Ant: (( Roosterteeth announced 2 new shows today. I want them to be real but I just don't know. Why would anyone announce real news today? ))
Ant: (( Today is like the worst news day ))
Jozlyn: ((Armageddon happens, it's on the news, people laugh at it and then die a second later
Ant: (( The onion should just be the one place giving real news but today only ))
Jozlyn: ((the onion
Jozlyn: ((RIP
Ant: (( Mettaton's fucknig pissed ))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((Now I'm scared because my parents said they brought me ice cream too
Jozlyn: ((I'm checking right now
MageVaati: (she fooled me Twice)
Ant: (( at least you have ice cream... ))
MageVaati: (i played a nasty but simple prank on her last year tho)
MageVaati: (i taped all the pads that she uses together and put them back in the box)
Ant: (( ))
Fintevious: It reasons like you that make it so wonderful to keep exploring
Ant: ((MV...that is evil.))
MageVaati: (i know)
MageVaati: (i also taped the toilet paper so that it wouldnt unravel and i got my little sibling)
Ant: (( Can't wait for the rate of new "social experiments" to increase today ))
MageVaati: (to my dad? i put the family dog's squeaky toy in one of his shoes)
Ant: (( That is by far the least cruel prank you listed ))
MageVaati: (well he gets up at 5 am for work)
MageVaati: (its cruel when he puts them on at 5:30 am)
Ant: (( Well then. ))
MageVaati: (and a loud squeak in the silence of the early morning)
Jozlyn: (("Alright, I have my keys, everything's asleep---" *puts on shoe* "---frick"
MageVaati: (he yelped. i pulled an all nighter that night.)
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Ant: (( I need to somehow prank my sister... ))
Jozlyn: ((Same
MageVaati: (use tape. put tape across the outside of the door to her room. thats what my little sibling did to me two years in a row)
MageVaati: (you gotta put it at ankle length tho)
MageVaati: (*height)
MageVaati: (whyd i type length)
Ant: (( brb gotta tape some stuff ))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((So I'll do something involving tape
: B [B] joined chat.
Bondertale: Toriel smiles. "Well thank you."
MageVaati: (hi b)
Jozlyn: ((YES HE'S BACK
B: ((If Juandertale actually happened, could you have called it))
B: ((Green Cards against Undertale?))
Jozlyn: ((Message delay holy frick
MageVaati: (oh my god)
Jozlyn: ((Inb4 half an hour later message sends
B: ((what do you want from me so much, then))
Jozlyn: ((I meant Bondertale, which is what the delaying message says
B: ((oh))
Jozlyn: ((But it's cool that you're here too of course
B: ((foreveralone.jpg))
Jozlyn: ((I was doing something with Bondertale then they left, can't do it without them
Ant: (( That tape thing isn't gonna work ))
: MageVaati's connection timed out.
Jozlyn: ((...Not B but
Jozlyn: ((there it is
Jozlyn: ((2 minutes later
B: ((kek))
Bondertale: (if you mean t thing with Surreal, it was pretty one-sided)
Jozlyn: ((It's also not done
Jozlyn: ((You heard he was considering an ambush?
B: [font=palatino]B solidifies on the couch while nobody is looking.[/font]
B: ((Whoops))
B: ((Assume there were dashes there))
Barchar: "Child." barchar Saud, sternly. "Do you think you can simply ignore me? Let me assure you: [color=red]I do not make threats lightly.[/color]"
Surreal: * He left a while ago y'know.
: MageVaati [MageVaati] joined chat.
Bondertale: I didn't lol
B: [font=palatino]-seems to be deep in thought-[/font]
The Trio: * However! Three small figures, one Barchar can tell is Surreal, burst through the anydoor, ready for an ambush---and then they realize it's 3 vs 3 now. ...Change of plans.
Barchar: nvm that then
B: [font=palatino]-peers at them-[/font]
Barchar: laughs. "OH, do you think this will work?"
Mk: looks at them.
Bondertale: all look at them.
B: [font=palatino]Is it Halloween already?[/font]
The Trio: * Awkward silence for a second, then whispering. One of the figures, one with a red cloak, speaks up. "...Hello, uh, we' here. What is this?"
Chronos: * Walks in
B: [font=palatino]Is this an elaborate April Fools' joke to CONVINCE me this is Halloween?[/font]
: MageVaati's connection timed out.
B: [font=palatino]-rubs his chin-[/font]
Chronos: *casually sits down at the bar
B: ((as in THE Chronos?))
Ant: "One milk, please, Grillby"
Sincere: "No, we're just new. Sorry for bursting in so loudly."
Ant: ((oops fuck))
Sincere: * Sincere is the red-cloaked figure, by the way.
: MageVaati [MageVaati] joined chat.
Ant: ((wait no I can roll with this))
Fintevious: -scoots closer to Tori-
The Trio: * The other two are purple and blue. The blue one is slightly taller than the other two.
: Bondertale [Bondertale] is now Robofresh [Fresh].
Chronos: *turns to Ant"
B: [font=palatino]-watches the whole scene unfold-[/font]
Chronos: "You really want to tempt fate like that?"
Ant: just drinks his fuckin milk
Sincere: "Don't worry, we're not a threat, but...what is this place...?"
B: [font=palatino]-stares at his watch-[/font]
Fresh: me appears behind them. "YO, WHAT UP MY ARCHEY-BRO-PTERYXES!"
Chronos: * stands up and adresses the bar
: MageVaati's connection timed out.
The Trio: * Surreal and Sincere hop back in surprise. The blue one just turns and looks.
Chronos: "Hello..."
Chronos: "It's me"
B: [font=palatino]-The Anydoor shuts itself, if it wasn't shut already-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]You're in California, yada yada?[/font]
Chronos: "I was wondering if after all these years you like to meet..."
B: [font=palatino]We aren't a karaoke bar.[/font]
The Trio: * Surreal and Sincere stick together, awkwardly taking a seat at a table. The blue one looks at Fresh thoughtfully.
Fresh: "He-hey, if it ain't some all-up new patrons of this diggidy dang dumphouse of a bar we got here!"
B: [font=palatino]-just stares at his watch-[/font]
Fresh: "HAHA! nah, I'm jokin', this place is aight."
Fintevious: -looks at the newcomers-
Fintevious: -and the freshness
Bondertale: tori doesn't seem to notice Fintevious scooting Closer to her. Frisk, however..."
Serene: * Serene ("the blue one") nods, but doesn't speak. Rather, he seems to be analyzing Fresh.
Chronos: " And by meet I mean meet your doom "
: MageVaati [MageVaati] joined chat.
Chronos: "Or the apocalypse or whatever"
B: [font=palatino]-smirks-[/font]
MageVaati: (i gtg for a bit, fuck)
: MageVaati [MageVaati] disconnected.
B: [font=palatino]Flunked your evil monologue class, did you?[/font]
Jozlyn: ((rip
B: [font=palatino]-morphs into ßoss-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]No matter.[/font]
Ant: just casually gets up and pour some milk on chronos' head
: Robofresh's connection timed out.
Ant: "You're a douche"
B: [font=palatino]-stares with mild surprise at Ant-[/font]
Chronos: * just stares at ant in stunned disbelief
B: [font=palatino]Well, that was moronic.[/font]
The Trio: * Surreal and Sincere watch the event with Chronos unravel, taking notes. Serene finishes inspecting Fresh.
Serene: "...Hello."
Chronos: "Do you know who the fuck I am?"
B: [font=palatino]There's a difference between ME taunting him over HERE and you pouring milk on his head.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]We don't.[/font]
Ant: "The only cis dude without a dick?"
B: [font=palatino]Why don't you tell us, lactose man?[/font]
Chronos: "You're all supposed to be cowering in fear by now...."
Ant: "Why? you threatened us like twice, ten years ago"
B: [font=palatino]Oh, who does this guy think he is? Greek God of Time or whatnot?[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-shakes his head-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Not like I've got anything to lose anyway.[/font]
Chronos: "But I killed you like a thousand times..."
B: [font=palatino]-the Anydoor slowly opens a crack-[/font]
Ant: "Maybe like a couple hundred...but I usually come back..."
B: [font=palatino]Apparently you did a shit job of killing him.[/font]
Fintevious: -Frisk can see him obviously admiring Tori-
Ant: "Also what evil villain shows up on April 1st?"
B: [font=palatino]-is ßoss at the moment-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]A fool.[/font]
Serene: * Serene looks behind Fresh and to the anydoor.
Chronos: "No. The kind of villain no one expects. Kind of like the-"
Ant: "Sort of like the spanish inquisition?"
B: [font=palatino]Hey, they named the day after you. Kudos... I'm assuming you're Chronos?[/font]
Chronos: "How did you know what I was going to say?"
Ant: "Because that joke is so overused that EVERYONE expects the spanish inquisition at this point"
B: [font=palatino]-yawns-[/font]
Chronos: "Yes. I am chronos. Destroyer of timelines and shit. "
B: [font=palatino]Were you the guy that kidnapped that skeleton kid?[/font]
Serene: * He wonders if this was a good idea. He sits near Serene and Surreal, looking over their notes and taking his own. Surely nothing too terrible could happen.
Ant: "What exactly is 'and shit' supposed to mean?"
Jozlyn: ((sincere and surreal*
Chronos: "The...what skeleton kid?"
B: [font=palatino]Oh, shame. Kicking the shit out of you won't feel nearly as karmic.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Now, would you like to go spiritually, or physically?[/font]
Chronos: * despite being the fucking lord of the timelines or whatever the fuck, Chronos seems to be pretty stuck in the past
Sincere: "So, do you think there's going to be any fighting? Would be nice to know beforehand."
Chronos: "I will spiritually, lyrically, miraclelly kick your ass."
Ant: "what the fuck..."
B: [font=palatino]-laughs into a cough-[/font]
Ant: "miraclelly? you mean miraculously?"
B: [font=palatino]Are you going to *laugh* have a rap battle with us?[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Going to turn some *hahaha* bread into wine or whatever?[/font]
B: [font=palatino]But you're right.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Kicking my ass would be a miracle.[/font]
: Ω DamnDude's connection timed out.
Chronos: "As I god I excell in miracles"
B: [font=palatino]Oh, you're a god now?[/font]
Ant: "A four year old could write your dialogue."
B: [font=palatino]Vaporize me with your mind. Do it.[/font]
Chronos: "Yes"
Ant: "No"
Chronos: "That's...gods uh....can't do that...."
B: [font=palatino]Some god you are. God of Pissants, more like.[/font]
: Ω DamnDude [Ω DamnDude] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]Hell, I can vaporize me with my mind.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Watch.[/font]
Ant: orders so french fries just to throw at Chronos
B: [font=palatino]-sizzles away-[/font]
Chronos: " least I'm not a fucking scrub"
: Northstar [] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]-reorganizes-[/font]
Ant: "What the fuck kind of villain are you?"
Chronos: "The kind that's not a scrub"
Ant: facepalms
B: [font=palatino]Kill me. Now. If you're a god.[/font]
Chronos: * does a long complex chant and summons......
: ★ Renegade Chara: * He just facepalms.
Chronos: *a swiss army knife
The Trio: * They analyze all of this, wondering if a fight would even mean much. Is this 'Chronos' as strong as he says?
B: [font=palatino]-guffaws-[/font]
The Trio: * ...They assume not.
B: [font=palatino]ALL BOW DOWN[/font]
Ant: "all bow before the holy boy scout"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "WOW"
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * He does jazz hands. "Ooooooooh." he said in a sarcastic tone.
: MageVaati [MageVaati] joined chat.
: MageVaati [MageVaati] disconnected.
Chronos: "Do you know what this is?"
B: [font=palatino]A pocketknife?[/font]
Ant: "An analogy for your penis?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "A tool that would get you suspended at public schools?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: wakes from the sleep that he was having on the couch.
Chronos: "This is the knife of time"
The Trio: * They don't even worry about the dangers of a fight here any more. They just watch.
Ant: "Oh shit guys. It's the fucking knife of time."
B: [font=palatino]A life-sized wax statue of Dean Cain?[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Howdy, everyone."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * He looks at AD. "Hi."
: MageVaati [MageVaati] joined chat.
Sincere: "Hi, listen to this guy!"
Ant: "hey looks no one cares"
: MageVaati [MageVaati] disconnected.
B: [font=palatino]Hey look, it's, uh, Zelda or whatever.[/font]
Sincere: "Apparently he's a god of time or something. Doesn't seem like it."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy, Chara."
B: [font=palatino]Yeah.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What is he, Link?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He doesn't look like link."
Chronos: *stabs Ant
B: [font=palatino]Nope, Zelda.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-blinks-[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
The Trio: * ...
B: [font=palatino]Tha was uncalled for.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Ant: fucking falls over on the floor foaming at the mouth
B: [font=palatino]-walks up to Chronos-[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * He just stares.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Did he just stab that guy?"
B: [font=palatino]You can, uh, hand that over.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Now.[/font]
Ant: looks like he's actually fucking dying
Ant: disappears then walks in through the anydoor
: Jozlyn's connection timed out.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ant?"
Ant: "Yeah uh..silence your screams or whatever the thralls are supposed to say"
B: [font=palatino]That's not actually that bad... Then again, there are better ways to get followers.[/font]
Chronos: "This doesn't normally happen."
: Jozlyn [Jozlyn] joined chat.
Sincere: "Okay, now what?"
: MageVaati [MageVaati] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]-Four Fish In Blacks charge in through the Anydoor and restrain Ant-[/font]
Jozlyn: ((oh jeez computer how far behind are you
B: [font=palatino]Now, hand it over. Pretty please.[/font]
: MageVaati [MageVaati] is now anonymous [??].
The White Wolf: -nods towards AD-
Ant: "Yeah next time don't stab an illusion."
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]Oh.[/font]
Jozlyn: ((wow computer
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wanna go find that area now, Shin?"
Jozlyn: ((ignore Sincere's message
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]-the FiBs release him-[/font]
Chronos: "This is my knife. you can't have it."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Jozlyn: ((message delay ruined it
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Renegade: "take me with you" )
B: [font=palatino]Give it.[/font]
Ant: (( Chronos has oscar-worthy dialogue ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Anyone who cares to help can come."
Chronos: *holds the knife over his head
: anonymous's connection timed out.
Chronos: "no."
B: ((B's is a bit sub-par too, but that's kinda intentional))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She looks at AD. "I can help."
Ant: goes to get his guitar that he hasn't used in like 10 years
B: [font=palatino]-attempts to bring Chronos to his knees with black soul magic-[/font]
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't get yourself killed, please."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "But you can help."
The Trio: * They watch, assuming they'll be fine. This doesn't seem too big. Average bar fight perhaps.
Chronos: "Oh no black soul magic my only weakness all my plans are foiled"
Ant: walks behind Chronos with his guitar
B: [font=palatino]Ah, so you aren't as shitty as I thought.[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "Okay."
B: [font=palatino]-stretches upwards using sp00ky amalgam powers-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks to Shin.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So are w ready?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: we*
B: [font=palatino]-simply snatches the knife-[/font]
Ant: just hits chronos on the back ofthe head
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She sits next to AD.
: anonymous [??] joined chat.
Chronos: * falls down supposedly dead
Jozlyn: ((Ayynon
B: [font=palatino]Oh come on, I was almost having fun.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "When Shin's ready, we'll depart."
B: [font=palatino]-takes the knife-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: leans on Chara.
Entra: * gets up and removes her Chronos mask
Ant: (( What a twist! ))
B: [font=palatino]Seriously?[/font]
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]Really?[/font]
Jozlyn: ((...Noice
B: [font=palatino]I mean... Why?[/font]
: Gaster [Gaster] disconnected.
Ant: "No."
??: (hello there
B: [font=palatino]What reason would y-[/font]
Ant: smacks Entra with the guitar
B: [font=palatino]Oh.[/font]
The White Wolf: ready when you are
Jozlyn: ((I haven't seen an anon in a while
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods, getting up.
B: [font=palatino]-walks back to the couch, groaning-[/font]
: Yazan [Fintevious] is now Yazan [The White Wolf].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Come on, Chara, let's go."
Chronos: *gets up and removes the Entra mask
Jozlyn: ((Welcome to CaU
: Robofresh [Fresh] joined chat.
B: ((Anon is MV))
Ant: "Fucking no."
Jozlyn: ((Oh k
The White Wolf: I've studied the notes, I found out were New Desides is
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
: anonymous's connection timed out.
Fresh: (ugh)
B: ((No pranks for you, Viv))
Jozlyn: ((Wb
Entra: * wasn't Chronos though it was a joke
: anonymous [??] joined chat.
Ant: "Entra. Go home."
: Gaster [Gaster] joined chat.
??: (i mean
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "Okay."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Chara?"
The White Wolf: -wallks over to the anydoor and punches the coe it
Entra: "Oh c'mon that was funny!"
B: [font=palatino]I swear, we nearly saw Entra's entrails.[/font]
: Gaster [Gaster] is now anonymous [??].
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows Shin.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She stands up, looking at AD.
??: (sure you can say that
Jozlyn: ((welp
Ant: "Just go home, Entra."
B: [font=palatino]I could've just stabbed you there.[/font]
??: (but now there are two
The White Wolf: -goes to the capital city
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows.
Barchar: floats around then. "Well? I'd something the matter, children?"
B: ((and neither of them are actual new people))
??: (yo
: anonymous [??] is now Gaster? [Gaster?].
Entra: "I can't die though, B. That's like my whole thang"
The White Wolf: ((is chara coming along?
B: ((go home pranksters you're drunk))
Barchar: the trio
: anonymous [??] is now MettatonSEX? [MettatonSEX?].
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She follows AD and Shin.
Jozlyn: ((That's not Gaster b---
Gaster?: ((b shut up
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Chime = "Metta" )
Jozlyn: ((Bodyswap?
B: [font=palatino]-twiddles his watch-[/font]
MettatonSEX?: ((guess whose home early
Gaster?: ((dammit tri
Jozlyn: ((yey
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Yeah, Yazan, Chara's coming along now )
Entra: "just. go. home."
Gaster?: ((we get to ic prank tho
Ant: ((fuckj))
B: ((You spent a lot of time planning that, too))
Gaster?: ((yeah
Ant: "just. go. home."
Ω DamnDude: (( -In public chat- ))
Gaster?: ((yeah
Entra: "fine"
The White Wolf: (whose rpinr R Chara?
B: ((It's fine though, because I had the idea first))
Jozlyn: ((wait
Gaster?: ((but its still gonna be fun
Ant: just sits back down at the bar
Jozlyn: ((frick
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( mythisoleucine = renegade )
Ant: ((k chronos hell is over))
: A Martini with a hint of Arsenic [Nance] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((I only said it because I thought everyone else knew D:
Fresh: (mythm'n)
The White Wolf: this way, walks towards the barzaar-
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows him to the bazaar.
: B [B] is now Slarvath [Smol Asriel].
Nance: ((Welp. I just found Devil Cow at random in a Fursona generator.))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( AD holds Renegade's hand and Barchar is just like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" )
MettatonSEX?: ((it's okay, if someone comes in later they might not catch on
Nance: (("alien cow. it is a knife collector. it wears a fedora."))
MettatonSEX?: ((so DON'T TELL ANYONE
Jozlyn: ((Sorry about that though
Jozlyn: ((I won't
Smol Asriel: ((You couldn't tell it was me?))
The White Wolf: it was goes by the entire time
Ant: (( What is even happening? ))
: A Martini with a hint of Arsenic [Nance] disconnected.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "it was goes by the entire time" -Shin )
The White Wolf: -walks up to a small shop with an elderly gote selling nick nacks
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy."
: Yazan [The White Wolf] is now Yazan [Answers].
Gaster?: awakens, clutching his head. "Ugh... I feel really we-- my hand's gloved this is hard what the fuck."
MettatonSEX?: stumbles into the bar, immediately face planting.
Answers: Good evening lad
MettatonSEX?: ((WHOOPS
Ω DamnDude: (( [s] B [/s] You're the wrong color. ))
MettatonSEX?: ((oh wait i can fix this
Smol Asriel: ((Don't you think the actual B would have pushed plot like he always does?))
The White Wolf: WDG
Gaster?: ((good job
Answers: I'm sorry I don't know what you mean
Smol Asriel: ((I never memorized the color, lel))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I know B's color )
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( 666666 kek )
Ω DamnDude: (( Hint Hint, it's purple. ))
Ω DamnDude: (( :D ))
Ant: ((gtg))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( k bai )
Gaster?: ((cya
Ω DamnDude: (( cya ))
: Ant [Ant] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: ((oh fuck off I was trying to see if I could bullshit anyone))
Ω DamnDude: (( :D ))
Gaster?: ((that worked on me
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: Slarvath [Smol Asriel] is now B [B].
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Answers: you try my patiences, where is Desides
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I baked vomit cake for a friend )
: ((10/10
Answers: ((that was the wolf saying that
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Gonna go give it to her now )
Gaster?: ((tenouttaten
MettatonSEX?: -Scratch that, he didn't walk into the bar. He walked into the bedroom. Yup.-
Asriel_Dreemurr: holds Chara's hand as the wolf speaks.
: ((vomit cake is wonderful
Answers: Im not sure what you ar-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( LET'S GO SHAVE OFF IDUBBBZ'S HAIR )
Ω DamnDude: (( Answers: Where is Desides. Wolf: Aren't you supposed to tell us that? ))
Gaster?: looks up at Mettaton?. "Okay what's going on."
MettatonSEX?: I... uh.
The White Wolf: -raises his foot and kicks the old gote in the face-
Fresh: (wow, ad, hyper isn't even dead yet and you've dropped him for renegade chara)
B: [font=palatino]Oh hey you two.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Why'd you do that?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( RIPPPPPPPPPPP )
B: [font=palatino]I have something cool to show you.[/font]
Gaster?: sits up, and falls on his face.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is holding their hand, jesus.
MettatonSEX?: ... Darling, I think we might have...
Answers: -is out-
B: [font=palatino]I found an amazing timeline where you're the President and First Man.[/font]
: Ω DamnDude [Ω DamnDude] is now Ω DamnDaniel [Ω DamnDaniel].
Gaster?: finally manages to sit up.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( YES )
B: [font=palatino]Want to see it?[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( DD FINALLY GIVES IN )
Jozlyn: ((HE ADMITS
The White Wolf: -walks around the counter into the back room- over here
Ω DamnDaniel: (( I have accepted destiny. ))
: ((haha no
B: ((fookin' 'ell))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((NO))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((NOT GAIN))
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I feel like the guy whose beard hair was shaved off in Hair Cake is HTB 0
Ω DamnDaniel: (( -for the last four hours of April Fools, at least the timezone here- ))
Jozlyn: ((not gain
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( The guy was wearing black shorts and HTB was wearing black shorts )
Gaster?: looks at his hand and just stares.
Fresh: (if you did and ad did pick up chara, I think that barchar would be very disgruntled)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( HTB CONFIRMED 100% )
MettatonSEX?: tries to walk over to his darling, but trips again.
B: [font=palatino]Gaster! Mettaton![/font]
: B [B] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: Jesus, how do you walk in heels?
Frisky: ((If AD does anything stupid with Renegade Chara, then I'll kill Hyper earlier than planned.))
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Meanwhile, instead of being Azazel on Discord, I'm now Dickbutt. ))
:): ((And I wouldn't mind doing that.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: is holding thEIR GODDAMN HAND
Gaster?: How do you manage being so light?
MettatonSEX?: I just... I just do.
Jozlyn: (([s]Should've been The Lost/Keeper[/s]
Jozlyn: ((Okay message delay is a demon
Answers: ((why is he holding Chara's hand?
The White Wolf: see anything that might indicate a trap door or path?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "it's [i]just[/i] a hand hold" )
Asriel_Dreemurr: felt like it fuk u.
Asriel_Dreemurr: had a sister, you know.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
: Robofresh [Fresh] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: has a locket dedicated to her.
: Robofresh [Fresh] joined chat.
Gaster?: tries to get out of bed, but misjudges the force of his swing and somehow manages to slide right off the bed. Silk physics I guess.
Answers: -is a few things like a rug, some candle sticks, a book case, a bust, a globe
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Should I make Hair Cake or Vomit Cake )
Gaster?: falls on his ass.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Not much of interest."
❤ Hyper: (("N-No! Don't kill me.. not..not again.."
Frisky: ((don't test me
Gaster?: That hirt less than I expected it to.
Fresh: (I'd that sister but that doesn't stop her from crushing hard on asriels)
Answers: -an obviusly placed block sticking out off the wall
Gaster?: ((hair
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( guys test frisky )
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Fuck Frisky, back with the killing hyper threats. ))
: Robofresh [Fresh] is now Bondertale [Bondertale].
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( give them a bunch of 4th grade tests )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I guess we push that book?"
: ((FUCK
MettatonSEX?: sits up. "Wow, not used to this much weight."
Bondertale: (he has plans for hyper's death)
Answers: ww...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( DAMN FRISKY )
Bondertale: (i shan't rush him)
Gaster?: Not used to this little weight.
The White Wolf: ...
Gaster?: I'm used to a lot or nothing.
MettatonSEX?: ((FRICK
Ω DamnDaniel: (( If I'm doing this shit, I'm going all in. ))
Bondertale: (because your hints about it involving joy tale are so blatant l)
: B [B] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: pushes the book.
B: [font=palatino]-stands up-[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just watches, apparently holding AD's hand.
B: [font=palatino]I want to show you two something great that I found.[/font]
Answers: -it goes in, some sounds happen, but thats it-
MettatonSEX?: sighs, then stands up, wobbling. He stares at Gaster?.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "I'm sucking the bater back, but the hair clump stays" -Maxmoefoe 2015 )
The White Wolf: theres more
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( batter* fuck )
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( don't suck batters back )
Gaster?: manages, slowly, to stand up... and clearly is on his toes.
The White Wolf: check some of the others things
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( because the hair clump will stay )
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks around.
The White Wolf: -looks at the book case
MettatonSEX?: Do... do we have replacement legs that have no heels?
Gaster?: ((b, they aint in the bar
Gaster?: laughs.
B: [font=palatino]-didn't then-[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She looks around.
Gaster?: You think I'd walk without heels?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I feel like Frisky is standing in front of a red button and has the extreme temptation to press it )
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( When the button is pressed, it kills Hyper off )
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
:): (( ;)
The White Wolf: -rips the book case down and reveals a door-
Bondertale: (no jk I like hyper)
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks in-
MettatonSEX?: Well, shit.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Gaster?: My weights are so specifically calibrated so that I can only walk in heels.
B: [font=palatino]-The Anydoor seems to have gained a new function-[/font]
Gaster?: ...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I already killed off Actual Tiny Asriel so )
Bondertale: (even though his deaths lead to two things I'd like to do)
❤ Hyper: ((DON't press the fUCKING BUTTON FUCKSKY
Gaster?: ((you cunt, meth
Answers: ((AA can catch up to AD and Shin if you want
B: [font=palatino]-Perhaps a BTRG member added it?-[/font]
Frisky: ((-shrugs-
Answers: ((they jsut left
MettatonSEX?: eventually gets his balance, though he's still VERY wobbly.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((what button
The Trio: * The three are still in the bar, sitting together. Serene seems the most interested in the bar. Surreal and Sincere seem to just be taking notes for the sake of it. However, they remain silent
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "I would rather eat vomit cake." It's up to you if she said that or not.
The White Wolf: an elevator
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Frisky in a nutshell))
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Frick Fucksky, back with the brilliant names. ))
Gaster?: tries to walk over to Gaster, but falls because he's so used to heels with actual heels.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Fuck it's broken))
Gaster?: Shit.
: B [B] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: ... You can put on heels if you want. I don't mind.
Gaster?: You have any heels I could wear?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She takes something out of her pocket. It's a piece cake.
: B [B] joined chat.
Ω DamnDaniel: (( So Frisky is broken? ))
Barchar: is, for some reason, reminded if ATA and gets rather agitated. "What's your game, child? Surely you know someone must put 2 and 2 together."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -sits at the bar, with a blank expression-
B: ((did you all see I changed the chat topic?))
Gaster?: What's the highest pair you have?
MettatonSEX?: ... I might.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((
Gaster?: ((yes
Surreal: * Is Surreal being spoken to?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Frisky in a nutshell))
MettatonSEX?: Uh, one inch?
Gaster?: ....
: ((That still doesn't fucking work
Gaster?: Honey.
: ((for me
Gaster?: Honey no.
The White Wolf: rips open the elevator door , but theres no elevator-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Ω DamnDaniel: (( AD, get rid of the brackets at the end ))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She looks at AD, the piece of hair cake still in her hand. She slowly takes a bite of it, gagging.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "That's weird."
MettatonSEX?: groans. "What do you want from me? I can't walk in heels!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((GRUMBLE)_)
Ω DamnDaniel:
The White Wolf: theres likely a call button in here
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((
Gaster?: I can't walk without them!
Gaster?: ...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
The White Wolf: I can just jump it though
Gaster?: Wait a second.
Smol Asriel: ((B ur dum
MettatonSEX?: Hm?
Barchar: ayup
Answers: ((last chance to join AD and Wolf Erron
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I might be able to climb?"
B: ((kek))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((where are they
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "I mean..."
B: ((Ikr))
Smol Asriel: ((You do realize i never put my username in my chat name
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "I have a grappling hook. Would that work?"
Answers: TK-421, they just left, say AA was there to join
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (k
Answers: ((that was occ
B: ((I realized it after the fact))
Smol Asriel: ((Also frisky knows nothing, not anymore
Gaster?: Get over here, I need to open my chest. I got a pair of heels as a gift, and I think they're your size.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I don' t usually put my username in my chat name )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is in TK-421- ...
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Hmm ))
Smol Asriel: ((Or maybe they do
MettatonSEX?: Ah, alright.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I don't use /me like a pleb )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How do I get there?"
Smol Asriel: ((I havent decided if he knows anything yet :)
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Also Slar, I have accepted my fate. ))
MettatonSEX?: caaaaarefully walks over, wobbling the whole way there.
Answers: ((is at a shop in the barzaar, WW knocked out the owner cuz hes a dick
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Don't know...
The White Wolf: find some rope or hold on to me
Gaster?: manages to get up again, and... pouts.
: ((wooot
Asriel_Dreemurr: nids.
Smol Asriel: ((Nids
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets rope, and does the thing.
Jozlyn: ((nids
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She apparently continues to hold AD's hand, looking around. She rummages around in a backpack. "Apparently I have a rope too."
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods*
B: ((DD is being a lemon-stealing whore with putrid memes))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (nids
MettatonSEX?: chuckles. "You're cute like that."
Gaster?: Kneel down, I can't look inside when I'm the height of my own soul.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((brb))
: ((Also, what the fuck happened to Hyper, Yazan?))
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Exactly B. ))
: ((Just asking.
Smol Asriel: ((Hyper died again?
: ((No.
Smol Asriel: ((Rip
Gaster?: You're gorgeous when you have no control over my body.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is just sitting next to the elevator- ...
Smol Asriel: ((K
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( rippp )
MettatonSEX?: *Speaking of souls... guess what's in the soul container.
Gaster?: .....
: ((He didn't die fUCKERS
MettatonSEX?: kneels down.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( RIP 69-69 )
Gaster?: Wait that's your-- ugh nevermind.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I'D RATHER EAT VOMIT CAKE )
Smol Asriel: ((There is no truth
The White Wolf: -goes out into the barzaar and brings back some rope-
Smol Asriel: ((Not anymore
Barchar: was, indeed, talking to Surreal.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "Ech...I'd rather eat vomit cake."
MettatonSEX?: Well, don't you remember when I got trapped in a human body? I'd imagine it's something similar.
Smol Asriel: ((The longer im away from this quest the longer i can brainstorm
MettatonSEX?: ... Oooh, I'm not used to talking in your voice.
Smol Asriel: ((The plans have changed :)
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -just waits for Wolf to throw down tne rope-
Surreal: "Well, we have...a job. And it requires this place, and these notes."
Answers: ((quick catch up, AD and Wolf went to a group called the Forge that made the box AD has and found out it was requested by a group called New Desides
❤ Hyper: ((Where the fuck am I? Still asleep on a wall?))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She waits for Shin.
B: ((I just thought of another fun thing to do for April Fools'))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((k
Frisky: ((NO
B: [font=palatino]-hums some French music-[/font]
Gaster?: opens his body's chest, and finds a pink box. He opens it, and pulls out black heels. 5". Size 12, women's. Perfect. He exits his own body and puts on the heels.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((OH YES))
The White Wolf: -hooks up the rope and throws it down the elevator, he then jumps down the elevator tuneel
Smol Asriel: ((Inb4 frisky made character commands for all his tulpas
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
B: ((here we go again))
❤ Hyper: ((what do
Answers: -a loud crash is heard after 6 seconds
❤ Frisk: ((you mean
Smol Asriel: ((No lets not go again that was a joke
B: ((down the psychological rabbit hole))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -reaches for the rope-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( all my characters have the "Northstar of Certification" )
MettatonSEX?: How are you feeling, dear?
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Shit Slavarth, back with the terrible topics again. ))
Gaster?: I keep forgetting that I sound like a generic flamboyant cartoon villain.
Answers: -the rope shakes a bit,
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( DAMN, DANIEL )
Smol Asriel: ((Pls no
Gaster?: Anyway, I feel super light.
B: ((Crikey, Chara))
Smol Asriel: ((Also the debate coordinator is a bitch
Asriel_Dreemurr: grabs the rope.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (DANK MEMES)
Smol Asriel: ((Fuck her, seriously
MettatonSEX?: smirks, letting a little purr loose. "Oh, darling... all the better to lift you up with."
B: ((Damn, Debate Coordinator)$
MettatonSEX?: picks up Gaster?
Ω DamnDaniel: (( ok, will do. ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (giggity)
Gaster?: Whoa!
Smol Asriel: ((After the previous tournament this season getting cancelled
Gaster?: kicks his legy into the air.
B: ((Fuck, Frisky))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( .?.: researching nutrition's effects on sexual activity since 2025 )
The White Wolf: -is at the bottom, has cleared the elevator path to allow them down-
Gaster?: actually no make that 7" heels
Smol Asriel: ((Mid tournamsnt, i add
B: ((Goddamnit, Gaster))
Asriel_Dreemurr: slids down.
Gaster?: bc metta gets gifts from fans
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -uses the rope- Lets roll.
Answers: -its clear the place is deep underground
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She also grabs the rope, probably letting go of AD's hand at this point. She slides down.
MettatonSEX?: starts to carry Gaster? around the house... but trips before he gets out of the bedroom.
Smol Asriel: ((The bitch decides its a great idea to call everyone down to say the tournament was cancelled
MettatonSEX?: Ah, damn it...
Answers: -once down the group is in some kind of lobby
Gaster?: is flung out the door.
Gaster?: Shit!
Smol Asriel: ((People call her out on the date eventually, like "we know what you're up to"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Huh."
Smol Asriel: ((She says it's not a joke
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..." She looks around.
Answers: -everything is sterile white, like a bathroom
Smol Asriel: ((She tells us to pack up our shit and get out
MettatonSEX?: ... Well, damn it.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Fancy...?"
Gaster?: crashes into the wall.
Answers: -there are trianle shape logos with an eahle in it everywhere
❤ Hyper: * I have no fucking idea where this bitch is right now, so I suppose I can't have him come out of nowhere, which means that I can't roleplay him, currently!
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "Yeah....everything is white..." RACIST /s
Smol Asriel: ((And then after half the damn tournament had already packed up and left she comes in to say "APRIL FOOLS"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Well...
Gaster?: gets up, holding the railing on the side.
Answers: -there is a closed door at the end
B: ((whatatwist))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( RENEGADE FOR RACIST CHARA 2016 )
Smol Asriel: ((Dirty bitch, it was just a prank bro
The White Wolf: shall we?
Gaster?: No carrying me.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I guess.
Jozlyn: ((Bondertale did you respond to Surreal?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She nods, shrugging.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((ITS TIME TO STOP))
Gaster?: ...
B: ((btw Slarvath, what's the chat topic?))
Smol Asriel: is in his fort
MettatonSEX?: starts to try to walk out to where the anydoor is.
The White Wolf: -walks up the door, its closed and locked-
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Wait a second.. ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Well, shit.
Gaster?: grabs his husband by the waist.
Gaster?: Hold up.
Gaster?: We have to do something.
Ω DamnDaniel: (( OK, now I'm apart of the Limeline. ))
B: ((In the limelight))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((*limewire FTFY
: Yazan [Answers] disconnected.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Someone better find out where I get "Northstar" from )
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] changed the topic to "🐐"
: ((your dick
MettatonSEX?: Yes?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((MY DICK))
: Yazan [Answers] joined chat.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Theres actually a song called My Dick )
Jozlyn: ((Am sadly not surprised
Answers: -what does the group do?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (i was referring to Etika
Ω DamnDaniel: (( What isn't a song title at this point? ))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( My Dick by Mickey Avalon )
Gaster?: prints out a picture of the pink soul, wired up and all. He cuts itout, gets tape, and opens the soul container. He tapes the image to the glass and shuts it.
: B [B] changed the topic to "Rick Astley's recent demise"
Gaster?: We're going to mess with the bar.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (oh
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How're we getting in."
MettatonSEX?: grins.
MettatonSEX?: What a wonderful idea, darling.
Answers: - is heard over the intercoms
AAsriel/[Frisk]: We kick the door...
: B [B] disconnected.
Gaster?: ((its either fist of the north star, the actual star the north star, a car, or warrior cats
: B [B] joined chat.
The White Wolf: -is waiting for the others to do something
Gaster?: Of course it is.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Pretty peaceful in here."
Gaster?: Oh, by the way, act like me.
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [url=]You shouldn't be surprised, the origin of "Northstar".[/url] )
Asriel_Dreemurr: slams a fireball into the lock.
Gaster?: I'll act as best like you as I can.
MettatonSEX?: ... I'll try.
: B [B] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -tries to kick the door, a loud snap is heard- FUCK!
: B [B] joined chat.
Answers: -slashs off of it
The White Wolf: -looks at AA
B: ((gdi bloo))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Did you just break your leg?'
MettatonSEX?: opens the anydoor. "Helloooooo, darlings!"
MageVaati: (hi darling)
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Tri, tell me when you have a moment. ))
B: [font=palatino]-stands up-[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just punches the door and kicks it. "..."
Jozlyn: ((I have a moment
Gaster?: follows, smiling. "Hello."
anon: (hello darling <3 )
: (("Did you just break your leg?" -AD, 2026
The White Wolf: -walks over an inspects AA's leg-
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Do you have all the characters unlocked? ))
B: [font=palatino]I was waiting to see you two![/font]
Ω DamnDaniel: (( in rebirth? ))
The Trio: * They all look at Metta.
Gaster?: Oh?
Jozlyn: ((I have Afterbirth now actually
AAsriel/[Frisk]: JESUS MY LEG!
Jozlyn: ((Every character but Lost/Keeper
B: [font=palatino]I found a timeline where Gaster achieved presidency![/font]
Gaster?: Why, B?
Ω DamnDaniel: (( GAAA ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (cant wait for Afterbirth+
Answers: -the intercoms stops playing music- Heloo hello? whose there>
Gaster?: Oh my god.
The White Wolf: let me fix it
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy!"
MettatonSEX?: Oooh, my.
Ω DamnDaniel: (( There's an easter egg for April fools day and keeper. ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: H-How?
The Trio: * And Gaster.
B: [font=palatino]Want to see? We're on good terms, I can show you to him.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I may have hit your door. I apologize."
Jozlyn: ((Ah darn
The White Wolf: -grabs his leg- by putting it back in place
Gaster?: That does sound interesting.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: W-What...
Gaster?: ((inb4 foursome
Answers: ((its broken right?
: ((AD: Howdy! Suck my dick, and I'll give you permission to kick a robot-me to death!
B: [font=palatino]-walks to the Anydoor-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (inb4-some
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Gaster?: ((dammit
Answers: Who are you? what are you doing here?
Gaster?: ((you beat me to it
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "I punched your door. And kicked it." She backs up, standing next to AD.
MettatonSEX?: smirks. "Ooooh, this is gonna be interesting."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (ooooo)
Gaster?: nods, following B.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Erm, I need to know about this box I found."
B: [font=palatino]-inputs the code and opens the door-[/font]
Smol Asriel: stays in the fort
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Answers: Manners my dear boy, first introduce yourself
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Wait, you can still access it, it's a keeper daily run today. ))
The Trio: * They look glad the two are leaving. They're probably the only two true threats to them. They go back to notes
: laharl cant chat on a wiiu [on wiiu] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "My name is Asriel Dreemurr."
The White Wolf: -cracks AA's leg back into place, fixing it-
MageVaati: (holy shit)
Jozlyn: ((Oh, okay, I'll try it once I can
B: [font=palatino]-uses soul magic to throw in the two, then closes and looks the door-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm here with Chara Dreemurr, and another Asriel Dreemurr, who goes by Erron."
Gaster?: Ah!
MettatonSEX?: !!!
