. But maybe you're just mute, I dunno."
: ★ Joseph: * "hi, darling"
Mk: "Not mute, then."
GN Austin: -looks at MK -S-Sorry, I'm just... mostly quiet.
GN Austin: -Turns back to Joseph- What do YOU want?
YoungKingAsgore: -walks in wot
: ★ Joseph: * "just hanging out"
YoungKingAsgore: -looks exhausted
GN Austin: . . .
: ★ Joseph: * He looks at YKA. "Man, you work fast."
Fintevious: what?
Bondertale: tori walks in. "Oh, hello, asgore." frisk and Asriel also exist.
YoungKingAsgore: huh? -Falld
Mk: shrugs. "No big deal."
: ★ Joseph: * He snickers. "Nevermind."
YoungKingAsgore: - falls on the couch- howdy
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] joined chat.
: ★ Joseph: * "Fuckin' Catera Records. Shit."
: ★ Joseph: * "Hell, maybe Daytona7 will sign me." He sits down.
Fintevious: Hello Tori
GN Austin: what?
Mk: (are Fin and asgore both here?)
: ★ Joseph: * He looks at GNA. "I make music, sweetheart."
GN Austin: oh, cool.
Fintevious: (Yes
Mk: "You two are together?"
Bondertale: "Ah, good morning to you as well, Fintevious." Toriel said, looking over her shoulder. Toriel sat next to asgore.
: ★ Joseph: * "My sisters are busy working at Nintendo's R&D thing..." He shrugs.
YoungKingAsgore: hello Toriel. Dont mind me, just about to talk a snooze
GN Austin: mmhm.
Fintevious: Take*
Bondertale: "Far be it from me to stop you. To be fair, things have been a little hectic for me, too."
Runner: ((Aand my heads shaking again ffffffuuuuu))
YoungKingAsgore: hmm?
Fintevious: Anything new?
Mk: "Huh. Cool." mk took another sip. They tossed the can back into the slime, who happily dissolved it.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
Bondertale: Toriel shook her head. "I've been back in my dimension. Asriel still isn't in here, as far as I can tell."
Mk: (upside of having a slime as a pet: living garbage can)
: ★ Joseph: * ( i have zero ideas on what to do )
Mk: (downside of having a slime as a pet: living garbage can which likes to nuzzle with you, and is occasionally no great at controlling it's acidity)
Frisky the Owl: is still couch
GN Austin: -goes back to making Emerald Statues of himself doing [url=]this pose[/url]-
: ★ Joseph: * "..."
Mk: has spent the past 10 or so years of his life in forage mode, so as he walks by he pretty much instinctively picks up the owl
Mk: that 'his' was a slip but it's okay because mk is less a gender and more 'doesn't give a fuck gender' so no matter what I accidentally type it's valid
Frisky the Owl: ((Inb4 he throws it in the slime
Mk: won't yet.
Fintevious: Oh. That cant be good
: ★ Joseph: * "My sisters, Dislivel and Equivalere...they're known to act different around people."
YoungKingAsgore: he is missing?
Mk: jakob seems to be begging for it, but he shan't relent. Yet.
Bondertale: "He was...kidnapped. By that damned flowey in painful. His eyes..." Toriel sighed.
Mk: they gfd
YoungKingAsgore: What?! -Gets up
Fintevious: (Brb
Mk: I did decide that they were more 'whatever lol'-gender mostly because I can't keep calling them 'they' for some weird fucking reason I haven't sussed out yet
Frisky the Owl: I thought mk was dood
: ★ Joseph: * "..."
GN Austin: -same-
Mk: probably from me slipping up lol
Mk: but yeah call them that if you want, I keep wanting to
: ★ Joseph: * ( yall /me plebs )
: echechech
Runner: ((I know right))
Mk: (its a slippery slop)
YoungKingAsgore: We need to go get thim
Runner: ((Me and Myth are like the only ones that use the actual charat lingo))
Mk: (you do one ooc /me and then someone else does and then you keep doing it)
Mk: (i use parenthesis too!)
Mk: (just single ones because two would be annoying on mobile)
Frisky the Owl: I can do ooc regular chat because plush owls dont talk kek
Fintevious: ((Slarv can we do a non combat run into Painful to find out what happened to SA?
Frisky the Owl: ((Sure
Bondertale: "Asgore, when I tried to fight him, he nearly killed me. While I'd love to, it's not going to help him OR us."
: ★ Joseph: * ( It bothers me how /me is used now )
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] is now Painful [Painful].
YoungKingAsgore: -walks out and returns a minute later with the Wolf-
Mk: (its mostly used normally. Mostly.)
The White Wolf: -walks in-
Bondertale: "...well. Okay. Perhaps with the five of us, we might stand a chance."
Fintevious: I will go too
Fintevious: ((its non combat, because I have two OP characters right now
Bondertale: "Six, then. Hm." Toriel smiled. "Frisk? Asriel? Would you like to go cut the weeds?" frisk smiled wickedly, standing up. Azzy followed suit.
Painful: ((Flowey would still whoop ass
Mk: (he wouldn't kill shin or Fin, but he'd incapacitate then)
Fintevious: ((not the wolf, actually
Runner: ((If Runner ever entered a painful battle or had RPG stats. He'd either be OP as fuck are extremely situational))
Runner: ((All his skills would involve basically using items without using them up, like a passive where he uses an item twice instead of only once, etc))
Mk: (i mean, he's just a regular fuck who's good at Parkour, right?)
: ★ Joseph: * ( Joseph would be too OP )
Runner: ((Yeah, really good at Parkour, but he's got that big ol' bag of tricks, and he's good at rationing his shit))
Fintevious: ((its odd to say , but I need the to be very OP for a reason
Fintevious: (The Wolf
Runner: ((If anything he'd be a thief character, that can kinda use items more than once, or combine item's effects))
: ★ Joseph: * ( like he'd have 5 other Josephs surronding the enemy and using super OP attacks )
Mk: (so that a villain can kill him and seem threatening? )
YoungKingAsgore: Lets do
Fintevious: ((no
Fintevious: (you'll find out, maybe
Fintevious: ((thats dumb
Runner: Oh, by the way Yazan))
Fintevious: ((yo
Runner: Chime needs a screenshot or proof of that response from Bio when you can))
Bondertale: Toriel nods. "I suppose there's no reason not to. And MANY reasons to."
Fintevious: ((sure, where I can upload it to?
Mk: (iirc he gave it)
Runner: Try Imgur and just PM it to them on Reddit, or pass it to me and I can send it to them through Discord))
Fintevious: ((plus I have three characters who don't have stats and Idon't feel like make them up
Runner: ((I personally use Lightshot for screenies))
: ★ Joseph: * ( I use on PC and Imgur on Android )
: Painful [Painful] disconnected.
Mk: (yeah let's just go and do this non-combat style)
Mk: (even though everyone would really like to do it combat style)
: Painful [Painful] joined chat.
YoungKingAsgore: -heads to painful with the group
Bondertale: and into painful we go
The White Wolf: -follows with axe in hand-
: ★ Joseph: * "..."
Painful: Same as yesterday, youre in the true lab
Painful: The generator room is just ahead
Fintevious: -follows in notepad in hand-
Mk: sighs. "What are you doing, Kid?" they put the owl back down.
Mk: Jakob looks disappointed. Or as disappointed as he can without a face.
Fintevious: ((does flowely have Telekinesis or anything?
Painful: ((Um no
: Frisky [] joined chat.
Fintevious: ((k
: ((um yes
Painful: ((Ayy
: ★ Joseph: * ( ayy )
: ((ayyy
Fintevious: ((oi
Bondertale: Toriel goes through, fire in both hands. Frisk has a dagger out. Azzy with a chaos buster. PewPew.
Mk: (hi non-owl frisky)
YoungKingAsgore: ASRIEL!?
Painful: Inside is a smased pile of hypers electronics, and a smol bloody pile of dust
: * RIP.
Painful: *smashed
: * Fuck the dead people? Y/N
Bondertale: stop in their tracks. "...oh. Oh my God. No."
: * Would you fuck dust? Y/N
Fintevious: ((they could tell hypers but how would they know SA?
Mk: (who the hell else would it be tbh)
: ★ Joseph: * ( gtg )
: Terra [] disconnected.
: ((bye
: * Hyper's dust is beneath the electronics.
Painful: On it are smazzys clothes i guess
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Painful: ((Ayy
: ((hi ad
Fintevious: ((oi
Asriel_Dreemurr: \((ayy))
YoungKingAsgore: please no....
Bondertale: "No. NO. HE CANT-HE ISN'T-THERE'S NO WAY-"
: Frisky [] is now Frisky [Voice Hyper].
Voice Hyper: ((lel
GN Austin: -finishes his statue- yes... perfect.