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "I am Chara...Chara Dreemurr. Yeah."
B: [font=palatino]-A5TL3Y-[/font]
The White Wolf: -realigns it and fixes it-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( OH SHIT )
MettatonSEX?: probably would have tripped in anyway.
Jozlyn: ((...Gg
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -tries not to scream due to the pain-
: laharl cant chat on a wiiu [on wiiu] is now High Priest Laharl [Idk gimme a sec].
Gaster?: stumbles, erecting himself.
MettatonSEX?: just stares blankly.
: ((B: welcome to the Rick Astley timeline
B: [font=palatino]-Laughs his ass off-[/font]
Idk gimme a sec: ((Back again))
Idk gimme a sec: ((Once again))
Gaster?: ...
Answers: Really? Already?
MettatonSEX?: What. The. Shit.
: ((B: it's fucking shit
B: [font=palatino]-is still in the bar-[/font]
Jozlyn: ((Helloooo
Answers: but whose the forth lad with you?
Gaster?: That bastard rickrolled us.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I would rather eat vomit cake. )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Shin."
Answers: Ah I see
Answers: that is going to be an issue
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I worried about that."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
MettatonSEX?: He idd.
Idk gimme a sec: ((Is anyone else seeing this robin shit))
Idk gimme a sec: ((Also, someone fucking look at Netflix))
Idk gimme a sec: ((John Stamos))
Answers: -starts talk off mic- Sir....yes I know but......
Asriel_Dreemurr: "May I ust come in and figure out what this box has stored in it? I'll leave after, and hell, you can keep the bix."
Asriel_Dreemurr: box*
: ((Did you have a foursome with yourself, ink, glass, and John Stamos?))
Answers: hold on please
MettatonSEX?: looks down at Gaster?'s feet. "You'd think he'd notice you were wearing heels, though.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Alrighty..."
:): ((you have permission to kill me now
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -gets up- Th-thanks, Wolf...
Idk gimme a sec: ((...))
Answers: -another voice is heard over the mic- don't question me
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((PLS))
Gaster?: makes a motion with his left ring finger, and then remembers he can't flip the switch. Because it doesn't have one. Because these hands have five fingers, not six gloved to cross two together and look like five.
Gaster?: ...
Idk gimme a sec: ((Anyway, this is Laharl, what'd I miss?))
Gaster?: This robe covers them, mostly.
Answers: -some screaing is heard over the mic- HAAAaa
Gaster?: ((glamor was born
Asriel_Dreemurr: "H-Hello? You alright?"
Gaster?: ((corsiva got kidnapped and returned
B: ((B is childless once more))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Is it time to kick ass?
MettatonSEX?: What are you trying to do?
Answers: -the 2nd I fucking blood on my new sohes
Gaster?: ((gaster saw a sans die
Gaster?: ...
Answers: .OH, sorry about the hold up,
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Did you kill the other guy?"
: High Priest Laharl [Idk gimme a sec] disconnected.
Answers: -the door opens-
: High Priest Laharl [Idk gimme a sec] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Answers: Please come in come in!
Gaster?: Don't flip the two fingers shoved into one glove finger
Asriel_Dreemurr: cautiously walks through.
Gaster?: That's how I... you... go NEO.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -follows-
B: ((And Gaston STILL haven't questioned B on how he got Corsiva back))
Gaster?: ((they will
Gaster?: ((calm your testes
MettatonSEX?: ... Ooooh.
Smol Asriel: there are rumbling noises from the fort
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Calm your testes B god))
B: ((neutralize my nuts?))
MettatonSEX?: Right, uh... let's go home.
Smol Asriel: "GAAAAAAH"
Gaster?: You know my blueprints.
MettatonSEX?: ((tranquilize your testicles
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (deez nuts)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She takes a glance at a notebook in her pocket. The words "Chiron" and "[url=]Snapdragon[/url]" could probably be seen.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Soothe your dick))
❤ Hyper: * He was currently having a nice evening stroll, before.. oh shit. He tripped on a rock and fell into the lava, burning to death. A Chara walks up to the ledge and flips the bird, snickering. [color=#FF0000]"Eat shit, faggot!"[/color]
Answers: -a human walks out wearing a stylish purple suit and has dyed blond hair, looks to be in his 50s-
B: ((soothe my sack?))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy, Sir."
Gaster?: No, we're going back to the bar, but you gotta act mad.
Answers: OH I couldn't have asked for a better day!
MettatonSEX?: I do.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( RIP HYPER 69-69 )
Smol Asriel: "A-asriel... That was close"
❤ Hyper: * As Hyper died, he realized it was April Fools.
Smol Asriel: "I know, we need to be quiet"
Answers: Two of the most important people to her
Gaster?: ((relax the sack
MettatonSEX?: growls, and triggers the chainsaw teeth by accident. "W-whoa!"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( rip )
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Did you actually kill Hyper))
Gaster?: Heh heh.
: * He was like, "FUCK MY LIFE". His rage brought him back to life.
Gaster?: Damn, that's hot.
Answers: come come! lets have some tea!
Smol Asriel: "Why do we need to be quiet?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Okay."
: High Priest Laharl [Idk gimme a sec] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: covers his mouth and blushes. "D-dear..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: T-Tea?
Gaster?: It is!
Answers: -has blood on his shoes-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "That'd be okay..."
B: ((de-energize my dick?))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [url=]Upcoming character: Snapdragon. Totally not a car name.[/url] )
Smol Asriel: "These mountains are very treacherous, you might cause an avalance!"
Answers: -walks down the corridor to a small private quarters- Please follow
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Rest your Phallic Object
Gaster?: ((meditate your manhood
Smol Asriel: "What?"
❤ Hyper: * Hyper apparently lived, and kicked the rude Chara into the lava. "GET YOUR DICK DE-ENERGIZED." Chara died!
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Calm the calamity, that is your mammary))
Smol Asriel: "Be quiet or you'll cause an avalanche!"
Gaster?: ((sooth your boob
❤ Hyper: * Hypiss then resumed his nice evening stroll.
The White Wolf: -follows-
MettatonSEX?: nods, then opens the door. "B, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" he roars.
Smol Asriel: "I can't hear you"
Gaster?: follows.
Smol Asriel: the fort is making noise
B: [font=palatino]-B had locked the Anydoor kek-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows
: ((lolhyperisn'tdead
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is close behind AD-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Should I keep the car naming convention guys )
Gaster?: ((yes
Gaster?: ...
Smol Asriel: "OK"
Answers: -the music comes back on, but is now
Gaster?: ((lol
Smol Asriel: rumbling noises
Gaster?: ((i know the reference thank you
MettatonSEX?: tries to open the door.
MettatonSEX?: Oh.
Smol Asriel: "OH GOD"
Gaster?: ...
MettatonSEX?: Oh shit, he locked us in here!
Gaster?: How?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I'm naming them after multiple things now: [maybe] cars, hardware/technology, and planets/moons )
❤ Hyper: * okay i'll stop now
MettatonSEX?: ((wait
Smol Asriel: more rumbling, even louder
Answers: -sits on the couch and gestures his hands for the group to sit on the opposite couch-
Asriel_Dreemurr: sits.
Gaster?: ((name them after bad dragon dildos
B: [font=palatino]-sees the knob rattling from the bar and laughs harder-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -sits- Hmm, comfy.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...May I ask what this place is?"
Smol Asriel: "ASRIEL"
MettatonSEX?: ((nvm had a brain fart
Answers: Tea? perhaps something like crab rangoon?
MettatonSEX?: attempts to kick down the door. He falls on his ass.
Smol Asriel: the rumbling stops
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She sits down next to AD.
Gaster?: B open the door. Stop having it be closed.
B: [font=palatino]-morphs into Rick Astley and opens the door-[/font]
Answers: Oh this is New Desides and I am its CEO
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm okay, thank you."
MettatonSEX?: punches him in the face.
B: [font=palatino]It appears I both let you down and hurt you.[/font]
Answers: well more some the leader
Gaster?: rushes into the bar and pushes B Astley.
Smol Asriel: ((Knock knock
Answers: not really a company
AAsriel/[Frisk]: CEO, huh...
Smol Asriel: ((Its gaster
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
B: [font=palatino]-is vaporized-[/font]
Gaster?: ((unlike sonic i go faster
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...What do you know about this box?"
Smol Asriel: loud rumbling noises are coming from the fort
Asriel_Dreemurr: takes out the box.
Gaster?: ((metta, fuck me in the asster
Answers: I am WDG
Answers: everything
Smol Asriel: they stop
Answers: I am the one how design and created it
Answers: but first
Asriel_Dreemurr: "May I ask what information is stored in it, if any?"
B: ((I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle individual))
Gaster?: ((:)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "hmm?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((unlikr Gaster, I don't chuckle))
Smol Asriel: "O-ok... I think thats the worst of it..."
Answers: in due tell
Answers: tell me about your experiences with her
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: more loud rumbling
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Her?"
Smol Asriel: it stops
Asriel_Dreemurr: "As in Jukon?"
MettatonSEX?: growls and stomps into the bar... and trips.
Answers: Yes
Smol Asriel: "...asriel?"
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
MettatonSEX?: Fuck!
Smol Asriel: "Y-yeah?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -his expression grows sad- ...her...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
B: ((Unlike Apples, I'm an orange... Fuck))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Are you the one who rules the slave ring?"
B: [font=palatino]-reorganizes-[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She hasn't heard these names she just sits back and watches.
B: [font=palatino]-is still chuckling-[/font]
Answers: -is depulsed- Heavens no
Asriel_Dreemurr: is keeping fine composure.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh, that's good."
Answers: -replused*
MettatonSEX?: slowly gets back up, wobbling a little.
Gaster?: snarls. "B, if you wanted to prank us, you could have just said "after you"."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "She was nice to me."
Answers: I would never become involved in something so uncouth
Smol Asriel: "...can you hand me that saw?"
B: [font=palatino]No need to punch anyone over over an April Fools' prank.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Why do you ask?"
Gaster?: crosses his arms.
Answers: I will explain
Gaster?: No need to shove us in.
Answers: but I need some information first
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is just kinda sitting and staring-
Smol Asriel: "I need to... Cut off my legs"
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
Answers: you two seemed to have quite the impact on her life
B: [font=palatino]If I said "after you" you probably would have caught on, M-... man.[/font]
Smol Asriel: "I can't do that asriel..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We did."
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
Smol Asriel: "I already used it to cut off my own arms..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He was her husband, and I was a really good friend of hers."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -nods-
Gaster?: It was a harmless prank until you shoved us in.
Answers: can't believe she got married
B: ((B: m-.. Gaster. M'Gaster.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
MettatonSEX?: sighs, and starts to file his nails... through his gloves. His gloved, robotic hands.
Answers: doesn't seem like she would
Gaster?: ...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: She was... *sniff* the best wife.
Gaster?: snickers.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What is this place for?"
Gaster?: Darling, oh my god.
B: [font=palatino]Still better than your prank.[/font]
MettatonSEX?: What? A star's always got to look his best.
Gaster?: ((what if metta had actual nails for nails
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (...)
Smol Asriel: ((Tough as nails is a thing
Gaster?: ((yes but in neo theyre claws
Answers: for my work
Smol Asriel: ((Btw metta got nurft
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And that is?"
Gaster?: ((i saw
Smol Asriel: ((2 op
Gaster?: ((now tough as nails can never do 420
MettatonSEX?: What prank, B?
Answers: you, did you ever hold any emotional care for her -to AD-
B: [font=palatino]-gives an "oh come on" look-[/font]
Smol Asriel: ((Pair up is still insane tho
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Very much, yes."
Answers: I mean I know you did but, like on the level of wanting to be with her
Gaster?: ((memeton is memegobe
B: [font=palatino]As someone who's spent his entire life switching bodies...[/font]
MettatonSEX?: blinks, giving the most innocent look he can.
Gaster?: Seriously.
Asriel_Dreemurr: almost laughs a bit.
B: [font=palatino]-shakes his head-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -giggles a bit at AD-
MettatonSEX?: I don't know what you mean.
Smol Asriel: pokes his snoot out of the fort
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I dunno, but not only did I have a boyfirend, but she was also married."
B: [font=palatino]Of course you don't.[/font]
Answers: rather quickly too, just up and married you didn't she?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [s]AD looks at Renegade "i have a girlfriend now"[/s] ) "......"
B: [font=palatino]By the way, I'm going to do a showing of Fuck Oprah.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "She did it because she was going to fight something that might have killed her."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just has a "i have questions" look on her face.
Answers: she always lived her life rather implusively
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] is now Oprah [Oprah].
Gaster?: If it's because I'm sev-- oh my god.
MettatonSEX?: Ha, ha, very funny. I have an internal calendar app, you know.
Answers: a bit of a flaw in her
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, very impulsive. I liked her, though."
B: [font=palatino]Well, that absolutely settles it.[/font]
Oprah: ((Funny i was actually changing character before b sent that
: Northstar [] is now AAAA [].
: ★ CRAZY FO AUDIENCE: * ( what am i doing )
B: [font=palatino]Because ONE of you had a stronger reaction to that.[/font]
Answers: what I'm surpised about is how you managed to change her
Answers: -to AD
AAsriel/[Frisk]: heh...
: AAAA [] is now Northstar [].
Oprah: walks though the anydoor
Gaster?: looks as if he's about to laugh
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Guess so."
Answers: you've been playing like the most important role in her entire life
MettatonSEX?: 's eyes widen as he looks at Oprah.
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
Oprah: 's eyes widen as she looks at mettaton
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I know."
Oprah: ...
Gaster?: looks at Oprah with widened sockets.
MettatonSEX?: No. Nope.
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky Whiskington [Oprah Fan].
Gaster?: ...
Gaster?: ((josh peck?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
B: [font=palatino]-is reminded of a gif he saw of Oprah saying "YOU GET BEES, YOU GET BEES, EVERYONE GETS BEES"-[/font]
Gaster?: coughs.
Answers: though she may have been a failure, the amount of progress she made is remarkable
: ★ Cinema: * This motherfucker walks in.
: Frisky Whiskington [Oprah Fan] is now Frisky Whiskington [Frisky].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't say that."
B: [font=palatino]-blinks-[/font]
: Ω DamnDaniel [Ω DamnDaniel] is now Unknown [Unknown].
Gaster?: ...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (ITS HIP TO FUCK BEES-
Gaster?: Aren't you dead?
WGD: -stands up-
Unknown: ((somebody say Josh?))
Oprah: I have a new show called fuck mettaton, just thought you should know
: ★ Cinema: * "What's dead?"
Gaster?: ...That's my job.
B: [font=palatino]-grins-[/font]
WGD: its not in the context you think of my friend
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
: Unknown [Unknown] is now Ω DamnDaniel [Ω DamnDaniel].
MettatonSEX?: winks at Gaster?
WGD: come follw me
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (Which one?
Gaster?: winks back.
B: [font=palatino]-sidles up to Mettaton?-[/font]
: Frisky Whiskington [Frisky] is now Frisky Whiskington [Chara].
MettatonSEX?: ... B, you don't get to join in.
: ★ Cinema: * "So what's going on, my best pals?"
Oprah: throws a check on the table
Oprah: Payment
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Tri, this is an amazing daily, I can't say anything else but that. ))
B: [font=palatino]No... That's not...[/font]
Chara: * Now, this motherfucker's skeleton is taking a nice bath in dust.
: Yazan [Answers] is now Yazan [WGD].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Sir, may I ask what this box is now?"
B: [font=palatino]I was going to ask you a question.[/font]
Jozlyn: ((With the Keeper? That says a fair amount
WGD: you're about to find out
Chara: * Hundreds and millions of pounds of dust.
Gaster?: But seriously, call me if you're going to do the show title.
WGD: -walks over to the door follow
MettatonSEX?: Although... shift into something with a nice ass and maaaaybe i'll consider it.
Oprah: I already have...
WGD: Follow me and you shall find out everything
: ★ Cinema: * "Hey, we talking about Fuck Oprah? Wasn't that back in 2011 or somethin'?"
Oprah: fades away
Gaster?: .....
MettatonSEX?: ... Wait, did Oprah just...
Oprah: fades into obscurity
B: [font=palatino]Actually, I'll ask... "Gaster".[/font]
The White Wolf: -gets up-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -gets up and follows-
Gaster?: I...
Gaster?: I don't know.
: ★ Cinema: * "Fifteen years ago...yeesh."
MettatonSEX?: nods. "Have fun, darling."
: Oprah [Oprah] is now Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel].
Asriel_Dreemurr: follows
WGD: -leds the group down a path, stoping at a few checkpoints and destantiziation stops-
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
B: [font=palatino]"Gaster", if I were to buy heels what would you recommend?[/font]
Fanon Toriel: ((Its time
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
WGD: this has been my lifes work
: ★ Cinema: * "Hey, hey, remember that thing with the chainsaw? And the pillow? Goddamn, so much feathers..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...?
: ★ Cinema: * "The ratings went up just like y---" He bursts out in laughter.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She follows.
WGD: -walks into a large room with big water containers housing a number of sentient beings-
: Frisky Whiskington [Chara] disconnected.
WGD: ignore these ones, they aren't important
: Frisky Whiskington [Chara] joined chat.
Gaster?: Well, it depends on what your style is. I personally started off low and worked my way up. I don't really wear them out, not often, but, I kind of just felt like it today.
B: [font=palatino]-grins-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [sub]What the fuck?[/sub]
B: [font=palatino]Gotcha.[/font]
Gaster?: As someone who lives with a fashionista, though.
WGD: Monsterkind has always intriguted me
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She looks around.
: ★ Cinema: * "..."
Gaster?: Black goes with everything.
WGD: so verstile and adaptable
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I see that.
Asriel_Dreemurr: does this aswell.
WGD: makes me wish I was a monster
B: [font=palatino]Gaster would have pointed out that I could just morph them into existence.[/font]
: ★ Cinema: * He's finally wearing a different shirt now. It's a shirt that says "I'M WITH STUPID" that's upside the arrow is pointing to his head.
WGD: -leds them to a closed door-
WGD: now you'll see my master piece
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
MettatonSEX?: frowns, but doesn't say anything.
Gaster?: I've lived with Mettaton for ten years, B. He's bound to rub knowledge onto me.
B: [font=palatino]Alright, sure.[/font]
Gaster?: Well, fashion knowledge.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (KNOWLEDGE)
: ★ Cinema: * "..." He looks down at his shirt. "The fuck is this?"
B: [font=palatino]But I don't need to prove what all three of us know to be true.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
WGD: -opens the door and it is a room with one water tank, housing a fish that looks just like Jukon-
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((What's happening Yazan))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Whaaaat the fuuuuuuuck!
WGD: 58656
MettatonSEX?: sits down next to Gaster?, after ordering a shot of mercury. "And what's that, darling?"
:): ((I'm so tempted to press the button.))
: ★ Cinema: * "..MI...HTIW...DIPUTS...?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ""What the fuck?"
WGD: the one you knew was a prototype,
: ★ Cinema: * "What the fuck is this? Is this in some different language?"
WGD: she was a failure though
Gaster?: What is this thing all three of us know?
:): ((oh my that plot-fucking-twist
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "...[sub]the hell[/sub]"
WGD: she was 58566
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Sir, not the best way to ask this, but does this mean she can come back?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Holy shit... my wife is a prototype.
B: ((What kind of "I'm with stupid" shirt points down anyway?))
WGD: what? no shes dead
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ahh, that sounds so bad..."
Gaster?: ((she was #1
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: ★ Cinema: * ( Uh. )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What is this?"
: ★ Cinema: * ( Cinema's shirts. Yeah. Those ones. :D )
Gaster?: ((its upside down to cinema
Chara: ((WGD: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little grommet? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Daikatana Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret games on Game Grumps, and I have over 300 confirmed echs. I am trained in Zelda Modern Warfare and I’m the top speedster in the entire Sonic franchise. You are nothing to me but just another blue pants. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my swood words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting Jacques and your Gameboy Color is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, you silly bitch. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call Apples and Grapes. You’re fucking dead, Bubsy. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with myspace stocks. Not only am I extensively trained in killing skeletons in the dick, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the bootleg Pokemon games and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little dishwasher. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now baby you’re a firework, you goddamn Macauley Culkin. Amma getcha you and I aaaaain't havin' that shit. You’re tenouttaten, kiddo.))
B: ((Is the intended purpose to say "cinema's cock is fucking dumb"?))
: ★ Cinema: * ( Yeah. It's upside down to him. )
: ★ Cinema: * ( Cinema's just an all-around idiot as you can see )
WGD: She got rid of her after a few tests she failed
Fanon Toriel: ((Swood
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
WGD: this one though has passed them all with flying colours-
: ★ Cinema: * "WHAT. THE. FUCK."
Chara: ((Cinema's cock got cut off in the middle of a Fuck Oprah episode
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why are you making monsters?"
B: ((if you look down at a properly positioned shirt it looks upside down))
B: ((what gives))
: ★ Cinema: * ( 10/10 )
Answers: -looks just like Jukon, but has her limbs, no tattoos or scars, and is naked
: ★ Cinema: * He starts tugging at his shirt, and eventually, it rips, creating a loud tear noise, effectively making Cinema look like an idiot. "Well fuck."
WGD: No no no
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
WGD: she was a clone
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Of a real Jukon?"
MettatonSEX?: downs the one shot of mercury, and winces. He's not used to the taste. "Ooooh, it's stronger then usual. I should stop here tonight."
WGD: honestly she wasn't even a real monster
WGD: of the original host
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Hmm?
B: [font=palatino]-sits next to the two-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And what's the ariginal host?"
WGD: Jukon comes from her numbers
B: [font=palatino]So April Fools coincided with Freaky Friday this year.[/font]
WGD: oh she was has been chopped up by now
Gaster?: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What's in this box."
WGD: she was just a genetic template
: ★ Joseph: * This motherfucker walks in. "Guys, I'm pregn---" He bursts out in laughter. "I can't say that with a straight face. Uh. Not straight. Uh."
Asriel_Dreemurr: has lost a slight amount of his composure.
WGD: -looks at the box- thats Jukon's black box
: ★ Cinema: * He looks at Joseph. "Fucking jackass."
Gaster?: chuckles.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And what does it do?"
The White Wolf: what made her a failure?
: ★ Joseph: * He looks at Cinema. "Look who's talking."
The Trio: * They finish taking notes on the bar and its people. ...About a quarter of the notebook is filled. They consider speaking to others, but...that would deviate from the mission. They sit and think.
MettatonSEX?: kisses Gaster? on the forehead.
WGD: it stores her memories in it, we'll need to go through it at some point
WGD: good question wolf
WGD: she cried
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is just staring-
Gaster?: blushes, but gets up and kisses Mettaton? right back.
: ★ Cinema: * "Oh, psssssh." He points at Joseph's white Vans. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE?!"
B: [font=palatino]METTATON DUCK RIGHT NOW![/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...That's failiure?"
MettatonSEX?: blushes as well.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Crying?"
MettatonSEX?: ducks, though.
Gaster?: does not, but jolts.
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: takes a deep breath.
: ★ Joseph: * "You little cunt." He grabs Cinema and fucking punts him into nowhere. Cinema is gone.
WGD: of course, can't make a perfect being if they are emotionally broken
Fanon Toriel: enters through the anydoor
Fanon Toriel: My children!
B: [font=palatino]Honestly, it's still plausible.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Crying is a good emotion."
WGD: ((shes dead!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not a broken emotion."
Gaster?: You know what else is plausible?
: ★ Joseph: * He looks back at Toriel. "Hello." He looks down at his white Vans. "[sub]That little shit...these are amazing...[/sub]"
Fanon Toriel: ((Yeah
B: [font=palatino]-thinks-[/font]
WGD: buddy I've been in the game for awhile
B: [font=palatino]Mettaton, how much do you weigh?[/font]
MettatonSEX?: jumps. "Oh, hell, toriel."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Yeah, I cry everda-- I'm not finishing that.
Fanon Toriel: ((Whats your point
Fanon Toriel: ((Hell toriel
Fanon Toriel: ((Thats laharls job
WGD: for her, she needs no such thing
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Crying is the expression of sadness."
MettatonSEX?: ((i suppose that works too
Gaster?: ((thats accurate to metta
WGD: come I have more to show you
Fanon Toriel: Im sorry for interrupting...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No."
Gaster?: ((he would get shocked
Gaster?: ...
Fanon Toriel: But there is something i must tell you all
MettatonSEX?: frowns. "Around 600 pounds. Why?"
Chara: ((Mettaton: i weigh 123,462,742,145 pounds B: holy shit how do you walk
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't think I want to see more, you sick bastard."
Fanon Toriel: It's of great importance
Gaster?: ((IT'S 816
WGD: -walks out and moves down the corridor, has an emotionaless face on him-
B: [font=palatino]I thought you were 825?[/font]
WGD: believe me you're going to want to see this
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...I'm with him. You sick fuckboy.
Gaster?: ((well he says 816
Asriel_Dreemurr: reluctantly follows.
: ★ Joseph: * "...What..."
Fanon Toriel: It could be life or death, please listen!
Gaster?: facepalms
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -follows-
B: [font=palatino]-smirks-[/font]
The White Wolf: -follows but grabs his axe-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She follows, ready to use her knife.
MettatonSEX?: Hm, I could have sworn Gaster did a few weight-trimming upgrades here and there.
Gaster?: Wait how did you know that?
Fanon Toriel: ((Dont kill me for this
MettatonSEX?: is trying to save face.
Chara: ((Renegade Chara: SHANK SHANK MOTHERFUCKA
WGD: -walks to the next room to a large machine, looks like the DT extractor-
Fanon Toriel: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. - Hear about Frankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funeral? - No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp... under the circumstances. - Well, Adam, today we are men. - We are! - Bee-men. - Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive Oity graduating class of... ...9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go. Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. - Wonder what it'll be like? - A little scary. Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group. This is it! Wow. Wow. We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant Pollen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive. Our top-secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you know as... Honey! - That girl was hot. - She's my cousin! - She is? - Yes, we're all cousins. - Right. You're right. - At Honex, we constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence. These bees are stress-testing a new helmet technology. - What do you think he makes? - Not enough. Here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. - What does that do? - Oatches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. Oan anyone work on the Krelman? Of course. Most bee jobs are small ones. But bees know that every small job, if it's done well, means a lot. But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job you pick for the rest of your life. The same job the rest of your life? I didn't know that. What's the difference? You'll be happy to know that bees, as a species, haven't had one day off in 27 million years. So you'll just work us to death? We'll sure try. Wow! That blew my mind! "What's the difference?" How can you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make. I'm relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. But, Adam, how could they never have told us that? Why would you question anything? We're bees. We're the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what? Give me one example. I don't know. But you know what I'm talking about. Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Wait a second. Oheck it out. - Hey, those are Pollen Jocks! - Wow. I've never seen them this close. They know what it's like outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. - Hey, Jocks! - Hi, Jocks! You guys did great! You're monsters! You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it! - I wonder where they were. - I don't know. Their day's not planned. Outside the hive, flying who knows where, doing who knows what. You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. Right. Look. That's more pollen than you and I will see in a lifetime. It's just a status symbol. Bees make too much of it. Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it and the ladies
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B: ((rip))
Gaster?: He always said 816
Jozlyn: ((rip
: ★ Joseph: * "Is that the fucking Bee Movie script?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: has a small flame in his hand, power equivelent to that of Brimstone.
: MettatonSEX? [MettatonSEX?] unsilenced Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (SNAAAAKE)
WGD: you know there are no souls here right
: Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Slarvath I'm gonna fucking slay you))
WGD: not like your worlds tight?
WGD: right*
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
WGD: monsters and humans here work in a different manner
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
WGD: take the wolf for example
AAsriel/[Frisk]: hm?
B: ((Did Mettaton ever visit the ßTRG?))
WGD: he has a expanded consciousness that allows him to connect to eveyone's being around him
Gaster?: And no, I didn't. If anything, you're a bit heavier now. By a pound or two.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Chara: (( rtale Rick Astley's recent demise View log 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Frisky in a nutshell)) 12 MettatonSEX?: Uh, one inch? 2 Gaster?: .... 22 ((That still doesn't fucking work 2 Gaster?: Honey. 22 ((for me 2 Gaster?: Honey no. 13 The White Wolf: rips open the elevator door , but theres no elevator- 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: "..." 10 Ω DamnDaniel: (( AD, get rid of the brackets at the end )) 5 ★ Renegade Chara: * She looks at AD, the piece of hair cake still in her hand. She slowly takes a bite of it, gagging. 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: "That's weird." 12 * MettatonSEX? groans. "What do you want from me? I can't walk in heels!" 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: ((GRUMBLE)_) 10 Ω DamnDaniel: 13 The White Wolf: theres likely a call button in here 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: (( 2 Gaster?: I can't walk without them! 2 Gaster?: ... 17 AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . . 13 The White Wolf: I can just jump it though 2 Gaster?: Wait a second. 14 Smol Asriel: ((B ur dum 12 MettatonSEX?: Hm? 8 Barchar: ayup 13 Answers: ((last chance to join AD and Wolf Erron 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: "I might be able to climb?" 15 B: ((kek)) 17 AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((where are they 5 ★ Renegade Chara: * "I mean..." 15 B: ((Ikr)) 14 Smol Asriel: ((You do realize i never put my username in my chat name 5 ★ Renegade Chara: * "I have a grappling hook. Would that work?" 13 Answers: TK-421, they just left, say AA was there to join 17 AAsriel/[Frisk]: (k 13 Answers: ((that was occ 15 B: ((I realized it after the fact)) 14 Smol Asriel: ((Also frisky knows nothing, not anymore 2 Gaster?: Get over here, I need to open my chest. I got a pair of heels as a gift, and I think they're your size. 5 ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I don' t usually put my username in my chat name ) 17 AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is in TK-421- ... 10 Ω DamnDaniel: (( Hmm )) 14 Smol Asriel: ((Or maybe they do 12 MettatonSEX?: Ah, alright. 5 ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I don't use /me like a pleb ) 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: "How do I get there?" 14 Smol Asriel: ((I havent decided if he knows anything yet :) 10 Ω DamnDaniel: (( Also Slar, I have accepted my fate. )) 12 * MettatonSEX? caaaaarefully walks over, wobbling the whole way there. 13 Answers: ((is at a shop in the barzaar, WW knocked out the owner cuz hes a dick 14 Fanon Toriel: Im sorry for interrupting... 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: "No." 2 Gaster?: ((he would get shocked 2 Gaster?: ... 14 Fanon Toriel: But there is something i must tell you all 12 * MettatonSEX? frowns. "Around 600 pounds. Why?" 15 B: ((SHOCKED)) 22 Chara: ((Mettaton: i weigh 123,462,742,145 pounds B: holy shit how do you walk 7 Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't think I want to see more, you sick bastard." 14 Fanon Toriel: It's of great importance 2 Gaster?: ((IT'S 816 13 WGD: -walks out and moves down the corridor, has an emotionaless face on him- 15 B: I thought you were 825? 13 WGD: believe me you're going to want to see this 17 AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...I'm with him. You sick fuckboy. 2 Gaster?: ((well he says 816 12 MettatonSEX?: ((SCREW YOU I HAVE MEMORY ISSUES 7 * Asriel_Dreemurr reluctantly follows. 5 ★ Joseph: * "...What..." 14 Fanon Toriel: It could be life or death, please listen! 2 * Gaster? facepalms 5 ★ Joseph: * "MY WHITE VANS. MY PRECIOUS WHITE VANS." 17 AAsriel/[Frisk]: -follows- 15 B: -smirks- 13 The White Wolf: -follows but grabs his axe- 5 ★ Renegade Chara: * She follows, ready to use her knife. 12 MettatonSEX?: Hm, I could have sworn Gaster did a few weight-trimming upgrades here and there. 2 Gaster?: Wait how did you know that? 14 Fanon Toriel: ((Dont kill me for this 12 * MettatonSEX? is trying to save face. 22 Chara: ((Renegade Chara: SHANK SHANK MOTHERFUCKA 13 WGD: -walks to the next room to a large machine, looks like the DT extractor- 14 Fanon Toriel: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Lo
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: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] unsilenced Frisky Whiskington [Chara].
WGD: he can see the intention and emotions of everyone
Chara: ((lel
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Okay, stop.))
Chara: ((Alright.
B: ((wtf))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Next one I'm waiting to unmute))
Ω DamnDaniel: (( I can't read chat. ))
Chara: ((rip chat
Gaster?: ((i dont know
MettatonSEX?: ((please stop with the text walls
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay."
Chara: ((2015 - 2016
Gaster?: ((i dont think so
Chara: ((k
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (Knock Knock, its Knuckles)
MettatonSEX?: Hmmm. Well, shucks.
Gaster?: Sorry, honey.
Jozlyn: ((Knock Knock, it's the united states
: Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel] joined chat.
Ω DamnDaniel: (( [sub] a very small text wall [/sub] ))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She nods.
B: ((Let's say he did, to officially file the Corsiva case))
WGD: there very being is an energy instead of a soul
Gaster?: ((alright
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (([sub]small loan[/sub]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She looks down at her shoes. White Vans.
B: [font=palatino]-produces a file-[/font]
Fanon Toriel: ((Goddammit i gtg for a bit
WGD: well I managed to captured that essence
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( trend: all my characters wear white vans somehow )
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( cya slarv )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Gaster?: ((cya
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...And?"
Chara: ((A small loan of the bee movie script
B: [font=palatino]Remember when you went to the RG to file the case?[/font]
Fanon Toriel: dies
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why is this important to us?"
Fanon Toriel: Rip
: Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: I do.
WGD: and soon I'll be able to utlize it against anyone who opposes me
Gaster?: Yes.
Gaster?: surprise they both went
B: [font=palatino]I have all your physical info right here, Mettaton. Security.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...So you're gonna try and overthrow the king?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: You bastard.
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Knock Knock, is the dirty memers. They use reddit, and tumblr. Redblr. They want CaU to be seduced to their memes. "Accept.. The Memes. Stop... not being.. durty memers. ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: is currently analyzing the man.
B: [font=palatino]-points at Mettaton's weight: 825 lb-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: is back to his composure.
MettatonSEX?: ... Damn.
WGD: HA, not the king
Gaster?: .......I forgot about that.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "The world?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [sub]According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings as? - Yes, we're all cousins. - Right. You're right. - At Honex, we constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existenceAspects of bee too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. - Hear about Frankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funeral? - No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp... under the circumstances. - Well, Adam, today we are men. - We are! - Bee-men. - Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive Oity graduating class of... ...9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go. Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. - Wonder what it'll be like? - A little scary. Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group. This is it! Wow. Wow. We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant Pollen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive. Our top-secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you know as... Honey! - That girl was hot. - She'she i.[/sub] no )
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WGD: the whole multiverse
MettatonSEX?: Well, chalk it up to me being silly.
Asriel_Dreemurr: sees if there is any armour.
Jozlyn: ((rly
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (ZA WARUDO)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh?"
MettatonSEX?: ((you deserve that
Asriel_Dreemurr: "As in other timelines too?"
: Frisky Whiskington [Chara] disconnected.
WGD: Yep
B: ((why would you do that))
: Frisky Whiskington [Chara] joined chat.
WGD: I was the one who ordered Jukon to attack the bar
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods, looking for weak spots to put a bullet through.
WGD: those years ago
AAsriel/[Frisk]: !
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
WGD: -isn't wearing armor
Gaster?: ...Speaking of Corsiva. How did you get her back?
WGD: -is a nice business suit
WGD: just a*
B: [font=palatino]Sure, sure.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks to see if there is anything invisible that would save him.
Asriel_Dreemurr: thinks that he might have clones.
Ω DamnDaniel: (( ♋ Chat is slightly Cancer right now, please hold ♋ ))
WGD: I've been planning on killing everyone at the bar for awhile
Gaster?: ((hah
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Considering your clone buisness, I assume you have clones?"
WGD: nope
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No?"
Gaster?: ((i get it
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How do you keep safe?"
WGD: I'm the sole original real deal babdy
The Trio: * The three look around the bar. They come to a conclusion; deviating from the plan might actually help the mission. Now who's available to be spoken to...?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -tries to materialize his sword, but it turns out to be a baguette with "April Fools -Frisk"- Fuck
B: [font=palatino]-moves the files so that only he can see them-[/font]
Chara: ((AD: -shoots the fuck out of WGD-
WGD: you're the first person I've seen in a long time
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Am I?"
WGD: thought I'd do the whole evil monolgue thing and tell you my plans before I kill you all
WGD: it was a lot of fun
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well, It's certainly nice to meet you."
WGD: -just stands there-
WGD: so shall we get started?
Asriel_Dreemurr: pulls a pistol and fucking shoots him in the head, ready to retreat if he fucking doesn't die.
Gaster?: ...B, how did you get her back?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -bites the Baguette- Mmph
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Once this is done loading, I'll unmute you: ))
Gaster?: ((heh heh
WGD: -takes the bullets surpisingly well-
WGD: I felt that
WGD: come on hurt me more
B: [font=palatino]Mettaton, what is Napstablook's favorite food?[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Narcissism?"
MettatonSEX?: Mmmmh, a ghost sandwich?
MettatonSEX?: What does this have to do with our daughter?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -smacks him with the baguette- SHUT UP CYKA!
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((What))
B: ((masochism, silly normie))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I meant masochism))
B: [font=palatino]Well, you see...[/font]
Gaster?: B, stop avoiding the question,
MettatonSEX?: ((wgd: harder daddy
B: [font=palatino]Mettaton would know...[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Naptsablook is dead.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you not die or something?"
Gaster?: ......
MettatonSEX?: bites his lower lip.
Gaster?: Don't bring that up, you dick.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -smacks him with the baguette- CYKA BLYAT!
MettatonSEX?: Y... you're joking.
Gaster?: .....
B: ((Bnix Wright))
Chara: ((AD: -pulls out alcohol- -pours it all over wgd- -throws a molotov at wgd-
WGD: you're not trying hard enough
Ω DamnDaniel: puts a timer on for five minutes.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I feel like pain is gonna be good for you."
Gaster?: .....
B: [font=palatino]Well? Admit the truth.[/font]
Ω DamnDaniel: (( -5 Minutes, until the mute.. is complete.- ))
Gaster?: Will you tell us about Corsiva?
B: [font=palatino]Yes.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-jumps-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Shit, I absolutely have to go.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is going full on russian CS:GO player mode- CYKA BLYAT! IDI NAHUI!
The White Wolf: try this -arm turns to a mega particle cannon and fire a huge blast, completely envolping him-
Gaster?: B!
B: [font=palatino]We can talk about the whole thing later.[/font]
MettatonSEX?: frowns.
Gaster?: We better.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He's gonna live."
Gaster?: narrows his eyesockets.
WGD: -is still here after the shot, but he appears to be melting now-
B: [font=palatino]-morphs into ßoss and dashes out the Anydoor-[/font]
Gaster?: ...........
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Take that! Fucker!
MettatonSEX?: ..... He was onto us, I know it.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Melting?"
: Bionic_Dog's connection timed out.
Gaster?: Yeah I know.
B: ((I actually gtg for about thirty-fourtyfive minutes)))
MettatonSEX?: Damn it, I'm not a good actor...
B: ((cya
AAsriel/[Frisk]: The cannon... didn't kill?
WGD: thank you -his flesh and blood melt off, leaving his skeleton and suit (showhow) on-
: Bionic_Dog [] joined chat.
WGD: Gastily isn't it?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're a skeleton?"
WGD: now that I'm a monster
AAsriel/[Frisk]: This is too spooky...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You know monsters can die, right?"
Gaster?: |UGH|
WGD: I can move forwards with my plans
: B [B] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: smacks his face with the pistol.
WGD: -energy starts to flow towards him fro mthe machine
: ((who is whd
: ((WHD
Asriel_Dreemurr: attempts to destroy the machine.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Holy shit.
WGD: -it hits but does nothing-
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Mute... is complete ))
: ((WGD
Ω DamnDaniel: (( Don't spam or you're dead to me. ))
WGD: -the machine takes damage and starts to leak energy-
: Ω DamnDaniel [Ω DamnDaniel] unsilenced hit me harder daddy~ [].
Gaster?: |Gaster your acting sucks. Be flamboyant and mostly kind, but brutally honest.|
Jozlyn: (([url=]Here you go Bio[/url]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( but what if i'm already dead )
WGD: -gets larger
MettatonSEX?: kisses Gaster? Oh the forehead.
Asriel_Dreemurr: fires full blasts of fire at the machine.
Asriel_Dreemurr: the blasts from the left hand are considerable more unstable, and more powerful.
MettatonSEX?: I guess it's a testament to how unique you are.
WGD: -the room is flowing with an energy that seem all but familiar to the AD-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just starts to throw knives at the machine.
WGD: to the asriels*
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I WANT SOME )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -runs and dumps Cola on the machine- TAKE THIS CYKA!
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Are you actually talking about the actual food )
Gaster?: sighs, and pulls Mettaton? to him, and gives a passionate kiss on the lips.