Asriel_Dreemurr: wakes up. He is still clutching the Owl.
❤ Hyper: ((I'M FUCKED
Voice Hyper: ((yes you are
: Painful [Painful] is now Painriel [Painriel].
Mk: is a fuck and grabbed the owl out of his hands actually
Mk: I didn't realize he was holding it, sooo
Voice Hyper: ((would hyper still have the joy effect by now
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Mk?"
Mk: it's just on the couch near him now
: Painriel [Painriel] is now Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl].
Frisky the Owl: ((No
Voice Hyper: ((okay
Frisky the Owl: ((But im not gonna rp painriel rn
Mk: "Huh? Oh, hi Asriel."
Voice Hyper: ((yeah ik
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can I have the Owl back?"
Voice Hyper: ((i just want to have a name
YoungKingAsgore: -falls to his news, he is is in complete disbelief-
GN Austin: . . .
Mk: "OH. Uh...sure." they hand it back.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Thanks..."
Voice Hyper: * He didn't say that
Asriel_Dreemurr: holds it close.
The White Wolf: -walks up to Asgore to help support him-
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] is now Frisky [Chara].
Frisky the Owl: azzy triggers the owl's voice box
Chara: ((wowie
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Frisky the Owl: a recording of smazzy doing a frisky the owl impression plays
Bondertale: Toriel tears up, clenching her fists. "NO." frisk's grip on the dagger tightens, as they try to fight a wave of pure, unbridled rage from overtaking them. Azzy just...drops his chaos buster. It's evidently not so much a problem for him.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Ohhh no..."
Frisky the Owl: "Hold for 5 seconds to rerecord message"
Mk: (who's chara and why are they chara)
Asriel_Dreemurr: lets go.
Chara: ((it's the one you fucks killed
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Chaira))
Fintevious: -walks over to Tori-
Chara: ((bitches never die
Frisky the Owl: ((Dont say her name you FUCKs
Mk: (oh that one)
YoungKingAsgore: -kneels beside the dust, trying to pick it up-
Chara: ((Hyper: chara chara chara chara
GN Austin: -just now starts following what's going on- Woah... what happened?
Chara: ((Painriel: AAAAAAAAAAAAA
Mk: (you prolly shouldn't play that one the yandere ghost really doesn't like her)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Don't finger the dust))
The White Wolf: my lord -grabs his shoulder- we should go it is not safe here
Frisky the Owl: ((Does yandere ghost love painriel?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Lol two asriels died when Barchar hears about this))
Bondertale: Toriel is shaking. Magical fie is erupting a few inches our of the sides of her clenched fists.
GN Austin: What just happened? -he says, with his mini statue in hand-
Mk: (she's heard)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((She'll turn real again))
Mk: (she was VERY UPSET)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Are they in the painful timeline right now?))
Runner: ((What happens if two yanderes encounter eachother))
Runner: ((And see eachother as senpai))
Mk: (actually Surreal being callous about it was what turned her real )
GN Austin: (oh)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Mk: (a yandere Asriel learns if barchar)
GN Austin: Did... Someone just die?
Chara: * They appear on the couch.
Chara: "Yep."
Asriel_Dreemurr: plays the Owl's message a couple of times.
Chara: "Also, greetings."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..Howdy, Chara."
GN Austin: ...H-Hi.
Frisky the Owl: It's cheerful
Runner: ((SChara recently underwent the first Scattered "Run" where everyone gets put in a different place, and she replaced Yandere-Chan. So.))
Runner: ((It's possible))
Barchar: looks at them.
YoungKingAsgore: -holds the dust to his heart, merely crying-
Chara: * They make fingerguns to Barchar.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is clearly not okay.
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] disconnected.
Chara: * They pretend to fire.
Mk: (i thought schara was a deadbeat)
Runner: ((Yes, everyone got put in a different place))
Runner: ((Like I just said))
GN Austin: ... -starts making another emerald statue-
Runner: ((It happens randomly, think of it like a scrabbling of all the roles))
Barchar: has no clue how they can see her. But tbh she's not happy. "YOU."
Fintevious: Tori we should go -stands by her side-
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Mk: (BTW her name is Ayano somethinsomethin)
Chara: ((this chara is dead
Chara: ((and is a ghost
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekas: -alseep on the couch-
Bondertale: looks back at Fintevious. "'re right."
Mk: (so is mettaton but he can't seeher)
Fintevious: -offers his hand to help her-
Chara: "Yes, me."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Wait is this the Chara who killed Hyper?))
Mk: (but eh)
Chara: ((yes
Mk: (yyyup)
Fintevious: Asgore please, lets go back
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Runner: ((There are a lot of things who killed Hyper))
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Didn't you kill him?"
Chara: ((Save Private Hyper
Chara: * They glance at AD.
YoungKingAsgore: ...
Runner: ((Quick, say the most OP character possible in CaU RPG form, list three abilities for them. Dead or alive.))
Chara: "You all killed me."
Chara: "I didn't kill him."
Chara: "Who is Hyper?"
Chara: ((they are lying
Runner: ((I'll just go ahead and throw out Editor's 'stats' if he was in that shit. 99999999999999))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I didn't say his name."
Chara: "..Darnit."
Frisky the Owl: ((The most OP character that will be in there already is
The White Wolf: -helps Asgore help- lets return to the bar-
Runner: (( Is it that ??? fuck))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Well mission accomplished, they've died twice since when you killed them."
Asriel_Dreemurr: doesn't look angry at Chara.
Chara: * They glance in Barchar's direction.
Bondertale: Toriel shudders, walking back
Barchar: very much does
Asriel_Dreemurr: scoots over to Jeska.
GN Austin: ((Ultra GNA: 99 ATK 99 DEF. Abilities: Emerald Storm, Meteor Smash, HYPER CRYSTAL))
Chara: "Odd. I expected you to be calm."
GN Austin: ((op confirmed))
Chara: ((heh
Chara: ((HYPER crystal
Fintevious: -helps support Toriel in anyway possible-
The White Wolf: -pretty much carrying Asgore-
Asriel_Dreemurr: shakes Jeska a bit.
Chara: "I don't see why you have anything against me."
Jeska or Jekas: -wakes up- Master?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska."
Runner: ((Editor: 9999 Everything. Passive: Items aren't used up, and instead take away 1000 SP each use. Second Passive:Only usable if the entire party dies.))
Runner: ((Theres the OP character of the day))
Chara: ((AD: Go to your room.
Fintevious: -returns to the bar with Asgore, Shin, and BTale)
: Frisky the Owl [Frisky the Owl] is now Painriel [Painriel].
Jeska or Jekas: Awaiting orders
GN Austin: ((My character is more op. Hyper Crystal is an OHKO on critical hit))
Chara: "..I'll be back later."
Painriel: is awake, sitting down, staring at the ground in the true lab
Chara: "I'm not dealing with you."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I order you to sit up, and await future orders."
: Frisky [Chara] is now Frisky [].
Barchar: Nope, she's cheery now. "Well, actually, it's okay. I understand. Everybody loves Asriel. And you just misinterpreted! It's fine, people make the mistake. When this happens, I just have to remind them the difference between love..." she floats up, sticking a hand through Chara's head. [color=red]"AND LOVE."[/color]
Runner: ((If he wasn't dead, Editor would be the equivalent of getting rekt in Kingdom Hearts and having Mickey save your ass))
: ((can i roleplay hyper now
Runner: ((Well not dead but not being RPed anymore))
: ".."
: "Wow."
Jeska or Jekas: -sits up and waits-
Painriel: ((Sure if u want
Barchar: if ghosts can feel pain, she's feeling lots of it. If not, it was just threatening.
: "Well, I'm leaving now."
: "I'll be back."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Should I go to Painriel))
: * They wink.
Painriel: ((No
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Or will he come to us))
: "I always come back."
Painriel: ((Painriel is by himself with Hyper in his head shed
: * They fade away.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((kek))
: Frisky [] is now Frisky [Voice Hyper].
Runner: ((Also is Hyper Crystal a nuclear throne joke))
Runner: ((Spider Caves can go to hell.))
Runner: ((Cheese Caves can go to double hell))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((How about the cursed spider caves))
Bondertale: Toriel walks in, shaking. She collapses on the couch.
Voice Hyper: "..Good afternoon, Asriel."
Runner: ((Instant KO contact enemies should not be allowed to teleport to you and fucking telefrag the fuck out of you))
Painriel: "..."
The White Wolf: I will take Asgore back to the castle Fin -nods towards him and leaves with Asgore-
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((kekekekek))
Voice Hyper: "What?"
Painriel: is holding a handful of dust
Barchar: "...coward."
Fintevious: Right
Voice Hyper: "..I'm trying to be nice to you."
Runner: ((And I always take the crown of curses because I like making life hard for myself))
GN Austin: -finishes another statue of this [url=]pose[/url]-
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs.
Runner: ((So I end up in the cheese caves a lot))
Painriel: "You're lying."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((The crown of curses is literally just a downgrade))
Mk: is surrounded by a lot of confusing stuff all of the sudden.
GN Austin: ((>Never played Nuclear Throne, but want's to
Voice Hyper: "No I am not."
Runner: ((Nuhuh. It's good for early game.))
Voice Hyper: "I want to be nice."
Fintevious: -sits next to Toriel, looing remorseful- Can I help?
Mk: (cursed crystal caves is pretty much it)
Bondertale: "I-i don't know, Fintevious. I just..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((And the Oasis is actually useless))
Painriel: "..."
Runner: ((Mainly because cursed weapons around 3-2 start getting reaaaaally fucking good, because if you have cursed weapons you can find weapons that one shot Lil Hunter))
Mk: (oasis is just such a downgrade)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((It fucks up the difficulty and gives you shit late game chests))
Painriel: puts the handful of dust on a table
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Mk: (you get shit weapons and no mutations)
Runner: ((And lets be honest, if you've got weapons that can get you throw the Frozen City you can get to the palace))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((The osasis may be a benefit post-loop, though))
Mk: (technically you get less enemies late gane, but that doesn't matter when you can't frigging kill them)
Runner: ((I only use the oasis if i'm playing Rogue))
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
Mk: (why? Rogue is crazy powerful if you play her right)
Runner: ((The IDPD Portals LOVE to fucking go right next to cars))
Voice Hyper: "What are yah doing?"
Painriel: there are two syringes on the desk, as well as a potted flower
Mk: (also I like how two female characters are enemy types with names that start with 'r' and have connotations of being cast off)
Painriel: "..."
Mk: (oooh rogue not rebel)
Runner: ((And I play Rogue like this:))
Mk: (i don't even have rogue unlocked lol)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Me neither))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I have yet to loop))
Mk: (nope)
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Runner: ((Run forward, shoot everything that moves with you're awesome starting wep/better. If you're lucky, you can get into the portal before the fucking shielders ruin your day))
Mk: (you got rebel by looping)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Because I was an idiot and walked into the giant throne laser beam))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((As cru=ystal))
Runner: ((I can get to the palace consistently))
Mk: (you get rogue by killing the throne and sitting on it)
Painriel: "He doesn't deserve to die..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((With 14 hp))
Painriel: "He hasn't s-suffered enough yet."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((You get rouge by looping))
Voice Hyper: "Who?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((U scrub))
Runner: ((Quick:Favorite mutant?))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Wait))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Im dumb))
Runner: ((I love playing Rebel myself. #Squad))
Bondertale: "...i don't want to say that I want to believe alone. I don't. But I just..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Fuck those names they are practically synonyms))
Mk: (#rebel life)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((...))
Runner: ((Once you get the ultra.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Crystal))
Mk: (they should have another female character that's an enemy type and name her renegade)
Painriel: takes the dust, sprinkling it over the flower
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I'm pretty shit so I play crystal))
Fintevious: -offers his hands- I will leave you be if that is what you desire
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Runner: ((You just sit in a corner and flood the room with fucking grunts until everything stops moving))
Bondertale: " No, thank you, doctor."
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Mk: (i play rebel, robot, horror, and steroids)
Mk: (steroids is the only character I've beaten the throne eith)
Runner: ((I used to play a lot of steroids, but his accuracy kept pissing me off))
Mk: (i got there with rebel, but got killed)
Runner: ((Robot is kinda ehh, not enough offense for me))
Mk: (eagle eyes bruh)
Fintevious: I want to help support you through this
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I generally play as Crystal, Y.V., Steroids, and robot.))
Fintevious: in anyway that I can
Voice Hyper: "Please."
GN Austin: -leans back and starts to take a nap-
Mk: (you always want eagle eyes on steroids)
Voice Hyper: "Who are you doing this to?"
Runner: ((Although I did once get Robot with Heavy Heart and Crown of Guns))
Runner: ((Fucking FEAAAAST))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((kek))
Runner: ((And then I ran out of ammo against the throne and couldn't get anymore because no ammo drops))
Painriel: "T-the other one... t-the disgusting child..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Thats why you need a melee))
Mk: (the ammo drops from the big ball thingies bro)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Like an energy hammer))
Painriel: "I shouldn't h-have killed him, I-I want him to beg to die..."
Painriel: picks up a syringe
Mk: (the energy hammer takes ammo you fingus)
Runner: ((No.))
Runner: ((Crown of Guns))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Hyper you better use your one-seventh power to fuckin stab his in the butt))
Runner: ((It gives you more gun drops, but no ammo drops))
Mk: (oh(
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Yeah but you wont run out))
Mk: (you could have eaten the guns that spawn in the chest)
Runner: ((And the only melee drop I got before that point was a fucking blood hammer.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((You'll be able to hit the big green balls))
Runner: ((And I DID THAT))
Voice Hyper: "Don't make me use my one-seventh power to stab you in the buttocks."
Mk: (not really)
Painriel: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Was it pre loop?))
Runner: ((Yes, pre loop.0)
Mk: (i shredded it with steroids once and then haven't killed it again)
Painriel: is silently tearing up as he injects the flower with DTM
Runner: ((Well Steroids just completely fucks the throne))
Runner: ((So does Plant))
Voice Hyper: "Haha, that was a joke, fat chance."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I did a daily before I knew how to loop and sat on the throne))
Painriel: "N-now we just wait... h-heheh... heh... hh.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I could have looped))
Voice Hyper: ".."
Voice Hyper: "You're insane."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((But I was dum))
Voice Hyper: "You need help."
Bondertale: "He...i was supposed to protect him. I wasn't even there to see him die..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I wouldn't have gotten high, though. Some fucker got to loop five))
Mk: (holy shit is this guy reviving smazzy just to kill him again)
Painriel: "L-like I would ever listen t-to you... d-disgusting..."
Mk: (what a fuck)
Runner: ((World Record is Loop 7))
Runner: ((With, believe this, motherfucking SKELETON))
Voice Hyper: "..I'm disgusting."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((WHAT))
Voice Hyper: "I know."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((BULLSHIT))
Painriel: picks up the other syringe, filled with blue liquid
Runner: ((They abused the SHIT out of blood trigger))
Voice Hyper: "You've told me that 100 times already."
Runner: ((They got trigger fingers, and his ultra that makes it reload fast))
Painriel: "A-and it's still true..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Fucking christ))
Voice Hyper: "Why?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((MY GOD))
Painriel: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((GG))
Voice Hyper: "I can change."
Runner: ((He died when he hit a shielder dead on))
GN Austin: z Z z
Runner: ((And reflected it back into his face))
Runner: ((Now, imma play some throne))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((it's a 100% chance of damage but shit if he had blood lust it wouldnt matter))
: DamnDude [DamnDude] joined chat.
Runner: ((See, this was back when Skeletons mutations were fucked))
Runner: ((He kept all the mutations Melting had))
Painriel: ((Ayy
Mk: (I'd play some but eh)
Runner: ((About 18 Mutations, not counting ultras))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((oh))
Voice Hyper: ((ayy dd
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((God))
Runner: ((He had almost every single fucking mutation))
Runner: ((Skeleton:Low base health, slow speed, low fire rate))
GN Austin: -starts talking in his sleep- Mmmh...[sub]Of course i'll have the million dollars...[/sub]Mmh.
Runner: ((Also fucking destroys shit))
Painriel: "You'll n-never change..."
Fintevious: -wants to give her a hug, but is holding back- Tori ...don't blame yourself
Voice Hyper: "Why?"
Voice Hyper: "Who are you to decide that?"
Mk: looks around awkwardly for anyone not currently entangled in drama
Voice Hyper: "You're not my mom."
Voice Hyper: "My mom is dead."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Melting is my least favorite character))
Painriel: "I know you... I-I know all of you... y-you're all the same... and you all need to suffer."
GN Austin: -there's me, MK, but i'm asleep-
Painriel: is silently crying
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Hyper: YOU ARE YOU YOU DIP SHIT))
Runner: ((Go play a few rounds as Melting))
Runner: ((And then play Crystal))
Voice Hyper: "..Please."
Runner: ((Suddenly you're a fucking dodging master))
Voice Hyper: "You aren't making any sense."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Oh my god))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((But I use the shield often))
Voice Hyper: "What has every other Asriel done?"
Voice Hyper: "..Tell me."
GN Austin: Z z Z... [sub]Mmh Samus[/sub]...
Voice Hyper: "Now."
Bondertale: "F-fintevious, I wasn't even There. I-i couldn't have stopped it, but I at least should have been there for him. A-and I wasn't."
Painriel: "You don't even remember..."
Voice Hyper: "Tell me."