Asriel_Dreemurr: exhales.
WGD: -is now a large skeleton-
Chara: ((it's a joke
Chara: ((a yolk
Chara: ((;)
Asriel_Dreemurr: attempts to take some of the energy.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( no )
Chara: ((yes
WGD: You may have stopped me from getting everything, but I'll enjoy rending your flesh
MettatonSEX?: deepens the kiss, humming as he enjoys the new sensations.
WGD: -AD is able to gain the energy-
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Do I become temporary hypergote or something))
WGD: ((yes
Chara: ((Asriel_Hypermemer
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -just keeps dumping cola on the machine- CYKA BLYAT!
WGD: -grabs the Wolf with telekinesis and begins to crush him-
Gaster?: moans softly, dominating the kiss as he slips his tongue between flavored silicone lips. A muffled "Delicious" can be heard.
The White Wolf: ERRRR
Asriel_Dreemurr: emits a blinding light, for a short few seconds. When the light fades, he is larger, and wearing a black robe, with the Delta rune on it. He has the black lines on him and stuff.
WGD: ((AA can go hyper too
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hey!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: has a much louder voice.
MettatonSEX?: shudders, pulling Gaster? into his lap. "Oooh, you're so wonderful..."
Chara: ((Hyper: -walks in- HYPERDEATH SQUAD FUCKERS
Gaster?: Yes, but you're more wonderful.
Jukon or Junko: -a familiar enegry flows through him, he hears- lets get him
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles.
: Memes IN 3D's connection timed out.
WGD: -focuses on AD- Lets go bud
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( TFA: -appears- yay )
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
MettatonSEX?: smiles, licking his lips.
Asriel_Dreemurr: summons a single Chaos Sabre, to take a swing at WGD's Ribcage.
: Frisky Whiskington [Chara] is now Frisky Whiskington [].
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..." She just stares, knives in her left and right hand.
WGD: -begins to summon gaster blasters and fires them out AD-
MettatonSEX?: We should do this more often.
Asriel_Dreemurr: dodges them perfectly. You can tell that sans prepared him for blasters.
Asriel_Dreemurr: drops a rain of stars onto WGD.
Gaster?: hums, and gives a very soft, unpiercing bite to Mettaton?'s lower lip. At the places of indentation, he runs his tongue across them, then grins.
WGD: -gets hit by AD numerous times-
: ((I can imagine how many times Asriel has died being taught by Sans
Gaster?: Oh, absolutely.
: Bionic_Dog [] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: throws a xan
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (oops)
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((It's less teaching, more "FUCK YOU I'LL EVENTUALLY LEARN YOU FUCK"))
WGD: -sharp bone spikes start to emerge from ground towards AD and AA
WGD: -throws The wolf to the side
Asriel_Dreemurr: is floating.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Throws a can at WGD- CYKA
Gaster?: Except we have to make more proportioned legs. Having a long torso is weird.
WGD: -they are very tall spikes
Gaster?: And I bet having a short one is odd for you.
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets hit. He doesn't seem [hased.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -runs from them-
Asriel_Dreemurr: phased*
The White Wolf: -starts to fire his cannon towards WDG, its doesn't do much-
WGD: ((AA you know you can go hyper right?
Asriel_Dreemurr: flys up next to WGD, and summons a Chaos Sabre, putting inbetween their eyesockets.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((ok
MettatonSEX?: smirks. "I figured you'd be complaining about being shorter."
The Trio: * Apparently they have a short attention span. Serene stares at the two others, Surreal and Sincere, drifting off in their minds. She snaps, and the two come back to attention.
WGD: -pulls out two large bone swords and starts swinging at AD
Gaster?: .......
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Goes Super Sayian Jesus- PREPARE THINE ANUS, CYKA!
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets hit multiple times. He seems unphased.
MettatonSEX?: ... Oh dear.
Gaster?: knees Mettaton? in the gut.
WGD: (( I might regret it))
Asriel_Dreemurr: is getting hurt, but he can't really feel it.
Gaster?: Now you had to mention it.
: ((
MettatonSEX?: gags a little. "S-sorry!"
: ((Why.
Asriel_Dreemurr: grabs WGD by their vertibrae, and throws them into the floor.
Gaster?: Just don't say that, darling.
WGD: -is getting worn down but now fighting against two Hypergotes-
Gaster?: I'm sorry, that was an overreaction.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Hyper Punches WGD- FUCKING REKT M8
: ((omf
WGD: -is trying to fend against both of them while taking hits-
: ((erron why
WGD: DAmn you both
Asriel_Dreemurr: then sends a barrage of rainbow colored fireballs, with immencly more power than before.
MettatonSEX?: nods, running his hand up Gaster?'s back. "Mmmmh, I won't."
The Trio: * The three look around for possible conversations to have. Perhaps the two that would trust them the least? Yeah, perfect idea. Serene facepalms as Surreal and Sincere approach Gaster and Mettaton. ((...If they're in the bar which I assume they are
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I could hear her."
Gaster?: bends down and kisses the spot where he jammed his knee.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just runs up to WGD, behind him, and starts stabbing them rapidly.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You'll pay."
MettatonSEX?: blushes a little. "You're so cute..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is it not?"
WGD: -throws chara off-
Gaster?: erects himself, and turns to the trio.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Throws A Rainbow Fireball- HADOUKEN!
Asriel_Dreemurr: appears behind Chara, catching her from falling.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She thuds onto the floor, maaaayyybe landing on her knif---oh okay then
WGD: -flyes to the end of the room and focus a large blast towards the two
Sincere: "Hi! Pretend you've never seen us, okay?"
Gaster?: ...Hello.
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: Why?
anon: ("erects himself" [lenny face])
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
: High Priest Laharl [Idk gimme a sec] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: then appears with a foot on the part of WGD's spinal column under his jaw.
Gaster?: ((that was my plan, darling
Serene: * Serene approaches reluctantly. If she wasn't so quiet, she could deal with this easy, but instead the dumb ones are the talkative ones.
Asriel_Dreemurr: kicked him to the ground
Sincere: "So we don't have a bad first impression, of course."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She's back at it again. She throws one of her knives at WGD, albeit much more weaker now.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Oh hell no! -speeds towards him- 1V1 ME CYKA!
WGD: -is on the grund-
Idk gimme a sec: ((>Go on robin))
: ((AD then accidentally fucks WGD in five seconds "WHOOPS BETTER NOT TELL HYPER"
Gaster?: I mean, as long as you aren't spying on us to kill us or do dubious things...
WGD: -phases through the ground and appears back from it grabbing at AD and throwing him at AA
Asriel_Dreemurr: forms a Chaos Sabre. He sends it into their Spinal column.
Idk gimme a sec: ((>Start a religion with the first person I see))
Asriel_Dreemurr: misses.
MettatonSEX?: Then you're good to go.
Idk gimme a sec: ((>Chatroom of about 20 people now praising green god Plantera)0
Gaster?: ((nice
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets thrown, hitting AA, but quickly recovering.
Sincere: "No, we [sub][sup]possibly[/sup][/sub] won't kill you."
WGD: -gets up and pulls two swords out again-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Starts charging an attack- KAME... HAME...
Gaster?: ...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -ok
WGD: let this be the final moment
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Serene: * She frowns and slaps Sincere lightly.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ow
WGD: -charges at the 2 and engages in sword play
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -charges again- KAME...
Sincere: "...What? It's nice to tell the truth."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( is WGD just not attacking renegade )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: HAME...
Gaster?: turns his body, slowly, so he doesn't slide off the hot legs.
Asriel_Dreemurr: summons two Chaos Sabres, preparing for sword play.
MettatonSEX?: I suppose he's right...
Gaster?: crosses his legs and arms.
WGD: -is fight AD while AA charges
Gaster?: I suppose.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Fires a Rainbow Beam- HAAAAAA!
Idk gimme a sec: (( ))
Gaster?: But do know that we don't want more death in the bar.
: High Priest Laharl [Idk gimme a sec] is now High Priest Laharl [Laharl].
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Wait Laharl wtf are you doing )
WGD: -the blasts hits him and erases much of his lower half-
Sincere: * He looks at Serene smugly, then turns back to Gaster. "We just want to learn as much as possible about this place for reasons. We already have a ton of notes on it. There's a lot to this place and its people."
Laharl: ((Starting a religion))
Laharl: ((I'm not RPing for now))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( on what )
MettatonSEX?: Pfft, tell me about it.
WGD: -he gasps for a breath and is left vunerable-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is winded from the beam- *huff huff*
Gaster?: For what, may I ask?
Laharl: ((Robin))
Asriel_Dreemurr: suddenly breaks from the sword fighting, pulling out a Chaos Buster. (I think that was the name).
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( omf )
Jukon or Junko: hes open get him!
Sincere: "Well, we're...messengers, kinda."
Asriel_Dreemurr: fires "Bullets" into him.
WGD: -is being riddled with bullets but is still alive
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She weakly throws her last knive at him.
Gaster?: To whom?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -his eyes glow- TIME FOR THE ULTIMATE ATTACK!
WGD: -he falls to the group, using his sword to keep him up
Asriel_Dreemurr: eventually finishes, and spins the blaster wround.
Asriel_Dreemurr: watches the blaster fill with energy in the color of a rainbow.
Sincere: "Well, we're controlled by two big guys who are controlled by one giant guy. The giant guy has never been seen except by the two big guys, who are some sort of hunters working for the giant guy."
The White Wolf: -focuses his fire with everything he has on WDG
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -looks like hes readying HYPER GONER- WHO WANTS SOME!?
Gaster?: ((by the way, sgh, this is me, [s]dio[/s]vivi
MettatonSEX?: ... Oh, right.
Gaster?: .......
Sincere: "So we're messengers for the hunters."
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles, as it all hets released into their skull.
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets*
MettatonSEX?: Hm.
Gaster?: Well who are the hunters?
Sincere: "I don't know what they want here, but if they sent us here to see what this holds, then they probably want something."
WGD: ((make the attack
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Has prepared HYPER GONER- GUYS MOVE! I GOT THIS!
Sincere: "The hunters...are...huh."
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes back to a serious expression.
Asriel_Dreemurr: finishes firing.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Laharl: (( ))
Serene: * She taps Surreal's head, who snaps back to attention.
Asriel_Dreemurr: floats away.
The White Wolf: -moves away
Surreal: "One was Clarity, I remember that."
: ((Doesn't Hypergoner destroy the entire fucking timeline or something?))
WGD: ((yeah just blast him
MettatonSEX?: ((GROW
Sincere: "And I guess we don't remember the other one. Unless Serene does, but she doesn't talk."
Gaster?: ((GROW
Asriel_Dreemurr: floats down to the weak excuse for a skeleton.
Asriel_Dreemurr: doesn't
Asriel_Dreemurr: didn't
MettatonSEX?: nods, taking a mental note of this. Wow, notepad sure is handy!
Gaster?: ((GROW GROW POWER RANGERS *funky theme music*
WGD: -is back to his normal skeleton form form, just lying there
WGD: everything......ruined
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes over to the skeleton, walking.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: GET FUCKED BOOOOOOOY! -turns back to normal-
Gaster?: ((i was thinking more like the villains on power rangers do but ok
Sincere: "So that's why we're here. To send messages to hunter guys so they can do what they want to do with this place so they can do whatever they're doing for the giant guy, who's pretty much a god."
The White Wolf: -gets up and walks over-
Asriel_Dreemurr: still is Hyper, or not?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
WGD: -yes
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She's very weak now and is probably just sitting down, trying to recover.
MettatonSEX?: A god, eh?
Gaster?: Well what are their purposes? Their reasons?
MettatonSEX?: Sound kind of like a giant asshole.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Sad excuse for a human lifeform."
Asriel_Dreemurr: shakes his head.
WGD: -is a skeleton-
Asriel_Dreemurr: knows they were human.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -runs up and kicks his head- FUCKING, CYKA!
WGD: -smiles-
Sincere: "I'm not sure. It's an honor to work for the god, since only two can do it at once. But I don't know what the god wants. Only the two serving him know."
WGD: -head goes flying-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "i would ask for your last wo-"
MettatonSEX?: I see.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: OOOOOOOOOH! -Does the "You cant see me thing"-
WGD: -the body melts into a black substance and disappears into the floor-
Asriel_Dreemurr: shrugs, attempting to incinerate the rest of him.
Asriel_Dreemurr: clearly missed.
Gaster?: Can you ask?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Bastard."
Sincere: "That's rude, though."
: Yazan [WGD] is now Yazan [Answers].
Answers: -the energys flow away and start disappearing-
Sincere: "Questioning authority leads to...well, consequences."
Answers: -forced back to normal now
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I'm starting to think Chara had the right idea... MURDER IS FUN!
Asriel_Dreemurr: landsback to the ground, with another flash of light.
MettatonSEX?: nods, then looks up at Grillby. "Hey, can I get a soda with a couple of ice cubes?"
Jukon or Junko: -AD can see Jukon for a brief second- Thank you
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles.
Gaster?: Well, if this guy wants us dead? That's rude too.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "what....." she said, panting. [lennyface]
Answers: -fades away-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Anything. I'd do anything."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Heheheheh...
Grillby: gets Mettaton? a drink with only one ice cube in it.
Answers: -is heard- I hope see you again.....
: High Priest Laharl [Laharl] set Jozlyn [Jozlyn] to Amateur Gavel-Slinger. They can now silence other users.
Laharl: ((Wasn't Tri a little mod before?))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Let's scout out the area. look for any of these energy storing machines."
Jozlyn: ((Oh yeah, I was
AAsriel/[Frisk]: k.
MettatonSEX?: *Every time Mettaton? sips his drink, Grillby snickers a little.
The White Wolf: is everyone okay?
Jozlyn: ((Also, message delay why
Answers: -there are no more
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks around, for these. He nods to Shin.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I feel amazing.
Gaster?: looks at Mettaton? and smiles.
The White Wolf: -body is a bit crushed but is okay
Jozlyn: ((Should I say the message again or wait for it to send
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "i..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -drinks a victory cola- Mmmm!
The White Wolf: -offers a hand to Chara
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Kinda wish there was some more of that stuff."
Gaster?: ((say it darling
The White Wolf: why?
Asriel_Dreemurr: shrugs.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I like being able to flat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: float*
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She weakly gets up, not taking Shin's hand. She looks like she's about to trip or fall over.
Sincere: "They [i]might[/i] want you dead. There's so many things they could want to do with this place and its people. They could even do nothing, but with how interesting this place is that's probably not what's going to happen."
The White Wolf: what now?
: Gaster?'s connection timed out.
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks to Chara.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( renegade: "i am a strong independent wo---[trips]" )
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
Sincere: "They [i]might[/i] want you dead. They could also want to steal stuff from this place, claim this place, do all sorts of things. They could even do nothing, though it's too interesting of a place to leave alone."
Jozlyn: ((there it is
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -tries to find more energy- I gotta get more of that stuff...
Asriel_Dreemurr: walks over to them, taking one of their arms, and putting it over his shoulder.
: ((AD: i jack off to floating
MettatonSEX?: crosses his arms. "Well, he needs to get through us, first."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( floatrousal )
Gaster?: ...I mean, just ask if they want us dead or not.
Answers: -its all gone, they move to the afterlife
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -looks through a pile of rubble- please let there be more...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't try and get addicted."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I gotta have it.
Sincere: "They'll tell us what they want to do with the place and with you guys once we send them as much info as possible. So yeah, we'll tell you once we get informed of what they want to do."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Stop, AA."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
MettatonSEX?: Thank you.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Gotta have my Pops... Err, I mean...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's gone, we saved the multiverse."
Gaster?: Thank you.
The White Wolf: what about her
AAsriel/[Frisk]: So no more Super Sayian Jesus?
Serene: * She starts writing something on paper as Sincere speaks. Once Sincere is done talking, she hands the paper to Gaster. On it it says. 'I have a really bad team. Please forgive me and them.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Thanks for helping, Chara. If I knew that would happen, I wouldnt have let yo come."
Asriel_Dreemurr: you*
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "Heh...."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "No problem...I'm always happy to help......"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Thank you."
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles to them.
Laharl: ((So i'll wait till I've got a hold of whats happening before I hop back into the RP))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is still digging through rubble, to no avail-
Jozlyn: ((Alright
anon: (what's with the question marks after mettaton's and gaster's names?)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She smiles back at AD.
Answers: -theres still one thing left to deal with
Gaster?: takes the note, reads it, and nods. "Now, introductions. I'm Gaster, and this is my husband Mettaton. He's wonderful, and he'll ruin anything that tries to hurt me. Or him, but to a lesser extent."
MettatonSEX?: (( : )
: High Priest Laharl [Laharl] is now High Priest Laharl [Heather].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I don't presume we can bring her back."
Gaster?: ((we're bodyswapped rn. i'm vivien, "mettaton" is chimera.
The White Wolf: don't know until we try
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
anon: (ooooh)
The Trio: * Sincere and Surreal say "Hi!" in unison. Serene nods in acknowledgement.
anon: (i understand now)
Gaster?: ((yes
Heather: ((Hmm))
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes to the container, holding a different Jukon.
The White Wolf: -follows AD-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks up to AD-
Heather: ((Welp, time to fucking try to throw a wrench in both Gaster and Metta with everyones favorite skull kid))
MettatonSEX?: shifts a little, sipping his drink. Grillby snickers.
: High Priest Laharl [Heather] is now High Priest Laharl [Necrosis].
Gaster?: ((it's why both are acting a bit off
Answers: -theres a number of computers and machines
The White Wolf: huh, these shouldn't exist here
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
MettatonSEX?: glances at his drink, then at Grillby. "... Are you making a spongebob joke?"
: ((Aren't Gaster and Metta the only ones who have bodyswapped, today?
Answers: -there is a port in the main computer
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can we give her memories back?"
MettatonSEX?: ((yup
Sincere: "Anything else you can tell me about this place?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you think that's possible?"
: ((ah
Gaster?: Grillby, you do this every year.
The White Wolf: only one what do find out
Necrosis: Necrosis has always been one for flashy entrances, and this is no difference. A small contained flashbang-esque bomb goes off, revealing Necrosis, now sitting in a chair.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -looks at one- I wonder if they have Porn Hu-- I MEAn YOUTUBE!
Asriel_Dreemurr: walks to the port, and tries to put the box in it.
Grillby: sighs and shakes his head.
Gaster?: jolts, falling off his husband.
MettatonSEX?: ((don't you mean corn hub
Gaster?: ((heh
MettatonSEX?: reaches out to catch his husband.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((the #1 place for Corn)
Answers: -it fits perfectly. the computer boots up and screen says ready to engage-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Gaster?: puts his hand over his mouth. "Hhhhhhholy shit."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -looks- What the...?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Guess we can only find out if we try.
Answers: -upload complete
Asriel_Dreemurr: engages the computer.
MettatonSEX?: then holds Gaster? close. "I've gotcha."
Necrosis: "Sorry." Luckily, Sorry is a word with no true meaning. It's simply forgiveness. Necrosis might've just accidently made people forgive eachother. But really he can say that with no risk.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . , Is she . . .?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( AD got engaged with a computer )
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( wow )
Gaster?: It's okay... it's omay.mI'm just feeling a bit lightheaded today.
The Trio: * The three turn to Necrosis. Sincere and Surreal greet Necrosis in unison, but Serene stares. Serene finds interest in Necrosis's silence, since she is mute. ...Though two quiet people can't really communicate well. The three turn back around to Gaster and Mettaton.
Asriel_Dreemurr: metaphorically crosses his fingers.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (computer secks)
: ((Hyper won't be happy with computer sex
Answers: -the computer read- PROCESSING
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -litteraly crosses his-
MettatonSEX?: Aaah.
Answers: -40 %
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Heres to hope I can bring you back, Jukon."
Necrosis: ((Hah, the trio reminds me of my OC's I used a long time ago for another RP))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just stares at the computer, still unable to actually stand up straight.
Answers: -75%
Jozlyn: ((Neato
Asriel_Dreemurr: is still trying to help Chara stand.
Answers: -90%
Jozlyn: ((I'll probably be using the trio for a while
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Please, come back...
Gaster?: ((i mean, can anyone here do anything straight?
Answers: -the computer stops-\
Jozlyn: ((And once the duo comes in, that's probably plot time
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( stand up pan )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Damn it..."
Gaster?: ((i pand up stan daily
: Frisky Whiskington [] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: NO!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Babel?"
Gaster?: ((wait dammit
Gaster?: ((shit
Necrosis: Necrosis just tips his mask to the three. Doing a sort of hand-wave motion. He does give a look at Serene. A look only the silent kinds of people can share very well.
: Frisky Whiskington [] joined chat.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: The fuck is a Babel?
Answers: -the tank begins to empty
MettatonSEX?: finishes his drink.
: ((Babel - Justin Babelier
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...That... cant be good."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (no(
Answers: -the glass door opens and she falls to the ground, catching herself
AAsriel/[Frisk]: !?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Serene: * She waves to Necrosis. Huh, an immediate connection.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "God I hope I didn't fuck everything up."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: J... Jukon?
Necrosis: ((I'm guessing one of them is mute, the other is blind, and the last is deaf))
Sincere: "Wait, have we told you our names yet, Gaster?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Jukon?"
Necrosis: ((And they work as like a three-man daredevil))
Gaster?: No.
Answers: -she stands up and says," JU-88 activated
: Yazan [Answers] is now Yazan [JU-88].
Jozlyn: ((Serene's mute, but the other two are fine
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -reaches out to her-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "JU-88?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: puts an arm infront of AA
Necrosis: ((Huh.))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Jozlyn: ((Serene's smart though, Surreal is extremely inattentive and Sincere is talkative and probably the dumbest
JU-88: -seems emotionaless and does nothing about the the hands
: Gaster? [Gaster?] disconnected.
Necrosis: ((I had Twin OC's, Kin and Gin, for a Dere Dere RP))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jozlyn: ((Sincere revealed the team's entire plan and system to Gaster/Metta
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not Jukon, are you?"
Necrosis: ((They basically operated as one-half Tsun and the other half Dere))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Jukon, are you there? Its us...
JU-88: Ju-kon?
Asriel_Dreemurr: walks over to them, looking at their head, seeing if ther is a dampener there.
Jozlyn: ((Noice
JU-88: -there isn't-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Your best friends...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
JU-88: -is completely naked-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I was your best friend."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I think."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is blushing- oh my...
JU-88: -has been-
Necrosis: Necrosis idly shuffles in his seat, like he's covering something up. Upon inspection, theres a bit of smoke emanating off of his coat...cloak tails. Like he just almost took a dip in lava.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
JU-88: Ju-nko?
: ((JU-88: Fuck me. In the ass. Like friends do. Erron: EXCUSE ME AD: ...
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
Sincere: "Well, I'm Sincere, that inattentive guy is Surreal, and the mute, smart, taller one is Serene."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon, Junko, either works.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Iguess, I can give you a better life now, right?"
JU-88: -does not exchange experssions
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Remember him? Asriel Dreemurr?
Necrosis: Necrosis would give you his name. But then he'd have to kill you. So he just nods, and does a mock-bow. As a sort of greeting.
MettatonSEX?: It's nice to meet you all.
JU-88: Awating orders Master
Gaster?: Ah, well , it's nice to meet you three.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Heh..."
Serene: * She nods to Gaster, then walks to Necrosis and sits down. She writes, 'Hello.' Just that. Simple.
: Gaster? [Gaster?] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I guess you really were a slave..."
: ((AD: I order you to have a threesome with me and Erron.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Master!? -blushes even more- OH GOSH.
Necrosis: Necrosis tips his mask. Damn, he's basically said hello THREE TIMES now. Necrosis must be canadian.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Close call almost got caught living rebel life 0
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you emote?"
JU-88: -does nothing but stand there-
MettatonSEX?: falls silent for a moment, then hugs his husband close.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Take that as no?"
MettatonSEX?: -Whiiiiiiirrr.-
Gaster?: hugs his darling back.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Gaster?: So cute.
The White Wolf: perhaps we should get her some cloths
: B [B] joined chat.
Sincere: "There's not much else to say about us other than what you know. But we have special powers, you've probably seen. Surreal can go invisible and has extremely precise memory. I can do some things involving fire, and Serene has a lot of ice and cold abilities."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Heh, Okay...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I mean, yeah, sure."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I need to talk to her though."
The White Wolf: alone?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So I'll stay here someone else get it."
MettatonSEX?: You're so cute too...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Me too, but you can go first.
B: ((Sorry about that ordeal. I'm ready to talk now))
Serene: * She looks back down at the paper. Huh, what to say. 'I assume you're mute as well?'
B: [font=palatino]-walks in-[/font]
The White Wolf: -walks out-
: Gaster? [Gaster?] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: looks up. "Oh, you're back!"
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]Sorry about that ordeal. I'm ready to talk now.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Did your creator put any mechanical things in you?"
Jozlyn: ((Wot
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (k do iy
: ((not yet
JU-88: Negative
Gaster?: Then please do.
B: [font=palatino]That is, if you're willing to admit the truth.[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I can kill off Microton. That is wonderful. )
JU-88: -the computer has a readout on her
Gaster?: ((don't
: ((i need to think about how i can execute this
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes to the computer.
MettatonSEX?: tilts his head. "What truth, darling?"
Gaster?: ((like seriously do not
B: [font=palatino]C'mon, just whisper it.[/font]
Necrosis: "..." What did you expect him to say.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( What would happen if I did kill him off? )
JU-88: -theres another box if her, but that is all. The upload is corrupted
B: [font=palatino]I won't tell.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
MettatonSEX?: rolls his eyes, then motions B closer.
Serene: * No body movements? Nods, anything? Huh. 'Can you write?'
Gaster?: takes a notepad from his cloak and writes, "We were bodyswapped and had fun with it." He shoves it in B's face.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon, do you know how to program yourself?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (I was considering Killing off [frisk] just to have her come back the next day. Like Kenny from South Park)
JU-88: Negative
MettatonSEX?: frowns. |I was going to do something fun, dear.|
Asriel_Dreemurr: "okay."
B: [font=palatino]-nods, and burns the paper-[/font]
Gaster?: |Sorry.|
Gaster?: ...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
JU-88: Jaku
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY )
MettatonSEX?: is still motioning B close.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jaku?"
Gaster?: licks the fire out.
B: [font=palatino]Just wanted to be sure.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (YOU BASTARDS)
B: [font=palatino]. . .[/font]
MettatonSEX?: There's more.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Anyways I have plans to kill off Mini so )
: ((Hyper is like Kenny
B: [font=palatino]Mettaton, I'm not falling for that.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (oh
JU-88: -turns her head to AD- Jeska or Jeksa
MettatonSEX?: No, seriously!
Gaster?: ((if microton died, metta and glamor would be devastated.
B: [font=palatino]You're probably going to-[/font]
: ((HAH..
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Is that how you want to be named?"
Gaster?: No really.
B: [font=palatino]Oh, fine.[/font]
: ((Ha..
: ★ Microton: * This little motherfucker walks in. "Hi, darlings."
: ((ha..
B: [font=palatino]-passes him an ear-[/font]
: ((meh.
JU-88: Unsure
Serene: * She waits patiently for any kind of response.
Gaster?: turns to Microton. "Oh, hello."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "ell me when you choose."
MettatonSEX?: whispers one single sentence in the ear.
JU-88: Jurz or Kurz
MettatonSEX?: "Never gonna give you up."
: ★ Microton: * "Hi, Gaster."
Serene: * She wrote something to Necrosis, if you didn't notice.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Also, my only order is for you to have your own free will.
MettatonSEX?: Oh, hello, little darling!
Gaster?: smiles.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: WAIT! I know what to do... Never mind you stole my idea.
Asriel_Dreemurr: fiddles with the computer.
: ★ Microton: * "Why do I feel like something is off? I can't trust you guys..."
JU-88: -seems to have a pained experssion
Gaster?: sighs.
JU-88: -grabs her head-
Gaster?: ....
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
MettatonSEX?: What on earth are you talking about?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Are you okay!?
The White Wolf: -comes in with an armored suit-
: ★ Microton: * He laughs. "Oh, darling. Something's going on."
JU-88: My head!?
B: [font=palatino]I knew it would be something like that.[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Gaster/Metta on the inside: "you clueless fuck" )
JU-88: Unable to determine
B: [font=palatino]I absolutely knew it would be a stupid prank.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]And yet...[/font]
MettatonSEX?: crosses his arms and scowls. "Nothing's wrong, darling."
B: [font=palatino]-snatches back the ear-[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What does it feel like?"
Gaster?: gets off of his husbands lap, and motions Microton to come closer.
: ★ Microton: * "Darling."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon. You're Jukon."
: ((I know the best way to kill off Hyper.))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: You're... Uhm....
B: [font=palatino]-sighs-[/font]
Necrosis: Necrosis just, well, stares. He can't really so 'oh thats cool' without freezing the world.
: ★ Microton: * "I think I know what's going on."
: ((The BEST way.))
Gaster?: ...Good.
: ★ Microton: * "But I'm not gonna run around and desert you."
The White Wolf: perhaps we should leave, get her out of here
Gaster?: ...MICROTON
B: [font=palatino]Well, I suppose you're both busy already.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You make your own decisions."
B: [font=palatino]-sits and waits-[/font]
MettatonSEX?: -Gaster's phone starts ringing.-
Gaster?: turns to B.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And you're allowed to cry, and smile."
: Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And emote."
JU-88: Unable to undertand
Gaster?: picks up his phone.
MettatonSEX?: also turns to B. "No, no, we can talk."
: ★ Microton: * He goes over to Gaster? and looks up. "Hello from the other side, darling."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: [-walks into the bar- Howdy fellas! -Explodes, RIP Frisk-]
JU-88: Jeska
: Fanon Toriel [Fanon Toriel] is now Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
MettatonSEX?: -Someone can be heard screaming about a large amount of static electricity.-
B: [font=palatino]-looks at G-man-[/font]
Gaster?: ......
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You have some sort of emotion dampener in you."
MettatonSEX?: -this is corsiva's doing.-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Okay, Jeska.
Gaster?: chuckles.
B: [font=palatino]We should wait for him.[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "Hello....Jeska...."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: If you like that name...
JU-88: -computer sees there is nothing else in her
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( AA: "now teach her about sex" )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Damn."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (OH YEAH)
Serene: * Well, that's a bit disappointing. However, Serene is determined to get Necrosis some form of communication. She pulls out a phone and hands it to Necrosis, then writes, 'How about typing?'
: Yazan [JU-88] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jurz].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I wish Icould have just restored your memories..."
MettatonSEX?: -Whoever's on the other end hangs up.-
Gaster?: puts the phone away, and exhales. "Talk, B. What do you know?"
Jeska or Jurz: Jesta or Jurz
: ★ Microton: * He looks up at Gaster?. "Darling. I feel like you aren't you."
Smol Asriel: is still chillin in his pillow crib
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Jeska? That's a nice name."
B: [font=palatino]Well for starters I absolutely lost my mind.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Jetza? Jurz? Jukon? JON'S GETTIN UPSET!
Gaster?: Microton, we'll talk soon.
Asriel_Dreemurr: fiddles with the computer and the box with her old memories.
MettatonSEX?: Well, that sucks.
: ★ Microton: * "You're really giving me up. You let me down. You ran around and deserted me, darling..."
Jeska or Jurz: -the box is now worthless- has no data in it
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I can't fix you, can I?"
Necrosis: Necrosis takes the phone, immediately typing out some words, although he isn't really showing it with his mask on. 'Nice to meet you, thats cool.'
The White Wolf: -gives Jeska the armored suit- get dressed
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Oh boy...
Gaster?: puts a finger to Microton's speaker.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And you can't show emotion, can you?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "
B: [font=palatino]I don't know what came over me, but I made possibly my stupidest decision in the last ten years.[/font]
Gaster?: How so?
MettatonSEX?: Oh?
Jeska or Jurz: -gets dressed in front of everyone
B: [font=palatino]I went and exchanged myself for her.[/font]
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
Gaster?: ...
B: [font=palatino]It was moronic.[/font]
Gaster?: B...
Jeska or Jurz: -a familiar essence is beaming from her-
: ★ Microton: * Muffled memes can be heard. "............................OHN..............NIEL!!!..........S......[rickroll] [vocalized lennyface, 'degdeg']"
Serene: * She raises her fist in triumph for a second, then begins writing. 'So that works. Congrats!'
B: [font=palatino]It's as if I were a man possessed.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs. He goes over to Jeska, and gives her a hug.
Gaster?: Oh my god.
Jeska or Jurz: Requesting first mission
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sorry."
B: [font=palatino]What?[/font]
Gaster?: ...Thank you, but...
Jeska or Jurz: -doesn't hug back-
Necrosis: 'Sorry about that, I don't talk much. Bad things happen when I talk.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Your mission in to have free will."
Gaster?: why do you care about the daughter of the man who hates you most?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * Chara just falls onto the ground then. Thud.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is*
B: [font=palatino]Whatever. That's why I was missing.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: First Mission... Am I annoying? I have the strange feeling that everyone thinks I'm annoying.
B: [font=palatino]You hate me most?[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: Does not understand
MettatonSEX?: frowns. "He meant me, darling."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: *sigh*
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...What do you want to do?"
B: [font=palatino]I'm fairly certain you don't hate me most either.[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: switching to bodyguard until further update
Gaster?: I mean if holding a grudge for ten years says anything.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( brb getting more root beer )
Smol Asriel: ((Welp
Smol Asriel: ((Nothing for me to do
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Gaster?: I mean, I hate you less, but.
Serene: * She looks sympathetic. 'Aw. It's alright, though. I suppose we just live with it, right? It's the best we can do.'
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( root beer is like high-octane fuel )
Smol Asriel: ((Shower time
: ((slarv
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How the hell do I restore your emotions..."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: ((rip slarv
B: [font=palatino]Well, you'd be surprised. But I digress.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: is thinking out loud.
Jozlyn: ((Wai--aw
: ((i was about to PM him
MettatonSEX?: looks at Gaster?. "Darling, didn't you say someone had a grudge against someone for a million years?
Jozlyn: ((Wanted to PM him too lol
Gaster?: ...
The White Wolf: should we return to the bar?
Gaster?: I mean, yes.
Necrosis: 'Yep.' He seems to think a bit, and proceeds to sum up his entire life in one sentence.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
The White Wolf: perhaps seeing her friends might help
: Frisky Whiskington [] is now Frisky Whiskington [Hyper].
Necrosis: 'Just watch out, life will kill you.'
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I don't know.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: It's worth a shot.
Gaster?: But not against B.
Gaster?: But anyway.
Hyper: * Surprisingly, he's just relaxing on the couch.
Gaster?: Do you know who kidnapped her?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, do you want to go see your old friends?"
B: [font=palatino]I escaped after a while. It seems the prison had some time dilation; it took me a week of careful planning.[/font]
: Yazan [Jeska or Jurz] is now Yazan [Jukon or Junko].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (rip)
MettatonSEX?: Oh god, how long was she in there?
B: [font=palatino]I still don't know who it was.[/font]
Gaster?: .....
Serene: * She nods. 'Too much of what gives people life can take away life, too. Life likes tricking you into making you think more of something means safety, then it backstabs you.'
Jukon or Junko: following
Jukon or Junko: ((thats suppose to be jeska
Serene: 'Life in general likes to backstab.'
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -heads for the bar-
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Should've called her Jezza )
Asriel_Dreemurr: starts to the bar.
B: [font=palatino]They were awful guards, though.[/font]
: Yazan [Jukon or Junko] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jurz].
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Like Top Gear )
Jozlyn: ((Jizza
Gaster?: Do you know why they took my daughter?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (DANGER ZONE)
Jeska or Jurz: -follows the group
Gaster?: ((jizz music
Necrosis: 'Yep.' Necrosis seems actually pretty happy to be conversing with someone else without killing them for once.
MettatonSEX?: ((smooth jizz
Jozlyn: ((Jizz-wailer
Asriel_Dreemurr: reashes the anydoor, opening it.
The White Wolf: -stops mid way back-
B: [font=palatino]After I escaped, I headed straight to my house to find Alphys.[/font]
MettatonSEX?: ((jizz box
Gaster?: ((mood synthesizer
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Jizzn Eveywhere)
The White Wolf: I think I've done all I can
Necrosis: 'My name's Necrosis. Sorry if I can't really tell you, it means Death, and you can guess what happens if I say it.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: has been holding Jukon's hand, and actually stops with SHin.
Gaster?: Mmhmm...
MettatonSEX?: nods, listening intently.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just fucking crawls on the floor to follow everyone.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Thanks, Shin."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -turns to him- Thanks for everything.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Erron, can you help CHara?"
The White Wolf: I hope this makes up for what happened, hopefully she will give you want you want
Gaster?: -His eyelights flicker slightly.-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Oh, sure!
B: [font=palatino]-looks down-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]When I didn't see her, I came here.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: *cough*giggity
Serene: 'My name's Serene. I'm sorry that you have to carry that burden, but hopefully you're doing alright.'
Jeska or Jurz: -is being led by AD
Gaster?: And then...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -helps Chara up-
MettatonSEX?: ... And then.
Asriel_Dreemurr: enters the bar, holding Jeska's hand.
Gaster?: Yeah.
Hyper: * He waves to AD. "Howdy! Uh.. what happened back there?" He glances at Jizza.
The White Wolf: Farewell -leaves-
Gaster?: .....
B: [font=palatino]You saw the rest.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Howdy, everyone."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just falls down again. Not like she can stand up [s]pan[/s]straight.
Jeska or Jurz: -walks in, shes looks just like Jukon-
Asriel_Dreemurr: * Jeska looks exactly like Jukon.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: *sigh* -carries Chara on his back-
The Trio: * Sincere walks up to Serene. "Everyone else is doing things. Can we go now?" Serene shakes her head. ...Meanwhile, Surreal is busy being inattentive.
Gaster?: I'm sorry... I...
Gaster?: I'm sorry we couldn't stop them.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Would you like to sit on the couch, Jexka?"
MettatonSEX?: nods, silently.
B: [font=palatino]-seems to be taking this one surprisingly well-[/font]
Hyper: * He just keeps on staring at Jizza.
B: [font=palatino]-looks up-[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: orders confirmed -sits on the couch-
Necrosis: Necrosis just...shrugs, and idly lifts his mask, showing a mostly normal face, if a little bruised and battered. He's still got bare remnants of a black eye. The reason he's lifting his mask is so he can actually sip his drink.
Asriel_Dreemurr: sits next to Jeska.
B: [font=palatino]I'd go and kill them all, but...[/font]
: ★ Renegade: * ( Jezza is a nickname for "Jeremy" in the UK apparently )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you remember Hyper?"
Hyper: "..Howdy!"
: ★ Renegade: * ( [url=]Jezza.[/url] )
B: [font=palatino]There are too many. It isn't worth it anymore.[/font]
Necrosis: (( ))
: B [B] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: Hyper, Asriel Dreemurr, originally know as Flowey
MettatonSEX?: clenches his fist, digging his nails into his palm
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: B [B] joined chat.
Gaster?: .....
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -carries Chara into the bar and puts her on the couch-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you remember when I was a kid?"
Hyper: "Ehm.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And you took care of me?"
B: [font=palatino]I still have no clue what they even wanted.[/font]
Serene: 'What do you normally do when you're not here? It seems you've been in a few fights. Your face is a bit bruised.'
Jeska or Jurz: changed to normal form after 58566 saved hi
Jeska or Jurz: him*
B: [font=palatino]Or who they are... Or perhaps who he [i]is[/i].[/font]
: ★ Renegade: * She looks at AA. "Thanks."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: No prob.
MettatonSEX?: You think it might be just one person?
B: [font=palatino]I'm thinking it may have been a hivemind.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]Look how disposable they all were...[/font]
Gaster?: We have to do something to make it up to you. I might not like you, but you didn't have to do that for us, and then go through that.
: ★ Renegade: * ( jeremy clarkson / In his book, I Know You Got Soul he describes many machines that he believes possess a soul. )
Gaster?: ...
B: [font=palatino]And the sheer unison.[/font]
Hyper: "Well, uh.. I'm AD's boyfriend, if you need to know that?"
Jeska or Jurz: -looks to AD- Asriel Dreemurr, originally and Alagmate, timeline faced a reset
Gaster?: That means we have to kill the leader.
Gaster?: After interrogation.
B: [font=palatino]-shakes his head-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]I don't see the point.[/font]
Gaster?: ...
Hyper: * He is surprisingly not asking any questions.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you remember how I was your little cinnamon roll?"
MettatonSEX?: Why not?
Gaster?: Revenge?
Jeska or Jurz: 58566's companion and love
MettatonSEX?: We could tear them all into itty bitty pieces.
B: [font=palatino]It's time to check our losses here.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks to Jeska- Do you remember me? We were married. I still have the ring! -shows her-
Necrosis: 'Run from assasins, try not to get punched by robots, the usual.' Necrosis has a bit of fuckin' snark.
: ★ Renegade: * She looks at Jezza. "Hm. Jezza."