Voice Hyper: "Now."
Painriel: "I-I hate you..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((To be honest, Crystal isn't that much better than the other chracters is you don't abuse the shield))
Voice Hyper: "Why do you hate me?"
Voice Hyper: "Make some damn sense."
Painriel: "For..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((and I hate her Throne Butt))
Painriel: "F-for..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Ruins the shield))
Voice Hyper: "For what?"
Painriel: injects the flower with joy
Voice Hyper: "For. What."
Painriel: "H-heh... ha... hah..."
Painriel: "G-god..."
Runner: ((I keep forgetting to press my Crystal Panic Button))
GN Austin: -wakes up- NOT THE BEES! . . . Oh thank god it was a dream. -drinks some of his sprite-
Voice Hyper: ".."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((You have to abuse it))
Voice Hyper: "You better fucking tell me what I don't remember!"
Painriel: puts his head down on the desk and cries
Voice Hyper: "..Get yourself together."
Voice Hyper: "Tell me what I don't remember."
Voice Hyper: "You're strong."
Fintevious: you could'nt have predicted the flower and what if would have done.
Painriel: simple keeps crying
Painriel: *simply
Painriel: ((Imma do tulpa shit see ya in an hour
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Voice Hyper: ((okay
Voice Hyper: "..Fuck."
Bondertale: "I knew he had him. And I just left...just went home..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Fintevious: he knew you cared about him, that you loved him
Voice Hyper: "I'm stuck with an insane psychopath that doesn't tell me what I've done that makes him angry to the extent of wanting every single Asriel that comes under his tangly vines to suffer."
Voice Hyper: "This is great."
Voice Hyper: "..hah.."
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: "What a fucking overstatement."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((That was a fast hour))
GN Austin: -practices his Geomancing by making Rocks and Emeralds appear and float around-
Painriel: ((I'm pulling up the guides and wanted to see what was goin on shhhh
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Voice Hyper: ((shhh
: Monster Kid [Mk] disconnected.
DamnDude: (( I'll be back in five seconds -DamnDude disappears for five hours- ))
GN Austin: ((I'll be back in a minute guys... TRANSLATION: See you guys in 30 Years))'
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekas: -looks at AD-
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks back.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you need Food and or water?"
GN Austin: -A bunch of rocks and gems are floating around the bar, they're pretty-
Voice Hyper: ((I'll be back in five minutes TRANSLATION: I'm gonna go get my glock and I'm gonna go shoot some dogs!
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Why tho))
DamnDude: (( That sounds like something one of my school friends would say ))
Jeska or Jekas: Negative
Voice Hyper: ((I am your school friend
GN Austin: ((Brb Guys. TRANSLATION: I'm gonna go piss on someones sandwich))
Voice Hyper: ((lolno
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't have any orders for you currently."
Jeska or Jekas: Roger
DamnDude: (( I mean, I could just ask you if you bought a bazooka recently and then find out if you're lying or not :D ))
Voice Hyper: ((brb TRANSLATION: I'm about to shoot my dog with a bazooka
Asriel_Dreemurr: thinks to last night. He knows Jukon is in there. And He needs to be ordering her around, but he has nothing to order to to do.
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Erron (AAsriel): -walks in and sits at the bar- ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy, AA."
DamnDude: (( And that's how I know you're not it, his is purposely not working because it was apart of a teacher's collection. ))
Voice Hyper: ((exactly
Erron (AAsriel): Hiya.
Voice Hyper: ((i'll whack the dog with the bazooka
DamnDude: (( ouch ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I order you to get a Soda for AA and give it to him. Rrport back here when you are finished, Jeska."
Erron (AAsriel): -He's wearing a cloak that covers his right arm- ...?
Voice Hyper: ((then i'll give it back to the teacher
Jeska or Jekas: -gets up and grabs a soda, returns to AA and gives him the soda-
Erron (AAsriel): -takes it- Thanks... "Jeska"
Runner: ((Lets do this))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Erron, I or- wait, whoops. Erron, please don't respond with a thanks next time."
Runner: ((Crystal, awesome mutations, Auto Crossbow and Energy Hammer. Lets wreck a throne))
Erron (AAsriel): Right... Sorry.
Erron (AAsriel): Wait why?
Voice Hyper: ((i'm sans and i'm gonna smash a dog
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Many reasons. It can lead to her believing Free will."
Voice Hyper: ((let's do this shit
Erron (AAsriel): Sounds cool.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's not cool, but you'll never see her again if I don't do this."
Asriel_Dreemurr: thinks AA knows what her he is referring to.
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
Erron (AAsriel): -realizes what he just said- Y-YOU MEAN!?
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Erron shut up, and think about it."
Erron (AAsriel): Think about What?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't say it."
Erron (AAsriel): Oh, I see...
Erron (AAsriel): -looks up at GNA's Floating Rocks and Gems- Who's rocks are these? Why are they floating?
GN Austin: Oh, Sorry mate.
GN Austin: -Brings them back-
Runner: ((I'm looping. 1-1.))
Runner: ((This'll be the run.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Noice))
Erron (AAsriel): It's fine... Eh, nevermind.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Did you get bolt marrow))
Jeska or Jekas: ...
: Yazan [Fintevious] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jekas].
Erron (AAsriel): Wait, who's the new kid?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not sure."
GN Austin: -Hops onto the table- The name's Austin.
GN Austin: Leader of the Gem Network!
GN Austin: And a Geomancer! -Makes a gem appear-
Jeska or Jekas: -walks towards the back-
Erron (AAsriel): ...Okay.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, Where are you going."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Halt.
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
GN Austin: What no applause?
Jeska or Jekas: -stops-
Runner: ((GOT HIT BY A VAN.))
GN Austin: -sits back down-
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FUCKED))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((HAH))
Jeska or Jekas: -inventory check-
Jeska or Jekas: Going to do an inventory check
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Of what."
Jeska or Jekas: weapons and equipment
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jekas: there is a stash of weapons in the bar due to 58566
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets up, and watches her, to make sure that's what she is doing.
Erron (AAsriel): Weapons?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Carry on."
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekas: -walks to the back room where Jukon used to stay-
Runner: The anydoor opens, and in runs Runner again, ducking under what looks like fucking Batarangs, and immediately turning around, locking the door. He wipes a sweat off his...brow, which is covered by that grey hoodie again.
Runner: "Close one."
Jeska or Jekas: -moves a floor board and some of the furniture to reveal a number of weapons-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jekas: -pulls out an oversized handgun that has an open breech- Type 88 Magnum Caster
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
Runner: Runner stares at this. "I just got here and we're already grabbing weapons. I see how it is."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Jeksa is in back room))
Runner: ((Shit))
Runner: Didn't do that.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is watchins through a half open door, but you probably wouldn't be able to see her.
Runner: >Her
Runner: Runner just moves over to the couch, idly plucking the batarangs off the wall and stuffing them in his bag.
Jeska or Jekas: -grabs a few shells- 2 #10 shots, 5 #9 shots,
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ""...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."*
Jeska or Jekas: 7 #8 shots, 10 # 7 shots -continnues to list off shells and weapons-
Asriel_Dreemurr: just watches.
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekas: -inspects the armor she found under rthe bed-
Jeska or Jekas: -begins to strip to change in the armor-
Asriel_Dreemurr: doesn't look away.
Robo-Frisk: -Walks in- Hey Erron... You didn't think we were done yet... Did ya?
Erron (AAsriel): YOU!
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
GN Austin: You?
Robo-Frisk: Me!
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekas: -stops mid way through, pulls out a knife in the armor-
Robo-Frisk: Who's the kid?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
Erron (AAsriel): That's not important.
GN Austin: Hey!
Jeska or Jekas: -throws the knife towards AD, hitting the door-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...What the fuck."
Jeska or Jekas: Master?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why did you do that?"
Jeska or Jekas: believe someone was spying on me
Jeska or Jekas: thought it was a pervert
GN Austin: (([url=]>TFW You're RPing three characters at once[/url]))
GN Austin: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE! -Plays a rimshot on his phone-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I had told you I was gonna watch to make sure you were doing the inventory."
GN Austin: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Carry on."
Jeska or Jekas: ((now you know how I feel Erron))
GN Austin: ((IKR))
Jeska or Jekas: Rouger
Jeska or Jekas: Roger*
Jeska or Jekas: -zips up the suit-
: Yazan [Jeska or Jekas] is now Yazan [FullArmorJeska].
Erron (AAsriel): AD, I think the kid just tried to roast you.
GN Austin: I didn't try... I did.
Robo-Frisk: -Giggles-
Asriel_Dreemurr: isn't listening.
: Frisky's connection timed out.
FullArmorJeska: -sits down and waits-
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows Jeska, ANd sits.
Asriel_Dreemurr: and*
FullArmorJeska: permission to speak freely?
Erron (AAsriel): Why do you follow me Frisk? Can't you robotize someone else?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Tomporarily granted."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Make it quick."
Robo-Frisk: I could... But I already started on you... Show the kid your arm.
GN Austin: Arm?
FullArmorJeska: What is your objective?
Erron (AAsriel): -Gets up and removes the cloak. Revealing a cyberized arm... Complete with weaponry- . . .
Asriel_Dreemurr: "My objective?"
FullArmorJeska: yes
FullArmorJeska: ((taking after Jukon?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "To order you around, as that was your purpose, no?"
FullArmorJeska: That is my purpose
FullArmorJeska: what is yours
Asriel_Dreemurr: "To give you orders."
FullArmorJeska: What is your objective with me?
GN Austin: ((AD: TO FUCK))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why do you care?"
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
FullArmorJeska: to better evaluate my objective
Voice Hyper: ((AD: your objective is to rape everybody you see except for me
: Monster Kid [Mk] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: ((Jeska: master, what the fuck??
Asriel_Dreemurr: "If I tell you, you must not lose your own objective."
FullArmorJeska: ((Jeska: Acknowledge
FullArmorJeska: Roger
Fintevious: Tori?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon is inside of you. Somewhere."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "My objective is to bring her back."
FullArmorJeska: What will happen to me?
Bondertale: has been sitting in silence customers I had to do other shit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't know."
GN Austin: I think the robot arm is cool...
Robo-Frisk: This kid gets it
Erron (AAsriel): . . .
Barchar: dislikes Mr. 'make Azzy a rob't' over here
GN Austin: ((Wait Me or Frisk?))
Fintevious: -starts to go for a hug, but stops-
FullArmorJeska: will I die?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No."
Mk: (frisk)
GN Austin: ((K))
FullArmorJeska: even tthough Jukon will take over?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't know."
Bondertale: " something the matter, Fintevious?"
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
FullArmorJeska: ....
Mk: (this whole thing with jukon and jeska is reminding me of dog/God in new vegas)
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Mk: (with the same 'best' solution of trying to merge them)
FullArmorJeska: there might be a way to allow Jukon total control back at the lab
Erron (AAsriel): Just Cyberize the kid. He seems to like it...
Bondertale: Frisk Is close enough to the wall to hear this o guess cause I want them to have a chat with ad about this lol
GN Austin: No thanks, I'm on a "No Cyber" Diet...
Robo-Frisk: He's on a diet. I can't do it. It's rude!
Fintevious: there is something I want to do, but I do not think it would be appropiate to do
GN Austin: Giggity.
FullArmorJeska: ((Jeska and AD aare in a seperate room in the back))
Mk: (i mean I dunno how thick these walls are)
Bondertale: "...its your job to help me as best you can, yes?"
Voice Hyper: ((Frisk: Erron, you also need a diet. I'll give you robot celery if you want-- Erron: THAT'S NOT A THING, DAMNIT!
Erron (AAsriel): Well... I'm... ON A DIET TOO! No cyberize for me.
GN Austin: But that's not a thing.
Erron (AAsriel): I've never killed a kid before... but I will.
Barchar: is just floating around Mr. 'Make Azzy a rob't'. She probably doesn't need to intervene, buuuut
GN Austin: I've never killed a pussy before... but I will.
Barchar: she'll see how this goes
Robo-Frisk: ROASTED
Erron (AAsriel): . . .
Mk: is remembering one reason that they didn't miss the bar THAT much
: High Priest Laharl [Runner] disconnected.
Mk: shit is cray-cray here
FullArmorJeska: -moves into the main after AD fainted-
Erron (AAsriel): -Sees Jeska in the Armor and memories are flooding back- . . . -Tries to focus on Frisk-
FullArmorJeska: -looks at Erron as she passes-
Mk: (i don't think jukon was here when mk was, was she? )
FullArmorJeska: -sits and aits-
FullArmorJeska: ((no))
FullArmorJeska: waits*
Erron (AAsriel): -Suddenly he looks down at his hands, and remembers something- . . . She...
Robo-Frisk: HEADS UP -Knocks him out again-
: Frisky's connection timed out.
Erron (AAsriel): z Z z
GN Austin: Wow.
FullArmorJeska: ...
Fintevious: alright
Fintevious: if this doesn't help, let me know
Mk: "What the fu-!?" mk scrambled up, whacking at cyber frisk
Fintevious: -goes to hug Toriel-
Robo-Frisk: -Is not phased by MK, and turns to GNA- Hey kid, you wanna be my lab assistant. We can turn people like this scrub into robots!
GN Austin: I would, but I have a team that needs leading.
FullArmorJeska: -pulls out the Magnum caster and aims it at Robo-Frisk-
Bondertale: Toriel freezes up slightly, before relaxing. "...yes. I believe that helps, doctor."
Robo-Frisk: -Looks at him- Hey kid, don't say that... You'll be a valuable asset to my robot army. Once I take over.
FullArmorJeska: -loads a #8 shell-
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
Robo-Frisk: I know. It's so cool.
Painriel: ((Back
Fintevious: he stops after a moment, I'm afraid I cannot always follow the Doctors Oath
Painriel: ((Azzy is going very well
FullArmorJeska: Stop
Mk: "This sounds a lot like an evil supervillain plot."
GN Austin: ...? -looks at Jeska- How rude. Pointing a gun at your future master.
Mk: "Now, I'm no expert on frisks, but I don't think they're usually evil sipervillains."
GN Austin: Kid, I made a promise to someone who disappeared a long time ago...
FullArmorJeska: you'll cease to exist if I fire this round
FullArmorJeska: Leave the goat where he is
GN Austin: -picks up Erron- What, do you miss your old husbando...
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
GN Austin: -NOT ME-
FullArmorJeska: ((how does he know that?
FullArmorJeska: No
GN Austin: ((It was Rfrisk))
Mk: (wasn't he, erron's head?)
Asriel_Dreemurr: watches this.
Mk: (how'd he even get out)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((magic))
GN Austin: (1. She 2. She was saved by B10 3. Robots))
FullArmorJeska: Actually, I'll kill you both in one shot
Painriel: ((Fuckin bio
Painriel: ((Shit I shouldn't swear
Mk: "Why are you killing me!?"
Robo-Frisk: You would kill your old Husbando... Love does hurt.
Mk: (oh nvm that)
FullArmorJeska: -aims at Erron, and Frisk- That was my plan the entire time
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, Cease fire."
Mk: steeps out of that blast radius
Robo-Frisk: You never loved him?
FullArmorJeska: -is shaking her arm-
FullArmorJeska: No
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, Cease Fire, now."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, that is an order."
FullArmorJeska: -puts her other hand on the grip of the Caster-
Robo-Frisk: Yeesh, How would he like to die knowing that? Let's wake him up and tell him.
FullArmorJeska: -to steady herself
FullArmorJeska: -is shaking even more-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, Stop pointing your gun at him!"
Mk: (that's not her you idiot)
GN Austin: ((RFRisk hasn't gotten the memo))
Mk: looks at rfrisk to she if she's paying any attention to then
Robo-Frisk: Who the fuck is Jeska?
FullArmorJeska: I am
GN Austin: Uuhm, Frisk? Is it? That's kind of a dick move... Telling him that his wife neve--
Robo-Frisk: Shut it for a second, lil' shit...
Mk: looks like that's a no. Mk wraps their arms around erron, trying to take him out of her hands.
FullArmorJeska: -fires the Caster towards Frisk and Erron-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska!"
FullArmorJeska: ((its the same type of shot of a mega particle cannon, rather large-
Robo-Frisk: Oh my!
Mk: "OH SHIT I DIDN'T THINK SHE WAS GONNA-" Mk let's go, scrambling away
FullArmorJeska: -missed-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, sit down, shut the fuck up, and calm your self!"
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Robo-Frisk: Nice Shot, Stormtrooper.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You are failing your objective."
Mk: "GODDAMMIT I CAN'T EVEN-" mk is getting testy
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
FullArmorJeska: -throws the caster at AD-
GN Austin: -Makes an Emerald Barrier infront of MK- Let's leave them alone...
GN Austin: I'm not letting a kid get hurt.
Asriel_Dreemurr: catches it.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It was a good thing for Jukon, not you!"
Robo-Frisk: I'll be taking this... -Leaves with Erron-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You clearly don't understand that shooting an innocent isn't right!"
GN Austin: Ok kid... Calm down.
GN Austin: Do you even know that "Slightly Bigger Mother Fucker?"
FullArmorJeska: -walks after Frisk-
Barchar: "No you're fucking NOT!" barchar floats after him
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: ((wowie
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows Jeska.
FullArmorJeska: Stop
Mk: "No, but I don't want this frisk to START AN EVIL ROBOT ARMY."