B: [font=palatino]They outnumber us too hard.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I can still be your companion."
B: [font=palatino]-has the look of an utterly defeated man-[/font]
MettatonSEX?: How? Do you have an estimate?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "That doesn't have to be a seperate person."
Jeska or Jurz: 58566 married AD after a confrontation with the Wolf
B: [font=palatino]When I was escaping, I estimated there were a hundred at my little prison alone.[/font]
: Gaster? [Gaster?] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Woah woah woah, I never married you."
Jeska or Jurz: prior to a confrontation*
MettatonSEX?: Damn... there weren't that many in the OTRG, were there?
Hyper: "..This is a little weird.."
Jeska or Jurz: Records indicate a marriage, after AD returned from a time laspe
Serene: * She smirks. 'And that only leads to a few bruises? I'm sure you've gotten used to it, then.' A short pause. 'Though I suppose we both have some problems. I'm a leader of a team that can't control themselves, and I'm a demidemigod, which can be difficult. Mostly because I have to lead those two. Without a voice.'
B: [font=palatino]There were, but there were a hundred JUST WITH ME.[/font]
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]I wasn't at HQ or anything.[/font]
: ★ Renegade: * "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Not with this Asriel."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "That was with Erron."
: Memes IN 3D's connection timed out.
MettatonSEX?: ... Damn...
Necrosis: 'You've got me beat, I just run a lot.' Necrosis shrugs.
B: [font=palatino]Not to mention the soul cabinet is dry...[/font]
B: [font=palatino]I checked, believe me.[/font]
B: [font=palatino]It's over. We'd best pretend this never happened.[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: Babek
Jeska or Jurz: babel*
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Babel?"
: ★ Renegade: * She looks at Jezza. "Babel?"
Hyper: "What's a Babel?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: There it is again, Babel...
MettatonSEX?: So you want us to just give up?
Gaster?: Cannons. Blasters. Get shit from another universe. I don't care.
Jeska or Jurz: (does it say Jezza or something because thats not right?
B: ((well I have no idea how to unmask our villain here))
: ★ Renegade: * ( It does say Jezza )
B: ((Because his plan worked exactly to the T))
MettatonSEX?: ((i'm gonna go get a glass of water
: ★ Renegade: * ( As a joke, but I'll just put Jeska now. :p )
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((It says Jeska))
MettatonSEX?: (('cause my head hurts
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((oh kek))
Serene: 'Whatever makes a living, I guess. I'd be fine with running around a lot and not really having any kind of job. Maybe.'
Gaster?: ((damn
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Jozlyn: ((Rip
Jeska or Jurz: -starts with pained look again- Can't...comprehend
Jozlyn: ((Hope you get better
AAsriel/[Frisk]: !
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I can't help you, can I?"
Hyper: "Eh.."
Hyper: * He feels confused.
Asriel_Dreemurr: hugs them, few tears rolling down his face.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -does the same-
: ★ Renegade: * "..."
Necrosis: Necrosis...laughs. Although its raspy and choked. Like he doesn't laugh much. 'You think I get money for running?'
Jeska or Jurz: I... I
Jeska or Jurz: I don't....understand
Gaster?: stands up, wobbling a bit, and slams his hands on the table. "We don't give up.
Asriel_Dreemurr: leaves a few tears to drop onto them.
B: [font=palatino]I give up.[/font]
MettatonSEX?: We haven't.
Gaster?: I haven't.
Serene: 'Money doesn't always bring life. Maybe you don't get money, but look, you're here.'
MettatonSEX?: If you think we're about to, you've got another thing coming, darling,
B: [font=palatino]In the early days of my Guard, I didn't give up either.[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: -doesn't react to it-
B: [font=palatino]-stares through Mettaton-[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: -just stares into space-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You remember your past...?"
B: [font=palatino]You don't want to know what happens when you don't know when to quit.[/font]
Necrosis: Necrosis seems to...blink...a little, but nods. 'Money doesn't bring life. Money just sends you to an early grave. Well, as far as I know. I'm pretty sure the strike team that's always hunting me down gets payed swell.'
Jeska or Jurz: Memory of 58566 in storage
B: [font=palatino]-coughs-[/font]
Gaster?: ......
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Gasp-
Jeska or Jurz: memory may be corrupted
B: [font=palatino]-his left arm crumbles up a little-[/font]
Necrosis: ...And Necrosis suddenly...freezes on the spot, like he sensed something. A low [i]whrrrrrr[/i] filles the room.
Gaster?: ....
Gaster?: The hell?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: L-LOAD MEMORY!
B: [font=palatino]-blinks, and is back to reality-[/font]
Gaster?: What was that!
MettatonSEX?: B, are you alright?
Serene: '...You alright?'
Hyper: * He's just staring, confused.
Jeska or Jurz: Not a computer
B: [font=palatino]-wiggles his arm, and it's back to normal-[/font]
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]Bad arm.[/font]
Gaster?: ...
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]It isn't a big deal.[/font]
Hyper: ((hi slarv i am gonna pm you
MettatonSEX?: Oh, what happened? Maybe Gaster can help.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you function with the other memories?"
Jozlyn: ((Same
Jeska or Jurz: memory known
Jeska or Jurz: Not 85866
Gaster?: ........
Smol Asriel: ((Okie?
Necrosis: Necrosis waves a hand, in a sort of goodbye. "Away." and dissapears in a fucking blue space-hole thing. A group of men with guns appear in the bar for a bit. "Wheres the kid?" "YOU SAID HE WAS HERE!" "Sorry, kid must've run!" And they're gone, down a sort of strange portal like the one Necrosis hopped off into.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...?
B: [font=palatino]I've got it under control.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You can be 85866."
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
Gaster?: Okay.
Smol Asriel: ((Did something happen?
Jeska or Jurz: I am not 85866
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Jeska or Jurz: I am not a failure
AAsriel/[Frisk]: You CAN be!
Asriel_Dreemurr: takes out the Locket from the funeral.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You weren't a failiure."
B: [font=palatino]-Conscience is suggesting to Actual!Gaster to insist on a diagnosis-[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -takes his out- You were the best!
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you function with that memory instead of your current one?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "85866- No, Jukon, was one of the best people I've known."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
MettatonSEX?: shakes his head. "No, really, you should probalby get it checked out. You don't want it to spread."
Jeska or Jurz: Negative
Asriel_Dreemurr: **WOW HOW DELAYES WAS THT?))
B: [font=palatino]Spread?[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((The can you fucktion never happened there))
B: [font=palatino]I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: ((already responded to it
B: [font=palatino]It seems there aren't even any amalgams here anymore.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I told you every night. "you're the best! You'll alwaya be best!"
Serene: * She stares blankly and confusedly for a second, then turns her head on its side with narrowed eyes, wondering what just happened. Suddenly, her watch makes a beeping noise. She looks down at it and sighs.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No, It was true."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
MettatonSEX?: thinks for a moment. "B, how old are you?"
Gaster?: That's not important right now. What's important is answers. We want to know why Corsiva was taken, and prevent it from happening again.
B: [font=palatino]-Conscience presses a bit harder-[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: 85866 is dead
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I liked an emoting friend better than a slave."
B: [font=palatino]I forgot.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: no shes not! She's not dead!
Smol Asriel: ((Two people requesting pms when i log on made me think i was in trouble ;_;
B: ((why would someone want PMS?))
The Trio: * Serene gestures to the two others that it's time to leave. They follow her out of the anydoor, all of them waving to the rest of the bar as they leave.
Asriel_Dreemurr: hugs a bit tighter.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sorry I let you die..."
MettatonSEX?: shakes his head. "Darling, this won't do. We don't want you gone B, it's the least we can do to thank you for saving Corsiva."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -hugs even tighter-
B: [font=palatino]Gone?[/font]
Gaster?: ......
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I should've been there...
B: [font=palatino]A bad arm won't k-[/font]
: High Priest Laharl [Necrosis] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: -does not respond-
Smol Asriel: ((So since i got kicked outta the tournament ill be home tomorrow
B: [font=palatino]Oh, what the hell.[/font]
Smol Asriel: ((So i can do painful tomorrow and sunday
B: [font=palatino]I'll let... Gaster... Take a look later.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Please, respond to something!"
Jozlyn: ((Yey
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Please..."
Gaster?: Alright.
Smol Asriel: ((If everything goes as planned, well make it through hotland
MettatonSEX?: nods. "Good to hear."
B: ((Kicked out?))
Jeska or Jurz: Awaiting orders
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Smol Asriel: ((But waterfall is so fucking huge now and stuffed with events i may have to split it into two parts
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Express emotions?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -starts crying- Bring her b-baaack!
Gaster?: ...
Smol Asriel: ((Yeah i lost rip me
B: [font=palatino]So now what?[/font]
B: ((slaRIP))
MettatonSEX?: shrugs. "We think of ways to keep our daughter safe."
Jozlyn: ((Rip
B: [font=palatino]-shrugs-[/font]
Gaster?: Now we plan on how to get back at them, too.
Jozlyn: ((I gtg
B: [font=palatino]Is anyone ever really safe?[/font]
Gaster?: sits down again.
Gaster?: ((cya
Jeska or Jurz: ....
Hyper: ((bye tri
B: [font=palatino]At any moment a pissed Core being could snatch us up.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (bye
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...P-Please..."
Jozlyn: ((Bye, have fun
: Jozlyn [Jozlyn] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: Unable to comply
Smol Asriel: ((Apparently, despite the rules saying you go to octofinals if you win four matches, you needed to win five at this tournament because there were so many competitors
MettatonSEX?: I suppose you're right...
B: [font=palatino]Sure, there are device to try and prevent it, but accidents happen.[/font]
Smol Asriel: ((This tournament was full of bullshit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why can't you emote?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is crying- Please! J-Jukon...
Smol Asriel: ((Im gonna say fuckwords at them
B: [font=palatino]*devices[/font]
Gaster?: Can you turn your volume to 0? And stop worrying us more?
Hyper: * He gets up, and walks out of the bar.
B: [font=palatino]They can malfunction.[/font]
Gaster?: more like Sasster
Hyper: ((slarv read the fucking PMs
Gaster?: Shut up, please.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: -pushes AA away-
B: [font=palatino]You know how many I keep at the RG to combat malfunction?[/font]
Jeska or Jurz: Not JUKON
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "..."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: !?
Gaster?: ...
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
B: [font=palatino]I have forty-eight. And they could still all fail at once.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska..."
Jeska or Jurz: -looks a bit mad and ready to fight
MettatonSEX?: That's a scary thought.
Gaster?: Just shut up, B.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's alright..."
B: [font=palatino]We have to be rational.[/font]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -falls to the floor- W-Why couldn't I save you...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Please don't hurt anyone..."
Jeska or Jurz: -starts to approach AA with the intent to hurt-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Stop."
B: [font=palatino]Get a couple of core-transit blockers for your timeline or something.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska."
MettatonSEX?: sighs, and kisses Gaster? on the head.
Jeska or Jurz: -stops-
Gaster?: .......
MettatonSEX?: Yeah. Or something like that.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( like i'm trying cherubplay )
Jeska or Jurz: Standing down
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Thank you..."
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( i feel awkward please send help )
B: [font=palatino]Maybe a couple turrets or something. I dunno. It's your house.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: takes her back to the couch. Or atleast tries to.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (damn that delay
Jeska or Jurz: -follows AD-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She just sinks into the couch.
MettatonSEX?: blinks. "Shit... darling, I'm at 10 percent.
Asriel_Dreemurr: goes backto hugging her.
Gaster?: ...Fuck.
Smol Asriel: is still in the fort
Asriel_Dreemurr: '...Ho2 do I make you happy, Jeska..."
Jeska or Jurz: -is getting hugged but not repsonding to it-
B: [font=palatino]Well.[/font]
MettatonSEX?: groans. "Iiii'm gonna go plug myself in. Goodnight, everyone."
Smol Asriel: pokes his snoot out
Jeska or Jurz: ..tim...
Gaster?: nods. "Goodnight, darling.
Jeska or Jurz: ((not the name tim
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is just curled up on the floor-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Tim?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( fuck i sent a message and started a prompt i didn't want to start )
B: ((Well, the villain's plan WAS working perfectly))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( shit )
Gaster?: ...
B: ((I threw a little wrench in it))
MettatonSEX?: heads back to the house and plugs himself in.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What's tim?"
Gaster?: ((good
Jeska or Jurz: Unknown
B: ((Not so good))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Nothing make you happy...?"
MettatonSEX?: then lays on his back, initiating sleep mode quicker than expected.
Smol Asriel: ((Oooh, i have lotsa secrets now
B: ((I need the villain's plan to a least sorta work))
Smol Asriel: ((Fun times
MettatonSEX?: ((i'm gonna try sleeping this headache off, goodnight everyone
B: ((You see, in a sense I AM the villain))
Jeska or Jurz: ...
Smol Asriel: ((Gnight
Gaster?: sighs, then turns to Microton, finally. He motions for Microton to come closer.
B: ((But enough of that))
Gaster?: ((gn chime
B: ((gn))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Are you sure nothing make you happy?"
MettatonSEX?: ((we can do more bodyswap shenanigans tomorrow if you'd like
Jeska or Jurz: ...
Gaster?: ((sweet memes dank dreams
MettatonSEX?: ((or any day really
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks into the fridge-
MettatonSEX?: ((anyway goodnight
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You sure as hell can emote, you showed anger."
Gaster?: ((oh most definitely
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Jeska or Jurz: -its broken still, the fridge-
Gaster?: ((but not tomorrow bc i want this to be a cosmic joke
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
狐狸精: ((boop))
Jeska or Jurz: Negative
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is just sitting in it without the door-
B: ((I'm a little sad nobody noticed my little remark about the villain))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I love yoi still..."
Gaster?: ((you're the bad guy?
Smol Asriel: ((Tomorrow is plot time!
B: ((well I'm a pretty bad guy))
Asriel_Dreemurr: is still crying a bit.
Jeska or Jurz: ...
B: ((but no))
Smol Asriel: ((The main villian is named andrew confirmed
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You might not be Jukon..."
Gaster?: ((you arent that pretty
B: ((lelno))
Hyper: * He decides to walk through the snow, thinking about his life. Currently.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "But atleast I have you mostly back..."
: MettatonSEX?'s connection timed out.
B: ((I'm already username OC trash, but I'm not real name OC trash))
Smol Asriel: ((Andrew the hedgehog
B: ((I googled that))
B: ((It hurts))
Jeska or Jurz: Acknowledge
Smol Asriel: ((I googled my name the hedgehog
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -Is just mumbling to himself about how he couldvve saved her-
Smol Asriel: ((I still have the screencap, it was awful
B: ((brb googling Sean the hedgehog))
Hyper: * Without really thinking about it, he walks across Snowdin. Then it turned into walking across Waterfall. Then Hotland. Then the Core. Then he reached the same cliff he died for the second time on.
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Want to lie down?"
: High Priest Laharl [Necrosis] joined chat.
Gaster?: ((there are none with the right spelling for me
Smol Asriel: ((Use quotation marks
Hyper: * He sits down, letting his feet dangle midair. He tried not to fall down the cliff by accident.
Smol Asriel: ((Im sure theres one
Gaster?: ((i did
Hyper: ((AD: By lying down, I mean hot goat on fish sex.
: B [B] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Yes? No?"
Necrosis: ((I looked up my name the hedgehog))
Jeska or Jurz: ...
: Gaster? [Gaster?] disconnected.
Necrosis: ((And uhh...))
Jeska or Jurz: is that an order?
Necrosis: (( WHAT THE FUCK ))
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's not an order, It's your choice."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "If you want to, you can lie down on my lap."
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Jeska or Jurz: Unablr yo understand
Jeska or Jurz: is that an order>
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you have a preferance?"
Hyper: ((omf
Jeska or Jurz: negative
Hyper: ((Frisky the Hedgehog exists
Jeska or Jurz: Is that an order?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How did you choose a name?"
Necrosis: ((Also for some reason theres a pony amongst Aidan the Hedgehogs))
Jeska or Jurz: Was given name
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I looked up my (100% real) name )
: B [B] joined chat.
Gaster?: ((theyre all vivian or vivienne
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Lie down... You might want to rest or soemething..."
B: ((I saw a couple viviens))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I feel wrong giving you orders..."
Gaster?: ((really? zelda me
Gaster?: ((*link me
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( my name is totally terra )
: hit me harder daddy~ [] is now Terra [].
Gaster?: ((nice
AAsriel/[Frisk]: z Z z
B: ((can't, I'm contacting you through a toaster))
Gaster?: motions Microton to come closer.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I had a weird thought )
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Gaster?: ((link me when you can
Jeska or Jurz: acknowledge Master
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "What if I played Duke Nukem 3D on a toaster?" )
anon: (i googled "abby the hedgehog" and i found inflation fetish art....)
B: ((just trying to see the hedgehogs crashed it once))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( OH NO )
Gaster?: ((oh no
Jeska or Jurz: -lies down next to AD, still looking emotionless-
Gaster?: ((darling no
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (knuckles; oh no)
Gaster?: ((im gonna fight
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
B: ((I saw some Sans inflation the other day))
B: ((how does that even work))
Asriel_Dreemurr: lifts their head onto his lap.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( also when i looked up Terra the Hedgehog i got "Shadow + Terra" and I was like "that's enough internet for today" )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "85866 Loved this..."
Gaster?: ((*joseph joestar voice* OH MY GOD
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: sifts his fingers through their hair.
Hyper: ((The only thing you could do to 'inflate' Sans is to fill his clothes with ketchup
Gaster?: ((ive seen mettaton inflation and while softrobot is cute theres a point where it needs to stop.
B: ((/r/undertalecringe is a hell of a place))
Hyper: ((*shudders*
: ★ Microton: * He moves over to Gaster?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [i][shuddering intensifies][/i] )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Ive been to /r/Undertail))
B: ((I read a blog of someone who was possessed by my MLP OC))
B: ((*HIS))
Jeska or Jurz: -allows it-
B: ((*HIS *HIS *HIS))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "I read a blog of someone who was possessed by my MLP OC" -B 2016 )
B: ((FUCK))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Does that feel nice?"
anon: ( )
Jeska or Jurz: ((hey I don't know what happened, but I tried to go to the OC sheet and edit it, but when I clicked on cells it just erased them
B: ((The typo correction there is very important))
Gaster?: leans down, and whispers the bodyswap situation. And after a brief silence, he whispers... "Now it is time for Caramelldansen."
: B [B] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: ((and now my mouse won't allow me to highlight texxt
: B [B] joined chat.
Jeska or Jurz: ((or right click open a window
Jeska or Jurz: ...
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( )
Necrosis: ((B, I've got a website for ya))
Necrosis: (( Go to your kind.))
anon: (IT DOES)
Gaster?: ((BUT IT ISNT
B: ((But the guy was POSSESSED BY A MLP OC))
B: ((DID is a hell of a drug))
Gaster?: ((damn
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((/r/undertail is actually pretty tame. It's not all pedophilia like others say it is.))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "possessed by my MLP OC" -B 2016 )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
B: ((Frisk why))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( who hasnt been to /r/undertail like srsly )
B: ((I can't believe you've done this))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is there any way to help you show emotion..."
Hyper: ((MLP is one hell of a drug
B: ((I went for the sole purpose of cringe collection))
Jeska or Jurz: I do not
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (it's not that cringey though)
B: ((There was totally some pedo shit going on there))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you want to show emotion?"
Gaster?: ((its all sans, toriel, frisk, muffet, asriel, and sometimes temmie
B: ((The monster kid is seared into my brain))
Gaster?: ((theres so little mettaton and alphys and undyne
Necrosis: ((IS OC ON OC PORN))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (I'd never jack off to it, but it's tamer than you think))
B: ((YES))
Gaster?: ((too tame
Jeska or Jurz: Do not want
B: ((Viv you kinky bastard))
Gaster?: performed a vintage meme
Jeska or Jurz: Purpose is to obey orders given by master
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Gaster?: ((you know it
Gaster?: (( ;)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What if my order is to emote normally?"
: ★ Microton: * He bursts out in laughter.
狐狸精: ((tfw the command for this character is "/bitch"
Gaster?: smiles, chuckling.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((DUANE))
Hyper: ((10/10
Jeska or Jurz: Cannot comprehend -speech is becoming broken-
Gaster?: ((the command for this character is /fool
: ★ Renegade Chara: * (Terra the Hedgehog yields Facebook pages on actual search, and on images, 95 high-octane cringe )
Necrosis: ((AD:This sentence is false))
Jeska or Jurz: ((btw if you need to go to bed at all, go
B: ((I still can't believe we've all been normalize to the name "MettatonSEX"))
Gaster?: ((ikr
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
B: ((*normalized))
Necrosis: ((Yep))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( The command for Microton is /prepareyouranusforthememes )
Gaster?: ((my command for grillby is /flameo
Jeska or Jurz: Master?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( The command for Renegade is /killinginthenameof [props to you if you get the reference] )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you call me Asriel?"
B: ((A covert TLA reference))
B: ((noice))
Gaster?: ((yes
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( what )
Gaster?: ((and i get the reference, but i forget to what
B: ((Flameo, hotman))
Gaster?: ((i know that from some song
Gaster?: ((ayyyyy
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( rage against the machine )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...And can I order you to have not master?"
Gaster?: ((thats who it was! ty
B: ((Autocorrect wanted me to say "Flameo, hotmail"))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Amd have your own life?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: no*
Gaster?: ((thanks auto condom
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (Auto Condom)
anon: (auto condom)
Gaster?: ((that was intentional
Jeska or Jurz: I ...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (o
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I turned off autocorrect )
Gaster?: ((it's for transformers fans
Necrosis: ((I was trying to write "Yes" once))
B: ((I could use an auto condom))
Jeska or Jurz: As-.....
B: ((Jk I couldn't use any condom))
Necrosis: ((And Autocorrect went for a hail mary with "Tchaivosky"))
Gaster?: ((necrophilia, b.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Necrosis: ((It's hip to B fucked.))
B: ((only pussies rubberfuck dead people))
Gaster?: ((yes, i know.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (WTF)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Tethyx's command is /norestforthewicked [another reference] )
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs, and lied next to them.
Gaster?: ((eyyyyy thats smashing pumpkins iirc
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I think I'm gonna sleep on this..."
Necrosis: test
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (BORDERLANDS)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Goodnight, Jeska..."
Jeska or Jurz: -just has a blank face- Roger
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Please consider having your own life without a master..."
Jeska or Jurz: going into guard more
Jeska or Jurz: mode*
Jeska or Jurz: -sits up-
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [url=]close enough[/url] )
Gaster?: gives a soft, MTT-Brand kiss to Microton.
Asriel_Dreemurr: then eventually falls asleep, head in Jeska's lap.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Gaster?: ((fuck
Jeska or Jurz: -is sitting there with Ad's head on her lap-
: B's connection timed out.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (i'll make my command /OceanMan)
Gaster?: ((see i know the songs not the artists
anon: (brb)
Jeska or Jurz: ((you'll have to make AA do something if you want Jeska to do something
Gaster?: ((k
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] disconnected.
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( drakon's command is /1979 )
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( i hope you get that )
Hyper: * He feels as if somebody is watching him. He shivers as he watches the night sky.
: B [B] joined chat.
Gaster?: ((i do not, but i have a feeling its the white stripes
Gaster?: ((or gorillaz
Necrosis: ((None of my characters have commands cause idk how to do that))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -gets out of the fridge- ...
Hyper: ((i think i get that
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( IT'S SMASHING PUMPKINS OMF XD )
Jeska or Jurz: -is watching everyone-
Hyper: ((i dunno
Necrosis: ((I just manually set that shit))
Gaster?: ((I SWEAR TO FUCK
B: ((Let's play a game called "guess the genre"))
Gaster?: ((ok
B: ((I'll tell you the song name, you have to guess the genre))
Necrosis: ((Alright, i've got a song))
Gaster?: ((i do too
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I'm just gonna set Joseph's command to /angelofdeath, you figure out the reference yourself )
Necrosis: ((Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((I'TS PIKACHU!))
B: (("Bring Me The Disco King"))
Hyper: ((80s vaporwave
B: ((Laharl's is electro swing))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((MEMESTEP
Necrosis: ((Yep))
Gaster?: ((electroswing for laharl, rock for b
B: ((Final answers?))
Jeska or Jurz: ....
Gaster?: (("get away with murder"
Necrosis: (( Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies ))
B: (("Bring Me The Disco King" is jazz))
Gaster?: ((ah
Hyper: ((jizz
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "K.Y.S.A." )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((The Powerpuff Girls Theme Song))
Gaster?: ((pop for meth's
B: ((Rock for Laharl, R&B for MV))
Necrosis: ((Yep))
Gaster?: ((nope
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I actually don't know what mine is, do with that as you will )
Gaster?: ((any other guesses for mine?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Puffy Ami-Yumi - Teen Titans))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( uh )
Necrosis: (( Lyre Le Temps - Looking Like This ))
Gaster?: ((jpop
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( OMG AA )
狐狸精: * A quiet voice speaks right behind Hyper's ear. "Hi!"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I'm gonna loop that now )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (;D
Gaster?: ((more rock for kaharl
Jeska or Jurz: -looks to sees whose in the bar
Gaster?: ((any last guesses to mine?
Necrosis: ((NOPE))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Guys, Android masterrace )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -sits at the bar-
Gaster?: ((it's electropop for mine
B: ((Laharl, I want to say pop))
B: ((Damn))
Necrosis: ((Damn right))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( OH OH OH )
B: ((the message delay))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Song 2 - Blur )
Gaster?: ((indie
B: ((Rock))
Hyper: * He jumps a bit, immediately turning his head to face what was behind him. Whatever seemed to be behind him was gone.
Necrosis: (( Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Dr. Wily Castle 1 - Mega Man II))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Chiptune, Necro
B: ((well Song 2 is grunge))
Necrosis: ((Chiptune indeed))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( yeah, b )
Gaster?: ((aasri is chiptune ish
Necrosis: ((Alright, gonna stop saying the bands now))
B: (("The Secret Will Keep You" - Brass Bed))
Jeska or Jurz: -there was something in the fridge that AA didn't notice until recently-
Gaster?: ((jazz
Gaster?: (("toxic caves"
狐狸精: "What's wrong? Sad that you can't see me?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (Fuckin' love Animaniguchi. Especially Scott Pilgrim OST
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I made a song with my friends and we titled it "The Day the Days Stopped Daying" )
Necrosis: (("Handlebars"))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...?
B: ((nope, Brass Bed is indie pop))
Jeska or Jurz: -its a letter-
Hyper: "..I'm not particularly sad about that."
Necrosis: ((Damn right, Scott Pilgrim is the shit))
Gaster?: ((dammit
Necrosis: ((Alright, thats unfair. Flobots - Handlebars))
: Terra [] is now "The Day the Days Stopped Daying" [].
Gaster?: ((rock
Gaster?: ((again: "toxic caves"
狐狸精: "I suppose that's true! Well, you better get used to me."
B: ((Handlebars is rap iirc))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( What about that game that Slarv introduced )
Jeska or Jurz: -it reads, " Go to the mountain house"
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] joined chat.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Technosyndrome - Mortal Kombat
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( The last song you listened to is your sex move or something like that )
Hyper: "..Okaaay?"
Necrosis: ((Alternate hip hop/rap))
Gaster?: ((hi darling
Gaster?: ((is that for mine?
Hyper: "Just let me think."
Necrosis: ((The last song I listened to is "Brass Goggles"))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks into the anydoor-
狐狸精: "Fine!"
B: ((Toxic Caves sounds like indie pop))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Last song I listened to was Angel Of Death. Well. )
Necrosis: (("Don't Blink"))
Gaster?: ((toxic caves is chiptune
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: -sits there-...
B: ((Doctor who))
anon: ("I'm still here" hmmm)
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Psychostick - This Is Not A Song It's A Sandwich
Necrosis: ((:D))
Gaster?: ((toxic caves is from sonic
Gaster?: ((rave
Necrosis: ((Anyways))
B: ((Not even a whovian))
: High Priest Laharl [Necrosis] is now High Priest Laharl [??].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks to the mountain home-
??: "CRASH" is the noise that is made outside the bar. A loud, loud, loud, crash.
Gaster?: ((last song i listened to: lollipop luxury
B: (("Take Five" - Dave Brubeck))
Gaster?: ((i aint sticking candy up the v
Jeska or Jurz: -there a locket, TV, a DVD player, and a DVD on the table that reads, "play me-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Gunter - You Touch My Tra La La
??: ((Which one of these is Heather's theme: Tokyo Teddy Bear. HM Marisa's theme. The Crying Clown))
Gaster?: ((humor
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (yess
B: ((Its called Ding Dong Song ya scrub))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -puts the DVD in-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (ok
Gaster?: ((guess genre: lollipop luxury
: Yazan [Jeska or Jurz] is now Yazan [Jukon].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (Anime Lolis?
Gaster?: goes to investigate the noise.
??: The sound of something crashing around outside, tons of creaking and groaning. And...snaking...sounds.
Gaster?: ((HAHAHAHA
B: ((Don't answer this one MV: "Dragonslayer" - NSP))
Jukon: -appears on the screen- This thing working?
Gaster?: ((heh
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...?
??: Theres a fucking house out there. A house. Whatever was making the snaking noises is gone.
Jukon: Hey I don't know how to work this thing so yea
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (NINJA SEX PARTY))
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I just took out all of my energy and anger by punching walls and doing other rapid movements )
Jukon: well fuck it here goes
Gaster?: ((lollipop luxury is electropop
??: "La da da da da, la da da da da, lada dad ada da da da~"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: hmm?
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( I now have a bloody...fist and I feel dizzy. Help. )
Jukon: Hey Erron its me Jukon
AAsriel/[Frisk]: o-oh.
Jukon: -is recorded-
B: ((Opera N2 - Vitas))
Jukon: I tired to find you but
??: Yep, it's her again, in her monochrome house. The forest is always moving her home, and it's big. You think the forest chooses to stay in one timeline? It's everywhere.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Gaster?: goes to the noise, very often really really close to falling.
Gaster?: ...
: High Priest Laharl [??] is now High Priest Laharl [FFrisk].
Gaster?: FFrisk?
Jukon: Hey I'm not sure whats going to happen soon
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * oh jesus
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Europe - Final Countdown
: "The Day the Days Stopped Daying" [] is now Terra [].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Gaster?: ((synthpop
B: ((synth pop))
Jukon: I'm going to fight the protect someoone
B: ((ayy lmao))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: oh no... i was too late.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Guys like my hand is seriously kinda bleeding now )
Gaster?: ((sweet dreams(are made of this)
FFrisk: The one single window opens, and a bit of steam billows out of it, like the steam from a tea pot. "Hello?"
Jukon: I don't want anyone else getting hurt because of my past and actions
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...
Jukon: I hope you can understand
B: ((Just heard that song today actually))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( I feel lightheaded )
B: ((Synth pop again))
Gaster?: peers inside the window.
Jukon: I also don't want you going to fight the Wolf
Jukon: even if I don't make it
Gaster?: ((good you didnt fall for the cover is more popular than the original trivk
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -tries not to cry- . . .
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( I can't even move my head without feeling dizzy as fuck )
Gaster?: ((then lay down omg
B: ((Walk This Way))
Gaster?: ((rock
Jukon: You know that I love you
FFrisk: Theres a familiar girl in there, seemingly preparing tea and still singing to her plants. "...Hello?"
B: ((and you didn't fall for it either))
Jukon: but this is something I have to do
Gaster?: Hello? FFrisk?
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Billy Talent - Devil in a Midnight Mass
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ... -is tearing up-
B: ((pop))
Jukon: You're strong....I know you are
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((b no
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( i feel a bit better now 0
FFrisk: "I'm sorry, I didn't expect you, would you like tea?" She knows by now that sometimes the forest just puts her somewhere, particularily when bad things are about to happen.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is crying now-
Jukon: take what you've learned from me and use it, don't be shy or timid anymore
B: (("Gloryhole"))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: I...
Gaster?: No... FFrisk, why is the house here?
Jukon: Go and find yourself someone who will make you happy
Gaster?: ((humor or rock
AAsriel/[Frisk]: o-ok...
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Wait so who's actually in the bar now )
Jukon: -is tearing up too herself-
B: ((both))
FFrisk: "...I suppose the Forest put it here, Mister Gaster." She says this like it's totally normal, pouring a glass of tea.
B: ((More specifically hair metal))
Gaster?: (('gaster' just left to go outside
Gaster?: ((ah
Gaster?: ...
Jukon: don't let this life beat you down
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Gaster?: That's fucking weird! What the hell!
Jukon: I hope I get see you again one day
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Gloryhammer - Universe on Fire))
B: (("Guilty Conscience"))
Gaster?: Frisk, how does a house just... poof!?
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * Strato-Frisk enters the bar, creating a shitton of wind, probably knocking some light things over.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -is crying harder-
FFrisk: ((Whenever something bad is about to happen near the forest. AKA When shits gonna go down. It relocates FFrisk somewhere else))
B: ((AAsriel's is metal))
Jukon: -takes off her ring and places in inside the locket-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((;D
AAsriel/[Frisk]: . . .
Jukon: do what you have to be happy
FFrisk: ((In this case, an asteroid was literally about to hit the canopy. Random chance. So it just put her somewhere while it repairs the damage))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -picks up the locket-
Jukon: even if it means moving on from me
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * "I really need to work on that." She thought about better ways to enter.
Jukon: -the ring is in there-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -puts it on his neck- Heh...
FFrisk: FFrisk jumps back. "I...don't remember you cursing much, Mister Gaster." She spills a bit of her tea on her finger, and, although it sizzles, she doesn't seem to care. It's the same finger she lost a long time ago. Prosthetics.
Jukon: I love you Asriel,
Gaster?: (("razzle dazzle"
Gaster?: ....
Gaster?: Shit.
Jukon: -kisses the camera
B: ((She Shook Me Cold - David Bowie))
B: ((Be more specific than rock))
Gaster?: Long story short, bodyswap.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -tears are just flowing down-
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( I listened to the whole Reign in Blood album in front of my dad. He is proud. )
Jukon: Now get out there and show 'em what for
AAsriel/[Frisk]: heh...
Gaster?: ((i dont know this one
Jukon: -looks at the camera for a minute- how do you turn this fucking thing off?
Gaster?: (("razzle dazzle"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -chuckles-
B: ((proto-metal))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * She sits down on the couch, chuckling to herself while thinking about how she messed with people using the power of wind on April Fools.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Pop
Jukon: -messes with it and drops it- SHIT
B: ((Mine was proto metal))
Gaster?: ((ah
Jukon: -it goes black
FFrisk: "...Ah, well, hello Mister...Mettaton? I presume." FFrisk has had experience with body swaps before, you eventually just become one with the forest, and she's practically controlled parts of it before.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -laughs-
Gaster?: Yeah.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: heheheh
Gaster?: Sorry, I forget to play my role.
Jukon: -theres another note, " it reads, check the bedroom-
FFrisk: "It's very fine, are you sure you don't want tea?" She says, still balancing the teapot.
Gaster?: I'm not a big tea guy.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -goes into the bedroom-
Gaster?: ........
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ...?
B: (("Mad World"))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((sadness))
Jukon: -theres gold everywhere, coins, bars, jewely, pots, pans, vases-
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Woaaah!
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Why the hell am I listening to The Weeknd )
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( How did I get to this )
Jukon: -various treasures
Gaster?: (("razzle dazzle"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: So much gold
B: ((Any other guesses?))
Gaster?: ((no
B: ((Because FFrisk is wrong)))
B: ((And so is AAsriel))
Jukon: -and a note that reads," my life savings, put it to good use. Also keep the house
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Linkin Park - Crawling in my Skin
Gaster?: ((emo rock
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Heh...
B: ((emo trash))
B: ((The original Mad World))
Gaster?: (("razzle dazzle"
: Yazan [Jukon] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jurz].
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((I was looking for edge))
B: ((By Tears for Fears))
FFrisk: ((Then specify.))
B: ((Which is zany 80s pop)$
Gaster?: ((pls guess the ol razzle dazzle
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Sweet Victory - Spongebob
B: ((MV's is swing?))
Gaster?: ((showtune
B: ((aha))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -walks back to the bar-
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * She waves at AA, sending a small wind towards him. "Hello!"
Gaster?: ((and sweet victory is... spongebob
AAsriel/[Frisk]: Hi...
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((CORRECT
Jeska or Jurz: ((so ends the story of Jukon
B: (("Pretty Fly for a Rabbi"))
Gaster?: sighs. He returns to the bar, not dealing with a house.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (( aha - Take On Me
Jeska or Jurz: -is still sitting there
B: ((80s pop))
Gaster?: ((jewish parody music for b
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( I looped Take On Me when I was slowly going insane )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((ow the feels yazan.
Gaster?: ((pop for aasriel
Jeska or Jurz: ((eeyup
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((yes
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((so, Jukon's gone forever.
Jeska or Jurz: ((shes is
FFrisk: "Well, how are you?" She idly wipes off her prosthetic finger, she hates it when stuff gets on it. "Where did the Forest put me this time?"
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((damn
Gaster?: actually disnt leave
B: ((But what genre is the original, Pretty Fly For A White Guy?))
Gaster?: Well, I feel terrible.
Gaster?: (Too light.
Gaster?: *there was no parenthesis there
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (("It's hip to Fuck Bees"))
Gaster?: ((rap, then meme
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((yes
B: ((god))
Jeska or Jurz: ((theres Jeska now
B: ((Close, MV))
Gaster?: ((rnb
B: ((Rap rock))
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((damn
Gaster?: ((ohhh
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] joined chat.
Gaster?: (("live to win"
B: ((pop))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (("Darude - Sandstorm"))
Gaster?: ((nah
Gaster?: ((its rock
B: (("Alestorm"))
Gaster?: ((technomeme
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (yesngaster
Gaster?: ((rock
FFrisk: "...Well, you did weigh a lot as a robot."
B: (("Alestorm" is pirate metal))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Toby Fox - Dogsong))
B: ((trollcore))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((we were looking for "Dunkcore"
Gaster?: I feel too light, I'm shorter than usual, and I can't extend my arms.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * "..." A vortex surrounds her.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: -sits at the bar-
Gaster?: (("palace of winds"
B: ((Zelda
Jeska or Jurz: ((gonna go for the day/night
Gaster?: ((yep
Gaster?: ((ok, cya
Jeska or Jurz: ((later
FFrisk: "...Sorry?"
B: ((What kind of metal is "Death to All But Metal"))
FFrisk: Tea sip.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Danny Baranowski - My Innermost Apocalypse))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (bye
B: ((Emo, AAsriel?))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((nope
Gaster?: attempts to extend his arm out to touch FFrisk, and fails.
Gaster?: I don't have noodle arms.
: Yazan [Jeska or Jurz] disconnected.
Gaster?: ((death metal
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Orchestra/Metal))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * She goes over to the bar and orders a soda. She's about to perform her liquid-in-a-vortex trick.
Gaster?: ((mine was for b
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((ok
B: ((Nope, hair metal))
Gaster?: ((ah
FFrisk: "...I'm sorry, but I do not believe theres much I can do for that."
Gaster?: I know.
FFrisk: "Do you want tea? I can make you tea."
Gaster?: I'm not a big fan of tea.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Let's Fighting Love - Trey Parker and Matt Stone)(
Gaster?: ((theme song to a show
FFrisk: ((South park))
FFrisk: (( [Rabid Japanese] PROTECT MAI BALLS ))
B: (("Marquee Moon" - Television))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "Balls In My Face" )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((FFrisk was correct
B: ((Franku))
Gaster?: ((jazz, shitcore
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * She takes her cup of soda, and dumps it out, and takes the liquid and somehow puts it into a vortex. Yay.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "Peanutbutter" )
FFrisk: ((Let It Go Frozen Ukelele Cover (beautiful) ))
B: ((That's just beauty))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (("Chocolate Salty Balls - Isaac Hayes"
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "Balls" )
FFrisk: "..." FFrisk idly walks away, opens her front door, and walks outside to MTT/GASTER/XENU
B: ((Did you know it was originally titled "Let it Go Frozen Ukelele Cover (For Kids)?"))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Yeah )
FFrisk: ((Yep))
B: ((ffs stop listing off music from the pink guy album))
Gaster?: (("wings of freedom"
FFrisk: ((Attack on Titan))
Gaster?: ((yes
B: ((Americore, anime)))
B: ((Gdi)
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((AAAAAAAAA))
B: (("Willy bum bum bum"))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "Ramen King" "Porn Title Rap" )
Gaster?: looks at FFrisk, and sighs.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Snoop Dogg - Next Episode))
B: ((Porn title rap wasn't even on the album scrublord))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((yours is Frankuu))
FFrisk: "...Strange, the forest doesn't usually leave me outside the timeline." For scale this child is still a fucking child. She's the exact same age, height, and everything she was `10 fucking years ago.