FullArmorJeska: -to robot frisk-
Painriel: ((Hoi
Voice Hyper: ((hi
GN Austin: Look, if it makes you feel better... I, AUSTIN OF THE GEM NETWORK will handle this.
Asriel_Dreemurr: taps Jeska's arm with the Caster, and hands it to her.
Robo-Frisk: Make me, fuckers!
Voice Hyper: ((i feel like slarvath jacks off to this drama
Voice Hyper: ((lolno
Voice Hyper: ((just kidding
Painriel: ((Wut drama
FullArmorJeska: -grabs it and loads a new round holstering it afterwards-
GN Austin: I said it was "Cool" not "Acceptable"
FullArmorJeska: -walks but to Frisk and kicks him-
Voice Hyper: ((that is
Voice Hyper: ((look what is happening right now
GN Austin: Now let's go.
Voice Hyper: ((What.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, don't shoot the goat.
GN Austin: -Walks towards the gang-
Voice Hyper: ((Those messages should be switched.
Voice Hyper: ((Fuck you, phone.
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
Mk: "I-you-i dont-" mk growled, walking after him
: Painriel [Painriel] is now Smol Flowey [Smol Flowey].
Smol Flowey: ((Hoi
Voice Hyper: ((hi chime
Gaster: ((hi there
Mk: (were having a good time)
Smol Flowey: slowly opens his eyes, Painriel cried himself to sleep i guess
Voice Hyper: [I]"What the fuck."[/i]
Robo-Frisk: -Hears this- Oh really?
Smol Flowey: "..."
GN Austin: Let's hug to make it a deal!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Frisk."
Smol Flowey: "W-what..."
Smol Flowey: "What h-happened..."
Mk: takes to the sky. Them wings ain't for show bby. They hover around in the sky above everyone.
Robo-Frisk: Alrighty... -Reaches out for a hug-
Voice Hyper: ((can hyper temp control painsriel's body when he is asleep or nah
Voice Hyper: ((considering smol flowey just woke up
Mk: jakob is very cknfused
Voice Hyper: ((and hyper is watching this shit i guess
GN Austin: -Runs up and turns his hand into an emerald sword, and stabs frisk- PSYCHE BITCH -It shatters-
Smol Flowey: ((Can do
Mk: Me he hopes he'll get a treat after all this.
GN Austin: . . .
Smol Flowey: ((But Painriel will take back if he sees anything bad going on
Robo-Frisk: . . .
Voice Hyper: "..Hm.."
Mk: ('bad' in this case meaning 'good' )
Smol Flowey: ((Good for you
Smol Flowey: ((I was going to do a swear
Voice Hyper: * He makes Painriel look up at Smol Flowey.
Smol Flowey: ((But a smol child is watching
Gaster: ((so it occured to me today that the only field i'll truly be happy in is art
GN Austin: It's just a prank?
Voice Hyper: [I]"..Howdy."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is it dead?"
Gaster: ((maybe. i dunno
Voice Hyper: ((neat
Smol Flowey: "W-what did... why am I like this again...?"
Gaster: ((school makes me upset
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, take aim at Frisk."
Smol Flowey: ((Art is a good field
Mk: is prolly gonna fire breath Robo frisk here if erron gets out of the damn way
Voice Hyper: [i]"..Are you Smazzy?"[/i]
Gaster: ((now to close my door to attempt to muffle my dad's hollering
Smol Flowey: "...yes..."
Gaster: ((he's not angry he's just... loud
FullArmorJeska: -pulls out the caster and aims it at Frisk-
Robo-Frisk: -Grabs GNA by the throat- I thought we were friends.
Voice Hyper: [i]"..Oh.. oh.. fuck.."[/i]
GN Austin: Okay, this hurts.
Smol Flowey: "I can't feel anything but... pain..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Can Jeska shoot at Frisk))
Voice Hyper: [I]"This is Hyper talking to you right now."[/i]
GN Austin: ((It might work))
Mk: starts a divebomb
Voice Hyper: [I]"Flowey used my SOUL to live in a body."[/i]
Smol Flowey: "Hyper..."
Smol Flowey: "I died..."
Voice Hyper: [i]"..Yep. It's me."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, Fire at Frisk."
Voice Hyper: [I]".."[/i]
Robo-Frisk: Oh my god, you are annoying... -Tightens her grip on GNA's Throat-
FullArmorJeska: -fires at Frisk this time, not missing-
GN Austin: AAGH
Voice Hyper: [I]"I died too. You're floating in the same boat as me."[/i]
Robo-Frisk: -Uses GNA to block the shot-
Mk: "Okay wait maybe this was a bad idea." mk said hurriedly, getting out of the way of jeska's shit
GN Austin: -It vaporises him- AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
Smol Flowey: "I feel like I just took a bunch of joy..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Fire again."
FullArmorJeska: -loads a # 7 shot-
Smol Flowey: *The syringe with blue liquid is empty, Painriel used it
FullArmorJeska: -fires again
Voice Hyper: [I]"He injected you with what I think was liquid joy."[/i]
Smol Flowey: "Oh..."
Robo-Frisk: -Uses Erron this time-
Voice Hyper: [i]"..He's asleep right now, so that's why I can speak to you."[/i]
FullArmorJeska: -loads a #9 shot and aims-
FullArmorJeska: -doesn't seem phased-
Voice Hyper: [i]"If I sound different, or if I'm being mean, it's not me. Okay?"[/i]
FullArmorJeska: no more bodies to hide behind
Smol Flowey: "Ok."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You fuck..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Fire."
GN Austin: RFrisk. . .
Voice Hyper: [i]"Cool."[/i]
FullArmorJeska: -Fires-
Smol Flowey: "What are we going to do..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Kill her."
Robo-Frisk: . . .*
Mk: stays out of 'get turned into meat shield' range
Voice Hyper: [i]"..Mm.. I suppose we wait for the others to come find us."[/i]
Voice Hyper: [i]"Or if HE finds them."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: is Clentching his fists.
Robo-Frisk: -has her arm blown off- HGNNN!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Fire."
Voice Hyper: [i]"..We'll be out of here soon. Don't worry."[/i]
FullArmorJeska: -loads another roound, but approachs Frisk-
Smol Flowey: "I'm not worried."
FullArmorJeska: -gets to point black range-
Voice Hyper: [i]"..Haha.. we'll be just fine.."[/i]
Mk: "Fire, you say!?" they dive bomb, flames popping out of their mouth and launching towards rfrisk
Smol Flowey: "I don't feel anything...."
GN Austin: -Walks back up with Erron- Guys, I'm Back!
Voice Hyper: [i]"..That's bad."[/i]
Voice Hyper: [i]"I hope you can get a body, soon."[/i]
Robo-Frisk: -looks at the two- HOW!? I SAW YOU GET KILLED!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska. Fire."
FullArmorJeska: -shoves the Caster in his mouth- Roger
Voice Hyper: [i]"Chances are - this guy will, uh.. torture you. Probably."[/i]
Smol Flowey: "I don't have a soul."
Smol Flowey: "Torture me?"
Robo-Frisk: MMPH!!
FullArmorJeska: -fires-
Voice Hyper: [I]"I heard him blabber about wanting to make you 'beg to die'."[/i]
Robo-Frisk: -It vaporises her- MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGH!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Erron (AAsriel): holy shit.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You are dismissed. You may return to your seat, Jeska."
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes over to AA.
Smol Flowey: "Why?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You alright?"
Erron (AAsriel): Th-Thanks
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You got hit by some cross fire."
Voice Hyper: [I]"He wants you to suffer."[/i]
Mk: lands. "Good. Great. That's done. I didn't do anything. Im good at that, I guess. Just gonna...gonna go back." they walk back off towards the bar
GN Austin: -walks up to AD- I gave him one of my 1-ups.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "One ups."
Erron (AAsriel): Yeah, I saw this kid in Hell... and he shared with me.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay, I won't question it."
Smol Flowey: "Why does he want me to suffer?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: walks back into the bar.
GN Austin: YEAH! I've been to hell...
GN Austin: -follows with Erron-
FullArmorJeska: -just stands where she was-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, Return to the bar."
GN Austin: So, you wanna "Kill a Kid" now, Erron?
Voice Hyper: ((AD: Soup. We're out here in the middle of the desert, and we need water, but you filled the water canisters with SOUP.
Erron (AAsriel): I'll leave you alone for now.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Hey))
FullArmorJeska: Negative
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((We need food, too))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Soup has water in it))
Voice Hyper: [i]"..I don't know."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Like, hardly any but it's there))
Voice Hyper: [i]"I've asked him four hundred times."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Better then putting soup in the I.V.))