FFrisk: (("ASOGRE" - AnotherB))
B: ((gee what genre is snoop dogg))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "EMO COUPLE WANT TO FUCK MORE THAN THEY WANT TO DIE" -Pink Guy 2015 )
Gaster?: Yeah, you're... at the bar.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((HERO!! - Flow))
B: (("Eating Grandma's Furburger" - pink guy))
B: ((Quote, not a song))
FFrisk: "...Hm, something must've happened at the forest. It always moves me away when something dangerous is happening."
FFrisk: What FFrisk doesn't know is that a small meteor landed in the forest canopy, nothing got hurt, but better safe than sorry.
Gaster?: (("the devil beneath my feet"
anon: (Im gonna head to bed gn everyone)
Gaster?: Hm.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "Phineas and Ferb" "Bald Bitch Gets Wild With Snakes" "Toy story hentai" )
FFrisk: ((So I bought this Manga))
Gaster?: ((gn darling! ilu
FFrisk: ((But its not a manga))
FFrisk: ((It's an actual fucking book, full of words))
Gaster?: ((OF YOU
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "Shrek" )
: Memes IN 3D's connection timed out.
anon: (ily!! ♡)
Gaster?: ((ily!
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "SONIC HAVING ORGASMS" )
FFrisk: ((That just goes down the entire plot of The Devil is a Part Timer))
: skeletonghosthunter [anon] disconnected.
Gaster?: ((omg
Gaster?: ((nice
FFrisk: ((It's awesome))
FFrisk: ((It's got cool illustrations every 20 pages too))
B: (("The Devil Went Down To Georgia"))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( "It's Okay Mom I'm Here" )
Gaster?: (("prom night"
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Are we just making absurd titles for anything now )
Gaster?: ((i listed a real song
B: (("Cory in the House"))
Gaster?: ((guess the genre
B: ((mine have been real))
Gaster?: ((theme song
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( B i just spit my chips out on my table )
B: ((Anime))
FFrisk: ((Attune your ears to the grinding gears))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Let's make absurd titles for anything )
Gaster?: ((again: "prom night"
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( rock )
FFrisk: ((GUYS))
Gaster?: ((electropop
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( o )
FFrisk: (("Rogue Sinners"))
Gaster?: ((i listed three songs by the same artist
B: (( Boden Room is "beat it"))
B: ((And te rest is just "bad"))
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] joined chat.
B: ((*the))
: Gaster?'s connection timed out.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((The JonTron theme))
B: ((Sum up your sex life with the name of a TV show))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Cory in the House )
FFrisk: (( Uhh ))
FFrisk: ((One second))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Teen Titans Go))
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
B: ((Lost))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( single digit user ID masterrace )
FFrisk: (( -Slides away- ))
B: ((Now same thing but with a movie title))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Aqua Teen Hunger Force
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Earth to Echo )
B: ((Mission Impossible))
FFrisk: (( E.T ))
Gaster?: (("there must be more to life than this"
FFrisk: (( WAIT ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Street Fighter the Movie
FFrisk: ((AASRIEL))
B: ((Bill and Ted's excellent adventure))
Gaster?: (then ultimate girls
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((?
Gaster?: ((then KUNG FURY
FFrisk: (("The Little Boy Movie"))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((U wot
B: ((Full Metal Jack It))
Gaster?: ((ghost rider
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( AAsriel should probably be "The Adventures of Tintin" )
B: ((Castaway))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( The Matrix )
FFrisk: ((AAsriel is Animal Planet))
Gaster?: ((pacific rim
B: ((Rocky))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (("Schindler's List"
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Rocky IV )
Gaster?: ((silence of the lambs
B: ((Schindler's Fist))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((SAW
Gaster?: ((the human centipede
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( OMG B )
Gaster?: ((little shop of horrors
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Friday the 13th))
Gaster?: ((the lion king
Gaster?: ((beauty and the beast
B: ((Beauty And The Beast))
B: ((fuck))
Gaster?: ((the bee movie
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Starship Troopers )
B: ((The Princess and the Frog))
Gaster?: ((spaceballs
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Mortal Kombat; Anihalation
Gaster?: ((the amazing colossal man
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Deadpool
B: ((What's Eating Gilbert Grape))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( The Dawn of the Dead )
Gaster?: ((rise of the planet of the apes
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Clockwork Orange )
Gaster?: ((herbie
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Smosh: The Movie
Gaster?: ((racing stripes
B: ((127 Hours))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( AAsriel its time to stop )
Gaster?: ((minions
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( It's time to list [i]real[/i] movies )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Foodfight))
B: ((Despicable Me))
Gaster?: ((manos: the hands of fate
Gaster?: ((im listing titles i know, regardless of whether ive seen them or not
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Iron Man
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( ponyo )
Gaster?: ((kiki's delivery service
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( spirited away )
Gaster?: ((the secret world of arietty
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Big-Ass Spiders))
FFrisk: ((Scott))
FFrisk: ((Pilgrioim))
FFrisk: ((VS))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( 2012 )
FFrisk: ((The))
FFrisk: ((World))
B: ((Gone Girl))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Shrek))
B: ((Left Behind))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Shrek 2))
Gaster?: ((shrek the third
B: ((Batman Versus Superman))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Shrek forever affter
B: ((I fucked up))
Gaster?: ((journey to the center of the earth
Gaster?: ((fantastic voyage
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Star Wars: The Prequals
B: ((Antman :( ))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Tomb Raider))
B: ((The Force Awakens))
Gaster?: ((a new hope
B: ((Phantom menace))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( the phantom menace )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( FUCK )
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( aasriel just lists off every single video game movie ever )
Gaster?: ((lucario and the mystery of mew
B: ((Taken))
B: ((Babe))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Taken 2 )
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Charrolet's Web
Gaster?: ((how to eat fried worms
B: ((The Hunger Games))
Gaster?: ((frankenweenie
B: ((Divergent))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Frozen )
Gaster?: ((the nightmare before christmas
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Resident Evil
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Ride Along 2 )
B: ((Grown-ups))
Gaster?: ((the super mario bros movie
Gaster?: ((alvin and the chipmunks
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Dumb and Dumber))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( CaU: The Movie )
B: (((Honey, I Shrunk The Kids)$
Gaster?: ((dammit b
Gaster?: ((oyayuhibime
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((CaU: The Porno
B: ((Hateful Eight))
Gaster?: ((honey i blew up the kid
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Ridiculous Six))
Gaster?: ((twelve angry men
B: ((Kickass))
Gaster?: ((inside out
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Snow White and the seven clever boys))
B: ((Eww prolapse joke))
Gaster?: ((yep
B: ((Sleeping Beauty))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Dalmatians 3))
B: ((-Bill Cosby))
Gaster?: ((101 dalmations
B: ((oh jeez))
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Aliens))
B: ((The Beast With A Billion Backs))
B: ((Alien vs Predator))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Predator))
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] joined chat.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Freddy vs. Jason))
: High Priest Laharl [FFrisk] is now High Priest Laharl [Writing a thing].
Gaster?: ((scaris: city of frights
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( The Fast and The Furious )
B: ((JurASSic Park))
Gaster?: ((die hard
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Turbo
Writing a thing: ((Don't mind me, just gonna be here building up a thing while you guys meme eachother))
B: ((Speed))
Gaster?: ((wreck it ralph
Gaster?: ((ghostbusters
B: ((Get Hard))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Omb
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((omg*
Gaster?: ((the powerpuff girls movie
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Pixels))
Gaster?: ((theyre all five thats the joke here
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (oh no
Gaster?: ((mulan
Gaster?: ((mulan is 16
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Titanic))
B: ((Heaven is For Real))
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((I'm gonna fuck a boat
Gaster?: ((transformers
Gaster?: ((teenage mutant ninja turtles
Writing a thing: [Dear Diary: It's finally December! I can't wait, maybe we'll get cool things! I know the school hands out presents every year for the best students, and i've been the best on ever! Maybe it'll be a new gaming thing, or some money! Maybe i'll get to go home for a vacation, I can't wait!]
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny))
B: ((ahahaha))
Gaster?: ((im gonna go, cya guys
: Gaster? [Gaster?] disconnected.
AAsriel/[Frisk]: ((k me too
AAsriel/[Frisk]: (cya
: Memes IN 3D [AAsriel/[Frisk]] disconnected.
B: ((gn then
: B [B] disconnected.
Writing a thing: [December 26 20XX.] [Dear Diary, I won it! I get to go home for a week! This'll be awesome!]
Writing a thing: [Dear Diary: Somethings wrong. Somethings Wrong. SOMETHINGWRONGSWOMTHEINRGSWRONG]
Writing a thing: [Dear Diary: It's finally December! I can't wait, maybe we'll get cool things! I know the school hands out presents every year for the best students, and i've been the bes on ever! Maybe it'll be a new gaming thing, or some money! Maybe i'll get to go home for a vacation, I can't wait!]
Writing a thing: [December 26 20XX.] [Dear Diary, I won it! I get to go home for a week! This'll be awesome!
Writing a thing: [Dear Diary: You don't escape the school.]
Writing a thing: [Dear Insanity: It's finally December!]
Writing a thing: Thus is the pages of a book amongst the bar shelves, a book in the back room, amongst the fluffy bunnies and the stories.
Writing a thing: A student's pleas of safety. But you never leave the school.
: High Priest Laharl [Writing a thing] disconnected.
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: Yazan [Jeska or Jurz] joined chat.
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: Yazan [Jeska or Jurz] joined chat.
Jeska or Jurz: (Hello?
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( yo )
Jeska or Jurz: (Why are you up?
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( because i can )
Jeska or Jurz: (Its like 2 in the morning
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( 12:21 AM* )
Jeska or Jurz: (Over there
Jeska or Jurz: (Ah west coast. It 422 pm here
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( ah )
Jeska or Jurz: (Which rper are you?
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( myth )
Jeska or Jurz: (That explains it
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( what? )
Jeska or Jurz: (Anything happen
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( what...? )
Jeska or Jurz: (Why your up
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( ... )
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( because i just stay up late whenever i can )
Jeska or Jurz: ((hey again
: Terra [] disconnected.
Jeska or Jurz: ....
: Yazan [Jeska or Jurz] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jekas].
Fintevious: -looks over around
Jeska or Jekas: -watching the Bgroup
Jeska or Jekas: -looks away-
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: (who is this and why are they watching me)
Jeska or Jekas: ((who don't you ask
Jeska or Jekas: ((why*
Jeska or Jekas: -is sitting on the couch, AD is sleeping on her lap-
Jeska or Jekas: -looks like a certain fish everyone once knew-
Bondertale: frisk wakes up, blinking blearily. They looked around, and-HOLY SHIT WHAT
Bondertale: runs over to whoever the heckity this fish lady is
Jeska or Jekas: -has no tattoos, no cybernetics/robot limbs, no scars, and longer hair, but looks just like Jukon
Jeska or Jekas: -looks emotionless-
Jeska or Jekas: ...
Bondertale: blinks. Their eyes dart around. They slooowly take the pad out. '...Jukon?'
Jeska or Jekas: -looks at the pad-
Jeska or Jekas: No
Bondertale: (so that wasn't a backup of her MIND, but her BODY)
Bondertale: (interesting)
Bondertale: frisk looks disappointed and confused.
Jeska or Jekas: I do not respond to the name Jukon, my name is Jeska
Jeska or Jekas: ((the box was a memory unit, not a mind or soul))
Jeska or Jekas: ((Jukon was a clone, created by one WDG,
Bondertale: (tk14)
Jeska or Jekas: ((she was a failed prototype though
Bondertale: (has a gaster? )
Jeska or Jekas: ((yes
Bondertale: (huh)
Jeska or Jekas: (Jukon was discarded by watched throughout her life
Jeska or Jekas: ((this clone is considered perfection by WDG
Bondertale: is, at this point, rather unsure what to do. 'Then...what is your name?'
Jeska or Jekas: ((she was given Jukon's memories though
Bondertale: (TK-14 gaster is kind of an asshole)
Jeska or Jekas: My name its JU-88. Designation
Jeska or Jekas: ((its TK-421, and gaster has no defining traits, can be whatever anyone wants him to be
Jeska or Jekas: Designation Jeska or Jekas
Bondertale: 'Well that just rolls off the tongue.' they sighed. 'But I guess I'm only writing it anyway
Jeska or Jekas: -is almost robotic in her talk
Bondertale: 'Okay that's better.'
Jeska or Jekas: ((he got rid of Jukon be she cried during some early tests when she was 4
Bondertale: (okay brother I don't care what you say, that alone proves that he's kind of an asshole)
Jeska or Jekas: (Jeska is here because AD and The Wolf found ger
Jeska or Jekas: ((hes meant to be
Jeska or Jekas: ....-stares at Frisk
Fintevious: shes been up all night
Bondertale: looks away awkwardly, clenching the locket around their neck. Something about talking to this fish just felt...wrong.
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Jeska or Jekas: -has no reaction-
Bondertale: just grabs the pad, awkwardly backing away
Jeska or Jekas: she doesn't say anything or do anything
Jeska or Jekas: ((retcon
Fintevious: she doesn't say anything or do anything
Fintevious: simply waiting for AD to waken
Bondertale: frisk eventually decides to walk over to Fintevious. 'Why was she looking at us?'
Fintevious: I'm not sure, I don't even know who she is
Fintevious: considering everything though, the fact she looks like Jukon, goes by another name, and shows no form of emotions, I would say its a clone
Fintevious: perhaps she knows who you are
Bondertale: frisk shifts uncomfortably. 'She's kind of creepy. I don't like her.'
Fintevious: maybe she is just observing everyone, she stared at me for a while
Fintevious: we'll have to wait for AD to awake to fin out more about her
Bondertale: '...that almost makes it worse.' frisk sighed. 'Thanks, doctor.'
Fintevious: she came in with Shin, AD, a Chara, and another Asriel
Fintevious: I'm sorry Jukon couldn't be brought back, but perhaps something of her exists in this one
Bondertale: '...if so, there's not enough.' and with that, they stood up and walked off.
Fintevious: I see
Jeska or Jekas: ...
: Yazan [Jeska or Jekas] is now Yazan [Fintevious].
Fintevious: -looks to Toriel-
Fintevious: any opinion yourself?
Bondertale: toriel was asleep, but frisk's emotions right now are managing to wake her up.
Fintevious: Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you
Bondertale: "Hmm? Oh, no, doctor, frisk did that on their own." frisk looked away from her, sitting next to bazzy.
Fintevious: They seem rather upset
Fintevious: then again losing a friend and being unable to do anything about it can traumatize someone
Bondertale: Toriel sighed. Clearly she had some idea of the goings-on. "I think the problem is more her being so close, yet so far."
Fintevious: -scoots closer to Toriel while talking- Poor child, I tell they have a good amount of pent up anger right now
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Fintevious: (oi
Smol Asriel: ((Hoi
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "They are and always were just a little bit violent. This isn't helping them with that, very much.
Smol Asriel: is asleep in the fort
Fintevious: perhaps I can be of assistance?
Bondertale: "I honestly wonder if this won't strengthen their grudge against Shin.
Bondertale: Toriel shrugged. "Perhaps? No idea how."
Fintevious: I am a Doctor my dear
Smol Asriel: ((O fuk
Fintevious: and pretty much. well most fields
Smol Asriel: ((I got demodded ;_;
Fintevious: got a lot of time when your thousands of years of
Fintevious: old*
Fintevious: ((I wanna be a mod
Fintevious: ((I'll mod the graveyard shift, when no one is around
Bondertale: (i don't want the responsibility tbh)
Smol Asriel: ((But no ones around to mod
Smol Asriel: ((Hahaha its no responsibility
Smol Asriel: ((Just mute whoever breaks rule 2 and let everyone talk about it
Smol Asriel: ((I wasnt joking when i said rule 2 is the only enforced rule
Bondertale: ( *shrug* )
Bondertale: (by those criteria, I almost don't wanna be because I'd feel like a hypocrite)
Fintevious: ((haven't broken that rule at all yet
Fintevious: I can be a therapist if need be
Smol Asriel: ((I did in the xyzzy days
Smol Asriel: pokes his snoot out
Jeska or Jekas: -is sitting on the couch motionless-
Bondertale: Toriel thought. "It perhaps wouldn't be the worst idea ever."
Smol Asriel: hasnt seen jukie yet
Smol Asriel: ((She looks like jukon right?
Fintevious: ((looks just like her, but has no tattoos, no cybernetics/robot limbs, no scars, and longer hair,
Smol Asriel: ((You gonna be on in around an hour or so?
Fintevious: ((also appears to be emotionaless
Fintevious: (what for?
Fintevious: ((maybe
Smol Asriel: ((But still jukon in the eyes of a smol child
Smol Asriel: ((And given that reaction earlier :)
Bondertale: "To tell you the truth, though, being a therapist to a child who can only speak in text does seem a little difficult."
Fintevious: I've done if before actually
Fintevious: been through a lot of wars
Smol Asriel: ((Okie
Fintevious: ((which reaction?
Bondertale: (frisk is fairly mature and didn't REALLY know jukon that well. Smolsriel would have a far worse time, and Frisk ain't enjoying themselves)
Bondertale: " not sure how that connects."
Smol Asriel: ((The violent one
Fintevious: I've seen a lot of orphans
Smol Asriel: knew jukon kinda well iirc
Fintevious: those whose lives have been so shocked that they won't talk
Fintevious: helped lot of kids in my time
Fintevious: (well enough
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "Ah. Perhaps, then. Perhaps..."
Fintevious: What about you though?
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
Bondertale: "What about me?"
Fintevious: have you ever thought about just talking to a doctor? not trying trying to imply anything, just sometimes its helpful to do. Can clear your thoughts
Fintevious: I'd like to hear about you sometime
Bondertale: Toriel shrugged. "I personally haven't found as many issues as frisk has, and they've made no implications of seeing things I'm not. But I suppose it couldn't hurt. I would need to be near wherever you work, anyway, for frisk to be there."
Fintevious: well I can always do a doctor visit they don't do that very much any more, but I'm still one of the few who do
Fintevious: so the bar always works
Bondertale: "It's still fairly common in my dimension, but I've never been to yours. Or, we'll, the one you're staying in."
Fintevious: Yeah, mine was different
Fintevious: Well if you wanna start anytime, let me know
Fintevious: -is sitting rather close to Toriel-
Bondertale: finally notices "Doctor?"
Fintevious: yes?
Fintevious: Oh -takes off his glasses- and you can call me Fin
Bondertale: "Yes, I've heard." she put a hand on his chest. "Space, doctor." she said, gently pushing him back.
Fintevious: OH!
Fintevious: my apologises- scoots back-
Fintevious: Sorry i got so enveloped in our talk
Bondertale: ("our talk or my boobs")
Fintevious: this is why I usually sit in a separate chair
Bondertale: Toriel shrugged. "Don't worry too much."
Fintevious: -gets up, and moves to the opposite couch- I am suppose to be a professional
Bondertale: "I understand. Sit where you wish to sit. Wherever that may be."
Fintevious: -smiles a bit- Right...back to work
Fintevious: If you don;t mind me asking, what do you think of Asgore. MY Asgore I mean
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Fintevious: hes not here so feel free to say whatever and don't worry, Doctor's oath
Smol Asriel: ((Now?
Bondertale: "Your asgore? He's an arrogant fool. But at the least, he's an arrogant fool who means well, and can tell a bad decision from a good one. And I must admit, he does have a certain charisma."
Fintevious: what makes him arrogant?
Fintevious: and foolish?
Fintevious: ((now, what slarv?
Smol Asriel: smells sushi
Smol Asriel: J-jukon?
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Smol Asriel: opens the fort
Smol Asriel: emerges, looking at Jeska. He tackle hugs her
Fintevious: -AD's head is on her lab-
Bondertale: "Well...truthfully, I'm not entirely sure what actions he's taken to make me believe this. But from my knowledge of asgores in general, and from his attitude, it's easy to tell."
Smol Asriel: Jukon! Y-you're back!
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Smol Asriel: Jukon...
Smol Asriel: nuzzles against her
Fintevious: you know hes very well regarded back home, managing to overcome a number of issues that few could
Smol Asriel: ((Didnt she have a violent reaction to being called jukon?
Jeska or Jekas: My name is Jeska, I do not respond to the name Jukon
Smol Asriel: ...
Fintevious: -is cold and robotic in her talk-
Smol Asriel: O-oh...
Smol Asriel: ((Fin is grill?
Fintevious: ((that was for Jeska
Smol Asriel: W-wrong person... Then
Smol Asriel: S-sorry...
Smol Asriel: unhugs and shuffles back into the fort, sniffling
Jeska or Jekas: refrain from touching me
Bondertale: "I understand that quite well. So was mine."
Fintevious: ((she might could mad at AA because he keep calling her Jukon
Smol Asriel: theres no I M A G I N A T I O N in this fort today, just tears
Smol Asriel: ((Aww
Smol Asriel: ((Okie
Fintevious: but yours didn't manage to stop monsterkind from being imprisioned underground did he?
Bondertale: "He did not."
Fintevious: you do know how TK's Asgore did?
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
Bondertale: "He is a more successful arrogant fool than most. This does not make him not an arrogant fool.
Bondertale: "The only difference, Fintevious, between a hero and an arrogant fool, is whether the fool's plan works."
Fintevious: he did so by learning of the mistakes the other Asgores made and mustering up his forces while gaining aid from monsters from different timelines like Azazel
Fintevious: all at the age of 13
Bondertale: "Fintevious, please, I've heard this speech before, from the man himself. You won't change my opinion on this, at the very least not with it."
Fintevious: I'm telling you this for a reason thoigh
Fintevious: -pulls out a book- this is his journal
Fintevious: how many times do you think you are mentioned in it?
Bondertale: Toriel raised an eyebrow. " almost afraid to answer that question, unless what you're looking for is 'no times'."
Fintevious: -smiles- don't worry he doesn't like you in that manner
: Ω DamnDaniel [Ω DamnDaniel] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
Fintevious: but for some reason, he is determined to make you think well of him
Bondertale: "While normally I'm not the kind to breach privacy like this...ill let you make your point."
Fintevious: like a dog trying to please its master
Bondertale: "...oh." Toriel said. "Is he attempting to impress me with how he takes care of Asriel?"
Fintevious: No, more than that
Bondertale: "I should hope he'd do it with or without me. But..."
Bondertale: tori furrows her brow in contusion.
Fintevious: look how much he goes out of his way to come to you to learn something about himself
Fintevious: or his otherselves
Fintevious: In one part hes learning from your past and wants to show that we won't make the same mistakes
Fintevious: like when a child makes something and seeks the approval of a parent
Bondertale: "...and he's jealous of you, with how our relationship has been immediately friendly, Hm?"
Fintevious: yes that too
Fintevious: likely because hes afraid he won't be able to spend more time with you
Bondertale: Toriel looked away. "I...
Fintevious: but this also means something else
Fintevious: his parents were murdered when he was 12
Bondertale: "Im not sure how to react to this, doctor. I feel bad, I feel...slightly creeper out, i-" Toriel paused.
Bondertale: "...youre not suggesting what I think you're suggesting, are you?"
Fintevious: I am
Fintevious: why else would he spend so much time with someone who does not like him
Bondertale: "...oh. Oh my." Toriel was torn between bursting out laughing or just sitting in shocked silence.
Fintevious: -hands her the journal- you can read it for yourself
Bondertale: fuck her sense of privacy, this is far too...interesting.
Fintevious: -the journal has various tabs to parts about BTori-
Bondertale: toriel starts looking through them. Their first meeting seemed an obvious starting point. L
Fintevious: -many read about a number of interactions the two they had and have questions like, "How do I make this better?" or "What can I learn from this"
Fintevious: -the first passage says, "I meet another Toriel today. She appears to hate me, associates her husband with me. I made the mistake of trying to convince that maybe he wasn't so bad, that I could actualyl be considered worse due to my war years
Bondertale: just keeps flipping through from there
Fintevious: -continues, "I wish I didn't do that. Hopefully I can change her mind
Bondertale: she can likely tell a change in tone with how he describes her.
Fintevious: -another page reads, "we fought today, over the small Asriel child. I wanted to take him away from all the pain, but I didn't realize that all I would do is cause more pain to him by taking him away from those who care aabout him. Tori was right
Fintevious: -"I need to go apologize and hope see forgives me
Fintevious: -another section reads, "Sometimes I am afraid she'll end up just not talking to me again. That or I might lose her because if any one of those three die.....I don't think I could stand to lose her"
Bondertale: "...thie is certainly...interesting. I..." Toriel sighed, continuing to read through. "Can't help but feel somewhat bad for him."
Fintevious: -another section, "I can't end up making the same mistakes the other Asgores made. I don't want to lose my Tori and Anavel. I know that BTori was still royalty when she went through her Asgore's betrayal. Maybe I should resign, become a gardener. I wonder if she would approve of that
Bondertale: "No, you daft fool, you're clearly a good ruler." Toriel sighed. "Now I'm just wish he had just started asking for advice. It would solve at least two of his problems."
Fintevious: which problems might those be?
Bondertale: "Well, he wouldn't have to keep making assumptions about what I approve of. And, truthfully, it would likely help me begin to like him more."
Fintevious: you might have to reach to him out on that part, he tries to do everything by himself
Fintevious: read this part -flips the pages a few-
Bondertale: (are you typing?)
Bondertale: she does
Fintevious: -it reads, "Even when I'm mad at her or disagree with her, want to yell at her, tell her that she is wrong, tell her she is unfair, I don't. She has been guiding me even if she doesn't know it. I've learned so much from her, I just wish I could show her. I'm doing what I can to not make the mistakes of the other Asgores, but I cannot I'm afraid that I might start making those mistakes soon
Bondertale: "...hes
Bondertale: "He's planning on naming the child Asriel, isn't he?"
Fintevious: No idea
Fintevious: likely though
Bondertale: Toriel sighed. "Is there anything else in here that's particularly important to see?" she flipped to the last marked entry.
Fintevious: -there are a number of other selected text-
Fintevious: -but the last one read, "
Fintevious: -"...I've never be more scared in my life. With the new child on the way and marriage, what if I am just repeating history now? I sometimes think about BTori, and her judgemental stare. It scares me more than some other worries I have. What if I fail? What if I failure her?
Bondertale: decides to flip back, to when she met ytori.
Fintevious: -has know Ytori for a long time actually, over 10 years
Bondertale: SHE
Fintevious: it reads, "The two Toriels meet today. B seems to want to prevent her from being with me. I cannot allow that, Y and I have been friends for years.
Fintevious: -"Is B afraid that I might end up with her? Jealous maybe? Doubt it.
Fintevious: -"I'm dating Novelica anyways"
: MettatonSEX? [MettatonSEX?] joined chat.
Fintevious: ((oi, you're on early mv
Bondertale: Toriel sighed, closing the book. "That's enough privacy invasion for one day, I think. Unless there's anything you wish to show me, still."
Fintevious: No you looked at all the passage I bookmarked
Bondertale: Toriel nodded, handing the book back.
Fintevious: -takes it and puts it into his coat-
: MettatonSEX?'s connection timed out.
Fintevious: I was never trying to change your opinion on him
Fintevious: thought you might want to know how he sees you
Bondertale: "I still think he's an arrogant fool. But, I think he's an arrogant fool whom I need to talk to. Without vitriol."
Fintevious: I agree
Fintevious: after all, I am his therapist
Fintevious: And I'd like to talk about a different topic for once with him
Bondertale: Toriel chuckled. "My apologies."
Fintevious: I think that is enough for today
Fintevious: how about the next time we talk, its over dinner?
Fintevious: ((gonna go to bed
DamnDude: (( gn ))
Fintevious: -waitin for Tori's reponse-
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Fintevious: ((so thats the response huh?
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "That would be nice."
Bondertale: (i had to get cereal gees)
Fintevious: Until then, pulchra nox bonum
Fintevious: -heads out-
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
DamnDude: (( and then there were 2 ))
: DamnDude [DamnDude] is now Lua [Lua].
Lua: walks into the bar. Why? Why not.
Bondertale: doesn't understand latin, un/luckily for Fintevious.
Lua: looks around the bar for a moment, and greets the small group of people.
Lua: ((Is the Btale group in the bar or not?))
Bondertale: that's p much just them
Mk: and this singular 'them'
Lua: ((Alright.))
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Lua: ((I thought you were going to sleep.))
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Bondertale: (no)
Bondertale: (yazan was)
Lua: ((I said that after Yazan came back.))
Bondertale: (oh, I didn't see that)
Lua: takes another look around the bar, and thinks to himself for a moment.
: Terra [] joined chat.
Mk: sure looks like a weird wyvern dude, sleeping on a slime
Lua: ((Greetings, person.))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( but it was me. myth. or terra
Bondertale: (you thought it was yazan)
Bondertale: (BJT IT WAS ME) 7
Bondertale: (NOT DIO)
Lua: isn't the kind to wake people up. He decides to check on what the awake people in the bar are doing.
Bondertale: that's tori and frisk. They ain't doin' much.
Lua: sarcastically thinks about the multitude of options he has to talk to here, so he decides to take a seat near the duo.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * She waved at Lua, sending a small gust of wind towards him.
Lua: feels the wind... "Are there any fans in here or something?"
Bondertale: "Good morning?" Toriel said, looking at Lua. Frisk also glanced over at him
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * "Oh, uh...the wind is kinda from me."
Bondertale: Toriel shook her head. "Blame the air elemental."
Lua: Good morning to you as well. I see not too many people are...
Lua: Huh, that makes sense.
Lua: doesn't think it makes sense, but what does he know at this point.
Bondertale: "Worry not, you'll get used to it."
Lua: Hello, air elemental.. person.
Lua: If you say so.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * "Frisk. I'm Frisk." She extended a hand, amazingly not causing Hurricane Gaston again.
Lua: extends his hand out and shakes. "My name's Lua. If you hear people calling me other names, don't be surprised."
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( Lua, have you been read()ing a lot lately? )
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( kekekekek )
Lua: ((:D))
Lua: thinks for a moment, "There's two Frisks and a Toriel here, with something different about them. What a shock."
Bondertale: "That seems like a rather large assumption, for us." frisk shrugged.
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * "..."
Lua: ((Lua THINKS))
Bondertale: (they just look like a Toriel and a teenaged frisk(
Lua: ((He's listened to some conversations when he was here, and he has noticed that the duo never seperates. He doesn't know the soul thing, but he more of thinks about how they're never too far away from eachover.))
Bondertale: (how the heckity does Lua eve know anything about the btrio)
Bondertale: (message delay)
Bondertale: (ehhh...i guess that's fair enough. I guess. )
Lua: ((He's been in the bar before. Also, he's been in the bar pre-timeskip as a different name.))
Lua: ((under a*))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( insert Luke, I am your father jokes here )
Bondertale: (well, btale are post-skip(
Lua: ((-whateverwhateverwhatever-))
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( my first post-timeskip characters were novelica and overcrawler )
Bondertale: "But, yes, we very definitely have interesting things going on. I can't disagree."
: Terra's connection timed out.
Lua: Yeah, I've heard about what's happened recently. It seems like a lot is at stake for some people.
Lua: So, that raises the question, how do we keep getting in these situations exactly?
Bondertale: "Apparently, whatever malevolent deities control this dimension aren't satisfied unless there's something dramatic occurring at least once every 2 hours."
Barchar: "Wow, rude." she mutters to herself.
Lua: grins for a moment, "That's a great way to put it."
Lua: I'm surprised after 10 years though, we still have these kind of events.
Bondertale: (what's the name of those, like, cylindrical bags you sling over your shoulder?? (
Bondertale: Toriel shrugged. "The world keeps turning."
Lua: True.
Bondertale: (like, the scout in tf2 has one)
Lua: ((why do I want to say duffel, although I'm pretty sure that's not right.))
Bondertale: (that's what I thought, but no)
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Bondertale: (then I thought messenger bags, but that's not right either)
Hyper: ((ayy
Bondertale: (frisky)
Hyper: ((yes
Bondertale: (you know those, like, one strap cylindrical bags? Like the scout has? You got any clue what those are called?)
Hyper: ((lemme think
Lua: ((If it's not a duffel and it's one strap, I have no idea.
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] disconnected.
: Terra [] is now Terra - back at it again with the rebel life [].
Bondertale: (i might just go with 'one strap bag' because looking that up gets me something close-ish(
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] joined chat.
Hyper: ((well it could be a purse
Hyper: ((or a handbag
Hyper: ((or something like that
Hyper: ((not too sure
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( tfw you open your character list and like 10 characters spill out in the saved section )
Bondertale: (i only have five and it feels like too much)
Hyper: ((i have three characters in my saved section
Bondertale: (and one of them is for ooc)
Hyper: ((one of them is /bitch
: ★ Strato-Frisk: * ( three of them were for testing purposes )
狐狸精: ((for example
: ★ Joseph: * /angelofdeath
狐狸精: ((this thing is a bitch
: Terra - back at it again with the rebel life [] is now Joseph Volante Ardiccioni [].
: Joseph Volante Ardiccioni [] is now Terra [].
???: (( Test. ))
: ★ ...: * ( kekekekekek )
Bondertale: (who's Terra?)
: ★ ...: * ( mythisoleucine )
: Terra [] is now Dione [].
Hyper: ((aka memer
Hyper: ((aka blooch
: ★ Dione: * ( since when the fuck was I using this bitch )
Hyper: ((aka blooo
Hyper: ((i dunno
: ★ Dione: * ( aka the one and only )
Hyper: ((during ladies' night
: Dione [] is now Northstar [].
Hyper: ((i think
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( yeah during ladies' night )
: Frisky Whiskington [Hyper] is now Frisky Whiskington the Fancy Schmancy Person [Hyper].
Bondertale: ('dione' was what I used when time when I wanted a male version of 'diane' )
: Frisky Whiskington the Fancy Schmancy Person [Hyper] is now Frisky is Having a Bad Time [Hyper].
Bondertale: (its a planet(
: Northstar [] is now Terra the Rebel That Shouldn't Actually Be a Rebel [].
: Frisky is Having a Bad Time [Hyper] is now Frisky Whiskington the Murderer [Hyper].
Bondertale: (of course)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( it's a moon... )
Bondertale: (well, moon)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( Don't think Joseph doesn't have any car-related names )
Bondertale: (celestial body)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( "Volante" )
: Frisky Whiskington the Murderer [Hyper] is now Drunk Scientist/Part-time Lawyer/Ambassador [Hyper].
: Drunk Scientist/Part-time Lawyer/Ambassador [Hyper] is now Frisky [Hyper].
Hyper: ((i have all had those names at least once
Bondertale: me rn)
: ★ Renegade Chara: * ( [url=]"Disco Volante"[/url] )
Lua: ((They want me to work on verifying mods again.))
: Terra the Rebel That Shouldn't Actually Be a Rebel [] is now Terra [].
: ★ Mito: * ( Alright. Naming conventions. )
Lua: will be back.
: ★ Mito: * ( Someone fucking guess where I get this name. )
Bondertale: (car)
Hyper: ((Either a car, engine, or something from space.
: ★ Mito: * ( [url=]your answer?[/url] )
Hyper: ((10/10
: ★ Mito: * ( shhh don't tell MV )
: ★ MiTo: * ( Should I use "Mito" or "MiTo"? "mito" means legendary/mythical in italian apparently )
Hyper: ((You should name a character after yourself and have them have a huge attraction to cars, even to the point where they fucking kiss the car sometimes.))
: ★ MiTo: * ( no )
Hyper: ((Mm, you should use Mito.
Bondertale: (ya)
Bondertale: (if somebody asks, tell them it's about that)
: ★ Mito: * ( I just came up with an idea for an AU )
Hyper: ((Cartale
Bondertale: (the car will be a secret)
Bondertale: (do tell)
: ★ Mito: * ( AU: Everyone has a strange obsession )
: ★ Mito: * ( Frisk is the one obsessed and sexually attracted to cars )
: ★ Mito: * ( Frisk x Corvette otp )
: ★ Mito: * ( Call it TLCTale )
Hyper: ((My Frisk has probably visited that timeline at one point. She didn't have a good time.))
: ★ TLCTale: * ( This might happen. )
Bondertale: (Toriel just decides that literally everyone needs she meets is her child)
Hyper: ((hoo boy
Bondertale: (EVERYONE)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Is that TLCToriel? )
Bondertale: (and she gets really possessive of them, too(
Bondertale: (ya)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCMettaton is like )
: ★ TLCTale: * ( hoo boy )
Bondertale: (maybe not LITERALLY everyone)
Bondertale: (but lots of people)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( especially herself )
Hyper: ((TLCAsgore probably has an obsession with killing children
Hyper: ((ech
Bondertale: (the term is nymphomaniac, I believe)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCAlphys = Objectum-Sexuality 0
: ★ TLCTale: * ( She's in love with a wall )
: ★ TLCTale: * The Anydoor opens, and suddenly, TLCAlphys walks in. She looks back at the Anydoor. "See you in a bit, cutie."
Bondertale: (undyne physically cannot not be destorying something at any one time)
Hyper: (("She's in love with a wall" -Bloo McQueen, 2016
Bondertale: (this is hapoening)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( "She's in love with a wall" -Terra the Forbidden Rebel )
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Bloo McQueen is my pen name though )
Hyper: ((mmhm
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Hurry up BTale needs to call TLCAlphys a freak )
: ★ TLCTale: * Alphys walks back over to the Anydoor and gently caresses it. "Mm....."
: ★ TLCTale: * ( I'm gonna get the award for the Freakiest/Most Offensive AU of 2016 )
Hyper: ((yes
Bondertale: frisk and Toriel just...dont even
Bondertale: (Toriel is almost adorable in how she treats the people she decides are her children. Except it's kind of creepy and dangerous when she gets protectibe)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCUndyne just can't bring herself to destroy anything )
Bondertale: (...this is a character archetype I enjoy, if you can't tell)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCUndyne is every single kid on TLC )
Barchar: (cause, you know)
Bondertale: (so her obsession is NOT breaking things?? )
Hyper: ((Barchar has Asriel Sex Disorder
Hyper: ((aka ASD
: ★ TLCTale: * Alphys closes her eyes and leans in close to the wall...and starts to kiss it passionately. A+ High-Octane 95 Cringe.
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Wait )
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCUndyne is a kleptomaniac )
Hyper: ((TLChara would be a megalomaniac
Hyper: ((a large obsession for power
Bondertale: (
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Papyrus is sexually attracted to spaghetti )
Bondertale: "...Alphys? You realize that's a door, yes?"
Hyper: ((So Papyrus stuffs spaghetti into his pelvis? Ech.))
: ★ TLCTale: * Alphys interrupts the kiss to look at BTori. "Yes, and he is my boyfriend..."
: ★ TLCTale: * ( I can't type out TLCAlphys' dialogue without cringing or laughing )
Bondertale: (barchar has many problems, Frisky, unless you make a single disorder just to describe her you can't make it only one thing)
Bondertale: (i think bith)
Bondertale: "...the door. Is your boyfriend."
Lua: ((-Gang War chants can be heard in the background-))
: ★ TLCTale: * "Yes...and we're getting married...!" She puts one of her hands on the door, looking much happier than she actually should.
: ★ TLCTale: * ( BTori: it's time to stop )
: A Martini with a hint of Arsenic [Nance] joined chat.
Hyper: ((she has Asriel Getting Together and Having Sex and Being Happy While Patient Has Fucking Problems disorder, aka AGTHSBHWPHFP disorder.
Hyper: ((Also, hi, Nancy.
Nance: ((Heya))
: ★ TLCTale: * Suddenly, the Anydoor opens and Alphys gets thrown back into the TLCTale cesspool. TLCToriel walks in.
Bondertale: "The door can't move. How are you going to get it to a church? C
: ★ TLCTale: * ( I've created a disaster )
Bondertale: (oh no )
Hyper: ((flame would AGTHSBHWPHFP disorder work for Barchar
Bondertale: Frisk just stares at the Toriel, highly confuaed
Bondertale: ( *thumbs up* )
Hyper: ((yay
: ★ TLCTale: * "Hello, my children."
Bondertale: Toriel glances around. "Isnt she new?" frisk shrugged, standing up and walking over curiously
Hyper: ((BTori: I AM YOU, THOUGH TLCTori: just go with the flow of the cesspool, my child
Nance: ((I ship Tori x Tori, they're a really cute couple))
Bondertale: (Btori: "who are you" TCLtori: "I am you but mommier" )
Hyper: ((Ieltori
Hyper: ((let's do it
: ★ TLCTale: * "My, my, this is much less of a...cesspool than my....home."
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Is Tori x Tori actually going to...omf )
Bondertale: "Yes, she must be new."
Bondertale: (fucking no)
: ★ TLCTale: * ( thank god )
Bondertale: (at the least not due to me)
Hyper: ((it would be funny if Ieltori and Goreyas happened
Hyper: ((and everybody is like
Hyper: (("wtf"
Hyper: (("it was better with asriel"
: ★ TLCTale: * "..."
Nance: (("This selfcest has gotten out of hand"
Bondertale: (barchar is just confused)
: ★ TLCTale: * She sits down next to BTori.
Bondertale: frisk looks as she walks over. Ooookay then.
Hyper: * He strolls into the bar, staring at the cesspool spill. "Oh, uh.. I'll just.." He sits down at the couch.
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCAsriel? )
Hyper: ((TLCAsriel would have an obsession with himself
Hyper: ((aka every Asriel that has come here
: ★ TLCTale: * ( Yep )
: ★ TLCTale: * ( TLCAsriel is like, the only one normal in TLCTale )
Nance: ((See, when I think TLCtale, I think "Asriel acting like Honey Boo Boo"))
: ★ TLCTale: * ( OH )
Bondertale: (barchar doesn't even have to do anything to him m)
Hyper: ((OH
Bondertale: "Uh...
Bondertale: Good morning? "
Hyper: "Good morning, everybody?"
: ★ TLCTale: * "Good morning, my children."
: ★ TLCTale: * Oh shit. TLCAsriel walks in. "Hi, everyone!"
Hyper: "Hi, other Asriel!"
Hyper: ((TLCAsriel drools at Hyper "soooooo hoooooottttttt"
Bondertale: "...who...? Who exactly here are your children?"
: ★ TLCTale: * Asriel just looks at Hyper, secretly fangirling over him. He tries to contain himself, so he sits down on the couch, a bit far from everyone else.
: ★ TLCTale: * Toriel blinked. "...Uh..."
Bondertale: ("Yes?")
Hyper: * He scoots over to Asriel, as he seemed to be the only normal person to come out of that Anydoor today. "Howdy!"
Hyper: ((Asriel: omgomg he's talking to mmEEEEEEEE
Bondertale: (tori is mostly normal so far)
: ★ TLCTale: * Toriel blinked again. "Yes?"
Bondertale: (tlcasriel and barchar make an Asriel fanclub)
Bondertale: Cc
: ★ TLCTale: * Asriel looked at Hyper. {OH MY GOD HE'S TALKING TO ME OH MY GOD OH MY GOD} "Uh...hi!"
Bondertale: "...uh-huh. Interesting."
Hyper: "How are you doing?"
: ★ TLCTale: * "I...uh...I'm...I'm doing good! Yeah...!" He obviously looks nervous.
Hyper: * He has no idea Asriel is fangirling the fuck out of him. He thinks that he might be a little shy. "That's good! Hey, you seem a little shy.."
Hyper: "But that's fine."
Hyper: "We can be friends, if you want to."
: ★ TLCTale: * He blushes a bit. "Yeah! We can be friends..."
: ★ TLCTale: * TLCToriel leaves quietly.
Bondertale: almost debates having her stop to talk,
Hyper: ((TLCTori: Asriel fucked a plushie of himself once. It took a lot of time and effort to clean his bed afterwards
Bondertale: she'll be back.
: ★ TLCAsriel: * TLCTori had left a note for BTori.
Bondertale: picks it up
Hyper: * He smiles. "Yeah, friends." He extends his arm. "I like to be called Hyper, what's your name?"
: ★ TLCAsriel: * The note doesn't have anything, because the writing was stolen by TLCUndyne.
: ★ TLCAsriel: * He shakes his hand. "Uh...well....Asriel...?"
Bondertale: wat
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( TLCTale, everyone )
Hyper: * He eventually lets go, nodding. "Considering my real name is Asriel, that's a nice name!"
Hyper: ((For a second I thought Flame typed "wet"
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( same )
Bondertale: ...she'd ask what she meant to write later.
Hyper: ((i'm laughing so hard at tlcasriel's reactions
Hyper: "So.. would you like to tell me anything about yourself?"
Bondertale: (this as is the worst and I love kt)
Hyper: "I want to know you better."
Hyper: ((yes
Hyper: ((imagine if AD came in right now
: ★ TLCAsriel: * "Oh...uh...well.....I...."
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( Schindler's Fist )
Hyper: ((TLCAsriel: IIIIIIIIIIII LIKE YO--.. I meant yo-yo toys! H-Hah..
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Hyper: ((hi slarv
: ★ TLCAsriel: * "I...I like yo....yo-yos! Yeah!"
Hyper: ((bloo hit a jackpot
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( TLCTale is happening )
Smol Asriel: ((What the fuck
Hyper: "Oh! That's nice."
Bondertale: (its fun)
Smol Asriel: ((You mean that network that runs honey boo boo?
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( Yes )
Smol Asriel: ((Fuck
Bondertale: (i dunno why he named it that)
Bondertale: (but it's not like honey boo boo)
Bondertale: (its more like obsessiontale)
Smol Asriel: ((You'd better be glad im not a mod because ur fuckinf b&
Smol Asriel: ((Oh ok
Hyper: ((TLC has My Strange Addiction
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( You haven't seen TLCFrisk yet )
Hyper: ((Everybody in TLCtale has addictions
Hyper: ((TLCAsriel loves himself to an extreme level
Bondertale: (alphys wants to bang the anydoor)
Hyper: ((TLCAlphys loves walls and doors
Hyper: ((TLCTori calls everybody her child
Bondertale: (Toriel is even worse with adoptions than mettaton)
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( TLCAsriel is....almost a normal asriel )
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( TLCJerry is a Hoarder )
Smol Asriel: ((My god
Smol Asriel: ((You are scum
Bondertale: (ikr)
Hyper: "Oh! That's nice."
: ★ TLCAsriel: * "Heh...yeah..."
Bondertale: (this au is the worst and I love it)
Smol Asriel: ((This is thr worst thing that's every happened on cau and we've had a soriel threesome that lasted six hours
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( I'm going to win the award for Freakiest/Most Offensive AU of All Time )
Smol Asriel: wakes up in his fort
Smol Asriel: exits, he's wearing a tux and a top hat that's too big for him, like yesterday
Bondertale: "Good morning, my child." Toriel said, smiling to him.
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( "KUNG FU POWER SEX" )
Smol Asriel: Hi mom
Hyper: "Howdy, Smazzy!"
Smol Asriel: sounds a bit forlorn
Smol Asriel: Hi hyper
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( TLCAsgore is too brutal, so he most likely won't appear in the bar )
Smol Asriel: hops onto the couch next to hyper, dapper as fuck
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( He just has a necklace of the eyeballs from some of the children he's killed )
Smol Asriel: ((What if tlcmettaton had an oedipus complex
Hyper: "You appear to be very dapper today, Smazzy."
Smol Asriel: I've been trying on the new clothes i found
Smol Asriel: pushes his hat further back on his head so it doesnt cover his eyes
: Bionic_Dog [] joined chat.
Hyper: * He nods. "Cool! How did everything go?"
: ((Ayy
Hyper: "Good, I assume?"
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( TLCTemmie )
Hyper: ((ayy
Smol Asriel: How did what go?
Smol Asriel: ((Ayy
: ((What does the TLC stabd for
: ((*stand
Hyper: "Trying on new clothes."
Smol Asriel: ((Honey booboo tale
: ★ TLCAsriel: * ( The TV channel )
: ((oh lord
Smol Asriel: It went good
Hyper: "That's good!"
Smol Asriel: The hat is too big for me but that's how i found it
Bondertale: (more obsessiontale)
Hyper: "Mmhm.."
Smol Asriel: And people say it's cute
: ((Obsessiontale...?))
Hyper: "It is! It looks good on you."
: ★ TLCAsriel: * TLCAsriel disappears. None of the TLCTale patrons are currently in the bar.
Smol Asriel: smiles, the hat falls back over his eyes again
: Terra [] is now Terra the Rebel [].
: ★ Joseph: * Joseph appears on the couch in the bar. "yo everyone"
Smol Asriel: leans on hyper
Hyper: * He glances where TLCAsriel once was. "Howdy, Joseph." He looks back at Smazzy.
: ((Brb
Hyper: * He scratches Smazzy's ears gently. The hat can't cover those long as fuck ears.
: Bionic_Dog [] disconnected.
: ★ Joseph: * ( I never actually used Strips )
: ★ Joseph: * ( I feel like Strips should make a return )
Hyper: ((Strips of meat
: ★ Joseph: * ( Strips, the falcon FF reincarnation )
Hyper: ((chicken STRIPS
: ★ Strips: * Suddenly, a falcon glides into the bar, "ey"
: ★ Strips: * The falcon's voice sounds remarkably similar to that of FF.
: ★ Strips: * ( Joseph: no )
Smol Asriel: purrs
Hyper: "Eyyy!"
: Bionic_Dog [] joined chat.
: ((Back
Smol Asriel: Hi
Hyper: * He keeps on scratching Smazzy.
Smol Asriel: ((Fuck you gas station
Hyper: ((I remember him, too
: ((From...that one time.))
Smol Asriel: (("No public restroom sweetheart"
: ((Also, I thought of an AU))
Smol Asriel: ((What the fuck
: ((DiscoveryTale
: ★ Strips: * "[sub]Goddamn Anime Hunting. Fuck.[/sub]"
Smol Asriel: ((Thats like 99% of the people going to fucking gas stations fuck you
Hyper: ((Asriel Grillz
: ((Either that or TVTale
Smol Asriel: nuzzles into the scratches
Hyper: (("HOWDY EVERYBODY. I'm so dehydrated so I need to drink my own goat piss!"
: ((With Gaster and Alphys hosting Nova ScienceNow
: ★ Strips: * ( Jerry hosting the church channels )
: ((Temmie, Frisk, Toriel, and Asriel on a kids show that isn't really a kids show
: ★ Strips: * ( That old ZOOM! show )
: ((I remember watching that once
Hyper: ((the christians don't watch church channels because even they hate jerry
Smol Asriel: ((succ
: ★ Strips: * "Hey, has anyone seen some pink guy?"
Smol Asriel: ((succ is dead
Smol Asriel: ((no succ
: ((But what I meant by that was a kids show where sometimes the actors swear or something not kid-friendly
: ((rip succ
Hyper: "Nah."
: ★ Strips: * "Fuck. Well then."
: ((vinesauce is awesome
Smol Asriel: Pink guy?
: ★ Strips: * ( Strips arc 10/10 )
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
: A Martini with a hint of Arsenic [Nance] is now A Birbiglian Flying Jackal [The Jackal].
Smol Asriel: ((Did you see the lasted upload by vinny?
Smol Asriel: ((Active realms?
: ((I might RP TVTale!Temmie or TVTale!Frisk))
: ((no
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: ★ Strips: * "Yeah. A pink guy."
Smol Asriel: ((It was amazing
: ★ Strips: * ( TLCTale was the original idea )
: ★ Strips: * ( I copyright it )
Hyper: "I don't think so?"
: ((I copyright TVTale
Smol Asriel: There's a pink cat if you want that
: ★ Strips: * ( (C) 2016 Terra )
: ★ Strips: * "...Uh, no."
Smol Asriel: Ok
The Jackal: ((And now I wait for someone to realize just what this is))
Smol Asriel: ((Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo
: (( TVTale © 2016 Bionic_Dog ))
狐狸精: ((I await the moment when somebody translates this
Smol Asriel: ((Joytale © 2016 Slarvath
狐狸精: ((BITCH © 2016 Frisky
: ★ Strips: * ( TLCTale © 2016 Terra )
Smol Asriel: ((TVtale © 2016 Slarvath
: ★ Strips: * ( Mito © 2016 Terra/mythisoleucine )
The Jackal: ((If you're wondering about what Birbiglian means, here's something from Mike Birbiglia ))
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: ((Toriel, Temmie, Frisk, MK, and maybe some others are on an TV-MA show thinly veiled as a TV-Y kid's show in TVTale))
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: ((I'm imagining one of those parts where Frisk is like Dora in one of those 'Choose the correct pathway/answer/etc.!' parts and Temmie gets annoyed with the wait and audibly says "Hurry the fuck up!" leading to a sudden rating change. Afterwards, the show kind of adapts to the new ratong and starts to include more and more mature content))
: ((...?))
Hyper: ((That would be hilarious
: ((And now we can choose characters to RP. I call dibs on Temmie and Frisk.))
: ((RP from it, if you guys want
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
: ((Brb
: Bionic_Dog [] disconnected.
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Hyper: ((mmkay
: ★ Strips: * ( i'd play MK, but I gtg )
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
: Terra the Rebel [] is now Terra [★mythisoleucine].
: Terra [★mythisoleucine] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: ((Mm, i like playing goats
Smol Asriel: ((So ill do tori
: Bionic_Dog [] joined chat.
: ((This'll be [i]really[/i] fun
: ((!
Hyper: ((I would do an Asriel
Smol Asriel: ((Sounds fun
Hyper: ((oh woah that sounded wrong
: ((I got another idea!))
Smol Asriel: ((Well i mean we all would
Hyper: ((true
: ((you know Slarvath would do an Asriel.))
Hyper: ((We could all have an orgy with Asriels
: ((But the other idea is Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne all on a cooking show
Smol Asriel: ((Eh, first one is better
Hyper: ((Sans would just.. be there.
: ((It can be different channels
Smol Asriel: ((K
Hyper: ((What would TVAsriel be on?
Smol Asriel: ((Mettaton's shopping channel
: ((Channel 1
: ((The "kids show'
Hyper: ((yep
Smol Asriel: ((Garth as a guest star
: ((YES
Hyper: ((Frisk: What would you guys do? -points at the screen-
Smol Asriel: just sort of sits there in a trance
Lua: ((oh no))
Hyper: ((YES
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] is now Garth [Garth].
: ((YES
: ((I'll be TVTale!Frisk and TVTale!Temmie now))
Hyper: ((I'll be TVTale!Asriel
Garth: enters through the anydoor, he's holding roses and chocolates
: A Birbiglian Flying Jackal [The Jackal] is now A Martini with a hint of Arsenic [Nance].
Garth: ((I would be tori
Bondertale: Me toriel is there, if you're doing what I think you're dling
Garth: ((But you've got me in a garth mindset now
: Bionic_Dog [] is now TVTale Producer #1 [TV!Frisk/TV!Tem].
Garth: goes up to tori and presents the flowers and chocolates, "u-uh... for you!"
Bondertale: (TVtale!muffet and mettaton do a joint cooking show)
: Frisky [Hyper] is now Frisky [TVTale!Asriel ].
TVTale!Asriel : ((10/10
Garth: ((Is the show gonna take place in the bar?
: TVTale Producer #1 [TV!Frisk/TV!Tem] is now TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [TV!Frisk/TV!Tem].
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((On a set in its timeline.
Garth: ((Well how the fuck is garth gonna get there
Bondertale: "..." Apparently she was an utter magnet. If what she was getting from Fintevious was correct, this was the third person to attempt to court her. "Thank you?"
Garth: Uuhhh...
Garth: Th-they're the finest in Olathe!
Garth: I-i hope you enjoy, m-m'lady!
Garth: tips his mask
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((*fedora ftfy
TVTale!Asriel : ((BTori: draw me like one of your french girls
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((yep
Garth: already has
TVTale!Asriel : ((Garth: O-Okay!
TVTale!Asriel : ((wow
TVTale!Asriel : ((10/10
Garth: multiple times
TVTale!Asriel : ((Slarv, isn't today Joytale day?
Garth: ((Yup
TVTale!Asriel : ((ooooh lala ;)
Garth: ((I'm not home yet though
TVTale!Asriel : ((mkay
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Hmm.))
Garth: ((And the most fun stuff happens tomorrow
Garth: ((For me, that is
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Maybe TVTale until then?))
TVTale!Asriel : ((yeah
Garth: ((Thats fine, but how does garth get there
TVTale!Asriel : ((sure, TVTale until everybody is there for Joytale
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((a letter for him somewhow
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((From TV!Tem
Bondertale: "I appreciate it."
Garth: ((I thought it was a kids show
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [TV!Frisk/TV!Tem] disconnected.
Garth: ((Why are they asking a porn guy to show up lel
Garth: I-i also m-made you a drawing... If you want it...
TVTale!Asriel : ((Because it's a mature show
TVTale!Asriel : ((thinly veiled as a kids show
Garth: ((Oh, the rating is already up
Garth: ((I thought we were gonna have the rating go up
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [TV!Frisk/TV!Tem] joined chat.
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Dear lord I love that idea
Garth: shakily pulls out his sketchpad
TVTale!Asriel : ((The entrance of Garth will up the rating
Garth: ((Garth is a 35-something guy wearing a pink shawl and a mask
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -TVTem has a letter adressed to Garth in the bar. Who knows how it got THERE?-
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((And only underwear
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Under the shawl, that is
Garth: looks over, anything to get his mind off of how awkward talking to gurls is
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -He sees the letter.-
Garth: ((I didnt think he had underwear
Bondertale: "I suppose." Toriel said, gently taking it.
Garth: picks it up, opening it. Rip flame
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "dEEr gArTH!!!!"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "cOM 2 mOi tIMeLINE!!!"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "wE nEED U 4 a gUEST sTaR!!!!!"
Garth: made a swimsuit shot, he wasnt sure whether to give her the full on btale orgy pic. It's still skimpy as fuck
Garth: W-well! Gotta go! S-seeya later, m'lady!
Garth: runs out the anydoor, to the timeline in the letter
Bondertale: whoda thunk, finds seeing porn of herself weird
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((TVTale should be broadcast to the bar TV))
Garth: *it's good porn tho
Garth: *even btori is turned on
Bondertale: you can't control her life
Garth: *but it's just a swimsuit shot... for now
Bondertale: [sub]but yeah a little[/sub]
TVTale!Asriel : ((should tem frisk and asriel react to garth going in
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Ues
Garth: enters the set, looking around confused
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Frisk and Asriel would be shocked
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Tem would be really happy
TVTale!Asriel : "Hoooly crap! It's a wild guy! What the heck?"
TVTale!Asriel : * He points to Garth.
Garth: Ah, h-hello!
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "Relax. I invited him."
Garth: My name is Garth
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: H-Hi...?
TVTale!Asriel : "Oooh!"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "hOi!!!!"
TVTale!Asriel : "Hi, Garth!"
Garth: You wrote me this letter?
TVTale!Asriel : "Actually, ahem, HOWDY."
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "yAYA~!"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -Tem looks to a cameraman.-
TVTale!Asriel : "Tem, you dirty letter writer!"
Garth: Alright, so uh... What do i do?
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "Change the rating to TV-MA."
Garth: ((Tv 21
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: tEM aSK dIReKtUR!!!!
Garth: Alright...
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((What happens? YOU CHOOSE! All it has to do is become M-rated from adult stuff.))
TVTale!Asriel : [sub]"Oh boy. That means I can curse for real?"[/sub]
Garth: hasnt figured out temy is grill yet
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "yAYA!"
Garth: ((Ask him to draw
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "gARTH!"
Garth: ((Give the kids an aet lesson
Garth: ((*art
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "gIB aN aRT lESuN!!!!"
TVTale!Asriel : "This is fun!
TVTale!Asriel : "
Garth: Well, erm... Alright
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -Frisk looks to Asriel, and does a thumbs-up.-
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: Nice.
Garth: takes out his sketchbook and pen
TVTale!Asriel : "Woot!"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -Tem hops over and watches intently.-
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -Frisk is looking at Asriel.-
Garth: So... Who should i draw, kids?
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -Actually, wait. Is she checking him out...-
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "mE!!!!!"
Garth: asks the studio audience
Garth: Alright
TVTale!Asriel : * He turns his head toward Frisk. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "...oH! i nEEd 2 tEL U sOMtHIN!"
TVTale!Asriel : "I'm just curious!"
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem:'re hot...
Garth: Hm?
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: -Tem whispers in Garth's ear.-
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: "aM gRIL~"
Garth: ((Bio use character commands this is confusing as fuck
TVTale!Asriel : * He blushes a bright red. [sub]"H-Holy shit.."[/sub]
Garth: straightens up
Garth: O-ok!
TVTale!Asriel : * His eyes go all swirly, like in a cartoon.
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((Quotes is Temmie, no quotes is Frisk.
Garth: ((Ok but what about actions
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((They're like the old Charat /me- wait hold on
Garth: ((Actually she is checking him out made me confused
TV!Frisk/TV!Tem: ((maybe both?))
Garth: ((I thought tem was checking out garth
Garth: Uuhh...
Garth: S-so first, kids!
Garth: Y-y-you wanna start with the uh... Head...
Bondertale: (use character commands gfd)
TVTale!Asriel : "Y-You really think so, Frisk?"
TVTale!Asriel : ((imagine all this shit being on TV
Bondertale: (you are making this harder on EVERYONE)
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [TV!Frisk/TV!Tem] is now TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [].
Bondertale: (which head? *lenny* )
Garth: draws the outline of a temy head
: ((I switched. Sorry about that.))
Garth: is showing the studio audience all of this
Garth: ((Is ok
Garth: U-uh...
Garth: T-then wanna move down t-to the breast...
: TVTale!Temmie : -looks at the drawing, smiling-
: TVTale!Frisk : hehehe~
Garth: draws outline of temy boob
TVTale!Asriel : "Aaa.." * He's just a blushing mess, currently.
: * TVTem goes up to Garth and faces him.
Garth: L-lactation is not required, but reccomended
Garth: draws a lil bit of that
: TVTale!Temmie : u wANA C dA rEEl tHIn...?
Garth: !
Garth: U-uh........
: * TVTem smiles.
Garth: O-ok!
Garth: I'm sure it would help!
: * TVTem lifts her sweater, and shows it to just Garth.
Garth: ((Dont go boden room level
: ((K
Garth: ((Im not going there on mobile
: ((k
Garth: 's mask blushes. He jus stares
TVTale!Asriel : "Frisk, I-I.." * He murmurs, [sub]"I think you're hot, too.."[/sub]
Bondertale: (I'm just)
Bondertale: (gonna)
Bondertale: (go)
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Garth: [sub] i was right all along... [/sub]
TVTale!Asriel : * He then quietly squeals from embarassment.
: TVTale!Frisk : Hmm~?
TVTale!Asriel : ((rip flame
Garth: draws madly
: ((Rip a dip dip
Garth: ((Maybe we're getting too boden for main chat
: ((that may be so
TVTale!Asriel : ((maybe we should skip the drawing part
Garth: ((Yeah
: ((yeah, for now
Garth: finishes the picture
TVTale!Asriel : "I-I think you're hot too.."
Garth: A-and that's how to draw!
TVTale!Asriel : * He immediately covers his face.
Garth: I'm gonna... J-just...
Garth: passes out on the floor from critical nosebleed
: Terra [★mythisoleucine] joined chat.
: TVTale!Temmie : I'll take care of him.
TVTale!Asriel : ((hi bloo what the fuck are we doing
: * TVTem carries Garth out, and brings him to a place he can rest.
: ((wtf are we doing indeed
Garth: ((What the fuck
TVTale!Asriel : * He's just covering his face, blushing like crazy. And to think this used to be a kid's show!
: Garth [Garth] is now TVtori [TVtori].
: ((Brb
: Terra [★mythisoleucine] is now Terra [].
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( ech )
TVtori: enters the set
TVtori: ((Actually no
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( "Since I use my computer everyday, it can get red hot really sucking. I always make sure to suck it every 9 days in order to keep it shiny and long, hard." a section of my mad libs story )
TVtori: ((Imma play fe
TVtori: ((Conquest is good shit
: TVtori [TVtori] disconnected.
: ★ TVTale!MK: * MK shuffles onto the set, actually tripping once. "OW---[i]FUCK[/i]!"
: * TVTEM runs to catch him.
TVTale!Asriel : * He slowly removes his hands from his face, staring at MK. "Oh, howdy!"
: [sub]Watch your step! Didn't you read the fucking sign?[/sub]
: looks to MK.
: ★ TVTale!MK: * "Fucking hell..." They stood up. "The fuck do you think I am, some literate bastard?!"
TVTale!Asriel : * He keeps on just.. glancing at Frisk, awkwardly.
: ((Gdi me
TVTale!Asriel : "..Are you okay, MK?"
: ★ TVTale!MK: * "I don't fucking know."
: * TVTem does her signature 'you will regret this' face at MK.
TVTale!Asriel : "..Eh, okay."
: ★ TVTale!MK: * They looked at MK, maybe muttering "bitch" very, very quietly. Very close to being inaudible.
: [sub]You wanna fight~? Because I'll fight.[/sub]
: -TVTem said that-
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( That fucking tilde xD )
: ((lol
TVTale!Asriel : * He just silently steps a little closer to Frisk. He doesn't want to be apart of a fight.
TVTale!Asriel : ((lel
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( TVTale MK wouldn't really be able to fight anyway 0
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( with the whole no arms thing )
TVTale!Asriel : ((He can dropkick
: TVTale!Frisk : Here, I'll get us somewhere safe.
TVTale!Asriel : (("The bedroom is safe."
: ★ TVTale!MK: * He just snarls. "What a fucking waste of time. Utter bullshit."
: * TVFrisk proceeds to get themself and Asriel somewhere safe.
TVTale!Asriel : * He nods, following Frisk.
: TVTale!Temmie : Pff.
TVTale!Asriel : "F-Frisk, I hope they don't fight each other.."
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( What 'bout TVTale Alphys or Undyne )
: ((hmm
: ((I'll have to think
TVTale!Asriel : "It would be sort of a 'shitshow' or whatever they call it.."
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( Papyrus on a cooking show )
: ★ TVTale!MK: * "This is gonna turn into a shitshow."
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( I call TVTale Papyrus kek )
TVTale!Asriel : ((omf
: TVTale!Temmie : -looks MK straight in the eyes.-
TVTale!Asriel : ((I'll do TVTale Undyne
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( TVTem: "let's make out in front of the whole audience" )
: TVTale!Temmie : [sub] Looks like you wanna fight. [/sub]
: ★ TVTale!MK: * "Bitch, what?"
: ★ TVTale!MK: * "When the fuck did I say that?"
: TVTale!Temmie : [sub][s]For dominance.[/s][/sub]
TVTale!Asriel : ".." * He absentmindedly leans on Frisk, deep in thought.
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( TVTale MK = sassy fuckhead )
TVTale!Asriel : ((TVTale Asriel = the cinnamon roll
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( TVTale Papyrus = Not Gordon Ramsay )
: TVTale!Frisk : -leans on TVAzzy-
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( TVTem: -proceeds to furiously make out with MK!- )
: -TVTem said that gdi-
: TVTale!Temmie : -pushes him backwards, and stands on them.-
: TVTale!Temmie : I'm the one in charge here~
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( wh---k den )
Nance: ((I'm, ah... just gonna be... over there, until this has died down a little.))
: TVTale!Temmie : Do you understand~
TVTale!Asriel : ((yeah, do that
TVTale!Asriel : ((please
: TVTale!Temmie : -proceeds to fight.-
: ★ TVTale!MK: * He nods, smirking.
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( MK just flips over "bitch no" )
: ★ TVTale!MK: * MK somehow just flips over, throwing TVTem onto the ground. "Bitch, no."
TVTale!Asriel : * He jumps a bit, glancing at Frisk. "U-Uhm.. sorry.."
: TVTale!Temmie : -grabs onto him, using her claws.-
: *them
TVTale!Asriel : ((I'm probably the better person out of the TVTale Roleplayers right now
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( I don't understand why the fuck a fight was engaged anyway )
TVTale!Asriel : ((i don't understand either.
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( MK didn't do jack shit other than being passive-aggressive :/ )
TVTale!Asriel : * He looks down at the floor.
: ((MK called Temmie a bitch, and Temmie has poor impulse control
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( So, best thing to do? Engage a fight? Yeah, yeah, totally )
TVTale!Asriel : (( ✅
TVTale!Asriel : "So, uh.. Frisk.. what do we do, right now?"
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( I call TVTale Sans and Papyrus )
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( Papyrus is just on a cooking show "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SALT" )
: ★ TVTale!MK: * MK just backflips a few times, again throwing TVTem onto the ground. They jumped on top of her and rammed their head into hers a few times.
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( And this is how TVTale MK dies )
TVTale!Asriel : "Do we just.. wait?"
: TVTale!Temmie : -claws at them viciously-
TVTale!Asriel : "For everything to die down?"
: TVTale!Frisk : I guess.
TVTale!Asriel : "Or do we do something.. fun."
: ★ TVTale!MK: * It seems like you've killed the damn thing. Good going.
TVTale!Asriel : "Like a game or something."
: TVTale!Frisk : Sure!
: TVTale!Temmie : ...fuck.
TVTale!Asriel : ((Frisk: Let's play a game called 'taking off your pants'!
: ((Who should replace the now-dead MK?))
Nance: ((Nance: Lucky, Frisk never plays that game with me))
TVTale!Asriel : "Well.. do you have anything in mind?"
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( I know who could replace now-dead MK )
TVTale!Asriel : ((Frisk: I'm over here! Doing.. stuff..
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( Sans )
: ((Yes
: ★ TVTale!MK: * ( and I called TVTale Sans and Papyrus so heheheheh )
TVTale!Asriel : ((My Frisk: LIKE I'M REAL BUSY FOR SECKS
TVTale!Asriel : ((My Frisk: TOO BUSY I MEAN
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]( AAAAAAAAAA )[/font]
TVTale!Asriel : ((My Frisk: I'M SORRY
TVTale!Asriel : ((Nance: you bitch
Nance: ((More like
: ((TV!Sans would probably make dirty jokes and stuff like that
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]( Well TVTem should just get Sans onto the set then )[/font]
Nance: ((Nance: C'mon seriously Frisky you need a break once in a while
: TVTale!Temmie : -looks to some employees- Discard the footage, get rid of the body, and hire a replacement. Let's go, people! Move!
Nance: ((Nance: That's 'cause you won't take any
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
TVTale!Asriel : ((Frisk: I KNOW
TVTale!Asriel : ((also hi AD
: -A team of men do those tasks.-
: -*employees-
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I hate Nuclear throne))
Asriel_Dreemurr: (9I love it but I hate it))
TVTale!Asriel : * Hyper is watching TV.. utterly confused.
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * Sans walks onto the set, tripping. "[font=Comic Sans MS]heya-----oof[/font]"
: TVTale!Temmie : I nees to fix that step.
Asriel_Dreemurr: wakes up, sitting up on the couch.
TVTale!Asriel : "Frisk, I think it's safe now."
: *need
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Is anyone in the bar?)
: TVTale!Frisk : Yeah.
TVTale!Asriel : ((Hyper is
Nance: ((Nance: C'mon Frisk, you're taking a break whether you like it or not
TVTale!Asriel : * Hyper glances at AD. "Oh, howdy! I'm just watching TV."
: TVTale!Frisk : I heard Temmie saying 'hire a replacement', so it should be okay.
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]"yeah, it's like one step is higher than another"[/font]
TVTale!Asriel : "Alrighty then!"
: TVTale!Temmie : Heh.
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
TVTale!Asriel : * He begins to walk back to the set.
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]"if you get some better stairs, that's another [u]step[/u] towards improvement"[/font]
: TVTale!Frisk : -follows-
: TVTale!Temmie : Good one!
TVTale!Asriel : * He glances at Sans. "..Heh."
: TVTale!Temmie : -actually smiles semi-innocently-
❤ Hyper: * He shrugs. "How are you doing?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She continues to sleep on the couch, muttering about hair cake.
: -canned laughter-
TVTale!Asriel : * He stays close to Frisk, watching what was going on.
: TVTale!Frisk : -stays close.-
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]"man, you guys need to ketchup with your puns"[/font]
TVTale!Asriel : "Well, uh.. my puns aren't good sans a punchline.."
TVTale!Asriel : "Ugh, that was bad.."
: TVTale!Temmie : I really [u]relished[/u] that one, everyone [u]mustard[/u] thought it was great, too~
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]"you must be a one punch man, huh"[/font]
: TVTale!Temmie : ...girl, but it doesn't matter.
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]"i wasn't talking to you"[/font]
: TVTale!Temmie : Oh.
TVTale!Asriel : "..Yeah."
TVTale!Asriel : "I guess."
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * He looks at Asriel. [font=Comic Sans MS]"you must be as riel as it gets"[/font]
: TVTale!Temmie : mOi baD, sANd~
TVTale!Asriel : "..Yeah."
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * He looks at TVTem. [font=Comic Sans MS]"you're really a[u]tem[/u]tive, huh"[/font]
❤ Hyper: "AD, how are you doing?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * "I would rather eat vomit cake."
❤ Hyper: "Ew, vomit cake?"
: ★ Renegade Chara: * She's sleeptalking.
: TVTale!Temmie : I aM... tEM aLSo kEEP tRAk oF wORkErS!!! lOoK aT aLL [u]tEm[/u]!!!!!!
❤ Hyper: "..Huh."
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * He chuckles. [font=Comic Sans MS]"heh"[/font]
TVTale!Asriel : * He snickers.
: TVTale!Frisk : -giggles-
: -There's someone doing rimshots for [u]every single pun[/u].
: -
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( "On Sunday, April 3, at 11 am BST (6 am EDT), MSPARP will be going down for updates. " )
: ((Damn.))
TVTale!Asriel : ((omf
TVTale!Asriel : ((rip Slarvath
TVTale!Asriel : "..You could say that Frisk is kinda... [u]frisky.[/u]"
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * He chuckles again.
: TVTale!Frisk : -looks to TVAsriel- You know it~
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: is just watching the show.
TVTale!Asriel : * He blushes a bright red. He wonders if making that pun was a good idea or not.
❤ Hyper: * He scoots over to AD and watches the show with him.
: ((TVTale!Chara is one of those really bad kid's show villains that can't actually do shit))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What even is this."
❤ Hyper: * He shrugs. "I dunno. The Asriel on there reminds me of when I was innocent."
: Terra [] is now The Cartoonstitute [].
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * [font=Comic Sans MS]"..."[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Heh."
: TVTale!Temmie : ...?
❤ Hyper: "Y'know, back when you were eleven and I was ten."
: ★ TVTale!Papyrus: * Meanwhile, Papyrus is on his own show, making spaghetti. [font=Papyrus]"WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SALT?!"[/font]
: TVtori [TVtori] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( Slarv )
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( "On Sunday, April 3, at 11 am BST (6 am EDT), MSPARP will be going down for updates. " )
TVtori: ((FUCK
: ((Papyrus is full of it
TVtori: ((Wait what the fuck is a BST
TVtori: ((Or an EDT
: ((They're time zones
TVtori: ((Which ones
TVtori: ((What are they on CST
: ((BST = British Standard
: ★ TVTale!Papyrus: * [font=Papyrus]"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M FULL OF IT?! YOU ASSHOLE!"[/font]
TVtori: ((Edt is eastern time?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hey, we couldn't have been together then."
: ((yeah
TVtori: ((So... 5 am for me
: ((yep
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( That probably means 3 am for west coast )
TVtori: ((Needless to say joytale aint happening at 5 am
❤ Hyper: "..Heh. Yeah."
TVtori: ((So unless the updates take all day, we're good
: ((i just had a probably shitty idea
: ((More guest stars
: TVtori [TVtori] is now Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel].
❤ Hyper: * He seems to be keeping something secret.
Lua: ((-5AM RPG can be heard chanted in the background-))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
: ((Any ideas from you guys for guest stars?))
Smol Asriel: emerges from his fort, still in the suit
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Something up?"
Smol Asriel: ((Oprah
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( Trump )
❤ Hyper: * He sighs "..Yeah."
Smol Asriel: ((Cant stump
: (([spoiler]The Batter[/spoiler]))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What's wrong?"
Smol Asriel: ((The trump
TVTale!Asriel : ((your mom
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Hilary Clit-Clinton))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Clinton))
Smol Asriel: ((President clitorus
❤ Hyper: "..You might think that I'm a little insane if I tell you. Promise me that you won't think that."
Smol Asriel: heads over to AD and Hyper who i assume are on the couch
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Nah, I wont."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I promise."
: ((The Batter would be on one of the final time blocks
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * He tries to sit down, but he ends up just falling on his ass onto the floor. He lets out a contented sigh.
Smol Asriel: sees they're talking and doesn't interrupt
: TVTale!Temmie : -flops on the ground.-
Smol Asriel: ((Tvnapsta gets battered
Smol Asriel: ((While metta watches
: ((Batter doing lullabies for children
: (("a nice song for cute children"))
❤ Hyper: "Well.. I've been hearing a voice recently. It seemed to be a woman's voice, and.. it's been bothering me. A lot."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
狐狸精: "He's right!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you recognize it at all?"
Smol Asriel: sits next to him
❤ Hyper: ".."
❤ Hyper: "..No."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No? No one you've ever heard?"
: (("And up will come Batter, ready with bat/to purify baby JUST LIKE THAT"))
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( Paula Deen should guest star )
: ((what if
TVTale!Asriel : "Heheh.." * He just leans on Frisk, still blushing like crazy.
: ((Filthy Frank
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Smol Asriel: ((Hoi
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( I call TVFilthyFrank )
❤ Hyper: "Nobody."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "huh."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm sure one day it'll resolve."
: ((!
❤ Hyper: "..Thanks."
: ((TV!FF, TV!Alphys, and TV!Gaster doing a science show))
TVTale!Asriel : ((AD, you better keep that voice in mind
TVTale!Asriel : ((it will be very important, later
Asriel_Dreemurr: "If we're talking about voices, gonna admit I can hear Frisk talk sometimes.
Smol Asriel: ((Hehe
: TVTale!Frisk : -snuggles with TVAsriel-
❤ Hyper: "I don't have Frisk in me, though."
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( I have TVSans, Papyrus, Alphys and Filthy Frank )
Smol Asriel: Frisk?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You do have seven pieces of human souls in you."
Smol Asriel: You mean the one who comes to the bar?
: ((I wanted Alphys...))
Smol Asriel: doesn't have one
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( fine then you have it )
❤ Hyper: "Nah."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No, Kid. My Frisk."
Barchar: floats around hyper and ad. "They can hear voices, too?"
: ((No no, you can have her.))
Smol Asriel: Your... Frisk?
: ((I can be TV!Annoying Dog
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( I might go and play some MC:LA or just continue my quest in GTA:O )
Smol Asriel: tilts his head confusedly
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
❤ Hyper: "My Frisk isn't in me. I have six shards. I think."
Bondertale: if ad could hear frisk, that'd be pretty impressive really
Smol Asriel: Is this a timeline thing?
: ((Brb
: -Commercial Break happens.-
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: I don't have a frisk
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Six? Might be one of them then. Also, Frisk is the seventh human to fall under, usually."
Bondertale: (so what's tvtori like?)
Smol Asriel: ((Um actually
TVTale!Asriel : * Right before the commercial break happens, it shows him snuggling back.
Smol Asriel: ((Frisk is the eigth
TVTale!Asriel : ((yes
: ★ TVTale!Sans: * ( i'm gonna go now cya )
Smol Asriel: ((Faking noob
TVTale!Asriel : ((don't forget chara
Smol Asriel: ((Cya
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Eighth, including Chara."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I meant the seventh after Chara."
: The Cartoonstitute [] is now The Cartoonstitute [★mythisoleucine].
: The Cartoonstitute [★mythisoleucine] disconnected.
❤ Hyper: "Ah."
Smol Asriel: leans on hyper
❤ Hyper: "I, uh.. the voice is saying very nice things about me. As if it wants me to like it. Is that a problem?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Probably not?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't know."
❤ Hyper: "Alright.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Really rack your brain, see if you can identify them. Have you tried asking them something?"
❤ Hyper: "Yes. They don't listen to me."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Have you asked their name?"
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
TVTale!Asriel : "Yes."
TVTale!Asriel : Fuck.
TVTale!Asriel : He didn't say that.
❤ Hyper: "Yes. Like I said, the voice just keeps on blabbering."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you ask them to shush for a second?"
❤ Hyper: "Uh.. shush for a second."
Barchar: has decided that her current 'stay un-bored' plan is to figure out who this voice is
TVTale!Asriel : bitch "FUCK YOU. Well, actually, I take that back."
TVTale!Asriel : WHAT
TVTale!Asriel : HOW
狐狸精: "Fuck you! Well, actually.. I take that back."
狐狸精: * The voice is actually a little audible.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
❤ Hyper: "..Eh.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is that them?"
狐狸精: "Indeed! And please don't judge me, narcy boy."
Barchar: 's eyes flare open. She goes pouring for any other time she's heard that voice. Bah. Nothing useful.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'm not, May I ask why you're inside Hyper?"
狐狸精: "Reasons."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What reasons?"
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] joined chat.
狐狸精: "Reasons you don't need to know~"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...WHy?"
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] disconnected.
狐狸精: "Ever heard of privacy?"
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, you're invading Hyper's.
❤ Hyper: "..Ehm.."
: -commercial break ends-
狐狸精: "I can't read his mind, dumbo."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Can you just stop going into her head?"
: ((a cooking show with TV!Undyne as the judge
Asriel_Dreemurr: His*
Asriel_Dreemurr: used his*
狐狸精: "Anyways, watch the damn TV."
Asriel_Dreemurr: did a dumb
狐狸精: The voice isn't audible anymore.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
❤ Hyper: "..It's annoying."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Tell them to leave."
TVTale!Asriel : ((So we're doing the cooking show thing, now?
❤ Hyper: "Leave, voice."
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie 's connection timed out.