Voice Hyper: ((ik
Voice Hyper: ((it's a reference
Voice Hyper: ((one you probably won't get ;)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Yeah I don't))
GN Austin: ((What do you mean there's only soup))
Asriel_Dreemurr: (9What's it from))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((theres only soup))
Mk: walks into the bar, slamming the any/door behind them. Jakob ran up, excitedly. "No, Jakob, no treats." he looked disappointed.
Voice Hyper: ((gimme a sec
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((YOU DONT HAVE TO SHOUT AT ME))
Smol Flowey: "..."
Smol Flowey: "Do you think they're coming back?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why?"
Smol Flowey: "We're dead to them..."
FullArmorJeska: -doesn't move- I need an answer
Asriel_Dreemurr: "For what?"
GN Austin: ((FUCK YOU))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((FUCK YOU))
Mk: (wow rude)
GN Austin: ((lel))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((kek))
GN Austin: -Get's back to the bar-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, what do you need an answer for?"
Erron (AAsriel): -sits at the bar and drinks a cola-
FullArmorJeska: Back at the lab there is likely equipment that will allow Jukon to take control, is that what you want?
Voice Hyper: ((this is where it's from
Mk: is sitting on top of a saddled Jakob, looking annoyed.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Yes."
Voice Hyper: [I]"Nah. They're gonna get us back."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I was orignally trying to un condition you."
FullArmorJeska: -loads a new shot into the Caster and aims it at AD- Problem is that I don't want to die
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You said you hated me, that's why I stopped."
GN Austin: -Sits next to Erron- So... Dying by vaporization hurts... alot.
Smol Flowey: "That's awfully optimistic"
FullArmorJeska: everything you do is for Jukon
Erron (AAsriel): Does it? I was unconscious.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Beause I lost everything."
GN Austin: Fuck you, dude.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "She was my only hope."
Erron (AAsriel): Heh.
FullArmorJeska: What about me?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You hate me."
Smol Flowey: "I feel tingly..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((brb))
Voice Hyper: [i]"Half of what I care about goes to you. Others care about you. The others will come for us when they eventually find out, because they care about you."[/i]
FullArmorJeska: Because you want me to be someone else!
Voice Hyper: [i]"Uhm.. is the tingly feeling good?"[/i]
FullArmorJeska: ((gonna take a quick shower)
Smol Flowey: "Like I did when I mutated"
Smol Flowey: "That's not a good sign"
Voice Hyper: [i]"..Oh no."[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Tell me when you get back))
Smol Flowey: "..."
Voice Hyper: ((for now you'll watch two broken goats talk
: Smol Flowey [Smol Flowey] disconnected.
Gaster: ((i guess you can say we're the men who stare at goats
Gaster: ((or women, or people of other gender persuasions
: Smol Flowey [Smol Flowey] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: ((we're the guys who stare at goats
Smol Flowey: "It stopped..."
Voice Hyper: ((guys doesn't necessarilly mean men
Voice Hyper: ((nessarilly
Mk: looks at GNA and erron
Smol Flowey: Painriel begins stirring
Smol Flowey: "..."
Voice Hyper: [i]"..I gotta go now. Seeyah."[/i]
Smol Flowey: "Am I going to get tortured now?"
Voice Hyper: [i]* The spoopy voice fades away.[/i]
Smol Flowey: "..."
: Smol Flowey [Smol Flowey] is now Painriel [Painriel].
Painriel: "..."
Painriel: stands up, moving over to a wall and leaning on it
Voice Hyper: "Good mornin'."
Voice Hyper: "Actually afternoon."
FullArmorJeska: ((back
FullArmorJeska: Tell me, what do you intend to do if you get her back?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Painriel: hits his head against the wall
Asriel_Dreemurr: "She misses me..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I'm a terrible person..."
FullArmorJeska: its so much more than that
FullArmorJeska: -the misses part-
Voice Hyper: "..Why are you hurting yourself?"
FullArmorJeska: I can hear her right now you know
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used you..."
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I... I was blinded by missing her..."
FullArmorJeska: Shes begging me not to fire,
: Terra [] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
FullArmorJeska: Shes offering to go away forever in exchange for you
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Of course she is..."
Voice Hyper: ((wow
Voice Hyper: ((r00d
: ★ John Cena: * ( but yes i am here hi )
FullArmorJeska: You just lost your boyfriend, your so called adopted child, and not the only person who loves you
Voice Hyper: ((hi
FullArmorJeska: npw the*
FullArmorJeska: now the*
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sorry..."
FullArmorJeska: Nothing more to say than that?
: Terra [] is now The Cartoonstitute [].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm not talking to you..."
: Monster Kid [Mk] disconnected.
FullArmorJeska: -she starts trembling-
Asriel_Dreemurr: is just looking down.
FullArmorJeska: I know know why I was conditioned for you
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Why..."
FullArmorJeska: Because she made me
Voice Hyper: ((Jeska: I was supposed to rape you this whole time
Voice Hyper: ((AD: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: % Laurel: * ( Mito: ew )
FullArmorJeska: -fires the caster at his feet, sending up a cloud of snow-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: % Laurel: * ( Mito: i'm 7 )
FullArmorJeska: -shes gone-
Voice Hyper: ((I KNOW
: % Laurel: * ( I mean I do have a sausage )
: % Laurel: * ( In the fridge )
Gaster: ((snap into a slim jim
FullArmorJeska: ((gotta start getting ready for work
Voice Hyper: ((yes
Asriel_Dreemurr: returns into the bar, holding back sadness. he just sits on the couch, slumped over and not okay.
Voice Hyper: ((also okay yazan
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((k))
: % Laurel: * ( I have a whole pack of them )
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
FullArmorJeska: ((yes? Frisky?
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
: % Laurel: * ( proof )
Gaster: ((the best kind
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: ((you said you were getting ready for work
Voice Hyper: ((i was like
Voice Hyper: (("okay!"
Voice Hyper: ((also damn bloo
Voice Hyper: ((those sausages
: % Laurel: * ( u know it bby ;)
Voice Hyper: ((hoo boy
: % Laurel: * ( we can make more than lemonade iykwim )
: % Laurel: * ( lemonade and sausages )
Voice Hyper: ((i'm scared
Voice Hyper: ((don't hug me i'm scared
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
: % Laurel: * ( ;] i do live right next 2 u so ill see you in 5 bby )
: Monster Kid [Mk] joined chat.
Fintevious: -sits next to AD- Hey
Painriel: is still hitting his head against the wall
Voice Hyper: ((oh boy
FullArmorJeska: ((never mind he ain't here
Voice Hyper: "Stop that."
: % Laurel: * ( im real hungry )
GN Austin: ((Back))
: % Laurel: * ( i could sure use some of ur sausages bb )
Painriel: hyper can feel it too
Voice Hyper: ((i have sausages
Voice Hyper: ((i really do
Voice Hyper: ((but i'm lazy to get them
Voice Hyper: "..Fuck."
: % Laurel: * ( ya sure u do *wink* )
GN Austin: ...
Fintevious: -is with Tori actually-
Voice Hyper: "This hurts like hell."
Voice Hyper: "Stop. Please."
Painriel: stops
Voice Hyper: "..Thank you."
: The Cartoonstitute [] is now Terra [].
Voice Hyper: "This is the first time you've listened to me."
Painriel: sits down against the wall
Voice Hyper: "That's an achievement."
: ★ Joseph: * ( we can make a food chain frisky )
Erron (AAsriel): So...
Bondertale: tori is with Fin, still feeling preeetty shitty
: ★ Joseph: * ( all we sell is lemonade and sausages )
Voice Hyper: ((nadesauges
Gaster: is at home frying an egg. His withdrawal symptoms are starting to go away.
GN Austin: Still bummed out that you're gonna go to hell, Erron?
: ★ Joseph: * He seems to be sleeping. While following GNA.
Erron (AAsriel): Yeah, a little
Gaster: ((i just drew a bunch of dicks in pink crayon
: ★ Joseph: * ( "i just drew a bunch of dicks in pink crayon" -Chime 2016 )
Gaster: ((some people draw gore to vent. some people draw explosions to vent.
Gaster: ((me? i draw dicks.
Painriel: "This is pointless..."
: ★ Joseph: * ( WHO'S BEEN DRAWING DICKS )
GN Austin: ((FUCK, you beat me Joseph))
Gaster: ((it's me
Gaster: ((i am the dick drawer
Voice Hyper: "What's pointless?"
Voice Hyper: "Why do you hate me?"
: The Trio [The Trio] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: "..Please."
The Trio: ((Ayy
Voice Hyper: "Answer my questions."
Voice Hyper: ((ayy tri
Fintevious: if you even need a hug again, let me know. I know it is not much, but if it helps
: ★ Joseph: * ( Aaaaand presenting, Chimeranyx the dick drawer!)
Painriel: ((Ayy
GN Austin: -Looks next to him to see Joseph- Damnit, why are you following me?