❤ Hyper: "..It said that it won't speak, but it won't go."
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ask them why."
: ((yeah
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I didn't like the tole in theor voice when they told me i didn't need to know."
TVTale!Asriel : ((Bloo isn't here, though
Asriel_Dreemurr: tone*
TVTale!Asriel : ((OH BOY
Smol Asriel: ((I'm gonna say joytale begins at 5 pm cst
Smol Asriel: ((I should be finished by then
TVTale!Asriel : ((mmkay
Smol Asriel: ((Until then iiiiiiiiiiilllll beeeeeeee goooooooooooooooooooone
❤ Hyper: "..It isn't speaking."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
❤ Hyper: "Shit."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Asshole."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Tell them to tell you why they are in you/"
❤ Hyper: "It won't speak now, because I told it to leave."
: ((Wait, who RPs The Judge?))
❤ Hyper: "It says it will speak when it feels like it."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Tell them to fucking act like an adult and tell them why they are in your damn body."
❤ Hyper: "..I did that mentally, and it still isn't saying anything. We shouldn't worry about it for now."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...I don't trust it."
❤ Hyper: "..Me neither."
Barchar: doesn't trust it much more than they do
Barchar: not that they could know that
Barchar: sighs. She didn't even get a full word in.
: -Actually commercial break continues.-
Asriel_Dreemurr: is aware of Barchar's existence, so that's good.
❤ Hyper: * He leans on AD. "For now, I'll just keep ln thinking about you."
: -An ad for Trump's Blazing Blenders comes on.-
TVTale!Asriel : ((yeah we need bloo
Asriel_Dreemurr: would be able to half-talk to them if Gaster could help.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay."
: ((for now, we can come up with commercials.))
: Frisky [TVTale!Asriel ] is now Frisky [ADs].
❤ Hyper: "..I've learned there's a lot of [u]AD[/u]s right now."
❤ Hyper: * He snickers.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh my god."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Oh, my god."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wow."
: -A [url=]BT Corporation-made ad for Temmie Flakes[/url] comes on.-
❤ Hyper: "Chill. I'm [u]Snicker[/u]ing right now, while you need a Snickers."
❤ Hyper: "You're not you when you're hungry."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, but sugar makes you [u]Hyper[/u]."
Asriel_Dreemurr: smirks.
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] disconnected.
❤ Hyper: "Even when you're [u]Hyper[/u], I'll still think you're hotter in your current form."
❤ Hyper: He smirks right back.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I went Hypergod yesteday."
❤ Hyper: "Oh? That sounds cool."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Short-lived, though."
❤ Hyper: "I'd rather fuck you than a Hypergod, though."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It technically was still me."
ADs: * A romantic commercial comes on.
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] joined chat.
❤ Hyper: "I'd still rather fuck you in your current form than when you're muscular, though."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's fun."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I wasn't muscular."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I was just stronger."
❤ Hyper: "Oh, interesting."
: * What does it include?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Fucking condoms."
❤ Hyper: "..Oh my."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I thought all condoms were for fucking."
❤ Hyper: He pulls out three condoms and puts them over his little 'paw sections'. "You could use them as gloves.
ADs: "
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Um."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I think grillby is gonna throw a fir if you leave those here."
Asriel_Dreemurr: fit*
❤ Hyper: He then takes the condoms off and throws them at Grillby's head. The condoms burn.
ADs: * Grillby is not amused.
❤ Hyper: "Ehm.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
❤ Hyper: * He turns his head toward AD. "Anyways, I love you more than you do."
: -The channel is switched,-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Bullshit."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's a paradox, I am you and you're me."
: -and...-
❤ Hyper: "I still love you more." He smirks.
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles right back.
: -A much, [i][u]MUCH[/u][/i] different [url=]BT Corporation-made ad for Temmie Flakes[/url] comes on.-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Still haven't tested your new body."
: punmastersans [punmastersans] joined chat.
: ((ayy
❤ Hyper: "..Hoo boy." He [color=#FF0000]blushes.-[/color]
punmastersans: ((ay
ADs: ((ayy lmao
: Frisky [ADs] is now Frisky [].
: TVTale!Frisk + TVTale!Temmie [] is now Robo [Robo].
Robo: enters. She seems to be thinking about something.
: ((it's getting a little hot in here
: ((just so you know
punmastersans: ((oh bby
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Was gonna have to mention it eventually."
punmastersans: ((what i miss))
❤ Hyper: "We should definitely test it out soon. I have like.. five of those attachables."
Robo: ((TVTale
punmastersans: ((lol
: ((TLCtale
Robo: ((A mature show thinly veiled as a kid's show
punmastersans: ((omg
Asriel_Dreemurr: raises an eyebrow.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Five?"
❤ Hyper: "You have a lot to choose from~."
Robo: ((TVTale might continue))
: ((TLCtale is basically My Strange Addiction
Asriel_Dreemurr: smirks more, blushing a bit now.
: ((except with Undertale characters
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Huh."
: ((Bloo made it
Robo: ((TVTale was created by me
: ((mhm
Robo: ((It's a bunch of chaotic TV shows starring Undertale characters
Bondertale: (tlctale is fun and awful)
: ((TLCtale = Bloo TVTale= Bio
: punmastersans's connection timed out.
: ((oh rip roth
Robo: ((TVTale is awful and fun.))
: punmastersans [punmastersans] joined chat.
: ((roth is alive
punmastersans: *[font=Comic Sans ms](ksorry on mobile[/font]
: ((it's okay
: Frisky [] is now Frisky [Hyper].
Robo: ((it's okay
punmastersans: ((sounds entertaining
Robo: ((it happened earlier
Hyper: "Mm.. I wish I could pull them out so you can choose, but this IS a public bar.."
Hyper: "I'm not THAT rude."
punmastersans: ((white text huh
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
Hyper: ((use the dark theme if you haven't already
Bondertale: (never not dark theme)
: punmastersans's connection timed out.
Robo: ((Here, this is pretty much the first show in a nutshell
Hyper: (([color=#FF0000]use the dark theme if you haven't already dark theme is life[/color]
Hyper: ((wow rip
Hyper: * He grabs AD's hand and holds it.
Asriel_Dreemurr: holds their paw.
Hyper: "..I can't really describe to you how much I love you."
Hyper: ((Barchar: -faps-
Robo: ((Robo: -faps- ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You don't need words to show me that."
❤ Hyper: "..Heh. That's true."
Barchar: is now distracted from her attempts to decipher hyper's headvoice
Asriel_Dreemurr: gives a quick kiss.
Robo: watches this, and unknown to Hyper and AD, video records it.
Hyper: * He leans over to AD and gives a long and passionate kiss! Perfect for Robo's camera.
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Barchar will be eating fake popcorn watching Hyper and AD have sex and it will give her enough determination to appear, and she'll just be sitting there with a handful of popcorn wondering why Ad and Hyper and looking at her funny.))
Asriel_Dreemurr: hugs, returning the kiss.
: punmastersans [punmastersans] joined chat.
Robo: ((Robo will cloak and watch
Robo: ((ayy
Bondertale: (fucking 10)
Robo: ((so, about the first show in TVTale...
punmastersans: ((fucking airport wifi
Hyper: He doesn't need to breathe, so the kiss drags out.. for a very long time.
Robo: ((Imagine one of those parts of shows like Dora where they stay silent for a while. Now imagine this scene: TV!Frisk is doing one of those 'Choose the correct pathway/answer/etc.!' parts and TV!Temmie, TV!Frisk's sidekick in the show, gets annoyed with the wait and audibly says "Hurry the fuck up!" leading to a sudden rating change. Afterwards, the show kind of adapts to the new rating and starts to include more and more mature content.))
punmastersans: ((i only have 45 minutes
Hyper: * He eventually lets go, staring at AD. He gives a small smile.
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles right back, looking happy.
Barchar: just sits on the floor Indian style, staring
Barchar: if anyone could see her, it would actually be mildly creepy
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs, hugging them. He says "It sucks that I'm fully aware that there is a voice in your head watching and probably that invisible Chara."
Robo: films it all, and if anyone actually knew, it would be mildly creepy as well.
: punmastersans [punmastersans] is now ROTHBOT9000 [ROTHBOT9000].
ROTHBOT9000: rolls in
Robo: [font=Roboto]!![/font]
Robo: [font=Roboto]Rothbot![/font]
Hyper: "It's fine. Just forget about it."
Robo: runs up to her and hugs her.
ROTHBOT9000: hi babe
ROTHBOT9000: hugs back
ROTHBOT9000: ((did we ever find corsiva
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, I'll try..."
Robo: [font=Roboto]Hi there~ ^_^[/font]
Hyper: "All that matters is that I love you and we're happy."
ROTHBOT9000: missed you :)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're right."
Bondertale: (i almost want hyper and ad to start thinking it is barchar)
Bondertale: (cause after all)
: High Priest Laharl [Writing a thing] joined chat.
ROTHBOT9000: ((did we ever find corsiva?
Robo: [font=Roboto]Same~[/font]
Bondertale: (#blameitonbarchar)
Hyper: ((i just wanna say that hyper has two more lives
ROTHBOT9000: how have you been?
Hyper: ((if he dies again he has one more life
Hyper: ((it's like Mario
ROTHBOT9000: ((hello
Hyper: ((hi laharl
Nance: ((Yeah, Corsiva's been brought back))
Hyper: ((^
ROTHBOT9000: ((cool cool
ROTHBOT9000: sits on the couch
: High Priest Laharl [Writing a thing] disconnected.
Robo: sits next to her and snuggles.
Hyper: "..Even when I'm gone - just know this.. I love you more than anything else in the world."
Asriel_Dreemurr: snuggles with Hyper.
Robo: [font=Roboto]Great, now that I'm with you~[/font]
Hyper: * He snuggles right back!
Robo: [font=Roboto]>u<[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: awww
ROTHBOT9000: snuggles back
Robo: [font=Roboto]I wish you'd come around more often...[/font]
Robo: [font=Roboto]I really missed you~[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: i'm sorry. i missed u too babe
ROTHBOT9000: this isn't the only timeline that requires my services though.
Robo: [font=Roboto](^ ‿‿ ^)♡[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: kisses
Hyper: * He then thinks about something. "Hm.. AD?"
Robo: kisses back.
Robo: [font=Roboto]Nnn~[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hmph?"
Robo: [font=Roboto](*¯ ³ ¯*)♡[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: heh. you're so cute
Asriel_Dreemurr: Hmph?"
Hyper: * He puts his paw up into AD's shirt/sweater/hoodie/jacket and begins to tickle him! He attempts to, anyway.
ROTHBOT9000: (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Asriel_Dreemurr: pushes away, laughing.
Hyper: ((oh baby
Robo: [font=Roboto]Oh, you are too~[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: is pushing hard, although his left hand did.
Hyper: * He snickers.
Robo: [font=Roboto](⌒▽⌒)♡[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: smiles
Hyper: "I still remember."
Asriel_Dreemurr: porbably pushes hyper onto his back with his left arm.
Robo: [font=Roboto]I love you~[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: i love you too :)
Hyper: * He immediately begins to tickle AD again.
Asriel_Dreemurr: laughs a bunch.
ROTHBOT9000: i'm glad they finally found corsiva, too
Robo: [font=Roboto]I am too... I was worried.[/font]
ROTHBOT9000: i searched everywhere.
Robo: [font=Roboto]I'm happy that she's back with her family again...[/font]
Hyper: * He tickles even harder!
Hyper: * -lenny-
ROTHBOT9000: me too :) and now i can babysit again!
Asriel_Dreemurr: tries to tickle ba- Oh god it's made of metal he can't defend himself.
Barchar: jjuuust lookin'.
Hyper: * Immediately, he begins to laugh. It turns out his sensors can render tickling!
Hyper: "Haha.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: keeps tickling then.
Hyper: * He begins to laugh a little harder, tickling AD at the same time.
ROTHBOT9000: leans back
Asriel_Dreemurr: manages to get on top [sub]heh[/sub] of them.
Robo: [font=Roboto]And I can help~[/font]
Hyper: ((and then Sephiroth falls from the ceiling and shanks AD
ROTHBOT9000: mmhmm.
Robo: kisses Rothbot.
Robo: ((GG
ROTHBOT9000: kisses back
Robo: [font=Roboto]Nnnh~[/font]
Hyper: ((like he did with [spoiler]Aerith[/spoiler]
Hyper: * He blushes, laughing audibly at this point.
Asriel_Dreemurr: keeps tickling!
Bondertale: (did you actually just spoiler aerith's death)
Hyper: * He laughs even harder.
Robo: [font=Roboto]I love you so much~ ( ´∀`)~ ♡[/font]
Bondertale: (Seriously?? )
ROTHBOT9000: aww
Hyper: ((it's a joke
Hyper: ((it was on purpose
Hyper: ((lel
ROTHBOT9000: ((to be fair, he put a spoiler
: Jozlyn [Jozlyn] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((Ayy
Hyper: ((hi tri
ROTHBOT9000: ((hoi
Jozlyn: ((How's it going
Robo: ((ayy
Hyper: ((good
Hyper: ((the entire bar is hot
ROTHBOT9000: ((i'm sick
Jozlyn: ((Aww, hope you get better
Jozlyn: ((Why's the bar hot?
Robo: ((same here
ROTHBOT9000: ((thanks bby
ROTHBOT9000: ((ayyy sick buddies
Jozlyn: ((Np
Asriel_Dreemurr: lies on them, still tickling.
Robo: ((also Tri did you see TVTale earlier?
Jozlyn: ((TVTale? Nope
Robo: ((It's hilarious
Robo: ((Imagine one of those parts of shows like Dora where they stay silent for a while. Now imagine this scene: TV!Frisk is doing one of those 'Choose the correct pathway/answer/etc.!' parts and TV!Temmie, TV!Frisk's sidekick in the show, gets annoyed with the wait and audibly says "Hurry the fuck up!" leading to a sudden rating change. Afterwards, the show kind of adapts to the new rating and starts to include more and more mature content.))
Hyper: * He eventually gives in, letting AD tickle him.
Jozlyn: ((I assume it's Undertale as a show
Hyper: * He keeps on laughing.
: Robo [Robo] is now Bionic_Dog [ ].
Jozlyn: ((Noice
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Hello, Jozlyn~[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: Bionic_Dog [ ] is now Bionic_Dog [].
Jozlyn: ((My monthly battle with Endless Sans continues
Jozlyn: ((Was .62 seconds off from my goal ;-;
: ((also, Papyrus is Gordon Ramsay))
Jozlyn: wakes up, yawning. "...Hi. :3"
Jozlyn: ((wot
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Have a good nap~[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: ?[/font][/color]
ROTHBOT9000: ((paps is too nice to be gordon ramsey
: ((it's TVTale))
Jozlyn: [font=arial]...Yeah, but I'm still tired. 3:[/font]
Jozlyn: ((Is LISATale today?
Hyper: ((yes
: ((tommorow
Jozlyn: ((Yay
: ((and today I think
Hyper: ((5:00 PM CST
Hyper: ((today
: ((6 PM EST))
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : If you're tired...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: ((It's 3:02 here, what would it be in my time bc I don't timezone
Asriel_Dreemurr: stops, now just lying on Hyper.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : We should relax together.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: ((I think you're cst
Hyper: "A-Asriel.. you're so good at tickling, haha.."
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Sure. I'd like today to be relaxing. :3[/font]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Also, if you go anywhere...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Unless anything happens that needs my help, of course.[/font]
Hyper: * He sighs. That tired out his metal frame.
Hyper: * Somehow.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "heh..."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : If there's something like that, I'll follow to keep you safe.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Of course.[/font]
: ROTHBOT9000 [ROTHBOT9000] disconnected.
Hyper: * He hugs AD and pulls him even closer.
Asriel_Dreemurr: hugs close.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : -takes an odd device out of her backpack. It reads: 'CLOAK WATCH'-[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Invisibly.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: -Tem didn't take that out retcon that-[/font][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Alright. :3[/font]
Jozlyn: didn't say alright, then
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : And remember what I said about Joy...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : A while ago.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]It's bad. I know.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I love you..."
Hyper: "..I love you too."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : If you somehow get a dose in your mouth...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Why would that happen unless I did it myself? ;-;[/font]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Try to spit it out.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : There are some [i]BAD[/i] people out in some timelines.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]...True.[/font]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : And if you somehow swallow it...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Hyper: "..I love you more."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Come to me [u][i]IMMEDIATELY[/i][/u].[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Sincere: * Sincere runs in through the anydoor, Serene and Surreal following close behind. "Hi!"
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Okay.[/font]
Hyper: * He's in fuckin' "ooh lala" land right now.
The Trio: * Serene waves, and Surreal is...already drifting off.
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Hyper: * He would say 'howdy' if he wasn't in such of a love-trance with AD.
Asriel_Dreemurr: nuzzles his face into their neck fur.
Sincere: * He looks around the bar, realizing nobody had said hello. "...Hi?"
Hyper: * His 'neck fur' is very soft and comfortable.
Hyper: * Like I said before, he would say hello if he wasn't in lovey dovey land.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : I met with someone from a timeline containing Joy...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're so nice and kind..."
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Smol Asriel: ((Am home yaaay
Sincere: * He seems disappointed. He sits at a table, and the other two sit with him.
Jozlyn: ((Ayy
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : I went out a while ago to be an intern at a TV filming set.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: ((ayy
Jozlyn: [font=arial]They didn't give you any, did they?[/font]
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : No, thankfully.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Cool. :3[/font]
Hyper: ((ayy slarv
Hyper: "..You are, too.."
Barchar: she's captivated with ad and hyper, so Surreal gets a break. For now.
Surreal: * He's busy drifting off anyway.
Hyper: ((Barchar is gonna have a lot of fapping material today
Asriel_Dreemurr: scratches their paws as he snuggles.
The Trio: * The other two are looking around the bar, seeing if anything noteworthy has changed.
Barchar: you assume she wouldn't keep him awake to antagonize him.
Hyper: * Well, for one, two goats are loving each other.
Hyper: "Mm.."
Hyper: * He feels very comfy right now.
Asriel_Dreemurr: is also very comfy
Surreal: * He wouldn't mind talking with Barchar. There's not much to drift off to.
Surreal: * Even if he'd only be spoken to to be antagonized.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I love you soo much..."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : I can't remember their name...[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]You wouldn't need to remember, would you?[/font]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : No.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Hyper: "I love you soooooooooooooo much. That's four times the 'so much'.."
Barchar: well, then, bad news.
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Then don't worry about it. :3[/font]
Barchar: isn't moving for a while.
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : But from what I've heard, Joy makes you feel nothing. Like a painkiller.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah well I love you even more."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Don't give in.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Surreal: * It's alright, he's fine.
Jozlyn: [font=arial]I'm not gonna take it. >_>[/font]
Hyper: "I love you more."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I love you more."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : It's addictive,[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : and remember what I said about bad people.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Then I won't take it from the beginning.[/font]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Then I'll be wary.[/font]
Hyper: "I love you even more."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : And remember... I'll be following you. Keeping you safe.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]I know that. :D[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I love you more than you love me."
Hyper: "Nooo, I love you way more than you love me."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeahhh, sure."
Hyper: "You better believe it."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I toottally believe you."
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : Hold on, I need to leave for a while. I'll be right back.[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Smol Asriel: ((Can I get remodded?
Hyper: "You should believe me!"
Hyper: "I'm your loving boyfriend!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, bit I love you more!"
Jozlyn: [font=arial]Alright.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: but*
: [font=Marker Felt][color=#2525ee]Temmii : -exits the castle and leaves through the Anydoor.-[/color][/font][color=#2525ee][/color]
Hyper: "I love you more than any other Asriel in this entire universe."
Jozlyn: sits in the castle, looking around patiently.
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not more than me, though."
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Hyper: "Suuure."
Hyper: "Keep on believing that."
Hyper: "I'll eventually prove that I love you more!"
: [font=Courier New][color=#ff8800]-Some time passes.-[/color][/font][color=#ff8800][/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: laughs a bit, while still buried in their neck.
Smol Asriel: ((BTale is coming on the adventure right
Smol Asriel: ((Because they'll have a wonderful time with tonight's big boss
Jozlyn: is resting now. She's looked around the room, walked around, everything, but she hasn't ruined anything.
Smol Asriel: ((Specifically Tori
Bondertale: (they are)
Bondertale: (hmm)
Jozlyn: ((Jozlyn is coming, and would it be alright if the Trio came too?
Bondertale: (are we already seeing joyed up Asriel? )
Jozlyn: ((Which would mean I'm RPing 4 people
Smol Asriel: ((Sure
Bondertale: (what do the trio have to gain by coming? )
Bondertale: (oh)
Jozlyn: ((Info
Smol Asriel: ((Gimme some specials
Hyper: * He begins to scratch AD's ears.
Bondertale: (combat info)
Bondertale: (euh)
Asriel_Dreemurr: mehugs more.
Asriel_Dreemurr: me hugs more*
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: HUGS MORE DAMNIT*
Jozlyn: ((The Trio would come because they'd need to know everything about what's going on, and the people, and all that
Hyper: ((hi yazan
Jozlyn: ((Now just a sec, gonna type out all the specials and stuff, then copy/paste
Fintevious: (Hey
Hyper: ((
: ((Where are we currently in LISAtale?))
Jozlyn: (( for when you wish to add quotes
Jozlyn: ((>when >currently
Jeska or Jekas: ...
Smol Asriel: ((End of Snowdin
Hyper: "Hm.. where do you like to be scratched?"
Jozlyn: ((oops read that as when
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I dunno..."
Smol Asriel: emerges from the fort again
Hyper: "Any place you like in particular?"
: ((Tri, may I PM you for a moment?))
Jozlyn: ((K
Hyper: "Head, ears, sides, crotch?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: chuckles.
Fintevious: -Walks in- hello everyone
Barchar: actually perks up 's bit at that
Smol Asriel: Crotch?
Barchar: is a weird girl
Smol Asriel: looks over
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Idon't care, you choose..."
Bondertale: Toriel waves. "Hello, doctor.
Smol Asriel: tilts his head confusedly
Hyper: "Oh, Smazzy, we're having adult talk."
Jozlyn: ((The trio is one person? Alright
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah..."
Hyper: "Don't listen to us."
Smol Asriel: ((Like BTale, it's one member
Smol Asriel: :(
Hyper: "We're just speakin' nonsense."
Smol Asriel: Ok.......
Jozlyn: ((Alright
Smol Asriel: shuffles away, sadded
Fintevious: -Sits down- hello tori
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You can choose, Hyper."
Hyper: * He looks back at AD, and begins to scratch the top of his head.
Bondertale: "Have you talked with asgore, yet? About our talk, I mean."
Smol Asriel: goes over to mommy and snuggles up to her
Jeska or Jekas: -sitting there. Hasnt moved at all
Fintevious: Nope and dont imtend to
Asriel_Dreemurr: is busy hugging Hyper to help Jeska.
Hyper: "Does that feel good?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yep."
Jozlyn: ((Could it not be Holy Trinity? Holy part is alright, but trinity is...something else that I have for later involving their story
Hyper: "That's wonderful, then.."
Jeska or Jekas: -will be there when needed
Smol Asriel: ((It's just a random name, but ok
Jozlyn: ((Alright, thanks
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Anywhere you want me to scratch?"
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "That's fair. Leave the talking to me, instead."
Hyper: "Well.. you can scratch wherever you would like. Just remember that this is a public place, so please don't scratch anywhere 'under' my robe.."
Bondertale: starts hugging smolsriel.
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods, and scratches their paws, still.
Smol Asriel: purrs
: ((Oh, and
Hyper: ((Tori: -starts putting her hand into smolsriel's pants.-
Barchar: floats up, sticking a hand through Ad's head. "It doesn't HAVE to be in a public place."
Smol Asriel: ((Wowee
Bondertale: (bro)
: ((Slarvath, I want Temmii go on the LISAtale quest
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Is barchar attempting to get me to sex Hyper))
: ((I want her to be like what Hyper used to be, the support character thing
Smol Asriel: ((Mmmkay
Smol Asriel: ((Well Hyper still is the support character
Smol Asriel: ((But I can do another supporter
Fintevious: Also I would prefer you didnt tell him that we talked about that. Just say to figured ut out yourselk
: ((well, she'll do stat-based support sutf
: ((*stuff
: ((mostly buffs
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...We don't need to be in the bar, you know."
: ((Also I need to PM you Slarvath
Hyper: "..Hm.. that doesn't sound too bad..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Hyper: "I do need to test out my new body, anyways.."
Barchar: (you fuckin' bet)
Fintevious: (You fobot fucker
Hyper: "If you catch my drift.."
Asriel_Dreemurr: smirks in their neck.
Bondertale: (in this case, you really can #blameitonbarchar)
Bondertale: Toriel looked away. "I'll see, but I don't want it to seem suspicious."
Hyper: ((and then i kill hyper tomorrow because he might be having sex today
Hyper: ((lolno
Fintevious: -somewhere Junko is giving AD the thumbs b
Hyper: "So.. wanna do it?"
Fintevious: -Thumbs up
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Guess so."
Fintevious: He thinks highly of you, so be wont question it
Hyper: ((I feel bad for Nancy because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to go to the boden room right now without Frisk.
Hyper: "If you wanna do it, then you gotta get up."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "ugh..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: reluctantly gets p.
Asriel_Dreemurr: up*
Fintevious: ((AD is too lazy to get up
Hyper: ((AD is a lazy fuck
Hyper: ((it's surprising he can do things in bed at all
Hyper: * He gets up, after letting Lazy Fuckriel get up.
Bondertale: "He may be a fool, Fintevious, but he's no idiot."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We're gonna have to fin a place though."
Hyper: "It better not be a tent."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Barchar: *Heavy breathing*))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((..."
Asriel_Dreemurr: (..."*
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."******
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Jesus I can't type apparently))
Fintevious: Ill deal with that when it comes around dont worry
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Where."
Hyper: "How about we find a room? I'm pretty sure we can check into a 'hotel room' here."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Everyone is dead, there is no more Inn."
Barchar: "There's a back room, come on, come on." she's not giving any sort of command or thought manipulation, just talking to someone who can't hear her
Hyper: "Then we go into the empty inn, or the backroom."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Backroom's closer."
Hyper: "I think the backroom's bed has been cleaned recently."
Hyper: "So yeah, that works."
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
: The Cartoonstitute [★mythisoleucine] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets up, walking to the Backroom door.
Hyper: * He follows!
: The Cartoonstitute [★mythisoleucine] is now Terra [★mythisoleucine].
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Barchar: *Slot machine Jackpot noise*))
★mythisoleucine: ( -follows- )
Barchar: squees, following after them
Asriel_Dreemurr: enters the room, walking in.
: ★ Joseph: * is watching.
Fintevious: (Oh Slarv Jeska can join the lisaquest now
Smol Asriel: ((Alright
Smol Asriel: ((Should she just be a slightly altered Jukon?
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Ohh, do I get the ability to control their attacks or something?))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((JESKA IS A POKEMON))
Smol Asriel: ((AD
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Fintevious: (Likely, but will have to change a few things
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: 1st or 2nd tier))
Smol Asriel: ((2nd
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] set Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] to Amateur Gavel-Slinger. They can now silence other users.
Hyper: ((ad you better come to the boden room soon
Hyper: ((you fuck
Fintevious: (Oh oh ( mod me too. Ill run the graveyard shift
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] set Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] to Bum's Rusher. They can now silence and kick other users.
Smol Asriel: ((Yaay
Smol Asriel: ((Also, we'd have to talk to chime bout that
Fintevious: (Mostly joking, but will do so if wanted
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Barchar is going to have a field day today))
Smol Asriel: ((Temmii's stuff is finished
Smol Asriel: ((
Smol Asriel: ((Tri, where's those specials
Jozlyn: ((Just finished
Jozlyn: ((Should I PM so it's not a wall
Smol Asriel: ((If it's not too big go ahead and post it here
: Yazan [Fintevious] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: ((I reserve the right to nerf
: Yazan [Fintevious] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((I did the stats as well, if that's alright with you, so it might be too big
Smol Asriel: ((it's fine
Fintevious: So how about that dinner Tori?
Jozlyn: ((Okay then
Jozlyn: ((Created it in a notepad with formatting and line breaks and stuff, so don't mind the messiness
Smol Asriel: *Garth's stuff is still there
Fintevious: (I need to think about what Jeskas specials would be
Bondertale: Toriel nodded. "Any time you'd like, doctor."
Jozlyn: ((The Trio HP: 450/450 SP: 75/75 ATK: 30 DEF: 15 SPD: 6 LCK: 8 Specials Messengers (Passive): As long as they live, every other party member has their stats boosted by 10%, and negative status effects are 1 turn less. This does not apply to the Trio, however. Sincere: Sincere shoots a fireball, dealing 2 damage x ATK and having a 20% chance of making the enemy cry, another 20% chance of making them pissed, and another 20% chance of making them scared. Surreal: Surreal goes invisible and releases a cloud of gas, dealing the same amount of damage as the Trio's ATK stat to all enemies, having a 50% chance of poison, and increasing the Trio's LCK, SPD, and DEF by 5 each. Serene: Serene creates a wall of ice around the Trio and 2 other allies. If an enemy attacks the Trio and/or a shielded ally, the enemy takes 7 damage x ATK, the shield fades, and the enemy's attack deals half its damage. If the enemy's attack was a critical, instead the attack's damage is not halved but the critical fails.
Jozlyn: ((there we go
Smol Asriel: ((Woooh
Smol Asriel: ((It posted with the msparp formatting
Bondertale: (so, what demigod has a hateboner for the bar and wants their messengers to destroy it?? )
Smol Asriel: ((Oh god
Fintevious: Alright brb -walks to the back
Smol Asriel: ((How do I get rid of the background
Jozlyn: ((Uhm
Smol Asriel: ((There we go
Jozlyn: ((Oh cool
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Wait walks to the back))
Smol Asriel: ((I'm editing a bit
Fintevious: -The kitchen I meam
Jozlyn: ((That's fine
Jozlyn: ((Oh yeah, forgot to put one turn
Fintevious: (Oh btw i have no interestin being a thief
Jozlyn: ((Is Serene way too OP
Smol Asriel: ((No, I'll just make it cost a lot
Bondertale: (did Fintevious actually just say 'brb'?)
Jozlyn: ((Alright
Smol Asriel: ((And take that damage down a bit
Fintevious: ((No he said the word? On mobild
Smol Asriel: ((K, done
★mythisoleucine: ( "Kids these days and their robotic penises" -Terra 2016 )
Bondertale: (okay)
Jozlyn: ((Neato
★mythisoleucine: ( #7 ...: ( kids these days and their robotic penises ) )
★mythisoleucine: ( this is fun )
The Trio: * The three are asleep now. Except Serene, but she's not paying enough attention because nothing's happening.
Hyper: ((I can confirm what Bloo said
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Me too))
Jozlyn: ((Me too thanks
Fintevious: -Walks back out with a large plate in hand amd sits mect to Tori
Hyper: (( 14 Hyper: ((Bloo is just tossing ass flavored popcorn into their mouth 7 ...: ( no ) 14 Hyper: ((okay 14 Hyper: ((so you eat literal ass 7 ...: ( no ) 14 Hyper: ((you said you ate ass 7 ...: ( i eat ass, not ass ) 14 Hyper: ((oh, okay
★mythisoleucine: ( "I eat ass, not ass" )
Fintevious: Next*
★mythisoleucine: ( 10/10 )
Fintevious: Dinner? -Places the plate down
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: ((Hoo boy folks
Smol Asriel: ((Until joytale starts I'm writing an essay
Smol Asriel: ((And in said essay I get to use
Smol Asriel: ((This gon b fun
Hyper: ((okay
Fintevious: ((
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
Fintevious: -dinner is chicken marsla with mashed garlic potatos, a side of broccolli and casar salad.
Fintevious: ((Its quiey
Hyper: (( 14 Hyper: ((i feel like i'm not even trying but i'm doing this anyways 11 Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Hey guess what neither am I)) 11 Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I'm watching youtube videos during this.)) 14 Hyper: ((#nottryingclub
Hyper: ((10/10 bodeb
Hyper: ((boden
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
Fintevious: (Im tempted to watch it
Fintevious: ((Also tempted to send Jeska in there
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Fintevious: (But Ill wait
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((omf))
: ((Slarvath I need to PM you.))
Smol Asriel: ((Ok
Jozlyn: ((Gdi
Hyper: ((omf
Jozlyn: ((Fml and my choices
★mythisoleucine: ( #7 ...: ( i'm trying to get actionscript to not be such a bitch, with 840 x 480 resolution @ 24fps and flat colors ) )
Hyper: ((yazan it's better if you don't watch we're not even trying
Hyper: ((at all
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
★mythisoleucine: ( they can't even tell who's supposed to cum )
Fintevious: ((Swhy I wanna watch. See tje failure
Bondertale: (barchar is either very disappointed or very excited(
Bondertale: (depending)
Bondertale: smiles. "That seemed quick for something like this."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Excited, reason: They are sexing.))
: ((Slarvath I sent you something important
Bondertale: (disappointed, reason: they suck at t)
★mythisoleucine: ( [i]suck[/i] )
Hyper: ((it's their fucking second time though
Hyper: ((expect to be disappointed
Bondertale: (tbh she might find that hot I dunno)
Fintevious: -hands tori the plate of dinner- here you are
Bondertale: Toriel nods, taking it. "Thank you, doctor."
Fintevious: -pulls out a bottle of merlot- care for some wine?
Fintevious: or does that effect your bond?
Bondertale: Toriel waved a hand. "Apologies. I'd rather not get Frisk drunk. Them with LESS inhibitions would be my worst nightmare." she said, smiling.
Fintevious: -pulls the bottle away and pulls out a bottle of sparkling juice- an alternative then?
★mythisoleucine: ( My god it's failing )
★mythisoleucine: ( I'm failing to watch and sarcastically comment )
Hyper: ((i'm not even fucking trying so it's so bad that you can't even make sarcastic comments
Bondertale: "That would be a sufficient substitute, doctor, thank you."
Smol Asriel: ((Mind if I walk in?
Fintevious: ((me too
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((I've only been half paying attention.))
Hyper: ((Smazzy better not fucking walk in
Hyper: ((Jizza would be fine
Hyper: ((but Smazzy needs to remain a cinnamon roll
Smol Asriel: ((Rightyo!
Fintevious: ((I just meant watch
Smol Asriel: wonders where Hyper and AD went
Smol Asriel: wonders what they're doing in the back room
Hyper: ((you can watch but it's fucking shit
Barchar: might be keeping snazzy from being tainted, but she's...busy.
Hyper: ((and i know it's shit
The Trio: * Serene is somehow still awake. The other two are still asleep.
Fintevious: -pours her a glass-
: ((Slarvath, I sent you another message.))
Hyper: ((but i don't feel like trying
Fintevious: here you are
Fintevious: ((I'll wait until your done
Fintevious: -just suffer from ED and call it a day
Smol Asriel: ((I know
Smol Asriel: wanders into the back room
Fintevious: ((sorry thats was OOC
Fintevious: ((LOOL
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: walks back out looking like he juts saw his entire family get eaten alive by wildabeests
Smol Asriel: just kinda stares blankly
Bondertale: Toriel nodded, Taking a sip. Frisk suddenly snapped their head over. That sensation was enough to grab their attention.
Fintevious: so would you care to have the doctor visit now or perhaps talk about something fun instead?
Hyper: "You should of locked the door."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I thought I did..."
Smol Asriel: is sitting on the couch with a blank stare
Bondertale: Toriel shrugged. "Whichever you would prefer, doctor."
Jeska or Jekas: -so is Jeska-
Hyper: "Well, you should of fucking made sure!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "C'mon, lets go back to the main room..."
: ★ Joseph: * He appears next to AD. "The fuck?!"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...The fuck, Joseph?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Again?"
: ★ Joseph: * "Well, that wasn't what you guys expected, hm?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not at all."
Hyper: "Oh my."
: High Priest Laharl [Writing a thing] joined chat.
Hyper: "Joseph, you could of told Smazzy to stay away."
Hyper: "I blame both you and AD now."
: High Priest Laharl [Writing a thing] disconnected.
Hyper: "Fuckin' hell."
Asriel_Dreemurr: opens the backroom door.
: ★ Joseph: * "You could've asked me."
Asriel_Dreemurr: walks over to and sits next to Jeska.
Hyper: * He walks out of the backroom door, and immediately sits down next to Smazzy. "Uhm.. sorry about that. I never really told you about the birds and the bees.."
Hyper: "I'm so sorry about that."
Jeska or Jekas: ...-looks at him- yes master?
Smol Asriel: Uuuuhhhh...
: ★ Joseph: * Joseph appears next to Jezza. I mean, Jeska.
Fintevious: hmm
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Howdy, Jeska."
Smol Asriel: What was... that?
Fintevious: tell me a joke
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How're you?"
Fintevious: Efficient
Hyper: "..I suppose I'll tell you the truth. It is called sex, and two people who love each other a LOT do it sometimes."
Smol Asriel: Ok...?
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I wish you were like your old self."
Hyper: "Usually it's used for pleasure, but if you want a kid, then you have sex with a woman."
: Terra [★mythisoleucine] is now Joseph Volante Ardiccioni [].
Hyper: "A woman that you love very much."
Fintevious: No luck kid? -to AD-
Bondertale: "A joke?"
Bondertale: Toriel starts thinking
Smol Asriel: looks very confused
Smol Asriel: Pleasure?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Nope.
Hyper: "Yeah."
Fintevious: I want to see where your level of humor is at
Hyper: "Sometimes, though."
: ★ Joseph: * He smiles, still sitting next to Jeska.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
Bondertale: "OH, doctor, you're going to be very disappointed." Toriel said, continuing to think.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Hyper: "Me and AD don't have kids, so we have sex for pleasure."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, how can I fix you?"
Hyper: "Well, we CAN'T have kids."
Jeska or Jekas: -doesnt respond to Joseph
: ★ Joseph: * ( I should make a game called 1 )
: ★ Joseph: * ( It will make no sense )
Fintevious: I am operating a total efficiency
Fintevious: -retcon-
Bondertale: "Why did the hippie go to the doctor?"
: ★ Joseph: * ( "I should make a game called 1" -Bloo 2016 )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How can I make you like Jukon?"
Bondertale: "He had a high fever."
Smol Asriel: ...
Jeska or Jekas: I am operating at maximum efficiency
Smol Asriel: What was that white stuff?
Smol Asriel: points at the corner of Hyper's mouth
Hyper: * He wipes his mouth.
Hyper: "Well.."
Jeska or Jekas: -turns her head to stare at AD- My name is Jeska, I do not respond to the name Jukon
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Maximum efficiency sucks."
Fintevious: -laughs-
: ★ Joseph: * "Sperm. It's sperm."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I want you to have her personality and emotion, Jeska."
: ★ Joseph: * He stifles a laugh.
Smol Asriel: Sperm?
Hyper: "It's used to make children."
Hyper: "When male and female sperm are together, a child is then formed."
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Female sperm))
Smol Asriel: looks like he has no idea what the fuck you're talking about
Fintevious: I got one, "A pair of jumper cables walks into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "I'll serve you but you better not start anything"
: ★ Joseph: * ( Here's a screenshot of 1 so far )
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Hyper: "Trust me, you'll know when you're older."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I liked having a friend rather than a slave."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're a slave, right?"
Hyper: "I know that feeling of being confused."
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekas: negative, I am a weapon
: ★ Joseph: * ( Shit, I keep forgetting about Mito )
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "A weapon slave?"
Smol Asriel: So... you get pleasure from it?
Hyper: "Sometimes."
Smol Asriel: With... someone you love?
Jeska or Jekas: a weapon meant to obey orders
Bondertale: Toriel laughs, having to choke down some sparkling juice to not cough it up.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "A slave, that kills things."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Come on, Jeska."
Hyper: "Not with your relatives, though."
Smol Asriel: Should we do it?
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Hyper: "...No."
Smol Asriel: Why not?
Fintevious: Careful
Smol Asriel: ((Yazan where are those specials
Bondertale: Toriel sighed. "I never pegged you the pun type, Fintevious."
Hyper: "You're not old enough. Plus, I'm like a father to you. You'll find someone that you'll want to be with for the rest of your life and you'll do it with them."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I feel this creation was more a failure than 85866."
: Bionic_Dog [] disconnected.
Fintevious: I've been around for some time, mastered a few things
: Bionic_Dog [] joined chat.
: Bionic_Dog [] disconnected.
Fintevious: ((not sure yet, she doesn't have a mega particle cannon
Jeska or Jekas: I am NOT a failure
Asriel_Dreemurr: "An emotionless slave is the lowest you can get in my personal opinion."
Smol Asriel: Ok...?
Fintevious: ...
Bondertale: "I suppose that, after hundreds of years, you need to find something to do for fun." Toriel shrugged, making a slow gesture around herself. "Case in point."
Jeska or Jekas: ...
Hyper: ((What makes things funny is that when I finally kill Hyper people will be like "haha he'll be back" when he really isn't
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You're a slave. A slave who can't feel."
Fintevious: I always have more if you'd like to hear
Bondertale: (you did specifically say he can only die two more times)
Jeska or Jekas: ...
Hyper: ((true
Jeska or Jekas: -stares at AD now-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't want to have anyone control you."
Hyper: "You'll understand when you're older."
Fintevious: I'm sorry Tori hold a a minute
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So I command you to have free will."
Fintevious: -moves over to AD- trouble?
Smol Asriel: Alright...
Jeska or Jekas: Negative
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska can't feel emotions."
Fintevious: mind if I take a look?
Smol Asriel: hugs his owl, confused
Asriel_Dreemurr: "If you can fix her, I'll really appreciate you."
Hyper: "Just.. don't think about it. Think about kid things."
Fintevious: -inspects her- there was nothing mechanic that makes her like this correct?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Not that I know of."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "A computer, controlling and creating her said Babel a bunch when loding her old memories."
Bondertale: tori just goes ahead, getting to actually eating
Jeska or Jekas: -swats the at him-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Stand down."
Fintevious: could you make her not do that?
Jeska or Jekas: -stops-
Fintevious: thanks
Smol Asriel: Alright...
Fintevious: -does some more inspection, checks her eyes, mouth, pulse, and more-
Fintevious: I see
Asriel_Dreemurr: "See what?"
Fintevious: its conditioning
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Shit..."
Fintevious: -sits next to AD-
Fintevious: shes a clone right?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How do I fix it?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yes."
Smol Asriel: ((Joytale beginning soon
Jozlyn: ((Woo
Fintevious: presistences and patiences
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What do I need to do?"
Fintevious: be more simplistic
Asriel_Dreemurr: "In what way?"
Fintevious: you're going to have to play her master for awhile
Asriel_Dreemurr: sighs.
Fintevious: don't ask her board questions
Fintevious: broad*
Fintevious: if she can't comprehend it, she'll regress instead
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Fintevious: you'll have to ask her simple questions with simple choices
Fintevious: like what flavour of ice cream does she like better
Smol Asriel: ((Aww fuck
Fintevious: get her to experience things
Smol Asriel: ((Chime can't be on today
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Okay."
Jozlyn: ((Awww rip
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Am I able to start now?"
Smol Asriel: ((So we need Metta...
Fintevious: you stared a long time ago
Smol Asriel: ((We're waiting on them
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah."
Fintevious: and if Jukon is really in there, you'll have to keep reminding her of it
Hyper: ((mmm AD, when Hyper dies for REAL, AD will have a fun time
Hyper: ((a very
Asriel_Dreemurr: "okay."
Hyper: ((fun time
Fintevious: then again, seeing how she acknowledges a different name and refuses that name, she may not
Smol Asriel: ((
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah..."
Fintevious: does she have her memories?
Jozlyn: ((your gonna have a bad tom
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Most of them. they may be corrupted."
Fintevious: if they are in there, they'll sort out in due time
Fintevious: she is likely very confused
Fintevious: considering the fact that she recgonizes you as her master and not her creator
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Fintevious: thats most of that
Fintevious: any other questions?
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks to Jeska.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't think so."
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I should ask simple opinion based questions, right?"
Fintevious: yep. if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to dinner
Jozlyn: ((Brb
Asriel_Dreemurr: nids.
Smol Asriel: ((mm, I suppose we could get [i] started [/i] without them
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, What's your favorite color?"
Bondertale: (there's one problem with starting now)
Bondertale: (tori is busy. And no tori means no btale as a whole)
Jozlyn: ((Back, are you sure?
Bondertale: (and you want tori around for this)
Fintevious: -returns to Tori, but says quickly- You'll have to show her the colours
Hyper: * He glances at Smazzy. "..What do you think about me?"
Hyper: "Like, do you love me?"
Hyper: "Or hate me?"
Jeska or Jekas: colours?
Smol Asriel: ((Mmm, fuck
Smol Asriel: I love you, Hyper
Smol Asriel: smiles
Asriel_Dreemurr: brings up a list of a lot of colors.
Hyper: "..Heh. Thanks."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "These are colors."
Jeska or Jekas: favorite color?
Hyper: "In what way? As a father figure, uncle figure, or?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "A lot of times, people like one of them the most,"
The Trio: * Serene is STILL just sitting there, and the other two are still asleep. Serene looks around for someone to converse with.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "As in, you favor one over the others."
Smol Asriel: I don't know, I just do
Smol Asriel: nuzzles hyper
: Yazan [Fintevious] is now Yazan [Jeska or Jekas].
Hyper: "..Yeah."
Fintevious: hello again, sorry about that
Hyper: * He frowns.
Jeska or Jekas: Orders are a colour?
: ★ Joseph: * ( gtg )
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yep."
Serene: * She finds that everyone is already in conversations. Darn. She sits near Smol Asriel, Hyper, and whoever else is in the conversation. She waves.
: Joseph Volante Ardiccioni [] is now MATER1AL 2ed73a [★mythisoleucine].
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Whichever one you like the most."
: MATER1AL 2ed73a [★mythisoleucine] disconnected.
Hyper: "From my current history, I don't know if I can't be here for much longer. I might just.. die at some point, I guess."
Smol Asriel: ...
Hyper: "Just.. enjoy the time that you have with me."
Jeska or Jekas: -lifts her hand and waves her hand around, she looks like she is having trouble deciding
Hyper: "Okay?"
Smol Asriel: I-I don't want you to die..
Hyper: "I know."
Hyper: "Me neither."
Serene: * She begins taking notes on the conversation.
Smol Asriel: Please don't...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I can be a hard decision. Some people can't choose."
Bondertale: "No problem." Toriel said, before taking a sip. "Of this works, both me and frisk will be very happy."
Jeska or Jekas: -points to white-
Hyper: "I'll try not to."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "White? That's a nice color."
Hyper: "But.. really, I could die at any time.."
Fintevious: if what works?
Hyper: "I always come back, though."
Fintevious: the session
Hyper: "I'm always lucky."
Hyper: "Sometimes, though.. I'm just unlucky."
Jeska or Jekas: -points to AD-
Jeska or Jekas: White
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles.
Hyper: "I might just abruptly pass away for good, one day."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I am white."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you like the color white because I'm white?"
Bondertale: "What you're attemptkng with...Jeska, over there."
Jeska or Jekas: I......-looks confused- unsure
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't worry."
Smol Asriel: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's okay to be confused."
Fintevious: hopefully something can come from it
Smol Asriel: ((Jeska is a racist bitch
Hyper: "..All I'm saying is that when I eventually go, remember me as a good guy."
Hyper: "I'll always be there in one form or another."
Serene: * She thinks about that. Suddenly dying from unluckiness...owch. She notes that.
Bondertale: "That would be quite nice."
Smol Asriel: ...
Smol Asriel: I couldn't remember you as anything but
Jeska or Jekas: -grabs her hair, which is much longer than Jukons- Orange
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, your hair is orange."
Hyper: "..Just enjoy the time you have with somebody. You never know when they're gonna go."
Jeska or Jekas: -pulls a knife out and is about to cut it-
Hyper: "Got it?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wait."
Jeska or Jekas: -stops-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why are you cutting you hair?"
Fintevious: hopefully, though in her case I can guarentee anything
Smol Asriel: Ok...
Smol Asriel: nuzzles against him, sad
Asriel_Dreemurr: thinks that could be too broad.
Jeska or Jekas: Long hair is deterimental in combat
Hyper: "Cool. Now, do you want me to get you anything?"
Jeska or Jekas: A weakness that can be exploited
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you want to be high in combat?"
Fintevious: can't
Jeska or Jekas: High? As is drugs?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I mean, do you want to fight?"
Jeska or Jekas: I want to...
Jeska or Jekas: -grabs her head-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Wait, I'm sorry, you don't need to answer if you're confused..."
: Yazan [Jeska or Jekas] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: No...
: Yazan [Jeska or Jekas] joined chat.
Fintevious: so care for somemore jokes?
Jeska or Jekas: Understood
Bondertale: "This certainly seems like it will be a challenge, if it's possible. But frisk's barely bound enthusiasm for this whole thing is making it hard for me to make good judgment." frisk looked excitedly at jeska.
Bondertale: Toriel smiled. "I won't stop you."
Hyper: "Nothing? Not even ice cream? Or a burger?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What's your weapon preference?"
Smol Asriel: I just wanna stay here with you...
Hyper: "..Heh. Alright."
Smol Asriel: ((Alright, we start at 6 with whoever the fuck we have
Fintevious: why did the kid eat his homework?
Smol Asriel: ((brb
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekas: Proficient in all forms of combat,
Bondertale: "Why?"
Serene: * She finishes taking notes. Even if she didn't communicate, she supposes she learned something possibly useful.
Fintevious: because his teacher said, "It was a piece of cake"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "In what form of combat do you excell most in?"
Jeska or Jekas: All
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Hmm."
Jeska or Jekas: First weapon of choice: Fists
Asriel_Dreemurr: "..."
Jeska or Jekas: Hand to hand combat is the basis of all combat
Bondertale: toriel laughs again, making a breathless sighing noise and beaming at Fintevious. "Let me assure you, these are FINtastic."
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Jeska or Jekas: Only a fool trust their life to a weapon
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So you perfer to use your fists?"
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekas: Fists, elbows, feet, knees, legs, head. My entire body is a weapon
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So you could say your weapon preference is no weapon, only your own body?"
Jeska or Jekas: -smiles-
Jeska or Jekas: Yes
Jeska or Jekas: -stops-
Asriel_Dreemurr: smiles back.
Jeska or Jekas: -is was a small grin actually-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And you're good at hand-to-hand combat?"
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Smol Asriel: purrs gently, snuggled into hyper
Fintevious: -chuckles at Tori's pun-
Hyper: * He pets Smazzy absentmindedly.
Jeska or Jekas: Very
Smol Asriel: purrs more
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you think you're the strongest person?"
Fintevious: I'm not the best at puns, but I got plenty more jokes
Serene: * She's still there, just watching, though she seems a bit zoned out.
Fintevious: No but I can kill anyone
Jeska or Jekas: -retcon, fin did not say that
Smol Asriel: ((Tri I PMed you
Jeska or Jekas: -jeska did
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Anyone Iask you to, anyway, right?"
Jeska or Jekas: Awaiting orders
Jozlyn: ((k
Asriel_Dreemurr: "No one right now."
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Have you ever tried alcohol?"
Jeska or Jekas: Negative
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets up, and returns with a bottle of beer.
Fintevious: A snail is paints a big letter S on his car. His friend the turtle ses him and asks why. The snail replies, "When people see me drive by, they can say, 'Look at the S-car-go!'"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Care to try it?"
Bondertale: "I'd be happy to hear them, doctor."
Jeska or Jekas: -grabs drink and looks at AD confused-
Asriel_Dreemurr: pops the top off.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It tastes interesting. You may not think it tastes good."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Never know till you try, though."
Jeska or Jekas: -takes a swig of it-
Bondertale: Toriel starts chuckling again, shaking her head. "Two fonts walk into a bar. One is wold, and looks nervous. The other one is uniform and straight. The bartender asks: 'Are you two together'? The wild one nods.' She's Arial, and I'm, AR, Hermann."
Jeska or Jekas: Undesiraable
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't like it, that's fine."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "There are other types."
Jeska or Jekas: -places it the bottle down instead of throwing it-
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets up, and returns with a bunch of small cups with differentdrinks in them.
Smol Asriel: is still purring
Smol Asriel: ((How are we gonna start it
Hyper: ((I dunno.
Jozlyn: ((rip
Bondertale: bazzy starts waking up. "Ugghhh...mornin', frisk." frisk waves.
Asriel_Dreemurr: hands them a white wine.
Bondertale: (y'know fanta's probably dead)
Bondertale: (since we left her there for, like, two weeks)
Smol Asriel: ((She aint happy thats for sure
Smol Asriel: ((I figured out what happened
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Try this one."
Hyper: ((I bet Fanta is gonna be a complete bitch when we find her
Fintevious: -smiles- good one Tori
Hyper: ((She is like "I HAD BABIES WITH THE KING"
Hyper: (("SOMEHOW"
Fintevious: you wanna know what my grandpa said be be kicked the bucket?
Hyper: (("FUCK YOU"
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((You are taking all the anti-joke game grumps jokes))
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((And I love it))
Smol Asriel: (("It's been three thousand years..."
Jeska or Jekas: -grabs the wine and takes a swing-
Jeska or Jekas: -swig*
Jeska or Jekas: Undesirable
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods, getting a red wine.
Fintevious: hey, wanna see how far I can kick the bucket?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We'll find a desirable one eventually, right?"
Jeska or Jekas: -downs it- Negatice
Jeska or Jekas: Negative*
Asriel_Dreemurr: "hmm."
Bondertale: "Not very far, seeing as you can't die."
Jeska or Jekas: ( the joke: you wanna know what my grandpa said be be kicked the bucket? "hey, wanna see how far I can kick the bucket?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets some non-alcoholic drinks.
Asriel_Dreemurr: returns.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I'd assume water is desirable, correct?"
Jeska or Jekas: Alcohol can be detrimental to combat also
Jeska or Jekas: Water is efficient
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ever try Gatoraide?"
Jeska or Jekas: Negative
Jozlyn: ((gatoraide
Jeska or Jekas: (water sucks, it really really sucks!
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets a bottle of Gatorade.
Hyper: ((Water sucks soda's dick
Asriel_Dreemurr: hands it to them. It's the normal Lemon-ish citrus-y flavor.
Bondertale: (oh I missed that first one)
Jeska or Jekas: -drinks it- decent
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It has a lot of electrolytes, and helps keep you energized."
Fintevious: *cough* Bullshit *couch* -to AD-
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((HE just couched))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ah come on. not better then water, but good none the less."
Bondertale: Toriel laughs again. "It's nice to know I'm with friends." Toriel said, finishing up her meal
Fintevious: its always good to enjoy one's company, and I wouldn't miss this for the world
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Is soda detrimental to combat?"
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekas: Causes diabetes
Smol Asriel: ((Hi DD
Asriel_Dreemurr: chuckles a bit.
Smol Asriel: ((Joytale soon
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I assume you'd hate energy drinks, then."
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Lua: ((Ok))
Jeska or Jekas: Causes heart issues
Lua: /me isn't coming back then tonight, huh.
Bondertale: "I understand the feeling. The ruins were always a lonely place."
Lua: what.
Jeska or Jekas: Prolong isolation correct?
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((/me malfunctioned gg
Hyper: ((hoo boy
Smol Asriel: ((You don't wanna do it?
Jozlyn: ((also I'm doing nothing apparently
Hyper: ((-couches-
Hyper: ((fuck
Hyper: ((-couches more-
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
Lua: ((No, I just said the last time Lua was here he was coming back.))
Hyper: ((-couches until they couch blood-
Jeska or Jekas: -damnit retcon last
Hyper: ((ow
Jozlyn: ((I'll see if I can finally beat Endless Sans, I was .62 seconds off
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: (9Beat endless sans))
Fintevious: Prolonged isolation correct?
Jozlyn: ((I shall
Lua: ((what do you mean beat?))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Uhhh..."
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Smol Asriel: ((O ok
Jozlyn: ((60 seconds on hardest mode
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Any preference on foods?"
Jeska or Jekas: No
Jozlyn: ((It's already lagging gg
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Bondertale: "Indeed. They never did stay for long, until frisk came." she sighed. "Well, this hardly feels like friendly dinner talk. More like the doctor's visit."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Are you hungey?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: Hungry*
Jeska or Jekas: It can be both, but if you'd rather talk about something else
Jeska or Jekas: ((FUCK
Jeska or Jekas: -RETFUCKINGCON
Fintevious: It can be both, but if you'd rather talk about something else
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
Jeska or Jekas: Substance required soon
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods. He gets up, and returns with a salad and a bottle of water.
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Lua: ((2 mins till poke stuff apparently.))
Jeska or Jekas: -puts no dressing on the salad and begins to eat and drink the water-
Jozlyn: ((That one freaking attack
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Jozlyn: ((I've passed it once in the months I've played it
Jozlyn: (([i]Once[/i]
Asriel_Dreemurr: knows that most dressings are not good for you. He deos think she might need some meat, though.
Bondertale: "I suppose if you'd rather continue this, I can."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Want any type of meat? Like grilled chicken, or something?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Whatevers healthy."
Fintevious: Tell me about your time in the ruins, your thoughts and feelings on it
Jeska or Jekas: Tofu. Tofu is a good source of protein
Hyper: ((AD: -walks into the bathroom with a cup- -walks back out and hands the cup to Jeska which is filled with a yellow liquid- HERE'S SOME CHEAP GATORADE I COULDN'T AFFORS THE EXPENSIVE KIND
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't know if that is served here."
Jeska or Jekas: Grilled chicken then
Asriel_Dreemurr: gets up, and returns with a plate with grilled chicken.
Jeska or Jekas: ((would drink it, and be none the wiser frisky
Asriel_Dreemurr: also takes off a thing of french fires, which he starts munching on.
Jozlyn: ((French fires
Asriel_Dreemurr: Fries*
Jeska or Jekas: -begins to eat with proper manners
: Bondertale [Bondertale] disconnected.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Are you capable of reading?"
Jeska or Jekas: Yes
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods, eating some more fries
Smol Asriel: ((Actually ill be like 30-45 minutes
Jeska or Jekas: -retcon that, she can't-
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Jozlyn: ((Alright
Smol Asriel: ((Which is good because everyones busy
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Why would he create you without being able to read...?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: was thinking out loud.
Smol Asriel: ((And nobody was getting ready to go anyway
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
The Trio: * The two are still asleep. Serene snaps back to reality and decides to join them, having nothing else to do.
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Jeska or Jekas: Purpose is to be a weapon, not a scholar
Jozlyn: ((Hooray I passed the attack I've only passed once
Asriel_Dreemurr: "What if you need to write a threat?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Or if your master is mute?"
Bondertale: "My entombment in the ruins was a very poor idea on my part. I can tell that, now. The monsters, those not afraid of me, had little to no interest in me."
Jeska or Jekas: Master would read it
Jeska or Jekas: I...
Jeska or Jekas: Unsure
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, doesn't make sense."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I wont get my tongue cut off."
Bondertale: "The children fell infrequently. And they left within weeks."
Jeska or Jekas: I see, did that impact your will?
Jeska or Jekas: -RETCON GDI
Bondertale: "Occasionally I would encounter this ghost, napstablook. The dear was too shy to talk, though."
Jeska or Jekas: If need be, to be more proficient, I can learn to read
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yeah, probably for the best."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon couldn't read either. I thought she was just never taught to."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Guess she was created with out the ability."
Fintevious: I see, did this isolation feel likebeing ostracized
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
Lua: (( 20 minutes of ads for pokemon... ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "How is the food?"
Jeska or Jekas: Garbage
: Gaster? [Gaster?] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "oh."
Bondertale: "hm...i didn't feel like nobody liked me. I more felt..." Toriel sighed. "Like nobody bothered to try. An arrogant viewpoint, perhaps."
: Gaster? [Gaster?] is now MettatonSEX [MettatonSEX].
Jozlyn: ((Ayy
MettatonSEX: ((yo
Hyper: ((hi
Lua: ((greetings
Smol Asriel: ((AYY
Smol Asriel: ((You are here
MettatonSEX: ((i am
Smol Asriel: ((So we can proceed
MettatonSEX: ((oh?
Smol Asriel: ((At like 7PM because I have to go soon
MettatonSEX: ((it is 7:11 pm
Smol Asriel: ((CST
Smol Asriel: ((We're doing waterfall tonight
MettatonSEX: ((ok so 8
Hyper: ((k
MettatonSEX: ((nice
Lua: ((7:11 was an inside job))
Smol Asriel: ((Chime won't be here rip
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't like it at all?"
Hyper: ((okay so we're doing it at 7:00?
MettatonSEX: ((noooooooooooo
Smol Asriel: ((Hopefully
Hyper: ((okay cya guys then
MettatonSEX: ((cya
Smol Asriel: ((And if you guys actually start it instead of just saying you'll start it
Jozlyn: ((Bye
Smol Asriel: ((Bai
Smol Asriel: ((I hope we can get through it tonight but waterfall is fucking MASSIVE
Smol Asriel: ((Lotsa stuff happens
MettatonSEX: ((a glittery pink tear rolls down my cheek and glitter ends up on the dog
Fintevious: did this impact your mental health at all? I've seen some cases where others start to hallucinate and start making up people. Even this idea called Tulpa for the select few
Smol Asriel: ((Lolwut
MettatonSEX: ((the dog isnt in my room
MettatonSEX: ((the joke is glitter gets everywhere
Jeska or Jekas: The cook is not very efficient here
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Ohhh shit."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Shots fired, Grillby."
Asriel_Dreemurr: looks to Grillby.
MettatonSEX: ((seriously dont spill glitter youll wake up the next morning and go to pee and there will be glitter in the shitter
Jeska or Jekas: Should pursue other career options
Asriel_Dreemurr: is laughing now.
Jeska or Jekas: -is dead serious-
Asriel_Dreemurr: just finds it funny she's telling the owner of the bar to get a different job.
Grillby: -Despite not having a face, it seems as if he is glaring at Jeska.-
Bondertale: "Not as far as I'm aware, but, well, I'm hardly unbiased there."
Jeska or Jekas: -glares back-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He owns this place, so I guess it's sucessful enough, right?"
Jozlyn: ((I just realized
Jozlyn: ((So much has happened in the bar
Jozlyn: ((And Grillby has taken no part
MettatonSEX: ((wrong
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((Not true))
Jozlyn: ((oh
Jeska or Jekas: ((hes like a honey badger))
Asriel_Dreemurr: (We have broken every inch of this bar before))
Jozlyn: ((I must have missed something then
Asriel_Dreemurr: ((And he's fixed it every time))
Smol Asriel: ((MV we're gonna do what we planned tonight
Jozlyn: ((Oh sorry, I meant like the events and stuff that have happened that involve the people
MettatonSEX: ((ok
Jozlyn: ((He fixes stuff but he doesn't take part in big events that the bar takes part in
: Frisky's connection timed out.
MettatonSEX: ((he has to run the bar
Jozlyn: ((For example, the Gaster fight Roth did a while ago, Grillby kinda just sat there probably
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] disconnected.
: Lua [Lua] disconnected.
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] disconnected.
: Lua [Lua] joined chat.
: Asriel_Dreemurr [Asriel_Dreemurr] joined chat.
Fintevious: did the isolation have any affect on your personal connections with people or desire to be with others in a sexual capacity?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "heh."
Jeska or Jekas: ...
: Bondertale's connection timed out.
Grillby: -adjusts his glasses, sparks of his flames crackling like a campfire.-
: Bondertale [Bondertale] joined chat.
Fintevious: -is wtriting on a notepad-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well, I assume yu're full now."
Asriel_Dreemurr: you're*
The Trio: * The trio is asleep.
Grillby: -goes back to work-
Jeska or Jekas: Yes
The Trio: * In the bar, waiting.
Bondertale: "That's hard to tell, seeing as I never left the ruins until frisk and I bonded. I can assure you that that had ripple effects in my personality."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you have any questions about me?"
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I assume I'm going to be around you often."
MettatonSEX: walks in, Glamor following close behind.
MettatonSEX: Hello!
Jeska or Jekas: Asriel Dreumurr, companion of 58566
Glamor: [font=glamor]From the other side.[/font]
Serene: * She awakens and waves. The other two remain asleep. Serene doesn't sleep very often or very long.
MettatonSEX: waves back.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Yes."
Jeska or Jekas: No information required
Glamor: [font=glamor]Who're you?[/font]
Bondertale: "But if I had to guess it would have."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...Nothing?"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Nothing you're curious about?"
Serene: * She holds a notepad and walks to Glamor, showing him the notepad. On the cover; 'Serene's Notepad'.
Jeska or Jekas: All required information gathered
Glamor: [font=glamor]Are you Serene?[/font]
Serene: * She nods.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Uhhh... You can ask beyond the requirement. Moreis better, right?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]That's a nice name. I'm Glamor.[/font]
Serene: * She switches to a fresh page, and writes, 'Hello.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh, you use paper to talk? That's cool.[/font]
Bondertale: (serene and frisk start trolling each other by writing in each others notepads)
Fintevious: I see. Despite the bond though, do you deal with any who try to woo you? if so how do you respond to them?
Serene: 'I'm mute, so I have to.'
MettatonSEX: refrains from laughing at how silly this kid is.
Serene: 'How are you two?'
Glamor: [font=glamor]What's moo-te? Is that a species that can't speak?[/font]
MettatonSEX: I'm doing alright.
Jeska or Jekas: Name and history known. Preferences known. Weakness and Strengths known. All required information
Bondertale: "Jukon and that...Garth creature both have tried. I've made no attempt at running Garth away...yet. Jukon was simple, however. I simply informed her of the inherent problems."
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Serene: * She pauses, frowning. 'No, mute just means someone or something can't talk.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You know my preferences?"
Serene: 'And that's good, Mettaton.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And weaknesses?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh.[/font]
Jeska or Jekas: Yes
MettatonSEX: Mmhm. And how have you been?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "...What's my weakness?"
MettatonSEX: ((rping two characters is fun
Serene: 'Better than usual, particularly since the rest of my team is asleep, so I don't have to lead them or stop them from acting dumb.'
Jozlyn: ((RPing 3 characters is fun
MettatonSEX: chuckles.
Jozlyn: ((Sometimes four
Bondertale: (like, serene and frisk just countertfoll, and neither realize it's the other mute, notepad writing person in the bar)
Jozlyn: ((Nah, Serene can practically see muteness, as seen when she met Necrosis
Bondertale: (unless serene is imitating frisk for some reason, because hasn't she talked before?)
Bondertale: (can she see it through text?)
Jozlyn: ((No, I just meant like she gets a kind of connection and she knows when people are mute
Jozlyn: ((When she met Necrosis and noticed his silence she gained that connection and understood
Jeska or Jekas: Regular species, susceptible to standard weapons. Emotionally unstable due to capability to connect with others.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Emotionally unstable. Damn."
Bondertale: (I'm not saying she doesn't realize that frisk is mute)
Jozlyn: ((I know, I'm just saying when she knows people are mute it's not because of text
Jeska or Jekas: Not as unstable as mettaton
Glamor: [font=glamor]You're in a team? That's so cool! Oh man, what does your team do? Do they pilot a robot and go into space to fight evil? Oh, oh, or do you stay in mostly one place and protect a place from monsters?[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I think that's a strength, but whatever."
Jozlyn: ((It doesn't show a sign saying "Hey this guy's mute"
Bondertale: (more that she doesn't realize they're the one she's in a troll war with)
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Woaahh."
MettatonSEX: turns to Jeska.
Jozlyn: ((Ah okay
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't say that."
MettatonSEX: Excuse me?
Bondertale: (...i feel one of us here is very confused)
Jeska or Jekas: -looks just like Jukon-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We're talking. Sorry, Mettaton."
Serene: 'I can't tell you what we do, but if any of the other two wake up, they'll surely tell you, because they do that.'
Jozlyn: ((agreed
Jeska or Jekas: Notes all originate from memory of 58566
MettatonSEX: Jukon, did you say I was unstable in FRONT OF ME? Are you daft?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "It's not Jukon, Mettaton."
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Please don't call them Jukon."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "They are objective based, and literal."
Jeska or Jekas: My name is Jeska, I do not respond to the anme Jukon
MettatonSEX: Well, Jeska, don't be a bitch.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Mettaton, please don't say that. They didn't mean it to insult you."
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh.[/font]
Jeska or Jekas: I do not take orders from you
MettatonSEX: .....
Asriel_Dreemurr: "They are conditioned to be a slave, and I'm their 'Master'"
Serene: 'What we do is kind of a secret, but with a team like this it's really not.'
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: I apologize for my misunderstanding, but I expect to be respected, okay? You don't have to take orders from me but I refuse to stand fir being shittalked.
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh, darn.[/font]
Fintevious: I see. Is it a nusinacne when they try to court you?
Jeska or Jekas: Updating
Glamor: [font=glamor]I was hoping you were a pilot of a huge robot.[/font]
Serene: 'Sincere reveals everything, and Surreal's plans to try to hide things are ridiculous. Even though he can go invisible, he still manages to be seen.'
Serene: 'Nah. Sorry.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]Oh.[/font]
Fintevious: or is there a part of you that would like to be in a relationship
Glamor: [font=glamor]They seem like the silly character that tends to be green or pink in every show.[/font]
Serene: 'Surreal is purple.'
Serene: 'Sincere is fire, I am ice, I don't know how to describe Surreal. Darkness?'
Jozlyn: ((wot
Hyper: (("HEY KIDS"
Hyper: (("I'm green AND purple!"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Uhhhhhhh... dragon?[/font]
Serene: 'If only.'
MettatonSEX: ((glamor kills him
Jozlyn: ((rip
Lua: ((Guys, we just got bamboozled. They showed no new footage. What the fuck.))
Hyper: ((oh baby
Jozlyn: ((No new footage of...?
Jozlyn: (([s]HL3?[/s]
Lua: ((pokemon))
Jozlyn: ((wh
Glamor: [font=glamor]Well it's got to be poison or dragon.[/font]
Jozlyn: ((pohkermanz why
Jeska or Jekas: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Erm..."
: Lua [Lua] is now DamnDude [DamnDude].
: Frisky [Hyper] disconnected.
Bondertale: "I can't pretend that I didn't wish to be in some form of relationship. To tell the truth, I might jump at the the first opportunity when frisk is older and Asriel is...less questionable. Though it might be slightly awkward, occasionally."
MettatonSEX: ......
Serene: 'Poison then, I suppose.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]I'd say ghost, but that's me.[/font]
: Frisky [Hyper] joined chat.
Serene: 'Poison and ghost, actually.'
Fintevious: any preferences on what you are looking for in a possible mate?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well, it's cool that you know about me."
Serene: 'Probably more ghost. He doesn't use poison that often, and it doesn't usually hit unless he concentrates it.'
DamnDude: (( They said there was supposed to be footage, and it was literally 30 minutes of ads, with one battle that could have been sun or moon, but it could also be X and y, or Alpha R and Omega S. ))
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Sucks that I don't know too much about you."
DamnDude: (( As it was charizard vs Greninja ))
Jozlyn: ((april feels
Jeska or Jekas: I have records of all of 58566's associates along with their weakness and preferences
Jeska or Jekas: In order to be capable of killing them
Glamor: [font=glamor]So he's Haunter, you're Articuno, and the other one is Charmeleon.[/font]
Jeska or Jekas: All records were notes made by 58566
MettatonSEX: ........
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well..."
Serene: * She stares blankly. '...What?'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't kill anyone in those notes, that she found as a friend, please."
Glamor: [font=glamor]Pokémon. Dad gave me his old games.[/font]
Jeska or Jekas: 58566, or Jukon as you call her, studied everyone at the bar in order have the means to kill them
MettatonSEX: .....
Jozlyn: (("I'll have you know my stats are nothing like Articuno, I don't have a similar moveset, I'm not even a flying type, git gud"
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I don't think so."
Jeska or Jekas: That includes you (AD) and you (Metta)
Serene: '...Pokemon. What's that?'
Glamor: [font=glamor]It's a video game![/font]
Bondertale: "...focused on more than sex. I'd say male, but truth be told I might have been okay with jukon, so I'm not 100% positive. And, with a good sense of humor. Or bad, depending on how you look at it."
MettatonSEX: ......
Bondertale: "Intelligence is also appreciated."
MettatonSEX: sneers.
Serene: 'I've heard of those. What are video games?'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "She was originally sent here to kill us, correct?"
Jeska or Jekas: Correct, by WDG
Bondertale: "And, if you're going where I believe you are: yes, Fintevious, you are a candidate."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "WDG is a tool."
Glamor: [font=glamor]They're games you olay on a screen.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "He's dead now."
Fintevious: so someone like this is out of the question -holds up a picture of Jerry-
Jozlyn: ((olay
Jeska or Jekas: Yes
Serene: 'Oh, I understand. How are they?'
MettatonSEX: ......Anyone who tries to hurt us deserves it.
Jeska or Jekas: Then why did you spare 58566?
Glamor: [font=glamor]Ehhhhhh, there are good ones and bad ones.[/font]
Bondertale: "...Fintevious, that is jerry. He's out of the question for everyone."
DamnDude: (( I'll be back after one run of isaac to make myself feel better about losing 35 minutes of my life. ))
Serene: 'Everything has goods and bads.'
Jozlyn: ((Bye
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Because we believed they could be nice."
MettatonSEX: ...Because she wasn't actively trying to hurt us, it was someone who hired her.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "We saw hope."
Jozlyn: ((Have a nice run
MettatonSEX: ((cya friendo
Fintevious: -smiles and chuckles- Even I cannot help that poor sod
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I see hope in you."
Jeska or Jekas: ....
Bondertale: "Perhaps he might be able to court an alternate dimension version of himself. Maybe."
Fintevious: some how I doubt even that
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you see hope in yourself?"
Jeska or Jekas: ((surprised metta wasn't questioning why there is a new fish that looks like Jukon in the bar
Glamor: [font=glamor]Yeah, I guess. I really like the Pokémon and Zelda ones and I also like Splatoon.[/font]
MettatonSEX: ........
Jeska or Jekas: I do not understand
MettatonSEX: Where is Jukon, anyway?
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
Serene: 'I'll check those out then, when and if I have the time. Which might be a while.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon is dead."
MettatonSEX: What?
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jukon was also a clone."
Glamor: [font=glamor]Cool.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And this is another clone."
Jeska or Jekas: ((metta you were then when it happened
MettatonSEX: ....That explains a lot.
Serene: 'Anything else you know of that I may or may not know?'
Jeska or Jekas: ((the wolf walked in with a body
MettatonSEX: ((no, i passed out
MettatonSEX: ((i read the log tho
Serene: * She realizes she could easy trick this kid. '...Maybe anything involving the bar, its history, and its people?'
Jeska or Jekas: ((oh, I thought Gaster would have kept him updated though, gave everyone a locket
: Bionic_Dog [] joined chat.
Glamor: [font=glamor]I dunno a lot about here.[/font]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]* Darn. 'How much do you know?'[/font]
Jozlyn: ((oops
MettatonSEX: ((i think gaster would think metta knew but idk
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well, do you know what hope is, Jeska?"
Jeska or Jekas: 58566 was a failure prototype created by WGD
Jozlyn: didn't say that
: ((...Hello.))
Serene: * Darn. 'How much do you know?'
Jozlyn: ((Ayy
: ((...))
Jozlyn: ((?
Glamor: [font=glamor]Uhhh, I know Grillby owns the place, my dad pays for damages he makes... uh, that's it.[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((hi
: ((Hello, MV.))
Jeska or Jekas: Hope is the the ideology of continual pursuance during troubling times
MettatonSEX: ...She wasn't a failure to us.
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : -finally returns.-[/font][/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Would you consider being emotionless troubling or good?"
Serene: * She notes that. It's not much, but it's something. 'Perhaps you should ask your parents some time when you're at home. I'd like to know some stuff about this place too.'
Jozlyn: is asleep.
Jeska or Jekas: 58566 was emotionally unstable, early tests indicated so. WDG was right to discard her
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : -looks sullen.-[/font][/color]
Serene: 'And I'm sure you're curious as well.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]Maybe, but I wanna figure things out on my own.[/font]
MettatonSEX: ...
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you think taking an innocents life is right?"
Serene: 'Alright. I won't rush, I'm just curious. And I trust you a lot.'
Serene: '...More than others.'
MettatonSEX: Emotional instability isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, it's a push in the right direction for fighting.
Jeska or Jekas: There is no such thing as innocence. A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time
Fintevious: alright next topic
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Jeska, do you believe I'm innocent? Or am I a waste of time?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Huh? Why don't you trust others? Everyone here is usually nice, from what I know.[/font]
Jeska or Jekas: I...
Serene: 'Yes, but my team likes to reveal everything to everyone. But they haven't told you anything.'
Fintevious: The children, let me hear your thoughts on them
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Don't understand?"
Serene: 'You wouldn't want to know, so if they try to tell you, don't listen. Even run away if you need to.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]That's because they're asleep.[/font]
Serene: 'I know. Just be wary of them when they're awake.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]I know a lot of things. I can handle things. I'm not gonna use this against you or anything.[/font]
Jeska or Jekas: -looks downwards, unsure of how to respond-
Asriel_Dreemurr: "I think you're still innocent."
Asriel_Dreemurr: "And I don't think you're wasting my time."
Bondertale: "Ah...where to begin..."
Jeska or Jekas: .....
Jeska or Jekas: ...I...
Glamor: [font=glamor]Besides, you haven't hurt me,so you're not an enemy. Why woukd I want to hurt people who aren't enemies?[/font]
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : -decides to wake Jozlyn up, and then disappear. She leaves a note reading. "I have a terrible feeling that the future certainly won't be the best for you. Trust me, don't leave the bar or anything... Please... There's something I have for you that has to do with my final explanation of love, and I will give said object to you soon... ~Your lover, Temmii." -[/font][/color]
Glamor: [font=glamor]-remembers something and makes an awkward Burgerpants-like smile.-[/font]
Serene: 'Perhaps you could be an enemy. You never know.'
Serene: '...But of course, you aren't an enemy. We're friends.'
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do I waste your time?"
Glamor: [font=glamor]Yay![/font]
Jozlyn: wakes up. "...Hi---oh?" She reads the note. "...Huh..."
Jeska or Jekas: ((I imagine B10 is going bat shit crazy somewhere right now, still plotting to kill Shin-
: -She woke Jozlyn up.-[/font][/color]
Jeska or Jekas: _sits up straight- Yes with such frivolous questions
Serene: * A possible reliable information giver, something Sincere/Surreal could probably never manage to do. Hooray. 'Want to do anything?'
Bondertale: "Frisk is a fine child. They have a bit of a bloodlust, and we're clearly an early bloomer, to occasionally annoying levels. But I know that, in the end, they care about everyone they don't wish to murder. Chara, however...he was somewhat the opposite. I felt like, in the end, our family were the only people he cared about. That he'd EVER cared about. Despite all that, I believe they truly were a good person. Antisocial, yes, but that wasn't their fault."
Bondertale: (I'll do things for the other six, I just need to think)
Asriel_Dreemurr: smirks.
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : -walks up slowly.-[/font][/color]
: ((She decided not to
: B [B] joined chat.
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : Jozlyn.[/font][/color]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "So if I'm wasting your time, why don't you just not have a master?"
Hyper: ((hi b
Asriel_Dreemurr: "You can manage your own time there."
Glamor: [font=glamor]Um... I dunno.[/font]
Jozlyn: [font=arial]...?[/font]
MettatonSEX: ((hi b
B: ((AMV))
Jeska or Jekas: I cannot disobey orders
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : I have this gift for you...[/font][/color]
Jeska or Jekas: I cannot leave the master
MettatonSEX: ((...oh my god
MettatonSEX: ((i am an anime music video
Serene: 'That's alright. Thanks for trusting me.'
Glamor: [font=glamor]No prob, Bob![/font]
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : Have you ever heard of the term "marriage"?[/font][/color]
Hyper: ((Temmii: it's a shotgun -shoots Jozlyn-
Jozlyn: [font=arial]I read the note. And yes, I have.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: nods.
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : With us both loving each other...[/font][/color]
B: [font=palatino]-walks on in-[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-His arm still looks a little crusty-[/font]
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : I believe that we love each other enough to marry...[/font][/color]
MettatonSEX: looks to B.
MettatonSEX: .....
B: [font=palatino]What?[/font]
MettatonSEX: Your arm still looks dry.
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Well, sucks, because I'm gonna have to ask more questions."
Jozlyn: [font=arial]...Really? :o[/font]
B: [font=palatino]-looks at it-[/font]
Fintevious: I see.
B: [font=palatino]So it does.[/font]
Asriel_Dreemurr: "Do you consider confusion an emotion?"
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : Yes...[/font][/color]
Jeska or Jekas: Undestand
: Smol Asriel [Smol Asriel] joined chat.
MettatonSEX: It looks like a month-old apple.
Smol Asriel: ((The time is now
Serene: * She nods, smiling, then walks and sits beside the rest of the team, viewing the bar.
Jozlyn: ((yay
: [color=#2525ee][font=Marker Felt]Temmii : And that's why I'm giving you this.[/font][/color]
B: ((B's about to get nerfed kinda hard))
Hyper: ((hoo boy
Jeska or Jekas: Confusion is the inability to process information
MettatonSEX: ((nice
MettatonSEX: ((wait glamor needs stats
Jeska or Jekas: The reaction that floows can be an emotion
Hyper: * He's just sitting there quietly.
B: ((Because I feel like writing fair fight scenes))
Jeska or Jekas: Follows*
Smol Asriel: ((He won't be a party member
Bondertale: "I...give me a minute to decide how to describe the others."
MettatonSEX: ((oh