Painriel: ((Tri I started today
The Trio: ((Started?
Painriel: ((Azzy
: ★ Joseph: * He snaps awake. "The fuck? What?"
The Trio: ((Oh yeh
The Trio: ((How is it so far?
Painriel: ((He doin good
GN Austin: ...
Painriel: ((Not sentient
Painriel: ((But his eyes changed color
GN Austin: Even in sleep.
Gaster: ((i guess instead of writing "disregard i suck cocks" i can write "disregard i draw cocks"
Painriel: ((And I ran through my list of traits once
The Trio: ((Hey, that's a response, that's good
: Monster Kid's connection timed out.
GN Austin: ((hey, that's pretty good))
The Trio: ((At least I think that's a's a change, at least
: ★ Joseph: * ( I said disregard I suck cocks in front of a friend )
Painriel: ((Still having trouble visualizing him
Painriel: ((I'll work just on that tomorrow, personality later
: ★ Joseph: * ( And she was like "Jeez, Terra, I know you're pansexual but......"
The Trio: ((Visualization takes a while, might be easier if you look at each part separately, personality is easier
The Trio: ((I'd suggest narrate whenever you're not doing anything else
Painriel: ((Yeah but the way I speak to him is through visualization
Painriel: ((Yeah that's what I do
The Trio: ((Oh, huh
The Trio: ((I thought just talking in your head would be narration as long as it was targeted to the tulpa
Painriel: ((I imagine him in wonderland and my words literally going to him
Painriel: ((It's very exhausting but I know he's hearing me
The Trio: ((That sounds like extremely useful symbolism, I'll try that
Voice Hyper: [i]"JUST ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTIONS.."[/i] ... "[U]..please...[/u]"
Painriel: "..."
Voice Hyper: "Why do you hate me? What have I forgotten?"
Painriel: "I'm... sorry..."
Voice Hyper: "..For what?"
Voice Hyper: "Answer me."
: ★ Joseph: * ( I am intrigued )
Painriel: "Everything..."
Painriel: "E-everything I've done..."
Voice Hyper: "..."
Voice Hyper: "You don't hate me?"
Voice Hyper: "Not anymore?"
Painriel: "I-I..."
Voice Hyper: (("I LOVE YOU, HYPER"
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Voice Hyper: ((wow
: Painriel [Painriel] joined chat.
Painriel: clutches his head, looking pained
Voice Hyper: "Answer me."
Voice Hyper: "Just.."
Painriel: ((Now if Hyper actually does get through to him we're not gonna RP it because spooooilers
Voice Hyper: "Answer my damn question for once."
Painriel: ((I'll tell you when that happens
: Monster Kid [Mk] joined chat.
Voice Hyper: "..I've been trying to be nice to you."
Voice Hyper: "You need to return the favor."
Painriel: "..."
Voice Hyper: "I'm sorry for being mean before you put me in here."
Voice Hyper: "I am sincerely sorry for whatever I've done."
Voice Hyper: "Just.. please.. you can be a good person."
Voice Hyper: "You just need to try."
Painriel: "Y-you didn't do anything..."
Painriel: "I did it..."
Painriel: "I-I..."
Voice Hyper: "..Ah.."
Painriel: "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."
Voice Hyper: "No."
Voice Hyper: "It's okay."
Painriel: cries into his hands
Voice Hyper: "I forgive you."
Voice Hyper: "I forgive you for killing me for a pointless reason."
Voice Hyper: "I forgive you for killing somebody I love and turning them into a flower."
Voice Hyper: "..I forgive you for throwing my emotions into the trash."
Voice Hyper: "You don't have to be sorry."
Voice Hyper: "Now that you're getting your sense back, you're halfway there to being forgiven by everybody."
Voice Hyper: "The second half is to put effort into being a good person."
Voice Hyper: "Does that make sense?"
Painriel: "She'll never forgive me."
Painriel: "She's dead..."
Voice Hyper: ((Hyper for Life Coach 2016
Painriel: "Not a voice.. not a flower.... d-dead."
Fintevious: Tori?
Painriel: "I wanted to blame you..."
Painriel: "E-everyone..."
Painriel: "A-anyone but me..."
Voice Hyper: "..It's fine."
GN Austin: ...
Painriel: is still crying
Voice Hyper: "I'm sure in the afterlife she'll forgive you."
: ★ Joseph: * "..."
Voice Hyper: "You just need to be a good person, and you can do that!"
Voice Hyper: "You're doing that right now."
The Trio: enters. Usual greeting.
Sincere: "Hi!"
: Monster Kid's connection timed out.
Voice Hyper: "If you try to be happy, and you try to be a happy person, then I'm sure she will forgive you."
: ☲ Mito: * He waves at them. "....Hey..."
Sincere: "How are you? Got any sleep?"
Voice Hyper: "I'm sure she will forgive you for everything."
Voice Hyper: "She isn't comle
Voice Hyper: Fuck.
Voice Hyper: My life.
Voice Hyper: "She isn't complete evil."
: ☲ Mito: * "I just woke up..."
: Terra [] is now sinnamon roll [].
Sincere: "How long was your sleep?"
Painriel: "You're nice..."
Voice Hyper: ((sinnamon fuck
GN Austin: -drinks a sprite-
Voice Hyper: "..Thank you. You can be nice as well."
Voice Hyper: "You're on your way to being nice."
Painriel: "It's too late for me..."
Voice Hyper: "..No it is not."
Voice Hyper: "Nothing is too late."
Painriel: "But there's something I can do..."
Voice Hyper: "Hm?"
Painriel: stands up
Voice Hyper: "What do you mean?"
Painriel: goes over and puts on a labcoat
: ☲ Mito: * "A few days?"
Painriel: spends time with Hyper for a while
Sincere: "Wow, that's great! I assume you feel much better now."
Painriel: ((Alright no more of this
Painriel: ((Spoooilers
Painriel: ((Also gtg
: Painriel [Painriel] disconnected.
Voice Hyper: ((bye
: Monster Kid [Mk] joined chat.
: ☲ Mito: * "Physically I feel better..." He buries his hands in his face.
Gaster: ((did he just
Gaster: ((punch himself in the face or something
: ☲ Mito: * ( Shit )
Sincere: "And that's a good thing, right?"
: ☲ Mito: * His face in his hands. Fml
Barchar: floats around Surreal. "Hello, there, child."
Voice Hyper: ((Bloo: no my sinnamon fuck
Voice Hyper: ((Mito: FUCK YOU
Surreal: "Hello! How are you?"
Barchar: "Wishing that jeska didn't get to that robot frisk before me. But fine."
Surreal: "Robot frisk?"
: ☲ Mito: * ( 101 201 60 )
Barchar: waved a hand. "You weren't here. Whatever. C
Voice Hyper: ((there's 2 and 1 in the same number
Voice Hyper: ((that's 21
Voice Hyper: ((21 divided by seven is 3
Voice Hyper: ((bloo is illuminati confirmed
The Trio: ((HL3 confirmed?
: ☲ Mito: * ( Correct )
The Trio: ((Or that too
: ☲ Mito: * ( I held Gaben hostage and he said there will be no HL3 )
Mk: (2 + 1 is 3,half life 3 canceled)
: ☲ Mito: * ( So I killed him )
Voice Hyper: ((WOWIE
The Trio: ((Bloo's calculator for Slarvath is secretly the coding of HL3
Voice Hyper: ((^
: ☲ Mito: * ( It really is )
The Trio: ((Revealed your secret yey
: ☲ Mito: * ( You can buy it on Steam in a few days )
Mk: (hl3 is a undertale themed rpg?)
: ☲ Mito: * ( gtg cya guys )
: sinnamon roll [] disconnected.
The Trio: ((Bye
Gaster: ((brb
Mk: (i guess it only makes sense after the ending if hl2 ep 2)
The Trio: ((Brb checking if ramen is done
: Gaster [Gaster] is now Gaster [afkGaster].
FullArmorJeska: (g2g to work, later)
: Yazan [FullArmorJeska] disconnected.
The Trio: ((This is the minute where everyone goes AFK or leaves
Voice Hyper: ((the great brb of 2016
GN Austin: ((Bai
Barchar: "So, what inane things have your little gang done?"
GN Austin: -chugs down a Sprite-
: Frisky [Voice Hyper] disconnected.
Surreal: "We've reported stuff about this bar to Clarity and Charity ever since we came here. Yesterday they said they'll investigate some time this week to see if there's anything they want to do with it. Charity says the bar's probably in no trouble, it doesn't seem corrupt."
Erron (AAsriel): I can't believe I'm going to hell...
GN Austin: I can't believe you didn't think you would.
Barchar: barchar laughed. "Depending on her definition, I suppose. I assume you've told them all I've told you."
Erron (AAsriel): At least I didn't have a painful death.